Review Trapped Escape Room Singapore, 2 Handy Rd, Singapore

Review Trapped Escape Room Singapore 2 Handy Rd

“Amazing experience! First time playing escape room and definitely had a good one. Special shout out to Niran, who’s new but doing an excellent job ” or “this place is amazing. would definitely come back. alycia was the best host. she was nice and she helped us with very clear instructions. 10/10” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Trapped Escape Room Singapore. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Trapped Escape Room Singapore is quality.

Introduction about Trapped Escape Room Singapore

Here are some fundamental details regarding Trapped Escape Room Singapore. In terms of Escape room center, it is generally believed that Trapped Escape Room Singaporeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 2 Handy Rd, B1-09, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Escape room center, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 69943430 (+65 69943430)
  • Website:
  • Address: 2 Handy Rd, B1-09, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11 AM to 10:30 PM.


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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Trapped Escape Room Singapore via:

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You can reach Trapped Escape Room Singapore at 69943430(+65 69943430). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Trapped Escape Room Singapore via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 2 Handy Rd, B1-09, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Trapped Escape Room Singapore reviews

Trapped Escape Room Singapore is among the best destinations of Escape room center in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Trapped Escape Room Singapore good?

To determine whether Trapped Escape Room Singapore is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Loved the experience! Very fun escape room very elaborate puzzles! Great story in the Quiet Place and very well hosted by Elyssa! Can't wait to come back to SG to try the rest of the rooms!”

“We had absolute fun playing the “Hide & Seek” game. So much of team work needed in this game. Thank you to Syaz for assisting us throughout the game! ”

“Hide and seek, scared till my pants drop. Highly recommend! Big shout out to Elyssa for creating such a memorable experience, thank you and thank you Trapped Escape Room Singapore.”

“the game kept us on our toes! Lei was very informative and friendly! We loved how he assured us nothing was going to happen and the room was not scary! we will definitely will come back!”

“I played the room called "28days" and it was really fun and thrilling for a beginner like me. Elyssa's briefings were really clear and she helped us throughout the game. Will play again! ”

“Lei was a really good host, which helped us with any problems we have almost instantly. Hide and seek was a really fun game to try with friends! extremely thrilling as there is a npc to liven up the atmosphere”

“Went for the hide and seek escape room today! Mardiya was there to help us from the start and assuring us that it will be fun! We totally enjoyed ourselves today and would definitely come back for more games!”

“Alycia was such a kind, friendly and adorable person. It was such a good experience playing here. The catcher was so in the role making the experience 10 times better. will come here again!!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 288 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 98% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Trapped Escape Room Singapore, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Trapped Escape Room Singapore, 2 Handy Rd, Singapore

There is a total 288 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Ashley Lim

    Had a great time at trapped with Sha our game master. She was friendly and helpful giving us ample hints to move us along the game as most of us were new. Will definitely be back again!

  2. Avatar photo
    Sammi Tan

    Sha is very helpful and friendly whenever we needed clues her patience is very nice especially it was also my friend and I’s first time doing an escape room.

  3. Avatar photo
    Lyn Koh

    Interesting concept! Sha was a friendly, approachable and helpful game master and made our first experience wonderful!

  4. Avatar photo
    farrisha natasya

    It was a fine experience at Trapped SG. Lei was very clear with the instructions and made the whole experience fun.

  5. Avatar photo
    Shawn Ng

    Hide and seek, scared till my pants drop. Highly recommend! Big shout out to Elyssa for creating such a memorable experience, thank you and thank you Trapped Escape Room Singapore.

  6. Avatar photo

    Adibah was super friendly throughout the games and pre-game! Loved her energy

  7. Avatar photo
    Diya Sanghani

    It was an extremely immersive and fun experience. The trapped team was very helpful. Definitely worth a visit!

  8. Avatar photo
    An Minh

    Game is interesting. There were a lot of quizzes with balanced difficulties. Our host Lei is super nice also!

  9. Avatar photo

    syaz is worthy of 10 stars but sadly 5 is the max. shes funny af and patiently guided us. had so mhch fun

  10. Avatar photo
    Parish Paulraj

    najwa is very helpful and outgoing. she will come and help us when shes in need and gives proper hints

  11. Avatar photo
    Xue Lin

    Lei was a really good host, which helped us with any problems we have almost instantly. Hide and seek was a really fun game to try with friends! extremely thrilling as there is a npc to liven up the atmosphere

  12. Avatar photo
    the almighty moth

    Amazing :D) mardiya helped us when our brain cells didn’t exist, it was pretty fun :D))))

  13. Avatar photo
    Wong Jin

    Very friendly and fun! Totally recommended! Thanks to Mardiya for the help!

  14. Avatar photo
    Wilson L

    We played the Jigsaw Escape Room @ Trapped and had an epic experience. Was so fun crawling around trying to figure the many clues across multiple rooms. Luana was an amazing host and we can’t wait to come back to try another room next week!

  15. Avatar photo
    Linda H

    We played the hide and seek escape room and was hosted by Sha. She was very friendly and helpful. The escape room itself was fun and thrilling. Highly recommended!

  16. Avatar photo

    The escape room was fun. Lei was very nice and helpful with us. Would come again next time!

  17. Avatar photo

    28 days of night was really exciting and fun especially with my friends with the service from wynn

  18. Avatar photo
    Wathiqah Kassim

    Mardiya was super helpful in helping us solve the room! made my experience 10000× better

  19. Avatar photo
    Maria Ellsworth

    Adibah helped us out when doing Hide and Seek. It was super fun and the scare element kept you on your toes. Very much enjoyed it!!

  20. Avatar photo
    Minh Le

    Sha was a great host to the Hide and Seek game, rules were explained clearly and made us feel very welcome! Thanks!

  21. Avatar photo
    Karen Grace Concepcion

    The game was so mind buggling. It cracked out brains out. Hahaha thanks to Alysha eho helped us out and made it possible for us to enioy the GAMe better!! Great we will try todo the other game also.

  22. Avatar photo
    Shahnaz Talib

    Very exciting and fun! We truly enjoyed ourselves and Sha’s customer service was exceptional! Coming again soon!

  23. Avatar photo
    Ho Mun Yong

    Great time spent at trapped this morning. The facilitator Lei was nice and also helpful through the game

  24. Avatar photo
    ikah jamil

    We had absolute fun playing the “Hide & Seek” game. So much of team work needed in this game. Thank you to Syaz for assisting us throughout the game! ️

  25. Avatar photo
    Robin Thomas

    Syuhaidah was absolutely wonderful in helping us understand the game, provide necessary clues when we got stuck. Thank you for making the experience pleasant.

  26. Avatar photo
    Faith Lee

    Sha is a great and fun person to facilitate!! Despite there’s difficulty in the puzzles, sha has been helpful in giving clues without disrupting the whole experience. Overall it was a really fun, thrilling and mind-boggling experience! Would recommend here for a full experience of escape room …

  27. Avatar photo
    a ru

    Jannah is a good staff she help us with alot of things and it was a fun experience!! quite challeging tho so those who wants to try tricky escape room can come here!!

  28. Avatar photo
    Jay Jay

    It was a great experience, Staff Adibah made it very pleasant for us. And it’s really fun to have done this.

  29. Avatar photo

    Lei is a solid man, room was fun, cld be scarier when acting tho

  30. Avatar photo
    Y S

    Lei has been great game master. We enjoyed it so much. Thank you

  31. Avatar photo
    Avery linn

    My first time playing escape room and Najwa was really patient in guiding us. Thanks Najwa for the experience! …

  32. Avatar photo
    Josiah Tan

    Super fun require big brain power
    Mardiya is extremely hospitable with us with the puzzle. SLAYEST STAFF MEMBER

  33. Avatar photo
    Nathania Ng

    elyssa was really helpful and nice !! the game was intense and challenging but really fun as well, will come again!!

  34. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Tan

    My friends sabotaged me. Actually died a little inside .. Alysha was super accommodating and helped my firends sabotage me too. Quite fun.

  35. Avatar photo
    Shafiqah Rashid

    Mardiya was very fun and amazing at helping us all the time. Truly enjoyed the whole experience!!!!! Would definitely come again.

  36. Avatar photo
    Akina Kenzia Ngoi

    Fun place !! The staff here , Wynnola is really friendly and has helped us out alot on our first escape room experience!!

  37. Avatar photo
    Chamen Shah

    It’ll be a hell of a time with more than 4 people. It really challenges your brain. Brings out the detective Sherlock Holmes inside of you.

  38. Avatar photo

    Really fun experience with Hide & Seek though we needed quite some help from Syu. Having a NPC really adds on to the suspense and fun!

  39. Avatar photo
    Danisha Ushairah

    alycia was very helpful during the game ! was very friendly and soo bubbly ! would definitely come back

  40. Avatar photo

    Escape room was fun! Lei, our facilitator was very helpful and funny throughout.

  41. Avatar photo
    Keona D'Souza (kxyona)

    Did Hide and seek with only two other friends so we found it difficult and scary but Jannah was very proactive in helping us. She clarified any doubts we had and assured us throughout, while giving us clues. Great and very fun experience, will definitely come again ◡̈

  42. Avatar photo
    Chong Guang Hao

    Najwa was a helpful and friendly game master. Fun way to spend time with the boys for a stag-do

  43. Avatar photo
    Ling Ling Tan

    Lei is very attentive and friendly. Will come again to try out other rooms. Fun time with my lovely colleagues!

  44. Avatar photo
    xuuhi lee

    Lei is our facilitator and he is humorous throughout the game. Overall experience is fun and quite manageable with prompting when required or requested.

  45. Avatar photo
    Syahiran AJ

    It was a fun but very challenging room! Thanks to Najwa for helping us a bit along the way.

  46. Avatar photo

    Syu was so helpful!! What a fun game! We did 28 days of night and needed multiple clues but solved it in the end!

  47. Avatar photo
    Qaisara Ayuni

    the worker (Syaz) was so patient with us when we keep on calling to ask fr help. such a fun experiencee !!

  48. Avatar photo
    Muhd Shafie

    Najwa was very nice and courteous in hosting us. Very friendly too! Do look out for her!

  49. Avatar photo
    Teo Yongyang

    Thanks syu for the experience. Always have to be on my toes for the scare while solving the puzzles. Good job

  50. Avatar photo
    reuel fong

    Very good experience. Would recommend the Hide and Seek. One of the staff (Syuhaidah) was very good in giving us help and acting as “the man”

  51. Avatar photo
    Loh Bo Ee

    Sha was really friendly and helpful especially during the game because it was our first time. She was patient and understanding which made our experience here very nice. Would come back again …

  52. Avatar photo
    B Bop

    Amazing experience at Hide & Seek! Super thrilling indeed :’) Sha was an amazing host! She is super enthusiastic and we really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you trapped for the 5 star experience! ️ Can’t wait to complete all the other rooms

  53. Avatar photo
    Nur Hidayah

    Elyssa was really helpful with our hints. But it was defo scary and fun!!

  54. Avatar photo

    Sha is accommodating and took her time in explaining and helping my friends and I understand how the game works which made the experience memorable! Definitely something to try with your friends if you enjoy solving puzzles!

  55. Avatar photo
    fiany shah

    Mardiyah was a great game master!
    we played the Hide and Seek and it was thrilling and interactive room. Definitely recommended ️

  56. Avatar photo
    ysabel carreon

    it was super fun and thrilling but some of the puzzles were a little difficult to solve. nevertheless it was very interesting and amazing to go wth friends. thank you lei!

  57. Avatar photo
    Alysha Zeenat

    My colleagues and I tried out Hide and Seek. It was certainly not for the faint hearted. We had a blast trying to solve the different puzzles. Sha the game master was very jovial. She made us comfortable and calmed us down when the game got intense. Excellent customer service by her. Would definitely recommend trapped.

  58. Avatar photo
    Tony Phan (myliltony)

    Escape room was a grueling experience. Don’t be fooled for the 5 star ratings. We did the Saw theme escape room and it was BORING. Extremely linear puzzles, one of the puzzles was so farfetched that the host had to go in to explain the own puzzle..

  59. Avatar photo
    Janelle Quek

    Sha was a very nice person and helped us throughout! We played 28 days of the night is was pretty fun and quitr scary too hehe but overwall great!

  60. Avatar photo
    Alex Papayoanou

    Adibah was scary af!! Loved this so much, having the NPC really added to the experience

  61. Avatar photo
    Jia Min Lau

    It was a fun first experience! Lie was really helpful, giving us hints along the way when we need it, but not too much to not ruin the experience. The room was not easy but it was atill fun. Thank you!

  62. Avatar photo
    Jiehan Nah

    Syu was a great host and helped us out throughout the game Thanks for having us!

  63. Avatar photo
    Aakanksha Rai

    Had such a fun time here! We did hide and seek. Shout out to Adibah for helping us out!

  64. Avatar photo
    Ross Lorenzo

    Loved the experience! Very fun escape room very elaborate puzzles! Great story in the Quiet Place and very well hosted by Elyssa! Can’t wait to come back to SG to try the rest of the rooms!

  65. Avatar photo
    Nicole Yoon

    Adibah was very helpful and acted very well – super scary and was a fun escape room.
    Hints were helpful and im glad we were able to escape

  66. Avatar photo

    Love Niran and team’s hosting!!! So fun and friendly Had a great time with my mates

  67. Avatar photo
    S Yinghui

    Elyss A is very friendly and nice to help us when we are stuck with the escape room. It was scary but fun for first timers!

  68. Avatar photo

    First time experience here and it was a bladt! Wynnola is very helpful and super friendly towards us, it makes me want to come back for more challenges

  69. Avatar photo
    Amber Lim

    Lei was a very friendly and helpful coordinator/facilitator! He was very patient in explaining the clues to us. The game is very fun. Good for team bonding!

  70. Avatar photo
    emy .n

    Lei was a really helpful and fun host. Enjoyed my first escape room experience. (Hide n Seek)

  71. Avatar photo
    Rachel Lim

    It was an interesting experience. The facilitator, Lei , is quite helpful and we had an enjoyable experience thanks to him

  72. Avatar photo
    Ria Herman

    Awesome!!! Did Hide and Seek.. scary…thanks to the hints, we managed to escape…The staffs were GREAT!! Managed to hide from the NPC (Alycia)..u did a great job!! Best Birthday ever!!!

  73. Avatar photo
    J B

    Both Mardiya and Alycia are awesome!!!! Very nice and friendly and kind – come and try the rooms, significantly better service/staff support than Xcape

  74. Avatar photo
    Sylvia Lee

    Lei helped us out patiently and kindly, making it a great escape room experience for 28 days of night theme

  75. Avatar photo
    Ray Kit Wang

    The escape was very fun! Alycia was a very good game master and she helped us have a really great experience!

  76. Avatar photo
    Uthman Mohd Noor

    Fun and entertaining, very challenging puzzles and had interesting use of props and hints, Mardiya was a very good guide pointing us in the right direction without spoiling the answers

  77. Avatar photo
    Bluee Dye

    Lei was very friendly and nice! explained everything very clearly , great experience overall!

  78. Avatar photo
    Marcus Tay

    The staff Lei was very helpful in helping, letting us solve first before offering for help! Great experience.

  79. Avatar photo
    Louis Goh

    Would be so dead without Wynnola. She helped soothed our 8 year old who was so scared she has to be carried throughout the period. Ended up our 8 year old was scolding us for not doing stuff correctly.

  80. Avatar photo
    sakares saengkaew

    Lei introduced us to enjoy the game really well and we have a great hangout time there. Recommended for group activity.

  81. Avatar photo
    Fina Halim

    We loved our experience here! It was the first time playing an escape room for most of us, and Mardiya was really friendly and patiently helped us through the rules and objectives (and also with the clues ). I recommend it for anyone who likes puzzles or just wants a fun group activity with friends/family/colleagues …

  82. Avatar photo
    james sun

    Elyssa was the host for our company’s event today! We had a fantastic time and it was much fun trying to figure the variety of clues to escape – will recommend!

  83. Avatar photo
    Aertsa L

    Tried out the Jigsaw today, it’s challenging and fun! Syaz was super friendly and helped provided us the hints to escape! Would love to come back again!

  84. Avatar photo
    Tee Xing Kee

    TLDR : Had a fun time. Very beginner friendly thanks to the kindness of the staff. Room we chose was not especially challenging but thrill of having an NPC who’d interact with players was great.

    Had a fantastic time here ! My friends and I tried the Hide and Seek room, and being relatively inexperienced with escape rooms, we struggled often with the puzzles as well as differentiating the actual clues from the red herrings.

    However, the staff member in charge of our room was really kind and patient with us, and would check in with us to see if we needed help whenever it looked like we were stuck. We are really thankful for the numerous hints she provided as we most likely wouldn’t have even gotten past the first stage otherwise !

    Without revealing too much, we felt that some of the props and mechanics found in the room were quite interesting ! Looking back on the puzzles, they likely wouldn’t be very challenging for more experienced / veteran players but it’s still worth giving the room a go due to having the constant thrill of not knowing when or how the NPC is going to appear. Being absolute cowards, we found ourselves scrambling to hide at the slightest noise, and while the NPC was very invested in their role, they were also very forgiving. It should be noted that the room was actually pretty well lit, we were just cowards.

    Overall, it was a really great experience and we look forward to coming back to try the other rooms !

  85. Avatar photo
    Waleed Talib

    Fun experience. But I have to say my team was dragging me down. Sha is very accommodating and friendly.

  86. Avatar photo
    Valentino Tan

    Great experience! Staff adibah was really helpful and friendly! Good game!

  87. Avatar photo
    munny lala

    Played the CarnEvil and it was very fun. Our facilitators Syuhaidah was very helpful and patient in helping us get through the puzzles. Will go again!

  88. Avatar photo
    Tricia Lim

    It was a fun escape room for me. Hide and seek was interesting and my team was guided by Lei, who was very helpful. The NPC act was also very thrilling!

  89. Avatar photo
    irfaan fatin

    Amazing experience. Abibah was a great host. Helped us plenty but caught me!!

  90. Avatar photo

    Good experience at the escape room! Lei was really helpful with his clues and made the experience enjoyable overall It was fun when we managed to go to the next step.

  91. Avatar photo

    Najwa was so helpful and proactive in helping me & my friends complete our room ! she clearly explained the rules since we had a lot of first-timers as well

  92. Avatar photo
    noelle tan

    Alycia was very nice and helpful! Overall super fun and would return again!

  93. Avatar photo
    nur hishmah

    the escape room was really fun! Lei, the employee, was very welcoming and friendly and gave us alot of help during the game will def come back again

  94. Avatar photo
    Athena -

    Lei gave us really good clues that was made sure it was helpful yet still fun! Great experience!

  95. Avatar photo
    smeetha nair

    we had our game master as mardiya and she was great! we had such a fun time, thanks trapped!

  96. Avatar photo
    Sherry Xie

    Wonderful! The hide and seek room is super fun and interesting!! The staff guy Lei was such a pleasure what a great chase 10/10

  97. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Asri

    The staff in Trapped (The Cathay) were great. The ‘demented blind man’ (Kenji) was splendid. Totally natural with the character. Looking forward to next visit. Bravo Kenji …

  98. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tan

    very fun i got very scared and it was extremely thrilling the puzzles were challenging but super rewarding to solve finish 😀 we finished under an hour!

    thank you to ms syuhaida for the awesome experience!

  99. Avatar photo
    Marionette Rika Zeruka

    Friendly and helpful staff, Elyssa. Very efficient in handling customer even without booking (walk-in). Had a fun time even with some hints given.

  100. Avatar photo
    Dee Nur

    Elyssa helped us a lot with the game, 10/10! Super thrilling

  101. Avatar photo
    R Praveena

    Najwa was amazing at facilitating us. She was really upbeat and assisted us really well!

  102. Avatar photo
    Shermaine Ng

    sha was very friendly and helpful! we were first timers and needed help at almost everything, but she was very patient and understanding which made the experience extremely enjoyable!! thank u sha 😀

  103. Avatar photo
    Erika S.

    Mardiya was really helpful and kind while guiding us through the entire game. Definitely recommend!

  104. Avatar photo
    Luqmanul Hakim

    Had a great experience today in Jigsaw. Alycia was very helpful whenever we need help or whenever we are stuck. Will come back again soon …

  105. Avatar photo
    Sahil Ashraf

    Elyssa was really fun and explained everything clearly. We clearly needed help throughout but they were very accommodating. Fun team outing. Recommended for sure!

  106. Avatar photo
    Iriani Kamilliah

    Adibah was amazing, and catered to our company cohesion. It was really interesting and my colleagues enjoyed this activity.

  107. Avatar photo
    Kipp Soh

    Gamemaster Sha was engaging and helpful, puzzles were challenging but solvable with a little assistance. Overall a great experience if you’re looking for an escape room with good actors.

  108. Avatar photo
    Toby Lee

    The instruction could be improve more details at the start of the challenge and should highlight whether respective each theme required a better eyes sight if not will be very challenging.
    Overall is good for youngster but not for those bad sighted.
    Special thanks to friendly stuff (Elyssa) and her colleagues for the good hospitality.

  109. Avatar photo
    Michel Lee

    Very exciting game. Very helpful instructor Lei! Would come again.

  110. Avatar photo
    FakeGucciOnly _broke

    My experience was extremely fun. It was made even better by the wonderful staff there mardiya who was extremely helpful and even fun with us. A good experience made amazing by mardiya …

  111. Avatar photo
    Huda Muhd

    Mardiya is super friendly and helpful throughout the whole process, from the start till the end. It was a great experience!! Definitely will recommend this place …

  112. Avatar photo
    Liy A

    game was super fun, lots of solving and mardiya was great! she helped us when we were stuck thank you!!

  113. Avatar photo

    Had a great time here! especially with Mardiya(staff) being super friendly and guiding us!

  114. Avatar photo
    Ade C

    Thanks for the amazing experience that we had during our game with 28 days of night! Especially Lei’s wittiness and humour made the game much more interesting!

  115. Avatar photo
    Nelson Poon

    Whole experience was immersive and fun. Game master was very helpful and patient. Also the acting part is scary. Definitely would come back again.

  116. Avatar photo
    Ang Peck Kee Peggy

    Very fun experience. Our game master, Lei was very patient with us and engaging.

  117. Avatar photo
    Jo L

    We were late so we were left with 63 minutes on the clock (game is 75 minutes). We played The Quiet Place.

    We couldn’t extend the time limit for our game because we were late and they had other games after us so the staff told us the answers to several puzzles in the first room to help us save time.

    We were told not to touch any furnitures but we had to push a bookshelf. Instructions were not clear.

    Some puzzles were illogical and you had no way of knowing how to proceed without being given clues.

    The staff kept calling us every few minutes to give us clues instead of letting us solve it on our own. I appreciate that they wanted to help us solve it in the time limit but because of that, we did not get the full experience.

    UV torch had almost no battery.

    Don’t be fooled by the 5 star reviews. They offer incentives for people who leave them reviews, hence the overall 4.9 stars (at this time of writing).

    My friends and I had a very bad experience here. We will not patronise trapped ever again.

    There is one escape room at Bugis that is so much better.

  118. Avatar photo
    Shamimah Zainal

    Alycia was very nice and patient with us. they kept checking up on us. Overall good experience and will definitely come again.

  119. Avatar photo
    carissa tow

    We tried A Quiet Place @ Trapped Escape Room (The Cathay) location and it was so fun. Mardiya, Alycia and Jannah assisted us and with their help, we managed to escape the room 7 mins before our time was up. Must try and we will be back to try the others!

  120. Avatar photo
    nur diyanah

    Syuhaidah helped us through the puzzles and made our experience enjoyable!!

  121. Avatar photo
    Liting Chow

    Went with a group of friends on 7Aug and played ‘hide and seek’. The person tagged to our room was super friendly and gave us hints when she saw that we were stuck. She also made the game a lot intense for us and yes we screamed!! …

  122. Avatar photo
    vacuum cleaner man

    this place is amazing. would definitely come back. alycia was the best host. she was nice and she helped us with very clear instructions. 10/10

  123. Avatar photo
    ting fong yip

    Great service , explanation and overall experience from Sha. Jigsaw was tough but she gave enough hint so as not to spoil the game but to also provide an adequate level of effort and time for us to solve. Thank you!! We love you!

  124. Avatar photo
    s 13

    elyssa was really nice and friendly, did a great job playing the npc! was patient even tho we accidentally locked her inside the room haha

  125. Avatar photo
    Nur Farhana Muhammad

    Mardiya was very friendly and super helpful. She answered our calls for clues so promptly and it’s unlimited calls. Had a scare actor too. Super spacious rooms. Very challenging escape room! Will come back again.

  126. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Chia

    It was very fun and exciting! Challenging as well. We played the jigsaw game. The staffs there were very helpful as well! We were served by the amazing Mardiya. <3

  127. Avatar photo

    Mardia was super patient and fun. She was so patient with us alot throughout the game even tho we were like clueless half of the time. Thanks for today would come again !!

  128. Avatar photo
    John Tsai

    We did the Jigsaw room. The tech and mechanics of the room are very dated compared to more modern escape rooms. Most puzzles in the room ended up mapping to a physical 4 digit combination lock.

    Also, for the few things that were not physical locks, there is nothing to indicate what has been unlocked. A lot of times the game master had to call in to tell us to try opening something in the room that has been newly unlocked. There should be some spring mechanism or lightning to indicate what new thing has happened.

    There were many things in the room that said “do not touch” and was not part of the game. I understand fire alarms aren’t supposed to be touched. However there were other things such as a random white paper on the wall that says to not touch, and that we would be fined if we did. There were also many locks that were not part of the game. In addition, there were quite a few props that were red herrings and had nothing to do with the game.

    Solving the final puzzle also did not stop the timer, so we did not know we finished the room until we called the game master.

    The props were of low quality (squishy plastics) and felt very cheap. The production value was lower than expected for an escape room with 4.9 rating (at the time of this writing).

    One positive is that there were a ton of puzzles to do. However, they did not have a good flow to them. It is like they tried to cram a bunch of disconnected brain teasers into an escape room.

    Another positive is that the game master would be willing to give hints to keep us on track to finish the game, and that there are unlimited hints. This was nice of them to make sure their players can get through the whole experience.

    For people new to escape rooms, it might be an ok experience. I noticed a ton of the reviews are from users who contributed at most 1 other review.

    For escape room enthusiasts looking for an immersive experience, unfortunately, I cannot recommend this place.

  129. Avatar photo

    love how detailed the game was and because we played Hide&Seek, there was a NPC which made it more thrilling. Lei was the NPC and he really made the experience more fun and he was very friendly )

  130. Avatar photo
    Ying Chuan Loy

    The experience is really fun and scary! Mardiya was very helpful with clues asked (which helped alot w our puzzle solving)

  131. Avatar photo
    Maisarah Minsawi

    Lei is very funny and helpful at the same time.. had so much fun doing the room with his guidance. Good Job!

  132. Avatar photo
    Jaycey Tan

    My friends and I were doing ‘A quiet place’. We had a lot fun solving the puzzle. Luana helped us with some of the puzzles. She would check up on us and make sure we are doing alright. It was a really fun experience, highly recommended!

  133. Avatar photo
    Nur'hafiezah Wong

    The Host, Mardiya! was very enthusiastic and helpful. She made our trip there a pleasant one! Thumbs up to her! She is fun and really friendly!!!

    Game was tricky and a hard. She helped us made it possible to finish the mission.

    5 Stars for the game!

  134. Avatar photo
    Darren Quek

    Najwa was a great staff and she was extremely friendly! My friends did hide and seek and it was thrilling and exciting. Would recommend for a group of 5-6

  135. Avatar photo

    Jannah was really helpful with the clues and was really bubbly and encouraging! She gave me a few jumpscares but that made the experience more realistic HAHA

  136. Avatar photo

    My friends and I played Hide and Seek. Intensity level x1000 please prepare yourself. “Blindman” Mardiya was great, she was a cute villain. Please support trapped for more fun escape theme rooms

  137. Avatar photo
    Hanisah Ramli

    Played our first game here. Mardiya was very friendly and made this experience a wonderful one.

  138. Avatar photo

    Our first time here and syaz was soooo patient and nice with us!! We kept asking for hints.. but she would always compliment us with a goodjob nonetheless️

  139. Avatar photo
    Jing Ting Leow

    The room was very interesting and the interesting factor was having the “blind man” come in to catch us. Elyssa was very friendly and explained the rules well!

  140. Avatar photo

    Elyssa was very cheerful and had guided us very clearly. It was a very enjoyable trip!!

  141. Avatar photo
    John Yeo

    Najwa was helpful and friendly! Fun experience, good room layouts and challenging puzzles to solve!

  142. Avatar photo
    ッxiang er

    very fun and i enjoyed it !! mardiya helped us when we were very clueless, she was very patient with us too

  143. Avatar photo

    The room was pretty fun with strategic and educational parts. Xuen was very friendly and encouraging throughout the journey! Helped to lift the anxiety of getting it all done! 😀 enjoyed the experience, will come back again.

  144. Avatar photo
    Lionel Lee

    Best experience so far! Lei was creative, fun and friendly – and we thoroughly enjoyed it as a team! Highly recommend TRAPPED to anyone looking for a team outing, group event, or a fun time with loved ones.

  145. Avatar photo
    nurulain dahlan

    Sha was very friendly and funny! She created pre-stay excitement and explained the scenario very well for us too. 10/10 would recommend

  146. Avatar photo
    Lamont Ng

    Friendly and patient instructor, humorous as well! Fun rooms and smart puzzles!

  147. Avatar photo
    Jane MP

    We went with carnevil room and it was relatively easy with minimal jump scares. Nisaa was friendly and super helpful in helping us with the clues. Highly recommended for beginners.

  148. Avatar photo
    Sarala Lakshmanan

    Sha was knowledgeable and helpful. We were so happy with her service. Super fun and she was super good.

  149. Avatar photo
    Tan Andrea

    Tried the Hide & Seek today with my friends. Though I was appreciative of the unlimited hints, it was quite a surprise & disappointing that there are only 3 physical rooms and then the puzzle was almost solved. The others I went to previously had more rooms. But the suspense of the non-playing character was quite refreshing compared to static rooms.

  150. Avatar photo
    Pansiri Tay

    Elyssa did such a great job building up the suspense! Was also very friendly in explaining the game to us!

  151. Avatar photo
    Banana Fish

    We played Carnevil and it wasn’t scary at all. Syaz was very nice(Muslim without glasses)and was careful not to spoil most of the game for us!

  152. Avatar photo

    The Jigsaw theme for great and full of mystery. There were surprises at every corner and the difficulty level kept us engaged. Wynnola helped us greatly, keeping us calm and gave us great clues! We got out with 8 mins to spare.

  153. Avatar photo
    Shawn Ng

    Hide and seek, scared till my pants drop. Highly recommend! Big shout out to Elyssa for creating such a memorable experience, thank you and thank you Trapped Escape Room Singapore.

  154. Avatar photo
    Ryan Lim

    Niran was a great facilitator, scaring was cool! Overall fun puzzles and awesome experience

  155. Avatar photo

    super fun! the scare element kept me on my toes. thank you adibah for the experience!

  156. Avatar photo

    Extremely fun. I played 28 days of night and my friends were so scared.
    It was challenging but the clues were a little obscure and unclear. Luckily the staff were helpful could help my friends.

  157. Avatar photo
    Ayumi Yisadora

    Alycia was such a kind, friendly and adorable person. It was such a good experience playing here. The catcher was so in the role making the experience 10 times better. will come here again!!

  158. Avatar photo
    ikah jamil

    We had absolute fun playing the “Hide & Seek” game. So much of team work needed in this game. Thank you to Syaz for assisting us throughout the game! ️

  159. Avatar photo
    Deanna Arcueres

    My first escape room experience was suspenseful and thrilling. The play room is good enough for 5 participants so it can be small if players form a bigger group. Had it not for the help of our game coordinator, Abibah, i could have not escaped. Not to mention she brought our gaming experience to the next level by scaring us unexpectedly.

  160. Avatar photo
    Nur Siti Hawa Nor Hashim

    It was awesome! The puzzles and helping us along the wat. Explanation was clear. When the Blind Man, aka Sha, came in midway, that felt real.

  161. Avatar photo
    Luann Chen

    Highly recommend to try hide and seek! It’s was really thrilling. Adibah was so helpful and playful at the same time. It was a great experience. Will come back to try the other games!

  162. Avatar photo
    juanita andrew

    Hide and seek was quite creepy and scary but it was quite fun cos it was tricky to solve the puzzles and we really felt like we were getting hunted down Syuhaidah was legit a v gd scarer …

  163. Avatar photo
    Samuel Siang

    Najawa(the host) was amazing and help us a lot, it was kind of scary cause there was a npc but it is definitely playable

  164. Avatar photo
    Rayson Allen

    Alycia is really helpful and clear with her instructions! We managed to solve the 28 Days Of Night in 1 hour!

  165. Avatar photo
    Shyartiana Saifulbahri

    Adibah made the game experience really fun! Had a great time playing Hide and Seek!

  166. Avatar photo
    ; ariixq

    me and my friends did hide and seek escape room and we enjoyed it! it was very thrilling! syaz, the staff is very nice!

  167. Avatar photo
    Ying Ying

    Had a lot of fun with my friends & shoutout to Lei for being a sport & helping us when we were stuck! 🙂 10/10 would recommend …

  168. Avatar photo
    Hernani Jumahat

    a wonderful experience. adibah was a great help or we wont be able to move on to the next puzzle. will come back again

  169. Avatar photo
    Xinyu Liu

    very fun and thrilling experience! 10/10! special thank you to lei 😀

  170. Avatar photo
    Cheryl T

    Luana did a good job at scaring everyone. I won’t say much to keep the suspense! Please come and try “Hide and Seek”, I gotta say it’s one of the best escape experience!

  171. Avatar photo

    Lei has been really helpful with everything from the introduction to the hints. Thank you Lei for helping us enjoy this experience.

  172. Avatar photo
    Joelle Tng

    super nice super clear instructions and very scary blind man
    had alot of fun

  173. Avatar photo
    Wan-Jing Liang

    The hide and seek game super fun the staff Mardiya really nice help us to all the game

  174. Avatar photo
    Xavier Theng

    We played the carnevil room, game master Xuen was helpful and clear in explaining the rules and providing clues along the way. The room was moderately challenging but fun! Highly recommended to have a go at it with your friends.

  175. Avatar photo
    Nur Muzainah

    Syu is very nice, cheerful and helpful. The game that we play a quite place is fun and we manage to escape the room

  176. Avatar photo
    Lingji Li

    The room was very fun and Adibah was very helpful, without her we would have never got out alive. Thank you Adibah

  177. Avatar photo
    Amalina Shamsudin

    Our faci was Lei. He was v helpful and it was very fun. Would go there with friends again.

  178. Avatar photo
    Jon (Keztral)

    Mardiya was great and I wish you all the best! Thank you for making the experience fun!

  179. Avatar photo

    It was our 1st experince with Escape roon and Adibah was a fantastic guude…
    Thank you for the memorable experience.

  180. Avatar photo
    felicia chiam

    Amazing experience! First time playing escape room and definitely had a good one. Special shout out to Niran, who’s new but doing an excellent job

  181. Avatar photo
    Ben Burns Brown

    Very thoroughly enjoyable but also has suspense! Would recommend for 12+ Years old.

  182. Avatar photo

    Sha was really helpful! It was our first time playing and I had fun and was scary to me …

  183. Avatar photo
    genevieve chan

    lovely host — Lei! very kind and attentive, helpful !!!! thank u will be back!

  184. Avatar photo
    Krayte Ng

    Alycia was very friendly and helpful when our team encountered difficulties in solving the puzzle! 10/10 fun

  185. Avatar photo

    Wyn provided us with a lot of help during the game We wouldn’t have done it without her.

  186. Avatar photo

    and helped us a lot during the games because it was our first time doing the escape room! she’s really friendly and welcoming and made the whole experience even better …

  187. Avatar photo
    Wenqi Chiang

    Our gamemaster was Sha and she was really engaging and funny! It definitely took some brains to solve this but we got lots of help from Sha <3 The room had a good scare factor as well, really worth the experience!

    tq sha miss maam u slay

  188. Avatar photo
    Kim Chye “Kimmie_Kun” Lim

    Alycia. She was very clear in her explanations and approachable. She is always constantly checking in with us on our progress and if we needed help on the puzzle.

  189. Avatar photo
    Krisshana Kannan

    room was awesome and Sha was super patient HAHAH we screamed our ears out but service was 10/10!! Sha

  190. Avatar photo

    So fun! Syu was so good at acting! Everyone was so fun and friendly

  191. Avatar photo
    Lexuan Ong

    Elyssa helped us throughout the escape room and was very friendly and sweet! The game was very fun

  192. Avatar photo
    Tan Xiao Tong

    Sha was friendly and really welcoming! really enjoyed our experience here and she even recommended us other escape room series to try next time etc.

  193. Avatar photo
    Afiqah Joefri

    Game was good
    Quite difficult. Definitely need help to solve (for me at least). Mardiya 5 star

  194. Avatar photo
    Sebastien Low

    Lei and team of staff are very friendly and helpful for first timers like us.

  195. Avatar photo
    Esther C

    4 stars for the room thrill, less 2 stars for the customer service experienced.

    Made a booking for 8 pax on 26/11 for 5 dec 8pm Hide and seek. Used safra membership code to book. My 9 year old child decided to join. Upon our arrival and completing the waiver, we were suddenly informed on the spot the safra promo cannot be activated and instead they offered a $5 discount per adult (original price $38.90). We said that they should honor the offer but the staff claimed this was their management decision. For my child they offered the student rate of $25.90. We proceeded to pay and play.

    After we came out they told us their management has agreed to the 20% discount. We thought okay. But then they suddenly said my child is no longer entitled to the student price as they made a mistake earlier to stack promotions (Ie $5 discount and student rate). Back and forth back and forth, we revised the earlier charge and the new charge was just 98cents more. When one of my friends commented we should try another escape room, the staff remarked to us that “we should try other escape rooms since we are so unhappy with the service rendered”. I said to her that in the first place they kept changing the pricing promotions on us. She said oh I already apologized this is human error. I said that may be so but to me a customer your apology is insincere and you basically caused all these ruckus for 98 cents difference.

    Pity, the room was fun, lots of locks but we will Be taking our money elsewhere.

  196. Avatar photo
    Harith Abd Gani

    Fantastic escape room experience! Puzzles are well thought out and ambience suits the theme well. Staff are enthusiastic and helpful! Will definitely come back for next season!

  197. Avatar photo
    Nur Adilah

    It was very thrilling esp when the blind man came and we had to hide!! Elyssa our guide was very patient and enthusiastic and gave us clues when we needed them. Had a great time!

  198. Avatar photo

    was a really good and scary escape room experience! sha was a very good paid actor and she was super friendly! worth the visit and will definitely revisit!

  199. Avatar photo
    Zhi Yi Ong

    Had a fun time losing my brain juices! Thanks Jannah for making us a bit smarter during the game …

  200. Avatar photo
    bluebicycle _

    28 days was very enjoyable and had unexpected scares! Wynola was very helpful yay

  201. Avatar photo
    Kiri Salti

    This was a very fun experience , We did 28 days of night ! I had a great time and our game master was Syuhaidah was very kind and helpful to us!! Would definitely recommend this experience for a group of friends!

  202. Avatar photo

    alycia was very friendly and helpful!! super fun escape room!! went for 28 days of night, thought that i’ll be scary but was not scary at all. 10/10 would go again!!

  203. Avatar photo
    Diah Grace

    we tried the 28 days of night and Lei was so helpful!! he helped us when we were stuck but also let us enjoy the puzzles!!

  204. Avatar photo
    Blanche Yap

    First time in an escape room and it was a pleasure for me and my friends to be guided by Lei. He was patient in guiding us and even came into the room to help us. 10/10 would go again.

  205. Avatar photo

    Game was very fun! Got jumpscared a few times, but they really made the experience better. It challenges you to think outside the box and the staff were always there to help when we got stuck. Would recommend 10/10

  206. Avatar photo
    Christine Tan

    Lots of fun, especially for team building! Sha was a very helpful game master …

  207. Avatar photo
    genevieve leong

    We had a really fun time and adibah was very helpful. She was very patient and friendly. We did a quiet place and it was soooooo hard

  208. Avatar photo
    Bryan Foo

    Amazing game, really scary! i really enjoyed it. Thank you Syuhaidah sorry for spam calling you

  209. Avatar photo

    Adibah served us well and help us to crack the codes. We enjoyed ourselves!

  210. Avatar photo
    Sky Jun Hong

    Luana (Game Master) was very helpful, friendly and observant. She called in when she saw that we were unable to solve the puzzle. The instructions/clues she gave were clear and useful.

  211. Avatar photo
    Kamran Khan

    It was an incredibly thrilling and exhilarating experience. Mardiya was amazing help and she was extremely hospitable, kind and patient with us despite our many futile attempts. Will come back again

  212. Avatar photo
    Aristo Phedro Joesoef

    Did the “Hide and Seek” room, it was really fun and they were very good at creatinga scary atmosphere. Adibah was the game master for the room and she was great at providing clues when we are stuck

  213. Avatar photo
    Teo Su Jing

    I played the room called “28days” and it was really fun and thrilling for a beginner like me. Elyssa’s briefings were really clear and she helped us throughout the game. Will play again! 😀

  214. Avatar photo
    Ross Lorenzo

    Loved the experience! Very fun escape room very elaborate puzzles! Great story in the Quiet Place and very well hosted by Elyssa! Can’t wait to come back to SG to try the rest of the rooms!

  215. Avatar photo
    Huong Giang Official

    It was highly entertaining and we had so much fun solving the puzzle. Lei was so helpful giving us the clues (he was so scary while playing the blind man but we all enjoyed it lol). Overall 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  216. Avatar photo
    Karl Gan

    Mardiya was awesome. She was cheerful, knowledgeable, eloquent and very competent. I want her to design the games cos she is so passionate about the escape room and she is also a great actress when she came in as the Blind Man in Hide and Seek.

  217. Avatar photo
    Ashlyn Ang

    Lei was very friendly, funny and very engaging! made the whole game fun!

  218. Avatar photo
    Debbie Chua

    I had lots of fun, very cool gimmicks and clues! Our host, Adibah, guided us well and gave clear instructions, very friendly and made the whole experience more enjoyable

  219. Avatar photo

    It was my first time at Trapped for a teambonding activity with my colleagues and Lei, our facilatator was very helpful in getting through our games smoothly!

  220. Avatar photo
    sharifah fatimah

    I enjoyed the carnivenevil escape room and syuhaidah the worker helped us during the whole entire escape room

  221. Avatar photo

    Lei was friendly in helping to give clues during the game had an enjoyable time !

  222. Avatar photo
    Dominic Hupp

    Having Adibah as our game master was a ton of fun! The Hide and Seek escape room kept us on edge the whole time and it definitely tested our teamwork skills, but it was a great experience!

  223. Avatar photo
    Nooraziana Arif

    The place was easy to find and all the staff was friendly and most importantly, the game was great! I was there with my family and we chose Hide and Seek and it was the most intense time in my life! The best escape room I have played so far compared to other places. Love it and will definitely be back for more!! Please do come down and try to play! Highly recommended!

  224. Avatar photo
    Sharon C

    Went with family for the Carnevil, my first escape room experience and it was pretty difficult. If not for the attentive staffs, we were still stuck in the first room for the whole hour. Maybe inexperienced and only 3 of us, we felt overwhelming trying to find clues. But I still feel this is a very good entertainment for family and friends, the time just slipped away so fast. Surprisingly, we felt fun despite not able to solve all the clues on our own. Will definitely try again here!

  225. Avatar photo
    Zoelyn YQ Lim

    Our first experience playing Escape Room and had an awesome and thrilling time with Sha that was friendly helpful and advising us how to solve the puzzles. Thank you Sha

  226. Avatar photo

    Elyssa was our game host for our escape room game and she was really detailed and helpful with instructions and clues! We played hide and seek and it was really fun! Highly recommended!

  227. Avatar photo
    Trina Soh

    The puzzle make sense and Lei was super friendly in preparing before, throughout and even chatted with us after the game. It enhances the overall experience!

  228. Avatar photo
    Shayne Gan

    Very fun room! Syaz was super fun and tolerable to our screams even though it was not scary at all, wld give her 20 stars if i could!

  229. Avatar photo

    had a great first experience in the escape room! adibah helped to make our experience much more fun and immersive as well 🙂 staff were also friendly and helpful

  230. Avatar photo

    elyssa was amaaazing, the hide and seek concept felt so life-like! the host gave timely hints and could tell she was attentive throughout the experience

  231. Avatar photo
    Teh SiewQi

    Pretty fun experience with our main guide Lei for Carnevil. No scary element at all but takes a fair bit of decoding with good eyesight.

  232. Avatar photo
    Nasha Nazirah

    Went for the hide and seek escape room today! Mardiya was there to help us from the start and assuring us that it will be fun! We totally enjoyed ourselves today and would definitely come back for more games!

  233. Avatar photo
    Siti Juwairiyah

    super great!!! niran was super nice and helpful hehehe THE PASSWORD IS CURSEEE

  234. Avatar photo

    Our game master, Lei gave us lots of clues to help solve the puzzle, making the escape room more easy and enjoyable. He also lets us talk to him if we were scared

  235. Avatar photo
    31 Tay Shi Xuan

    syaz was really nice and was very helpful true the game

  236. Avatar photo
    Jeff Choi

    It has been a fun and exciting escape room experience. The facility was clean, the background atmosphere and ambience were great, and the puzzles (28 nights) are overall challenging but very engaging. It is highly recommended to try this escape room with your friends.

    Ho Ping is our host of the game. She is very friendly and enhanced our game experience. When we needed some clues, she gave us just the right amount so that the hints could help us move on, and yet do not spoil the game. Thank you Ho Ping for providing such a nice experience, we will patronize again for other puzzles.

  237. Avatar photo
    Edric Teo

    Overall, I’m satisfied and dissatisfied in some areas

    The place is Good At:
    1. Creative Escape Room.
    It is not like something I have seen before in other places, although some puzzles were quite predictable.

    2. Interactive Room
    There was a puzzle in the Bearcraft Escape Room where 2 players have to hold hands and press against metal plates for a door to open. That to me was interesting and very creative!

    The place is not so good at these places:
    1. Hard to find location
    2. No pen and paper allowed. This means that you have to remember all the puzzles in your mind to move on.
    3. Some puzzles are crazy difficult, for a 4 star difficulty, and without being able to use pen and paper made it impossible to complete.
    4. Hints were too generic and did not help.
    5. There is very little time of 1hr to complete 5 puzzles! Which is too little time

  238. Avatar photo
    Nad Suyani

    Adibah is a great coordinator. She gave good instructions and explanations on problem solving. It was a great experienced.

  239. Avatar photo
    Remya Joseph

    We played the hide and seek room. Sha was was the one who assisted us. Though the game itself was quite challenging, and real scary when the old blind man visited, we had a lot of fun. Totally recommend it!

  240. Avatar photo
    Joy Ho

    loved the escape room and Elyssa’s live acting! Made the whole experience fun!

  241. Avatar photo

    During the game, Sha was very helpful and patience whenever we called for help. We called a few times but she did not get annoyed and is very friendly.

  242. Avatar photo
    Phia B

    It was a lot of fun, they had some really great puzzles to solve and the room wasn’t impossibly difficult. Elyssa helped us loads and made it more enjoyable than stressful!

  243. Avatar photo
    Megan Ho

    lei was great at acting as the blind man and provided useful tips for us! one of the best escape rooms in sg, great for team bonding and providing an it was an enriching experience!

  244. Avatar photo

    this escape room was really fun! puzzles were quite hard but we managed to finish with the help of the staff, syaz. it was not vey scary but interesting.

  245. Avatar photo
    Tulsi Devi

    thanks mardiya really helped us alot and with patience, made the whole experience great!

  246. Avatar photo
    Beh Cheng Mun

    Mardiya was super friendly and helpful. Gave us more time to solve the hardest puzzle at Trapped. Wonderful first escape room experience!

  247. Avatar photo

    Elyssa was an amazing blind old man in the hide and seek room!! Challenging but definitely a memorable one, will definitely be back. Staff are so friendly too

  248. Avatar photo

    Mardiya |

    We had so much of fun , and the staff was really helpful and amicable!

  249. Avatar photo
    Jon Elias

    Game master Wynnola was really great and in giving the clues not too explicit as well. The Jigsaw room was super hard!

  250. Avatar photo
    Celest Kwoh

    One of the staff Lei was very nice and helpful. He gave us a lot of hints so that we could solve the game.

  251. Avatar photo
    Deborah Tang

    The Hide and Seek room and the Quiet Place room were great. Hide and Seek was very scary – be warned.

    Mardiya was a great game hostess and very knowledgeable.

  252. Avatar photo
    Fatin Nabilah

    Played the hide and seek escape room with Adibah as my scare actor. Very well planned. It was medium level but rather difficult (solved in the nick of time with some hints). Very thrilling experience well worth the money

  253. Avatar photo
    Kithalakshmi Vignesvaran

    Mardiya gamemaster, did a great job. Enjoyed and managed to complete the game in 45mins.

  254. Avatar photo

    Elyssa is very kind and helpful. Fun loving too. Totally overall good experience

  255. Avatar photo
    Hilman Hariadi

    Adibah made our experience a fun and memorable one.

  256. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rahman

    The host was super nice helped us during the game , thanks alicia …

  257. Avatar photo
    Chen Zhiqian

    It was fun but intense, the staff Elyssa was of great help! Would come back again

  258. Avatar photo
    Myra Alnawaz Hui Jin

    We did the Purge Escape Room today and really enjoyed ourselves! Managed to get out with two minutes to spare! The puzzles were perfectly tricky and the room was definitely creepy in equal measure. Loved the sound effects and attention to detail with the props! We also really appreciated being able to ask for clues and be helped along with a hint from the super friendly game masters if we were behind time. Thank you so much for the truly fun escape room experience!

  259. Avatar photo

    fun and interesting experience for the Quiet Place themed room with Jannah assisting us along the way!! would definitely come back for more!

  260. Avatar photo
    Kat G

    Jared was really great! It was really fun and he really made the escape room amazing!

  261. Avatar photo
    haafizah hafi

    It was a great experience. Thank you for helping us! The time given for the game was sufficient- mardiya

  262. Avatar photo
    Hendra Matiin

    Adidah was awesome as the NPC during the Hide & seek. Gave me and my friends heart attack when she just burst into the room and started searching for her ‘victims’. Highly recommended to try the Hide & Seek story line.

  263. Avatar photo
    Davin Ong

    The escape room was difficult but rewarding at the same time. Shoutouts to Elyssa who was a very friendly staff and gave us hints when we r stuck

  264. Avatar photo
    Syarifah Asyura

    the actor syuhaidah was really great and their service is very good!!! great experience for first timer like me

  265. Avatar photo
    Sarah Khan

    The room was very well decorated in terms of creepiness and the clues were difficult but also solvable so that made the game fun instead of frustrating. Our game master, Elyssa, was very kind and helpful too!!

  266. Avatar photo
    Khatijah Beevi

    We tried Jigsaw and it was a exciting and challenging room! Lei was great in giving us clues. However, I feel that we could be a given some time to solve the room on our own effort rather than being heavily guided to completing it. The flow of the game can also be better structured and not be back and forth which we felt was a little confusing and tad a little disconnected.

    Overall its a great bonding activity! (:

  267. Avatar photo
    Raizen Ahad

    Very fun. The facilitator; Mardiya was super helpful and gave crystal clear instructions as well.

  268. Avatar photo
    Ethan Tan

    Alycia was amazing both as a service staff and an actress! She interacted with us, had a great attitude and was pleasant ! Highly recommend this place.

  269. Avatar photo
    Irfan Syazwan

    Very fun and exciting escape room. This place uses alot of your brain power to solve some of the puzzles. Place is dimly lit so you have to open your eyes big big. Host, Sha, is amazing. Very friendly and fun. A good place to spend time with your loved ones …

  270. Avatar photo
    Fyra Hilspears

    Thr person i/c, Adibah, was very helpful and her scare part was scary! Makes the whole experience so gooood!

  271. Avatar photo
    Shan En Chua

    We tried the Quiet Place escape room. It’s fun and triply. Mardiya was very nice when helping us!

  272. Avatar photo
    Farrah Lim

    loved the challenge. the guidance with our game master as well. hide and seek is the best room

  273. Avatar photo

    I LOVE WYNNOLA!! she is so fun and cute and nice fr best employee ever

  274. Avatar photo
    Lorraine Lai

    Syuhaidah was very helpful and friendly! We enjoyed the escape room experience!

  275. Avatar photo
    Margaret Lim

    Tried A quiet place and it was real fun!! Lots of screams but kudos to Mardiya, Alicia, Jannah for being exceptionally professional thoroughly enjoyed and so glad we ESCAPED IN TIME!!!!

  276. Avatar photo
    Nurserena Sofea

    it was actually scary and challenging (maybe because we stupid), so fun highly recommend!! adibah was a great help.

  277. Avatar photo

    wynnola is literally the best person working omg shes so fun and sweet and has really great energy. she is super helpful kind and sweet and you guys should really try it.

  278. Avatar photo
    Farah Abu

    We played in the Quiet Place’s difficult, exciting and we solved it 1 minute before our time was up! The staff Ellyssa was really accommodating. Thank you Trapped for the great experience!

  279. Avatar photo
    K-pop is my Lifeu

    Lei was engaging and very patient with us throughout. He made the process enjoyable!

  280. Avatar photo
    Rachel Liu

    Great activity for a group! Thank you Adibah for helping us with the clues and making it an exciting and fun experience 🙂

  281. Avatar photo
    Efah Yasmine

    the game kept us on our toes! Lei was very informative and friendly! We loved how he assured us nothing was going to happen and the room was not scary! we will definitely will come back!

  282. Avatar photo
    Ferik Setiawan

    It was very thrilling and scary for Hide n Seek but definitely fun! Thank you Elyssa for great customer service n helping us along the way!

  283. Avatar photo

    Good stuff, Alycia was very cool and nice in her role, she deserves a raise

  284. Avatar photo
    Leong War Yee

    Very fun but very hard for us to get the clues. Thanks Syaz Was very helpful throughout the game.

  285. Avatar photo
    Nabilla Hisham

    We enjoyed our time at Trapped and Alycia was very helpful throughout the entire experience.

  286. Avatar photo

    Sha was really great as a game master! Hide and seek was great, kept us fearing for our lives during. Would definitely recommend!

  287. Avatar photo
    Sophia Lim

    Lei was a very good host. Not the first time at this escape room and I still had a good time playing! …

  288. Avatar photo
    Jared Chan

    Super Awesome place! Wynnola was a super entertaining and bubbly game master Definitely would recommend

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