The Town Behind the Flashing Lights: A Guide To Myrtle Beach, SC.

A Guide To Myrtle Beach

To most visitors, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina looks more like a tourist trap then a town. With hundreds of flashing signs, souvenir stores, and skyscraper resorts, it isn’t hard to see why many people feel this way. However, behind the overcrowded attractions and packed hotel beaches lies a unique town that many visitors tend to overlook. To visitors looking for a unique experience in Myrtle Beach, there are several options while in town.


When looking for a place to eat in Myrtle Beach, avoid the high traffic tourist areas such as Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot Landing. It’s not that the food is bad at these places, rather that you will be paying double the worth for pretty much everything on the menu. Myrtle Beach has plenty of great, unique restaurants to scratch your exploration itch. One of these includes the Thai Cuisine restaurant located near Mr. Joe White Avenue on Kings Highway. The Restaurant is family owned and as authentic as it gets, containing an extensive 100 item menu containing everything from Thai Curry to Pad Thai. The best part about Thai Cuisine is that everything is cooked fresh and made to order.


It’s hard to find many attractions that aren’t tourist targeted but despite popular belief, there are a few. The most notable of these is located just South of Myrtle Beach near Murrells Inlet, SC. Taking a trip to Brookgreen Gardens is sure to help anyone in Myrtle Beach rethink the area, as the quiet Gardens are humbling to say the least. The immense, 9,000 acre property is filled with beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife and includes an extremely well maintained Garden. In the summer, there are free Bluegrass concerts several times a week on the grounds and a boat that floats down the creek and helps visitors see as much of the Gardens as possible.


A simple rule that most locals follow when going to the beach is to avoid resort areas. Beaches near resorts are sure to be packed with tourists, and I think we would all like to avoid seeing any more Speedos in the near future. Beginning around 35th Avenue and continuing through 65th are several public beach entrances that generally are never crowded with the exception of Sundays. Another option for beautiful beaches is at Huntington Beach, just South of Myrtle Beach and across the highway from Brookgreen Gardens. Huntington Beach is actually part of the State Park and provides serene views of the Atlantic as well as great hiking trails along the oceanfront.


At night in Myrtle Beach, the Boardwalk is definitely the place to go. With an arcade to make you feel like a kid again and several great bars, you’ll have a great time looking out at the ocean and enjoying a beer at the Oceanfront Bar and Grill or other area bars. Peaches Corner is located on the street side near an entrance to the Boardwalk and has been around longer than most of the other Boardwalk Businesses combined. With a classic style and bar overlooking the kitchen, you can enjoy a drink at Peaches while watching them cook your Burger the old-fashioned way.

So if you’re planning a trip to Myrtle Beach in the near future, remember to look behind the flashing lights to see this city for what it really is: a unique southern charm with countless cultures and a variety of people to enjoy. Also, don’t forget to book a great Myrtle Beach resort before you get there!

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