Review Yewtee Point, 21 Choa Chu Kang North 6, Singapore

Review YewTee Point in Singapore

“A decent neighborhood mall right in-front of Yew Tee MRT station. Nice.” or “Less crowded despite having Pasar Malam. Crowd dispersed presumably due to last day of 2022 .. Countdown MBS.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Yewtee Point. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Yewtee Point is quality.

Introduction about Yewtee Point

Here are some fundamental details regarding Yewtee Point. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Yewtee Pointis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 21 Choa Chu Kang North 6, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 64651986 (+65 64651986)
  • Website:
  • Address: 21 Choa Chu Kang North 6, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 7 AM to 10:30 PM.


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You can reach Yewtee Point at 64651986(+65 64651986). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Yewtee Point via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 21 Choa Chu Kang North 6, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Yewtee Point reviews

Yewtee Point is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Yewtee Point is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Great place Lots of food options Kinda crowded on certain days”

“I’m proud of how far you’ve come, yew tee. Now you even have a Starbucks and coffee bean. I’m sure my fellow yew tee residents were quite shocked when Starbucks opened …”

“Nice small air conditioning mall just 2 storey. With day to day necessities, groceries and food variety.”

“Nearby parking there’s a HDB Carpark! Nice place as all the major atms too”

“3 food courts and dozen restaurant and bubble tea shops. If you're hungry, you will have no lack of options”

“Loads of eateries for the neighbour. From local to fast food. Mini claw machine arcades for family fun. Awesome Bubble Tea for the sweet tooths ”

“It's a small mall. There's a few cafes, and a few restaurants. Nothing spectacular.”

“Though stay in cck hardly visit this place after 6 yrs the place really v busy where u can get what u want n the prices are v reasonable nice place to shop”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 278 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 76% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Yewtee Point, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Yewtee Point, 21 Choa Chu Kang North 6, Singapore

There is a total 278 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    Mall is quite spacious. People are very chill in the mall. The Fairprice is decently big. You can buy most of the ingredients you will need to cook up a meal for your family.

    The mall has big walking space for people to walk comfortably.

  2. Avatar photo
    Cher Wen Koh

    Your normal neighborhood mall where you can shop for you goceries and daily requirements. There is a food court and small eateries at the basement for your meals. Should be able to satisfy the requirements of the surrounding occupants without having to travel too far.

  3. Avatar photo
    Deeya Sashi Rekha

    The vegetarian restuarant here has good food. Forgot the name of the restuarant but its only one at first level. Worth it.

  4. Avatar photo
    Chloe Ying

    The food there is nice .

  5. Avatar photo
    Geng Liang Chong

    Quite a variety of food options with supermarket available to purchase essentials and groceries.

  6. Avatar photo
    Ambon Freda Lesta

    It’s very lively day and night. Our government does a gd job. It’s such a small place and yet it’s hot like chili padi. It’s combine a old and new flats. Really a refreshing and nostalgic as if I’m still staying in kampong… What a lively place…. Thank you Singapore..

  7. Avatar photo
    Helen Tham

    Very few food stall n popular brand shops at the mall.

  8. Avatar photo
    MGJK 88

    Clean. Variety of shops not too much. Has only 2 stories. Bathrooms rather clean. Not too crowded.

  9. Avatar photo

    Very convinient place to go by mrt. Small shopping centre have eating place, clothing, bags, shoes, beauty,household items, pharmancy are available here.

  10. Avatar photo
    ML Chan

    Use to love eating from this stall, made by 2 lovely aunties. But now it’s at $7 for this mini wok noodle, an increase of $1 cause the food court had a renovation. Steep price for noodle with average taste and small portion. Do not recommend.

  11. Avatar photo
    Yan Er Tan

    There’s not much, but at least there’s fairprice, chateraise and saizeriya!

  12. Avatar photo
    Mathew Tan

    Loads of eateries for the neighbour. From local to fast food. Mini claw machine arcades for family fun. Awesome Bubble Tea for the sweet tooths

  13. Avatar photo
    Ken Lim Weng Wai

    My daily food stop

  14. Avatar photo

    It’s a typical neighborhood shopping mall with the essential needs but has a few additional shops which is more high standard.

  15. Avatar photo

    Beautiful sc
    You can buy 4D/TOTO here
    Delicious Eateries

  16. Avatar photo
    Gangisetty Rajesh

    We get all the required things here ..u have value $ and fair price for groceries and mc d and shopping stalls and a metro to travel

  17. Avatar photo
    Abdul Wafid

    Really dont like the toilet. Soo dirty. Place look squeezy and compact.

  18. Avatar photo
    Nelson Chua

    go and see what different shops and different eatery thank you

  19. Avatar photo
    james bon

    Not the go to place for all your needs but good enough for some of your needs.

  20. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Gow

    a neighborhood place for groceries shopping, foodcour, fast food and various eateries stores available for choices.

  21. Avatar photo
    Abu Shama Samadi

    You can get almost anything here including good foods.

  22. Avatar photo
    boon kwee chan

    Heart warming mall in the northwest of Singapore. This place has seen Burger King and sushi express in the past. Now it still has Coffee Bean, KFC, Encik Tan. These survivors nevertheless attracts the likes of Starbucks. Not forgetting the good old neighborhood stores like Fairprice, Japan home, Koufu.

    Helm in the hands of Arch Capital since Mar 2021. It has still been through many tenants changing hands to find the best combination to spruce up the mall. With benefits to the neighborhood.

  23. Avatar photo
    Magic Leap

    Very good place to shop. Like the layout and well maintained. Has that family feeling to it. Very balanced selection of shops despite the small size.

  24. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Lu

    Would be good if the mall could be bigger and provide more varieties.

  25. Avatar photo
    tp pang

    A lot of amenities available despite the relatively small size. Plenty of cheap and tasty eating options too.

  26. Avatar photo
    Mohd Izham Ismail

    Confused! Coz there are many to choose from. B1 not a big area but big with choices.

  27. Avatar photo
    Wei Xiang Lin

    Decent place that’s air conditioned. Can get quite crowded. Fairprice has a decent variety, but is usually very crowded and has tight walking space.

  28. Avatar photo
    Jameson CHIANG - Singapore

    Gathering places to eat and drink. New shop just opened here, Gogo sushi. …

  29. Avatar photo
    Wayne Ong

    A poor poor representation of a “shopping centre”… I truly believe Yew Tee can support a much bigger shopping mall then this…

  30. Avatar photo
    jimmy lee

    A rather small neighborhood shopping mall located just in front of the Yew Tee Mrt station. Offers mainly F&B outlets. What I like about this mall is the Koufu food court located at B1. I found that most of the foodstalls are already opened at 8am on a public holiday today.

  31. Avatar photo
    General Twilight

    Great place to shop. Compared to Lot one, this shopping mall is much smaller and offers limited services to the residents in Yew Tee. The mall has a supermarket (NTUC fairprice), some salons, some clothes shops and a lot of F&B outlets like KFC, Koufu food court, and Long John Slivers. Most of the visitors of this mall is the residents of Yew Tee. Due to its limited services, many would rather go to the nearby Shopping Centre at Choa Chu Kang than Yew Tee point. It is very convenient to the residents of Yew Tee, many of whom live within walking distance of the mall. It takes at most 15 minutes of walking to reach the mall for the nearby residents. The mall is located next to Yew Tee MRT station. Though many consider its services to be inadequate, the residents that I have interacted with feel that it is mostly an okay mall. It has enough facilities to fulfil the needs of Yew Tee residents. They have recently installed an automated gate at their second entrance, allowing more residents to visit the mall conveniently.
    Overall, a convenient shopping mall to visit.

  32. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chin

    Daily affair to visit as my neighborhood. Frequent NTUC, Sushi, Subway and Mr Bean

  33. Avatar photo
    Ben Win

    I’m proud of how far you’ve come, yew tee. Now you even have a Starbucks and coffee bean. I’m sure my fellow yew tee residents were quite shocked when Starbucks opened …

  34. Avatar photo
    Gene Lee

    Typical neighborhood place. NTUC supermarket / foodcourt / clinics / salons etc

  35. Avatar photo
    Samuel Sunny

    Came here for Tenderfresh Chicken (Halal) at basement 1. All staffs very friendly and smiling

  36. Avatar photo
    Charles Stanley

    Small, cosy, got almost everything except cinema & bowling alley …

  37. Avatar photo
    H2 O

    Exciting neighborhood Heartland shopping mall with connections with MRT NTUC foodfair shopping banking entertainment and amenities. Plenty of local delights international delights. Free wifi. Friendly fast attentive clean tidy cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students tourists Expats locals and families.

  38. Avatar photo
    Victor Ang

    Good shoppibg mall for shoppers living near the vicinity

  39. Avatar photo
    Jojo N.

    For daily we get what we need. The only nuisance is parking especially for motorcycles. There is not enough and practical space. Must go MSCP which can take substantial time.
    But as for shopping and public transportation all is there and handy.
    We seldom need to go to the City or Jurong East.

  40. Avatar photo
    Daryl Eng

    Great place
    Lots of food options
    Kinda crowded on certain days

  41. Avatar photo
    Sree Bagvath

    Very small shopping mall but got vegetarian food stall in food court

  42. Avatar photo

    Great for various foods and food stores, but not if you’re looking for other wares

  43. Avatar photo
    Khong Nellie

    Pleasant shopping place wif good food. Shops are well stocked. I favor the McDonalds there bcos one can choose to dine either outdoor or indoor.

  44. Avatar photo
    PY Poon

    There’s a variety of food and shopping choices available that will satisfy your daily needs(麻雀虽小但五脏俱全). But the first floor’s air conditioning is not very good.

  45. Avatar photo
    Lily Pang

    Though stay in cck hardly visit this place after 6 yrs the place really v busy where u can get what u want n the prices are v reasonable nice place to shop

  46. Avatar photo

    Nice place to visit with a number of food options available.

  47. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tan

    Still available for needed items.

  48. Avatar photo
    Eugene Tay

    Average shopping mall. Mostly eateries and basic shopping.

  49. Avatar photo
    Meenaloshini Girjashankar

    Nearby parking there’s a HDB Carpark! Nice place as all the major atms too

  50. Avatar photo
    Nathanael Khoo

    Great mall with your standard eateries and fast food. It has Long John Silver’s. That’s kind of a big deal.

  51. Avatar photo
    Sahidah Kim

    Why can’t you have a sitting area while waiting for a cab? Expecting elderly to stand while waiting for grab?

  52. Avatar photo
    Betsy Yee

    You will never go hungry in this place instead you will be spoiled with a wide range of food choices from food court, cafes, bakeries, fast food and deli at affortable prices. My favourite place to visit whenever I need to refill our energy. …

  53. Avatar photo

    Decently crowded, especially tbe supermarket. Lots of places to eat at, should be crowded on weekends

  54. Avatar photo
    Dex Goh

    Small neighborhood mall. Nothing special. Mostly f&b outlets and other amenities.

  55. Avatar photo
    Treasure Pot

    Decent size mall that has almost everything including tuition centres (stalford and mind stretcher), good food at Penang Savor, Wan Tan Kia, Koufu, Encik Tan, Eighteen Chef, Power Nasi Lemak, few fast food and bubble tea stalls, 24hour …

  56. Avatar photo
    Andy Chng

    Block 787 .S-11 have alot of nice food stall

  57. Avatar photo
    Treasure Pot

    Decent size mall that has almost everything including tuition centres (stalford and mind stretcher), good food at Penang Savor, Wan Tan Kia, Koufu, Encik Tan, Eighteen Chef, Power Nasi Lemak, few fast food and bubble tea stalls, 24hour Coffee Bean, facial and hair saloon, clinic and dental, NTUC. New shops selling cny decor. TCM and reflexology and nail palace can be found too.

  58. Avatar photo
    Desmond Loh

    I like the you kee duck rice or kway chap at basement foodcourt

  59. Avatar photo

    Yew tee point is quite convient who those living around the area. There are supermarkets and wet markets around the area

  60. Avatar photo
    Zunaed Khaled

    Amazing really! Feeled with places to visit.

  61. Avatar photo

    For its size, it has most of the fast food, and basically most of what anyone needs

  62. Avatar photo
    Travola SG

    Mall near the heart landers.. Don’t visit sakura pigment beauty for your facial they will try find all ways to ask you to sign packages. I had to call the police down to assist me to get my refund since they still insist of not paying me back nearly 5k

  63. Avatar photo
    edward suyata

    My every day’s need can be found here, from coffee, toast, groceries, restaurants, electronics, and food court.

  64. Avatar photo
    Darshana Lee

    There’s a vegetarian stall in Koufu Food Court. Sells yummy food.

  65. Avatar photo
    Ron Wu

    Clean, simple and peaceful retail mall.

  66. Avatar photo
    wong ya wan

    coslab yew tee point beautician jessie service good

  67. Avatar photo
    candice c

    Small cost mall. With the basic amenities like supermarket, pharmacy and food court.

  68. Avatar photo
    M Dali

    Love the Encik Tan outlet as the noodles are well prepared and so are the char kway teow, carrot cake and oyster omelette

  69. Avatar photo
    Sean Wong

    Nice Malaysia food like black big noodle and crispy bihun with ho fen sauce

  70. Avatar photo
    Toilet Reviews

    Surprisingly clean toilets despite the crowds. Recently revovated. Has diaper changing station inside.

  71. Avatar photo
    Gopinath Govindaraj

    Decent place to get most basic items like groceries, clothes, electrical item, etc.

  72. Avatar photo
    Hafis Ahmad

    Many choices of food here

  73. Avatar photo
    Abdul Kadir Slamat

    Quite spacious to walk around with pram or trolley

  74. Avatar photo
    empty maverick

    Local mall with most things required for daily living. Well connected to Yew Tee MRT station.

  75. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Lee

    Been coming here very often to get my made-to-order salad. Love their Lemon mint sauce. It’s convenient also to do my banking here especially it right at the entrance. There is Old Chang Kee, Subway, Long John Silver, Toastbox, and even Macdonald. Food court food is also very delicious especially Yukee duck noodles.

  76. Avatar photo
    Ng Siew Hong

    Everyone have to Q to go in n Q to go out every day .the long John silver not enough worker every time. I pass by I only saw 1 in the counter and 1 in the kitchen

  77. Avatar photo
    Irfaners Inc

    It is quite a small mall with 2 floors only. (Lvl 1 and basement) I guess the shops there would fulfill your basic necessity (groceries, food, etc) But nothing thats fancy

  78. Avatar photo
    vicnaysen vilsamy

    you have both ntuc n ntuc finest. No more money changer.

  79. Avatar photo
    William Win

    .DBS Bank was newly relocated to the mall from MRT Premise. The first banking office in the building. There are constant displays of commodities ranging from Chinawares, varieties of cookies+ snacks+cakes, to all kinds of clothing in the atriums both first floor and basement.

  80. Avatar photo
    Kee Pheow LEE

    Friendly neighborhood shopping mall for residents of Woodlands with food, cinemas and clothing outlets

  81. Avatar photo
    Jansen Chua

    The range is improving over time with Starbucks being one of the latest additions. Coffee bean is a 24-hour joint there. For local coffee lovers, there is Ya kun at basement 1 and toastbox at lvl 1. For fastfood lovers, KFC and Long John Silver. Subway and OCK are found there too. …

  82. Avatar photo
    Daniel Ong

    Carpark is too cramp and limited lots avaliable. During lunch time and dinner time please avoid and park at the nearest HdB multi storey carpark

  83. Avatar photo
    Ho Hian Teck

    Compact mall..nice food. Big NTUC anchor tenant.

  84. Avatar photo
    Chun Song Lee

    Just a place to grab some food and groceries. There’s Long John Silver, Toast Box, Ya Kun, KFC, Coffee Beans, Hawker Centre, Watson, NTUC, UNITY, small Challenger, Fuhua, and a few dental clinic and clinic.

  85. Avatar photo
    wilsn odonata

    Small mall with ntuc fairprice as supermarket on the basement. Singapore pools inside ntuc. No branded retail. Koufu food court.. More food outlet, Crave & Saizeriya is here now.

  86. Avatar photo
    Cereal Eater

    It’s aight I guess, small neighbourhood mall with standard necessities to serve the residents. As it is mixed use, there will be limitation to the available space to have a more vibrant portfolio mix. Overall, it’s average just like my PSLE score almost 2 decades ago.

  87. Avatar photo
    Ridzwan Afnan

    Honestly nothing to do here and aircon isnt even that strong to fend off from the heat.

  88. Avatar photo

    I bought waffles from Prima Deli.It was delicious. The cashier was also very kind and friendly

  89. Avatar photo
    Luqman Amir

    I met a girl here. She was standing in the middle of the open area when it suddenly rains. So i took out my jacket and ran towards her. I then pull my jacket over her head and walk to the nearest shelter. We talked for hours. Today she’s my insurance agent.

  90. Avatar photo
    Shirali N

    Not many things to do, mostly eating places

  91. Avatar photo
    Yu Yi Tan

    i eat curry rice and egg sasauge

  92. Avatar photo
    adrian gian

    Average neighbourhood mall, for basic essentials, only worthy to mention is 18chefs, mall has seen better days, move on please.

  93. Avatar photo
    Richard Yip

    There’s a good vegetarian stall in the Kofu Food court.

  94. Avatar photo

    Small but variety in food stalls is not bad. Not only the ubiquitous local fare, but also a few more specialized food.

  95. Avatar photo
    Liow Nighthawk

    It is a small Mall situated within the clustered of HDB housings and right next to the MRT Station. There is a NTUC inside with other shops like Fourleafs, Watson, Fastfood outlets etc., and there is another FAIRPRICE Finest under the railways. It is quite a convenient place for the neighbourhood residents to grab their food. There is another Kopitiam (over priced) situated opposite and above the Mcdonald.

  96. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Lim

    Only place to go in Yew Tee at the moment.

  97. Avatar photo
    Annie Khoo

    Strategic location with a lot of eatery available so very convenient..

  98. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ong

    Nice mall. Quite often spent time looking for a meal here.

  99. Avatar photo
    sc Chiang

    A neighbourhood mall that has basic stuffs that you generally need. You will not need to travel to town area and this place is self sufficient by itself. A nice neighbourhood that you can consider dropping by.

  100. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lim

    During Covid 19 CB period, the screener and staff attitude is so terrible. Lack of patience and displaying as if they are unwilling to work/acting unfriendly

  101. Avatar photo
    Celeste Lim

    The variety here is not bad for a neighbourhood shopping centre.

  102. Avatar photo
    Xuan Ze Pay

    Just better than a shopping centre but no entertainment like movie theatre or arcade. and it’s only have two level/floor to shop

  103. Avatar photo
    Veg Yuan

    there is 2 veg eateries within this shopping mall which is just doorstep of Yew Tee MRT!

    Green Vegetarian in Koufu

    Green Age, 菩提素 by Zi Zai Zhai

  104. Avatar photo
    Kathryn Loon

    Clean and neat. Well organised… supermarket, mini carts, food, beauty, hair cut, pharmacy etc…. Nice!

  105. Avatar photo
    Jes Choo

    Tis is a small shopping mall but it has many food outlets n NTUC supermarket is a bit congested.

  106. Avatar photo
    Koon Kang NG

    This is a convenient and affordable neighborhood shopping mall with many choices for groceries and food as well as desserts.

  107. Avatar photo
    Dickson Ong

    Decent selection of good and i believe there is a ntuc for your daily grocery.

  108. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Paramsivan

    Just realised that Yew Tee has some nice cafes & eateries around, especially a Veg Cafe – GREEN DOT …

  109. Avatar photo
    ng yongseng

    Kofu vegetarian food court menus every time go there order cook foods always do not have,l order assam fish dish,they said 5.30pm,went there again order same dish,they said 7.00pm,if do have pls take down the menus.

  110. Avatar photo
    alan wang

    Small compact mall with variety of shops and eatery and a money changer.

  111. Avatar photo
    jai me th omas

    Nice small shopping place but restaurants are limited!

  112. Avatar photo
    Siew Lin Tuck (xiaold)

    I like the vegetarian food stall inside the Koufu food court. Good taste and more variety. Must try!

  113. Avatar photo
    chandu varma kalidindi

    Small shopping centre. Good place for food lovers not really a shopping mall

  114. Avatar photo
    S Q

    Pretty all right for a neighbourhood mall.

  115. Avatar photo
    Wei Wen Tan

    A Small shopping center with only 2 floors but is able to provide all your basic needs. Has a Challenger for electronics, NTUC for groceries, Kofu for meals and loads more.

  116. Avatar photo
    Gargantuan GARY

    nicely layout setup, the basement 1 level has all the right mix of shops and proper toilet placements. good planning…

  117. Avatar photo
    Michael Koh

    Plenty of makan stalls including Kou Fu hawker foods

  118. Avatar photo
    Airi Ardnan

    Convenient place with alot of variety for shops froms places to eat to NTUC to challenger

  119. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    A decent neighborhood mall right in-front of Yew Tee MRT station. Nice.

  120. Avatar photo
    Song Wee Chew

    a warm and nice mall I like to go everyday. …

  121. Avatar photo
    SH Hussin

    Nice food …Nasi padang a bit expensive but nice..

  122. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Ho (Luxiferette)

    Small neighbourhood mall with plenty of food.
    Have a decent size NTUC too.
    Quite a lot of shops which you can get your daily household items.
    There is a ToaxtBox at the side of the mall, which have one of the biggest dinning area around this area. Love it.
    Yakun is inside the mall, dinning area is quite decent.
    Saizeriya is inside the mall and have quite a big dinning area too.
    Lots of food at basements too.

  123. Avatar photo
    Alex Lim

    Better than lot one,at least there full of shop which suits for neighborhood.

  124. Avatar photo
    Ramprasath Janarthanan

    YewTee Point has two retail levels The mall is located in Yew Tee, a housing estate within a major residential .near yew tee mrt also there…

  125. Avatar photo
    Barry Mok

    Family go to place for claw machine fun and vegetarian food at lvl one that are side by side

  126. Avatar photo
    Tzesionggalaxy Lau

    Sort of a neighbourhood mall. Little parking lots. Be prepared to wait if you are driving

  127. Avatar photo
    Arup Ghosh

    This is a nice place where you can find all the necessary shops, food stalls and etc. KFC, cake shops, fair price, electronics shops, food courts. I have visited this place many times and found to fulfill my requirements every time. Number of shops is however less compared to other nearby shopping malls.

  128. Avatar photo
    H 2

    Medium sized shopping mall with plenty of dinning shopping banking supermarkets groceries sundries postage services and amenities nearby. Walking distance to Yew Tee MRT Yew Tee Square and Yew Tee Market to compliment the dinning shopping banking supermarkets and wet market needs. Freshly prepared food with healthy ingredients tender loving skillful cooking and warm services. Walking distance to Yew Tee Community Club Yew Tee Park with breezy greenery away from busy cityscapes. Small Condominium on top of Yew Tee Point with full condo fasciitis including swimming pools. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students expats locals visitors and families.

  129. Avatar photo
    Choon Huat Tan

    Have Koufu Kopitiam here and very big with a lot of seats too (09.11.2022)

  130. Avatar photo
    Akiko Jacqueline

    Two storey mall. Essential shops like Watson’s, NTUC, challenger, KFC, toastbox, vegetarian eatery, koufu food court, sushi place etc

  131. Avatar photo
    Md Zulfaiz

    It’s a food haven! Has a variety of cuisines ranging from bbt to sushi!

  132. Avatar photo

    Small heartland mall catering to residents of Yew Tee estate. Staple supermarket (NTUC), pharmacies, fast food outlets, ready-to-eat food counters, bubble tea joints and the reliable foodcourt.

  133. Avatar photo
    Benson Lim

    Nice place well maintained, keep up the pace

  134. Avatar photo
    Kevin Tan

    Although the shopping center is small, but it has my favorite food.

  135. Avatar photo
    Moh Syed

    A mall just a door step away from the tRain station. Food galore, food haven..

  136. Avatar photo
    j tony

    Small mall. Decent place for simple meal and supermarket shopping

  137. Avatar photo
    Bronze Fish

    3 food courts and dozen restaurant and bubble tea shops. If you’re hungry, you will have no lack of options

  138. Avatar photo
    Tan Kim Huat Adam

    A Kampong atmosphere with modern amenities, the best of both worlds. Yew Tew have become better and better especially the last few years. There have been many Halal food eateries coming to Yew Tew. And lately even big boy like Coffee bean have come to Yew Tew.

  139. Avatar photo
    Randy Rozali

    It’s the nearest mall that we have within the area. Cheers.

  140. Avatar photo
    Cherlek Toh

    NTUC fairprice supermarket is the popular place for groceries.

  141. Avatar photo
    Atiah Shaini

    Can surprise yourself with the keep on having/changing new shops in a few years. Still have food court with one halal stall, Watson, long John silver, Japan home, kfc, mr bean. Shop mentioned is still around as at July 2019 …

  142. Avatar photo
    Harris Stein

    All kind food, pharmacy and groceries NTUC is here.

  143. Avatar photo
    John Ting

    Consider good place for foods in neighbourhood area.

  144. Avatar photo
    Tan Sok Eng

    Small mall but has plenty to eat

  145. Avatar photo
    amy huang

    Coffee Beans Breakfast 2 Combo for $11.90. delicious till 11am.

  146. Avatar photo
    Gary Tan

    Good food, Big space. Comfortable
    . This is a place I wanna live in.

  147. Avatar photo
    GK Soh

    Much more lively with new tenants that draw more customers, weekdays seem slow with customers

  148. Avatar photo
    Da Ben

    One stop mall in the Yew tee area

  149. Avatar photo
    Chen Pengyu

    Quite small not crowded during weekend, so quite ok to shop if consider Covid 19. Quite good

  150. Avatar photo
    Patwary Zisan

    It’s good

  151. Avatar photo

    It’s a small shopping mall with a condominium above the mall. Basic necessities can be found from here but really nothing much

  152. Avatar photo
    Teh Kar Meai 嘉勉

    Although it is a small mall, but overall is convenient for residents but not really for those who want to shop for clothes..the foodcourt at B1 is KouFu and they have vegetarian stall at there…

  153. Avatar photo
    Darren Fong

    Heartland mall with supermarket and food options. Limited, but it does its job

  154. Avatar photo
    Doris Cookie

    Good shoping place but recently i go there and the escalator not working very inconvenient hope they can improve the facility

  155. Avatar photo

    All you would need in the heartlands. A mall with food options & a supermarket that’s pretty well stocked up.

  156. Avatar photo

    Here for the first time after walking the rail corridor nearby. Surprised how small is this place (no second floor). Not a lot of interesting options, mainly a place for groceries, takeaways and casual dining. Normally kcut outlets have queue but the one there has hairdresser waiting for customer.

  157. Avatar photo
    Zahari Nawi

    Mini Mall with limited facilities. Bookshop, challenger, Japan home, and many dining outlets available

  158. Avatar photo

    Food variety is definitely here but if you are looking to go to NTUC here – don’t! It is ways crowded, with a long queue and not many things can be found here!

  159. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Leong

    Small 2-level suburban shopping mall. Anchor tenant is NTUC with the usual eateries found in all Singapore malls.

  160. Avatar photo
    Maszlan Joha

    Wide variety of food and not so crowded.

  161. Avatar photo
    Dragon Fu

    Less crowded despite having Pasar Malam. Crowd dispersed presumably due to last day of 2022 ..
    Countdown MBS.

  162. Avatar photo
    Sharlin Heng

    New yew tee point have a lot of cafe & foods

  163. Avatar photo

    Decent but its fine

  164. Avatar photo

    The escalators break down often. Not many good eateries. 18Chefs is not bad. I just wish they stop adding sugar to their food.

  165. Avatar photo
    Subramaniam Thirumeni

    It’s a small mall compared to the typical malls in housing estates. But,less crowded than most.

  166. Avatar photo
    Cecilia Lee

    People are friendly here.

  167. Avatar photo
    Lui Meng Liew

    Food atandards at foodcourt fallen abit.

  168. Avatar photo
    Vignesh Waran

    Here we have 24 hours money changing machine but Indian currency not available and we have auto photo shop 24 hours facility and 2 dental and 1 surgeon clinic 1 clinic and cloth washing machine shop.

  169. Avatar photo

    It’s a small mall.

    There’s a few cafes, and a few restaurants.

    Nothing spectacular.

  170. Avatar photo
    LR0924 Official YT

    Not enough facilities especially clothes, pants shops.

  171. Avatar photo
    Saleh Chowdhury

    Just a local shopping mall in the Yew Tee area. Not many shops, but there is a big FairPrice at the B1 level. Also has a Mini Challenger and other shops. It is just beside the Yew Tee MRT station and has a empty space in front of it where some pasar malam are arranged sometimes.

  172. Avatar photo
    razer raihan

    Although a small mall, a balance of food, groceries and services available here. Great job management on the balance of shops services.

  173. Avatar photo

    it’s small compared to other malls. I’ll go there to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner or dessert but it isn’t ideal for window shopping. There’s nothing to see and not much to do.

  174. Avatar photo
    Alan Tham

    Well, it’s just a normal neighborhood mall. Has gotten everything it needs.

  175. Avatar photo

    Went to yong kang for tui nan and acupuncture. Had a v pleasant experience. Services fr counter staff was great too

  176. Avatar photo
    Fanny Amelia

    This mall is decent, the choice of shops is quite large and complete, but for halal food there are not too many choices, even the koufu or food center does not have halal food,,

  177. Avatar photo
    Appu Mathew

    Simple place. Good Quality Shops and eateries. Biggest plus point is that it’s not so crowded.

  178. Avatar photo
    Jaxxon Yim

    Small nice mall with lots of eateries. Many nice food selection.

  179. Avatar photo
    brendon tan

    Good places to go there – Yakun coffee, west coast cafe (fish head), NTUC Fairprice and kopitiam (fish soup, duck rice and western food) are more popular there.

  180. Avatar photo
    Christopher Ching

    Interesting place, it’s a small mall, but there are a lot of the usual food stalls. 18chefs is nice.

  181. Avatar photo
    Zhilin Chiam

    Basic mall which sells majority of food. Glad there’s saizeriya there, other than that the rest of the shops are just meh.

    Nothing much to shop tbh, it’s just a normal neighbourhood mall, not much entertainment available (no arcade/cinema/library)

    They do have a NTUC there and many food shops to patronise

  182. Avatar photo
    Khng Suansee

    good mix of shops. wish Popular book store could be a future tenant

  183. Avatar photo
    Rajnish Narula

    A neighborhood mall having shop for the daily needs. It doesn’t have clothings, shoes shops etc

  184. Avatar photo
    Patricia Tan

    Good neighbourhood shopping mall but a little lacking in the shopping department

  185. Avatar photo
    R C L

    Some convenient day-to-day shops. Easy to reach.

  186. Avatar photo
    Ming Tai Tan

    Not a big mall but have a supermarket and food court

  187. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Teo

    Nice small air conditioning mall just 2 storey. With day to day necessities, groceries and food variety.

  188. Avatar photo

    Alot of stall for you to shop.

  189. Avatar photo
    susan tan

    Not bad. A lot of nice food here

  190. Avatar photo
    Goh AL

    Wide choice of food, grocery items, etc…NTUC, optician, fast food, bakery, food courts, hair salon, stationery shop, money exchanger, Korean dessert, POSBank, wet market,etc

  191. Avatar photo

    Not much cuisines to choose from, mostly western cuisines. There’s a food court there where most people go to. Ilahui , a Korean shop located at floor one have cheap and affordable items. Beauty products, jewellery, decorations, etc. Not a very big mall but enough to get daily neccessities.

  192. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lim

    Not alot of shops . Felt that u r in Malaysia mall

  193. Avatar photo
    Daniel Mah

    Typical neighbourhood mall by the mrt station. Sufficient for daily needs

  194. Avatar photo
    robayet khandoker

    Very good

  195. Avatar photo
    Muthu LG

    I love yew tee point i always order EncikTan. dry noodle mee very nice i like it

  196. Avatar photo
    kenny koh

    Small but full with daily goods. Not as crowded as big malls. Pleasant to drop by for daily necessity.

  197. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Chew

    This is the only mall you find that is only 2 level with limited things but there is a lot of good food choices and with additional of the newly open Coffeebean that is 24hour make it a bonus. It may seems dull but this is the place where memories are being made

  198. Avatar photo
    Adrian Lim

    Many eatery. Give it a try if u are around that area

  199. Avatar photo
    Dominic So

    Limited parking lots during peak hours. Decent food choices at B1. Standard heartland mall setup.

  200. Avatar photo
    ABS 4978x

    Neighbourhood’s mall, nice place. Top floor still under renovation.

  201. Avatar photo
    Dion Nelson

    Shopping centre is L1 and B1. Good number of eateries and other stores.

  202. Avatar photo
    YF 佑發Liew 劉

    Tenant mix are not little. It can be a better neighbourhood shopping mall.

  203. Avatar photo
    Bee Lay Quah

    Hope to see more shop ie daiso, famous eatery. Seem yew tee pt don’t have anything attractive

  204. Avatar photo
    Simon Tan

    Your typical neighborhood mall. Has all the necessities you need, and then some more. Should be bigger, 2 flrs a little small inadequate.

  205. Avatar photo
    Lester Chua

    2 thumbs up. Good selection of eateries and shops.

  206. Avatar photo
    Goh Donald

    Carpark only limited lots . Always need to queue . Pls , it’s less than a 100 lots only

  207. Avatar photo
    Toni Dariyah Goh

    Small but better choices to partake in the many shop food outlets – FairPrice : Cheers : Watson : Uncle Tan : basement food court and like…

  208. Avatar photo
    Lam Alfred

    A v small mall.hv many fds to eat n is almost same as many big malls.ppl here nvr bother.mrt v crowded.not convenient for elderly.

  209. Avatar photo
    Sam Tang

    Food in koufu is good

  210. Avatar photo
    Kenzy Lua

    Just a neighborhood shopping centre.

  211. Avatar photo
    William Win

    .DBS Bank was newly relocated to the mall from MRT Premise. The first banking office in the building. There are constant displays of commodities ranging from Chinawares, varieties of cookies+ snacks+cakes, to all kinds of clothing in the atriums both first floor and basement.

  212. Avatar photo
    Mia Jing Goh

    An average neighbourhood mall well patronised by a large suburban residential though going to the city would be a shot tube ride of 45 minutes.

  213. Avatar photo

    Needs more variety of shops in the mall

  214. Avatar photo
    Sendhilraj Jude Sathasivam Kusalan

    Decent mall with everything you’ll need for your everyday living.

  215. Avatar photo
    jimmy lee

    A rather small neighborhood shopping mall located just in front of the Yew Tee Mrt station. Offers mainly F&B outlets. What I like about this mall is the Koufu food court located at B1. I found that most of the foodstalls are already opened at 8am on a public holiday today.

  216. Avatar photo
    Iskandar Rawi

    Where locals hang out. Some buskers may be outside singing. Check out Fish and Chicks at the kopitiam! Good serving of western food!

  217. Avatar photo
    Gamer's Loft Singapore

    Big place but many spaces un-utilised

  218. Avatar photo
    Terrence Yoong

    Good and convenient neighborhood shopping centre, catered for neighborhood folks.

  219. Avatar photo
    Chee Siong Cheng (CS)

    Another heartland mall. Memories because i used to frequent there during our active NSF times! How time flies it has been 10 years!

  220. Avatar photo
    David Kwong

    Ate lunch with a good friend at Penang Culture.
    Had myself a plate of noodles, Kailan and a buah long long drink.

  221. Avatar photo
    Ansley Chua

    During circuit breaker, need to queue to go in

  222. Avatar photo
    Nguyễn Lily

    Classi. mani + pedi . $45
    Express mani + pedi. $20

    Classic mani + pedi gelish $80
    Express mani + pedi gelish $60

    Classic gel extension. $80
    Classic acrylic extension. $80

    Lip waxing $15 IPL $18 armpit waxing $30 IPL $30
    half hand waxing $30 half leg waxing $30

    Eyelashes extension 1D $58 2D 3D $68 4D 5D$78 +++
    Dear Customer
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    97248797 for Appointment

  223. Avatar photo
    Abdul Jabbar Kachi

    Passby this area after many years. Looks cool and clean. Good choices of food, be it locals and western.

  224. Avatar photo
    kitty pets

    The mall itself is nice however the restaurant below, especially 18 chefs had a bad customer service

  225. Avatar photo
    adrian chong

    Good parking space

  226. Avatar photo
    CHONG Chee Seng 张智诚

    Just a small neighborhood mall, with a hawker centre, some eateries, food stalls, NTUC Fairprice, SingaporePools, not many shops.

  227. Avatar photo
    Rosli Atan

    A small neighbourhood shopping mall but very intresting.

  228. Avatar photo
    DJ crewbeng

    Great place to go, many outlets and it was a fun and happy place to be spending time with my family

  229. Avatar photo
    Mohan Krishnasamy

    Lots of new restaurants opened up at Yew tee point. More variety of food available. Still one of my fav place for food.

  230. Avatar photo
    J R

    Very limited choices of food, no cinema, not much to do except for the claw machines, but basic necessity is there.

  231. Avatar photo
    Lee Adrian

    A very small mall more suitable for residence rather than shopping.

  232. Avatar photo
    Anthony Siew

    Convenient place near Yew Tee MRT

  233. Avatar photo
    Low Richard

    Good place to stay, near MRT food court, wet market, shop house…..

  234. Avatar photo
    Chua Ban Cheng

    They sell 4-d at B1 & L1 take Salmon fish porridges for my breakfast.

  235. Avatar photo

    Great place to go if you want to pick up something cheap.

  236. Avatar photo
    Luft H.

    Family dining restaurant available . Seafood, Western, Local and Healthy sandwiches too… only carpark can sometimes be full during weekends. Nearby Yew Tee MRT. Very convenient.

  237. Avatar photo
    PY Lee

    Very boring small shopping mall. There’s an outdated stationery store next to KFC. The 2 young ladies working there are so rude. No wonder there is hardly any customer. The Nasi Pandang stall @basement has a group of “attitude” Marciks. You can Q until sunset and they will take their own sweet time to take your orders.No good food to eat here. Can try the Penang laksa but prices are on the high side. Ntuc @basement is always crowded.

  238. Avatar photo
    Ucop Arrow

    Small but awesome place

  239. Avatar photo
    Mohd Jai Muhammad Sahriff

    Not much to complain besides I’m there for breakfast at Long John and 1 word to describe it……Awesuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum

  240. Avatar photo
    Hassan Sharif Maricar

    Nice Shopping Centre With NTUC, WHATSONS & UNITY PHARMACY.

  241. Avatar photo

    Yew Tee point is a spacious nd clean mall, even the restrooms are very clean.

  242. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Helmi Kamaruzaman

    Relatively small mall near Yew Tee MRT. Shops and F&B available at B1 & L1.

  243. Avatar photo
    armand koesnady

    Yee Yee Point… It’s a small mall with NTUC Supermarket as the anchor tenant. Well, you can have your meals here as there are many foods kiosks and coffeeshops.

  244. Avatar photo
    Fred C.

    A small mall with mostly F&B outlets and a NTUC supermarket in the basement. Also a koufu foodcourt.

  245. Avatar photo
    Muhd Idris Elias

    So far so good place to dine and wind up

  246. Avatar photo
    Bobby Ng

    very old and don’t have many stores to shop.

  247. Avatar photo
    Ajith Sebastian

    Small but still good. There is fair price , QB hair cut, Challenger and choice for good food, cake shops etc

  248. Avatar photo
    Kennedy Yong

    Friendly Neighborhood Shopping Mall which consist of 2 levels. Just right beside Yew Tee MRT Station. Many different food stores in the mall, such as takeaway food, bubble tea, fast food, restaurants, cafe, and koufu. Fairprice is decently big for a mall this size. There are also stores which provide services like dental services, facial services, hair salon, nails services, technology services, medical services, and tuition services.

  249. Avatar photo
    Huili S

    Standard stuff’d. nothing can go wrong but sometimes the sides options are limited

  250. Avatar photo
    Two Hills

    A small shopping mall but had everything you need for daily necessity

  251. Avatar photo
    Austin Reise

    What do you expect for a center to serve the neighborhood? Not a mega mall. But has many amenities to meet most of your needs.

  252. Avatar photo
    Peter Chiam

    Straight forward heartland mall that was well stocked with popular eatery options and NTUC. But watch out… The car park is rather small.

  253. Avatar photo
    Romans Tan


  254. Avatar photo
    Reza Edsman

    Loved the new variety of shops that compliments the shops at Yew Tee Square as well.

  255. Avatar photo
    Zahri Onan

    POSB yew tee mrt now located at yew tee point

  256. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Sazali

    A mall with varieties of shops selling food, pharmacy, restaurants etc ..

  257. Avatar photo
    Goondu Smartie

    A vibrant place that has loads of food n shopping to cater to the neighbourhood.

  258. Avatar photo
    Tok Wei Ling

    Small, but has the necessities, especially for dining.

  259. Avatar photo
    David Ho

    Quite hard to call it a mall since it is only 2 floors. At least there are some fast food like KFC, Long John Silvers and Saizeriya

  260. Avatar photo
    norman soh

    Only 2 floors of shopping and eateries, having said that, it’s very near to the MRT, good location

  261. Avatar photo
    Esther Ting

    Have all kinds of food for all dietary requirements like vegetarian and halal. Although halal options are not a lot.

  262. Avatar photo
    G BL

    Always busy, as I’m stay near by visited here for quick bite mostly and doing some groceries.

  263. Avatar photo
    Umi Kalsom Salim

    It has almost everything that U looked for at Yew Tee Square . Beauty Parlour, phone shop , Laundry Mart ( Self Service), Plentiful of ATM Machines , 7-11 Store etc etc.

  264. Avatar photo
    Wen Chang

    A typical neighborhood shopping centre
    Variety of food store

  265. Avatar photo

    A very small mall. Nothing much here. Just a supermarket, a food court and a few other eateries. Coupled with pharmacies and a few more shops. What’s ridiculous about this mall is, they allow able bodied food delivery guys to ride in with their PMD. These folks should not be allowed in as it posed a danger to others. 99% of these food riders who rides in are able to walk normally. Seen so many times.

  266. Avatar photo
    wei jin neo

    2 Storey mall with lots of eateries, bakery, supermarket (money changer pre covid) and Singapore pool. Not much for shopping though.

  267. Avatar photo
    Zhang z

    2 storey mini suburban shopping mall located outside of yew tee MRT.

    Sufficient to satisfy neighborhood housing areas.

    Contains predominantly F&B stalls.

    Recently, facilities in the mall got renovated. Could possibly enhance your shopping experience.

  268. Avatar photo
    Zachary Chua

    Small shopping mall that serves the local community around Yew Tee. It has a rather large supermarket in the basement which provides the daily necessities for the locals. It also has a few restaurants as well as a foodcourt in the basement as well. Overall it’s a nice mall but a little lacking in the shopping department.

  269. Avatar photo
    Salim Bidin

    Good shopping mall near MRT station

  270. Avatar photo
    Hauming Lee

    A small mall in the heartlands but you can find almost everything you need

  271. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lai

    great place without overcrowding like other town centers….. the claypot n herbal soup in Kopitiam on 2nd floor is nice !!

  272. Avatar photo
    SL Liem

    It seems that if there is an MRT station, a mall is mandatory. Yew Tee Point is one such mall.

    With every neighbourhood mall, a supermarket is also mandatory. But what’s a mall if there aren’t any eateries? In this particular mall, eateries are aplenty, outnumbering retail shops.

    Still, you can get IT stuff from Challenger, hair done in a salon, cheap household knickknacks, for example. It’s not the most comprehensive mall but it’s adequate for family outing for food and groceries.

  273. Avatar photo
    Janet Ng

    Has many eateries

  274. Avatar photo
    Bryan Loh

    More food options when lot 1 gets too boring

  275. Avatar photo

    Nothing crazy, but its one of those kinds of places you would keep coming back to so it wins in my book. Has a really great selection of goods and services to be purchased here. One of the things I really like is the $1/bread aft office hours deal and the $2.50 set B nasi lemak! (:

  276. Avatar photo
    Sinbad Han

    Most Basic Necessaries items can get from there.

  277. Avatar photo
    DB Kabir khan

    So cheap value shop i like so much

  278. Avatar photo
    KS Chong

    typical heartland mall with basic brand names like fairprice, watson, challenger, unity pharmacy, clinics and restaurant. functional, serve the locals well, but hardly appealing. it’s not a place you want to come all the way to visit.

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