Review Yuhua Market Hawker Centre, 347 Jurong East Ave 1, Singapore

Review Yuhua Market  Hawker Centre - Singapore 347 Jurong East Ave 1

“Had Fried Carrot Cake ($3.00), Chicken Rice ($4.00), Lor Mee ($3.50) & Gu Cai Kueh + Soon Kueh ($1.10 x3), were good.” or “A variety of local food stalls like braised duck, bakuteh, chicken rice and so on.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Yuhua Market Hawker Centre. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Yuhua Market Hawker Centre is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Yuhua Market Hawker Centre. In terms of Hawker centre, it is generally believed that Yuhua Market Hawker Centreis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 347 Jurong East Ave 1, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Hawker centre, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 62255632 (+65 62255632)
  • Website:
  • Address: 347 Jurong East Ave 1, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 6 AM to 8:30 PM.


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You can directly come to 347 Jurong East Ave 1, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Yuhua Market Hawker Centre reviews

Yuhua Market Hawker Centre is among the best destinations of Hawker centre in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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“Nice airy place with lots of nice food. Have to come early, else most food sold up. By 1pm, some of the stalls would have closed. IG: sgfood13”

“Lovely that is Hawker Center that are shops fair price good price cafes bakeries Etc and even Indian shop”

“Good food!!! Especially the Soon Kuey, Chives kuey and pink kuey!! …”

“There are quite a few good stalls at this neighbourhood hawker centre. Quite airy too. Recommended.”

“Alot of cheap and value for money food varieties available. Recommend to eat the Chong Jia Taiwanese food cos it supports Shopback Pay with Credit card... Yes it is tasty too ok .”

“Good place for food, good crowds and well ventilated”

“Place for cheap food and also can buy goods need beside the food court in lower price too …”

“Good selections of hawker fares. My go to place in the west for Prawn noodles, fish soup, soon kueh”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 211 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 83% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Yuhua Market Hawker Centre, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Yuhua Market Hawker Centre, 347 Jurong East Ave 1, Singapore

There is a total 211 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    ng samuel

    Place with diverse food choices at very affordable prices. This is the only place that I have seen so far with fried carrot cake selling from $2.50 onwards.

  2. Avatar photo
    SH Lay

    Good variety choice of affordable food in neighbourhood market & food center. Quite crowded during peak hours.

  3. Avatar photo

    In the afternoon, like most of the hawker centers, half of the shops will be closed. There is a nearby fairprice and clothes market. The bustop is just nearby, too.

  4. Avatar photo
    Henry Ang

    Most of the hawker stalls open to serve breakfast through lunch. Only a handful of them will stay open to serve dinner.

  5. Avatar photo
    Don Chan

    There are two Bak Kut Teh (肉骨茶) stall, a Vegetarian Mee Hoon (standard mee Hoon & noodle only) stall, a Teochew kush (潮州粿) stall are worth trying.

  6. Avatar photo
    Neilson Lin

    Able to get groceries of daily needs around the vicinity but required to source and compare to get the value for money goods.

    Wide range of food for one to choose from, fast food chain is nearby, located within the Jurong East Stadium (irony ).

    Just a couple of bus stops away from big malls (e.g. JEM, WESTGATE, IMM) and park is just a walk away from the buzzing traffic to chill and calm, workout or just a stroll.

  7. Avatar photo
    Michelle Lim

    One of my favourite bak kut teh places for a hearty atmosphere. Pricing is ordinary, $6+ for a soup and veg set. Tea set is $2.

    My parents and I often come here to enjoy the food here. Some of our go-to breakfast meals are the Kaya toast with egg, Vegetarian beehoon, Lor mee and for lunch, the Sungei Kadut Laksa, Prawn Mee. The Tau Huey (bean curd) is alright.

    This place is not open at evening – night, so the peak hours are morning to afternoon. It may be hard to get seats because it is usually crowded, so be prepared to wait.

  8. Avatar photo
    Sivadas Deepak

    A typical Singapore hawker center with good options to try Chinese, Japanese, Korean and malay cuisine. Multiple options and quite spacious. Msc parking available nearby as well.

  9. Avatar photo
    Albert NG

    Name anythings you want…this place will have them for you!

  10. Avatar photo
    Stanley Teo

    Lots of stalls with long q.
    Yummy wanton Mee, Lei cha

  11. Avatar photo

    YuHua Market & Hawker Centre
    Good place for marketing, dry, clean and spacious. Good foods and coffee at economical pricing.
    Parking can be a problem during peak, holiday and weekend.

    Last update May2017

  12. Avatar photo
    Lee Yee Tan

    A large variety of food and not too expensive

  13. Avatar photo
    Seet PS

    Yuhua Market is in the heart centre of community living in jurong east. Quite vibrant with a few good local food stalls worth trying. This include chicken rice, bak ku teh (pork rib rib soup) traditional teochew rice cake, fried fritter etc . You can easily notice the popularity of stall when u see long customer Q. Only bak ku teh’s customer sit at their their while waiting for their order. You can notice chinese tea pot served with the soup

  14. Avatar photo
    Kevin Maguire

    Good variety of food stalls and clean. Just a short walk from the MRT.

  15. Avatar photo
    Alegant Premiums

    Home cooked style cai fan, mixed veg rice

  16. Avatar photo
    PLI Chua

    There are many food stalls at hawkers. More variety, convenience for those looking for food in the morning & afternoon.

  17. Avatar photo
    Cher Wen Koh

    This is a favorite hawker center especially during lunch for the working population from the surrounding industrial estate and the nearby Business Park. One of the favorite stalls here include the Fei Fei Roasted Noddle where the Char Siew and roast duck are a must try. There usually is a long queue and you do have to come early cause they run out quite fast.

  18. Avatar photo
    Margaret Koh

    lots of great food!! You can tell from the queue at each stall
    Worth mentioning is the bah kuteh & economic bee hoon.

  19. Avatar photo
    Sure Win

    Hot, stuffy, crowded. I ordered economy rice from outside row. Uncooked chicken. Mee Rebus diluted. Maybe other stalls good.

  20. Avatar photo
    Dg 44

    place is normally crowded especially over weekends . Cleaning service is inconsistent making it difficult to find a reasonably clean table to order food . Some reasonably price food including $2 Malay food but generally prices has dropped increased to $3-$4 range or more.

  21. Avatar photo
    Marcus Goh

    Old school hawker center cum wet market, good variety of local hawker food available. Peak hour likely lunch time office crowd. Public toilet and WiFi available. Wheelchair accessible location and seats.

  22. Avatar photo
    Gohht 13

    Nice airy place with lots of nice food.
    Have to come early, else most food sold up. By 1pm, some of the stalls would have closed.

    IG: sgfood13

  23. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tan

    Still suitable as near NTUC Fair price plus many shops around plus 2 SingaporePool outlets.

  24. Avatar photo
    Henry Goh

    Hand make Soon Kway frest and nice. The wet market, I like the frest Yeong Tow Foo stall and her fish ball all freshly make.

  25. Avatar photo
    Ron WZ Sun

    Wide variety of food at reasonable prices. Usually crowded during peak periods like morning and afternoon (lunch time). Not many stalls are opened in the evenings. While finding empty car park lotscan be difficult during said peak period, there are ample parking lots nearby if you’re willing to walk ‘a little’ more taking about 5-mins or so.

  26. Avatar photo
    King Jason

    Great place for delicious food.. Cheap and good.. Specially the Guang tai lor mee.. The lady boss is very nice and friendly..

  27. Avatar photo
    Wee Seng Wilson Ng (Wil)

    A myriad of F&B options available, perfect for breakfast and early lunch, albeit the wait times.

  28. Avatar photo
    Raden Aditya

    The recent upgrade from the old design has made Yuhua Market more spacious with better ventilation.
    Very well structured that they even utilize the side area with frequent night bazaar …

  29. Avatar photo
    Sandie Fun

    Good variety of food at affordable prices. Sadly, standard of cleanliness has deteriorated over the years. Robot tray return was introduced but robots are not activated most of the time. Cleaners do not wipe the tables. Birds enjoy feasting on food left on tables.

  30. Avatar photo
    Meichi Poh

    reached around 7pm on weekday, stalls opened are still quite a variety (bakuteh, mala, Chinese, cai png Korean, Malay etc) Bakuteh bought is up sized (~6 ribs), $2 veg side dish with 2 rice total $10. More of peppery soup, free refill. Saw many people ordering whole steam fish too. Friendly store owners.

  31. Avatar photo
    Alvin Ho Zhee Xiang

    Have Restrooms. Near to NTUC Fair price ( 24 hours ) @ Blk 345 . Have wet market , selling vegetables, meat products, seafood, fruits and others and food hawker centre, selling reasonable cheap and decilous foods and drinks, which was separately to each other. Have Several ATMs of Three Local Banks.Accessible for nearby Jurong residents.Have several buses located to a bus stop near Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre.

  32. Avatar photo
    Sydney d

    good place for a meal in thee morning. Can be crowded and hot. Prices are reasonable, most patrons from neighbourhood. Must try the sungei road laksa, Nice and Tasty, a rarity!!

  33. Avatar photo
    Steve Jones

    Food market, very clean and recently refurbished. 24 hour NTUC. Good range of hawker stalls

  34. Avatar photo
    fresh air mist

    Hawker stalls are a bit old but Chinese cooked food is value for money.

  35. Avatar photo
    S Y

    Used to have alot of good stalls, but now only the Jurong East Tasty Mixed Veg Rice and the Wanton Mee stall at the front and the Banana Leaf Nasi Lemak at the back which are the highlights imo. Evening, A1 cooked food and Gong Xi Fa Chai eating house are basically the only choices.

    Avoid driving there by car as congestion often occurs & a line sometimes form towards the sole EPS gantry in the car park.

  36. Avatar photo
    Cassidy Chew

    Like the food there. Vegetarian food, laksa, traditional kueh, carrot cake, bak kut teh and whole coconut…

  37. Avatar photo
    Tan William

    I’m always here for wanton mee, carrot cake, fried dough sticks. And for wet market I patron the chicken stall at the corner facing carpark.

  38. Avatar photo

    I particularly like the Chinese stall selling 红油超手。 Prawn noodle soup is good. Mee siam is okay. Lor mee is okay but it is a little bit heavy on the 五香粉taste for me. Serving at these few stalls are reasonable size. Lor mee n mee siam ingredients could be better.

  39. Avatar photo
    Brithyst Opalescent

    Good portions of fishcake and cockles at sungei road laksa for $4. Dont forget to add a lot of chilli to make the flavours explode

  40. Avatar photo
    Clement_2966 Clement

    Great foods can be found here!

  41. Avatar photo
    Ho Jasmine

    Loves the carrot cake, black-sweet n tasty, white-crispy egg n not too oily. The char kway tiao is too good, dry n wok hei. The Laksa very delicious, creamy. All the price is ok. Highly recommended for these stalls.

  42. Avatar photo
    Amy Yee

    A variety of local food stalls like braised duck, bakuteh, chicken rice and so on.

  43. Avatar photo
    H W Teo

    One of the best place for breakfast in Jurong area. Always crowed on Sat, Sun and PH.

  44. Avatar photo
    safa chaulkar

    Lovely that is Hawker Center that are shops fair price good price cafes bakeries Etc and even Indian shop

  45. Avatar photo
    Nakul Gupta

    Food options such as Chicken Rice, Vegeterian Food (Mock Meat), Ginger and Scallion Pork/ Chicken/ Fish are all good here

  46. Avatar photo
    Jas Ng

    Many varieties of good food. Soon kueh, coffee , never fail me …

  47. Avatar photo
    Ava Cheong

    Jurong is sooo far but if you’re in the area, drop by for Lai Heng Handmade Teochew Kueh! You won’t miss it cos there’s always a queue. We tried all the different kuehs – they have the option of steamed or pan fried. The cabbage kueh was so flavourful but our favourite was the chives one! All were super yummy.

  48. Avatar photo

    One of my favorite hawker centre. There are 4 vegetarian stall, budget food. Cleanliness above average.

  49. Avatar photo
    chong see hau

    Convenient and you get everything ,wet market,food centre and a lot of shop just located beside the market .

  50. Avatar photo
    CHONG Chee Seng 张智诚

    There are quite a few good stalls at this neighbourhood hawker centre. Quite airy too. Recommended.

  51. Avatar photo
    Ong WeeBin

    A tasty prawn mee dry for $3 – that is value for money. Chilli with a tinge of sweetness.

  52. Avatar photo
    Ee Kevin

    The Kallang Airport Wanton Noodle stall is a must-try.

  53. Avatar photo
    Eu Spries

    There’s a lot of food shops that you can choose. Different varieties of dishes and cuisines. And most of all, the food is cheap but very delicious!

  54. Avatar photo

    It is convenient for residents staying around this area for food, bakery shops, small shops for household items, atm machines, axs and sam machine to pay bills. There are many buses along the main road to go there.

  55. Avatar photo
    biyan tt

    Minced pork noodle at S$3.50, a steak in this high-inflation period. The fruits are as cheap as S$0.60 a piece, much cheaper than other places.

    Yuhua hawker centre has older design, but feels welcoming with 5 rows of seats in the middle.

  56. Avatar photo
    SuzseQ “RedDotter” Ng

    Famous Bak Kut Teh is here ($6.5 w a vege set). Other popular stalls like the local kueh stall as well. Good selections and place is next to multistorey carpark.

  57. Avatar photo
    Satyanarayana Bachu

    It was less crowded and only few stalls were open, may be because it is evening time.

  58. Avatar photo
    Alex Chin

    Hawker centre located in Jurong East (next to Parc Oasis condo) with lots of good food. I had Hakka yong tau fu which is very good. The cai tao kuay, especially when white one, is very good. Another recommended food is duck rice. If you visit the west, why not give this hawker centre a try! =)

  59. Avatar photo
    Suriya Menan Nagappan

    Packed with all much needed things and food market has loads of choices….

  60. Avatar photo
    Ang Tee Hiom

    There’s quite of minah birds flying around in the hawker centre thus the environment is not hygienic. More need to be done.

  61. Avatar photo
    Cheng Yang Kng

    Soon kuey is nice
    Chicken rice is nice
    Laksa not recommend.

  62. Avatar photo
    Caroline Chong

    Top 2 reasons : 1. Very good and economical local food options at hawker center 2. Very fresh seafood and close to wholesales price at wet market

  63. Avatar photo
    yongwah seah

    We have tried the penang fried kweteow, although it’s not the best one, but it is worth eating. Not the tradition Singapore fried black kweteow, which is sweet and more watery

  64. Avatar photo
    jazz ng

    Nice,cheap and delicious local hawker food such like $4 porkribs noodle soup and 80cents hot and smooth soyacurb “tou-hua”which u can found in this hawker center.Moreover it is quite near to Sains center and Chinese Garden, for tourist no harm to be more advantures make some walking to explore this place to find some real hawker food in Sin.usually the hawker wil open until 2+pm. After the abv hour,do not waste yr trip to be there coz most of the stall close.

  65. Avatar photo
    Chen Carina

    The place has good variety and quality of food (many stalls have been certified or raved online for yummy food). Carrot cake is good but not fanatastic. Favourites: Porridge, Pancake (MianJiang Kueh) and Penang fried kway teow. However, queues are common and place is usually crowded.

  66. Avatar photo
    Vireon Lau

    Good selection of food but the place is hot during the day because of poor air circulation

  67. Avatar photo
    Weixiang Tan

    Good place for food, good crowds and well ventilated

  68. Avatar photo
    Yong Quek

    Great place for food and shopping groceries and services.

    Famous Food at Hawker Centre: Chicken Rice, porridge, carrot cakes, hand made noodles, prawn noodles, pork knuckers, Teochew kuey, steam fishes, wanton noodles, etc. Note: most stores are only open for the morning and close in the late afternoon.

    Nearby Food places: Chinese steamboat buffets, coffeeshops, Indian food, etc.

    Wet Market: fresh seafood and meat at reasonable price. Wide variety of vegetables. Note: they close before noon and while stock last.

    Supermarket: there is a small NTUC supermarket nearby.

    1) pet shops
    2) Hair Saloons
    3) Cobbler
    4) Tailor
    5) Dry Goods Stores
    6) Singapore Pools
    7) Provision Shops
    8) Cake/Pastry/Kuey Shops
    9) Fruits Stalls
    10) lightings and fans shops
    11) Clinics
    12) Tuition centres
    13) SPA

    Great place to visit.

  69. Avatar photo
    KaeCheng Hong

    Bah kut teh and steam fish is good but bit expensive. Good fish soup,soon kueh too.

  70. Avatar photo

    Great selection of food, come for the chicken rice, fried carrot cake and la mian!

  71. Avatar photo
    biyan tt

    Minced pork noodle at S$3.50, a steak in this high-inflation period. The fruits are as cheap as S$0.60 a piece, much cheaper than other places.

    Yuhua hawker centre has older design, but feels welcoming with 5 rows of seats in the middle.

  72. Avatar photo
    Paisan Areeprasertkul

    A large hawker center hidden in the rather-quiet community. Once entering market in the morning, it is very lively with variety of foods and drinks, and fresh market.

  73. Avatar photo
    Ho Wilson Chang Woon

    Yuhua Market and Food Centre is located in the old residential town of Jurong East. It has a good mix of variety of good eateries…

  74. Avatar photo
    Magaret Tan

    Food nice and price reasonable. Will be back again .

  75. Avatar photo
    Luxe Print

    This wonton mee is a franchise stall run by youngsters, hardworking and noodle not too bad. I had came across some really bad ones that were either too dry or too soggy. This one is on the average, not too bad.

  76. Avatar photo
    Chin Kok Leong

    Leng Soon Trading | Grocery Wholesale

    We came upon a market grocery with a wide variety of sauces, Leng Soon Trading is found in the corner of Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre, here you can find lots of goodies and sauces that are affordable and uncommon.

    We were looking for the Angel Brand Soy sauce, made in Ipoh Malaysia by Bidor Kwong Heng. Their naturally brewed soy sauce is known for its aroma and complexity of flavour. This brand is quite rare in Singapore and yet the taste is one of the best soy sauces from Perak, Malaysia. ‍️

    It was a coincidence surprise to find this stall and became one of my favourite stalls to find sauces that cannot be found elsewhere.
    If you need any sauces or groceries, You’ll be amazed when you visit Leng Soon.

    Located at Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre | 347 Jurong East Ave 1, #01-80, Singapore 600347 ‍️‍️

  77. Avatar photo
    Ken Lim

    This is hawker centre has quite a few good local food. Such as:
    – Traditional Teochew rice cake
    – Thunder Tea Rice
    – Ban Mian
    – peanut pancake

    There is one Hainanese chicken rice that always have a queue. I have yet to try, looks good.

  78. Avatar photo
    Vinc Tay

    One of my favourites. The Penang fried kway teow, chicken rice (either of the two shops) and fish soup/porridge are great.

  79. Avatar photo

    Its one of ye better market n hawker ctr. Ye wet market is qt sufficient wif all kind of fresh veggie, fruits n meats stalls. Te food centre is well known for its two pakutteh (spare rib soup) stalls, one of tem moved to te nearby coffee shop opp te Mrt stn. Other food stalls worth trying is chicken rice stalls- one Chinese style boneless, te other thai style. My other favorites include Shanghai xiaolonbao n shuiqiao stall, n te Hkg style zucao stall – cao fensi, jiangchun beef rice, thai style fish rice, etc.

  80. Avatar photo
    Michael Poh

    Very crowded but variety is great.

  81. Avatar photo
    Grace Yeo

    Alot of stalls open in e day time but only a few stalls open at night. Very crowded on weekend. Good food n cheap. Worth a visit.

  82. Avatar photo
    Overdawnzzz:P (Ethanlauks)

    Quite popular, try avoiding Mondays as most stores are closed, has a stall for every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner

  83. Avatar photo
    Ho Mike

    A good variety of foods and marketing. Hawker centre is crowded on Sunday morning but worth the visit with below average hawker price.
    I have a porridge with century egg and meat for $2.50

  84. Avatar photo
    Kian Meng Lee

    This is a local good food hunt.
    You can enjoy tasty local delight from $3.
    I tried the prawn noodles as it not with the longest qeue.
    And I am really hungry.
    I will be back to try the Bak Ku Teh.
    It look very impressive serving a quite a big crowd when I am there.
    I took a video as well.

  85. Avatar photo
    Luis See

    They have quite a few stalls but. But food varieties Is just OK with some repetitive dishes.

  86. Avatar photo
    Jolene Tay

    Hawker looks new but food surprisingly good. Try carrot cake, lor mee, steam dumplings to name a few popular choices there.

  87. Avatar photo
    Daryl H

    While there are some stalls which sells good dishes and food, there are not many options available as most of them are not opened or they close very early. I was there at 3pm and only about a third of the stalls were opened for business.

  88. Avatar photo
    gemjam 잼잼

    Jing Jing fried carrot cake, #01-208.
    Carrot cake was fragrant, especially the white one. They were very generously with their radish and the eggs. The radish brought out a very nice wokhey taste to it. If you love black one, give it a try too! it’s not too over powering and not too sweet. take it home, leave it there for a couple of hours and it still taste fantastic!

  89. Avatar photo
    Noel Chan

    There are some really high quality hawker food here. Lots of stores & tables. Low cost. However not enough variety for its size and hardly any stores open at dinner time and later.

  90. Avatar photo
    SL Teo

    Wide variety of food. Do try the steam fish which was very fresh, and the bak kut teh (esp if u like the peppery type)

  91. Avatar photo
    Ee Teck Lye

    Many varieties of local hawker food
    Lunch and dinner everything in a house for all diners

  92. Avatar photo
    Crispus Tan

    There is a wide variety of local hawkerfare available. There are also light snacks like youtiao (fried dough) and pancakes. Overall it’s not bad.

  93. Avatar photo
    Lee Sebastian

    Not many choice for food in this area.

  94. Avatar photo
    Vincent sg

    Big hawker with plenty of delicious food.

  95. Avatar photo
    CS Lee

    Local hawker centre. Food variety 4/5. Cleanliness 3/5. Ambience 3/5.

  96. Avatar photo
    Moky Mok

    Many varieties for all races & reasonable prices.
    Ample parking lots & you also a vast variety of shops,banks,pharmacies & bargains galore..

  97. Avatar photo
    Terence Loe

    Good selections of hawker fares. My go to place in the west for Prawn noodles, fish soup, soon kueh

  98. Avatar photo
    Alice Aw

    Old hawkers centre with many local foods. Prices are quite low and reasonable. Usually very crowded during breakfast and lunch time. But evening time is quiet as many stalls are closed

  99. Avatar photo

    Hainanese chicken rice @ $2.50(Great wall). Chendol (next stall) at $1.20. Quality is good too!

  100. Avatar photo
    Edwin Ang

    a great place to visit in the day, lots of great local food, but most of the better stalls would be closed at night. the crowd slowly dissipate towards the end of the day. there’s a distance to the nearest mrt, so it’s not quite that accessible.

  101. Avatar photo

    Hawker closes too early, not much selection. Shops not much variety as well. Some food is good, though.

  102. Avatar photo

    Good variety. Join the queues if you want to try the popular stalls. Bad ventilation with poorly-positioned fans blowing out hot air. Tables can take a while to get cleared (so much for the tray return movement), which exacerbates the bird problem.

  103. Avatar photo
    Hong Guan Soh

    Porridge store at the middle role next to duck rice, serving nice cantonese style porridges.. Chak kueh/you tiao come as side order is a must order!

  104. Avatar photo
    Gobal P

    Now, look more comfortable and fun to shop at the Yuhua market.
    Most of the shops open.
    I always love to shop and marketing at this market.

  105. Avatar photo
    Lenard Tan

    There are quite some good food stall here, except that most of it are close in the afternoon.

  106. Avatar photo
    Amos O

    Good selection of fresh fruits vegetables and meats at good pricing. Also have at 5 coffee shops in the area so quite a bit of food to choose from. Recommended for breakfast is lasi lemak from the coffee shop along the stretch to ntuc, Latifah . Chicken wings are delicious and lasi lemak and chilli are a good combo.The queues are usually pretty long and they might close for breaks sometimes.

  107. Avatar photo
    May Y

    Full of varieties. Sometime dunno what to have. Frequent visits for the dumplings. If looking for soup, can try the bak kut teh (pork), it has a heavy pepper taste instead of typical herbs taste. Some other recommendation includes the porridge, hokkien mee soup, Yong Tau foo. Prices are affordable too. If the place can have better air circulation to improve the ventilation, then will be good.

  108. Avatar photo
    Mike Yang

    Nice local food, such as Hainan Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, fish soup… shops and Wet market are next the door.

  109. Avatar photo
    zi yan lim

    So so so crowded on Sunday morning cai tau kuey is yummy approved …

  110. Avatar photo
    Yanling Tng

    Lots of yummy dishes here such as the freshly handmade kuehs, famous sungei road laksa, porridge and dim sum. Parking is a nightmare so park across the road near the swimming pool complex or at the multi storey carpark.

  111. Avatar photo
    Chin Kok Leong

    Leng Soon Trading | Grocery Wholesale

    We came upon a market grocery with a wide variety of sauces, Leng Soon Trading is found in the corner of Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre, here you can find lots of goodies and sauces that are affordable and uncommon.

    We were looking for the Angel Brand Soy sauce, made in Ipoh Malaysia by Bidor Kwong Heng. Their naturally brewed soy sauce is known for its aroma and complexity of flavour. This brand is quite rare in Singapore and yet the taste is one of the best soy sauces from Perak, Malaysia. ‍️

    It was a coincidence surprise to find this stall and became one of my favourite stalls to find sauces that cannot be found elsewhere.
    If you need any sauces or groceries, You’ll be amazed when you visit Leng Soon.

    Located at Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre | 347 Jurong East Ave 1, #01-80, Singapore 600347 ‍️‍️

  112. Avatar photo
    Joshua Ang

    A relatively large hawker centre with plenty of food choices. Porridge, Noodles stall and Hong Sheng are what I consider the crown jewels here

  113. Avatar photo
    Raymond Chua

    Good food!!! Especially the Soon Kuey, Chives kuey and pink kuey!! …

  114. Avatar photo
    Danny Heng

    Many food stalls are great here. Simple rule is looking for longer queue …

  115. Avatar photo

    Good food, had one of the best coffee(last stall at the north west corner)

  116. Avatar photo
    Jeverio Yeo

    Delicious food and crowded during lunch hour. Hard to find seats.

  117. Avatar photo
    Ronnie Leong S.k

    Mornings and weekends already crowded and finding a table to sit is an issue, yet stalls occupiers are occupying the tables in front of their stalls as storage space.

  118. Avatar photo
    Frank Tan

    Ok place. Always crowded and the tables almost always dirty. Weekend you have street singers singing beautifully.

  119. Avatar photo
    Ruben Chong

    $2-$3 Roasted/Hainanese/Chicken and Roasted Pork rice with hot soup with soft tofu

  120. Avatar photo
    Wen Sheng Foo

    Many nice food. Granny peanut pancake, porridge, teochew kueh, handmade pau

  121. Avatar photo
    subashini shankar

    A decent place to get a lot of things that you would expect at a hawker center. Added pluses are a physician a paeditrician and a dentist. The fair price shop doesn’t carryany things. Very limited choices.

  122. Avatar photo

    Very busy food court. Lots of choices of food here. I think the chicken rice stall is very populer, long queues all day long

  123. Avatar photo
    Ka Seng Loke

    Hakka Lei Cha but in this stall the Name is Thunder Rice actual direct translation from Chinese to English. Stall Open 7 days in a week

  124. Avatar photo
    Dorjee Ugyen

    Good hawker food, however most stalls sells out by dinner. As such, it is recommended to visit the hawker centre during the morning or lunch. Recommended food includes the Great Wall Chicken Rice and the Fish Soup beside the Nasi Lemak stall …

  125. Avatar photo
    Martin Graaskov

    Not bad. Quite a lot of stalls. Hawker centre always looks a bit dirty though (despite the recent renovation) and there aren’t many stalls open in the evenings.

  126. Avatar photo
    Goh kiah khin

    2 things I like here. First the man Chang Kwek and the coffee stall at the corner is good. Also there is 3 chicken rice stall food is above average.

  127. Avatar photo
    Melisa Kaslan

    The Penang Char Kway Teow from Simei Penang Laksa Specialty, #01-199 is highly recommended! If I live around this hawker centre, I will have this multiple times a week!

  128. Avatar photo
    Aunty Sally

    Nuce pkace for markwying, thete are lots of 古早Foodstuff, economical and yummylicious, many varieties. Must try

  129. Avatar photo
    Robert Chai

    One of the hidden hustle and bustle markets in western Singapore. You may find some great foods around this small little market and the nearby coffeeshop that sells fish as their speciality dish, which is a must-try if you happen to be around the area.

  130. Avatar photo
    Vaughn Langen

    The food is good but fairly limited during later hours as many of the stalls close after lunch.

  131. Avatar photo
    peter h t seow

    Good place to eat some hawker foods such as ba kut teh, steamed fresh red Grouper fish, kidney, liver, mixed vegetables etc.

  132. Avatar photo
    Mashy Mellow

    Soon kuey & rice kuey is gd, porridge stall along same stretch is gd too. Penang stall, pancake & chicken cutlet rice stall( beside each other) is gd too. Pity all stalls opens in the day.

  133. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Lau

    This market has several stalls that has a popular following from the chicken rice, bah kut teh (pork ribs herbal soup) to the Chinese dumplings stall and even a steamed kueh stall. Place can get really crowded during weekdays lunch hours since a lot of office workers dine there.
    Most stalls will be closed by evening so this is really more of a morning market. Dinner choices are somewhat limited.

  134. Avatar photo
    Francis Leong

    Nice & Affordable Hawker Food.

  135. Avatar photo
    Ken Ng

    Many food stalls of choices to chose, quite crowded during lunch when visited but overall nice food center to have ur meals.

  136. Avatar photo
    KC Cheang

    still am trying out the various hawker food here… yet to be captivated

  137. Avatar photo
    Joel Seong Koon Whye Kooi

    Many good food, but there one store facing outside the Block serve a mean coffee. Must try!

  138. Avatar photo
    Gracefully Swan

    Food is nice however there is alot of birds flying around the hawker. Sometimes if you meet the rubbish collection timing will have free smell

  139. Avatar photo

    One of the best Penang style prawns pork ribs noodles in Jurong west area. This stall was previously located at Boon Lay market food centre that I used to visit, after was closed, now i finally found the stall again …

  140. Avatar photo
    Linda Lim

    Popular stalls like Hainan chicken rice and another porridge stall are sold out by 1230pm..

    Rest of stalls are average.

    Hygiene of hawker is bad. A lot of big sized birds flying around and they are not scared of humans.

  141. Avatar photo
    Vivian Loo

    You tiao 80cents is a bit expensive to me … the laksa also out of my expectation n long q some more…

  142. Avatar photo
    Alfred Low

    Lots of varieties but too few Muslim stalls. The Penang fried kway teow is nice. Worth the Q.

  143. Avatar photo
    Michael Tan

    The seafood is fresh and so is the meat too plus there is a lot of food at the food stall too.

  144. Avatar photo
    T greensake

    Had Fried Carrot Cake ($3.00), Chicken Rice ($4.00), Lor Mee ($3.50) & Gu Cai Kueh + Soon Kueh ($1.10 x3), were good.

  145. Avatar photo
    Siqi Goh

    This stall sells good wanton mee. The char siew is really nice!

  146. Avatar photo

    Carrot cake 5 – Really good carrot cake that is proven with a long queue each time , well worth the wait for the plate of goodness!
    Note: The white and black version comes at $5!

    Dimsum 3.5 ⭐️ – Dimsum is also decent, though they tend to leave it to cool if you are late on your collection, quite a wet blanket on that part – pun intended.

    Wanton noodle 4 ⭐️- springy noodles, decent portion and comforting bowl of noodles

  147. Avatar photo
    Davide Russo

    Love this place for its famous Laksa, Braised Duck Rice ( 卤鸭饭) and fresh juices! Super local place and away from touristy areas means they keep the prices down, and quality and portions up. There are many other shops to choose from, but the Laksa and 卤鸭饭 are my favourite. Laksa is only $3.50 (or $4 with an egg), and the duck rice is $3.80. Fresh refreshing juices are less than $2 for most and you can’t get coffee for $0.90 still here.

    This hawker centre is busy for breakfast and dinner. Less busy for lunch. Also, duck rice is not available before 11 a.m. or so, and the Laksa sells out pretty quick!

  148. Avatar photo

    Local great food Hawker centre with wet market connected. $3-5 for a range of tasty staple.

    NTUC, POSB & OCBC ATMs nearby. Multi-storey carpark 2 mins walk. Jurong East stadium 5 mins away.

    Nearest MRT: Chinese Garden (Green, East west line) 5-10mins walk.

    Spacious seating, well ventilated.

    Famous for:
    1. White, Roasted Chicken rice,
    2. Mee hoon Kueh, Dry You mian / Ban mee,
    3. Canton style porridge,
    4. Hong Kong Dim Sum,
    5. Mala Hot Pot,
    6. Bak Kut Teh,
    7. Prawn mee (Dry or Soup), add pork ribs
    8. Fried You Tiao, Ham Chin Pan,
    9. Economy rice with dishes,
    10. Malay stall,
    11. Vegetarian Bee Hoon / Stir Fry dishes
    12. Duck rice
    13. Trishaw Laksa, fried carrot cake, Char kueh tiao
    14. Fresh fruits & Sugar cane juice
    15. Soya bean, Grass jelly
    16. Fish soup
    17. Char Siu Wanton mee
    18. Lor mee
    19. Fried bee hoon, Fried Mee with assorted dishes. Local Nasi Lemak
    20. Malaysia delights – Penang Fried Kuay Tiao & My Fav Assam Laksa!

  149. Avatar photo
    Aisena K

    I’m exploring here and there hawker centers ate at 01-118 and Kallang airport wanton …

  150. Avatar photo
    Chew Lisa

    Food looks nice but taste so so

  151. Avatar photo
    Jen Chong

    Large variety of tasty hawker food… Including Penang Char Kueh Teow, Penang Laksa, Thunder Tea Rice, Chicken rice, fish soup and so much more!!!

  152. Avatar photo
    Mike Ang

    Was having the favourite since their parents time good job for keeping the high standards.
    Guys…die die must try…

  153. Avatar photo
    Kon Yew Tan

    delicious local hawker food at a reasonable price

  154. Avatar photo
    Buvanesh Chandrasegar

    After my swimming always go there to eat their delicious mala hot pot.

  155. Avatar photo
    Peter Chong

    Lots of variety of decently priced local food. Can get crowded at peak periods.

  156. Avatar photo
    Cotton Chua

    Great variety of food, lively atmosphere with occasional performances by street artistes. Service is generally good and friendly, prices are reasonable. There’s a Hong Sheng fish soup store that I would not patronize again as the soup is salty and there are not much fish slices for the price charged.

  157. Avatar photo
    David Kopp

    Usual food center + quite dead market place.

    As of stalls:
    – pathetic Lei cha where owner count grains of your rice
    – sadly no malay mix rice (however one nice nearby)
    – nice stall selling Tom Yum fish soup – tasty and good portion
    – nice stall selling beef soup
    – no Yong tau foo 🙁

  158. Avatar photo
    Yeo Yok Hock

    Good variety of local food. Carrot cake, sungie road laksa, chicken rice, vegetarian food, good coffee.

  159. Avatar photo
    Goh soo chea philip

    Bak Kut Teh stall is crowded and waiting times is abt half an hour!!! Too long to wait and I give up eating.

  160. Avatar photo
    Pratheeswaran Kaneshalingam

    Yuhua Market is situated Along Jurong East Ave 1. This market sells Vegetables,fruits, meats and fish, clothes and other accessories. It consists of foodcourt also.

  161. Avatar photo
    cindy choo

    I had try the famous Seng Heng family restaurant, selling pork rib and prawn Mee !!
    Next to the Wet Market,. Love the pork rib Mee
    For only $4 !! Pork Rib is soft and tender ,
    Once you eat , you will love it !!
    Also many other good food here !!
    Seng Heng Uncle is off on every Wednesday,
    Don’t Forget !! Open at 5:30am to 2:30pm !!

  162. Avatar photo
    Suan Ng

    One of my favourite hawker centres in Singapore. With local favourites like laksa, buk kut teh, xiao long bao, etc. Healthier options available too.

  163. Avatar photo

    Alot of cheap and value for money food varieties available.
    Recommend to eat the Chong Jia Taiwanese food cos it supports Shopback Pay with Credit card…
    Yes it is tasty too ok .

  164. Avatar photo
    Serene Law

    An average size hawker center which houses some good local food. Do go early if you want to try having bak kut teh at one of the popular stalls.

  165. Avatar photo
    Che-yin Suen

    Clean and tidy. Very crowded on weekends

  166. Avatar photo

    Child hood hawker centre where the stall operator watched us grow up, and we watched them aged. Still 1 of the best hawker centre in the West with value for money hawker fares.

  167. Avatar photo
    Emily Ho

    Variety of food at affordable price.

    Prawn mee was oily and expensive, with few prawns. Fried hokkien mee from 晶晶 and kway chup from Good Duck were good. The gu chye kueh super good! Coffee was average.

  168. Avatar photo

    Nice clean place with lots of good food like Bak Kut Teh, Sungai Road Laksa, Chinese Peanut Pancakes, Fishball Noodles, Cai Fan and fresh fruit juice stalls. Enjoy!

  169. Avatar photo
    Ernest Tan

    When they for lunch. Hawker ventilation is bad. Famous 华兴肉骨茶。n many others local delight can find here. Tdy tried the Fried Kway teow not bad.

  170. Avatar photo
    yz huang

    Chicken rice , teo chew kueh are good.
    do come in the morning, usually in the afternoon they would have already sold out or closed shop.
    Xiao long bao and guo tie worth trying too

  171. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Cheong

    Many stalls not open during lunch hours. And can be hot like oven on some days. Parking availability becoming a problem recently too.

  172. Avatar photo
    Tan Danny C K

    The kway chap is not bad. The braised is not salty. The intestine is quite clean as no smell. Order the 2 pax set meal is more worth it compare to 1 pax.

  173. Avatar photo
    kn sim

    Price is very reasonable. The food is not that bad. Especially, the coffee stall just right opposite the POSB ATM machine. Highly recommended.

  174. Avatar photo
    KH Chong

    Many popular stalls, such as the healthy version of Penang Char Kway Teow which is a rare find. The Teo Chew kuey is authentically tasty and made on the spot, need patience to queue.

  175. Avatar photo
    Jessie Liu

    I like to come here for the traditional Teochew porridge stall. Nice and prices are reasonable, thumps up!

  176. Avatar photo

    A lot of variety food stalls and are alive Bright, clean and tidy place. …

  177. Avatar photo
    WP NG

    Good food variety, affordable pricing. A bit noisy though.

  178. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Lee

    Loves coming here, especially for lunch.
    You come here to have Bak Kut Teh or walk 20m to a coffee shop also to have Bak Kut Teh. Both of them serve the best Bak Kut Teh that I’ve eaten.
    But usually comes in the morning around 6am to buy lunch to bring to office. The chicken rice is nice with good . The stall selling shun kway is also very good but pricey.
    The carrot cake is also another worthy stall “But” they don’t fried chilli with carrot cake. Only put a spoon of chilli beside. This stall also see chee cheng fun and yam cake. .
    The rest are ok, worth coming.

  179. Avatar photo
    Tianyao Liu

    A great selection of hawker food at affordable price.

  180. Avatar photo
    Chiew Leong Ong

    One of the best hawker centres in the West. Awesome variety of local fare. Good bak kut teh. Famous chicken rice. Lor mee, penang laksa, wan ton noodles…

  181. Avatar photo
    David Ker

    One of the oldest stall must try, use to sell prawn noodles

  182. Avatar photo

    Provide affordable meal. Good taste and wide variety of choice. Many stalls available in the morning and lunch times

  183. Avatar photo
    Noah Lim

    The food here is quite good and varied but it is quite crowded and sometimes if you go there later than 12-1 on a weekend most of the good food are sold out and the stores closed.

  184. Avatar photo
    Leong Yew Weng Larry

    Lots of good food. Love their chicken rice, soon queh & wanton mee.

  185. Avatar photo
    Gina Tan

    This market have too much nice food that I can’t have all at a time. Will visit there often. Love the bak kut teh there.

  186. Avatar photo

    Good food. Inexpensive. Wanted to try the chicken rice as well but the queue was tooooo long …

  187. Avatar photo
    Dekky Effendi

    Place for cheap food and also can buy goods need beside the food court in lower price too …

  188. Avatar photo
    Peter Lee

    During pick hour, not enough seats/tables.

  189. Avatar photo
    Ramprasath Janarthanan

    I’ve been living in the West my whole life, and by far, the best in Jurong is undoubtedly Yuhua Village Market Home to more than a handful of “powerful” hawker stalls, you’ll find that some of these stalls get long queues, and sell out within hours of opening.Yuhua Village Market And Food Centre is pretty massive,

  190. Avatar photo
    Brown Cony

    Many stores sell good food here, one can easily identify them by lines forming at those stores during peak hours.

  191. Avatar photo
    T greensake

    Had Fried Carrot Cake ($3.00), Chicken Rice ($4.00), Lor Mee ($3.50) & Gu Cai Kueh + Soon Kueh ($1.10 x3), were good.

  192. Avatar photo
    Lew Maan Tarng

    I like Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre because there are a lot of food available here. The price is cheap and reasonable. In addition, there are some shops nearby in which you can visit it.

  193. Avatar photo
    ah hock goh

    You will be lost with food. Wide choices and very good food. From pig trotters, vegetarian beehoon etc.

  194. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Chue

    Good & tasty food..hawker price..bak kut teh stall (only one) popular…must try

  195. Avatar photo
    Richard Zhan

    Lots of choices of food in the morning.

  196. Avatar photo
    Yuen Lin Fong

    Went there when I want to have a 2nd choice of food for breakfast or lunch. The food centre is popular n usually crowded during the weekend.

  197. Avatar photo

    A quick shout-out to my favourite hawker.

    – Love the Guo Tien 锅贴 from the only La Mian stall! I have tried a few other Chinese stalls in the Jurong Area and this is still one of the best.

    – Authentic chicken rice

    – Vegetarian kway chap (green signboard)

    – Vegetarian beehoon (the stall next to the corner’s drink stall)

    – Wanton mee

    – Economic beehoon

    – Thunder tea rice

    – Herbal Bak Ku Teh

    – Porridge/congee stalls (both are equally delicious!)

    – Roti Prata (Really tasty mutton curry!)

    – Penang Fried Kway Trow

    – Chinese Mee Rubus

  198. Avatar photo
    S Low

    Was told this is the best congee. It was nice and well priced. Good job

  199. Avatar photo

    Many choices of food. Grpcery shops supermarkets. Onestop get all household necessities

  200. Avatar photo
    Tan Jun Sen

    If you choose to dine-in here for breakfast it’s gonna be at 95% capacity on weekends; you’ll have to look around for seats.

    Can recommend the chicken rice (although pretty standard for me) and trishaw laksa. The cai png stalls behind (especially the Teochew Porridge one) are always fighting for whoever has the longest queue, but go for the Teochew Porridge stall, they cook awesome eggs, meat and veggies.

    I usually tabao from the uncle who sells lei cha fan. He’s very friendly and recognises regulars, do give his food a try!

  201. Avatar photo
    edward lim

    Hawkers do not accept any 5 cent coins. E-scooters/bicycles riders flouting rules/laws by riding inside the center dangerously.

  202. Avatar photo
    YanHan Ching

    alot of good food. a small problem is that there is not enuff motorcycle parking lots.

  203. Avatar photo
    Justin Yeo

    Good and affordable food at the hawker centre. It gets crowded during lunch hours

  204. Avatar photo
    Josh Ng

    A few fantastic breakfast and lunch options ! Try the mee siam, soon kueh, jing jing black carrot cake and traditional Chinese pancake.

  205. Avatar photo
    Koo Kam Yin

    Food taste is good only during lunch time as most popular stalls were closed in the late afternoon when we visited, quite disappointed as the food we tried was below standard …

  206. Avatar photo
    Marcus Woo

    Tried 2 local hawker fare here. 1) Prawn Noodle. I had the the dried version. Find it very sweet. No meat. Just Prawns and Fish Cake. Not suitable for diabetic. 2) Had the Lor Mee without black vinegar. Nice and palatable.

  207. Avatar photo
    Soh Kb

    Popular hawker centre in Jurong area. Generally the food quality here is pretty high . Have personally tried afew stalls , fried kwei tiao , fried carrot cake , vegetarian mee hoon , nasi lemak , pancake , wanton noddle , ban mian , porridge and bak kut teh. I like them all. Prices are very affordable . Pack with people every weekend.

  208. Avatar photo
    Peter Wee

    Plenty of good food at reasonable prices. The place has gotten cleaner and the pigeons are lesser in numbers now. Remember to eat the famous Chicken Rice there – surely much better than any expensive “branded” ones in Singapore.

  209. Avatar photo
    K.L Jian Wei

    My favourite Bak ku Teh !! Never failed to have that fulfilling “shiokness” after food (if you are a fan of bkt, non-herbal, black pepper). Carpark is near. Toilet is near (20cents per entry no toilet rolls, cleanliness average for male). 4D shop is near. NTUC is near too.

  210. Avatar photo
    Yan Kwong Cheong

    Alots of stores selling did makan. Prices very reasonable. Places also clean.

  211. Avatar photo
    Mike Tan

    Varieties of food to choose from. Majority Chinese food.

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