Review Ubi Dmq Eating House, 304 Ubi Ave 1, Singapore

Review Ubi DMQ Eating House - Singapore 304 Ubi Ave 1

“Above average dry ban mian in the neighbourhood. Penang Heng Heng ban mian is still a few notch above.” or “affordable price ,generous potion, wonderful soup and spicy fresh chili. the dry banmee is one of the best in Singapore” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Ubi Dmq Eating House. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Ubi Dmq Eating House is quality.

Introduction about Ubi Dmq Eating House

Here are some fundamental details regarding Ubi Dmq Eating House. In terms of Coffee shop, it is generally believed that Ubi Dmq Eating Houseis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 304 Ubi Ave 1, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Coffee shop, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 86963008 (+65 86963008)
  • Website:
  • Address: 304 Ubi Ave 1, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10:30 AM to 9 PM.

Sunday: Closed.


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How to contact Ubi Dmq Eating House?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Ubi Dmq Eating House via:

Phone number

You can reach Ubi Dmq Eating House at 86963008(+65 86963008). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Ubi Dmq Eating House via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 304 Ubi Ave 1, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Ubi Dmq Eating House reviews

Ubi Dmq Eating House is among the best destinations of Coffee shop in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Ubi Dmq Eating House good?

To determine whether Ubi Dmq Eating House is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Above average dry ban mian in the neighbourhood. Penang Heng Heng ban mian is still a few notch above.”

“affordable price ,generous potion, wonderful soup and spicy fresh chili. the dry banmee is one of the best in Singapore”

“Come with the soup with egg was superb when order dry noodle.The noodle was tasty and chilli was nice. Dine in best for taste but limited table.”

“Has a store that specializes in ban main. Their dry ban mian is so good and tasty. Definitely highly recommended on the list of to eats around the area. Cheap and good, what more else can you ask for?”

“The chili was good with the fish. The soup was delicious rich and I finished the whole bowl of soup. Will try the dry version next time.”

“Best Pork Ball Noodles, comes with 4 balls and really nice banmian. ”

“Always nearby here will come eat the ban mian Ordered the soup version and I like to add in their handmade chilli to the soup inside Standard still so good”

“Alway nice... like the soup.. chilli is quite nice also”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 128 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.3 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 84% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Ubi Dmq Eating House, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Ubi Dmq Eating House, 304 Ubi Ave 1, Singapore

There is a total 128 reviews

4.3 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn Yeo

    I was recommended by a friend to try out the ban mian and glad I did! I’ve tried both the dried and the soup version of the pork ban mian and both were great (my preference is for the dried version) + great value with generous serving size. For the dried version, the soup is provided on the side and there will be an egg in it.
    I’ve been there a few times for lunch and there is usually a waiting time due to the working lunch crowd. Nonetheless worth the wait and is a definite must try!

  2. Avatar photo
    Helen Chua

    Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice, Margaret Drive
    Chicken Rice… taste just like old days. Yummy!!

  3. Avatar photo
    Stervey Lim

    Not bad. Can try for the first time. Looks popular as steady stream of foodies coming in to order..

  4. Avatar photo
    Hien Chee

    Love the noodles here.

  5. Avatar photo
    shelly lim

    Delicious! Consistent flavour everytime i visit

  6. Avatar photo
    Garion Chan

    One nice Ban Mian if you like to eat. From the pork version to chicken version. Many different type to choose from.

  7. Avatar photo
    Dylan Tan

    Not your average ban mian. The meat served along with the noodles are well marinated and the meatballs are a great choice to go for.

  8. Avatar photo

    Solid ban mian for $4. Springy noodle, hearty and flavourful soup base and very generous with ingredients. The only improvement point is that the pork slices were slightly on the tough side. Kudos to the young chef for cooking so many bowls of noodles in the hot stuffy kitchen!

  9. Avatar photo
    Corey Chan

    Unfortunate that they did not get their system sorted, I waited aimlessly while seeing people that came after us got their food first. Noodle was decent but not worth the waiting time, the one at Geylang is better because of this factor.

  10. Avatar photo
    lip song Koh

    Comfort food …

  11. Avatar photo
    Jane Kwek

    Amazing food but dirty seats and limited parking lots.

  12. Avatar photo
    Wee Seng Ong

    Simple dishes, but carrying the taste of childhood!
    Dry mixed with a knife, my favorite.

  13. Avatar photo
    Seowwei Yeo

    Noodles but difficult to find parking. …

  14. Avatar photo
    bt lim

    Soup superb tasty. Noodle wise dry version w chilli a perfect match.

  15. Avatar photo
    Kai Li

    DMQ is very popular with my colleagues. There is always a long queue during lunch and seats are very hard to come by. Rain makes it worse as a number of tables get rain splashed.

    I would recommend the special pork meatballs that have another meatball inside it. Just like an inception of pork.

    Taste wise, I find it slightly above average. Both the soup and dry versions are good. 3.5 / 5

    The soup that comes with the dry noodles have egg in it. Makes it quite thick and special.

  16. Avatar photo
    Papachan Beer

    Thai food is delicious!

  17. Avatar photo

    I’m am craving for this place everyday!

  18. Avatar photo
    Waterfront 99

    Ordered both the soup and dry noodles to try. Both were below average, but soup is better than dry (sweet dark sauce) in my opinion.

    Soup had a weird sticky texture, probably too much flour from the noodles which went into the soup.
    Shallots and ikan bilis were soft and soggy and doesn’t add much taste.

    Visited due to good reviews and was disappointed

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    4 Star | Above Average (Worth A Try)
    3 Star | So So, Not Impressed (Can Consider)
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  19. Avatar photo

    Very good Pan Mian (Mee Hoon Kueh). The broth has a very rich taste!

  20. Avatar photo
    aw SAIKIT

    Delicious noodle…

  21. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Chan

    Reasonable priced and tasty.

  22. Avatar photo
    QQ TravelColor

    Bian mian is nice with its soup. Dry noodle is quite salty, suitable if you like strong taste

  23. Avatar photo
    Jonavan Lee

    Tried their 双爆肉丸 ban mian & it was AWESOME. Love how their soup, sauces & seasoning are savoury but not too salty. Most ban mian stalls have very salty soup & noodles but not them noodles have the al dente texture to it & they are very generous with the ingredients – plenty of pork bits (bak chor) on top of the meatballs. Their chilli is also fresh & spicy This all explains their popularity & long queues. But do note the limited no. of seats here. Will be back for more

  24. Avatar photo

    Nice tasty pasta (everyone’s taste)

  25. Avatar photo
    Michael Goh

    Pork ball is big. Overall not bad.