Travel To Israel

Travel To Israel

Travel to Israel is easily done. There are numerous Israel tours that will take you from this small, exciting country’s northern tip down to its southern tip. When you visit Israel, there are a number of places that must not be missed. Fortunately, all tours to Israel will be sure to hit all the best spots.

First, the tours to Israel will spend a few days in both of Israel’s major cities, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The cities couldn’t be more different. When you travel to Israel, you’ll explore the country’s religious side in Jerusalem, and its party side in Tel Aviv. Israel tours will take you to the spiritual Western Wall and the lively beaches.

However, when you visit Israel, you’ll realize there is more to Israel tours than just these two cities. There are many biblical sites in northern Israel, known locally as the Galil. The ancient city of Meggido is where Armageddon is prophesized to begin. The town of Nazareth, the birthplace of Jesus, is also in the north. Two other favorite sites for Christians in the Galil are the Church of the Multiplication and the Church of St. Peter’s Primacy at Ein Sheva.

Two of Judaism’s holy cities, Tzfat and Tiberias, are in the north as well. Tiberias sits right on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, known as the Kinneret in Hebrew. Tzfat is just a short half hour drive away and takes you up into the beautiful hills of the Galil.

There is also much to enjoy in southern Israel, which is dominated by the Negev Desert. Its largest town, Be’er Sheva, is at its northern edge. Many of Israel’s famed “kibbutzim,” or collective farms, are located in the Negev. You can visit many of their farms and factories for tours of the local desert flora and fauna.

The southernmost town in all of Israel is Eilat on the Red Sea. Eilat has amazing beaches, including Dolphin Beach where you can swim with the dolphins. Its Coral World Underwater Observatory gives you a chance to walk underneath the sea. There are also many sport activities, like scuba diving and parachuting.

This only scratches the surface of where tours to Israel will take you as you visit Israel. The country is also rich in cultural events, high technology, beautiful nature hikes, as well as the magic of its religious and ancient roots. Modern and ancient, spiritual and adventurous, it’s always a good time to travel to Israel.

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