Review Sushiro Waterway Point, 83 Punggol Central, Singapore

Review Sushiro Waterway Point - Singapore 83 Punggol Central

“I enjoyed my food I wish the partnership with 八天堂 continued bc e gula melaka pudding was rly e best!” or “The Japanese food is decent. Just that you can’t comment any special instructions on the order tablet at the restaurant” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Sushiro Waterway Point. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Sushiro Waterway Point is quality.

Introduction about Sushiro Waterway Point

Here are some fundamental details regarding Sushiro Waterway Point. In terms of Conveyor belt sushi restaurant, it is generally believed that Sushiro Waterway Pointis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 83 Punggol Central, #01-31/32 Waterway Point, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Conveyor belt sushi restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 69706885 (+65 69706885)
  • Website:
  • Address: 83 Punggol Central, #01-31/32 Waterway Point, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11 AM to 10 PM.


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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Sushiro Waterway Point via:

Phone number

You can reach Sushiro Waterway Point at 69706885(+65 69706885). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Sushiro Waterway Point via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 83 Punggol Central, #01-31/32 Waterway Point, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Sushiro Waterway Point reviews

Sushiro Waterway Point is among the best destinations of Conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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“I enjoyed my food I wish the partnership with 八天堂 continued bc e gula melaka pudding was rly e best!”

“Recommend to download Sushiro mobile app to book a timeslot to avoid waiting. Food quality and service is good as always.”

“Good quality. Delicious. Love the smart conveyor belt system.”

“One of the favourite restaurant where my family and I will visit. Decent portion with affordable price.”

“Nice quality sushi at very affordable price with great service too. Feels like Sushiro is very underrated and deserve better recognition as compared to other sushi restaurants. Recommended!”

“Good sushi at affordable pricing. Lots of rotational items for variety”

“Sushi lovers will like this restaurant. Download the app to make advance reservation otherwise you have to join a long queue especially during peak hours.”

“the service crew told us , dinning time is limited 60 mins.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 144 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 70% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Sushiro Waterway Point, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Sushiro Waterway Point, 83 Punggol Central, Singapore

There is a total 144 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Terence Tay

    Nice food. Reasonable pricing

  2. Avatar photo
    D W

    Kaiten fresh sushi serving freshly made after place orders through ipad.

  3. Avatar photo
    Trina Teo

    Sushi lovers will like this restaurant. Download the app to make advance reservation otherwise you have to join a long queue especially during peak hours.

  4. Avatar photo
    Trevor Yap

    Tasty sushi. Pricey

  5. Avatar photo
    Daryl Lim

    Love it!

  6. Avatar photo
    rusern cheok

    Service is much better than Sushi Express. Quality also better. Layout and system just like in Japan. No charge for towel or water. Of course more pricey but generally the items are more authentic than Sushi Express (which has a lot of junk on the belt). Wish the prices are not 1.5x of Japan prices….

    A bit less messy than Genki I feel….

    However, for some of the items e.g. salmon sushi, the fish sizes are a bit pathetic….

    Still, good to have around. Business wasn’t so good on a weekday lunch hope they can survive

  7. Avatar photo
    Lim Zi En

    Excellent service. There was a store-wide technical glitch in the ordering system when we were there, hence we couldn’t order some stuff that we wanted. The staff insisted on waiving a few dishes to make up for the glitch, which was pleasantly unexpected

  8. Avatar photo
    Cherie Lim

    Great place for Japanese food. Fresh, a good variety of different raw and cooked sushi with interesting limited time items and really cute merchandise to collect with the loyalty program. You order your food and drinks all through the tablet and it gets served through the conveyor belt. Great fun for kids. Warning – long queues during meal times!

  9. Avatar photo
    Dylan Ong

    Nice ambience and cosy. Good Nigiri sushi served.

  10. Avatar photo
    Tan Xue Wen

    I love the quiet ambiance for this branch. Compared to other branch this one has lesser people, probably due to the location and the steep sushi competitions within waterway point. This is my go to place for sushi quick fix, great sushi at a great price

  11. Avatar photo

    I enjoyed my food
    I wish the partnership with 八天堂 continued bc e gula melaka pudding was rly e best!

  12. Avatar photo
    KM Chia

    Good experience for a taste of Japanese, especially with all traveling at a halt. Suitable for a fun dining experience with so much sensory to occupy us.

  13. Avatar photo
    Ming zhu Wang

    Could do with better quality control. Seaweed in gunkan and hand rolls were not fresh resulting in the whole sushi being tough and difficult to eat ‍️ some sushi slices are poorly cut. Will recommend going to their first branch at Tiong Bahru Plaza which always churns out good quality sushi! …

  14. Avatar photo
    Isaac 976

    I really love their kaiten sushi and I’ve been to their Japan branch. This is definitely way better than sushi express or genki sushi. Pay for quality. Ramen is just edible but I would just eat their Nigiri.. no frills and tasty.

    Don’t expect a whole load of variety like other chains but It’s good enough.

    My current gripe with them is the don’t allow family to even sit close-by which is ridiculous. But I understand. Your management stand. I have seen family complaining about this.

  15. Avatar photo
    Baby Xiaocia

    Best quality and variety of sushi . My favorite sushi place .

  16. Avatar photo
    David Tan

    Food is good! I’m new to the restaurant and the service staff was patient in explaining the process. I still find it amusing that children’s crockery and cutlery are served via the conveyer belt.

    I enjoyed especially freshly-made gunkan, albeit being a hit or miss affair. I also think the ramen deserved a mention, given that it was not the usual mild tasting miso base and the lesser quantity allowed us to also try other dishes. I also think the otoro was better than what you can get in sg usually. It was in fact closer to chutoro in Japan (I’m no expert), but I’m not complaining. Salmon belly was also consistent with the cut found more commonly in Japan, but I actually prefer how fatty sg versions are.

  17. Avatar photo
    Fifty Million

    Walked in during off peak hour, first impression service staff was friendly. However the restaurant is under manpower in their industry. After the meal, it took a while for the staff to come over to check the plates amount. Only one staff settled everything from bringing customers and double up as cashier, am sure that staff is required to do more roles like cleaning up the messy tables and prepare it for the next customers to sit in comfortably. Is not easy, never. Let’s be gracious and patient.

  18. Avatar photo
    Sean Ang

    Service staff were extremely polite and professional. Food was fresh and of sufficient standard and quality, especially when ordering from the menu. Spent ~$60 for 2pax.

  19. Avatar photo

    the service crew told us , dinning time is limited 60 mins.

  20. Avatar photo
    Britney Khu

    Been to Sushiro many times when it comes to Japanese cravings, especially waterway point outlet because is the nearest in the north east area. I would definitely prefer Sushiro comparing to ‘sushi express’ or ‘genki sushi’. The outlook is much more characteristic, overtake their freshness of the sashimi, a must have when you happen to visit there. Their macha ice cream is surprisingly good! Booked your reservation in their app to avoid long wait of dining in.

  21. Avatar photo
    Pauline Uchida

    Sushiro standard dropped, the first time I had their sushi not too bad, went again after a few months it’s not the same, fish slice gets thinner not that tasty anymore service is soso now worth the price will not eat here again …

  22. Avatar photo
    A C

    Good quality, love the premium eels and the freshly cooked squid and tempura.

  23. Avatar photo
    Run Xue

    Great value and quality sushi

  24. Avatar photo
    Lauren Petrichor. Y.

    Good quality. Delicious. Love the smart conveyor belt system.

  25. Avatar photo
    Connie Quek

    Varieties of Sushi and dessert. Staff were courteous. Good service

  26. Avatar photo
    fukushima azlan

    Super hygiene place, top quality without worry.

  27. Avatar photo
    Meg L

    Great as always. Wait was about 10 mins? But ok overall.

  28. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Loh

    Nice place to get my sushi fix.

  29. Avatar photo
    Selwyn Joseph

    Nothing fantastic. Genki sushi is much better. Even sushi express is better too.

  30. Avatar photo
    Jack HUANG

    The sushi has a certain quality, but the portion is smaller than Tiong Bahru’s. The tuna belly is not as good as Tiong Bahru’s.
    The miso soup and uni disappointed me.

  31. Avatar photo
    Matthew Lee

    Queue was really long for a weekend dinner. There were like 30+ people in front of me in the queue and I waited for an hour to get a table.
    Have to say it is a no frills place where you just simply order from the device on the table and the food gets delivered on the carousell. Prices are pretty reasonable and food was relatively okay.
    Standard of food was average and nothing to complain you get what you pay for. The only thing I found was that the menu wasnt really that appealing for me, you just get the same fish on the rice and then you get different permutations of what’s on the fish. Would be better with more variety of sides as well.

  32. Avatar photo

    Normal Japanese sushi. Good customer service
    Neutral rating.

  33. Avatar photo

    Recommended to make reservations.

  34. Avatar photo
    Tom Liu

    Ate on CNY eve and the food was really bad.
    – Conveyer belts of some sushi with the fish knocked off the rice
    – Some sushi plates with a random prawn head by the side of the plate
    – Fish roe was sour
    – Broiled Mackerel placed on a silver plate instead of a red one

    I pointed the last one out to the staff and also mentioned that I already ate one plate while showing them another broiled mackerel on a silver plate. They said they’d get back to me and tell their manager but after 10 minutes nothing happened.

    Didn’t pester them about it again since it was a $0.60 difference in price and there was no proof that the silver plate I ate was the broiled mackerel, but I expected them to get back to me like they said.

    Usually this outlet is okay, but yesterday was really quite a bad experience. I did enjoy the Hokkaido melon catalana though.

  35. Avatar photo
    Noridza Priya Kaur

    Fresh sushi and service is great! Nice and easy ambience. And affordable

  36. Avatar photo
    Miss Wu

    New products recently! !

  37. Avatar photo

    Food quality is not as good as compared to the bedok mall outlet. The ramen broth doesn’t taste good and chicken broth ramen has that very strong raw poultry taste on two occasions that I went. Sashimi doesn’t have much fats in them and tasted very lean. Would prefer Genki’s sashimi. Sweet potato Tempura was also a tad too salty.

  38. Avatar photo
    Jerald Lim

    Sushiro was great when it first opened in Singapore, but now this Waterway Point branch is rather average. The rice sticks to the plate rather than the fish, and side dishes are more limited.

  39. Avatar photo

    People queuing BEHIND us were going in before us. When we approach the counter staff she brush us off. Bad attitude. Long waiting time. Don’t go please.

  40. Avatar photo
    Desmond Tan

    Sushi is fresh and affordable

  41. Avatar photo
    Alex Wong

    Cheap shushi fix, food was better compared to other express shushi place. Limited choice though.

  42. Avatar photo
    Wee Siong Lim

    Quality is not good , worse than sushi express

  43. Avatar photo
    Kieane David De Silva

    Good food and staff

  44. Avatar photo
    Raegan Giam

    Best staff ever they are so kind and friendly would come back agn for more good sushi

  45. Avatar photo
    Town Wan Chiam (Philip)

    One of the famous Sushi Chian in Japan which provide good quality sashimi and fresh too.

  46. Avatar photo
    Ah Hong

    The ingredients are acceptable, and there is free warm water. I feel that there is a lack of special dishes, and there is a shortage of manpower. The store uses a lot of self-service equipment, automatic conveyor belts, self-service payment, and self-service ordering. Staff use automatic scanning network disk machines, and do not need to calculate one by one.

  47. Avatar photo

    11/6/2021 The first Sushiro since moving to Singapore. As for the quality, it’s so-so. I’m from Hokkaido, so I didn’t expect it from the beginning. . . .
    Customer service

  48. Avatar photo
    David Montojo

    Sushi selections are limited but all of them are very good and delicious.

  49. Avatar photo

    Feels like we are dining in Japan! I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve returned to this restaurant.

    I particularly like the phone app for reserving a table! I hope more restaurants do this.

    Sushiro has a wider variety as compared to other sushi place in Waterway Point. Out of the many times I’ve visited, there was only once the food wasn’t up to standard (fish served ice cold, cooked meat served cold and hard), but it’s been good so far.

    I like that there’s regular update in seasonal menu, but they do run out pretty quick.

    Here’s some items I recommend:

    -Marinated Sardine Nigiri
    -Roasted Pork with Green Onions Nigiri
    -Scallops ‘Large Serving’ Nigiri
    -(forgot actual name) Dry Noodles with Whitebait/Shirasu and Lemon.

    I will definitely return and I highly recommend this place to anyone who loves sushi and misses Japan.

  50. Avatar photo
    Stephen Tay

    The sushi they serve are very fresh which I like about Sushiro. The food are served by conveyor system and are very efficient. It will be delivered to where you are seated. Orders are done by using their tablet with limited human interaction. Place is hygienic and I would say hi-tech.

  51. Avatar photo
    Dylan YU

    It’s a decent Japanese sushi restaurant. Their food quality is quite okay and sashimi fish meat is quite fresh. Their price is also reasonable compared to other similar kinds of restaurants, a bit more expensive than Sushi Express but cheaper than Genki Sushi, so overall speaking it’s affordable. Don’t mind coming back again especially when there are long queues with other restaurants.

  52. Avatar photo
    Lesnar Chen

    One of our favourite Japanese store has came to Waterway Point! Sushi definitely triumph over Sushi Express and I felt it’s better than Genki.
    There’s always queue, so do book online.
    Reminder: always check in with the counter once u arrive.

  53. Avatar photo
    Joanna Seow

    This place not so good I looking for salmon sushi rice
    Service is ok good

  54. Avatar photo
    linda tseng

    Nice place and nice food

  55. Avatar photo
    Riley R

    Overpriced, low standard food

    Visited on a weekend because there were rave reviews of Sushiro claiming that it’s better than Genki.

    Left sorely disappointed by the food. The sushi rice tasted cheap and flavourless. The quality and taste of the sushi does not surpass or even match those sold in supermarkets. Not worth the price we are paying for.

  56. Avatar photo
    Fifty Million

    Walked in during off peak hour, first impression service staff was friendly. However the restaurant is under manpower in their industry. After the meal, it took a while for the staff to come over to check the plates amount. Only one staff settled everything from bringing customers and double up as cashier, am sure that staff is required to do more roles like cleaning up the messy tables and prepare it for the next customers to sit in comfortably. Is not easy, never. Let’s be gracious and patient.

  57. Avatar photo
    Ian Loke

    Excellent sushi as always. They are known for their tuna sushi. Highly recommended if you are a sushi and sashimi lover. Probably the best sushi train restaurant in Singapore. It is a pity that all you can drink station is not open due to COVID-19. Sadly, hot green tea is not an option either as it is not served due to COVID-19.

  58. Avatar photo
    Alfred Loo

    There were many variations using the same base ingredients. A wide variety of desserts for your sweet tooth.

  59. Avatar photo

    Good to visit during weekdays lunch or dinner to avoid the super long queue. The concept is similar to Genki which delivers ur orders (up to 4 a time) to your table by a belt tray. There’s some interesting items on menu (e.g beef ball gunkan or chicken meat gunkan) which is pretty novel. The tamago is yummy. The cuts of fish meat on sushi is reasonable for the 2.20 plates. But the pork belly sushi is a little weird. It’s like a Chinese 水煮白肉 or boiled pork belly on a sushi rice ball without any sauce to ease the fats on the chunky pork.

    The soft serve (now at promo of 1.50) is delicious and a good deal. Though the speedy ride on the tray to our table made it look like slush rather than the pointy and smart sundae in the promotional pic.

    The black plate Uni sushi (sea urchin) is bad. The sea urchin is bitter and smelly, we regretted ordering it as we lost our appetite after it.

    We were however impressed by the payment systems in place where the service crew would scan the plates for efficient billing. Though the efficient self-checkout using a machine to pay using cards feels a little impersonal as compared to traditional Japanese restaurants.

    In overall, we are grateful the Service crew is attentive and refills the cold water regularly.

  60. Avatar photo
    Mr Pancakes

    Delicious sushi

  61. Avatar photo
    Leanne Wang

    Never in my life thought I’d have to give this review since Im such a huge sushiro fan.

    Unfortunately this meal is a HUGE disappointment.

    Portion, quality and freshness have gone down drastically, eg:

    – Uni was stinky and much smaller portion than when I had it at orchard
    – Swordfish was cut so terribly I had to do a double-take as it almost looks like it was manhandled!?
    – Crab Kani Mayo gunkan had minimal crab and the meat looked yellow

    Ended up only enjoying the fried stuff and chawanmushi, which should be concerning for a sushi restaurant

  62. Avatar photo

    The food is very good but the service and food are very very very slow…

  63. Avatar photo
    Keith Tien

    4 star given because was served with uncooked karaage. But they changed with no excuses though. Service is good. Can drink also, but a bit expensive .

  64. Avatar photo

    The cooked food like tempura etc comes up hot and fresh. A bit disappointed with their salmon though as it doesn’t feel up to par with their cooked items

  65. Avatar photo
    David Chee

    Didn’t really bother to take nice pics because the food was really below average. The only nice item was the chicken karrage. The sushi rice broke apart too easily and the uni was very fishy. Probably why there wasn’t any queue on a weekend during dinner time.

  66. Avatar photo
    andrea sng

    great sushi at slightly higher prices but it’s so worth it !!! it might be hard to find since t’s tucked away in a small corner of waterway point. look for So Pho and follow that small corridor and you’ll see it!! 10/10 would go again )

  67. Avatar photo
    Gene Bautista

    Good place to try out sushi. Would come back on this place.

  68. Avatar photo
    Siew Wei Yeoh

    What a gem found in Punggol! Really great quality and fresh sushi at a really affordable price. Be sure to try out their opening specials! Excellent salmon and tuna sushi! It’s really good! Close to Japan’s taste. Sushi is fresh although on the pricey side but worth your money.
    Starting from $2.20, $3.20, $4.8

  69. Avatar photo

    Everything was great.
    But the uni was not fresh and has funky smell. Defintely won’t order it again. Also the mango shaved ice I had at suntec the portion was much more.

    Would defintely not come back to this outlet at punggol. Would rather visit the one at suntec.

  70. Avatar photo
    Edmund Wee

    Nothing is worse than a combination of empty tables and long queues. Severe lack of system for sitting the waiting diners. When someone finally handles the queue, they sit the 3 or more customers and completely neglect the 2 pax counter customers in queue with an entire row of counter tops available.

    Its mainly conveyor belt system but no staff to handle waiting customers consistently.

    Looks like they are massively understaffed as well.

    Get your system right

    No such issues at Lido.

  71. Avatar photo
    Ching Lim

    Nice and fresh sushi there!!!

  72. Avatar photo
    Zero in

    Wasn’t expecting them to have their outlet in Punggol which those who understands sushi quality from Japan are lining up and making it hard to casually dine in without waiting for long. Great dining place for family and friends or even alone. Especially if you have children since their menu has ramen, french fries and desserts, all kids loving menu. Reasonable and good in quality. Advise is to use their reservation app to book in advance.

  73. Avatar photo
    hc tan

    They have a system which forbid you to order if their kitchen is busy. Dont really have time for such thing

  74. Avatar photo
    Tzwu M

    Ramen was ok but the tempura I had was not good as the batter was thick & mushy.

  75. Avatar photo
    Brandon Wong

    Quality is good although price wise it cost from 2.20-3.20 a plate, somehow eat till $60+ for 2 people

  76. Avatar photo
    John Leong

    Famous sushi chain from Japan that has made its way to Singapore. Fresh cuts at reasonable price.

    Edit 27 Nov: asked for ponzu by was given soya instead. When informed, the service staff insisted it was correct.

  77. Avatar photo
    paulin phang

    Not much variety. But sushi is good !
    Love the soft shell crab sushi (photo).
    Everything is self service. ( Example getting water , refill tea. ) Need to separate the plate color and scan the bill card by urself.
    So wasn’t expecting to pay service charge.. BUT. …. When I got the bill . Need service charge. Hahaha. Why?

  78. Avatar photo

    I believe in fair queuing and if anyone misses the number, they shldn’t be allowed to get a seat instantly. Unfortunately, while waiting for an hour for a seat, I saw on numerous occasions, people did that. If that’s the case and everyone starts doing that, what’s the purpose of a queue? When I verified with the staff, she said yes they do that and if I have a problem, I can bring it up with the management. I frequent Sushiro at Orchard and I can tell you that the service is definitely more efficient there. Therefore, this will definitely be my last time visiting this outlet. Sadly, there’s no more consistency.

  79. Avatar photo
    siyong wang

    the food is pretty awesome, and the taste is much better than our usual casual Japanese diner. it is pretty much authentically Japanese, as even the translation is what you might expect when you are in Japan. the price is very reasonable. Will definitely recommend this place and will come back for more for this wonderful sushi.

  80. Avatar photo
    Darrick Chan

    Firstly, the food:
    Sushiro serves very affordable sushi at $2.20 for most of their plates. This includes your normal sushi plus a few other interesting dishes. Some of my favourites being the pork with spring onion, mentaiko (limited time special! shd make it permanent tho), freshly fried tempura and crab cream croquette. The fact that some of these are only priced at 2.20 is quite impressive to me. However, i have noticed recently that the sushi rice is less sticky and can fall apart at times, so there is still room for improvement.

    Next, the service:
    The food is served promptly by the “train” system like other sushi chains. However, i appreciate that the tempura and croquettes (fried items) are freshly fried to ensure max yumminess. The staff are friendly and quick to assist as well.

    Overall, i really enjoy visiting sushiro. They even have a reward system which allows regular customers to receive cute sushiro merch! However, if you are planning to visit, take note that the queueing times can be quite lengthy during peak hours so you should expect a wait or make a reservation using the sushiro app.

  81. Avatar photo
    Gerald Koh

    Came on a weekday evening, and it was quite packed. Highly recommend to make reservation online (because why not) especially since the mall can be pretty packed.

    Items are priced pretty affordable, starting from $2.20 per plate. Service was attentive Generally, nothing to rave about, or complain.
    A typical conveyor belt sushi chain.

  82. Avatar photo
    Jessica Ng

    The sushi here is not that fantastic, but they do have their forte – tuna and yellow tail and at a very friendly price! I remember I was just spamming the tuna belly nigiri sushi at their Japan and Taipei branches.

  83. Avatar photo
    JJ L

    Sushiro is a great joint if you’re hankering for some proper sushi. Though I’ve only just learned the rice are machine moulded the toppings tend to taste really good. I would say compared to Genki, they excel in the raw fish and desserts department. The cooked food sushi, not so much.

    Sometimes their chef mess up and send out sushi with underwhelming toppings. This is easily rectified by calling the staff.

    I do wish it wasn’t so expensive so i could eat there more regularly

  84. Avatar photo
    Kia Yi Ng

    Food was great and good for the value too. Waitstaff were attentive and helpful even though the place was busy.

  85. Avatar photo
    Joanna Fan

    Very authentic and delicious Japanese sushi.

  86. Avatar photo
    David Chee

    Didn’t really bother to take nice pics because the food was really below average. The only nice item was the chicken karrage. The sushi rice broke apart too easily and the uni was very fishy. Probably why there wasn’t any queue on a weekend during dinner time.

  87. Avatar photo

    Seasonal item Kamatoro is tough to chew due to it having veins inside. Very disappointed with it as it did not meet expectation.

  88. Avatar photo
    Joseph Mathews

    Really affordable sushi at sushiro

    For only $2.20++ for a red plate sushi, I’d highly recommend the maguro, Chashu sushi, salmon nigiri. The yukkae gunkan is good too.

    Other good items to try is the karaage that tastes just like how one would make it home. Really crispy, handmade, comes out piping hot.

  89. Avatar photo
    Brayden Foong


  90. Avatar photo
    Steven Tan

    Tempura served without tentsuyu and horse radish. Not quite something expected in an authentic Japanese restaurant:-(

  91. Avatar photo
    Esther Tong

    Great variety of sushi, reasonably priced. But will have a long queue during weekend and dinner time.

  92. Avatar photo
    David Quek

    Good sushi. Pricy but worthwhile

  93. Avatar photo
    javier ang

    not bad but portion abit to less

  94. Avatar photo
    avater co

    I live the overall dinning experience ,however the place is a bit noisy

  95. Avatar photo
    Estelle Sim

    Spacious. Service staff are friendly and proactive

  96. Avatar photo

    Good sushi at affordable pricing. Lots of rotational items for variety

  97. Avatar photo
    Shufen Ong

    Food is really good and fresh. I’ve been frequenting sushiro for a while now. However this Feb noticed that you are getting very short of staff. Only two staff on shift on a busy lunch hour and they obviously couldn’t cope. There were many empty tables.. more than half the restaurant, yet the waiting queue was long (waited 30 mins) because they don’t have the capacity to clean the tables in time. Please do something about your manpower issue.

  98. Avatar photo
    Wong Wei Ling

    i only patronize this outlet coz it’s in my neighbourhood hence convenient.. have been trying at different outlets and honestly this branch ranks the bottom… food isn’t as fresh, portion is smaller than other outlets’… only come here for a quick sushi fix..

  99. Avatar photo
    Esther Tong

    Always been a fan of Sushiro. The Queue will be long during weekend, however if you go on a weekday or lunch time, it’s quite fast. Great variety of sushi.

  100. Avatar photo
    Bunny O

    The Japanese food is decent. Just that you can’t comment any special instructions on the order tablet at the restaurant

  101. Avatar photo
    Pancy Siam

    Nice yummy shushis. A treat from my son

  102. Avatar photo
    Perry Ng Woon Howe

    My daughter loves it here. Enough said.

  103. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Nummelin

    Decent sushi for decent price !

  104. Avatar photo
    Anthony Koh

    Food quality was great and reasonable prices. Kids love it

  105. Avatar photo

    I love it️Easy to use app on the phone to make a reservation.

  106. Avatar photo

    Liked the variety offered. Service was decent.

  107. Avatar photo
    Celine Chua

    One of the favourite restaurant where my family and I will visit. Decent portion with affordable price.

  108. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Fu

    Reason for the 2 stars is primarily on the outdated / poor booking system even though I do enjoy their food.

    Estinated waiting time is no where near close to actual waiting time. Do expect to at least triple or quadruple it at least.

    Have been subjected to waiting for more then 45 mins after an app booking + check in only to experience walk in customers check in and get a seat in 5 – 7 mins.

  109. Avatar photo
    Arcturus Elyssa

    Don’t feel that there’s enough variety of food here, of course the common sushis will be available but that’s about it. Dessert isn’t too good too.

  110. Avatar photo
    Jerome Giam

    Lovely spread of affordable and fresh sushi. The seasonal items are a must try as they change quite frequently and are really good each time. Worth every penny.

  111. Avatar photo
    Wai Keat Chong

    The salmon sashimi was too thinly cut. But the rest of the food was ok.

  112. Avatar photo
    Lance Soon

    Love the otoro sushi here. Good sushi selection. The app allows you to get a queue ticket for table before you arrive.

  113. Avatar photo
    Mer Koh

    Good range of sushi…cannot find handroll

  114. Avatar photo
    Jason Chen

    Very spacious.

  115. Avatar photo
    Gordon Koh

    Serves quite tasty food quickly . Service is good and environment is clean.

  116. Avatar photo
    Penny Chia

    Friendly staff, consistent quality.
    The quality of food almost similar to Japan standards. I would say this is the best branch they have in Singapore.

  117. Avatar photo
    Mongs Sim

    Enjoyed my second experience at Sushiro, this time the waterway point outlet. Quality’s just as good as the wheelock outlet. Simply impressed by the quality and value pricing. Sushi ingredients whether it’s sashimi or tamago are fresh and has good flavors. My favorites are still monk fish liver, tuna spring onion roll, tamago, and sardine. The seasonal dessert matcha catalana was impressive … finished too quickly to be able to take a photo. Will definitely visit again!

  118. Avatar photo

    Nice quality sushi at very affordable price with great service too. Feels like Sushiro is very underrated and deserve better recognition as compared to other sushi restaurants. Recommended!

  119. Avatar photo
    Ben Ang

    Fresh sushi, great alternative from genki

  120. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Fong

    Amazingly Fresh Sashimi! At really affordable price that doesn’t bust a hole in your wallet! My new go-to for sashimi and sushi!

  121. Avatar photo
    Chao Xu

    Beef noodle taste classic, special pork fillet taste good, fried chicken fillet is very juicy.

  122. Avatar photo
    Henry G

    Recommend to download Sushiro mobile app to book a timeslot to avoid waiting. Food quality and service is good as always.

  123. Avatar photo
    Andrew Hidayat

    Lots of ding-dong sound when sitting nearby kitchen, but I just treated it as another kind of music …

  124. Avatar photo
    Ebi Tan

    Nice sushi love the surf clam

  125. Avatar photo
    Chris Teo

    Fantastic, thought slightly on the expensive side.

  126. Avatar photo
    Tango Tang

    Prepare to queue . Many empty tables but lack of staff . Food is ok but personally felt better than some other belt sushi restaurant. Can order free flow drinks.

  127. Avatar photo
    Ruijie SK Chong

    Located at a nice isolated corner of Waterway Point. Was quite a treat trying out some of the more interesting dishes, eg this cold chawanmushi, was so refreshing and tasty. There’s a generous selection of free condiments too. Food arrived via a special personal “train track” for hygiene. Self payment kiosks reduced human contact. Highly recommended.

  128. Avatar photo

    My fav affordable Japanese food

  129. Avatar photo
    Willard Emmanuel

    This conveyor belt sushi restaurant has overtaken my favorite Genki in the North-East! Sushiro serves the freshest ingredients with some very creative selections! The sushi rice is very well prepared and it elevates the flavors from each creation! A must-try is the Shirako! Will definitely visit again! Thank you Sushiro!

  130. Avatar photo
    Jianwei Chee

    Food is of quality

  131. Avatar photo
    Jodie L

    Quality was ok when opening, but dropped drastically. I am talking about consistency – some still ok, but a few plates have lukewarm sashimi that are in no way fresh in texture. Left with a few plates half-eaten, some squid spit out in a tissue because it was mushy at first bite (I didn’t ask for negitoro, it’s ika)- same with spicy kaisen gunkan. Service is ok.

  132. Avatar photo
    Michael Goh

    The customer service was great, and really good food as well. Not pricey at all, good value! Gem in Waterway Point!

  133. Avatar photo
    Juliana Lim

    The noise when an order is activated is deafening!! The whole place is so noisy!! Wish the bells/ alarm etc volume can be rediced. We cannot hold a proper convo !! …

  134. Avatar photo
    John Leong

    Famous sushi chain from Japan that has made its way to Singapore. Fresh cuts at reasonable price.

    Edit 27 Nov: asked for ponzu by was given soya instead. When informed, the service staff insisted it was correct.

  135. Avatar photo
    Lucas Koo

    Standard dropped recently… Past 2 experiences was not good. We get rotten lemon on Yuze Pepper Shrimp Tempura and Shrimp Tempura. Rotten avocado on Shrimp with Avocado. So disappointed…

  136. Avatar photo
    OKS Tan

    Very fresh ingredients and cozy place to eat.

  137. Avatar photo
    Eileen Tan

    Great place. While they don’t have fancy sushi pieces, the menu items are simple but well done. Good value for money too. Will come back again!

  138. Avatar photo

    Food was meh.. average. Service was better and faster than Genki thou.

  139. Avatar photo
    Simon Phoon

    Food was good, nice variety. Service was ok. Whole dining experience was ruined by some kid throwing the biggest tantrum fit imaginable. Screaming at the top of its lungs while the parents did nothing to stop it…..

  140. Avatar photo
    KH WAI


  141. Avatar photo
    Tan Adeline

    I have been to sushiro bedok outlet many times and quality was consistently good. However my first visit to waterwaypoint sushiro today was disappointing. The fish was particularly swordfish and cuttlefish was not fresh.

  142. Avatar photo

    The service was rotten as the place was understaffed. We had to wait for more than 20 minutes despite having a reservation. Food was average and the staff did not bother informing us when the food was out of stock. Choose another branch or another restaurant.

  143. Avatar photo
    Brian Seow

    great consistent quality of sushi and variety.

  144. Avatar photo
    Xin Ci

    My go to place for sushi out of all the sushi places at wwp!

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