Review Thai Supermarket, 5001 Beach Rd, Singapore

Review Thai Supermarket - Singapore 5001 Beach Rd

“Everything Thai is in this place! Great Thai vegetables, curry paste and all at a great price. It’s in the Golden Mile shopping centre.” or “Found this crepe shop inside the Thai supermarket that sells Thai style crepe. Happy to say it tasted like how they make crepe in bkk” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Thai Supermarket. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Thai Supermarket is quality.

Introduction about Thai Supermarket

Here are some fundamental details regarding Thai Supermarket. In terms of Supermarket, it is generally believed that Thai Supermarketis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 5001 Beach Rd, #02-64, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Supermarket, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 81383715 (+65 81383715)
  • Website:
  • Address: 5001 Beach Rd, #02-64, Singapore

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM.


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7.12 km7 minute9 minute6 minute

How to contact Thai Supermarket?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Thai Supermarket via:

Phone number

You can reach Thai Supermarket at 81383715(+65 81383715). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Thai Supermarket via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 5001 Beach Rd, #02-64, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Thai Supermarket reviews

Thai Supermarket is among the best destinations of Supermarket in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Thai Supermarket good?

To determine whether Thai Supermarket is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Never had the need to top up on Thai food, sauces or snacks until we are restricted to travel for almost 2 years. This is the next best to shopping at Tops, Big C or Aeon in Thailand.”

“A place to get your Thai products. Range wise pretty extensive, there are even some street snacks that you can patronise at the front of the supermarket.”

“Found this crepe shop inside the Thai supermarket that sells Thai style crepe. Happy to say it tasted like how they make crepe in bkk”

“It's a Wonderful place where I can find most of my Thai stuff! …”

“Perfect place to go for any Thai ingredients (both fresh produce and snacks!). They have a variety of food vendors that sells Thai snacks street food too!”

“Golden Mile Bahm Mi and Nam Ngew Chiangrai are inside here. They have Thai specific ingredients like Thai mango and tamarind. Vietnamese goods also available here.”

“Lots of good stuff. Nice place, nice people. My favourite grocery store. Will be back for the yummy banana fritters.”

“Thai and Vietnamese things Thai price is ok But Vietnamese price is quite expensive than supermarket”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 237 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 84% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Thai Supermarket, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Thai Supermarket, 5001 Beach Rd, Singapore

There is a total 237 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Case Woo

    The ultimate Thai supermarket. Damn shiok.

  2. Avatar photo
    keng juan Yeo

    This supermarket sold those Thai and Vietnamese products.

  3. Avatar photo
    Joshua Choo

    Quite messy.

  4. Avatar photo
    Din Neo

    Love the supermarket here. You can buy many things here just like in Thailand. You will definitely feel like you are in Thailand and that’s for sure! A must place to visit. Highly recommended if you loves to buy Thai products especially… …

  5. Avatar photo
    john tan

    Good assortment.

  6. Avatar photo
    Farzana Hossain

    very nice

  7. Avatar photo
    Haritha Jayagopi

    Goodies from the Thai supermarket. The black soy sauce is really bitter please use it moderately if you are buying it to make basil chicken rice like me. Nice super market, will definitely come back to buy Thai ingredients.

  8. Avatar photo
    monthian unjai

    more expensive stuff


  9. Avatar photo
    robert sim

    Good selection of Thai and Vietnam products

  10. Avatar photo
    Tan Lynn

    Love that I can find alot of my favorite Thai snacks here also available are some hot snacks cooked on the spot!

  11. Avatar photo
    Bandit Borkhamkoed

    everything you want


  12. Avatar photo
    Khee Yeo

    Great supermarket for all your Thai grocery needs!

  13. Avatar photo
    rei Nakamoto

    Perfect place to go for any Thai ingredients (both fresh produce and snacks!). They have a variety of food vendors that sells Thai snacks street food too!

  14. Avatar photo
    Eleanor M

    You can get anything from Thailand A wide variety of spices, dried noodles, canned goods, of course, daily necessities, etc. If you are looking for Thai spicy products, you can find them at “Thai Supermarket”!


  15. Avatar photo

    One of the places to get imported Thai items at a relatively cheap price

    In the shops though, some rows are more difficult to access due to the tight spaces between rows, and is not advisable for people with prams/in wheelchair to visit

  16. Avatar photo
    Clarence Choi

    They specialise in Thai and Vietnamese grocery

  17. Avatar photo
    Vijay Pattabhiraman

    Fresh vegetables and Thai spices

  18. Avatar photo
    Kai Xiong Foo

    Get all your needs

  19. Avatar photo
    C.C Quah

    Went down again to get crispy pork skin and mango.
    I went to thai supermarket to get sauces which I normally can’t get it from local supermarkets as well trying out their coffee, (which I find way too sweet for me.) Quite a no. of shelves already empty, guess they r preparing for the shift soon.
    Do double check on the expiry date before purchase cos I do saw some items already expired.

  20. Avatar photo

    Mini thailand
    might even save you a trip to thailand …

  21. Avatar photo
    Gary Tang

    Wonderful awesome a special different story for food n munchies

  22. Avatar photo
    C.C Quah

    Went down again to get crispy pork skin and mango.
    I went to thai supermarket to get sauces which I normally can’t get it from local supermarkets as well trying out their coffee, (which I find way too sweet for me.) Quite a no. of shelves already empty, guess they r preparing for the shift soon.
    Do double check on the expiry date before purchase cos I do saw some items already expired.

  23. Avatar photo
    Marco Savini

    It’s on the second floor. Has practically everything Thai people are hard pressed to find anywhere else in Singapore. All variants of fish sauce for example…

  24. Avatar photo
    Mrmo Mo

    Thai stuffs in Singapore.

  25. Avatar photo
    Tan Alex

    Bought some Thai dessert and food.
    Thai there are friendly

  26. Avatar photo
    Kenny Pan (KP)

    Consider unique stand-alone supermarket provide many Thai supplies products in SG. Not only for their Thai ppl who working at SG and also for our local who wish to have Thai snacks and products.

  27. Avatar photo
    Robin Lee

    Enjoy shopping at Thai supermarket

  28. Avatar photo
    lay hwa chong

    Don’t need to go Thailand. For those craving Thai food… All kinds of snacks and even instant noodles of such variety all available here.

  29. Avatar photo
    Sam Teoh

    Shopping for thailand products ….can get here

  30. Avatar photo
    igman tan

    Pretty well stocked

  31. Avatar photo
    อําพร เนอิน

    There are all kinds of food and supplies.


  32. Avatar photo
    Janice Wee

    Good, sell goods that other supermarkets do not have.

  33. Avatar photo
    thomas tan

    Downsized Thai products but an increased of Vietnamese produce.
    My 1St visit after a few years.
    Very unique with / produces.
    Be it vegetables, noodles or sauces.
    It’s simply irristable uniqued.
    Plus lots of Thai Food to carry on makan.

  34. Avatar photo
    Masaharu Matsubayashi

    Thailand and Vietnam in Singapore.
    If you are hesitant to go from Singapore to Thailand or Vietnam during this period, please do so. It can’t be helped that it’s expensive compared to the local price in Thailand, but it’s acceptable.

    They sell a lot of Thai ingredients that you don’t usually see. You can get Vietnamese coffee and Bat Trang style pottery at a reasonable price.
    There are many small food shops on the ground floor. You can also eat Mookata.
    It seems that the government is pressing to rebuild the dilapidated building, but it seems that it will remain as it is for a while due to the corona.



  35. Avatar photo
    Eeleenz Liang

    lotz of thai food to buy.

  36. Avatar photo
    osman teo

    i had a very nice dessert mango ice cream.

  37. Avatar photo
    J K

    Everything and anything you need

  38. Avatar photo
    Pratsanee CH

    Any things Thailand have here have

  39. Avatar photo
    Didacus Hon

    You’ll get discounts if you look and speak Thai.

  40. Avatar photo
    Perence Lum

    This place hv been clean and well arrange now .The only 1 star missing is because they do not accept Visa .Thks

  41. Avatar photo
    yeo soon

    Lots of original thai products from spices, vegetables to crockeries, however cashiers could do better with a smile

  42. Avatar photo
    Jane N

    Fantastic supermarket full of Thai goods, including fresh vegetables. Find all your Thai spices, sauces, and other favourites here. Prices are pretty low too.

  43. Avatar photo
    Terence HYW

    Fully stocked with your fav Thai cooking ingredients! A must have for authentic Thai cooking!

  44. Avatar photo
    Emma Pike

    Everything Thai is in this place! Great Thai vegetables, curry paste and all at a great price. It’s in the Golden Mile shopping centre.

  45. Avatar photo
    Terry Aik

    Best place to shop for thai groceries

  46. Avatar photo
    jack lim

    Thai marts are a storehouse of strange overpowering smells and a huge surplus of MSG. Go figure..Thai cuisine has so many flavours in one spoonful surely ypu would not need MSG ?

  47. Avatar photo
    albert lim lee

    Golden miles Super Market

  48. Avatar photo
    Alvin Yeo

    Good place to go and purchase some Thai food and items, since not able to go Thailand during this period of time. But not every basic thing can be found there.

  49. Avatar photo
    Meng Tan

    When you need any Thai products all at one stop.

  50. Avatar photo
    Vaylor Tan

    “Get transported back to Thailand”

    Having shopped here many times, Thai Supermarket is the place that I’ll always turn to when I miss Bangkok.

    It’s got all the stuff you could normally find in a Big C and even more, there’s Thai roadside snacks to be had at the kiosks. To complete the experience the place is run by actual Thais.

    The sauces here are really extensive. Cons, you’ll get lost shopping for things you didn’t think you’d need.

  51. Avatar photo
    Jere Lim

    Lots of Thai products. Dun need go bkk.

  52. Avatar photo
    BelandBray Karen L.

    Like little Bangkok!
    So many interesting things!

  53. Avatar photo
    Olga Aristova

    Thai shopI like it …

  54. Avatar photo
    Lim Zhan Hong

    Nice place but no big packet of lays basil chips sadly.

  55. Avatar photo
    Tony Liew

    Lots of thai snacks and drinks can be found, if you like thai snacks and miss thai food, this is a good place


  56. Avatar photo
    Sean Mak

    Can find most of the authentic cooking paste to ingredients of Tom Yum food

  57. Avatar photo
    Hunter Kee

    Specializes in Thai food and a little Vietnamese food


  58. Avatar photo
    Ahmed Said

    Fry I’m in the right way

    قلي انا في الطريق الصحيح

  59. Avatar photo
    Ralph Michael Rodrigues (Ralphy)

    Most of the Thai food places were opened as well as some fruit vendors so they had durian over there as well a great place for some great Thai food

  60. Avatar photo
    Takuya Yamada

    So many Thai products!

  61. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chua

    Beef noodle excellent

  62. Avatar photo
    Alex Binder

    Great for Thai Basil and other Thai and Viet food stuff.

  63. Avatar photo
    jing teo

    Unique mix of thai, myanmar and vietnamese groceries. However, with the Covid restrictions, the range of fresh products had been reduced significantly.

  64. Avatar photo
    Andy Low

    Great place to get a huge variety of Thai food products. However there are no labels on the vegetables and most of the fresh goods, so inexperienced people would not be able to tell what they are getting. I purchased a bunch of holy basil which ended up being a wilted bunch.

  65. Avatar photo
    kim clifford wolf

    Look like OK for covid 19 prior to those shoper.

  66. Avatar photo
    อรรถพล เกตุสีทอง

    Everything is like being in Thailand.


  67. Avatar photo
    Christopher See

    Thai supermarket is the plc u can get authentic Thai groceries

  68. Avatar photo
    Michael Go


  69. Avatar photo
    Eisen Wong

    Not much varieties compared to Thailand but enough to stock up for lovers of Thai food, there is also a selection of Vietnamese items available.

  70. Avatar photo

  71. Avatar photo
    Dhiman Bhowmick

    Good market , have good Thai food. Just warning for vegetarian people, please be careful ordering foods. …

  72. Avatar photo
    Keng Fei Wong

    All things Thai but on the high side prices wise

  73. Avatar photo
    Moses Kor

    Excellent service

  74. Avatar photo
    อ้อย ชาวเวียง

    come often, have everything in Thailand


  75. Avatar photo
    Timothy Teo

    Golden Mile Bahm Mi and Nam Ngew Chiangrai are inside here. They have Thai specific ingredients like Thai mango and tamarind. Vietnamese goods also available here.

  76. Avatar photo
    Firestone 7976

  77. Avatar photo

    the cashier face black af but the stuff here can only get from here! love thai maggi …

  78. Avatar photo
    Calvin Foo

    Nice, little thailand

  79. Avatar photo
    Nuñez Dinskie


  80. Avatar photo

    This place was like little Thailand, especially the sweet potato balls were really delicious

  81. Avatar photo
    Hue Nguyen

    Nhiều thực phẩm như việt nam

    Lots of food like vietnam

  82. Avatar photo
    Ong Wee Keat

    Thai item best place to get

  83. Avatar photo
    Konthai Jaidee

    go shopping


  84. Avatar photo
    i O (jynx)

    Variety of thai food and merchandise

  85. Avatar photo
    Ng Wei Jiang

    Great selection of Mama noodles!

  86. Avatar photo
    Eugene CKS

    Good place to buy Thai groceries.

  87. Avatar photo
    William Chien

    good variety.

  88. Avatar photo
    Laura Kan

    staffs inside Thai Supermarket are quite friendly, prices are reasonable.

  89. Avatar photo
    Xiaoan bai chi

    While walking down its aisles it feels like you are in Bangkok. Complete with Thai songs and Thai food stalls outside, even the staff are Thai. For those who miss their families in Thailand, this is th best respite.

  90. Avatar photo
    Or chee koon

    Lesser stuffs,

  91. Avatar photo
    Gary Lim

    The De facto supermarket for all Thai products. You most probably will find all the fresh Thai produce, sauces for your Thai dishes here. Good assortment of Thai snacks and drinks too.

  92. Avatar photo
    Nick Doggett

    If you want Thai products this is THE place to go. Both the supermarket and many of the small shops at the ground level (the supermarket is on level 2). Thai spices, curry mixes, herbs etc etc plus a whole range of other Thai cosmetic products like soaps and powders. Also medicated oils and related goods. Visited today 17 Jan 2022. Nothing much changed. But you need to be vaccinated to enter. Still a wide array of goods from Thailand to be had just like before.

  93. Avatar photo
    Hou Daniel


  94. Avatar photo
    Nick Augins

    Nice beer

  95. Avatar photo
    Min Parisara

    Good thai food & good product from Thailand

  96. Avatar photo
    S Ambers

    Awesome place for thai groceries and street food. You can find grilled thai sausages and coconut jelly here.

  97. Avatar photo

    They sell additive-free seasonings, so I thought it was worth visiting.


  98. Avatar photo
    Aung Thanlwin

    Every weak

  99. Avatar photo
    Jerald Chan

    Lots of unique products and great customer service

  100. Avatar photo
    Jasim Rizwi

    Very well arranged store!

  101. Avatar photo
    Alan Kwong

    Lots of Thai stuff and delicious spicy food

  102. Avatar photo
    Carl Geraghty

    This place has very good herb selection and great meat and fish at low prices. Also…Thai treats all around the complex

  103. Avatar photo
    mk musiq

    Ok not bad

  104. Avatar photo

    Excellent selection of Thai and Vietnamese products here. The sweet potato balls (12 pieces for $3) were so deliciously crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. Don’t forget to purchase them from the counter at their entrance so you can have them as you walk around the mart!

  105. Avatar photo
    My if

    Due to this current period, some items are not available.

  106. Avatar photo
    Lek Tawon

    For Thai food lover, there’s tons of authentic Thai food from Thailand.

  107. Avatar photo
    Keng-Hock Pwee

    Moderately interesting supermarket carrying specialty Thai products, some fresh. Not the cheapest around though

  108. Avatar photo
    anthony ng

    Plenty of good n cheap stuff from Thai n Vietnam

  109. Avatar photo
    Jenney Jen

    A bit disappointed that I cannot find many of my favourite thai snacks here. Things are not cheap here. But I like the crispy fried banana.

  110. Avatar photo
    Jwong Jimi

    The supermarket sells authentic Thai products, except for eating, drinking, and daily necessities. It is called Little Thailand.


  111. Avatar photo
    Edward Goh

    This supermarket is quite good. Has enough variety of ingredients for almost whatever Thai food cravings you have. Price is not exactly cheap but at least I know that I am paying for real direct from Thailand products.

  112. Avatar photo

    Expect a queue for fried banana and fried potato balls. Sweet potato ball was crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Love it!

  113. Avatar photo
    Eddie Chen

    Not only Thai, Vietnam goods also available.

  114. Avatar photo
    Waymon Jackson

    My Thai wife loves this place!

  115. Avatar photo
    Han Linh Vu

    Nice supermarket.

  116. Avatar photo
    Mike Katayama

    For your money, the best supermarket in Singapore. Don’t @ me.

  117. Avatar photo
    Tan Peng Eng

    Buying Thai products

  118. Avatar photo
    Jesslyn Ng

    great variety of thai ingredients and snacks!

  119. Avatar photo

    Poor staff underpaid and getting abuse by customers.

    Items can be high price due to import, so it’s fine with me.

    Maybe they need to start roll out “bring your bag” like don don donki and get the customers to do self packing.

  120. Avatar photo
    Clara Lim

    Nothing fantastic, pricey!!

  121. Avatar photo
    Cyndirelyn Chew

    Thai fried banana
    Sweet potato balls …

  122. Avatar photo
    Kenny Wong

    Good place to buy your Thai /Vietnamese ingredients

  123. Avatar photo
    Mel Manchester

    huge variety of items from

  124. Avatar photo
    Tay Fern

    If you love thai food might be able to get what you want. Love the longan honey and thai fish sausage Tom yum instant vegetarian noodle.

  125. Avatar photo
    Gary Lim

    The De facto supermarket for all Thai products. You most probably will find all the fresh Thai produce, sauces for your Thai dishes here. Good assortment of Thai snacks and drinks too.

  126. Avatar photo
    cy 胡 (Spring swallow)

    Can shop for groceries, cooking condiments from Thailand. And have a nice flavourful bowl of braised pork noodles to fill the tummy.

  127. Avatar photo
    Chan Dec Ron

    Good selection of vietnamese coffee powder.

  128. Avatar photo
    scan sharp


  129. Avatar photo

    Saw a long queue for this fried banana. When it was my turn I had to wait for a new batch. So I got the new and crispy bananas.

    It was so good! Crispy batter coated around the banana abs the natural sweetness of the banana being brought out so well.

    3 sgd for 6 pieces. A reasonable deal but it was too fat so I ate three and then threw away. Hope there will be option to opt for smaller portions.

  130. Avatar photo
    นฤดม สังกฤษ

    Thai people are very nice and kind.


  131. Avatar photo
    nanda septiana

    Nice seafood in Thailand supermarket

  132. Avatar photo

    Super nice banana fritters and wide variety of Vietnamese coffee although on the pricey side.

  133. Avatar photo
    Danielle L

    Wonderful assortiment, probably better than a Thai supermarket in Thailand. also incl. Vietnamese products and fresh baked goods such as coconut pancakes. just being in the mall gives you the vobe of being on a trip abroad

  134. Avatar photo
    Miguel Constatine

    Sawadee… Everything Thái!

  135. Avatar photo
    Mark Wah

    Love this place!!!! You can find everything here.

  136. Avatar photo
    SG Food Travel

    You can only buy Vietnamese products such as coffee here.

  137. Avatar photo
    Daniel Lee

    Only accept cash or net payment…Good place to shop for Thai grocery. Recommend small bit around the Thai supermarket

  138. Avatar photo
    John a

    Good items from SE Asia (Thailand, Vietnam) here, very low prices.

  139. Avatar photo
    Andrew P L Ko

    Very Interesting 1st Time Visit !!!

  140. Avatar photo
    Sean Ho

    The place to get authentic Thai stuff.

  141. Avatar photo
    Dai Gogo

    Good …

  142. Avatar photo
    lw soh

    Superb place to shop for all your Thai needs!

  143. Avatar photo
    Ivan Krylov

    Products from Thailand and Vietnam

  144. Avatar photo
    Koala Cool

    It’s a Wonderful place where I can find most of my Thai stuff! …

  145. Avatar photo
    Pranata Tanius

    Definitelg my go-to place when I need to get some Thai products that are difficult to find or not sold in other supermarkets.

  146. Avatar photo
    L Loh

    Authentic Thai products and produce. Abit pricey thou

  147. Avatar photo
    Peter Chen

    Present place.

  148. Avatar photo
    Fani Rodriguez

    they have a bit of everything and even foreign products, the Nutella in large size is very cheap

    tienen de todo un poco y hasta productos extranjeros, la Nutella en tamaño grande esta muy barata

  149. Avatar photo
    Ratna Lim

    Many imported goods from Thailand.

  150. Avatar photo

    You can get most of the Thai goods here

  151. Avatar photo
    Michelle Lim

    Finally here for the fried banana fritters and indeed it is really nice! $3 for 6 pieces… it is sweet and crunchy! Quite different from Sg goreng pisang. The supermarket is my love, feel like I am in bangkok Big C…

  152. Avatar photo

    You can Thai and Vietnamese products here. The banana fritter is very nice, must get when you’re here.

  153. Avatar photo
    Albinus Goyem

    The “feeling” is almost as if you are in Thailand. Almost everything is about Thailand. Thai food, Thai products & definitely Thai services (massage therapy, etc)

  154. Avatar photo

    Good to visit….

  155. Avatar photo
    Phua Tien Tim

    You can find all your ingredients for your Thai cooking here. Very convenient

  156. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Lim

    Nice selection of Thai and Vietnamese food products. Fresh produce and preserved foods available. Huge assortment of chili sauce and other cooking sauces – not for the faint hearted

  157. Avatar photo
    Eng choon Koay



  158. Avatar photo
    Wilron Loh

    Super love this Thai supermarket, since cannot go Bangkok most of the items you want can get it from there. The Chang beer very cheap $12 for 6 cans. Love this salted egg chips last time I bought one carton back from Bangkok and I finally find it here. The Thai vermicelli is very delicious when I cook the Thai style prawn tang Hoon this brand very good. See ppl recommend this brand of milk and decided to try it. My Thai Cha tea mule tea leaves can make Thai milk tea at home

  159. Avatar photo
    อรรถพล เกตุสีทอง

    All items are like in Thailand.

    ของครบ เหมือนอยู่เมืองไทย

  160. Avatar photo
    Rama Rathnam

    Thailand items place

  161. Avatar photo
    Yuko Shimizu

    A place where you can hear the Thai language and smell of Thailand. There are some Vietnamese ingredients, but overwhelmingly Thai. Ingredients, of course, there are crocks that are indispensable for cooking, baskets for steaming rice, and gods, so it’s fun. The price is 2-3 times the local market price, but some of the promotional items are not much different. Considering that it is being transported from Thailand, it is within the acceptable range. Vegetables are abundant and fresh from Thailand, and are a little expensive if you can get them locally. Side dishes are still good ◎, but there are many Thai restaurants in the same building. NETS can be used from $10. There are Thai-related shops in almost all of the buildings, and is there a karaoke pub or disco on the top floor? and. The suspicious atmosphere like old Thailand is amazing. If I can get my favorite fried chicken, I’d like to give it a 5*.


  162. Avatar photo
    Bryan Plunkett

    Thai food and ingredients sold there, normal supermarket, some items quite Ex.

  163. Avatar photo
    Clement Chan

    Great place to get Thai snacks.

  164. Avatar photo
    Food for thought Spice


  165. Avatar photo
    Jenny Lim

    I love the sweet potatoes balls n fried Bananas.

  166. Avatar photo

    Saw reviews on how authentic the fried banana fritters were, and they were all right. Crunchy, sweet, delightful, they are so easy to eat loads of in one shot. Fyi, they contain some crushed nuts, I think so those with allergies please inquire first.

    The stall selling the golden good stuff is just at the entrance of the Thai supermarket at 2nd floor of the shopping centre. Only SGD3 for 6 pieces. They sell other fried goodies but definitely worth the trip for the real deal banana fritters.

  167. Avatar photo
    Keng Hian Lim

    Very good Thai Fried bananas and sweet potato. Even better when just freshly fried. The shop name is Golden Banana, located just outside the Thai Market entrance; the entrance nearest to the pedestrain bridge.

  168. Avatar photo
    Andy Kok

    Carries selections imported from both Thailand & Vietnam

  169. Avatar photo
    Lucas Wee

    has a wide variety of snacks from Thailand

  170. Avatar photo
    Benny Super Shiok Food

    Best Thai & Vietnamese Product

  171. Avatar photo
    Daniel Tan

    Right place to buy thai spices and ingredients.

  172. Avatar photo
    SingWei Wong

    Never had the need to top up on Thai food, sauces or snacks until we are restricted to travel for almost 2 years. This is the next best to shopping at Tops, Big C or Aeon in Thailand.

  173. Avatar photo
    Minh Nguyen

    Thai and Vietnamese things
    Thai price is ok
    But Vietnamese price is quite expensive than supermarket

  174. Avatar photo
    Teng Huat Neo

    This is a travel agency and a Thai food supermarket. There is only one other store. Nothing to do


  175. Avatar photo
    Thomas Feng

    Have many variety of Thai and Vietnam goods.

  176. Avatar photo
    Rey Y

    Amazing place to get authentic Thai products

  177. Avatar photo
    Martin Schmaloske

    Everything you will ever need for Thai cooking.

  178. Avatar photo
    Cho Soung duck

    Not cheap

  179. Avatar photo
    Tan jack san

    Only place to get authentic Thai cuisine!

  180. Avatar photo
    Boy Dhillon

    Love it nice place njoy thai food delicious

  181. Avatar photo
    Chia Sammy

    Mainly oversea products from Thailand and Vietnam. You are able to find somethings that are not selling in our local supermarkets. Some veggies are not found in our local market could be available inhere.

  182. Avatar photo
    weng weng

    Supermarket became smaller, a lot of mokota buffet shops.

  183. Avatar photo
    Sam Ong

    My favourite supermarket in Singapore…. feels like in overseas supermarket. Eat my favourite Thai food…

  184. Avatar photo
    Mork Heng

    Many Thai local goods on the higher side of price for the convenience though

  185. Avatar photo
    Renee Loke

    Tried sweet potato ball. Nice, crunchy and sweet …

  186. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Soong

    Golden Mile Complex is an old shopping center with lot of shops essentially selling Thailand product. There is a Thai supermarket. This complex is also a bus terminal for buses travelling to Malaysia and Thailand

  187. Avatar photo
    Elliott Chen

    All the Thai products and produce you need in one place …

  188. Avatar photo
    Michael Wachowsky

    Not cheap but you can pretty much find anything Thai you can think of.

  189. Avatar photo
    Huong Nguyen-Real

    Has most of the ingredients I need for my Vietnamese recipes that you can’t always find at the local supermarket

  190. Avatar photo
    Nadia May

    Thai style

  191. Avatar photo
    noo nuch Nutsara

    There are products from Thailand and other countries. come here have all

    มีสินค้าไทยและประเทศอื่น มาที่นี่มีครบ

  192. Avatar photo

    A Thai supermarket on the second floor of the Golden Mile Complex. Mainly Thai and Vietnamese ingredients are available. I have been using it for 15 years. Recently, a banh mi shop has also entered, and it seems that it is becoming more and more lively.


  193. Avatar photo
    S.K. Low

    Good array of Thai groceries!

  194. Avatar photo
    Moky Mok

    Almost everything of groceries & things you can find here,almost…

  195. Avatar photo
    Akira Okamoto

    I was expecting Thai sweets, but fresh sweets are sold on the first floor. Disappointed with no candy


  196. Avatar photo
    Chia Terence

    A place where you can get some real Thailand products…

  197. Avatar photo

    Good best best best n best…only difficult for transportation

  198. Avatar photo
    Carsten Kreuzer

    All what you need being a Thai food lover. Try the roasted banana done in the center of the Supermarkt as a little snack to stock up you energy.

  199. Avatar photo

    as a person that has been working there for a while now, i could definitely say that the food is extremely delicious such as the goreng pisang along with other thai food in the supermarket. people there are genuinely friendly and it’s a fun place to work at, i reccomend more people to go there so that they could try all the different dishes as well as drinks that is sold in the supermarket.

  200. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Syahrul

    Lots of good stuff. Nice place, nice people.
    My favourite grocery store. Will be back for the yummy banana fritters.

  201. Avatar photo
    Goh Kek Yeong

    A little craving for Thai products since we can’t travel due to covid…

  202. Avatar photo
    Welles Tan

    Thai and Vietnamese grocery can be found here.

  203. Avatar photo
    Daniel Leong

    Reasonable pricing for thai products.

  204. Avatar photo
    Thanas rubhen

    A wide variety of produce available, worth the experience!

  205. Avatar photo
    Elaine Yeap

    This is THE PLACE to get all things Thai n Vietnamese

  206. Avatar photo
    yikky tristan

    Bangkok street food everyday

  207. Avatar photo
    Roisu Tsan

    Wanted to cook Tom Kha Gai… Thai Chicken … found things i want here and much more. Intetesting place.

  208. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Teo

    Found this crepe shop inside the Thai supermarket that sells Thai style crepe. Happy to say it tasted like how they make crepe in bkk

  209. Avatar photo
    Homme Fatale (Jose Carlos)

    I love this place. Everything Thai under one roof. There is a small Vietnamese section as well.

    For those of you who feels homesick, this is a nice place to go to get your homely fix from Thailand.

    From pork to coffee to personal care. It holds a comforting place for people away from home.

  210. Avatar photo
    Gay chee Teo

    There are still many traditional items that cannot be bought


  211. Avatar photo
    Louis Tan

    good sruffs

  212. Avatar photo
    Shyam Kumar

    Best place if you are looking for fresh Tulsi leaves in Singapore.

  213. Avatar photo
    Yee Teng Tay

    Some items are not the cheapest. Nice atmosphere though.

  214. Avatar photo
    Marcel Cybon

    It’s still and always at its best. We keep coming back again and again. Awesome, we love this place. Always get the freshest herbs here. Nice street food. Always makes me feel like being in Thailand. We highly recommend the stall/restaurant inside of the supermarket, “Pah Muk” . It offers a small selection, but the best Thaifood in Singapore. That comes from a guy who lived 10 years in Thailand.

  215. Avatar photo
    Clin Tan

    A place to get your Thai products. Range wise pretty extensive, there are even some street snacks that you can patronise at the front of the supermarket.

  216. Avatar photo

    missed Thailand snacks? jus popby here. make u feel like u r in one of the supermarket in bangkok tho quite pricey

  217. Avatar photo
    Saran Kavi

    Herbal medicine good

  218. Avatar photo

    Changed abit over the years. Common stuff getting more pricy. Thai stuff quite expensive

  219. Avatar photo
    Dianita Handoyo

    Lots of restaurants to choose to din in. Best place to enjoy original Thai food such as Thai Boat Noodles.

  220. Avatar photo
    Will Tan

    All things Thai n Vietnamese fish sauce

  221. Avatar photo
    Ralph L

    Gd shop to get thai ingredients, groceries

  222. Avatar photo
    Philip Choo (PC)

    Place to get Thai stuff. Soap, food, coffee. Lovely fried banana stall his outside but find its getting abit too oily.

  223. Avatar photo
    Cheeky Boy

    Fresh thai ingredients specially for thai food cooking. Daily groceries for everyone also available.

  224. Avatar photo
    lee yp

    Talay thai Seafood cheap and good

  225. Avatar photo
    Jin-Sung Lim

    This is the only place where you can get ingredients to make any thailand dishes or anything that is import from Thailand ….I tend to get their chilli’s or their made in thailand potato chips from here ….and don’t forget the crispy squid that I love …somehow the place also kinda reminded you of thailand ….

  226. Avatar photo
    Khor Sem

    very good


  227. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lim

    I tend to drop by and browse whenever I m in the vicinity to get my thai food fix.

    The place is quite dilapidated with certain sections emitting raw meat odour.

    I like to browse the vegetable sections and look at all the genuine thai produce but balked at the retail price.

    This place does carry a respectable range of thai stuff but u also get a range of vietnamese stuff plus local sg products as well..hence bordering on “rojak”. I suppose locals will frequent here to get some thai veg produce like the miniature brinjal and thai Sg pricing.

    Nice to browse since now cannot go BKK..but just not willing to pay Sg pricing.

  228. Avatar photo
    Chan Weng Fei

    Badly manage shopping centre. It had been a meeting place for those Thai working or visiting Singapore. A favourite meeting place for Senior citizens too

  229. Avatar photo
    Anna Ng

    Good place for Vietnamese ingredients but a bit dirty …

  230. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    For almost anything that’s Thai. Most of the things ate fm the land of smiles. The aromatic stench of the fermentatec food is either puts you off or it’s smells good to me.
    Maybe a bit congested but it’s just a cramped of goodness in discovering the products that
    Surprise you or you just want to buy.
    It’s a supermarket unlike your ordinary ones.
    Carry on shopping.

  231. Avatar photo
    Ngoc Ngan Nguyen

    Selling thai and vietnamese food

  232. Avatar photo

    The go-to supermarket for all things Thai!! Super love the place, especially now since we can’t travel to Thailand. The goods sold, ambience and layout instantly bring one back to Thailand! Love the varieties available, many local Thai brand goods with competitive pricing.

  233. Avatar photo
    Rameshkumar Ramasamy

    Most thai ingredients are available here .

  234. Avatar photo
    Lohan 8189

    Well stock. Many varieties of goods & convectioneries. Too little payment counters

  235. Avatar photo
    Keegan Vance

    Great Thai products. Cash or NETS only.

  236. Avatar photo
    Philip Goh

    Good range of thai and vietnamese products

  237. Avatar photo

    Great ok place for Thai Groceries they are now also stocking Vietnamese goods too

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