The Best Restaurants in St George, Utah

Best Restaurants in St George

Best Restaurants in St George

St. George, Utah is quietly tucked away in the South-West of the state, kissing the border with Arizona. There is nothing tucked away about the restaurants, however, as the city is bursting with numerous critically acclaimed eateries that promise to please the palettes of even the most persnickety of patrons. Why don’t we take a tour of St. George, shall we?

Let’s begin with some island fare. The Honolulu Grill is authentic Hawaiian food far from the islands but still dripping with the various flavors of the tropics. If you’ve never experienced Hawaiian food this is a great place to start as the prices are excellent, the portions are large and the taste is amazing. Along with the food the restaurant also features imported beverages straight from the islands to complete the transaction. As they say on their website “The average meal, including the drink, is under $8 and worth every penny. Our menu ranges from $2-10, making it a very inexpensive treat.” To get food this good and this authenticity would normally include an expensive, exhausting airplane ride over a vast expanse of ocean. The Honolulu Grill is the next best alternative, unless you were planning a Hawaiian vacation anyway.

Maybe you aren’t craving Hawaiian food at all. Maybe the taste lying on the tip of your tongue is… Asian. In that case don’t hesitate to visit Ahi’s restaurant, which features an assortment of classic Asian favorites, a few choices of original chef creations, as well as soups, salads and a gluten free menu for customers looking for food that fits a leaner dietary restriction. The meals are a little more pricy than The Honolulu Grill, but not so much that they thin out the wallet. The restaurant provides free Wi-Fi for the patron who has to eat and work at the same time, so you can enjoy lunch while completing that important document for your boss. Fun and functional, all in the same establishment!

Now, in case you aren’t in the mood for Hawaiian or Asian, the last leg of our world tour highlights a family owned and operated Italian restaurant, Cappelletis. The first thing that should catch the eye of a customer is the philosophy the restaurant holds for creating their food: “We cook good food with the freshest of ingredients like Mama used to make.” Not a humble boast, but the food refuses to make a liar of the motto, as whatever you order will be both succulent and savory. A relatively new establishment, it opened in 2010 and has been serving the downtown area of St. George meals that have garnered rave reviews. The menu is expansive, with both lunch and dinner selections as well as a wine list if a little taste of vino is something you like along with your meal. For only being in business two years the restaurant has become a fixture of St. George, and visitors to the city would be remiss if they missed out on the chance to dine here at least once.

No matter the flavor you are craving, St. George has it for you. Come and visit, find the best restaurant in St George, and eat heartily. There are more than enough restaurants to satisfy you during your trip, and enough that you’ll have to visit multiple times to enjoy them all!

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