Review Tiong Bahru Park, 1 Henderson Rd, Singapore

Review Tiong Bahru Park - Singapore 1 Henderson Rd

“Nice and quiet early in the morning! Nice place for exercise. Look like new additions: Now with dog park n plants allocation.” or “So great to be there, very nice place to relax and do some exercise …” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Tiong Bahru Park. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Tiong Bahru Park is quality.

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  • Address: 1 Henderson Rd, Singapore
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“Nice and quiet early in the morning! Nice place for exercise. Look like new additions: Now with dog park n plants allocation.”

“Good size park at tiong bahru area. Sand play and playground for children, few gazebos around as well. It is good to visit this park early morning before 8am or after 6pm to avoid the hot sun.”

“So great to be there, very nice place to relax and do some exercise …”

“Can't wait for it to reopen. They have renovation till 31 Jan. Hope the zip lines will be restored!”

“Nice park for kids and seniors to have fun or exercise. With nice sand based playground with training equipment at exercise corner. There is even an enclosure for doggies.”

“Love this park. Near my work I tiong bahru plaza and great place for relaxing and very quiet and lots of sitting places. They have nice outdoor gym where I do exercise.”

“Features a superb playground that kids can explore and exercise their sense of imagination. Also features real sand which has been sorely missed in most newer playgrounds!”

“Place for all age range. Good for running. A lot maids picnic here”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 260 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 92% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Tiong Bahru Park, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Tiong Bahru Park, 1 Henderson Rd, Singapore

There is a total 260 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Duc Pham

    very nice place

  2. Avatar photo
    Ma S

    Very unique playground!
    But somebody threw some rubbish on the playground so not so clean especially before censer comes…

    Kids can play with sand so it’s good play to play though…
    It’s quite hot in the afternoon.

  3. Avatar photo

    Good place for senior citizens of Tiong Bahru and Redhill area to exercise

  4. Avatar photo

    Nice a quiet, during the school holidays.

  5. Avatar photo
    Micky Tan

    V good

  6. Avatar photo
    Andrew Chou

    Short walk from mrt station

  7. Avatar photo
    ysum Leong Wai Sum

    One of the neighbourhood parks that provides residents running route and some basic exercise facilities

  8. Avatar photo
    TH Tan

    Toilet opened during CB

  9. Avatar photo
    Suria Hashim

    Kids have a good time playing. Sand playground.

  10. Avatar photo
    CW T

    small playground more suitable for younger children

  11. Avatar photo
    Teeyong Tan

    Small running route but extremely peaceful during OFF peak hours

  12. Avatar photo
    Fadzilla Mohd Johari

    Very quiet and peaceful place. We saw a rooster and a chicken wondering around which was so cute! My son was thoroughly fascinated. The playground was sadly a little run down. I think there use to be a zip line but the seats attached was taken out.

  13. Avatar photo
    Judy Lin

    Great place to let the kids hang out for a play date

  14. Avatar photo
    Hilda Kang

    Small but sufficient for a quick workout

  15. Avatar photo

    Really a small park, the train style playground is special but it is extremely hot under the sunlight. There is also a fitness trailnearby. BTW I saw a lovelly squirrel eating moss on the big tree. So cute.

  16. Avatar photo
    lua jy

    It is a good place to exercise be it night or day

  17. Avatar photo


  18. Avatar photo
    Online Shopping

    Playground closed as of 3 Jan 2023, with estimated completion date of 31 Jan 2023.

    No work appears to have been done as of 14 Jan 2023, so the ETA seems optimistic.

  19. Avatar photo
    Vincent Wan

    Nice park for kids and seniors to have fun or exercise. With nice sand based playground with training equipment at exercise corner.
    There is even an enclosure for doggies.

  20. Avatar photo
    Sakae Valeriano

    Good place for jogging…clean environment

  21. Avatar photo
    Eddy Chan

    The playground is great, best is the real sand play!

  22. Avatar photo
    Dylan Lau

    Lots of activities for people of all ages. Amazing what National Park did with the park. There is something going on at all times.

  23. Avatar photo
    Fulin Wong

    Spacious park with many pavilion and seating areas. One of the few playground left in Singapore with sand. Main attraction is the train playground with many slides for age 5 and above. There’s also a zip line but unfortunately it’s closed during covid. There’s another small play area for younger children.

  24. Avatar photo
    Michele See

    Can’t wait for it to reopen. They have renovation till 31 Jan. Hope the zip lines will be restored!

  25. Avatar photo
    Yan Ng

    Good open space with a flat terrain for strolls or runs. Nice greenery too.

  26. Avatar photo
    devils advocates

    It’s a nice park for outdoor activities… Place is under some reconstructions

  27. Avatar photo
    Florence How

    Great park although more shading closer to the playground so that the slides are not hot would be good

  28. Avatar photo
    Lychee tea

    very kid friendly

  29. Avatar photo

    Oh well, its a all time favourite for pokemon hunter doing raids n ex raid there. Lol great place anyway. Definitely hoping for more shelter areas to hide from rain.

  30. Avatar photo

    Not too crowded but there were some crowd exercising today, playground was empty though, only 2 kids and 1 parent..

  31. Avatar photo
    Sudhanshoo Maroo

    Great place for kids, adults, everyone

  32. Avatar photo
    chyeann toh

    Small neighborhood park

  33. Avatar photo
    Anne Cher

    Nice and quiet early in the morning! Nice place for exercise. Look like new additions: Now with dog park n plants allocation.

  34. Avatar photo
    Prakasam ajith

    Developed in 1967, Tiong Bahru Park is a haven of tranquillity for the nearby residents of Henderson, Bukit Merah and Lower Delta Road. With the theme ‘Old Frame, New Images”, the park blends its existing structure with new facilities to provide a livelier ambience and to cater to different groups of park users.

    Fitness enthusiasts can warm up at the various fitness corners and exercise stations before jogging around the park. Alternatively, walk on the foot reflexology footpath for a relaxing foot massage. Visitors can also sit on the benches and relax in the cool shade of the many trees dotting the park.

    How to get there: A 5 minute walk from Tiong Bahru MRT station

    Park size: 3.3 hectares

    Park lighting hours: 7pm-7am

    Accessibility info: Wheelchair accessible

  35. Avatar photo

    Green space. Well designed.

  36. Avatar photo
    David Poh

    Nice park with playground that is small to medium sized. It’s old school, so it has sectors for different recreational activities, and tall, large mature trees that show the graceful age of the place, proper jogging trails with benches and paths, and a sandpit playground with cool slides. The landscaping is older style instead of the newer kind with postmodern greenery choices and long thrushes, which is just fine for me.

  37. Avatar photo

    My favorite place …

  38. Avatar photo
    Tim Chew

    Small but quiet well equipped park. Clean and quite pack with people.

  39. Avatar photo

    I’m so happy that a dog run is soon to be opened at Tiong Bahru Park

  40. Avatar photo
    Victor Lian

    Good size park at tiong bahru area. Sand play and playground for children, few gazebos around as well. It is good to visit this park early morning before 8am or after 6pm to avoid the hot sun.

  41. Avatar photo
    Madavan J

    A good place for light workout.

  42. Avatar photo
    Casilda Chua

    Amazing place to chill out with your friends,family and a great place to bring your dog for a walk!

  43. Avatar photo
    Roy Lim

    Unique playground that is free for all to enjoy. ’nuff said.

  44. Avatar photo
    Bxn Gaming

    Its fun

  45. Avatar photo
    Alexander Lim

    Great little park with a whole variety of exercise and playground equipment!

  46. Avatar photo
    Meowish Yun

    Spacious park with sand playground. There is a small section of playground for toddlers.

    The mini vegetable farm is well maintained.
    It is spacious for various exercise groups to carry out their workout.

  47. Avatar photo
    Boon Keong Ting

    Have opened few new shops at the basement, and at 2nd and 3rd floor. Can come and visit and see what are the changes.

  48. Avatar photo
    Data data

    A good place to retreat during Saturday and Sunday, Children can play in the sand

  49. Avatar photo
    Wilson Teo

    Should forbid foreigners throwing parties in the park on Sunday, as they threw a lot of rubbish and the cleaners have hard times clearing the garbage on Monday morning

  50. Avatar photo
    Aaron C

    Because tilting train is here

  51. Avatar photo
    Lee Chin Chong

    Fun but park too small

  52. Avatar photo
    Chris Vera

    Great park, well maintained facilities, water fountain, bathroom, jogging path and playground for kids with sand

  53. Avatar photo
    aimi N

    just a small park with clean bathrooms. Went there for some 1/6 photoshoots

  54. Avatar photo
    Felicia J Norfor

    A cozy dog run tucked into the park! If you are around the area, do check it out.

  55. Avatar photo
    Najma Jawad

    Helps to boost physical energy

  56. Avatar photo
    Caroline Ng

    My dog loves the dog run!

  57. Avatar photo
    Peter T Ng

    Big with car park. Good for younger kids.

  58. Avatar photo
    Cheow Wee Chng

    Nice park. My kid loves to come here. Too bad the flying fox was closed due to COVID-19.

  59. Avatar photo
    Mun Hon Chew

    Good place to walkabout n exercise.

  60. Avatar photo
    Mike Katayama

    Great spot, with zip lines and swings. Kids and their families playing until after sundown, when it’s cooler than during the day.

  61. Avatar photo

    Very dynamic and well utilised public park at all times

  62. Avatar photo
    Abdulhayy Johnson

    Our favorite, we call it the Train Park!

  63. Avatar photo
    Mark B

    Dog run is very small…

  64. Avatar photo
    Karen Ang

    Great place for a run!

  65. Avatar photo
    William Lim

    Nice place to stretch and workout the body. It’s good for relaxing the mind while sitting around doing nothing. Will need to bring your own food and drinks if there is intention to have a picnic at the park. Do remember to clear all the rubbish after you had finished them.

  66. Avatar photo
    Clare Milford

    Fun park for the little ones but needs shade. Everyone ends up huddling under the train when it’s sunny

  67. Avatar photo
    niah ma

    Very beautiful park. Senior, kids and pets friendly. There is a play pan area for pet dogs

  68. Avatar photo
    ronavi juan

    Clean and fresh air

  69. Avatar photo
    AG Lee

    A very nice garden for a short run and workout …

  70. Avatar photo
    Bhagya Sahan

    was recommended to come here by frends who said there’s a interesting plahground here my kids enjoy the train feature here that not found in other playgrounds. quiet and safe with other kids playing. I think its well maintain so far. no cmplains

  71. Avatar photo

    Nice park for a morning or evening walk. There is also a good size enclosed dog park for furkids

  72. Avatar photo
    Anita Padman

    Great park.loads for kids

  73. Avatar photo

    Ckean an quiet place at night, alot of activites and people exercising in the morning. Suitable for picnics, cycling, running, strolling, kids, adults, elderly, pets, etc.

  74. Avatar photo
    Joyce Ng

    Tiong Bahru Park is well maintained. Great playground for families with young children

  75. Avatar photo
    Lu Guo Liang

    A wonderful park with facilities for all ages and a good playground.

  76. Avatar photo
    umesh chavan

    Nice park for kids of all ages..

  77. Avatar photo
    Yeo Zuo Wei

    Park with beautiful scenaries

  78. Avatar photo
    Harish Purushotham

    Perfect Place renovated newly to fit people of all age groups.

  79. Avatar photo
    Chandrashekhar Pande

    It is situated in a lush green campus and a very good play ground for children.

  80. Avatar photo
    Faithamy Batcagan

    Nice place to exercise

  81. Avatar photo
    Win Yan

    Good and fun amenities.

  82. Avatar photo
    See Yusheng

    A great place for workout, jog and run. The familiar faces bring smiles to the workout routines.

  83. Avatar photo

    Beautiful Place

  84. Avatar photo

    Nice serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of traffic on Tiong Bahru road. Kids will love it.

  85. Avatar photo
    Syarah Roslan

    It was a refreshing view than from normal parks.

  86. Avatar photo
    Mansor Akhwan

    Nice place for normal mrng walk

  87. Avatar photo
    Leong Sang Yu

    Great place to work out

  88. Avatar photo
    Warren Lee

    It was okay but I think what they could add is free phones and air-con cause when I was jogging I sweat so I think we should put air con and maybe free drinks but It was troublesome to bring was so I think u guys should give free mask

  89. Avatar photo
    Peter Yap

    Iconic Park. Brought the grandchildren there. They loved the Thomas Train theme and the obstacles the slanted trains gave them as a challenge. Very large playground. Within walking distance of Tiong Bahru Plaza and MRT and lots of hawker food at the HDB blocks. Kudos to NParks.

  90. Avatar photo
    Matthew Lim

    Nice enough playground.

  91. Avatar photo
    Shin Fee

    If there are vending machine it would be great

  92. Avatar photo

    Well kept park with enough amenities like car park, play ground, fitness corner, jogging paths. Was very impress with cleanliness of toilet. Park is a bit small n used to have a pond but now covered up. Size is not big but expected as it is in the central part of Sg.

  93. Avatar photo
    Lucas Ho

    Small community park in a friendly neighborhood. Just next to Gan Eng Seng secondary school whose field is open for public use!

  94. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Ham

    A local community park. Good for exercise and fun for children

  95. Avatar photo
    Eddie Tan

    Not many playgrounds provides sand play and only unique one with a significant train model. Big open spaces with a Dog run park next to it. Parking is right next to the playground, convenient fo drivers

  96. Avatar photo
    Anggrani Suhali

    Good for the little ones!

  97. Avatar photo
    Bee Kiang Chong

    Exercise corners wt equipment

  98. Avatar photo
    Candy Sama

    A rather average park, but contains specialised playgrounds for kids and adults alike.

  99. Avatar photo
    Brandon Wong

    Great place for the kids. Can be a bit hot during midday.

  100. Avatar photo
    Shelly Lim

    My kids love the outdoor playground. There is a lot of greenery and open space. Perfect for walks and runs.

  101. Avatar photo
    Kuppa Jayaram Shreenithi

    It was really nice

  102. Avatar photo
    k kunalan

    It is small park good joggers and walkers.

  103. Avatar photo

    The Flying fox is not working anymore, so sad….. hopefully the CC could fix it soon.

    The grass are entering the park sand box, it is need some cleaning attentions.

  104. Avatar photo
    Mine Shery

    Children playground.
    Adult excercise park.
    Brisk walk or jogging track.
    Parking lots for cars.
    Suitable for family gathering.

  105. Avatar photo
    SS Tan

    Nice Park with good work out facilities

  106. Avatar photo

    My favourite running location

  107. Avatar photo
    Yuanathan Chan

    It’s quite a small playground. Don’t need to come all the way here just for this. There’s a small parking area since it’s only a small park.

  108. Avatar photo
    Kim Elldee

    Place for all age range. Good for running. A lot maids picnic here

  109. Avatar photo
    Stephenie Ng

    A good place to shelter from the heat of the day and take respite in the therapeutic gardens.

  110. Avatar photo
    Anna Teo

    Singapore is small but there are a lot of small corner we do miss out. Take this opportunity to go and discover the place we never been!

  111. Avatar photo
    Payam Motallebi

    Wonderful park with a great playground for kids. Playground is built over a sandpit, with many activities for different ages.

    More shading around the playground would be the only improved!

  112. Avatar photo
    philip yap

  113. Avatar photo
    Elena Laso

    Nice and we’ll maintained park for kids. Sand playground. Shadow shelter for waiting parents.

  114. Avatar photo
    Inder Bhan Singh

    Best playground for kids to play

  115. Avatar photo

    Very small park but okay for exercise. Quiet enough at night. Very crowded early in the morning.

  116. Avatar photo
    Vannessa Lee

    Hot in the afternoons. Go in the mornings to get the best experience.

  117. Avatar photo
    David Isaacs

    Cool playground with sand base under a flying train. Plenty of slides but only one swing & the flying fox was out of action. Beware there is no shade!

  118. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Lim

    Nice park to exercise or bring kids to enjoy the outdoor

  119. Avatar photo
    Srinivas Reddy

    Nice place for morning/evening walk

  120. Avatar photo

  121. Avatar photo

    Easy and bright to run during night. Nice playing sand and facilities for kid.

  122. Avatar photo
    Andrew Goh

    Very crowded during weekends.

  123. Avatar photo
    han hsiang Wong

    Great place to let the kids hang out for a play date

  124. Avatar photo
    Alan Chua

    Neighborhood park with a nice playground

  125. Avatar photo
    Mahipal Rathore

    Have many open gyms and kids play area

  126. Avatar photo
    Varatha Rajan

    I love this park and my morning exercise place

  127. Avatar photo
    Gerald Tham

    Mid size park a stone throw from the housing estate. Not crowded in the morning.

  128. Avatar photo
    jocelyn balaba

    The park that I love to do my exercise.

  129. Avatar photo
    Sonal Sinha

    Really good place for kids

  130. Avatar photo
    Khairul Jusoh


  131. Avatar photo
    Laurence Tan

    Like all parks in Sg, beautiful, clean, well kept and popular. Keep up the good job, Parks Singapore. Well done.

  132. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Barak Perisseuo

    Wonderful park with lots of greenery & green spaces. There is this wonderful playground with slides in a huge sand pit. You can also find Fitness corner, Thureupatic garden and small shelter to to take a rest after walking around the garden. Certainly worth a visit. It’s 5 minutes walk from Tiong Bahru MRT. Best to visit is either early morning or evening.

  133. Avatar photo
    Vikash Agrawal

    Well connected and has a mall at the metro station …overall, timesaver

  134. Avatar photo
    colin goh (小光)

    Nice park for morning/evening exercise

  135. Avatar photo

    This is amazing place full of beauty and serenity

  136. Avatar photo
    osman teo

    also clean and quite place to relax

  137. Avatar photo
    Jamal Siddiqi

    Pleasant small park off the tourist trail.

  138. Avatar photo
    T Singh

    Hopefully the pond will come back. Good for several hours if you find a spot in the shade

  139. Avatar photo

    Tiong Bahru Park is a great place for family.

    For adults runners, there’s a track for people who wants to run. An elevated staircase platform is also available for those who wish to go up and do stretching. Cyclist can also cycle in the park. There’s also outdoor gym for adults to exercise too.

    For children, there’s a big playground with sand to play. The “shipwrecked” railway station playground is very creative. There’s flying fox and swing as well.

    For nature lovers, there’s a small section with a garden to learn about the various plants there.

    You can find a small bridge there too.

    There are also toilets nearby.

    Parking lots are just beside the park.

    It’s 4 mins walking distance from Tiong Bahru Mrt.


  140. Avatar photo
    Sritam Sambit

    Good place. Morning vibes are descent.

  141. Avatar photo
    Solomon Lee

    Runbning track, pond, children playground,etc. A all round park. For both family both keep fitter. Never crowded

  142. Avatar photo

    About the length of one bus stop away from the next. Quite sunny in the morning and noon. There are fitness stations and toilets. And many seating areas.

  143. Avatar photo
    Piet Cha

    Humid and Hot days are not a good time to visit.

  144. Avatar photo
    Prakash T

    Large garden, Great play area for kids in the middle complete with sand, see saws, swing and a train themed slides + obstacle course.

  145. Avatar photo
    Fariz Junaidi

    Nice park

  146. Avatar photo
    Rtexal Tan

    Great park for the kids and for train kid fans …

  147. Avatar photo
    Lye Meng Koh

    enough space to do yr exercise. or leisure walk or seat .

  148. Avatar photo
    teck-beng Tan

    One round the park is about 650 metres. Good for jogging.

  149. Avatar photo
    Bryan Lo

    Kids love the playground!

  150. Avatar photo
    Yichao Xu

    Kids can play sand happily

  151. Avatar photo
    Philip Chew

    Great place to relax and exercise

  152. Avatar photo
    krb vikky

    Very nice place

  153. Avatar photo
    John Tan

    Beautiful park for young and old

  154. Avatar photo
    Meowish Yun

    Spacious park with sand playground. There is a small section of playground for toddlers.

    The mini vegetable farm is well maintained.
    It is spacious for various exercise groups to carry out their workout.

  155. Avatar photo
    Shaun Lim

    The iconic wooden train playground smack right in the middle of Tiong Bahru Plaza, Henderson and Redhill.

    Due to COVID-19 Playgrounds are all closed at the moment. We hope things will get better and we can enjoy the park once again.

  156. Avatar photo
    Abul Kalahm

    OK only Sunday only can go there

  157. Avatar photo
    K.L. Tan

    Features a superb playground that kids can explore and exercise their sense of imagination. Also features real sand which has been sorely missed in most newer playgrounds!

  158. Avatar photo
    Syenni Ong

    My kids love it!

  159. Avatar photo
    Jesslyn Ng

    playground was a hit with the kids. many fun elements! nearby toilet for washing up too!

  160. Avatar photo
    MaeRose Cabie

    If u are looking for somewhere to relax and have peace of mind.. U can try and go at tiong Bahru Park.. Its nice and clean️

  161. Avatar photo
    Micmacky Ng

    Clean and nice neighbourhood park.

  162. Avatar photo
    Ida anawara

    Nice park and quiet place

  163. Avatar photo
    Simon K

    Nice park, my kid loves it!

  164. Avatar photo
    Andrew Whiteside

    Love this park in my neighbourhood. An Oasis in the concrete jungle

  165. Avatar photo
    Anne-Marie O

    Small park with unique train playground

  166. Avatar photo
    Vincent Bakker

    This is a great outdoor playground with nice slides and toys. Clean. Far away from road so very safe. Love it!

  167. Avatar photo
    Mooi Heong Tan

    Great place for workout but sometimes can be quite crowded

  168. Avatar photo
    farah lee

    One of the rare playgrounds with sand left around Singapore. Love it!

  169. Avatar photo
    Simon Barnett

    Please join up with Cycling Without Age. We are there to provide fun Trishaw rides and make food conversation

  170. Avatar photo
    Sarah K

    Great park! Lots of cute dogs during dinnertime. Great for brisk walking. I go to The Gym Pod @ 163 Bukit Merah Central when it is raining out. Definitely recommend!

  171. Avatar photo
    Tay Wai Hong

    Visited in the morning! Good for kids to run around and play sand castle follow by McDonald’s breakfast at tiong bahru plaza!!

  172. Avatar photo


  173. Avatar photo
    Kenn WOON

    Niçe plaçe forkidş, and an evening‍️walkaboüt‍️…
    A bit şmall… …

  174. Avatar photo
    merle dsouza

    Very nice playground. Got slide,swing,sand play etc. only problem is that’s it’s not shaded. Went there at 10.30am and we couldn’t last more than 15min. Lots of children sitting under the slide and playing in the sand as it was to hot to play with the equipment. Surprisingly the rest of park is shaded with lots of trees.

  175. Avatar photo
    Robert Chris Lee

    Great place to chill under the trees . Walk , Jog or Calisthenics exercise. Beautiful park for you and your family to play because they provide playground for children.
    Car park is quite spacious. You can also go to the park using Grab.
    Toilet is provided in this area, a bit dirty but still ok.

  176. Avatar photo
    Hubert Tan

    My Kids definitely love it

  177. Avatar photo
    Dennis Ang

    Decent size park for walk or jog. Great playground area for children. Two exercise areas – one using body weights like chin up, crunches; and the other using hydraulics.

  178. Avatar photo
    Soo Wei

    Great place to relax and exercise. There are adults exercise facilities and children’s playground in this park.

  179. Avatar photo
    Marine Ronez

    Awesome park for kids!

  180. Avatar photo
    Adam Koh

    Jus a clean park.. Area was not big

  181. Avatar photo
    Rabbani Rozeli

    Very clean and also very good facilities

  182. Avatar photo
    Bryan Oliver

    Nice place for an evening walk

  183. Avatar photo
    Huw Hamer Powell

    A great place for a stroll plenty of shade. A bit hilly so be prepared to perspire. Good place to explore

  184. Avatar photo
    Victor Ng

    Decent sized park to jog and do calisthenics. Nice place to grab fresh air and let your legs work

  185. Avatar photo
    Muhammed Sufyan

    Not tat clean but very active place

  186. Avatar photo
    Asha Ganesan

    Nice park for exercising in a group.

  187. Avatar photo
    Joanne Lim

    tilted train playground is fun for children. but can be a little dangerous for the younger children. kids loved the zipline too.

  188. Avatar photo
    Tsuzuki D Nas

    Nice playground for the kids

  189. Avatar photo
    Yeow Chong Lim

    Vibrant park with the iconic wooden train playground in the middle of the park.

  190. Avatar photo
    Mohammed Jibran Ilyas

    A great place for kids with some swings and other activities.

  191. Avatar photo
    Chez Parms

    So great to be there, very nice place to relax and do some exercise …

  192. Avatar photo
    Chris Tea

    A great place for jog and relax. Walkable distance from TB MRT.

  193. Avatar photo

    Very well kept

  194. Avatar photo
    Monica Mian

    At night it’s so quiet even the fact that it’s suround surrounded of busy streets,it offers a lot of exercise equipment too thats so helpful for anyone who wants to self exercise …

  195. Avatar photo
    Karen Lee

    Had enjoyed free line dancings at the park every morning and made many new friends. Simply awesome! However, the area where we danced (near where the toilet is located) can be hot though, with the sun getting stronger…

  196. Avatar photo
    Daniel Teo

    Perfect tplace to take kids to. Playground and sand play. Many kids around the community come out to play together too.

  197. Avatar photo
    Lee Edwin

    I think the flying fox should be re-install for kids.

  198. Avatar photo

    Alot memories with my grandpa here . But sadly now I’m the only one left on this world . He’s gone . Hope time can go back when I’m still a kid and he bring me here .

  199. Avatar photo
    Hexzal Roy

    used to hangout here till fights happened …

  200. Avatar photo
    aerose dan

    Nice view in both morning & evening! …

  201. Avatar photo
    Important Dolphin

    Beach style playground for kids. Sand will get in shoes better to wear flip flops

  202. Avatar photo
    shannon Tok

    My kids love the train playground while i like the swing

  203. Avatar photo
    Amy Yee

    Highly recommended children playground with sands, slides, swing rides and other interesting sensory toys! Only 6mins walk from Tiong Bahru Mall and MRT. Great for family day out.

  204. Avatar photo
    Trisha Vinodh

    It’s usually only crowded on Sundays. Its a great place to chill play around or even jog. The place isnt big tho.

  205. Avatar photo
    Janet Lau

    Child friendly. Good for kids to run around

  206. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Chua

    Doge loved the park. 100% will return.

  207. Avatar photo
    Ng Li Ping

    My favorite playground happy life days

  208. Avatar photo
    MW Tay

    Suitable for family bonding

  209. Avatar photo
    Pari k

    Nice n clean…lots of things for kids

  210. Avatar photo
    joanelle chan

    Outdoor gym corner is excellent!

  211. Avatar photo
    Swati Suren Prabhu

    Near the Tiong Bahru MRT ..right opp to Blk 48 u will find this sand playground n park for kids main attractions is the tilted train…maze with puzzles . Sad that zipline not working n only one swing…sand was good to play. Very important …

  212. Avatar photo
    Jun Yan Yeo

    Iconic trains falling off the tracks. Iconic school nearby. Fitness corner to build muscles and tracks to run up and down. Good place to take a walk after a hard day at school or a bad dinner at home. Bonus if the bus at the bus stop comes just in time when you need to leave your friends behind.

  213. Avatar photo
    Peter Charles

    Couldn’t be happier

  214. Avatar photo
    Hung Dinh

    Nice playground. They have almost everything for kids to enjoy. Swings, seesaws, sliders, sands grounds, small maze and a big train.

  215. Avatar photo
    ralph Rodrigues

    A place where all can work out from

  216. Avatar photo
    Ray Tan

    Kids will love the sand play and train playground

  217. Avatar photo
    Bharath Kumar Bachina

    Good place to walk

  218. Avatar photo
    alvin care

    Good playground for children

  219. Avatar photo
    L CY

    Have drinking water here. Yummy

  220. Avatar photo
    Geir Amundsen

    Love this park. Near my work I tiong bahru plaza and great place for relaxing and very quiet and lots of sitting places. They have nice outdoor gym where I do exercise.

  221. Avatar photo
    Emily Lee

    lot of activities for children n young n old.

  222. Avatar photo
    Angie Jerez

    nice and big playground but due to the current situation some part are still close and can very hot from 9am to 4 pm.

  223. Avatar photo
    Chee Meng Chan

    Popular with neighbourhood residents. Unique outdoor playground for kids. Regular group exercise programs in weekend mornings for adults and seniors.

  224. Avatar photo
    Ciko Eyn

    Its a very good place to enjoy with family. And release some street.

  225. Avatar photo

    Nice small park for jogging

  226. Avatar photo
    Kevin Chou

    Great park for kids. The main playground has a sand base so be prepared for the kids to get dirty.

  227. Avatar photo
    Ong 158

    Mix of activity corners for all ages including young and aged, slow exercises and fitness training. Huge general prose field for football, baseball or drone flying is greatly enjoyed and appreciated. NEA is doing good job here.

  228. Avatar photo
    CK Tan

    With a new dog park, good space to unwind and work out, plus fun locomotive playground, it’s really a nice park!

  229. Avatar photo
    Swati Suren Prabhu

    Near the Tiong Bahru MRT ..right opp to Blk 48 u will find this sand playground n park for kids main attractions is the tilted train…maze with puzzles . Sad that zipline not working n only one swing…sand was good to play. Very important carry ur food if u r planning to come with kids coz we didn’t find anything nearby …lucky we packed our food n drinks. Place for scooter ride n exercise area. I find tampnies green forest better than this playground. However visit once foe train is worth.

  230. Avatar photo
    R T

    Fun place.
    No drinks machine but they have toilets and a drinking fountain so bring your own bottles! Nice spots for picnics and kids just having s great time.

  231. Avatar photo
    salini menon


  232. Avatar photo
    ZR AD

    Nice free train playground. On weekends, its quite filled with young familys. Good to bring your 1-3 year olds. As they get to practice manouvering the playground.


    I came here twice during weekday afternoons. There were some very rowdy primary schools who were there from a nearby school.

    Nothing wrong with this, however you may want to reconsider weekdays if you are bringing your toddlers, as these kids throw sand, climb and jump and can get pretty agressive.

  233. Avatar photo
    Vidhya Sreenath

    Awesome place for kids to explore for an evening.

  234. Avatar photo
    Simon Tian

    Clean & Green

  235. Avatar photo
    Syakirin Zainal

    A great park for family leisure time except on Sunday where too many foreign workers comes and do things that are not good for children to see

  236. Avatar photo
    Yan Hong Teo

    The sand that make you thought that you are at the sea side

  237. Avatar photo
    leong ann-naina

    I wish the govt will build more of playground w sand. As toddlers love it esp my granddaughter. Where I live at Chempaka n Butterfly parks there are none of such !

  238. Avatar photo
    Cheng Guan Lim

    A small park not much things you can do.

  239. Avatar photo
    Soong In Hui

    Nice Park to brisk walk, jog and some station exercise.

    Good playground for kids, and even an enclosed ground for dogs to run and play.

  240. Avatar photo
    Atul Sharma

    Amazing place to be with kids and friends

  241. Avatar photo
    Alvin Seah

    My kids love this place. There is a dog park but it is pretty small compared to the ones in West and East Coast Park.

  242. Avatar photo
    Alan Teo

    One of the most beautiful parks in Singapore that I have come across. There’s a tilting train with numerous slides coming out on both sides of the train cabins. There’s also sand in the park and kids love to play in the sand and built sand castles! Surely one of the most fun parks for kids around. There are also two flying foxes set up and my first time seeing this in a playground! There are also other playground set up for toddlers as well as an exercise park for the elderly. Extremely impressed by this park set up. A ‘must’ visit for kids!!! And it’s free too.

  243. Avatar photo
    Michael Lim

    Its mostly a place where people chill and exercise there and there is a playground which is quite fun for kids

  244. Avatar photo
    Ong Keng Joo

    Ok convenient for wheel chair and parking

  245. Avatar photo
    Grumpy Goat

    It’s alright.. A small park with some playground for the kids and a running path for the health enthusiasts.

  246. Avatar photo
    Anne Cher

    Nice and quiet early in the morning! Nice place for exercise. Look like new additions: Now with dog park n plants allocation.

  247. Avatar photo
    Lee Kah Keong

    It’s a small little park at the corner of Tiong Bahru. It has one of the few more “challenging”, sand playground in Singapore, with a mini flying fox for kids, as opposed to the underwhelming, plasticky, danger-proof playground commonly found around neighbourhoods.

  248. Avatar photo
    Victorio Chua (蔡林氚)

    Great place to relax, exercise and play Pokémon go!

  249. Avatar photo
    Halcyon Flowers

    A 3.3 hectares L-shaped park that lies beside Tiong Bahru and Henderson Roads. It’s rated highly for its various facilities which include exercise stations and fitness corners.
    Quote from Nparks website: “Grassy Fields, Dog Parking Areas, Birds, Fountains, Monuments, Restrooms, Shelters, Kids Ground, Bicycling, Walking Trails, Slides, Waterfalls, Bike Riding, Volleyball, Sculptures, Swings, Event Conducting, Tennis Courts, Jogging, Playgrounds, Skate Park & Lake”.
    We went there to view the new allotment plots that Nparks have listed for balloting. Neighbour and I are avid corridor gardeners, using the corridor outside our HDB flat units to plant edibles. We pray we can each get a raised plot and grow more edibles for our families’ consumption.

  250. Avatar photo
    John Chong

    Nice cozy small park. Was relatively empty weekday morning when we visited. Has a well equipped playground to entertain the young and also young at heart. Good place to walk dogs too!

  251. Avatar photo
    Pakia Nathan

    Good for children

  252. Avatar photo
    Chong Choon Shin Chong Choon Shin

    Very very nice place

  253. Avatar photo
    Kelley Ditzenberger

    Nicely maintained park with amole shade and places to sit. It could use another swing or two. Otherwise, a very nice experience.

  254. Avatar photo

    Unique playground.

  255. Avatar photo
    Merlyn Merlyn

    So nice place and park

  256. Avatar photo
    T C B

    Childhood playground for those born in 70s

  257. Avatar photo
    Sandaruwan Adhikari

    Great place very must go there

  258. Avatar photo
    Soo Hin Yeoh

    Urban park located between the MRT stations of Redhill and Tiong Bahru. In the mornings you will see seniors doing Tai Chi or group exercises; on weekends there seems to be a group that hang out with their dogs.

  259. Avatar photo
    eddy lim (chickencowsnake)

    Is a matured area. But still good and clean after they have upgraded. Can be better.

  260. Avatar photo
    Timothy Kehoe

    Great park for kids of all ages. Also has toilets and water fountain

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