Review Toa Payoh Town Park, Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore

Review Toa Payoh Town Park - Singapore Lor 6 Toa Payoh

“Small little park hidden in the center of the city. Easily accessible through public transport. Tiny waterfall inside. …” or “It’s natural park, can be relaxed and good to hang out on weekend” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Toa Payoh Town Park. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Toa Payoh Town Park is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Toa Payoh Town Park. In terms of Park, it is generally believed that Toa Payoh Town Parkis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Park, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore
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“It's natural park, can be relaxed and good to hang out on weekend”

“One of the popular nature park here in Singapore and very nice to do your activities here..a lot of tree love the scenery”

“Good Park for walking, big park but dont forget to use mosquitos repellent”

“A very well maintained public park with manicured lawns, loads of greenery and a lovely miniature lake setting. Beautiful environment with several ornamental bridges, pavilions, gazebos and loads of benches.”

“Nice to hang there because you can see the nice natura of the trees …”

“A nice small neighborhood park beautiful scenery, good place for exercise, with the tall trees to shelter off the sun”

“nice town park right in the neighbours. the mrt, bus interchange, swimming pool, gym and even shopping are all right next to it.”

“I like here the calm water in the pond and peaceful place perfect place to unwind”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 231 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.3 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 83% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Toa Payoh Town Park, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Toa Payoh Town Park, Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore

There is a total 231 reviews

4.3 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Ben Teo

    great scenery and fresh air

  2. Avatar photo
    Founder Media

    One of the good urban lung spaces available within residential and commercial area of Toa Payoh, Balestier Road. Just opposite to Toa Payoh Bus Interchange. Well maintained with lot of greenery, water pond with turtles and fishes. A workout area and a big shelter for from rain, if in case. During weekends we get to see lot of people gathering for lunch and enjoyments here. During morning and evenings, we see lot walkers, joggers.

  3. Avatar photo
    Ryan Lee

    Mosquitoes everywhere…a good place to idle in

  4. Avatar photo
    Elton Yip

    A lovely park near the sports stadium.

  5. Avatar photo
    May Woo

    A great simple greeny park within the noisey town. Extremely convenient 3 minutes walking distance from To Payoh bus interchange and MRT station. Good small walk or small group gathering

  6. Avatar photo
    Sophia Yap

    A great place to hang out with friends and relatives

  7. Avatar photo
    Sarah Sabares

    Good place to relax and exercise

  8. Avatar photo
    Lee Arthur

    Simple original state condition since old times

  9. Avatar photo
    Jun Kiat Fighting4sab47

    Good place to run but can be crowded on weekends

  10. Avatar photo
    Amy David

    nice town park right in the neighbours. the mrt, bus interchange, swimming pool, gym and even shopping are all right next to it.

  11. Avatar photo
    Rachel Xuan Andy Pok

    The trees provide shade from the heat though not very big.Should upgrade the running tracks and playground to attract more visitors.

  12. Avatar photo
    rashid khan

    Doesn’t feel like a park at all

  13. Avatar photo
    Indriani A

    Nice park but definitely need renovation and good maintenance

  14. Avatar photo
    ayy lmao

    beautiful scenery.great location to walk around

  15. Avatar photo
    Yan Cheng Choy

    Good routine exercise for minor stroke recovery. I am a previous stroke patient

  16. Avatar photo
    Toh Kah Lun

    Nice serene Park in the of toa payoh. Just opposite toa payoh mrt

  17. Avatar photo
    Mag Lee

    Beautiful park for relaxing walk and photoshot. Not so crowded and was a good place to exercise too …

  18. Avatar photo

    Very nice park . Every Sunday here have so many people, special couple. This everywhere people click photo.

    And same girls always play game and enjoyable day with friends and a lot food

  19. Avatar photo
    Zane Toh

    Quiet and calm park. Great place for an evening stroll with loved ones.

  20. Avatar photo
    EeMeng Quek

    A mature housing estate park. More shelters than other park. Good place for walking

  21. Avatar photo

    Good place to wind down and relax. Oasis restaurant has good porridge.

  22. Avatar photo
    Dustin Leong

    A nice place to do some light workout, with decent facility, toilet and drinking fountain

  23. Avatar photo
    Choon Theng Lim

    Serene park that is good for walks or jogs.

  24. Avatar photo
    Jammie Mathews

    Beautiful and Serenr

  25. Avatar photo
    Sam R (SathiaSince1990)

    Awesome place and it is a nice to place to have a walk

  26. Avatar photo
    Muso Lee

    Nostalgic place for older Singaporeans.

  27. Avatar photo
    Maroof Ahmad

    This town park is bigger comparatively to others in Toa Payoh and well developed in the center of Toa Payoh a developed state. Its usually full in the morning and overcrowded on Sundays by expatriates. This park maintain fiona fiesta including ponds, trees, stones and flying insects. This Park is good for joggers and you can see many people do exercises.

  28. Avatar photo
    Clem Ho

    A very well maintained public park with manicured lawns, loads of greenery and a lovely miniature lake setting. Beautiful environment with several ornamental bridges, pavilions, gazebos and loads of benches.

  29. Avatar photo
    HoiLam Lee

    A place that brought back childhood memories…A sanctuary amidst the bustling city.

  30. Avatar photo
    Wong Yida

    very calm park, not many people on weekdays. you can usually see people jog and play pokemon go. 10/10

  31. Avatar photo
    Elton Pang

    Quite and safe for leisure bwalk around the parks, lots of Pokestop too …

  32. Avatar photo
    Tom Barringer

    Well-maintained with a variety of scenery and plenty of seating areas.

  33. Avatar photo
    Clement Chew

    Was once iconic, but now like any other park in Singapore. Nothing spectecular.

  34. Avatar photo
    Pearlynn Tan

    Nice place to walk

  35. Avatar photo
    Doris Soo

    Week days are good/peaceful.come on sunday worst,cos many phinoys gathering with space dividing.says 5 in a group but so fast i saw 7~10 in a group.when NEA officers there they behave,after they left all nonesses out.

  36. Avatar photo

    A very interesting town park that is full of fun. There is a small bridge as well as green water sideway. Barely having any one here, you can really take a rest and enjoy your lovely weekend.

  37. Avatar photo
    Richard Nguyen

    Clean, nice park

  38. Avatar photo
    Lim Guo Jun

    Nice and serene place. Often spawn Dratini. Good for playing Pokemon Go.

  39. Avatar photo
    leong gee chun

    Nice place

  40. Avatar photo
    Jay Koh

    Nice small city park

  41. Avatar photo
    MD Sakib Rezwan

    I love this place

  42. Avatar photo
    M M

    It’s natural park, can be relaxed and good to hang out on weekend

  43. Avatar photo
    Robert Williams

    Nice park to relax in and spend a few moments.

  44. Avatar photo
    Matthew Tan

    Such a classic park with rich memories

  45. Avatar photo
    billy chan

    One oldest neighborhood park

  46. Avatar photo

    A calm place with a pathways good for cycling/jogging. Plenty of greenery as expected at a park. There’s a decorational pond that is good for photography or filming. It’s a public place so expect a lot of people on weekends. The park entrance is relatively spacious and you can see people practicing martial arts or doing yoga in groups . Occasionally a group of people will randomly stand near the park tower. That’s because it’s a popular Pokemon Go stop, hosting an EX-Raid eligible gym.

  47. Avatar photo
    Rachel Ashe

    It’s a small ‘town park’, lots of plants and trees with shaded spaces to sit but in the middle of built up area so you can always hear traffic. It’s a lovely little park but not somewhere you could bring the kids to play football and run around or have a picnic.

  48. Avatar photo
    Hope Ang

    Nice park good for a stroll. Best thing about this place is really the porridge stall here. Good food at very affordable prices. Unassuming and no frills. Sincere wait staff. Porridge is free flow. There is some free parking aybthe restaurant although limited lots. If full can park at the stadium just next to it or across the road at hdb hub.

  49. Avatar photo
    KK Jek

    A nice small neighborhood park beautiful scenery, good place for exercise, with the tall trees to shelter off the sun

  50. Avatar photo
    Rubi Padilla

    Great! Nice place to exercise and relax …

  51. Avatar photo
    dr Iyan Darmawan

    Very good place for exercising and jogging, particularly before 7.30 AM or adter 7.09 PM

  52. Avatar photo
    Clement Teh

    If you wanted to know what the 1970’s was like, this park was a representation of the pride of Toa Payoh HDB estate. There have been some upgrades since then and it changed over a period of time where a temporary bus terminal was include which HDB was being built. Still the salient elements were the OCTAGONAL MODULE design of the park bridge, Asian/Japanese style garden arrangement, iconic tower and of course the water body with fabulours flora upgrade. Still conservative as ever, there are no water birds introduced and neither does wild birds want to visit this water. We wonder why!

  53. Avatar photo
    Daniel Sin

    Can be crowded during the weekend as domestic helper will gather at this park to hang out. The park is small and there is a pond in the central of it.

  54. Avatar photo
    Darren Loh

    Serene and peaceful. Great for evening walks and jogs. Don’t forget your insect repellent! During pokemon Go community days, you will find many players gathering here to catch pokemons

  55. Avatar photo
    WenD Tan

    Lots of Pokémon stops (as mentioned) and people use to take wedding photos there as there are unique mini bridges there which you can’t really find elsewhere. It’s peaceful and is very near the bus interchange

  56. Avatar photo
    richie teo

    Bcos during school I often visit this park.

  57. Avatar photo
    Reio Kimura

    The place have changed a little from the past. It’s pretty relaxing to stroll here. I remember there used to be a lot of (released) terrapins in the pond and it’s so nice to see them swimming around. But now I think they cleared it.

  58. Avatar photo
    LA “LA Abadilla” Abadilla

    A very enjoyable and relaxing place with your friends.

  59. Avatar photo
    Marcuz Tan

    One of the oldest park in Singapore

  60. Avatar photo
    Helen Khoo

    We have known this restaurant from their old venue, Oasis. They serve Taiwanese style rice porridge with savoury dishes.
    We ordered a steamed pomfret, costly at $80, but very fresh and nicely cooked. We had 菜谱蛋 and green vegetables. Really nice balance. The staff was attentive and courteous.
    Lovely lakeside venue set in a park, with adequate parking. Good experience altogether

  61. Avatar photo
    Asri Widyastuti

    I like the atmosphere in toa payoh town park. I love the breeze, the lake, the birds, and all the plants that has been well cared

  62. Avatar photo
    Stanley Cheah

    Not a whole lot to do here besides admiring the bridges and pond. Not a very quiet and peaceful place either as it is next to a highway

  63. Avatar photo
    yuen py

    Glad that certain elements of the design of the park has been kept to retain the memories of the place

  64. Avatar photo
    Nur Hidayah

    Good. No insects while i was there. Theres toilet and dustbins and seats and shady areas.

  65. Avatar photo
    leong ann-naina

    You can find lots of foreign helpers there having picnics on Sundays. Quite cosy n so near bus interchange n mrt stn

  66. Avatar photo
    stardust 20008

    It has a nice ponds with rich floral and fauna. Great place to have a walk or jog. Great location as it is just opp toa payoh interchange

  67. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Seow

    Nestled between the busy PIE expressway and town centre, this small but beautiful park is a great place to exercise and relax. It has been around for almost 50 years and is very well-maintained. It still retains much of its early charm, tranquility and beauty. I haven’t visited the park in 4 decades and it sure brought back lots of fond memories.

  68. Avatar photo
    Jacques De Marquis

    Scenic little park with a nice pond. Saw people having a cozy picnic on the grass.

  69. Avatar photo
    I Arifianto

    Nice town park in the middle of toa payoh district. It has quite a history too

  70. Avatar photo
    Derick Sim

    Nice place to see sunset

  71. Avatar photo
    Daryl Ou

    This is an excellent place to exercise and chill

  72. Avatar photo
    Anna Koh

    A place to relax, exercise or walk

  73. Avatar photo
    Mark Anthony Padal

    Toa Payoh Town Park

    This place is amazing, super clean, and quite. It is also a great place to jog or practice running since it has a long road with elevated landscapes.

    I’ve been here a lot of time since I’m a fan of beautiful quite parks. I highly recommend going here, however I think this is not so touristy but a place just to relax.

  74. Avatar photo
    PRABHU “why?” 92

    Nice …

  75. Avatar photo
    Philip Lee

    Small but has a pond in centre, exercise stations, large covered yard, many tall trees, many seats, toilet, water fountain and near town centre, swimming pool and gym.

  76. Avatar photo
    Chew Thenghua

    Many delicious and cheap food, a lot of choices, selective

  77. Avatar photo
    Pak Soon Lau

    One of the early gardens in HDB heartland. Used to be crowded with families, courting couples, bride and groom on photo shoot, etc. Now it is more tranquil.

  78. Avatar photo
    Sandaruwan Adhikari

    Love it

  79. Avatar photo
    Huang Baoyi

    Didnt expect the toilet is awesome clean

  80. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Mohsin

    Well I got lucky one day and saw a pair of horn billed birds

  81. Avatar photo
    Angela Neo

    Really pretty park by the day but at night it seems a little creepy. Great place to bring your kids to appreciate the scenery. Remember to always have repellent on stand by!!

  82. Avatar photo
    Ling Kin Ming (Richard Johnson)

    Alot of people doing exercise in the morning.wheel cair accessible

  83. Avatar photo
    Sung Yiau Lee

    Nice park.

  84. Avatar photo
    Amy Horng (Get Fit with Amy)

    quite a decent park in TPY town center, yet very quiet.

  85. Avatar photo
    Zaleha Hassan

    Very nice place n toilet nearby n the pavillion is sheltered. …

  86. Avatar photo
    Jeanne Herawati

    Good Park for walking, big park but dont forget to use mosquitos repellent

  87. Avatar photo
    A C

    Small yet well maintained park for taking a walk or doing some exercise.

  88. Avatar photo
    fred chery

    good park but located between a highway and an avenue

  89. Avatar photo
    Mark Liong

    A cosy place for a fast quick run or a simple walk after dinner at toa payoh Central.

  90. Avatar photo
    manson mok

    Good and nive

  91. Avatar photo
    Laila Suyat

    One of the popular nature park here in Singapore and very nice to do your activities here..a lot of tree love the scenery

  92. Avatar photo

    Place doesn’t looks like it was cleaned daily, the water is very bad

  93. Avatar photo
    Joe Tan

    Quaint little park that is situated close to the bus interchange. Not a bad place for a stroll. But don’t expect too much out of it.

  94. Avatar photo
    Mish shukry

    I go here during my exams, in the evening a wonderful place quite and beautiful. Sunday’s it’s a bit crowded .

  95. Avatar photo
    luz Balisi

    Nice place for resting hour and meeting frds for birthday parties …

  96. Avatar photo
    Lansell Taudevin

    Pleasant park opposite Toa Payoh centre with its HDB hub. Not huge, but lovely ponds and shade

  97. Avatar photo
    choonhong lee

    nice park. ambient is good and refreshing

  98. Avatar photo
    Jackson Toh

    Place of old memories. Hexagonal barriers bridge. Restaurant. Ponds.

  99. Avatar photo
    sita pujiati


  100. Avatar photo

    such a nice park to walk around. easpecially late at night

  101. Avatar photo
    KM NG Amir

    Love the nature park & jogging tracks

  102. Avatar photo
    Gustavo Souza

    Very difficult to reach of you’re in the other side of the highway. The pictures show how average it is, since they are almost all showing buildings.

  103. Avatar photo
    Girlie Gorgonio

    Nice to walk around

  104. Avatar photo
    Ramesh Ramakrishnan Iyer

    The oldest parks in Singapore it is opposite the bus station and next to the swimming pool there is a interesting piece of architecture like a viewing tower which can be used as a nice attractive feature in your photographs the garden is very pretty with many old trees and you can hear the traffic of the highway and expressway but it is still a quiet place for contemplation

  105. Avatar photo
    Ant Tan (Ant)

    Located centrally part of the location at Toa Payoh. Great for exercise and have a quiet relax shelter pavilion for those who want some quiet zone. Park is designed with pond and plants with a nearby restaurant. You walk across the overhead pass will be Balestier Whampoa area. Very great location!

  106. Avatar photo
    David Cung

    It’s a great place for walk and jogs at nights. There is also the iconic hexagonal platforms on the pond for the instragrammers. The only thing to take note is that on weekends, there are usually domestic workers picnicking which makes the park very crowded.

  107. Avatar photo
    Salsabila Iftina

    It’s really nice place to walk or run in the morning!

  108. Avatar photo
    sajin saju

    Nice greenery but the place is very noisy

  109. Avatar photo
    Subham Jojo

    Wonderful park with a lake and also have tortoise also

  110. Avatar photo

    Nice little park in the middle of a housing estate. Has a nice little watch tower that can overlook the surrounding area. A peaceful walk on a busy day.

  111. Avatar photo
    W C Tan

    Small but nice neighbourhood park opposite the town center and bus interchange. Vegetation neatly planted. Nice arches, water ponds and waterfall. Good place for exercising, dating and photography.

  112. Avatar photo
    Ong Keegan

    A beautiful park, even though is not big, but very planted. Beautiful flowers too and pound. Well done NPB.

  113. Avatar photo

    Great place for an evening walk …

  114. Avatar photo
    Yani Blabak

    Nice place to take picture

  115. Avatar photo
    Tung Fook Weng

    Quiet place in the evening and weekends is place for foreign workers panic.

  116. Avatar photo
    Mohd Firdaus

    Dirty toilets but the vending machine for misc items was pretty convenient

  117. Avatar photo
    Koh Choon Hong

    Accessible by MRT n bus, with carpark nearby. Close to expressway. Great place to hang out.

  118. Avatar photo
    Anne Cher

    Take mrt to City Hall n change train toward Tao Payoh mrt Station. Cross the traffic lights outside bus interchange to get to park. Nice old park with lots of greenery n a beautiful pond.

  119. Avatar photo

    Small little park hidden in the center of the city.
    Easily accessible through public transport.
    Tiny waterfall inside. …

  120. Avatar photo
    ritesh kumar

    Toa Payoh is a beautiful and this park make it more amazing

  121. Avatar photo
    Dr Jawad Ramzan (Dr Jawad Ch)

    Singapore nice park. quiet environment.

  122. Avatar photo
    Su Hlaing

    Nice place to take a rest with friends

  123. Avatar photo
    Alan Toh

    I nice quiet town park, not too big thought but have very nice bridges and water feature. There is also a restaurant there with parking, the price of food is on a slightly high side.

  124. Avatar photo
    shee Na

    I like here the calm water in the pond and peaceful place perfect place to unwind

  125. Avatar photo
    Teresita Milo

    Nice place very quiet

  126. Avatar photo
    Siddhesh Hirlekar

    Small piece of nature in the middle of hustling bustling tohpayoh!

  127. Avatar photo
    Patrick Chow

    Nice neighbourhood part

  128. Avatar photo
    MC Liu

    Besides the garden and Oasis restaurant, not very much happening there.

  129. Avatar photo
    Ben Lee

    Childhood place revitalized but populated by many FT

  130. Avatar photo
    Sze Ying Ong

    Very nice place with bridges and structures

  131. Avatar photo
    andy sun

    Pleasant place to see and be among some nature. Can be a bit noisy from the rush of traffic sounds wharfing over from the expressway right alongside it though. Otherwise, a nice breakaway with very aged trees, tortoises, fish and even some chickens roaming about! The bridges are a great structural touch too, dating back way back many years. Love the almost antiquity of them!

  132. Avatar photo
    Samir Aggarwal

    Well maintained.
    Worth spending time with family and kids on weekend.

  133. Avatar photo
    Caroline Poon

    True nature. Unlike other man made parks.

  134. Avatar photo
    Bryant Lin

    nice place to run, weekend crowds are the foreign workers going about their gathering with friends

  135. Avatar photo
    Saifu Angto

    Sizeable city park with water features and bridges. Right across from Toa Payoh bus interchange and MRT station.

    It was a Sun on a long weekend so it was quite crowded

  136. Avatar photo
    BALA R

    Lovely place …best spot to suspend yourself to a different world and blend in with nature…..

  137. Avatar photo
    Aravinth V.K

    Nice park to relax ourself

  138. Avatar photo
    Milagros Dizon

    It is crowded because Sunday

  139. Avatar photo
    Adrain C

    Nice place to run. There is a famous porridge restaurant. Limited parking at the park.

  140. Avatar photo
    Tammy Koh

    A little scenic neighbourhood park. Pales in comparison to the other parks in Singapore but a pleasant experience nonetheless.

  141. Avatar photo
    Gary Teo

    Nice park, but it has been zoned to be redeveloped.

  142. Avatar photo
    Abhijeet Gite (Abhi)

    Perfect residential park near our home.

  143. Avatar photo
    Manoj T W

    Very calm place in the concrete jungle

  144. Avatar photo
    Angeline Teo

    Quiet, not too many activities in this park. Nice and quiet

  145. Avatar photo
    Low Giap Peng

    Park same as before, there is a Oasis Taiwan Porridge popular there.

  146. Avatar photo
    Adhiraj Ghosh

    Wonderful experience. Located in the heart of the residential neighbourhoods of the city. The park is large and contains an established heritage trail which adds to the aesthetic appeal of the park. Plenty of eating options near the park and there is a major bus terminal just across the street. Excellent place to go for a run.

  147. Avatar photo
    Kuala Lumpur

    This place is very nice.. Its so refreshing.. I mean I am inside of it.. Actually Im homeless.. But still I am inside of the park.. Enjoying the night

  148. Avatar photo
    Clive Heightman

    Well worth a visit as a counter to the industrial environment of Toh Payoh … a place to refresh your mind

  149. Avatar photo
    Paxton Foo

  150. Avatar photo
    hwee suan j

    i was abit sad to see low ratings for a park i love so much. people saying that a park with so much history needs a revamp just feels unjust. it’s really peaceful and barely anyone there other than occasional joggers. i’ve seen the elderly by the benches and watch the water, i’ve seen couples and breakups. it’s a place i hold dear because i’ve really made alot of memories with my friends and shared so much time sitting by and listening to music etc. the only thing is you probably should come with insect repellent but otherwise, it’s a place i love alot.

  151. Avatar photo
    Johnny Lim

    nice place to enjoy and also no worry about car park

  152. Avatar photo
    La Madame NomNom

    Changed soooo much. Used to visit this park as a kid. The last time I was there perhaps 30 years ago?! Gosh… time flies…

  153. Avatar photo
    Esther Tan

    Small park for evening stroll

  154. Avatar photo
    Jia Le Ho

    Nice and quiet, a popular garden in the past.

  155. Avatar photo
    Maegz Foo

    Used to come here for a walk all the time. Now I just come here to catch Pokémon.

  156. Avatar photo
    Gilda Riola 8

    Nice to hang there because you can see the nice natura of the trees …

  157. Avatar photo
    Henry Wong

    Residents are so fortunate to have this amenity in their estate. Fun place for young children to play and to explore…

  158. Avatar photo
    Night Fury

    I have always seen this park otw to work and decided today that I should go. Its actually a really nice park. There were so few ppl so it was quiet. A good place to wind down and read a book. I don’t understand why nobody goes to these kind of places. I would definitely be coming here again.

  159. Avatar photo
    HM Haneef NiQ

    Very serene & beautiful …

  160. Avatar photo
    Wendy Tang

    Beautiful park for an evening walk. The huge pavilion is a favourite for practitioners of taiji, qi-gong.

  161. Avatar photo
    Elvie Cabreros

    So spacious

  162. Avatar photo
    Dennis Choy

    Free walking and have 3 scan n win 365

  163. Avatar photo
    Wayne T

    Peaceful and tranquil place.

  164. Avatar photo
    Florian Parzhuber

    Lovely park with relaxing water and bridge environment.

  165. Avatar photo
    naungoo thet

    Good park

  166. Avatar photo

    Nice place for jog

  167. Avatar photo
    Ice Qu

    Just across the road and a few steps from the Toa Payoh MRT and you can be in another world. While the sounds of the city do not disappear, they do fade into the background of your experience while you are here. Squirrels chide each other, turtles splash in the neon green ponds and yellow vented bulbuls sing. Flowers in red, pink, white, orange and purple will greet you as you wander the pathways. Take time out for a stroll over the ponds. Twisted, whimsical trees emerge from the ground and seem to hover above the water, providing a sturdy home to epiphytes, ferns and lizards. You may see vloggers recording an episode. You may see uncles or aunties deep into an exercise like tai chi. There will be ladies on yoga mats sometimes. Occasionally a crazy pmd rider will zip by, so stay aware and not too dreamy. Most of all, you will enjoy this special charming park of green trees.and snippets of lawn, rock paths or paved paths, water plants and damselflies along with the occasional pond heron. I know I saw all these things on my visit. I look forward to a return in the evening time. I hope you visit soon too.

  168. Avatar photo
    DoRiS C

    Good heartland park at Toa Payoh. Heaps of green spaces for walks and activities.

  169. Avatar photo
    Arasu Aakash

    Nice and quiet town park.

  170. Avatar photo

    Small little park hidden in the center of the city.
    Easily accessible through public transport.
    Tiny waterfall inside.
    Semicircular water bridges provide good photos, esp at sunset.
    There is a pond at the center but nothing much to see.
    If you are patient, you can spot variety of dragonflies and damselflies.

    Tower in the park isn’t open to public anymore.

  171. Avatar photo
    Isay Dulnuan

    Lovely park full of trees offering a lot of shades, and covered huts for resting. Crowded on weekends but quiet during weekdays. It’s just across the road from the back of the Toa Payoh bus interchange so it is very accessible.

  172. Avatar photo
    Khun C Ch.

    Good place for excercising. Part of temporary bus interchange till first aircond bus interchange finished. From bus interchange transformed into park which make Toa Payoh more fresh and green. Sunday crowded with domestic workers with a lot of activities that they arranged.

  173. Avatar photo
    Mukesh Selvakumar

    Clean and calm

  174. Avatar photo
    Alice Ong

    This park is great for wedding photo shooting. Nice scenery, also quite a bit of shady spot to cool down.

  175. Avatar photo
    Jesse LeeDerrick

    Visited Oasis Teochew Restaurant. Food now not as good as before they move there from kallang stadium.

  176. Avatar photo
    Eng Wah Lock

    Nice quiet small old park.

  177. Avatar photo
    Joby Jose

    My daily evening walk spot

  178. Avatar photo
    Igpuara Solskie

    These place good for picnic and gatherings

  179. Avatar photo
    Peter Lim

    Occasionally crowded but nice place.

  180. Avatar photo

    Very peaceful. Nice place for enjoy with friends and nice photoshoot place

  181. Avatar photo
    Anne Cher

    Take mrt to City Hall n change train toward Tao Payoh mrt Station. Cross the traffic lights outside bus interchange to get to park. Nice old park with lots of greenery n a beautiful pond.

  182. Avatar photo
    Lincoln Xiao

    It ok but there is no fance near the water just do not fall in but it’s small and not much there but it’s a nice small park

  183. Avatar photo
    Chez Parms

    Love the place where you can relax and unwind together with your friends and love ones. A very peaceful and have a beautiful scenery, and a place that you shouldn’t miss when you want a peaceful place. …

  184. Avatar photo
    Teo Chen Wei

    It was a great time walking around in the park. Certain parts look a little bit prehistoric tho

  185. Avatar photo
    Nadia May

    Great place for relaxing and exercise

  186. Avatar photo
    Ahmed Noor

    lovely place for make fun with friend and family

  187. Avatar photo
    C W

    Small park with lovely arches and ponds. Love the fauna and flora you can find there

  188. Avatar photo
    madhu m midha

    neat&clean environment.i love this place.very peaceful

  189. Avatar photo
    Janice Poon

    Very nice place for exercise, taking a stroll…but the pavilion can be quite dirty for floor exercises.

  190. Avatar photo
    Kashi V

    Good park but do not have some things for children. Green and clean park.

  191. Avatar photo
    Kushan Menake

    Good place to spent the leisure time,

  192. Avatar photo
    Shafiq chowdhury

    Nice place to visit with family, Sunday try to avoid due to too many foreigners gathering

  193. Avatar photo
    Richard Wong

    Very scenic n quiet place for relaxing with the floral scene.

  194. Avatar photo
    Founder Media

    One of the good urban lung spaces available within residential and commercial area of Toa Payoh, Balestier Road. Just opposite to Toa Payoh Bus Interchange. Well maintained with lot of greenery, water pond with turtles and fishes. A workout area and a big shelter for from rain, if in case. During weekends we get to see lot of people gathering for lunch and enjoyments here. During morning and evenings, we see lot walkers, joggers.

  195. Avatar photo
    Danny Lee

    Love this tranquil place…

  196. Avatar photo

    Cute park. Nice information on dragonflies.

  197. Avatar photo
    woelly william

    small park opposite Toa Payoh bus interchange

  198. Avatar photo
    Ana Rohana

    Small park closed to Toa Payoh bus interchange. Nice place for photography also. Usually a bit crowded on Sunday.

  199. Avatar photo

    Great lake, nice porridge restaurant

  200. Avatar photo


  201. Avatar photo
    dusze teng

    A small pond in the middle of park, you would find tortoise there. Many people exercise in the morning, there is a restaurant in the park

  202. Avatar photo
    Glenn Koh

    Very popular in the 70s for wedding photos

  203. Avatar photo
    Robert Li

    Nice jogging track

  204. Avatar photo
    J Oasis

    The pond is very well maintained. The greenary view is refreshing. You can feed the fishes too.

  205. Avatar photo
    Li Junbin

    Peace and quiet place with many pavilions to rest.

  206. Avatar photo
    Dennis Ang

    One of the oldest park in Singapore. Nice venue for taiqi or brisk walk. Great place to spot dragon flies. Pity you can’t climb the tower any more

  207. Avatar photo
    Stephenie Ng

    Fun place to be

  208. Avatar photo
    Alick Yew

    One of the few places where you can see all fishes swimming around in the ponds

  209. Avatar photo
    Virath C. Liyanage

    Small park just next to main road.

  210. Avatar photo
    Dhannya Kumar

    Lovely and very zen

  211. Avatar photo
    peter h t seow

    Good place to walk, jog, stroll or exercise except it’s surrounded by roads and expressways full of vehicles.

  212. Avatar photo
    Siong Wee Quek

    Convenient park opposite Toa Payoh Bus Interchange and MRT.

  213. Avatar photo

    Toa Payoh Town Park is a place I grew up and brings back much memories.

    The photos below are taken at night and very serene and quiet for you to take a walk or run with loved ones to relax. I have added some photos during the day as well.

    There’s a pond, bridge and many pavilions, paths for cycling/walking. It’s also very cooling at night and great for reflections to be done if you like.

    There’s also sheltered area for fitness class to be conducted at.

    There’s also vending machines with snacks for you to buy if needed.

    A good place to enjoy for free!


  214. Avatar photo
    ST Lim San Teng

    Authentic Chinese Garden with artificial waterfall and natural landscape. A must walk at Toa Payoh.

  215. Avatar photo
    Lyza Ana

    Beautiful place, I love for jogging every Sunday morning…

  216. Avatar photo
    Shame Uba Lozada

    Love it …

  217. Avatar photo

    Nothing has changed much in thos very old park. One of its kind in olden days. Opened sometime in the earkly 1970s, it was part of Games Village in the 1970s.
    The current Oasis restaurant was a open air pavilion. No other changes since then.
    Very popular garden/park for wedding outdoor photoshoot in those days even until the late 1980s.
    Brought back a lot of memories,……

  218. Avatar photo
    Manish Gayan

    A beautiful park to take a leisurely stroll or just find a spot to sit and ponder on life.

  219. Avatar photo
    Grace M

    Nice place for walks, just beside oasis Taiwan porridge..can see gathering groups having picnics at times.

  220. Avatar photo
    Shivachandra Kasetty

    Sunday’s can get quote crowded….but great on other days!

  221. Avatar photo

    Beautiful place. Many couple used to take wedding shoots in the 70s/70s.
    My late parents used to do that too!

  222. Avatar photo
    Dion Gale

    Visited this place on Sunday 6 January 2019. Good place to meet up, have a picnic and walk around the park. Also has a 25 metre lookout tower too.

  223. Avatar photo
    Peter Kovacs

    a nice small park

  224. Avatar photo

    It is good place for light exercise

  225. Avatar photo
    William Lee

    Not so big but neat and nice

  226. Avatar photo
    SoonKeong Loo

    Green Park in the middle of the city state. Serene and relax place.

  227. Avatar photo
    Matthew Yap

    Saw 2 youngsters illegal fishing at the pond area

  228. Avatar photo
    Kumfun Lee

    If got carpark lots for disable parking will be good.

  229. Avatar photo

    One of the best park in Singapore

  230. Avatar photo
    T. Koh

    Serene nice small park

  231. Avatar photo
    Backyard Xplorer

    Iconic park. One of those parks that have survived since the early 80s.

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