Review The Adelphi, 1 Coleman St, Singapore

Review The Adelphi - Singapore 1 Coleman St

“Surprised by its changes. We were at keto place for sugarfree cakes and such. Decent compact eatery that serves pretty good choc’s and cakes.” or “This is a Very Lovely place. Very clean and neat, bright and fresh.People in this area are friendly and helpful too. Keep it UP. 加油” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about The Adelphi. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if The Adelphi is quality.

Introduction about The Adelphi

Here are some fundamental details regarding The Adelphi. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that The Adelphiis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 1 Coleman St, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 63399179 (+65 63399179)
  • Website:
  • Address: 1 Coleman St, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM.


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5.9 km6 minute7 minute5 minute

How to contact The Adelphi?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact The Adelphi via:

Phone number

You can reach The Adelphi at 63399179(+65 63399179). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact The Adelphi via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 1 Coleman St, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

The Adelphi reviews

The Adelphi is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is The Adelphi good?

To determine whether The Adelphi is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Surprised by its changes. We were at keto place for sugarfree cakes and such. Decent compact eatery that serves pretty good choc's and cakes.”

“This is a Very Lovely place. Very clean and neat, bright and fresh.People in this area are friendly and helpful too. Keep it UP. 加油”

“place to idle along for audiophiles. Ambience is now laid back. Lacking human traffic magic.”

“If you're looking for high end hifi, that's the place to go in Singapore.”

“Connected to City Hall MRT station via a new underpass that is operational from December 2021”

“If you need legalization services, please visit the Singapore Academy of Law at #08-06. The service is professional and affordable.”

“Specializes in audio systems I guess. Not for window shopping ;)”

“Visited TC Acoustic Flagship Store at Level 1. Love the service and experience by the Audio specialist. Very friendly staff.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 284 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 73% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about The Adelphi, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review The Adelphi, 1 Coleman St, Singapore

There is a total 284 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Faizal Aziz


  2. Avatar photo
    Mohd Akbar mohd sidik

    Wide range of home theater to choose. Reasonable price

  3. Avatar photo
    Mr Doom

    its a lifestyle mall with many musical and beauty shops. Some eateries are there as well at level 1 and 2

  4. Avatar photo
    Abhimanyu Agrawal

    Great place to shop hifi

  5. Avatar photo
    William Shwe

    Nice place to choose audio equipments

  6. Avatar photo
    Shahid Kamal

    Neat and clean place in the heart of the town. The biggest drawback I found during my recent visit there is lack of Passenger lift. The escalators are serving upto 4th level only. You need to search the mysterious staircase inorder to go to 5th floor. The environment of the staircase is horrible and scary. Doesn’t look like part of Singapore though surrounded by prestigious buildings of the High Court, Parliament House, newly built Funnan Centre etc.

  7. Avatar photo
    Choong Thoong Chua

    Connected to City Hall MRT station via a new underpass that is operational from December 2021

  8. Avatar photo
    Mathi Vaanan

    Went here to Park My Friends Car and went for a Meeting at Singapore Cricket Club which is just three buildings away. In the quick visit I noticed that It is a Good place to buy Audio related equipments.

  9. Avatar photo
    abraham rama

    Good service from alpha audio.

  10. Avatar photo

    Mall for audiophiles and music lovers

  11. Avatar photo
    Suraj Raj

    With many shops closing down, not as attractive as before

  12. Avatar photo
    Lucas Cheong

    Nice but old shopping mall. Quite nice

  13. Avatar photo
    Tan Vincent

    Excellent place to purchase amplifier & sound systems

  14. Avatar photo
    Jason Tan

    Place to look for your audio needs.

  15. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chua

    Interesting collection of tenants and shops, catering to slightly niche audiophile, gearhead or maybe cosplayer. Even has a few spa places to boot…

  16. Avatar photo
    ryan peh

    Visit only if u looking for high end speaker

  17. Avatar photo
    ATL T

    A mall for music accessories. Just avoid the basement

  18. Avatar photo
    Mt Lee

    Best teh in Singapore is found here haha. Check it out! Tony’s cafe on 2nd floor

  19. Avatar photo
    Lim Puay Sia

    Have the most shops selling sound system for popular brand. Friendly service and conducive environment.

  20. Avatar photo
    James Chong

    Day time mostly sound systems. Night time pub

  21. Avatar photo
    TB Foo

    Basically is office block, is already out dated mall as well, last time, you still has Metro around to shop there.

  22. Avatar photo

    Lots of beauty services offered here.

  23. Avatar photo
    Christine Sim

    There is a Jewellery shop at B1-38.with very nice & unique design. Pricing are also very good. I buy 3 items at very very good price.

  24. Avatar photo
    Garry Tan

    You gotta know your stuff when you shop here. The salesperson may be very persistent.

  25. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Khoo

    Quite a nice quiet place to chill in..

  26. Avatar photo
    Chandrashekhar Pande

    Too good.

  27. Avatar photo
    Quang Vu Nguyen

    Old mall with many legal service firms

  28. Avatar photo
    YC Woon

    Place for everything hifi. But the hidden gem is Auntie Too’s food stall at B1. Good Siew Mai, Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun and lunch menu is good. Don’t forget to try their coffee.

  29. Avatar photo
    Brandon Lol

    Some shops are just mehhhh. Besides avone that one is da best

  30. Avatar photo
    Lau Li He

    A place where expensive HiFi equipment were sold.

  31. Avatar photo
    Sze, Chia Yeng

    For your best audio experience

  32. Avatar photo
    Tin Maung Htay

    Not for me who cannot afford such expensive audio HiFi etc. But heaven for those who know, understand and are looking for turntable or Speaker or other audio related products.

  33. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Pan

    Lots of nice food but always hard to find seats and small seating area.

  34. Avatar photo
    Qaseh Mimi

    Place for sound systems….Spa

  35. Avatar photo


    1. Great place to find camera accessories, second hand camera stuff at the basement.
    2. Prime location, next to NGS and city hall MRT.
    3. High end audio shops on other floors.


    1. Old mall, badly needs renovation.
    2. Washrooms can be cleaner.
    3. Just one coffee shop inside.
    4. Not connected to MRT station like other malls in vicinity.

  36. Avatar photo
    Kevin L

    Nothing very exciting here

  37. Avatar photo
    freshlydiced “freshlydiced”

    4-5 record shops in here. Vinyl lucky, has a nice catalog of first pressed items. Especially soundtracks. Didn’t have much time, but there’s definitely gems in there. Items on the pricey side.

  38. Avatar photo
    Vicwilliam Vinsent

  39. Avatar photo
    Peter Sasi

    Great for shopping high end audio as well as some food, a metal pub and some record shops

  40. Avatar photo
    Evan Ong

    If ur an audiophile then u come.

  41. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Tan

    A relatively old building / offices and mall that is famous for its home Hifi system. Remembered that some of the shops are previously shifted from Funan. There used to be an optical shop. Hasn’t been here for quite awhile after my regular optician retired. Finally I was here to visit, at the same time feeling sad to find out that “Auntie Teo” , a small eatery, has been replaced by Coffee Hive. Used to find comfort food at Auntie Teo as the price was very affordable and value for money especially when you are in the CBD area. Unfortunately it is gone. The cut fruit and juice shop hidden in the back lane is also not around anymore. Needed a quick bite so decided to go and look for the famous chicken rice shop, although it’s still around but the whole place is crowded with gym goers. Also good to see there are still shoppers in the record shop beside the chicken rice shop. Ended up taking a quick bite at an Indian food shop. Not too bad the maggi goreng is good for a quick bite, it just feels slightly too oily. While walking around looking for food, we came across an underpass or linkway to Funan which I think is good that this can link all the way to the MRT station.

  42. Avatar photo
    Chia Keesom

    Looking for hi-fi equipments that’s the place to go

  43. Avatar photo
    First Last

    Lots of audio visual shops here

  44. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Yusoff Abdul Kader

    place to idle along for audiophiles. Ambience is now laid back.
    Lacking human traffic magic.

  45. Avatar photo
    Lai Pitsen


  46. Avatar photo
    Seven Oceans

    A quiet place where notary services at the basement or other floors available.

    At the basement floor is a nice local food eatery good for a meal of nasi lemak with local deserts or a coffee break.

  47. Avatar photo
    raylus koay choon

    Places audiophiles go to for system testing and purchase. Many shop offer testing of audio equipments

  48. Avatar photo
    Simon Koo

    Awesome for audiophiles and music lovers! There are many audio and video retailers who will give you a good demo of their offering. There’s also few small cafes and eateries at affordable price.

  49. Avatar photo
    Yaza Kyaw

    mainly selling audio equipment for the rich but lately becoming dental clinic mall. lots of parking spaces available.

  50. Avatar photo
    William Chan

    Short and sweet comment is a good place for you to search try and buy yr valuable AV system..especially is wen you are not sure and got confused by reviews .. many shops in Adelphi can help you.. I said many but not all.. e.g. u can try AV One.. I got my headphone there it was an experience. But don’t take my word it..try t go there if you haven’t.. you will be amazed..

  51. Avatar photo
    Hai Tran

    The place to shop your high end audio equipments. You can find many fancy audio related stuffs here.

  52. Avatar photo
    i O (jynx)

    Basically a mall for all hifi audio stuff. Highly recommend repair services at #04-14. Experienced well spoken gentleman with very good knowledge

  53. Avatar photo
    waytochrist Faith

    I enjoyed going there for audio player, tube amp. Yesterday I bought a great headphone set from Jaben shop. The music is wonderful. To me price is reasonable as I didn’t go for the very high end. Maybe one day I can afford I will try getting one. Try it out! If you love music and appreciate the melody.

  54. Avatar photo
    Chyan Phang

    Could do with a makeover like Funan next door, but is the go-to place for all things audio.

  55. Avatar photo
    Saud Sultan

    Adelphi is a mall known for selling high end audio sound systems and few Vinyl shops notably Memory Lane find a “rocker look ” Kelly great food Chef Lai Chicken Rice Curry Chicken Pork Belly the best and in the basement hidden in the corner The Flying V a heavy metal and pizza bar friendly owners Ross and bar tender Andy

  56. Avatar photo
    Xiang Yao

    Haven for audio equipment; Jaben Singapore and AV One is in this building.

  57. Avatar photo
    BlueEyed Cat

    A great place to buy high end audio equipment at amazing markups. A extravagant spendtrifts paradise.

  58. Avatar photo
    Wong SY

    Great for shopping hifi equipment and accessories as it has the largest concentration of Hifi retailers. Also houses a good vinyl record and cd shop on the level 3 operated by an owner who is pretty knowledgeable.
    Only negative point is the hourly parking is far down into the bowels of the building at basement 4 and 5.

  59. Avatar photo

    This is THE place for audiophiles, and camera buffs. Highly recommended!

  60. Avatar photo
    Wj Yp

    Nice place to look for audio stuff.

  61. Avatar photo
    abhilash sethurayar

    Upscale mall in Singapore, known for its audio equipment shops. If you’re an audiophile, then this place will interest you a lot. You get the state of the art equipment here. I ended up here due to vinyl record shopping. There are few shops here who sell good quality vinyl records, though the records are quite costly.

  62. Avatar photo
    CK C

    Mainly audio and camera stuff.

  63. Avatar photo
    My if

    Nothing much to see unless you love sound systems.

  64. Avatar photo
    Ken Lee

    Audiophile hifi 1-stop heavenly place..

  65. Avatar photo

    A convenient mall located near to City Hall mrt with affordable food options at the lower floors and also several music shops, dental clinics at upper floor and several fitness studios.

  66. Avatar photo
    Roy Tan

    Lots of stores selling gadgets, music instruments and tool shop. A building with a retro interior smack right in the city centre of Singapore, right beside the high Court of Singapore. If you need good sound system, KEF shop is there.. If you need Leatherman multitool or any military equipments, there is a Black tactical shop on level 4

  67. Avatar photo
    JM Tan

    Visited TC Acoustic Flagship Store at Level 1. Love the service and experience by the Audio specialist. Very friendly staff.

  68. Avatar photo
    Koko Teo

    Not many shops open.

  69. Avatar photo
    Desmond Yeo

    Looking for audio related products? This is the place to go, they have earphones, headphones and speakers.

  70. Avatar photo
    Singapore Office Spaces

    The Adelphi is an ideal rest and shopping stopover after a busy sightseeing day.

    Affectionately valued by the locals for its wide stock of entertainment, equipment, numismatics, memorabilia, shops and accessories, The Adelphi features an adept mix of offices and retail throughout its ten floors. Renowned for the best audio gear in town, The Adelphi also offers excellent beauty and spa services

  71. Avatar photo
    Jixian Gavin Goh

    Great place with full of audio stuffs

  72. Avatar photo
    Hongrui “Ada” Lee

    Great place for looking for hifi and head-fi components and systems

  73. Avatar photo
    Jacqueline Low

    Mixture of all kinds of shops eg acoustic equipment, second hand branded bags, small eateries, hair salons, facials, dental etc. Also offices offering legal services, employment etc

  74. Avatar photo
    James Peace

    Great singing there with Voices of Singapore

  75. Avatar photo
    Macchua Chua

    This modernized building is situated along Coleman Street replacing the old adephi hotel

  76. Avatar photo
    Kok Wai , Sin

    The place for all things audio.

  77. Avatar photo
    Iwan Santosa

    Good to fell beuatiful garden

  78. Avatar photo

    Very warm-hearted and considerate service, helped me make an appointment for after-sales service

  79. Avatar photo
    Hazhar Abu Hassan

    One of the better places for military & adventure equipment retail outlet in SG. Wide range. Affordable prices.

  80. Avatar photo
    Chua Bobby

    The escalator on certain floors have not been working for months. I can’t believe a building with expensive hi fidelity equipment needs to get the customers to climb the stairs to access the floors. Is the management skimping from the high rentals it’s collecting?

  81. Avatar photo
    vijaylakshmi subramani

    Saturday saunderings and musings …window shopping

  82. Avatar photo

    One of the oldest malls in town. Interior is still pretty old fashioned. Mainly consists of audio shops, hobbies shops and beauty/hair salons. Building is generally clean. People probably only go there for specific shop/service. It’s within 5mins of walking distance from city hall mrt. Opposite the reburished Funan mall.

  83. Avatar photo
    Irni saini

    Not much to shop here. Not much food option also. Overall dull.

  84. Avatar photo
    Hangi Tavakoli

    Good food. Good environment. So so service

  85. Avatar photo
    Kevin Cheong

    Hifi speakers, amps and equipment. Vinyl and CD… lots of them… …

  86. Avatar photo
    Adrian Peeris

    Not too crowded.

  87. Avatar photo
    H S Narula

    Great shopping for all audio related products, hi end electronics, vinyl records

  88. Avatar photo
    noorjohari “Ammza” kech

    Best homely ambience

  89. Avatar photo
    Allen Toh

    Unless you have a specific thing to buy, or you will not shop here

  90. Avatar photo
    Conrad Quek

    Great for audiophiles and record collectors

  91. Avatar photo
    Damon Wong

    This place fixes 3 main things for the people living in Singapore, from my initial observation.

    It fixes the need to always keep our skin glowingly radiant.

    It fixes the need for the discerning audiophile to get the right gear.

    It fixes broken people.

    I go here to fix my posture, and get adjustments from my chiropractor.

    It’s like a westernized version of People’s Park Complex in Chinatown. You only come here for a fix.

  92. Avatar photo
    Ryan Whoo

    Locals will know unless you have something specific to get from here, you typically wouldn’t be shopping here.

    Sound systems and beauty salons.

  93. Avatar photo
    Dr Francesco Perono Cacciafoco

    Quite surprising.

  94. Avatar photo
    Man Owen

    Good place to shop for hi-fi & home theatre gear.

  95. Avatar photo
    Zo Be

    Great one-stop shop for your audiophile itch.

  96. Avatar photo
    Geoff Hughes

    Asia Pacific’s finest luxury mall for audiophiles.

  97. Avatar photo
    Bobbi Wing

    Great place for high-end audiophile shopping.

  98. Avatar photo
    weichee tan

    Perfect place to look for records (vinyl) and CDs.

    Of course if you are an HIFI enthusiast or an outright audiophile, this is your Disneyland! But do beware of pushy shops….

    Over here, good or bad service is hard to tell….

  99. Avatar photo
    Surya Wijaya

    This place must be a heaven for ppl who loves audio.
    Almost all shop here selling high end audio stuffs

  100. Avatar photo
    Lee Hong Jin

    Nice place but the best shop here is Black Tactical for you nerfing and military fans.

  101. Avatar photo
    yeo soon

    Adelphi Ctr front facing nth bridge rd, left side is supreme high court the Ctr specialize selling audio equipment a Ctr of the city heart a ideal location.

  102. Avatar photo
    Nick Doggett

    Very quiet now because of covid. But easy to find your way around. You must be vaccinated before you can enter, which is good. Accessible from North Bridge Road, about 200 metres from City Hall MRT station. The place is well-maintained despite many road works outside.

  103. Avatar photo
    Perry Tan

    Small shopping place for mid-high range audio systems. 1 stop to find most popular brands here.

  104. Avatar photo
    Zendon Teh

    Food gud restraunt good 7/10

  105. Avatar photo
    Gurender Kahlon

    All those who love music and sound. You will find it all here…

  106. Avatar photo
    Prakasam ajith

    Spend your time for shopping always enjoying yourself while walk the mall and streets have shops

  107. Avatar photo
    Ivan Ho

    lots of happy memories..

  108. Avatar photo
    Kun Xiang Chia (Charles)

    Electronic shops, saloons, retails and offices all in 1 location.

  109. Avatar photo
    Herman Tan

    Lots of audiophile shops. Old mall

  110. Avatar photo
    cheeyuen soh

    Good place for hifi equipment

  111. Avatar photo
    Eng Soon Oon

    A shopping place for high quality amplifer system.

  112. Avatar photo
    Kuek Foo

    Old mall with alot of audio equipment shops and surprisingly decent eateries

  113. Avatar photo
    Mike Eade

    Looking at bit old. But for high end sound systems it’s the place.

  114. Avatar photo
    MS Eng

    Personally feel that shops are loosely scattered.

  115. Avatar photo
    Mighty 518

    Whoever looking for good amplifier speaker, home theater system. This is an amazing mall

  116. Avatar photo
    Lanz Jalal

    Mainly a place for audio hard-core fans. Lately, there have been a few cafes available here too. Parking space is also massive.

  117. Avatar photo
    Skyrocksherbourn Skyraj

    Audio bisness is not more popular now a days

  118. Avatar photo
    Peter Ko

    A great place for Audio and visual stuff, AV One is the best audio and visual shop there in regards of professionalism, choice, after sales and service, I would rate them as the best in the whole Adelphi Lifestyle Mall.

  119. Avatar photo

    Hi fi and vinyl paradise. Beware, quite addictive.

  120. Avatar photo
    Alina Meridian

    Not much in there except audio/speaker/home theater systems

  121. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Ng

    Still some specialized audio enthusiast stores exists. a far cry from it’s heyday

  122. Avatar photo
    thomas tan

    Surprised by its changes. We were at keto place for sugarfree cakes and such. Decent compact eatery that serves pretty good choc’s and cakes.

  123. Avatar photo
    Lim (Victor)

    Audio high end sound systems

  124. Avatar photo
    JoeMat O

    If you are an audiophile you must not forget to cisit this place.

  125. Avatar photo
    Shadow Darkness

    Where it used to be the hangouts for subculture kids..

  126. Avatar photo
    Khad B.

    Run down on the inside. Gives you a feel of a deserted building where murders take place. hope they will refurbish this building. …

  127. Avatar photo
    Jireh Liu

    The audio lovers dream. Has one eatery inside but don’t expect much from it.

  128. Avatar photo
    Kishore Rochey

    It’s a place which specialises in high end audio sound systems. Other than that, it is not some shopping centre where one can window shop and find other interesting items to shop. For me, quite a dull place. Funan mall across the street is more vibrant.

  129. Avatar photo
    Ross Burdon

    Tons of top-end audio gear across 4 floors.

  130. Avatar photo
    Tan Raymond

    You basically get all the top brands of HiFi in this place. Staff in most shops are quite friendly, but when looking for low to mid range stuff, not too positive response. They just talk price 🙁

  131. Avatar photo
    Deema Yanni Ma'at

    Lots of entertainment audio stores.

  132. Avatar photo
    Leong Kwok Hing

    Nothing much, more office space than retail

  133. Avatar photo
    Kevin Cheong

    Plenty of carpark but hourly parking only at level 4 and 5

  134. Avatar photo

    Good mall with a basement parking

  135. Avatar photo

    Great place to shop for HiFi equipment

  136. Avatar photo
    Yus Sulaiman

    Love the tactical shop here. Black tactical shop is a must to visit

  137. Avatar photo
    Shawn 10

    Very different from last year. Simply dull

  138. Avatar photo
    Nurul Lim

    Mostly cameras, speakers. Food rather limited and expensive

  139. Avatar photo
    Eric Cheong

    Many good Accountant there.

  140. Avatar photo
    Amritpal singh Sidhu

    The Adelphi is a Shopping Malls in Singapore . Located at Coleman Street Road in the City Hall District
    Affectionately valued by the locals for its wide stock of entertainment, equipment, numismatics, memorabilia, shops and accessories,The Adelphi features an adept mix of offices and retail throughout its ten floors. Renowned for the best audio gear in town, The Adelphi also offers excellent beauty and spa services.

  141. Avatar photo
    Steven Ambrose

    I bought Sennheiser headset super sounds

  142. Avatar photo
    Dave ForceOne

    You can find everything you need for Hifi systems here….

  143. Avatar photo
    Cornelius cent

    Not many shops opened in the morning

  144. Avatar photo
    richard lim

    Lots of audio shops and a place to look for old record.

  145. Avatar photo
    jb chua

    Varieties of good hifi gears can be found here.

  146. Avatar photo
    Ian Ong

    Wide selection of hi fi. Superb

  147. Avatar photo
    Terence Teo

    A very old mall cum office building but with many carpark lots from B3-5 – and B3 only open to public on weekends. Parking rate after 5pm Mon-Sat & Sun whole day is $3.21. Many visitors to St Andrew’s Cathedral, the National Gallery Singapore and the new Funan park here

  148. Avatar photo
    Sir Achie

    Office Building is Ok but the Shopping Stores all selling branded audio equipment is way too expensive …

  149. Avatar photo
    tom quah

    A place where Audiophiles like. There are quite a number of shops selling from earphones to ear buds, mid range to high end hi-fi systems.
    You can find uncommon brands but good quality audio equipment.

  150. Avatar photo
    Elvin Ong

    If you are looking to build and customise your home theatre system, this is the place to go to. Lots of different range of products to choose from to make the most ideal and ‘for you’ type of system.

  151. Avatar photo

    Best Place to search for Camera, Audiophile, electronic gadgets. If you are looking for a one stop mall with all your passion gadgets this is definately the mall to go to especially when comes to solutions of camera, home theatre, studio and home electronics. This is still an old school looking mall so it does gives you the feeling of entering into late 80’s and 90’s Singapore mall. Very nice to walk around this aircon mall. Also you can find nice and decent food here. Worth to take a stroll and look for your favourite electronics.

  152. Avatar photo
    Amanda Basson

    The quilt shop with such nice ladies and off course black tactical for the men to stroll around.

  153. Avatar photo
    C.H Lee

    The place to go if you’re looking for anything audio and Hifi. About one of the best in the world for high end audio. Walking distance to MRT and worth a visit if you’re looking for audiophile level equipment.

  154. Avatar photo

    Specialist place. All audio equipment sellers.

  155. Avatar photo
    Tung Yon Heong

    Lots of amazing audiophile and headphone shops

  156. Avatar photo
    Hazel Thompson

    Nice, clean, quiet.
    You’ll find some gems here if you explore a little.

  157. Avatar photo
    DFW Nick

    Head for motorsports collectables at the basement. They sell lots of model cars and very high end models.

  158. Avatar photo
    Liz Seet

    Such a good location but poor facilities. Nothing to look forward there.

  159. Avatar photo
    Amanda Quek

    We go there for our facial.

  160. Avatar photo
    Wendy Sim

    Art Salon B1-15
    Good service,good experienced thank u Art

  161. Avatar photo
    Kenny Pan (KP)

    Idea shopping mall providing great quality and professional, hi-tech and audio sound systems.

  162. Avatar photo

    Old mall, not much food options. Just has lots of enrichment centres now.

  163. Avatar photo
    Kheng Hui Song

    One stall selling chicken rice, curry chicken and Tawanese style pork rice at very reasonable price at $6.80 per set; located at basement 1 of the Adelphi

  164. Avatar photo
    Maureen Leong

    If you need legalization services, please visit the Singapore Academy of Law at #08-06. The service is professional and affordable.

  165. Avatar photo
    Vladislav Sorokin

    If you are crazed about good sound – it’s for you

  166. Avatar photo
    Jolene Charissa Chris

    Visited a law firm there. Mainly offices and Audio shops. Nothing much about this place.

  167. Avatar photo
    David Chong

    Must go to place for audiophiles.

  168. Avatar photo

    The place with peaceful environment , I just worked here at basement , I have done the glass works for the YANGTZE KTV LOUNGE , if you got chance just go and spend your time there you will get new experience in your life .
    I have uploaded some photos of my work, just go through this for your reference

  169. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Sim

    it’s a Mall for Sound system entusiaste. from mid range price to sky’s the limit. there are quite a few hair dressing salons there as well

  170. Avatar photo
    Glenn Ang

    Quiet location with lot of hidden gems! From the best personal training studio to world class hair studio and delicious food!

  171. Avatar photo

    Quaint and cozy little mall that gives you a sense of nostalgia even though you’re not born in that era.

  172. Avatar photo
    Imran Arif

    Lots of stuff for audio enthusiasts.

  173. Avatar photo
    Haritika Chhatwal

    Great place for good food and training for IELTS classes by David.

  174. Avatar photo
    Jojo Ong

    Generally a quiet and old mall, looks jaded as well. Probably appeals to fans looking for old black records or stereo/audio sound systems.

  175. Avatar photo
    Anuradha Rathnayaka

    Very old building

  176. Avatar photo
    James Ng

    Good place to shop for Audio stuff.

  177. Avatar photo
    Sabrina Lee

    Tony Cafe is a must go place for cheap and good lunch.

  178. Avatar photo
    Harry Kek

    The shopping centre is meant only for hifi enthusiasts willing to pay premium prices. The only busy place is the Auntie Teo’s cafe serving industrial canteen food and drinks.

    You got to have a purpose to come visit this place other than HiFi.

  179. Avatar photo
    Zach Han

    A Music Mall. For speakers lover.

  180. Avatar photo
    cy 胡 (Spring swallow)

    A mall that targets audiophiles with shops selling hifi equipment and vinyl records. A host of other shops like hair salon and F&B services working crowds in this part of CBD.

  181. Avatar photo
    Kishore Rochey

    It’s a place which specialises in high end audio sound systems. Other than that, it is not some shopping centre where one can window shop and find other interesting items to shop. For me, quite a dull place. Funan mall across the street is more vibrant.

  182. Avatar photo
    Msyou Neverever

    A little quiet but good for musicians.

  183. Avatar photo
    ian simons

    Great shops for hi-fi &great records shops and good prices.

  184. Avatar photo
    Bambang Hadipraptomo

    Clean toilet with bidet at L2. …

  185. Avatar photo

    The wait was 20 mins but really worth it and if you bundle with ice coffee only 60 cents the marinating of chicken was delicious good value 9.60 total

  186. Avatar photo
    Victoria Cruz

    Its not a fancy place but it has some interesting shops if you r into sound sytems or vintage cameras/ toys. Also got an interesting Hard Rock bar downstairs, if ur into heavy metal music & Brit beers

  187. Avatar photo
    Khairudin Ali

    Nothing much but sells alot of audio stuffs.. there is a army shop at level 4 .. cool shop though..

  188. Avatar photo
    Steven Chew

    the best mall for your audiophile fix. fun to audition equipment. Lots of upmarket stuff though. May intimidate many. Many decent record shops too

  189. Avatar photo
    Gordon NG

    More shops to eat n drink coffee now

  190. Avatar photo
    Dian Abadi

    Many options for audio lover

  191. Avatar photo
    Ken Tan

    Looks cleaner and brighter after renovation. S couple of eateries amongst the audiophilic shops

  192. Avatar photo
    rachel sooyin

    not bad

  193. Avatar photo
    Theen Sin Chay

    Audio hi-fi should stay

  194. Avatar photo

    Best place for hi-fi audio

  195. Avatar photo
    Roy Kam

    My favourite place for audio products

  196. Avatar photo
    Juliana Soo

    Not much to shop unless you are an audiophile or patronising manicure/hair salons.

  197. Avatar photo
    Lester Chua

    Hi Fidelity equipment enthusiast’s mall.

  198. Avatar photo
    Shinghong chua

    Music in the air

  199. Avatar photo
    Zev Nuraqlan Bin Roslan

    Good place to find stuff for music

  200. Avatar photo
    khan hong chiew

    This mall specialises in high end hifi sound systems, the mall became more lively as it is connected to city Hall mrt recently.

  201. Avatar photo

    This used to be one of the high-end hifi place.

  202. Avatar photo
    Mia Jing Goh

    A neighbourhood mall in the heart of the capital city of South East Asia. At one bristo, you could lunch or tea with a cosy view of the historic icon, St Andrew’s Cathedral.

  203. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Khoo

    Great variety of earphones, headphones and audio players at prices lower than usual

  204. Avatar photo
    Peter Andreas Wimmer

    If you’re looking for high end hifi, that’s the place to go in Singapore.

  205. Avatar photo
    Owl “GoneBatty” The

    I always visit this mall for the chicken rice eating place at basement 1. A must try for people who savour thirst chicken rice.
    Black tactical is also in this mall. They sell army stuff, toy guns, toys…etc. Worth a visit.
    The basement 1 escalator has been spoilt for one month already and still not fixed.

  206. Avatar photo
    Julian W.

    Many audio stores to browse at

  207. Avatar photo

    A rather quiet shopping mall

  208. Avatar photo
    Mani Muthusamy

    Provided you know what item u want and if, lucky, available. Some good audio items are available here especially at MusicImage. Cecil Tan is helpful.

  209. Avatar photo
    Kevin Kwan

    The place to be if you are in town to get some hi-fi equipments. A few shop selling EPs. Some shop are pretty up market thou. But still, great place to check out to get your hi-fi needs.

  210. Avatar photo
    Paolo Maimone

    Wonderful sound shops

  211. Avatar photo
    yonghua tan

    Audiophile….I only there fo jaben and they are great

  212. Avatar photo
    Abd Samad Adam

    Quiet place ,nice to relax with audio sound shop at every storey,make kopi shop,cooling ..

  213. Avatar photo
    Chris Mason

    The place to go for hi-fi equipment with shops that cater for all budgets. The place used to have a sleazy reputation but it’s cleaned up a lot now which makes shopping there more pleasant.

  214. Avatar photo
    Albert Tang

    Look up for Alpha Audio – Richard Lau for HiFi advises.

  215. Avatar photo
    just dave

    Vinyl records, high end hifi. I hardly get entertain as I have no deep pockets, ha.

  216. Avatar photo
    Car Tan

    Low quality of law firms

  217. Avatar photo
    Nah CG


  218. Avatar photo
    Jenn Ng

    Old building for sound systems

  219. Avatar photo
    Leo Cocoa

    Awesome Electronic things and old toys collection who interested to buy

  220. Avatar photo
    Pearlynn Tan

    Place is okay. Not many place to chill.

  221. Avatar photo
    Alex Teo

    Good place to look for vinyl.

  222. Avatar photo
    Akiko Jacqueline

    Xiao mi or red mi phone store w it’s accessories and more….

  223. Avatar photo
    Ewa Kaczmarska

    Specializes in audio systems I guess. Not for window shopping 😉

  224. Avatar photo

    Nothing interesting shops

  225. Avatar photo
    Bjoern Max Jochmann

    Bit old and small mall. However the place to go if you are looking for some high quality hifi equipment

  226. Avatar photo

    There is 2 restaurant jewel of Singapore, Tony Cafe ( crispy chicken on Monday , Wednesday, Friday, limited edition, come early to get it )and Tianxin Wanton (Best for wonton noodle, and coffee)
    Best place to eat if you are in City Hall Area.
    Tony Cafe and Tian Xin Wanton is better avoid lunch time as there will be long Q.

  227. Avatar photo
    john so

    Fav pkave for toys and musix

  228. Avatar photo
    Mohd Nor

    Relax and quiet mall maybe due pandemic.

  229. Avatar photo
    ZC LIU

    A place for Audiophile Enthusiast, place dress well before u visit, the shop owners may not serve u well if they think u have no $

  230. Avatar photo
    Restless Buddha

    Went there for a wine tasting session, had a good time, lot of variety of speakers

  231. Avatar photo
    Data data

    A food place to dine in look at Tony Cafe and Wonton Mie at level 2

    And there is hawker setting in the basement in the void of the building

  232. Avatar photo
    Shahruddean Abdullah

    Nice shopping place for audio stuff as well as transformers. Highly recommended robo robo shop at level 3

  233. Avatar photo
    J 10

    Sells some good audios

  234. Avatar photo
    Maximus Phua

    I only came here for Black Tactical… probably can bring your father / uncle / or anybody who is into Audio systems here too

  235. Avatar photo

    It’s a lifestyle mall with some corporate offices located at Coleman Street, near to National Gallery Of Singapore.

  236. Avatar photo
    Looi trevor

    Many shop selling musical instruments,few food stalls and loan agency.have a uob bank ,not a shopping mall .

  237. Avatar photo
    Mohd Shamsul Ahmad Sinin


  238. Avatar photo
    Maxime CASSAT

    Best place for high end hifi

  239. Avatar photo
    Yus Joseph

    Quiet place. Due to covid.

  240. Avatar photo
    Geir Warhaug

    The place to get anything related to audio. Some food as well

  241. Avatar photo
    Tanveer Ahmad Chaudhry

    The Adelphi is famous mall near City Hall. You should visit if interested to buy expensive and famous Audio Systems or going for Facial.

  242. Avatar photo
    Jim Giam

    Needs better parking

  243. Avatar photo
    Uha Isnaini (Uha)

    A great place to find an accesories for your camera. In basement one, there are so many camera shop that give you so many choices. I got a good deal there. In my opinion, this place is recommended if you want to buy a used camera. The price is much cheaper with a good quality. They also sell a lot of second hand lens which is a good option for a budget camera lovers.

  244. Avatar photo
    Sam Lowry

    Great place for audio afficiados. Honest pricing. Huge range of audio stuff.

  245. Avatar photo
    Charlene Tan

    Nothing much abt this except offices and law firm. Audio and home Threatre speakers retailers are there. There is one law firm is no good. Unfortunately cannot name. Not transparent in legal fees and does not act to the best interests of clients.

  246. Avatar photo
    Ivan Toh

    Place for sound systems and vinyl records. A handful of cafes

  247. Avatar photo
    Ryu Ang

    A bit jaded place…. But an audiophile heaven!….

  248. Avatar photo
    Desmond Ho

    Hi-end audio systems.

  249. Avatar photo
    Chye Loy Tan

    Not much to share.
    Not a place to shop and look around…there nothing interesting….go to finance instead.!!!

  250. Avatar photo
    Ephea Tay

    Its a little old fashion with escalators not in very good conditions. However, there is a wide range of shops selling speakers. Great for people looking for those!

  251. Avatar photo
    yu qi yuan

    A lot of audio shops, you can test almost everything you want here, many things on demo.

  252. Avatar photo
    HC Huan

    This is a Very Lovely place.
    Very clean and neat, bright and fresh.People in this area are friendly and helpful too. Keep it UP. 加油

  253. Avatar photo

    A small clean Mall for Audiophiles. Many of d expensive HiFi products on 2nd floor n above r closed, visit only by appointment. Basement Cafe staffs in d center podium were either rude or couldn’t be bothered that’s y only 4 stars….

  254. Avatar photo
    SageKeyBoard 585

    Cozy mall with lots of audio shops

  255. Avatar photo
    Li Lin

    The go-to place in Singapore if you’re into HiFi.

  256. Avatar photo
    Bear Jin

    The adelphi houses a lot of audio equipments… great place to hunt for your desired sets… basement now has pubs and ktv and some food stalls … only sad thing is not enough cheap food courts there especially open on weekends.

    Level 2 some food stalls to consider. Most dont open on weekends.

    Indian muslim stall opens daily and on weekends at level 1.

    More Malay food needed here badly daily and on weekends too.

    Great potential place for more commercial banking and atms and tour agencies… plus children playground or day care centres (especially weekends)… a lot of people tour the national arts gallery and very heavy flow of people traffic on weekends…

    So it is a great place to open a childrens play area or weekend day care centre for childcare or older folks.

    Electronic stalls .. even money changes should consider here too because there is a lot of foreigners. Funan centre is open so the crowd is going to get even more.

    If you are a die hard audio fanatic or army acessories buff. You really must come here.

    Taxi stand: C12

  257. Avatar photo

    I love this Wanton Noodle store. Super worth and nice. #02-07

  258. Avatar photo
    ณัฐวิเดช เกตุอินทร์

    This place is for gold ear people, you can come here to shop about Hi Fi sound devices. Usaully, this place is not crowded, but good for peoe who looking for entertainment. Ontop of the building is the office and store.

  259. Avatar photo
    R G

    Wide range of av products and an even wider range of prices. Be prepared to shop and compare. Without trying I was offered on 2 floors $120 difference in a product costing less than $700. Sales expertise is also hugely varied from the money grabbing, condescending approach to the highly professional and knowledgeable. Best do you very detailed shopping online then go to listen, compare and then bargain hard.

  260. Avatar photo
    Saud Sultan

    Adelphi is a mall known for selling high end audio sound systems and few Vinyl shops notably Memory Lane find a “rocker look ” Kelly great food Chef Lai Chicken Rice Curry Chicken Pork Belly the best and in the basement hidden in the corner The Flying V a heavy metal and pizza bar friendly owners Ross and bar tender Andy

  261. Avatar photo
    kah hing diong

    The best Hair salon (Hair Folio02-27)at The Adelphi .

  262. Avatar photo
    William Jason

    Great place for audiophiles

  263. Avatar photo
    Sen Tjong

    Not a vibrant place but the chatter box Chicken rice you must try.

  264. Avatar photo
    Junior Hsu

    Mostly hi-fi shops and facial salon parking fees are high

  265. Avatar photo
    S Q

    Building with so much history. Plenty of niche little shops and eateries.

  266. Avatar photo

    Nice place to walk around if you are into audiophile stuff.

  267. Avatar photo
    Huat Ahh

    Great place to discover and enjoy great music.

  268. Avatar photo
    Lim Lam Sin (Keston)

    Visited on Friday, this place is so quiet, in the morning ..

  269. Avatar photo
    Boy Dhillon

    Nice indian food

  270. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Tan

    Great place for audio lovers

  271. Avatar photo
    John a

    Old building, a very good audio equipment store, but the offices and other facilities are not that special.

  272. Avatar photo
    Rosli Atan

    Carpark entrance very very narrow and………….so expensive.

  273. Avatar photo
    Bharat Singh

    Always great to be at THE ADELPHI, listening to speakers and meeting good people.

  274. Avatar photo
    Joel Lim

    Very run down mall near City Hall MRT station, but with plenty of niche electronic stores. Note that almost all the shops here close early so be sure to visit in the morning or afternoon!

  275. Avatar photo
    Daphne Lee

    Fried chicken wing rice at Tony’s is an all-time favourite.

  276. Avatar photo
    Ian Leong

    Office building with shops focusing on audiophiles. Old building but has a couple of affordable and casual dining options.

  277. Avatar photo
    Kai Chong W

    Everyone has to come here if you want HiFi stuff

  278. Avatar photo
    Bunny O

    Pure Tincture Organic place is a lovely facial space which offer autentatic organic treatment services with no pushy services.

  279. Avatar photo
    Tan Kheng Wei

    audiophile heaven
    able to get all the audio accessories and equipments here

  280. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    Escalator services at the wrong timing. Not at lunch hour the servicer also not around.

  281. Avatar photo
    T L

    Shopping mall in the city, many audio shops & solictors’ offices in office block as it’s near the courts….

  282. Avatar photo
    Hong Keong Loo

    This is the top destination for Singapore Hifi equipment and music. There are 5 record shops in this building. Most top Hifi brands are available here.

  283. Avatar photo
    Jason Ng

    Place for hifi equipment & music cd, vinyl. Prices are negotiable for some store.

  284. Avatar photo

    A convenient mall located near to City Hall mrt with affordable food options at the lower floors and also several music shops, dental clinics at upper floor and several fitness studios.

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