Review Xcape Singapore Real Escape Rooms, 161 Rochor Rd, Singapore

Review Xcape Singapore  Real Escape Rooms 161 Rochor Rd

“The room was fun and exciting. I really enjoyed going there with my friends! Puzzles were unique and adhering to the theme. Would recommend” or “Booking is super easy, the staff are super nice. The rooms are well-decorated. The puzzles are reasonable. My group totally love!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Xcape Singapore Real Escape Rooms. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Xcape Singapore Real Escape Rooms is quality.

Introduction about Xcape Singapore Real Escape Rooms

Here are some fundamental details regarding Xcape Singapore Real Escape Rooms. In terms of Amusement center, it is generally believed that Xcape Singapore Real Escape Roomsis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 161 Rochor Rd, Bugis Village, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Amusement center, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 69081918 (+65 69081918)
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  • Address: 161 Rochor Rd, Bugis Village, Singapore
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Xcape Singapore Real Escape Rooms reviews

Xcape Singapore Real Escape Rooms is among the best destinations of Amusement center in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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“The room was fun and exciting. I really enjoyed going there with my friends! Puzzles were unique and adhering to the theme. Would recommend”

“Each escape room included cool puzzles and technology. The game was intense and fun at the same time, staff was friendly and approachable too. Highly recommended for the thrills and scares.”

“Booking was easy, the game was fun yet challenging! Tried Vincenzo, my friends and I love it! Would totally recommend to other who are looking for some cool team bonding activities ”

“Booking is super easy, the staff are super nice. The rooms are well-decorated. The puzzles are reasonable. My group totally love!”

“My friends and I played Shutter Island game and it was so fun! It was by far the best Escape Room game that we played. We will be back to try other horror games!”

“Played the Home Sweet Home game. It was very fun. The staff in charge of our game was very helpful and nice. Present your student card to get $6 off per person.”

“Vincenzo was great fun for our group of 5. This was a well-designed, hospitable, efficient, and enjoyable experience. Plenty of nice eateries nearby for after is always a big plus too.”

“Played Busan Express and loved it! Kudos to the game design which exhibited excellent range of puzzles and sophisticated clues. Well done to the team!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 228 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 96% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Xcape Singapore Real Escape Rooms, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Xcape Singapore Real Escape Rooms, 161 Rochor Rd, Singapore

There is a total 228 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    Our very first experience with Xcape room, the set up of the room and the plot are just incredible. We were tasked to complete the game with clue after another clue. Fortunately the staff of Xcape room is helpful enough to give us some hint when our “wicked’ mind are stuck in the middle of the game. The kids enjoyed the plot so much, it’s a great game to test and train responsive and intelligent emotional. And we are planning to return for another game soon! Legit and full of adventure! Well done Xcape Room Singapore

  2. Avatar photo

    Tried Azkaban,the theme was something similar to Harry Potter,pretty challenging and needs you to think out of the box. Overall was a pretty fun experience,staff are helpful and do their best to give you hints

  3. Avatar photo
    Syamsiah Zain

    Amazing! Loved the set up and the idea of how the escape room works! Staff was very lovely and always helping whenever we get stucked at any checkpoint of the game.

    By far the best escape room that I’ve been to. The difficulty level displayed on the website matches with what we experienced. The setup of the game was so real! Lightings, sounds and almost everything was above what we expected! Definitely recommend The Morgue!!!

  4. Avatar photo
    Hah Tofu

    Went for Vincenzo! It was super fun! The placement of all the clues was very planned out and thorough. There were a lot of points to connect and overall a very fun experience. Will be back to try out Home Sweet Home next!

  5. Avatar photo
    Maya Hudson

    Amazing. My group of friends enjoyed it so much, this was a cherry on top for their birthday surprise! The staff was kind enough to give us extra 5 mins t finish off and they were really helpful. Highly recommended and we are sure t be back.

  6. Avatar photo
    Jasreel Boo

    I went to “home sweet home” with my friends on 19 Dec, Sun, 2pm slot, and we were actually enjoying ourselves, because this was our second time playing, so slightly more experience, we were actually scared that it will be super scary, but it wasn’t and it was quite fun, definitely recommend you and your friends to go, the more the better, and it was really fun, thank you! The game master also helped a lot!! Thanks! Would definitely go again !

  7. Avatar photo
    Norliza Tawel

    The game was fun and require teamwork to find out the clue around the room. We will definitely head back to try out other escape room. Not forgetting the staff was helpful and friendly

  8. Avatar photo
    Ella Maran

    We brought our sister in law to the Annabelle Escape room on 4th September 2021, and it was amazing! The service was speedy and warm, and they realized that my sister in law was abit nervous as we kinda surprised her. So the staff at the counter was jovial and smiley, trying to make her less nervous. That really helped us alot! The room itself, wow! It really throws you into the Conjuring universe, it was so good!! Be prepared for the best experience so far, when it comes to Escape rooms!

  9. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Kwa

    This room is one of a kind! A group of 4 of us played Vincenzo, and we all enjoyed this detective themed escape room very much. Very clever way of using technology for this room; we’ve seen nothing like this before in all escape rooms played. Its a tough room to solve, but we enjoyed it nevertheless!

  10. Avatar photo
    Huda Rosli

    We did the Vincenzo room which was loads of fun. It was my friends’ first experience with escape rooms and I am so glad I suggested visiting Xcape (it’s my second time here!) as we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The room was engaging and there was so much to explore which made the experience really fun. The QR Code clues and the need to call “mafia HQ” were great features to have because we were so into it.

  11. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Chew

    This was our first time in Xcape Singapore. Since our group of 4 (except for one brave soul-my sister, who couldn’t care less about scary stuff) ABSOLUTELY cannot stand horror, we decided to choose “Vincenzo” to try.

    Safe to say, it is a murder mystery, no horror, but a dead body. Well, leave it to the brave soul + the other happy-go-lucky one to, you know, explore that room.

    Now, we all love the ambience of the escape room, the blend of technology and creative use of props. The decorations, music and props are TOP-EFFING-NOTCH.

    Props to the team who plan and man the room, but damn, one can tell the effort and time put into making this particular escape room. Solving some clues were rather challenging, but nevertheless, extremely exciting and satisfying when we have the “Eureka!” moment. Not going to divulge much because you need to experience it yourselves!

    We made it through the entire room and calling for 1 hint with 10 minutes to spare. After which, we all couldn’t stop talking about it.

    The experience is beyond words can describe. AMAZING. So it’s been decided, we’ll be back for another game (as long as it isn’t horror).

    See you again soon, Xcape Singapore!

  12. Avatar photo

    Such a fun experience. This was a great outing with my friends. Love how they planned the escape room perfectly. A must come if ever going out with friends! 😀

  13. Avatar photo
    elaine tey

    This was the first time we try escape room game, overall game experience is quite good and interesting. Thanks for the staff’s concern , by letting us to hide first and maintain the social distancing. All of the props and environment set up quite real, plus the background music which make us feel we are inside that story. I prefer this kind of game with theme/story that we may watched before, thus we look forward any new theme release by your end. And maybe can give some awards to player who successfully to escape, like certificate, so that can proof that they complete the game, so people will feel worth to play again where some may want collect all the certificates.

  14. Avatar photo
    Trotting Horse

    They had a wardrobe where all of us changed into costumes to get into our roles! It was 2 hrs of immersive fun. We didn’t manage to solve the mystery but the process itself was very enjoyable. Some of our friends have played this same plot and room before and even so, it was great fun. Highly recommend it!

  15. Avatar photo
    Twopercentpink Quek

    My frens and I went for Busan Express. Tis is definitely the best Escape Room experience in Sg. The atmosphere was built to perfection, with 2 of my female companions screaming in fear at certain points. Totally love the experience we had today. Will visit other theme rooms soon!”

  16. Avatar photo
    kimberly joy

    Came to Xcape Singapore for the 3rd time to experience their latest game Morgue. Again a great experience! As always the team over there was super nice and friendly and the provided gear is in top condition. Regarding the game, the design were futuristic. It was a lot of fun.

  17. Avatar photo

    The Train to Busan escape room was very atmospheric and realistic, the zombies that attack occasionally is a nice feature to disrupt the game and force players to hide and waste previous time. The puzzles in the room is also quite well designed, with a combination of visual clues and audio clues. The host was also quite detailed in the briefing and leaving subtle hints as well.

  18. Avatar photo
    Jacky Lim

    Too bad some equipment in the rooms are vandalized so can be misdirecting

    The text explains backstory instead of giving first hint, making the first puzzle incredibly hard to solve for first timer.

    Backstory is not important btw

  19. Avatar photo
    ashley foo

    this is where i had played my first ever escape room (in 2018) and it has set my standard for escape rooms SKY HIGH. i’ve always enjoyed this place; new rooms to try every once in while, nicely decorated (not rundown) and fun plots. although sometimes the puzzles may be abit far fetched, it’s still a very fun and unique experience. definitely one of my favourite escape rooms (along with the escape artist) out of every escape room ive tried (and ive played alot ).

    super duper highly recommend. as a bonus,, our game master was really nice too

  20. Avatar photo
    Samantha Koh

    The Vincenzo escape room was just amazing ! It was really well planned out and the plot was a really interesting one . My favourite part of the game was definitely the ring puzzle ! It was amazing ! Thank you so much to the game master who created such an amazing plot and puzzle and to everyone who contributed to this amazing experience ! I really enjoyed the part where we had to guess who the culprit was. Kudos to the thought being put in into this puzzle !Thank you so much I really hope there would be more amazing puzzles like this ! I am definitely going to come back to Xcape for more puzzles

  21. Avatar photo

    My friends and I tried home sweet home. Didn’t managed to finish the game within an hour time frame. We were glad that the staff uncovered the rest of the mystery that we didn’t managed to solve. Overall, we had fun together and will definitely be back for more!!!

  22. Avatar photo
    Vee Kwok

    Not bad, the puzzle well designed. Couldn’t comment more, least there’s any spoilers. But we nearly finished opening the final lock! And correctly identified the murderer in vincenzo. BTW, just kudos to the guy who voice arted for 3 characters (2 guys and then old lady) in the hint videos, so funny!

  23. Avatar photo
    Jinyuan Gan

    We visited the Train to Busan room, and every single one of us enjoyed the room. The atmosphere was realistic and the props were well crafted. In addition the staff was attentive and very helpful. The background music also added to the element of suspense that made the whole experience unforgettable. We will definitely be visiting again!

  24. Avatar photo
    Tee KB

    Tried Shutter Island and Busan Express, and both left me with good experience. It is indeed really thrilling and the puzzle is really interesting, with the theme well decorated. It was fun seeing all of us being scared as well. The gamemasters are really polite and helpful, which enhanced the overall experience. Definitely will be going back to try out their other games

  25. Avatar photo
    Chua Pei Qi

    We tried the Azkaban game, as we were big fans of Harry Potter. The puzzles and clues were well thought out and the mechanical engineering of the props and secret door was really impressive! Although we didn’t manage to escape from the room, but we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! I brought the boy here to celebrate his birthday! Even though we overshot our time limit, the staff didn’t chase us out and continued to help us with more hints. Appreciate it very much! Thank you! We would love to come again! 😀

  26. Avatar photo
    yan fei

    my friends and i went for the annabelle escape room. i really like the cohesion of all the items in the room and the annabelle doll feature inside.

  27. Avatar photo
    Darren Wong

    It’s fun for a group of 5 like mine. Controller was very helpful and deligent to keep reminding us to put on mask as some of us will tend to bring down the mask. Aircon is cold enough (no need to bring jacket). Walkie talkie provided to communicate

  28. Avatar photo

    my friends and i went to busan express recently and it was rly rly enjoyable! the staff were friendly and patient, and the entire experience was very immersive. shall not spoil too much but the sudden scares were very appropriately timed and gave the room an additional intensity kick! highly recommend xcape

  29. Avatar photo
    Aaron Lim

    I played Shutter Island at XScape with 7 of my relatives, the premise seemed like it would be a horror game but it wasn’t! There wasn’t anything “supernatural” about it, so fret not – those who are scared of ghosts Incredible suspense, great set and and a phenomenal story. Very nice staff too, 11/10!! …

  30. Avatar photo
    Sarah Cates

    It was awesome. Scary, fun, well managed, clean and tidy.
    We had so much fun. A great night out.
    There were four of us and we did the Shutter island room. We were separated at the beginning which really got us scared. But we all had a great time, lots of laughs, scares and thought.
    The staff were lovely.

  31. Avatar photo
    Lauren Lu

    My friends and I went for the Azkaban one together and we really enjoyed it!! We will def go again next time!

  32. Avatar photo
    Tanaporn Kiewpong

    Booking is super easy, the staff are super nice.
    The rooms are well-decorated. The puzzles are reasonable. My group totally love!

  33. Avatar photo
    Jaclyn Chew

    Definitely an immersive experience. The room was perfect in every sense with its decor, puzzles, props and technology. It was after the game master had revealed the rest of the game that we realised that we shouldn’t had done that so that we could come back and attempt to escape the same room again as we had only completed half of it.

    Will definitely be back to escape to all their escape rooms for an escape. Hopefully we will manage to finally escape. *wink*

  34. Avatar photo
    Sun Ruiheng

    My friends and I had a blast at Busan escape room. The sets were clearly put together with dedicated effort, as we truly felt the uncanny atmosphere of the real horror train. Wonderful experience, with a very friendly staff member!

  35. Avatar photo
    Shirah N

    My friends and I played The Morgue today and was served by a lady (unfortunately I didn’t get her name which I regret so much). I hope you know who you are as my booking is for 11:10AM on 12th Sept (there were 4 of us and this guy kept shouting for no reason). So anyway, this lovely lady was SO HELPFUL, super friendly and patient with us eventhough my friend was suuuper duper annoying with the shouting! The game was cool because there were some parts that required some climbing which was more challenging than other escape rooms I have been too(no spoilers). I must recommend this to my friends!! Overall, the game was so fun! But I must say I was super impressed with the service. I wish I got to know your name to thank you properly! Keep up the EXCELLENT Service and continue to do you

  36. Avatar photo
    Humaira R

    Definitely the best escape room in Singapore! Me and my friends are always impressed with the room set up and their attention to every single detail in the room. 3rd time here and our goal is to try all the games Xcape Singapore has to offer.

  37. Avatar photo
    Arina Sa

    This is not the first time that we played the escape room. We have tried out at least 6 other escape rooms ( Morgue, Annabelle, Upside down, Tomb Raider, Shutter Island and Busan Express) here and none of them have let us down! We love how clever the whole game is being planned out and the thrill factor in the room definitely helped to inject more fun to the game! The addition of the actor in the Shutter Island as well as Busan express brought the game to another level! I look forward to playing more escape rooms here! If you love thrills, do try out Shutter Island and Busan Express!

  38. Avatar photo
    Vee Kwok

    Not bad, the puzzle well designed. Couldn’t comment more, least there’s any spoilers. But we nearly finished opening the final lock! And correctly identified the murderer in vincenzo. BTW, just kudos to the guy who voice arted for 3 characters (2 guys and then old lady) in the hint videos, so funny!

  39. Avatar photo
    Nana Soh

    The game was very realistic! Awesome sound effect and props. The hints and puzzles make sense. Wasn’t expecting a NPC to appear until the GM told us when we were already in the cabin as it wasn’t stated in the game description. Super alert and cautious with every single movement/sound. Constantly on your our toes throughout the game as we didn’t know when the GM will come in and if we can hide in time. To be honest, this was the best escape room I have been so far!

  40. Avatar photo
    Seth Hide

    We visited Xcape at Bugis last week, played Train to Bushan. 3 pro gamers with 2 newbies, we managed to escape with only few minutes left behind. Visual and sound effects are quite good, immersion happen quickly. The Game itself is quite good although a bit linear. I don’t want to go too much into details so no spoilers here! I would recommend this game at 4 or 5 pax, it should suit all level of players maybe beginner would need some guidance at start. Staffs are friendly and helpful.

  41. Avatar photo
    Jarod Leeyx

    i have visited xcape multiple times and enjoyed my time here. would love for the puzzles to be more challenging for future rooms otherwise its a great place to hangout and have fun with your friends (:

  42. Avatar photo
    Goh Xinhui

    The room was fun and exciting. I really enjoyed going there with my friends! Puzzles were unique and adhering to the theme. Would recommend

  43. Avatar photo
    Bik Jeun Ong

    Azkaban is amazing. Fairly easy with lot of technology aspect used. Highly recommend.
    May need a bit of harry potter knowledge to make things easier, else its doable without also.

    Played “The Morgue” with 4 people. It is recommended to have more but i feel for that room 4 is just nice to have everyone be doing something. This room is more of an immersive story telling room than the typical escape room with many different keys and locks to find and unlock. Overall a rather interesting experience. Though there are certain parts which may not be really intuitive. Really cant wait to try the other rooms of the seasons.

  44. Avatar photo
    Evangeline Naomi Tan

    It was a last minute plan with my friends to play The Morgue. Genuinely freaked out, it was well organized and designed! We love it and will definitely be back to try out other rooms that our game master recommended – Shutter Island, Azkaban, Train to Busan! Thanks for the great and thrilling experience, Xcape SG!

  45. Avatar photo
    Aqilah Amir

    It was really, really fun! Played Train to busan and all the puzzles were well made and really fits into the whole theme. The staff was very friendly and helpful when we required some hints and really made the activity even more engaging. Can’t wait to go again!

  46. Avatar photo
    Sherlyn Khong

    We took the Train to Busan. Loved the set up. Loved the puzzles / codes we had to solve/break. Never a dull second. We were only 3 only us. We had a 13 year old with us who was a little scared but it was not too hard. The 3 star difficulty level is accurate in the website description. we got out in under 60mins. Loved the theatrics and staff was very helpful. We’ve been to other places with escape rooms but Xcape Room is def our favourite. Very entertaining, thrilling and much to bond over with friends even after we escaped. Great for team-building and great life skills that young teens can pick up. We recommend this for friends and families.

  47. Avatar photo
    Da Zae (G1itch)

    The place was easy to find, very good service overall. Definitely exceeded our expectations! Recommended for any group of friends/family who wants to spend an outing together

  48. Avatar photo

    Room was detailed and challenging. Staff was more friendly and helpful than other escape rooms. Special thanks to Wendy for making the game really enjoyable for our group

  49. Avatar photo
    Nabilah Razif

    My friends and I went for the Train to Busan escape room on 9 October 2022 at 2:30PM. We didn’t get the name of the game master who facilitated the game but we just wanted to commend her for her flexibility when we asked her to cancel out the zombie scare from the escape room since it scared us so much. She was very understanding and kind despite us always asking if there was going to be a zombie or not. Additionally, the puzzles in the game are really interesting and fun! It really tested our mental abilities and there wasn’t a moment when we felt bored or gave up because it was very engaging. The set up of the cabins and the sound effects/ lighting are also other factors that further elevated our experience. It was our very first escape room and we are very glad to have gone with Xcape because they are very understanding, the rooms seem well thought-out and the staff are all very pleasant! Thank you so much!

  50. Avatar photo
    nur adlina

    First time there, and we chose to take the busan one because it was the only one left suited with our timing. We decided to try it out even tho most of us were scared, and the person who handled with us was sooo patient idek how like most of us were just scared and kept asking alot of questions haha and she didn’t get annoyed or if she did she didn’t show it and we were so grateful for that. She even suggested to take out the scary parts and all since she knew how scared we were. The game was also really cool and fun! We didn’t managed to finish it, and that was abit sad haha.. i don’t know how people manage to do it in an hour, maybe we really just cannot make it in this kind of situation but overall ALLLLL the staffs were friendly!! Really looking forward to coming back and experience the different games highly reccomended !!

    google username: adlina roslan
    TripAdvisor: nuteoolala

  51. Avatar photo
    Angie Lew

    We played Home Sweet Home and Busan Express. Clues were quite hard – good to add another 20 mins. Like the live actors in Busan Express. Clues set were interesting.

  52. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Tan

    We played the Shutter Island Escape Room on the Christmas, for 4 pax. Props were realistic, with well-designed puzzles. Good use of locks. Staff we especially friendly and helpful. Immersive. Can’t wait to try others. I like how interactive the NPCs were as well!

  53. Avatar photo
    CL W

    DIY experience.
    Felt that the hosting and reception can be much better. Instead the employees were lackluster and were not enthusiastic to be part of the theme.
    The plot is interesting. Not difficult to solve.
    For the cost of the experience, we expected more.
    Not sure I will return.

  54. Avatar photo

    Hello! The escape room was really fun, the thrilling factor was there. I look forward to more variety of horror theme escape room. On the side note, thank you to the staff (female staff who helped us at The Morgue Game who guided us throughout the game and gave us an unforgettable experience 😀

  55. Avatar photo
    Xian Liang Tan

    My team played Busan Xpress and we really enjoyed most of the puzzles. The sets were great and the rooms do feel like a train setting. The NPC did keep us on the edge most of the time and the narrow walkway certainly added on to that thrill. The staff is also friendly and ready to assist whenever called upon.

  56. Avatar photo

    Our team of 4 picked the Vincenzo room, as we were not too keen to play rooms that were accompanied by the horror element. The bilingual narrative was very complete – we loved how shelled out the storyline was, from beginning to end. The interior decor of the rooms and games were very intricately designed. Most importantly, they were promptly lit. We appreciated how the storyline helps in solving the mystery at the end. There was a need to understand each and every clue to get to the endgame. Each character profile was duly written and the details were very well thought-up of. The immersive experience was very engaging. We were greeted with the game master upon entrance and were taken aback by how immersed the staff was in her acting. She set the tone and the mood of the game really well, which helped us to start off the game quickly. We also liked how detailed she was in her explanation!

  57. Avatar photo
    Gary Ng

    It’s been some time since we went back to Xcape. Was surprised to see their main office shifted to level 1! Really nice entrance and pretty lobby.

    Tried their newest room, Azkaban! True to it’s theme of Harry Potter. We were given robes to wear. Instantly becoming a wizard/witch.

    The room was fun and exciting with many fun props and awesome deco which definitely up the atmosphere. The game masters who attended to our group was very bubbly and cool! They directed us towards the correct direction without revealing too much.

    All in all..

    X-citing game
    Captivating story
    Awesome effect
    Phenomenal Visual
    Enthusiastic game masters

    Will come back for other new rooms!

  58. Avatar photo

    Went the second time to Busan Express. Fun game and very stimulating with all the events and NPC inside. Difficulty level is the easiest out of all games 1hr won’t be enough if got dumb friends. Overall amazing experience.

  59. Avatar photo
    Charlene Teo

    The excitement was great and quite intense hence safety precautions can be made better in order to prevent accidents as there are huge pillars and the area was dark. Mystery clues and puzzles which needed teamwork to decode and solve them. Overall, we managed to escape at the very last minute.

  60. Avatar photo
    Theresa Ong

    “My team of 6 did SHUTTER ISLAND. And boy, did 90 mins fly by really fast! The puzzles are tough but exciting. We were split up and shut in different rooms and that added INTENSITY for sure! Loved it. And would love to go back and try your different themes next time.”

  61. Avatar photo
    Tay YunLin

    Very fun game with good story plot! (Played Home Sweet Home) The staff are also very friendly and helpful with us despite being there multiple times. My friend and I are big fans of Xcape Singapore and played almost every rooms from Season 1 to current. Would like to recommend people who enjoy thriller/horror to play Shuttle Island and it will definitely leave a deep impression for you.

  62. Avatar photo
    Sean Goh

    well designed escape room with both theme and challenge. 4 of us did the morgue and it was a satisfying experience (we didn’t see a single locked box+ number lock as some other providers are fond of overusing). one caveat- some physicality is required (ladder climbing +crawling) so be forewarned. hope you don’t mind some darkness too..

  63. Avatar photo

    Played Vincenzo with my friends and overall good experience! It was immersive and exciting!! Vincenzo was a well paced game, with just enough time for us to piece the story together. Sequence of game was good as clues found were clear in directing us what to search next; All clues were all necessary to the game. Story and game experience was well put together.

  64. Avatar photo
    Hexagon AP

    Our company organised a team-building session with Xscape and i am glad we did. We played the Home Sweet Home escape room. Although it was highly challenging,I had so much fun. I love the riddles and I am also thankful for the clues provided during the session. I wish we had more time haha. Overall, everything was well organized, the staff were friendly and timely. The rooms are also clean. I would like to go back and try other rooms. Highly recommended.

  65. Avatar photo
    Ai Hue Duong

    My friends and I played the Vincenzo theme at Xcape Singapore. The riddles were amazing, very mind blowing. Some of the riddles were very unexpected. We had good experience playing there! The price per player is also affordable. If you and your friends want to exercise your detective, logical brain during your day off, this would be a great place for you all!

  66. Avatar photo
    Hong Xinrong

    went for the 2pm Annabelle room today and it was so good! i think the gamemaster is new and quite shy tho and he kinda forgot the backstory (was very cute HAHA) but he still tried his best so was all good and the room had decent puzzles but i felt like the first room puzzle (for the key) could be made less tedious.

  67. Avatar photo
    T AA

    My friends and I came to play Vincenzo on the 15th January. Vincenzo was definitely among one of the best escape rooms that we have visited. From the effective use of technology to the staff’s commendable commitment to role-playing, it was certainly a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. We look forward to similar escape rooms with smooth transitions between puzzles and interesting mechanisms being the use of combination locks !

  68. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Tay

    Omg The Morgue is definitely 1 of the must try room! Went with my kids and hubby and we really had a hell time out in The Morgue room. Experience it to some brain cracking mysteries puzzles and bring your guts along for sure! For sure will come again to try out other rooms.. I’ll be back!

  69. Avatar photo
    Zac Ee

    Thank you to the Xcape Team. The room was well designed and the quizzes was well thought out. We had a lot of fun.

  70. Avatar photo
    Pheobe Ng

    My friend and I had a lot of fun. Even though it was just the two of us (due to the covid restrictions), we enjoyed the experience in the Annabelle theme. The puzzles were challenging but satisfying to solve. Great experience)

  71. Avatar photo
    Yuelu Li

    Attempted “HomeSweet Home” and the difficulty and thrill level truly are as advertised. Props are well maintained and how the event unfold coupled with the eerie atmosphere will promise you an unforgettable experience. Design of the puzzles are highly stimulating and the satisfaction of unlocking them is so exciting that you will probably be discussing and recounting the game with your partner for the rest of the day and likely planning when to do it again.

  72. Avatar photo
    Tee Xing Kee

    Did the Annabelle room with friends and we had a great time ! Aside from one task at the beginning which could be a little tedious, the rest of the mechanics were interesting and there were a few really great surprises too ! The Annabelle escape room is probably one of the bigger ones Xcape has to offer, with lots of unexpected spaces one can explore, and ( personally ) is the scarier, but also more fun, of the two ‘ Haunted ‘ options.

    The game master was very friendly and did her best to guide us to the solutions through suggestions instead of outright spoiling them ( so we didn’t feel that stupid for not figuring things out immediately ). She also let us go through with the rather thrilling(?) escape route of the ‘ final dash ‘ ( even though we were probably a few minutes over the time limit by then, sorry ! ) in order to allow us the full experience, which we really appreciated.

    Overall, looking forward to Xcape’s future rooms as well as to trying out their remaining rooms in the meantime, Xcape never fails to impress !

  73. Avatar photo

    i went for the vincenzo escape room and it was overall really fun! the feeling of finding a qr code and trying out differ combinations to unlock the lock always kept us on our toes not to mention when finding a clue. the room had the expected vibes vincenzo. the staff there was really friendly and even explained anything we left out after the escape room overall would definitely recommend!

  74. Avatar photo
    Jamin Soh

    Puzzles were quite hard to solve as there are no specific orders for them to be done in, and clues were quite cryptic at some points. Overall a good experience to go with friends or as a company team building event

  75. Avatar photo
    Ryan Mok

    We played the Shutter Island. Room was extremely immersive. Actor were professional and played their role well. Facilitator contributed heavily to the enjoyment of this experience. Would recommend to friends and family!

  76. Avatar photo

    Went to the Azkaban room today with some friends! It was very well thought out and the puzzles were a good level of difficulty to soothe our detective itch! The only part I have a comment on is that the “door” to the last room was not very obvious when we solved the riddle to open it. But we enjoyed the game very much! The staff is very kind and helpful too~ Will definitely come back again soon

  77. Avatar photo
    fiqah elmi

    the room was definitely very challenging and that was what made it fun!!! my friends and i had the chance to bond through this very challenging activity. the staff on duty (4th March, 3.45pm slot for the morgue) was very friendly and super helpful. my friends and i enjoyed this experience A LOT and would definitely recommend this place to our friends and family, and would most definitely come back! the ones who were in charge of the cashier area was very welcoming too!

  78. Avatar photo
    William Suryajaya

    The puzzles are quite complex, but it is still quite manageable with enough people. The setup is very good and the story is well written. I believe this game is suitable if you want a pure escape game puzzle challenge

  79. Avatar photo
    L 2XU

    Played Busan Express and loved it!

    Kudos to the game design which exhibited excellent range of puzzles and sophisticated clues. Well done to the team!

  80. Avatar photo
    Noelle R

    The game was all fine, fun of course. But the staff, she was SO RUDE. Not sure what got into her. Just because we lowered our masks to catch some breath, she immediately raised her voice and said, “I’m not joking here, one more time you all remove your masks, I will remove y’all from the game and the place”. I mean, you could have said it nicely. We know that the covid situation is still going on and we’re there to unwind and have fun,not to catch or spread any kind of viruses.

    We hesitated to even ask her for hints and she was not clear in the briefing of the game itself. Customer service from her is a FLOP.

    Understand that she has to do what the management assigned her to do. But that doesn’t mean she has to be this rude and over do her job. She literally treated us like some kindergarten kids. “Never wear masks, leave the place”. Seriously. We didn’t even remove the masks from our faces and ran around. Some of us literally needed to breathe.

    After the game, she came into the room all smiles and waved goodbye. This is ridiculous. I think she is enough to chase away potential customers.

    Please be nice, just like your other colleagues. Thank you..

  81. Avatar photo

    went today for the morgue and it was really fun and intense and scary although there wasn’t a npc. the staff was also really friendly and nice. we managed to complete it with an extra 2 minutes. we’ll come next time for shutter island ️️️

  82. Avatar photo

    Me and my family have lots of fun at the Bugis branch escape room!! The game master was very kind and helped us whenever we’re stuck. Overall a great experience solving the puzzle and quizzes!!

  83. Avatar photo
    Zihan Lam

    Had a very fun time with my lads at Xcape Singapore. We tried Train to Busan. The atmosphere was on point, and the puzzles were cleverly designed. There was one puzzle with a very good use of technology, and we couldn’t have figured it out if not for the helpful staff who kindly provided hints to us (we asked for them). It is less scary than I expected, but it was definitely a super fun experience.

  84. Avatar photo
    Tan Samantha

    The staff was very helpful and responsive when asking for assistance. Story was interesting and the sound effects created a very thrilling atmosphere. Place was clean and well-maintained. The puzzles were well-thought out and very innovative! Suggestion to include a torchlight as it was slightly difficult to unlock the lock in the dark. Overall, it was an amazing experience and we’ll definitely be back for another round of Xcape Room!

  85. Avatar photo

    It was a fun experience!! Was my first time playing an escape room, was a little hard to solve some of the mysteries but we did it!! The five of us escaped!! I would definitely play the rest of the games in the future!!

  86. Avatar photo

    Honestly imo they are Singapore’s best escape room. Have played almost all of their rooms (less Annabelle cause dolls ). Really enjoyed the hospitality of the staff and the effort put into each role they play in the game (as game masters or the scare actor). It has become an annual event for me especially when they have a new season. Highly recommended for those who enjoys such activities with friends and families.

  87. Avatar photo
    Sherline Lai

    Xcape had been my favorite escape game all along! Yesterday I went to play the theme home sweet home with my best buddies as birthday celebration! They always had new theme coming up and home sweet home was one of them recently. I had a great time and was so fun The puzzle was as usual so interesting and innovative lo. And good team work which is always bring us all together to stare at *it* to figure out the secret code. Haha Staffs were very helpful in explaining after the game ended… During the session they also help us in hint. I will be coming back for their other new theme! Happy lunar new year to all xcape staff!”

  88. Avatar photo
    Lee Jiemin

    I tried the Annabelle room with 4 other friends and it was very fun and thrilling. The room is well built and the puzzles were fun and not too tough. The staff was very helpful in guiding us throughout the game.

  89. Avatar photo
    B K

    We played the Annabelle escape room and my niece enjoyed it super much as her 12 years old birthday experiences. Given the pandemic, it’s a pity that only 2 pax was allowed in each room so it was pretty difficult for an adult (who hardly play escape room) and a child.. lol. However, the staff on the walkie-talkie was super helpful and patient in giving us lots of hints which allow us to move to the final room with the 75 minutes. We did not manage to escape but was grateful to reach the final activity and the staff was nice enough to come in to explain how the game will end (the last parts which we did not get to experienced). As avid horror fans, the setup did not disappoint us. The rooms are eerie and scary Annabelle was right there! Overall, great fun experience with super helpful staff

  90. Avatar photo
    Tan Vivian

    Xcape’s Shutter Island has provided my friends and I a thrilling afternoon with the immersive story line along with the adrenaline rush as we tried to quickly solve the puzzles while being subjected to panic and fear of being “killed”. For once, it wasn’t just a mentally but physically challenging “ESCAPE” where teamwork is essential. PS. I would strongly recommend pairing every chicken-feet person such as myself with another brave soul. Overall, it was an all-rounded experience for me, the story is logical, the element of surprise was there, I had loads of fun and we had loads to talk about after the game as well. I would definitely recommend Shutter Island to everyone!

  91. Avatar photo
    Amirul Ashraf

    Hello, we enjoyed our time playing the Annabelle escape room. It was scary and mind jiggling, trying to solve the difficult puzzles while being in an eerie room. This is our second time playing Annabelle, because we didnt manage to complete it the first time. We had a lot of fun!

  92. Avatar photo
    Irene Lee

    Played the annebella game. Scream alot in the game. It’s interesting and very fun. No spoiler so won’t describe the room too much. Ultimately, have alot of frighten moments. Clues are just nice to find. Both physically and mentally challenged

  93. Avatar photo
    Amber Phua

    Tried the Busan Express and I’ll have to say this is one of the best escape room I’ve tried so far! Been to several various escape room but this is one that I will definitely recommend to others, first timers as well! The clues are well laid out, story flows decently and the thrill factor is there. Though I was hoping there could have been 1 more room/ task. I was kind of sad when it ended, it felt a little abrupt though understandable. We still had 18min to spare after using 2 hints. Veteran should challenge themselves to not ask for any hint cause it is very possible to complete within the time limit. It was a great experience that my friend is considering to propose Xscape for their company cohesion.

  94. Avatar photo
    Si Hui Lee

    I did busan express. Staff was friendly and explained the rules well. The set up is excellent and the feel and tempo of the game was good. Scare elements for busan room were just nice (not too scary or too mild). We enjoyed the game. Keep it up!”

  95. Avatar photo

    it was our first time in a escape room and it really was a good experience. i had so much fun here. i really had to rake my brain to solve these puzzles. i would definitely come again.

  96. Avatar photo

    Nice design, super nice theme. The enigmas were interesting and challenging (which is a very good point) and the clues given fair. We didn’t finish ours but we will be back to try different themes!

  97. Avatar photo
    shovan sengupta

    Another outstanding experience. This time we played Train to Busan and it was a thrilling and engaging experience. We really enjoyed this one.
    This is our 4th visit here and the place comities to amaze us. Outstanding.

  98. Avatar photo
    Vivian Tan

    My friends and I had an awesome afternoon at Xcape’s Home Sweet Home. To be honest at the start, we weren’t the most excited as it was advertised as a “Classic” escape room. Nevertheless, we were pleasantly surprised as the room were not entirely only full of the typical “generation one” escape room locks but they were mind boggling puzzles where teamwork is crucial. We loved how the room too had rather interactive elements as well. Overall, the plot was decent, and we had plenty of hands-on which is always a plus. We would definately recommend Home Sweet Home to everyone!

  99. Avatar photo
    Xinyi Seah

    Played Vincenzo. It was really fun! I’ve played many escape room games and Xcape is by far the best in terms of logic of puzzles, atmosphere and story. All the puzzles are well thought out and smart. The room is fully renovated to the theme, including the wallpapers, flooring and doors which is something I’ve not seen in other places. This allows you to fully immerse in the story. Staffs are very helpful. The clues given are good enough and doesn’t kill the experience. I’ll play all the games so please create more games soon! Thank you for the amazing experience!

  100. Avatar photo
    Fadzli Shamsudin

    The staff there is very friendly and helpful. Very warm welcoming.
    The briefing was loud and clear, and her tone of voice is very pleasing too.
    On top of the friendly staff who ensure you enjoy yourself, from the time you first enter the front desk till the end of the game.
    The game was equally challenging and fun too, it really messes with your head. The decor, sound effects and everything was just on point. Just sad we didn’t manage to finish it on time, but will surely come back to try the others. Thank you.

  101. Avatar photo
    jolynn yeo

    It was my first experience to an escape room. We went in small group of 3 comprising 1 adult and 2 students. It was indeed fun, exciting and horror to some but all of us enjoyed it despite we felt we could have done better!
    We went for Home Sweet Home (Season 3). It was a three star difficulty level when we went. Being one of the lowest difficulty level escape room, it wasn’t easy at all. (Well, escape room are not meant to be easy in the first place.)
    Suggest the players to have different characteristics (analytical, observant, daring etc). In conclusion, expect the unexpected and anything is possible!

  102. Avatar photo
    Jarren Leow

    Been here for 3 different games. All the rooms are very detailed and well built. Puzzles are challenging but fun to solve. The staff are also friendly, and glad to assist you with hints.
    Only gripe is that the time limits always feel a little too short, but I guess it encourages you to work faster.

  103. Avatar photo
    Be Cr

    My family and I played the Shutter Island escape game today. We are very grateful to Xcape Singapore for allowing us to change our slot so last minute, since we had an urgent family matter to attend to. The staff were very professional and adhered to all Covid-19 government guidelines, giving us a safe and sanitary environment to play in. They briefed us before we entered and started the game, and answered all our questions patiently. My parents were initially slightly apprehensive since it was their first escape room game and asked quite a few questions during the briefing. The staff were patient and answered all their questions fully. This reassured them and gave us a good impression of the company from the very start. The Shutter Island game was extremely exciting and fun. The format of the game was creative and original, unlike other escape rooms which I have played before. Each of us role-played as a prisoner with different identities and past histories which was a unique experience that gave the game an added dimension and caused the game come alive for us. The props and many artefacts were also very realistic and made my dad marvel at the details in which Xcape went down to in order to make the whole atmosphere as believable and authentic as possible. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed solving the puzzles, many of which were innovative and mentally-stimulating and had us cracking our brains to figure them out. The added element of the mad doctor patrolling the prison made the game even more exhilarating and kept us on our toes the whole time. The staff were extremely kind and helpful whenever we were stuck at a particular puzzle and could not figure things out. They were also very experienced and knew the common obstacles that players often got stuck at, giving us accurate and specific advice each time we called them for help. When my parents told the staff that they had trouble seeing the lock combinations in the poor lighting, they even offered us a torchlight to use throughout the game. In the future, the lights in the room could be adjusted to give players a better view so that we need not strain our eyes in the dim light. Despite these small inconveniences, we were still very pleased with our experience and enjoyed the whole 1.5 hours of the game. Will definitely come back to Xcape for future outings and recommend this to our family and friends for a fun time!

  104. Avatar photo
    Tu Jiajing -Judy

    The experience with my friends was great! The story was excellent and need some excellent observation for all the clues to find the real killer of the murder. Although the time might be short for finding all the clues and solving the puzzles, it’s just a way for us to really get into the story. Love it! Will definitely come again soon!

  105. Avatar photo
    Don Yeo

    My kids and I enjoyed the entire game. From the start to the various segments of game, we felt that they were very well thought-through and definitely not forgetting the ‘fun’, ‘excitement’ and ‘thrilling’ factors. Will definitely like to come and try other themes with the kids again.

  106. Avatar photo
    T M L

    Vincenzo was great fun for our group of 5. This was a well-designed, hospitable, efficient, and enjoyable experience. Plenty of nice eateries nearby for after is always a big plus too.

  107. Avatar photo
    Nurul Hazirah

    We came as a group of 6, some who did not have any experience playing Escape Rooms. The room that we selected (Busan Express) was super fun and it was such an immersive experience, there were very realistic sound effects. It felt so real, we reallyyy felt like we needed to escape the room (LOL). The puzzles were moderately difficult but still engaging! Overall, will definitely recommend to others! Can’t wait to try the other rooms soon!

  108. Avatar photo
    Sr Neo

    Really great game!! and the staff was really super nice – from the counter staff to the game masters. I really recommend everyone to play this room. I have played many times at Xcape and they NEVER disappoint

  109. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Lau (ニコ)

    Super fun – thanks for the AMAZING memories I made with my family. Will be back again with both friends and family

  110. Avatar photo

    The game (Resident Evil (Season 2)) was well designed, and the set up of the room was also great! The staff were also friendly and helpful. We really enjoyed the escape room experience to the extent that we booked another escape game (Tomb Raider (Season 2)) on the same day! We will be back to try the other escape rooms!

  111. Avatar photo
    ting tan

    A fun and enjoyable experience! From storyline to the design of room, we could see that the team has really put in alot of efforts. Also would like to thank the staff who explained in details how to escape at the end of the session.(didn’t manage to escape on time) Will definitely go again …

  112. Avatar photo
    Jacky Brown

    played the morgue with 3 ppl including me and it was so fun!!! the props were so interesting and the puzzles were rather challenging >< quite scary with the music and the banging sound, will play the other rooms next time!!

  113. Avatar photo
    Athena Lui

    the escape room was fun and tricky!! the staff was also really helpful and friendly. the atmosphere was awesome, so much so that it made my friends scream highly recommended!! …

  114. Avatar photo
    Gina Francia Mia

    Booking was easy!
    Fun and Exciting

    Tried the Shutter Island – it was fun and exciting specially the initial stage as we have to split into smaller groups to break the first room (i almost quit lol).

    The added factor of the doctor running around to scare was lame and genius at the same time… although he is just normally walking around the hall – it will still give you this thrill when u see the red light signal (i think best part of the game specially when u have a team mate who did not understand the red light for ).

    The only thing is theres too much unlocking going on () and it makes our team goes separately in rush of time instead of working together.

    Overall will still cone here again but probably will try another game ️

  115. Avatar photo
    C T

    The staff were really welcoming and patient with us as we had some questions and requests. The storyline and the layout of the escape was well-thought and elaborate as well! We really had fun during the whole 90 minutes and will definitely go back to Xcape again!

  116. Avatar photo

    Went to annabelle with my family, was rly fun and the dolls were super scary and realistic! blackouts were creepy af Rly enjoyed the game but time was too short so I hope can extend for a while or so. Thanks for having us , hope to come back soon! …

  117. Avatar photo
    Wendy Leong

    My family and I played the Shanghai 1943 Role Playing Game and had a GREAT time! The scripts and clues were all meticulously prepared and we loved dressing up! We had so much fun that after the game, we were still discussing about it. For instance, how certain characters seemed so suspicious and how finding of certain clues could have made the detective successful at finding the murderer. I strongly recommend this game!

  118. Avatar photo
    Cheah Jing

    We came back twice in 2 days – testament to how much we enjoyed ourselves at Xcape! Staff are friendly and fun, taking the game experience to another level. Would definitely be back again to try other rooms.

  119. Avatar photo
    Megan Chiam

    My partner and I tried the Busan Express escape room and had lots of fun even though we didn’t manage to escape. The room set-up was great and the puzzles were fun and challenging. Thank you Xcape for such an awesome experience

  120. Avatar photo
    Han Sean

    I’m the only one who played escape room before then i recommended to my other 5 friends to play shutter island the game was full of laughter and fun all round and we manage to escape with 10mins left!! Room is very well build. After the game ended my friends are now addicted to escape room!! Their staffs are friendly and helpful. We will be back to try and escape the other rooms!!

  121. Avatar photo
    xinyi gow

    The rooms were fun and engaging. The game master was patient n easy to understand. The tasks were difficult however i managed to make us think in different perspectives and with occasional help from the game master we were able to get through the rooms. Me and my friends truly enjoyed the rooms and would come back more often to try the others.

  122. Avatar photo
    Gina Francia Mia

    Booking was easy!
    Fun and Exciting

    Tried the Shutter Island – it was fun and exciting specially the initial stage as we have to split into smaller groups to break the first room (i almost quit lol).

    The added factor of the doctor running around to scare was lame and genius at the same time… although he is just normally walking around the hall – it will still give you this thrill when u see the red light signal (i think best part of the game specially when u have a team mate who did not understand the red light for ).

    The only thing is theres too much unlocking going on () and it makes our team goes separately in rush of time instead of working together.

    Overall will still cone here again but probably will try another game ️

  123. Avatar photo
    Jiaxing Song

    The staffs are very helpful as well. Great experience and fun overall. Initial part was unexpected but it creates the suspense and thrill.

  124. Avatar photo
    Jiahui Lian

    the horror factor is definitely there during our game at the Annabelle room while at the same time, solving the puzzles and riddles also required a sane mind to ensure that all is done within the 75mins. my friends and I enjoyed our time today definitely!

  125. Avatar photo
    Therese G

    Did The Morgue theme with 3 pax and it was so much fun!!! We all agreed it was the best escape room we’ve done yet. Props were good and we loved the atmosphere. Puzzles were just the right level of difficulty too!

  126. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Goh

    The ambience of the room was truly impressive. The staff were friendly and the games were just the right difficulty. Place was clean and the whole place was really well-maintained. Understandable why they are considered one of the best escape rooms in Singapore. I would recommend any one to go here be it veterans or new players. Two thumbs up!

  127. Avatar photo
    Darren S

    Shutter Island was one of the best, intense escape rooms there is! With an element to keep you on the toes, it adds an extra layer of anxiety in the gameplay. Amazing work at Xcape and team! The largest, immersive room I’ve ever seen as well! Well done! Kudos to the staff member who were our game master!

  128. Avatar photo
    Teresa Chan

    Played all of their haunted / thriller series twice with different groups of people as it’s that thrilling and addictive!
    Props, set up, storyline and mechanism of the rooms are very realistic and immersive. Highly recommend Shuttle Island with planted NPC, not for the faint hearted but must try!!!
    Puzzles are well planned and makes sense unlike some other escape rooms that we have been to.
    Xcape is not just plain fun but allows one to step out of their comfort zone and push their limits!
    Hands down the best escape room in Singapore, thank you Xcape for the great fun and set up, can’t wait for the next season already!!!

  129. Avatar photo
    Jefferson Tan

    Home Sweet Home was so good!! We had so much fun working together to solve the puzzles and the room was really well designed. It’s worth every cent!!

  130. Avatar photo
    Melissa Yeo

    I loved playing escape games at XCAPE! Since we can now gather in groups of more than 5! I got my group of 7 friends to try out the haunted escape game ANNABELLE! It was sooooo unexpectedly and surprisingly fun! The experience is unique! No other places offers this 1hr and 15 min of non stop suspense and exciting! You have to use your sense of sight and hearing to a different level! Friendly staff to help you with the rooms, we called the staff 4 times to help us and they responded really quickly! I highly recommend XCAPE! [X]tremely fun! [C]onvenient location at Bugis! [A]ffordable [P]uzzling [E]xciting

  131. Avatar photo
    Caleb Koh

    The room was really really well thought out. It was so challenging but well done and planned. The scares for the room were also done really well. Perhaps the challenging part was to know when the clues were reused and when they were not. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and problems

  132. Avatar photo
    Siah Hx

    Recommened only if u enjoy solving riddles/ mystery given some abstract clues. Else give it a miss, nothing fanciful (given the price).

    Place needs maint, alot of defective stuff inside the rooms and players only find out after seeking help during the game, thus time wasted during the game.

    Overall not impressed with the game play.

  133. Avatar photo
    Munira Malik

    Went for The Morgue escape room. Going at night really added to the fear factor. Loved how interesting the clues were and how there was a variety of things we needed to do like climbing, squeezing in a tiny area, reaching out to things etc. Very well put together environment! Would love to go for their other themes in the future

  134. Avatar photo
    S J

    “We were a group of 5 pax. It was our very first time playing escape room and we had soooo muchh fun!! We played the Home Sweet Home the room was very cool and interesting. The staff was helpful when we needed hint. We definitely would return to play other rooms!!”

  135. Avatar photo
    Royston Quah

    We played the Busan Express room and had a wonderful time trying to solve the puzzles. The staff were very friendly and welcoming as well. Would definitely return to try the other rooms soon!

  136. Avatar photo

    Thrilling Anabelle escape room! Went for the Tomb Raider one few years back as well. The rooms were difficult or probably my friends and myself were just dumb lol Would definitely try The Morgue and Train To Busan next!! …

  137. Avatar photo
    Niyu Yuqian

    I played Busan Express with my friends and it was a blast! The realistic setup and great backstory really spooked me. The puzzles lead you closer to the answer and to the exit. The staff were also very friendly and will help you just enough to get pass the level you are stuck in without revealing the answer. There were some jump scares tho but they were just enough to hype me up. Will come again!

  138. Avatar photo
    Yitch (Yitch)

    You either like it or hate it. We tried the mystery murder which was decent.

    What we were quite miffed about was the booking system. If you book through peatix it’s best to call them up and confirm the time and check your email to see it’s the correct timing.

  139. Avatar photo

    It was an Awesome and Thrilling Experience!! XCAPE – Annabelle was one of A must go Escape Room in SG! We’ve spent our night last week and decided to go out for a challenge! We’ve decided to book under Xcape SG- Anabelle room! There was no hassle when we got there , location is very accessible and walking distance from MRT Bugis Exit A. Staff were all friendly and very organized, we just waited 10 minutes prior to the game as they need to have ample time to Sanitize the room for everyone’s safety! Which is very good at this pandemic time! The staff who assisted us in the room were very helpful and knowledgable with the story line as it was briefly discussed to us before we start the game. When we enter the room 3 (All girls) of us were very frightened and got goose bumps too..All the clues and puzzles will really twist your mind, you need to think out of the box! And let your creative mind, explore, think and give it a try!.You all must have a good teamwork in order for you to solve, find the clues and escape! This was one of the BEST Escape room in SG we’ve ever experienced !! Room was big and spacious good for big groups too! Horror themed Interiors and unexpected Thrilling effects were really Exhilarating and Amazingg!!!! This is a MUST GO Experience that will give you thrills and enjoyment you will keep on chatting and remembering with your friends. We will definitely go back and try other XCape rooms, most probably our next will be the Shutter Island, can’t wait!! Overall, 6 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating!..

  140. Avatar photo
    kirthana p

    the room was clean & well put tgt. i will definitely come back for more games asap. staffs are friendly & the hints they give are very helpful!

  141. Avatar photo
    Melanie Dang

    We went to Vincenzo and absolutely enjoyed the story. The riddles were of appropriate difficulty and it was a good game without becoming so frustrated. We went as a team of 7 and this was great!

  142. Avatar photo
    Suan Yeo

    Played the Mission X love Doraemon game, and it was surprisingly good! Different types of puzzles and clues, not the usual locks that some other places do. Came with kids and it was fun for them too. The room was up 3 flights of stairs so be prepared to climb. Service was friendly and attentive but only 3 clues given. I’d recommend this to others and will be back!

  143. Avatar photo
    Fira Hsinad

    Amazing experience! The ambience, setting, and environment is the best in SG! Truly an immersive experience for everyone to dive deep into the story and put on their thinking caps to solve puzzles that are unique to escape! The best escape room studio in SG! I recommend the trying the Shutter Island! It’s the most fun my group and I had!

  144. Avatar photo
    Bryan Chin

    My friends and I were very impressed with Xcape. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during the game and were amazed at the different strategies required to proceed through the game. The puzzles were interesting yet challenging, giving that extra kick which made the whole experience all the more thrilling. The staff at Xcape were all very professional, ensuring a clean and hygienic playing experience even amidst this Covid-19 pandemic. This made the playing environment much safer and worry-free. Overall, we would definitely return to attempt another one of the games. Cannot wait to see what is in store!

  145. Avatar photo
    Keion TianEn

    Played the Train to Busan theme and enjoyed every second trying to solve the puzzles! Brains and teamwork well tested. Staff were very friendly and helpful. Would definitely come back to try the other rooms.

  146. Avatar photo
    07. kj

    for my friends and i, we chose the annabelle escape room. through the puzzles maybe a tad bit challenging, it still pushed us to think out of the box. the staff there was very kind and helpful; when we needed help with the puzzles, they would offer us necessary help without telling us everything. it was very fun and enjoyable; however, we do wish that more time would be provided!

  147. Avatar photo
    David Bay Yong Sheng

    Tried a few others outside of Singapore, don’t really like.. because they are too illogical to solve. Really love the escape rooms here. We tried the KungFu Panda X Rooms, and it was not too puzzling, not exactly easy, but very fun to progress! Sound Effects and the room’s design are surprisingly on point. Will come back for another fun experience!

  148. Avatar photo
    CY Q

    Booked the Busan Express game at 8.30pm but we reached earlier. The staff allowed us to start the game earlier once the room was ready. The staffs were nice and friendly when explaining to us the rules and we were given 3 chances for hints. Sound effects, lightings and NPC made the game really thrilling. Think we only managed to solved half of the game given that we only have 3 players and most of the time we scared ourselves too much thinking there will be “zombies” appearing. My friends and I really enjoyed our time there and will definitely visit again.

  149. Avatar photo
    Lim Yue Han

    Visited shutter island and busan express. My tips will be to read the skills required and then bring along friends that will contribute to the game. The environment is really realistic and immersive.

  150. Avatar photo
    Paola Seow

    I’ve been a fan of escape rooms since they started becoming popular in Singapore. At one point in time, I’ve tried almost all the escape rooms available back then. Amongst all, xcape has always been the best and consistent in the quality of all their escape rooms! Their style is a nice merger of games they require both physicality and technology at the same time. Their puzzles actually make sense unlike many other escape rooms available in Singapore. Will definitely come back for more!

  151. Avatar photo
    Weishan Fan

    My friends and I played Shutter Island game and it was so fun! It was by far the best Escape Room game that we played. We will be back to try other horror games!

  152. Avatar photo

    My friends are pretty new to the world of escape room. We started off participating in escape rooms from other companies last December, however, their experiences haven’t been great with the rooms too small or clues being too illogical. Until I recommended them to try Xcape. My friends and I decided to try out Tomb Raider, attracted by the high difficulty level and thriller factor. It definitely did not disappoint. We knew this room is different from others the moment we entered. The props were effortful, the room was huge and the various stages are challenging yet enjoyable. We had a blast. The staff were also very helpful and guided us very well along the way. It was definitely one of the best escape room experiences we had so far. We hope to try out other rooms in Xcape in the near future to come.

  153. Avatar photo
    Ema Amin

    My friends and I played 3 games in one day! So many learning points! The games are interesting. The rooms are well made and the puzzles flow are good! Managed to solve 2 games within the time frame given of course with hints! We really enjoyed ourselves! Really had a good bonding session!

  154. Avatar photo
    Celestine Teo

    Super fun experience, first time trying the haunted rooms,tried annabelle this time round. It was super immersive got all of us very freaked out. I’m amaze at all the puzzles and game mechanics. Truly memorable …

  155. Avatar photo
    Yeo Khai Shiang

    Played Anabelle (Haunted), man it was thrilling as hell, I lost my voice. The puzzle was fun and the facilitator (handsome guy with round specs) was very friendly. We were left with the last piece of puzzle unsolved and he explained to us.

  156. Avatar photo
    Winnie Lai

    Was delighted to hear there was a new game to Season 3 – Home Sweet Home & tried it. Loved how the props & set were spanking new. There was even a smell of new furnitures the moment we stepped in. Overall, a thrilling game that keeps you thinking & kudos to the helpful game master as always.

  157. Avatar photo
    Wan Ni Chew

    1st time playing xcape room – Annabelle. 3 of us were clueless of how the flow is and kept asking for hints. 🫢 fun experience, friendly staffs, will definitely visit again. …

  158. Avatar photo
    Denise Ng

    Really enjoyed the Azkaban room! Our group was slightly late for the game because of the rain/jam, but the staff was so kind to reset the timer and gave us the full timing. Would strongly recommend this room to groups who are looking for non-scary rooms

  159. Avatar photo
    Vlad Neacșu

    I came to this escape with super high expectations based both on other reviews, but also on the website and the “5 hats” magical level.

    Unfortunately, I left completely disappointed. There is nothing magical about the room, there is a lot of unused space and decor just added for the sake of filling space up.

    The puzzles are average at best, with some trial-and-error that were in vogue 10 years ago.

    However, the most annoying thing is having to use a UV light which barely has any power in a room lit up to the max. You literally have to play shadows in order to be able to use it.

    I gave it 3 stars because it’s not the worst room I’ve seen and it’s a “correct” room. I’d say it would have probably been a nice room 10 years ago or so.

  160. Avatar photo
    elizabeth francisco

    The experience is really wonderful. The room setup was really nice and the staffs are so accommodating. My friends and I will be back again next week to try the other xcape room.

  161. Avatar photo
    Jo L

    Played the Home Sweet Home game. It was very fun. The staff in charge of our game was very helpful and nice. Present your student card to get $6 off per person.

  162. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Lalchang

    It was such an awesome experience and we had lots of fun though we were kinda lost n needed help to solve some of the puzzles. The appearance of the NPC also made the whole thing very thrilling. Definitely will visit again.

  163. Avatar photo
    Qierra Choo

    Escape room wasn’t really manageable for 2 pax (due to COVID only 2 pax was allowed per room)

    We tried the Azkaban themed room but did not managed to escape. The decorations was great though and the facilitators were friendly!

    Recommended to try it out but in bigger groups!

  164. Avatar photo
    Sorfina Shahfiran

    1000/10 IT WAS SO COOL,, details were amazing and the creativity

    went for the azkaban escape room, 9pm slot (peak hour), 75 mins, 5pax, $160, booked online (but must pay irl)

    staff were super friendly and helpful (“how many helplines do we have left?” “issokay haha can use as many helplines you need” THANKYOU) wished we had known about the gryffindor robes earlier HAHA

    we didn’t manage to escape completely (but the staff said we did better than the others who did it the same day ) so do read the instructions and manage ur time wisely

    DEF recommend gg with fronds but if ur looking for a scare there are lots of other options,, azkaban is for those potterheads and the inquisitive 😀
    (in the middle of our session we heard ppl shouting and banging the wall/door…freaked us out bc it sounded real HAHAH)

  165. Avatar photo
    Miranda Ng

    We went for the shutter island game and it was pretty fun. Quite scary at the start and lots of team work and thinking throughout the game. Do not want to spoil too much but you need to be really “kaypoh” around the rooms. We managed to solve the game with help twice. We personally preferred train to Busan as compare to this! Fun place for bonding with friends!

  166. Avatar photo
    Low Shaoyuan

    The train to busan theme was definitely worth going, I will recommend it to my friends to try it out! The jumpscare where the “zombie” appear was really a memorable experience. Overall experience was really great, cant wait to try out other themes as well!

  167. Avatar photo
    Nicole Ng

    Xcape is always our only top choice when it comes to choosing an escape room to go too. Previously we have tried others, but none was as fun or that the items were not in good working condition. In Xcape, we tried the doraemon, kunfu panda, busan express and we just did home sweet home, the themes are well designed and the puzzles are creative. My youngest was like primary four when we first tried xcape, and they had fun too!

  168. Avatar photo
    Clara (Merveilleuse)

    All belongings kept safely in lockers, including phones. Tried Shutter island, 7 of us, almost made it in time hahaha. Lots of numbers. Real life actor is good, such thrill. He made an effort to find us when we hid separately. It was funny. Not for ppl who don’t like darkness. There’s a moment of complete darkness before the game begins. Very friendly and helpful staff, explains very clearly, didn’t get annoyed at helping us for like 3-4x HAHA.

  169. Avatar photo
    Phuah Zhi Yi

    5 of us tried the Shutter Island escape room. Definitely a one of a kind escape experience for my friends and I! This is the first escape room that I had to be split up from my friends and escape from my own room first before reuniting with my friends! ALSO, THERE IS A SCARE ACTOR! Absolutely different from other escape rooms out there. No more spoilers, so try it for yourselves!

  170. Avatar photo

    Had a wonderful experience playing Busan Express with my husband. It was just the 2 of us, so it was a little bit challenging, but a very very enjoyable experience. There were also role-playing characters and the entire experience was immersive. When we asked the staff for lifelines, they were very kind to share with us sufficient details but not enough to spoil the game entirely, and at the end of our time, we were also walked through the entire game where they’ll show what are the puzzles left to complete before exiting. It is my husband’s and my first time playing this game and we had so much fun. Will definitely come back in a bigger group to try out the other rooms!

  171. Avatar photo
    Walter Yeo

    Booking was simple, changing dates/capacity was so convenient. Went to Annabelle with my friends and had a blast, the room was so surreal and overwhelming, truly able to bring in true horror to the experience!

  172. Avatar photo
    Mia Ma

    We played Mission X. The storyline was unfold perfectly. If you’re also into high tech stuffs, then this room is perfect for you. All the clues made sense. We thoroughly enjoy the whole game and couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. Will definitely come back for other games, especially the Harry porter theme room and a scary room!!!

  173. Avatar photo

    my friends had a lot of fun hiding in the secret rooms in the shutter island escape room! we are looking forward to visiting again soon!

  174. Avatar photo
    Mellissa Chen

    The escape room was really engaging and fun and it forces everyone to work as a team. 10/10 would definitely go back again

  175. Avatar photo
    Hadynah Ghani

    I went with my group of friends to the “Home Sweet Home” room. Although we were slightly late, they still allowed us to participate in the escape room, just that we had lesser time. The hosts did not hesitate to help us when we were stuck and fumbling around for clues. My friends and I managed to solve certain clues on our own too! We would definitely come back in the future!

  176. Avatar photo

    hi ! this is a very unique experience for all of us and we really appreciate the effort the xcape team put into. the overall thrill was just nice, especially with the addition of npc !

  177. Avatar photo
    Kain Buruk

    the game is good but we can’t communicate well with tips given. for us, we don’t know got how many rooms there so they need to speak clearly and don’t keep asking us how far we go, I’m not sure is the CCTV work or not but pls improve. Well, we still like to play escape room.

  178. Avatar photo
    M Leong

    Train to Busan was very immersive in terms of the story line and atmosphere. The puzzles were challenging but rewarding, and the staff (Shu Fen) managing our room was very friendly, patient and great at explaining whenever we needed help. 10/10 would recommend, and am excited to return soon!

  179. Avatar photo
    Chloe C.

    Booking was easy, the game was fun yet challenging!

    Tried Vincenzo, my friends and I love it! Would totally recommend to other who are looking for some cool team bonding activities

  180. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Fong

    Really loved the experience I had on 16 March 2022 evening playing Annabelle escape room. This is my 4th booking with Xcape and this time my experience was the scariest with Annabelle but the gamemaster/staff was so helpful to us. She guided us with ease and that made the whole experience better. The props inside the room was in perfect working condition as well! Really loved the intensity and storyline. Will be coming for more games!”

  181. Avatar photo
    Quentin Baudenon

    By far the best Escape I have been in SG so far! Just did shutter island with 4 friends, we had a lot of fun, thanks! We had done another room last time and the quality in the plot and accessories was there as well. Definitely going back!

  182. Avatar photo
    lide neo

    Did the Vincenzo Room with 2 others, and it felt like I was really in the middle of a murder mystery! Super immersive and really really fun! We managed to solve the mystery so that’s an added bonus HAHA The new season of rooms are really really good! Super excited for more new ones to come out!

  183. Avatar photo
    regine seah

    My friends and I truly enjoyed our activity with Xscape. We went for the Visenzo – rather different from the others that we’ve tried as Visenzo is more of mystery solving, rather than escaping from one room to another. That said, enjoyed the storyline and setting regardless! The staff have been very thorough in providing the initial context and helpful in guiding us when we’re stuck once.

  184. Avatar photo
    Charlene Chan

    Went for the Doreamon room and it was so much fun! Was initially worried that it wouldn’t be as exciting without the thriller or horror element but it was one of my favourite escape rooms ever played! The decoration/rooms were really detailed and looks pleasant. The technology in the room was really intricate and splendid. We really enjoyed it and looking forward to trying the next escape room with Xcape! Must try!

  185. Avatar photo
    Jason Jason

    We played Shutter Island on 7 May and the whole experience was amazing. From the beginning when we stepped into Xcape, the friendly staff explained to us patiently what are the things to look out for in the game. During the game, we immersed ourselves in the storyline and had lots of fun looking for clues and solving the puzzles. Whenever we got stuck, we asked for hints and the staffs were really really friendly and patient in giving out hints that guided us to completion. If you like to have a thrilling experience as well as looking for clues that’s distributed all over the game room, Shutter Island is definitely the game for you! Shutter Island is the longest game in Xcape this season and the 90mins game is definitely a wholesome experience that should not be missed.

    Edit: I went back to Xcape again and played Busan Express on 30 Jan and it was so amazing. The props were cool and the puzzles were interesting to solve. The NPC in the game was so scary and was a plus point to the game play. We played in a group of 3 people and with some help from the friendly staffs, we managed to solve the puzzle. It’s definitely recommended for first timers who wants to try out escape room in a small group!

  186. Avatar photo
    Pratyush Ranjan

    Great experience with Xcape!! The escape rooms were realistic and required us thinking on our feet. Must try with friends – good for team building.

  187. Avatar photo
    Miko Wong

    The escape room we chose was Home Sweet Home and the atmosphere created for the room was good. We had fun although we were late and could not complete the entire room. However, the staff was kind enough to explained the remaining puzzles and even to try solving one of them.

  188. Avatar photo
    Alesha akilah Mohamed ashraf

    Went with my friends in a group of 4 In the morgue, at the start we were abit confused but after some time we managed to solve a few clues with the help of the kind staff.. we managed to solve about 80 to 90 percent of the room due to the time we wasted at the start getting used to the room and the way we had to solve it.There were a few things that made me and my friends jump though.Would be great for teenagers in groups of 5 really fun and thrilling. But would like to recommend they record the rooms through the cctv cameras on behalf of the people doing the activity as we cannot use our mobile phones during the session thank you!!

  189. Avatar photo

    the escape room was very fun and enjoyable!! my friends and i really liked playing and it also gave us a thrill to escape from the mad doctor lol, props to the actor who kept on banging on the door i also liked that the workers called me 20 mins before the game started to inform there would be a briefing etc etc and to not miss the timing. also thank u to the staff managing the phone as we kept on calling to ask for more hints lmao

  190. Avatar photo
    Sherline Lai

    Hi I am here again!!! Today is different as I playing with my sister and her family. This is also my nephew first time playing escape room. Wow he love it!!! We play the Azbakan room today. The room is amazing ️ and it is so Magical and had interesting puzzle. Like to thank the staff for been so patient and give very clean information when we call for clue assistance. They are very friendly and fun! I sure will return again one day to play It was sure one of the best escape room in Singapore!

  191. Avatar photo
    Jud Tan

    This is kinda an overdue review since we didn’t leave a review for the room we played 2 weeks ago so this review will cover both experiences.

    The staffs did a good job in explaining the general dos & don’ts. They were enthusiastic and funny from the moment we entered the lobby. They also helped us pace our progression during our ‘escape’ by taking the initiative and offering to provide hints when we were stuck on a puzzle for too long because we were too stubborn to ask for hints. Overall, the interactions with the staffs definitely made our experience much more enjoyable.

    Busan Express (Season 3)
    The ‘rooms’ were wonderfully decorated. It feels like being in the actual train carriage instead of a room. The puzzles are clever and relevant to the storyline and the occasional thrill elements made it more exciting.

    Azkaban (Season 3)
    First of all, THE ROOMS ARE BEAUTIFUL. As a Harry Potter fan, I absolutely LOVED the effort that went into the creation and decoration of this room. If you are a fan as well then this room is a must try! The way that they incorporated the usage of the wands was pretty cool.

    Unlike some of their competitors that use minimal/sparse decorations, Xcape spared no efforts in the decorations of their rooms, making our experience much more immersive and enjoyable. Also, I find the difficulty levels of the rooms displayed on their website to be accurately reflected. A friend of mine with 0 escape room experience managed to solve a fair number of puzzles for the 3-stared difficulty Busan Express and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. We will definitely be back for more!

  192. Avatar photo

    My friends and I had great fun at Xcape. Ours was the Vincenzo one, a relatively chill game with not much horror elements thankfully (we get scared very easily hahaha). The entire game was thought-provoking yet do-able at the same time, and it is those little sense of achievements we get from finding a clue or cracking a code that made the entire process very enjoyable. The twist at the end of the plot was extremely cool (we were very amazed at the ring thing)! The staff are very friendly too and overall, it was a great experience for us. Thank you! (P.S. Please bring back the Kung Fu Panda room!! We can’t wait to try it out!)

  193. Avatar photo
    au ben

    Completed the room vincenzo! Great storyline and unexpected use of props! Since there are quite a few characters in the story, it’s abit hard to keep track, however, as we move towards the ending everything starts to line up. Game master was very helpful and nice. The way she starts the game in her character was hilarious and awesome! Hopefully I can get my friends to try a horror theme room next

  194. Avatar photo
    Ming Ding

    We played home sweet home and didn’t make it to the last room. The clues were mostly well thought out, but the facilities were worn. One of the lights used to give out a clue seemed slightly dislocated such that the numbers were very difficult to read. The torch light was not working and we had to ask for a replacement. Staff was helpful.

  195. Avatar photo
    Callie Y

    One of the best escape room in Singapore.

    Played Vincenzo, The Morgue, Anna belle, Home Sweet Home and I have been impressed by all the rooms. Room design highly detailed and puzzles made logical sense with the storyline.

    You will not be disappointed!

  196. Avatar photo
    Chin Yee Ning

    This is the first time I brought my family to try the escape room. The Busan Express was an exciting experience. We have to look for clues to move from room to room while avoiding the “zombies”. My girls and I screamed quite a fair bit. I strongly recommend the escape room for family bonding activity.

  197. Avatar photo
    Ethan Tan

    I spent 75 minutes at the morgue, which was entertaining, but we got stuck at one point because a sensor wasn’t working. When the game was over, the staff tried to demonstrate the remaining steps but was unable to complete the one where the sensor was broken. The staff dismissed it and went on to discuss without demonstrating the processes.

  198. Avatar photo
    Tommy Belford

    It was the first time I brought my partner and we enjoyed ourselves! The actors were really engaging and it gave us a very realistic feel! We chose Busan and the setup was really nice and realistic! The puzzles were manageable and the size of the sets are big enough. Look forward to my next Xcape!

  199. Avatar photo
    Anna Tan

    Even though I went with friends who all never tried escape room before / tried once before and we didn’t managed to escape out of the room in time as it was a little too tough for us, but all of us had lots of fun. Thanks to the staff who are patient, helpful whenever we are stuck and need help with hints.

  200. Avatar photo
    Azirah Johari

    The facilitator was extremely friendly and helpful. The Azkaban escape room was challenging but she gave us extra hints when we were stuck during the game. Once the game was over, she explained and guided us through the rest of the game to the last room. She even let us try out the last room to show us how it would’ve unfolded and we appreciated it greatly! The game itself was challenging yet fun!

  201. Avatar photo
    Wcw W

    The Annabelle experience was awesome! Kudos to the team who set up the logical process flow and the mechanism effect when it was activated. Puzzle challenge is manageable (if in clear mind) while it will be too much for scare factor (well, at least for the ladies).

  202. Avatar photo
    Shi Min

    The games were quite unique and fun and none of the rooms have overlapping clues or games. Each room is interesting and has it’s own thrill factor. The latest room I went for was the Home Sweet Home room which was thrilling and had mind-blowing riddles, I just wished that we had a longer timing other than 60 minutes since the 60 minutes was too short. The staffs were very friendly and always willing to give clues, they were very patient with us even though we kept asking for clues constantly which made the game more enjoyable since we were able to advance in the game ultimately. (9th July Home Sweet Home 2pm, guy staff was very nice) Would like to return to try the other escape rooms

  203. Avatar photo
    Jing Xuan WONG

    Shutter island was so thrilling!!! Never had so much fun in an escape room. The staff were really nice and helpful when we needed help. Although we couldn’t escape on time, our game master showed us how to escape. Thanks to the NPC for making the game so immersive and exciting. It was really fun hiding from the mad doctor! Will definitely come back again to try other games like annabelle!!!

  204. Avatar photo
    J LX

    We enjoyed the experience playing as investigator which is kind of different from the xcape room we played previously. good experience. Hope Xcape Singapore could change themes for letting us have more future fun experiences. 🙂

  205. Avatar photo
    Wan Liyana Mohd Yunos

    Amazing experience! Triggers your brain juice to think out of the box and make sure u pay attention to details! Definitely a great, fun and thrilling activity to bond with friends! MOST definitely will come and try out the other rooms! We’re already craving for one more! For Annabelle’s room we LOVE it …

  206. Avatar photo
    Tyron Heng

    Played almost all games from Xcape as it has never disappointed me and my friends. Same with this new game “Home Sweet Home” as well! The details and environment just gets you in mood the moment you stepped in the room. The interesting and challenging puzzle included with some technological stuff that elevated this whole experience. Definitely gonna book soon another one for the Vincenzo!

  207. Avatar photo
    nur faiqah

    My friends and i tried morgue and we are all not so smart so we needed a lot of clues and the staffs were soooooo patient!!! we were stuck in the first room doing the first thing and the staff helped us through. it was such a great experience. this was the 2nd escape room we went from xscape. first was annabelle and it was awesome!! in annabelle it was more fun and thrilling, the sound and light effects played a huge part in this. love it lmao gg to come back for train to busan and shutter island soon!

  208. Avatar photo
    Siti Namirah

    My friends and I had so much fun playing The Morgue! The escape room was well designed and every detail was so realistic, it really made us feel like we were actually there. The use of automation during the game was also a great addition to the whole atmosphere! Also, the game master was really friendly & helpful when we were in need of hints. Can’t wait to try more escape rooms!!

  209. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Lee

    Did the Season 3 Shutter Island and the Train to Busan rooms. Good atmosphere! Favorite part were the live actors that were involved in the escape room to give a more exciting feel. Puzzles were great and not too difficult.

  210. Avatar photo

    Played the escape room Azkaban which was very fun! As a Harry Potter fan, the set up was beautiful and it really felt like I was in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Also loved the story line and the plot. The escape room clues and puzzles made a lot of sense and was fun to solve. I felt like the difficulty level was just right for a mix of individuals – ages young and old with differing experiences when it comes to escape room. Staff were also helpful and friendly. I love that they gave useful clues only when necessary to help the game progress but without spoiling the fun of it all. A really enjoyable experience that I would recommend to all!

  211. Avatar photo

    Fun experience with patient and friendly staff to guide us. I played the busan express room and it was thrilling and manageable to solve!

  212. Avatar photo
    Oh Jia Jun

    We went for the Busan Express escape room. We really enjoyed the games and was immersed when the game masters roleplayed as the zombies. It was challenging yet manageable, and we were almost able to finish it without relying on any hints throughout the game. This is definitely a game you should consider if your team is observant and is ready to take on challenges!

  213. Avatar photo
    Ling Fang Leo

    Me and my friends had so much fun at the Vincenzo room! We are scaredy cats so we always have problems finding non-horror themed escape rooms, but we know we can depend on Xcape to cater such interesting and scare-free rooms for people like us! The Vincenzo room is good for those who love to play detective; the game set is nicely designed and the props were well maintained. The staff were helpful with the hints and overall it was a great 1 plus hour spent collecting evidence and deducing! Will definitely come back again for more Xcape rooms! More non-horror rooms please!!!

  214. Avatar photo
    Artemis A.

    Had a nice time playing Home sweet home with friends Room was spacious enough to explore, felt that there were too little props to move around. One of the props used had a green plastic tag that was out of place in the room, thus we didn’t expect it to be a usable prop! Another part that was hard to solve was the aligning of props to reveal words. The words were so hard to read that we couldn’t proceed.. And another puzzle that was quite hard for the vertically challanged!
    A complaint is the time is insufficient to solve the room, or at least provide more hints. Very dark, and some hints are hard to read.
    All in all, was challenging to solve, and when the solutions were revealed, it seemed so easy

  215. Avatar photo
    Mary Ng

    Went for both the train to Busan and Azkaban game. The rooms were designed nicely with technology to auto reveal next clue when we clear each stage. The staff were also very friendly and helpful when we are stuck during the game. Overall a very nice experience! Will return to try other genres.

  216. Avatar photo
    Kenny Chew

    My group and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly with Busan Express. Difficulty was as described on the games info page, not too hard for 5 people. Game master was also dedicated to his work and made the thriller experience more realistic.

  217. Avatar photo
    mavis bong

    We playing The Morgue, quite creepy and got some surprise!
    Successfully escape within the timing.
    Will definitely come back and try others game soon.

  218. Avatar photo
    Yihui Wang

    I love the escape room activities with friends and it was so much fun. Though we couldn’t get out of all rooms, the staff was friendly and taught us how to solve the mission.

  219. Avatar photo
    Sarah Cates

    It was awesome. Scary, fun, well managed, clean and tidy.
    We had so much fun. A great night out.
    There were four of us and we did the Shutter island room. We were separated at the beginning which really got us scared. But we all had a great time, lots of laughs, scares and thought.
    The staff were lovely.

  220. Avatar photo
    Khairoon Nadra

    It was really fun and funny as me and my friends were very oblivious to the clues. The person guiding us was also very friendly and kind. After finishing the game, we realized that it wasn’t very hard as we expected but it was fun because of the experience we got together. Would recommend as a first game if you are new to escape rooms. 10/10 would try it again.

  221. Avatar photo

    Visited Xcape again to challenge Vincenzo, Realistic props and scene, you will never get disappointed with. Went and tried countless other escape games in Singapore, Xcape will always be my first choice and recommendation. Good story line, although it’s a 75mins game but you’ll never get bored in between while solving the mystery.

  222. Avatar photo
    James N

    I book 3 games on Friday 17th for 3 groups. I personally joined the Busan Express and the game design is interesting. The Game master is helpful and provided subtle and useful hints. The lighting / sound effects help the player immerse into environment / game settings. Your team did a great job with the escape rooms. Would come again for new seasons! Cheers!

  223. Avatar photo
    Sue Sam

    Had a great time playing Shutter Island. The suspense, the additional scare factor, storyline were great. Appreciate the before and after videos to explain the story. Special thanks to Simon who was so patient with our group. Instructions were clear and he was very responsive whenever we called for assistance. Thank you.

  224. Avatar photo
    SalDeMiu Vic

    𝐓𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐝 𝟑 𝐝𝐢𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐚𝐩𝐞 𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐝𝐢𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐬𝐞 𝟑 𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐬. 𝐈 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐟𝐞𝐫 𝐗𝐬𝐜𝐚𝐩𝐞 𝐑𝐨𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐬𝐭. 𝐈𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐫𝐨𝐨𝐦 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐫 𝐢𝐬 𝐧𝐢𝐜𝐞. …

  225. Avatar photo
    Pauline Wong

    “It was our first time playing escape room and is really excited with the suspense of the plot and the clues to find to unlock the padlock. Although we did not manage to complete in time, we are happy with the overall experience. We will be back again for other adventure. We tried Vincenzo this round.”

  226. Avatar photo
    Icex wzz

    Each escape room included cool puzzles and
    technology. The game was intense and fun at the same time, staff was friendly and approachable too. Highly recommended for the thrills and scares.

  227. Avatar photo
    Jeeva Prakash Rao

    Played the shutter island.
    Well organised and coordinated. Lots of effort in the details. Extremely fun !!! We still talk about it.

  228. Avatar photo
    Royston Teoh

    We played shutter island and the thriller factor is stated as it is. It was damn thrilling and superbly fun. Not to spoil the game for those who wants to try this out, but I will just advise you to GO TRY IT. The puzzles are relatively easy and fun, we dislike those puzzles that requires alot of brain work and stationary. Shutter island is the whol package for those seeking some thrill. This game requires team effort, alot of hiding and running 😉

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