Review Yorimichi Yakitori Izakaya, 6001 Beach Rd, Singapore

Review Yorimichi Yakitori Izakaya - Singapore 6001 Beach Rd

“Nice Izakaya in Golden Mile Tower. Food is good. First time trying stir fry beef tongue” or “Food is nice along with the ambience but the service so so only maybe short handed and the staff looks so bored…” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Yorimichi Yakitori Izakaya. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Yorimichi Yakitori Izakaya is quality.

Introduction about Yorimichi Yakitori Izakaya

Here are some fundamental details regarding Yorimichi Yakitori Izakaya. In terms of Izakaya restaurant, it is generally believed that Yorimichi Yakitori Izakayais one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 6001 Beach Rd, #01-02 GOLDEN MILE TOWER, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Izakaya restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 91013699 (+65 91013699)
  • Website:
  • Address: 6001 Beach Rd, #01-02 GOLDEN MILE TOWER, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 5 to 11 PM.

Sunday: 5 to 10:30 PM.


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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Yorimichi Yakitori Izakaya via:

Phone number

You can reach Yorimichi Yakitori Izakaya at 91013699(+65 91013699). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Yorimichi Yakitori Izakaya via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 6001 Beach Rd, #01-02 GOLDEN MILE TOWER, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Yorimichi Yakitori Izakaya reviews

Yorimichi Yakitori Izakaya is among the best destinations of Izakaya restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Yorimichi Yakitori Izakaya is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Great service! Great food! Great prices! Nothing to dislike except that the washroom was under repair and the mall is rather old! Otherwise, come by for a great yakitori experience!”

“Nice Izakaya in Golden Mile Tower. Food is good. First time trying stir fry beef tongue”

“The food and alcohol was great. The atmosphere is in nicely decorated rooms and great for gathering. Food can get a little delayed due to large orders ”

“The best Izakaya in Singapore, feel like traveling in Japan and grab the traditional Japanese food and sake. It’s a so relaxing place after a whole day work.”

“Food is nice along with the ambience but the service so so only maybe short handed and the staff looks so bored…”

“Enjoyed all the yakitori and garlic fried rice! Tried their special tempura Oden eggs. Yumz too!”

“2 person, 3 types of different drinks, 7 types of different food. Very satisfying.”

“Great food & good place to hang out over a meal. Make a reservation & order quickly. It gets very hectic fast.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 157 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 85% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Yorimichi Yakitori Izakaya, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Yorimichi Yakitori Izakaya, 6001 Beach Rd, Singapore

There is a total 157 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    G S

    Must try the liver

  2. Avatar photo
    Hartono Harjono

    Went to this place when lunch time weekday. They serve ramen (dinner time serve different meal). The food is nice. Drink tried hot tea. Price for ramen around $10-11. Recommended.
    Will review again after try dinner time.

  3. Avatar photo
    Mingze Lim

    Cozy place with nice Japanese grill and sake. Call to reserve before you go.

  4. Avatar photo
    Jiunn Wang

    Love the vibe here and foods good too! They offer other food options besides yakitori too but go for the yakitori. Usually quite crowded so best to make reservations.

  5. Avatar photo
    Wendy S

    Made a booking via Quandoo since it seems packed most of the time when I walked pass it. Reviews look promising but not in reality.

    The mentaiko pasta was great. However the yakitori sticks were all extremely oily. I had my fair share of yakitori joints, this is by far the most oily yakitori I ever had. The plate was just filled with oil.

    Service was average. Told the guy I made a booking via Quandoo and he said he doesn’t have my name. Thank god it was an early time slot, if not I would be left without a table? For a relatively small restaurant, they don’t seem to be able to get the tables right either.

    Lastly, they are relatively overpriced. For this food standard, totally not worth it. Half pint Suntory cost almost $12, and they don’t have happy hour either. Definitely will not be patronising again.

  6. Avatar photo
    HuyenLy Nguyễn

    We chanced upon this izakaya while exploring food options at Golden Mile Tower. It was a nice surprise as the food was really good with some interesting items on the menu. We came in at off-peak hour so the service was very fast and the staff was attentive, accommodating our request.

    The ambiance is nice with quirky decor and good music, which reflects an authentic izakaya ambiance in Japan. The restaurant seems to be a good spot for group gathering.

  7. Avatar photo
    Zia Ul Hakim

    Abit small and the place smells of smoke, but that’s what you want from a yakitori place.

    The yakitori was good and reasonably priced while the appetisers were abit small, but were delicious.

    Definitely worth a late night supper.

  8. Avatar photo
    Kevin Ang

    A tiny joint hidden away in Golden Mile Tower. If you’re not looking for it, you’ll miss it. Once in this Yakitori spot, you might think that you’re in Japan enjoying Japanese food in an authentic setting. Nice menu balancing typical izakaya food like yakitori, agemono, gyoza etc… also beer and sake range is good.

  9. Avatar photo
    Terry Seetoh

    I strongly recommend this place for yakitori and their black suntory beer. …

  10. Avatar photo
    Mark Chin

    Great place for Japanese grilled eel.

  11. Avatar photo
    kenneth kong

    Great place for Japanese izakaya style dinning and drinking.A place for groupie to gather and have a great party.

  12. Avatar photo
    Làng Nướng Việt Nam

    So nice

  13. Avatar photo
    Victor Tan

    Nice food – fish BBQ skin with mayonnaise is my favorite and cold beer!

  14. Avatar photo
    Keith Lam

    Yakitori is below average. But deep fried stuff is done well. Gyoza is decent too. Good atmosphere.

  15. Avatar photo
    YuanDa Gu

    Good food & good sake.

  16. Avatar photo
    Ronnie Seah

    Came on weekday night. Crowded. Has to sit outside along the mall corridor.
    Food is passable, some meat are hard.
    Friendly service.
    If nearby will try again.

  17. Avatar photo
    Allan Tan

    Must try their garlic fried rice. Confirm pass Uncle Roger standard. There is strong wok-hei. Simply love their chunky sashimi. Nice shout out for yakitori too. A hidden gem in Golden Mile Tower. Who would expect a Japanese tavern? Fantastic place to chill out after work too.

  18. Avatar photo
    Ash JCK

    Food are nice, affordable price

  19. Avatar photo
    Jamie W

    I’m always up for a cosy izakaya joint that’s away from the general crowd and in some rundown forgotten building in SG. Tucked away in the corner of Golden Mile tower, my partner and I enjoyed a nice quiet dinner at Yorkmichi. Service was decent and ambience was cute. We had their Pitan Tofu, Oysters, Enoki skewers, Tako Wasabi and Garlic fried rice. The oysters were the best followed by the skewers. The tofu was oddly swimming in sauce which isn’t how I liked my pitan tofu and I can’t taste any pitan unfortunately. But I did have a good time here and I’m sure I will be back again with more friends to try those old school games they have at the restaurant.

  20. Avatar photo
    Vaughn Sng

    Nice and cozy place…

  21. Avatar photo
    Jake Tan

    Good Japanese food. Recommend their skewers and fried rice.
    Staff seems to be mainly local but fully authentic Izakaya experience nonetheless

    I don’t expect the best service at an Izakaya, so Yorimichi has already hit that minimum level of service

    I know it’s quite hard for businesses but do try to keep a bigger spacing between customers. Felt slightly uneasy at the crowd while I was there.

  22. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Chan

    A hidden gem tucked away in a corner of golden mile tower, which is more known for its Thai food and entertainment joints. Their yakitori is definitely one of the best around Singapore; on par if not better than some of the other more famous joints like Kazu at cuppage. Some of my personal favourites are the scallops wrapped with bacon, chicken liver, beef tongue, chicken butt, tsukune and unagi fried rice. Their sake list I personally feel is a little disjointed, and can definitely be improved. So you will need to know a bit of sake before in order to know which ones are nice, if not you may end up drinking Dassai (which is a very safe choice don’t get me wrong…but just not much wow factor and you can get more value if you know what other labels to order for that same price).

  23. Avatar photo
    Andy Tan

    Good food and great sake! Ask or xiao yu. The best boss ard

  24. Avatar photo
    JP Foong

    They serve yakitori

  25. Avatar photo
    Fernando de la sierra

    Good food and good price but very slow service

  26. Avatar photo

    Definitely a hidden gem. A quality Japanese food worth to try. Highly recommended!

  27. Avatar photo
    danai s

    Nice cozy izakaya with delicious food and sake at reasonable prices!!

  28. Avatar photo
    Samuel Low

    average food but pricy for its location. 4 pax spent $288. had 6 drinks (beer and highball) which is of decent prices $10-13. service was good

  29. Avatar photo
    Wei Tan

    Our first visit and it’s quite a stumble really – this gem is so well tucked away from public eye that you will really need to know your way around. Yet the dinner (drinking?) crowd streamed in out of nowhere, and we probably would not get a table if we arrive a tad later. The food is undoubtedly good stuff – we both enjoyed the mentaiko pasta and the beer (on tap) thoroughly. The pasta was nicely done – very saucy and flavorful (like a good carbonara), while the beer just washes it down sublimely. The yakitori took quite a while and there were some hits and misses – the miso pork was a clear winner while the chicken leg is likely to be skipped on the next visit; the rest were okay. As the wife puts it, she’d recommend it only if they’re in the area and wanting to try some good izakaya, but there’s a fair chance that we will return for the mentaiko and beer.

  30. Avatar photo
    Wendry Er

    Small shop with many customer coming in, Yakitori taste great, price middle range, come early to avoid dinner crowd

  31. Avatar photo
    Flames Twin

    Nice & chill place for hanging out with friend. Fresh Sashimi & Oysters, can’t forget & more than I expected freshness.

    Gentle & Friendly waiters, price reasonable.

    Highly recommended Japanese Restaurant

  32. Avatar photo
    Shone Almeida

    Made a reservation on a whim after reading about hidden/under appreciated spots in Singapore. The staff weren’t all too helpful with the menu but really can’t go wrong, everything was delicious! Cocktail list limited but good Japanese beers and sake only by the bottle (hot and cold). We loved the salmon, mushroom wrapped pork, short plate beef.

  33. Avatar photo
    Scott Pilgrim

    Garlic Fried Rice was not bad, but doesn’t worth $9. Out of the 5 Stick (Chicken, Chicken Skin, Pork Miso, Enoki Pork & Shitake Mushroom), only the Chicken taste worthy of a 4 stars. But for $3 a stick, I rather go for Tori Q. Also, Chinese song in a Japanese Restaurant during Christmas, really die down the mood. Not a bad interior, but just not worthy of a 3 stars.

  34. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Ong

    Good food, great sake and an even better atmosphere. Wonderful place to unwind and forsake all your worries. Owner is friendly as well!

  35. Avatar photo
    HuyenLy Nguyễn

    We chanced upon this izakaya while exploring food options at Golden Mile Tower. It was a nice surprise as the food was really good with some interesting items on the menu. We came in at off-peak hour so the service was very fast and the staff was attentive, accommodating our request.

    The ambiance is nice with quirky decor and good music, which reflects an authentic izakaya ambiance in Japan. The restaurant seems to be a good spot for group gathering.

  36. Avatar photo
    Ng May

    Oysters were very fresh

  37. Avatar photo
    Paolo Juan

    Noice food and sake!!! …

  38. Avatar photo
    Dan Liu

    The unagi rice was good, and the servers were nice, but most of the food tasted pretty bland

  39. Avatar photo
    Su L (Su L)

    This is a hidden gem in Singapore. Super cosy place, and friendly staff. Their yakitori, esp the fried chicken skin, are the best in Singapore.

  40. Avatar photo
    Ansar Mansoor

    Great food & good place to hang out over a meal. Make a reservation & order quickly. It gets very hectic fast.

  41. Avatar photo
    Dean Aw


  42. Avatar photo
    Shawn Seah

    Nice yakitori place, fresh sashimi

  43. Avatar photo
    Lim Muji

    Atmosphere is gd homely style food . Gd for family with small kids as well as they provide . Food and service is 3 star but they show gd effort to make overall experience pleasantly 4 star . Their Yakitori enoki / chicken /pork/ fish is gd with minimal seasoning . The egg is gd . Garlic fried rice is ok but not wow . Stir fried udon is special strong wok hei . The karage is gd and juicy . Yakitori tomato n brinja should try as it more special

  44. Avatar photo
    Nat N

    Very happy to have stumbled upon this Izakaya. My favourite were the yakitori chicken wings. Friendly staff too. I will be back!

  45. Avatar photo
    Jace Lee

    Operating from mon – thurs (6pm -12am) and fri – sat( 6pm-1am). Kushiyaki dish are okay but the portion is abit small. house sake selection is good but only 3 choices.

  46. Avatar photo
    Emmanuel Sim

    Great food

  47. Avatar photo
    Nancy Tan

    Food wasn’t as yummy as before, the last time I went was last year & the barbecue was good but this time round it was tasteless.

  48. Avatar photo
    Lancaster Lee

    Went to this place on 17/2/21 and made a booking via Eatigo on 27/1/21 for a 6pm reservation.

    Arrived at the restaurant around 6pm and was looking forward to be brought into their cosy diner with Japanese Vibes but unfortunately, the female staff told me it was fully booked inside and I would need to settle for a makeshift table outside (not sure was it because I booked via Eatigo and hence was given a lower priority). The female staff can’t properly answer my query when I asked her “how is it I am seated outside when I made the booking three weeks ago?” She just replied “next time just book with us directly”. Well, my business associate is already on the way and I have to settle for the makeshift table that was assigned to me. Another male staff walked passed my table and we had a brief chat and I again asked him the same question on why I can’t be seated inside? He replied roughly that due to a big group that made a reservation recently, there isn’t any available seats inside(well, I could make the decision too if I was the person in charge). Upon knowing I am meeting a business associate, credits to him, he offered to shift me over to their other restaurant within the level but that restaurant is not offering the full menu (but only yakitori and drinks) so I declined.

    I am giving three stars not because the food is bad (in fact the yakitori is superb). But with the price the restaurant is charging (and the beautiful pictures of the interior I saw on Google review). It raised my expectations (even prior going to this place) of being able to be “transported” back to Japan enjoying my food and not being seated along a abysmal corridor that just doesn’t feel like a izakaya. Another point to feedback would be the restaurant should aim to bring in sake bottles of 720ML and not only having 1800ML sake in stock. Well, I am a serial izakayaist and I am hard to please. Lol.

  49. Avatar photo
    Wayne Han Yang Tan

    Awesome food and friendly staff! I would strongly recommend this hidden gem.

  50. Avatar photo
    Shang Yen See

    Cozy little place tucked away in a corner of a sleepy building. We had the yakitori and it was well done. Tasty and decently sized portions.

  51. Avatar photo
    kerhow wong

    Quaint little space that serves really delicious food to go with your sake!

  52. Avatar photo
    Zoe Lin

    10/10 best food with the best service from xiaoyu. Gets a lot more fun as the night progresses

  53. Avatar photo
    Michael Tan

    The food and alcohol was great. The atmosphere is in nicely decorated rooms and great for gathering. Food can get a little delayed due to large orders

  54. Avatar photo
    Phoebe Ting

    Great spot for drinks and snacks with friends. The space is cool, decor is quirky and music is . The potato salad is pretty good and the skewers are quite good too.

    Down side: Service is insanely slow and we waited over an hour for the food to come. I would come back but I wouldn’t hurry.

    P.S. Make a reservation cos it’s a popular spot!

  55. Avatar photo

    Cozy izakaya tucked in the corner of the very hipster Goldenmile Complex. Food was pretty decent. The wasabi octopus was extremely refreshing as it was icy cold and it’s the kind it shoots right up to your brain. The sashimi, in contrast, ended up lackluster because it could have been way colder. We also shared a plate of fried.. cheese? Which was sort of interesting but definitely something you should order to share. The goma tofu was also interesting — crunchy Rice Krispie texture on the outside and a very liquified slush of tofu on the inside. Oysters were fresh too. The calpis shochu was not great though

  56. Avatar photo
    Lynette Tan

    best ever

  57. Avatar photo
    Shane Wang

    Food is good and reasonably priced. It is recommended to place your yakitori order early as the kitchen will need some time to prepare, together with peak period the waiting time can be up to 30 minutes. While waiting, you can order their reasonably priced sake to have a drink with your friends. One thing bad about the place is the parking – the carpark lot at golden mile tower is quite squeezy and if you are particular you should consider park elsewhere

  58. Avatar photo
    Tan Joseph

    Food quality and price is great. Staffs are friendly and ambience is fantastic. Beverage price is abit high though.

  59. Avatar photo

    The vibes and interior were so cool. Mentaiko pasta was quite a bit of meat, quite a small portion. Potato salad is great. Grilled meat skewers are great!

  60. Avatar photo
    Eve Huang

    Location was easy to find but without a reservation, it might be hard to get a table. It’s better to order more food because it’ll take them some time to serve… Small and cozy place with good food.

  61. Avatar photo
    Girish Ravi


  62. Avatar photo
    Sang Choi

    Good food!

  63. Avatar photo
    merovingian ·

    Best friend’s place. Come weekly with no regrets. Don’t come will be full or regrets.

  64. Avatar photo
    Desmond Shen

    Very cosy and comfortable setting, staff are friendly and helpful. Nice place to chill and unwind.

  65. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chew

    Nicely grilled yakitori with no burnt ends. I would have preferred the crispy chicken skin with no teriyaki sauce though. The cold toufu with century egg is good. Very fragrant soy taste. Prices are reasonable. Nice, small cosy joint. They played a smattering of music from Japanese to English pop songs. I’m not sure if it has any Japanese roots but the food is good enough compared to other yakitori joints. Sake is available in 300ml portions. Garlic fried rice is fantastic. I had to finish it even though I stay away from rice generally. I simply loved the chicken wings. Very crispy with salt seasoning. Shiok! Ordered seconds for that.

  66. Avatar photo
    Linda Chan

    Great place for food and drinks with family and friends. It was a very good experience for all of us as the food was excellent especially the fresh oysters! The service was awesome with attentive staff accommodating all our requests. A hidden GEM indeed and definitely a good Izakaya place for group gatherings too!

  67. Avatar photo
    Raymond Lim

    Food is good, decor is great, ambience is right, staff are warm, will be back

  68. Avatar photo
    Julian Ang

    Stashed away in an old dingy, almost dodgy mall is this little gem. Pre covid days these guys prolly served the girls and patrons of the nearby “night lounges”. Meat skewers and beer or sake makes this place a great place for friday evenings or post drinking. Hey man, come here for lunch and see if it rocks your world. I found this rather pricey but all in all, food was good. Quaint and quirky!

    The smell of stale alcohol and tobacco smoke lingers in the air system of the mall, but the food is great.

  69. Avatar photo
    gary tiew

    Great food and staff… of cos..sake is good…

  70. Avatar photo
    catherine lim

    Excellent food and service ..Great variety of sake too

  71. Avatar photo
    Swee Kee Chew

    A tiny quaint place that serves up tapas size food that befits the drinking crowd; seems like most are regulars. Food ain’t bad, but certain items are pricey.

  72. Avatar photo
    Samuel Roy

    Really well cooked and richly seasoned food!

    The Yakitori was cooked nicely with a good char on them. Pork wrapped asparagus and the chicken thighs were my favourites.

    Would highly recommend the garlic fried rice as it was really flavourful. The mentaiko spaghetti was really good as well as they were really generous with the squid.

  73. Avatar photo
    Eats More Fun

    Hidden Yakitori Bar

    Quaint unassuming restaurant easily missed near the entrance of the Golden Mile Tower specializes in yakitori and serves other Japanese fare.

    Ambience: No frills yakitori bars along the lines of those found in Japan
    The Damage (no drinks): S$40-60 for two

    // Japanese Fried Rice

    // Assorted Yakitori [prefer the chicken over the pork offerings, quail egg is quite nice as well]
    // Deep Fried Shrimp
    // Yaki Gyoza

    Follow us at IG: eatsmorefun

  74. Avatar photo
    Jit Sandhu

    This is my first 5 star review, so I don’t hand them out easily. But this venue is a great combination of delicious food, unique atmosphere, great service (personally from the owner as well as his staff) and also value for money. A quartet which, to be honest is pretty rare in Singapore. If I were to give any recommendations to friends looking for a great Japanese restaurant and a fun night out, this would be it.

  75. Avatar photo
    Jadey Huray

    Apologies for the absolutely horrid photo — which doesn’t do the food justice at all — but 5/5 dining experience here! All the things you love and want from a yakitori izakaya spot – melt in your mouth, juicy, smoky and flavorful yakitori paired with traditional japanese drinks. Think highball, an extensive sake collection among other drinks. Highly recommend trying the chicken thigh and pork with miso sauce for yakitori. And Unagi fried rice and age goma tofu; the latter is absolutely mind blowing! Crispy on the inside and a delicately mochy texture on the inside with a sesame dressing! Fun ambience and great service to top it all of!

  76. Avatar photo
    Amigos Lim

    nice ambience, great Japanese yakitori and other cuisine

  77. Avatar photo
    Alvin lee

    Great food and ambience. Service is good as well!

  78. Avatar photo
    Candice Poon

    Food is okay. Ambience is good.

  79. Avatar photo

    Cosy place with good food and a hardworking owner who takes care of his regulars!

  80. Avatar photo
    Ang Ck

    Great place for snacks and beer. Unagi fried rice was packed full of flavor. Yakitori meat was just average, I was expecting stronger flavors, than just skewers dusted with salt. Overall good I like the place.

  81. Avatar photo
    Dayne Murray

    Great food, great service.

  82. Avatar photo
    Leon Sae Teo

    Great food. Interesting atmosphere.

  83. Avatar photo
    Jackson TL

    Nice Japanese food!!

  84. Avatar photo
    Gerald Chua

    Great atmosphere, good food, run by an awesome boss!

  85. Avatar photo
    RaviTeja Reddy

    Great time to spend on Friday. Pretty active place and they have great food and dasai 39,24.

  86. Avatar photo
    Zhi Min Kayla Chua

    Tried pitan tofu, garlic fried rice, unagi fried rice, Yakitori set.. Food didn’t impress. The fried rice were quite fail.. Pitan tofu is so so.. Maybe only Yakitori still not that bad. Will not revisit again.

  87. Avatar photo
    Lim WJ

    Very homely yakitori bar. Good range of sake. Food is nice as well. Owner is friendly too! They even open after their stipulated operating hours if you are not finished yet.

  88. Avatar photo
    Kazz Sado (Cocoon)

    A normal yakitori restaurant

  89. Avatar photo
    Li Lin

    Food tastes rather mediocre, the chicken tastes like mass market type rather than the real authentic tasty type. The price is ok, proximity to night entertainment maybe a reason why it’s highly rated? Beats me.

  90. Avatar photo
    Irvin Tan

    Interesting seat outside and nice recommendation of sake.
    Innovative service to get customer to choose the sake glass.

  91. Avatar photo
    Sarah Lee

    Loved the vibe of the place but food and service was sorely lacking given the price point. There was about a 30 mins wait for less than impressive food and 45 mins wait for sake. (Wondered what was so hard about opening a bottle of sake ) Service was indeed personable, genuine and sincere but hardly enough to make up for all the other shortcomings when compared to other food establishments across the island. Egg tempura is worth a try tho along with the hamachi and the eel fried rice

  92. Avatar photo
    Kong Wing Hoa

    Food is good.
    Sake is nice.
    Ambient is cosy.
    Price is awesomely reasonable.

  93. Avatar photo
    Lee Yee Han

    One of the cosy and lively places to have a meal. Apart from the ambience, the food is really good! Definitely the place to go for Japanese food. Family friendly too.

  94. Avatar photo
    Pengpeng Teo

    Very nice yakitori restaurant that i have been dining at for years!

  95. Avatar photo

    Delicious garlic fried rice, shiitake mushrooms, and pork with asparagus. The ambience was really cozy too. The other sticks I ordered were good but not exceptional.

  96. Avatar photo
    Hex Poo

    Its a cosy little restaurant that dish up food that is nice for catching up with friends. Although the waiting is a little long, its worth the wait while chating with friends and families.

    Definitely coming again

  97. Avatar photo

    A hidden gem that’s great for chilling over yummy food and drinks! Food has really good standards albeit it takes abit long (45 mins) to be served. My favourites are the Yakitoris. ) Definitely an Izakaya place that we will come back to.

  98. Avatar photo
    Charles Chan

    Returning customer, loved the experience each time I patronise.

    Good food, good sake, good value.

    Nice interior design that gives off a feeling that you’re in Japan! (except that staffs are not Japanese )

    Clothes can be slightly scented with yakitori smoke if seated near the bar.

    Nonetheless, would highly recommend this place and bound to return for sure!

  99. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Cheok

    Good food, great prices, friendly staff and owners. In addition to that… the wonderful ambience. Two thumbs up! Definitely will be back! …

  100. Avatar photo
    קרולין ג'ודית

    Best sushi ever!

  101. Avatar photo
    Grace Lim

    Love the good here. Our food took really long to come because the kitchen forgot about it. But the staff was very apologetic and even explained to us what happened which made us feel like we were valued. Restaurant was really full so we could only dine outside (unfortunately it has a very smoky smell). Hopefully we’ll be able to dine in the next time.

  102. Avatar photo
    Rita QW

    The best Izakaya in Singapore, feel like traveling in Japan and grab the traditional Japanese food and sake. It’s a so relaxing place after a whole day work.

  103. Avatar photo
    Kellyn Wee

    Enjoyed all the yakitori and garlic fried rice! Tried their special tempura Oden eggs. Yumz too!

  104. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Yuen

    Very fresh and value for money but items.. their Yakitori is expertly done!! Service staff are friendly and discreet, and they take the effort to make recommendations, after taking into consideration what you like..
    You know it’s authentic when most things served are from Japan, and constant number of Japanese each time I visited..

  105. Avatar photo
    Jarred Mok

    Excellent service and good yakitori! 2 of us had 15 sticks (chicken wings/heart/liver/mushrooms/pork), scallops (do it!), rice, 300ml of sake and 2 330ml bottles of beer for under $120.

    Possible improvements: garlic rice seems like it was made from fresh rice (bit moist), no beer on tap and 300ml sake was abit on the expensive side ($30-40). BUT if you come in a group their 1.8L bottles are really value for money (starting from $115).

    I also liked their service – attentive yet unintrusive, a rarity in SG. Conclusion: while not the most authentic, definitely pay this place a visit!

  106. Avatar photo
    Thomas McKay

    Late night decent food

  107. Avatar photo
    Louis Bidmead

    I liked the vibe, hidden away at the back of GMT, but the quality of the sticks was low, especially the liver, which I didn’t want to finish. Even the cheapest yaki places in Japan are noticeably better than this. Skip it.

  108. Avatar photo
    Serene Toh

    A birthday treat from friend. My first time visiting. I didn’t even know or heard about this restaurant before ordered 2 peach sake, sashimi mixed (small), foie gras, scallop and 2 torimomo. Their good got good standard. Ambience is good. Traditional Japan style. Venue wise isn’t good though. But definitely good to visit for their food.

  109. Avatar photo

    Good sake 5/5
    Average Food 4/5
    Small space 3/5

  110. Avatar photo
    Patrick Goh

    Characteristics of authentic Japanese Izakaya wide arrays of sake & shochu
    …what’s more, sample tasting before decide
    …food menu while focused, dishes were excellently curated, not simple served

    Looking forward to popular sake in 700+ml bottles.

  111. Avatar photo
    Sarah C

    sat at the bar on a very busy thursday evening. food was delicious, i particularly enjoyed the sashimi, squid and skewers. service was good but the cosy ambience was my favourite part about this restaurant.

  112. Avatar photo
    Dominic Koh

    The chicken yakitori and gyoza are the best sellers… Try the pork collar as well! Overall nice place and authentic Japanese cuisine

  113. Avatar photo
    Joe Low

    Food is OK, price is a reasonable, services is good

  114. Avatar photo
    Samuel Roy

    Really well cooked and richly seasoned food!

    The Yakitori was cooked nicely with a good char on them. Pork wrapped asparagus and the chicken thighs were my favourites.

    Would highly recommend the garlic fried rice as it was really flavourful. The mentaiko spaghetti was really good as well as they were really generous with the squid.

  115. Avatar photo
    marcus chua

    Food is good but a lot of ingredients finished. Most of the old pictures no longer served. Alcohol menu mainly in whole bottles so did not have any. Yakitori is well done by the chef!

  116. Avatar photo
    Phoebe Ting

    Great spot for drinks and snacks with friends. The space is cool, decor is quirky and music is . The potato salad is pretty good and the skewers are quite good too.

    Down side: Service is insanely slow and we waited over an hour for the food to come. I would come back but I wouldn’t hurry.

    P.S. Make a reservation cos it’s a popular spot!

  117. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Tan

    Great food, friendly service staff and authentic izakaya atmosphere! Fresh sashimi and well-executed yakitori. Will definitely revisit again soon!

  118. Avatar photo
    Musho Pea

    Recommend the mentaiko pasta! Yakitori is alright, prefer more marinated with sauce.

  119. Avatar photo
    Jun Choung

    This is place is such a hidden gem. It’s actually located in a very old mall called the Golden Mile Tower. However, despite the eerie/darkish building, the restaurant itself is very well maintained and has a strong japanese theme to it. I would definitely recommend the yakitoris, however the chicken wings were abit underwhelming. Unagi fried rice was amazing, the price of the food is not very expensive as well! Worth a try for people who love yakitoris and japanese alcoholic drinks!

  120. Avatar photo

    We just love everything about this place: the quaint cosy atmosphere, the value, the quality of the yakitori and the service. It does get crowded and cosy though. Will come back again definitely.

  121. Avatar photo
    Wilson Koh

    Nothing special about it. No special menu on a Friday. Use electric grill, not charcoal. House Sake quality was not decent, and I saw that they didn’t accept some non reservation and accepted some.

  122. Avatar photo
    Sam Heng

    Celebrated a friend’s birthday here. Place was noisy, cheerful, unpretentious and cosy. We ordered the swordfish and all kinds of yakitori – miso with pork, pork with enoki, chicken thigh, quail eggs, mushroom with mentaiko, pork with cherry toms. Everything was juicy, fresh and delicious. So good we ordered three rounds of food and drinks. Authentic resto that made me miss Tokyo’s izakaya alleys. Extremely impressed with the quality of food and service! Best izakaya in SG!

  123. Avatar photo
    Marc Koller

    Never expected this, but this place has some really good food! The prices are reasonable too and the guy who runs it is quite friendly.

    Highly recommend this place – a hidden gem!

  124. Avatar photo
    Woon Deka

    Good food, good price

  125. Avatar photo

    Good food and setting for a meal with friends, though the bill came up surprisingly expensive. The bill came up to about $70 per pax.

  126. Avatar photo
    Shaun Ow

    Returned so many times, good food and sake, cozy place and friendly staff too

  127. Avatar photo
    Zi Han Chua

    A cosy and value for money restaurant.

  128. Avatar photo
    Phoebe Koh

    Great food and nice ambient. Hubby said it was as if we were in Japan and the kids enjoyed their yakitori.

  129. Avatar photo
    AK Ker

    Gd food, nice owner

  130. Avatar photo
    Stas Madorski

    Really good find. So out of place in this mall, great food, amazing decor and a fantastic atmosphere. I’ve been missing Japan a lot with this travel ban and somehow it brought back some of the izakaya atmosphere

  131. Avatar photo
    OKS Tan

    Food is at 5 star rating and service is also up to 5 star. There’s Xiao Yu and Yang Zheng always can introduce delicious food for us.

  132. Avatar photo
    Y Y

    nice ambience and good food!!! hidden gem!!!

  133. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Chan

    Best izakaya in Singapore

  134. Avatar photo
    Ken Wong

    2 person, 3 types of different drinks, 7 types of different food. Very satisfying.

  135. Avatar photo
    Andrew Goh

    Nice Izakaya in Golden Mile Tower. Food is good. First time trying stir fry beef tongue

  136. Avatar photo

    Really nice Japanese vibe with really great Yakitori skewers! Service was amazing too!

  137. Avatar photo
    Farrah Ratnaike

    Delicious, affordable yakitori. Casual ambience

  138. Avatar photo
    Pee Ta Loh

    Good food and friendly owner

  139. Avatar photo
    Alexander Gimino

    I was super excited to try this place because of all the reviews I seen on Google and Hungry go Where. However the food was sub par, about 15 types of different yakitori and grilled items on the menu but most of it was not palatable. Chicken was dry and over cooked.

    The one saving grace of this place was the great sake available as well as the owner who was accommodating and friendly.

    Would definitely not recommend for dinner. But only an after dinner drinks place.

  140. Avatar photo
    Yoga Krishnan

    Good Japanese food..

  141. Avatar photo
    jeremy tan

    $123 spend.
    Poorly trained staff
    Mediocre food quality
    Unclean premises
    Poor value for money

    1. Ambience – 0.5
    2. Price – 0.5
    3. Service – 0
    4. Flavour – 0.5
    5. Experience – 0.5

    2 sets of 5 yakitori sticks, 300ml Sake, mentaiko wasabi octopus, fried baby shrimp, garlic fried rice.

    Decided to try dining in without reservation on a Friday evening at 7pm. Arrived at the front door with 2 waitresses who passed us TWICE without bothering to greet us or find out if we may be there to rob them.
    Finally greeted by a man whom I’m guessing is one of the bosses (who wasn’t sure what Sake he had despite him saying he’s the menu cos he doesn’t have a Sake menu).

    We were tucked in the corner at the bar where unopened boxes of restaurant supplies like unopened boxes of tissue and a UV bug light was. Old dust accumulated cobwebs that were observed under the plates placed above the coffee machine that must have been sitting there for months which thankfully weren’t used to serve food while i was there for a little over an hour.

    The decor was cosy, mish mash of Western and Japanese murals and posters adorn the walls. Aircon was cold at least.

    I usually take photos of my food but the lighting was so bad, the tall stools weren’t comfortable and most of all, the yakitori didn’t particularly look right compared to the ones I’ve had before anywhere else. So unfortunately, no photos here.

    Watch the lady cooking the yakitori and you’ll be surprised at how she chars every single stick with a torch. I’m not an expert at yakitori but I’m pretty sure that’s not how you accelerate the speed of cooking yakitori. The result was NOT HOT, poorly cooked food, chicken skin was soggy and chewy(yakitori I’ve tried anywhere else was nice and crisp), the marination was present but not particularly mind blowing. I reckon when your food isn’t hot, it already loses half the appeal to me.

    Garlic fried rice is one of the dishes i would request as a last meal if i were on death row. I wasn’t expecting a cuppage shinjuku god-like level, but AT LEAST something close. Sadly, the fragrance was lacking and the rice used looked a lot like local rice that was soggy but not clumpy, i would barely pass it if i were grading it tbh.

    The fried baby shrimp was delicious so that was the saving grace. The mentaiko raw octopus’s balance btwn wasabi and the octopus was totally off, i had wasabi brain freeze 70% of the time.

    There really isn’t much else to say cos the service isn’t the worst, the food isn’t THAT terrible, I’ve been to dirtier establishments. So overall I’d say it MIGHT be a place to drink just beer ($10/mug) and have baby shrimp to chomp on. That is all i would ever go back again for…. But that’s highly unlikely.

  142. Avatar photo
    Lami Vera

    A cozy place to relax, though the yakitori was so-so. The chicken was a bit dry and plain as well.

  143. Avatar photo
    Kai Jing

    Cheese Age (Fried Cheese), Age Goma Tofu (Rice Cracker Tofu with Sesame Dressing) were pretty good. Remaining items were not very nice and taste is not special at all.

    Price wise (for food) is quite expensive for the quality of it. Maybe it is considered ok compared to even higher end Izakaya. Sadly there was a group of extremely noisy guests behind us and we could hardly hear people from our own table.

    Service wise they were prompt to take orders and is understandable for the sticks the waiting time is longer due to crowds. But based on overall experience, I might give it a miss next time round.

  144. Avatar photo
    Boon Yong Ng

    Fried rice is very flavorful. Must try

  145. Avatar photo
    Bertrand Ngim

    Found this place on google maps. Food is pretty decent. I ordered a 5 sticks set and all 5 were grilled just right. The prices are steep and portions are on the small side. Overall, it’s pretty good. Check them out if you’re in the area.

  146. Avatar photo
    GM Ong

    To say that the food is over rated is an understatement. Grilled atama was undercooked, while the skin was burnt (likely not sufficiently defrosted). Yakitori was generally dry and burnt, with overly sweet tare sauce (the sugar likely made it char easily). Better to buy tare sauce from donki. Two stars for the courteous service staff.

  147. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Lee

    Food is nice along with the ambience but the service so so only maybe short handed and the staff looks so bored…

  148. Avatar photo
    Don C.

    Good ambience japanese izakaya. Food is not bad but personally felt that it’s abit pricey for it’s location.

  149. Avatar photo
    Serene Neo

    Good food, cosy place. Always full so do make a reservation. If there’s a big group celebrating anything tho it can get quite noisy as the restaurant is small. Food is not too expensive and they have some interesting things to offer on the mini blackboard (not on the menu) so be sure to ask what the specials are.

  150. Avatar photo
    WK WLK

    Nice food ! Can try it !

  151. Avatar photo

    Food is pretty good but the cooked items fair better than the skewers. Outstanding dishes were the pitan tofu, roe stuffed squid, deep fried chicken cartilage, deep fried shrimps, cheese balls, pumpkin salad and stir fried pork. Staff are polite and patient. Pretty packed during dinner.

  152. Avatar photo
    Jed Lim

    Really liked the mentaiko spaghetti (perhaps the best item imo, although it is best shared as it can get quite jelak), Unagi fried rice and garlic fried rice! Chicken thigh yakitori was the best out of the many that we tried in my opinion. The mushroom with mentaiko and cheese was also really yummy. The environment was noisy but cosy.

    The staff were quite overloaded and it was difficult to get much attention from them. The food items can be quite pricey especially if you are expecting to have a full meal with just yakitori and their other tapas style dishes. Highly recommended as a hang out place with friends after dinner elsewhere (maybe down some Thai food nearby?)

  153. Avatar photo
    Robin Ho

    Great service! Great food! Great prices! Nothing to dislike except that the washroom was under repair and the mall is rather old! Otherwise, come by for a great yakitori experience!

  154. Avatar photo
    dZus Dapple

    A surprisely authentic izakaya in an unlikely location. Good food and drinks at a reasonable price

  155. Avatar photo
    J T

    Not an easy place to find! The restaurant is hidden deep inside Golden Mile Tower, and you have to walk this long corridor before the hidden gem unveils itself at the end of the tunnel. Getting inside is like entering an izakaya in Shinjuku, with all the decor and ambiance, lively and colorful. There is quite a selection of Yakitori, and food is served quickly. Service is good, and the price is slightly lower than the average Yakitori ( approx $30/person), excluding sake. A good place for a post-work chillax session!

  156. Avatar photo
    Keith Lai

    So so food

  157. Avatar photo
    Ed G

    Awesome food and staff..

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