Review Syoujin Westgate Branch, 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore

Review Syoujin   Westgate Branch - Singapore 3 Gateway Drive

“Lily has done a great job, the massage was awesome. My stiff back felt better after the session. Great service.” or “Coco was very knowledgeable and gave me good advice on how I could improve my body condition. Massage was of the right strength as well!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Syoujin Westgate Branch. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Syoujin Westgate Branch is quality.

Introduction about Syoujin Westgate Branch

Here are some fundamental details regarding Syoujin Westgate Branch. In terms of Massage spa, it is generally believed that Syoujin Westgate Branchis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 3 Gateway Drive, Westgate, #B1-13, S, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Massage spa, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62542542 (+65 62542542)
  • Website:
  • Address: 3 Gateway Drive, Westgate, #B1-13, S, Singapore
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Detailed information of Syoujin Westgate Branch

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 9 PM.


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How to contact Syoujin Westgate Branch?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Syoujin Westgate Branch via:

Phone number

You can reach Syoujin Westgate Branch at 62542542(+65 62542542). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Syoujin Westgate Branch via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 3 Gateway Drive, Westgate, #B1-13, S, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Syoujin Westgate Branch reviews

Syoujin Westgate Branch is among the best destinations of Massage spa in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Syoujin Westgate Branch good?

To determine whether Syoujin Westgate Branch is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Yap Bee Pang was my 按摩师, she is very good in understanding where the pain was and applying the right amount of pressure. Not too pushy in sales too which I appreciate. Great experience !”

“Vicky was my therapist today She was very professional and effective. She took the time to explain to me what she observed and I felt she is knowledgeable and skilled through her approach.”

“Beepang is a good in doing her part in making the client feel better and always check if I’m feeling okay. She’s mindful, caring and knows what she’s doing. Great job!”

“Lily has done a great job, the massage was awesome. My stiff back felt better after the session. Great service.”

“Coco was very knowledgeable and gave me good advice on how I could improve my body condition. Massage was of the right strength as well!”

“This is my first time in Syoujin and I went beacuse of my lower back pain. masseuse coco was provided me excellent pain relief massage. Place is clean. Deninitly I will return for more sessions.”

“Coco is super professional. My back felt misch better just after 2 session. She’s really knowledgeable as well.”

“I love the service from Xiao Li. She’s caring and professional. My knee pain has improved since I started getting treatment from her. Thanks!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 217 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 97% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Syoujin Westgate Branch, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Syoujin Westgate Branch, 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore

There is a total 217 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    Vicky was a huge help with my chronic upper and lower back pain, thank you!

    Just some points: Could be clearer on the duration — I was told that it was a 40min session when the website specified 60min

  2. Avatar photo

    Bee Pang – Professional and effective massage..

  3. Avatar photo

    Xiaojing is a brilliant therapist with passionate attitude towards her clients! I feel extremely glad to have this amazing experience with therapist and service here!

  4. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    Good massage experience by Coco. Had back and neck ache but felt a lot better after the session. Highly recommended.

  5. Avatar photo
    Ruzli Raffee

    After massage, feel fresh & most pain gone away.. xiaoli and beeping is good

  6. Avatar photo
    Ma. Lourdes Cruz

    Therapist Yan Hong is really good and gave me a relaxing massage!
    No hard selling also. …

  7. Avatar photo

    Coco skill is professional, and she has a pleasant personality. Good job. Keep it up.

  8. Avatar photo
    Blue Sapphire

    Coco was very meticulous, knowledgeable and patient. She helped to do loosen the knots in my shoulder and it feels so much better now. Thank you!

  9. Avatar photo
    yu chin soh

    Therapist Coco is very skilful , will come back find her next session

  10. Avatar photo
    Anis Atiqah

    Vicky was very gentle and friendly. Short and worth ur session on Gua Sha facial. Would come back again.

  11. Avatar photo
    Hamidah Hamid

    Bee pang … this massager has magic in her hand. I feel so satisfied after her massage. She knows where are our pain and will press the point correctly. After her massage surely will feel better, no pain, or tired in our body. The treatment here is very too.. Everyone should try the massage at Syoujin @ westgate.

  12. Avatar photo
    Allan Miranda

    Good massage..
    Xue er is well experience
    Wishing to come back soon
    Thank you for the good service message

  13. Avatar photo
    Jermaine Soh

    Vicky is good with her massage skills. Friendly and pleasant.

  14. Avatar photo
    K Lyn Chung

    My therapist is Vicky and she is truly skilled I had a great experience with her.

  15. Avatar photo
    Jeslyn Chan

    Very good service with good pressure. Professional. Thanks xiao jing!

  16. Avatar photo
    Shi Hao Yap

    Massage was good and enjoyable! Would consider coming back again in the future. Massage was done by Coco, who was skilled and strength was good as well. Thank you!

  17. Avatar photo
    Suhaina Osman

    Therapist Beepang do her job well and take good care of me. Understand my pain. Reception well mannered and friendly .

  18. Avatar photo
    Shirley Thoi

    Was attended by Bee Pang on 7 Sept for massage N Gua Sha. She was very attentive and she gave me a very good massage. Feel very good N rejuvenated. Paid very good attention to the areas that needed massage.
    Will request for her service from now onwards.

  19. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Gan

    Vicky knows what she’s doing, sharing her knowledge and the massage was good. Slight pain during the massage but it depends on individual threshold. The head massage was relaxing and feed more awake after the massage.

  20. Avatar photo

    Xiao jing attended to me for the meridian detox bojio, she made the entire experience rly comfortable. Would definitely come back again

  21. Avatar photo
    sheikha ejaa

    Vicky Yu, is a very nice masseurs, I went for my both knees pain management, she did it very well for some massage in both knees. Highly recommended to visit them. No regrets, will surely return for full body massage as well. Thank you so much Vicky Yu.

  22. Avatar photo

    A wonderful first visit to Syoujin Westgate. Xiao Li is extremely experienced & able to explain as she does the massage. Felt so relieved & will come back again. Convenient location with friendly staff too.

    Revised my rating here. After 2 visits, I was pressured to sign on a package which I repeatedly said I am not keen on as I noticed the massage oil used was ordinary olive oil and not the “special tonic” massage oil that was included in the package which comes at an additional price.

  23. Avatar photo
    Shean Tyng

    Convenient location. Place is clean n neat. Gd massage.

  24. Avatar photo

    Felt much better after the massage. Service was good. Signed up for a package!

  25. Avatar photo
    Rita Yang

    My masseuse Ms Bee Peang is very knowledgeable and patient. She pinpointed my problem areas and solved them effectively. My whole body is un-stiffed for weeks after every session with her. Couldn’t thank enough of her! I would definitely recommend this place to my “here-ache-there-ache” friends and I see myself coming here a lot moving forward.

  26. Avatar photo
    Michelle Kok

    Did a one time full body massage with coco. She’s a very detailed and good therapist. Thumbs up!

  27. Avatar photo
    William Teo

    Had been attended by this lady “Bee Pang” who is very friendly, attentive & skilful in her massage treatment. I felt refreshing n better after each session & always look forward to next treatment. Thank you Bee Pang

  28. Avatar photo
    may png

    Syoujin Westgate, Xiaojing is very professional masseuse and explain to me on my health issues. Enjoy my massage with her

  29. Avatar photo
    Kivi Chang

    Yan Hong is a very skill therapist. No hard selling .
    Service good.

  30. Avatar photo
    Deborah Ng

    Coco was very knowledgeable and gave me good advice on how I could improve my body condition. Massage was of the right strength as well!

  31. Avatar photo
    Edwin Lim

    Lily has done a great job, the massage was awesome. My stiff back felt better after the session. Great service.

  32. Avatar photo
    Noob Gamer

    Seldom do I do a post . Was introduce by my fren who been with them for years Awesome service from therapist who really settle my pain efficiently . N excellent explanation from manager Rachel . Whom I thought would be hard selling . To my surprise there’s no hard selling but sincere explanation n recommendation. Kudos. Keep up the good work . See you guy in my next appt Cheers

  33. Avatar photo
    Amalia Hassan

    Bee Pang is really experienced. I came with a very stiff neck and shoulders and went back with all the problems solved with just one session! Amazing!!

  34. Avatar photo
    Hang Han

    Nice and clean environment.. love their services. Ms Xue Fei is well trained, her skills is good. Especially doing the Shiatsu treatment. After few days I felt so relaxed from mussle pain, although it has a little bit pain but is normal.

  35. Avatar photo

    Great session! Xiao Li was very skilled and professional. Would come again!

  36. Avatar photo
    Sherlene Wong

    Xue Er is a very experienced Massuer. Feel very relaxed after a massage session by her. W

  37. Avatar photo
    Karen Chong Mei Ling

    Enjoyed the session with Yan Hong today. She is experience and friendly. No hard selling and happy with today massage.

  38. Avatar photo

    I came into Syoujin for a back massage and was pleasantly surprised by the technique and “on-point” massages that helps me to relieve my aches. I learned about the womb massages and it was done by this masseur Vicky, the sessions has helped me feel better during menstruation and no cramps since. I recommend, Syoujin @ West gate branch

  39. Avatar photo
    Laiwang Chua

    Would recommend Xiao Jing 小静. Feel totally relax and nice. You know you are in the right pair of hands when she give you a massage.

  40. Avatar photo
    Cecille Henares

    Yan Hong and Bee Pang are very skillful and capable in massaging! Able to identify tight muscles and attentive to my requests. Excellent service!

  41. Avatar photo
    Wei Wei Tien

    My masseur was very accommodating on my pain level as I can’t take too much pain. Not too pushy either on selling packages. I quite enjoy the knowledge she shares during the massage sessions about my body and what the pain correlates to. Overall very satisfactory experience, looking forward to my package.

  42. Avatar photo
    Charis Low

    Enjoyable session with Bee Pang. She is very experience and very friendly. No hard selling during the session. Happy with my massage and cupping!

    After massage, I was lead to an open room (glass door was left open, so it wasn’t intimidating) and staff spoke to me about first timer package. I was fearful at first but she was not pushy at all, allowed me to think about the package as my kids came. The package is really quite attractive! Can share, and even use at other outlets

    Thank you for the experience

  43. Avatar photo
    Hwa Claribel

    I have a good experience here albeit a little pricey.
    Therapist Yan Hong is experience and the treatment is pleasant.

  44. Avatar photo
    jai jai

    Good treatment. I felt instant relief after the treatment. I felt lighter and very relaxed.

  45. Avatar photo
    Jeslyn Xu

    Xiao Jing is a patient therapist. She is able to cater to my needs and resolve my aching issue faced.Thumbs up!

  46. Avatar photo
    Chan Duke

    Good massage. My masseuse is Xiao Li. Feel refresh after the session.

  47. Avatar photo
    Isabel C

    Vicky was very helpful in explaining the treatments and the promotions available. They would try to sell packages but will not force you into getting them!

  48. Avatar photo
    Serene Kek

    Thanks to 雪儿 for the nice massage and her sharings on the info of 艾灸 and cupping

  49. Avatar photo
    Noelle Yee

    Vicky is a very experienced and friendly therapist. After a 60mins session of massage, i feel much lighter. They r also not pushy in getting me to sign package. Will definitely visit again.

  50. Avatar photo
    Wei Ling

    Massage by Bee Pang was a pretty pleasant experience. She was also able to properly pin point the various pain spots.

  51. Avatar photo
    Jill Chin

    Yap Bee Pang was my 按摩师, she is very good in understanding where the pain was and applying the right amount of pressure. Not too pushy in sales too which I appreciate. Great experience !

  52. Avatar photo
    Doris Tan

    Thank you Ms Ella for your great customer service! Appreciate your experiences, professionalism and skillful massage treatment. Will definitely visit your outlet again. Keep it up the good job

  53. Avatar photo

    Was feeling unwell and came for a Tuina massage. Had the treatment done by therapist Vicky and overall massage was very good. Felt much better after the treatment.

  54. Avatar photo
    huili Tan

    Came Syoujin for massage, it was a very pleasant experience with my massager Xiao Li. It relieve my shoulder aching and feeling refresh after the massage

  55. Avatar photo
    Vera Sin

    Coco is attentive and not pushy in sales

  56. Avatar photo
    Massythura A

    So thankful to get an excellent therapist like Vicky. Definitely see results on my face after a few sessions with her. Bye bye puffy face! Thank u Vicky!

  57. Avatar photo
    Abdul Nasir

    Very good Dr. Dong Hai. Understand the patient very well and give the best massage.. my pain is very much relieved…I have booked another 12 session with them….

  58. Avatar photo
    Stanley Lim Huay

    First time here. I had a positive experience. The massage is good and professional. The place is a also clean. Most Importantly, there is no hard selling of packages and stuff.

  59. Avatar photo
    Calyce Tan

    Therapists were really good at their job but as mentioned by many others, the hard selling and fear mongering was really annoying. Business tactics used are dishonest too and the supervisor is very rude and arrogant.

  60. Avatar photo
    Audrey Lee

    Good service at this outlet. First time visit here and was served by Vicky. She is very professional and patient to explain and perform very good massage. Highly recommended.

  61. Avatar photo

    It has always been a good experience to be back here even after circuit breaker. Always had lower back pain but the wonderful team has always been welcoming and catered the necessary procedures and advise to help me recover. After a few sessions, I do see improvements and am looking forward to my next visit! #itisalwaysagooddaytobeasoldier

  62. Avatar photo
    Teacher Tasha

    Massage was good and done by xue er. Her head massage is really nice. Will come back whn needed! Thank you for the great massage

  63. Avatar photo
    Nurul Izzati

    I highly recommend this place! It’s my first time here but I think I have found the best place to treat my aching shoulders and legs. The therapist (bee pang) is very professional and the massage was really good. My body feels so much lighter after the massage!

  64. Avatar photo
    Wendy Ng

    It markets itself as a TCM place. $90 for 60mins. The person who did my treatment for me was quite good and communicative. However, I have been to other tui nah places that also claim to have had TCM training and are more precise and exact in their pressure points. Place is quite clean but my treatment room felt cluttered as it had a tub and sink area that was used as storage

  65. Avatar photo
    GUO Annie

    good place for relaxing after a long day work, attended to me with exellent service. my therapist is Guo Lei and the manager Rachel is professional and concerned of my body condition. i did 2 sessions of TCM neck and leg therapy and there is a good and effective results. due to my busy schedule i come 1 time every 1month, but will come often soon.. appreciated for the rendered services..

  66. Avatar photo
    Jesusa Taleon

    Ms. Xue Er and Celestie are very friendy and massage is really amazing. Excellent service and price point very affordable if your looking for a massage that gives you a relaxed experience. Thank you both!

  67. Avatar photo
    Diana Lim

    My first trial with the therapist, Xue Fei was rejuvenating , she treated my problem areas which were there fir a long time, felt relieved and revitalised after the treatment, will be back again!

  68. Avatar photo
    jennifer wong

    Good service by Vicky. Awesome massage and explaination. Not pushy in their sale.

  69. Avatar photo
    Eliza Ho

    First time went for their massage and was pushed to sign up for their package. Sequentially, the next appt, they start to push me into buying some medical oil that they claimed to be relieving aches. First they let me try on one of my shoulders and when i refused to add on that service, they start to anyhow massage on my the other shoulder. Another appt, they start to ask me to sign up for their meridian lymphatic massage

  70. Avatar photo
    Ong Benjamin

    Came for back massage due pain, 3rd visit and my back is feeling better. Staff 小静 was attentive n adjusted the treatment according to the pain that day.

  71. Avatar photo
    Michelle L

    Xiao jing was very professional, taught me a lot about my body.

  72. Avatar photo
    Allen Grace Magatao

    I had my massage today. Bee Pang is the one who did the massage for me. She also check on you whether you are in pain or if everything is fine. She did it well. Great customer service as well. Thank you!

    Stay safe

  73. Avatar photo
    Chien Zhao

    Had my first trial for facial at Westgate.
    Xiao Ping was friendly and energetic, furthermore very passionate about her work. Excellent skills and pleasant facial experience with her!

  74. Avatar photo
    Angel Aloysious

    Yanhong was very good in her massage skills…and managed to relieve the tension in my shoulder and back with her massage techniques!

  75. Avatar photo
    Sy Foo

    Yan Hong is a super patient masseuse and she knows exactly which points to press to soothe your aches. Highly recommend

  76. Avatar photo
    Shu Min Tan

    My therapist Xiao Li is very personal, I treat this place as a way to release my stress by talking to her and also enjoying her treatment. She does not come across pushy of the services but will tell me what is good and what is bad, allowing me to consider. She tells me what I should do to improve my health and living. Looking forward to my treatment every fortnight / month.

  77. Avatar photo
    Eric P.

    Good quality and professional massage from Yan Hong. She can point out my exact pain points and ease it from there. Recommended!

  78. Avatar photo
    Tina Yusope

    Just end my massage session. Xue er is very good and efficient.

  79. Avatar photo
    Jia Jia Lem

    Great services and experience with Joyre Westgate. Vicky and Nancy are very professional and sincere in servicing their customers. They are very good in their work. Really appreciate their advices. Kudos to the branch manager, Rachel as well.

  80. Avatar photo
    Kew Yukie

    Shoulder and foot ache. Found this place at Fave and bought a 60mins body massage. Xiaoli had given me a great and relaxed massage. Recommend her as she had briefed me on my ache body and problems while massage for me. She given me a FOC 10mins foot infrared massage.

  81. Avatar photo

    Generally a pleasing experience. I’ve been well serviced by Xiaojing, and felt that she was quite professional. There was no hard sell services and down to the details of requests – whether you’ll like a harder of softer pressure

  82. Avatar photo
    Farisya Irwayu

    I truly enjoyed the massage session that I had. Bee Pang was my masseuse and she gave me some great advice! Definitely recommend (:

  83. Avatar photo

    Xue er is one of the best masseurs in Syoujin. Her marvelous skills of pressing onto the right spot is meticulous with every careful touch. Highly recommended for their services …

  84. Avatar photo

    Came here for moxibustion about two years ago. I had really bad cramps during my period but ever since I came for the moxibustion package, the cramps has really improved! Ask for Xiao Jing, she’s a great therapist.

  85. Avatar photo
    Jill Chin

    Yap Bee Pang was my 按摩师, she is very good in understanding where the pain was and applying the right amount of pressure. Not too pushy in sales too which I appreciate. Great experience !

  86. Avatar photo
    Ernest Tan

    Molly was on point, asked her to focus on my shoulders and she did. Everything was good,felt very relieved after the massage

  87. Avatar photo
    Claudine Ong

    I’m a first timer using promo $68 for 60mins massage. Satisfied with the service by Vicky. She’s able to locate the knots well.
    Did not pressure to sell a small package.
    Staff are friendly.

  88. Avatar photo

    Vicky is my therapist for the day. Enjoy the massage session and feels very comfortable throughout. Thank you!

  89. Avatar photo

    Mr. Dong Hai – He has a good knowledge of his work. My knees pain when I climbed down staircases before the session. But, the pain was relieved after 2 sessions. He is skillful and highly recommended.

  90. Avatar photo
    Jamaica Rarugal

    Beepang is a good in doing her part in making the client feel better and always check if I’m feeling okay. She’s mindful, caring and knows what she’s doing. Great job!

  91. Avatar photo
    Asaraf Ali

    Joyre TCMedi Spa is the best ideal massage i have ever had.
    Masseur Nancy was very prolific in doing her treatment on pro way that im very most satisfied.
    With five star I’m recommending TCM . n their services.

  92. Avatar photo
    danming -

    Came to do a full body massage ( Done by Xiao Li). Highly recommended cause they don’t do hard sell

  93. Avatar photo

    My therapist Dong Hai is just excellent! He is very professional using just right intensity to massage my muscles. I have a wrist sprint issue, and with the sessions with him, it became better and better, even other part of body connected to that part he tried to relived the tension and I feel very light after every single session. Thank you very mich!!

  94. Avatar photo
    Jin Feng Soh

    The massage therapist, Xiaojing is very friendly and warm. Her massage techniques are also good. Feel relaxed after the massage.

  95. Avatar photo

    I had Bee Pang as my masseuse. I did a 45 minute treatment with choice of gua sua or cupping. I went for gua sua. Bee Pang was friendly and very skilled. She knew where I had my tight knots without me telling her and she was very strong. Her pressure was just right. I recommend to go for Bee Pang if you decide to drop by …

  96. Avatar photo
    Vivien Cheang

    First time met Xiao Ping who is a young energetic lady. She has good knowledge and has passion in her job. Keep up the good work Xiao Ping! My body felt much lighter after the massage session.

  97. Avatar photo
    Peixi HE

    XIAOLI is good and experienced massager. Very relaxed after each session with her. Always trying to see what can help me with my tired body.

  98. Avatar photo
    Jessica Yan

    Was attended by Coco. Quite relaxing but yet to see results maybe next few days. Hope it’s effective.

  99. Avatar photo
    lui o t

    Therapist Xiao Li is very good, strength just nice, very comfy. Thanks
    Beautician ms Vicky is very good too and professional.
    Both service …

  100. Avatar photo
    samantha leong sher yen

    Vicky is very good and knowledgeable. The therapy helped to improve my overall well being. I do feel better after each session.

  101. Avatar photo
    Mary Grace Fernandez

    After few months i haven’t been for a massage Xiaoli gave me very good experience. I highly recommend her as she gave her insight about what she think about your condition of your body while she doing her massage. The staff are very accommodating and very helpful. The place is very clean and neat . Definitely recommend to friends who wants to experience a good TCM. Xie Xie Ni Xiaoli…

  102. Avatar photo
    Yan Jun Tan

    My therapist was Coco – the service was friendly and good, with the amount of strength i liked. And there was no hard-selling as well.

  103. Avatar photo
    Nashrun Amin

    Very good treatment by Mr Dong Hai correctly diagnosed my pain areas. Totally recovered!!!

  104. Avatar photo

    Excellent services. Exceeded basic customer requirements and beyond expectations. Was treat by 东海 master.

    东海 Master is straightforward, honest, kind, skillful and understanding.

    Every master can be skillful. But for me to see real result, this, I am totally convinced.

  105. Avatar photo
    Magdelene Cai

    Went for the trial on Shopee. Had a great time and session with Xiao Jing and signed package but not pushy. Looking forward to seeing her next week! …

  106. Avatar photo
    Charlene Yan

    Great massage place! My allocated masseur is Ella for every appointment and I signed a 5 times package with them for body massages. It’s a TCM centric place so the prices are a bit steep but it’s okay if you don’t go for massages often

  107. Avatar photo
    Grace Ong

    Walked in and had a great, on-point massage by Bee Pang at the Westgate outlet.

  108. Avatar photo
    Jess Lee

    Came for a trial tuina massage and was served by Ella who is very detailed on explaining what she is doing, where which part is link to and how to improve on my eating to have no such reoccurance. Never do any hardsell as well. Will definitely come back to try again.

  109. Avatar photo
    Baby Ng

    Bee Pang service is very good, im member since 2018 year.. followed bee pang very long already. she is on point skill very good

  110. Avatar photo

    Have a great massage session and my therapist Ms. Xiao Li is really good. Wish to come for another session soon.

  111. Avatar photo
    Ivan Hoo

    Staff is very knowledgeable and do a very good work. No hard sale by staff. Ella is very experience and knowledgable treatment for the body. The stomach massage is very good after 5 treatments body feel good!

  112. Avatar photo
    MC tuna

    My first time here and got Xiao Li as my therapist. She is very experienced and professional. The therapy was very comfortable and I felt so much lighter!! Really recommend her …

  113. Avatar photo
    Yen Yen

    The auntie that help me tuina is very experienced and caring. You will need to choose the auntie to tuina.

    ADD ON comment
    Usually I went there is the auntie that massage me which I am very happy then this time round another therapist help me to massage and we are talking about infants. I was a bit disappointed as the therapist actually ask me to feed my infant with water and everyone who is a mother knows below 6 month old shoudnt even drink water. Think should have a bit of knowledge before advising. I just ignore her advise as I dn trust her. Probably ppl that go there need to filter on any therapist advise on anything instead blindly follow.

  114. Avatar photo
    KunKun Ah

    Xiao Jin is a wonderful masseur as she pays attention to the areas that i am having issues with

  115. Avatar photo
    Alson Qua

    Personally, the trial massage does feel good and comfortable; it wasnt some lousy job. My masseuse (Ella) was helpful and ease my soreness on my back, she recommended me some oilment to further soothe the back but wasnt pushy. Overall, not a bad experience

  116. Avatar photo
    Vani Gobal

    Went for a trial massage and was attended to by the friendly and skilled Bee Pang. She heard my concerns and recommended the TCM Meridian massage with medicinal oil, and proceeded to identify all my problem spots throughout the massage session. I even discovered a small existing injury that I didn’t even realise I had, thanks to her expertise. Highly recommend!

  117. Avatar photo
    Pei Fen Yap

    I came into Syoujin based on recommendation from my colleague because my leg still feel aching even though went to massage few times. Good service from Xiao Jing and 雪儿. My feet feels more relax after massage treatment

  118. Avatar photo
    Sabrina Saffa'i

    Yan Hong is a professional masseuse & I’m very appreciative of her. She managed to identify the source of pain that i’ve been experiencing on my back & left leg. As someone who’s constantly on her feet & faces a lot of different weathers in different countries, Yan Hong’s service has definitely helped me a great deal for my work and I highly recommend her to those who’d love to give it a try.

  119. Avatar photo

    I really enjoyed the treatment and it was very relaxing! My therapist Bee Pang was also very friendly and helped me feel relaxed.

  120. Avatar photo
    Seohyun Lee

    Xiao Li was very nice and my neck/ shoulder pain has gotten better with just one session!

  121. Avatar photo
    P P

    Have tried out the trial price head massage at Syoujin .the therapist Vicky had massage the head..the pressure was just right..feel quite comfortable and head feel lighter after session..she did let me try a bit some therapy for stomach bloatedness. After the session stomach feel better too..the manager rachel also a very nice lady….who do recommend some good advise to me..though price might be high a bit..but service is definitely recommended!

  122. Avatar photo
    Ravilal Gunaratne

    This is my first time in Syoujin and I went beacuse of my lower back pain. masseuse coco was provided me excellent pain relief massage. Place is clean. Deninitly I will return for more sessions.

  123. Avatar photo
    Jomecel PJ Olaso

    Nice service especially Ms Bee Pang and very friendly and very good.

  124. Avatar photo
    Joy F

    I really wanted to like this place. Paid $68 for the 60min full body massage and while the massage was good, the hard selling was not. Almost 45mins was spent trying to hard sell when I was just trying to relax.

    A bit sus when I was trying to book already. Asked if I could use CapitaLand vouchers, they said cannot, machine spoil (not a discount btw, just using vouchers to offset the price). Then I said ok then nevermind I don’t want to book – suddenly say check with supervisor, supervisor say can… okayyyyyy.

    $68 massage was asked to top up some oil for $168 (still within the 60min btw), then say $128. Masseuse gave a “test” of one small area of the massage oil for me to “see the effect”, when I said no effect she said my body condition so bad, cannot dispel dunno what -.- Eventually said special price $88 for the massage oil halfway through the massage, which I still said no.

    This fear mongering (about the condition of your body, really are they licensed to give medical advice now?) and hard selling really turned me off and while I was initially looking for a good, peaceful massage place which I honestly wouldn’t mind buying a package with, the entire hard sell experience seriously turned me off.

    TL;DR massage quality quite good, hard selling damn big turn off

  125. Avatar photo
    Son Son

    Vicky was my therapist today She was very professional and effective. She took the time to explain to me what she observed and I felt she is knowledgeable and skilled through her approach.

  126. Avatar photo
    Ting Hui Jun

    First time here, service was good. Xiao Jing was able to answer all my questions regarding the massage. Shoulder tension was gone after the session so I recommend people to give it a try!

  127. Avatar photo
    XinYing Leao

    Westgate branch therapist Xiao Jing is very attentive. Treatment is very comfortable

  128. Avatar photo
    He Jing

    xiao jing very nice and friendly, she is professional her skill is very depth in the treatment. highly recommended

  129. Avatar photo
    alan chong

    Having going to massage for so Long and numberous places , joyre Westgate is the best I have been , pricing vary on type of treatment but it’s really worth the money . Manager Rachel is very knowledgeable , patience and attentive . , I was appointed to Lin Lin for my stiff stiff stiff neck treatment . I decided to write this after numbers of treatment n improvement was seen .. awesome service n personality
    Thank you

  130. Avatar photo
    Ming Hui

    My first trial with the therapist, Vicky was rejuvenating , she treated my problem areas which were there fir a long time, felt relieved and revitalised after the treatment, will be back again!

  131. Avatar photo
    Edwin Zeng

    Great experience and massage was done professionally. Would highly recommend and will definitely return.

  132. Avatar photo
    Rice Noodles

    The staff here is excellent and friendly. My masseuse, Bee Pang is diligent and makes it rejuvenating after every session. Totally recommend it for those who needs a massage and in a good environment with good service.

  133. Avatar photo
    Angie Tan

    Xiao li is very friendly and explaining in details which massage suits me better. Will definitely come back again

  134. Avatar photo
    Hui Fang Ong

    Great and professional massage service by Nancy! She is able to relieve your muscle sore pain and give good advices. And very friendly too~

  135. Avatar photo
    Yiping Chew

    The therapists are very skillful — seems to hit the right acupuncture points with firm pressue. The overall facial felt good. But be warned of upselling during the session, the facial therapist invited another of her colleague to “check out the womb area” and asked if I wanted to do a treatment too (trial price $199). I was curious so I did.

    I took up the 90min Bojin facial trial but received a Guasha one instead, it was nice, don’t get me wrong. It just wasn’t what I signed up for.

    Also the packages are ridiculously priced : starting from $10K.
    It seems that they are linked to Joyre, which had a bad record of pushy sales with CASE. Syoujin doesnt seem that pushy though (with the initial sales at least) which is one of the saving grace. I’m not sure how things will pan out further down the road based on some other reviews.

  136. Avatar photo
    Vivien Tan

    First time here because of my backpain and Vicky from Syoujin helped me to release the painfulness. She is very nice and experienced, tell me why this why that painfulness happen. …

  137. Avatar photo
    Xiu Ling Low

    Xiao Jing is a very detailed therapist. She would help to check on your areas of concerns and explain to you the remedies patiently. Her massage is of good strength (not too painful) and you could share your feedback readily with her for adjustments.

  138. Avatar photo
    natalie lim

    I was attended by therapist, Xiaoli. She is very knowledgeable and skilled in all her treatment with and very attentive. She’s nice to chat with and I look forward to every session with her. Love it that she doesn’t hard sell. She patiently understands my priorities and needs.Feel a difference in my body after the treatments !Great job, Syoujin! 很棒

  139. Avatar photo
    Melissa Lee

    I enjoyed the massage today, the masseuse Vicky was very thorough and did a great job!

  140. Avatar photo
    Doris Tan

    My therapist was Xiao Jing and I would highly recommend her for her skills and friendly attitude.

  141. Avatar photo
    Jessica Liow

    I couldn’t feel any energy on my right hand and was recommended by my mum to visit the TCM clinic that she frequent to.. Coco was recommended by my mum and after doing it, it was much better than before.

  142. Avatar photo
    Joy Chui

    Xiaoli is a good masseur. Highly recommended. She knows the meridian points well, and did a good massage.

  143. Avatar photo
    Mei Ling “Berrieslicious” Ling

    Yan Hong is a very experienced therapist love the gua sha treatment would strongly recommend …

  144. Avatar photo

    Good service at this Westgate outlet. Bee Pang was very good at the massage service. She concentrates on the points where I have problems with. My body feels lighter and my stiff shoulders and neck feels good now. Decided to take up the package as i need it. No obligation to take but I recommend this place.

  145. Avatar photo
    Ee sheen

    My 1st time coming here and do a relaxing + tcm medicine oil massage by Ella is really fantastic! Totally recommend her service, her hands are like magic. Super relaxing but good enough to relieve all my neck and shoulder pain.
    The environment here is clean and quiet.

  146. Avatar photo
    Linda Tan

    The treatment was good. The treatment shows some results after fact with skin more firm even after one time treatment. The beautician, Vicky, has good knowledge on the facial treatment and skill was good.

  147. Avatar photo
    Lee Jean CM

    I love the service from Xiao Li. She’s caring and professional. My knee pain has improved since I started getting treatment from her. Thanks!

  148. Avatar photo
    Tracy Yeo

    Have found the right place to treat my old ankle and lower back injuries. In just three visits, Dong Hai has managed to correct the ailments and improved my circulation, stability/balance and ease the tensions. Highly recommended!

  149. Avatar photo
    James ching

    Went to this branch for a TCM massage by Xue Er. She was very professional and good! Cleared all my knots at my neck, shoulder and back! Will definitely come back again!

  150. Avatar photo
    May Kim

    Vicky was very professional in my whole experience here. She is very knowledgeable on the type of treatments and the benefits for each different type of treatment in syoujin. She was very patient in explaining it all to me slowly, making sure i knew what’s going on and what type of treatment suits me the most. Highly recommend you guys to come to the west gate outlet and look for Vicky!

  151. Avatar photo
    Nurul Syahira

    I had a truly pleasant massage experience here! Bee Pang was really skilful and nice! Thank you!

  152. Avatar photo
    juliet ng

    Feeling refreshed after the usual massage done by Bee Pang, she is service oriented and always extends beyond the session time frame. Very impressed and satisfied with her service!

  153. Avatar photo
    Sharon Ng

    I have been receiving treatment from Mr Tong Hai the past 1 yr and have recently renewed my package.He is very professional and able to know exactly what is wrong when I told him my problem. My stiff shoulder n headache have improved tremendously. Thank you.

  154. Avatar photo

    Xiao jing very skilful on point massage, solved my lower back issue ! will recommend my friends to come over and try their treatment!

  155. Avatar photo
    Jalpan Dave

    Bee Pang is very skilled! Highly recommend!

  156. Avatar photo
    Judy Lim

    The service is very good. therapist Xue Er who did the massage for me was very good

  157. Avatar photo
    Laura Colon

    I’ve serious injuries from sports, those injuries did affect my back posture creating constant pain for years. I started pain therapy 5 weeks ago with weekly sessions with Dong Hai and the pain is GONE. I can’t believe it!! From my experience, totally recommended!

  158. Avatar photo
    Christine Sumarlin

    Bee Pang was very patient and her massage skills is good. Very detailed in providing information about the body issues as well.

  159. Avatar photo
    Chua Soape Peng

    Bee pang therapist very good effect and experience. Always come back regularly

  160. Avatar photo
    Felicia Low

    My first visit at Syoujin & Xiao li was my masseur. She help with my stiff neck and shoulder. Was professional throughout the service.

  161. Avatar photo
    Rice Noodles

    The staff here is excellent and friendly. My masseuse, Bee Pang is diligent and makes it rejuvenating after every session. Totally recommend it for those who needs a massage and in a good environment with good service.

  162. Avatar photo

    Was having a bad shoulder ache and came across this shop. Xiaoli approached me and told me that my neck was really stiff. Decided to go for the TCM treatment recommended by her, it was so worth it! Her service was good and I had a great time here. Stiff neck and shoulders were instantly relieved. Worth the money and time, thank you xiao li

  163. Avatar photo
    Yap Bee

    I’m customer of Syoujin Westgate, I have kneecap problem, Bee Pang do for me and explain detailed to me every time, and now I’m recovered by coming frequently. Thanks to Bee Pang for the excellent service she had done!

  164. Avatar photo
    Emer Hoong

    Coco is super professional. My back felt misch better just after 2 session. She’s really knowledgeable as well.

  165. Avatar photo
    Wen Qiang

    Fantastic treatment by coco who treated my backache. Highly recommend to people who have the same issues

  166. Avatar photo
    Rupa Shree Sekar

    Yan Hong was very nice and the facial was really good. My face is brighter and I feel a lot more refreshed now!

  167. Avatar photo
    Dr Frederick Yap

    Siaoli very good therapist. Will come back again.

  168. Avatar photo
    Janice Liao

    Have previously felt very pressured when coming to do my treatment here. Recently had Xiao Jing for the first time. She is really skilled and friendly and makes you feel relax during your treatment!

  169. Avatar photo
    E Tan YL

    Came for lymphatic drainage massage for the first time, worth the ‘pain’ because you will feel your body so much lighter thereafter! Will definitely be back again!

  170. Avatar photo
    Steven Tan

    Nice place to come, sincere and good service, so I have been here for every week. Beepang is excellent

  171. Avatar photo
    Atty Hamzah

    Auntie Bee pang service so good, feel refresh after the massage. Recommended!

  172. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lo

    Vicky did a great job of helping to relief stress in my lower back which was injured recently. Felt better after only 1 brief session. Very good!

  173. Avatar photo
    K. Loh

    XiaoLi is very professional and skillful. Not the typical massage. Hers really helps in soothing the muscles. Highly recommended.

  174. Avatar photo
    Joy Mallari

    Beepang was so good and friendly auntie. She did well and i feel better after massage . I can’t resist to take the package coz it’s all worth it bec of her .

  175. Avatar photo
    Grace Goi

    Vicky is very professional. Had a relaxing massage, managed to target the kinks and knots of my shoulders! I liked that they had the option not to have small talk during massage …

  176. Avatar photo
    Amk Amk

    Thank you Westgate staffs n manager for helping my mum with her knee cup pain issue . One love to get things solve n one like to get business done . Happy with the service from therapist Dong hai and manager Rachel . Happily got a package for my mum . Money well spend . Mum looking forward n I’m happy . Thanks again

  177. Avatar photo
    Leonard Chua

    Xue er therapist is very nice and friendly helped with my neck issue thank you

  178. Avatar photo
    SM Tay

    CoCo, my therapist, is very skilful and attentive and caring. Super treatment!! ThankU CoCo

  179. Avatar photo
    E o

    Xiao Jing has tends to my wife leg massage for a couple of times and I found her service were very good. My wife now can walked better.

  180. Avatar photo
    Jaish Ree

    Came to westgate branch had a pleasant amazing experience with reducing my pain and feeling more relaxed. Xiao Jing was my therapist and she did a real good job.

  181. Avatar photo
    Jessie He

    Coco, She is very patient and good at technique, can give useful advice/suggestion regarding skin issues. Issued skin is getting improved

  182. Avatar photo
    Catherine Cheong

    The therapist will ask for areas where they should focus on and are able to tell which part of your body is the most tense and work on it. They are able to tell when you are in pain and adjust accordingly. Good massage even when turning down the suggestion for a package.

  183. Avatar photo
    Ella Cee

    Xiao Li,thanks for this staff.She is very good in massaging my back. Recommended.

  184. Avatar photo
    Qinsx Teo

    Extraordinary customer service, always worth the trip and money! The experience and massage is really good! Done by Vicky & Ella. (Both are very committed therapist)! Certainly highly recommend and most importantly they are not pushy with the packages.

  185. Avatar photo
    noor marlah mahmood

    Bee Pang is friendly and skilful. Always feel fresh after her massage.

  186. Avatar photo
    Eunice Lam

    Chance upon this place when I’m hunting for a good massage place in the west. My right shoulder really hurt during that time and Xiaoli did a great job working on my sore shoulder. I would definitely recommend her! Very professional and skillful

  187. Avatar photo
    Jan Goh

    Very relaxing bojin facial experience! Vicky was very skillful and professional. Loved the facial!

  188. Avatar photo
    Ruel Montallana

    My wife and I went down to trial the promo massage. But we were sold to do the TCM massage. And good thing we agreed, as the massage treatment is excellent!

    We love the massage and the overall service.

  189. Avatar photo
    Ziv Zee

    The experience and ambience is very pleasant. Therapist Ella is friendly, outgoing and provided many professional advices

    Body feels more relaxed after the massage.

    The reception staff is also approachable! Thank you to the team Sjoujin (Westgate)

    Highly recommend

  190. Avatar photo
    Linda Kuan

    Xiao Jing got tcm background so she is able to pinpoint my problems when doing the massage service for me.

    She also gave me some good advice on how to take care of my health.

  191. Avatar photo
    Shawn Caleb Kong

    Great service and greater massage. Manager Rachel is very accommodating and ensured my wife and I were well taken care of. Solid 5 stars.

  192. Avatar photo
    Darrell Wong

    Had a pleasant experience with Xiao Li as my masseuse. She helped to alleviate my pain and discomfort in my lower back!

  193. Avatar photo
    Janelle C

    Pleasant experience at Syoujin, masseur Vicky was skillful and attentive. Massage room was small but adequately comfortable. After the massage session, staff tried to promote their products and massage packages but were not pushy and respectful when I said I wasn’t interested.

  194. Avatar photo
    rena olivia

    I try the 1st time facial bojin treatment at JE. Facial done by Nancy and recommend by Rachel the manager. She was very attentive,details and good in services. The experience was good. Thanks Nancy for the good facial. Definitely recommended to come here.

  195. Avatar photo
    Johnny Lim

    Uncle Dong hai is very patient and helpful. He has good strength and technique to help me improve my neck and shoulder due to heavy weights.

  196. Avatar photo
    Khoo Yong Chean

    Xiao Li is fantastic!!! Head treatment really help alleviate my headache!! Will definitely come back!

  197. Avatar photo
    Winston Ang

    Went with partner. Was served by Nancy and xiao jing. Good service. Also asked about any specific pain points of focus and strength throughout the massage.

  198. Avatar photo
    Lina Jamaludin

    Bee Pang was a nice and attentive masseuse – i felt more refreshed after the session

  199. Avatar photo
    nur emylia

    Amazing message and service. There was no hard selling and the staff was super friendly! Joey was gentle and thorough with my facial. Definitely would recommend!!

  200. Avatar photo
    Irene Hong

    Had sore shoulders and decided to give Shoujin a go. Since then, Xiaoli has been of great help in alleviating my sore shoulders.

    She has also gone the extra mile to treat my knee injury and it has improved drastically. Keep up the good work Xiaoli!!

  201. Avatar photo
    Jackie Xu

    I was recommended by my friend, and now I’m already doing their service for 3 years long. was a good experience of my first impression with LinLin, she is attentive and thoughtful for my body wellness issues. Love the environment here, always came here to release my stress on my neck and shoulder as well as my back. She have done a good job of my menses routine too. highly recommend to come WestGate branch!!!

  202. Avatar photo
    Jason Lim

    Excellent service & impeccable skills from therapist 海哥. The best therapist I ever had. I have been with him for many years. The retail shop staff service is great too.

  203. Avatar photo
    Scarlett C

    Vicky massage was alright, the accupoints strength was just nice. Quite friendly too, will recommend.

  204. Avatar photo
    Family Lim

    Xiaoli is attentive and conscientious ,ensuring that I get the best out of every treatment. Branch Manager Rachel is also not pushy in selling the packages which is also why I have gone to Westgate instead of other branches. I had a bad experience in the previous branch. But certainly not in Westgate branch! Feeling refresh after every treatment!

  205. Avatar photo
    AppleKel Tan

    Vicky is very knowledgeable and friendly about the pressure points and even recommended me some other massages I can do to improve my body. Although I didn’t sign up for a package, but 10/10 would come back to book an appointment with her.

  206. Avatar photo
    Hu Shuxuan

    Xue-er was good and knowledgeable! Enjoyed chatting with her during the session. They will try to recommend and sell you their services throughout – but were respectful when you decline.

  207. Avatar photo
    Mitchell Chen

    Went for the trial at westgate and the experience is 5 stars. Vicky is professionally trained and experienced. The massage and the facial are on point and after the session, I definietly feel rejuvenate. No hard selling. I will be back.

  208. Avatar photo
    Vicky S

    Had a great facial done by Vicky. She is experienced and pay attention to your skin needs.

  209. Avatar photo
    Agnes Kok

    Coco. Is very good and very personal I have enjoy my full body massage. Thank you coco

  210. Avatar photo
    Michelle Nai

    Vicky as attended to me for my course. She has been very friendly and attended to my needs. She knows her professional vwey and give good take outs to improve my health. Higher recommended

  211. Avatar photo

    Im 1 year customer here with therapist Vicky, she is very professional in TCM wellness like woman care treatments. Will recommend my friend to come and find her! thank you for the excellent service and results.

  212. Avatar photo
    Joey Yow

    Passby shop thought just give it a try since got a bit tired after shopping. Shop is clean and organised. Staff not too pushy. Massage by Coco was good. Staff who usually handle counter payment not around and other staff not too sure how to accept paywave or credit card payment. Definitely need training on that . …

  213. Avatar photo
    natalie lim

    I was attended by therapist, Xiaoli. She is very knowledgeable and skilled in all her treatment with and very attentive. She’s nice to chat with and I look forward to every session with her. Love it that she doesn’t hard sell. She patiently understands my priorities and needs.Feel a difference in my body after the treatments !Great job, Syoujin! 很棒

  214. Avatar photo
    Eleanor Pang

    It’s my first experience here today and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Yan Rong was very patient and knowledgeable. Definitely would come back again.

  215. Avatar photo
    Nor Natasha

    Had bee pang for lymphatic massage and it was definitely done well as she knows what she is doing and the different points. There was a little hard selling but they understood my position and did not continue. Would definitely come back when i can. Thank you!

  216. Avatar photo

    Reasonable price.. Professional Tuina and good experienced staffs, especially manager Rachel. She can explained in details for my back issues. By follow their guides, i can feel much more better and improved bit by bit! Will recommend to my family member and friends.

  217. Avatar photo
    Mary Jane Reyes

    First time came to this massage place, I was attended by BeePang and she was really friendly. She gave me advices on my body issues and recommend me to try TCM,which targeted the areas i am concerned about. I originally wanted the $68 relaxing massage but i upgraded to tcm and paid $89. They are not pushy with their packages which is great. If i need a good massage, i will come back again.

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