Review The Clementi Mall, 3155 Commonwealth Ave W, Singapore

Review The Clementi Mall - Singapore 3155 Commonwealth Ave W

“Convenient location to get stuff done and to fill your belly! From food to banking and hardware, you’ll find almost everything you need here ” or “Many variety of shops for you to visit. Enjoy wide array of dining. Nearby MRT and Bus Interchange for your convenience.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about The Clementi Mall. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if The Clementi Mall is quality.

Introduction about The Clementi Mall

Here are some fundamental details regarding The Clementi Mall. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that The Clementi Mallis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 3155 Commonwealth Ave W, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 66594118 (+65 66594118)
  • Website:
  • Address: 3155 Commonwealth Ave W, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM.


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You can reach The Clementi Mall at 66594118(+65 66594118). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact The Clementi Mall via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 3155 Commonwealth Ave W, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

The Clementi Mall reviews

The Clementi Mall is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is The Clementi Mall good?

To determine whether The Clementi Mall is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“There's quite a number of eateries and places to shop. Adequate in most ways. Christmas decor a little too early but it is the same everywhere else. Oh wells.”

“Convenient location to get stuff done and to fill your belly! From food to banking and hardware, you’ll find almost everything you need here ”

“Just wanted to leave a review for customer service name Vicki. Extremely kind, helped me to retrieve my lost item at the female toilet very quickly. Thank you so much for the help and patience!”

“Fantastic place to shop and dine at Clementi. There are a lot of food and retail options. It has everything one would need and also a National Library branch if you like to read or study.”

“It's really a go-to mall with all your household needs, supermarket, fastfood outlets and restaurants, numerous cake shops, haircare, eyecare, music school, massage place, TCM, library and more... …”

“Nice mall. It’s an interchange so many things happening here. Parking here not so good as the entrance must go thru the busy main road. Need to watch out for bus taxis and pedestrians.”

“Many variety of shops for you to visit. Enjoy wide array of dining. Nearby MRT and Bus Interchange for your convenience.”

“Very popular and convenient Mall next to Clementi MRT station and Clementi Bus Interchange. Have a great variety of shops including Decathlon, Fairprice Supermarket, banks, food court, restaurants, etc.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 215 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.3 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 79% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about The Clementi Mall, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review The Clementi Mall, 3155 Commonwealth Ave W, Singapore

There is a total 215 reviews

4.3 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Were Wolf

    A home land Mall which all Clementi resident love n proud of too. Have almost everything everyone wanted too. Also with the transport hub linking….. Perfect location too

  2. Avatar photo
    Mike Mjg

    Happy and heart warming to see the crowd returned to the mall after the school exams and during the covid period. Family friendly mall that has different stalls, eateries to cater for general public.

  3. Avatar photo
    kassimbaba Selamat

    Cool environment and pleasantly shopping atmosphere with all needs under one roof

  4. Avatar photo
    William Win

    Thanks to its vicinity to Clementi MRT Station, the mall is crowded in the most hours of the day. Decathlon outlet was newly open at the mall and Clementi area sport’s lover will find it accessible for urgent needs.

  5. Avatar photo
    Thong Kok Leung

    Getting more and more people during the weekend. Pros and cons on that. Still manage to grab a seat at Starbucks even though with so many people. It is becoming more like pre-CoVid time.

  6. Avatar photo
    Trixie Sim

    Convenient great place with everything you need

  7. Avatar photo
    Wannie Michelmann

    Small mall but can get daily essentials here. The mall doesn’t run promotion much

  8. Avatar photo
    Rich Low

    U can get most of the groceries here but due to recent price increases l hv to cut down on my shopping. Things like eggs increase twice in a year. A pack of 6: increase 30cents and then another 45cents, total 75cents increment. What’s these chicks feed on?? No choice,now buy pack of 10 local eggs and cheaper less than $4. ️

  9. Avatar photo
    Anand M

    I don’t like the food options here. Somehow I never felt like eating at clementi mall.

  10. Avatar photo
    Asrin Omar

    The BOLEH-BOLEH food court is yummylicious n sedaplicious.
    Variety of HALAL stall to choose of and confirm worth makaning at this place.
    D drinks serve in unique stainless steel cup.
    Satay is up to standard thou a bit pricey.
    Overall is thumbs up.

  11. Avatar photo
    Rama Kumar

    Very convenient shopping mall, mrt to shopping mall there is connecting bridge to 3rd floor , all the major food stalls, McDonald’s, challenger, ocbc bank, any many other restaurants, coffee shops.

  12. Avatar photo
    Faith Irwin C. Negapatan

    Nice place to eat and shop..

  13. Avatar photo
    Ayanga Kalupahana

    It is near NUS. So mostly crowded by NUS community. More options are available, but prices are bit high in some shops compared to Jurong malls. Easily accessible via Green line mrt. No cinema within.

  14. Avatar photo

    mall is not big but variety of shops is gd enuf…jinja chicken fairprice and so on

  15. Avatar photo
    Vasumathy MS

    It’s a great place to shop and for food

  16. Avatar photo
    Immanuel Yeo

    The Christmas decorations at Clementi Mall were amazing, especially the small pavilion which features Otah and friends!

  17. Avatar photo
    Zahari Nawi

    Many variety of shops for you to visit. Enjoy wide array of dining. Nearby MRT and Bus Interchange for your convenience.

  18. Avatar photo
    Caleb Lee

    nice when off peak hours. During peak hours there are way too many people.

  19. Avatar photo
    noel aye

    Variety of amenities can be found there for shopping, eating and even reading. A NLB library, Clementi branch is inside the mall and one of my favourite place there. Best and Challenger stores are there too. One Popular branch is there too.

  20. Avatar photo
    Swenski Robinson

    This shopping centre need to arrangement of proper timing by closing @ 10pm instead some of the other shops including SPORTS shop, Singapore Post and Retails closing BEFORE 10pm.

    Monday – Sunday, closing @ 10pm BUT some shops closing before 10pm, how on earth this shopping mall gonna be successful in business by doing like this kind of timing?

    A proper mall should always close at 10pm meaning nothing than closing shop @ 950pm. NOT @ 930 pm!

  21. Avatar photo
    Nur R

    Near to my house. Walking distance from MRT. Stores are okay but kinda UP the game when they opened decathlon and 18chefs. so goodd..

  22. Avatar photo
    Amritpal singh Sidhu

    The Clementi Mall is a shopping mall in Clementi, Singapore, at Clementi Town Centre. It is a five-storey mall with 290,000 square feet of retail space. It opened for business in January 2011, with the grand official opening in May 2011.
    Located at3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, 129588

  23. Avatar photo
    Kaleb Ma

    Nice shopping mall. Good location. Next to MRT and food hawker center and shops of varieties of foodies and goods around.

  24. Avatar photo
    Lavoid JR

    Considered a very spacious mall in the neighbourhood of Clementi. The food court has really good food. It’s a nice place to walk around but try to avoid peak hours because there’ll be a lot of people passing through the mall as there seems to be a public transport nearby the mall.

  25. Avatar photo
    Yew Chung Chee

    Update 6 June 2022: Other than the need to wear a mask when you are in the mall, all safe distancing measures have been lifted. There is also no more need to scan in trace together. More crowded ans more life now.

    Update 7 March 2022: Food court is opened in 2021. bHS has moved out. Vaccination Differentiation still in place – you need to be vaccinated to be able to come into the mall.

    Still a nice mall. Some tenants have moved out or closed. Food court is still not opened yet. Good to see shoppers making the effort to social distance.

  26. Avatar photo
    Sam K

    My favorite pit stop for yakun , old Chang kee and foot massage

  27. Avatar photo
    Chloe Lim

    The mall has most of the basic necessities. It’s located just beside the mrt station which is very accessible. It is also right next to those old school shops and hawker centre. So quite a nice place to dropby but definitely cant beat the other mega shopping malls where more variety of retail stores are available.

  28. Avatar photo

    Very popular and convenient Mall next to Clementi MRT station and Clementi Bus Interchange. Have a great variety of shops including Decathlon, Fairprice Supermarket, banks, food court, restaurants, etc.

  29. Avatar photo
    Louis Chua

    Just dislike this mall, do not find anything interesting. West Coast Plaza is much better, at least it’s not crowded. Even need to walk to 321 to get tickets to a cinema. So unfortunate it is in the Clementi central. Too small and crowded. The shops are the usual ones. Don’t bother to shop in FairPrice. Usually full of people. The food in the foodcourt is so-so. The Japanese restaurant on the first floor is not bad. For those travelling by MRT or bus will like this mall as they are integrated. For those who drive, carpark is small. You need to learn to park at the public carparks nearby.

  30. Avatar photo
    YP Goh

    There’s good food here – Boleh Boleh, EAT, KFC, Ya Kun (bit expensive for coffee, kaya toast with eggs), Burger King (my favourite $5 meals), and restaurants and so on. Popular, Best Denki, Challenger, and other stores, and a library to spend time in when you need a good read. Overall, a great place to go to. Hope you enjoy it too.

  31. Avatar photo
    Christopher Le Pard

    From Jewellery to SingPost, Banking to F&B and from Decathlon to TYPO.

    Clementi Mall has always had a good selection of shops and with covid restrictions finally lifting its even easier. Few malls are so well connected and convenient with the Bus interchange below and the MRT above. The only think it lacks is a cinema…

    Except there’s one 321 Clementi less than 5mins walk past the Hawker Centre!!

  32. Avatar photo
    Gregorius TG Liem

    Easy to reach, clean n complete

  33. Avatar photo
    Stephant S (stephant_s)

    Grab a quick lunch @ Boleh2 Clementi Mall today!

    Tried the Ayam Bakar set.

    The blue nasi not really blue, just slightly coloured. There’s Pandan fragrance in the rice.

    The ayam bakar is much smaller as compared to the one I tasted from Riverside BBQ brand. The “char-flavour” is there and the black kichap sauce is nice.

    The sambal chilli is just ok, as the belacan flavour is not there. Taufu is a little small.

    Mara kuching drinks is a bit of too much ice…

    The $ that I spent for this… I actually felt is not quite for it.

    I should have tried other dishes with this $$$.

    However, I will still be coming back for other food!

  34. Avatar photo
    Tan Yam chua

    Crystal jade serve delicious noodles

  35. Avatar photo
    Xu Ying Lee

    Busy place. Many entrances so flow wise may get confusing

  36. Avatar photo Vincentlim

    Good variety of foods and shops

  37. Avatar photo
    Adilah Hamid

    There’s quite a number of eateries and places to shop. Adequate in most ways. Christmas decor a little too early but it is the same everywhere else. Oh wells.

  38. Avatar photo
    Paul Shim

    Typical mall. Cant say much lol
    It has most of the things like supermarket, eateries, etc. The food court at level 3 is not bad.

  39. Avatar photo
    Gregorykc367 GPO687

    NTUC n Popular bookshop.

  40. Avatar photo
    Ying Yong Yeo

    There’s a specialized swim wear and equipment shop here if you looking for one. The foodcourt Boleh Boleh have a great variety of food.

  41. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Nazri Abdul Rahman

    What more can I ask for. A decent mall with the a public library, leisure or hobby stores, restaurants, food courts, fast food outlets, a book/stationery store. Well facilitated since the bus interchange is located on the first floor of the same building.
    If only there’s a bowling alley centre, AR/VR playground, LAN shop, karaoke lounge (no spreading of Covid19 please!!!) and more.

  42. Avatar photo

    Nice selection of stores for a neighbourhood mall. Easily accessible by public transport.

    Highly recommended!

  43. Avatar photo

    Good place to hang out. The building is old but it still has shops that are new

  44. Avatar photo
    Ali A01

    Its very nice there, many shops to choose from

  45. Avatar photo
    Mingli Lin

    Always very crowded. It’s convenient if you need some basic things and food – there’s a lot of food .

    There’s popular bookshop, Cotton on, small decathlon, some banks – OCBC, standard chartered, some restaurants- soup restaurant, OOTOYA Japanese, Swenson, ichiban boshi etc and cafe like Starbucks, yakun toast, toast box, library, post office, beauty salons, gadget shops, supermarket , bakeries , fast food like Burger King , cake shops etc.

    guess it’s enough for daily life. But if you want something more then better go to jem or west gate.

    The clementi mall is forever crowded. I usually just go in and out. Not really a good place to chill. Just go for the essentials and get out of there.

    Conveniently linked to the bus interchange, mrt and clementi central.

  46. Avatar photo
    Uriah A G

    This mall has Decathlon, NTUC, Guardian and lots of eateries and restaurants. Parking is easy though you may have to wait a very short while but we’ll worth the wait.

  47. Avatar photo
    Ryan Ng

    Having lived in Clementi for 30 years, I have to say this is probably the best neighborhood mall Clementi has ever seen. Although it isn’t very big, has a good mix of retail outlets and F&B. It also has a library, supermarket, and is linked to the MRT station. A nice place for adults and kids to relax and hangout.

  48. Avatar photo
    Angela Chee

    One of the best malls near the area. It has all the things you need. Supermarket, electronic stores, spectacles store, F&B …. Easy connection to Clementi MRT

  49. Avatar photo

    All in one roof including food court and grocery shops. Just across the mrt station beautiful lighting and decorations specially on Christmas period. No brainer. Straightaway 5 …

  50. Avatar photo
    Chan Jian Hao (Nhhs)

    Very crowded all the time but there are good food there and the basement floor is full of foods from different countries. On the third floor, there are small stall where you can buy local delights. On the fifth floor, there is a library. Plus it is connected to both a bus terminal AND a MRT(Train). Very accessible and a Amazing shopping centre with everything a good shopping centre should have. (There’s also a playground)

  51. Avatar photo
    CS Lee

    Nice mall to hang around and shop. Stuff are generally affordable. A number of eating places. The usual household brands are represented. Ambience 7/10. Food selection 8/10. Shops variety 7/10. Family friendliness 8/10.

  52. Avatar photo
    Philip Lee

    Nice shopping centre with lots of different shop. Attached to Clementi MRT.

  53. Avatar photo
    Jack Myo

    Had a nice dinner at food court!

  54. Avatar photo
    Ate Vil Ma

    Always crowded,you can have everything you want here shopping and foodie..

  55. Avatar photo
    Chew Hock guan

    Nothing much but the neighborhood is happening during Chinese New year

  56. Avatar photo
    Sean Miller

    Not the “best” mall in Singapore, but it certainly has character. Feels much more like a typical South-East Asian shopping center than many of the modern, westernized malls of Singapore – it gets very crowded, many of the hallways are narrow and hard to navigate through large crowds of people, and there are many smaller shops & food stalls as opposed to the malls of Singapore that seem to carry only large global shops and restaurants. Great access to the MRT and many other bus routes.

  57. Avatar photo
    Soubhagya Ranjan Sahu


  58. Avatar photo
    Zac Wee

    Nice aircon clean toilet excellent food

  59. Avatar photo
    hussain hamadah

    Limited accessibility as there are only two elevators
    Good variety of shops

  60. Avatar photo
    JJ Tan

    Many essential shops for the people living in this neighbourhood.

  61. Avatar photo
    Azza Juliany

    Collected my passport here at the post office, 10mins wait. I LOVE the new halal hawker place Boleh Boleh.

  62. Avatar photo
    Glo Lim

    Not crowded on weekdays after 2 pm for grocery shopping, & for dining in during off peak period.
    Lots of eateries now.

  63. Avatar photo
    Bahrom B Juma'at

    Lots of foods stall. Carpark all the way to 6th floor.

  64. Avatar photo
    Azman Anju Khan Chowdhury

    A fairly large mall in the heartlands of clementi, as the name implies. Everything is here – supermarket, convenience stores, bookstores, library, foodcourt, restaurants, etc. Not fancy, and some shops are drabby.

  65. Avatar photo
    J Ong

    Easily accessible from mrt stn to d mall

  66. Avatar photo
    David (Dave)

    Ok lor… Just like other neighborhood malls. Seldom shop here, just passed by to catch MRT or bus only.

  67. Avatar photo
    Tara Mishra

    Great mall to find all your needs. Clothing is little expensive. There are some cheap stores but you might not find variety in these stores. There is certainly more options for women wear compared to men’s. Food court is quite good. There are a couple of electronic stores. In the foyer of the fall you will often find wonderful sales. These sales are quite good.

  68. Avatar photo

    For a big estate in Clementi, the size of Clementi mall is too small though it has the bare minimum of a basic mall. FairPrice Finest is at its basement and it has a number of eateries and restaurants serving a variety of food. A small departmental store BHG on the main level linking to Clementi MRT station. A few apparel stores here and there. Very conveniently situated though with the Clementi MRT station beside and the Clementi Bus Interchange at level 1. There is also a small public library at level 5. Due to its size, it is extremely packed during peak hours and with SMM measures these days, the queue to go in goes all the way to Macdonald’s. (Mar2022)

  69. Avatar photo
    Taro Tan

    Convenient location to get stuff done and to fill your belly! From food to banking and hardware, you’ll find almost everything you need here

  70. Avatar photo
    Santosh MR

    Small mall but good options for shopping

  71. Avatar photo
    SH Lee

    Very accessible, covered with shelter; variety of shops in the mall; many shop houses outside the mall; Hawker centre nearby.

  72. Avatar photo
    hayati arshad

    Went to Boleh Boleh kopi tiam great halal food. Will visit again try other

  73. Avatar photo
    Yeo Tah Keow

    A very crowded shopping mall on the west side of Singapore. Many shops and restaurants within the mall and you can get most of the things you want. A Malaysia owned food court located on the 4th floor provides varieties of food for one choice.

  74. Avatar photo
    Imran Alam

    This is the biggest shopping mall in clementi. Lots of food restaurants, cake shop. Groceries items shop, clothing store, medicine shop, everything u can buy from here. …

  75. Avatar photo
    Jest Lua

    always able to get groceries and necessities here … like most places, during peak hours on weekdays and of course on weekends and holidays the place is somewhat crowded … thus shouldn’t be much of an issue when shop during off peak hours … in fact sales personnels are friendly and helpful … an eighth out of ten I recommend this place …

  76. Avatar photo
    woelly william

    Convenient. Transport hub connected to MRT and bus terminal. Surrounded by many food sellers.

  77. Avatar photo
    Joseph Tan

    Excellent shopping spaces with plenty of option for food and beverages for residents living nearby or workers working around near clementi area.
    This is especially after the renovation which produce more retails and food and beverage outlets for consumer to choose from.

  78. Avatar photo
    Joanne Choo

    Cool n comfortable at the foodcourt. Enjoy the healthy Korean brown rice congee n Yong Tau Fu soup.

  79. Avatar photo
    Diamond Tan

    conveniently located with train and bus access link. it would be nice if there are more big names from the key anchor tenants here. i know Uniqlo is opening soon.

  80. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    I like the mall as I am library goer. I like the place as it has a good mix of stores eg restaurant serving Chinese food, Western food and Japanese food and others. The atmosphere is casual and relax and people queue up to draw money orderly. Dresses, shoes and accessories stores to cater to different customers.BHC is having clising sales with discounts.

  81. Avatar photo
    Sam Lee

    Very crowded, difficult to move from floor to floor as lift was insufficient and quite small waiting area at lift entrance

  82. Avatar photo
    Jian-Lin Lee

    The mix of shops at the mall is improving. Uniqlo and a nice pancake place just opened. Other than that, pretty conventional neighborhood mall.

  83. Avatar photo
    Jenney Jen

    A decent neighbourhood shopping mall. Not very big but has the basic supermarket, food court, bakery, restaurant, small eatery, pharmacy, Popular bookstore, hair salons, TCM and library. Can get very crowded during lunch and dinner times and weekends as well.

  84. Avatar photo

    Always visiting there many shops and restaurants

  85. Avatar photo
    nobu G asean

    Just visit for transiting from MRT to clementi hawker centre

  86. Avatar photo
    Naveen Samikkannu

    Busy place I went decathlon small shop self billing nice and cool

  87. Avatar photo
    Lee Lik ngan

    A very compact mall for the residents to shop & eat. Spoilt for choices. Very convenient & central in location.

  88. Avatar photo
    Soo Hin Yeoh

    A suburban mall with stacks of HDB flats, Clementi Towers, on top of it. Very accessible as connected with a bus interchange and Clementi MRT station.

    You get everything you need here, from McD to Swensen’s, Decathlon, Guardian, Singapore Post, OCBC, Best Denki and FairPrice. While not upmarket, it’s a one stop centre for daily needs.

    If your needs are not fulfilled, head down to Clementi 448 Market & Food Center just behind.

  89. Avatar photo
    Miss Queenie

    Clementi Mall is a Food Paradise.. You can get alots of food in the mall itself and behind the mall got alot of shops and hawker centres too… The only minus point about this mall is that its always crowded even at this current pandemic…

  90. Avatar photo
    Xin Wei Lau

    Very convenient and easily accessible. This is a decent shopping mall that opens till late at night. There is also a 24/7 McDonald’s located at level 1 where you can always go to if you ever feel hungry late at night.

  91. Avatar photo
    God's Amazing Grace

    This is the only branch that is spacious, clean, good attitude staff, nice cleaning aunty, organized
    And of course
    Yummy food !
    I wonder if they are selling fruit rojak instead of the one with you tiao????

    My much preferred chiak place!

    Keep it up!

  92. Avatar photo
    Xiu Pin See Toh

    It’s really a go-to mall with all your household needs, supermarket, fastfood outlets and restaurants, numerous cake shops, haircare, eyecare, music school, massage place, TCM, library and more… …

  93. Avatar photo

    Crowds, hordes, hawks – they are all here. While footfall is retailers boon, they are the bane of discerning shoppers. Overwhelmed salespeople simply cannot give their best service- let alone attention.

    Clementi Mall is brimming with shops, pop ups and trolleys. You can find almost anything here. From clothings to Aesthetics, from computers to barbershop.

    And there is a always a new store whenever one throws in the towel. So there we -:constant self-renewal and ever changing shop mix.

  94. Avatar photo
    Mattijs Favaits

    ong the best mall in sg. west is best

  95. Avatar photo
    Arthur Toh

    Just like other malls crowded during school holidays & weekends.

  96. Avatar photo
    CK Tan

    Very convenient, with many yummy food stores in B1. Decathlon new store with frequent promotions!!

  97. Avatar photo
    The Local Farming

    Food court, shopping mall, 24hr McDonald’s…
    Bus interchange to go cities and MRT station

  98. Avatar photo
    Osman Amat

    Good local food with Vietnam twist. Relax environment.

  99. Avatar photo
    Mr. Joshua

    Clean, spacious and lots of selection. Can roam freely and enjoy pop up shopping, classic fashion and electronics as well as a large selection of food and the library all in one spot.

  100. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Lau

    Definitely a much nicer place to shop and dine than before. Has a lot of shops for window shopping or getting real treats, from clothing, accessories to toys and gifts.
    Several restaurants to choose from and even smaller eateries on basement floor. A supermarket can also be found there.
    Place can get crowded at times so plan your visits.
    Post office and library also within.

  101. Avatar photo
    Derrick Ang

    Convenient location if doesn’t have own transport

  102. Avatar photo

    Surprisingly very good kueh tu tus.

    Plump and fluffy .

  103. Avatar photo
    shanthi seetharaman

    Favourite mall. Like to visit often .we can find every thing here, right from eateries, and easily accessible from Mrt and bus.

  104. Avatar photo
    ethan ng

    the place is mostly for middle aged people, theres a popular if you want to get some supplies but the main reason youd be there is for the food options, there are tons and the queues are really long theres soup restaurant, macs, yakiniku and swensens, theres also cheaper alternatives like some smaller stores and theres a food court too so if you are hungry and are nearby you should definitely check clementi mall out!

  105. Avatar photo
    Google Map

    Food court, library, restaurants ,supermarkets etc, all in one mall

  106. Avatar photo
    Ed Young

    Run down mall. Need a facelift. Not many varieties of shops available.

  107. Avatar photo
    Daniel Sin

    Small mall above the Clement interchange. Has a NTUC Fair price Finest on the basement and eateries at basement and upper level, BHG department store and many other small shops in the mall. Very busy mall most of time especially so during weekends.

  108. Avatar photo
    Jenny Poh

    All my favourite foods is here. Chicken rice, pig organ soup, fish soup, sweet kuei and satay. All super yummy !!!

  109. Avatar photo
    ben anaqi

    Variety of shops at thr old Clementi central. New mall with Interchange in the mall

  110. Avatar photo

    I went 3rd story for massage. Very good considering I am a regular massage fan of massages be it in the malls or HOT SPA / G SPA. Photo showed G SPA

  111. Avatar photo
    Justin Tan

    Great for people who live in Clementi! There’s a decent variety of food here, as well as some essential or special interest shops. Fairprice at the basement too, with a lot of food outside!

  112. Avatar photo
    SL M

    Lots of restaurants and stalls here, near Clementi MRT. Easy, convenient, best shopping mall to me in the whole of Singapore.

  113. Avatar photo
    Chen Kokchye

    nothing much changes at this mall , now having night bazaar outside this mall , nothing much also except selling makan ..

  114. Avatar photo
    Pearlynn Tan

    Many food outlets to choose from. But space rather cramp & small. Avoid peak hrs from 6pm onwards

  115. Avatar photo
    Hamzah Daud

    One of the best place. Big crowds but many outlets for window shopping. Just next to the MRT station. Try to avoid peak hours because the queue to most of the restaurants can be time consuming.

  116. Avatar photo
    cy 胡 (Spring swallow)

    For a neighbourhood mall, it is decent. There’s a supermarket (FP Finest) in basement 1, and you have at least 4 bakeries (Breadtalk, Four Leaves, Proofer and Swee Heng, not counting Bengawan Solo) for your pick. A host of family friendly (and to a certain extent wallet friendly) casual dining establishments.

    The usual fast food options are here: Mcdonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Pezzo Pizza and Old Chang Kee. Boleh Boleh foodcourt is at level 4. A few bubble tea shops and those grab and go stuff like Mr Bean, Wok Hey, etc.

    The only complaint really is that the space for walking isnt wide enough to be sufficiently socially distanced, so during lockdown days, entry was limited and ridiculous queues formed. Yet, more flats are being built which is only bound to make things worse for the next pandemic.

  117. Avatar photo
    Judy Lee

    Got Pasa malam outside the mall… First time experience so crowded from MRT to the mall… So much festive mood this year. May everyone be healthy and happy.

    Happy and Healthy Lunar (Rabbit) Year with Prosperity and Joy.

  118. Avatar photo

    Next to the MRT and bus terminal, taxi stand.
    Good eateries at the basement.
    Banks, hawker market, shops nearby.

  119. Avatar photo
    Gen Magnaye (Simplegurl13)

    Lots of shop to choose here also 2 mins walk from clementi mrt station.

  120. Avatar photo
    G W

    Nice mall. It’s an interchange so many things happening here.
    Parking here not so good as the entrance must go thru the busy main road. Need to watch out for bus taxis and pedestrians.

  121. Avatar photo
    Chitrakal Krishna Kishore Reddy

    This is a popular metro station on east west corridor in Singapore. Has a nice mall and shopping area strong. There is Indian Tamil store in the shopping complex selling Indian items. There fire sale shop where you can get every thing for fixed price of 1$, 2$. I bought axe gold deos for 1$ which costs 225₹ in India. Visit this place if you are getting down here else you can skip this place if you are a tourist. Are strong this is mostly residential high end. So clean place.

  122. Avatar photo
    Shravan Tiwari

    Nice food and very friendly staff. I like the open dining area- specially for dinner.

  123. Avatar photo
    Faith Darlene

    Only went to this mall a few times, but always find the entrance door beside the passengers lift near proofer, very congested. The management should consider enlarge the entrance/exit cause it’s not only a link between the mall and other shophouses, it’s also an exit for shoppers with strollers, trolley from the lift.

  124. Avatar photo
    PS Ng

    Not bad, there’s a few nice restaurants and a foodcourt selling nice food and very clean as well! Highly recommended for all people.

  125. Avatar photo
    Ruth LX

    Old-school mall, plenty of services and restaurants. Maybe could use a bit of an upgrade. Looking weathered

  126. Avatar photo
    Eloisa Erive

    Nearby to my area and mrt! Has a variety of fast food, nearby hawker and market too!

  127. Avatar photo

    there is nice food in the basement, and i enjoy being bullied in the library

  128. Avatar photo
    Mikejacqsg Tong

    Often frequent this place because of the stores and products sold appeal to the general public. Family friendly and has a good public library. Basement has a number of eateries selling snacks and main meals – I can have a complete satisfying meal over there.

  129. Avatar photo
    Rashidi Hadbi

    Many shops to buy & eat

  130. Avatar photo
    Sherman TBH

    Heartland of Clementi estate next to the MRT station. It is a convenient place to shop and have meals there. Good mix of retailers and F&B outlets.

  131. Avatar photo
    Alfred Lee

    The Clementi Mall is a six-storey retail development totaling approximately 191,000 square feet of retail space, which includes a basement shopping level and a basement carpark. With its strategic location in Clementi town and accessibility to integrated transport amenities like the Clementi MRT station and bus interchange, The Clementi Mall is poised to be an anchor attraction in the area. Positioned as a contemporary and mid-market mall, The Clementi Mall will enjoy a good catchment from Holland Village, Bukit Timah and West Coast, where key tertiary institutions such as National University of Singapore, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, and UniSIM are located.

  132. Avatar photo
    Kaustav Mukherjee

    Decent shopping mall with an odd layout and not all the stores you would be looking for at a shopping mall. However, the dining options in the basement are good. Overall, it would make more sense to shop at Clementi Village instead of the mall.

  133. Avatar photo
    Meng Kwong Yee

    Like the NTUC finest outlet. With good display of veg and fruit. Generally has a very good spread of groceries. The hawker food at the mall basement is also very refreshing though its the standard type of food and shops, eg Hock Hua, 4 leaves bread etc..
    Mall is a bit congested at the basement

  134. Avatar photo
    David Kwong

    Went to the food court named Boleh Boleh and had a plate of Rojak and popiah.
    Tasty and yummy.

  135. Avatar photo
    Esther Teo

    This is an ever popular location. Didn’t realize that Uniqlo is also here. I believed it took over the space of what was BHG before.

  136. Avatar photo
    Eugene Chang

    My regular hang-out at Community Mall. Near my home, where I do most of my groceries shopping. People are generally nice there.

  137. Avatar photo
    Che-yin Suen

    Clean and tidy. Variety of food. Spacious

  138. Avatar photo
    Vincent Ng

    A good mall to visit. A post office is located on the second floor. There is a good food court. I like the claypot chicken rice which is tasty and sufficient for one person. The popiah at $2.50 per roll is too expensive and lacks the quality. The small siew mai at $3.30 for three is not worth the money. Popular Bookstore has a wide range of items. It is spacious. Go before lunch to avoid long queues at the paying counters.

  139. Avatar photo
    Marklin Ho

    Good first impression This neighbourhood mall seems suitable for both local and tourist visits who live in the vicinity

    With a variety of eateries like Boleh Boleh and Ya Kun, clothing chains like Uniqlo and Decathlon, gadget stores, hair salons, ATMs, a supermarket and other services available, you‘ll feel like you can get anything you need done here for days on end with more yet to explore

  140. Avatar photo
    Louis Chua

    Just dislike this mall, do not find anything interesting. West Coast Plaza is much better, at least it’s not crowded. Even need to walk to 321 to get tickets to a cinema. So unfortunate it is in the Clementi central. Too small and crowded. The shops are the usual ones. Don’t bother to shop in FairPrice. Usually full of people. The food in the foodcourt is so-so. The Japanese restaurant on the first floor is not bad. For those travelling by MRT or bus will like this mall as they are integrated. For those who drive, carpark is small. You need to learn to park at the public carparks nearby.

  141. Avatar photo
    Maggie Corpuz

    It was nice place. Very convenient. Many things like shopping, groceries, store to look at of it. I enjoy to go that place

  142. Avatar photo
    Sam Wong

    The macdonald is a mess. The self ordering machine only a few were working conditions. The machine failed to print the receipt. Result in a lot of confusion

  143. Avatar photo
    Normalah Dollah

    Always crowded…..your choice for allday eating place

  144. Avatar photo
    Samuel Swee

    Clementi Mall has a good variety of shops. The basement especially has many economical food options that are good for takeaways. However, it can get rather crowded in the evenings, with people shopping at Fair price, and others buying dinner. Otherwise, if you are feeling up for more mid-priced meals, there’s also food options on the third to fifth floors.

  145. Avatar photo
    LK Kok

    Mall basement has many yummy food stalls.. a new Soup and rice (takeaway) with reasonable prices. Soup is above average with lots of ingredients. Olive rice is tasty and well seasoned! Yum!

  146. Avatar photo
    Paul Ling

    Heartland mall with a wide range of food and eateries at all levels of the shopping mall. There are the long term tenants such as Popular, Ichiban Boshi, Swensens, Pet Lovers Centre. OCBC Bank is located in there. There is also Best Denki, Challenger, Bata. There is also a library in here so it is popular with Clementi residents.

  147. Avatar photo
    Quah Doreen

    I was just passing through in this instance but I’ve been here several times. This mall has quite a good mix of businesses, eateries, and a library as well. It is food galore in the basement for take-away and dine-in. Having said all that, I could be describing any other mall in SG right?

  148. Avatar photo
    Nicole Welford

    Check in should be done – With a friendly& polite greeting/manner. All attending to guest shouldn’t hog at the station, where is the safe distancing at 1 time can see 3 talking among them self not attending to check in?

  149. Avatar photo
    J D

    Great selection of food. And shops to boot. Mrt attached and bus interchanges

  150. Avatar photo
    Solvere ATnT

    This artists, enjoying his music while putting his heart and soul into painting the umbrella. An artist with talent and pride. Best gift to present at your first date.

  151. Avatar photo
    Candy Sama

    A bit too cramped mall space for my liking, but its a good place to get your daily needs, and/or possible decent dinner date location for not so fussy couples.

    Unless you have a specific need to go there, don’t go there for window shopping.

  152. Avatar photo
    Daniel Sin

    Small mall above the Clement interchange. Has a NTUC Fair price Finest on the basement and eateries at basement and upper level, BHG department store and many other small shops in the mall. Very busy mall most of time especially so during weekends.

  153. Avatar photo
    Ernest Pak

    A bit weird layout of a mall.
    Not as many exciting stalls inside compared to outside street stalls.
    Things are cheaper on the outside street than in the mall.
    Good if you prefer to shop in comfort with air conditioning and nice ambience.
    Stall in a kopitiam at 443 famous for lor mee too.

  154. Avatar photo

    A medium sized neighbourhood shopping mall conveniently connected to both Clementi MRT station and bus interchange. Wide variety of food and retail outlets available.

  155. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Gets very crowded, this mall and probably is due to the location next to the MRT and Bus Interchange.

    However there’s lots of dining choices available here.

  156. Avatar photo

    Convenient because it is beside Clementi MRT and bus terminal for easy access. A varity of food outlets, bakeries, international foods to whet your appetite. Commercial banks, SG library, pharmacies and supermarket for the family.

  157. Avatar photo
    Abiskrita Das

    Very nice mall, all the needful shops are there including fair price, it has quite a good places to eat, food court is also very big and nice has a lot of options. Near by to the mrt and bus station. Communication is very easy

  158. Avatar photo
    Sophie Chiang

    I like everything about this mall EXCEPT for NTUC Finest which is much too crowded due to proximity to MRT station and bus interchange. Iike the new Boleh Boleh food court.

  159. Avatar photo
    Raven Tan Qi Lin

    It’s a Nice Mall but It is very Packed and Hard for move around in the Bus Stop area

  160. Avatar photo
    Fab C

    Nice cited mall with good supermarket and restaurants. Avoid peak times 5-8pm as too crowded and long queues for nice food.

  161. Avatar photo
    ItzAlex thekitty

    The mall is very very spacious!!! Just that I went there toooooo many times so I don’t go there anymore But it’s a great place to bring along with your friends as there are many restaurants there like makisan, bbq, hotpot, library and starbucks etc!!! Can go there to explore …

  162. Avatar photo
    Kalimuthu Veerapan

    Good place got a lot of shops around and can get some good foods

  163. Avatar photo
    Hari Kishan

    Nice place,
    Its well connected to MRT and Buses.

  164. Avatar photo
    Malcolm Tan

    Went down with the family to try it out. If you can wait, go later. The novelty of a new place always draws in the crowd and it’s really crowded during lunchtime and not much better during off peak hours. Pleasant surprise, try the Nasi lemak at $3.50, cheap and delicious. The rice was really fragrant with the coconut milk.

  165. Avatar photo
    PM Kwong

    Neighbour good mall. Lots of eateries. A bit “dense /compress” layout

  166. Avatar photo
    swati sinha

    Conveniently located just outside the Clementi metro. Shops for all the needs. There are nice bakery shops in the basement 1 along with fair price finest. The mall is very much crowded in almost all the days. Very popular

  167. Avatar photo
    Maureen Leong

    Supervisor Jacky Haoming at the Watsons outlet at Clementi Mall rendered outstanding service and deserves to be commended! …

  168. Avatar photo
    S C

    The drop off point of this shopping mall is at Basement 1. The point of entry to the drop off point shares with the underground carpark.

  169. Avatar photo
    HW o

    My friend stays there it is strategically located for me to invade his house

  170. Avatar photo

    Basement food street can be very crowded with no SDAs in sight. Even if we happen to see them upstairs in the mall, they were often seen in pairs, looking at their phones or standing in a corner chatting with each other!!!

  171. Avatar photo
    Hawi Gold


  172. Avatar photo
    ATL T

    Connected to the clementi mrt

    There is sonething for everyone here. Challenger, m1, macdonalds, ocbc, stan chart, macdonalds, ntuc, breadtalk, hush puppy, etc

    There is also a foodcourt here. Human traffic is quite heavy here.

  173. Avatar photo
    Abdul hakim

    You can get your Asian food at Clementi mall at level 4 , Food Court name ‘ Boleh..Boleh., ‘While enjoy your food,you can gather together to have fun, discuss with your colleagues.

  174. Avatar photo
    General Twilight

    There is a lot of people and shops here. The amount of communities offered here is great. There are a lot of luxury items such as jewelry shops here. The atmosphere is alright and that it is very accessible as it is near an MRT stations and near a bus interchange. It gives the residents here a convenient place to get their items and I would definitely visit here again.

  175. Avatar photo
    Andy Oon

    High traffic suburban mall. Good tenancy mix. Something for everyone. Due to its location at Clementi Central, it is often busy and crowded.

  176. Avatar photo

    very convenient/accesible, can enter directly from clementi mrt station.
    has a big supermarket, stationery shop, post office as well as many f&b/retail outlets.
    better to go during weekdays/off peak hours since it usually gets quite crowded on weekends & public holidays !!

  177. Avatar photo
    LJ Tan

    The mall is just beside Clementi MRT and directly linked to level 3 of The Clementi Mall. Quite a variety of restaurants and shops like Miniso, Guardian, Japan Home etc. The foodcourt is at level 4 and basement floor is kind of like food street with a supermarket.

  178. Avatar photo
    Tan Angeline

    Its a great mall with a lot of shops.. But recent change of covid measures that mall has to check all people for vaccination status has jam up the queue to enter mall.

  179. Avatar photo
    Lorenzo Sim

    Renovations were still ongoing, escalators on first floor not working when I visited on 9th March 2020.
    Interesting concept. Level B1 is more to the cheap and affordable food and beverages and as you go higher levels, food gets more expensive.
    Loving it.

  180. Avatar photo
    Chantal Ng

    Located conveniently next to Clementi MRT stations. Pretty decent place for quick shopping. There’s BHG here but does not offers wide varieties. Lots of food establishments. You can also find Popular bookshop, national library and Fair price finest. This place is however crowded.

  181. Avatar photo
    Adilah Hamid

    There’s quite a number of eateries and places to shop. Adequate in most ways. Christmas decor a little too early but it is the same everywhere else. Oh wells.

  182. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Oh

    Small, nothing much. Just decent.

  183. Avatar photo
    Travel Writer

    What can you do at clementi mall at 8am in the morning?

    Like most malls, shops only open around 11am. The exceptions being level 2 Kaffe and Toast nd basement cafes and joints like Yakun, KFC, Burger King. McDonald’s located at level 1 near the entrance.

    This place is generally crowded as it links to the mrt.

    Library opens only at 11am. There are banks like OCBC and a music school.

  184. Avatar photo
    Sahlee Manzano Cajimat

    Nice place for shopping affordable price

  185. Avatar photo
    Tanvi Kaur

    i go here all the time because its near my place and it has like every store needed to be the perfect mall that i grew up in, there are a lot of food choices and different shops as well

  186. Avatar photo
    Winston C

    As expected of a heartland mall, you can find food, shopping and still do your banking needs there. It can get crowded at certain times, also because it’s connected to Clementi MRT station. They have a basement car park which is not very big.

  187. Avatar photo
    David Lee

    Vibrant and have a lot of good foods

  188. Avatar photo
    Amier Aziz

    One of the simple mall in Singapore, not many shop, small and crowded during holiday.

  189. Avatar photo
    Ryan Thum

    I go to Clementi Mall every day. The mall provides almost everything. There is a wide variety of food choices, a supermarket, and a Popular bookstore. This mall has everything you need if you are a student. The staff managing the Mall is friendly and approachable.

  190. Avatar photo
    Doris Tan SH

    Intesting alot of shops to shop.

  191. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    Personally, as much as this is an extremely convenient location with bus interchanges, housing, shopping mall, MRT, all in one spot, it’s really messy. I honestly didn’t find the crowd appetizing nor appealing whatsoever, which frustrated me quite a bit being in the area. The mall structure is also a little weird, and not something I’ll spend too much time hanging out around unfortunately.

  192. Avatar photo
    Huili S

    Opened a lot new stores at B1. Happy surprise to find my fav icecream

  193. Avatar photo
    Noor Abdullah

    Fantastic place to shop and dine at Clementi. There are a lot of food and retail options. It has everything one would need and also a National Library branch if you like to read or study.

  194. Avatar photo
    vkn ishier

    Nice compact Mall, Old but well maintained. Enjoyed it

  195. Avatar photo
    belen esposo

    Nice mall nearby Clementi MRT station safe and lots of places to dine in …

  196. Avatar photo

    Not bad…but at the time I visited the mall was so empty

  197. Avatar photo
    Nancy Leong

    Clementi Mall is convenient within bus interchange, NTUC finest, more than 4 bakery shops, Hockhua, resturants, Vietnam so pho, Korean food stall and etc out what mall we can find fruits stall

  198. Avatar photo
    Gareth Chen

    You have to admire the way they retrospectively build a mall in an existing HDB cluster.. however certain elements could have been designed better.. plus a larger basement car park would have benefited the mall more. The fair price finest unfortunately is too cramped and doesn’t really have the full selection of the other fair price finest out there.
    There’s a MSCP around the other side of the mall (opposite Clementi primary school) with lifts going directly to the mall

  199. Avatar photo
    Tze-Liang Foo

    Clementi Mall is a Heartland Mall and its connected to the Clementi MRT station as well as the Clementi Bus Interchange. Its super busy all day long. Personally I don’t like shopping there as the tenant mix is not so fantastic. But it’s a good place for catch up with friends as there are many f&b retail chains (be prepared to Q though)

  200. Avatar photo
    Prashanth Seshadri

    Many shops, wide variety and well connected

  201. Avatar photo
    Pradeep Kumar Singh

    Nice mall with several options of shopping and food

  202. Avatar photo
    Ruben Paramjothy

    The white carrot cake is really good but disappointed by the Hokkien Prawn mee at this stall

  203. Avatar photo
    tham seng

    Clementi mall so small. Not even an hour can walk finished but the environment is nice n quiet. Restaurant food should be ok because of hardly have crowd . Usually crowded are at basement 1 the ntuc area and eateries area

  204. Avatar photo
    Eileen Lee

    Just wanted to leave a review for customer service name Vicki.
    Extremely kind, helped me to retrieve my lost item at the female toilet very quickly.
    Thank you so much for the help and patience!

  205. Avatar photo

    A basic mall with basic layout. Nothing very special about this mall compared any other outskirts malls in Singapore. Rather small. What cool is that the nearby markets.

  206. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Adams

    Convenient but crowded. Usual chain restaurants and shops.
    Pay for convenience and get decent but pricey and bog standard food etc

  207. Avatar photo
    tham zhi yong (Ben)

    convenient place to go from nus to change train…

  208. Avatar photo
    S Q

    Typical neighbourhood mall. Well connected to the hdb shops,mrt and the flats above. To avoid the central jam, can choose to park opposite the mrt and walk the overhead bridge that is connected to the 2nd lvl.

  209. Avatar photo
    Jeverio Yeo

    Lots of similar food outlets. Nothing exciting as still same boring offerings. Hope can learn from its competitor?

  210. Avatar photo
    Norhayati Haron

    Clementi Mall
    Bring more money in your wallet cause there are a lot of shops n eateries here …

  211. Avatar photo
    Zachary Lee

    Convenient place. Superb options for food and shopping, surrounded by good transport links and a sports hall and stadium close by.

  212. Avatar photo
    Leon Wiemann

    Clementi Mall is a rather small mall, but offers a variety of different things. Perfect to save the all the way to the city center malls. Easiest to reach by bus. For waiting I recommend to visit massage chairs pupest level;) Food is sufficiently offered downstairs. I can recommend!

  213. Avatar photo
    jac hoe

    Many boutique outlet to choose from even thou some store might be small, but at least can get some stuff when needed urgently.

  214. Avatar photo
    SQ Ng

    Good neighbourhood mall considering the limitations and size. Can get almost all your necessities and shops that are actually interesting to browse. The food court needs work though. Food in there is close to horrible the handfull of times ive tried. But lots else around to eat.

  215. Avatar photo
    YiZhong Zhuang

    Nice little suburban mall in Singapore with a supermarket, department store, cafes, restaurants and a food court and public library. Decent collection of stores but nothing particularly unique. Toilets can be a little hit and miss.

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