Review Yuhua Village Market And Food Centre, 254 Jurong East St 24, Singapore

Review Yuhua Village Market and Food Centre - Singapore 254 Jurong East St 24

“Found new stall which sell delicious Abalone Kway Teow Soup. The broth is freshly cook daily and they are very generous with the ingredients!” or “Humble and small hawker center, but packed with lots of good food. However it’s mainly opened in the morning.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Yuhua Village Market And Food Centre. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Yuhua Village Market And Food Centre is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Yuhua Village Market And Food Centre. In terms of Hawker centre, it is generally believed that Yuhua Village Market And Food Centreis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 254 Jurong East St 24, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Hawker centre, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 254 Jurong East St 24, Singapore
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Yuhua Village Market And Food Centre reviews

Yuhua Village Market And Food Centre is among the best destinations of Hawker centre in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Yuhua Village Market And Food Centre is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Found new stall which sell delicious Abalone Kway Teow Soup. The broth is freshly cook daily and they are very generous with the ingredients!”

“Favourite neighbourhood hawker! Worthy to queue for. Value for money portion”

“My family favorite food . Every Saturday we will have chicken rice My dad will go there and order first then after lunch time he come at take . Must try ”

“A hawker centre with several popular stalls evident by the long queues. Favourites: Oyster Fried Kway Teow by a couple from Fei Yun 飞云 and Homemade Fried Carrot Cake by an old uncle from Seng Huat 胜发.”

“Great food variety, and spacious with high ceilings setup, not so warm and well ventilated. Highly recommend”

“One of the best and cheap hawker centers around. Crowded during working lunch hours. Perfect for old school taste buds”

“Lots of good food.. Fei fei wanton mee.. Laksa.. Chicken rice.. Carrot cake.. Hor fun.. All not back.. Can go try!!”

“It was my first time visiting Yuhua Market. So far so good. Also there are many furniture store at the nearby shops.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 207 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 83% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Yuhua Village Market And Food Centre, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Yuhua Village Market And Food Centre, 254 Jurong East St 24, Singapore

There is a total 207 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Alvin Yeo

    This is quite a big market, quite a crowd from 6am onwards, those good stalls, only half are opened for breakfast. The other half maybe opened in the late morning and evening. Just opposite the town council, there’s McDonald.

  2. Avatar photo
    T B Koh

    These cooked food stalls in Yuhua Cooked Food Centre are pretty good. My wife and myself took the Hong Jiang Abalone Kway Teow Soup and it’s good. The two stalls Xiang Ji (selling porridge) and the adjacent stall 女皇镇生活公市 (selling fried fritters, i.e. 油条 etc) are also closed for business. And it’s only 11:20am. The chicken rice stall, Hup Hong Chicken Rice, directly opposite 女皇镇生活公市, wasn’t opened when we started eating our kway teow soup. BUT when we were half way through eating, the stall opened for business and within minutes the queue formed. My wife and I nodded in agreement that the chickens seemed good. And the pricing is also reasonable. No wonder the long formed within minutes of opening.

  3. Avatar photo
    KH Chong

    A hawker centre with several popular stalls evident by the long queues. Favourites: Oyster Fried Kway Teow by a couple from Fei Yun 飞云 and Homemade Fried Carrot Cake by an old uncle from Seng Huat 胜发.

  4. Avatar photo
    Roy Wong

    Plenty choices and great foods!

  5. Avatar photo
    Asi Gangadhar Reddy

    Most of the stalls are closed. Cleanliness is not so good. Indian muslim food is not so tasty. I will not eat another time

  6. Avatar photo
    Chan Wing Cher

    My favorite hawker centre is closed for renovation from 14 March 2022 to 31 May 2022.

  7. Avatar photo
    zequel zequel

    I visited this place on a Thurs after 4pm and almost two thirds of stalls closed. There are a few zhi char stalls, char kuey teow, carrot cake, fruit juice, hot drinks, fish ball noodles and laksa, BBQ fish, fish soup and mamas mee goreng and roti parts. I tried the laksa and was fragrant for $3. The Chinese teh gao was good. Overall satisfied but wish more stalls opened into late evening

  8. Avatar photo
    Carey Wong

    One of the older food centres around, but has lots of good food stalls. While some of the more popular stalls had pretty long queues, there are many other stalls that are worth trying too.

  9. Avatar photo

    Carrot cake, wanton noodle, porridge, the place n you will get all the food recommendations.

  10. Avatar photo
    G V

    Integrated development including housing, shops, wet market, play area, exercise and jogging tracks.

    Plenty of dining options and plenty of shops for daily needs. Quite a few saloons and beauty parlour as well. A fair number of Indian provision shops as well (three as of Mar 2020).

    Centrally located, two stops from Chinese Garden MRT, three stops to Jurong MRT and three stops to Bukit Batok MRT. Easy access to PIE as well.

    Plenty of car parking space for drivers.

  11. Avatar photo
    Ng Eng Kiat

    The chicken rice stall there is as good as the maxwell market. The Xiao long bao and Chao soh are very tasty.

  12. Avatar photo
    Sandy Ang

    nice to eat but have to wait

  13. Avatar photo
    Tan Shin

    The best fish noodle I ever had in Singapore! It’s totally not the similar taste like any others fish noodle selling in the market. The portion is big with reasonable price of $4 only! The stall number is located at Yuhua food center (01-44).

  14. Avatar photo

    Comprehensive range of food, fruits and services available. Hawkers are mostly courteous. However, car park is constantly congested. Advisable to use nearby car parks.

  15. Avatar photo
    Soon Heng Coach Heng

    I would have love to give more than 3 stars if not for the fact the hawker has no air conditioning and place some what dirty. Apart from that food is reasonably priced.

  16. Avatar photo
    Soh Kb

    Yuhua market is a popular food centre with the yuhua community . Lots of good food like mee goreng , porridge , zi char , carrot cake , fried noddles and desserts . Beside is a wet and dry market selling fresh produce , from vegetable , meat to dried condiments . Prices are reasonably non expensive here .

  17. Avatar photo
    zi yan lim

    Nice bbq fish, but still prefer the stingray. Chinchalok sauce is great! Tze char from the corner shop is great too. Service is pretty fast. Fish soup/ban mian seems very popular very queue even late in the evening

    Update: very crowded on Sunday morning. All the wanton mee queuing

  18. Avatar photo
    Serene Heng

    The only I love going there to eat the meepok that is so nice and cheap! U should try it. It is located when u enter the market, corner shop.

    IG @mommyserene

  19. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Ang

    Traditional food centre. But for a self tray return centre, a lot of empty plates left on tables,

  20. Avatar photo
    Wanda Horton

    Sliced fish soup at the Fish Head is the best comfort food

  21. Avatar photo

    many good food at good pricing, explains why the long queue for most of the stores

  22. Avatar photo
    Terence Ng

    You can find good food and essential needs at a very good price. Unlike some places in Singapore.

  23. Avatar photo
    W.J P

    Place with a lot of hidden gems (good food)

  24. Avatar photo
    Esther Kang

    I love the broth, it was so good! yummy

  25. Avatar photo
    Zachary Chua

    Big variety of stalls here serving a wide range of foods. Some of my favorites are the fried fish soup and the zi char stalls. You should come earlier just in case as the fried fish soup stall runs out quite early. I also highly recommend getting a sugarcane drink to pair with the food.

  26. Avatar photo
    Cookie Monster

    Noodles were springy and the chicken and pork were done nicely.

  27. Avatar photo
    Leow Peng Kui

    An outstanding Hawkers’ Center with many well known and well patronised stalls with queues
    Went to the Fei Fei Roast. It’s wan toen noodles come with char siew or roast duck. Need to be there for brunch. Often, by 11am, they would have sold everything

  28. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Tan

    Good variety of food. Went to get frozen chicken legs to cook for church Children’s retreat, as that stallholder offer us wholesale price. We ended tiuring that market & bought a variety of cooked food. There is a coffee shop that has pork trotters & shark meat

  29. Avatar photo

    Excellent place to go for breakfast and lunch.

    Be prepared to join queues for freshly cooked food.

    Not too long, maybe around 15mins?
    But the cost-benefit is worth it at the end.

    Though I would advise to avoid the “Cheer Kueh Lao” stall.

    The store seemed to have a lot of ready stock of foodstuff to sell yet virtually no queue though…

  30. Avatar photo
    Terence Teou

    Not many stall operating on a Saturday afternoon.

  31. Avatar photo
    Mari Kita

    Has been favourite breakfast place always….must try the mee goreng, only malay stall, fried fish beehoon and also the feifei roasted pork noodle….always long queue just be reminded

  32. Avatar photo
    Thomas Yan

    Nice food reasonably price …

  33. Avatar photo
    Linhow Chan

    Additional a few stalls,most of stall still open

  34. Avatar photo
    Kristy Lim

    First visit to Yuhua Village Market. Lights in food centre looks dim & not safe for elderly people to walk around the food centre. Food choices varied but some popular stalls are closed by noon.

  35. Avatar photo
    koh deric

    Food is a delicacy but not well ventilated hence you decide whether to dine in or takeaway

  36. Avatar photo
    CS Ong

    Packed on a Sunday morning…seats & park lots limited…

  37. Avatar photo
    Henry G

    Lots of good affordable food.

  38. Avatar photo
    Doreen Lum

    Systematic SMM rules with hawker centre & Food Centre in & out entry. Market is well organised & the pricing of food is pretty reasonable. I like most is the carrot cake & porridge here.

  39. Avatar photo
    Hon Moo Yeong

    Well the food there used to be good but as time goes by the old timers are gone, one after another which left their siblings who were not so good in picking the skill then the ratings now is not so good.

  40. Avatar photo

    Oh my! What a gem this place is!
    Little did I expect an Old School of eateries here! I Love Old School kind of food. I chanced by this place with a friend.
    I observed that they have at least 3 Teocheow mueh stalls at the hawker centre, and one at a coffee shop nearby (which is pretty famous for this fish dishes).
    Old School food like a nice regular good coffee, teh, chee chong fan, chwee kueh, hang jing peng, you tiao, yong taofu, prawn mee(i had them and it’s nice), laksa, vegetarian rice(food), wanton noodles, duck rice, chicken rice and so much more they have to offer!

    There are only about 2 Malay Stalls, one Mamak, next to each other at a corner. Though I have yet to try them, the Malay stall’s food looks nice.

    I will totally recommend anyone who loves traditional food. Not these present days hawker food which mostly fail to the taste of my pallet.

    Although I live kinda far, I will now visit this place every now and then to enjoy good Old School food.

    Good time to be there
    7am onwards to just after lunch time crowd subsides. It’s more of a morning market crowd and lunch time crowd.
    Food looks better before 1pm. Thereafter, they serve different variations of food towards afternoon onwards.

    Inexpensive place. Decent prices from SGD2.50 onwards. All depending what you are buying.

    The picture below is the Teochew Mueh I mentioned about. Business timing 7am-3pm. Close on Wednesday.

  41. Avatar photo
    Yazoo Spandau

    The Beef and Slice Fish Hor Fun are really good . $4.50 and look at the photo. The food are cheap and good taste . Soft Drink for $1.00. .Many long que food stall . Not yet try all, but the Beef Hor Fun super duper delicious with the traditional work hei favor. …

  42. Avatar photo

    Neighbourhood market place with wet market and hawker centre. Great for heartlanders for the daily necessities.

  43. Avatar photo

    Great hawker centre with a wide variety of delicious foods. The 烧腊(Roasted Meat) stall is a must try but it sells out real early!

  44. Avatar photo

    Busy, lively place with some good and reasonable priced food stalls. Cater mainly breakfast and lunch crowds, most stalls are closed by 2-4 pm.

  45. Avatar photo

    Too many economical noodles stalls in the morning. We tried one with a good review but was mediocre. Carrot cake was so-so. Only stall worth mentioning was Eng Kee Wanton Noodles – al-dente noodles with a properly roasted char Siew.

    Tabao some food from Sri menanti, the fragrance of their mee Soto filled out entire car, should be quite good, looking forward to lunch!

  46. Avatar photo
    Anthony Seow

    One of my favourite food centre. Food variety varies from Chinese to Indian food. Chicken rice, Noodle soup, Seafood dishes and more.
    Price ranging from SGD $2 to $4 / $5..

  47. Avatar photo
    Wai Peng Chan

    Visited the market for my favourite fresh tofu at reasonable prices. The market sells restaurant grade dumplings, har kow, bean curd skins, lor mai kai, Siew mai, etc. Reasonable prices.

  48. Avatar photo
    Reuben Hoe

    I tried the hokkien noodles from this humble store, and it tastes really good with the wok hey and the generous portion. Highly recommended!

  49. Avatar photo
    Tan Danny C K

    Heng Heng cooked food – the laksa is not bad. This bowl of laksa cost $5. Tau pok, fish cake , cockles and 1 prawn slice into 2. Abit expensive. I guess now the price of food is like that.

  50. Avatar photo
    Ah Boy

    Your typical neighbourhood hawker centre + wet market combo. Not aware of any super famous stalls here. Plenty of choices for typical craving. Mainly catering to Jurong East, Yuhua, Toh Guan folks.

  51. Avatar photo
    Kon Yew Tan

    Delicious local food at very reasonable prices. My favourites : chicken rice, peanut pan cakes, fried carrot cake black flavour, roti prata, mee rubus, mee siam, fried black colour kl hokkien mee, economy bee hoon, mixed rice … you get the idea

  52. Avatar photo
    Ray Thang

    The soy sauce chicken is savoury & tender, you may choose chicken rice or noodles both are great. It taste even better with add-on BBQ pork for $1. (珍珍#01-20)

  53. Avatar photo
    Randy Wan

    I like coffee and food very nice

  54. Avatar photo
    Boon Inn Loh

    Good and reasonably priced foods. Ambient a bit dim… too much of energy saving maybe…

  55. Avatar photo
    Marklin Ang

    Fei Fei Roasted Noodle has one of the best Char Siew in Singapore, at least from those I’ve tried. You can still taste the BBQ flavoring even though it was towards the last few pieces for the day when I ordered.

    The noodles were lightly tossed in soy-based sauce. It wasn’t overpowering so the char siew remained the star. The char siew was a little tougher than I preferred but that’s not an issue, as its sweet and slightly charred, which is perfect!

    The carrot cake here is pretty decent too. With an abundance of eggs in one plate, and the right amount of sweetness, it hit home run for me!

  56. Avatar photo
    yang Goh

    Just like hawker centres in Singapore, the food are mostly Chinese. There are alot of different kinds of food and stalls there for you to choose from. The food is nice except for some but overall it is definitely nice! Recommended!

  57. Avatar photo
    Roger Seah

    Delicious Roti Prata made by Chinese

  58. Avatar photo
    Lim Matthias

    Zichar stall cooked food are tasty and reasonably priced. Good varieties of seafood white beehoon. Hay Chor is Good too. For Steam Grouper, asked for prices b4 ordering…

  59. Avatar photo
    Cher Wen Koh

    Nothing much here except the food center whereby workers from nearby comes for meals. There some food stalls here that serve some reasonable tasty and cheap cooked food particularly the Fei Fei wanton noodles which you would always find a long queue. They usually sell out early so you have to come rather early.

  60. Avatar photo
    Isa Mohamad Saini

    Good freshly made prata with awesome mutton dacha. Everything at $2.00 Malay stall, Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, Lotong, Nasi Lemak, Mee Soto. Come early as their Nasi Lemak is usually sold out by 7:30am

  61. Avatar photo
    Fab C

    Looks amazing .. have to go back in the morning to review the wet market.

  62. Avatar photo
    Joshua Gan

    Had the prawn paste chicken here! Awesome!!
    Also nice and clean, I mean the hawker centre. Awesome

  63. Avatar photo
    Chin Seng Yue

    Tables and chairs are new after the renovation. Floor needs sprucing up.

  64. Avatar photo
    Mavis Khor

    This market is not crowded which I like, but a few stalls are not that friendly.. Like to scold people which I also got feedback from aunties who goes to this market

  65. Avatar photo
    Alex Ong

    Nice market and clean place to go for food… although alot of stores had changed ownership but the new variety of foods are amazing

  66. Avatar photo
    Andy Lau “firstfinger”

    Affordable and good local food.

  67. Avatar photo
    ye mg

    best hawker food can be found in jurong area. Fried Fish soup is best . Roasted pork noodle is superb. Econony rice is delicious. Wanton noodle. Chicken Rice. Nasi lemak is best with crunchy and tender chicken wing. And plenty of other cooked foods.

  68. Avatar photo
    Matnor Abubakar

    It a wet market, daily necessities is available. Fresh fish vegetables and fruits available. Hawker stall always crowed. Monday closed.

  69. Avatar photo
    Kel Kel

    lots of yummy like dim sum, pancakes, ming zhang kueh, traditional kueh kuehs, porrdige, noodles …. most importantly wet market and they sell traditional local titbits too!!

  70. Avatar photo
    Wenni Choong

    This is my favourite hawker centre in the west. My favourite food are laksa ( Heng Heng Cooked Food), Fish porridge from 明记粥品 only $2.50. On the same row, there is a nice prata stall and coffee stall. Nearby there is a shop selling yummy Shun Kuey as well.

  71. Avatar photo
    Che-yin Suen

    Many varieties of delicious food. Inexpensive. Clean and tidy. Very crowded during lunch time

  72. Avatar photo
    See O

    fish soap and porriage is gd

  73. Avatar photo
    Cathryn Hernandez

    The Fei Fei Roasted Noodle, Heng Heng Cooked Food, Sri Menati, Xi Char, Hup Hong Chicken Rice and West Coast Arifin Ali have good foods These stalls are generous with their food. Most of the stall owners here are friendly.

    The charsiew wanton noodle from Fei Fei Roasted Noodle and the Laksa from Heng Heng Cooked food are a must. Fei Fei stall has one of the best charsiew, thick and succulent while the laksa from Heng Heng stall has very good aroma and it has rich flavour. But be prepared for the long que, about 20 to 30 minutes. These two are my personal favourite.

    Xi char has a lot of variety of delicious foods. Hard to choose which one to buy everytime I buy from this stall. Their chilli is very nice and they sell their chilli, should buy one from them if you’re a chilli lover.

    Sri Menati has good Malay foods, really liked their Nasi Lemak. I noticed they’re usually only open half a day in the morning.

    The steamed chicken from Hup Hong Chicken rice is another one to que for. Tender and tasty, you won’t regret the time you que for. Best eaten right on the spot.

    The uncle and auntie at the At Cai (Hor Fun stall) though are very rude to their customers. They scream and they are very stingy with their chilli and sauce. I was buying a quantity good for a family and I was preparing two packets of green chilli, the auntie and uncle screamed at me and took back all the chilli packets. I have been buying from them for four years now and they’re like that most of the time. Would not buy from this stall anymore. Very unpleasant experience, spoils the food.

  74. Avatar photo
    Theo P

    pork ribs prawn noodle ah kim, beef horfun, laksa, mee soto, econmee etc. Go right in so many choices

  75. Avatar photo
    Goh soo chea philip

    This hawker Ctr operates in the morning only and after the lunch hours most of the stalls are closed.

  76. Avatar photo

    Lots of cooked food varieties at affordable prices! Market also offers lots of fresh produce! The shophouse units are also providing alot of convenience to heartlanders!

  77. Avatar photo
    Gohht 13

    Humble and small hawker center, but packed with lots of good food. However it’s mainly opened in the morning.

  78. Avatar photo
    Richard Jang

    The wanton mee here are good. Please be prepare to queue for 10 mins and above if you come at peak hours and on the weekend. Fei Fei Roasted Noodle is the leading store here and you must try it.

  79. Avatar photo
    juster neo

    Many nice food here, chicken rice, wanton mee, chicken porridge, fishball noodle, must try

  80. Avatar photo
    Leonard Thangavelu, PBM

    One of my favourite hawker centres in Singapore. Lots of old-time hawkers from the old market. Should try the Bak Chor Mee, Char Kway Tiao, Teochew Porridge, steam soups, roasted meats rice. For my Muslim friends, there is a famous Nasi Padang and Nasi Briyani stall here.

    Parking is plentiful.

  81. Avatar photo

    Old Estate Hawker Center cum Market. Was there at 12.30pm and not much choice as many stalls have closed for business.

    I decided to check out this Hawker Center since I was in the neighbourhood and read some good reviews of food here.

    Wanted to try the recommended stall selling Laksa but found the queue a bit slow moving. Switch over to try the Lau Lim Mee Pok. Not as tasty as the original one at Bedok Marketplace, but otherwise is still quite alright!

  82. Avatar photo
    Zhenxi Ong

    Quite a lot of good dishes. The most famous is Fei Fei wanton noodles but they open at 10am and Super Long queue. The porridge, carrot cake and Hokkien mee are all not bad.

  83. Avatar photo
    J Ong

    A lot local food available here n d price is affordable

  84. Avatar photo
    Ashlyn-Farrand Teo-Hey

    Found new stall which sell delicious Abalone Kway Teow Soup. The broth is freshly cook daily and they are very generous with the ingredients!

  85. Avatar photo
    Zess Gold Ng

    Awesome place and awesome foodclean and friendly hawkers. The wanton mee stall is polite. I hope that the vegetarian stall sell reasonable price. But the food is nice. …

  86. Avatar photo
    T B Koh

    These cooked food stalls in Yuhua Cooked Food Centre are pretty good. My wife and myself took the Hong Jiang Abalone Kway Teow Soup and it’s good. The two stalls Xiang Ji (selling porridge) and the adjacent stall 女皇镇生活公市 (selling fried fritters, i.e. 油条 etc) are also closed for business. And it’s only 11:20am. The chicken rice stall, Hup Hong Chicken Rice, directly opposite 女皇镇生活公市, wasn’t opened when we started eating our kway teow soup. BUT when we were half way through eating, the stall opened for business and within minutes the queue formed. My wife and I nodded in agreement that the chickens seemed good. And the pricing is also reasonable. No wonder the long formed within minutes of opening.

  87. Avatar photo
    Alvin Fong

    Excellent selection of hawker’s foods including one-star Michelin char-siew wanton noodle.
    Must visit!

  88. Avatar photo
    Kia Guan Ng

    Order pork congee and you get pork congee. That’s what I realised when I ordered a bowl of “pork congee”. If you want to have century egg to go with the pork congee, you’ll need to specify “century egg pork congee” or “item number 1” to the stall uncle. I had sliced fish congee which cost only $2.50. Nowadays quite impossible to find porridge at this price. The congee was smooth and very hot. The portion was quite big with a few slices (about 5) of fish.
    There are also a variety of other food stalls that you can choose from. It can be quite crowded on a weekend.

  89. Avatar photo
    Leo XII

    this FC has one of the best bbq sting ray, my regular place whenever i have the craving.

  90. Avatar photo
    Darren Koh

    Two big mugs, and still get change from a $2 bill..

  91. Avatar photo
    eric khoo

    Just reopened after some roofing works. The kueh store still closed.. coming back for more!! Still closed today Do they closed shop early? …

  92. Avatar photo
    Muruganantham Panneerselvam

    This market have food shops,fish and meat shops.the fish market was opened only up to 11.00AM.UOB,POSB ATM available nearby.Also fair price and Mc Donald’s also there.AXS. station also nearby this market.Most of the shops were Chinese shop.Nearby bus stop is BLK 252.

  93. Avatar photo
    1. Allan Tan

    A few stalls selling tasty food, including beef hor-fun (fried beef kway teow), roasted meat noodle (waiting time usually 40mins), etc. Next to hawker centre is a shop that sells traditional teochew (Chaozhou) food like poong kueh(rice kueh), tapioca cakes, soong keuh, koo-chai kuey, etc.

  94. Avatar photo

    Great place to find good food at reasonable price. Lots of choices to satisfy different cravings. Crowded in the morning especially on weekend as there is a wet market next to it. Usually less crowded towards evening. However, most stalls closed at mid afternoon so choices of food will be limited towards late afternoon. The hawker center is kept cleaned at all time.

  95. Avatar photo
    Lye Louis

    The hawker Centre has many food stalls selling very delicious foods. However, the place is not so clean and also very hot. Poor ventilation.

  96. Avatar photo
    Stri Goi

    Ample parking space and a wide variety of hawker food to choose from.
    Do note that on weekdays lunch hour, empty carpark lots might be hard to find.

  97. Avatar photo
    Michael Ng

    A traditional hawker centre with several nice food stores. Price is consider affordable. However night time is abit quiet as many stores only operate in the day time.

  98. Avatar photo
    Jessie Liu

    Highly recommend the food here are cheap n nice, come here during weekends, must long que for most of the stalls !

  99. Avatar photo
    Steven Pang

    Fried Carrot Cake, Hup Hong Chicken Rice, Roti Prata, Mee Siam, Longtong, and reasonable price and decent Sze Char food. Great place for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

  100. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Lau

    Quaint hawker market that’s mostly lively only in the morning. You’ll find 1/3 stalls closed by lunch and most will be closed after lunch. Most people will be queueing for a stall that sells wanton noodle. The queue can be as long as 45min to 60min wait. I didn’t get any feeling of euphoria after trying though so not sure what the fuss is about.

  101. Avatar photo
    Mervin Chua

    Nice place for breakfast. Good luck finding parking lot My favourite is the prawn and wanton dumpling noodle. For night can try A1 barbecue food

  102. Avatar photo
    Victor Lee

    Many nice stalls like beef horfun, laksa/prawn noodles,chicken rice, soy bean drink. Explore and find out!

    PS: Just follow the long Q and it won’t go wrong

  103. Avatar photo
    Yunxuan Li

    Great place to eat authentic Singaporean dishes at an affordable price. After you have eaten and would like to buy some groceries, they have a market there selling “fresh” vegetable and meat all at an affordable price.

  104. Avatar photo
    Terence Lee

    Great taste, freshly cooked n prepaed. Must try!

  105. Avatar photo
    Christine Sim

    U can find many good foods here & cheap. But have to Q about 15min for most stalls during lunch & dinner time. Level 3, fish steam boat & curry fish very good & cheap. No regret coming here to eat. We like it!

  106. Avatar photo
    ah new

    Lots of good food.. Fei fei wanton mee.. Laksa.. Chicken rice.. Carrot cake.. Hor fun.. All not back..

    Can go try!!

  107. Avatar photo

    5 Jan 2018 update : stall back to normal

    24 Dec 2018 update : Stall auntie no longer around, replaced by this man with attitude problem very xia lan.
    Food still good but his AP make me lose appetite. Hence 5 stars drop to 1 star.

    Stall 254 minced meat prawn noodles. My favorite !

  108. Avatar photo
    Cassy Lee

    Went there to try sliced fish hor fun.. Really good.. Parking there abit tricky..

  109. Avatar photo

    This is a matured town hawker center. There have many different hawker food to choose for breakfast or lunch. But Not for dinner. One of their favourite stall are the wanton noodles. Their noodles was one of the best i found in hawker stall.

  110. Avatar photo
    Bei L

    Great food. Love the sugar cane store too. Porridge is very good and popular. Fried Fish soup too! Recommend

  111. Avatar photo

    I used to frequent Yuhua Hawkers Centre at Jurong East Street 24 for vegetables rice, dessert and noodle. It is a good food centre for good & delicious food and dessert.

  112. Avatar photo
    Dorothy Tan

    For those who like steamed fish. This is the place. Price is reasonable and fish is fresh. Other food like fried egg, chicken wing, braised pork leg, braised pork belly also very nice. Good to eat in group of 8 pax so that can order more dishes to share. They have porridge also.

  113. Avatar photo
    T greensake

    Had wanton noodle (S$4.00) this morning, was good, especially the noodle’s texture & the condiments.

  114. Avatar photo
    Winnie G

    We went to Blk.254 hawker to had dinner at Gong xi fa cai eating house Zi char, all their dish v delicious n yummy yummy, especially their Champion superior shark bone soup lobster porridge, Nyonya Asam steam red grouper, stir fried Spanish iberico Joel, signature Spanish pork ribs “dong po gu”, honey baby sotong, must try …

  115. Avatar photo
    Danny Ng

    Lots of great local food, I have tried the fried hokkien prawn noodle. It is splendid, very tasty and very traditional. The ingredients are very fresh and the auntie is very friendly.

  116. Avatar photo
    Alan Chen

    One of the few places left to find cheap and good food. 60cents for a cup of soya milk where can you find drinks at such price these days. You can definitely have a decent meal under $5.

  117. Avatar photo
    Huang Yaoliang

    Many nice food here.

  118. Avatar photo
    Simon Chew

    Another that falls in d ‘old school’ category, a maze of aisles with mostly senior hawkers offering simple recipes n wares..

  119. Avatar photo
    Joe Lo

    This place has just been renovated. It is much cleaner now. Will definitely visit again.

  120. Avatar photo
    NuR A.R

    Malay stall selling $2 mee rebus/soto/nasi lemak with chicken wings with 60cents soyabean drink. Taste good, not too sweet and easy on the pocket

  121. Avatar photo
    Kenny Pan (KP)

    Every district will have at least 1 hawker centre. Some have been established more 30 years.

  122. Avatar photo
    Hi Mobile

    Very crowded in the morning. Foods there are normal. Not much people after in the evening. Good gathering area for all the former kampong people.

  123. Avatar photo
    Sanjay Sachdev

    It was my first time visiting Yuhua Market. So far so good. Also there are many furniture store at the nearby shops.

  124. Avatar photo
    Jin Soon

    Do try the fried fish meat version with the thick bee hoon. Very long queue though, even at 7.45pm! Another plus point is the availability of ample open air car park slots available near the Hawker Centre.

  125. Avatar photo
    Min Htun Zaw

    Delicious and resonably cheap frog porridge. Forgotten the stall name.

  126. Avatar photo
    Jenny Liauw

    Hawker center quite packed. The food is cooked by older generation with experience. Nowadays could not found any nice food and cheap too.

  127. Avatar photo
    Bryan T. (Duke of Admiralty)

    **Please note that the hawker centre and wet market is closed from 10 to 19 June for renovations.

    One of the main neighbourhood markets in Jurong residential estates. It has a HDB branch and Jurong Town Council or JRTC both have main offices situated on the same site.

    Hawker fare, food and drinks are in abundance. Within the same area you will find notables like Tiong Bahru Pau and The Carving Board within 50 feet of the market.

  128. Avatar photo
    Carrin Ng

    Happen to come across this new stall selling traditional style of Teochew Kuayteow. The broth is made from fresh bone, fresh and tasty

    One bowl of kuayteow is so generous come with fresh pork (not frozen type), liver, minced meat, fishmaw, lala and fishball. Like it very much.

  129. Avatar photo
    Terrence Yoong

    A large food centre plus wet market. Surrounding area there are many shops that cater for the neighborhood folks.

  130. Avatar photo

    Good place to eat affordable food, esp in the morning. There is also fresh market where you can buy seafood, meat. Outside the market, there are plenty of shops where you can get groceries etc.

  131. Avatar photo
    Yew Wah

    Brighter, cleaner and more spacious. More popular new stalls.

  132. Avatar photo

    Plenty of good local food in this hawker centre. Offering traditional Singapore style hawker food. New hawker centers have a lot of stalls selling foreign country food. Most of the hawker stalls here are only opened in morning and afternoon. Very limited stalls are open at night. There is a few coffee shops surrounding this hawker center. So plenty of food to choose from.

  133. Avatar photo
    tommy ee

    Got very right price yummy foods like white chicken,roast pork rice,beef rice noodle,fried carrotcake etc etc

  134. Avatar photo

    My favourite place for coffee n bteakfast after my tennis session on weekend mornings. Its one of te best hawker centres in Jurong East simply becoz of its variety of food offered n its good price. Copi o is still below $1, wantun noodle still is $2.50 (te one at te corner nearest to te McDonald store is te best). There r a few porridge stalls most qt gd, u can easily tell which ones r famous fr te queue size ; p I just go to te shortest as others r not bad. Most if them serve Hkg style porridge. My frends’ favourite is te fish stall vy fresh. Te beef hofeng stall also not bad .. there is a dessert stall to complete ur food itinerary if u like sweet temptations ; ) Ofcoz there is te wet market nearby to serve ur shopping need qt crowded, n a few flower shops qt reasonable price (like a stalk of chrisentenen costs $1 as compared to te $1.2 charged at te other side at Yuhua Market.

  135. Avatar photo
    Ivan Lam

    Decent hawker centre with a wide varieties of stalls. Must try are their hor fun, fish soup & etc.

  136. Avatar photo

    Great location. Homely and an amazing selection of food. My go-to favourite would be the Penang laksa, bak kut teh and chicken rice!

  137. Avatar photo
    Sean Poon

    A Must try for Breakfast. Seng Huat Homemade Fried Carrot Cake. #01-48. Expect a wait but it’s well worth it.

  138. Avatar photo
    William Win

    A busy market place where there are many food courts.

  139. Avatar photo
    charles kang

    Should be a interesting place during the morning and noon. It was almost 6pm, many stalls were closed. Will come another day, to give a fair grading.

  140. Avatar photo
    Geok Khim Lim

    One of my favourite black carrot cake. Tasty! Nice to see the young ones helping out their father. It reminded my childhood too. Cheers for the new year.

  141. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tan

    Decent hawkers with the most famous being the hainan chicken rice. Its nice and affordable. Will explore other stalls next time.

  142. Avatar photo
    KC Cheang

    The mini wok with noodles at Stall 254 was quite ordinary and basic. A little disappointed

  143. Avatar photo

    A well-managed hawker centre offering a wide variety of cheap local foods. The meat and veg from the Tasty Mixed Rice stall tasted good but were too cold for my liking. I highly recommend the Bubur Hitam from the Hock Kee Hot & Cold Dessert stall. It is very rich, nice and cheap.

  144. Avatar photo
    noor azman liman

    This place have good food if you don’t mind the price my normal place is SETI MENANTI FOOD have taste n quantity also ok for good eater like me . Too bad didn’t take photo to show go to know what you missing

  145. Avatar photo
    Marcus Goh

    One of the bigger hawker center and wet market combo in this region. Good and cheap hawker food available, likely most economical area. Lots of variety with limited Malay and Indian option. Wet market have some of the freshest options available, especially seafood that comes with a price.

  146. Avatar photo
    Penny Chow

    Tried the Zi char.Wat Dan hor today.Delicious.Meat also not too tough unlike the other zi char stalls.Fish slice bee hoon with lala was a also very delicious.Served piping hot.

  147. Avatar photo
    Jianwen Ben

    Your friendly neighbourhood food centre, where you can find all sorts of local food. Cleanliness needs improvement though, the cleaners are not able to upkeep the place fast enough

  148. Avatar photo
    Raymon Sim

    Will make another trip to explore this place again !

  149. Avatar photo

    Good place for evening Che Zhar

  150. Avatar photo
    Hwhy Wee Ong

    Love the porridge which is open in morning and evening. No msg, eat liao won’t feel thirsty. The chicken rice stall and roasted meat stall always long q.

  151. Avatar photo
    Mashy Mellow

    Tiong bahru bao dim sum available in the morning. Fei Fei wanton noodle & 财 hor fun and pork rib rice is nice. But 财 stall has a break from 2.30pm to 5pm.

  152. Avatar photo
    Ashlyn-Farrand Teo-Hey

    Found new stall which sell delicious Abalone Kway Teow Soup. The broth is freshly cook daily and they are very generous with the ingredients!

  153. Avatar photo
    Christina Tan

    Favourite neighbourhood hawker! Worthy to queue for. Value for money portion

  154. Avatar photo
    Alvin Ho

    Heading back to the west to close the loop there on the Michelin Bib Gourmand Singapore Award list journey, a visit was made to Yuhua Village Hawker Centre, not to be mixed up with Yuhua Hawker Centre next to the Jurong East Recreation Centre.

    Fei Fei Roasted Noodle is a very popular stall with queues forming up to 1 hour before it even opens. Well known for their Roast Duck and Char Siew, this stall frequently sells out their Roast Duck within the first hour of operation. When one finally gets a plate of their wonderful wanton mee, one gets to enjoy one of the best.

    Heng Heng Cooked Food is well-known for their Laksa attracting a long line of customers daily. With a thick and yummy broth, the wonderful Tow Pok absorbs the essence of the broth choked full of seafood goodness. Consuming the noodles was such a joy and the flavour explosion in the mouth was exquisite.

    The journey here was long but at least one of the Michelin Bib Gourmand Singapore Award winner here is definitely worth the trip

  155. Avatar photo
    Chong Shiun Hoong

    This Ron Sheng Fish head beehoon stall selling few variety of beehoon taste good…last time tried tomyum seafood noodle taste good as well…

  156. Avatar photo
    Joseph goh

    A hidden gem with many good hawker food. My personal favourite is the porridge that always long Q and the fish soup with tasty broth.

  157. Avatar photo
    Cheng Yen Lam

    Hup Hong Chicken Rice has been my favourite since I was a kid. Even though I’ve moved away from Jurong, I’d still specially come here for my plate of char siew rice. They are fast, so despite the long queue, the waiting time is manageable.

  158. Avatar photo
    K.Maniam Maniam

    Many food stalls for everyone. Price are low n reasonable compare to other location. Beside food stalls , there are good number of provision stall selling cooking items.

  159. Avatar photo
    Mel Wee

    Must try authentic handmade kuehs. Look for the kind elderly Chinese Aunty. The stall has been around for at least 15 yrs! Great value for money. Freshly made every day. Kueh Dadar, Kueh kosui, shun kueh, carrot kueh- think there are at least 20 different kuehs available!

  160. Avatar photo
    Jayson C King

    Lots of choices for everyone, but one stall stands out to me! The roast meal stall Fei Fei, I believe its call! One of the better ones around, long queues and you better be early if want try out the char siew! Tat has always been my favorite!! Some go for pork belly shao bak! But all in all, it’s still one of best around! One of the few stalls I dont mind queueing up for!! But that’s always something for everyone!!

  161. Avatar photo
    David Kwong

    Affordable price for a very tasty treat.

  162. Avatar photo
    yong hao kok

    Chicken rice is quite good. But many shops were closed on a weekday lunch.

  163. Avatar photo
    Desmond Choo

    Supposed to try the Michelin bib stall fei fei wanton mee..
    But it was sold out during lunch time..
    So I tried the roast duck noodles..
    Duck was good but nothing special about the noodles..

  164. Avatar photo
    Joyce Poh

    Old Estate food centre with cheap and good food. Still can find $2 Chicken rice here.
    The slice fish Hor Fun is good got the wok hei kick. This stall is next to the economic fried been hoon stall. You be surprise mee Soto at $2 is superb good.

  165. Avatar photo

    Boneless Chicken Rice is nice. Porridge is very good. Prawn noodle is fantastic. Wan Ton Mee is ok. You Tiao and butterfly Fritters are very good.

    Laksa and Mee Rubus chinese store is worth eating. The famous Ba Kut Teh store has moved from this hawker centre to a nearby coffee shop.

    Usually in the mornings it is crowded and very vibrant. Lunch time working crowd is ok. Dinner time many stalls would have been closed.

    There is a multi-storey carpark that is convenient to park. By MRT, it is about 300 to 400 meters walk, by taking an overhead bridge across Boon Lay way.

    Price and food quality is good. Hawker centre is clean. Hawkers are usually friendly and courteous.

  166. Avatar photo
    Simon Y

    Unlike most hawker center that are of rectangular structure where they usually struggle for air ventilation when all stalls are opened, this place is airy even during its busiest time where it’s oddly shape structure probably helps. Typical neighborhood food centre when it is most variant during the day and by night at least half of its stalls will be closed.

  167. Avatar photo
    Peter Wee

    Still the best neighbourhood makan place. It offers wide choices for cultural food to enjoy.

  168. Avatar photo
    Aw CS

    The dishes are well cook but all of us so shock how mini size the yam ring is for $16, looks very unreasonable.. Picture may not tell how small size it is. Hope they can improve on this.

  169. Avatar photo
    Chang Tuck Min

    First time here and tried the long queue chicken rice. It has a generous portion and has quite an unique chilli. Will be back to eat again

  170. Avatar photo
    Sham Sulaiman

    Yuhua Village Market,located in the middle of a residential housing estate. Joining with the hawker center,groceries shop and lots more shop,mixture of wet & dry market. New hair salon and the old type barber shop.TCM and fruits shop too…parking was never being quite…

  171. Avatar photo
    Amy Tay

    Weekend alot of people n to get a table..

  172. Avatar photo
    S Tan

    Good Mee Goreng with mutton. Sugar cane drink is cheap at $1.20 while other places are at $1.50 to $1.70 which I boycott. Good porridge stall behind opposite McDonald.

  173. Avatar photo
    Junhao Ng

    Too many good food to share. Hawker have laksa and Cai fan quite legendary status. Next door coffee shop is zai shun famous for all kind of excellent fresh fish and unique dishes specially for their porridge. Sinful but extremely worth all the extra calories.

  174. Avatar photo
    kusalakumari k.arunachalam

    Okay la, even though the customers are returning the cutleries to the shelf but the cleaners should at least wipe the tables

  175. Avatar photo
    Yuh Hang Chua

    laksa here are nice to eat. kuey shop on the other block is great, especially the peng kueh. sometimes has orh nee too.

  176. Avatar photo

    Decent Prata. The price is on the high side. $1.70 for onion prata? The curry chicken $4? Chicken has a weird taste. Curry, normal..

  177. Avatar photo
    James EK Ang

    A market cum food center that features some good stalls such as Chicken Rice, FeiFei Wanton and Roast Duck, Beef HorFun, famous Queenstown Deep Fried You Tiao/Butterfly bun (Margaret Drive Food Center) etc.

  178. Avatar photo
    Haleydbeautysg (Haleydbeauty)

    My family favorite food . Every Saturday we will have chicken rice My dad will go there and order first then after lunch time he come at take . Must try

  179. Avatar photo
    Ark (ark)

    This place has one of the best carrot cakes

  180. Avatar photo
    karthik raj

    One of the best and cheap hawker centers around. Crowded during working lunch hours. Perfect for old school taste buds

  181. Avatar photo
    Teo George

    All the good Singapore local delights you can find in this food centre! Highly recommended!

  182. Avatar photo
    Ching Bob C S

    The food center is bigger than the wet market. This hawker center has a large varieties of food to choose.

  183. Avatar photo
    yennk choo

    lots of local delicacies. crowded in weekends.
    Happening on Sunday morning. Need to park at nearby mscp.

  184. Avatar photo
    Brandon koh

    Nice noodles and chilli

  185. Avatar photo
    Tuck Yeow Lee

    There are also of choice of foods there and is reasonable!

  186. Avatar photo
    Clement_2966 Clement

    Very convenient place. Great food and favourite shop available here. Prices at comfortable and acceptable range.

  187. Avatar photo
    Ronnie Tan

    Good food must Q.

  188. Avatar photo

    It’s a day neighbourhood hawker centre where most of the stalls are closed in the evening. Also need to bear with the armies of birds diving down for the left over food.

    On the plus side food is reasonably price with wide range to choose.

  189. Avatar photo
    Leslie Ho W H

    Basically not much stall still operating after 2pm. More of a place for breakfast, easily 4 or more stall selling economical beehoon in the morning.

  190. Avatar photo
    Vincent Ong

    Best place to eat meat balls porridge.
    Long queue on week ends

  191. Avatar photo
    Goh Eng Hock

    Simple hawker centre.
    Night time, centre is quite quiet.

  192. Avatar photo
    Fam M Y

    Love this place for a good breakfast fix on every weekend. Wide variety of food at affordable prices. Thumbs up …

  193. Avatar photo
    kenny koh

    Best fish ball noodle in jurong

  194. Avatar photo
    Soo Hin Yeoh

    Home to 3 MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2021 New Bib Gourmand Selection stalls, residents and shoppers around Yuhua are spoilt for choice with the wide variety of fresh market produce, goods, and local hawker food at Yuhua Village Market and Food Centre.

    My favourite is the the Laksa at Stall #01-12 (Heng Heng) which gained a listing in MICHELIN Bib Gourmand Selection in 2021.

    After being impacted by COVID cases in late July 2021, the hawker center is reopened on Aug 20 to massive crowds. There is a battalion of social distance officers trying to get the crowd to social distance on the Sunday morning I visited but this is such a popular place.

  195. Avatar photo
    Eames Chua

    Great food variety, and spacious with high ceilings setup, not so warm and well ventilated. Highly recommend

  196. Avatar photo
    LL Low

    A number of tze chars stalls that serve good local dishes at affordable price

  197. Avatar photo
    Yi Zhong Bay

    Zichar stall at the Yuhua Village Market is our family’s go to stall for family dinners. Chai po fish head is a must try, fish from the stall is always fresh. Chill crayfish and Pai ku wang is also very good. May need to wait for a while before food is served during weekend peak hours. The market only has two large tables, for party more than 6 pax may be hard to find tables to seat together.

  198. Avatar photo
    Htet Aung

    Lots of activities going on, you can have most of the local food at very affordable price. I’m surprised to find chicken rice at $3 which is rare since 2021. It was a good morning, sitting with a cup of coffee and watching all the activities around you in the market.

  199. Avatar photo
    linus yee

    Chai poh fish, sambal fried rice, prawn paste chicken and kangkong. This zhee char stall for dinner is really good. Value for $. 4 dishes good for 4-5 pax for $52. Wantan mee at middle row also good for lunch. Normally sold out before 1pm.

  200. Avatar photo
    NancyNg _Arjay

    Always empty yr stomach for all the delicious hawker food being recommended …

  201. Avatar photo
    Yen Seow

    Simple food, yet taste good, service prompt.

  202. Avatar photo
    Arthur Toh

    Just like most other food courts. Fei Roasted Delight serves very good char siew, sui yoke and roast duck but be prepared to q.

  203. Avatar photo

    I’ve been hearing a stall in Jurong area selling roti prata by Chinese with not much details given. So glad to chance upon the stall today.

    Ordered a plain mushroom and a egg flavour. Prata were freshly made and served hot! Crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, paired with traditional chinese curry with generous portion of chunky potatoes. Curry was flavourful and not too spicy to my liking.

    Stall 01-25

  204. Avatar photo
    Tay Tony

    Cheap eats with lots of varieties to choose from the stalls

  205. Avatar photo
    Nara Andiappan

    Food here is generally good and has variety of dishes.

  206. Avatar photo
    Joel Seong Koon

    Many folks love to get their coffee here. I’ve got my Yu tiau here. There are three of such shops but I give a thumbs up for Queenstown Yu tiau. Busy shop like the Black sauce chicken serve it right not only having it there but take home is a must too, try their char sau, you will never regret.

  207. Avatar photo
    Tan Danny C K

    Heng Heng cooked food – the laksa is not bad. This bowl of laksa cost $5. Tau pok, fish cake , cockles and 1 prawn slice into 2. Abit expensive. I guess now the price of food is like that.

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