Review Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd, 59 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore

Review XNR Movers and Logistics Pte Ltd - Singapore 59 Serangoon North Ave 4

“Wang Lei team really professional. Packing and dismantle taking short time without damaging the goods. Steady!” or “Dave & team really do a good job & fast one. Ask for help also easy to help. Friendly and really good movers team. Recommended. Reference 7671.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd is quality.

Introduction about Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd

Here are some fundamental details regarding Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd. In terms of Moving company, it is generally believed that Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltdis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 59 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Moving company, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 97838430 (+65 97838430)
  • Website:
  • Address: 59 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 9 AM to 6 PM.


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How to contact Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd via:

Phone number

You can reach Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd at 97838430(+65 97838430). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 59 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd reviews

Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd is among the best destinations of Moving company in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd good?

To determine whether Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Was assisted by Wang Lei (6008) Very good service. Very professional and fast. Would recommend for anyone looking for a move end to end took like 2hrs”

“The team did a good and ex ellent job. Smooth and experience team. We thank them especially when our item move to the store they know how to manage the space especially Supervisor Jack. Highly recommended.”

“Wang Lei team really professional. Packing and dismantle taking short time without damaging the goods. Steady!”

“Peter and team (Ref: 5337) is super efficient and fast! He cling wrap everything nicely to ensure that it is not damaged during delivery. Will definitely recommend him.”

“Very happy with the service provided by XNR, in particular Wang Lei who has been very helpful in making sure all items are packed and moved properly. Keep up the good work! Ref no. 6385.”

“Tian fu is a great guy doing my house moving. Professional and very helpful. He is a very nice and cheerful guy. Thank you so much for your help. Will engage your service next time I need movers again.”

“Avan and team (Ref #5300) are very friendly, professional and efficient in helping to move our items from one location to another. Highly recommend to use them if you are looking for a mover.”

“Dave & team really do a good job & fast one. Ask for help also easy to help. Friendly and really good movers team. Recommended. Reference 7671.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 217 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 98% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Xnr Movers And Logistics Pte Ltd, 59 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore

There is a total 217 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Choo Oz

    Ameirul & his team provide fast moving services to help me save time and settle in easily within a day.

  2. Avatar photo
    Hao Yang Lim

    Wang Lei was quick and efficient. Everything was done neatly.


  3. Avatar photo
    Chen Fang

    Generally I am satisfied with the service, except the customer service at the box return part. 2 loads of the furniture and books are really heavy for the 3 young men. Appreciate Mattrew, Irwin and Elvin took good care of my item, they are responsible and fast!

  4. Avatar photo
    GO GO

    I had a great experience with Jazelbelle from the beginning on service inclusions and scheduling.

    Ample time was factored in to drop of the boxes for me to pack before date of moving as per requested.

    Dave and team were assigned on day of moving. My items both inside the sealed boxes and modular large and fragile pieces were promptly packed and moved over to my new place within the timeframe advised.

    Fuss-free service and I am most happy to provide a 5 star.

    As a comparison, I had reached out to a few other companies at the point of research. Jazelbelle was solution-driven and did not create too much admin work for me as a customer. Items were accessed via WhatsApp quickly x

    Perhaps for antiques and cherished fragile items, I suggest a more meticulous approach by the other companies. For my 10 boxes and modular pieces, the service provided is more than satisfactory!

  5. Avatar photo
    Bianca Ee

    We were pleasantly surprised to see young Peter and team.They were both professional and swift in moving the items.highly recommended!

  6. Avatar photo
    lee charnchai

    Dave was good. Fantastic strong men good character good attitude .
    Ref: electric box

  7. Avatar photo
    Dawn A.

    Zheng Zhao and his team were super efficient and accommodating! They even gave me a lift when we detoured to a Carouseller’s place to pick up a TV console I bought from them before moving everything to my new home. They also set up my computer desk to my liking. Highly recommended!

    Reference number: 6316

  8. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Soo

    Fadzli and his team were very professional. They really ensure all our items are well packed.

  9. Avatar photo
    Miriam Cienfuegos

    Zheng Zhao & Wang Lei fantastic team! Fast & efficient! Highly reccommended!

    Ref #: 6016

  10. Avatar photo
    Adam Roberts

    Moved a 3 bedroom to 2 bedroom across the island. Movers phoned 30 mins before arriving and were prompt within the time window booked. Several guys came to move our furniture. They were super fast at getting everything into trolleys and unloading at the other side, less than 3 hours total. All very friendly, enthusiastic and skilled guys.

  11. Avatar photo
    Candy Han

    Am super impress with XNR Movers! Among the movers I contacted they were the first to get back with a quotation. Aaron and team were very efficient, helpful and polite during the move. Highly recommend!

  12. Avatar photo
    Eason Ye (Uncle Ye)

    Xin 6068
    Professional movers!
    Safe and effective!

  13. Avatar photo
    Cassie Zhang

    4th time engage their service, fast & efficient. Willy, ong, Tianfu & Ah soon
    (ref 6324)

  14. Avatar photo
    Belle Oh

    As a first-timer engaging a mover, XNR Movers’s Ong & Team had given us the assurance and professionalism that we were looking for. Ong was attentive to our requests and meticulous in his planning process. His confidence and experience had helped put us at ease, knowing we were in good hands!

    We were stunned by how efficient and strong his team was. In the blink of an eye, they wrapped our boxes nicely, packed them into the truck and we were on the way to the new location. Despite doing such labour-intensive tasks and racing against time, Ong & Team was still able to put on a friendly smile.

    Also not forgetting Jazelbelle… it was precisely because of her quickest responses to my messages that I decided to engage XNR, amongst such fierce competition in this industry. XNR should value her greatly!

  15. Avatar photo
    XT L

    Professional, superbly efficient and friendly!
    Special thanks to Yonas and Jamal for their great service!

  16. Avatar photo
    Yukina Shenton

    They were Ok, but we have seen better movers as well (have moved 3 times in last 4 years). The mover we liked wasn’t available on short notice and we decided to give them a try because they were very responsive.

    Positive: Booking process was very fast and Jazebelle was very responsive and helpful in making sure we get the boxes within 2 days. On the actual day, they were quite fast in terms of loading up the truck and wrapped up the boxes on trolley. We were moving from a 3BR unfurnished to a 3BR partially furnished place and had some furniture of our own. Move was very fast. Started at 930 am and completed before noon . Price was also reasonable for $288 per 14ft. Guys were also fairly helpful by helping us move some of our old furniture to the condo rubbish chute.

    Negative : while truck was 14ft, about 1-2 ft was used to store their equipment. Movers were fast, but not sure if space was effectively utilised. We moved into our old place with another company on a 14 ft and with a lot more furniture, but when we moved out of the place with XNR, quite a few of our items could not fit into the truck, which was very surprising. We also had to ‘help’ them make full use of space. E.g. with empty open shelves, if we didn’t load the shelves up before they wrapped it, they would have just wrapped the shelves without making use of the empty space. As our stuff did not fit into their truck, we did ask them if we can do another half load. Was told that they were busy and can’t do it/have to wait until afternoon. They asked us to organize lalamove, which we did, and all in all we ended up spending just as much as we would have by engaging our usual movers (and with more stress).

    Would I recommend? I’m on the fence. I don’t mind them for a simple move when I’m sure my items would fit in a 14ft (maybe 12ft in this case). They are pretty affordable and reliable enough, so that is a plus, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the stress of having to come back separately for a lala move. For us, we would go with our usual mover if we have quite a bit to move.

  17. Avatar photo
    Arica Ng

    Engaged XNR for moving from one walk up apartment to another. Admin is helpful and responsive when I made the booking. XNRA was transparent with the prices with half/full load & additional costs for disposal. To start off, they were punctual and arrived within the given time slot (9-10am.) Despite the stairclimb, Aaron & his team were very professional and helpful. Very efficient in loading & unloading of items. Also helped to dispose 2 items from the old place (at a reasonable charge). Excellent service from this team & immensely thankful for their help as it was indeed a very tough move due to the absence of lift for them. Prices are reasonable. Definitely engaging XNR in future!

  18. Avatar photo
    Shinji Yamanaka

    Wang Lei is nicely handle our stuff! thanks! 7248

  19. Avatar photo
    roderick cruz

    Dave, very fast and reliable employee. Friendly and extremely helpful. I think he deserve a good recognition. …

  20. Avatar photo
    Shikin Kamil

    Would like to thank Peter and team for their professionalism. They made effort to confirm items that are fragile and made sure to wrap up things well. Packing was super fast. Delivery to new location good and all in order. Thank you!

  21. Avatar photo
    Fatin Zin

    Second time taking up movers services from XNR Movers. it was perfect . This time we had Aaron and team for the moving services and it was very efficient and they are very professional . They came earlier than expected and all of them are very friendly too!! another favourite team of mine. haha! Will definitely recommend others their moving services!!! Thank you Aaron and team for the excellent job!!

  22. Avatar photo
    Yanling Lim

    This is my second time using their services and the crew has been very helpful and careful while moving my things. They gave me enough boxes on both trips, and did a good job wrapping my loose items in plastic wrap as well. Very satisfied with their services and would highly recommend! Thanks again!
    (Ref. 5411)

  23. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Pazos

    Ameirul and team did a wonderful job moving our stuff and navigating the different condo restrictions. Appreciate their swiftness in the Singapore heat. Thanks.

  24. Avatar photo

    Ref 5317; Seelan and team; The team (4 movers) was fast, efficient and reliable. Everything was wrapped securely. The job was done swiftly and the team was polite and friendly too. (Thankfully they have service on a Sunday) Will recommend to friends! ️ …

  25. Avatar photo
    Felix Wong

    Seelan & Team – I am very happy with the professional service provided by this team today. They were prompt and efficient, very courteous & professional in moving my items. I will recommend them to my friends certainly if they need to move things

  26. Avatar photo
    Ibrahim Rozainoor

    Peter & Tim were my movers on the day. Arrived earlier than the stipulated time slot (which was great). Were absolutely efficient in wrapping up my items and transporting them. Kudos too for their professionalism in handling a small access hiccup. Were accommodating to park outside the premise and push all my items a long way. Great value too. Ref No:6445

  27. Avatar photo
    July Fong

    Thanks Xiao bai and team (6471), very good service, helpful and efficient!!!

  28. Avatar photo
    V C

    Ref. no. 6403. Mover Seelan and team. Efficient and professional. No regrets engaging this mover company!

  29. Avatar photo

    Overall, efficient, professional, value for money. Got an afternoon slot and admittedly was quite stressed cos movers were 2hrs late due to the house before us – thought that this part could have been better anticipated (or HQ can reassign us new people so that the move can wrap up before condo closing time). Aside from this though, we still need to commend Yayan and team for their awesome hard work. They were really fast and hardworking and efficient – finished everything in a couple of hours. Jazelbelle and Clarence were also very prompt in handling our queries. All in all, fuss free and value for money. Aside from the late turn up, move was smooth in general. Thanks all!

  30. Avatar photo
    Zeal Tai

    Clarence was my point of contact to coordinate the move. He was super friendly, helpful and responsive. During the move, the guys were effecient, and responsible. For instance, all items were wrapped carefully and delivered in good condition. Will definitely use them again if needed. Good job

  31. Avatar photo
    rinii Shfqh

    Yayan and his crew were really efficient and professional! Good job.

  32. Avatar photo

    wang lei has been very helpful and efficient in his services. awesome team & services. thanks! 5298

  33. Avatar photo
    Paul Welsh

    Once the crew arrived they got right into it, moving faster than I could give them instructions. Minor damage to some wood surfaces, but a good effort to try to save me the cost of another load. I recommend them for effort per cost.

  34. Avatar photo
    Pirom Phadoemchit

    Fadzli and his guys were great, did a good job fast and efficient.

    Ref 6107

  35. Avatar photo
    Yuki Akinishi

    Thank you Peter & Team(ref 6036) for being the first movers I had encountered that are so fast and efficient! They are incredibly fast and make our moves so smooth. I do not had to worry anything at all! When they first arrived. We just …

  36. Avatar photo
    Kevin Artedjo

    Thank you to Faz and his team for helping us with the moving. They are very efficient, professional and fast. Faz is very friendly and helpful also, as we have a fair bit of last minute items to add and he kindly accommodate to those. Highly recommended if you are looking for a good mover

  37. Avatar photo
    Michelle Wai

    Matthew and his team helped me to move many items (furnitures and electronic) from condo to a walk up apartment (3rd floor shop house). Not knowing the huge fridge couldn’t go through the door at ground floor. He was very calm and patient, trying many ways instead of giving up. They took out the wooden door and managed to carried up the giant fridge and screwed back the door! They spent 3 hours at my place. I also very impressed with his experience and accuracy by looking at the situation to complete the task. Is really tough to carry heavy items to a walk up apartment but they never complain. Kudos to him and his team!
    I will definitely highly recommend his service.

  38. Avatar photo
    Vivien Oye

    Ameirul and team is really professional and easy to work with. They were quick to pack my belongings and delivered great service. Thank you.

  39. Avatar photo
    Marreddy Basani

    Peter & Xiao bai (6079).
    Good Work and keep it up.

  40. Avatar photo
    Yun Yeu Lau

    Reference Number 6273
    Mover Seelan, Aaron and Jayden

    We have engaged XNR Movers and Logistics for the first time and definitely not the last! The 3 movers are young and strong. Within 45 minutes (or even lesser), they managed to moved everything to a fully loaded truck.

    I am very impressed with their teamwork and personality. It was an easy, quick and enjoyable process as they are able to accommodate additional items without any fuss. Great attitude! Will definitely engage the same trio again for my next move. Well Done!

  41. Avatar photo
    ben toh

    Aaron and his team were really professional with the handling with my items. Especially the bulky items where I saw good teamwork between the guys. Would totally recommend their services as it was honestly good and none of my items were damaged at all. Overall good service …

  42. Avatar photo
    Hairul Nizam

    Aaron and the team have done a very very good job. Very systematic and meticulous. Super fast job done by the team (ref:6375) would definitely recommend to my friends if they need movers. Nice job done by them. And amazingly fast!

  43. Avatar photo
    Edgar QR

    Engaged their service on 1 Dec. They came early, and spent sometimes wrapping up everything.

    Fadali and his team is very experienced in moving, some of my furnitures initially thought have to be disassembled to move, but with the proper techniques, they managed to move them intact.

    Overall, a good experience.

  44. Avatar photo
    Adrina Loh

    Peter and team helped me with my move on a rainy Sunday afternoon. They were fast and efficient. They had great teamwork amongst them and worked quickly to pack and wrap up my things before loading on to the truck. Unloading and unwrapping was just as quick. Thank you guys!

  45. Avatar photo
    Dongliang He

    I have some good feedback to your movers Matthew, Feng and Joey who came for my appointment. Despite being slightly late, they called me before they arrived and were very efficient in loading everything onto the truck. The teamwork and coordination among themselves were commendable and very effective. I also like their positive attitude of reassuring me that everything is going well and gave me peace of mind on this day. I will recommend the service to my friends and make an appointment again when such needs arise in future again.

  46. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Quek

    Peter and Team (6433) did an excellent job for the entire process. Came on time and was really efficient! In terms of costing , very reasonable and responsive. Great job to the team, highly recommend ! Thank you!

  47. Avatar photo
    Jay Jong

    Engaged XNR movers, 2 guys came, Vallem was extremely swift and helpful. My job is not an easy job with loads of heavy stuffs. He was very nice throughout. Definitely recommend for anyone who needs a mover. 11 upon 10.

  48. Avatar photo
    Wan Nur Saliha Syed Yusoff

    Wang Lei is very Fast and efficent. All nicely packed. Will recommend to friends and family

  49. Avatar photo
    alvin khoo

    Engaged them the 2nd time and Aaron and his team are very efficient and fast. They are very focus in their work and moving are done within 2hrs. My wife and myself felt sorry for them that they have to move my massage chair up the 2nd floor and they do it without hesitation. 2 thumbs up.

  50. Avatar photo
    Richa Gupta

    Reference 6439 seelan aaron fazali and their team .
    Fantastic job, great attitude, execellent service , hardworking team, took all necessary precautions to avoid any damage .

  51. Avatar photo

    Fadzli (Ref: 5310)

    Professional and timely service.. Will used them again

  52. Avatar photo
    Junqiang Wong

    This actually counts as 2 reviews as I had engaged them 2 times in 3 months to move out and move back in. Jazelbelle’s response is lighting fast and can give the quotation fast, which is part of the reason I engaged them.
    The first move (internal and external) was headed by Ong, very experienced and organized. The items for the internal move was nicely wrapped and placed where I needed them to be, and the external move was fast and professional.
    For the 2nd move, was headed by Wang Lei, also very fast and professional. Very helpful team.
    Glad that I engaged them as this is actually the first time I engaged movers.Highly recommended! Very professional and helpful!

  53. Avatar photo
    JAY CHUA (蔡戔倡)

    Dave was good today. He helped me to move everything eventhough there were so many loose items. Great job Dave

  54. Avatar photo
    Aaron Foo

    Aaron and his team did an awesome job. They were hardworking and efficient and accomodated to all of our needs/requests. Made our move a really pleasant experience. Highly recommended and we will engage them again!

  55. Avatar photo
    Maz Rifah

    Peter and team super helpful..and super careful with our things. Would recommend them to others..they asked where to put all of the things. They arrange the things nicely and carefully. Reference 6742.

  56. Avatar photo
    Melcher Tan

    Yong Chao and his team were quick in wrapping all my items and transporting them. XNR staff is also responsive when contacted.

  57. Avatar photo
    See Kai Lee

    the moving service was fuss free and professional. they get the job done quickly and relatively well; i think they would be my top choice when it comes to the moving of the home essentials.

    they also dismantled and assembled my storage bed nicely. the people that i communicated with are nice and accommodating.

    the winning factor for XNR would be their competitive pricing and transparency. minor feedback: communication can be improved (e.g. confirmation/reminder of move, updating of arrival time, delivery of boxes, etc). i think all these can be easily improved to make the experience perfect!

  58. Avatar photo
    Feroz Yahya

    Peter and Team ref 6463. Awesome service. Very patient with the job and was helpful with tricky moves.

    My heavy solid wood table had to be dismantled etc and they managed it with alot of patience. Packing and loading with care.
    Reasonable guys who were nice throughout the whole process. Well recommended

  59. Avatar photo
    Arrvind Raaj

    Ameirul and team very fun n fast and efficient work! Everything was perfectly intact!

  60. Avatar photo
    T B

    My job ref 6224, team that did my original move, was led by Soon. It was kept in storage for 2 months and again Team leader Soon followed through with moving my items from storage to my final destination. …

  61. Avatar photo

    Mover Wang Lei was fast & efficient. satisfied with the process & service.
    Ref 5359

  62. Avatar photo
    Tan Chau Chien

    This is my first time engage with XNR. They are very responsive to my questions and clear my doubt. Also thank you so much to Dave’s team! They handled my furnitures and stuff very carefully in the entire process! Great job!


  63. Avatar photo
    José Ramón Cerdán Molina

    XNR is a reliable mover!! And I’d like to praise Wang Lei and his team for their amazing support!! 🙂

  64. Avatar photo
    Keng Fatt Teo

    Ameirul and team (ref 7675), very helpful and fast will recommend to more people.
    His team help us to rearrange our room. Thanks to them our worry is more less now.

  65. Avatar photo
    Melvyn Toh

    Very reliable and good mover company !
    Tianfu was friendly and provided good service in moving our house cabinet and other items. Highly recommended!

  66. Avatar photo
    Moh Lee

    Rwf: 6260. Wang Lei is very responsible, polite and helpful. His colleagues were very attentive. They were very quick and efficient wwith the move. I will recommend to my friends.

  67. Avatar photo
    felicia guo

    Special thanks to Alvin and his team. They professionally moved our household furniture and appliances to a new location. They were fast and effective in packing and wrapping fragile items. I would highly recommend Alvin and his team to anyone looking for movers.

  68. Avatar photo

    3rd time engage them for their service. Their mover Willy, ah soon & Ong were really friendly & efficiency. They handle it with care with all items. (ref 6376)

  69. Avatar photo
    See Han Lim

    Very helpful and friendly team of movers especially Ah soon and his team who helped me with the shifting. 3x lorry load. From 4 plus to 9 plus with only ah soon and 2 other doing the unloading. Very thankful for their service and professionalism. Ref no. 6332. Pls reward them for good service.

  70. Avatar photo
    Annie Kong

    Thank you Ameirul and Team (6140). You done a good job for our moving. Friendly & efficient service. Highly recommended on this team.

  71. Avatar photo
    Rachel Heller

    I was very happy with XRN movers. The quote they gave me was accurate and communication was excellent. The men were great on the day and completed the job professionally. Aaron was very helpful and guided us well and professionally. I would highly recommended these movers.

  72. Avatar photo
    Casey Ho

    Very lucky to engage the XNR movers. The mover supervisor Xin was very professional, efficient and hardworking. The team did the job very well.

  73. Avatar photo
    Catherine Yeo

    Ref 5435 : SEELAN AND TEAM

    thank you so much for the efficient service. Great problem solving skills

  74. Avatar photo
    Leo Looi

    Yayan and team are very professional and prompt to support during moving of the house. Two thumbs up for the team!!!

    After 10months we engage the same logistic mover house and same double satisfied with the moving experience! This time we had Ah Soon with us on the move and he is really a dedicated and hardworking staff throughout!! Really impressed with the professional service!!

  75. Avatar photo
    Bin Rong Tay

    Wang lei team, good and responsive team
    . Ref no. 6466

  76. Avatar photo
    rosidenrosiden rosiden

    Excellent service provided by Zheng Zhao and Ah Soon. Well done! Ref: 5315

  77. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Tan

    Although a bit delayed due to weather but delivery guy was responsive and updating me with information.
    Supervisor : Jack

  78. Avatar photo
    Catherine Loo

    Their staffs are awesome! Specially Wang Lei who is so thoughtful and very approachable. Very happy that I engaged their service. Will definitely take their service again if require. 6431

  79. Avatar photo
    Vishnu Prabhu

    First of all, I had huge expectations from them given it was a recommendation from friend that xnr is very good and value for money. For me more critical was items should be delivered well. They came out true well on both points for “Team Aaron”

    1. Most important thing was it was under strong leadership of Aaron. Hats of to him to the kind of calmness, alertness, strength and agility shown during the entire process. I was very fortunate.
    2. Most of the guys were strong who could easily move weight and most importantly do it by doing smartly taking very less space.
    3. In terms of pricing they were better than others and it is something which was icing on the cake.
    4. Special thanks to the guy nick named “Spiderman”, who was like a major weight lifter. Definitely an asset to the team.
    5. Overall the moving went all till lunch given the items we were moving but the team was still fully charged up.
    6. My house was still getting painted while they were moving but they careful manage to put back the items and assemble my bed too!!

    Any misses?
    Given they were rushing since getting late for next shift they forgot to take off the safety pad. This is very small issue and I took it off.

    I have tried to write a honest review as much as possible. Given me being a perfectionist, XNR and team Aaron were able to meet my criteria of being one of the top class movers in Singapore. My best wishes.

  80. Avatar photo
    john law

    Xiao Bai and team are punctual and very efficient. Will engage them again!

  81. Avatar photo
    T T

    Aaron and team were very professional. They were punctual for the house move. It was raining but they took things in their stride. They were efficient and careful in handling my items. Very friendly and polite too. Impressed by their service. Will definitely recommend to my friends and relatives!

  82. Avatar photo
    Reynan Naong

    SUPERB!!!! JY and Team!!! They were excellent and professional. They knows what they are doing and they love what they do even to the fact that they have to extend their hours just to finish the job. Highly recommended this team and pls look for them!!! Thats JY and TEAM …

  83. Avatar photo
    Sumant Damani

    Dave & team were very punctual, professional and super efficient. They made our moving experience so smooth and hassle free, all with a good smile on their faces throughout. Highly recommend.

  84. Avatar photo
    JL Tan

    Overall a good experience with Aaron, Abel and team.

    They went above and beyond with their expertise and work ethics.

    Will definitely recommend to my contacts who need to engage moving services.

    Thanks again!

  85. Avatar photo
    Anthony Ivan

    Zheng Zhao and his team was really helpful and quick in moving my things, 5/5!


  86. Avatar photo
    May Wong

    The team led by Aaron did an excellent job! They were professional and worked at lightning speed. Items were carefully wrapped and my piano was moved without any problems. Credit also to salesperson Clarence, who was professional, responsive and accommodating throughout. Thanks for making my move a smooth one. Will definitely recommend your guys.

  87. Avatar photo
    Song F

    Very professional and great service done by zheng Zhao and his team
    Ref no 6425 …

  88. Avatar photo
    Fleming Tan

    Very happy with the service provided by XNR, in particular Wang Lei who has been very helpful in making sure all items are packed and moved properly. Keep up the good work! Ref no. 6385.

  89. Avatar photo
    Michael Tan

    Wang leh and his team are all very hard working and careful with the transportation. Their professionalism is very commendable. I was in hand to supervise them and i am very satisfied they did a fantastic job! (His number is 6311)

  90. Avatar photo
    sali tay

    Dave was extremely efficient. He packed all of my house hold things all by himself. Extremely good service provided by him. Very happy with XNR movers!!

  91. Avatar photo
    Sri Gayathri Haridas

    Ameirul and team very fun n fast and efficient work! Everything was perfectly intact! Ref 5440

  92. Avatar photo
    Gary Tan

    Really great moving experience, from the arrangement to the actual moving. Bai (6336) was really quick and efficient

  93. Avatar photo
    Shwu Hui Leong

    I engaged XNR movers to move my things to another location. Their service is very professional which includes wrapping service and their movers (Wang Lei and Peng Yue) are very efficient as they wrapped and moved things very fast and in a orderly manner. Strongly recommend their service.

  94. Avatar photo
    William Hudson

    Really fantastic job by Zheng Zhao and Ah Soon… super helpful and responsive and completed a difficult move very quickly! Thanks guys!

    Ref 6048

  95. Avatar photo
    Kai-xinn Chew

    Ref 6424 Seelan and team are very prompt and professional. Excellent service and would highly recommend if you’re looking for affordable movers. Thank you!

  96. Avatar photo
    Ian Lim

    Dave and Aaron helped me move a piano and were professional in their service. Price was also reasonable.

  97. Avatar photo
    Theresa Ng

    A very responsive n sponsible Aaron, together with his team. Swift moving even it was raining cat n dog.
    Really professional n will use their service again.

  98. Avatar photo
    zhen hui ow

    Arranged for XNR Movers. Ref. numner 6430

    Professional handling from Ahmad and his team. All my stuff was packaged and delivered well. Fuss free and no complications. Thank you.

  99. Avatar photo
    abel lim

    Approached XNR to help move and was kindly engaged by Aaron and his team on the day of love and they were fast and efficient with their work! Arrived on time and got to work immediately completing the whole move ahead of schedule which was simply amazing, their teamwork was that of a well-oiled machine with each person understanding their roles and responsibilities and not to mention their outstanding chemistry which allowed the move to be done so swiftly. On top of that, Aaron and his team were friendly and considerate when moving my items, making sure the fragile items were well protected and reassuring me by walking me through how they plan to position them in the lorry such that there would be minimal risk of damage. All in all they are professional with their work and every cent i paid, looking forward to engaging their services again!

  100. Avatar photo
    NEliz Kong

    The team did a good and ex ellent job. Smooth and experience team. We thank them especially when our item move to the store they know how to manage the space especially Supervisor Jack. Highly recommended.

  101. Avatar photo
    Aaron Ong

    Fadzli and his team are very good and efficient. Very helpful as well. Great service and it’s my second time engaging them. Reference 5442.

  102. Avatar photo
    Jay Kuan

    Faz and team were efficient in packing and moving items to the lorry.
    Pricing by XNR is very transparent and reasonable. Highly recommended.
    Ref 7731

  103. Avatar photo
    Ze Xiang Chin

    seelan and team are very efficient and took care of our items well! they were fast in moving too

  104. Avatar photo
    daniel pang

    Using XNR for the 3rd Time , i really am surprised on how fast they work even though it’s just 4 man moving from my Cluster House to a Landed Property

  105. Avatar photo
    Calvin Tan

    Job well done by Wang Lei and his team on 6301. Quick and efficient move.

  106. Avatar photo
    Stefani Budiman

    Inv 6488: Hi I would like to comment Ameirul and team for their effort yesterday. They were very fast in moving the 3 trucks of items. Highly recommend.

  107. Avatar photo
    Asyraaf Ibrahim

    Team : Ameirul Team ref 7202

    Ameirul and his team came on time and assisted us well with our move to our new home.

    All of our items were taken care of and being transported with ease

    Team were very professional and friendly

  108. Avatar photo
    Eric Tan

    Dave is great and friendly mover and his team is prompt and resourceful! All packages safely moved and delivered!

  109. Avatar photo
    Veron Teo

    Tian fu is a great guy doing my house moving. Professional and very helpful.
    He is a very nice and cheerful guy.
    Thank you so much for your help.
    Will engage your service next time I need movers again.

  110. Avatar photo
    Jeena Dave

    Good packing of furniture including glass cabinets, helpful staff. We packed all our small items they carried it carefully on wheel tray. Shrieked wrapped carefully before taking it out of the house. Very impressed!

  111. Avatar photo
    Johnson Ng

    Thank you for the good job done by Wang Lei and Team! Will definitely call them back

  112. Avatar photo
    LooNG GilBeRT

    Wang Lei team really professional. Packing and dismantle taking short time without damaging the goods. Steady!

  113. Avatar photo
    Tanuja Arasu

    Wanglea did an amazing job. Would definitely recommend them. Quick and neat movers.

  114. Avatar photo

    Dave was very friendly and careful with the furniture, definitely recommended! very fast delivery aswell, thank you!

  115. Avatar photo
    Marilyn Lim

    5 star review given on day of service. Haven’t had time to update review till now. On day pros – Arrived on time, friendly and helpful service from Faz!

    Update – created deep scratches on parquet flooring from movement of beds. So be careful if you are asking them to move beds. They are great with everything otherwise

  116. Avatar photo
    J Wong

    Matthew and his team were very fast and professional. They treated our belongings with the utmost care and the move was well coordinated. All my crockery arrived safely. Many thanks to the team to smoothly facilitate our move.

  117. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Shahir Mohamed Latif

    Great job Xiao Bai and Lee for the prompt and efficient service in moving our stuff to our new home!! Recommended.

  118. Avatar photo
    Felix Chua

    Yayan & team are really efficient in their work. They are friendly, helpful and cooperative. Kudos in their work ethics. Positive attitude!

  119. Avatar photo
    Brandon Chung

    Very amazed by how fast and efficient Team Aaron works. Their service is fast and not sloppy unlike other movers. Looking at how Team Aaron works, they just gave me the kind of confidence and ease in mind that luckily i hired these professional. I’ll definitely recommend them.

  120. Avatar photo
    Tzelin Lee

    Aaron and his team did a wonderful job even though it was raining today. Packing and dismantling was fast and smooth. Although 3 locations, Aaron and his team made it look easy. Told him I will get him to move for my next request. Great job.

  121. Avatar photo
    Dylan Tang

    Ref: 6269
    Movers: Zheng Zhao

    Very professional and friendly service by the team for a competitive price.

    Zheng Zhao came with 3 other men and completed the entire job in less than 4 hours, despite delays from the management side at my Condo.

    Everything was wrapped well with 3 layers of plastic, they helped us to box up any loose items and disassembled and assembled our kind sized bed for us, all very efficiently and cleanly.

    Would definitely use and recommend their services again. Even my parents in law were impressed.

  122. Avatar photo

    Seelan and Yayan are very experienced and efficient. Highly recommended.

  123. Avatar photo
    Helen Chua

    Hired XNR Movers on very short notice and Xavier was responsive to my enquiries.

    I am also very impressed with the Service guy, JY, provided this afternoon. He is highly efficient and experienced in handling the bulky item.

    Will definitely recommend their services to anyone who needs to move things.

  124. Avatar photo
    Warren Seah

    Ref 6461
    Thanks Seelan and team for being so careful with my things when moving. Lots of patience from your men.

  125. Avatar photo
    Yuki Akinishi

    Thank you Peter & Team(ref 6036) for being the first movers I had encountered that are so fast and efficient! They are incredibly fast and make our moves so smooth. I do not had to worry anything at all! When they first arrived. We just need to tell them which to load and they are off to work our stuff. The customer service are very responsive (in which I had changed the time and date) I’m really happy with the service! Although I had randomly find a mover service but I’m extremely glad I found a good one! Thank you for the service today! God bless!

  126. Avatar photo
    Jun Gu

    Xiao Bai and his team completed the house moving systematically and professionally. They wrapped the items nicely and took care of them too. Cost is transparent. Highly recommend.

  127. Avatar photo
    Sin Kian Ng

    Ameirul and team were very professional and careful in moving the furniture. They took care and moved very quickly.Ref:7246

  128. Avatar photo
    Mk Koh

    Used xnr for house moving. Peter and team was very gd. Peter is able to optimise the trips so that we minimise the travelling. Very pleased w his service.

  129. Avatar photo
    Chris Hollingworth

    Extremely professional service and adapted to our needs, even when it became difficult with adverse weather conditions. The 3 guys worked their socks off from 9.30am til 7pm to move us and did it superbly. Firmly recommend.

  130. Avatar photo
    Cai Peirong

    Peter and team (ref 6186)
    Very professional and friendly moving team. Bubble wrap item and very careful with the item.

  131. Avatar photo

    I was assisted by Faz and team and they were extremely swift in moving my items. Items were well packed and Faz experienced showed in the way he handle the unloading process. Thank you for the service Faz bro, will contact for more moving options.

  132. Avatar photo
    Gina Wong

    Yayan and team did a great job to help me move today , with plenty of heavy furnitures and boxes. They notify me on their eta and arrive on time. It was settled in two truck loads with good coordination and organising work! Thanks to Yayan and his entertaining team!

  133. Avatar photo
    Maaren Narayana

    Excellent coordination by Ameirul & team ref.6184. From the start, punctual on time, good site assessment and planning. Very polite and systematic moving of items and packing to protect the equipment accordingly to make it transport safe. Definitely value for money and they deserve more than 5 stars review!

  134. Avatar photo
    Elithea Tan

    Wonderful experience with Zheng Zhao & Vincent. Professional and efficient! Asset to the organization. Value for money!
    Ref: 5365

  135. Avatar photo
    Big Fat Panda

    Fadzli team is efficient and reached on time. Thanks for moving my stuff! Ref 6167

  136. Avatar photo
    Yeow Khee

    This is my 2nd time engaging mover service from XNR. The staff were very efficient and they ensured our items were wrapped properly before the move. Staff were friendly and reliable too. I feel assured for letting them handle our relocation. Highly recommended if you are looking for a good mover.

  137. Avatar photo
    Marcus Wong

    Moving is a very stressful task; picking the right movers will help make it less stressful. XNR will be our go to movers; from the booking to the moving. The customer service team led by Jazelbelle was prompt and efficient with their replies. They provided the boxes needed for the move as well. On the day of the move, we were called before they arrived. Met Matthew who was the leader for the move. He was very professional, fast, and very organised. He knew how to make the boxes with the loose items, the items were all secured and well transported to our new place. Well done Matthew; keep up the good job!

  138. Avatar photo

    7243 : Mover name Xing, Feng, Shamsher were friendly and efficient. They load up everything within minutes, fast! Would recommend the rest to give it a go.

  139. Avatar photo
    alvin Li

    Ameirul and team did a wonderful job! Very professional and fast!

  140. Avatar photo
    Lisa Omar

    Very reliable and professional movers.
    Great help from Ameirul and team.
    They are very patient and helpful. They are careful with wrapping and carrying the boxes and fragile items. Would definitely recommend to my friends and family. ️

  141. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Goh

    Very efficient and professional from Mr Fadzli and his team for our moving. They are very accomadating and with positive attitude. Would highly recommend. Reference 646C Jonathan Goh.

  142. Avatar photo
    Fenfen Rimba

    Fast and reliable service… Had appointment at 4-5pm and Aaron had contacted me around 3:30pm. The team is careful and efficient. Thank you!

  143. Avatar photo
    Yeo Sihui

    Assisted by Botak Team! Very friendly, experience and professional. Way exceeded our expectation. Arrived ahead of time, packed and wrapped all 10 boxes, piano, dismantled beds and other bulky items securely within 30min. As we have Fengshui timing to adhere to, they have also reached the new place punctually at the stated time. All items are unpacked and reassembled properly. No damage at all. My original worry is unfounded. Thank you for making our move as smooth as it can be.

  144. Avatar photo
    Dinesh Karthick

    XNR Movers were very professional from the first discussion till completion of movement. For one load moving from condo they were charging around 378$ which is reasonable as other movers quoted some hidden charges to move from Condo.
    They gave 30 empty boxes 2 weeks before moving.
    Thanks to Ameirul(Ref 6553) and team. They came on time and completed full packaging and shifted it smoothly.

  145. Avatar photo
    Ella R

    I highly recommend Zheng Zhao took charge in my moving . He did great job. Thank you for their team. reference no. 6473 …

  146. Avatar photo
    Shermaine Yong

    Seelan and his team were professional patient and proficient for our move. Thank you and would recommend to others.

  147. Avatar photo
    Praveena Karunamoorthy

    Fadzli (Ref 7223) was extremely professional in supervising and being involved in the entire move. Together with his team, they worked efficiently but carefully and took care of all our things. I would definitely recommend him and this company to anyone planning a move and looking for affordable but quality moving services.

  148. Avatar photo
    toff loft

    Peter and Team IS THE BEST TEAM I’ve got …it’s my second hire for moving with XNR-quote 5474 !! Ive recommended many friends too.
    Stay safe and Please make these guys wear back guard to protect them too.
    Amazing team work ..

  149. Avatar photo
    Toh Jun Ming

    Team Aaron is fast and efficient! Took great care of my stuffs. Recommend to engage them for their service!

  150. Avatar photo
    Ella LIM

    Wang Lei and team very prompt and professional. 2nd time purchase for this deliverly service. Ref no 6371

  151. Avatar photo
    Rachel Boey

    Avan and team (Ref #5300) are very friendly, professional and efficient in helping to move our items from one location to another. Highly recommend to use them if you are looking for a mover.

  152. Avatar photo
    Bernard Seow

    Peter and team(ref 6704) was responsible by providing regular updates on the time of pick up. Thank you Peter!

  153. Avatar photo
    Kenny Lau

    Thanks JY and team for helping out with my house moving earlier. Friendly and professional team who handled my requests and ensured all furnitures are well protected. Despite the heavy rain, the entire shift took lesser hours than expected.

    Well done!

  154. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lim

    Ameirul and team have done an excellent job of stacking, wrapping and fitting into the storage which I rented. They did it professionally and took care of my fragile items. Despite having many items, they did not complain and did the job with smiles on their faces. I know that such work are not easy and can be very tiring during my endless days of packing and boxing but they moved and did everything so efficiently that it’s truly entertaining to watch them work and operate.

  155. Avatar photo

    Dave & team really do a good job & fast one. Ask for help also easy to help. Friendly and really good movers team.

    Reference 7671.

  156. Avatar photo
    James Ponsford

    Professional service, Dave led the team was brilliant, moving is stressful and the team did a great job.

  157. Avatar photo
    David Yang

    Dave went the extra mile to ensure items are delivered on time and did all the handiwork. Thanks!

  158. Avatar photo
    Farik Mh

    I engaged XNR Movers at short notice. But they were still able to arrange for the move. Ameirul and team (ref. 6218) were assigned for my move. They were professional, efficient and fast. And the team had good synergy, always with smiles and good banter. House moving is a difficult job but Ameirul and his team showed that you can also enjoy the work at the same time.

  159. Avatar photo
    Yon Shin Teo

    Dave is very considerate and handled everything with utmost care, totally recommended!
    Ref. 7217

  160. Avatar photo
    Esther Lam

    Ref 6369:
    Seelan & Wang Lei
    Punctual and professional. Highly recommend.

  161. Avatar photo
    Yeow Khee

    This is my 2nd time engaging mover service from XNR. The staff were very efficient and they ensured our items were wrapped properly before the move. Staff were friendly and reliable too. I feel assured for letting them handle our relocation. Highly recommended if you are looking for a good mover.

  162. Avatar photo
    ken ling

    Fadzli was great and very supportive in our moving of our house. Despite my apt management giving him issues, he was very kind and patient. 6370

  163. Avatar photo
    Daniel Saw

    Like to say a big thank you with appreciation to Aaron and his team. Aaron is a great team leader and was mentoring his less experienced colleagues. Overall fast, efficient, and professional. Every step from quotation to appointment to actual day was smooth. XNR and Aaron you have found a returning customer for sure. Good job!

  164. Avatar photo

    Thank you to Peter and team for being able to load everything we had into 1 load (even though we were quoted for 1.5 loads) and for the efficient service. Very youthful and polite throughout the whole moving process and had accommodated with our little requests. Kudos and will recommend …

  165. Avatar photo
    Wen Jie Ang

    REF 6127 – Seelan and Team. Very fast and efficient

  166. Avatar photo
    Jenny Chan

    Was searching for movers and saw that XNR got good reviews. Decided to check them out and was glad with the fast respond from the customer service side with all my queries.

    Tianfu and his colleague assisted with the moving of my house and I can say they are very fast and efficient. They also ensure all my stuff are being protected well.

    Would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

  167. Avatar photo
    Jaslyn Yap

    REF: 7562
    Seelan & Team, done a good job! They are friendly and helpful.

  168. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Tan

    Ref 7475
    I am very pleased with the service that Seelan and team has provided. Highly recommended!

  169. Avatar photo
    Michael Jason

    Ref-6033, very reliable and great job by zheng and zhao

  170. Avatar photo
    Roger Fuchser

    Petter and Xiao Bai 6046, were efficient and fast, excellent experience.

  171. Avatar photo
    Walid Laouar

    Dave was very helpful and definitely a master of his art. I will definitely ask for him again next time I move!

  172. Avatar photo
    Bharath Bala

    Was assisted by Wang Lei (6008)

    Very good service. Very professional and fast. Would recommend for anyone looking for a move end to end took like 2hrs

  173. Avatar photo
    Elaine Teh

    Engaged a house moving service from VS Mover on 4 Dec 2021 .
    All furniture’s are well wrapped and taken care of.
    Vallem and his team members are very professional,efficient ,polite
    and they are superb pro fast!
    Really impressed by them.
    Highly recommended

  174. Avatar photo
    Desmond Lee

    Peter and team 6441,
    Good service, well handle of our full glass table.

  175. Avatar photo
    Yee Shian Lee

    Ameirul and team is fantastic, handle everything well. Ref 7219.

  176. Avatar photo
    Richard Xia

    Reference: 6155

    Called for moving service last minute. Soon after Wang lei and his and team arrived. Was extremely professional and fast. Would recommend anyone who needs moving service.

  177. Avatar photo

    Fadzli provided several boxes and on the day of the move did very good and quick job! I would recommend to anyone moving houses in Singapore

  178. Avatar photo
    Dione Hang

    Alvin & Aaron are both very pro & efficient. Surprised to see all young boys though. Good job. Thank you.

  179. Avatar photo
    Christine Choo

    I would like to share my experience with Seelan team, they have support the smooth flow of shifting office and make sure good quality of the work and clean up the office after the shift. Seelan team is the best.

  180. Avatar photo
    Cheah Wh

    Ah Xin and his team were prompt and professional in the moving of our furniture. Highly recommend this team of movers.

  181. Avatar photo

    highly recommended aaron goes the extra mile to make sure that our move today is convenient n swift. he is not hesitant to offer his services and uses his expertise and experience to guide his team well! Awesome job! …

  182. Avatar photo

    The team lead by Fadzli (Reference number 7218) providing very swift and professional moving services to us. We will definitely engage his team again when approach XNR services in the future.

  183. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Kang

    Ameirul and team ref: 6037
    Very professional in wrapping and moving my large side by side fridge. Good communication as well on timing of pick up and were punctual. They also helped assembly of a bed just by looking at the photo of it which was very reasonably priced and saved me a lot of time. Will recommend this team!

  184. Avatar photo
    Amber Liew

    XIN:Great service and help to move our store & ofc stuf fs with fast and EFFICIENTLY. (REF:5390) Thank you for the help

  185. Avatar photo
    Dann W

    Yonas and his team were awesome and worked incredibly hard. They were quick, careful, and considerate. All of my large furniture was wrapped and handled very carefully. They took pride and care in my belongings and were very professional. I would always use XNR for future needs. Great experience , thanks !

  186. Avatar photo
    Luke Ong

    Bryan and team is very well coordinated and professional. They understand the intricacies of moving different items and do so with speed. The dedication to their work is absurdly impressive.

  187. Avatar photo
    Tan Jia Qi

    Not so nice service and attitude from them. They were very unwilling to remove the plastic wrappers. When asked to remove the wrappers, they gave many excuses that they only remove for furnitures…Asked their manager, and they remove the wrappers at the end. They left the place messy and untidy.

  188. Avatar photo
    Chi Feng

    Responsive communication, fair prices. Movers were late but the packing service was thorough and meticulous and they were very careful with the furniture.

  189. Avatar photo

    After confirming the moving logistic with Jazelbelle efficiently, Mr Wang Lei delivered the boxes promptly over the weekend. Friendly and very polite gentleman. …

  190. Avatar photo
    Hairul Nizam

    Aaron and the team have done a very very good job. Very systematic and meticulous. Super fast job done by the team (ref:6375) would definitely recommend to my friends if they need movers. Nice job done by them. And amazingly fast!

  191. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Hafiz

    Fadzli is very efficient. Came in time. Fuss free and very professional. He is also helpful and willing to go the extra mile to help with some extra minor things. Will definitely engage again and hopefully he will handle my move again. Thank you very much! REF 6173

  192. Avatar photo
    Wahyuni Waheeda

    Ameirul and team-They were very professional. When they came over they got down to work immediately.Sealed all the items well and pushed them to a far off distance before helping to carry the things up to the 2nd floor of a landed property.It was definitely a tiring and challenging trip but the team manage to do it and with a smile! There was an evident strong teamwork displayed throughout the course.

  193. Avatar photo
    Michelle Chan

    Wang Lei and his partner was very helpful and he is professional and efficient moving the furniture including my piano and electone.

  194. Avatar photo
    Calvin Ng

    A very big thanks to Team Aaron who were professional, friendly and handled an otherwise hectic morning so smoothly! Items were handled and wrapped with great care and would definitely engage them again!

  195. Avatar photo
    Chen Wei Teng

    Yayan and team very efficient and friendly ! Very hardworking and fast !!

  196. Avatar photo
    Desmond Cheong

    Despite there was some hiccups on the day, but we truly grateful to have engaged Cheap Movers for our house moving, especially Jaewai and his team for the superb teamwork and efficiency in getting the items move. From knowing the way, to wrapping boxes securely.. Truly remarkable speed and well organized.. Big Thumbs up!

  197. Avatar photo
    Sylby Wong

    Engaged XNR Mover for my new house moving . Prompt reply and able to accommodate with all my request. Mover reach on time and move systematically . Kudos to Mr Soon , professional and able to load all my item efficiently. I will definitely recommend their service.
    Invoice Reference number : 6406

  198. Avatar photo
    Jasreen Tan

    Fazyl was very efficient and everything was well planned. The staffs (ref no. 08519) were very friendly and reliable. My furniture was properly packed.

  199. Avatar photo
    Mariah Boon

    Thank you to Peter and team for helping us move to our BTO today (ref 5344).. quite impressed with their speed and skill in wrapping! We had quite few kitchen appliance, TV, gym equipments. They’re very careful. It’s easy to book with them as well as they’re very responsive. Peter is friendly and easy-going. Highly recommended! ️

  200. Avatar photo
    Little Potato

    Wang Lei is a good and professional mover, he is very helpful, well spoken and he makes sure my things are well taken care of during the move. Will definitely recommend XNR mover services️ 6168

  201. Avatar photo
    Vincent Ang

    Jaewei and team from XNR did a fantastic job on my moving. I have engaged them two times and both times, they were so professional, efficient and positive.

    Strongly recommend them!!

    Great team!!

  202. Avatar photo
    Fauzul Adzim

    Great service rendered to me as I was shifting stuff from 2 houses to 1 final location. Zheng Zhao was very patient and quick to understand what needs to be done. Will def recommend to my friends and relative! They are very attentive to detail. Amazing service! Great Job Zheng Zhao!
    Reference no. 7126.

  203. Avatar photo
    Tan zheng zhang

    Fadzli and Team are super awesome, professional, fast and melted our worries away. A day’s job settled in 4 hours. Bravo. Ref: 6346.

  204. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Hafriz

    Very fast & efficient. Good service by Wang Lei (7099). Thank u!

  205. Avatar photo
    Megan Soo

    First contacted XNR for a quote. They were really responsive and quick. Delivered me the boxes on my preferred date and were on time on the day of move. Dave and team were really quick and professional. It was really impressive. Would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you XNR!

  206. Avatar photo
    Alvin Wee

    Yayan & his young team were good at their job – dismantling, clearing & moving. They were quick to decide what to do and completed my load in under one and half hour. The communication with the admin may need some improvement though.

  207. Avatar photo
    Ernest Lee

    It was a very quick and efficient move led by Ghufran and his team of a Chinese guy and 2 young chaps. Very polite, and cheerful group. They were very responsible doing a ART test before showing up. Reliable movers, no frills, but get the job done.

  208. Avatar photo
    Sheena Phua

    Xiao bai and Zheng zao were v helpful and efficient. Highly recommend their services
    Ref 5366

  209. Avatar photo
    Sujimah Samsuri

    Wang Lei and team done a great job..efficient and fast. 6582

  210. Avatar photo
    Charles Ong

    I was extremely pleased with the service provided by XNR. The process of obtaining quotation was fast and responsive and their price was extremely competitive. I was attended to by Jazebelle.

    I was attended to by Aaron and his team on the day of the move. He was on time and alerted me 15 minutes before arriving. His team was fast and professional. Aaron was also very accommodating with some last minute requests.

    I would definitely use them again.

  211. Avatar photo
    Suzanne Sim

    Wang Lei and his team are very helpful and efficient. Happy with their work. Thank you

  212. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Toh

    While Ameirul and his team (ref 6154) was slightly late (due to pre CNY movings) , they compensate with their speed and efficiency. Manage to squeeze everything in 1 load (instead of 1.5 load) within 1 hr. Stuffs are also properly wrapped, secured and placed at new home

  213. Avatar photo
    Hock Kheng Lee

    Good and efficient service. Boxes were moved to our desired areas. Thank you Jaewei and Team.

  214. Avatar photo
    Cecilia Tan

    The team is fast and efficient. Team lead Xing is very skillful and helpful. Ref : 6447.

  215. Avatar photo
    Joy Lee

    Seelan & team were amazing! Helped with moving things up the staircase very carefully. Second time engaging XNR and experience is lovely

    Ref 6007

  216. Avatar photo
    Wesley Ong

    Wang Lei a XIN
    Good working attitude and helpful to resolve customer issue.

  217. Avatar photo
    Josefyn Lim

    Peter and team (Ref: 5337) is super efficient and fast! He cling wrap everything nicely to ensure that it is not damaged during delivery. Will definitely recommend him.

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