Review Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Rd, Singapore

Review Tanglin Mall in Singapore

“Nice mall close to the hotel with some nice restaurants and shops for kids etc. pretty central mall and not as high end shops vs orchard road” or “Good mall in a convenient location with a white Friday of shops in also good restaurants to enjoy and take the kids for a little while” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Tanglin Mall. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Tanglin Mall is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Tanglin Mall. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Tanglin Mallis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 163 Tanglin Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 67364922 (+65 67364922)
  • Website:
  • Address: 163 Tanglin Rd, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM.


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You can reach Tanglin Mall at 67364922(+65 67364922). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to 163 Tanglin Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Tanglin Mall reviews

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“This mall has a lot of Australian influences, great food selection and a number of nice casual ladies wear shops. The grocery store has great selection and produce”

“Cosy chill out place with a good selection of food and drinks.”

“Let's go to a place for Great Memories for kids on Soappy Christmas ....”

“Thanks for the "Snow" display and the Xmas display for Everyone!!!”

“Quality restaurants and supermarket are the main attraction of this well-known mall.”

“Very nice mall, recently renewed. The best place for expats”

“Family friendly mall for expats and locals alike. Great shopping for unique Christmas gifts. Good selection of shops, eateries and supermarkets.”

“The mall has a variety of food options and plentiful of shopping incl groceries. Very convenient and pleasant mall.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 241 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 85% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Tanglin Mall, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Rd, Singapore

There is a total 241 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Preetie Ghosh

    For boutique items,tanglin mall is a must visit.
    Do check out the Scoop Wholefoods,you may find all your favourite organic spices and other interesting pickables too.

  2. Avatar photo
    Rishi Sharma

    Nice place for a neighborhood mall. It has a food court, a super market, a farmacy, a nutrition store, some clothes stores, a sports store etc.

  3. Avatar photo
    Sarah Froggatt

    Many years ago this place was great for expats and had a wide range of stores. Now it’s rather sad and the supermarket is becoming more expensive by the minute.

  4. Avatar photo
    Carrot Chong

    It’s a beautiful mall. But if your gonna do some grocery shopping don’t do it there. It’s expensive. I rather you head over to Bukit timah plaza NTUC Finess. It’s better than marketplace, base on variety and price.

  5. Avatar photo
    Joy Xie

    Went to Pano Kato to do up a chalkboard and I must say, the place and the entire mall is so old school cozy! Definitely come back here again just to bask in the quiet atmosphere.

  6. Avatar photo
    Lionel Lau

    Nice environment. Good mix of stores. Not crowded on a weekday morning. The food choices are good.

  7. Avatar photo

    The mall is spacious and upscale. There is a very well-stocked supermarket, Cold Storage, downstairs, though their prices are on the higher end than other supermarkets, like Fairprice and Giant. The Starbucks is a nice place to chill and work at. There is also a Subway for a quick and healthier bite! The food court sell ridiculously priced hawker foods, so wouldn’t recommend eating there if you are on a budget.

  8. Avatar photo
    Mae Ng

    I like to buy groceries at Market Place in Tanglin mall

  9. Avatar photo
    Adrian Peeris

    Good shopping experience. Mall is clean and smells fresh. That’s what I like about it.

  10. Avatar photo
    Monica Kho

    I went their to shop at Scoop and eat at the food court downstairs. Coffee was good and the space is pleasant

  11. Avatar photo
    Ankur Gupta

    Small mall….some construction work was going on when I visited

  12. Avatar photo
    Martin Hauske

    Went to Miracle Hair and Paul’s- great shopping experience and very convenient!

  13. Avatar photo
    Daphenie Ho

    Always enjoyed visiting this mall… interesting shops and good selection of restaurants

  14. Avatar photo
    Anurag Dipankar

    It’s a small mall but has everything you need. Not crowded most of time. The cafes and restaurants are quite nice.

  15. Avatar photo
    Alfonso Toh

    Conveniently close to Hotel Jen, it has fruits and vegetable outlets, grocery and bakery, it has food courts that offer various cuisines.

  16. Avatar photo
    Ramli Yusof

    Great ambience. Its orchard rd.. Hmm its Christmas time.. Hmm..

  17. Avatar photo
    Xin Hao

    Really cosy mall with a homely feeling. Slightly more upscale mall along Orchard Road. Prices are definitely higher than average but the choices are unique and some even more exquisite. More western European options, rather than local – translates to the demographics of the visitors too. Slightly farther away from Orchard MRT but still walkable overall.

  18. Avatar photo
    J D

    A place where it seems to cater to the richer folks in town. Expats aplenty, the occasional retired senior ruling families, billionaires and rich parents with their children. Not in a bad way… worth a visit if you like to see another side of Singapore

  19. Avatar photo
    Richard Loat

    This is a bit of a quaint mall. Quite an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants and cafes. Good for if you live in the area and conveniently directly on a few bus routes. Has a Nandos, Starbucks, and few other chains.

  20. Avatar photo
    Honey Wai

    Good food but expensive …

  21. Avatar photo

    A small shopping Centre with a good selection of specialty and general stores. Good range of bistros and restaurants too. Mainly caters to Western tastes.

  22. Avatar photo
    Dåvīd Lãū

    Tanglin Mall is ok. I haven’t been able to roam around all corners of this mall. I just went inside to find a toilet so I can pee and went to Starbucks for a coffee and buy my favorite carrot cake. I also went to this Japanese resto eat ramen then went home. Spent almost 60$ for a meal. Wow! …

  23. Avatar photo
    Tom W

    Food court not bad. Has a Paul and a Starbucks. The guys running the 7-11 are odd. A few haircut places, a Cold Storage. Expensive stuff in the stores but if you live near Tanglin you are probably rich anyway

  24. Avatar photo
    Its Me

    Upmarket, clean n with food court n supermarket. New retail outs with existing outlets.

  25. Avatar photo
    Zong Huan Hoe

    Thanks for the “Snow” display and the Xmas display for Everyone!!!

  26. Avatar photo
    Ryan Oliver

    Great mall very clean and tidy goo food hall and toilets are clean and tidy

  27. Avatar photo
    Explore Nature Have Fun

    nice place good restaurants, especially the one we visited, Paul. Elegant, quiet place, delicious food and best deal for the promotion set of meal for two we took.

  28. Avatar photo
    Ilya Shcherbakov

    Very good mall, very exclusive

  29. Avatar photo
    nitish chauhan

    Very large mall.
    You will find every big brand here.

  30. Avatar photo
    David Smith

    Beautiful location, so colourful and vibrant!

  31. Avatar photo

    loving the new reno look!

  32. Avatar photo
    Jeanne Herawati

    Christmas vibes! Snow splendours from 19.30 – 20.00 and 20.30 – 21.00 (this is for weekend only) for weekday just 19.30 – 20.00. Have a snow and avalanche foam at outdoor area near starbucks. For people dont want to get wet, better see from far, they also have place to clean after snow and foam in front of nandos, its free!

  33. Avatar photo
    Pamela Goh

    Very quaint mall. Some furniture boutique stores. A lovely Jason’s supermarket by Cold Storage. A Chili’s & a cozy Patara Thai & a very popular atrium cafe stood out among tenants.

  34. Avatar photo
    Matthew Lo

    I assume the owners are holding out for a good offer on this space.

    This is a sad mall that does not live up to the tony part of town it occupies, though representative of the type of middling retail experience you can expect in a community mall in SG.

    Gives The Forum a run for its money for most unimpressive space along Orchard (which is a low bar to clear).

    You can skip this one.

  35. Avatar photo
    Mary Ong

    Too many areas hole up and not much variety of shop only alot of FB shop which is not my going around

  36. Avatar photo
    Kim Hong

    A nice neighbourhood mall with a good variety of shops. I’m usually there for Paul, Nandos and my groceries. One of the highlights of this mall is during Halloween and Christmas! Amazing decorations and festive lights that brings a warm fuzzy cheer to shoppers. I look forward to drop by again.

  37. Avatar photo
    I Komang Narendra

    Nice small mall with a good variety of shops

  38. Avatar photo
    Pawan Chhatwal (PCee)

    Visited the indian restaurant for an alumnus meeting. Good place for small gathering.
    Shopping also good with good stores around in the complex.

  39. Avatar photo

    This is a little bit on the small size for a mall. However, it’s clean and has decent shops and restaurants.

  40. Avatar photo
    Ankush Vardia

    Christmas decorations outside Tanglin mall.

  41. Avatar photo
    Kek Boon Lim

    Nice cool mall

  42. Avatar photo
    Sham Kuram

    The supermarket is great and load of good stuffs.

  43. Avatar photo
    Joe Vu

    It’s a place for expat only, food r expensive, ladies apparels mostly viscose qual r from India, make sure u bargain, pay no more than $40 per dress as they r made in India copy items! Good plc for artifacts, nicnacks, antiques but must bargain hard as overpriced!Tanglin place market is good for imported cakes, chocs, stollens at quite affordable price matching M&S, ideal for Xmas gifts as exclusive n available only there!

  44. Avatar photo
    Arun Maharaj

    Good place for shopping and eating.Some good restaurants and shops.Very neat,but can be little crowded

  45. Avatar photo
    Zac Esni

    Expensive parking during lunch. Place is ok if u don’t mind being inundated by expats and the like. Not really a surprise considering the location. Shops are plenty if u are looking for a bite and some necessities.

  46. Avatar photo
    Broadway Chee

    I really enjoy going to the shopping mall. There’s always so much to do and see, and I can always find something that I need or want. The stores are great, and the food is pretty good too.

  47. Avatar photo
    Rain Lynna

    Not too crowded and easily accessible

  48. Avatar photo
    jaykumar dave

    Good place especially for a supermarket it has a lot of stuff you can buy and affordable Rest there is something amazing stuff but very expensive

  49. Avatar photo
    Akiko Jacqueline

    The food court here has international cusines but limited local delights. Market place has many range of groceries and fresh fruits & veggies. There are nando, Paul cafe, cedele, Starbucks for the hungry ones. If haircut is a necessity, there’s one 10 mins cut here.

  50. Avatar photo
    Dylan Glover

    Amazing facilities and shops

  51. Avatar photo
    Kimtan Woo

    Opened new local food restaurants in B1, with free Wi-Fi, have a good day.

  52. Avatar photo
    Francis Chen

    Good selection of shops and not too crowded as it is situated at the outskirts of the CBD

  53. Avatar photo
    Dental Lab

    Good mall in a convenient location with a white Friday of shops in also good restaurants to enjoy and take the kids for a little while

  54. Avatar photo
    Gurcharan Kenny KS

    Very nice mall.. some good restaurants and different kind of shops..

  55. Avatar photo
    Nina I.W.

    Nice store option

  56. Avatar photo
    Master Rudra

    Amazing I love it each and everything thanks Singapore airlines 🫡 …

  57. Avatar photo
    Monish Chainani

    Not as crowded as the malls along Orchard. Great coffee options and a Marketplace.

  58. Avatar photo
    Corinna Zennig

    Small mall but with two great food grocers and one amazing Australian dress designer.

  59. Avatar photo
    Philip Woods

    Love this small mall. Wide variety of shops, plus a supermarket and food court. Popular with expats and locals. Currently undergoing some refitting, but still operating. Looking forward to the new food court in late 2022.

  60. Avatar photo
    ZX Soh

    As deserted as it is, I still love the route from Orchard to here.

  61. Avatar photo
    Karna Moorthy

    Tangling mall us a nice place since I was young I’ve visited a few times but wasn’t able to take shots, surrounding is cool and good although now some Mrt project is going on, thanks

  62. Avatar photo
    charindu wijethunga

    Very nice place to go, bit old building but looking antique. Can experience foods and shopping there.

  63. Avatar photo
    C 12

    Niche shopping for expatriates & yuppies! Unique colonial style comfy cosy nostalgic ambience for romantic intimates groups students tourists Expats and families. Friendly warm local & Int’l delights entertainments & shopping fun!

  64. Avatar photo
    Dinesh Sharma

    Very busy, fast service and clean.

  65. Avatar photo
    Madhurjya Banerjee

    Great food choices and some amazingly hidden jewels which are great for shopping for kids

  66. Avatar photo
    Pulakesh Chatterjee

    Well laid out accommodating All kinds of consumable items ,Foodies and Services outlet. Well located and heavily visited mall.

  67. Avatar photo
    Susan Russell

    Organic Cafe food/wine
    Scoop wholesale brewed kombucha peach lovely, huge range of products, priced per 100gms, amazing store

  68. Avatar photo
    Nasvill Pereira

    Good mall. A few good eating joints n cs fresh

  69. Avatar photo
    Chan H

    Nice place for shopping. Parking expensive.

  70. Avatar photo
    Tisha Johnson

    Great mall! Many new stores have opened!

  71. Avatar photo
    Ramon Gutierrez

    Perfect place to shop

  72. Avatar photo
    Miloud Mil

    Went to pako tako…i dont like it …the place could be better …lot of renovation hapening at the mall hard to find what you want
    The mall at 11-12 am was croweded maybe because lunch time

  73. Avatar photo
    Five Prodution

    good selection, not a mainstream mall, even better not so crowded, supermarket has large selection

  74. Avatar photo
    Dragon Fu

    Not many ppl. Pleasant shopping.

  75. Avatar photo

    A great little mall located at the edge of Orchard Road area.

    Anchor tenant is CS Fresh supermarket (Cold Storage). A few eateries. Larger shops include Royal Sporting House with a good variety for all your sportings needs.

    Ample parking. Newly opened MRT station is less than 100 metres from the entrance.

    Recommended for a visit if you are nearby.

  76. Avatar photo
    Samraj Natarajan

    This is not hyper mall like Eon and the other on the orchard road but if you are around the tanglin road or staying in Jen hotel and is a good option as this mall has some great restaurants and eateries .The pattara Thai restaurant and the Indian fine dining ones are score the top .

  77. Avatar photo
    Carly Peart

    Good shopping mall with a very well-stocked supermarket downstairs. Health food shop on ground floor level. Decent amount of parking too.

  78. Avatar photo
    Melissa Eisner

    Lots of local non-big box stores that sell everything you might need. A great alternative to the malls on Orchard Road that all seem to be the same. Us a great food hall and lots of other restaurants and cafes.

  79. Avatar photo
    Dhamma Everyday

    If you go to the food court it’s all Asian food, with one juice stall, but no confection foods. If you come out of the food court and go round the corner there’s a coffee shop, with one place selling salads and western type food. And if you go up one level there’s a good confectionery/coffee shop too, so just remember to move around a bit when eating to get the full range ok?!

  80. Avatar photo
    Phoebe YLM

    Family friendly mall for expats and locals alike. Great shopping for unique Christmas gifts. Good selection of shops, eateries and supermarkets.

  81. Avatar photo

    It’s a medium sized mall with most of the things you need and want in a mall, including a supermarket, cafes, places to shop etc.

  82. Avatar photo
    Yuvraj Jagga

    This is a vegetarian Burrito roll at Nando’s in Tanglin Mall. Not a lot of options for Vegetarians but this one is closest to good 😀

  83. Avatar photo
    Loi HLan

    Nice mall but are more for the foreigners n the serving at the Starbucks the supervisor are not friendly….

  84. Avatar photo
    Jane Lee

    The smallish mall at the other end of the busy Orchard Road. I like the Whole Foods outlet, for its sustainability-theme in supplying grocery.
    We hang out here when staying at The Jen Hotel, it known years back as the Traders Hotel.

  85. Avatar photo
    Jean Seah

    Good food court with an excellent range of cuisines. Many different shops to explore. Conveniently located at the head of Orchard Road, near the Botanical Gardens.

  86. Avatar photo
    luv_thy_pet luv_thy_pet

    Kinda mall that isn’t overly crowded. Spacious. Well-equipped from clothing, baby essentials, supermarket, eateries of good quality like Paul’s, kids would love Smiggle, toilets are clean & dry.
    If you are looking for a solid bed, this mall is next to Sealy Palace. I got my beds there. Great service & informative with experience on money saving.

  87. Avatar photo
    kasanwirono yeni

    At Tanglin mall here have a lot of restaurant western food and other here mostly is tourists always visit here

  88. Avatar photo
    Indriani Eriza

    Not too big Mall and near from Jen Hotel

  89. Avatar photo
    Stella Bello Dela Cruz

    We shop here every once in a week, they have more variety of international good …

  90. Avatar photo
    Heazle Shore

    Lots of renovations at the moment but great places to eat and shop.

  91. Avatar photo
    thomas tan

    It’s great to be back bringing fond memories of my coffee time and pastries with my family. Some shop hv changed hands but the atmosphere of
    Shop de holics remains. Rediscover
    The depth of great food eateries
    At Tanglin.

  92. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Perks

    Great place, all the shops I need, easy access and reasonable prices. Can’t ask for more.

  93. Avatar photo
    Peter Tan

    We go there after church at St George’s. There are good food outlets, some interior design shops and clothes shops. I noticed a number of shops were boarded up today, and thus does take the vibe away from the shopping centre.

  94. Avatar photo
    Yinwai Lai

    Small shopping mall. More for family shoppers.

  95. Avatar photo
    Rahul Sachdeva

    Visited Tanglin Mall for the Snow Avalanche and Snowfall (annual event for kids during Christmas and New Year’s).

    The kids loved it. They were completely soaked in the foam. Imp points to note
    1. Make kids wear Swim costume it would help.
    2. Carry extra change of clothes.

    Kids had a great time, so worth visiting during this time.

  96. Avatar photo
    Lydia N.

    Good for grocery shopping and buying some necessities . 2 pharmacies there. Many food options there as well. A food court , cafes and restaurants there. Family friendly mall.

  97. Avatar photo
    Pari k

    Beautiful niche hunt n find some Beautiful treasures…not too big…not much available in the budget friendly zone…expat oriented

  98. Avatar photo
    Zainuden Kosnan

    Not much crowd. You can get Australian product here too

  99. Avatar photo
    Norman T

    Nice sub urban mall with almost everything you need. They are upgrading and more food options now. However the food court is still closed.

  100. Avatar photo
    keng juan Yeo

    This shopping mall is close to hotel Jen.

  101. Avatar photo
    Vincent Chan

    This mall required a major revamp of not tear it down and change it to a better mall.

    Most shops are out dated and you don’t feel like shopping there.

    Only thing still worthy are some eateries.

  102. Avatar photo
    ruth rosen

    Best mall, compact, good athmosfere, very nice and special stores, not like other malls that are built around the big brands and thats all…

  103. Avatar photo
    Francis WK Tan

    Great Mall not very big but with adequate food and necessary and a Big Supermarket by Jason and a Food Court.

  104. Avatar photo
    Abi Subanandan

    Closes early

  105. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Lock

    A beautiful shopping mall that is just renovated and seem to have more expatriates and the supermarket here will probably carry what the expatriates are looking for.

  106. Avatar photo
    Easwaramoorthy Subramanian

    We have hosted a farewell party for our friend

  107. Avatar photo
    Kok Seng Ng (Paschen)

    Great Shopping and Ambience

  108. Avatar photo
    Liz Seet

    Location is good. Clean and orderly. Plenty of food there. My family and myself ate at the foodcourt. Can’t remember the stall name. But it is run by an ex Jumbo chef. Must try. The broth was excellent and the chilli dip sauce. Worth your money.

  109. Avatar photo
    Andrew P L Ko

    Enjoy this Shopping Mall !
    And Brunetti !!!

  110. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Filmer

    Classic mall from the early days.. lots of nice small shops

  111. Avatar photo
    Chanan Gg

    Will be there almost everyday to get my cigarettes and groceries..very quiet place as people dont really know there is a shopping mall there..chicken rice there is the best i ever tried in singapore..

  112. Avatar photo
    Christina Yuen

    For a new first time mum, I was impressed there was a baby care room! Great for changing nappies but there were also two feeding rooms. Love it!

  113. Avatar photo
    weichee tan

    Shops looked tired and renovations at every corner. Come back s year later maybe….

  114. Avatar photo
    David Liew

    Small community mall with basic amenities and selection of shops

  115. Avatar photo
    Josh Ng

    A upper high end mall at a quiet corner of Orchard Road. Its newly renovated food court at basement attracts lots of lunch crowd though. Floor level can be confusing. Eg taxi stand is at level 2.

  116. Avatar photo
    Prashant Chhaya

    Great place to dine out & shop. Has plenty of parking in basement. Going through major renovation though right now.

  117. Avatar photo
    Balaji Mohan

    Went there to eat at Yantra restaurant a few times. Nice weekday lunch buffet for 35sgd. Old mall. Other than the restaurant haven’t explored much.

  118. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tan

    Tanglin Mall is a cosy place to walk around, laze around, chit chat with friends, shopping and eating and yet not so crowded. A cool place to be. No. 1 for good ambience and shop layout.

  119. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    It’s definitely one of those up market malls here in Singapore, and along Orchard Road. Things are more expensive, restaurant and shop selection is more pricey, and the experience is more western than local. It’s a nice place to hang if you’re in the area, for sure. However it’s definitely not as convenient as your ION mall or those at Somerset. Only bus, or else you should be driving.

  120. Avatar photo
    Dr Jade Kua

    Loved browsing through the lifestyle stores for beautiful trays and tableware.

  121. Avatar photo
    Alexander Knight

    Singapore Expat Central. Lots of boutiques where socks cost $50 a pair. Decent Indian and Thai restaurants. Excellent supermarket.

  122. Avatar photo
    artfood world

    Star rating : ⭐⭐⭐ dinner @tanglinmallsg @komalas . This a a little veggie Indian place in the food court at Tanglin Mall. They serve up some really delicious South Indian food. I ordered ‘set b’. (that’s how you choose the combinations here and in most food courts). Set B included 2 delicious Puris, a veggie biriyani, two curries, a poppodam and a sweet. Fresh, tasty and filling for just $9. This is one of my fav places. Try the super crispy dosa or giant Puri.

  123. Avatar photo
    Hidayat Esa

    Boring place. Nothing much to do.
    Small shopping centre

  124. Avatar photo

    Upper end mall. Nice location.

  125. Avatar photo
    Maurice 龍的传人 Yee

    I really like this shopping mall, its very 80’s and boutique, not too big and very easy access to get to car park. Its more like a outer suburb shopping mall. But it has everything there, from retailers, restaurants, cafes, supermarket, chemist and etc. They have recently upgraded the place, so it looks very new inside with the retro vibe .

  126. Avatar photo
    Ana Hamdi

    We love shopping at Tanglin Mall! Cold Storage is our favorite store there—it is extremely clean, the staff is so wonderful and helpful, and the selection of groceries is simply amazing! Great mall to find so many different gifts for our family and friends!

  127. Avatar photo
    Sanghyun Lee

    Small neighborhood mall

  128. Avatar photo
    Teck Ming Lim

    Nice place for some great western foods and pastry. Reasonable price

  129. Avatar photo

    Look like a bit old and a small shopping mall but there are lots of shops and restaurants inside. Especially very convenient for an expat from a western country.

  130. Avatar photo
    Mosi “‫رامبوتان‬‎” Miloud

    Service after Sale: Replaced and tested kebab shawarma machine at level 2 Pano Kato

  131. Avatar photo
    William Win

    Quality restaurants and supermarket are the main attraction of this well-known mall.

  132. Avatar photo

    If you are an expatriate, the supermarket here will probably carry what you are looking for. This mall is newly renovated and the shops are seem to be targeted at expats so expect things to be slightly pricey.

  133. Avatar photo
    Koh jorine

    Although some renovated, the blue market is the worst with 2 Korea stores, selling don’t look like Korea food.

  134. Avatar photo
    Lim Faith

    Christmas is the time to enjoy. Children will love it as there is snow adventure. Parent bring extra clothes for your child as they will need to change after the snow adventure. As it is foams.. Enjoy

  135. Avatar photo
    Sumanto H

    Nice family friendly mall with nice architecture and a reasonably big supermarket. Some shops are a bit on the pricey side, but I guess that comes with the glamour…

  136. Avatar photo
    A D

    I only go to this mall because it has an excellent bakery on the bottom floor attached to the grocery store, best bread I have found in Singapore to date.

  137. Avatar photo
    Mariachiara Novati

    Very nice mall, recently renewed. The best place for expats

  138. Avatar photo
    SarahJayne Edwards

    Good for grocery shopping as taxi access with a trolley is convenient. Some expat style shops and a food court but not many restaurant chains. Not very busy during the week days.

  139. Avatar photo
    Marvo Jenkins

    Tanglin Mall is best described as an upscale, boutique mall. It is very popular with western foreigners, due to the type of eateries available, and the wide variety of imported products available in the Tanglin Market Place supermarket. There are quite a few speciality shops, such as a clock shop, kids educational toys and a candy store. Brunetti is an excellent Italian cafe restaurant, with a massive range of speciality cakes and hand made icecreams.

  140. Avatar photo
    Jeanne Herawati

    Christmas vibes! Snow splendours from 19.30 – 20.00 and 20.30 – 21.00 (this is for weekend only) for weekday just 19.30 – 20.00. Have a snow and avalanche foam at outdoor area near starbucks. For people dont want to get wet, better see from far, they also have place to clean after snow and foam in front of nandos, its free!

  141. Avatar photo
    Ana Liza Londres

    It’s so convenient for market all is there and the people is so friendly

  142. Avatar photo
    Matthias Kunze

    Neighborhood mall with a couple of grocery shopping and dining options.

  143. Avatar photo
    Jaslyn Koh

    Very quiet place and less crowded. I like to shop at their market place. Can find some low pricing items.

  144. Avatar photo
    Paul Arendsen

    Great mall, all is there and not so crowded as Orchard

  145. Avatar photo
    Rafael Navarro

    This mall offers all kind of stores as well as restaurants and a food court

  146. Avatar photo
    Jarrad Jay Roos

    Very upmarket mall, with an incredible food hall. The shops are well organized, and the shops that are there are exquisite. Beautiful wooden toys at the one toy shop, and a fantastic grocery store with a lot of great fruit and baked goods right at the entrance of the store. Also, lots of little coin operated rides for kids.

  147. Avatar photo
    Chaw Siang Long

    Small nice cozy mall where one can hang out as they have some wooden benches available for sitting down after shopping. Family friendly too.

  148. Avatar photo
    Erik Ding

    Visiting from Malaysia & staying at Hotel Jen Tanglin adjacent to this mall. The last time I went to this mall years ago it was so quiet, but apparently the management has turned things around for the better. The foot traffic has improved significantly. Many new and exciting restaurants and eateries are operating in this mall.

  149. Avatar photo
    Lim Hock Chuan

    Now got new stall at basement can visit

  150. Avatar photo
    Carsten Kreuzer

    Nice old style mall. Very nice and outstanding shops. Highly recommend.

  151. Avatar photo
    Tang Li

    Many restaurants, with drug store and a big supermarket

  152. Avatar photo
    Homme Fatale (Jose Carlos)

    Laid back shopping mall that feels relaxing to be in. Not in your face usual type of shopping experience. More of artisanal type of shopping. Enjoyed here

  153. Avatar photo

    Nice mall..the information desk was very kind and infomative..the pick up point is very narrow though so it less convienience for us to waiting

  154. Avatar photo
    Tobias Söderblom

    Wide variety of shops and restaurants. Nice mall to check out if you’re nearby.

  155. Avatar photo
    Rico Testa

    Nice mall, for the rich!! The supermarket is fantastic

  156. Avatar photo
    shayan nemati

    Convenient for shopper also got different kind of F&B to celebrate Christmas dinner here with family members

  157. Avatar photo
    Teoh Sanderson69

    Let’s go to a place for Great Memories for kids on Soappy Christmas ….

  158. Avatar photo
    Pragya Tomar

    Had raspberry Frappuccino and cheesecake at Starbucks during December starting. Liked the ambiance. Christmas decorations were already on and there were extra stalls put up for Christmas. Few stores were too cute.

  159. Avatar photo
    Fay Ng

    Stores were okay. A cozy place. But limited options

  160. Avatar photo
    PC Tay

    Nice and cozy mall to shop.

  161. Avatar photo
    Koay Kelvin

    Very clean and pleasant mall

  162. Avatar photo
    Rahul Walunj

    You will get variety of shops for almost everything you need to shop.

  163. Avatar photo
    Tan Koon Meng William

    Cosmopolitan High End with Branded FnB Retail and a Great Super Market for those with Refined Taste that demand the Best.

  164. Avatar photo
    chin wah john Tan

    Not a huge mall but the outdoor Christmas event is enough to bring your kids there for half an hour of crazy fun times. My kids totally enjoyed it. Remember to bring extra clothes and towel as well. Things can get a little wet. There are great cafes in the mall to fill their little tummy after that too.

  165. Avatar photo
    Hyphen Chia

    Visited Tangling mall to find out more on the sports equipments. This mall have other store like toy store, food court, supermarket, other eateries, book stores and etc.

  166. Avatar photo
    LT Worrall

    This mall has a lot of Australian influences, great food selection and a number of nice casual ladies wear shops. The grocery store has great selection and produce

  167. Avatar photo
    Ng Chern Khang Roy

    Leather Works shoe repair has served many customers living around tanglin mall. 100% workmanship guarantee. Simply go Google and type, ” Leather Works Far East Plaza”, to have a look at the wonderful photos.

  168. Avatar photo
    Dave Hoong

    Tanglin Mall is currently undergoing some renovations. More shops and restaurants to come.

  169. Avatar photo
    ashika Nithyanandam

    It’s undergoing renovations currently so lot of shops closed, the Thai food restaurant Patara is really good. It has shops with a lot of European sizes so bigger built people who may have issues finding sizes at bugis at and other stores can shop here

  170. Avatar photo
    Govinda Raj Kumar

    The mall in nice… An older building… its got its own charm. Some of the shops r very nice…

  171. Avatar photo
    Conway Lai

    The food court here is airy and spacious, and most importantly – clean. Had lunch here on a working weekday, and the Vietnamese stall served average tasting Pho.
    Word of warning: don’t order the Nestea so called “brewed tea”. I’m sure it’s not made of real tea, and it tastes foul. Nestea should make medicine, not drinks (Nasty Nestea).

  172. Avatar photo
    Sbs9827z Production

    Great to shop but not many transportation near the mall.

  173. Avatar photo
    Wannie Michelmann

    I live coming to this place. Only annoyance is the limited Carpark space and the charges yes it is quite expensive. And the narrow winding entrance and especially exit for the wider cars. This is an old mall so time to upgrade.

  174. Avatar photo

    The food court at the basement has a lot of different cuisines at affordable prices.
    There is a supermarket too that has a wide selection of goods.
    Right next to the hotel.

  175. Avatar photo
    Ekky Widjaja

    Feel Quite , not so crowded
    Some Cafe are good for meeting place

  176. Avatar photo
    Unconventional Passionss

    I love coming to this place great Christmas stuff @tanglinmallsg. I love coming here to get Christmas Gifts! Especially with cool places like @scoopwholefoods_sg. They have very cool vibes.

    I also signed up for the Great Rewards, a loyalty programme where you can be rewarded for shopping at Tanglin Mall. Use my member code “WJ2N6YX” and we can both get 500 points!

    I looked forward to collecting more points when the new brands open at Tanglin Mall in Dec/early Jan.

  177. Avatar photo
    Leong Kwok Hing

    A bit off orchard area, catered more for the residents around that area

  178. Avatar photo
    viking T

    Not really a shopping place. Go there unless you know what you want. Great place for meals though as there’re many restaurants there

  179. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Lim

    Love this place. I feel pampered whenever I come here. Lots of beautiful clothing, bags and costume jewelry to choose from. The fruits and vegetables in the supermarket is fresh and has a wide range. The Gelato is fantastic and dining there is comfortable. Parking is no problem and there is space for everyone to move around happily.

  180. Avatar photo
    Mun Fai Francis Lee

    Great place to shop for children stuffs and The Market Place supermarket for groceries.

    Also had a very nice haircut at KCuts by hairstylist Maggie.

    Highly recommended to get your quickcuts there. Will definitely revisit again.

  181. Avatar photo
    In My Honest Opinion Sg

    Tanglin Mall is Undergoing much needed revamp! I appreciate how it’s being done in phases so the place still seems accessible and friendly to suppers. if what they did with Great World is anything to go by, Tanglin Mall is gearing up for greatness – this makes it the most exciting up&coming retail attraction on the orchard road belt in my honest opinion. All the best!!

  182. Avatar photo
    Clinton Jones

    One of the older malls, there is really not a lot going on here but there some interest odds and ends shops. Give the food court in the basement a miss and go for one of the other places on the other floors depending on your palate

  183. Avatar photo
    Ling Ling Tan

    Quiet mall. I like the royal sporting house there which is huge. Food options tend to be on the expensive side. Visit the mall as camden has no lunch options.

  184. Avatar photo
    Yeou Wei Chua

    Good mix of food and retail stores. There is a food court in the basement serving a wide variety of food. There is restaurants and cafés for a full meal or a quick bite. Retail wise there are shops catering to sports wear, children wear, swim wear and many others. The anchor tenant is Marketplace, part of the Cold Storage group. The produce are fresh and they stock wide range of household products. They even have a section on alcohols.

  185. Avatar photo
    Joanne Caldwell

    Nice place for residents near Tanglin and orchard road. This is the mall which has the most western people foot fall. It has a food court, a super market, a farmacy, a nutrition store, some clothes stores, a sports store etc.

  186. Avatar photo

    Great place great food great time

  187. Avatar photo
    Nay Tun Naing

    Not a traditional Mall in SG. Got vibes for pricy restaurants and shops for the High Income Family.

  188. Avatar photo
    Ange TAN

    Revamped mall. Good place to meet friends. Can n pricey though

  189. Avatar photo
    Glenn Wong

    Very small mall that don’t really offer much in terms of variety and the shops mostly close by 8pm or even earlier during this COVID phase 2 period.

    The only late opening Easter is Nando’s which closes at 10pm. Brunetti stops food orders by 8pm. There is however a nice large Royal Sporting House with a very good range of gears. Food court is decent and spacious. The crowd being served is rather niche, for those staying in the area.

  190. Avatar photo
    Tawana Foster

    This is the most visited mall in Singapore for expatriates as it has quite a wide range of retail services ranging from fashion, gift shops, salon and spas shops and it is an relatively expensive mall that has some unique stores that can’t be found anywhere else!

  191. Avatar photo
    Tan One

    Very cute shopping centre, has plenty of stores. It isn’t very big but it doesn’t feel cramped. If you’re in search for natural products, this is the place to go.

  192. Avatar photo
    Arjun Trivedi

    Convenient place for local residents though the prices in most stores are typically higher here. Food Court is great. Must try the dosas at Komalas!

  193. Avatar photo
    Min Jung

    A very kid friendly place with lots of children’s shops including the better toy store and seed. Snow events during Christmas season – bring a set of change!

  194. Avatar photo
    Nitin Soni

    Small but interesting shopping mall. This place has got an Australian wholesale foods stor called scoop and my favourite Indian restaurant Yantra. Another nice restaurant here is pana Kota.

  195. Avatar photo
    daria kraukhina

    Nice and quiet mall with a supermarket and bakery in the basement.The food court has an interesting variety of food, korean, Indian, Singapore, chinese.I must say a great thank you to the food court manager as she went the extra mile today to reopen the place after 10pm as I forgot my phone there. Really great.And thank you too Rahim, taxi driver that brought me back here and be there just in time.Great people.

  196. Avatar photo
    John Muzi

    This mall has been there for over two decades. It is connected to Hotel Jen, one of the hotel group under Shangrila. The mall has many restaurants and other food outlets, including Starbucks, etc. there is a food court serving local dishes. A supermarket is located in the basement.

  197. Avatar photo
    Keith Tan

    An upscale mall in a tiny size. The only thing that seemed to grab me was the sports store and a book store on the top floor. The book store had really unique gifts and books. Worth the effort traveling there. Ditch the car as parking fees are horrendous. Didn’t quitr see the attraction of this mall. Maybe the bookstore.

  198. Avatar photo
    S D

    Good mall, things more on the pricy side. In my previous review I complained about no mothers room but that was incorrect and it’s on the 3rd floor quite hidden. So I wish the security people who I asked knew and had directed me the first time.

  199. Avatar photo
    Kalev 08

    Great variety of products and services

  200. Avatar photo
    John Chew

    I usually go here for the cold storage.. place is good for strollin. Has great options of food houses

  201. Avatar photo
    gaurav sethi

    This is the place where we get fill our energy in noon and sometimes evening as well.
    There is restaurant named by komalas we love to have food there i miss onion rava dosa must try

  202. Avatar photo
    S P

    Great small shopping centre, ideal for everything you need for kids. For the adults, there is the Best Denki – one stop for all electrical appliances.

  203. Avatar photo
    Claire Tong

    Not many stores there. It is just a place for you to buy snacks and food during the weekdays.

  204. Avatar photo
    Blessed Forever

    Convenient location with WiFi shopping mall. Today Sunday morning one orchid flower show at lobby lovely and beautiful orchid. At the food court you can enjoy with different verities meal western supermarkets import lot of different country products and food products some nice restaurant here as well very close to regent and hot Jen

  205. Avatar photo
    Regu Pillai

    Yes getting better with new outlets are opening.

  206. Avatar photo
    Mark B

    A pretty good mall. Most bases covered..can highly recommend the food court. You can find prata there…

  207. Avatar photo
    Ma S

    His shopping mall reminds me a small shopping mall in Europe. There are some nice shops for children and you will find the rare natural & organic food ls at the market place (supermarket)!

  208. Avatar photo
    Tracy Ye

    Really like the variety in this mall.
    Seem to have the largest tanglin market place (supermarket) organic specialty store, good cafes and bakeries.

  209. Avatar photo
    Kevin Shorten

    Good quality food, but high prices. Good place to ring organic and healthy foods.

  210. Avatar photo
    TB Foo

    Recently went thru major AEI, the place look brighter than before. However, their target customers are mainly for forigners who stays around.

  211. Avatar photo
    Karen Sanchez

    This is the only mall in Asian Singapore with mostly western people footfall! This building looks like conservation heritage building and the shops inside the building is of large variety ranging from household products, clothes, restaurants, salons, organics stuff etc. It is definitely a mall that is recommended if you are expats.

  212. Avatar photo
    Shalini Kaur

    This is the most visited mall in Singapore for expatriates as it has spas, salons, shops , it is an expensive mall that has unique stores that can’t be found anywhere else!

  213. Avatar photo
    Danny Chen

    A mall with good food hall for quick and simple lunch, a grocery store for easy pick ups of daily essentials, and other small shops. Nearby the Regent Hotel so travelers can reload on travel essentials quickly.

  214. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tay

    2 reasons to come here – The Better Toy Store and Chilli’s!!!!!! The mall is quite quiet and its a nice change of pace compared to the other jam-packed malls in Orchard.

  215. Avatar photo
    Maneesh R. Pherwani

    Small, very overpriced place. Less crowded than most places in Singapore but that’s because there’s nothing to do! It has a decent food court.

  216. Avatar photo
    Fajar Gohar

    A lot of things can find here

  217. Avatar photo

    The mall has a variety of food options and plentiful of shopping incl groceries. Very convenient and pleasant mall.

  218. Avatar photo
    Olivia H.

    Cosy chill out place with a good selection of food and drinks.

  219. Avatar photo
    Eva Su

    Good place for shopping!

  220. Avatar photo
    cat o

    A smaller shopping centre, seems good for moms to avoid the crowds and has some nice cafes to stop for a break.

  221. Avatar photo

    It is a relaxing mall with an average crowd and some good eating and coffee options. On the minus side, it is rather dark inside. I loved that they had events before Christmas, a Christmas songs performance and visit of Santa Clause.

  222. Avatar photo
    Bernard Octavius Gan

    Good food choices and quality at the Food Mall. Selection of dining establishments for more discerning. The place is clean and decent tenant mix to meet the needs of shoppers.

  223. Avatar photo
    James Mullen

    Since nice restaurants and near the hotel

  224. Avatar photo

    This was one of my favourite Singapore malls 10 years ago and it still is today. Great location, not some massive place you get lost in. Customers actually seem to be people who live around there not tourists. It’s not anchored by super high end stores and doesn’t have marble everything. It’s clean, bright, fresh, busy enough to not be creepy but not so busy you can’t wait to leave. Great little restaurants and shops with things you want and need.

  225. Avatar photo
    Cetin Kara

    I was staying at Jen hotel which has direct connection to Tanglin Mall, very convenient to find grocery and local foods with reasonable price and good taste !

  226. Avatar photo
    Din Neo

    Tanglin Mall used to be a nice and unique place for shopping and eating. But now it’s slightly quieter and a few shops are closed.

  227. Avatar photo
    Katerina Irwan

    Some areas are under renovation but the unique shops and F&Bs are worth the trip.

  228. Avatar photo

    One of the best shopping mall in Singapore. Especially for people who has kids in your family.

  229. Avatar photo
    Ruth Ng

    A lovely & fine place to shop and dine. But do expect crowd during eveninga as there are snow and avalanche experiences from 7.30pm onwards

  230. Avatar photo
    Christian Ferenz

    Small mall, but still ok for the daly needs, nice foodcourt and a very good suppermarket, one high light is this australien chain scoop where you can buy a lot organic and special foods. Worth to go there.

  231. Avatar photo
    Steven Song

    Consider an old mall, but still worth to visit during Christmas season. Nice decoration.

  232. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Amir Sathiq

    A suburban mall specialised in upscale kids clothes and a supermarket. Good connectivity by bus. Huge carpark.

  233. Avatar photo
    Adnan Aki

    Many people shop in there to show off.

  234. Avatar photo
    Lory Wee

    quite a small but elegant mall, with interesting shops if you are interested in artistic items and crafts. I buy my husband’s Birkenstock from here, and the selection at the supermarket is extensive. An alternative to the malls in Orchard

  235. Avatar photo
    Mattia Morelli

    Nice but very expensive

  236. Avatar photo
    Calvin L

    Nice mall close to the hotel with some nice restaurants and shops for kids etc. pretty central mall and not as high end shops vs orchard road

  237. Avatar photo
    Mike Hall

    A small shopping spot for a quick trip to purchase basic stuff. Decent cafes, good place for regular shopping but not really a tourist shopping place.

  238. Avatar photo
    alankar kumar

    Ok number of stoee. Have couple of restaurant loke Nando and grocessory store in basement.

  239. Avatar photo
    Florenda Daileg

    Nice place.

  240. Avatar photo
    Xin Hao

    Really cosy mall with a homely feeling. Slightly more upscale mall along Orchard Road. Prices are definitely higher than average but the choices are unique and some even more exquisite. More western European options, rather than local – translates to the demographics of the visitors too. Slightly farther away from Orchard MRT but still walkable overall.

  241. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Chua

    Cold storage supermarket, f&b, guardian etc.

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