The Best Art Galleries and Museums in Venice


There’s no shortage of attractions to entice travellers to Venice, but the city’s art and cultural collections are among the finest in the world. Venice has a multitude of art galleries and museums at its disposal. Unless visitors want to spend all their time going from one to another, it is important to know which ones should not be missed.

The city has a great variety of art and other collections, ranging from Renaissance paintings to relics from its illustrious naval history. All will have normal exhibits, but they may also offer periodic special events.


Scuola di Saint Rocco – This historical site serves as a great educational introduction to the art of the area and hosts some of the greatest works by the great painter Tintoretto.

Gallerie dell’ Accademia – This gallery hosts the most important pieces of art from the Venetian school. The gallery itself was designed by Carlo Scarpa and features pieces from Titian, Tintoretto, Giorgione and Bellini that range from the 14th to the 18th centuries.

Palazzo Ducale – Originally built to serve as a castle, this museum once served as the Senate House, hall of justice, prison, public archive and administrative centre. It is now a collection of smaller museums and also contains its own art gallery, featuring frescoed walls, intricate statues and gilded ceilings. Some of the prison displays are accessed using the Bridge of Sighs.



Peggy Guggenheim Collection – This is the home to some of Italy’s most important pieces of modern art, most of which were collected by long-time art patron Peggy Guggenheim. The works are a combination of European and American art. The museum is located in Guggenheim’s former home on the Grand Canal.

Ca’Rezzonico – Once one of the most lavish palaces in the city, it now houses an incredible collection of 18th century Venetian art. There are three floors of sculptures, paintings and decadent furnishings. It also has four rooms dedicated to the works of Giambattista Tiepolo. The grand staircase is lined with landscape paintings and portraits.

Museo Civico Correr – Dedicated to the civic history of Venice, most of the works on display here were bequeathed by aristocrat Teodoro Correr. While there are many paintings, copper plates and coins on display, the marble sculptures will be of particular interest to visitors. One admission price will gain entrance to the Museo Civico Correr as well as the Palazzo Ducale.

With so much to offer, it is no wonder Venice is one of the top vacation destinations in all of Europe. There are more than 30 major galleries and museums located in the city, but the ones listed above will certainly provide visitors with a keen insight into the city’s culture and history while also allowing time to see the myriad of other sites Venice has to offer.

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