Review Tanjong Katong Complex, 845 Geylang Rd, Singapore

Review Tanjong Katong Complex - Singapore 845 Geylang Rd

“Sadly, these shops will be closing soon for major refurbishments i.e. more than a year. Some will close for good and offering good discounts now.” or “Traditional clothings are available here…i bought also a new sandal in lower price..” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Tanjong Katong Complex. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Tanjong Katong Complex is quality.

Introduction about Tanjong Katong Complex

Here are some fundamental details regarding Tanjong Katong Complex. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Tanjong Katong Complexis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 845 Geylang Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 845 Geylang Rd, Singapore
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You can directly come to 845 Geylang Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Tanjong Katong Complex reviews

Tanjong Katong Complex is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Tanjong Katong Complex is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Sadly, these shops will be closing soon for major refurbishments i.e. more than a year. Some will close for good and offering good discounts now.”

“Traditional clothings are available here...i bought also a new sandal in lower price..”

“Good old but very majestic looks Wedding, or many memorable outfits, glasses, shoes and many more still very easy to get and the decoration is charming too”

“The building is old but the spirit there is always young and vibrant. Shop there for good bargain. CNY deco in 2021 is pretty rich too.”

“One stop to shop for traditional malay and wedding outfits.”

“The paya lebar ramadan bazaar around the complex is a must go it's running till Eve of Hari raya”

“I love this place lots of shop interesting to buy find interestung like watches,curtain and malay outfits! Also they have enrichment class and vehgetarian restaurant here.”

“Old Shopping complex but neatly maintained...this place is with shops, restaurants, Ballroom wedding halls etc....”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 283 feedbacks with an overall score of 4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 65% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Tanjong Katong Complex, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Tanjong Katong Complex, 845 Geylang Rd, Singapore

There is a total 283 reviews

4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Jz Wildduck

    Most shops relocating.

  2. Avatar photo
    Soul Kain

    Good colection of Malay traditional clothing for men n women. There are watch, home deco and appliances shops. Looks old.

  3. Avatar photo
    Norazmi Mohamed

    TKC Ballroom not bad for wedding occasion but the place is limited for 500 people invited at one time.

  4. Avatar photo
    Anje Letop

    A Shopping Complex That Sells A Lot Of This Such As Bridal Stuffs etc.

  5. Avatar photo
    Raja Razak Wan Deraman

    Rustic and laid back with a wide variety of shops selling cooking hobs and hoods, taps, shoes, dining etc…

  6. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Salleh Hussain

    Things have been a little dull here and there is not many activities around here now. The Giant supermarket seems dull, slow and quite lifeless. All other shops seem to be moving at a slower pace too. Something must be done to liven up this complex because it seems to be losing its attracting quality. The introduction of suitable and crowd attracting events can be considered or there should be some upgrading programme to further draw better shops to occupy this complex.
    One thing for sure is the lack of eateries or restaurants that can draw the crowd back to this complex.

  7. Avatar photo
    Ma-ku Gan

    Unlike most shopping centers, the items sold here are basically catered for the Malays. Giant is on the 1st level but not a big one. 30% of the shops here are renovation contractors.

  8. Avatar photo
    CT Zu

    Lots of malay culture related shops

  9. Avatar photo
    Kester Tan

    Walking distance to Paya Lebar MRT station, alot of shops for traditional malay food and products

  10. Avatar photo
    Mike79 Eng

    This old malls since 70s….
    i heard from the shop houses the whole mall are going to be demolished soon!!

  11. Avatar photo
    Raja Zaidah

    Can and find lots of beautiful malay tradional clothing here. There also store selling malay and indonesian jamu which is some sort like herbal medicine which is good for health and for beauty too.

  12. Avatar photo
    Ghani Laily

    There are a restaurant at level 3,suitable for all types big functions like corporate dinners and weddings,

  13. Avatar photo
    Lee Tawakal

    One stop shopping for malay baju kurung…supermarket also available

  14. Avatar photo

    Boring place most shops selling the same old staff. No injection of new shops new ideas…the only reason i go there is because of K2 watch shop as he is an experienced watch repair and renew especially the good watches. And reasonable charges!

  15. Avatar photo

    Shop selling all your need for baking, jewelry shop with alot of Lucky draw $222222.

  16. Avatar photo
    Alda Qistina

    It’s very shocking how this shoppers mall which was once a bustling area had become a “ghost mall”due to the Corona Virus I spend quite a sum 9f money just to support the business there,1 thing though the that made me in a dilenma,why the Management closed the main entrance but just opened the side.What’s the reason????

  17. Avatar photo
    Teow Peng Ann

    Very good lots of business
    activities and remittance offices.

  18. Avatar photo
    Adrian Seow

    It’s ok

  19. Avatar photo
    white ghost

    Lock shop, old couple they didn’t speak English so well, but then again it was about as good as my Chinese. They sell Post Office letter box lock which i couldn’t find elsewhere, and have all colours of keys. Confirmed they do Access Key Cards
    Also there are fair priced on key cutting

  20. Avatar photo
    Hasnan Kasim

    The toilets are cleaned regularly considering the number of people using it which is alot of improvement

  21. Avatar photo
    Sham Abdullah

    One stop for various needs such as malay traditional clothings, curtains, watches, jewellery, households, electrical as well as groceries. The shopping complex come more lively during Ramadhan.

  22. Avatar photo
    Rick Tan YC

    Old shops selling watches, curtains, toilet and kitchen furnishings, try the curry pad here, it’s nice, warm and crispy with a light hint of spiciness.

  23. Avatar photo
    Nassir Yousuff

    Can take your time to shops – Giant supermarket and many shops selling watche, shoes, textiles, electronic home appliances, textiles, furniture, jewelry etc…

  24. Avatar photo
    Joanna Sim

    For food value for money lot of choice not much shopping unless traditional malay clothing and basic kitchen homewares

  25. Avatar photo
    Juariah Kothiram

    Good for shopping..that’s varieties u can choose

  26. Avatar photo
    Aiz TrippleAce

    Old but gold. This place holds so much memories and I have been here since I was young. To suit the young and old, this place has a variety of malay clothes for sale and some good tailors.

  27. Avatar photo
    Warqah Neufal

    Pretty quiet on a Monday. One of the oldest building in that area so the design through out frm outside walkway to uneven pavement, to v sharp turns are not exactly wheelchair friendly. But tht said, you can find apparel, shoes, accessories, textiles, watches, even toilet seats & fixtures there. Even gold jewelleries! What more cld u ask for!

  28. Avatar photo
    Amos Chan

    A well managed shopping mall. Despite its age, this mall looks clean and fresh on every floor

  29. Avatar photo

    A place to go to get your watch repaired and batteries replaced (Dragon Corner).

  30. Avatar photo
    aidah aidah

    Gd plc to shop but toilet needs to upgrade. Need more with bidet.

  31. Avatar photo
    Chua Maurice

    Nice chicken rice cheap n good give away large soup n salad.
    Salad is FOC eat as much as u like no extra charges

  32. Avatar photo
    Norjana Sujai

    Good shopping activities but the mall needs to be upgraded…

  33. Avatar photo
    Ruzaimi Junit

    Nice place, looking for malay traditional kuih, this the place.

  34. Avatar photo
    Vanesha Funs culinary

    Comfortable, honestly people in here near from culinary and also have a Playground here… MRT saragoon you can walking about 10mnt..

  35. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Hafizd

    Come here if you want to find Malay traditional clothes or even kitchen appliance for your home renovations.

  36. Avatar photo
    Vee Jay

    If you want to buy some items like traditional dresses you may visit here. Otherwise nothing interested here, one of the oldest complex in Singapore .

  37. Avatar photo
    Nike Clooner

    If you’r looking for traditional malay clothes, curtain, baking items, carpet, or to hold an event, optical shop, this is the place. A Giant supermarket is located here too. We came here to change our watch battery.

  38. Avatar photo
    kiat A

    Mostly household shop that sell hardware,curtain and furniture. some jewellery shop. Price of stuff sold here is pretty decent

  39. Avatar photo
    Ong David

    Budget place to get spectacles and glasses. Old shopping center with nice friendly shop owner.

  40. Avatar photo
    happy forager

    Vintage mall. Almost dead

  41. Avatar photo

    Not to my liking but it’s quite clean and has a plethora of shops offering a profusion of services

  42. Avatar photo
    Amore Marciano

    Need a Lot$$$$$ony.

  43. Avatar photo
    Osman Amat

    Love the place. Whenever I think of Gold l think of Golden Chance. The best gold merchandise display.

  44. Avatar photo
    Zainuddin Ahmad

    Good plc to buy gold jewellery bcos reasonable price n malay traditional clothing…

  45. Avatar photo
    Dione Wee

    Only come here if you have a specific thing you are looking for otherwise not good for any kind of window shopping

  46. Avatar photo
    Andrea Bettoni

    Old shopping centre… Need upgrade…but still enjoyable pub and shops

  47. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey G

    Nice selection of traditional clothes and friendly Mr. Goh at K2 Watch Shops 🙂

  48. Avatar photo
    Hazmi Othman

    Looks the same as it was 20 years ago

  49. Avatar photo
    Mohd Roslan Mohd Nusi

    For Malay people to by things for Hari Raya is very convenient

  50. Avatar photo
    Noran Abdullah

    This places is known for selling traditional women, men and kids clothing, shoe and home appliances.

  51. Avatar photo
    Daéng Sulaiman

    Just finish revovation, what a fresh started, so many muslim & traditional malay dress , highly recommended!

  52. Avatar photo
    Ashton Chew

    Usually quiet and at most normal human traffic. So its a good place to shop around if you prefer not too crowded shopping mall. Stall owners are usually friendly older generation senior citizens and they love chatting with you too. If you need to get some cloths, this is the place to go!

  53. Avatar photo
    Fiz M

    This place gonna close in Jun 2023. Visit it while you can.

  54. Avatar photo
    Ed An

    Malay place. Malay things come here buy. Eat not many go Haig rd hawker more choice

  55. Avatar photo
    Meng Foo Choo

    A complex that is a favourite with the older generation. The restaurant at the highest floor serve Chinese food and is a place for clan associations to hold their yearly functions. There are still many small shop run by senior citizens that have been there since their younger days. Not really frequent by the hype and fun loving younger generation.

  56. Avatar photo
    baby blue

    If you looking for Malay clothing.. jamu (malay herbs) curtains.. etc. Thus is the plc for you.

  57. Avatar photo
    Zal Rashid

    Mostly selling Malay baju kurung and scarfs. There is a supermarket, hardware shop, gold shop, restaurant and many more. More popular then the new mall opposite. And prices are reasonable here

  58. Avatar photo
    Shela E.

    Other malls surrounding with good food selections, near bus stops, Paya Lebar mrt, carpark.

  59. Avatar photo
    Lim Woon Seng

    A super old mall filled with muslim shops selling clothes, carpets and watches. No food available here.

  60. Avatar photo
    Lucasz Damien

    Always crowded during the Ramadan month. Selling mostly Malay traditional men’s and women’s clothing.

  61. Avatar photo

    Come here if you are feeling nostalgic as this is one of the oldest malls in Singapore. Mainly a Malay textile and fabric place now.

  62. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Yusuf Bin Abdul Hamid

    This place is quite historic and one of the oldest buildings remains in Geylang Serai. Walking into and thru the building brings the nostalgic feeling when I came here as a boy with my parents.

  63. Avatar photo
    Anwari Henry

    Istana wedding place like castle very nice good and very grand liken food beriyani good …

  64. Avatar photo
    Marliah Mohamed

    Crowded place due to the festive season approaching. Trace together in place

  65. Avatar photo
    Koon Peng Tan

    A nice place for textile, watched, food, cakes etc.

  66. Avatar photo
    Cappuccino Mocca

    I really missed the old days back in the late 80s and early 90s where the old Yokoso, bookshop, Sheng Siong Supermarket and Qian Xi Restaurant.The gpod old days of Tanjong Katong Complex. I recalled l also make purchase of my sewing materials over here in the early 90s. Whenever there is special occasions like Hari Raya Puasa, this place is always crowded with lots of people. Those celebrating the occasion will look at the curtains, clothes, shoes and home applianxes too. I still make purchase of my watches and repair my watches over there at Tanjpng Katong Complex.

  67. Avatar photo
    Kai weng Wong

    A very historic shopping centre. The washing room/ toilets are very old-fashioned,and not clean. Normally, malays like to frequent/patron here because it is near geylang serai/ubi/enus distrct where were all malay kampong decades ,before the places were developed . So, the shoping mall is selling malay costum/cloths, and so. Today, the business here is going down and not popular as before. Sometime, it is quite quiet and only few customers visit the shops here except ‘hari raya buasa and bulan ramadan’.

  68. Avatar photo
    Firdaus Othman

    Good place to find malay fashion and renovation contractors.

  69. Avatar photo
    Siti aisah Aisah

    Clothing for my daughter nur raudah from pertapis womans and childrens Home

  70. Avatar photo
    Ahzeli Rebo

    A place to buy Malay traditional clothes and accessories

  71. Avatar photo
    dhinesh singaram

    But an old complex. But with lots to shop for. ample car park space near that restaurant.

  72. Avatar photo
    Normah Ali

    My fav place easy to buy clothings etc.

  73. Avatar photo

    One of the few oldest shopping malls since the 80s. Now a very quiet place with tenants like Giant, Hoe Kee, 2nd Chance.

  74. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Hisyam

    Wonderful and lively place to be during the month of Ramadan..

  75. Avatar photo
    EDIXians Sg

    A place where all shops sellars/owners sitting down and give faces when asked.

  76. Avatar photo
    Fahaz Kurukkan

    A decent shopping centre.
    More shops for Malay Muslim too

  77. Avatar photo

    interior is surprisingly clean and bright. loads of malay fashion boutiques and few snacks shops.

  78. Avatar photo
    Esah Adam

    Used to be busy place its quiet now cause of new buildings surround it.

  79. Avatar photo
    Mohd Amin

    Clean and quiet not many visitors

  80. Avatar photo
    Bryan Michael

    Couples can walk around n admire at e clothes

  81. Avatar photo
    Nurfiyanty Zainuddin

    A nice quiet place to get most of the muslimah wear and some of home deco stuff. It will be very crowded during Hari Raya Puasa, with delicious goodies.

  82. Avatar photo
    Rafie Samin

    Same old place and crowds. Memories for most. But the supermarket is no longer there.

  83. Avatar photo
    Pun Ho

    Nostalgic. Spacious.

  84. Avatar photo
    Riyaz Ahmed

    Its quiet.. but nice function hall.

  85. Avatar photo
    Boy Dhillon

    Good indonesian products at toko warisan and there is a giant there.

  86. Avatar photo
    Low Jun Hao

    Abit old and run down, but a quiet place to do grocery shopping at the Giant

  87. Avatar photo
    Wan Khairulnizam

    Small yet pack with store but not much brands to choose.

  88. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Greenstein

    Very exciting during the Ramadan Bazaar, loads of vendors with a huge selection of goods, food and more. The streets are packed with hundreds of stalls selling just about anything you can imagine.

    As soon as the Ramadan fast breaks the size of the crowds seem to double.

    Wear walking shoes and stay hydrated. Sample the cuisine, enjoy the dizzying array of everything to see.

  89. Avatar photo
    Xiu Ling Lim

    Kinda old school but definitely worth a visit. Good for some shopping or to bring your overseas friends there.

  90. Avatar photo
    Abdullah Musi Haji Abdul Manaf

    Place of retails such as watch,gold,supermarket,F&B,ballroom and etc. You can find bathroom accessories and items too.

  91. Avatar photo
    Erwin Kosasih

    Old shopping mall, it has seen better days back in the 1980’s.
    Mainly textile and clothing tenants.Quite clean and maintained

  92. Avatar photo
    Alice Ngin

    It’s a quiet complex that houses Giant, several upholstery shops, a bath n fixture place,, sundry n clothing stores. There is not much foot traffic except for Sundays n public holidays where hordes of Indon helpers gather w their friends at the complex n its vicinity.

  93. Avatar photo
    Wu Guier

    Was there to take passport photos. The uncle is professional & friendly. There’s usually a crowd especially on weekends cos 1 man operation.

  94. Avatar photo
    Nurazlin Hamzamli

    The clothes sells here is very expensive

  95. Avatar photo
    midas armani

    I feel greatful at the ORANGE BALLROOM at TKC today . The food are delicious n it is very spacious look so grant.. lovely …

  96. Avatar photo
    Grace Phillip

    Nice to shopping n things all reasonable price..

  97. Avatar photo

    Great place to shop for jewellery, baju kurung and carpets.

  98. Avatar photo
    Sohail Salehi

    Mostly focused on islamic clothing shops but there is a big grocery chain store downstairs with lots of fresh options and good prices

  99. Avatar photo
    Nooroullail Mohamed

    Nice place to buy traditional malay clothes.

  100. Avatar photo
    Gerry Pereira


  101. Avatar photo
    wan salwati

    For coffee lover, this coffee shop is recommended for you. Affordable prices as well.

  102. Avatar photo
    Sunny Rasta

    They should bring back the posb atm

  103. Avatar photo
    Mage Lim

    Good place to shop

  104. Avatar photo
    Kathleen CKH

    Run down mall. Nothing much to see or buy here. Known mainly for the curtain shops on the ground floor and renovation contractors / IDs on the 2nd floor

  105. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Ann Kessler

    I love the shops here especially the ones that sell Christmas decorations. The people are so friendly and their service is excellent, answering questions and not pushing sales. It brings me back to a friendlier time in Singapore when I watched my parents and grandmother communicate with shopkeepers like old friends.

  106. Avatar photo
    Joanne Catalina

    Go there to hunt good for value watches.

  107. Avatar photo
    AG Actual

    Nostalgic, back to the 80s,90s when going to a shopping centre was a highlight of the day. The last of a handful that’s still around. Contrast with big corporations owned morden malls. Sometimes the simpler (& cheaper) things in life are worth it.

  108. Avatar photo
    Yat Keong Wong

    Going to have major renovation and shops have to leave by June 2023.

  109. Avatar photo
    Denis Llagami

    It’s an old landmark mall which used to be popular in 70s and 80s. Mostly shops of traditional clothes, two Watches’ shops and 3-4 shoe shops. The upper floors are mostly taken by travel and Maids agencies. It gets crowded during the fasting month of Ramadan where the adjacent car park is occupied with tents selling more clothes and of course food

  110. Avatar photo
    ram rudy

    Place is not so crowded and lots of boutique for malays custom made Baju kurong and selendang.

  111. Avatar photo
    Nory Tan

    Muslimah clothes, Wedding stuffs, Wedding Venue like The Orange Ballroom conveniently located.

  112. Avatar photo
    Rajesh Pillai

    Good place to have a feel of nostalgia when it comes to shops from those days

  113. Avatar photo
    Dian Shafinah

    For this month, great place to go coz of bazaar ramadhan but the crowd is no joke. Well nice food over there. Should give a try!

  114. Avatar photo
    Chee Siong Cheng (CS)

    Another regular and quiet mall with no eateries. Nothing to do here.

  115. Avatar photo

    Lots of Muslim owned shops selling halal packed foods and clothing for men and women

  116. Avatar photo
    syeda shahnaz

    Very good place to shop specially Muslim outfits

  117. Avatar photo
    Upstairs Fromyou

    Very quiet place. Most shops cater to the Malay and Muslim community, but there are at least two watch shops here and Synwin that sells stringed instruments. There are also some hardware shops and fairly large kitchen and household equipment shop. Some units are shuttered.

  118. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    I used to come and shop. Now a lot of changes and new tenants to cater to migrant workers from Indonesia.

  119. Avatar photo

    A place that sells lots of Malay traditional clothes , decorations, books and etc. Have fresher looks after the renovations.

  120. Avatar photo
    ridz dr

    A rather jaded shopping centre but offers places for wedding receptions

  121. Avatar photo
    SH Wong

    Old shopping centre. Main attractions are the supermarket, the Chinese restaurant and the interior designers shops.

  122. Avatar photo
    Asri Widyastuti

    We came here early in the morning to do some grocery shopping at Giant. For an old mall, the offerings were rather decent even though most of the shops were closed when we were here. We prefer to come to such malls which are quieter and more peaceful than the newer and larger ones.

  123. Avatar photo
    Renton Ho

    Old place with lots of reno firms and watch shops. Good if you’re looking any of these 2. There’s a supermarket as well.

  124. Avatar photo
    Hussain Bin Ahmad

    If you like malay traditional clothes n herbal medication, this is the place to go to.

  125. Avatar photo

    Boring place most shops selling the same old staff. No injection of new shops new ideas…the only reason i go there is because of K2 watch shop as he is an experienced watch repair and renew especially the good watches. And reasonable charges!

  126. Avatar photo
    kusumawati Supadi

    Place is very old school. Come here if you want to go back in time. Shops here sells a range of items from watches to various types of clothings to old school shoes store. Check out the photo shop that sells old school cameras, worth a look. There’s not much option for food, better go to the nearby mall if you looking for some grub. There is an event space here too if you need space to have your weddings or other types of events.

  127. Avatar photo
    Myo Min Swe

    Located near PayaLeba Station, crowded during weekend as friends from Indonesia gathering place

  128. Avatar photo
    Kueh Kak Wan

    One stop to shop for traditional malay and wedding outfits.

  129. Avatar photo
    royal sheikh

    A place for Traditional Muslim wears and prayer items

  130. Avatar photo
    Chye Loy Tan

    If you need toilet or bathroom and kitchen accessories , Ho kee shop is on the 1st level.

  131. Avatar photo
    nornisah jumat

    A lot of changes. Better now then before….must go….

  132. Avatar photo
    Kampret Man

    A place for Malays to look for traditional clothes also herbal supplements

  133. Avatar photo
    Haris Manaf

    Attended a wedding reception here and the 5 star rating is for the venue decor and set-up. For those who love gold and the grand istana type decor, this is the place to have your reception. It pull off the golden wedding theme pretty well.

  134. Avatar photo
    Illa J

    MasyAllah the place is clean and muslimah friendly. The staff there are very friendly and helpful. If you are from paya lebar mrt you can exit at exit C.

  135. Avatar photo
    Deadhell Inzanity

    Please do skip the The Green furniture store the salesman is rude and pushy and even said loudly ” Why you got no money ” we brought a marble dinning table there before and it delivered with defects but it’s too late when noticed…pls skip the store bad experience about the rest of shops were OK

  136. Avatar photo
    Bb Sg

    Time to renew this place.. very run down ..interesting outlets n shops though

  137. Avatar photo
    Noorzidah M N

    Lesser number of shops now. Most of them either move away or fold their business. Heard the building is to be torn down soon. So sad. Use to be very popular few years back.

  138. Avatar photo
    Raihan Jumat

    Old school shopping centre. Nice bakeries and all in one school uniform shop.

  139. Avatar photo
    Siew Loon Phang

    A run down mall with nothing other ethnic clothing or goods to draw your interest. A prime target for redevelopment given proximity of much more up to date malls just across the road.

  140. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Ang

    Pretty run down although understand it will be renovated this year

  141. Avatar photo
    Muhamad Faiz Muhamad

    Well went part of ramadan that the best to buy oitsode of hari raya still ok and love it

  142. Avatar photo
    Mariah channel

    Seldom come only visit to buy hari raya outfit

  143. Avatar photo
    Lestari Crystal

    Best place for raya shopping with bazaar around!

  144. Avatar photo
    Sue J J

    Not much shop….n there are restaurant too for dinning with families n friends…

  145. Avatar photo
    Harold Lim

    Can get good & cheat staffs there for house. There is a muslim wedding baquette called the Orange on the 3rd level that serves solid food with good staff in attendance. Value for money if having wedding there

  146. Avatar photo
    Muhardatsualiff Shamhati

    Mostly Muslim shops, from traditional kueh or delicacies to apparel.. minimal human traffic on most days with occasional holiday seasonal peaks like Hari Raya Aidilfitri

  147. Avatar photo
    Yatie Smiley

    Only clothing n shoes. No wedding stuff selling there

  148. Avatar photo
    Tengku Abdullah

    Only if you are looking for all types and fashion of Malay dresses for men, women and children. One of the busiest during Eid Fitri celebration.

  149. Avatar photo
    Yana Yalito

    Old mall but should check out first lady/second chance for clothing not sure what they hv on 2nd floor different from pre COVID days. Usually hv bazaar in the first floor inside the mall everything changed …

  150. Avatar photo
    Safaruan Bin Jamari

    A 3 storey complex that catered for the Malay community. Well maintained and with an airy atrium. Open carpark space. There is a Security post manned 24 hours. Their tenants cayered for Malay of the Baby Boomers and Gen X.
    They should have a F&B outlet. Prices are reasonable. The complex clean and not congested.

  151. Avatar photo
    Jorge Ferrer

    Giant super market inside. Rest of stores. Nothing much to see.

  152. Avatar photo
    eimbrunt rashid

    Great place to visit to find things

  153. Avatar photo
    Syed Muhammad Baber Ali

    They have very good packages to travel in SEA

  154. Avatar photo
    Muso Lee

    The building is old but the spirit there is always young and vibrant. Shop there for good bargain. CNY deco in 2021 is pretty rich too.

  155. Avatar photo
    Bhaskar Borah

    Mall needs some renovation as it looks dated. There are many shops that cater to the Malay community.

  156. Avatar photo
    Choo Yauhui

    Chinese rest. Food acceptable

  157. Avatar photo
    Rosie ross

    Average variety of Muslimah clothes can be found.

  158. Avatar photo
    Zeemon Chow

    This plaCE was nice and u can’t imagine there got 1 Chinese restaurant and 1 Malay ballroom in it…this complex is nice but most of PPL almost forget it..

  159. Avatar photo

    Basic essential stores, many shops selling Malay traditional clothings. Limited for stalls.
    Also, shops selling home appliances, watches, and Giant supermarket.
    Surrounding places are developing and this place may soon be ‘out of fashion’ in few years time.

  160. Avatar photo
    Mr Big

    Great place to go to get hari Raya items

  161. Avatar photo
    David Choo

    Not a lively place, first floor seemed quite empty. There are watch shops and textile shops run by family businesses.

  162. Avatar photo
    Adi Sufian

    The Malay traditional shops have courteous shop owners and assistants. Very pleasant experience each time browsing or shopping in the shops

  163. Avatar photo
    Rosli Ramli

    Malay heritage shopping centre, everything you might need from kebaya to electronics, plumbing and wedding events.

  164. Avatar photo
    Andri Syahrial AR

    MCAS Office is located near of this Tanjung Katong Complex

  165. Avatar photo
    Yik Lim

    Good place for home furnishing, electrical appliances, textiles and Music instruments.

  166. Avatar photo

    Many shops still exist while some has ceased their operations. This place serves as one of my childhood moments that are both memorable and unpleasant.

  167. Avatar photo
    David Sim

    Cool and nice place to shop. Not too many people though.

  168. Avatar photo
    Herwandi Jumari

    Very “old skool” place.. One of the oldest estate here in Singapore, the whole area looks worn out. The buildings looked like they still have bell bottoms patronising them. Once you enter, you can already smell the 80s.. The shopping mall dedicates alot to the culture of the Malay Community here in Singapore just like its aging counterpart down the street, Joo Chiat Complex. TKC has more modern look to it and has more modernised items like watch shop, electricals, curtains, tradition malay “baju kurung” and a common looking supermarket. If u need essentials and you live around that area, boxers and flip flops is the right attire and the place to get your groceries. But if you gonna dress up to chill with friends and “relak one corner”.. bro, not gonna get any numbers here…

  169. Avatar photo
    Adrian Valderama

    If you are looking for beautiful curtains, they have a good selection here.

  170. Avatar photo
    Nick Doggett

    An older shopping complex but good bargains found here. Ample parking nearby. Rents are cheaper and this translates into cheaper items. People generally very friendly and there’s a certain relaxed atmosphere here not found in many other newer malls.

  171. Avatar photo
    Abdul Jabbar Kachi

    Good old but very majestic looks Wedding, or many memorable outfits, glasses, shoes and many more still very easy to get and the decoration is charming too

  172. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Afifuddin

    The paya lebar ramadan bazaar around the complex is a must go it’s running till Eve of Hari raya

  173. Avatar photo
    Okkar Kyaw

    Hoe Kee Hardware store is the main reason I visit this mall. There are a few curtain shops too for renovation shopping.

  174. Avatar photo
    hernamarwati ngademan

    Since went to geylang serai wet market, so went there too to just see things if wanna to buy too

  175. Avatar photo
    C MinG KOH

    Old shopping centre with businesses catered to the Muslim community in Singapore.

  176. Avatar photo
    Indah Nur Khulillah

    Nice places, wanna go there again with you …

  177. Avatar photo


  178. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Ibrahim

    The Mul-t-lock shop has lots of different types of keys.

  179. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim Noor

    Busy…busy TKC, now more variety of shops to visit, clean and a good refresh look mall …

  180. Avatar photo
    Desmond Foo

    A shopping centre which has seem better days and footfall. 1st 24hr supermarket was opened here if I’m not wrong, Yokoso.

  181. Avatar photo
    P L Wong

    Owner SLA should look into upgrading the entrances with automatic glass doors. And provide single seat for shopper to tidy things instead of placing bag of purchases on walkways. Most shoppers would agree.

  182. Avatar photo
    Khad B.

    Run down. More hype during fasting month. Place to get traditional Malay wear.

  183. Avatar photo

    An old school mall with lotsa bathroom appliances being sold by shops. Not to. Mention watch shops are plenty..

  184. Avatar photo
    Bartt (A.a)

    Too crowded with human when fasting month but enjoyable

  185. Avatar photo
    Tiggerific Ct

    Loved the shop selling Islamic calligraphy, on the 2nd floor!

  186. Avatar photo
    Chan Hui Ting

    Very good atmosphere and delicious food

  187. Avatar photo
    Noraini Syed Hassan

    Very quite n lot shops closed

  188. Avatar photo

    Quiet place. Mostly renovation shilops, a couple of shoe shops, couple of curtain shops, clothes for malays, malay herbal shops. Other than those above nothing much. 1 furniture shop and a few other miscellaneous shops. Guess as surroundings are now developed, it’s a matter of time, this complex shall be torn down and redeveloped.
    But I got what I went there to buy. Cotton bedsheets, pillow and bolster covers at very affordable prices.
    Ceru accessible to and from Paya Lebar MRT Station.
    In fact can spend while day around this area.
    Paya Lebar Square, Singpost, Paya Lebar Quarter 1 and 2, Joo Chiat Complex, City Plaza etc etc. All within walking distance.

  189. Avatar photo
    Henry Gan

    Its an old shopping compex, house Giant Hypermart, spectacle shops, Malay ladies garments, contractors dealing with house renovation, shoe shops, florist shops, etc

  190. Avatar photo
    Cheong Loong

    This old charm complex is where one can find basic essentials like home curtain fabrics, home accessories, watch repair, optical, malay clothes, shoes , home renovation companies, carpets, furniture, gold jewelry.One will be surprise with the bargains that one can pick up n the service that can come in handy. Check it out if one is around Tanjong Katong .

  191. Avatar photo
    Amri Hakim

    Went to the orange ballroom for a buddy of mine who held a reception there. Didn’t know the place existed. The place is spacious. The catering services offers wide variety of interesting food. Their dessert are to die for especially banana pengat. Pricing wise unsure

  192. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Ann Kessler

    I love the shops here especially the ones that sell Christmas decorations. The people are so friendly and their service is excellent, answering questions and not pushing sales. It brings me back to a friendlier time in Singapore when I watched my parents and grandmother communicate with shopkeepers like old friends.

  193. Avatar photo
    Tommy Neo

    Great place to shop

  194. Avatar photo
    odi abd rahman

    Majority of the shop is fabric and home decorative stuff towards Malay heritage interest. Goldsmiths and watch repair shop is also available. 5 min away from Paya Lebar MRT station

  195. Avatar photo
    Kayla Assyifa

    I love the place! Nice watches and shoes to choose from!

  196. Avatar photo

    Great place for Seiko fans. Look out for K2 watch at level 3.

  197. Avatar photo

    Sadly, these shops will be closing soon for major refurbishments i.e. more than a year. Some will close for good and offering good discounts now.

  198. Avatar photo
    Junaitha Maricar

    I love this place lots of shop interesting to buy find interestung like watches,curtain and malay outfits! Also they have enrichment class and vehgetarian restaurant here.

  199. Avatar photo
    Linda Jelani

    Its a one stop shopping mall at geylang serai mostly for the Malays community to shop for traditional malay outfit,with so many shops & boutique to choose from,i like most is XQZit boutique,with so many various clothings to choose from & the price is so affordable too,not fogetting the lady boss is totally awesome,super friendly & always there to assist the customers! Gd service

  200. Avatar photo
    Ash Ley

    Easy to find Malay wedding accessories here

  201. Avatar photo
    AdenNeda TMDMW

    It’s typical to cater the Malay community in Singapore. There’s a ballroom standard establishment that caters to weddings and such and it’s nice indeed.

  202. Avatar photo
    Farid Mohd

    Place to be to get good bargains all merchandise.

  203. Avatar photo
    Issa Qandil

    I am not sure this will be as great visit as it is during Ramadan. There are hundreds of shops and stalls outside. I will provide photos soon.

    Highly recommended, you should go there for shopping or just discovering new things about this amazing culture!

  204. Avatar photo
    Carl Geraghty

    Despite the name, a relatively simple shopping mall

  205. Avatar photo
    Philip Ang

    A rather torn down complex, not much shopping to do. But the vicinity got new shopping malls and near to seasonal stores during Hari Raya Puasa.

  206. Avatar photo
    Zakaria Abd Razak

    An old Shopping Centre. Seen a lot of changes.Still frequent here to get bathroom accessories, some furnitures, spectacle, Al Barakah etc, Used to frequent the Giant supermarket here which has now ceased its operation.

  207. Avatar photo

    Been ages since I last stepped into Tanjong Katong Complex. But Time seems to be on a standstill. With a few shops,.closed down or rearranged, nothing has changed much. But was told there’s no more ATM where the supermarket is, no more 1st Lady on the ground floor. and no more restaurant.

  208. Avatar photo
    Fafa Yana

    Fav place everytime i wanted to purchase something. Especially for malay culture

  209. Avatar photo
    KHAI YIN Fong

    Mainly shopping for the malay community. But there is a Giant supermarket there.

  210. Avatar photo
    Amritpal singh Sidhu

    Tanjong Katong Complex is a commercial property located at 845 Geylang Road, 400845 in District 14. Tanjong Katong Complex is primarily used for Mall Shop rental and sale. Tanjong Katong Complex is close to Paya Lebar MRT (CC9/EW8) and Eunos MRT (EW7). It is near to several bus stops located at Tanjong Katong Road, Tanjong Katong Complex – 82119, Tg Katong Road, Opp Tg Katong Complex -82111, Geylang Road, BLK 14 MKT/FC – 82029 and Geylang Road, City Plaza – 821

  211. Avatar photo
    Zulkarnain bin Salim ذُو ٱلْقَرْنَيْن

    Perfect for malay traditional shopping. Sells watches and other nice stuff too.

  212. Avatar photo
    New Ma New Ma New Ma Yeh

    All malay traditional clothings can get it here

  213. Avatar photo
    Aidil Amran

    Good place for shopping malay clothes

  214. Avatar photo
    Khairina Mohd

    Very crowded during this Raya festive

  215. Avatar photo
    Girlie Gorgonio

    Traditional clothings are available here…i bought also a new sandal in lower price..

  216. Avatar photo
    jureimi mohamad

    Crowded during fasting months

  217. Avatar photo
    md hasni

    Usually I came here to shop for accessories at Hoe Kee, or change my curtain drapery. There is 2nd Chance and a lot more boutiques.

  218. Avatar photo
    Jason Tan

    One of oldest shopping mall in the east. Have a good halal restaurant inside the mall

  219. Avatar photo
    Raymond Tang

    Hope will have an upgrade soon to compete with the newly built malls surrounding it

  220. Avatar photo
    Mahmud Hajar

    Very nice alot of shop selling traditional malay dresses n wedding dresses.Near to Mrt station Eunos nPaya Lebar.

  221. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Faizal

    This used to be my playground Lots have changed. Feeling nostalgic …

  222. Avatar photo
    Hammie Zul

    you can find anything from retail shops famous 2nd chance goldsmith…and The lstana wellknown restorant& function hall for a big gathering events most popular is marriages events organiser.

  223. Avatar photo
    afta balam

    I Went here for Hari Raya clothes shopping, I found alot of dresses and its for all ages. Very beautiful and different varieties.

  224. Avatar photo
    Jamberi Kamis

    Place to supplement or Herbs as the few shop there other than attend wedding invitation during weekend.

  225. Avatar photo
    Macchua Chua

    This complex is along geylang road nearby payar Lebar mrt station

  226. Avatar photo
    Valli maniam

    Very nice

  227. Avatar photo
    hijrah aidah management (Hijrah Aidah Management)

  228. Avatar photo
    Jawad Gill

    An old shopping mall that needs renovation, but there are many useful shops that are difficult to find anywhere else.

  229. Avatar photo
    Zalvin Koh

    Old but quite a interesting place for a walk round……

  230. Avatar photo
    Nor Salman Mohd Sumantry

    Shop selling Seiko watches have one of the more competitive prices. 3rd level. By the lift.

  231. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Shouhell

    This building will be demolished soon. Most shops have moved out of this complex.

  232. Avatar photo
    Victor Koh

    Qian Xi restaurant is on the fourth level. Good Chinese dishes for very reasonable cost. Good size restaurant for 40 tables easily.

  233. Avatar photo

    Quite an old mall but don’t let the look fool you as there are plenty of shops that sell wide range of cheap goods. Please do your research online first to see if there’s something you like.

  234. Avatar photo
    Aisha Malik

    Its a complex where by they are selling all malay traditional and mordern clothes.
    You can also find custom made curtain shops as well as furniture shops…
    Toilets are in ok condition but there isn’t any baby changing area or feeding area in this complex..

  235. Avatar photo
    Rasidah Buang

    Peaceful and quiet though there were many people shopping for Hari Raya.

  236. Avatar photo
    Kamis Abu Bakar

    Great shopping here

  237. Avatar photo
    Aishah K.

    Quaint mall that time loses track of but it still a go-to for Malay-related stuff like weddings and festive costumes.

  238. Avatar photo
    Calvin Ho

    Old school cool. Nothing much here really. Just a great place to walk around.

  239. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Ridhaus Sholihin

    Old school type of shopping mall. Hang out area for Indonesian foreign worker

  240. Avatar photo
    Praveen Raj

    Old Shopping complex but neatly maintained…this place is with shops, restaurants, Ballroom wedding halls etc….

  241. Avatar photo
    Fafhila Fadhila

    I went to syahibrahim balroom 3rd flr n hv ramadhan buffet only at 19.dlrs.

  242. Avatar photo
    Nurida Kuswati


  243. Avatar photo

    Crowded but a wide variety of traditional malay clothes to choose from.

  244. Avatar photo
    Yeo Cher Chong

    A 4 storeys buildng allocated at Tanjong Katong Rd , Sims Avenue and end of Geylang Rd with a very big Car Park.Giant supermarkets is inside the building near end of the complex .
    Most of the retailer shops are selling clothes,malay wear, watch and hardware.
    Ends of CP is a new 4 storeys Malay village will be opening soon.
    Opposite is the famous Haig Rd hawker centre.Every Sunday a lot of Indonesia maid gathering near Car Park.
    When the surrounding new complexes complete , that will be a great changes in this area as 100m walk will reach Paya Lebar MRT.

  245. Avatar photo
    One Party Store

    Old shopping center cater more to Malay community fashions and home supplies

  246. Avatar photo
    Siti Saleha Abd Rahim

    Lots of traditional and modern malay clothings.. Hijabs, jewellery, upholstery, watches, optical as well as supermarket are available too.

  247. Avatar photo

    There are beautiful flowers, Interior design stuffs, cushions and curtains.
    Most goods are local types as shopping malls for Indonesian, Malaysian and Indian Muslim with long dress. I just drop by.

    The mall have a hyper giant mall.

  248. Avatar photo
    Warqah Neufal

    Pretty quiet on a Monday. One of the oldest building in that area so the design through out frm outside walkway to uneven pavement, to v sharp turns are not exactly wheelchair friendly. But tht said, you can find apparel, shoes, accessories, textiles, watches, even toilet seats & fixtures there. Even gold jewelleries! What more cld u ask for!

  249. Avatar photo
    Wolfgang Post

    The usual mix of shops and offices, with a bias towards Malay culture and fashion. The toilets are awfully substandard.

  250. Avatar photo
    Sheila Abundo

    Best place to buy ,, specially shoes️prices are affordable

  251. Avatar photo
    Emmy Naqiuddin

    Its an old shopping complex. It sold mostly Malay (Islam) clothing for both men and women.

  252. Avatar photo
    Ian Liau

    Old School Mall.
    Good place for the Young’s to visit and have a feel of malls in the olden days.

    Find most of the stuffs from olden days which mostly can not be found in Morden malls.

    Have fun!

  253. Avatar photo
    KK Jek

    A rather sad state of its former self

  254. Avatar photo

    Cant Find a place to find a traditional Clothes? Go here i recommend

  255. Avatar photo
    Hux Siah

    An old shopping mall, located near City Plaza. Small shops selling cloth, malay clothing.

  256. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    Gone were the days of yokoso. It’s quieter now, not so much of activities for me.

  257. Avatar photo
    John Limpeh Singh

    Great local mall for fashion n cheap garments

  258. Avatar photo
    Every Thing

    Everything is cheap and high class.

  259. Avatar photo
    Lia Zon

    Need a bit of live. A bit solemn and not a good place for kids. Nothing special. A normal mall which can find certain items. You have motive to buy, yes a good place.

  260. Avatar photo
    Mohd Izham Ismail

    Not quite ready for Bazaar but still vibrant. But why the sitting restriction still on?

  261. Avatar photo
    PyroFox Chia

    Great place to find different Malay cultural items.

  262. Avatar photo
    Soma Sam

    For Nice Female Cloth’s For Any Occassion’s. Pls Visit Kreasi Indah
    #02 -06 Tanjong Katong Complex.

  263. Avatar photo
    Pancho Villa Gunner

    one of the few place that mostly caters to the malay muslim community.

  264. Avatar photo
    Faridah Ismail

    Another one of our traditional old shopping complex. I suppose that it is good that it stays the way it is as if it brings back history. The younger generations can learn to appreciate variety of standards to satisfy the variety of tastes and preferences.

  265. Avatar photo
    Team Laki Bini Alang & Saleha

    Can come here to find Baju Kurung etc

  266. Avatar photo
    Cheng Kim Ann

    This is a old complex, about 30+ yrs old. There is a Gaint supermarket n a Chinese restaurant on the 4floor. Others store selling shoes, handbags, buju kurong,watches, curtain making keys n many others.

  267. Avatar photo
    Jamaliah Jamal

    Went here for a wedding reception. Newly improved lift within the complex; large space to accommodate those who can’t take the stairs. Ballroom is newly furnished with ample space for 50—100 seated guest. Wide range of deserts which were good and fast sell out.

    However, no parking within the complex. Parking is at a nearby open space carpark but may cause a bit of a hassle during rainy weather.

  268. Avatar photo
    Bhai Ji

    Good prices on watches

  269. Avatar photo
    Didi Faridah

    Too crowded wif ‘window shoppers’ and shop owners mostly not so Friendly.. A waste trip there

  270. Avatar photo
    Ashraf Burner

    For traditional Malay clothes. No form of entertainment in the mall.

  271. Avatar photo
    Dean Stanton

    Only thing notable about this mall is the large Giant supermarket open 7 to 11 seven days a week

  272. Avatar photo
    Andris Lim

    Old mall. Shops selling curtains and fabrics. Also, open car park is the pick up point for buses to M’sia.

  273. Avatar photo
    Harukate 203

    A ok mall. Rather old and swamped with foreign workers and domestic maid at every single corner of the mall and carpark. Avoid going on sundays.

  274. Avatar photo
    Razali Sahdan

    Very old vibe but with a contempory design if you looking for traditional apparel

  275. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rahman

    Rundown Mall and lack of zest in activity

  276. Avatar photo
    Kristina Lok

    Ample parking with the big open space carpark next to it. Went to a wedding dinner at level 3

  277. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Shriff

    Good airconditioning to hangout with lots of Indonesian maids on Sunday to watch.

  278. Avatar photo

    Nice cosy mall small shops and to hold events

  279. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim

    Alot of Malay shops,selling Malay traditional custume, watch repair shop, Malay weeding hall, renovation company, 2nd Chance Gold Smith shop and lots more.

  280. Avatar photo
    Abdul Wafid

    Really rundown now since there are other shopping mall. But there are washing area for those who want to go for prayer at the level 1 toilet

  281. Avatar photo
    sazali mnor

    Beautiful place with reasonable for shoppers

  282. Avatar photo
    DTru Chimpong

    Malay community hot spot mall fr traditional clothes.

  283. Avatar photo

    Nice place to be at, convenient eateries and other shops like apparel, accessories, household needs. Can be crowded on weekends and during Ramadan bazaar.

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