Review Wisteria Mall, 598 Yishun Ring Rd, Singapore

Review Wisteria Mall - Singapore 598 Yishun Ring Rd

“Good mall, provide convenience to nearby residence, but too many kids stuff. Like got 5-6 tuition centers. Dont need so many.” or “Nice and clean mall and mainly food, just not many shops.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Wisteria Mall. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Wisteria Mall is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Wisteria Mall. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Wisteria Mallis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 598 Yishun Ring Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 63590255 (+65 63590255)
  • Website:
  • Address: 598 Yishun Ring Rd, Singapore
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Wisteria Mall reviews

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“here is an indoor swimming pool by Otter, special for learning swimming pool, very good place as you could swim despite the wearher conditions., rain or sunny. So nice this is”

“Nice place for shopping, eating and lots more for home appliances need can be found here.. …”

“Thank you so much miko lim let’s me look so nice …”

“Always pretty clean! Though small, this mall kinda has pretty much what you need amazing food stalls and shops to run your errands. Parking free for 1hr too!!”

“My neighbourhood shopping center whereby Starbucks, NTUC finest, Pizza Hut, Burger King, KFC, other eateries and convenience stores are my favourites. Good parking as well.”

“good fast food choices with a gym inside. The place is well organized and managed.”

“Nice clean mall. Good selection of F & B outlets and services. Fair Price Finest is located on the ground level and there is good indoor parking available too.”

“Nice neighbourhood mall the have everything under one roof, you will not be disappointed to visit …”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 264 feedbacks with an overall score of 4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 71% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Wisteria Mall, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Wisteria Mall, 598 Yishun Ring Rd, Singapore

There is a total 264 reviews

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  1. Avatar photo
    Peter Hoth

    Limited shops in a 2-floor shopping area. 1 ntuc finest supermarket, 1 kopitiam, 1 nippon home, Mostly f&b shops. Can check out from their website.

  2. Avatar photo
    leong gee chun

    More and more new shop open

  3. Avatar photo
    Shi Jie

    The toilets have water coolers which is a huge plus for me. They have a wide variety of food stalls but carpark is narrow and hard to navigate.

  4. Avatar photo
    Riz Zillion

    The NTUC supermarket is great and there also Subway which is also halal serve by friendly staff.

  5. Avatar photo
    Rong Xian Lau

    The place is typical of suburban malls catering to the neighbourhood’s needs. Level 1 With 4 hair salons, NTUC, (Ah Beng) handphone shop, massage parlour, nail & eyebrow shops, drycleaning, Yoshinoya, Long John Silvers, some hip cafe, Miniso, Chinese Herbal Shop

    B1 with Q&M dental, Subway, Pizzahut, Mala, Taekwondo centre, Tuition Centre, Pancake Shop, 2 Hardware(home improvement) store, Anytime Fitness, Kopitiam.

    Lacklustre shop options
    Low foot traffic on most days (if not everyday
    Nothing bad about it
    The mall management does try to inject life by having monthly events [Halloween, Lucky Draw(?), NTUC sale]

    TLDR: if this was a listed REIT, you’ll wanna stay away BUT it’s a mall for suburban needs so it fulfills its role.

  6. Avatar photo

    Nice and clean mall and mainly food, just not many shops.

  7. Avatar photo

    The main attraction would be NTUC Finest and King of Fried Rice!

  8. Avatar photo
    A Z

    Small but comfortable. Don’t have everything not a problem. We’ll see.

    A free bus service to usher customers nearby might bring good rewards.

    Now everyone is happy! My idea bear fruits with more conveniences for customers and good for shopowners .

  9. Avatar photo
    viking T

    Found a new Taiwanese Crusine Stall. Taste pretty average, price reasonable. Serve with the metal lunch box giving a feel of the traditional Taiwanese Rail Bento (鐵路便當)。In store seating available but quite linited.
    Located Wisteria Mall Basement 1. You can refer to the attached menu for their range of selections.

  10. Avatar photo
    John Paul Abellera

    Nice, small town mall. Needs more shops.

  11. Avatar photo
    rasi mayuni

    Nice place for shopping, eating and lots more for home appliances need can be found here..️ …

  12. Avatar photo
    Kartini Kechik

    As the place is few months old as of todate, the place is clean nice atmosphere. No permanent clothing shops yet but can find basic household necessities. There’s ntuc finest, 7 eleven. That’s halal food shops & stall but not much. There’s a few empty shops spaces. Looking forward to more shops

  13. Avatar photo
    Goh B B

    Limited options we within, and despite that, many stores/stalls were closed even on Friday evening.

  14. Avatar photo
    ConnieFung SG (Singapore Real Estate)

    Free 1st 2 hours parking till end of 2020. New Food outlet, KFC

  15. Avatar photo
    David Naidu

    Nice, place for eating, and some shopping, supermarket finest, fastfood, housewares

  16. Avatar photo
    Chew Raymond

    Quiet Neighbourhood shopping mall. Kopitiam food court, fairprice supermart and the usual fast and medium food chai/restaurants e.g. . Free first 2 hours parking, convenient place for surrounding residents.

  17. Avatar photo
    Vincent Tay

    A small mall, very limited shops and still quite a no of empty units. Free parking …

  18. Avatar photo
    Chian Song Lim

    Simple mall, only 2 levels so nothing much to expect. The key shops are NTUC finest, Builders, KFC. Strangely, it has quite a few hair dresser shops for both levels.

  19. Avatar photo
    Winson 06

    Pretty decent mall. It has everything that you need from day to day.

  20. Avatar photo
    Matthew Tan

    Needs more attraction.. It has everything you med..NTUC, food court..etc..oddly it doesn’t attract the crowds

  21. Avatar photo
    Shahirah Fazil

    From now till Feb 2019, they have the activities for kids below and above 5 years of age. Spend $50 (3 combined receipt) or $180 (Fairprice) or pay $12 per entry/kid for 30mins playtime. New mall in the neighbourhood which makes marketing easier with Fairprice. Halal Chicken Rice Stall, Long John Silver and Yoshinoya. Bicyle/PMD can park at the bicycle lot just infront of LJS.

  22. Avatar photo
    Anthony Koo

    This place is small and low in varieties. To many shop of a kind. Suitable for daily visit.

  23. Avatar photo
    Cai Png seller

    Live near here the food at wisteria mall has a small variety but it is acceptable. I always go there for food

  24. Avatar photo
    Moonshi MohsenRuddin

    For a small mall, they have a variety of food and shops. The halal Indian cafe at Basement 1 is good. The kopi at Kopitiam food court is good.

  25. Avatar photo

    Usually quiet, but when busy it gets like 20-30% crowded. Has a milk tea shop, Yolé (yoghurt), cafes, FairPrice (The very advanced one), burger king, kfc, long john silver, Yoshinoya, 7-eleven, mookata, kopitiam, bakery and wayy more. Very amazing mall!

  26. Avatar photo

    Although bright and clean, the mall is too quiet and boring, with nothing interesting to offer shoppers.

  27. Avatar photo
    Zaraki Adam

    Not much attractive shops or entertainments. Mostly consists of learning education vendors. The design of the mall was also a disappointment with 2 upper floors as a carpark and shop on the 1st level and basement. Should have just placed a NTUC Hypermarket instead that would be more convenient.. Anyone coming to this place would regret and not come again..

  28. Avatar photo

    Nice neighbourhood mall that has everything you need!

  29. Avatar photo
    Vivien Teng

    The foodcourt was not bad but if you are hunting for restaurants, there are limited options here.

  30. Avatar photo
    Halif Saban

    The best thing about this heartland mall is that it has NTUC Finest and a decent range of food chains. But it’s lacking of shops that sell clothings and apparels.

  31. Avatar photo
    Alan lim

    Very Clean and good atmosphere environment almost near Katong112 standard, keep it up! Most of the Shop inside are Premium shop that’s plus bonus. score turn down 1 star not given because too little shop inside. Hope they can expand like other shopping mall

  32. Avatar photo
    Lily Ng

    Good place! Still very new. Food is good. NTUC is good.

  33. Avatar photo
    Eganki Liew

    Not much crowds, tabao no need to queue except the king of fried rice stall

  34. Avatar photo
    Teenie TT

    Not bad… I just went there cut hair only. That mall suitable for family go there for dinner. Hope can organize more event there..

  35. Avatar photo

    Thank you so much miko lim let’s me look so nice …

  36. Avatar photo

    Nowadays got a lot of new tenants..
    Coffee bean & tea leaf.. quite big space (24hr) Mookata,BK ,Builders-healthy meal etc

  37. Avatar photo

    The mall quite small but it is located in community so is ok. got some eating place, kopitiam, ntuc etc so it is a good rest and chill place too.

  38. Avatar photo
    Shameer Khan

    Small mall nice to shop at the ntuc supermarket and welcia BHG pharmacy .

  39. Avatar photo
    Michael Seow

    Small but everything you need is here

  40. Avatar photo
    Zack Bolt

    Its a neighborhood shopping center with private housing. Although its not very big like other shopping center, can fulfill lots of basic things like super market, pharmacy, pawn shop, hair saloon, food court and so on. The food court has only non halal foods. Its quite convenient for residents there. But the prices are slightly higher compare to surrounding nrearby markets.

  41. Avatar photo
    The Doodle

    Food that are avaliable inside:
    Kfc, long John, pizzahut, wineshop, Al fattha prata, subway, coffeebean tea leaf, king fried rice, ea a cup, yoshinoya.

  42. Avatar photo
    Nora Sawyer

    A new mall in the Yishun area. It is clean, spacious and not crowded. This place has a good range of food shops as well. I particularly loved the chicken rice place.

  43. Avatar photo
    C P

    It has all of the basics! Fair price, clinics, optical shops, nail salons, education centres etc.. food: wingstop, subway, pizzahut, yoshinoya, kfc, burger king, killiney. Just that their kopitiam is currently looking a bit sad.

    appreciate its convenience for a small condo mall

  44. Avatar photo
    Reith Goh

    After they started collecting parking fees.
    I stopped to go.
    It is fair for them to collect parking fees but too high and not flexible.
    I rather drive over to Canberra mall than going to wisteria.

  45. Avatar photo

    Food galore. Enjoy these promos while they last!

  46. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Nice little neighborhood mall.

  47. Avatar photo
    Goh Siew Ting

    Tucked in a corner of a not so well known mall. The Chinese food is good, especially the curry fish head. Due to the relatively small dining area compared to other Chinese restaurants, it is advisable to make reservations during peak hours like dinner or festive period.

  48. Avatar photo
    ALANO Choo

    Easy acess with many parking lots. Nice food too

  49. Avatar photo
    Yun Foong Chong

    Small neighborhood mall with a NTUC fairprice finest outlet.

  50. Avatar photo
    YiYing Tan

    A shopping mall near yishun park. Great selection of food, NTUC finesse for shopping.

  51. Avatar photo
    Franklin Chan

    Nice neighbourhood mall the have everything under one roof, you will not be disappointed to visit …

  52. Avatar photo
    O O

    Small shopping mall but serves its purpose

  53. Avatar photo
    Kearvek McKnight

    Nice up and coming mall. Tiny bit out of the way but still within walking distance of the MRT if its a nice day.

  54. Avatar photo
    Bright Chew

    with free 2 hours of parking, i visit here quite often. the main reason i am here is for Yoshiyada japanese beef rice and NTUC fine fair price.

    Not very crowded, so you could enjoy the peace of shopping.

  55. Avatar photo
    Rumaizah Bar

    Not that many shops but works well for a neighourbood mall. Always go here for the NTUC Finest. They have a Prima Deli and a lobster vending machine too …

  56. Avatar photo
    Kel Kel

    food at builder’s cafe was fresh and good! value for money. good iced white .

  57. Avatar photo
    Revathy Ranjan

    There are lots of shopping to do there!

  58. Avatar photo
    penguin coconut

    Although new, many shops are not open. The exterior looks cool but don’t be deceived by the fact that it’s tall-it actually only has a level one and basement. The carpark is big and is connected to the shops. Great dining options with pizza hut Yoshinoya and many more.

  59. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ng

    Just another suburban shopping centre, food court already closed, only good to catch up for coffee or tea.

  60. Avatar photo
    Felcia Miyuki

    Love this heartland mall as there are ntuc and decent range of F&B for daily necessities. It is very nursing friendly as there are nursing room as well! There are also a range of tuition schools for the kids. From tekwondo to Chinese lesson to music class. I hope they will have a dancing school there in the future as well. ^^

  61. Avatar photo
    Po Vincent

    A pretty small mall with a pretty well stocked NTUC, some learning centres and quite a number of food shop / stores.

  62. Avatar photo
    Shuren Lin

    Small mall for those residents who stay in the condo above and maybe some others who stay nearby. Mostly educational places for kids and food places. For a mall this small, the number of food places is insane. Not complaining though..

  63. Avatar photo
    Joanne Leo

    Simple neighbourhood shopping mall.
    There’s a laundryloft for ur laundry needs.
    Nippon home, Fairprice for daily needs, KFC, yoshinoya for meals.
    If you want to get rejuvenated, there’s also a Javanese massage available.

  64. Avatar photo
    Kenny Hong

    Has a few eateries, as well as a food court. Overall area of the place is considered small though

  65. Avatar photo
    Cyan GHL

    Love this place… NTUC is clean and fairly well stocked. ATM’s are tucked too deep in a corner to find.

  66. Avatar photo
    John Caleb

    Nice place to shop and eat, Indian food also available

  67. Avatar photo
    WP NG

    Weird neighborhood mall. Was planning to do some shopping, and the main entrance was blocked by a group of dancers, from aunties to school girls. Not only they created tremendous amount of noise that disturbed the neighborhood, but they also blocked patrons from going into the mall. What was the management thinking??

  68. Avatar photo
    Jordan Liang

    Just a little small, but serves the area and has the basic necessities! Good selection of good outlets as well. 2nd time here and don’t mind coming back again for lunch!

  69. Avatar photo

    Not 100 % ready. May need 1 more month to go.

  70. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tang

    Have NTUC Finest on 1st floor. Have kopitiam which is not crowded at all and good place to talk to friends and clients. Small mall but have many shops and food outlets too

  71. Avatar photo

    Major letdown after much hoopla and anticipation. The shops are there alright but everyone is in sleep mode. Felt sorry for the tenants. No MRT. No feeder buses. And no identity. Car park signsges requires IQ above 200.

  72. Avatar photo

    The mall though located within the heartland of Yishun has an extensive retail offerings, selling mostly food and household products. The Indian-Muslim restaurant at the basement beside Subway serves really awesome dishes. Thosai Masala and the Chapati are just 2 of those that I would recommend. NTUC Finest on level 1 has got a fine selection of wines and alcoholic beverages, and fresh produce like cheese and meat. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on level 1 operates 24/7, and is therefore a good spot for night owls or students who may need a quiet space to mug, to while the night away.

  73. Avatar photo
    Tarun Satish

    Nice heartlands mall with some good food choices. Not an especially big mall but definitely very convenient if you’re in the area.

  74. Avatar photo
    Ann Tan

    Wisteria is relatively a new mall that consist of a big kopitiam, cafes, bakery stalls, many nail spa, tuition centres and finest supermarket. On top of the mall is carpark followed by residential units. The mall is not crowded at all time and if u like to avoid crowded places, Wisteria is the place for you. Surprisingly, you will find many yummy choices at basement. Nice Mala food and yummy waffles. Cake Option at basement, offers healthier choice of cakes as it’s less sugar. To add on, parking is free for the first 3 hours!

  75. Avatar photo
    SMT “SMT” Singapore

    Quiet little mall but has what I need.

  76. Avatar photo
    Peter Lim

    New shopping mall. Something new. So those who like to cooking should come here to look for your kitchen utensil and gadgets

  77. Avatar photo
    Ardi Rashid

    The food court was new n very spacious,not too crowded i guess because it was newly open,food at the western counter was generous but the fries was a little bit hard but overall was just fine

  78. Avatar photo
    Balaganesha B.V

    Pretty basic. Would be good to have more shops. The gym is enough. However, cannot handle crowd.

  79. Avatar photo
    Shuren Lin

    Small mall for those residents who stay in the condo above and maybe some others who stay nearby. Mostly educational places for kids and food places. For a mall this small, the number of food places is insane. Not complaining though..

  80. Avatar photo
    Jagdeep Singh

    Local mall that has an NTUC finest. It does the job to provide local needs

  81. Avatar photo
    KC - Kclau Photography Studio Malaysia

    A small little community mall. nothing much to shout about. but it’s convenient enough for people staying nearby

  82. Avatar photo

    It’s not the type of mall you are expecting, it’s mainly meant for the people living in the condo above and the other people living nearby.

    Just the first floor and basement and there’s mainly groceries and food so don’t go out of your way just to be here.

    The food is meh at best as well in this mall

  83. Avatar photo
    Mishanthi Sheela

    Small mall but has good choices of shops/restaurants

  84. Avatar photo
    The Shyest Ant

    Small Mall with many different stalls and with a huge supermarket, although it is small it has many options of food and shopping. With many good amenities for people living nearby and upstairs.

  85. Avatar photo

    They got Wing Stop and King of Fried Rice, and a Swimming thing… 10/10

  86. Avatar photo
    Clara Tay

    I love wisteria mall because their’s subway and i love their chocolate chip cookie and i love the food in long john slivers and i can also get bts photos

  87. Avatar photo

    Not too crowded and many food outlets! Fairprice for daily needs too.

  88. Avatar photo

    Small mall. Nothing much to show for but it got good supermarket as in Fairprice Finiese

  89. Avatar photo
    kitie m

    Pizza hut just opened, Fair price finest and Kopitiam make it very convenient for daily visit, spacious space in Kopitiam.

    Some other stores such as Yashinoya, Subway, Kampung Chicken Rice, Long john silver, Welcia pharmacy, nippon home, 7-11, bread stores, etc.

    If you want to visit a mall that is not too crowded , happy shopping, then here could be your alternative compare to nearby north point city.

    3 hours Free parking till end of June 2019

    Reasonable food price, such as 3.78$ yong tau foo (after 10% discount)
    sometimes fruit juice such as fresh carrot juice promotion in kopitiam only selling 2$

    Look out for the current on going promotions in the mall.

    (Well, I dont know how the food price in kopitiam going to be once completed taken over by NTUC around end of Jan 2019)

    Nearby Seletar airport shall be commencing Commercial flights soon.

  90. Avatar photo
    andrei tan

    The reward earning and redemption can only done through service counter where the operating hour only from 12pm to 8am.

    My weekly routine schedule only in morning. Meaning that I won’t be able to earn or redempt on all my spending.

  91. Avatar photo
    Mari Tes

    It’s a convenient place and accessible..

  92. Avatar photo
    Sophie M

    Love the layout n that not many ppl are milling about.

  93. Avatar photo
    Jane Lim

    NTUC is good. Average selection of shops with a lot of empty stalls still. I live nearby so very convenient for me and my family. Food court downstairs very good!

  94. Avatar photo
    Joseph Chen

    Nice new place. Just that it is not really a shopping mall. Only with some shops selling necessities.

  95. Avatar photo
    Sheralyn Woon

    NTUC Finest is in the building + pizza hut + food court- it is convenient!

  96. Avatar photo
    Dennis Kwan

    Very clean mall. Limited food choices but overall great food standard

  97. Avatar photo
    Ivan Chew

    Its got everything I need! NTUC finest, food variety, a pharmacy and even baby swimming classes.

  98. Avatar photo
    H 2

    Walking distance to Rockridge Park SAFRA Yishun Park Yishun Pond Lower Seletar Reservoir Park with breezy greenery away from busy cityscapes. Love the Breakfast Sets Wild Wood Waffle Fried Chicken and seafood Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce and varieties of artisan beverages including aromatic rich cappuccino. Freshly prepared food with healthy ingredients tender loving skillful cooking and warm services  Spacious lounge welk decorated aircond relaxing atmosphere with comfortable seating. Exciting neighbourhood heartland mall with plenty of dinning shopping banking supermarkets foodcourt groceries sundries Electric Electronic telecommunication postage services community centre and amenities nearby conveniently located at Yishun Ring Road with direct bus 805 to Yishun MRT bus interchange Northpoint City Golden Village Yishun Yishun Town Square with plenty of dinning shopping banking supermarkets library cinemas entertainments groceries sundries Electric Electronic telecommunication postage services community centre and amenities nearby. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students expats locals visitors and families.

  99. Avatar photo
    Lynda Yeo

    The service of staff especially the two ladies sitting down were gossiping about their staff n the pink Uniform Aunty serves n attitude is bad should not be in the frontline not professional enough always talks with a loud volume at customers n shouted at her fullest as though the customer are deaf . All my friends have been treated this way especially those Aunty comes n per chase coffee with no receipt given n on top of it The 365barcode was not printed tgt in it when ask about the code they say don’t hav also we they bought the set without sugar how come not given a healthy code n eachtime they did not print the receipt for water Too.

  100. Avatar photo
    Soon Weihao,Kevin

    The management is quite creative. They make full use of unused spaces – decorating them to give a vibrant feel. During festive season, the deco also give the mall a festive vibe.

  101. Avatar photo
    Stephanie M

    Small, but has NTUC fairprice, mala, Long John Silver, Subway, pizza hut, Yoshinoya etc

  102. Avatar photo
    SavindraSingh Shahoo

    There are only two floors and very few shops.

  103. Avatar photo
    Jenant Teo

    Just a small mall catering to the residents. Good selections of shops and eatery. Still more shops to come to fill up some vacant lots. Unfortunately at the moment no reception and not able to receive or use phone. That is a great disappointment

  104. Avatar photo
    Pete Pang

    Average mall. Not much crowd. Fairprice is not bad though

  105. Avatar photo
    Jolynn Chew

    It is a relatively new (1.5yrs), modern and well-maintained mall. Food choices are aplenty and there’s always something new coming our way every 2-4 months.

  106. Avatar photo
    Lee Ah Kow

    Quiet. Food at Kopitiam are cheap.

  107. Avatar photo
    Qi Hui

    Very cosy shopping mall nestled in the outskirts of Yishun, though the food and NTUC Finest there are a bit pricey compared to the area and nearby Khatib coffee shops. The mall owner is quite generous, I remembered the winding crowd queueing for hours under the hot sun on the grand opening day to collect free trolley bags and other freebies like 1 dollar subscription for gym membership. And not forgetting holding lucky draws for the mall goers every now and then… Kudos to the owner…keep it up!!!

  108. Avatar photo
    Nguet Kwang Lee

    Many types of services available

  109. Avatar photo
    H CHIA

    Like the Fairprice in this mall

  110. Avatar photo
    Clive Aw

    Wisteria? More like Winsteria am I right?

  111. Avatar photo
    Eve Tan

    Although is a very small shopping mall, but you can get whenever you need in this neighborhood mall.

  112. Avatar photo
    Zul CATS

    Not much variety plus it is new so the outlets are not much. Just another heartland mall more for necessity than shopping… Could have been better with the range or type of outlets.

  113. Avatar photo
    Tay Kia Liang

    Clean and quiet, good for self study or need quiet place for the day

  114. Avatar photo
    H Az

    This is a great place.. all have lah!!

  115. Avatar photo
    Arshad 77

    This Mall was just beside my block,with household items,Ntuc Supermarket and an Atm in the Supermarket,so its convinient for me and my Hubby. …

  116. Avatar photo
    Kwan Charles

    A neighbourhood shopping mall whereby a supermarket, food court can be found here. Parking is convenient.

  117. Avatar photo
    Dave Deviluke デビルーク

    A small mall but have necessary stuff and some nice food stalls

  118. Avatar photo
    Sophia Sam

    Went to Laundry Loft.. Then to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Havent explore the place much.

  119. Avatar photo
    Dan Ho

    New neighbourhood mall that has a condo integrated to it in Yishun. Nothing fantastic, few simple shops. I visited it in a weekday lunchtime and there were barely any people in the restaurants
    And food court. I guess it gets more crowded in the evening. There’s a supermarket and Kopitiam Food courts carpark is situated on upper levels.

  120. Avatar photo
    Joh Ens

    Not much stuff here but some food, oh the mookata here not bad and decently priced

  121. Avatar photo
    Bryan Sim

    Convenient place to shop Ntuc Finest very spacious and alot of things can’t find in other Ntuc outlet.

  122. Avatar photo
    Calvin Lim

    Good as a neighbourhood mall with the essential supermarket, barber, eateries etc but do not expect more…

  123. Avatar photo
    Zulkarnain bin Salim ذُو ٱلْقَرْنَيْن

    I am sad that there are empty tenants at B1. But I like that the information counter staffs are friendly and smiling. Kopitiam and other eateries looks dead too at 5-6pm. Hopefully things can get better for the neighbourhood.

  124. Avatar photo
    Mazlind Mazlind

    Great place to call home with almost everything you need can be found at the mall. Just love this place !

  125. Avatar photo
    CH Loh

    Small but everything you probably need. But weekends seem super crowded though. So be warned!

  126. Avatar photo
    Win Htike

    Just local mall with some amenities. FairPrice Finest is there

  127. Avatar photo
    Shawn Chew

    Came to this small mall over at Yishun for the King of Fried rice. Finally 1 near the north.
    Located at B1, queue is quite long for a weekend dinner hour. Available seats for 2pax each for the current measures.
    Taste wise is almost identical to Golden Mile and Seng Keng outlet, around 90%.

    I personally prefer the pork over here, much more tender.

  128. Avatar photo
    Eswaran Ra Jeyaraman

    neighbourhood mall
    Great food
    NTUC finest and many more shops

  129. Avatar photo

    My Kampung Can a paying customer HAVE A NAPKIN to wipe their mouth???? These restaurant owners are so cheap.

  130. Avatar photo
    Yee Chen Lim

    Conveniently situated at the heart of yishun with just enough variety of shops to get things done. Will be a lot better if there are more shops or more floors.

  131. Avatar photo
    Lance Lin

    Small Mall, limited choices but great place to visit

  132. Avatar photo
    Desmond Yeo

    Just a normal neighborhood mall. Probably only thing you will head over there is for food and NTUC.

  133. Avatar photo
    Nurul Adillah

    Not much Halal food available. Big kopitiam but no halal food.

  134. Avatar photo
    Chan Toh Thim

    Not a big shopping mall and not crowded, good to chit chat at kopitaim.

  135. Avatar photo
    Michelle Cheng

    Not bad la

  136. Avatar photo
    Boon Hean Low

    Quiet mall without the crowd. Peaceful with enough shops and food for everyday needs.

  137. Avatar photo
    Matthew Brown

    Nice clean mall. Good selection of F & B outlets and services. Fair Price Finest is located on the ground level and there is good indoor parking available too.

  138. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    The CNY decoration is super. The NTUC extra, kopitiam, hair salon, restaurants, ie Korean, Japanese and fast food kfc are offering unlimited varieties of food.

  139. Avatar photo
    Alick Yew

    Quite a new ball in the heartland of yishun with plenty of f&b outlets

  140. Avatar photo
    Lynn Lim

    Nothing much here.
    Food @ food court not nice yet expensive.
    Nothing much to shop here except ntuc finest to buy daily necessities.

  141. Avatar photo

    Small place with good food and large ntuc

  142. Avatar photo

    Very little people so I like that heehee not crowded shopping is the best shopping! Eating places all always have place to sit. Even ntuc no need queue long. Convenient for us staying nearby. Aircon quite cold due to little people.

  143. Avatar photo

    Compact mall filled with food and shopping options!

  144. Avatar photo
    Gareth Ng

    Pretty decent for a neighbourhood mall. Stores include Fairprice Finest, Pizza Hut, Subway, Yoshinoya, mookata, and Long John

  145. Avatar photo
    Dennis Fong

    Wisteria is a good neighbourhood mall with everything you need. Reputation fast-food chains to pharmacy and NTUC finest.

    The developer did very well in the planning of the store, compared to junction 9. This mall adds value to the condominium above.

  146. Avatar photo
    Ben L

    good fast food choices with a gym inside. The place is well organized and managed.

  147. Avatar photo
    Siew Ting Oei

    Useful mall for us. Next to me. Always has good food and also NTUC Finest. Easy and convenient.

  148. Avatar photo
    Trevor Klass

    Small mall with lots of food, ntuc finest and BHG pharmacy

  149. Avatar photo
    j tony

    Small neighborhood mall. Foodcourt, NTUC, some fast food restaurants.

  150. Avatar photo
    KP Teo

    Small n simple shopping place. Anchored with NTUC Finest n Kopitam

  151. Avatar photo
    Sugeng Shi

    Located less than 2 km away from Yishun MRT, this place has good marketing attracting quite a good crowd not only during the weekend, but also on weekdays. It is also within 10 minutes walk from Khatib MRT. This place consists of 2 levels shops and about 12 levels of apartments above. There are a good variety of shops available mostly of restaurants and hair salons. The flagships are NTUC Fairprice Finesse at level 1 and Kopitiam at level B1. There are a medical and a dental clinics too. However, there is a lack of clothing or shoes shops, not sure if it is intended or due to other reasons. There is also a free regular shuttle bus service ferrying people to and from Khatib MRT.

  152. Avatar photo
    IIyas Ismail

    Great place to find food and relax.

  153. Avatar photo
    joseph tiong

    Always pretty clean! Though small, this mall kinda has pretty much what you need amazing food stalls and shops to run your errands. Parking free for 1hr too!!

  154. Avatar photo

    Rather quiet mall. Not very much food options. NTUC seemed large-ish though. Free 3 hour parking for now.

  155. Avatar photo
    Siah Hx

    Other than ntuc and some enrichment ctrl.. the mall has got nothing for hang out leisurely.

  156. Avatar photo
    Ralph L

    Little shopping mall cater for the resident cluster around vicinity, Have Mac, KFC and little kiosk food serving local delicacy. One of the best Yoshinoya aka Japanese Beef Bowl outlet I have patronise so far.

  157. Avatar photo
    Liv Ng

    Near my place. Very convenient and has useful shops and eateries. Clean and not that busy like Northpoint.

  158. Avatar photo
    Jim Tan

    Only visit the kopi tiam, NTUC And the Japanese store.
    The rest is just not attractive to me.

  159. Avatar photo
    Richard Tang

    Kopitiam has got lots of various foods!
    Get their card, got 10% off on everything.

  160. Avatar photo
    Jes Jassi

    Nice mala shop moved out.
    Not much food left only Kopitiam and 1 or 2

  161. Avatar photo
    Koh Jeremy

    Functional mall with a supermarket and familiar brand fast food such as KFC and Long John Silver

  162. Avatar photo
    Jason Han

    Generally a quiet neighborhood mall. Thought not a lot of shopping and dining choices. Worth a little support!

  163. Avatar photo
    April Loh

    1st time there… if can have more interesting eateries or retail like daiso can likely attract better crowds i guess haha

  164. Avatar photo
    Wee Beng Tan

    Have all the necessity shops that meets the needs of nearby residents! Hair cuts, NTUC Fair price, food courts, dental and medical clinics, etc.. in the neighborhood mall!

  165. Avatar photo
    Jovel Torres

    There is quite number of tuition center and fairprice finest, but other than that. Nothing else to see.

  166. Avatar photo
    Tan C K

    NTUC Finest is there with Kopitiam and Long John Silver, Yoshinoya, Subway, My Kampung Place, BHG Pharmacy, education centres.

  167. Avatar photo
    nurul erfann

    A mall more to food industry.

  168. Avatar photo
    Red Jon

    Very quiet at 4.00pm Thursday. French toast and kopi-o so so. Nice place but too quiet.

  169. Avatar photo
    Hong Pigeon

    Small mall with everything you need

  170. Avatar photo
    Jailani Mahmood

    A heartland shopping mall catering the new extended housing estates of Yishun. With growing numbers of people migrating to a once known deserted estates in SG, an introduction of new heartland shopping malls were welcomed. Junction 9 is another mall introduced last year.

  171. Avatar photo
    Ng Andrew

    It’s going to be white elephant mall, only for those got no ideal to find food n limited choices. …

  172. Avatar photo
    Yvonne ThatsMe

    A neighbourhood mall lor

  173. Avatar photo
    Helen Tay

    Small mall. Massage, Japan Home. Fast food. Fairprice. Hair saloon. Nail saloon. Tuition centres. food court. bubble tea. clinics

  174. Avatar photo
    J Pang

    Cosy heartland mall – well equipped with NTUC and my favourite KFC and Subway
    The new CoffeeBean is super cool

  175. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Lai

    New small mall

  176. Avatar photo
    Jason Liew

    Convenient place, much needed amenities in this area!!

  177. Avatar photo
    mm g

    Small satellite mall with Ntuc finest.

  178. Avatar photo
    CL “HoSayBo”

    Pop by just to see what they have. Limited shopping….. Guess mainly for those staying nearby to get some basic stuff like groceries and some food.

  179. Avatar photo
    Lim Denis

    Lovely quintessential mall . My favourite for a quiet meal .

  180. Avatar photo

    Total empty and feels very scary. The mall as 0 to nothing to do there. Absolutely disappointed in my experience. It is so quiet that even the Pizza Hut staff there were having pizza they made. No customers, no visitors no nothing. The food court has disgusting food. Just a bad experience. If I had one word to describe it, it would be boring.

  181. Avatar photo
    Desmond Tan

    New mixed development with a small shopping mall inside. Great for people living around the area. Offers a gym, supermarket, barber , clinic, kopitiam and even a spa.there is free parking till june 2019 for first three hourscurrently

  182. Avatar photo
    C. P. Justin

    Small and no much shop

  183. Avatar photo
    Simon Ang

    Satellite mall located in Yishun town, on Khatib side. Way off town central, but provide conveniences to the neighbourhood around it. Not crowded and fancy with adequate shops and services in it, with eateries taking up alot of it.

  184. Avatar photo
    Mohammed Mudassir

    A neighbourhood mall with basic dining n some fun activities like the arcade.

  185. Avatar photo
    Nur Natasha

    Just a mall that caters to your basic needs. From the outlook of it, cleanliness seemed alright but you’d see how filthy it is if you make way to the toilet. EVERY cubicle had cockroaches crawling on the floor and this includes the nursing room. Can’t put my head around the fact that the changing area in the nursing room where you’d put your baby had cockroach crawling as well. The design of the nursing room is weird, the fact that there’s water dispenser in a room that has an adult and kid toilet bowls. I love the bread shop to bits but sometimes there are houseflies that managed to patronize the breads despite having the covers on.

  186. Avatar photo
    Lin Huihui Maya

    Love this neighbourhood shopping mall! Enjoyed eating and doing groceries shopping there …

  187. Avatar photo
    John a

    Small mall for quick eats. I found a nice shop with Chinese herbal drinks. I was headed out for a hike on a sunny day and picked up a bottle of Antelope tea there to stay cool while I hiked.

  188. Avatar photo
    Fauzi Mohd

    Love the wide varieties of food there..a lot of enrichment classes conducted there…

  189. Avatar photo
    arthur yeo

    Food Court is closed

  190. Avatar photo
    Jessie Cha

    Nice place like its

  191. Avatar photo
    Lim Beng Guan

    Now there is a promotion. Spend $50 in a single receipt, can redeem for a free baby shark water bottle.

  192. Avatar photo
    Cheam Andy

    Small little heartland mall.

  193. Avatar photo
    Data data

    There is an indoor swimming pool by Otter, special for learning swimming pool, very good place as you could swim despite the wearher conditions., rain or sunny. And as it is indoor, you don’t get sunburn on a sunny day.

  194. Avatar photo
    Greg Lawrence

    Good stop for groceries and other things like mobile phone, photo printing, household wares even dim sum at the food court

  195. Avatar photo

    4 dollars for this chicken kampung at Wisteria Mall …

  196. Avatar photo
    Siti SAndora

    Limited shops available, the basic essentials only.

  197. Avatar photo
    Daemian Koh

    Everthing inside here is expensive. A lot of stall selling food

  198. Avatar photo
    hao Cho

    Good mall, provide convenience to nearby residence, but too many kids stuff. Like got 5-6 tuition centers. Dont need so many.

  199. Avatar photo
    Angela Koh

    More shops opening now. Useful shops too. My kids goes there to buy food and drinks. NTUC is big!

  200. Avatar photo
    liza saifi

    Convenient mall in the neighborhood. Sufficient to find necessities for the household since there’s Fairprice Finest. Good food options too.

  201. Avatar photo
    Stanley Loh

    Ample CP for visitors. Quite good spread of eateries & BUT the kopitiam has closed down.

  202. Avatar photo
    Karthik -

    Caters more for the residents living above the mall aka condo. But if you wanna enjoy some peace during tea time can drop by their kopitiam it’s dead empty!!

  203. Avatar photo
    Erina Lau

    Mall is still very new. There are still lots of empty space for shops. But it’s good to have an NTUC 5 mins walk from home

  204. Avatar photo
    Ang guo xiong

    Too small. No much thing. But enough for the resident on top to eat. Basement kopitiam, alot of stall empty.

  205. Avatar photo
    norman soh

    Newly opened mall, still more shops to operate, good planning…. Residential 3 floor and beyond, 2nd floor we have anchor tenant supermarket and 1st floor eateries, however its far far away from the MRT, public transport is only by busses

  206. Avatar photo
    Anthony Tan

    Love coming to the NTUC Finest here, the tenants mix is getting ‘Atas’ already. Maybe because of the condos above.
    Welcia by BHG store front was taken over by Coffee and Tea leave.

  207. Avatar photo
    Eren Yeager in the houseee (YoYo)

    I went there to stalk my friend it was fun

  208. Avatar photo
    siyong wang

    neighbourhood mall with ntuc finest and you can get a wide variety of food and some educational / kids enrichment centers

  209. Avatar photo
    Patrick Chow

    Nice development, good mix of shops, eateries, supermart. Great convenience to the neighborhood

  210. Avatar photo
    ST Lim San Teng

    You may not know that there is a FairPrice Finest in this Shopping Mall. There are also Kopitiam Food Court, Subway, Fish and Co. and a Mugiya Bakery.

  211. Avatar photo

    yoshinoya, LJS, KFC, burger king, king of fried rice amongst other ntuc supermarket. all in a stone’s throw away. good mall.

  212. Avatar photo
    Paxton Foo

  213. Avatar photo
    Melanie Padilla

    Buying things esp.NtUc shops and foodcourts it’s convenient to the residence

  214. Avatar photo
    Mindy Woo

    Just came here. Very good place. Still too new, so there are empty shops but mostly shops are tenanted and quite useful products. There’s also a SingPost POPStation and NTUC. Convenient!

  215. Avatar photo
    Yan noize

    Not much thing down here.Limited choices of food.Go Northpoint better.

  216. Avatar photo
    Tan-Yeo Ellese

    It is a quiet corner in the estate. V good for meet ups and quiet conversations with good friends.

  217. Avatar photo
    Kor Tan

    It’s quite a relatively new shopping mall with lots of shops. The place is clean and it reminds me of West coast plaza. Thank you

  218. Avatar photo
    Aaron Tan

    Premises very clean
    Feel nice to patronise

  219. Avatar photo
    Kollen Loo

    A good place to eat out, it has a food court and some fast food restaurant.

  220. Avatar photo
    Discover me

    Cosy and NTUC has fresh stocks too.

  221. Avatar photo
    Darren Lee

    This mall seem a bit quiet so hope that management will have more programmes or events coming up in the mall itself. Environment is good. Parking is convenient.

  222. Avatar photo
    Jen Tan

    Nothing much interesting over here, a kopitiam which don’t have lots of choices, subway, king of fried rice, fairprice finest, some other learning centre’s, clinic, pkus point – free car park on weekdays for an hour during lunch time

  223. Avatar photo
    Michael Chia

    Relatively quiet at this late morning. But that’s good given the CV situation.

  224. Avatar photo
    Adrian Cher

    Quite a good mini mall. Has all the basics you need. Haircut, gym, household stores. Even has a mookata

  225. Avatar photo
    Melissa Kuan

    Dr Tan Jin Hui is good when working with kids.. my boy enjoyed the session without much discomfort

  226. Avatar photo
    Jenson Chew

    not very crowded and aoke stalls at Kopitiam Food Court are empty too. Good thing is there is a FairPrice Finest there. Alternative to the usual FairPrice out there.

  227. Avatar photo
    Shanying Wang

    A small neighborhood shopping mall.. more for some last minute replenishment..

  228. Avatar photo
    penguin coconut

    Although new, many shops are not open. The exterior looks cool but don’t be deceived by the fact that it’s tall-it actually only has a level one and basement. The carpark is big and is connected to the shops. Great dining options with pizza hut Yoshinoya and many more.

  229. Avatar photo
    Fred C.

    Management could do more about the mall. Cleanliness is below par, facility is substandard and food has limited choice.

  230. Avatar photo
    Addies s m a

    Mall is usually not crowded. Went on NY day which is a PH. Free sheltered parking for first hr even on PH.

  231. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rahman

    Place is nice but variety of food limited n foodcourt kopitiam is declined in variety n lots of shop closures due to covid 19 I believe

  232. Avatar photo
    Zuraidah Basir Ahmad (Divaevabedah)

    Should have a stationary shop like popular and such

  233. Avatar photo
    Chian Song Lim

    Simple mall, only 2 levels so nothing much to expect. The key shops are NTUC finest, Builders, KFC. Strangely, it has quite a few hair dresser shops for both levels.

  234. Avatar photo
    Desmond Toh

    A place where a convenient store expanded into a 2 storey mall that it covers all necessities at home.

    There’s also an cafe that I have yet to try… Hard to find time writing as a apo

  235. Avatar photo
    jason kris

    I see small shopping no wifi very good nice. No mcdonalds. I go to visit shopping very good nice. Ok.

  236. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    I like the place as there are shops catering to families as well as individual.NTUC, laundary, restaurants, salon and many more.

  237. Avatar photo
    W P

    Decent and self sufficient mall in the neighbourhood. It has Finest fairprice, cafes, restaurants, bakery, enrichment centres and beauty and hair salons etc. There is no need to travel further to the bigger malls unless necessary.

  238. Avatar photo

    Most eating outlet close or late start. Not a place to go for breakfasts.

  239. Avatar photo
    Chua Kitty

    Toilet are clean, the mall are small but i think the stores are good enough for the residence.

  240. Avatar photo
    Phillip Quek

    Nice little shopping centre enough for your daily needs. Good food court & supermarket.

  241. Avatar photo
    Ana Bella

    It was good. It has a lot of shops that interests my grandma. For example, the supermarket and the fast food shops.

  242. Avatar photo
    'Aidah Salleh

    Halal food availability

    Kfc, long john silver, bakery at level 1
    Pizzahut, subway, prima deli, kopitiam western, al fattah food expo (indian food) at b1

    Ntuc finest at level 1 with atm in ntuc (posb and ocbc)

  243. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Pang

    Nothing much here but as a neighbourhood mall, it has a very decent supermarket. They have optical shop, massage Spa, bubble tea, laundry and even self laundry. Food court is available at the basement but limited choice.

  244. Avatar photo
    Tan Si Yu

    There is a ntuc finest here, perfect for residents nearby. Anytime fitness newly opened, very convenient for residents too. Need not travel to northpoint where the crowd is. Some basic amenities, like clinics, food court, food restaurants, salons, nails salon, etc. An enhancement to the residents in the area.

  245. Avatar photo
    Meng Fei Man

    Although it is not a big shopping, you can get everything from there. There are NTUC supermarket, food court, clinic, stationary shop, cafes, subway and restaurants.

  246. Avatar photo
    mohshe quek

    Not so crowded, A premium NTUC Super Market, Kopitiam food court and some minor food outlets

  247. Avatar photo
    Joseph goh

    Wisteria is a mixed development mall with residential and shopping facilities. There is also a NTUC and 24hr 7-11 store, so all your need is just a stone away.

  248. Avatar photo
    B A.M

    Great mall 15 minute’s from miltonia residences.

  249. Avatar photo
    NJ Wong

    Probably the smallest mall in Yishun. From the outside, I thought there were at least 3 or 4 levels to the mall. However, there is actually only a Basement 1 and Level 1. But despite its diminutive size, there is a good selection of stores and eateries here.

  250. Avatar photo
    Phua Gim Hui

    Although new, it already has a relatively good mix of stores to cater to the resident’s needs. NTUC finest has a branch here and there is a Kopitiam food court. Other food options includes Subway, Yoshinoya and Long John Silvers. A japanese ramen stop and a Ma La based store can also be found.

    Other shops includes home accessories shops, a stationery shop, a dry cleaner, a Chinese style medicine/tonic shop, a hairdresser, bread shops and some others. There are still quite a number of shops without tenants.

    There are diaper changing rooms near the toilet areas of both floors as well. There is even a family toilet (see photo).

  251. Avatar photo
    Dharma Blisswise

    Good embience. Basic necessities. Family place.

  252. Avatar photo
    Adam Shah

    Small mall, but good enough for lunch and groceries shopping at NTUC Finest!

  253. Avatar photo

    Just another residential housing estate. One disappointment is that there is no carpark for vehicles higher that 2.2m.

  254. Avatar photo
    Southpaw 5388

    The Wisteria is a mixed development mall primarily catering to the residents at the towers above and nearby HDB flats. Don’t expect much excitement from this mall.

    There are other stores beside the main “attraction” which is NTUC Finest, a Miniso, Long John’s Silvers, Pizza Hut, a Mala place, subway, a dismal food republic in the basement (with no mobile reception inside), a couple of western food places at level 1, a halal chicken rice place (which is rather nice), Yoshinoya, and a rather well-stocked BHG pharmacy, as well as nail & hair salons, along with a massage place. Pop stations are present in the mall as well. The mall has no crowd at most times.

  255. Avatar photo

    My neighbourhood shopping center whereby Starbucks, NTUC finest, Pizza Hut, Burger King, KFC, other eateries and convenience stores are my favourites. Good parking as well.

  256. Avatar photo
    Paramananda Mishra

    here is an indoor swimming pool by Otter, special for learning swimming pool, very good place as you could swim despite the wearher conditions., rain or sunny. So nice this is

  257. Avatar photo
    Hien Chee

    Quaint condo-mall. Things are relatively quiet here. The mall doesn’t draw much shoppers due to it’s lack of proper anchor tenants and obscure location. It has a Fair Price Finest to cater for the condo-dwellers living above.

    But let’s face it. No one shops at a super market with 10% mark up when there is a regular Fair Price across and down the street. Also, like most privately owned malls, Wisteria will deteriorate and become one of those ghost malls in probably a year or two.

  258. Avatar photo
    Adenan Mohamad Eksan

    Not so big of a shopping mall but quite ok. You can get the basic necessity without going to the Northpoint.

  259. Avatar photo
    Mrs Ryaziz

    There’s NTUC Finest, Miniso, Long John Silver’s EachACup, Yoshinoya, Subway, Pizza Hut, NTUC Kopitiam.

  260. Avatar photo
    Meng Foo Choo

    Nice and clean. A place to chill out

  261. Avatar photo
    Claire Chong

    Small heartland mall with few dining options. Has NTUC finest. Small but well stocked

  262. Avatar photo
    William Win

    New shopping mall among the vast swath of HDB blocks. Could provide convenient shopping and other services to a vast population around it .

  263. Avatar photo
    Lee Jun Wei

    Very convenient small shopping mall for people who live nearby. I buy my groceries and have my haircut there. Just 5 min walk from my house which saves a lot of my time.

  264. Avatar photo
    Jarridan Jie Rui

    small but decent food choices

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