Top 3 New York areas

Top 3 New York areas

New York is a city that is both vibrant and diverse. If you are looking for somewhere to visit, you can find something suited to your interests.

New York is a city that has grown rapidly in the last century. With the waves of immigrants that have landed in the city, the character of the ‘Big Apple’ has been constantly changing, and the city has been growing almost exponentially. One of the results of the mass immigration that took place during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries was that the city was divided up into very clear ‘areas’, with different nationalities broadly sticking to one particular area. Although this is no longer the case, the New York ‘melting pot’ has not been fully successful at removing all local differences between different areas. Each of the five boroughs has a different character, with each of these boroughs subdivided into different areas. If you are looking for a particular experience, then New York has something for you.

Harlem is famous as the ‘black quarter’ of New York. Although this is no longer strictly the case, much of the African, West Indian and African-American heritage runs throughout the area. Located in the Northern section of Manhattan Island, Harlem is still home to some world-class jazz bars, and is famous for celebrating its African-American heritage with a number of public libraries and other monuments. If you are interested in the history of African-Americans, or any particular feature of their culture, Harlem is the place for you.

The East Village is an area on the Lower East Side that has recently experienced a great deal of gentrification. This was historically the area dominated by Polish and Swedish immigrants, although these have been replaced in recent years by the emergence of a ‘Little India’, which is home to a number of Indian restaurants and cafes. This area of the city has seen rising house prices as formerly run-down areas have been cleaned up. The area remains relatively bohemian, and will give an excellent insight into trendy New York life in the twenty-first century, that is sure to be recognised by any fans of films and television shows set in the city.

The delicious-sounding ‘Meatpacking District’ of New York is one of the trendiest areas of the city at the moment. As with trendy areas throughout the world, it began as one of the cheapest areas to live, making it ideal for bohemians and artists, who quickly gave the area its own feel, with decorations, artists cafes and outdoor theatre. This quickly allowed the area to attract a more upmarket crowd, and whilst house prices and rents have increased, the area has retained its artistic feel. Think Camden in London for an apt comparison. This is also home to the city’s trendiest bars and clubs.

If you are planning to visit New York, then wherever you are planning on staying, you can find a cheap New York city breaks. Indeed, with a little research, you will also be able to find cheap New York flights. Travelling to New York needn’t break the bank. Indeed, the three areas listed above are some of the cheapest parts of the city, and so it is possible to see New York on a budget, although a little prior planning is needed.

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