Review You Kee Xo Singapore, 43 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore

Review You Kee XO Singapore 43 Joo Chiat Pl

“Really nice food here. All the items we tried are good. The char siew is very special here as well as the soup. It’s worth the trip” or “Excellent roasts and soup. We were also served free gingko nut/barley dessert” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about You Kee Xo Singapore. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if You Kee Xo Singapore is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding You Kee Xo Singapore. In terms of Restaurant, it is generally believed that You Kee Xo Singaporeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 43 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 91168868 (+65 91168868)
  • Address: 43 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore
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You can directly come to 43 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

You Kee Xo Singapore reviews

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To determine whether You Kee Xo Singapore is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Really nice food here. All the items we tried are good. The char siew is very special here as well as the soup. It's worth the trip”

“Ordered the Triple meat dish. Of the three, the BBQ Char Siew is the best, followed by the Roast meat and the Herbal Roast Duck. Prices are reasonable with a Chicken with mee from $4-$5. Worth a visit.”

“Excellent roasts and soup. We were also served free gingko nut/barley dessert”

“Taste is very very good! Similar to ipoh standard. A bit pricey but overall the taste made up for it. Their dishes all got wok hei taste. Will be back again”

“Best duck rice I have ever had. The duck is fragrant, and so is the rice and soup. I recommend this place if you're looking for nice duck rice.”

“Been here countless of times. Prices seem to have increased. Big fan of the char siew, herbal boiled soup, volcano tofu and zhi char dishes. Good for a simple meal. Seems like a branch of an eatery in JB.”

“Char siew is amazingly tender and flavourful, sio bak had crispy skin and tender meat. Duck was superb as well. Sauces complemented the meat well. Very good experience.”

“Their charsiu melts in your mouth, roast pork is good too: crispy skin, just the right amount of meat and fat, and the noodle is springy, yum!!! My favorite lunch place in Joo Chiat.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 196 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 88% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about You Kee Xo Singapore, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review You Kee Xo Singapore, 43 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore

There is a total 196 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Carol T

    first time and very satisfied with the yummy meal. great customer service too. highly reco! …

  2. Avatar photo
    Rayne Teo

    The duck is very good, fragrant with caramelised skin! Love the DanGui sauce too! Go early if you dont want to miss out their daily limited portion boiled herbal soup.

  3. Avatar photo
    JW Y

    Looking for a fuss free meal?

    You Kee XO is one of my favourite takeaway meal places. Good customer service. Their dishes are tasty, affordable and generous food portions. These days I get smaller food portions from other restaurants but not here at YKX.

  4. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tay

    We order the combi platter on roast duck, roast pork and char-siew. The roast duck is excellent and best of the 3. The roast pork skin is crisp but very high fat to meat ratio which is not too my liking. The char-siew is cold, too lean and tough. The noodle is springy and soup of the day, ginseng chicken, is tasty.

  5. Avatar photo

    Food sells out very early . Go early if wanna try the roasted meat

  6. Avatar photo
    Adrian Wong

    Tasty soups, yummy roasted duck and crispy roasted meat!

  7. Avatar photo
    Adrian Koh

    A bit on the sweet side. The roast meats are fatty that melts in your mouth, with a good balance of crunchiness due to burnt edges. Fish head had lots of scales on it, which impedes full enjoyment.

  8. Avatar photo
    Shufen Toh

    We stay close back and always go back for their char Siew and roasted duck, and their service never fails to impress us – we always get a bowl of dessert at the end of a meal.

  9. Avatar photo
    Ragesh Ramasamy

    The place is clean. And the dishes were exemplary. We had the mixed vegetables in sambal which had ikan bilis toppings , claypot brinjal , char siew and the pork rolls . Looking at the menu, they have reasonable rice dishes as well like chicken rice, char sure rice and so on. Aa must visit again place. …

  10. Avatar photo
    Jason Chan

    I went back to this eatery after about 2 months. Unfortunately, they have increased the price after the 1% GST kicked in. My usual cha siew and pork rice have increase by about $2. I noticed the usual waiters and waitresses no more working there. The new staff not so friendly, very unfortunately. The older staff will usually talk to me as I am quite a regular customer there and they will say thank you to you after passing you the food. The present staff don’t have that warmth… However, food still ok. But portion still same though price have increased.

  11. Avatar photo
    YP tay


  12. Avatar photo
    Cheng-Choon Si

    Awesome cha siew and duck.

  13. Avatar photo
    Xian Zhi Wee

    The roast items are good but the best I have eaten. However the food choices and overall quality is good. Price is reasonable. Worth the try.

  14. Avatar photo
    Randy Ngatimin

    The char siew and duck is really good! Char siew has a nice caramelised, crispy exterior with juicy insides. Duck is tender and delicious. The noodle is Q-y and bouncy, an absolute joy to put it in your mouth. Roast chicken is not bad too, soft and tender. The herbal chicken soup is not the strongest I’ve tasted but it’s good too.

  15. Avatar photo
    Kian Chee Loh

    Had good CNY lunch here. Roasted meat was freaking sumptuous. Char Siew will melt in your mouth! Try it! Soup will nourish your empty fatigued stomach. Green bean dessert was finely tuned too!!

  16. Avatar photo
    Aden Zheng Quan Phua

    Love their char siew and duck solid.

  17. Avatar photo
    BelLeeBeadz Creations

    Excellent roasts and soup. We were also served free gingko nut/barley dessert

  18. Avatar photo
    Derrick Lin

    The char siew is a must try

  19. Avatar photo
    Jackson Jack

    Great Cantonese roost cuisine. Nice Char Siew …

  20. Avatar photo
    Merlin Y

    Good food and very crowded on weekends. Soup limited to 50 bowls per day

  21. Avatar photo
    Timothy Tam

    Delicious food and very friendly staff. One of the best char siu in Singapore, and the other dishes are equally good

  22. Avatar photo
    Melvin L.

    The star is the honey glazed char siew, every bites with ‘fats’. Yummy! Ordered with roast
    chicken.. gd! And XO roast duck with noodles.. duck was tasty and noodles were thick n QQ!

    Tried the urn charcoal stew soup last time.. it was gd too.. $12.80 per portion.

    Restaurant gives complimentary small soup and dessert for everyone even for takeaway!

  23. Avatar photo
    Yat Keong Wong

    Excellent Char Siu and it’s a must order item and just next in your mouth.

  24. Avatar photo
    Peter Low

    Very reasonably priced and fantastic roast meats. Lots of side dishes, so best to come in a group of 5. One of the best in the east.

  25. Avatar photo
    MS C

    Impatient staff while no one waiting for collecting food and only 2 tables of customers.

  26. Avatar photo

    Nice Nongya fish head

  27. Avatar photo
    Christopher Foo

    Really nice food here. All the items we tried are good.
    The char siew is very special here as well as the soup.

    It’s worth the trip

  28. Avatar photo
    Jervenne Ong

    Best cameralized char siew in SG! Since can’t go JB now, I’m glad there’s a franchise here to satisfy my crave.
    The burnt ends and melt in the mouth char siew is to die for.
    Try the ones with the noodles which I love the scallion seasoning.

  29. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Lee Kah Jun

    I have been patronising this restaurant in Joo Chiat for more than a year due to the consistency in their food quality. They have one of the best soups ever and are sold in limited servings daily. The char siew is incredibly popular as it simply melts in the mouth. My another recommendation will be their handmade tofu too. Roasted delights fans, you have to give it a go at this restaurant. You won’t be disappointed! 10/10 will recommend.

  30. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Goh

    Went to check out the You Kee Xo branch in Singapore as I loved the food at the KSL mall branch. I ordered Charsiew rice, roasted chicken and charsiew noodles and the signature homemade beancurd. Their char siew is good it is not as good as the Johor branch because their charsiew was more charred and tough. Portion size of the meat was less than Johor branch. I really enjoyed the homemade beancurd though. There is an open air carpark opposite the restaurant.

  31. Avatar photo
    Eryk Seah

    Giving this 5 stars for their tasty char siew. One of the best I’ve had even though it’s a take-away. The char siew is juicy, tender and sweet. Those who love fatty char siew will want more of this.

    Roasted duck is average to me, didn’t try other parts of the duck to give a full review. Although the duck skin tasted delicious and well seasoned.

    Siew yuk is also very tender and juicy. Although would be better if the skin is crispy, but understandable since it’s a take-away.

    Will visit the actual shop in person next time.

  32. Avatar photo
    Ryan Noo

    Great Cantonese roast vibes. Friendly owner, great host, good food. Especially like the duck, nicely cooked. Was given free dessert at the end of the meal.

  33. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Liew

    Best chicken rice shop in Singapore. Brings back the Malaysia feel since being stuck here for more than a year

  34. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Liew

    Great roasted meats and great sides , well worth the calories ! All the roasted meats are great!

  35. Avatar photo
    Anderson HH Chan

    Absolutely amazing. The char siew is sweet, the duck meat is tender with a tinge of herbal and the roasted meat is juicy enough.

  36. Avatar photo
    Guang wei Lau

    Would give this a 4 star, in comparison to the You Kee in Malaysia.

    My favourite was the char siew which has that blend of honey glazed sweetness meets charring of the char siew. Roasted pork was also crispy and decent. The duck was a miss for me. The hot plate tofu was slightly on the salty side but does go well with rice.

  37. Avatar photo
    V L


  38. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Chan

    The char siew and sio bak are exceptional. The char siew is half fat and marinade Malaysia style where it’s served without any sauces. All the flavour is locked in. The sio bak skin is crispy AF. Noodles are perfect al dente. It’s not like the local mee kia, more like thin ramen in texture. Well worth traveling for.

  39. Avatar photo
    Ash Arc

    The roasted char siew pork taste great…

  40. Avatar photo

    Best roasted pork mee.. must try!!

  41. Avatar photo
    James Lee

    Really good roasted meat. One of the best in the area.

  42. Avatar photo
    Chun Keong Chia

    The roast meats are fantastic. Truly authentic. Roast pork has a good mix of fats that melts in your mouth

    The 5 spices ngoh hiang was a pleasant surprise for me

    And to top off the meal, the traditional soup was the perfect way to complement the meal!!!!

  43. Avatar photo
    Sam Ho S M

    One of the best 烧蜡 in JB and SG

  44. Avatar photo
    Liaw David

    Good roasted meat & soup.

  45. Avatar photo

    Came to this shop for breakfast one of the weekends after hearing a lot about it… glad i made the trip…. Had noodles with cha siew and siew yok…. Must say that it is good! The roast meat are . Down side is that it is a bit on the pricy side for such noodles… having said that, may still go there when the craving hits …

  46. Avatar photo
    Susi Sutan

    Their charsiu melts in your mouth, roast pork is good too: crispy skin, just the right amount of meat and fat, and the noodle is springy, yum!!! My favorite lunch place in Joo Chiat.

  47. Avatar photo

    So much to say about this place – brings you back to JB without crossing the causeway. The meats are on point, the char siew has a nice char to the skin and the meat:fat ratio is perfect, duck is not overly dry (sauce complements the duck perfectly) and the siewyok’s skin passes the crunch test. The daily soup is a must order! It’s charcoal boiled in an urn and you could taste the herbs and nutrients from the ingredients every mouthful. Go for the noodles, which has this sauce that goes very well with it. This is truly a hidden gem in Joo Chiat.

  48. Avatar photo
    Jenna Ch'ng

    Simply love their char siu, a bit char, fat melt in mouth KL style of char siu. Noodles is nice, boiled soup is good, and I like their homemade tofu too. The foods are above average. Will be back again! …

  49. Avatar photo

    Hands down the best char siew I had in Singapore. Service is great too! Definitely would recommend to any who loves their char siew

  50. Avatar photo
    daryl peh

    Was never really a char siew fan but this place’s char siew was next level 11/10. The duck is above average 7/10, could probably get a better one at dian xiao er. The roast pork was average at best 5/10.

  51. Avatar photo
    gabe k

    One of the best char siew and roasted pork belly! Char siew is well marinated and melts in your mouth. Zi char dishes are not bad as well with reasonable prices.

  52. Avatar photo
    Adrain C

    Nice place for meat roast and the soup is nice. Friendly and mindful service

  53. Avatar photo
    Douglas Seah

    Been here countless of times. Prices seem to have increased.

    Big fan of the char siew, herbal boiled soup, volcano tofu and zhi char dishes. Good for a simple meal.

    Seems like a branch of an eatery in JB.

  54. Avatar photo

    Inconsistent Touch and Go quality

    siew yoke

    I went there 3 times in 4 months –
    1 first time 10/5 (beyond awesome)

    2 second time 5/5 excellent

    3 today – 2/5 burnt hard char siew, salty off taste siew yoke 1/5 which i could not finish

    how to ever consider bringing guests here

    when the bill rolled up – its also not cheap

  55. Avatar photo
    Derek W

    Food is good. char siew is exceptionally good…

  56. Avatar photo
    James Wong

    One of the best char siew around. The meat is tender with a hint of smoke and crisp from the bbq with the right balance of fats and juicy meat. Eat with noodles and soup.

  57. Avatar photo
    Kewei ZHUANG

    The char siu is soft and tender. The crispy pork roll, yummy….
    Soup is fantastic.

  58. Avatar photo
    Chee Siong Lim

    Char siew must order!

  59. Avatar photo
    Walter Lee

    Charsiew and Shao Rou very nice sweetness and crunch respectively.

  60. Avatar photo
    Pei hua Lim

    All dishes are well done, love it all. However my family and I sadden to miss out their famous herbal soup. Will be back again for it.

  61. Avatar photo
    Eli C

    Had the duck noodles, would recommend. Noodles were nice and springy, duck skin was not soggy, fats were melt in the mouth. Came with lard bits that were crunchy and not oily.

  62. Avatar photo
    Aden Lee

    One of the better char siew I’ve ever had. To be honest it deserves a 5 star but its a little too costly.
    If you are dinning in their service is quite personal though not the fastest.

  63. Avatar photo
    Melvin Seetoh

    A complete gastronomical experience. From the soup as an appetizer, the Al dente noodles to complement the melty char siew, even the free dessert, you could tell great care was taken to prepare every item. Char siew is outstanding, duck was good, siew yoke was just fine. Soup is a must order!

  64. Avatar photo
    Richard S

    Average – $5 for a small portion of char Siew rice.

  65. Avatar photo

    Good food. Will come back again

  66. Avatar photo
    Jenny Tan

    Being there many times. Price is reasonable, a must to order char sao n a pot of hot claypot soup.

  67. Avatar photo
    Kayla Neo

    Best duck rice I have ever had. The duck is fragrant, and so is the rice and soup. I recommend this place if you’re looking for nice duck rice.

  68. Avatar photo
    Avis Wong

    Had the char Siew noodles. I like that they used egg noodles and not the alkaline noodles. It was al dente and satisfying. Ate it mostly with the green chilli as their chilli on the side is more like chicken rice style of chilli and doesn’t go well with noodles.

    Other reviews mentioned that the char siew had a good mix of lean and fattiness but I think my plate of char siew was too fat. Every bite was pure fats and there was hardly any lean meat to it. It was just too much, too sinful. My friend said her plate of char siew on her rice was quite lean.

    Regardless, it was still quite enjoyable. But just note to self to request for a more balanced cut of the meat the next time round.

  69. Avatar photo

    Crazy good char siew over here. The glaze is sweet, savoury and charred to perfection.

    Plus, service was great too!

  70. Avatar photo
    Alicia Lee

    Taste is very very good! Similar to ipoh standard. A bit pricey but overall the taste made up for it. Their dishes all got wok hei taste. Will be back again

  71. Avatar photo
    boon siong ng

    Not great, pricey, did not enjoy food.

  72. Avatar photo
    Justin Collera

    One of the best roast meats in Singapore

  73. Avatar photo
    Edy Soepadmo

    Hidden gem in Joo Chiat for those who miss JB roasted meats. Great service!

  74. Avatar photo
    Riccardo 13

    Excellent roasted meats and noodles

  75. Avatar photo
    jasmine ang

    Great food

  76. Avatar photo
    Moses Koh

    High quality food. Love the char siew and volcano tofu

  77. Avatar photo
    Keith Lim

    Great roasted meats. Go for the meat platters a soup and the tou fu. U won’t regret it. They also do deliveries

  78. Avatar photo
    Ivan Ng

    Ask for soup of the day

  79. Avatar photo
    Tan Kai Wen Willy

    A friend of mine keep saying & wanting to buy us a meal there, then finally able to make it, only 3 of us.
    The Soup, Char Siew, Duck Meat & Ngo Hiang is Good except for the Roasted Pork is Totally Out bcos it’s Not Crispy at all, that’s the disappointment.
    Staff wasn’t attentive too & more over it wasn’t that crowded, only 4 tables including us.
    Park is convenient.

  80. Avatar photo
    Daniel Oh

    Their ‘char siew’ very tasty, best seller.

  81. Avatar photo

    Above average roast meat dishes

  82. Avatar photo
    Gareth Ng

    It’s not bad. Not fantastic. Definitely doesn’t live up to it’s reputation.

    The noodles are fresh noodles, thus a decent springy texture, but nothing special about the sauce, and the MSG aftertaste is annoying.

    Texture of duck is decent, but the lack of a good chilli to accompany is disappointing

  83. Avatar photo
    Amy Ng

    Friendly Service, Passionate Chef at reasonable price

  84. Avatar photo
    Ronnie Tan

    Order a char siew and roasted pork rice for me and my son and a roast duck rice for my mom. Added the volcano toufu as a side for everyone to share.

  85. Avatar photo
    jiwei snow

    Soup of the day 14++
    Problem is they laid out quite a number of soup choices. When we ordered the specific one we wanted, the waitress did not inform us that is not the “current” soup of the day. Which tasted bad anyway.

  86. Avatar photo
    Ai Ping Low

    Easily the BEST char siew in Singapore and possibly everywhere else. I bring family and friends and always tell them how this char siew is just LIFE CHANGING. It melts in your mouth, has the right amount of char and tastes just right.
    Always have it with the noodles that are springy with pork lard.

    The other awesome dishes to try: the volcanic tofu, soup of the day (double broiled traditionally).

    The service could be improved, the staff seems very unmotivated most times and are not very attentive

  87. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Liu

    Fantastic food. Always order via Foodpanda. A gem.

  88. Avatar photo

    Overpriced for the duck that seems tasteless, dry and below normal. Paid 62 bucks for it.

  89. Avatar photo

    Char siew and tofu is awesome Glad they have a branch in SG! Feel that the price is worth it too for the taste …

  90. Avatar photo

    The char siew is fatty and caramelized. Reserve in advance to avoid disappointment. Staff was friendly. The Pork Belly with Salted Fish and Dried Chili tasted very similar to those in Malaysia. Note that it may be a bit spicy for some tastebuds.

  91. Avatar photo
    Bagas Danara

    Really great food and friendly service

  92. Avatar photo
    Ludovic Vanco

    Excellente food at reasonable price
    My favorites are the Volcano tofu and the chicken
    Green bean desert is very nice too

  93. Avatar photo
    TH Too

    Great Malaysian style char siew with fats. Our kids love the volcano tofu. The soup is a must as well.

  94. Avatar photo
    adren sim

    Great place with good ambience. Great place to find mouth drooling roasted meat and traditional herb soup. Yum!

  95. Avatar photo
    G O

    Roast Pork and Char Siew is always good as usual. However, seems that the roast duck is not as tasty as before. Recently, lesser of the roast duck breast meat came with the skin, today 1/3 of the roast duck meat came with skin, sad to say. The skin for roast meat is always the highlight of HK roast.

  96. Avatar photo
    Xiaoan bai chi

    Roast meats place from Malaysia. The fact they opened in a shop house in the middle of nowhere (sorry Joo Chiat) tells you the confidence they have in their food. And they do not disappoint. Their roast duck is heavenly (and not oily). They also serve wonderful herbal soup, which helps lessen the guilt of all those calories you’re ingesting. It’s a tad expensive though but worth the price!

  97. Avatar photo

    Ordered the Triple meat dish. Of the three, the BBQ Char Siew is the best, followed by the Roast meat and the Herbal Roast Duck. Prices are reasonable with a Chicken with mee from $4-$5. Worth a visit.

  98. Avatar photo
    Andrea Ngou

    Nice food, especially pork char siew, tofu and boiled Chinese herbal soup.

  99. Avatar photo
    Raphael Leong

    Good food but I went on a hot afternoon so the pleasure was spoilt. Its not air-conditioned.

  100. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Zhan

    Arrived a little late and the soup of the day had finished. Will be sure to come back for that. The duck was tender but with good mouth feel. The cooked dishes are pretty standard but decent.

  101. Avatar photo
    Amanda Quek


  102. Avatar photo
    Wilson Sim

    Tried the roast duck and char siew. Char Siew was on the fatty side, although they were very soft and juicy. Not for folks who don’t like their meat too fat. Roast duck was juicy and tasty. Price is reasonable.

  103. Avatar photo
    Louise Lee

    Excellent soup. Roast pork n char siew delicious, meltingly good.

  104. Avatar photo
    Eileen Neo (Sgsohotleh)

    The char siew literally melts in your mouth. The marination is just right. Love the charcoal taste on the char siew. Roast pork has very crispy skin and for those who love the fatss, you should try this. Superb good herbal soup!!!! Pls reserve the soup or be there before 2pm to avoid disappointment!

    Very friendly service staffs. Cozy restaurant and it feels alittle like Malaysia! Missing the Malaysia vibes! Will definitely be back!

  105. Avatar photo
    Alex Soo

    They use to be very good in the food and service. Sadly both food and service has drop by a lot and price when up. The food and service now does not justify for the price. This may be my last time here.

  106. Avatar photo
    Benson Tan

    Like the roast meat

  107. Avatar photo
    steven lim

    Ordered the small meat platter for around $25. The char siu was okay, slightly sweet, and we liked the mix of sesame seeds. The crispy pork was not as crispy as hoped and some of the pieces were hard to chew through. The duck was good, especially with the sauce. Our favourite dish was actually the claypot brinjal with minced pork, which had a nice flavour without being too overpowering. We both ordered sour plum drinks, which was pretty disappointing. Lunch was over $40 which we thought was a little expensive.

  108. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Adams

    Good but not the best roast mests. Well marinated, a tad sweet , but good texture and bite

  109. Avatar photo

    I used to go to this restaurant a lot. The portions of the dishes are just right. The soup tastes authentic, but you have to go early. If you go at night, it is likely to be sold out. Pork belly pot and volcanic tofu taste great, must order every time. Roast meat is also very good, and the price is very high. The old shop is full of repeat customers. They seldom come here after moving. This time I come back to the East to eat here. It still tastes the same. Five-star recommendation.

  110. Avatar photo
    Yu Ching Lau

    Very good food! Value for money. Tofu was my favourite dish. The roast meats tend to run out quickly, best to call in advance to reserve.

  111. Avatar photo
    Janine Roelli

    Food is gooood! …

  112. Avatar photo
    Ts Sarah

    Nice food nice ambience
    Nice boss Mr Lin. Thanks for ensuring we finish the dinner first before clearing!! Well done

  113. Avatar photo
    T R

    Below average

  114. Avatar photo
    Carmen Chan

    Good value. Char siu and siu yok is the best. Even offer complementary dessert. Although order has been taken incorrectly multiple times, staff has been quick to rectify.

  115. Avatar photo
    eng kee low

    Good is quite delicious.
    Price reasonable.

  116. Avatar photo
    Fook-Meng Chan

    Excellent charsiew and soups

  117. Avatar photo

    There are 2 things here that I feel is definitely above the pack – the char siew and the soup of the day. The char siew may look overly charred but it does not feel so when eating it. It has that very delicate sweet bbq aroma, and the meat is soft though it is not the fatty kind. The soup is very rich from boiling and simmering for many hours. And the environment is very clean and pleasant which is a plus.

  118. Avatar photo
    Zi Ying

    Although now CB period. Went to dabao back home and food still taste awesome! …

  119. Avatar photo
    Joey S

    Good service and yummy food

  120. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Loy

    Super good food. Prices reasonable. Have not been there for past 2 years due to COVID-19. Went back today and try. Standard is the best. Double boiled soup damn good especially when you drink it during raining day. It warm your body up. 3 different roasted meat super juicy and pork belly with salted fish damn delicious. Will go back and eat again.

  121. Avatar photo
    Chee Hao Lim

    Good Food Quality. Good Service. Good Hygiene.
    Durians is excellent too.
    Overall very good experiences. Must try! 5 star!

  122. Avatar photo
    Woan Hoon Heng

    Really love their Char Siew. I think it is among my top 3, however, I am very disappointed with the Pork belly with salted fish. Not that the dish tasted bad, but I couldn’t taste nor find any salted fish at all. The Volcano tofu was not up to my colleague’s expectation too, as it was not fried properly, like what she had in JB

    Hope to be able to visit the JB outlet soon. Should be better value and taste better.

  123. Avatar photo
    J Li

    Char Siew to die for

  124. Avatar photo
    kokhui lim

    Not bad for the level of price which is very reasonable

  125. Avatar photo
    Sanford Chee

    This is a branch of the original You Kee XO from JB. They sell out fast (closing at 8 pm) so go early. Prefer the flavours and price of the JB original.

  126. Avatar photo
    Lauren Petrichor. Y.

    Absolutely love their roasted meat – duck, char Siew, pork belly! Herbal soup is a must- have too!

  127. Avatar photo
    jeremy Sim

    If you plan to have ur lunch here. You got to wear nice. With shoe and long jeans.. then those Malaysian will entertain you. Else, if you all like me, wear slipper and short with normal tee. They won’t even bother to see you. 狗眼看人低。

  128. Avatar photo
    Emmanuel Ng

    Char siew is heavenly!

  129. Avatar photo

    Have always loved going to their outlets in Malaysia and now I get to eat it in SG too!

    Always the best place to go for char Siew. their signature tofu and boiled soup Is a must order.

    Also tried their fish curry today – the fried tau kee skin and the fish was really fresh which made it extra yummy.

    Usually not a fan of yam but their yam ring was really nice as well

    Highly recommend this place.

  130. Avatar photo
    Yongwei Lim

    Awesome food. Duck and roast meats were just so well done. Convenient parking at public carpark across the road

  131. Avatar photo
    Raymond Teo

    True Malaysian style roast. (I.e. can be considered oily by some)

  132. Avatar photo
    Wei Liang Sim

    Pictured is the takeaway meat platter, which garnered my 5 vote. Frankly though, some hit and miss lah:

    1) the best by a mile is the char siew, usually sells out before dinner
    2) roast duck was delicious too, just some bits a tad boney
    3) roast pork I’d pass unless you’re dining in, doesn’t travel well when takeaway

    Since then, been back a couple of times. Best value is the rice or noodles dishes because they come with decent amounts of meat.

  133. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Yap

    Great roast meats & tze char dishes.

  134. Avatar photo
    Wendy Wang

    Char siew is amazingly tender and flavourful, sio bak had crispy skin and tender meat. Duck was superb as well. Sauces complemented the meat well. Very good experience.

  135. Avatar photo
    Foo Say heng

    Nice food available try & taste it you never knew

  136. Avatar photo
    Aik Lim Low

    This was our fave duck destinin JB (KSL) and thankfully given that we cant travel up north since beginning of the year, we can still satisfy the roasted triple meats at their Singapore outlet at joo chiat. Tender duck meat, char char siew and crunchy pork belly and add in the bouncy noodles, this is a great place to pig out.

  137. Avatar photo
    melvin heng

    Char siew and sio bak is on point. Service is friendly and quick. However for $7.80, serving is really small. Meat used is premium, perhaps adjust pricing and provide more meat

  138. Avatar photo
    seah sean

    Life changing char siew. And fantastic dishes all around.

  139. Avatar photo
    Gary Ang

    The roast Duck meat is ok but disappointed with the noodle. Ordered the dry version but they don’t served with any sambal chilli or in-house chilli. Asked me whether I want thr chicken rice chilli. I think better choice to choose the meat with rice.

  140. Avatar photo
    andrew seow

    The roasted meats are pretty good, and they also have double boiled soup.

  141. Avatar photo
    Lewis Lee

    For $7 what I got was a miserable amount of char siew and roast pork in small slices. Chan Kwong Kee is still my favorite for roast meat, and OAR hawker center for caramelized melt in your mouth Char Siew. But the Zi Char dish I ordered in You Kee was surprisely good and I might come back for the Zi Char, certainly not the roast.

  142. Avatar photo
    Wren Lim

    Quality of dishes is ok, just have to take note that the serving portion is very very tiny. Ask for receipt to check through when you pay at counter.

  143. Avatar photo
    Keng Hian Lim

    Very good char siew and roast meets. The noodles are great.

  144. Avatar photo
    Simon Ling

    Delicious, springy noodles. …

  145. Avatar photo
    Alex tan

    Great service and great food!

  146. Avatar photo
    suiann lee

    Good food!!

  147. Avatar photo
    Daniel Fung

    Youji XO Crystal BBQ Pork Rice, traditional charcoal roast, fair price, friendly staff service attitudeWorth a try
    Even though the COVID situation. Their food price is reasonable!
    The food after packing home is still great!

  148. Avatar photo

    Great tasting Chinese dishes, soups and noodles. Think of it as a Crystal Jade Kitchen but tastes way better. Reasonable prices. Good service. Nearby public parking available. Highly recommended!

    Recommended Dishes:
    * Roasted Char Siew (Fats that melt in the mouth).
    * Roasted Pork Belly
    * Roasted Duck
    * Claypot Pork Belly with Salted Fish
    Noodles + any Roast Meat

  149. Avatar photo
    Patrick Poh

    One of the best Malaysia style char siew rice in Singapore. I used to frequent it back in Johor ksl shopping mall. Unfortunately they ran out of their very nice home-made soup. Reasonably priced and a nice environment to eat in.

  150. Avatar photo
    Peter Jungen

    Food very tasty, otherwise no other outstanding points.

  151. Avatar photo
    Adrian Cross

    Absolutely the best char siew in my opinion. I do think the JB one is slightly better but this is as good as it gets in Singapore

  152. Avatar photo
    Ryan T

    Probably the most criminally underrated place ever…Period.The noodles are bursting with umami and the succulence of the protein is just out of this world.

  153. Avatar photo
    Thanas rubhen

    Love the duck and pork noodles here! A must try, don’t take my word for it …

  154. Avatar photo
    Ek Seng Ng

    Good quality.. Not very generous with the meats..abit pricey.

  155. Avatar photo
    Jaslyn Chia

    One of the best roasted pork, char sure and roasted duck in Singapore. I like the soup n volcano tofu too

  156. Avatar photo
    .SJ Tan

    Great food at reasonable prices.

  157. Avatar photo
    Lloyd Sng (Lloyd)

    Easily my fave spot to get my char siew fix. Their char siew is the best in my humble opinion. It’s a balanced mix of lean and fattiness makes its super tender and succulent without it being overly dry or overly greasy. I can’t really do justice with words or articulate it well but it’s definitely worth going out of the way to visit You Kee XO!

  158. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Tan

    Awesome roast food especially the char siu! …

  159. Avatar photo
    Yoke Leng Lau

    It’s too late, many of the dishes I ordered are gone

  160. Avatar photo
    Chin foo Lim

    Simmering soup, roast duck, righteous roast, volcanic tofu, milky white,,, delicious

  161. Avatar photo

    Don’t bother.

  162. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Tann

    Duck, char siew, pork belly, tofu.

  163. Avatar photo
    Yoke yeen Aw

    Very nice 叉烧 as usual. Even no teeth still can eat. Very soft abd nice taste

  164. Avatar photo
    Robert Zheng

    Would return, would recommend.

    A corner establishment dedicated to roast meats, with fast service and ample patio like seating. Portions on lower end.

    Roast Pork – kind of a stingey cut, thin slices with barely enough crispy skin. It was tender and fatty and I wish they were more generous.

    BBQ pork/char Siew – delicious. Candy like stickiness, deep savoury sweet flavours. Wish there’s more. Quite chewy and not like your traditional char siew.

    Duck – not much fat, quite lean and thin skin. Was cold. Very juicy. High quality but par for expectations.

    Overall we added the roast pork for $2.5 and feel like they were very skimpy on the portion. Worth the trip out here. $7-$15pp.

  165. Avatar photo
    Ian C

    From JB, well known for their Charsiew and Soup.

  166. Avatar photo
    Elaine Tan

    Yummy roasted meat and other Chinese dishes. Their popular volcano beancurd is our all time favourite. If you miss authentic M’sia food, you got to try this out.

  167. Avatar photo
    Timothy Leung

    Awesome char siew! Reasonable price for the standard

  168. Avatar photo

    Dishes are reasonable, but $1.20 for a small bowl of white rice before service charge and GST is really too much. Using simple white rice to make exorbitant profit is really desperate!

  169. Avatar photo
    Sean Tan

    Best roasted duck in Sg.

  170. Avatar photo
    Terence T

    Went at 5.45pm on a Sunday for dinner, they were out of most items surprisingly. Had to order the roast pork, which was a lot saltier than their usual standards. Server and cashier also had a bit of attitude, maybe they didn’t like the roast pork too. The claypot bean curd also turned out a little more salty than usual. Think I will give them a rest and see if they get their act together. Maybe it was from being closed during the lockdown.

  171. Avatar photo
    Siew TF

    Pork Belly Char Siew Rice is the best seller. Specially brewed soup and the Ngoh Hiang are nice too.

    A very nice open air restaurant at the junction off Tembeling Road near Joo Chiat. There is a big open air carpark diagonally opposite the shop. Nearest bus stop with bus number 33 stops near the carpark too.

    A highly recommended place to dine if you miss Malaysian style char siew, roasted duck, roasted pork and chicken. Sometimes popular dishes get sold out by lunch hour.

  172. Avatar photo
    Vanny Lim

    Absolutely incredible Char Siew and Siew Yoke. Char Siew is honestly the best char siew i’ve ever sad and their beancurd and noodles area also very yums! If you are up to it try their soup as well, reminds me of very old school homey soups that grandma would make. Gabriel also has been an incredible help when making orders and has incredible customer service skills

    Highly highly recommend!

  173. Avatar photo
    Prashanth Achivelli

    Charsiew is excellent . Must try this place if you are around Joo Chiat

  174. Avatar photo

    Roast meat is delicious ~ it is worth recommending this place

  175. Avatar photo
    Andrew MacDonald

    The charred, fatty char siew was great.

  176. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Zhan

    Arrived a little late and the soup of the day had finished. Will be sure to come back for that. The duck was tender but with good mouth feel. The cooked dishes are pretty standard but decent.

  177. Avatar photo
    Josephine Tan

    Very pleasant & polite service staff. Meat platter (the chilli is so good) & signature tofu were awesome – the tofu gravy goes so well with jasmine rice. The stir-fried vegetable (nai bai) was crunchy & nice. (Unsure if its just me … the roast duck was a little salty. If its less salty, it will be perfect). Their soup was sold out again. … To avoid disappointment, staff mentioned to call and make reservation.

  178. Avatar photo
    Lloyd Sng (Lloyd)

    Easily my fave spot to get my char siew fix. Their char siew is the best in my humble opinion. It’s a balanced mix of lean and fattiness makes its super tender and succulent without it being overly dry or overly greasy. I can’t really do justice with words or articulate it well but it’s definitely worth going out of the way to visit You Kee XO!

  179. Avatar photo
    Ng May

    The food was good

  180. Avatar photo
    chew dorothy

    One of the better roast duck and roasted pork around. Worthy of a return visit.

  181. Avatar photo
    Joshua Quek

    Char siew damn good

  182. Avatar photo

    Taste is one of the closest to Malaysia. The soup is very strong flavour. The tofu is super good too, soft and smooth. The salted pork belly claypot is not as flavourful from the one I ate in Malaysia. Overall is good. But just the pricing is at high side comparing to the portion.

  183. Avatar photo
    Sean Chng

    best char siew i can get!!! No horse run!

  184. Avatar photo
    Victor Sim

    I have always love their unique char siew texture and taste from JB – it truly melts in your mouth. The herbal soup is equally tok-kong. I love returning.

  185. Avatar photo
    Stella Koh

    We’ve been frequenting You Kee XO for a couple of years now and this year, decided to give their CNY set a try. It was one of the best decision ever – price was affordable yet standards and quality of the food remains unchanged (many restaurants would’ve charged a bomb with lackluster food). It was only after the meal that we realised the fish was missing. Called up the restaurant and the service crew apologized profusely (many of their workers had returned to their homes for CNY and they had to get more manpower from their msia outlets thus the confusion). We requested for the fish to be swapped with their meat platter and ordered more food for chu 15. While picking the items up the service crew said they’ve got a surprise(lol) for us. Not only was the fish prepared for us, they also gave us the massive meat platter FOC (along with a duck drumstick, they remembered my mom loves the drumstick). Their food has always been amazing and it’s truly hard to come by an eatery that has maintained their standards over the years but what really sticks is the amazing service. Definitely returning again next CNY and no, this isn’t a paid review BUT please do give You Kee XO a try – you won’t regret it.

    PS: My mom wanted me to add that the amazing service crew attending to her throughout was Gabriel who was temporarily transferred over from the JB branch.

  186. Avatar photo
    Dan Ng

    Too much msg in food. Prices are at the high side.

  187. Avatar photo
    Wayne Law

    Superb roast meat. Outdoor seating available to avoid Covid-19

  188. Avatar photo
    Cecil Ee

    There are many places in Singapore selling roasted meats with rice or noodles. Some are good and a few are excellent. You Kee XO is excellent. Their roast pork was crispy and full of flavor with the right balance if fat and lean meat. My wife had roast chicken and char siu noodles which she loved. She was so impressed with the chicken that she insisted I should try a piece. She was right: it was moist and full of flavor. They also have an amazing menu with fish and vegetable dishes. We will return with a larger number of people to take full advantage of their menu. The service was friendly and efficient. A great meal.

  189. Avatar photo
    Heng Liang Lim

    Ran out of roast meat and chicken. Noodles, charsiew, and duck were all rather meh. Tried the daily soup as others recommended. It was ok, but i probably wouldn’t order it again. Or visit again.

  190. Avatar photo
    Chun Keong Chia

    The roast meats are fantastic. Truly authentic. Roast pork has a good mix of fats that melts in your mouth

    The 5 spices ngoh hiang was a pleasant surprise for me

    And to top off the meal, the traditional soup was the perfect way to complement the meal!!!!

  191. Avatar photo

    the char siew is fantastic

  192. Avatar photo
    Kuang Yong Lim

    Charsiew is too fatty. 88 HK roast is better

    Duck is on the dry side. Skin is crispy. Not really a fan.

  193. Avatar photo
    Paul McGhee

    Good size portions, cooked well n not expensive. Selection not as bid as outlet in KSL Honor Bahru

  194. Avatar photo
    Mike Lim

    Soup must order full of aroma, char siew and duck thumbs up, double thumbs up for char side. The sotong/ squid hot pot a big letdown- tough and hard to chew- did not eat it.

  195. Avatar photo
    Ching Sean Chang

    Duck is delicious! But the char siew and roast pork has more fats than lean meat.

  196. Avatar photo
    Joseph Then

    Possibly the best char siew in Singapore.

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