Review Tunglok Signatures, 1 Tanglin Rd, Singapore

Review TungLok Signatures - Singapore 1 Tanglin Rd

“Traditional chinese restaurant atmosphere with a modern twist to the food. Excellent place for a family gathering.” or “Service is very good and the food is delicious. Recommended to order the soonhock fish and pumpkin sharkfin soup.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Tunglok Signatures. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Tunglok Signatures is quality.

Introduction about Tunglok Signatures

Here are some fundamental details regarding Tunglok Signatures. In terms of Chinese restaurant, it is generally believed that Tunglok Signaturesis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 1 Tanglin Rd, #02-18 Rendezvous Hotel, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Chinese restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 68340660 (+65 68340660)
  • Website:
  • Address: 1 Tanglin Rd, #02-18 Rendezvous Hotel, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11:30 AM to 3 PM.


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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Tunglok Signatures via:

Phone number

You can reach Tunglok Signatures at 68340660(+65 68340660). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Tunglok Signatures via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 1 Tanglin Rd, #02-18 Rendezvous Hotel, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Tunglok Signatures reviews

Tunglok Signatures is among the best destinations of Chinese restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Tunglok Signatures good?

To determine whether Tunglok Signatures is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Had a sumptuous dinner here with my family. Definitely a good place for dinner. Every meal is prepared really well with generous portion. Would recommend to all! Really full after the whole meal.”

“This Tung Lok Signatures lives up to her excellent name and reputation. The food is fine Chinese cuisine, well prepared and tastes absolutely delicious. Peking Duck is probably one of the best in Singapore.”

“Traditional chinese restaurant atmosphere with a modern twist to the food. Excellent place for a family gathering.”

“Service is very good and the food is delicious. Recommended to order the soonhock fish and pumpkin sharkfin soup.”

“Great atmosphere and food. We got the Chinese fusion set and it tastes really great and balanced”

“If you look for a good Chinese restaurant, this place is for you. Good food, really tasty, excellent presentation coming with nice explanation from the waiters. I definitely recommend the place”

“Good dining experience with family. Love the roast pork, Peking duck as well as the salted egg prawns. (Not sure what’s they actual dish name) good! Must visit.”

“Had CNY company lunch here in private area at restaurant.. Nice place and friendly staffs with special wishing performance. Food taste is good and louhei good as well, yummy.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 193 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 91% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Tunglok Signatures, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Tunglok Signatures, 1 Tanglin Rd, Singapore

There is a total 193 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    JoJo Ng

    Were there with family for two consequent Mondays and we had awesome experience with the food and services especially server Teng Li n Oscar.
    Dim sum were awfully yummy that we repeated even on the following Monday. Main courses were beautifully presented and taste awfully good as well!
    The restaurant even have two choices of vegetarian options for our father who is a pure vegetarian and is delicious as well!

    The 2 servers whom mentioned above were extremely patient, helpful and knowledgeable in their menu.
    We look forward for our next visit to the restaurant again!

    for both the service and food!

  2. Avatar photo
    seng choe fong

    Good service

  3. Avatar photo
    Jan Douglas

    Great staff, good service, excellent food.

  4. Avatar photo

    Very good Chinese cuisine. Giant Garoupa fillet in Chinese wine with parsley is tasty. Lobster salad served in Dragon fruit excellent and balanced. London duck skin served on homemade pancake with fresh food is very good, especially the pancake. The bamboo charcoal beancurd melts in your mouth. The suckling pig with glutinous rice is outstanding. Finishing with Aloe Vera lemon jelly with lychee sorbet an ideal end to a satisfying meal. 5 stars.

  5. Avatar photo

    Service is very good and the food is delicious. Recommended to order the soonhock fish and pumpkin sharkfin soup.

  6. Avatar photo
    Shirley Soh

    Food is fresh and tasty; quality is above average for this category of Chinese restaurants. The marinated jellyfish in the cold dish lacks crunch. The soya chicken is tasty but a tad too salty. Roast London duck is succulent. I can tell that the lobster and fish maw soup is made from excellent stock. The steamed fish is a good. Sautéed scallops are fresh and well managed. The abalone and mushroom are excellent. I need a knife to cut up the abalone and mushrooms for easier eating. Food is tasty. However plating has room for improvement. Would recommend the restaurant if presentation is not important to you.

  7. Avatar photo
    Boyle Chua

    Food is excellent n service is very good.

  8. Avatar photo
    Jin Chow Lim

    Hidden from public view, this restaurant inside a hotel serves very delicious food and dessert.

  9. Avatar photo
    William Wang

    Innovative cuisine

  10. Avatar photo

    Decent Chinese food, good service. The waiters will help you plan your menu as you order. …

  11. Avatar photo
    Yuen Chee Kong

    Food and services are good

  12. Avatar photo
    Kai Feng

    Food is good. Service is so so

  13. Avatar photo
    MeNoGolf Win

    Service continues to be excellent and the food has kept up standards. Today’s steamed har kow had the prawns so fresh, the taste of the sea was there.

  14. Avatar photo
    Overweight Reviewer

    Hairy crab night!

    The different variations of hairy crab were good except for the hairy crab with handmade noodles. The noodles clumped together entirely and was difficult to separate them, it was probably boiled then left out there to cool without blanching.

    Had the crocodile claw which wasn’t as great as before, perhaps wasn’t stewed long enough as the meat was tough.

    The suckling pig in a wrap was great.

  15. Avatar photo
    Agnes OoiTan

    Great food and service. Will be back.

  16. Avatar photo
    Len Ng

    Old school Chinese Cuisine at its best .

  17. Avatar photo

    Atmosphere was cool and relaxing. The service we received was amazing, very friendly and attentive. Made us felt welcomed. Food was delicious with beautiful presentation. Great place for a private dinner session. Highly recommended to dine here.

  18. Avatar photo
    Jolene Tay

    Went there for CNY Reunion lunch. Quality food and innovative Yu Sheng (popping candy added an interesting sound element).

  19. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Wong

    Really good suckling pig! Tung Lok is probably underrated now given its lack of Hype compared to places like Summer Pavilion. But definitely worth a visit to try out their wide variety of dishes at a pretty reasonable price point. Service is slow at times(especially Saturday Dim Sum) but the food is usually good!

  20. Avatar photo
    Patrick Yap

    A good place for a decent and delicious meal. We ordered Crispy Roast Pork Belly, Pan-fried Spanish Iberico Pork, Pan-seared French Foie Gras with Sliced Roast Irish Duck, Deep-fried Prawn, Braised Inaniwa Noodles with Tiger Prawn. For deserts, we ordered Chilled Avocado with Purple Rice and Ice Cream. The Captain also offered us their Signature Test Tube Juice (on the house). The taste for each dish is well balanced. My favourite is definitely the Roast “Jin Ling” Duck with their signature pita wrap and their fish soup. The broth is thick and flavourful. The Braised Sliced Garoupa served in hot pot is also very good. The Test Tube Juice is a refreshing break before the dessert is derived. The Braised Prawn Noodle is one dish you should try too. All in all, the food is delicious and they are worth the money you pay. Expect to pay more for quality food and good service. $$$$

  21. Avatar photo
    Calvin Foo

    Good food and excellent service

  22. Avatar photo
    Kim Lee (Creating all the time)

    Love their birthday well wishes

  23. Avatar photo
    Caroline Chua

    This is the restaurant I always go to whenever planning for any celebrations for my family. They have really friendly and efficient staffs and planning are thoughtful when for kids or elderly birthday celebrations. Highly recommended!!

  24. Avatar photo

    Excellent food, great ambience and attentive staff. Worth every cent!

  25. Avatar photo
    Joseph Goh

    Good variation of Chinese food, good to try

  26. Avatar photo
    Alex Lee

    Good roast suckling pig, good steamed 7 star grouper, good Buddha jumping over wall rice, good fried cabbage, the list goes on. Overall good restaurant.

  27. Avatar photo
    Mark Stables

    Very high standard Chinese food

  28. Avatar photo
    Ioana Segarceanu

    Loved every bite!

  29. Avatar photo
    Joanna O

    This is a very nice restaurant, great food and excellent service. The multi-course meals have a nice variety and are filling. The wines are also quite good, and pair well with the food. Definitely worth a visit. It’s on the second floor so a bit out of the way but pretty easy to find.

  30. Avatar photo
    Man Li

    Vvv good

  31. Avatar photo
    Tanmay Roy

    Genuine Chinese food

  32. Avatar photo
    Eric Leong

    Not too bad….the food…service still needs improvement.

  33. Avatar photo
    SPE Thio

    Nice food and fast service.

  34. Avatar photo
    Sun Yong

    The traditional Chinese cuisine with modern presentation.

  35. Avatar photo
    Dylan Xie

    Always a pleasure eating here and great CNY menu with heartwarming birthday greetings

    The food is safe and always good. A crowd pleaser and consistent. Great for families and celebrations.

    This place has private rooms as well which elevates the experience and has big tables for big families or gathering with friends. Do reserve ok advance as people come in groups and the place fills out fast.

  36. Avatar photo
    Ron Ng

    Great food. Bit pricey but expected of a Signatures place.

  37. Avatar photo
    Mike Brown

    If you are getting your wedding food from here. Do not get their 4 course fusion..
    Definitely not enough for your guest.
    Either find other place or pay more to get their 5 course fusion

  38. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Chia

    The food is excellent. You wanna know the best part? No one seems to realise there’s a tunglok here so you never need to book a table. For yum cha on the weekend!

  39. Avatar photo
    Trond Hon

    The food experience and service was excellent. Price was steep but worth it.

  40. Avatar photo

    Food is great

  41. Avatar photo
    Robert Chew

    The dessert was poetic !

  42. Avatar photo
    Jerry QUEK Cheng Pang

    Was there for a special dinner. We had a private room with two big tables.The ambience is good, the foods are great.All in all we had five dishes and some drinks and some fruit juice in test tubes.Despite only five dishes , it is enough to satisfy everyone.
    These dishes are specially prepared and has to be pre ordered. The chef is in our room to slice the special roasted pig before it is serve to us.The roasted pig is showcase as a whole before serving to guests.Also there is a waitress singing a song from a Chinese poem written on a big pocelain plate when presenting the last dish, a special dessert.
    After all this, it is worth a five star rating.
    Dated : 28/11/2017 ( Tuesday ).

  43. Avatar photo
    Sebastien Bruggeman

    Descent Chinese food, pricing reasonable, service average. Some dishes can be made vegetarian

  44. Avatar photo
    Ter C

    Went for food tasting prior to banquet. Food was decent but nothing special to rave about.

  45. Avatar photo
    Matthew Harris Studio

    The Beet Root palate cleanser is to die for

  46. Avatar photo
    Gillian Tay

    Awesome experience with the service & the quality of food, dined there several times, never disappointed !

  47. Avatar photo
    Larree Sim

    Excellent food.

  48. Avatar photo

    The food here was delicate and delicious. Thier stone pot fried rice is really good, each rice is separate evenly, did not clump together. And is fragrant. If is more dry with more “wok hei” would be good. Their lamb is also good, probably medium to medium well. Tender and flavourful.

  49. Avatar photo
    Lynn Lim

    Superb food here with excellent service! New menu that has good selection of food! Love their suckling pig with glutinous rice. Super crispy and nice. Will definitely be back for more

  50. Avatar photo
    Shaun Chen


  51. Avatar photo
    Richard Leong

    Good foods and service. Specially calligraphy done by the manager for us. Super piece of customer service work done for my boss.

  52. Avatar photo
    Olivia Chung

    Dined here multiple times and for each visit, i enjoyed a different menu. Staff are well trained. The manager is great and never fails to brighten the atmosphere with her bubbly personality.

  53. Avatar photo
    Alan Yip

    Great tasting food, especially love the soup. Attentive staff.

  54. Avatar photo
    Siu Mou Hie

    Delicious food, a good place to entertain family and friends.

  55. Avatar photo
    CHEW Mok Lee

    Good food. The cod fish was delicious. Ambience reasonable. Quite quiet.

  56. Avatar photo

    Very awesome lunch , service was ok. Definitely excellent Cantonese food for business lunches.

  57. Avatar photo
    K L Yeo

    Tasty food in a friendly atmosphere

  58. Avatar photo

    The service is very good, I will help you to pull the crabs, the hot tea is delicious, and the desserts are delicious

  59. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Tan

    Fantastic experience

  60. Avatar photo


  61. Avatar photo
    Cookie Monster

    We just ordered the pig, roast duck, fried frog legs and a stewed fish dish. All very good.

    Another visit – 0.5 pig and alaskan Crab. Both good but the crab was pricey as expected. The egg tart was super.

  62. Avatar photo
    Yoke Fei Phan

    When u need a good restaurant with reliable spread of Chinese cuisine, u can rely on Tunglok!

  63. Avatar photo
    K Yeo

    We had sea cucumber soup, steamed fish , roast meat, claypot tofu with broccoli and scallops, and ee-fu noodles. Great taste for all except that roast meat is quite common. Sea cucumber was soft and soup thick. Fish is fresh and gravy nice. Many more dishes to try .

    Quiet place for gathering. Fast and efficient service. Parking entrance is a bit obscure just after hotel from Orchard Road. You can go in from 50 Cuscaden Road.

  64. Avatar photo
    Brandon Wong

    Perfect place for fantastic food and superb service!

  65. Avatar photo
    Anba Lover

    First time here and still enjoyed the food… food okay2 but service staffs are damn good…

  66. Avatar photo
    Shaolin Leong

    Everything is above average ,except a little on the salty side.

  67. Avatar photo
    Eats More Fun

    The Damage (no drinks): S$60-90 for two

    Solid Chinese stalwart in Singapore offering a bevy of classics and fusion takes on traditional dishes. Service is brisk. We liked the Sweet and Sour Pork and Hor Fun

    // Deep Fried Prawn with Salted Egg
    // Sweet and Sour Pork
    // Wok Fried Hor Fun with Pork

    // Deep Fried Prawn Prepared Two Ways

    Follow us at IG: eatsmorefun

  68. Avatar photo

    Very good service and the staffs are more than just friendly also very attentive to customers need. Food is very good and creative.

  69. Avatar photo
    Us 1

    When u go in with a valued regular. u can almost enperor treatment

  70. Avatar photo
    PickySweet Yeo

    We held our ROM dinner at this branch.
    During CNY period. They had excellent service.
    Love their good and especially their coconut pudding desert. Simply amazing!

  71. Avatar photo
    Chow Down


  72. Avatar photo
    jing teo

    Good food and service but rather expensive restaurant serving Cantonese food.

  73. Avatar photo
    Garett Lee

    A family favourite over the years for two simple reasons: Lovely warm and personal service, and wonderful dishes that have been nothing short of a consistently high standard. We pop by here for family birthday celebrations and casual weekends having dim sum. We like the spacious settings of the restaurant, as well as the ample number of private rooms that cater to family functions. As it sits on the second level of Orchard Rendezvous Hotel (formerly also known as Orchard Parade Hotel), the place is quieter and unlike the hustle and bustle of busy shopping malls, which is a welcome reprieve.

  74. Avatar photo
    Jenny Leong


  75. Avatar photo
    Sutiono Han

    Chinese Fine Dining.

  76. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Goh

    Absolutely love the Dim Sum and claypot fish. Other dishes include the fried rice, roast pork and coconut ice cream …

  77. Avatar photo
    Kong Poh Suan

    Like the dim sum offered on the restaurant menu which is normal fare but delectable to the tastebud.

  78. Avatar photo
    Ding Dong Belle

    Had CNY company lunch here in private area at restaurant.. Nice place and friendly staffs with special wishing performance. Food taste is good and louhei good as well, yummy.

  79. Avatar photo
    Zatarie Hoe

    Had a sumptuous dinner here with my family. Definitely a good place for dinner. Every meal is prepared really well with generous portion. Would recommend to all! Really full after the whole meal.

  80. Avatar photo
    Adrian Chan

    Food taste Ok via delivery .

  81. Avatar photo
    wee ah kiam

    We had lunch on 10/9. I found the Siew mai & Xiao long Bao V disappointing . The lump of meat paste wrapped as main ingredients for these 2 main stream dim sum items is too hard & lacking in natural sweetness of meat. In general, I find most dishes on the saltish side. Ironically , the complimentary vegetable juice came as a saviour for our meal.

  82. Avatar photo
    Andrew P L Ko

    Best Shanghai Hairy Crab Tasting Menu !!!
    Highly Recommended !!!

  83. Avatar photo
    kimberly choo

    Splendid service and food, outstanding service from Carson and Susan, highly recommend

  84. Avatar photo
    Ken Chew

    Good food , expect to pay

  85. Avatar photo
    Fey Yap

    Creative plating, good portion. Group dinner.

  86. Avatar photo
    Margaret Quek

    Good food and service

  87. Avatar photo
    jaka wiradinata

    The food are so great

  88. Avatar photo
    Matthew Nelson

    A superb choice for favourite Chinese dishes served unpretentiously. The sea bass, siew yoke and other dishes are excellent choices. Prices are not too bad either. All the flavours in the dishes were well balanced and served without excess seasonings or oils. The crispy skin on the pork had a satisfying crunchy crispness and the deep flavour from the fish caused me to audibly gasp in approval. The coke zero here is excellent also – as is the tea.

    Bon Apetit!

  89. Avatar photo
    Sandy Chong

    Disappointed that they ran out parking coupon at such early hour We were here at 11am. Don’t quite understand how can that be ?!?
    Though i must say their dim sum is nice and service staff were pleasant and efficient.

  90. Avatar photo
    Hongwei Tay

    Great place to dine!

  91. Avatar photo
    teen linda foo

    Food n services are awesome

  92. Avatar photo
    Liu Mable

    Amazing food
    Excellent service …

  93. Avatar photo

    This Tung Lok Signatures lives up to her excellent name and reputation. The food is fine Chinese cuisine, well prepared and tastes absolutely delicious. Peking Duck is probably one of the best in Singapore.

  94. Avatar photo

    Nice place to hold events such as wedding receptions. Food was acceptable.

  95. Avatar photo
    Lisa Lemons

    Chilly, all the dishes are delicious!

  96. Avatar photo
    Jia Le Yee

    We went there on a wednesday night and the restaurant wasn’t packed. Staff were attentive, great service and even pulled the seat for me while we were being seated. The food was good but I guess the broth was slightly too salty, was left thirsty after dinner. The smoked duck nothing too special bout the taste, just interesting, however bun texture was good though. They gave us complimentary beetroot juice once we were done with the dishes. We hesitant to get dessert thereafter cause we were full but I’m glad we did cause I have got to say dessert was amazing, worth every cent paid for it!!! Will revisit again!

  97. Avatar photo
    Matt K

    Service staff was very friendly and professional! The food was excellent and the sweet and sour pork was fantastic.

  98. Avatar photo
    Catherine Chue

    Excellent Service

  99. Avatar photo
    Liti Tan

    Good food.
    Good service. Friendly staff

  100. Avatar photo
    Aree Nah

    Cosy and friendly staff members. Can give you a good recommendation for ala carte menu.

  101. Avatar photo
    Alan Y

    If you are looking for a range of traditional Chinese cuisine, look no further!

    Every trip back to Singapore always includes a visit here at least once. With Chinese cuisine I find it is most enjoyable with a large party (5-8 vs 2-4 ppl) so you can afford a variety of dishes.

  102. Avatar photo
    Chong Siew Hoon

    We brought a group of special senior ladies there for lunch this afternoon. Thank you Bobo from Tung Lok Vivo City for recommending us to Orchard Hotel as we needed a private room for 3 tables. Thank you Carmen for arranging a wonderful menu. The food was very good, the ambience was lovely and the service staff were really wonderful. They were very pleasant, cheerful and helpful. The staff even rendered a surprise item for the senior ladies! Thank you for making our first visit so memorable and a very happy one.

  103. Avatar photo
    Dwi Sukma Saputra

    Good food, despite a bit limited space for dining in

  104. Avatar photo
    Chew ML

    Dishes well presented, cooking taste very good and good services provided by staff.

  105. Avatar photo

    Good food and service

  106. Avatar photo
    Claire Chong

    They have a very interesting menu. And the dishes we had that evening was specially arranged by a dear family friend of ours. We enjoyed our delicious dinner very much.

    Every dish was well presented. And the taste was delightful! My favourite is the Flambé Double Boiled Fish Maw Soup!

    The staffs are super attentive and very friendly. The resturant GM, Ms Candy, is also very thoughful. Knowing it was my birthday soon, she arranged Longevity buns served on huge plate with a very meaningful birthday wish! She did the entire calligraphy herself using squid ink!

    I would highly recommend this resturant and will definately see myself coming back again!

  107. Avatar photo
    Mark Yeo

    A bastion of Chinese dining. Great place to have family dinners for special occasions. Staff are warm and friendly and fairly well trained.

  108. Avatar photo
    Theresa Foo

    Good food satisfactory service.

  109. Avatar photo
    Rachel Luyi

    Poor service, food is average. Do not recommend.

  110. Avatar photo
    Sangrawee Fongrit

    Nice food and owesome decoration.

  111. Avatar photo

    Here for celebration. Bill came up to around $1K for 6 of us.

    Tunglok is known for its amazing food so I’ve nothing much to add.

    There’s this dish with foie gras in a crepe wrap that really melts in your mouth. Must order!

  112. Avatar photo
    Michelle Kuan

    Superb food as usual.

  113. Avatar photo
    Raycher PA

    Great food great service ! Good for gathering and birthday

  114. Avatar photo
    zhou an lai

    Consistent in its amazing food quality and service. Never disappoints

  115. Avatar photo
    Adalyn Yeap

    Nov 20 – The uniqueness of the dishes is well-appreciated. The course started with fire blazing soup-filled coconut. Heard from the restaurant manager that the sea whelk seafood soup was painstakingly boiled for 8 hours and very nourishing for the skin. The yummy hairy crab roe crab meat won the praises of fellow diners.

    We were also offered a huge plate written with words of blessings articulated by a waiter through his singing. The staff was hospitable and we enjoyed the dining experience in the private room.

    Dec 20 – Came back here again after a month and the quality of the food had again exceeded the expectation of mine and my fellow diners.

  116. Avatar photo

    Atmosphere was cool and relaxing. The service we received was amazing, very friendly and attentive. Made us felt welcomed. Food was delicious with beautiful presentation. Great place for a private dinner session. Highly recommended to dine here.

  117. Avatar photo
    Sarah Jan Lim

    Very creative, aesthetically appealing yet delicious cuisine . They have a menu for communal sharing dishes and another menu for individual servings. Blown away by their many creations using Shanghai hairy crab this month.

  118. Avatar photo
    Kenny Boey

    Excellent service. Came here for company CNY lunch. Despite making a mess, the waiter was patient. Good job. Food is above average. There were hits and misses for their dishes. Recommend to come for CNY celebrations.

  119. Avatar photo
    Ray Lim

    Great good and service

  120. Avatar photo
    MK Lim

    Friends and I decided to try out this restaurant located in Orchard Rendezvous Hotel with elegant restaurant ambience. We ordered a few dishes recommend by staff and are so impressed by every dish. Food is delicious and presentation wow us! We are glad we made the right choice and it has been a great dining experience for us.

  121. Avatar photo
    Cheong Loong

    A very nostalgic restaurant that attracts seniors who have enjoyed the food n service through the generations . The dishes served are well prepared n fresh. Pamper yourself to the wide spread of food items on the menu, sharing with friends or family a memorable feast.

  122. Avatar photo

    Taste like okay only… Also service was slow, took 1hr to serve a simple dish after everything else was served

  123. Avatar photo
    Eve Teo

    Best birthday celebration venue I’ve tried so far. Food taste is needless to say, surprise birthday cake came with great effort of plating writings and test tube slushies.

  124. Avatar photo

    Nice ambience. My friend brought me here for lunch. Had a good meal.
    Wide selections of food. This restaurant offered half a roast duck, which the portion was just nice for the 5 of us.
    Was too busy eating, to take photos. Only managed to take photos of the empty plates.
    Service was prompt too.
    A good experience. Will definitely go again.

  125. Avatar photo
    beckham Aaron

    Terrific service and authentic cantonese food! Tung Lok exceeds expectation by giving a longevity bun plating with chinese wishes! Definitely be back for sure!

  126. Avatar photo
    Choon Hock

    Christmas eve dinner.

  127. Avatar photo
    Steven Lau

    Nice food and presentation. Service was fair.

  128. Avatar photo
    Jinzhi Pei

    My family dined at tunglok at Clark quay last week. We were impressed by the meticulous service of Miss Yvon, the ambience of the restaurant and the good food. ,
    We went to tunglok again today. As tunglok at the orchard rendezvous was nearer and it has such good reviews, we decided to go there.
    We were seated at a table near the kitchen. There was no lazy Suzie and the table was quite big. So, it would have been difficult for us to get the food ourselves as the five of us were seated quite far apart. We had to request for the server to help divide our food. I noticed that the servers held the bowls with their hand gripping over the entire bowl. That is a pretty unhygienic practice not associated with the better restaurants. Luckily, the food was good. But the noisy place and average service made the whole dining experience poor.
    While paying , we realized that there was actually a duck dish that was on offer for members but we were not told about it.
    What a let down.

  129. Avatar photo
    Give Thanks

    Good food. Great service. Good environment. Good Chinese restaurant

  130. Avatar photo
    Max S.

    Came here to celebrate my mum’s birthday and food wise it did not disappoint. Delicious food and quality ingredients – we particularly liked the meat platter, chicken soup and curry prawn.

    However, the service was a little lacklustre. I cannot blame the staff as they seemed understaffed. It was difficult to get their attention throughout the night, even to order our dishes. Even then, after ordering crabs it was told to us 20 minutes later that there were no crabs available. Another of our order was also not served but billed to us.

    Overall still a good night, but I felt TungLok can definitely improve on their service.

  131. Avatar photo
    Wei Kean Chen

    Had a wedding dinner there. Best wedding banquet food. Period.

  132. Avatar photo
    L.J Tan

    Service is spotty but can be excellent at times. Food is good.

  133. Avatar photo
    Jan Phua


  134. Avatar photo
    Justin Ho

    By far the best Chinese fusion restaurant in Singapore. If you are eating there on your birthday, fret not about telling the staff and they will sing you a happy birthday song composed by the chief waiter. Go there on Christmas or Chinese New Year and they will give you the same level of hospitality. You can even request for them to have a special”fingerprint” like menu written out for you though this may cost a bit of bucks. All in all i really love this place and have been having my birthday dinner since i can remember.

  135. Avatar photo
    Lucas Ng

    A quiet place and secluded place. Food is normal to me

  136. Avatar photo
    sabrina dawood

    Inattentive service, food was not appetising and also expensive.

  137. Avatar photo
    Sutjahjo Ngaserin

    One of the best high end Chinese Restaurants with the best service attitude. The General Manager Candy CHA is friendly, efficient and absolutely professional. Eating there when Candy is around isn’t just a great meal but an unforgettable experience. Try it to believe!!!

  138. Avatar photo
    Sarah H

    Very good service here. Staff are observant of customers needs. The food is also excellent!

  139. Avatar photo
    Zatarie Hoe

    Had a sumptuous dinner here with my family. Definitely a good place for dinner. Every meal is prepared really well with generous portion. Would recommend to all! Really full after the whole meal.

  140. Avatar photo
    Max S.

    Came here to celebrate my mum’s birthday and food wise it did not disappoint. Delicious food and quality ingredients – we particularly liked the meat platter, chicken soup and curry prawn. …

  141. Avatar photo
    aron lee

    love the food here, good service too

  142. Avatar photo
    A Sam

    Super food and service!

  143. Avatar photo
    Olivier H

    If you look for a good Chinese restaurant, this place is for you. Good food, really tasty, excellent presentation coming with nice explanation from the waiters. I definitely recommend the place

  144. Avatar photo
    Amoz Andre

    Good quality dim sum but menu options are more limited now, compared to the past few years (supposedly due to scarcity of ingredients due to the pandemic). Your meals also ends with some fruits mocktail served in test tubes.

  145. Avatar photo
    Edwin Teo

    Dinner with FAMILY

  146. Avatar photo
    Srinivasan Vaithilingam

    Very tasty dishes, well maintained, nice place to chill!

  147. Avatar photo
    Chan Kum On

    Food very well prepared and presented.

  148. Avatar photo
    Rosalie Tio

    Love thier Crispy Duck.

  149. Avatar photo
    Shaun Cheung

    Traditional chinese restaurant atmosphere with a modern twist to the food. Excellent place for a family gathering.

  150. Avatar photo
    mary goh

    The sea cucumber is too yummy to resist. Service is gd too esp Susan.

  151. Avatar photo
    Aunty Sally

    Yummylicious soup of the day, pekin duck, etc

  152. Avatar photo
    Sin Iskandar

    Food quality seemed to have gone down since before the covid pandemic

  153. Avatar photo
    Joy Heyley

    Fine Chinese Dining, with good flavour and fresh ingredients. Most of the dishes are well executed. You will not go wrong bringing your business contacts for a good Chinese meal here.

  154. Avatar photo
    Desmond Wong

    A fantastic CNY experience at this place pre covid days.

  155. Avatar photo
    Jordy Soh

    It’s good. Better than my expectations.
    Soup just needs to be served hotter and it’ll be perfect.

  156. Avatar photo
    Tony Ang NUSS

    good services and good food.

  157. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lee

    I have frequent this restaurant quite frequently before covid 19.
    When i had lunch there on 31st May I still encounter the same very good service from the staff especially Ms. Candy. She remembers all her customers very well and even their taste.
    The food is excellent.
    I will be visiting the restaurant very soon

  158. Avatar photo

    Nice food and service!
    Food is delicious! good service! highly recommended!

  159. Avatar photo
    S W

    If you know them they serve you better. Cantonese way of dining.

  160. Avatar photo
    Xueqin Chen

    Food was decent, nice environment as well

  161. Avatar photo
    Carlos Wong

    Very tasty,the duck Was fatty and thin , shark fin soup was high quality, the snapper is Tender and smooth,the yu sheng was not too sweet but perfect, the Service was excellent and very friendly Waiters and The abalone is Tender and smooth, the sea cumumber is Very tasty the Noodles are good and tasty the dessert was Good ,overall the experience was Good

  162. Avatar photo
    LC Lam

    Tunglok can customised special menu to fit the ocasion and for this, I m back every year for our anniversary celebration.

  163. Avatar photo
    Shawn The Farmer

    Average food

  164. Avatar photo
    Yong Meng Tan

    Food is good. excellent service. The environment is also very good.
    There is also a free Tongle classic sweet drink after the meal.

    (just the parking fee is a bit expensive)

  165. Avatar photo
    Alfi Ali

    The place is comfortable and the food is delicious..

  166. Avatar photo
    Poppy Flower

    All the dishes are good EXCEPT the crispy noodle with seafood.

  167. Avatar photo

    We had our company lunch for Chinese New Year there. It is fantastic and portions are good.

  168. Avatar photo
    Andrew Liu

    Great atmosphere and food. We got the Chinese fusion set and it tastes really great and balanced

  169. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Adipranoto

    Good food

  170. Avatar photo
    Missus Teo

    Food was good. Would have given 5 stars.
    However, we were recommended the Honey Lemon lime drink that tasted like a regular drink. when the bill came, it cost $12 per glass. It could be our fault for not asking for the price, but to charge that amount for a beverage that wasn’t alcoholic, is ridiculous. The service staff who recommended should have pre-empt us.
    Totally disappointed.

  171. Avatar photo
    Christopher Isaiah Fun

    Really good food. Even when it was a dinner for so many to celebrate a wedding. Love the Irish duck and herbal soup.

  172. Avatar photo
    Christine Lee

    Fabulous service right from reservation till end of meal. Food quality good as always.

  173. Avatar photo
    Leica G

    One of the better Chinese restaurants around. Has very nice dimsum as well as dishes for dinner. We had dinner here several times and the food standard is superb. For occasions, make arrangements with the management – u won’t be disappointed with the dishes and menu suggestions. Not to mention, very good service lead helmed by a friendly, attentive team.

  174. Avatar photo
    RB Rasetia

    I dont llike tunglok foods

  175. Avatar photo
    Derrick Yap

    Very nice Chinese.. tucked away in a quiet part of town

  176. Avatar photo
    saif hosen

    Food was good.

  177. Avatar photo
    Valerie Lim


  178. Avatar photo
    Jacelyn Yap

    Enjoyed the seasonal hairy crab menu, especially the baked hairy crab meat and roe with pearl rice. Service and ambience were good, appreciate that the staff explained the dishes and even presented a poem at the end – that was interesting!

  179. Avatar photo
    Royston Tan

    Having our family CNY reunion dinner on 24/01/2020 at 6pm. This is the 1st time visit this restaurant & was very impressed with their foods. Every dishes portion is huge and delicious. Even is CNY eve the staff is very polite, cheerful & their service is still good. Price is still reasonable with the food quality & nice taste. Will definitely re-visit again as heard their dim sum is nice.

  180. Avatar photo
    tan yong chye

    Last day when I can dine here with 4 other friends. Not sure about the price of the dishes as it was a treat from a friend but the dishes, though in small portion, are delicious and good quality. Good ambiance and the staff were professional and courteous. Only problem is the carpark lots which are very narrow and difficult to squeeze in.

  181. Avatar photo
    Allan Ng

    I the durian ice-cream with coconut, char siew and the digestive drink. The services are great and professional even the restaurant are very busy. I will upload in my facebook and recommended to my friends of such Great restaurant in town.

  182. Avatar photo
    Eran Bodhi

    Good food

  183. Avatar photo
    Ferdinandus Wijaya

    Nice Restaurant, good taste, good service, I like it

  184. Avatar photo
    albert wee

    Great food

  185. Avatar photo
    Ben Fly Tan

    Premium. Nice. To host special guest.

  186. Avatar photo
    George Junior Seah

    Service was okay only.

  187. Avatar photo
    C 12

    Local Chinese delights! Authentic fresh ingredients deliciously presented. Friendly cosy comfy ambience for romantic intimates tourists & families.

  188. Avatar photo
    Danny Wong

    Can be wrong place for Chinese Cusine.

  189. Avatar photo
    Chee Sing Tew

    Good Chinese Restaurant. Good food. Environmental not bad.

  190. Avatar photo
    Colin Quek

    Good Chinese food

  191. Avatar photo
    Ian Heng

    Outstanding service staff who deftly de-shelled the hairy crabs in front of us. Though I am used to opening up crabs pre and post cooking, the experience itself was amazing! The quality of the food needs no further highlighting, simply a Wow experience! This hairy crab $99 (per pax) promotion set menu is expected to run till the end of November, while seasonal hairy crabs are available.

  192. Avatar photo
    Quak Yong Sheng

    Good dining experience with family. Love the roast pork, Peking duck as well as the salted egg prawns. (Not sure what’s they actual dish name) good! Must visit.

  193. Avatar photo

    food is ok but service staff are amazing!! s/o to staff sai yuen she was so helpful & attentive

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