Review The Other Roof, 28 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore

Review The Other Roof - Singapore 28 Ann Siang Rd

“Relaxing rooftop with good oyster deal w/ cocktails. Service is …” or “Like the vibe. The view is good, too. If only the bartender is single (sigh).” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about The Other Roof. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if The Other Roof is quality.

Introduction about The Other Roof

Here are some fundamental details regarding The Other Roof. In terms of Bar, it is generally believed that The Other Roofis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 28 Ann Siang Rd, Rooftop Bar, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Bar, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 92349882 (+65 92349882)
  • Website:
  • Address: 28 Ann Siang Rd, Rooftop Bar, Singapore
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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 5 PM to 12 AM.


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Phone number

You can reach The Other Roof at 92349882(+65 92349882). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact The Other Roof via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 28 Ann Siang Rd, Rooftop Bar, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

The Other Roof reviews

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To determine whether The Other Roof is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Great place for a late night drink, the outdoor seating area is very pleasant. Drinks are fairly strong (for Singapore standards), and tasted quite good. Lots of selection as well”

“ comments. love it...! highly recommended. just come here and u will know. call and make a reservation here first if you are coming over in the evening.”

“Immaculate vibes at a lovely rooftop bar. Service was spot on and drinks were certified delish. My guests and I had a great time here, and it's definitely a spot for a drink or a special night!”

“Relaxing rooftop with good oyster deal w/ cocktails. Service is …”

“Like the vibe. The view is good, too. If only the bartender is single (sigh).”

“Great atmosphere. Cool setting. Nice and friendly staff. Only had the drinks but a nice selection and aesthetically pleasing”

“A hidden gem in the city with an incredible night view!”

“Oysters, oysters! Great deal with amazing drinks. Try the reversed gin tonic. RAD!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 172 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.6 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 91% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about The Other Roof, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review The Other Roof, 28 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore

There is a total 172 reviews

4.6 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Lucky Neo

    Great ambience. Nice place to chill and had the beef brisket and beef sliders. Both are very good and the sliders are bomb. Excellent excellent service by Richard ! Very helpful, attentive and super friendly. Will definitely revisit again

  2. Avatar photo
    Chun Fai

    Nice vibe!

  3. Avatar photo
    Stanley Chia

    Nice view, a little bit different from the “Room”…

  4. Avatar photo
    John Bech Hansen

    The right place for happy people …

  5. Avatar photo
    Matthew Porter

    Tea infusian as a completely unique experience to the speakeasy experience. The view is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

  6. Avatar photo
    Ryan Ong

    Great view & Great drinks

  7. Avatar photo
    Sean Baker

    Nice views and tasty drinks. Bit overpriced.

  8. Avatar photo
    Jackiera Astley

    Great ambience, friendly staff and amazing drinks!

  9. Avatar photo
    Eunice K

    Good ambience and friendly staffs

  10. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Lim

    Superb time there, the service and ambiance is worth every cent. Do book a table in advance to get a good seat!

  11. Avatar photo
    Smol Stone

    Drinks were really good, highly recommended! $1 oysters were super fresh and delicious.

  12. Avatar photo
    Grazey Alonte

    They have good cocktails. I love their reversed G&T

  13. Avatar photo
    Peta May

    Lovely ambience. Staff are super friendly and helpful.
    Drinks are $$$ but you are paying for quality drinks, in a quality surrounding with quality staff!

  14. Avatar photo
    Jomar Eldoy

    Interesting selection of mixers – all different types of tea.

  15. Avatar photo
    Eddy Kong

    Wonderful vibe and amazing service New favorite …

  16. Avatar photo
    SenSor Hirun

    Godd place for hangout

  17. Avatar photo

    Staff are very friendly

  18. Avatar photo
    Ketil Strøm-Larsen

    Great place …

  19. Avatar photo
    Serene Aw

    Wide variety of interesting cocktails and teas that we didn’t know where to start from. The staff were really friendly and helped alot with their drink recommendations Great atmosphere on this rooftop bar for after-dinner drinks!

  20. Avatar photo
    Sudipto Shome

    Great views, nice service and really nice sandwiches! Should try if you’re in the area and want a more chill drink in Ann siang

  21. Avatar photo
    Chyan Phang

    Delightful tea-infused cocktails, super service.

  22. Avatar photo
    Madhurima Dutta

    Love everything about this place! Great ambience, delicious cocktails, and great service. Don’t forget to try the Flamenco Martini if you end up here!

  23. Avatar photo
    Richard Loat

    I’m such a huge fan of this rooftop. It’s one of the most underrated rooftops in Singapore and it’s actually the sister rooftop bar to the Other Room which is based in the Marriott hotel on Orchard Road.

    Super low-key commerce super nondescript. Classy. Phenomenal cocktails and the best vibe I’ve discovered in Singapore. My favourite choice for drinks in Singapore.

  24. Avatar photo
    Sofrito Frito

    Love the drinks!

  25. Avatar photo
    Angel Tan

    Great cocktails and ambiance

  26. Avatar photo
    Pedro Gilli

    Good option for drinks but the options of food are a bit limited.
    Very nice location and nice view of the CBD skyline.
    Worth the visit but a bit pricey.

  27. Avatar photo
    Yee Ting Lee

    Very good, well balanced cocktails. The birthday shots comprising 3 types of rum were strong, smooth and frankly the best mixed shots I’ve ever had. Good service too; only thing was music was confusing, every song is a different genre (rock/pop/EDM) and era – but overall an enjoyable night with great drinks.

  28. Avatar photo
    Komal G

    This place is outstanding…!!! The view is great, slightly expensive but totally worth it
    The polite staff play a great role in making the place wonderful. Thank you marie and paval for the outstanding service

  29. Avatar photo
    nellie tan

    Ambiance and oysters were lovely!

  30. Avatar photo
    Oren Shalmy

    The cocktails had very little alcohol and weren’t tasty.
    The atmosphere, location and service are nice.

  31. Avatar photo
    Jason Gray

    Great bar for cocktails with an awesome theme. All the cocktails are finished with tea which gives loads of new flavors.

  32. Avatar photo
    Jay Jay

    It was a lovely hidden rooftop place but the service could be better!
    We were just passing with my gf that night and I was trying to find something available for 2 of us due to a busy evening on Thursday.
    The reception guy was great, he helped us out with a table for two. We went up and the place was beautiful and lights on!. I generally like led lights and etc and the place was a good one. It was a beautiful hidden spot with a nice table setting.

    We ordered a few drinks and it was an interesting experience. The was it was served, design and etc it was 10 of 10. Compare to what you can find in Singapore. The menu contains a full description and strength and nice pictures. So it was super easy to figure out and place our order.

    The service was…I cant say horrible but it a very annoying ane confusing experience.
    We started with a complimentary refreshing drink and a small bottle on the side without any explanation what to do with it!?
    So we mixed it with our water – the right way to do it ..
    Secondly, tables around were 3-4-5 pax, with almost no distance between, people were seating very close to each other, somehow – one of the waiters asked us to seat separately. Basically me and my gf – has to seat apart. In a moment, I asked why – another waiter said – nevermind, can seat together. Since my gf likes to hold hands and etc. A moment after , another one – asked us to seat apart 1 meter.. nevermind.
    We got our drinks and food and finished it in awhile. We were looking forward to continue…. nobody asked if we want anything esle but somehow – servers were keep clearing the table, fast.
    I asked the menu twice and my gf once after.. respond was :* give us a moment*. Nobody came back…we were watching them taking other tables orders and chit-chat and whatever they were doing…
    I got very irritated about that…so I asked the bill… *: just a moment again. I just went to settle it directly and we left.

    What can I add here? Well, you guys should ask if your customers are visiting for the first time or not. Cos even so I was there long time ago, things changed .
    Clearing the table fast- well, we were kinda still eating..coming over and over
    Last, nobody followed up if we want more..and 3 times asking for the menu , way too much !

    But I like the place…if you like privacy and nice pictures in the eve…and try some good looking cocktail, I will highly recommend it.

  33. Avatar photo
    Richard Lee

    Beers served in half pints bottles and from Spain @ $14.50+++

    Windy and comfortable cushion seats

  34. Avatar photo
    helen s.

    available under rainy days too!

  35. Avatar photo

    Oysters, oysters! Great deal with amazing drinks. Try the reversed gin tonic. RAD!

  36. Avatar photo
    jod yeo

    A truly unforgettable experience. Great views

  37. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Ng

    Good views, ambience, service, drinks and food!

  38. Avatar photo
    Hieu Huynh

    Really chilled place with good service.

  39. Avatar photo
    Teoh Keat

    Came for the oyster promotion, but stayed for the service. Place has a nice view with a good selection of food. Excellent service with attentive staff. Though prices are slightly steep

  40. Avatar photo
    Ryan Teo

    The Other Roof is a nice rooftop bar with a good view of the CBD. When the weather is good, the view is a mix of the old shophouses and temples along Ann Siang Hill, juxtaposed against the monoliths of the CBD in the background.

    It is recommended to make reservations as it can get very crowded with the crowd arriving after 7.30pm.

    The staff are friendly and will make recommendations. Most of the cocktails have some form of tea influence, but you can order the normal version without tea. A nice touch is writing your name on the table if you make reservations.

    The price can be expensive, expect to budget around SGD 90.00 per person.

    You can only keep the bottles for 1 month.

  41. Avatar photo
    Charles C

    The drinks were good but the service wasn’t great. I arrived late and my friends reported better service earlier in the evening. I’ll go again soon and update accordingly.

  42. Avatar photo
    Harry S

    Good service drinks were great a lot of selection nice little roof top bar.

  43. Avatar photo
    Michelle Cronin

    Lovely rooftop bar with plenty of choice in cocktails and tea-infused spirits. The staff are very attentive and can recommend based in your taste. I had the Old Fashioned Way and The Other Whiskey Sour. My partner the Negroni Del Conte and one of the infused mezcals. All were thoroughly enjoyable and delicious. The Other Whiskey Sour was my favourite, both the smell and taste. They also serve food but we didn’t eat this time, we’ll be back!

  44. Avatar photo
    Damian Koh

    Great service and selection of cocktails.

  45. Avatar photo
    Jacelyn Lim

    Great drinks great osyters

  46. Avatar photo
    N. H.

    A rooftop cocktail bar at Ann Siang. Had a very good experience. Went there Sunday afternoon with my lady. There were quite some people there, mostly at the outdoor area, so we settled on sofa seats near the indoor bar.

    Drinks were great. Vibe / atmosphere was fantastic. Service staff were friendly and happy to share more about the drinks too.

  47. Avatar photo
    Nikki C

    Had “whole lotta love.” Was really refreshing and slightly sour. The service was extremely friendly and attentive. We also had refillable crackers which was a plus

  48. Avatar photo
    Harsh Nagalla

    It was just okay not an extraordinary experience which a lot of reviews state.

  49. Avatar photo
    Juhee Cha

    Nice and cozy!

  50. Avatar photo
    Pinnacle Myanmar

    Cocktail was expensive at $23. Prosciutto was dry and very small portion, with the rock melon chunks way-outsizing the ham. Oysters were plump and juicy, but came with yuzu-flavoured soy sauce. I requested for half of the oysters to be unseasoned but it was overlooked. I arrived early at 4pm (opening at 4.30pm) but was unceremoniously shooed away. Otherwise, the service staff are generally quite friendly. Being on the 4th floor, the view is not fantastic but still pleasant for an al fresco drink and nibbles, with a Tua Pek Gong alter staring at you from across the street.

  51. Avatar photo
    Legz Affair

    I know it’s not easy to enforce all the covid rules at the moment, but this place thinks being rude and shout at your guests, is the way to go. But even before you experience this, you need to provide ID on top of your vaccine status, just to get in. MOH, get this guys a medal!

  52. Avatar photo
    J. L.

    Really cute cocktail bar with an amazing selection of gin. They have a range of tea infused gin as well which was really interesting. Ambience is cozy but alfresco area can get a little warm with SG’s humidity. Staff is really friendly, service is great.

  53. Avatar photo
    Cleo W

    View and drink is good, not a bad chose for date.

  54. Avatar photo

    Cool experience !!!!

  55. Avatar photo

    Great roof top, lovely staff. 10 out of 10.

  56. Avatar photo

    Beautiful view, foods and variety of drinks! The lamps on the table were Moon and pretty cute. All I had were flavorful and tasty. Their staff were very friendly and helpful, especially Glenn! He was the most attentive. And we had a good time cos of him! Thank you I will be back soon.

  57. Avatar photo
    Valerie Soh

    Ambience and service were good, but cocktails were average and pricey

  58. Avatar photo
    Mark Azzopardi

    Great atmosphere. Cool setting. Nice and friendly staff. Only had the drinks but a nice selection and aesthetically pleasing

  59. Avatar photo
    Michelle H.

    Great service! Really nice hidden spot away from the usual crowds on club street. Very attentive to their customers

  60. Avatar photo

    Awesome service …

  61. Avatar photo
    V M

    the price is fair for Singapore standards, the service/staff is amazingly efficient and friendly.

  62. Avatar photo
    Lainy Chua

    Pleasant surprise to see my name on the table when I was showed to my seat even though I booked the table only an hour ago!

    Friendly, helpful and enthusiastic service crew, love the yuzu ponzi oysters and grilled octopus with pesto! Amazing ambience and sangria too, thank you!

  63. Avatar photo
    Steffie Marshalina Halim

    Really nice place and made it to one of my favorite rooftop bars in Singapore. The view was okay, it’s in Ann Siang so don’t expect jaw dropping view. But the vibe, the service, and the personalization they do on your table are worth the rave.

    I had the Life’s a beach which I thought tasted like juice despite having a 4/5 alcohol warning. The reversed G&T was nice.

    Also a nice place for date night.

  64. Avatar photo
    Tai Thanh Vo

    Visited this bar after the pandemic under a different name. Nice ambience and good service. Food was OK but drinks are quite weak. Overall it was a hit and miss experience

  65. Avatar photo
    John Geisen-Kisch

    The reason it’s so highly rated is because they do a great job in several areas. The staff are ALL going out of their way to make your experience positive, the complexity of cocktails is amazing and ultra sophisticated, and the cheap oysters are delicious. Betty the bartender is so nice and genuine you will wish she was part of your family. We didn’t eat more but will be back.

  66. Avatar photo
    Tom Young

    Great staff, “interesting” gins made in-house. But as with most of these types of places bring your fattest wallet……

  67. Avatar photo
    Reanee Chua

    Great place to wine and dine in the city! Had the beef sliders($18 for 3) and the oysters(6pc for $20) which were really delicious! I also enjoyed the seasalt margarita “starter”, as well as the soursop margarita($26) which is a MUST TRY. Unique slushy blend with a good kick!

    What really added to the experience were the excellent service and ambience. The staff were really knowledgeable in recommending food and drinks to us and our items were served to us quickly. We had the opportunity to dine outdoors, which had an amazing view of the surroundings and we were surprisingly able to see the Orion constellation in the sky!

    Overall, great experience!

  68. Avatar photo
    Kenny Tang

    A hidden gem in the city with an incredible night view!

  69. Avatar photo

    Perfect rooftop place with a nice vibe, very attentive staff and a huge variety of drinks. Good for a date or drinks with girlfriends.
    The view of the business district is mesmerising.
    Oysters for 1.50 are another big perk! Tapas is the only food offered, so don’t come over hungry.
    Drinks are not cheap, rather a normal Singapore price. I wish G&Ts were served in a tall glass, but it’s me being picky.

  70. Avatar photo
    Ralph Rambausek

    Fabulous cocktails and great team. One of the best roof tops in Singapore.

  71. Avatar photo
    Andrea Testa

    The place is very nice and the staff is super kind and professional.
    The drinks are quite expensive. I did not find them to be super special, but I’m not an expert at all overall it was a good experience.

  72. Avatar photo
    Cata Johnson


  73. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Tan

    Best cocktail bar in town

  74. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    A little disappointed that they stop service at midnight on Fridays, given how they’re located along club street. It could be a predrinks location, before you head off for your wild night, but this is not it.

    That said, service and ambience is perfect here, as they serve up interesting concoctions and are very attentive to your needs. They do not have a big space, so try to reserve for a table beforehand. Try their punch bowl if you have the number of people, if not their whiskey sour is a nice cocktail too.

  75. Avatar photo
    Akshay Kirtikar

    Edited: Went a second time and enjoyed the vibe plus cocktails.

    Decent vibe but cocktails were underwhelming and somewhat gimmicky and overpriced for not so much creativity. Would go to Other Room over their roof. Cheap oysters though!

  76. Avatar photo
    David Ng

    Great old fashioned cocktails

  77. Avatar photo
    Min Seo Choi

    Good bar, gastronomic adventure.

  78. Avatar photo
    L Loy

    Lovely rooftop bar with great vibe and ambience. The cocktails and finger food are to try for. Tables are not spaced too close to one another hence it doesnt feel cramped. Will definitely return!

  79. Avatar photo
    Sanat Mharolkar

    Great rooftop location, excellent staff, delightful tea-infused drinks.

  80. Avatar photo
    Mike Mann

    What a great atmosphere and positive vibe.

    From start to the end we were meet with a warm and welcoming staff that appeared to like their job.

    We had a great evening enjoying their terrace, food, and cocktails.

    I need to go back!

  81. Avatar photo
    Yuchen L

    Great place for a late night drink, the outdoor seating area is very pleasant.

    Drinks are fairly strong (for Singapore standards), and tasted quite good. Lots of selection as well

  82. Avatar photo

    Nice and relaxing.

  83. Avatar photo
    Maximilian Kronborg

    Great drinks, and a very interesting and different cocktail and spirit experience.
    The staff is very knowledgeable, and super friendly!

  84. Avatar photo

    Good experience, even if I prefer the other Room (the little brother at Orchard) the food was very good the cocktails as well. But the environment less cozy… The music very very loud and not that good, I was struggling to understand sometimes my friends. Otherwise you would find a great diversity of spiritueux.

    Good experience

  85. Avatar photo
    Jan-Philipe Kretschmer

    Very nice little place at the roof of the Ann Siang House. The people were so kindly and you have a fantastic view to the skyscraper skyline. The Old Fashioned I had was excellent!

  86. Avatar photo
    Dara Toh

    Seems like the place is under new management, the menu has been completely switched out, no more tea based liquor that I used to love! Everything else is still the same in terms of ambience, service is as usual really attentive and friendly.

    The new drinks are alright, i much preferred the old menu selections that were wider.

  87. Avatar photo
    Kenny Chan

    Nice vibes

  88. Avatar photo
    Ryan Kueh

    Immaculate vibes at a lovely rooftop bar. Service was spot on and drinks were certified delish. My guests and I had a great time here, and it’s definitely a spot for a drink or a special night!

  89. Avatar photo
    Reanee Chua

    Great place to wine and dine in the city! Had the beef sliders($18 for 3) and the oysters(6pc for $20) which were really delicious! I also enjoyed the seasalt margarita “starter”, as well as the soursop margarita($26) which is a MUST TRY. Unique slushy blend with a good kick!

    What really added to the experience were the excellent service and ambience. The staff were really knowledgeable in recommending food and drinks to us and our items were served to us quickly. We had the opportunity to dine outdoors, which had an amazing view of the surroundings and we were surprisingly able to see the Orion constellation in the sky!

    Overall, great experience!

  90. Avatar photo
    Julia Brilliant

    Amazingly friendly staff – they really provided a next level experience! From the messages in the days leading up to the reservation to the personalised note on the table when we arrived – never felt so loved by a cocktail bar! Oh, and the drinks, view and vibe were great too!

  91. Avatar photo
    Amanda Robinson

    Delicious drinks. Awesome, chill rooftop vibes.

  92. Avatar photo
    Mike Pearson

    Nice folks with a decent spot at the top of Ann Siang Hill. Able to accommodate walk ins for just a drink, rather than turn you away to make life easier before a later reservation turns up.

    Good arrival procedure – giving you some nibbles and a small mocktail shot to whet your appetite/get your mask off.

    Cocktail list is designed beautifully, with a large selection. Off menu options also available. Didn’t have the food but people seemed to be eating and not spitting it out, so assume edible+.

  93. Avatar photo
    Hue Tran

    Great rooftop bar for social/ group gathering. Food, view, ambience and staff/ service are all good. The only tricky one is the direction to the bar. You must find Ann Siang House at 21 Ann Siang street first and walk in to take lift to the roof!

  94. Avatar photo
    Hongbai Lin

    Like the vibe. The view is good, too. If only the bartender is single (sigh).

  95. Avatar photo
    Joan Toh

    Pricey, but service, ambience, food and the variety of alcoholic drinks off the charts – in a thick book!

  96. Avatar photo
    Mj Lulu

    Great place!!!!

  97. Avatar photo
    David Quinney

    Hands down the best bloody mary I have ever tasted. Will return …

  98. Avatar photo
    T N

    Really love the vibes and cocktails, if you like a really gin forward cocktail do give the 1928 a try. It can be quite an aquired taste though

  99. Avatar photo
    Lemon L

    Nice place with a good view of the area. When we went they had just had an event and didn’t have many drinks left to order. But the staff were really nice! They checked in on us and made sure we had everything we needed which I really appreciated.

  100. Avatar photo
    Gabriel E

    Get service and atmosphere. Drinks are tasty but could be stronger / bigger

  101. Avatar photo
    Sofea Tan

    Nice place to chill after a crazy week at work.

  102. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Meng

    Very good experience! Came here on a Friday night for TGIF drinks, very interesting drinks and bar snack menu. Bartenders were extremely helpful on giving out recommendations. If you would like to try Hugo Cocktail, this is one of the few places in Singapore knows how to make it, seize the chance!

  103. Avatar photo
    Olivier H

    Nice place, but…
    3 coktails tried. 2 out of 3 ok. 3rd desappointing (impossible to check if the rum used is the one mentioned on the recipie). Anyway still a nice place to try m.

  104. Avatar photo
    Jay K.

    Visited for the first time for the incredible $1.5 oyster promo on Sundays! Better quality of the oysters than expected, very happy with that! Their oysters are milky and creamy.
    The cocktails are a nice addition to go with. Their version of bloody mary was slightly too salty for my liking but the other cocktails were good.

  105. Avatar photo
    Luyi Zheng

    Relaxing rooftop with good oyster deal w/ cocktails. Service is …

  106. Avatar photo

    Good ambience but limited drinks selection – 6 in house special on the menu with two in slushy form. Pricing on the high side – $26> for the drinks. However, very attentive staff …

  107. Avatar photo

    Awesomely tranquil and chill place for a sunset hideout within CBD area. Very good drinks and delicious bits with lounge ambiance and skyline view. Ask for your favourite drink the bartender will not disappoint you!

  108. Avatar photo
    B C

    Discovered this gem by accident. great vibe, brilliant service by William, Marie and the team. Mind blowing cocktail menu – must try “bubbles and trouble”. Limited food menu, however tasty and fresh.
    i will be back for sure !

  109. Avatar photo
    Chunks 271

    Pretentious vibe and small drinks

  110. Avatar photo
    A C

    A very cozy place with very attentive staffs. Special shoutout to Dion and crew for paying that extra attention to my grandma and drinks. Could be better with more drinks or food promo. Will be back with friends when i am around the corner!

  111. Avatar photo
    B3w3rter vom Mars

    Very tasteful cocktails. We enjoyed our evening a lot. Also the snacks were good. Relaxed atmosphere.

  112. Avatar photo
    K M

    What an amazing place. It is quite small and has an intimate feel, which is great. It is not high up but has a great view of the city. Their oysters are really good. The cocktails are very creative and the service is off the charts amazing. I ordered cocktail and did not like it (I took a risk and kind of knew I may not like it). So I ordered another one. The mixologist came to us asking what I did not like about the cocktail and what I usually enjoy. He said he did not want to throw out a cocktail and would love modify it. After modification it was very very good. I absolutely loved this place and would come back.

  113. Avatar photo
    Aaron Y

    I really like this location. It used to be Tiger Milk, which was sadly shut down a few years back, however thjs place is a suitable successor with a wide range of unique cocktails on the menu.

  114. Avatar photo
    Shannie Lu

    Good, strong cocktails

  115. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Wong

    Second time there and another good experience! Food n cocktails were tasty and reasonably priced – Ideal for casual drinks with friends.
    The downside for me personally was that the music was too loud; it was difficult to have conversations. Also, I wished there were more options for mocktails.

  116. Avatar photo
    S D

    Very very nice! Nice & friendly service ans suburb views!!!

  117. Avatar photo

    Good vibes for after work drinks and oysters are a good deal. Decent for the price!

  118. Avatar photo
    Ben Rigby

    Good view, drinks are nice

  119. Avatar photo
    Jian Jun Cheng

    Ordered oysters, octopus, fries, cocktail and beer.

    Oysters: not bad
    Octopus: okay
    Fries: soggy
    Cocktail: good
    Beer: good
    Service: longer than expected wait time

    Official website states oysters $1.50/ea. Waiter told us otherwise and website is under maintenance. Ded.

  120. Avatar photo
    Chris Holyoak

    We went for a Friday evening, having booked about a week in advance. The time up to it, we got a few great messages on WhatsApp, then when we arrived, the welcome (they even wrote greetings on the table!), the service, the atmosphere and the music were all absolutely perfect. Definitely will be going back. Can’t recommend it enough.

  121. Avatar photo
    André Duarte

    My favorite cocktail bar in Singapore! Conveniently tucked away in Ann Siang Hill, with a great rooftop view, this bar offers amazingly mixed cocktails and super cool vibe. The staff is top notch, shoutout to Dario (owner) for putting this Singapore gem together. …

  122. Avatar photo
    Alex kim

    So nice place. Very perfect, nice view place

  123. Avatar photo
    Tony Chan

    Spanish rooftop bar with nice drinks, small plates, and $1.50 oysters when I went there.

    Small plates to have some bites but I don’t recommend coming hungry. $1.50 oysters were good and fresh. We asked for Tabasco even though they season them. we came on a Saturday so I would call to see what the promotion is during that time.

    Drinks: unique drinks and they can custom make your drinks if you share what you prefer.

    Five stars, friendly and very attentive.

  124. Avatar photo
    Patrícia Busquí

    Great drinks, great food, great ambience, and wonderful service. It has it all!

  125. Avatar photo
    Bishan Chew

    The drinks are interesting with different flavours to your liking

  126. Avatar photo
    Chriztopher Han

    chillllllll… comments. love it…! highly recommended. just come here and u will know. call and make a reservation here first if you are coming over in the evening.

  127. Avatar photo
    Cai Yi Teh

    Sister bar of The Other Room, but with more non-alcoholic options. Similar vibes. Very enjoyable place to chill with friends.

  128. Avatar photo
    Gerald Goh

    Accidentally used the welcome drink as an eyedrop (cause they serve it in little eyedrop bottles) but felt welcomed nonetheless!! Five stars!!

  129. Avatar photo
    Spencer Fricke

    Pretty good view

  130. Avatar photo
    Joyce Chua

    It’s a lovely space especially if you get the booth seats, and service from Pav warm and attentive to a fault. Definitely get the bikinis and bruschettas with your cocktails. So good!

  131. Avatar photo
    Monika Kiss

    Such great service, drinks and overall vibe …

  132. Avatar photo
    Benson Kang

    Services is …

  133. Avatar photo
    Mihir Naik

    Amazing vibe and ambience. Music was just at the right volume and service was brilliant. definitely coming back here.

    “Three dots and a dash” can be made a little less sweet. could barely taste the rum amidst the sweetness.
    “Fog cutter” was a great drink though, well balanced flavour profile.

  134. Avatar photo
    The Force

    Decent ambient, drinks & food. But price is on the high side. There are nicer places for the same price you pay here.

  135. Avatar photo
    TH Wong

    Maintaining quality of the other bar.

  136. Avatar photo
    Guillaume Thomassin

    Not as good as it used to be but still as expensive.
    The new menu is more limited than before and quality has dropped. Ordered a cocktail recommended by the waiter which was supposed to have a yuzu sorbet in it, when the cocktail was served we were advised they had replaced it with vanilla ice cream which made for rather strange flavor mix and look.
    Food selection is also smaller and has some strange items like the olives (which used to be really nice) which now comes with chunks of pineapple…
    Service also dropped from exceptional to good.

  137. Avatar photo
    Neil Mehta

    The atmosphere here is fantastic. You take the elevator up to a lovely roof with chalk signs, beautiful lights, greenery, and a view of the neighborhood. There’s an indoor and outdoor area and rows of dozens of different kinds of alcohol. The menu has beautiful hand-drawn illustrations for each drink that tell you the balance of flavors to expect. They even stamp the name of the bar into the ice cubes they use.

    I have to dock them a lot because of the size of the drinks, though. They gave me a drink filled almost entirely with a single huge ice cube. The ice took up — I’m not exaggerating — 90% of the glass. There was almost no drink there! If I pay more than $20 for a cocktail, then I expect more than that.

  138. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn See

    Perfect place for chilling with friends over drinks & oysters!

  139. Avatar photo
    Eva Lim

    a wonderful night out

  140. Avatar photo
    André Duarte

    My favorite cocktail bar in Singapore! Conveniently tucked away in Ann Siang Hill, with a great rooftop view, this bar offers amazingly mixed cocktails and super cool vibe. The staff is top notch, shoutout to Dario (owner) for putting this Singapore gem together. …

  141. Avatar photo
    Yangxuan Huang

    nice place to bring a date

  142. Avatar photo
    AM “Marie” NDB

    Dario has a world class palate. Bev at the door is warm and witty. Betty is sweet. You cannot be genuinely attentive if you are not in love with people and your work – this is what you get at The Other Roof. This is what happens when a business idea meets the right community. The sunsets are so very lovely, the drinks sublime – but it is the human experience that makes this what I feel is the best bar in Singapore – bar none. Bar none.

  143. Avatar photo
    dan baker

    Good but pricey

  144. Avatar photo
    Laurie Mercer

    Tea infused whiskey? Don’t mind if I do!

  145. Avatar photo
    Mel N

    Easily one of the most underrated bars in SG. Fantastic vibe, service and cocktails. Always a lovely evening here.

  146. Avatar photo
    Kim Jin

    One of hidden rooftop place

  147. Avatar photo
    airis airis

    Beautiful rooftop place to enjoy food and cocktails! Cheerful and Tiptop service!
    Highly recommended! …

  148. Avatar photo
    Marco Savini

    We were there a bit early on a Sunday late afternoon, so there was ample seating. The service was very nice and the drinks interesting and well presented. Menu offers plenty of choices and it won’t be the last time we’ll visit.

  149. Avatar photo
    Pat Boe

    We were at the Ann Siang hotel…decided to stop up for a few drinks. Great service, fantastic Tapas, and an incredible view. Highly recommend this cozy place for couples or people looking for great Tapas, drinks and the ability to still have a conversation

  150. Avatar photo
    Suhaila Shaikh-McCann

    Great service and drinks

  151. Avatar photo
    Tiny T

    I didn’t think a singapore rooftop bar would cut it because – bar on 6th storey also considered rooftop. But here… the views are unblocked, it’s very nice. Very windy also. Shiok. Food was not bad. Drinks are interesting. Oysters are good deal and not bad! Would come back for oyster fix if have craving.

  152. Avatar photo
    Robert King

    Really great little rooftop bar nice; great ambience and an amazing selection of unique cocktails. Staff are super friendly, service is excellent.

  153. Avatar photo
    Michelle Tan

    Excellent service and drinks. Would definitely return!

  154. Avatar photo
    Yuchen L

    Great place for a late night drink, the outdoor seating area is very pleasant.

    Drinks are fairly strong (for Singapore standards), and tasted quite good. Lots of selection as well

  155. Avatar photo
    joy toro

    Finally found my favorite Rooftop Bar in Singapore! 10/10

  156. Avatar photo
    Yuko Matsuda

    It doesn’t taste like alcohol. Not worth the price.

  157. Avatar photo
    Chinmayi Prasanna

    The Other Roof is hands down, my favourite cocktail bar only after The Other room. They make real cocktails. I like the description of the menu, giving us details about the alcohol punch and the type of alcohol that goes in to the cocktail. The staff is the most friendliest, I have ever come across. I like the cheerful messages they send reminding on the reservations.
    Every cocktail has its own twist. Eventually Il end up trying all. My favourite has to be Negroni del Conte. I recommend trying the other whiskey sour and 1928 (not for the faint hearted ah huh).

  158. Avatar photo
    Chi Vu

    Cool little rooftop with funky cocktails. The other room still has my preference though.

  159. Avatar photo
    Brenda P.

    Ambience good. Great for chilling, gathering. Will revisit.

  160. Avatar photo
    Sara Hansali

    The personnel is absolutely adorable, and the cocktails are suuuper good (although pretty expensive, starts at 20-25$). Good view though, and really really loved the service, very cute waiter too.

  161. Avatar photo
    Ben Lee

    Great little hideout. Was there on NYE and environment was so comfortable. Pretty nice cocktails and awesome service. Will be back for $1.50 oysters

  162. Avatar photo
    Danny Wen Foong

    rooftop bar
    The atmosphere is very comfortable. Drinking here can blow the natural wind and watch the scenery. Very relaxed bar. Very Staff are friendly and good. Cocktails are great

  163. Avatar photo
    Ross Lorenzo

    Service and atmosphere is good, drinks are ok, they felt a little on the weak side for the price. For the same price you can hit up ALTAS for class and a bit more sophistication

  164. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn Lim

    Love this place. I called to make a booking and when I got there, saw that they wrote my name on the table to welcome me and my fiance. Waiters and waitresses were super attentive and always ensured our water glasses and snack cup were full. Superb service! Btw… Every Wednesday they have free flow oysters if you buy their cocktails. Which is sooooo awesome. Love their oysters too, they taste of the sea

  165. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Ng

    Thank you so much for the great B-day celebration!! It was an amazing night xx

  166. Avatar photo
    Kaiesh Vohra

    Great cocktails, and I love the fact they use metal straws instead of plastic! Great job!

  167. Avatar photo
    Faisal Abdul Karim

    Great atmosphere; the bar has good ambience and is surrounded by a beautiful Central Business District skyline.

  168. Avatar photo
    Damon Park

    Friendly staffs and good views on rooftop. I luv here and them

  169. Avatar photo
    Khun Chalee

    Even with social distancing rules the experience was welcoming and fun. Their Old Fashioned, Reverse Gin and Tonic, and Negroni is recommended. Small food plates were very enjoyable and the service was super attentive. I would recommend making reservations ahead of time.

  170. Avatar photo
    Mark Fernandez

    If you have not tried their specialty tea finishes, you’re missing out!
    Beautiful spot!
    Away from the hustle and bustle of the streets.

  171. Avatar photo
    S Ambers

    Very friendly service and nice views

  172. Avatar photo
    C Steven

    Not a real loof top bar as it is only at 5th floor something. Go to Fullerton Bay hotel for better view and bettet drinks. Gin and Tonic was horrendous

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