Review We Cinemas, 321 Clementi Ave 3, Singapore

Review WE Cinemas - Singapore 321 Clementi Ave 3

“Very nice clean and clear theatre. We saw Ponniyin Selvan 1. Less crowd. I am very likely.” or “We enjoyed the Premium cinema lounge. Luxurious seats and service too for $30 per pax.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about We Cinemas. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if We Cinemas is quality.

Introduction about We Cinemas

Here are some fundamental details regarding We Cinemas. In terms of Movie theater, it is generally believed that We Cinemasis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 321 Clementi Ave 3, #03-03 321, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Movie theater, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 67340068 (+65 67340068)
  • Website:
  • Address: 321 Clementi Ave 3, #03-03 321, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 06:00 to 17:00.

Saturday, Sunday: Close.


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Phone number

You can reach We Cinemas at 67340068(+65 67340068). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact We Cinemas via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 321 Clementi Ave 3, #03-03 321, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

We Cinemas reviews

We Cinemas is among the best destinations of Movie theater in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is We Cinemas good?

To determine whether We Cinemas is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“The place is nice and chill, not much people, food seems nice and you can almost always get seats!! Staff was nice and patient. Place was great for a movie”

“Very nice clean and clear theatre. We saw Ponniyin Selvan 1. Less crowd. I am very likely.”

“We enjoyed the Premium cinema lounge. Luxurious seats and service too for $30 per pax.”

“1St time visit this cinema, comfortable seat, nice sound system, friendly staff ^_^”

“Nice movie theater in Singapore. Just feels like watching movies at home. Enjoying their services provided. …”

“Watched spiderman on opening day. Cinema was good, seats were clean”

“Great cinema with friendly staff. Then popcorn is fresher than those served at GV. Small mall so it's not crowded at all, ample parking space in the mall as well. Movie started about 10mins after stated time.”

“Nice ambience with comfortable seating and big screens. Sat in the 2nd row but didn't feel much strain in the neck, it was comfortable as anything.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 269 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 86% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about We Cinemas, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review We Cinemas, 321 Clementi Ave 3, Singapore

There is a total 269 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Ahmed Mahmood

    A nice small cinema in Clementi. Its never crowded, which makes the experience much better

  2. Avatar photo
    Dean Loh

    We love to watch movies here because this is the only cinema within 2km radius from where we live. The theaters are small but rather comfortable. You will love the spacious waiting area below especially if you have kids. They can sit on the carpeted floor and watch trailers on big LCD while you wait for the theater to be ready.

  3. Avatar photo
    Akhil Naga sai

    Very small screen

  4. Avatar photo
    Wentao Zan

    Not as crowded as GV or Shaw. Screen is not very big. But very convenient. Totally speaking, a good place.

  5. Avatar photo
    Darren Koh

    My regular cinema. Not too crowded. however multiplex size screens…

  6. Avatar photo
    Iszwan Jaini

    Friendly cashier auntie and ticketing uncle. Their smiles were so sincere, made my day.

  7. Avatar photo
    Bing Xuan Ho

    Smaller cinema, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable than any other cinema, especially the low prices with student promo during weekdays.

    However, the cinema layout seems to be a little strange, some time the exit sign is at the same side of the screen such that it constantly distracts you from the screen, and some times it’s the exit path light that takes up 1/3 of the seating areas.

  8. Avatar photo
    Akshay Salunkhe

    Been going here ever since it was built. Considering it’s priced much lower than its competitors and the student deals are steals, it’s beyond brilliant. Sure, don’t go in expecting golden-village service, and you won’t be disappointed. Nevertheless, cinema itself is good, seats are comfy and lots of supper places near by. Thank you wecinemas for bringing me movies majority of the past decade.

  9. Avatar photo
    Dionis Chiua

    Love the cinema here. Although it’s not as large as what the other operators have but it’s definitely a cosy place near home with comfy seats. Regular hang out place.

  10. Avatar photo
    reshmi daya

    Really good screens! Plus if you head down by Mon-Wed all day it’s only $7 (SGD) for students!

  11. Avatar photo
    Ryan Chew

    First class definitely not as atas as gold class, but for the price it’s not that bad. One star lost because NO BLANKET when the aircon is cold as hell.

  12. Avatar photo
    Al Rayyan Productions

    Clean environment and friendly cinema crew , not much of a crowd on a weekdays.

  13. Avatar photo
    Christopher Kwek

    Pretty good cinema in a neighborhood estate which has shows in 3D and normal.

  14. Avatar photo
    Peh Boon Cheong

    Most comfortable seat compare with other theatre.

  15. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Tan

    My favourite neighbourhood cinema! Comfy seats and good sound

  16. Avatar photo

    A great place, nothing much interests me if shopping matters. But nice cosy cinema, ample parking lots, small crowd but during Avengers endgame was exceptional.

  17. Avatar photo

    The movie screen had a very jarring bright green dot on it throughout the entire movie. The movie screen is basically the most critical part of a cinema that people pay the cost of 2-3 meals to enjoy for a couple hours, you can’t let something like that slide!!! We pay because we trust you’d provide a good movie watching experience!

    Audio is not entirely surround sound but that’s not a big deal, more importantly is the movie screen.

  18. Avatar photo

    Very helpful staff when I went there with crutches (after a surgery on my foot). Clean, modern theatre.

  19. Avatar photo
    M Leong

    Watched spiderman on opening day. Cinema was good, seats were clean

  20. Avatar photo
    Feng Yi

    Student prices are competitive and student deals on the munchies are incredible too!

  21. Avatar photo
    Alexander Wang

    The chairs are very comfortable, but wine and fries are so so.

  22. Avatar photo
    Muhd Fauzan Abdul Rahman

    Yes…Finally reopen after long hiatus. A blessing for Clementi residents

  23. Avatar photo
    Jia Xin Yi

    Pretty decent place. Though the service can’t match that of Golden Village, but for the cheaper prices, that ain’t a problem. The cinema was comfy, though I wish the seats could be slightly further apart , as sitting through long films like End game could feel discomfort from those around you and the seat. The cleanliness was a-okay, and the food and drinks were pretty good. Would recommend for those looking for cheap prices to watch movies, and would definitely visit again.

  24. Avatar photo
    Gan Kang Ning

    Had been to WE Cinema for second time. Nice threater located in 321 Clementi. It is clean and less crowded than those cinemas in big shopping malls. Comfortable seating. It is good to have this convenient and peaceful place to watch movies at Clementi.

  25. Avatar photo
    ynohtna nayr

    I have been fairly regular patron of We. They have a great alternative. The theater is pretty new and in very good condition. If you buy your ticket online, you can bypass the ticket line and proceed straight to the main entrance and proceed to your seat by just showing your e-ticket. The seats are among best, clean and comfortable enough not to mention, they also have this love-seats if you prefer a home viewing sofa feel but comes a lil more pricey than the regular ones. Your ticket also comes with a few selection of snack and drinks to choose from. No outside food is allowed. Nonetheless, I will definitely be back to watch a movie here but will eat before if im a bit hungry…

  26. Avatar photo
    Alex Chia

    Cinema with cheaper price ticket. A good place to hold corporate event!

  27. Avatar photo

    Up to date movies. Cosy seating. Extensive and interesting snack menu. Friendly staff

  28. Avatar photo
    Ho Hian Teck

    It’s close to my home, convenient and good, clean cinemas.

  29. Avatar photo
    Peter Chutatape

    Quiet, and quaint place with a small number of food outlets but v strange use of space

  30. Avatar photo
    Marina Athena (Hellioness)

    I went to watch Aquaman last night in Hall 5. It’s my first time at the cinema. Overall, much less crowded cinema in the West comparing to JEM and Jcube which is nice for a change. The e ticket system was efficient though. Not sure if it was the hall or someone’s feet smelled bad but there’s a hint of sourness which I hoped is not coming from the carpet. I would appreciate if the popcorn carrier can be covered..

  31. Avatar photo
    Tan C.


    Cheap, $7 student tickets on weekdays till 5pm shows (I think). Student snack sets are like $5, comes with food (popcorn/nugget/nacho) and drink

    Cinema theatre is small, so it literally doesn’t matter where you sit. The view is great anyways.

    Convenient 5 minute walk from Clementi MRT, my go-to cinema ALL THE TIME.

    Best part: NOT very crowded, unless you are going to a show within its first few days of release.

    Great place for a quick getaway

  32. Avatar photo
    Tan Yu Hur

    Tickets are average, exceptionally cheap for students on weekdays, but food prices were slightly higher than the rest

  33. Avatar photo
    Ray Fang

    Nice and cosy. Visited to watch a late night captain marvel. Sound system is good… trailers are a bit too long though… about 25 minutes. Supposed to watch a 2130 show…ended up starting at 2200.

  34. Avatar photo
    Samantha Chang

    Staff was rather rude and could not deal with a disorderly customer leading to my movie watching experience to be ruined

  35. Avatar photo
    Shifali Duggal

    We booked our movie ticket in first class.
    It was our first experience in it and we were unaware of few things before being at the venue.
    1. They provide blankets but on counters they were displaying the service has been temporarily suspended. I checked their website and it mentions same but to my dismay after movie finished I saw people returning blankets which were provided to them.
    2. We ordered some food from the counter in first class line and the member informed us the quantity of item will be small as compared to if we purchase from other line of normal tickets. This was again a shock because we are payinysame amount for food, and just because we had purchased costly first class ticket, we are served less quantity food as well on same actual price. We wanted less quantity of food, so we were ok with it but this statement was ridiculous that they serve small quantities of food in first class on same rate as normal ticket food counters.
    3. We ordered nachos and again the nachos were more like Pringles being served .

    Having said all things above movie hall was ok and temperature was maintained.

  36. Avatar photo
    Carrie Zhang

    1St time visit this cinema, comfortable seat, nice sound system, friendly staff ^_^

  37. Avatar photo

    Very good place for students cuz the student price is avail full day from Monday to Thursday, and till 6pm on Fridays. But one grouse is this – after 3 years of its opening, its system for registering student discount is manually on paper and sometimes u even need to fill it in yourself. So if you’re going in a large grp go early to buy tickets.

  38. Avatar photo
    Haoyuan Cao

    Nice cinema. Online booking is convenient and quick.

  39. Avatar photo
    James Lim (JamesLim)

    Clean, great experience but Abit small compare to other cinemas

  40. Avatar photo
    exothermic wong

    Small quiet cinemas which is great if you have a date to the movies.

  41. Avatar photo
    Kedar Tembe

    Average in every sense. Popcorn is expensive, and very little quantity. Cramped seating space for large people.

  42. Avatar photo
    Yan C

    Relatively new and well kept. Not usually packed especially later in the evening, so it’s a good option for last minute movies. Plus it’s conveniently located.

  43. Avatar photo
    Shane “The Mad Cupcaker” McHan

    Just watched my first movie at We Cinema. Wow! Such a nice place. Love it. I want to watch first class next time.

  44. Avatar photo
    Jo OY

    Brand new! (2015) Great sound system in the Cinema. Small complex.

  45. Avatar photo
    Teo WK

    Nice place for a break

  46. Avatar photo
    Qi Wyn

    Nice cozy neighbourhood cinema, views from the back row seats may not be enjoyable, middle row seats may provide a more enjoyable viewing experience.

  47. Avatar photo
    Xinyi gxy

    The cinema seems to be relatively new, comfortable seats but the configuration of the theater made it that you should enter early if you sit in the middle.
    Lest you’ll have to say excuse me and feel bad for interrupting people

  48. Avatar photo
    tom tng

    The place is nice and chill, not much people, food seems nice and you can almost always get seats!!
    Staff was nice and patient.
    Place was great for a movie

  49. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Wong

    Went on a weekday afternoon. Bought a senior citizen ticket and adult ticket and staff neglected to tell me that a senior citizen popcorn combo was available. Otherwise good experience, comfy seats and clean cinema hall.

  50. Avatar photo

    Went to watch “belle”. They have a very friendly staff

  51. Avatar photo
    Percy Looi

    Small mall right beside the Clementi MRT and Bus Interchange, it completes the revival of Clementi by providing us with a gym and cinema.
    Filled with food outlets to spend your time before your movie, don’t forget to visit the famous Chinatown Dessert beside the cinema, or to have a coffee at the ground floor.

  52. Avatar photo
    SC Cheah

    Clean and the seats are comfortable, no blocking of view for those sitting behind.

  53. Avatar photo

    WE Cinemas is one of the cleanest cinema I have been to.

    The air con is just nice. Sound system is clear with nice screen. Seats are wide enough and comfortable.

    They also have the first class movie theatre experience where you can dine and watch movie at the same time.

    It’s also not very crowded. We managed to get tickets with good seats 20 mins before the movie.


  54. Avatar photo
    Sean Miller

    Excellent movie theater, just like the typical AMC/Cineplex cinemas that I am used to back in North America. Good selection of drinks and snacks, clean bathrooms, comfortable seats, and surprisingly good viewing angles – even when I need to sit closer to the front than I usually like, it’s not uncomfortable to watch a movie even in the first couple of rows.

    For those new to watching movies in Singapore, all English movies here have Chinese subtitles. It’s actually not that distracting, and you get used to it pretty fast.

  55. Avatar photo
    Davin Leo

    A good place to watch movies with your friends especially when other places are full

  56. Avatar photo
    David Chong

    A nice cosy cinema out of town. Great First Class seats too.

  57. Avatar photo
    Jiayi Hu

    Love the seats and it’s not crowded like other cinemas.

  58. Avatar photo

    Nice cineplex theatre located in Clementi 321. Good sound system, clean comfortable seating n adequate air conditioning. Located on the 3rd level of Blk 321 itself together with quite a few FnB outlets in the building- Thai mookata, Italian restaurants, pizza, Chinese noodle house, Prata Alley. Located just a short stroll away from Clementi Food Centre which has plenty more hawker fare as well as other food options (Macdonalds too). Great to catch a movie and some food in between.

  59. Avatar photo
    Li Bing Wong

    The only WE cinema in Singapore! And it just located within neighbourhood! With the new cinema halls with comfortable seats and good sound system, you may find that it is truly worthwhile to enjoy your movie here at an affordable cost, and you can get your tickets even cheaper, by presenting your membership card or participate banks card.

  60. Avatar photo
    Aik Heng Ch'ng

    Nice place to watch a movie at, the staff there are very friendly and very approachable , the food there wasn’t bad for a cinema. The seats there was very comfortable and it was a great experience!

  61. Avatar photo
    Donald Yeo

    Comfy seats and no crowding issue like with big malls. Love it! Spoiled for choice for food after movie with a plethora of shops within walking distance. For less stress, better take public transport cuz parking can be a hassle in this area.

  62. Avatar photo
    Jo Chan

    Decent cinema. Got a nice spacious carpeted place next to the ticket selling counter with screen showing the coming soon movies trailers, good to chill out there before the show starts

  63. Avatar photo
    Shawn Lee

    Not so crowded and not so cold cinema. Will come back.

  64. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Shalihin Salehudin

    Like the environment easy access and
    also the comfort seat .

  65. Avatar photo
    Wong Wong

    My favourite cinema.. Coz there is ample parking space at the building, and this cinema is relatively new and comfy

  66. Avatar photo
    Jonathan T

    Cinema is just out of the way enough to avoid being overly packed. So it seems easier to book seats than other locations.
    The experience was on par if not better than other more famous locations.

  67. Avatar photo
    Xiang Fa

    Clean theater with comfortable seat for a good movie viewing experience

  68. Avatar photo

    Okay prices, average food and serviceable screens.

  69. Avatar photo
    tom tng

    The place is nice and chill, not much people, food seems nice and you can almost always get seats!!
    Staff was nice and patient.
    Place was great for a movie

  70. Avatar photo
    Adriel Tan

    Near to the MRT, great visual and audio quality. Waiting area is carpeted where many sit down and watch trailers. Food isn’t too bad either. Watch on their website for discounts though!

  71. Avatar photo
    Kee Choon Wee

    Tried the first class, but wasnt impressed. Food wasnt included for weekend and holiday.

  72. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Ng

    Simple and great neighbourhood cinema

  73. Avatar photo
    Ashlie Ang

    Haven’t had a bad experience, good service and nice, friendly staff and nice environment for a smaller than normal mall(?). Nice sized cinemas best if you could watch the late movies like 11pm ones onwards. Good vibes and not bad prices.

  74. Avatar photo
    Eric Koh

    Love it. Never crowded late night, comfy seats, well maintained.

  75. Avatar photo
    Gilbert Sebastiano

    Usually not super crowded, very comfy seats, and nice screen+audio quality.
    Student price ALL DAY for mon-wed and before 6 on thu-fri..

  76. Avatar photo
    Gregoire Hollander

    The Cinema isnt as fridge cold as most movie theatres in sg. The prices are really good

  77. Avatar photo
    hi yes

    Amazing cinema with 7 dollars ticket FOR STUDENTS. Place has little to nobody, generally good cinema

  78. Avatar photo
    Zess Gold Ng

    Always the best cinema with well trained staff and the staffs are so well mannered and serve with smiling face.

  79. Avatar photo
    Sham Sulaiman

    Quite the family orientated cinema..with good movie caters for all age. Electronic placement seating,nice enviroment and good sound system

  80. Avatar photo
    Stuart English

    Poor, poor, poor… lounge area for Gold Class….at seat service incurs a service charge, food choice is abysmal.

  81. Avatar photo

    The most convenient cinema I’ve ever been to. The movies are always screened one day earlier before the other cinemas so this cinema is my first choice whenever I want to watch a movie. Food is good too, their popcorn are quite good

  82. Avatar photo
    Betty Nerissa K

    New cinema, boosters provided for kids, confortable seats, good audio and ample parking around. They’re quite relaxed on the refreshments. Just don’t make it too obvious! There’s a multistorey hdb carpark across the road and a pedestrian crossing. Would’ve been 5 stars but the box office doubles up as the f&b counter so service can be slow. They are also either slow to react to the situation or inflexible. Instead of opening a new counter (only 2 were open on sat morning), the supervisor just claimed that this was the norm.
    Go early if you’re buying their f&b!

  83. Avatar photo
    C.H “Frank” Z

    Good for people living around Clementi and West Coast, cheap but quality not as good as GV.

  84. Avatar photo
    Suan Yeo

    Clean modern cinema. Good service and comfortable seats. Theaters were a little small, so acoustics were well contained. Probably best not to come on crowded days. Seats don’t recline. Sweet and salty popcorn for the win!

  85. Avatar photo
    Esther Lee

    Great place, is a big fan of their movie theatre. Nothing to do with WE Cinemas, but the ENG WAH group (phone number on their Facebook page) really need to work on their hotline service.

    Lost an item there when I caught it in their First Class theatre last weekend. Called their hotline and they took down my details, no problem with that. But it has been two days and there were no updates at all so I called back.

    The lady who picked up the call was so rude and said she have already sent an email to the manager of WE Cinemas, and she “ok bye” me. That’s all??? That’s the best she could have done???

    Please have the basic courtesy to be polite especially when you are in the front line, picking up calls and representing the ENG WAH group. I just wanted to know the status of my item, whether it is found or not, at least give me a call back and update me about it.

    I don’t think you need two whole days to walk into their First Class theatre and give it a check, right? Paid $30 and it was worth it, nothing to do with the good experience there but I just sincerely hope they can work on their customer service hotline. Thank you.

    EDIT: Staff at WE Cinemas called me shortly afterwards, and found my item!! Tone was friendly and professional. Above review is towards the ENG WAH group representative who picked up my phone call, definitely not targeting the staffs at WE Cinemas. Thank you for the great service!! Will definitely patronise again, thank you!

  86. Avatar photo
    Arun Sudarsan

    Student discounts are awesome! Do enjoy your movies at We Cinemas

  87. Avatar photo
    Belle Ost

    Nice movie theater in Singapore. Just feels like watching movies at home.

    Enjoying their services provided. …

  88. Avatar photo
    Siddharth Uppal

    Nice ambience with comfortable seating and big screens. Sat in the 2nd row but didn’t feel much strain in the neck, it was comfortable as anything.

  89. Avatar photo
    Jasons Ng

    Lesser crowd compare to the popular cinema, relative new and cozy but the advertisment are longer before the shows

  90. Avatar photo
    jeff chang

    Peaceful, nice and clean

  91. Avatar photo
    Siew Lin Tuck (xiaold)

    The seat is very comfortable, only cinema in the West (Clementi center).

  92. Avatar photo
    Cai Sheng Tong

    Used to operate as Eng Wah cinemas with a number of Theatres islandwide such as at Toa Payoh, Suntec City & Ang mo Kio. But has since rebranded as WE cinemas & left only with this outlet at Clementi. Mainly catering to residents in the west & students from the nearby schools such as NUS & SP. Halls are small & some have a musty smell.

  93. Avatar photo
    Yong Wen Chua

    Nice cinema, and is usually not too busy.

  94. Avatar photo
    Frank Cao

    Pretty cosy seats. No question asked when I bring in some food. Of courses that may because I bought their popcorn, which is not bad.

  95. Avatar photo
    Clarisse Mak

    The service by the staff is average. They allow customers who jumped queue to purchase tickets rather than those who queued.

  96. Avatar photo
    Teng Kok Lee

    Cinema is ok. But you’d better stock up on your drinks and snacks, cos it’s a long staircase down to the 2nd floor, an escalator back up to the 3rd to buy your munchies before you can get back to your seat on the 4th floor. …

  97. Avatar photo
    Deeqil Aqulis

    The staff (a older Chinese gentleman) at the cinema ticket entrance who was attending to customers @1945hrs on 13 Jan 22 was very helpful and super kind!!! Deserves a raise and a promotion best customer service!!!!

  98. Avatar photo
    Andy Jefferson

    Great to have a local cinema here in Clementi that has remained open throughout the pandemic. Some nice food options nearby too.

  99. Avatar photo
    Mafer Seow

    Good weekend go-to for movies which is not crowded like mainstream cinema. I have something to say about their sound system volume, but others are okay. I like how they serve a different variety of snack too. That trailer TV outside of cinema is a good chilling area too.

  100. Avatar photo
    JiaWei Lim (chacha)

    always catching new releases and hot movies here to avoid the crowd, still wonder sound and visuals here!

  101. Avatar photo
    Reynaldha C Q

    We satisfy with all yr staffs for being very helpfull and attend to our requirement and the cleanliness of theater especially the toilet, and it surrounding, Congratulation.
    We take opportunity to propose that yr staffs being able to wear jacket black colour, as is was very cold due to weather and good air conditioning, so they feel warm . Tq

  102. Avatar photo
    Siti Jamaliyah

    Always my go to cinema whenever i want to watch a movie. Less crowded. Only downside they have not much malay movie as oppose to cathay

  103. Avatar photo
    irdini nazir

    Was at the clementi branch,clean and the place is well kept.

  104. Avatar photo

    Clean no fuss kinda place

  105. Avatar photo
    Jerry Wang

    Not too cold, temperature is good; just that there is no elevator to go down

  106. Avatar photo
    melissa tan

    Feels new, seats are great and clean, sound system was. Good movie experience!!!

  107. Avatar photo
    Andy Chee

    This cinema is very good. Their hall is still very new even after years. Love the crowd cos there is not much. Enjoy a happy movie without any hassle. Recommended!

  108. Avatar photo

    First time here yesterday to watch avengers endgame. No complains. Comfortable and clean seating, popcorn was nice. Movie was clear with good sound system.
    Overall enjoyable experience.

  109. Avatar photo
    yang kai Ng

    This movie theater is nice design and got air-conditioning inside cinema lobby and halls along with 321 Clementi the Cinema mall all is Air-conditioning to cool the visitors and movie-goers, got First Class the premium movie experience with Dine-in like GV Gold Class, Cathay PMS, Shaw Theatres Premiere and EagleWings Cinematics Eagle Platinum, Eagle Gold and Eagle Silver this is so good design with futuristics

  110. Avatar photo
    Cuong Hoang

    Best cinema. Never crowded because of the location. There’s saizeriya and a few more restaurant in the mall if you want to eat while waiting.

  111. Avatar photo
    Lauren Ooi

    Renovated fairly recently, nice and clean. Not crowded!

  112. Avatar photo
    Cybermon K S

    This is my first movie in Singapore and the theater booking experience was very easy. The welcoming stops for very friendly the guided me to my gift shop where I got my popcorn and my drinks and later I was guided into the theater. Potato interior is very awesome in terms of settings and sound effects and things. But to enter into the seats I feel it was not that comfortable because I booked the ticket in one of the extreme ends and I can go to that and only why one way and that line was full of people and so I have to close all of them so it was a bit difficult. If the architecture was like you can go from both sides to enter then it would be more comfortable. How about the state is already made so I don’t think there can be any modifications which can be made but I will suggest them if possible to remove either one seat from one end and put it in the other end so that people who are already watching are not Disturbed when we enter into our seats. Otherwise it’s a wonderful experience in this theater and I enjoyed the cooling is perfect the sound everything is just perfect.

  113. Avatar photo
    Oh Zhi Chao

    Great cinema for students to come here to enjoy! Student discount for the entire day on Mon – Wed and till 6 pm on thurs and fri!
    Front seats are still watchable when comparing it to shaw or Golden village

  114. Avatar photo
    Sanjay Mathew

    WE cinemas online booking system is pretty smooth, even on mobile. I’ve gone for their First Class seats a number of times- comfy recliners with blankets provided, along with a food and drinks menu. Their normal cinema halls are decent, sound isn’t overly loud, which is a plus.

  115. Avatar photo
    Jeanie Tay

    Love their popcorn and the theatre. Though its a little small, it is very clean and cosy.

  116. Avatar photo
    Eugene Tan

    Great cinema. The best part is the casual open area for casual chit chats while watching upcoming movie trailers.

  117. Avatar photo

    No frills local cinema. Tickets reasonably priced with a $1 discount with free membership. Theatre may be a little warm. Why did Mr. Eng Wah flip his initials though?

  118. Avatar photo
    Adnan Ra (Zappel)

    Relatively newer cinema and good location for those staying in the mid-west area

  119. Avatar photo
    Fay Ng

    Located in the heartland of Clement within affordable tickets and comfortable seats

  120. Avatar photo
    Frederick Chin

    Nice cinema, not crowded. Good sound system

  121. Avatar photo
    Eunice Tan

    We enjoyed the Premium cinema lounge. Luxurious seats and service too for $30 per pax.

  122. Avatar photo
    Roy Chang

    The only surviving Eng Wah AKA WE cinema in Singapore. Decent layout of multiplex cinema with 10 halls. Usually not crowded and tickets easily available.

  123. Avatar photo
    Titus Chua

    Surprised it survived covid. Good local cinema. Prices are decent and their facilities are pretty clean. Staff are helpful and friendly.

  124. Avatar photo
    Dina Djafar

    Not much to shop ard while waiting for the show. But can come as there are many space available especially during weekends..

  125. Avatar photo
    Peter Chong

    Good place for people in the vicinity to catch movies. Halls are quite small, offering a larger range of showtimes. Ticket prices are competitive.

  126. Avatar photo
    Wai Chor Chuah

    Quiet place to catch a movie. Some food options inside and outside the mall. Seats are reasonable spaced between the front and back and could fit a bigger framed person.

  127. Avatar photo
    kaarthick subramanian

    Located quite close to clementi MRT. Decently priced and had quite a good experience

  128. Avatar photo
    serene soon

    Very comfortable, nice, cozy environment! Love going for midnight movies here with friends and taking a break from the hectic, busy life of a student. Student priced tickets are also available and the cinema is near my university, so definitely a great hangout place!

  129. Avatar photo

    WE Clementi – Clean and soothing environment. Cinemas with stadium seating that are comfortable to sit on. Conveniently located near Clementi MRT station.

  130. Avatar photo
    Bing Chen Chai

    Seats are comfortable, cinema is a little small. Try to sit in the last 3-4th rows instead of all the way at the back !! If not the cinema will feel really small.

    Enjoy Nice service at the counters too. Good to have a cinema in Clementi.

  131. Avatar photo
    Julian Futanto

    Convenient and less crowd compared to other cinemas. Needs more studios and shows.

  132. Avatar photo
    Kalpana Venkatachalam

    Love the theatres….clean and good

  133. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Yeo

    Convenient for people staying in Clementi. Cinema is cosy and clean. Like that it is not as crowded compared to other cinemas in the west.

  134. Avatar photo
    Z D Y

    Small cosy cinema. Comfortable seating. The advertisements before the show is about 20mins long.

    Couple sit is 2 individual seats and the handrest cant be lifted up

  135. Avatar photo
    Sunil Biradar

    Very nice and good theatre.

  136. Avatar photo

    Comfortable seats, nice ambience and overall a great nearby cinema.

  137. Avatar photo
    Usha Kumari

    Very nice clean and clear theatre. We saw Ponniyin Selvan 1. Less crowd. I am very likely.

  138. Avatar photo
    Max P

    Came in April 2022 to watch Everything Everywhere All at Once- COVID restrictions were still in place so every other two seats were roped off (so you essentially had to go in groups of two). The place was clean and temperature was perfect- not too cold.

  139. Avatar photo
    Mikail Lo

    Finally, a cinema in Clementi. It’s not small, but cosy. And there’s usually space. A tip: don’t be scared off if there aren’t too many seats left in the theatre. In fact, the best seats are in the 3rd or 4th row.

  140. Avatar photo
    Haruki Shindo

    Love coming here! But please, make it a consumer’s choice if they want a plastic straw & plastic bag for popcorn. I didn’t want it but I couldn’t refuse it …

  141. Avatar photo

    Pretty low price for students, the movie experience is about average.

  142. Avatar photo
    Nikola Ger

    The last eng wah cinema great snacks and popcorn student price is great too not that busy on weekdays good place to watch movies and have coconut ice cream at wimi’s

  143. Avatar photo
    Kyaw Linn Aung

    Nice and cozy cinema at Clementi Town area located in 321 Mall at Clementi. There are some food stalls inside the mall as well as in neighborhood area too.

  144. Avatar photo
    Lim Ching Shiang

    Great cinema and its away from the city crowd. Is good to be back.

  145. Avatar photo
    jo delos santos

    Aside from the fact that this cinema is close to home, this is the best, most clean, no smell, affordable even without membership discount or cashback available.

  146. Avatar photo

    Small and cosy but the screen lighting is kind of lacking

  147. Avatar photo
    Naveeth Nausath

    I went here to watch ” black Adam” movie.
    Its my first time visiting the theater.
    I really want to give max star for this.
    Such a wonderful ambiance. Theater is amazing with great interiors, quality of sound and picture is Good.
    Location wise is good , lot of food options nearby, MRT is just in 2 mins walk .
    I will go there again to get another good experience.

  148. Avatar photo
    Irah Bunny

    Good and not so crowded. My favourite cinema so far xD

  149. Avatar photo
    Mary Ang

    No need to drive near my place. Good entertainment for senior citizens. Perhaps youngsters don’t appreciate it. …

  150. Avatar photo
    phill HONG

    Easy to get ticket at WE 321 Clementi.
    Halls are mostly small-medium size.
    Check the hall before purchasing the tickets.

  151. Avatar photo
    Zhikai Kek

    The only cinema that is not always fulling booked and got tons of seating space for u and ur partner in the couple seat.

  152. Avatar photo
    Christopher Le Pard

    Great conveniently located Cinema near Central Clementi, the mall and the MRT. Useful membership programme for couples midweek and student discounts as well. Good little cinema with 10+ screens, usual snacks etc.

    Only wish it had its own app or could more easily search and book tickets through cinema app e.g. popcorn. If they had an app I would happily use it!

  153. Avatar photo
    arvind raaj

    Best standard cenima in good location, walking distance to clementi mrt. …

  154. Avatar photo
    Xian You Lim

    Great renovation by the old Eng Wah Cinemas. The place is not too far from the MRT, has high quality comfortable seats, and is located in a mall with great food selection (with the cheap and good Saizeriya!!). Definitely recommended to catch a movie here.

  155. Avatar photo
    Sushant Pushkarna

    Comfortable seats. Polite and helpful staff. Pleasant experience.

  156. Avatar photo
    Daryl Quek

    Small cinema screen. Cinema smelled bad. Good sound quality though

  157. Avatar photo
    Yew Chung Chee

    Clean theatres. Seats are elevated enough such that the front row does not block the back row.

  158. Avatar photo
    Viji Logesh

    Went for far from home with my friend.
    Comfortable seats.
    Dolby Atmos is awesome!

  159. Avatar photo

    Not very clean despite being just compared with western cinemas in West Point or Jam

  160. Avatar photo
    Christopher Wong

    Clementi’s iconic cinema.friendly staff, cosy theatres …

  161. Avatar photo
    Hussain Naseem

    Tickets are a little bit pricier compared to GV but the experience is good. specially the Atmos Hall.

  162. Avatar photo
    Reega Effendi

    Very clean place, movie’s sound system is loud and clear …

  163. Avatar photo
    Roni Wiguna

    It’s a cinema I go in the weekends and reasonable walking distance. The pricing is about the same like other chain cinemas, if not slightly cheaper. Always bought online ticket so never talked to the cashier there.

  164. Avatar photo
    Jensen Button

    Not very crowded, offers Dolby Surround 7.1, Atmos, 3D and First Class

    Great vibe but screens are smaller than average so don’t sit too far behind.

    Popcorn is ok. Great place to stay away from majority of the crowd that linger in Jurong East for smaller-scale movies.

  165. Avatar photo
    Terry Soomc

    Good location.
    Plenty of food outlets

  166. Avatar photo
    SL Wee

    Ticketing staff was patience and friendly despite that we keep checking the seats
    One guy was blocked for entry due to incomplete vaccination, feeling safe to enjoy the movie here …

  167. Avatar photo
    Norman Lee

    Went during off-peak, met friendly and helpful staff, First-Class theater was really comfortable, highly recommended

  168. Avatar photo
    Alvin Quah

    Ample parking, great location and good price on weekdays.

    Tickets are usually available on weekday afternoons without having to pre-book.

    One suggestion for improvement though – they need to turn up the Aircon

  169. Avatar photo
    Arthur YWX

    Came here to watch venom, the only one of it’s cinema of this brand and the revamped look is quite comfortable and clean to sit on. Overall would definitely recommend.

  170. Avatar photo
    David Lim Hong Wee

    Tucked away in a less patronised mall in Clementi, it’s a good place to go to when you want to avoid the crowds. I must commend the place for its comfy seats! It had a lot of padding! Overall, it’s as good as any other cinema.

  171. Avatar photo
    Grace Lee

    Been to this cinema a few times and the place was clean and comfortable for movies. It’s not located in a big mall so it is less crowded than other cinemas.

  172. Avatar photo
    Suzana Tamin

    Comfortable seat and aircon super cold please wear or bring sweater/shawl

  173. Avatar photo
    Sze Wee Tan

    This cinema in Clementi has good service and comfortable seats. The food selection is limited which won’t be an issue if you are just there for the movie experience. There is parking downstairs.

  174. Avatar photo
    Andy Chee

    This cinema is very good. Their hall is still very new even after years. Love the crowd cos there is not much. Enjoy a happy movie without any hassle. Recommended!

  175. Avatar photo
    William Theodore Moningka

    The only cinema in Clementi area. Less crowd with good student deal

  176. Avatar photo
    GK Boon

    Cinema in Clementi neighbourhood, steps away from hawker center and coffee shops and 24hours McDonald’s. Stone’s throw away from Clementi MRT station. No complaint.

  177. Avatar photo
    boii A.

    Small place, compact. But good to go as there’s food shop below and MacDonald around. Can sit & talk & chitchqt outside of the building.

  178. Avatar photo
    vivian tan

    Good ambience and comfortable seats,ample toilets,wheelchair-friendly,great variety of food options.only thing us the theatres here are small so small screens though sound effects and visual effects are awesome

  179. Avatar photo
    Ganesh Kumar.S

    Nice theatre effect. Worth to watch …

  180. Avatar photo
    Boring SG Husband

    Clean and new heartland cinema with comfy chairs. Screen is not the biggest or brightest thou.

  181. Avatar photo
    Wang qixuan

    It was great. Atmosphere and all. Price was cheaper than other cinemas too

  182. Avatar photo
    Divyanshu Mahajan

    Even though I’m regular to the cinema, this was my first visit to We Cinemas and I’m impressed. I watched Avengers Endgame on Dolby Atmos. The seats were good, Aircon at perfect temperature and a good experience overall

  183. Avatar photo
    Zie Chon Tan

    Prices reasonable. But seats are disappointing. Booked the so called couple seat online. It’s just two normal seats!!?? Seats not comfortable and slightly grubby. Didn’t realise one of my kids could have watched for free, wasn’t clearly listed online. And upon collecting tickets, simply told us no refund.

  184. Avatar photo
    Purbyman NSY

    actually pretty good
    popcorn is solid and seats are nice

  185. Avatar photo
    Parag Bhatnagar

    Really convenient if I want to watch a movie since I can walk there from utown – only theatre in clementi area. Screens aren’t huge, so I’d only really come here for the proximity.

  186. Avatar photo
    Peter McDonald

    The cinema was not busy. I booked online so no need to join queue. Parking in Clementi 321 was no problem. There is a Saizeriya restaurant on the floor below. I usually combine the the two.

  187. Avatar photo
    nick yee

    Great sound system cinema

  188. Avatar photo
    Suresh NP

    Same stereo type setting that is found in all shopping malls. Pretty organised and a good degree of cleanliness maintained. ushers are ready to help the patrons. Trace together/ Vaccination rules are strictly adhered too. Cosy seating in the cinema hall. …

  189. Avatar photo
    Hon Sing Lee

    Small cozy cinema. Clean and well maintained

  190. Avatar photo
    salihin sulaiman

    Nice cosy and clean cinema complex. Seldom crowded. Counter svc is efficient.

  191. Avatar photo
    Theresia Marten

    If you buy more than two tickets at one go, you should use your UOB/DBS credit cards to get SGD1 off each ticket you purchased.

  192. Avatar photo
    Pranavan Theivendiram

    They have a student offer in week days which is very cheap. Not a crowded cinema.

  193. Avatar photo
    Gene Wong

    Great place to watch movies cause it ain’t crowded

  194. Avatar photo
    PinYen Davier

    To be awared that the aircon is quite strong

  195. Avatar photo
    G Tan

    Good local cinema. Clean and spacious. If there are better eateries in the building would be 5 star.

  196. Avatar photo
    Jibrel Khan

    Good cinema. Nice to watch movie

  197. Avatar photo
    Watt Ng (Wattgasm)

    The only issue i had were just the seats and movie screen. Staff work really swiftly and layout were short and easy to navigate in and out of the cinema.

  198. Avatar photo

    Great cinema. Has a lower than average number of seating giving it a more cosy feel. Seats are cushioned very well and comfortable.

  199. Avatar photo
    Benny Ng

    Used to watch movies here before it was renovated. After renovation, it’s both a Cinema and a small mall. Great to see some F&B options and the Cinema is nice and comfortable too. A great improvement at a very convenient location.

  200. Avatar photo
    CT Yeo

    Nice and clean cinema in my neighbourhood. Great image and sound quality.

  201. Avatar photo
    Hieu Le

    Great movie experience. Not too crowded, affordable price

  202. Avatar photo
    Mr. Joshua

    Nice, clean and comfortable theaters. Be sure to bring a sweater if you are easily cold as the air-conditioning is quite efficient!

  203. Avatar photo
    Aden Zheng Quan Phua

    Revamped one seats are new. Popcorn could be served warm instead of cold ones.

  204. Avatar photo
    SpongeBob Squarepants

    Great cinema with friendly staff. Then popcorn is fresher than those served at GV. Small mall so it’s not crowded at all, ample parking space in the mall as well. Movie started about 10mins after stated time.

  205. Avatar photo
    Sheng Wei [SW]

    Neighbourhood cinema. Very quiet not as good as GV but the price a affordable. Do sign for their membership, you will get $1 discount for each walk-in

  206. Avatar photo

    Really nice cinema. Especially for individual living within the area.

  207. Avatar photo
    Dylen Badrose

    Very convenient for my place.

  208. Avatar photo
    Anurag Saha Roy

    Not too great when it comes to seat comfort or audio quality

  209. Avatar photo

    Staff waited behind us to finish the movie which triggered nervousness that we should leave as soon as it ended. Suddenly placing a bin in the middle of a movie shocked us. Peace was broken while watching a movie with a partner.

  210. Avatar photo
    Bernard Goh

    Comfortable seats. Good sound system. Aircon set at a good level. But theatre was empty with only another couple in the same hall!

  211. Avatar photo
    ChweeSeng Lim

    It is a good place to watch movie at WE Cinemas cos they have all the sound surround system .

  212. Avatar photo
    Dr Ganesh Neelakanta Iyer

    Not crowded. Easily accessable. Eateries and shops very nearby.

  213. Avatar photo
    alex hew

    Consider it a new place to go, the one and only eng wah cinema. The good old places where i will go clementi or suntec city to watch at eng wah cinema. If you own a passion card, you will have one dollar discount when watching at eng wah cinema.

  214. Avatar photo
    Wei Quan Ong

    There are comparatively more food options available. One downside is the seats in the same row are connected and not built sturdily enough. One can feel the kicking of the seat even if the person kicking the seat is not seated directly behind you.

  215. Avatar photo

    Very little people there so you can have the whole cinema to yourself sometimes.

  216. Avatar photo
    Lady Honey

    Got the best seats. Will rate 5 ⭐ if only the food are HALAL Certified.

  217. Avatar photo
    Debabrata Biswas

    Not great screens or sound system. But near home. So a more frequent visitor there. Also does not bring foreign language movies like Hindi or Tamil. But price wise quite okay.

  218. Avatar photo
    K WX (SaltyBrownie)

    The Screen here is so huge !!! Watched Deadpool 2 here and I am impressed with the awesomeness HD screen quality and the sound is really good too. Especially when dubstep is played , don’t google dubstep listen to it .

  219. Avatar photo
    Iskandar Rawi

    Under-rated and in opinion the best cinema in the west of singapore. 5 min walk from Clementi MRT. Always not crowded and easy to book tickets online. Cheese nachos here are awesome!

  220. Avatar photo
    Winser Chuak

    Great place for movies. Ambiance is clean and not too cold.

  221. Avatar photo
    Gregory Butron

    Gold class here has excellent seats, but no in movie service.

  222. Avatar photo
    ரவி சங்கர் நா

    Best place for students to watch movies – $7 Mon to Wed is a great deal. Make sure you carry your student pass.

  223. Avatar photo
    Steven Hu

    Great place to have a movie and variety of food, @ Clementi.

  224. Avatar photo
    Wannie Michelmann

    Both times tried using the bought movie vouchers. Both times cannot use them. Only for old movies which isn’t stated on the terms and conditions. Rip off

  225. Avatar photo
    veera basappa (Veera)

    It’s a nice place with small screens… Convinent location near MRT

  226. Avatar photo
    S BG Loo

    cinema broadcast 20 ads before the show.

    and the bright blue lights (like typical singaprean do to their car headlights) at the side of each seats row realy annoy while you watch the ahow.

  227. Avatar photo
    JX L

    Marginalises singles, promotion discount only for minimum 2 tickets purchase. I go Cathay 1 ticket also got discount.

  228. Avatar photo
    Goh Tian Ru

    Great place for a movie with partner, human traffic around the area is lesser. Isn’t noisy and crowded.

  229. Avatar photo

    Relatively new cinema in a recently-built shopping mall. The theaters are small, but built such that sitting closer to the screen is more comfortable than in other, larger cinemas.

  230. Avatar photo

    Cinema very good. Roomy and comfortable seats. Plenty of legroom. Sounds good too. They have packages for Seniors and students.. including combo meals on weekdays.

    But like most cinemas these days exiting for people navigating long staircases is a problem – but not here. Just inform any staff and they will turn on elevator for you. And they did for me

    That’s the way.

    PS: On my next visit (CNY Day #1 2019) the cleaner for Hall #9 was adamant that we must exit by going down. This is despite seeing my crutches and pleas. She tried to block us. We somehow got past her with the help of other patrons. A nice young Malay staff unlocked the lift for us. WE …. that’s the way again.

    Update 11 September 2020. A nice Chinese male staff obliged instantly and even accompanied me down.

    Just realized I had never gotten my senior discount. I am 68. Also the snack sets (chicken drumlets and fish and chips) for First Class patrons are really reasonably priced compared to junk foods like pop corns.

    November 6 2022: And more than once our family has the theater to ourselves like today’s Black Adam

  231. Avatar photo
    Stephen Tan

    Theatres are well maintained and enjoyable movie experience.

  232. Avatar photo
    Ankur Gaur

    A great and cheap way to watch movies. Halls are small, seats are not reclinable, audio and projection screen are great. Overall, you get value for your bucks. If you are a student, remember to carry you get student pass to avail discounts in food and ticketing!!!

  233. Avatar photo
    DY Liu

    Seats are comfortable while the screen is a bit small. Maybe it is because we sat at the last row? Very good sound effect

  234. Avatar photo
    Michelle Chua

    Like this cinema for the close proximity from my home, clean and comfortable seats and nice surroundings.

  235. Avatar photo

    One of my regular places to visit, given their student discounts, reasonable ticket prices, convenient locations, selection of show timings and a lot more. If you go once and live nearby, you’ll come here again and again. Also, look out for some promotions. Love it there!

  236. Avatar photo
    Troy Smith

    Dont bother with first class by the time they come to take ur order and cook it and bring it back to u ur not hungry

  237. Avatar photo
    Daniel Cheong

    Convenient and quite comfortable place to watch a movie without fighting the big crowds in town.

  238. Avatar photo
    Cheong Ka Weng

    Service staff was kind and patient, and the theatres are pretty clean (I went during off peak so it was quite empty).

  239. Avatar photo
    Suman Sharma

    Nice place to watch movies. Loved the first class theater

  240. Avatar photo
    Ruth Lim

    Great place, great food options around

  241. Avatar photo
    Gary Ng

    A good place to watch movie! Theatre is clean and seats are comfy!

  242. Avatar photo
    Eddie Hon

    What makes them special is their snacks. They have drumlets, nuggets fried stuff. Yumz.
    Screens are small but can’t expect much from a small cinema

  243. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Iqbal

    Great renovation of the cinema. Quality comfortable seats. Friendly staff.

  244. Avatar photo
    Andy Ho

    It was an alright experience. Chair are fairly comfortable, cinema is clean enough. And best of all they serve alcohol.

  245. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Tai

    Chill and cosy place to catch a movie. Experience was good as well.

  246. Avatar photo
    Francis Soh

    Sound system is not as good as before.
    My seat is harden, maybe due to lesser crowd watching there.

  247. Avatar photo
    Ernie Lee

    Clean theatre with cushy seats (similar to Cathay cinemas), which is relatively uncrowded compared to other theatres.
    Exceeded my expectations

  248. Avatar photo

    I lost my wallet there once and I wrote a detailed explanation about what happened. My friends, who watched the movie with me, supported my claim, but the people who were “helping” me where rude and haughty. They did not believe me, even though I CLEARLY described what happened. It took fifteen minutes to get my wallet. It was my fault I lost it, but they could’ve been nicer. Also, can someone explain why they NEVER, EVER pick up calls? I tried dozens of times but it doesn’t work. I think they don’t have a phone, but then how to contact? I emailed them and waiting for a response. Please be more, I guess, better.

  249. Avatar photo
    Shao Wei

    Nothing to complain about, its a heartland cinema with acceptable seats and screens

  250. Avatar photo
    Tilottama Arvikar

    Great theatre. Can see trailers just sitting outside

  251. Avatar photo
    Clement Toh

    Watch tenet,

    Movie screen was dim, and dark

    Sound quality still ok

    Maybe gv/shaw still better

    Will check back for more

  252. Avatar photo
    Don Chan

    The seat is comfortable; the place is a little unknown and unpopular, not so crowded.

  253. Avatar photo
    Ying Xian Chua

    A good place to catch a movie if you stay in the heartlands or you are a uni student (at NUS). While it’s located within a rather quiet shopping mall (321 Clementi mall), there are sufficient crowd (and screens) in WE cinema.

    Those planning to splurge on gold class can enjoy promotions on certain weekday afternoons, and a discounted price. Standard chartered credit card holders and Passion card holders can enjoy discount too.

  254. Avatar photo
    Kiyo Tan

    Small cinema, hard to see screen if you’re at the bottom row. Otherwise, great range of movies screening at all times

  255. Avatar photo
    Jacky Gan

    Just nice for another movie …Hellboy! This place kinda of convenient for those staying nearby.

  256. Avatar photo
    MyGoogle Account

    My favorite cinema. Seat height is just nice for your neck. Premium treat worthy it

  257. Avatar photo
    Shu Jian Choo

    Clean and modern. Great popcorn – sweet and salty is a killer as always.

  258. Avatar photo
    muhammad jai hassan

    Nice, cozy & clean. Good selection of finger food but not halal but lucky I’m not a muncher during movie time. No chairs/seats to rest your bottom at the lobby while waiting especially like me who have leg problems & really in need of a seat. Overall I would come again hopefully with much improvement for the movie goers.

  259. Avatar photo
    Gaurav Garg

    Ambiance, seating arrangement are quite good. The best part is waiting hall big sleeping zone

  260. Avatar photo
    Bugra KANARGI

    Sufficiently clean.
    Air is fresh (sometimes a little to cold).
    Sound and picture quality is good.

    The things that I don’t like, or even hate while watching movies in movie theaters in Singapore:
    -Extremely long advertisements before the movie starts. Up to 35 minutes of advertisements and public ads. Only two or three trailers.
    -Display of horror movie trailers before movies that are attracting mostly kids to the cinema.
    -Customers chatting among themselves with loud voices.
    -Customers eating smelly food they brought from outside. They also make noise while eating the food and I can’t hear when the actor/actress speaks whispering.
    -Customers leaving their trash behind them. In every row, more than a few customers spill their uneaten popcorn on the floor.

  261. Avatar photo

    Please fix or rectify your website. It says “This connection is not private” upon entering the portal. This has happened many times before as we’re regulars.

    Nonetheless, WeCinemas is a great place for a movie! Cleanliness is good too

  262. Avatar photo
    Kelly Chang

    Great seat. Lesser crowd. Only down thing is the nachos chips; the cheese dip that goes with it is just way watery n weird.

  263. Avatar photo
    Naveeth Nausath

    I went here to watch ” black Adam” movie.
    Its my first time visiting the theater.
    I really want to give max star for this.
    Such a wonderful ambiance. Theater is amazing with great interiors, quality of sound and picture is Good.
    Location wise is good , lot of food options nearby, MRT is just in 2 mins walk .
    I will go there again to get another good experience.

  264. Avatar photo

    Overall loved this cinema other than the fact that each house is quite small..

  265. Avatar photo
    Siti Kamis

    Love to watch movies at this cinema. Cleaner and comfortable seats

  266. Avatar photo
    Kumarasamy Raja

    High quality and classic. Awesome services and facilities. Great management

  267. Avatar photo


    1. Small multiplex @ clementi.
    2. Usually not crowded.
    3. Decent sound.

    1. Less number of screens.
    2. Many Hollywood and Indian movies are skipped.
    3. Too many trailers before the movie.
    4. Getting out of the cinema after last show of the day can be a puzzle as many of the doors of the mall are closed.

  268. Avatar photo
    KH Chong

    Do not get the salty version of their popcorn though. It is as good as eating salt alone. The rest of the cinema is still okay

  269. Avatar photo
    Chan Jing Hui Benedict

    I don’t know why it is called WE when it is known as Eng Wah.

    Couple seats aren’t really couple. It is like going CNY with a paid partner.

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