Review Sustyfoods Formerly Sustenance, 61 Ubi Ave 1, Singapore

Review Sustyfoods  formerly Sustenance - Singapore 61 Ubi Ave 1

“Great taste, nutritious and kept me full for about 4 hours. Will recommend this product. Looking forward to trying out their other products.” or “Dark Chocolate Protein Shake is good… It’s creamy, light and has the dark chocolate taste. Waiting for more flavours.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Sustyfoods Formerly Sustenance. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Sustyfoods Formerly Sustenance is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Sustyfoods Formerly Sustenance. In terms of Vitamin & supplements store, it is generally believed that Sustyfoods Formerly Sustenanceis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 61 Ubi Ave 1, #04-03, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Vitamin & supplements store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 61 Ubi Ave 1, #04-03, Singapore
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You can reach Sustyfoods Formerly Sustenance at 87934093(+65 87934093). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to 61 Ubi Ave 1, #04-03, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Sustyfoods Formerly Sustenance reviews

Sustyfoods Formerly Sustenance is among the best destinations of Vitamin & supplements store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Sustyfoods Formerly Sustenance good?

To determine whether Sustyfoods Formerly Sustenance is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“I have been trying a lots of shake due to my busy work schedules. Sustyfoods shake is one of the best. It taste good, filling and you will feel healthier they are make from whole foods and not so sweet.”

“Good meal replacement using plant-based ingredients which are minimally processed. I like how it's prepared in Singapore too. The customer service is excellent.”

“Great taste, nutritious and kept me full for about 4 hours. Will recommend this product. Looking forward to trying out their other products.”

“We are trying this out for the first time and find it really good. Dark chocolate taste is good. And there is no powder texture. We recommend it.”

“Honestly have been pleasantly surprised with the product. It’s tasty, filling and quick. Not entirely sure if this helps in weight management but definitely can be a good substitute for a meal”

“Well, I just love's very delicious, I'll order again once I finish it. But it didn't really last for the hours as mentioned. Iszt my intake capacity heavy?? Thanks, appreciated!!”

“Tasty, pretty digestible and filling (I take 3 scoops per serving). Just what I need as a meal replacement since I have a busy schedule and tend to have irregular meal timings, which is bad for my gastric.”

“Went for the Tester Kit and ABSOLUTELY loved the taste! Now to decide which flavour I should be getting...hmmmmm”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 263 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.8 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 99% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Sustyfoods Formerly Sustenance, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Sustyfoods Formerly Sustenance, 61 Ubi Ave 1, Singapore

There is a total 263 reviews

4.8 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Seah Joyce

    I have been looking for some type of replacement meal that can keep my stomach “filling” when I am “on-the-go” especially in the morning… Finally, Sustenance came to my rescue… It could last me for about 3hrs & I simply love the taste… Thanks Sustenance.. & thank you for keeping track with me & advising me on other means too… Cheers!!

  2. Avatar photo
    Yasser Mohamed

    Wanted to order the Low Carb Shake but it was out of stock. Ordered the Premium Shake instead.

    Primarily use for a calorie deficit diet cos the need to lose a collective of lockdown-but-not-lockdown and WFH weight gain.

    So a calorie deficit diet definitely works. Not only did I manage to lose some weight, but Sustenance helped a huge part of my daily dilemma; what to eat/ cook for lunch/ dinner.

    Lost a bit of weight, didn’t have to think what to have for my next meal, washed less dishes and it actually tastes good. And I am actually stuffed for a good 6 hours. Me, on a shake, full for 6 hours, imagine that. What more can you ask for.

    I’ll likely try the Low Carb Shake next and hopefully back with a decent eating habit, Sustenance when I don’t feel like cooking and the gym not closing, I should be looking like Linda Evangelista in a couple of months. Okay, fine. Dwayne Jonson la.

    Oh, to the Sustenance team, do consider pounding the chia and flaxseed finer. I don’t enjoy the bits stuck in the teeth and that they’re only beneficial if it is absorbed by the body and having it finer helps with it being digested no.

  3. Avatar photo
    C Y

    the shake tastes good and it really filled me up.

  4. Avatar photo
    Nur Farahin Salleh

    Quick delivery and the service has been great! The essential original shake tastes good and since the bottle was given since i bought the 20 days package, it helps in making an easier transition to consume this. I feel full for about 6-7 hrs and is perfect as my breakfast just before i leave home for the office! will definitely continue until i can manage my food intake myself!

    [edit in 2021] tried acai burst for the latest order and i love the sweeter taste as compared to the original! cannot wait for the bulk pack so i can get to enjoy these for breakfast for longer!

  5. Avatar photo
    Julia Chan

    Shakes meal is so convenient for me in the short breakfast time every morning, which is full enough and the taste like green tea latte.
    After meal, I will drink more water in the morning which seems a good reminder for me️I wanna to have shake meal every morning afterward.

  6. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Kishandave Ravindar

    The best tasting liquid meal replacement I’ve consumed thus far. Pretty easy to drink and does keep you satiated for a few hours (I recommend mixing it with unsweetened almond milk). Extra points for being able to choose a low carb option. If this is your first venture into liquid meal replacement packs, Sustenance is probably the best brand to try today.

  7. Avatar photo
    Pariva Rustagi

    Very professionally handled order and non-intrusive follow ups. The shakes are filling but need to acquire the taste. Very happy with my choice!

  8. Avatar photo
    Lily Gimfil

    Very tasty nutritious meal drink indeed. I enjoyed every time I have it and look forward to the next sustenance meal shake everytime. Keeps you full at least 4 to 5 hours. Save a lot of time from prep, cooking and cleaning up. Don’t have to think of where to go or what to buy for meal, just shake and drink! Love it!

  9. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Lai

    Tastes good, sufficiently filling and actually feel more energized after drinking this compared to my normal eating. Would recommend this to those looking to eat healthy and clean!

  10. Avatar photo
    Jessica Tea

    The delivery was fast and the shakes are thick and substantial. Kept me full for hours.

  11. Avatar photo
    Zhan Peng Hng

    can’t go wrong with their shakes. nutritious and filling. perfect for ppl like me who usually skip breakfast and dying from hunger by noon.

  12. Avatar photo
    Jonathon Sze

    Currently using my 2nd order. I ordered the bulk pack. It kept me full. It’s the right calories I needed. Will keep on having it until I reach my ideal weight.

  13. Avatar photo
    Caiyi zayd Ma

    I felt that the customer service is very responsive and able to accommodate within a short notice. Shake taste great! Very natural and organic! Ingredient profile is good. Need a few days before my body accustomed to the shake. It makes me full for about 3-4hrs. I took days off on weekends but realized that it does not keep me full when I start the cycle on Monday. I believe this has to be taken on a daily basis for optimum results.

  14. Avatar photo
    Jessica Ho

    I tried the low carb version 1, the taste was not too bad, I like the fact that it is from natural ingredients and thus don’t taste artificial like most supplement. It makes a good breakfast before work especially when you are busy. Not sure if is intended, but I have lesser craving for sugar after starting on sustanence. I used to crave for bubble tea very often.
    The only cons for me is just that low carb is much more pricier, and other flavors such as hojicha is not applicable to the low carb option.

    Overall, would still recommend it if anyone looking for healthy meal because is very hard to find highly nutritious food in singapore.

  15. Avatar photo
    C L (CL)

    Im glad to discover Sustenance. It is tasty and healthier meal replacement I could find in the market. Ordering and delivery is quick and easy. The product packaging is simple and clear. I tried the 300cal low carb version, it is great as part of my overall wellbeing journey. Highly recommended to all esp if youre looking for something healthy . Give it a try and incorporate Sustenance in your daily meal/routine , you will feel the difference.

  16. Avatar photo
    Papa El Jefe

    I was very sus about sustyfoods and furthermore , You’ve been spamming my Instagram with your incessant ads , to the point I caved in and bought the 30 meal bulk pack essential original flavor ( I needed to lose weight for the sake of my knees anyway).

    I popped 3 scoops of it with 400ml of milk into your complementary shaker .
    Ok tastes really good to me (original flavor) and it kept me full from 7pm till I woke up the next day .
    Also this whole plant based protein thing means my stomach doesn’t feel weird like I do with whey , also I get my fibre which is good

    Yes I recommend sustyfoods for losing weight

  17. Avatar photo
    Su Li Hue

    Good replacement for lunch to prevent over intake of calories/fats from eating outside. Trying to drink more water, as suggested in order to keep me full longer. The taste is good as well.

  18. Avatar photo
    Gillian Lim

    It tastes nice even when it’s taken hot/ warm. Feels real healthy. Impressed with the different ingredients. Jus started 2 days ago. Going to continue monitoring.
    Will revert with another review again.

  19. Avatar photo
    Crystal Lim

    really great customer support, the chocolate shake is delicious and doesn’t taste powdery or proteiny like other shakes.

  20. Avatar photo
    L Poh

    Fast and reliable delivery, product does exactly what it says. I’ve not had other meal replacements before so I can’t compare but this tasted way better than other horror stories I’ve heard. No reason to try alternatives!

  21. Avatar photo
    Leonard Cheang

    Been on the shake for the last month and using their product as a meal replacement, must say it tastes awesome. Keep up the great customer service & more great tasting shakes!

    Hope to see the Houjicha low carb (large) shakes back in stock soon!

  22. Avatar photo
    Alvina Tan

    The shakes taste great even with water! What i love is the convenience of a simple healthy meal with controlled calories so I can effectively watch my weight. Glad that its simple whole foods, not “fanciful” ingredients that promise weight loss and taste nasty or loaded with preservatives. I feel that this is very effective for my lifestyle, something i can stick to long term and i’m already seeing results after trying 2 trial kits.

  23. Avatar photo
    Lee Shih

    I tried out the samples first. I enjoyed the taste and the flavour. And I found it very effective as part of my weight-loss routine. Importantly, like how it gives me all the nutrition. I now subscribe to the low carb large pack.

  24. Avatar photo
    Foo Su Yee

    I have been looking around for meal shakes for quite a while and am pleasantly surprised that your link appeared on my FB.

    It is what I am looking for…nutrition without the hassle of preparation. I just received my parcel today and am excited to be able to switch to healthier lunches at work.

    Furthermore, I am also very happy to be able to support local brands too.

    Please keep up the good work! Thank you very much.

  25. Avatar photo
    Constantine koh

    I can feel my health is in better shape after consuming for a week! Great Product and service! Keep it up!

  26. Avatar photo
    Lee Bee Leng

    I love your essential meal replacement. They fill me up from dinner to the next morning. The taste suits me fine – not too sweet and not too bland. Saves me time from preparing dinner and yet so nutritious with the superfood. Glad I found Sustenance Meal Replacement for they are the best in the market after trying so many meal replacement. Trust me!

  27. Avatar photo
    Michelle Ang

    The shakes are good! purchased repeatedly. managed to loose some weight when replacing it over the heaviest meal of the day.

  28. Avatar photo
    Udipta Basumatari

    I am glad to have found Sustyfoods. I usually use a pack for dinner and feel full for 4-5 hours, and have a good sleep afterwards.

  29. Avatar photo
    Justin Teo Y. K.

    Just started using so can’t comment on long term use. The powder seems good quality, mixes well and doesn’t taste offensive. Packaging is good, though would have liked more details. Expensive.

  30. Avatar photo
    Woan Hoon Heng

    Waited for awhile before writing this review because I wanted to try it out for at least a week first.

    Very responsive and great service. I think Gautam and his team are really serious about creating good product and services. Kudos to the team!

    In terms of product, I think one must have a realistic expectation on the taste – this is no gourmet meal. For a shake/meal replacement, I think the taste is reasonable. I like the texture, the little “beads” make it fun. I started with milk and 3 scoops of Premium meals, and it was quite filling for me. Replaced with water instead, and I can still “afford” to snack on some nuts to keep to my goal of 500+ calories meal.

    I do feel “cleaner” inside the gut with the shake. I am going to stay on it for a couple weeks more before deciding I want to go on subscription.

  31. Avatar photo
    Denada Permatasari

    Bought the Essential bulk pack, and was impressed with the packaging that tries to keep it eco-friendly by using a cardboard box, thus reducing plastic use as much as possible. That’s a nice and subtle touch that shows the company cares about the environment.

    Background: I tried Soylent a few years back and absolutely loved the taste, however when I ran out I decided to try a local alternative to avoid the expensive shipping fees from the US. This local alternative tasted so nasty and I ended up not consuming altogether 10 medium bags of the powder. Now, I decided to try again with powder complete food, and gave Sustyfoods a go.

    Some of my criticisms: First, the taste is not that great. I think at this point nothing can beat Soylent in terms of taste. Second, I find that using the recommended 175ml of water for 2 scoops makes the drink too thick for my taste, goopy and like a sludge, and when it almost finishes, the last dregs of the drink is hard/slow to flow to my mouth. I have no words whether it’s filling or not, because I’m writing this review as I just finished one meal portion.

    To be fair, the other flavors could be more tasty, and I have yet to try them out. I could also use other bases for the water, or even drink it chilled. Many ways to boost the flavor. I have a gripe against the flavor haha. As of now, due to the flavor, it doesn’t excite me to “eat” the liquid whole food.

    Will leave another review after I tried the other flavors and some time to pass, whether long term this is a good and true replacement of eating conventionally.

  32. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Ezan Ishak

    Extra-Rich Cacao taste so good! A great meal replacement shake for breakfast that makes me full for hours. Will try out other flavours

  33. Avatar photo
    BabyCutie MingEr

    The low carb shake can keep me full for 6 hours. I added hokkaido milk to the shake powder as the milk is not thick. I love açai burst but the bulk pack is out of stock…lol

  34. Avatar photo
    Mirza Mushadat

    This is a very good product for whoever need the important daily food intake. I always drink it as post workout and as my dinner too. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone …

  35. Avatar photo
    Wei Yee Yeoh

    Tastes great. 2-3 scoops and I’m good for 6 hours or more. Just have to drink a lot of water after the intake and will feel full for the day.

  36. Avatar photo
    Zhang Xinwan

    Convenient, tasty, nutritious – the shakes were everything I thought they would be. I can avoid going to fast food restaurants after a late night workout (when most eateries are closed) and instead make myself a shake.

    I’m also planning to replace a few work lunches a week with Sustenance whenever I’m in office because most food around the office is costly and greasy. The shakes are not cheap, but if averaged out, still less costly than the options around my office ($10++).

    A word of caution: make sure you can digest chia seeds, and the other ingredients. My partner is also a customer, but he didn’t know he was allergic (?) or just somehow cannot digest chia seeds. After a few shakes, he got serious abdominal pains. After a few visits to the doctor, he figured out it was constipation. Yeah, not fun. But the ingredients are clearly listed on Sustenance website so the company doesn’t deserve the take the blame for this one. He ended up giving me the extra stash of Sustenance. Just check the ingredients to make sure they’re okay for you before buying!

    Satisfied customer, will buy again! A suggestion – I hope the company could give customers (or customers to-be) free small samples for taste test. I’m considering a different flavour next time to spice things up, but don’t know which to choose, and the sample package is too costly at over $45, iirc! I don’t need a whole meal for each flavour, just a few mouthfuls. I think the company is over-utilizing digital marketing and underutilizing sales by samples strategy. I still see many ads after buying, you’re wasting marketing dollars on me! I understand coming up with new packaging for samples is costly, but I think it’d bring many potential customers through the door.

    I digress. Good product, would recommend!

  37. Avatar photo
    Jin-Ee Kwan

    These shakes have been life-changing! Excellent for folks who are busy or lazy (like me!). No need to think daily “what shall i have for lunch”! No need to queue to buy food! No need to wash cutlery! And the quality of the shakes is far better than that of any meal I could buy for the same price. Also the fact that the shakes are routinely tested for heavy metals is important to me. I am so happy i have found the perfect solution.

  38. Avatar photo
    Nadia Ng-Bech

    Very pleasantly surprised by how pleasant the shakes taste! I was expecting pond water, but to be very honest, it actually taste quite good! nutty and chocolatey! …

  39. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Yaohan Lee

    The shakes certainly taste ok. I would describe it as grainy and nutty taste. Personally I like it. I certainly feel full for up to 3-4 hours. I am a big man and only take 2 scoops of the mix with 700ml of water. I enjoy them.

    The business is run really well and they do take time to understand your feedback and if there were any areas for improvements.

    Shipping was certainly prompt. Items delivered well packed. The package included a personal note, which many businesses today overlook and do away with this personalisation.

    Kudos to Gautam and Sustenance!!!

  40. Avatar photo
    Kai C

    Good taste. This is my second purchase. Always a good meal replacement and providing me with the fibre I need. Sometimes, I will mix a packet of Coffee 3-in-1 with Sustyfood and it tastes awesome.

  41. Avatar photo
    Kah Khek Toh

    Started out trying the starter kit and Hoijicha bundle by replacing 1 of my meal per day. Enjoying it so far and have placed an order for the bulk pack to continue with this.

  42. Avatar photo

    I tried couple of weight loss solutions over the past few months and found Sustenance to be most effective for me and fits well into my meal schedules daily. I basically have 2 eggs and a coffee for breakfast, and instead of eating packed lunch with rice and noodles, I replace it with a pack of Sustenance, convenient and I do not need to venture out of office for food as well. I feel comfortably full until dinner where I would then eat normal 菜饭 or Yong-Tau-Foo at the hawker centre. I find this routine fits me well and I start to feel so much less bloated. My digestion has also improved tremendously, slowly losing weight. This has also helped me to sleep better at night and feel more alert during day time – I believe it could be the ingredients in Sustenance that cause the good effect on my body. This is also not expensive compared to other methods. My advice is to try this meal replacement and pair with exercise for a better result. Just need to find which taste suits you best – My fav is Essential Shakes

  43. Avatar photo
    Abigail Lee

    I love the 24 hour self pick-up option! It is so so convenient. Website is easy to navigate and understand. Price point per meal is reasonable. I ordered the basic meal pack and it is palatable, easy to drink, not too thick or too watery. Keeps you full and gives you a peace of mind knowing all ingredients in there are beneficial to the body.

  44. Avatar photo

    Was looking for a quick meal replacement for my lazy/busy days and it really does the job! Keeps me full for a good 3~4 hours. Adorable and neat packaging with fast delivery. Taste like most shakes which are nutty and grain based with, if I’m not mistaken, chia seeds. Delicious but on certain days I would prefer something with a smoother texture. I can see Sustenance is really motivated to create more variations so I’m looking forward to the new ones too!

  45. Avatar photo
    Vikneswari Selathorai

    It’s quite filling and able to sustain till lunch without any snacking. Great product. Would be nice if there are more flavours

  46. Avatar photo
    Jean Chong

    The shakes were delicious and kept me full for about 4-5 hours. A little costly but it is quality organic food prepared and ready for consumption any time.

  47. Avatar photo
    Fabrice Reynaud

    Natural and exceptionally yummy ! I take it as a meal replacement and I enjoy every shake.

    Tips will be to take it with milk to enhance the taste even more ….

    Thanks for this guys !

  48. Avatar photo
    Ange TAN

    From 2 scoops, changed to 3 scoops with 500ml as to stay full between 12pm tp 530pm.. Product taste is good. Some side effects of flatulence and slight sandy taste in mouth..still monitoring..

  49. Avatar photo
    Andrea Battad

    Love the cocoa flavour! Keeps me full for around 4 hrs. perfect for on the go meals

  50. Avatar photo

    The shakes taste good and come in various formulas to meet different use cases. The delivery service is fast and the prices are fair. 2 Thumbs up!

  51. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Amat

    I find the taste is like nutty similar to sunflower seed which is my preference and the best part is it does not cause any flatulence. It also improved my digestion system.

  52. Avatar photo
    Nazreen Daud

    Easy and quick way to get your nutrients in. Without the need to count calories and prep meals. Love it!

  53. Avatar photo
    Glenn Lim

    Fast delivery and nice tasting food shakes, especially the cacao flavor and after mixing with no sugar soya milk. Made my 2nd purchase recently. Will try to consume them on a more regular basis and see how it does to my body. Great job, team sustenance.

  54. Avatar photo
    Tan Wa

    Awesome meal replacement. and by far, the only sweet meal supplement that goes well with warm water. every sip i take, i can feel i am taking a mouthful of whole food. what i like is the fact they prepared the packs probably within a week before delivering to me – that’s really fresh! Glad i found this in Singapore and don’t need to look for other international brand. I don’t mind paying for premium products especially if it’s beneficial for our well being. Continue to build on this brand perhaps with more product range!

  55. Avatar photo

    The protein shake is tasty and not sweet, which is much better than the typical protein shakes that are usually very sweet.

  56. Avatar photo
    Grace Cong

    The shakes are good meal replacements for those times when you don’t feel like cooking or eating a huge meal. Definitely better with some type of milk instead of water, and I prefer them cold, so I usually use already chilled oat milk and then put it back in the fridge for another 30mins to thicken before drinking. Prefer the Acai Berry flavour but the others are perfectly fine too.

  57. Avatar photo
    Sagefyre Xq (Sagefyre Xq)

    Quick and efficient process from ordering to delivery. Good follow up by Sustyfoods via emails. I bought the Low Carb Dark Chocolate. Taste good! Try pairing it with unsweetened almond milk and the taste is awesome! More importantly, it’s filling – two scoops lasted me about 4 hours. Will definitely recommend and buy again. Thanks!

  58. Avatar photo
    Faizal Alriffat

    Great taste, nutritious and kept me full for about 4 hours. Will recommend this product. Looking forward to trying out their other products.

  59. Avatar photo
    Huiling Eu

    I’ve never been a fan of meal replacement shakes until I tried Sustyfoods’ essential cacao shake. It tastes great and the texture is pleasant – not chalky or cloying, and you can really taste the natural ingredients in the mix. Definitely a great, convenient option for busy days on the go.

  60. Avatar photo
    Ying Jie Chin

    I wasn’t a huge fan of meal shakes, but sustenance changed my mind! I love how nice and clean it tastes and the best part of it I would say that they use organic ingredients at a very affordable price Definitely will continue with sustenance …

  61. Avatar photo
    Stanley Peh

    Who knew that dieting could be that easy, and with Sustyfoods’ meal replacement shakes, sincerely, the perfect solution to a quick and easy meal, not to mention, HEALTHY, is within reach. Yes, it is slightly pricier BUT at the end of the day, it is well worth your money. Do the math yourself and truth be told, it is really NOT THAT expensive, compared to a meal at a fast food joint. I swear to God, that their shakes work wonders, and if you try hard enough to research, you can really mix all sorts of add-ons to make it even more delish for those food pickers.

  62. Avatar photo
    Celina Wong

    Love it! I have currently used Sustenance’s Essential Meal for a month now and I find myself sometimes wanting to have it as my dinner now. It is a bit odd to drink your meals, but it does taste great and so far I feel pretty good. seem to have better energy by having an easier and healthier meal option!

  63. Avatar photo
    Kara Hainge

    Really enjoy the shakes. I bought the low carb original flavour in the regular size. The flavour I really like, it’s not overly sweet but is more like the flavour/sweetness of raspberries or blueberries. They feel natural and healthy rather than some of the artificial products on the market. I use them as meal replacements primarily as I’m not a big fan of making lunch at home. They are certainly filling and I follow the instructions to follow up with water. Will be buying again and would definitely recommend.

  64. Avatar photo
    N Z

    Ordered the starter kit. Have not tried them yet. I didn’t realise the starter kit didn’t come with the shaker bottle! So now if I were to order one, it would be an additional charge for shipping …

  65. Avatar photo
    Audrey Kua

    Delicious shakes that keep me full! Half a shake is great for breakfast and before a workout, as it’s not too filling and I don’t feel so bloating when exercising. It’s also a good option to replace your dinner if you workout at night as it’s very light. It curbs the hunger as well as provides energy for a busy day of work and play!

  66. Avatar photo
    Stuart Cheah

    Great tasting shakes that are super convenient and nutritious. Definitely recommend especially their acai burst flavour! They don’t cost alot too!

  67. Avatar photo
    Alice Siau

    Purchased Sustenance as meal replacement for weight loss purpose. This is by far the best meal replacement I have tried. Great taste, without any artificial sweeterners or synthetic vitamins. All natural plant-based goodness. Website is very imformative, easy navigation for purchase. I bought the Signature meal shakes, used either almomd milk or kefir to mix with content, replacing lunch or dinner with the meal shakes, kept me FULL for a good 4-5 hours. Already seeing my weight dropping gradually and safely! Highly recommend Sustenance products!

  68. Avatar photo

    Used to feel hungry after 2-3 hours after the shake. But after consistently drinking and replacing my meals twice a week for months now my appetite shrunk and can keep me full for 5 hours now. This is for the signature shake. The essential shake is not as grainy and filling. Get the signature shake. I ve lost around 2kg without exercise and 1 dress size easily I’m on my 3rd bag already.

  69. Avatar photo
    Kumaran Mani

    Got the Low Calorie 20X pack. Tastes great with milk about 400-450ml and the sustenance plastic bottle came along free for mixing as well. Ideal for a snack or even a lunch or dinner replacement to keep the calories Low.

  70. Avatar photo
    Mei Ting Oh

    The shake taste non-artificial like what I have previously thought. Hence I have order it as a subscription instead since I will have to go gym on some days. This will be my to go meal when I am in a rush.

  71. Avatar photo
    Kit Gan

    I love the Shakes from Sustenance. So far I have tried the Original, Signature, Cacao and Acai…

    Taste wholesome delicious and importantly Real….
    I remembered trying other brands of Meal Replacement Shakes that taste artificial and made my stomach queesy.

    Sustenance shakes makes me feel full for 3-4 hours… my energy doesn’t feel sluggish after eating too. Thumbs Up!

  72. Avatar photo
    David Cheng

    First of all , the shake taste great and keep me full for about 5-6 hours . I am impressed with Team Sustenance continuous follow up on my progress and ensure I am mixing the shake correctly. Keep up the good work . …

  73. Avatar photo
    Jiahui Cheong

    Their protein shakes are the best I’ve tried. Very smooth, dark and not too sweet.

  74. Avatar photo
    Fiona Lim

    I love having Sustenance shakes. It keeps me full for at least 3 hours. It effectively cut down my snacking habits. Given how I’m always on diet plans i was always hungry, until i found Sustenance. I’ve been drinking Essential Shakes (original and extra cacao) for more than a month now. I started by ordering different flavors to figure out which one tastes the best. If you are trying healthy shakes for the first time, I’ll recommend the Extra Cacao flavor because the cacao taste will ease you into getting used to its texture, which tastes somewhat like an oatmeal drink. My personal favorite is the original flavor, cause it’s less sweet than the cacao flavour and it tastes lighter. Signature shakes’ texture is a bit thicker, for those of you who are used to oat drinks/ meal replacement shakes, this could be your option, cause it offers even higher nutritious value than the essential one, and it has a low carb option. One other good thing about Sustenance is how helpful the team is! Service is definitely top notch!

  75. Avatar photo
    eugene chan

    Excellent product with great after-sales support. Shakes are very tasty and nutritious. No fillers like other commercial products. All natural.

  76. Avatar photo
    KYAWZAW Aung

    Delivery is fast and efficient.
    The shake is easy to mix, tasty and drink.

  77. Avatar photo
    Laily Bong

    Discovered Sustenance less than a month ago but already had my 3rd purchase. Its so convenient and its also affordable when you are caught up with insane workload at home and your only option is delivery. Not to mention its also a much healthier option. Ingredients checked and approved by health-conscious friends, definitely seeing myself a regular customer. Love the friendly and excellent customer service too!

  78. Avatar photo
    Kelisha Tan

    The shakes are tasty n easy to make n dissolve. Hope can have more flavors to try out. Definitely supports local products

  79. Avatar photo
    Andre Chen

    Decent plant shakes at a decent price – $/cal. Taste is ok- earthy/slightly nutty but overwhelms other strong flavours/mixers. Even mango

  80. Avatar photo
    Shirley Chin

    Sustyfoods protein shake is the best protein shake I have ever tried. Thankyou Sustyfoods for the nutritious and delicious products!

  81. Avatar photo

    Love the taste! And such a healthy alternative to fill me up and power through the day! Assured too that I’m consuming wholesome and nutritious ingredients instead of reaching out for convenient processed food. This shake beats any processed food anytime!

  82. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Cheng

    This is the first time I’m trying shake to be honest. I’m drinking the Low carb and I cannot stomach it. I feel like puking after 10 mouths. I can feel my stomach churning. Sorry, it doesn’t suit me. Liquid is too dense and overly nutty. ‍ I just feel miserable if I have to drink this everyday. …

  83. Avatar photo
    W K

    Tried the low carb version. Mixed it with a packet of Glucerna every morning. Tastes good! Oaty taste of Sustenance infused with the vanilla flavored Glucenrna. And it keeps me full for about 3 to 4 hours, depending on my activity level. Good stuff!

  84. Avatar photo
    Melissa Lee

    Love the taste and natural ingredients- feels like food not chemicals. Use it to replace breakfast but doesn’t seem to do much for weight loss.

  85. Avatar photo
    Hong Xi

    Shakes were tasted pretty good, with a bit of sweetness and a bit like oats. Keeps me full for quite a while and big business is smoother than usual

  86. Avatar photo
    Sharyfah Nur Fitriya

    Hi I have tried you low calorie product and its good’ it gives me energy to do my things ” do mix it with banana it taste better! …

  87. Avatar photo

    I am on a journey to vegan, and one of my major challenges is getting enough of my daily protein. I am also lifting more, so I pretty much need to amp up my protein intake. I found Sustenance by chance and decided to give it a go.

    I started on a 10 pack to give it a try, in case I get sick of the taste. No regrets! They taste really good, keeps me full for an average of 6 hours (essential meals). Knowing that I’m getting my daily needs through a clean meal replacement that keeps me satiated is a big win.

    I am a total convert, and have just bought my bundle of 20!

    Well done, Sustenance! You’ve made tasty and clean meals at reasonable prices! #supportlocal

  88. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Lee

    Just ordered last week and give this Sustenance a try and it arrived today in the morning.

    Ordered the Essential Meal Shake + Essential Extra Rich Cacao 5 each (10 packets) and lunch, tried the Essential Meal Shake 300ml Water + Essential Sachet. Taste not bad, love the oat meal taste.

    Will try the other flavor soon and will definitely keep this Sustenance in mind! Looking forward to try the Extra Rich Cacao sachet with 300ml milk. ^_^

  89. Avatar photo

    Most meal replacement options are often filled with extra additives, preservatives, fillers, sugar and etc. Therefore, I was really happy to find out about Sustenance. When you look through the list of ingredients, you will not find any junk in it. I highly recommend Sustenance to anyone who places health as a top priority.

  90. Avatar photo
    Danielle L

    I just opened my first pack of the chocolate protein and I musst say I am impressed. It tastes like a dark chocolate drink with less sugar – not like a protein shake at all. Iced Milo anyone? Furthermore I was impressed with the e-mail with free services I got. Will definitely be testing a few. Great job and am glad to have found a local company with good values for my products

  91. Avatar photo
    Maria Dimitrijevic

    I simply love Sustenance! It became my favorite nutritious meal as it’s effortless compared to healthy cooking. It saves me time to think of micronutrients and calculating nutritional values as It’s hard to find the perfect ratio with cooked food. We use it as lunch after a workout, and it gives me peace of mind when I think I’ve already got important nutrients for the day, which leaves me with more freedom when planning the dinner menu.
    The taste is amazing too. I was skeptical about the taste, before trying it for the first time, trying to visualize all the food it contains, I was thinking “this must taste like dirt”. Surprisingly, it’s so mild and natural in taste, that tastes better than any other protein shake powder or meal replacement. It’s because all of such shakes have some aftertaste that comes from sweeteners, sugars, or lactose (might be a personal experience, but I do have a weird aftertaste after consuming these ingredients). With Sustenance, I don’t have the feeling of consuming anything artificial because the taste is so naturally pleasant.
    I can’t believe I can have a vegan and low-carb meal at the same time, containing more nutrients than anything I can imagine cooking, yet with less of the calories compared to it.
    Another aspect of why they are doing a great job is their outstanding customer support. They are always responsive and extremely helpful and reliable.

  92. Avatar photo
    EM Lam

    Thumbs up for Sustyfoods’ Nutritional Yeast Protein Shake – Rich Dark chocolate flavour. It is really smooth, rich and not too sweet at all, which is how I like it. I will totally recommend this if, like me, you just want clean lean protein that is also delicious. Will definitely order again!

  93. Avatar photo
    Samuel Loke

    It tastes really great and does not turn clumpy!

  94. Avatar photo
    Cindy Chang

    Decided to try Sustenance because I usually don’t have time to have a proper lunch and always end up delaying or skipping my lunch altogether.

    Currently I’m on subscription for their Signature shake, regular meal, standard formula. It keeps me full all the way until dinner time (important for me, so that I don’t need to snack). And the plus point is, calorie count is at 300 for my lunches!

    The taste of the drink is oat-ish and not too thick that you will feel irky at the end of the drink. You can easily mix it with warm water and I have tried with room temperature water, and it works too! sometimes I don’t have time to boil water.

    Cost was also something that I was looking at and I feel it is comparable to a food delivery (with their 20 meal bundle). To get convenience at almost the same price, so why not?

    Giving such a thorough review because these are the information I would seek for before deciding to try something new. So hope the review helps!

  95. Avatar photo
    ZX Soh

    Very tasty, filling & affordable! Now I have a backup plan for lunch break when there’s heavy rain or high temperatures! Support local!!!

  96. Avatar photo
    irvin gatapia

    I tried their 5 essential meal bundle and loved it. Has the right amount of nutrients and specially fiber. Ordered a bundle of 20 just now …

  97. Avatar photo
    Kan Kai Jia

    Awesome-tasting yummy shakes and excellent customer service! Am sticking to this brand for good for my shakes! The shakes keeps me full for at least 5 hours, really impressive and I have less tendency to snack

  98. Avatar photo
    Gowtham raj

    Dark Chocolate Protein Shake is good… It’s creamy, light and has the dark chocolate taste.

    Waiting for more flavours.

  99. Avatar photo
    Mario VDM

    Tasty shakes – neither too ‘dessert’ ish nor bland. Been enjoying these as breakfast alternatives, and as described: no bloat, and satiated up to lunch time. Recommended!

  100. Avatar photo
    Danny Nuku

    It was so good to find a local company providing such healthy meal shakes! My wife and I love them, and I’ve also recommended them to my work colleagues. Thank you Sustenance!

  101. Avatar photo
    AK S

    Just ordered starter pack, started using, I find them good cause not very sweet 😉 and its creamy if you add milk to it. It keeps you full while it fits in pocket in term of budget. I can’t say if i am seeing any results because i just started so would take time but i am going to continue it

  102. Avatar photo
    Rachel Liew

    At first the shakes tasted a bit too “veggie”, which was a big difference from my expectation (because I hate veggies) as I thought it would taste more like Nestum oat drink. But after drinking it, it is actually quite delicious in its own way! Best part is the sweetness is not too much. I hate sweet drinks so this is perfect.

    I got the low carb large meal (450 calories). It was very filling and makes me feel full for several hours! I usually drink it at 11am (I skip breakfast, so I have early lunch) and I will eat dinner at 6pm.

    I think what helped is that instead of mixing with water, I mix it with milk or milk kefir instead. If you drink milk kefir regularly, I recomend using kefir with this shake too!! Milk kefir makes it taste like a delicious yogurt drink. Milk contains sugar (lactose), so I prefer using kefir to reduce my daily sugar intake, while still keeping me full.

    I like to leave my shake for a while before drinking, so that the chia seeds will absorb the water and make the shake thicker, so that there’s more texture when I drink it.

    Instead of ordering unhealthy and expensive Grab food everyday, now I have a more healthy and convenient option everyday!

  103. Avatar photo
    Chia Haw Chin

    Good substitute for weight loss. Taste is good even just on plain water. I like that it is all natural and contains so much nutritions. Will buy again.

  104. Avatar photo
    Des Yeo

    This product is so good!
    I am a working Mum and wife without any helper hence always busy, I am unable to exercise. I wanted to lose weight. When I found about Sustenance, since it is local company I ordered immediately. I lost 10 kg within 3 weeks. I am so happy. I ordered my 2nd batch of 30 servings Low-Carb meal. I still continue to lose weight and plan to achieve my required BMI for a healthier me for my family. Thanks for Sustenance I am able to get fit.

  105. Avatar photo
    Mei Yun C

    Taste good, doesn’t taste sweet. Love that it’s plant based as it doesn’t bloat my tummy. Very nutritious. I usually take it before or after my swim to avoid me from snacking.

  106. Avatar photo
    Aureliu Sindila

    It feels like a great product after less then one week of trial. First impression is highly rated. I will come with a more detailed description after several weeks. Good job guys!

  107. Avatar photo
    Christine Sim

    I found Sustenance on the web and decided to try it. So glad that I did. I now take Sustenance for lunch.

    Surprisingly, Sustenance is both filling and tasty! It can fill up one’s stomach (4-5 hours) and tastes very good in a healthy way. Sustenance is also perfect for people who want to have a healthy lunch or dinner. It has organic, plant-based whole foods with protein, fiber, vitamins and other goodness.

    I highly recommend Sustenance as the most excellent meal replacement. Indeed, it far exceeds one’s expectations. Sustenance is even more commendable considering that this is a local product. Proudly made in Singapore! Kudos to the team behind this creation. Thank you. Way to go!

  108. Avatar photo
    lee sze ping

    Wow!!! Im so impressed at the taste of the shake!! It is delicious and taste real n natural. For a split sec, i was even considering if this can replace all my meals!!!
    At first when i opened the pack, it didmt smell much of choc or anything, just a whole pack full of stuff… Then when i added just water and shake it all up, taste wise it was so good, chocolatey and can taste the chia and other small seed like stuff
    .. no fake sweet or weird taste at all. Highly highly recommend!!!!! Thank you for creating this delicious shake!

  109. Avatar photo
    Anita Nair

    Great experience with this company as a whole. Always prompt in answering my questions, prompt delivery and what’s best is that its LOCALLY MADE. #supportlocal

    The shakes are really yummy and keep me full for a few hours! Big thumbs up!!

  110. Avatar photo
    Melissa Brandner

    I love the shakes! Tried it a few weeks ago for the first time and since then reordered for the third time! I like the chocolate flavored shake as well as the original, both taste very natural, not at all like the usual protein shakes. After integrating it for a few days my cravings for sweets and soft drinks significantly reduced and almost vanished! I generally feel quite full after the shake (drink a lot of water after it for better effect!). And even when I eat my normal meals I feel I’m generally eating a bit less.

  111. Avatar photo
    Yong Lee Ping

    The taste for the essentials is good especially the original! It comes in really handy for my lunch replacement as I have little time for lunch.

  112. Avatar photo
    Max Morris

    I like that the protein powder is not overly sweet or has any strong tastes or after tastes. Nice product.

  113. Avatar photo
    Sheila K

    First time buyer and love all 3 flavours (Original, Cacao and Blueberry), especially Cacao. Can’t wait to try the Houjicha for my next purchase… soon =p

  114. Avatar photo
    JingHeng Sia

    Tasty, pretty digestible and filling (I take 3 scoops per serving). Just what I need as a meal replacement since I have a busy schedule and tend to have irregular meal timings, which is bad for my gastric.

  115. Avatar photo
    Wan Ling Yeo

    The shakes taste just like how they market it – like an oat drink! It’s substantial (really keeps you feeling full for 3-4 hours) and nutty-fragrant, unlike the typical protein shakes that taste like artificially-flavoured water. I also really love the clean ingredients and the value-for-money pricing; got the tester kit and decided to subscribe thereafter because they’re really good in all aspects! I’ve just one thing to nitpick: the Houjicha flavour is pretty muted so it’ll be great if they can amp it up!

  116. Avatar photo
    Wan Rong Chua

    I appreciate the natural taste of the shake, which does not taste artificial. For first-time users, do top up with 300ml of water after the shake, to make it more filling. Over time, you should feel more full with eating less.

  117. Avatar photo
    Jacy Lo

    The experience has been amazing particularly the customer services! The tastes of drinks are impressive too! Have been sub scripted to them after first try

  118. Avatar photo
    Andrei Dorofei

    It’s pretty great so far. Best thing is it takes me <5 min to both prepare & chow down a whole meal, leaves more free time to keep procrastinating things.

  119. Avatar photo
    Tan kah leong

    It goes well with 400ml unsweetened oat milk. It makes my hunger goes away for few houre when I choose not to eat other lovely sinful meal like fried bee hoon for breakfast …

  120. Avatar photo
    jeannie chiang

    Just knowing that quality ingredients are used gives me assurance that I am not putting unnecessary additives/ preservatives into my system. Preparation is totally hassle-free and done in seconds, literally. Loving the base oat-y taste and the different flavors as well. Each sachet keeps me full and satisfied for about 4-5 hours – keeps me from all the unhealthy snacks!

  121. Avatar photo
    Melissa Kwong

    Taste like oatmeal, much better taste with soybean milk, good for weight loss. Very healthy and don’t need to worry about the ingredients, suitable for vegan, and keeps me full for more than 4 hours if I drink enough water.

  122. Avatar photo
    Lok Yau

    Very good product.
    Good for breakfast because you can make it within 10 minutes after you wake up. And you can drink your breakfast when you are walking to MTR station.

    And the product give you a zip bag so that I would carry out a zip bag in my backpack everyday. If I am too hungry in office, I can have a meal easily

  123. Avatar photo
    Juanita Jude

    So far, it’s going great. I do hope to see a cocoa variety in the signature shake. Also, for low carb shake, I hope to see other varieties as well.

  124. Avatar photo
    Michelle Goh

    I’ve been trying meal replacements from various brands. They are either too thick or has too many synthetic ingredients, which make me feel uncomfortable consuming them. Sustyfoods is perfect! No nasties and it is delish! Mix it up with soy milk and you’ll indeed feel full after consumption. Will definitely continue taking sustyfoods as my daily breakfast!

  125. Avatar photo
    Wayne SIOW

    Very Good shakes! Highly recommended as a daily meal replacement

  126. Avatar photo
    Terence Kee

    I tried systenance to reduce my carbo intake during lunch and surprisingly it is filling enough to last till dinner. I didnt not feel tired and had energy to work for the rest of the day. It is easy to drink and has a pleasant flavor with milk or soya bean. I am continuing taking sustenance as a replacement for lunch and saves me time searching and waiting for lunch.

  127. Avatar photo
    Tricia T

    Ordered this because I needed something for a post-wisdom teeth surgery liquid diet. Worked perfectly, and I liked that there’s a little crunch in there which I could handle. Also, tastes delicious and super easy to make (and finish). I found that shaking it with cold water in any bottle works, and I don’t need to bring around a shaker bottle specifically, which is great. I drink Sustenance now when I’m too busy for lunch, or running out of the house and need a breakfast fix quickly.

  128. Avatar photo
    Erfhina Zhang

    I love the original and chocolate flavors very very much! This is so far one of the best shake / meal replacement i’ve ever tried and will definitely come back for. Very good job! Please create more varieties of shake so that we could stay healthy happily.

  129. Avatar photo

    A little pricey. But as with most things, u pay for what you get and I must say. With most meal shakes I always feel they kinda taste weirdly artificial. But if u like grains and nuts. U will like the taste of this. I drink it with oat milk and its quite good. Downside is I get alot of chia seeds stuck in my teeth.. But tt is about it. Hope I can get some sort of discount code mor often so I can sustainably buy this more often!

  130. Avatar photo
    Iris Tan

    Ordered the low carb shakes for weight loss and the first time I made the shake, I was terrified because the shake was green in colour (I’ve never liked my food green in colour). However, the shake taste great. It was able to keep me full for a few hours. Will definitely buy again once my supply runs out.

  131. Avatar photo
    Khairul Rizqi

    I highly recommend Essential Extra-Rich Cacao flavor for those who wants to try to cut down their calorie intake but could not bear not having any sweetness in life. A good answer for those who wants to try healthier intake.

  132. Avatar photo
    monica peh

    Was skeptical at the beginning that it will just taste artificial like any other shakes, hence requested for a free sample to try out. To my pleasure, it was very delicious and yummy. Made a purchase almost immediately to try out more flavors after finishing the sample!

  133. Avatar photo
    Jacqueline Tan

    The meal shakes are very delicious and mixing it with almond milk keeps me full until my next meal. This is an easy, fuss-free and healthy meal. Acai berry and extra rich cacao are my favorites!

  134. Avatar photo
    Carol Sim

    They are delicious. Tried the starter kit. Very useful when I need to take a quick breakfast before class.

  135. Avatar photo
    Janus Yeo

    The meal replacement keep me full for 4-5 hours and is gentle on my digestive system. Great taste too…

  136. Avatar photo
    Edison Pua

    Healthy filling meal replacement shakes with top notch customer support. Happy to have discovered this fantastic product

  137. Avatar photo
    Raj Maiti

    Honestly have been pleasantly surprised with the product. It’s tasty, filling and quick.
    Not entirely sure if this helps in weight management but definitely can be a good substitute for a meal

  138. Avatar photo
    Winnie Koh

    I love the product with milk. It only takes me 5mins to make my breakfast and finish it but keep me full for 4hrs.
    I am a slow eater w weak body as i m not someone who is health conscious.
    But now i am after trying sustenance.

    This meal replacement is a heaven thing for me. To my surprise that meal shake can taste so good. Completed essential shake for a mth.
    Now taking the Signature meal shakes, prefer Signature meal shakes, the chia seeds are also nicely packed separately.
    I have buy it for my family and friends who want to lose weight with lower calorie and nutients that we need. I find the price acceptible too.
    Great for vgetarian as it is plant based. I find it perfect.

    The only thing is packing of 30 servings too big. There is no packaging for just 15servings and comes in 2 pkt for 30 servings.
    I will still continue to recommend my friends who are health conscious or will like weight lose to drink it.

    Thank you Sustenance! Great job! You are great!

  139. Avatar photo
    Jess Ong

    So happy they finally have a bulk edition! Looking forward to having more flavours available in bulk, and if possible, to also sell protein powder container for ease of carrying around 1-2 portions when out and about.

  140. Avatar photo
    Md Amin

    I’ve been using Sustenance for about a month now to replace my lunch. Alongwith a very light breakfast and a simple early dinner, usually salads, I managed to find myself losing 5kg so far without feeling lethargic or repressing any cravings.

  141. Avatar photo
    clara koh

    I have tried the regular Essential Extra Cacao flavour. It goes well with the normal fresh milk and also the nut based milk. The level of sweetness is just right for me. Appreciate the chia seeds, felt great to chew on it.

    I have been taking this for dinner, it has kept me full throughout the night without wanting to binge eat/ looking for supper.

    A recommended meal replacement, for the busy individuals, curious first timers, and also individuals that are considering for weight loss through a discipline diet.

  142. Avatar photo
    Doris Lee

    The shakes tasted really good with oat milk and filled me up for 4-5 hours. Very handy for a quick and easy lunch when I have to rush work and it’s a healthy shake and drink. It’s only been a few weeks and I’m trying to see if I can loose some weight. Seeing some prelim results. Have ordered more of other flavours to try.

  143. Avatar photo
    Sivasankari Suppas

    It’s a very thick drink. But it’s tasty unlike other meal replacements. I replace my dinner with this shake n it keeps me full. The best thing is, u do not feel like snacking. The delivery was pretty fast as well.

  144. Avatar photo
    Tony Koh

    Great tasting meal replacement. Started with 10 packets of 450cal and order another 30 packets today.
    Feel can fill you up for 4 to 5 hours.
    Did I forget to mention Great customers services too.
    Pls support local business.

  145. Avatar photo
    Bao Xiong Ong

    Fast delivery. The shakes taste is not so good with plain water, but its much nicer with flavored milk. The team was also very responsive and kept on suggesting ways to make the shake taste nicer.

  146. Avatar photo
    Sharon Schuelke

    The shakes taste great! I bought the starter pack to try them out and they’re really tasty – nutty flavour, reminds me a bit of oat milk. I mixed them mostly with water and about 50ml of milk of choice. I’m not a breakfast person on weekdays. So these are a great start to the day since they are packed full of nutrients and keep me full until lunchtime.

  147. Avatar photo
    Kohei A. Watanabe

    This is one of the best meal replacement shakes out in the market. All natural ingredients. And it keeps you full for hours! And the taste is excellent. Ordering is easy, and the customer service is perfect. And I am on the recurring monthly plan. No hassle meal replacement!

  148. Avatar photo
    Ray Rhodes

    I recently tried out Sustenance while looking for meal replacement options. I decided to get the starter kit to try out all the flavors. After trying out all the flavors, I concluded that the Extra Rich Cacao flavor tasted the best (for me). The shakes taste healthy and can keep me full for around 4-5 hours. Looking forward to my next purchase.

  149. Avatar photo
    Tee Rexx

    Delivery was quite fast. I got the low carb one. Taste like an organic oat drink without the sugar. But one thing I have to say is that it really can keep you full for 4-5 hours. The drink thickens up if you let it sit, and it becomes like a slimy sort of consistency ( which I love) so depends on you, finish it quickly if you don’t like slimy stuff. Overall, very please with my purchase and can see myself purchasing more in the near future.

  150. Avatar photo
    KC Wong

    I tried the Essential Meal Shakes and I like the taste, especially the Extra Rich Cacao flavour. The shake does keep me feel satiated for at least 4 – 5 hours. I am also impressed with the follow-up service provided by the company to promptly address my query about the missing free shaker bottle which didn’t come with my first order of 10 sachets. I will certainly choose this from now on as my meal replacement and keen to try other flavours.

  151. Avatar photo
    Shahitha Nur

    2nd time ordered. Filling and good as meal replacement

  152. Avatar photo
    Bernice Tay

    Came across this from a recommended of a friend. Been using this as method to replace nutrients given lack of self-care and back at work after maternity leave. The maddness of going back to work and taking care of a child (managing breastfeeding) cause me stress when thinking of what to eat given lack of time This meal replacement shake helps me shorten timing spent and concentrate on keeping some sanity. Terrific find better with wholesome ingredients with nothing hidden!

  153. Avatar photo
    Delonix Tan Wei Jie

    Just got back my yearly full body check up report and I am super pleased with the results!

    I believe it is due to my fasting routine and the consumption of sustenance (essential) for the past 6 months, so I have decided to upgrade to sustenance (standard) for more micro nutrients.

    My upgraded sustenance have finally arrived and I can’t wait to try!

  154. Avatar photo
    Tai Minn Hao

    I tried a lot of meal replacement but none can keep me motivated to use it 5 days at a row. With sustenance premium I can use it everyday for lunch. Been using it for 10 days straight now for lunch and I never feel hungry. It’s really good and nutritious as well.

  155. Avatar photo
    Joshua Poh

    Delivery was fast and efficient! And shakes are one of the better tasting ones compared with other providers. I like their transparency on the ingredients used as well.

  156. Avatar photo
    sharad parmar

    We are trying this out for the first time and find it really good. Dark chocolate taste is good. And there is no powder texture. We recommend it.

  157. Avatar photo
    amanda kok

    Taste yummy especially with oat milk. To make it not so thick, I mix it with oat milk and water and it tastes just right …

  158. Avatar photo
    Ken Choy

    Fabulous shake! Tasty, high in fibre and great substitute for a quick meal.

  159. Avatar photo
    Joanna T

    The flavors are great and it’s my first time doing meal replacements which made me very wary of how badly it could go and I ended up liking the shakes and actually looking forward to drinking them to save time and hopefully lose weight too!

  160. Avatar photo
    Kaitlyn F

    Second purchase after trying out 5 packs for a start. Decided to sign up for a subscription after the first order because these guys do make a delicious meal shake! I love the after taste of oats, nuts coupled with a nice grainy texture. The shakes goes great with cold water, delicious with full cream diary and perfect with nut milks. Yes I have tried mixing Sustenance with all of them . In terms of fullness, I didn’t feel as much fullness as other reviews but it could also be because I did not consume as much fluid after taking the shake since I am using it for dinner after gym, and there’s not alot of hours before bedtime. Overall, thumbs up for a fantastic product.

  161. Avatar photo
    Elsa Ng

    My friend recommended Sustenace to me and I did some research on it as I do not want to spend money on any more meal replacement plans which are actually just chemicals. To my delight, Sustenance seems to be a really wholesome plant-based meal shake which only uses real fruits, seeds, nuts etc. And, together with many good reviews on its products, I decided to place an order for their Signature Meal Shakes (Low Carb) to give it a try. To my surprise it tastes rather good with just water alone and I feel full for the next 3-4h with drinking lots of water after. I also took the advise to use almond milk to re-constitute the dried meal shake into a fuller meal. It does add a nutty flavour to it and actually makes me stay fuller for a longer time. I intend to subscribe it when I am almost done with this order. I am so happy to finally find a healthy meal ‘replacement’!

  162. Avatar photo
    C Yip

    No artificial flavorings! Goes perfectly well with my almond milk. It’s surprisingly actually enjoyable and filling! The first time I am looking forward to having a meal replacement shake!

  163. Avatar photo
    Brenda B

    Great tasting meal replacement shake. Keep me full for about 5 hours. Highly recommended.

  164. Avatar photo
    Sugeetha Jayakumaran

    Have tried other meal replacements before and they always had some sort of weird chemical aftertaste and smell. That wasn’t the case for Sustenance. Taste was natural like an oats drinks. I blended sustenance with fruits as I need a little bit of sweetness. The cacoa flavor was rich. Goes well with bananas. Glad that I found this product. Love that it’s all natural and prevents me from consuming unhealthy junk food. Easy to mix and drink. I’m sure it would taste great with flavored milk like soya or almond if you like a tad bit of sweetness. Otherwise blending it with fruits is great as well. Kept me full for a good 5 hours if I recall.

  165. Avatar photo
    Doreen Kwok

    First time trying the shakes and I must say I’m very impressed. I have just tried it for few days and I can see myself losing some weight. It’s a great meal replacement, keep me full for at least 5 hours. I even notice I start to eat lesser. Taste good as well with fresh milk. Will definitely order again once my supply runs out.

  166. Avatar photo
    Daphne Leong

    This is the third time i am making the bulk order. I like the fresh natural taste of the drink. It keeps me full the whole morning.

  167. Avatar photo
    Theresa Lim

    Super delicious, doesn’t bloat me and what I love about it is that it keeps me FULL for hours! The customer service is also excellent and I feel Sustenance isn’t just a brand that sells great products, it also is really great at sharing information and replying swiftly. I’ve recommended Sustenance to friends and also shared some of my sachets with them – all gave glowing reviews! I’ll definitely be buying again. Thank you for your bringing Sustenance to us! Great job!

  168. Avatar photo
    Hof Zotime

    Have tried many different brands of meal replacement, I would say the taste is one of the best.
    My regular brand is garden of life raw meal but recently i noticed they reduced the fibre content. Looks like its time to switch to sustenance once my current stock runs out. Just ordered my bulk 30 servings of extra rich cacao!!

  169. Avatar photo
    Yisiew Au

    Have been taking the Essential meal shakes for about 4 mths now. Great replacement for on the go breakfast and it keeps me full for couple hours. Have been using it to maintain calorie deficit. Feels healthy and not like other meal replacement filled with sugars and artificial flavours.

  170. Avatar photo
    Yoges Yoges

    Jus started about a week. I’m taking in e morning and last about 4-5 hrs, then will take lunch & dinner. Since, I start taking the replacement meal, having loose bowels & not sure of this meal. Weight looks the same …

  171. Avatar photo
    Dan Soh

    As a private hire driver, Sustenance helps keep me full without the fatal “food coma” of eating meal. Sustenance is also fast, taking only a minute of my busy day to enjoy a full meal. Thanks Sustenance for sustaining me on the go. …

  172. Avatar photo
    Yiwei Lee

    really love this! helps me with bloatedness, pms symptoms, keeps me full, reduced my cravings, and i just love the taste of it and how healthy i feel after taking this!! support local products!!

  173. Avatar photo
    Darwin Wong Wei Tat

    To be honest , the product from sustenance are quite good. High quality standard for the taste and it can last me for few hours .
    And the taste also quite easy going. Great job

  174. Avatar photo
    Gerald Tan

    I have ordered the Chocolate Essential Shake and I have to say it tasted delicious! Though I would prefer if the chia seeds are reduced (because I don’t really like it to start with) but overall, the drink tasted more like a chocolate malt drink than a healthy replacement meal shake.

    The service is impeccable, they reply all my queries via WhatsApp and emails, regardless of how stupid my question may seem. What I would like now is to see the other product lines getting the a Chocolate Flavour so that I can try it out.

    Lastly, I look forward to see more products getting launched soon. Good job, team Sustenance!

  175. Avatar photo
    Caiyi zayd Ma

    I felt that the customer service is very responsive and able to accommodate within a short notice. Shake taste great! Very natural and organic! Ingredient profile is good. Need a few days before my body accustomed to the shake. It makes me full for about 3-4hrs. I took days off on weekends but realized that it does not keep me full when I start the cycle on Monday. I believe this has to be taken on a daily basis for optimum results.

  176. Avatar photo
    Timothy Koh

    Tried this for a month now and have found it to be an excellent meal / post-workout supplement! Tastes pretty good, better served cold in my opinion so I usually leave it in the freezer for 30-45 min before consuming. Planning to continue with my subscription.

  177. Avatar photo
    Hao Han

    I like the essential meal. Make me full for many hours. Will recommend for people that are looking for fulling meal replacement.

  178. Avatar photo
    Maurice S

    Good Company to deal with – interactive. Product I ordered was delivered quickly, packed well and actually tastes great (first time customer). I would highly recommend them and the meal shakes. Great product

  179. Avatar photo
    Paul Seow

    just bought the starter kit a few days ago. I must say that I enjoyed the meal as it is tasty and it keeps me full for at least 4 hours. Exceeded my expectation for such meals. Would definitely recommend it it to my friends

  180. Avatar photo
    Ming zhu Wang

    Great to have so that there is always a healthy nutritious meal option on standby that is easy to prepare. Really really great natural taste which appeal to my tastebuds vs other artificial tasting shakes. I use the shake with zero sugar added soymilk for more satiation. Took about a week for my digestive system to get used to. Customer service is good too!

  181. Avatar photo
    Chua Bobby

    I’ve been putting on weight of late and decided to try a meal replacement programme. Came across a couple of options on Facebook and tried sustyfood. Am quite surprised by the taste of the low carb shake, got an oaty nutty taste and extremely palatable. Love the taste! Ordered more various tastes. LThe only gripe is delivery takes quite awhile, about a week, so if you are like having a continuous daily intake, might suggest ordering when you left with a week supply of previous order.

  182. Avatar photo
    Ivan Ho

    I never expect meal replacement to be nice, but Sustenance essential meal shakes have a natural taste to it which makes it much more palatable. In fact, i do enjoy drinking it. It’s a convenient and healthy way of eating to me when I don’t have the time to take a proper meal.

  183. Avatar photo
    Cenk Celik

    I use Reduced carb low sugar original. It is the only thing I had been looking for. It’s bland in taste (yes, I like tasteless food) but it keeps me full until dinner.

  184. Avatar photo
    A Low

    Good taste – tastes like cereal. If there is one thing to improve on is for the portions to be bigger/more filling. I take the 450 cal one and it doesn’t keep me full for very long. Nonetheless supporting you guys with my recurring purchase so I hope you guys get economies of scale soon and can bring the price down. Good luck.

  185. Avatar photo
    Lin wong

    A big fan of Sustenance ever since I tried their original flavor two months ago as it keeps me full for a good 6-7 hours and it has been a great meal replacement option especially when my hours are pretty erratic. Amazing customer service with follow-up emails and I appreciate the little helpful tips. Keep up the good work, Gautam and Team Sustenance – I look forward to more delicious flavors just like the current ones! 😀

  186. Avatar photo
    adel faith lim

    Love the taste and the quality of the shakes
    I take them whenever i need a night snack before bed.
    So i wish they came in a bottle instead, so i can scoop out whatever amount i want as one packet can last me a few drinks.

  187. Avatar photo
    Nina Catrina

    Went for the Tester Kit and ABSOLUTELY loved the taste! Now to decide which flavour I should be getting…hmmmmm

  188. Avatar photo
    Debbie Wong

    it keep me full for about 4 hours. Yes it taste lime oat milk, but with a heavy nutty flavour to it, esp the hojicha one. I like it! great meal sub when im stuck to the desk and the furthest I can reach is 5 steps away into my kitchen for 5 mins.

  189. Avatar photo
    christobel saw

    Have not tried other flavors but so far the essential shake is filling. it make me full for at least 3 hours. Intend to try out more flavors in next purchase.

  190. Avatar photo
    Chow Kam Moon CKM

    I have received the starter kit last week.
    I have tried all 5 flavors (original, Acai, cacao, Signature and signature with lower carbohdrates). All of them are very tasty and like a delicious oat drink! The cacao flavor is the most impressive!
    I ordered a bulk 30-meal pack of signature (lower carbohydrates) yesterday!
    The meal shakes could be even more healthier if the amount of sugar can be further reduced. Thank you!

  191. Avatar photo
    Cordelia Wang

    This is the best tasting meal replacement! My favorites are the Cocoa-Rich and Acai berry. The only meal replacement that leaves me wanting more.

  192. Avatar photo
    Jiron Tan

    Got my meal shakes about 3 weeks ago. Have only used it as a post workout meal. It’s not very filling for me, but my metabolism is high as an ectomorph, so it’s pretty hard to gauge in a general context. I mix it with Nutrisoy’s non-sugar soy milk, and it tastes good. No complaints at all! Only gripe is, I ordered the 60-meal package and it felt a little troublesome to make sure the package is sealed back properly each time I take my scoops. Otherwise, everything’s great!

  193. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Tan

    The shakes taste awesome and I love the subscription service! I’ve only tried it with water and it is quite filling. Will try with plant milk soon to see if the taste will be enhanced. I would love a subscription service of 30 sachets (instead of the bulk pack) because it is more convenient to bring the sachets to work.

  194. Avatar photo
    grace & favour

    i’ve only good things to say about this; easy to drink, and customer service is amazing. i do bulk purchase and since my last four months ago, vast improvements in the packaging which totally works for me. it’s been a great solution for busy days, so thank you sustenance! you guys are amazing

  195. Avatar photo
    Mei Yee Lim

    I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty the drinks were and for someone who’s very sensitive to anything sweet, I don’t find the drinks sweet and I couldn’t detect any sugar replacement I’m pleased…keep up the wonderful products

  196. Avatar photo
    florence chui

    Frankly speaking I really didn’t expect anything from the shakes coz I tried other Brand before and makes me turn off but I am glad that I give it a shot to order 20 packs and omg I fall in love with the shakes and I have it twice a day! The best part is it’s really makes you full at least 4 hrs and I always looking forward for my next shakes. Some shakes that I tried doesn’t really makes you full and after a while I am hungry but this doesn’t. I totally recommend those who not yet try, do give it a try and will never regret the choice you had make! Keep it up and hope to see more flavours coming in

  197. Avatar photo
    John Ephraim Torres

    Surprisingly good taste and texture especially when you add milk/soy milk! I have tried different products before (huel, own mix, etc), and this is probably the best.

  198. Avatar photo
    Abigail Wong

    Very reasonable pricing and keeps me full for about 6 hours which was surprising to me! Personally, this product is a good fit for individuals looking for a light yet fairly filling dinner.

  199. Avatar photo
    Huiling Eu

    I’ve never been a fan of meal replacement shakes until I tried Sustyfoods’ essential cacao shake. It tastes great and the texture is pleasant – not chalky or cloying, and you can really taste the natural ingredients in the mix. Definitely a great, convenient option for busy days on the go.

  200. Avatar photo
    Fadly Isnin

    Practically its a good substitute for my daily breakfast & lunch. It does make me full for about 4 hours and one great thing about this product it clears your bowel & your body intensively.

    With daily workout & food discipline i managed to lose some 2kg of my weight in 3 wks. I’m not saying by taking this product you will get this kind of result, i cycle twice a wk, running once a wk & having a proper dinner. This is the outcome i get.

    Will order another round for the next incoming months.

  201. Avatar photo
    Kohei A. Watanabe

    This is one of the best meal replacement shakes out in the market. All natural ingredients. And it keeps you full for hours! And the taste is excellent. Ordering is easy, and the customer service is perfect. And I am on the recurring monthly plan. No hassle meal replacement!

  202. Avatar photo
    Bernard Soh

    It is good and convenient for those times when I have early morning meetings and cannot grab breakfast in time or late at night when I need a snack because my sugar level is too low (diabetic). Works as advertised.

  203. Avatar photo
    choo Lee Lee

    The drink suits my taste. Not too sweet and it lasted me about 6 hours. Very convenient to settle a meal without much hassle and great option for vegetarian. Hopefully will have mixture of more favors in a bundle order!

  204. Avatar photo
    Christine Tan

    Nice shakes and it really makes u feel full without any cravings.

  205. Avatar photo
    Mary Ellis

    Delicious shakes which are also filling and nutritious- very convenient using the shaker provided.
    Company places importance on customer satisfaction!

  206. Avatar photo
    Federico Convento

    I use them as a launch meal replacement, they provide all the nutrients that are necessary daily for the body to work well, even the ones that you wouldn’t normally introduce due to a bad cooking regime. Awesome!

  207. Avatar photo
    Deanna Hooi

    Love the acai burst taste! Fruity and refreshing. It feels full after consume and surprisingly it also able to suppress my hunger. Whenever I have hard time thinking what to eat, I’ll take Sustenance and I can continue my work without fuss! Highly recommend!

  208. Avatar photo
    Dennis Li

    Just want to share my experience with Sustenance. I’ve been drinking them for almost a year now.

    Firstly, i would like to commend on their consistency, in terms of quality, and timely delivery of their products. IMO, the shakes tasted really good (assuming you do not mind the “vege” flavour). Recently, they released a couple of new flavours in their product range. In particular, their chendol flavour is really awesome and i would recommend for new buyers to try.

    Been a great experience with this company so far. Hope that they can continue their excellent blend of quality and service for a long run.

  209. Avatar photo
    Nur Dianna

    2 Thumbs up for the fuss free and fast meal shakes! The taste is nice as well.

  210. Avatar photo
    Carol Chia

    Good. I tried drinking it with water but I got hungry about 2 hours later. When I drink it with milk, it kept me full for a longer period. Have not tried it with juice yet. I figure milk will be much better for a fullness feeling. The best tasting one for me is the caeca flavour. I’m a chocolate fan.

  211. Avatar photo
    Geok Yian Goh

    We decided to give these shakes a try after seeing the good reviews. They taste great and are made from high quality plant-based ingredients. Effective and good option for individuals with busy schedules, who may not have time to take proper meals.

  212. Avatar photo
    Rachel Koh

    The shakes are slightly pricier than what you’ll find at other places but it is justified based on the quality of the ingredients and nutrition! It really keeps me full for a few hours!

  213. Avatar photo
    Kervin Koh

    Bought the premium shake as i want a low sugar and filling meal replacement, 4 scoops of the shake last me up to 5 hours without much hunger urge. Great product. Hope they can come out with a meal replacement bar soon as drinking a large serving with 600 ml of water is quite alot.

  214. Avatar photo

    I ordered premium shakes. Enjoyed it for quick breakfasts and it keeps the stomach full for long hours. Tastes like oats and not too sweet which is good (use milk for better taste). Delivery usually takes 2 days and the representative, Mr Leon, keeps in touch; asking for feedbacks and even giving tips.

  215. Avatar photo
    Chi Hong Hwang

    Pleasant tasting – taste somewhat like an avocado shake. Easy to dissolve in a shaker. Able to satisfy the hunger although took a while for my body to learn to adjust to these shakes as a meal. Very easy to order online and the delivery is fast (within days) and packed in recyclable boxes, which is much appreciated.

  216. Avatar photo
    Stella Lin

    The only shake that I could stomach so far and actually feel safe to consume without all the nastys. Delivery is always quick and packaging is pristine everytime. Currently a subscriber and hoping to see weight loss results as advised by the Susty team!

  217. Avatar photo
    Tzetze Fly

    I’ve had several Sustenance shakes now, and they really are lovely and filling. I like the original flavor best so far. The free shaker bottle was much appreciated. Two things I’ve found useful: giving it a very thorough shaking for a minute helps reduce clumps; and drinking at least the same volume of water right after having the shake is great for satiety. I feel good after each shake, with steady energy for several hours after.

  218. Avatar photo
    Zhi Ming Tang

    I feel that the meal shakes are tasty and are filling. Initially I thought that it wouldn’t taste as good as what people reviewed. But when I took it, it really did taste good. Also, it makes me feel full for a few hours too.

  219. Avatar photo
    Cindy Gui

    Tried the signature shakes for busy days when I don’t have time to stop for lunch and can just sip through meetings. Tastes much better than it looks. So far one pack can keep me full for about 2-3 hours but that’s enough to tide me through. Now about to place my second order!

  220. Avatar photo
    Zach Starsky

    Well, I just love it…it’s very delicious, I’ll order again once I finish it. But it didn’t really last for the hours as mentioned. Iszt my intake capacity heavy?? Thanks, appreciated!!

  221. Avatar photo
    Nelson Yiu

    Try Sustenance meal shake around 20 days as lunch. Firstly, the taste is surprised that easy to accept it and I like it.

    And it is worked to replace general lunch set for me and enough 4-5 hours.

    I am trying the Low Carb, no any side effects right now.

    I will keep on 1 month to evaluate the change of my health.

  222. Avatar photo
    Philo T

    Convenient, tasty, healthy, all-natural meal replacement. Keeps me full 3-4 hrs. I usually have it for breakfast a few times a week with milk or oat milk. I’ve tried quite a few flavours and they’re all pretty good. My favourites are Extra Rich Coca and Houjicha.

  223. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tan

    Delivery was prompt. The taste of the shakes were good. The viscosity of the shakes were perfect for me. Some shakes are too “thin”, while others might be too thick. I also enjoy being able to chew on the shakes due to some of the bits. I bought the starter sample pack to try. I like the Cocoa flavor the most, followed by their Original. Will be ordering more.

  224. Avatar photo
    Kelly Tang

    it was satisfying, drinking this shake could last me for 4 to 5 hours till the next month. I can see i am somewhat slimmer now too.

  225. Avatar photo
    dolle tan

    I ordered the Signature shake and taste is good. Took 6 days already and feel full for the morning so I did not take any other breakfast stuff. Hope this works and reduce my weight.

  226. Avatar photo
    Perdana Putra-Pan

    Wonderful customer service (prompt and personable) on top of healthy and yummy products. The shakes keep me full for easily 5 hours.

  227. Avatar photo
    Cherry foo

    I really love the shakes, they tasted good and I would strongly recommend for everyone to give it a try! I hardly write reviews but Sustenance’s meal replacement shakes really deserves the recognition!

  228. Avatar photo
    wendy lim

    I am sticking to these shakes for good, I think. They make fast and tasty gulp-down-in-5-seconds breakfasts, and best of all they are plant-based, which is the diet I am on now. I will try their cocoa next!

  229. Avatar photo
    Dolores Chan

    Very easy to prepare, especially when u are in a hurry. The texture of the shake is rather smooth and not as lumpy as other powdered drinks. It can keep me full for at least 4 hours. Looking forward to more flavours and perhaps some occasional promotion for returning customers.

  230. Avatar photo
    kieran tempest

    Product is great but delivery timeline is too long. Have found with both orders that I have had to buy alternative whilst waiting for goods to arrive. And now have more product than I need which will widen timeline to next order.

  231. Avatar photo
    W M

    Really enjoy the shakes, they are tastey and do the job of filling you for a few hours

  232. Avatar photo
    Sanjay Gujral

    Been using the Sustenance shakes for 3 months now, and am super happy with the taste and outcome.

  233. Avatar photo
    Adrian Toh

    Taste great. I liked the company’s transparency of ingredients used, as well as the natural food constituents. I found it to be as filling as a transitional rice meal. Given the competitive pricing, I’ll definitely order again.

  234. Avatar photo
    Winston Teh

    This VERY BERRY flavour is the best I’ve ever tasted. Easy to use as a replacement meal when you’re busy or just a quick breakfast. Hope to have more flavours in the near future.

  235. Avatar photo
    Ping Lee

    I have been trying a lots of shake due to my busy work schedules. Sustyfoods shake is one of the best. It taste good, filling and you will feel healthier they are make from whole foods and not so sweet.

  236. Avatar photo
    Jen Loong

    Excellent taste, efficient courier, superb customer service (with so many complimentary services), and really great supplement to my work day lunches in the office! Well done team.

  237. Avatar photo
    S K

    Just completed my starter pack and ordered the bundle set. I love these as I do not need to worry about preparing dinner. These are the perfect replacement! Definitely hooked!

  238. Avatar photo
    Lina Monica Ali

    Was looking for liquid meal that don’t taste like desert. This tastes like oats with many possibilities (can add chicken stock, coconut water, ginger powder etc.). Kept full for abt 4hr with no hunger pang after. By replacing one meal each day with this liquid meal, I’m able to shed and keep off 1kg for a month. Gonna keep going to shed and keep off more kg.

  239. Avatar photo
    Fiona Lee

    I’ve been ordering Sustyfoods meal replacement since Dec 2021 on a quarterly bulk pack auto subscription. I mix the Essential Cacao and the Signature Original. The end result is a nutty chocolaty taste that is not overly sweet like other meal replacement shakes, with a delightful crunch from chia seeds. Each shake keeps me full for about 3 hours. Delivery is quite fast, around 2 days after ordering. Easy, convenient and tasty! What’s not to like?

  240. Avatar photo
    Cherlyn Lim

    Have been drinking sustyfoods for about 3 months and loving it! A yummy meal replacement and helpful for my weight loss journey! Leon was also v helpful in giving tips on weight loss, and tips on adjusting what I eat. Highly recommended!

  241. Avatar photo
    Uthayashangari Sivagnanam

    First of all, the regular e-mails sent to check on how we are doing with Sustenance is really making the whole experience a pleasant one.

    Moreover, the shake is indeed tasty and makes me look forward to my meal time. It does keep me full for about 4 hours post-lunch with lots of water intake.

    Overall, it has been a very happy experience and I will definitely come back for the other flavours.

  242. Avatar photo
    Jason Chew

    Everything so far about Sustenance has been excellent.

    1. Delivery of the sample and ordered batch has been fast with responsive communications.
    2. For the actual drink, it taste good. I’ve tried Soylent in the past and would say comparatively, this is better as it tastes more natural. This is likely because of the natural ingredients that bring about a textured consistency and oaty flavour. It also meets expectation in keeping full for about 4 hours with hydration throughout the time.
    3. The regular email communication really shows a high level of customer after service which in my opinion shows genuine interest in how the product is doing.

    FYI, i combine Sustenance with protein shakes and bars to supplement my gym routine, save time during WFH and be diet conscious effectively.

  243. Avatar photo
    Huang Kangni

    I’m a breastfeeding mum looking to shed some extra kilos after giving birth to my baby. I just started the essential shake two weeks ago and have started to see some results already. I would definitely recommend Sustenance shakes! For breastfeeding mums, you might want to load some carbo after drinking the shake to maintain your supply.

  244. Avatar photo

    I ordered sustenance signature meal and have been drinking the shakes for a week now (4x). The meal is supposed to make me full for 4-5 hours but it didn’t. But couldn’t really blame the shake, i am a big eater. Lol! Gladly, their customer support team sent an email and advised us to add fruits (banana or strawberry) so I did and it really helped! Tbh, it’s too early to tell if it’s working but I’d say that I don’t hate drinking it (i added 1 banana). So will continue to drink and hopefully see some visible results after 4 weeks! It’s a must try if you are looking for some meal replacements.

  245. Avatar photo
    John Trew

    Tried these as my busy schedule made grabbing a normal meal difficult & was frankly initially sceptical BUT these meals taste good, are very satisfying & reasonably priced. I will be ordering regularly from now on.

  246. Avatar photo
    Zen Zhuo

    Best natural protein filled shake in the market right now. The after sales service is superb! They follow with with you once in a while to make sure you are doing good. 5 star! …

  247. Avatar photo
    Lincoln Lim

    I’m very pleased with the meal shake especially when they have houjicha flavor. Ever since I’ve that have at home, i do feel not like drinking another kind of houjicha drink elsewhere anymore. And on top of that, the new packaging and formulation can even last me for a longer duration (5 – 6 hours). Best recommended for those who want to have quick meal replacement for during day.

  248. Avatar photo
    Fee M Johari

    Love it! I must say I wasn’t used to having plant based shakes before so the taste was too strong for me at first but gradually I got used to it and I’m never going back to commercial sweet meal replacement shakes anymore. Lovin this!

  249. Avatar photo
    Clara Sophia Lim

    Bought the Nutritional Yeast Protein Shake and it’s the best tasting chocolate protein shake I’ve ever had. Tastes like hot chocolate and causes ZERO bloating especially for my IBS and sensitive gut. My only gripe is that it doesn’t keep me satiated for more than 90 mins so I have to add stuff like Chia seeds or flaxseeds.

  250. Avatar photo
    Sri Nur'aliaa Mohamed Affandi

    Really yummy w oat milk. Would not recommend w water tho… didnt taste good. Will def order more along w more oatmilk! Haha. Kept me full on days when im really busy at work. Great service by Gautam and team. …

  251. Avatar photo
    Conor Cremin

    Very nice shakes, excellent for those on the go, or those who work-out

  252. Avatar photo

    Due to Heighten Alert, we have been working from home for months…

    Due to work requirement, I went back to office recently and was surprised to see how much weight my colleague loss… asked him what happened… he said he tried on this Sustenance diet for three weeks and successfully cut a few kgs… and I can truly see the change in him!

    He shared some of the products with me… the original flavor is a bit plain but nice if mixed with milk… and I have just made an online purchase today… Can’t wait to try for a month and see if I can truly get rid of some fats…. Keeping fingers and toes crossed!

  253. Avatar photo
    adeline ng

    It has been more than 2 weeks taking the shake. I’m amazed how this shake taste, so yummy and it really help me losing some weight. So far successfully losing 2kg with the shake, hope more to come and my gal loves the chocolate protein shake too. Most importantly, it helps to keep me full. Thank you.

  254. Avatar photo
    Karon Ng

    Good meal replacement using plant-based ingredients which are minimally processed. I like how it’s prepared in Singapore too. The customer service is excellent.

  255. Avatar photo
    Gary Li

    Goes well with milk or soy milk. Does not taste as when mixed with water but that’s just a personal preference. Overall after drinking the shake it does feel full, I do not have the hunger feeling. Its good as a meal supplement though. Recommended.

  256. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Chew

    I’ve been taking the Essential shakes and loving them so far! The different flavours are all tasty in a natural way. I especially love Extra Rich Cacao as it’s just like drinking a healthier version of hot chocolate! Whenever I have delayed mealtimes, the shakes come in handy, and they are great at keeping me full for a good few hours. The packaging is a little tricky to handle and prone to accidental spillage. Regardless, their customer service is stellar, which is why I’m gladly willing to repurchase from them.

  257. Avatar photo
    Ah Leung

    good product! quick delivery. great services

  258. Avatar photo
    Alicia Koh

    I went from being an incorrigible night owl to waking up at 5:30am for a new job. Needless to say, preparing and consuming breakfast at this time was not something I looked forward to. Sustenance was a game changer for me. It keeps me going until lunch, which is when the rest of me catches on that it’s meant to be awake. And between the new standing desk and Sustenance, I’ve dropped 3 jean sizes without trying. I’d call that a win!

  259. Avatar photo
    Roy Au

    The protein shake is amazing and it totally changed my experience of other protein shake I have ever had.

  260. Avatar photo
    Lynette Koh

    Great tasting and filling shakes. good follow up service from Guatam as well. I have subscribed to the essential shake bulk pack

  261. Avatar photo
    pauline tan

    I love the Sustyfoods packs, they are the healthiest meal on the go that I can find. You can easily mix the contents with water & shake it. It’s also good as they do not contain milk. I just ordered again and can’t wait to get them. Thank you, Gautam and Leon for the great service!

  262. Avatar photo
    Angie Siok Ting Lim

    Love the 100% food based shake and I like that all of the ingredients are easily understood and there are no chemical processing. Tried the premium shakes and it kept me full for about 5 hours. If the premium range had a bit more flavouring it would be cool. But unflavoured tasted just fine. Goes well with soy milk! Overall, good experience and I would purchase again.

  263. Avatar photo
    Zero Leung

    My 2nd Purchase.
    Fast Delivery and Nice Packing.

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