Review Tuas Amenity Centre, 71 Pioneer Rd, Singapore

Review Tuas Amenity Centre - Singapore 71 Pioneer Rd

“It is an Indian Muslim food shop, offering all kinds of halal food.” or “This place is located nearby tuas cresent place have medical,hotel,ATM, parking also have here.nice place.thank u.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Tuas Amenity Centre. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Tuas Amenity Centre is quality.

Introduction about Tuas Amenity Centre

Here are some fundamental details regarding Tuas Amenity Centre. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Tuas Amenity Centreis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 71 Pioneer Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Address: 71 Pioneer Rd, Singapore
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Detailed information of Tuas Amenity Centre

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 5 AM to 12 AM.


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16.69 km17 minute20 minute14 minute

How to contact Tuas Amenity Centre?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Tuas Amenity Centre via:


You can directly come to 71 Pioneer Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Tuas Amenity Centre reviews

Tuas Amenity Centre is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Tuas Amenity Centre good?

To determine whether Tuas Amenity Centre is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“It is an Indian Muslim food shop, offering all kinds of halal food.”

“Have shop that can buy groceries, bagets Le and fruits and food stall that open on week days”

“Good food served there reasonably priced. Like the stall selling Laksa and bakchor mee. The ban mian is good too.. not to mention the clay pot... not a lot of stalls but relatively good food.”

“Full of Indian cuisine catering foreign workers.Food is great and abundant of retail grocery shops. Posb atm available”

“Dont come to this ACUMED!! Damp slow , make me waited 2hour+ for a them to my blood test sample!!If you do come,bring along your pillows and blanket!!!”

“I can say ," Amenity centre with all facilities ".... Excellent food court , grocery stores, ATM s etc. with large parking spaces..”

“It a good place for lunch POSB & UOB ATM available foo”

“Is Thier 4D shop have and center of food court inside ATM machine with deposit fesility have all countries food can buy”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 259 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.1 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 67% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Tuas Amenity Centre, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Tuas Amenity Centre, 71 Pioneer Rd, Singapore

There is a total 259 reviews

4.1 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

  2. Avatar photo
    morshid alam


  3. Avatar photo
    Yong Wee Sa

    Ok in tuas area

  4. Avatar photo
    William Chan

    Not easy to find place during lunch time.. but the soy source and vinegar pig leg rice is awesome and cheap !!.. probably the best in jurong West (can’t say best in Singapore because east coast got equally good soy source pig leg) … Pig leg rice lover must try will not regret .. only Tue and Wed has vinegar pig leg other day has soy source pig leg.. but by lunch time selling fast.. so u need to be there early.. no regrets.. don’t eat too much as health is also important ..hahaha

  5. Avatar photo
    KB Sujan

    So far its good

  6. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Chong

    Although it’s just a very ordinary workers’ restaurant
    But a few stalls are still quite standard: on the left one is Laksa and minced meat, and there is a stall in the middle that sells fish soup which is delicious and healthy, and one on the right sells chicken rice. Recommended Upstairs, there is a seafood restaurant. Business is now selling Indian food worthless introduction (restaurant is air-conditioned but not used and full of curry smell after meal)
    There’s a pharmacy downstairs, a grocery store, a vegetable stand, and an ATM.
    The whole restaurant is designed for the staff in the vicinity

    但是有几摊还是很有水準的: 左边有一摊是Laksa 和肉碎靣味道不錯 中间有一摊賣魚湯很有味道又健康 在右边有一摊賣鸡饭 值的推荐 楼上本来有间海鮮餐馆 没生意 現在是賣印度餐 不值的介绍 ( 餐馆有冷气但沒用 用完餐后 全身都是咖哩味)
    楼下有间药房 还有杂货店 菜摊 ATM

  7. Avatar photo
    Nelliyan Rengasamy

    Not bad

  8. Avatar photo
    radha krishnan


  9. Avatar photo
    Deddy Ambo

    pop …

  10. Avatar photo
    Hisyammuddin Zainal

    Malay foodstall on the 2nd level which i used to love, closed forever. Only left with 1 malay foodstall on ground floor.

  11. Avatar photo
    Vivian Anak Seliyong

    Plenty of food choices available.
    Singapore pool. Clinic. Fruits and vegetables stall. Prepaid reload
    Indian restaurant
    Beer available until midnight

  12. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Foo

    Chicken rice is good!

  13. Avatar photo
    Manoj T W

    Visit here when you are roaming in Tuas area for foods and goods.

  14. Avatar photo


  15. Avatar photo
    Rick Tan YC

    Happen to work in the area, one of those bigger canteen around this area.

  16. Avatar photo
    Goran Ri

    Good place for breakfast and beer

  17. Avatar photo
    Mathi. Balamurugan


  18. Avatar photo
    Kanna Anbukuarasu


  19. Avatar photo
    Tay Vincent


  20. Avatar photo
    G Vengatesan


  21. Avatar photo
    Zakariah abdul razak

    The malay shop selling food is rathet expensive

  22. Avatar photo
    Baskar P

    Rogith Pan House Coimbatore

  23. Avatar photo
    Raymond Wong

    Great food

  24. Avatar photo
    Kumara Alwis

    Simple hawker center, food +++. Wide area of needs covered.

  25. Avatar photo
    TinHwai Poa

    Fortunately, it’s just that the bathroom is rarely convenient and troublesome, otherwise it’s very good.

    还好 只是卫生间很少要方便很麻烦,要不然是很不错。

  26. Avatar photo
    phillip chai

    Fantastic food and the Chendol is a must try. Cheap and Good. And the only place within the 10km radius with a Singapore pools outlet.

  27. Avatar photo
    M Madhu Suthan

    Is Thier 4D shop have and center of food court inside ATM machine with deposit fesility have all countries food can buy

  28. Avatar photo
    Mohd Shah B.A.S.

    Good food served at the Malay stall. Parking was super easy.

  29. Avatar photo
    Paul Yong

    The Indian restaurant upstairs is very good

  30. Avatar photo
    santai santai

    There is a Malay restaurant….downstairs and upstairs

    Ada kedai makan melayu….bawah dan atas

  31. Avatar photo
    Yang Bing

    health. Serve. ok.


  32. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lai

    the herbal soup… must try.. curry chicken … the mutton soup is the best!!!

  33. Avatar photo
    roslee ahmad

    lunch in nasi padang,want to try it’s mee soto

  34. Avatar photo
    wong chok ang

    found Xueer w1. piece •_ Gong←wI wµ 4chuan•ww3www3呀7 put wwwI wwwI wwwI3I wwwI play 3v6呀66v also therefore 66 he 6 wants 66 eats 6 rice 77 breast method 7 oh back Learn to starve to death 2 Schools are right to all to all to all to crazy ones to beat all to be able to eat out in 3

    发现雪儿w1.片•_ 龚←w我wµ 4川• ww3www3呀7放www我www我www我3我www我玩3v6呀66v也因此66他6要66吃6饭77乳房方法7哦回学饿死2校的对到都到都到都到发疯的出的都打的都到得吃出在3

  35. Avatar photo
    MD Fauzi

    Open place

  36. Avatar photo
    Rick Senghera

    Best in tuas excellent

  37. Avatar photo
    Lee Sengleong

    The curry fish are cheap and delicious

  38. Avatar photo
    Kupenjaya Jaya


  39. Avatar photo
    Meng Long Khoo

    A good place for drink coffee.

  40. Avatar photo
    veera mani

    Is very natural place

  41. Avatar photo
    Anthony Paul


  42. Avatar photo
    Masri Gurdev

    Favourite place for bfast

  43. Avatar photo
    goh raygin

    Place has basic amenities and cheap food options

  44. Avatar photo
    Rahim Sheikh Hero

    Very good place

  45. Avatar photo
    Wong Wheon Ming


  46. Avatar photo
    Lionel Lee

    An oasis in the industrial zone of Singapore

  47. Avatar photo
    Thirumurugan Thiru

    Ok good

  48. Avatar photo
    EJ Ong


  49. Avatar photo
    Zero Wen


  50. Avatar photo

    Is OK for some people haha …

  51. Avatar photo
    Richard Lim

    Malay food good. Other food also good.

  52. Avatar photo
    Cher Chen Seow

    Because there are more migrant workers and fewer local people here, you can buy vegetables and daily necessities without eating.

    因为这里外地工人比较多的,本地人比较少 ,不吃东西,买菜,买日常用品都有你。

  53. Avatar photo
    Lebai Mok

    comfortable environment and multiracial harmonies here. Good facilities too

  54. Avatar photo
    Ko Moe

    super crowded.

  55. Avatar photo
    Alan Tan


  56. Avatar photo
    Tarun Vasdev

    Good food

  57. Avatar photo
    Abd Harap

    Ok a place for short break. Muslim food also available.

  58. Avatar photo
    zhang hailin



  59. Avatar photo
    Kyp Teh

    Super crowded during lunch time, zha jiang mian is the best, 3.50 and super filling.

  60. Avatar photo
    Wann Cargow

    Here got ATM machine’s

  61. Avatar photo
    Stephen Davies

    Ok basic place for food etc. Toilets are disgraceful!!!!!

  62. Avatar photo
    Ng Boone Sing

    Lontong not bad

  63. Avatar photo

    Small mall with foods stall and provision shops.

  64. Avatar photo
    Kok Beng

    When you work or live around this area, the only place you can find an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) is here. Here also have miscellaneous food sold at Outlet such as chicken rice, pork rice, soup, noodle, can drinks and on second floor there is an indian food which taste above average. You can also buy some ingredient for cooking at this amenity. Auto cashcard parking is availabe

  65. Avatar photo
    Oya Foo

    Food are good but car park is limited

  66. Avatar photo
    Heru Fernando

    Good placeeeee

  67. Avatar photo
    Yun Min Ng

    There is a stall selling claypot snacks, which are very delicious and inexpensive. Jianyi doesn’t need to wait too long to buy before 11:00, but after 11:30, there will be a long queue. Favorite kelp ribs soup, radish soup, curry ribs and herbal mutton soup.


  68. Avatar photo
    Yoga Krishnan


  69. Avatar photo
    Siah Hx

    Give this place a miss – especially in the morning… it is as gd as dead town… v dissapointing place.

  70. Avatar photo
    Rapi Antoni



  71. Avatar photo
    Sakthivel Sakthivel

    Is name change we is places wroung please change

  72. Avatar photo
    Vincent Chan Kean Seng

    No more 4D outlet

  73. Avatar photo
    கணேசண் செல்லதுரை


  74. Avatar photo
    Lee Weng Sun

    Good location for a break at Tuas area

  75. Avatar photo
    Shamsul Abdul Zaman

    Lots of varieties

  76. Avatar photo
    marouf alam

    Nice decent coffee shop and food corner

  77. Avatar photo

    Most stalls are closed at this time on saturday

  78. Avatar photo
    Bala Subramanian

    Workers quarters near in tuas crowd at early morning & evening &public holidays

  79. Avatar photo

    Food sometimes good sometimes worst and nice drinking place to hang around

  80. Avatar photo
    MDHAIRUL 1014


  81. Avatar photo
    Yitch (Yitch)

    Interestingly decent food. Has a strange urine smell though

  82. Avatar photo
    Ismail Shamsurie

    delicacies food etc..

  83. Avatar photo
    Stanley Ler

    The claypot is good, have been eating dishes from this stall weekly.

  84. Avatar photo
    Seng heong Lee

    Too little popularity, nothing to eat.


  85. Avatar photo
    Amrin Harianja

    Stone nai

    Batu nai

  86. Avatar photo
    rana khan

    good place

  87. Avatar photo
    shaik asifulla

    Nice to eat here

  88. Avatar photo
    Alex Ng


  89. Avatar photo
    Alvin Khoo

    For quick bite only

  90. Avatar photo
    Tinner Lukey 029

    It is a market that has a variety of food, seafood, including Thailand.

    เป็นมาเก็ตที่มีอาหารหลากหลาย อาหารทะเล รวมทั้งเมืองไทยด้วย

  91. Avatar photo
    Calvin Wong

    Nice hawker center..

  92. Avatar photo
    Alvin Khoo

    Cheap food

  93. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Toh

    Famous for lunch crowsd …and with Singapore pool counter for your luck.

  94. Avatar photo
    Nine Nine

    Canteen vegetables shop and market place

  95. Avatar photo
    Pereira Kelvin

    Good for worker work during weekend. Parking is free.

  96. Avatar photo
    Harry Nicholson

    Nice place but generally for local shipyard workers but great Indian and Chinese food

  97. Avatar photo
    Alphonsus Chang

    Food is reasonably priced and selection is fair, but air flow is poor and it gets quite hot in the afternoon.

  98. Avatar photo
    Raja Kumaran Periasamy

    Canteen has all type of cuisines… get beer upto 12.00AM… has singapore sweeps… and a lot to shop..: three india restaurants…

  99. Avatar photo
    Robert Santosa

    The curry pork and the mee pok are great!

  100. Avatar photo
    Arshad Md Ariffin


  101. Avatar photo
    Port Captain Burn Latiff

    Good food! Lunch time crowd!

  102. Avatar photo
    MD Mottalib Khan


  103. Avatar photo
    darki amq

    Nice place for relax… …

  104. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Herwan

    Good for quick meal & go..

  105. Avatar photo
    Vincent Tay

    Jan 17, 2021. From Jurong Lake Gardens, jogged along International Rd, then turned to Benoi, Tuas Rd, Gul Circle.
    On the 10km mark, you will meet Tuas Amenity Centre when you can get isotonic drink or mineral water to rehydrate. If you need some bites, the food court also offers somethings to fill up already-empty stomach. There is a public toilet if you need to let go.
    For those who are advancing to Tuas Lamp Post 1, you need to clock another 11km to touch the Post. Cheers

  106. Avatar photo
    kene rachel

    Its abit run down, but if u need some last minute ziplock bag, paper cups, drinks, coffee or even 4d.. u have it all there!

  107. Avatar photo
    Sudhir Katragadda

    Can buy

  108. Avatar photo
    Somphorn So Waing

    There’s a new Indian food restaurant on second floor. Also there’s POSB ATM and coffee shop serving beer. Lunch time got many shops selling different kinds of dishes on the ground floor.

  109. Avatar photo
    Mazlan Amat

    There a lot food and shop around …

  110. Avatar photo

    The coffee is quite good there.

  111. Avatar photo
    Summer Love

    Good food served there reasonably priced. Like the stall selling Laksa and bakchor mee. The ban mian is good too.. not to mention the clay pot… not a lot of stalls but relatively good food.

  112. Avatar photo
    edward Guyang

    The best food

  113. Avatar photo
    Tsulusun Ar Royan

    I came here after recommended by raxi driver because i need to buy something in groceries. The comples is large enough alot of shop, cafe , canteen and even health clinic for some medicine. You can biy food, fruit , vegetables , dairies and groceries here.

  114. Avatar photo
    asr princy

    Good centre

  115. Avatar photo
    Vinoth Kumar

    All shop have this centre

  116. Avatar photo
    joh boy

    Good place

  117. Avatar photo
    Abdul Razak

    2 far public transport inconvient, road surface is not smooth, road line invisible many heavy vehicle park on d road side

  118. Avatar photo
    Yusani Samuri

    Five star because of posb atm only

  119. Avatar photo
    Hasan Mahabub

    U can buy food grocery ATM booth

  120. Avatar photo
    matt jones

    Cheap beer

  121. Avatar photo
    Ashry Abd

    Have 2 halal stalls

  122. Avatar photo
    Vijaya Kumar

    OK, have Indian Muslim food

  123. Avatar photo
    Sani “Kidoncit” Aziz

    Not cozy cleaniness is very judgment

  124. Avatar photo

    Good place

  125. Avatar photo
    Mogan Mathan

    Normal local food

  126. Avatar photo
    siang hang lim

    A more distinctive dining and shopping place in Tuas District. The design is unique. There are various delicacies and small shops selling cheap goods. You can also buy 4D tickets.


  127. Avatar photo
    Chua Jason

    One of the few places where good chinese food is served.

  128. Avatar photo

    Small cafe style food venues and a smattering of shops to buy general amenities. Situated close to working docks. It’s not pretty but works to serve the people passing and working in the area

  129. Avatar photo

    It a good place for lunch POSB & UOB ATM available foo

  130. Avatar photo
    Junaidiemax Max


  131. Avatar photo
    George Gan

    Regular food centre eating place for workers in the Tuas Road area.
    Like the claypot stalls which sells curry, herbal chicken and various stewed pork ribs dishes to be eaten with rice. Good portions given.

  132. Avatar photo
    Md Nuruzzaman Sikdar

    Some grocery shops and restaurants are here.

  133. Avatar photo



  134. Avatar photo
    Isa Mohamad Saini

    Variety of Chinese food. Zi char, economical rice, noodles. Authentic Southern Indian food. Full house during lunch from 11am

  135. Avatar photo
    Md.Zainal Salim

    Food are delicious,specially at second level,next to the hardware shop.

  136. Avatar photo
    Alfrez Koh

    A good place for a meal in the industrial district. Very convenient for those working in nearby area.

  137. Avatar photo

    Too much costs

  138. Avatar photo
    Ivan Wu

    Ok.. its mainly convenient for people working nearby.. food and drink option are ok.

  139. Avatar photo
    sushil kumar Pandey

    Small place but good enough

  140. Avatar photo


  141. Avatar photo
    SH Lay

    Have variety of good food stalls to offer value for money food.

  142. Avatar photo
    Prince Masaun

    I can say ,” Amenity centre with all facilities “…. Excellent food court , grocery stores, ATM s etc. with large parking spaces..

  143. Avatar photo
    Frederick Chin

    24hrs food available in Tuas area

  144. Avatar photo
    Venkatesh Venki

    Place for a relaxing at the weekend

  145. Avatar photo
    Morshed Newaz

    Shop owner behaviour is very bad specially prata shop.

  146. Avatar photo
    MohdSyah Awalluddin

    A little piece of heaven in an industrial town.

  147. Avatar photo

    Cheap and good food. One of the favorite lunch places for those working in Tuas industrial area

  148. Avatar photo
    james goh


  149. Avatar photo
    Alvin Ng

    Have POSB ATM & UOB ATM/CASH DEPOSIT machine here. Entrance/Exit via Tuas Basin Link.

  150. Avatar photo
    Dylan tang

    Fantastic eatery with all kinds. I like the Roasted Duck store. Roasted duck rice is heavenly.

  151. Avatar photo
    AL Jecki


  152. Avatar photo
    Mega Ham

    Food, drinks, fruits, buy number, shops, ATMs, toilet, barber, provision shop, hardware store are all there

  153. Avatar photo
    Rena Seah Othman

    Old building with good goof

  154. Avatar photo
    Saravana bhavan

    Very good

  155. Avatar photo
    Vstar Vijay


  156. Avatar photo
    Ismail bin daife daife

    OK good food

  157. Avatar photo
    Ranjit Channi

    Very good place,shipping area, nice food at sea food

  158. Avatar photo
    Pierre lee

    Their Claypot so so only. Wonder why so long queue …

  159. Avatar photo
    Damian Kang Soon Hee

    Many food to choose

  160. Avatar photo

    Mostly all types food can get and price under our budget

  161. Avatar photo
    Hux Siah

    Tuas Amenity Centre is like a small shopping mall, but in the middle of an isolated part of the Tuas industrial estate. It has convenience stores, food court, Indian restaurant and other conveniences that you usually cannot get in this area. The food court is ample. The fish soup, pork ribs soup and the noodles are good. There’s also an Indian stall selling the usual roti prata, briyani rice, etc. Overall, good

  162. Avatar photo
    jasmin sara

    We’ll stay here last 5 years

  163. Avatar photo
    Jackson Liu

    Noodle dry store is the best in Tuas area.

  164. Avatar photo
    Khasnuri Husain

    Full of Indian cuisine catering foreign workers.Food is great and abundant of retail grocery shops. Posb atm available

  165. Avatar photo
    MS Liew

    Cheap and gd

  166. Avatar photo
    Seow tiong Chua

    Well enough


  167. Avatar photo
    Ranji Singh


  168. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Ismail

    No halal food

  169. Avatar photo
    Uthaya Kumar

    Nearest amenity centre from tuas.

  170. Avatar photo
    JiangXia Huang Hulk

    Awesome Amazing

  171. Avatar photo
    Hong Nan Kuan

    It’s ok, an ordinary coffee shop.


  172. Avatar photo
    Francis Jeanthiran

    4D place

  173. Avatar photo
    Neo Peng Yeong

    Cheap food

  174. Avatar photo
    Karasu Deepa

    Wow 4d shop very rush

  175. Avatar photo
    Shamsher Hart

    Reasonable price

  176. Avatar photo
    Derek Tan

    Place for to withdraw your money
    Posb and uob

  177. Avatar photo
    Mohanish Chitnis

    I was thirsty so for me like an oasis in the desert

  178. Avatar photo
    Patrick Chow

    Nice place to find decent food

  179. Avatar photo
    Kuriakose Sunny

  180. Avatar photo
    Kelven Paul

    Awesome food

  181. Avatar photo
    ash raf


  182. Avatar photo

    Small cafe style food venues and a smattering of shops to buy general amenities. Situated close to working docks. It’s not pretty but works to serve the people passing and working in the area

  183. Avatar photo
    9 Reno

    Not much choice

  184. Avatar photo
    Hakim Zahra

    Good good

  185. Avatar photo
    Leeboy Ferrari


  186. Avatar photo
    Tan Vivi

    Best avocado juice (1st level) & nasi padang (2nd level) at Tuas

  187. Avatar photo
    Munis Nathan

    A lot of food choices

  188. Avatar photo
    Chua Yong Bin

    nothing special…


  189. Avatar photo
    Kong Stewart

    Foreigners worker makan place

  190. Avatar photo
    rajasegar rajoo

    Cheap and good

  191. Avatar photo
    RD Rai

    Too many FT

  192. Avatar photo
    Vijay P N Jha

    Near by place to visit for seamen coming to smlog. You will get all item

  193. Avatar photo

    Stopped in before going to the Johor Straits Lighthouse.
    The Claypot shop is popular and there is a line.
    Unfortunately, half the shops were closed on Sundays.

    Johor Straits Lighthouseに行く前に立ち寄りました。
    Claypot のお店が人気で行列。

  194. Avatar photo
    shishir s

    Everything you need is available here

  195. Avatar photo

    It is an Indian Muslim food shop, offering all kinds of halal food.

  196. Avatar photo
    Muthu Murugesh


  197. Avatar photo
    Zubair Achmad


  198. Avatar photo
    lawrence wong

    Convenient stop for food, ATMs(POSB, UOB) and a Clinic with X-Ray facility.

  199. Avatar photo
    IudbA Foar B Mohd Mohd

    Best place

  200. Avatar photo

    very good food

  201. Avatar photo
    Tan Yeh Hong Joseph

    The only place I’m confident of finding food on a Sunday/public in the area.

  202. Avatar photo
    murugan n


  203. Avatar photo
    Md Babu

    Its Nice

  204. Avatar photo

    Very busy and not very customer friendly

    Erg druk en niet erg klantvriendelijk

  205. Avatar photo

    This place is located nearby tuas cresent place have medical,hotel,ATM, parking also have here.nice place.thank u.

  206. Avatar photo

    delicious food


  207. Avatar photo
    Santhana Das



  208. Avatar photo
    Sk Sakthi


  209. Avatar photo
    kamal kannan

    Nice place

  210. Avatar photo
    Ong Bee Yeong

    Nice food

  211. Avatar photo
    Ryan Seah

    Lots of flies.. Though the food is alright

  212. Avatar photo
    slamet sugiarto


  213. Avatar photo
    Premasinghe P K Sudath

    Good for drink

  214. Avatar photo

    Something to survive on in an industrial estate

  215. Avatar photo


  216. Avatar photo
    Babu mia

    Good environment for livine

  217. Avatar photo
    Kimfatt Mooi

    There are not many closures for the time being.


  218. Avatar photo
    Dolly Durga

    Delicious food sold here Indian food

  219. Avatar photo
    arulsaran arulsaran

    Nice place

  220. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Choo

    A suitable place for reasonably priced food and amenity like hardware stores + provision stuff

  221. Avatar photo
    Nor Sam

    Thumbs down on food

  222. Avatar photo
    valerian crasto

    Has a metro station and a continuous frequency of buses to move out to the city and fore basically the area is covered by industrial belt mostly ship repairs and factories

  223. Avatar photo
    datosukor ismail

    centeralise location for food court..atm machine (posb) and phone shop..amo ng others.. limited parking lots during lunch hours..

  224. Avatar photo
    Mark Walker

    Friendly people, good food and cold beer.

  225. Avatar photo
    Sha-Mohammed Jubyair sajib

    Perfectly it’s here

  226. Avatar photo
    Y Y

    The malay stall at the 2nd storey is average and SUPER DUPER EXPENSIVE. The malay aunty always overcharge. And I suggest you ask malay friend to buy for you cos cheaper. Dk they racist or what? But food quality is average can eat. Mee soto is nice and so is mee rebus. Aunty’s sons is very nice people who do not anyhow charge for the food. Downstairs also not much variety. But can try the bak chor mee stall and go for their laksa but their portion is very little. would suggest ppl to upsize.

  227. Avatar photo
    Vincent Lim

    Good laksa. Night restaurant has been there many years and good place for hardware Medical and groceries

  228. Avatar photo
    MengFai Tai

    Good food, especially the curry. But long queue

  229. Avatar photo
    Kim Long Wong

    Near to my workplace and this place level 2 renovation in progress.. The food and drink not bad at all. But at night time alot of empty bottle left behind of the foot path.

  230. Avatar photo
    MN G

    Dont come to this ACUMED!! Damp slow , make me waited 2hour+ for a them to my blood test sample!!If you do come,bring along your pillows and blanket!!!

  231. Avatar photo
    Khoo Chong Kai

    Moderately priced food

  232. Avatar photo


  233. Avatar photo
    js. hombing

    Nice relaxing place….

  234. Avatar photo
    Rahul Revu

    Good Claypot Curry Fish and Curry Chicken at the hawker center at level 1.

  235. Avatar photo
    Jacky xie

    POSB ATM facilitates withdrawals and deposits

    POSB ATM 方便取款和存款

  236. Avatar photo

    wonderful place

  237. Avatar photo
    KL Bison

    Selection of food is fair. Location is hard to get without transport. In industrial area. Also have stores for daily essential and TOTO

  238. Avatar photo

    It’s okay for you to ask me to be me.


  239. Avatar photo
    mhs clean ent

    Nice place

  240. Avatar photo
    Jaydee VISION

    Have shop that can buy groceries, bagets Le and fruits and food stall that open on week days

  241. Avatar photo
    bet Warrior


  242. Avatar photo
    Winston Goh

    Good variety of cheap food

  243. Avatar photo
    hafid asad amrulloh

    Available any food

  244. Avatar photo
    Suresh Aruchamy


  245. Avatar photo
    Pierre lee

    Their Claypot so so only. Wonder why so long queue …

  246. Avatar photo
    Ben Yeo

    Good cheap food in Tuas

  247. Avatar photo
    Lai Ying Wah

    Most of the coffee shops in industrial areas are places where workers go to eat, and the food is cheap and delicious.


  248. Avatar photo
    Adeline Sin

    The air flow here is horrid so it get super hot during lunch. Great food doe! Laksa, clay pot shop and the China shop has really good pickles.

  249. Avatar photo
    Yong Chao, Gabriel Chen

    Great place to park and wait. Not many choices of food, rice noodles, roti, coffee


  250. Avatar photo
    kn sim

    Very crowded from 11.30am to 1.15pm.

  251. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lai

    the herbal soup… must try.. curry chicken … the mutton soup is the best!!!

  252. Avatar photo
    Adam Chow

    The coffee still taste lousy thankfully they have other drinks but worried about the amount of sugar for taste.

  253. Avatar photo
    Paramasivan Gopal

    A modest restaurant

    சுமாரான உணவகம்

  254. Avatar photo
    JM Construction


  255. Avatar photo
    Jason Ling

    Good area for lunch time

  256. Avatar photo
    Benson Tay

    Good claypot food

  257. Avatar photo
    melvin neo

    Simple old coffeeshop that open 24 hrs

  258. Avatar photo
    James Goh

    Coffeeshop and daily necessity shops at Tuas, mainky for foreign workers

  259. Avatar photo
    ralph Rodrigues

    A good place to eat yr afternoon food

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