Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Luxury Apartment Over a Hotel in Venice

Venice apartments

venice apartments

Historic Venice sits on almost 120 different islands in a lagoon on the northeastern coast of Italy. Vast and modern Venice extends inland from the historic district. The city began in the early 800s AD. The city was glorious, wealthy and a leader in maritime trade and culture until Napoleon overtook it in the late 1700s. Then, the city experienced a period of disrepair.

Although not as opulent and impressive as the city once was, Venice today is a lovely place to visit with so much rich history. The canals and architecture is a step back in time. For visitors coming for business or city breaks in the area should consider these three top reasons for selecting luxury apartments instead of hotel rooms.

1 – Setting

Imagine modern re-made apartments along the scenic canal near Zitelle Church. Dream of waking and opening the window onto the Piazza San Marco. Classic apartments are found all though the historic district of Venice beside the most famous landmarks. Authentic restaurants and markets are only a short walk away. The everyday life of the city is found when staying in fine apartments located within the heart of it all or away from the crowds in the real Venice.

2 – Accommodation Amenities

Oftentimes, luxurious apartments are available at a much lower-cost than the rates offered by hotels and yet the amenities are in generous supply. Boat service usually comes with the suite, and other common amenities are as follows:
– Clean rooms and spotless, private baths
– Excellent views
– Extras like chocolates, bottles of water and handmade soaps
– Friendly, English speaking and helpful owners
– Fully furnished kitchens
– Heating and air conditioning
– Markets nearby letting guests cook at “home” when they like
– Private balconies
– Satellite TV
– Supplies like clean towels and linens

3 – Location, Location, Location

Just about any particular spot in Venice where guests would like to stay has an apartment or one very close at hand. Usually a canal is also nearby and travel to anywhere else in the city is not a problem. Many of the apartments are on quiet side canals near big attractions so that the accommodations are in a calm and quiet place and still near the important sites. The restaurants, cafes and markets frequented by locals are either right beside the apartment or just around the corner. Delightful neighborhoods with charming palazzos and the most famous points of interest in Venice just a short distance away makes for the perfect stay in this city.


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