Review Yishun Bus Interchange, 920 Yishun Ave 2, Singapore

Review Yishun Bus Interchange - Singapore 920 Yishun Ave 2

“Nice transport hub, but very long walk from start to end. Travellator would be helpful” or “A very spacious bus interchange with eating facilities included.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Yishun Bus Interchange. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Yishun Bus Interchange is quality.

Introduction about Yishun Bus Interchange

Here are some fundamental details regarding Yishun Bus Interchange. In terms of Transportation service, it is generally believed that Yishun Bus Interchangeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 920 Yishun Ave 2, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Transportation service, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Website:
  • Address: 920 Yishun Ave 2, Singapore
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Detailed information of Yishun Bus Interchange

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Operating hours

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Here are the operating hours of Yishun Bus Interchange.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 5 AM to 1:30 AM.


Please check the information below to find out the distance and travel time from the center of Singapore to your destination.

13.53 km14 minute16 minute11 minute

How to contact Yishun Bus Interchange?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Yishun Bus Interchange via:


You can contact Yishun Bus Interchange via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 920 Yishun Ave 2, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Yishun Bus Interchange reviews

Yishun Bus Interchange is among the best destinations of Transportation service in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Yishun Bus Interchange good?

To determine whether Yishun Bus Interchange is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“A very spacious bus interchange with eating facilities included.”

“The interchange let's you know when the bus will arrive still there are small coffeshops around”

“not an ith, definitely not, so idk why 5 stars when tts is there but 5 stars”

“Nice And Improved interchange over the old one, cool air conditioning, the way they arrange the information for buses are good and straight forward”

“Yishun place is not a boring place anymore. More variety”

“Indoor aircond as you wait... snacks and lunch available.”

“Nice air conditioned interchange. Surrounded by small eateries. Usually very crowded.”

“New integrated business interchange next to a shopping mall.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 240 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 87% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Yishun Bus Interchange, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Yishun Bus Interchange, 920 Yishun Ave 2, Singapore

There is a total 240 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Bryan Koh

    Neat and tidy

  2. Avatar photo
    Jes Jassi

    Aircon huge interchange, need to find your bus

  3. Avatar photo
    M NT

    New integrated business interchange next to a shopping mall.

  4. Avatar photo
    Rifa Jifa

    Best interchange

  5. Avatar photo
    Chua Ban Cheng

    Just pass by

  6. Avatar photo

    Typical underground aircon bus interchange in Singapore next to Yishun MRT station via an underground tunnel. Bus services here are mainly for the surrounding HDB and private estates probably within 5-8 km. Very good signage displaying bus services including bus arrival/departure timings.

  7. Avatar photo

    not an ith, definitely not, so idk why 5 stars when tts is there but 5 stars

  8. Avatar photo
    martin chin choy leong


  9. Avatar photo
    Spencer Chua

    Indoor aircond as you wait… snacks and lunch available.

  10. Avatar photo
    Francis Jeanthiran

    Convient, shopping, transport system waiting with Aircond and easy commute to home.

  11. Avatar photo

    Okok la. But Berth 8 far right at the end of the interchange which sucks sometimes when you wanna chase the bus. There is a canteen for you to purchase food, I ordered the duck rice and what they give is mostly with bones. Not worth $3 so don’t buy.

  12. Avatar photo
    Rosli Hadi

    Have ‘Halal’ stall now quite nice depend on your taste. Recommended.

  13. Avatar photo
    Sawaran Kaue

    Once a week I use to go yishun because to go vegetarian food and some shopping

  14. Avatar photo
    kishu jam

    Cleanest restroom in a bus imterchange

  15. Avatar photo
    Zheng Da

    Beautiful and clean place for commuters!

  16. Avatar photo

    Much much Better than before.

  17. Avatar photo
    Dex Goh

    Finally the new indoors air conditioned interchange is complete. Exposure to the weather is a thing of the past! No more breathing the buses fumes. Linked directly to the north point mall.

  18. Avatar photo
    Taro Tan

    Cool place to catch the bus but kind of a long walk from the MRT vs previous temporary bus interchange. On the other hand Northpoint is quite a nightmare when you are in a hurry as you may get lost; shopping floor layout is confusing.

  19. Avatar photo

    4 October 2021 after 17:00.Unfamiliar with this area but managed to locate the kind and patient most famous cobbler Mister Yamaguchi,near Macdonalds.He used to be inside Yishun Bus Interchange but had to relocate after it became Air Conditioned.Follow the rows of parked bicycles near Macdonalds and you will find him.Thank you Mister Yamaguchi for all these years of mending my shoes.

  20. Avatar photo
    Shanying Wang

    Another integrated transport hub but with more convenience stores

  21. Avatar photo

    Very convenient place. Often crowded.

  22. Avatar photo
    Alfred Loh

    Good facilities bus interchange selling delicious food at all prices range full shopping centre

  23. Avatar photo
    Rhett Rhett


  24. Avatar photo
    Taro Tan

    Cool place to catch the bus but kind of a long walk from the MRT vs previous temporary bus interchange. On the other hand Northpoint is quite a nightmare when you are in a hurry as you may get lost; shopping floor layout is confusing.

  25. Avatar photo
    Rama Rama

    Bigger better and cleaner! And of course cooler especially in our hot climate Singapore.

  26. Avatar photo
    Monsieur Snow

    After the revamp, the bus interchange is air-conditioned and well maintained. It is connected to north point city and has exits leading to various landmarks in Yishun.
    Bus timings are shown on the screen and there are many bus options available here.
    It is also connected to the mrt.
    The berths of buses however, are rather far apart from each other. It takes a while to run from one berth to another.

    It gives whoever is running after their buses a second chance in life. Second chances don’t come often. Treasure it.

  27. Avatar photo
    Bolmein Heign

    Clean and large. Bus arrival screens glitches frequently though, and many times buses don’t come according to the timings stated on the screens. The motion sensors on the doors also don’t work when people approach it from certain angles, so sometimes people can’t board the bus because the berth doors refuse to open even with outstretched hands waving at the motion sensor.

  28. Avatar photo
    Jessie Ong

    There are friendly captains around to assist your queries.

  29. Avatar photo
    jimmy lee

    This is a huge air conditioned bus interchange that is located at Northpoint City Mall at L1. It is clean and well organised. However, you need to walk quite a distance away from the mrt station. Some berths that are located at the extreme end of the interchange are too far away.

  30. Avatar photo
    Francis Sim

    Spacious bus interchange. Some berths for feeder services of intra-town lines are located on the other end of the bus interchange which is quite inconvenient.

  31. Avatar photo
    Ong Kim Kee

    Yishun Bus Interchange , All of them got follow one distance .

  32. Avatar photo

    How the Bus number arrange ,if u take 804 u know how far u need to walk daily ?
    Why do this type of arrangement

  33. Avatar photo
    James Chong

    Can get u to most places

  34. Avatar photo
    Lai Junhao

    Quite nice, but the bus terminal is too long. They could have put the mall entrance in the middle of the hub, instead of at one end of the hub

  35. Avatar photo
    Ray Mond

    EzLink topup machine only two long Q during peak hours. Toilet is too far away.

  36. Avatar photo
    Billy Chua GS

    Clean, aircon cool

  37. Avatar photo

    Clean and functional. For someone who is not familiar with the bus-routes in Yishun, having a dedicated information centre is very welcoming. Thumbs up to Tower Transit!

  38. Avatar photo
    You Liang Ling (Ryan Ling BeMyself)

    one of the most, if not the most high class bus interchange in Singapore

  39. Avatar photo
    Jailani Mahmood

    One of the advantages – it’s connected to North Point City. One of the disadvantages is sometimes it get too crowded.

  40. Avatar photo
    RAZAK Jamrus

    Very very good place. Thanks for Singapore gourmet. Good idea …

  41. Avatar photo
    Brandon Tan

    Your average bus interchange. There’s nothing much to say. It’s indoors so it has air-conditioning to beat the Singapore heat.

    My only qualms is that I would like there to be more signage for the CEPAS card top up kiosks. It took me a while to find them hidden in a corner.

  42. Avatar photo
    budiardhi irwin

    Very clean and nice.

  43. Avatar photo
    Goh Kim Chong

    One of the air-conditioned bus transfer stations in Singapore is one of the few in the world. Passengers can come and experience it for themselves. Because of the new operation, it makes people feel comfortable. Next door is the Nafu City shopping mall, which greatly improves the comfort. A shopping experience that reflects a new generation of style and high quality of life in Singapore


  44. Avatar photo
    Neo Ah Gwat


  45. Avatar photo
    Iskandar Mohd

    Clean and good place

  46. Avatar photo
    Warqah Neufal

    Best! But always crowded….

  47. Avatar photo
    Nora Yu

    Yishun place is not a boring place anymore. More variety

  48. Avatar photo
    Junaitha Maricar

    Clean and easy excess to the bus,as well timing for the next bus is written there.

  49. Avatar photo
    Keith Michael

    A lot of busses here it’s bussin

  50. Avatar photo
    Nuke gamez

    Clean place

  51. Avatar photo
    asni mdali

    Lack of dustbin..seats not available for tired feet waiting for buses that always delay. Far away washroom..disfunctional door occur now &then..SO SAD

  52. Avatar photo
    Arjuna Weerasinghe

    Air-conditioned. Spacious and huge. Underground.

  53. Avatar photo
    ShiJie 12311

    I miss the old Interchange….but this new interchange is very good too, theres some food shops and many bus services leading to..who knows where!

  54. Avatar photo
    Mathilda Chua


  55. Avatar photo
    chua bock chwee

    Nice small shop with clear signs


  56. Avatar photo
    Dave ForceOne


  57. Avatar photo
    Jun Wei

    Very convenient

  58. Avatar photo
    Jerry Tan Kah Ming

    Clean but not much retail to shop

  59. Avatar photo
    Michael Chua

    Well organized central bus terminal….

  60. Avatar photo
    Kearvek McKnight

    One of the best bus interchanges. Big and never feels too crowded.

  61. Avatar photo
    Regina Wong

    Always here

  62. Avatar photo
    Bernard Ng

    A very spacious bus interchange with eating facilities included.

  63. Avatar photo
    Melvin Ho

    Very big and air-conditioned. A lot of F&B outlets in Northpoint City.

  64. Avatar photo
    Mohd Ramlee Bin Reduan

    The new yishun bus lnterchge
    is nice,cooling all the way to shopping center n nearer to
    Yishun square,u can walking to HDB office n ktw hospital.

  65. Avatar photo
    Florence Joy Antonio

    Love it

  66. Avatar photo
    Thilo Corneille

    The 171 was shown 3x in the display, but neither the first bus nor the three subsequent ones came. No information from officers while one off service bus after the next rushed by in the opposite direction

    Die 171 wurde hier 3x im Display angezeigt aber weder kam der erste Bus noch die drei subsequenten. Keine Info von officern während ein off service Bus nach dem nächsten in entgegen gesetzte Richtung vorbeirauschte

  67. Avatar photo
    Hwa kiang Heng



  68. Avatar photo
    little lad

    average bus interchange

  69. Avatar photo
    P Y (Ahbobo)

    Good clean place for commuters to take the buses. Only 1 terminal to top up your card so best to have your card ready

  70. Avatar photo
    Kenneth W

    New, clean and awesome range of food stalls within the Aircon interchange.

  71. Avatar photo

    Very good …

  72. Avatar photo
    Rashidi Hadbi

    good place to go anywhere

  73. Avatar photo
    osman teo

    Very clean and buzy lots of peoples

  74. Avatar photo
    Important Dolphin

    Just a place to take a bus to your destination

  75. Avatar photo
    Michael Chia

    No problems with the ride or the place. Very easy access to Northpoint City… its in the same place afterall.

  76. Avatar photo
    SAAziz S M

    Just like other transport hub. It’s air conditioned and there are good stalls. Easy exit to North Point shopping center. Many bus service that gets you to other parts of Singapore. There are screens that shows the estimated arrival times of the bus. Many bus captains around who are willing to help you if you have any questions in regards to your journey.

  77. Avatar photo
    Mabel L

    Fact for the wise: don’t use the interchange toilet. What was once clean is now consistently wet or in repair. Use Northpoint’s toilets instead!

  78. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rahman

    Been there always n passing by gd traffic n lots of nice food too

  79. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ng

    As usual many elderly enjoyed air conditioning n hogging the sitting. Place for them to beat the heat.

  80. Avatar photo
    Zauyah Abdullah

    Friendly bus captains.

  81. Avatar photo
    Azhar Abu Bakar


  82. Avatar photo

    Actually…i have never step into an air conditioned bus interchange ..i can say its impressive …

  83. Avatar photo
    Jes Choo

    It is quite clean n it is comfortable waiting for bus in an air-conditioned interchange.

  84. Avatar photo
    CF Keong

    Good. Comfortable

  85. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rashid

    I’m a frequent user of this integrated transport hub. Of late it seems to get a little unkempt, as the bus drives into the hub along the driveway towards the drop off zone the left side elevated curb seems to be covered with black soots. And the right bus park , the floor is strewn with rubbish. Maybe its due to the cleaner starting late. Usually I will be at the hub in the morning past 7. Going into the hub the floor seems dusty especially in the queueing area. Looks like it not be swept for awhile. I think more can be done about the cleanliness. And I hope to see it as good as it was initially opened. Thank you for hearing me out. It may not be perfect but definitely it could be improved.

  86. Avatar photo

    Very organised, clean and easy to get the transport from end to end. It’s under cover area and have some little shop along the way to the interchange.

  87. Avatar photo
    YK Lai

    So far the best bus interchange that I have been to, probably because it is relatively new and with air conditioning. Not exposed to heat or rain. However, as I frequently take bus, notice that the bus info displayed are not very accurate, for both bus types and timing. There is room for improvement by the by bus operators.

  88. Avatar photo
    omar mohd ali

  89. Avatar photo
    brave bear

    Different buses

  90. Avatar photo
    royston soh

    Big and air conditioned

  91. Avatar photo
    Will Tan

    Just below the Northpoint Residences connected to northpoint n eateries. Malaysian food galore. Chendol is authentic. Go to the basement via the bus hub on extreme left. Enjoy.

  92. Avatar photo
    Poh Ivy

    .. it’s nicely air conditioned..

  93. Avatar photo
    Lily Tay

    Que is orderly

  94. Avatar photo

    Located in Northpoint City grd level, its efficient, comfortable n clean. Many bus services which makes it easy to explore, run errands or visit YCK n Khoo Teck Puat hospitals.

    Just 2 stops away, you can go to Yishun Pond (behind KTP hospital) to see big lizard, huge Grey Heron, White Sea Eagle & Otters. Afterwards, amble over to either Slow Bake cafe or Real Food vegetarian eatery located at Tzu Chi Humanistic building adjacent to hospital.
    Both offer great food, views of pond n birdsong.

  95. Avatar photo

    Crowded with people and rightly so..the hub is clean and well maintained

  96. Avatar photo
    Abu Torab

    Very big bus interchange

  97. Avatar photo

    The bus interchange layout is long rectangular type. Have to walk all the way to the end to queue for some buses..

  98. Avatar photo
    hannah koh

    Toilet can be cleaner

  99. Avatar photo
    JC T.

    854 bus slowed

  100. Avatar photo
    James S

    Clean, well laid-out bus berths in air-conditioned comfort. Being a big place, it does take time to walk to the relevant berth for boarding.

  101. Avatar photo
    Nurjannah Tahir

    Air-conditioned. Clean and spacious.

  102. Avatar photo
    siva sa


  103. Avatar photo

    Shopping mall and bus MRT all at once
    Good to see and lots of things to buy and play

    쇼핑몰과 버스 엠알티 한 번에 다 있어서
    구경도 좋고 생필품도 사고 놀거리도 많다 좋음

  104. Avatar photo
    YK Lai

    So far the best bus interchange that I have been to, probably because it is relatively new and with air conditioning. Not exposed to heat or rain. However, as I frequently take bus, notice that the bus info displayed are not very accurate, for both bus types and timing. There is room for improvement by the by bus operators.

  105. Avatar photo
    Shanta Mohan

    Delicious food was piping hot and promptly served

  106. Avatar photo
    Ramlee Jaafar



  107. Avatar photo
    M R

    It’s a huge newly built air conditioned bus stop. Excellent amenities. But seems the real-time time table displays are erratic. I have particularly noted that bus 857 does not follow the displayed time table. Today the 27th Sept 22 evening …

  108. Avatar photo
    Mathiew Escoffier

    Awsome environment very clean and quit

  109. Avatar photo
    Liza Saifi

    Like the new interchange! Convenient and cosy.

  110. Avatar photo
    Henry Poh

    Great place to visit/ travel to and from. 1st air-condition bus interchange in singapore!

  111. Avatar photo
    Lance Wong

    Nice indoor air con interchange

  112. Avatar photo
    M I

    Yishunites come here take bus.

    Make yishun great again!

    Next time full of gaias

  113. Avatar photo


  114. Avatar photo
    Khidir Sani

    Air conditioned and well maintained

  115. Avatar photo
    Mack Liow


  116. Avatar photo
    Hui Min See

    The interchange is spacious and the air condition is strong.

  117. Avatar photo
    Normah Hashim

    There’s many empty stalls yet to open.

  118. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    I like the place cos there is shopping center and mrt to either shop or transfer to other places; well connected and convenient to shop, eat and bond.

  119. Avatar photo
    Phua Eng Keong

    No comments

  120. Avatar photo

    Fantastic place

  121. Avatar photo
    Allan Quek

    Good connectivity around our Red Dot.

  122. Avatar photo
    xiaohong Chen

    Newly built, very big, with air-conditioning and various stalls to fill the stomach, very comfortable


  123. Avatar photo
    Mamun Sg2020

    Nicely there

  124. Avatar photo
    SHuang Tan

    Clean. With sufficient amenities for public. The place is well ventilated too.

  125. Avatar photo

    Quite good, many busses …

  126. Avatar photo
    Han Raj

    Nothing much. Ambience was ok. Was there to change bus service …

  127. Avatar photo
    Ed An

    Best interchange in spore

  128. Avatar photo
    Adee Man

    Pleasant and easy…

  129. Avatar photo
    Philip Ang

    Spacious, cozy and convenient next to the North point shopping centre.

  130. Avatar photo
    Daniel Sin

    Clean and newly open bus interchange in the North of Singapore. Connected to NorthPoint Mall.

  131. Avatar photo
    Allan A

    Always crowded.

  132. Avatar photo
    limrenmuh -


  133. Avatar photo
    Aerospace Rules

    Nice Air Conditioned place but could shorten the distance between Arriving Beths and Boarding Berths

  134. Avatar photo
    Jessie Liu

    Love the bus interchange, every berth is properly marked with the bus nos for the destination, no confusion at all.

  135. Avatar photo
    Ling Sui Ngk

    The price is fair, not too expensive and air-conditioned. good service


  136. Avatar photo
    Sourav Ahmed

    Well🫠 …

  137. Avatar photo
    jimmy lee

    This is a huge air conditioned bus interchange that is located at Northpoint City Mall at L1. It is clean and well organised. However, you need to walk quite a distance away from the mrt station. Some berths that are located at the extreme end of the interchange are too far away.

  138. Avatar photo
    Federika martinez

    Accessibility in transportation & spoilt for choices of shopping in the big mall …

  139. Avatar photo
    Lee WK


  140. Avatar photo
    Choon Yang

    There is a help desk that provides wheelchairs and directions for any lost soul. Other than that travelling is basically fuss free when you have your ezlink card, for foreigners do find out how you can get a travel pass ezlink over at the help desks

  141. Avatar photo
    Abdul Manan Abbas

    clean good service

  142. Avatar photo
    Leonard Nathan

    Cool place

  143. Avatar photo
    Nadbudan Sathish

    Bus services and good place

  144. Avatar photo
    ZarNi Htun

    Air-conditioned bus interchange. But still need to improve on bus timing though. It is quite annoying that buses sometimes don’t even leave on time from there. How to expect it would be on time for the rest of the journey

  145. Avatar photo
    Sally Tang

    It is more convenient, the station is organized, there are few small shops, and the overall is not bad.


  146. Avatar photo
    Eric Ho

    Very convenient to visit this hub.

  147. Avatar photo
    ivan goh

    Aircon and signboards are clear

  148. Avatar photo
    jessy Singh

    The bus Interchange is beautiful and clean, but the restrooms are less than desired. In fact, the aged urine stains shows that this is its current normal state. The terminal is spacious and convenient busses are easy to locate and there are places to sit for the weary and tired. The stalls provide a variety of conveniences at cheaper prices…. I recommend eating there. I just wish the toilet feels clean.

  149. Avatar photo
    Gim Leng Ng

    Conveniently located. Organised and clean.

  150. Avatar photo
    Charmaine k

    Loads of stalls at the interchange and it’s directly next to northpoint. Can’t find a bin tho

  151. Avatar photo
    Gan Poh Choo

    There are quite a number of hawker foodfare and snack stalls which are quite popular.

  152. Avatar photo
    Jordon lau


  153. Avatar photo
    Chizuki emi

    A lot of busses

  154. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rahman Mohsin

    Large space n alot of food to chose

  155. Avatar photo
    Jane Ong

    Cozy with Aircon, seats to rest your feet. No more Phone charging stations. Bus berths well lay out. Bus services clear. There’s an information desk with ambassadors to help you. Wheel chairs not provided for those needed. NTWU canteen with good coffee & tea, Roast Duck/Char Siu, roast meat noodles or rice stall reasonable price.

  156. Avatar photo
    Jason Tan

    Integrated bus depot within shopping mall n residents block.

  157. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rahman Madban

    Yishun interchange convinience for me take bus to my work place at n food n teh tarik cheaper

  158. Avatar photo
    Zahidah Jasmin

    You’ve got buses bringing you to every corner of the island

  159. Avatar photo
    West Point


  160. Avatar photo
    偶不是黛玩朗I am American。

    Here they are!


  161. Avatar photo
    chunyu zhang

    clean, convenient and comfortable


  162. Avatar photo
    Kwan Charles

    My working place. Can find lots of shops within the Interchange as well as local food.

  163. Avatar photo
    Francis Lai

    Convenient place

  164. Avatar photo
    tn Chin

    Convenient and simple transfer of buses and subways to other places.


  165. Avatar photo
    Muralytharan Krishnan

    good and organized

  166. Avatar photo
    Wyvern Lim

    Normal bus interchange.

  167. Avatar photo
    Anuya V

    gd place

  168. Avatar photo
    Sim Simmy

    best place for brisk walking !!!!

    walk all the way to the end and then take bus home …

  169. Avatar photo
    Kamal Rhai'yan

    Take bus lor

  170. Avatar photo
    Shake Spearz

    It’s a Very nice place

  171. Avatar photo

    Integrated transport hub connected to the shopping mall

  172. Avatar photo
    Pinky Racing


  173. Avatar photo
    B A.M

    Well sign posted just can be a long walk to catch a bus.

  174. Avatar photo

    I just scrapped my car and now conveniently taking buses wherever I go around. It’s so easy and hassle free. Just log into the Bus App and heypresto, you will be there lil!

  175. Avatar photo
    benyamin's stuff

    Bummer for the fact that it is in Northpoint, when SafeEntry existed, you needed to wait 20 minutes when the mall is full just to enter the bus interchange, otherwise, Walk around Yishun just to get to the bus interchange. I find this really inconvenient and they should make a new solution for this.

  176. Avatar photo
    Hamzah Hassan


  177. Avatar photo

    very nice place


  178. Avatar photo

    Yishun bus interchange currently under expansion

  179. Avatar photo
    See Chai Tan

    New Clean and clear signage!

  180. Avatar photo
    Muhamad Riduan Borhan

    It’s fully aircon. Connected to northpoint. On 1st storey.

  181. Avatar photo
    Kayden Tan

    Got new food kiosk

  182. Avatar photo
    C A

    TAking the bus, its aircon and well managed. Its cooling whilst waiting for our bus.

  183. Avatar photo
    Haniyah Nur Azzalea Hazizi

    Great bus interchange, integrated.

  184. Avatar photo
    Kw Chan Karen

    Wheelchairs can be loaned to elderly passengers. There’s an enquiry counter.

  185. Avatar photo

    Mr tea terik

  186. Avatar photo
    Ping Yen Tan

    Easy to locate desired bus waiting area

  187. Avatar photo
    Tick Cheong Foo


  188. Avatar photo
    Slicing Frost Blade

    Air-conditioned bus interchange and the design is pretty nice

  189. Avatar photo
    'Aidah Salleh

    My helper went there to buy food for our dinner at the malay stall. We just need dishes, for one pax of tempe goreng cost $4 while at list stated otherwise.
    Bad experience from there even after enquiring with the makcik.

    Otherwise loved the layout of the bus interchange, wide layout with reserved seats available at the front of the queue.

  190. Avatar photo
    tony koh

    A very convenient bus terminal.

  191. Avatar photo
    Tan Yoke Chun

    Busy bus terminal

  192. Avatar photo

    Selling duck rice and other foods at reasonable price.

  193. Avatar photo
    JiangXia Huang Hulk

    Awesome Amazing Accessible Incredible Excellent

  194. Avatar photo
    Shu Tian Ng

    Nice interchange but the bus timings are very inaccurate.

  195. Avatar photo
    Ang Teck Hock

    A very convenient bus transfer station in Yishun


  196. Avatar photo
    Number 1 Paikia

    L bus interchange ngl have to walk for so long …

  197. Avatar photo
    Alfred Loh

    Ordinary bus interchange

  198. Avatar photo

    855 is the goat

  199. Avatar photo
    see Bai heng

    Directional sign not sufficient. Shopper has to go rounding.

  200. Avatar photo
    j tony

    Overall a decent bus interchange. Lots of bus servicing Yishun area and to other towns.

  201. Avatar photo
    TinHwai Poa

    The transportation is convenient to go there, and it is also connected to a large shopping mall.


  202. Avatar photo
    Zhuang Zhixiong

    The interchange let’s you know when the bus will arrive still there are small coffeshops around

  203. Avatar photo
    Kim Elldee


  204. Avatar photo

    Really nice and conducive area. Has a electronic system for topping up money instead of heading over to the mrt station. However, the topping of money into concession card is only using cards and I hope in the future cash can also be used.

  205. Avatar photo
    Him Chong Lee


  206. Avatar photo
    Siti Nur Artiqa Mohson

    Where to go places

  207. Avatar photo
    SpyNinja17_AN _Official


  208. Avatar photo
    Gregorykc367 GPO687

    Big place

  209. Avatar photo
    Lim (Victor)

    Air-conditioned and convenient place to wait for a bus.

  210. Avatar photo
    Tanmelz melisa

    Y bus 851 n 853 is together but bus 852 is far away fr them.

  211. Avatar photo
    Chong Sherman

    Yishun BT is huge, cooling n many buses to everywhere in Singapore. Only crowded.

  212. Avatar photo
    Peter Leong

    Since the opening of the South Wing there are more eateries on every floor. Nice layout and very convenient, just off Yishun MRT Station

  213. Avatar photo
    Ranjith Kumar


  214. Avatar photo
    edward goh

    only good thing its aircon now and more buses to more areas of spore

  215. Avatar photo
    Kong Wen Sheng (SHENGster 盛斯特尔)

    Easy accessed. 812 to SAFRA is the first one you see when you enter from Northpoint

  216. Avatar photo
    Android Singapore

    Nice cheap hot drink at low as 80 cents at the NTWU coffeeshop at bus Interchange

  217. Avatar photo
    Ramlah Awang

    Spacious, wide passageway, clean n well organised berth

  218. Avatar photo
    Henry Henry

    Buses generally come in and out on time, which is great


  219. Avatar photo
    Norazmi Mohamed

    Yishun Bus Interchange is the best for me to be there is all under one roof.

  220. Avatar photo
    Sanjeevkumar Nagapah

    Always remember should be able to do work together help together finished work together give one another a hand to the elderly people who needs help with other people they can be helpful for you can be young people who needs help from you other people they can be do good work care for everyone

  221. Avatar photo
    Imas Mohamed

    An air-conditioned Bus Hub which can be accessed from North point city.Very well detailed and bus timings also displayed

  222. Avatar photo
    yanbin lim

    Super nice place.

  223. Avatar photo
    Frost Tech

    Good transportation hub in the north…

  224. Avatar photo
    Rajesh N

  225. Avatar photo
    Lv Gucci

    Making life more safety and enjoys freinds cleaness

  226. Avatar photo
    Natasha Greg

    Best interchange with cool drivers..with great attitudes.. and in time buses. Great work Smrt

  227. Avatar photo
    Edwards Lee


  228. Avatar photo
    Johnny Jayakumar

    Newly opened bus station in Yishun

  229. Avatar photo

    Very clean and easy to find buses

  230. Avatar photo
    Keith Jeremiah

    Big spacious transport hub

  231. Avatar photo
    Virginia De Silva

    Smooth flow of traffic

  232. Avatar photo
    lim davis

    Too crowded… But alot of bus services that will sure serve you to any part of Singapore.

  233. Avatar photo
    Cranmaia Neko

    I realli like the design of this interchange

  234. Avatar photo
    Martin Lee

    Nice And Improved interchange over the old one, cool air conditioning, the way they arrange the information for buses are good and straight forward

  235. Avatar photo
    Ivy Ong

    Lot of bus Over here which can direct bus to Tampines, Sengkang and Serangoon. Staying In Yishun is good.

  236. Avatar photo
    Yus Joseph

    Too huge. It like ages to get to berth 804 for instant …

  237. Avatar photo
    Prakash Praks

    A super long walk if you are entering from North Point.

  238. Avatar photo
    MK Yoon

    Nice air conditioned interchange. Surrounded by small eateries. Usually very crowded.

  239. Avatar photo
    You Yuan Qian Li

    Nice transport hub, but very long walk from start to end. Travellator would be helpful

  240. Avatar photo

    Bus arrived as scheduled

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