Review Sushi Tei, 64/64A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore

Review SUSHI TEI - Singapore 64/64A Serangoon Garden Way

“It’s quiet on a weekday lunch. Relaxed ambience. Food is fresh, and hot. Sashimi salad still tastes the same after 3 years. Good job.” or “Overall good experience and food very delicious as usual the standard did not drop.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Sushi Tei. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Sushi Tei is quality.

Introduction about Sushi Tei

Here are some fundamental details regarding Sushi Tei. In terms of Japanese restaurant, it is generally believed that Sushi Teiis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 64/64A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Japanese restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62837117 (+65 62837117)
  • Website:
  • Address: 64/64A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11:30 AM to 10 PM.


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Phone number

You can reach Sushi Tei at 62837117(+65 62837117). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Sushi Tei via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 64/64A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Sushi Tei reviews

Sushi Tei is among the best destinations of Japanese restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Sushi Tei good?

To determine whether Sushi Tei is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“It's quiet on a weekday lunch. Relaxed ambience. Food is fresh, and hot. Sashimi salad still tastes the same after 3 years. Good job.”

“Very good sashimi and Japanese food. Comparable to the outlet in Vivo City which serves the freshest sashimi. Will visit again! Must orders are the soft shell crab, unagi sushi, all kinds of sashimi.”

“Overall good experience and food very delicious as usual the standard did not drop.”

“I would say this is the best Sushi Tei outlet in Singapore. Peaceful and great ambience. The food is nice and fresh as usual. A perfect place for gathering + chit chat session.”

“Among all Sushi Tei outlets in Singapore, this one has got to be the best. Service is amazing and food arrives much faster than expected!”

“Food at SushiTei has always been good. The food at this outlet tastes even better than other outlets.”

“Great place for large groups if you wanna avoid crowds.”

“Great stuffs. Good food. Affordable. Quite a queue thou”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 194 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 74% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Sushi Tei, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Sushi Tei, 64/64A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore

There is a total 194 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Chong Yew

    Great place for a quick Japanese meal

  2. Avatar photo
    Shu Yan Poh

    Good food and service.

  3. Avatar photo
    Chengwei Song

    Good cozy sushi restaurant makan

  4. Avatar photo
    Appolina Janice

    Okay service, Okay food.

  5. Avatar photo
    Dylan See

    always come here eat

  6. Avatar photo

    Used to serve great food but it wasn’t as spectacular during my last visit. The tenzaru soba was pathetic with 2 shrimps and a root vegetable (considering the price).

    The waiting staffs were polite and professional.

  7. Avatar photo

    Sushi Tei here is always crowded but the quality of food has been dropping over the years. The chirashi don had barely enough fish to enjoy with the rice, which was dry and hard. It was disappointing and definitely not worth the wait.

  8. Avatar photo
    Jubin Kuriakose

    Very good quality japanese food here! I found the Ramen a bit salty but otherwise quite good
    The low seating at level 2 gave the feel of japanese culture and the lighting was just right for nice family gathering

  9. Avatar photo
    Michael Wachowsky

    Best sushi ever. Great. Fresh. Tasty. Original.

  10. Avatar photo
    Xuan Zheng Chua

    Great food

  11. Avatar photo

    Sushi Tei here is always crowded but the quality of food has been dropping over the years. The chirashi don had barely enough fish to enjoy with the rice, which was dry and hard. It was disappointing and definitely not worth the wait.

  12. Avatar photo
    Raph Dugué

    I spent 5 hours at this Sushi Tei, so I can say that this place is freaking cosy

  13. Avatar photo
    Armando Chin


  14. Avatar photo

    My favourite place to go for Japanese food but the only downside is the long waiting time to get a table and the carpark is always very packed on weekends.

  15. Avatar photo
    Desmond Tan

    waited for about 10 minutes on a saturday noon. ease of ordering food through the tablet. the seafood is fresh and the nabe pork broth is quite nice too!

  16. Avatar photo
    Peter Bukowski

    Great food

  17. Avatar photo
    Aeron Ee

    expensive but good

  18. Avatar photo
    Raymond Ang

    Nice location

  19. Avatar photo

    Consistently great food. Love their sukiyaki !

  20. Avatar photo
    Weimin Lim

    Lovely always

  21. Avatar photo
    H Kim

    Functional Japanese restaurant for weekday meals. Sushi is on the fresh side, and food variety is also good. My usual orders include sashimi, sushi, sushi over rice, ramen noodles or grilled fish. They are good for weekday meals or easy business lunch.

    Sometimes there is a long wait (20+ minutes) and the people working there could be friendlier but it’s good enough. Price is reasonable and can accommodate up to 4 people at a table. (So if your group is larger you need to split)

    Dining in is much better than takeout or delivery as they do not pack the cold food with ice pack as some restaurants do.

  22. Avatar photo
    Justin Ho

    A little over rated… Service was very bad and food was below expectation.

  23. Avatar photo
    Dominicus Wu

    Given a choice must dine in their upper level.

  24. Avatar photo
    Choon Ng

    Fairly good sushi at a fair price. Good for an easy fuss free bite. Nothing fancy.
    2023: has seen its hay days. Unfriendly and unhelpful service. Food standard has deteriorated further. Portions are small and prices are high now. Not recommended anymore.
    Puzzled why people bother to queue for this food?

  25. Avatar photo
    David Tan

    Overall the food and service had been going down the hill. Standard had dropped compared to previous years we been there. It was my family’s go to restaurant for Japanese food but now I think we will look elsewhere and visit less frequent. It still a place for family’s outing but unless there’s a improvement it likely suffered

  26. Avatar photo
    gddigger Junior

    My go to place for Japanese. Staff are well oiled machinery. They know…especially if you’re a regular. I used to do full meals but of late have dicovered the joys of picking from small dishes, remember if you order enough small dishes you’ll get full too. Usually must have one of the chawan mushi , normal if you can’t decide. Yellowfin cheek or hamachi kama shio is another favourite upsize if available. Use your imagination for the rest…

  27. Avatar photo
    Blush Lash Studio TV Rachel Kwa

    Food standard is still on mark. Very fresh sushi and sashimi. Attentive staff as I have a baby with me. Was seated on the second floor but after dining for about 30mins, we realize the aircon seems to be faulty. It became hot and stuffy. Management can look into it.

  28. Avatar photo

    I love the table seats on 2nd level. The lighting makes all your food looks super good.

    Currently they are using mobile phone registration instead of physical Q up, which I think it’s convenient although the timing the estimate is very off.

    Nonetheless I enjoy coming here with my family.

  29. Avatar photo
    Brian Chng

    Nice japanese food, getting more expensive.

  30. Avatar photo
    Hong // Powered by 9tro

    Good quality Japanese food given its locality.

  31. Avatar photo
    Fiona Oh

    Overpriced for the food,service is bad.Ordered salmon carpaccio and it does not taste the same.Spicy Miso soup is over salty.

  32. Avatar photo
    tone leow

    Food is good as usual and crowd conyrol is there. Good ambience.

  33. Avatar photo
    Chester Tan

    It’s quiet on a weekday lunch. Relaxed ambience. Food is fresh, and hot. Sashimi salad still tastes the same after 3 years. Good job.

  34. Avatar photo
    Jude Lee

    One of the nicer quality sushi chain store. Can get rather crowded during weekends and lunch and dinner time.

  35. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Ks Yong

    Good too my weekly taobao places

  36. Avatar photo
    Jake Tan

    Service was superb, favorite sushi tei branch!

  37. Avatar photo
    Jubin Kuriakose

    Very good quality japanese food here! I found the Ramen a bit salty but otherwise quite good
    The low seating at level 2 gave the feel of japanese culture and the lighting was just right for nice family gathering

  38. Avatar photo
    Joshua Kow

    Among all Sushi Tei outlets in Singapore, this one has got to be the best. Service is amazing and food arrives much faster than expected!

  39. Avatar photo
    Tai Yu Wong

    The place has really improved in terms of both food quality and service. The tempura was nicely fried without being oily and the portion sizes was just right.

    The staff were very alert and even the sushi Chef at the bar was prompt in highlighting customer request. The manager ( I had my dinner on the 27/8/2018, first floor by the bar counter), was diligent in explaining new dishes and and expectations

    The decor was great and the only complain was the slightly pricey menu which was ok given that I left the resturant in good spirits

  40. Avatar photo
    Dave Ng

    Located in the centre of a famous F&B area, parking is chaotic during the weekend. Food is certainly so-so and the service isn’t good (probably due to the high volume and safe-distancing measure).

  41. Avatar photo
    Ee Yes

    Spicy miso ramen

  42. Avatar photo
    Goh Buck lim

    Food is delicious and service is good

  43. Avatar photo
    Leonard Chow

    Tasty and good!

  44. Avatar photo
    Samantha See

    Their sushi “yu shang” was superb. Their service also great.. Been there few times & never regret. Recommand

  45. Avatar photo
    Elise Teo YJ

    I would say this is the best Sushi Tei outlet in Singapore. Peaceful and great ambience. The food is nice and fresh as usual. A perfect place for gathering + chit chat session.

  46. Avatar photo
    Federico Scordo

    I’m regular of SushiTei restaurants, I tried for the first time this in Serangoon garden, I must say that the standard of the food is below respect the others branches, service okay. Just a feedback for improvement.

  47. Avatar photo
    Nick Loh

    Food still the same not bad but service level has dropped even though lunch crowd over @2.30pm with waitress standing around. Not friendly nor helpful like pre-Covid. Sigh

  48. Avatar photo
    Todd Buck

    Good always very good. Would prefer table service than via an IPad. Can be busy but that’s the price for good food

  49. Avatar photo
    zhengkun tang

    Excellent food. But carpark is hard and we got fined. Didnt know need to put the ticket thing

  50. Avatar photo
    Simon Lim

    Fantastic ambience

  51. Avatar photo
    Sherwin Foo

    I first went to this sushi tei outlet back in 2017. I was served by Max Tay last week he was very attentive and knows all the dishes at the back of his head. The food was very delicious!

  52. Avatar photo
    Young Choo

    Nice food could be found here

  53. Avatar photo
    Larry Chen Weiliang

    Not much selection on the conveyor belt. Makes the place look like it’s closing.

  54. Avatar photo

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  55. Avatar photo
    Gary Wong

    Nice Japanese seating area on the 2nd level. Food was served fast with the many items we ordered

  56. Avatar photo
    Audrey SMC

    Fresh and delicious food and sushi as always! Salmon belly soup is love!

  57. Avatar photo
    Hayashi Keiichi

    only expensive

  58. Avatar photo
    Dum Bo

    Great place for people that like Japanese food.

  59. Avatar photo
    Keith Chen

    Pork Katsu Don, the meat was too tough..

  60. Avatar photo
    Choo Wei Liang

    We’ve been eating at Sushi Tei for nearly 20 years, mainly at the Ngee Ann city and Paragon outlets. Most reliable among the mid-price Japanese eateries in Singapore. Wide-ranging options (from sushi/sashimi to cooked food), and quality is decent-to-very-good throughout. In last few months, they coped with inflation not by increasing prices but by shrinking the size of many offerings! Don’t think they had in mind helping Singaporeans improve their health! Prices are still reasonable. Excellent membership deal – they give you vouchers with S$60 value, exceeding the annual membership fee of S$40, so you gain even if you eat here only once; then you get 10% discount (20% during birthday month).

  61. Avatar photo
    Jolene Pek

    good food, friendly service, comfortable ambience …

  62. Avatar photo
    as boss

    love it

  63. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Lee

    Been here several times and their customer service is good! Never disappoint

  64. Avatar photo
    Zig Zinglar

    Great place for lunch…

  65. Avatar photo
    Sander Veraar

    One of the better Sushi Tei outlets. Ask for a VIP table upstairs when dining out with a small group

  66. Avatar photo
    Detonated Balls

    Decent food and atmosphere with good service

  67. Avatar photo
    Tristan Tiang

    A nice restaurant that specialises in Japanese cuisine

  68. Avatar photo
    Clement Gayral

    It’s always decent but still a bit pricey. The Special Don of the month was average, the rice was heavy and not flavorful

  69. Avatar photo
    Zachary Lee

    Decent Japanese food with good ambience and vibe. Friendly staffs

  70. Avatar photo
    khadidja zedek

    One of my favourite sushi

  71. Avatar photo
    Kyra Yew

    The service is good and Promt. Staff are cheerful as well

  72. Avatar photo
    Jeremiah Tay

    Sad to see my favourite restaurant die. The new rice is horrible.

  73. Avatar photo
    Angie Moony-Black

    Household of more than 2? Despite policies CLEARLY saying households are the exception, shops are giving a hard NO. Don’t even need to consider going. Service staff are rude, unhelpful, and full of attitude. To be fair: one star given for the food and one more star coz they “offered” the service of “helping us deliver food between the tables”. Called their bluff and servers started giving me black looks while grudgingly doing so.

  74. Avatar photo
    Sharon Wee

    Overall good experience and food very delicious as usual the standard did not drop.

  75. Avatar photo
    Neo Er Jyn

    Great stuffs. Good food. Affordable. Quite a queue thou

  76. Avatar photo
    keith carpenter

    Efficient service. Food not “high end” but well prepared and good

  77. Avatar photo
    Jiamin Chan

    Food service was very fast even on a weekend! Table wait was quick at around 5.45pm.

  78. Avatar photo
    Melissa Quek

    Food is all right. Quite okay quality for these kinds of Japanese food chains. What I did not really like was that the sushi rice was all pre-prepared, there seemed to be trays of the rice already rolled into the sushi shape (not sure if rolled manually or by machine, by themselves or another supplier) and as a result some of the sushi rice seemed a little hard. Other than that the food is not too bad, and the service was okay.

  79. Avatar photo
    Ermanno Papa

    This is a nice and easy place to get Japanese food. Service is quick and professional .

  80. Avatar photo
    Avis Wong

    Needed a cooling lunch in this blistering heat wave. So popped into Sushi Tei for a quick lunch. Can’t usually go wrong at Sushi Tei.

    Ordered the tenzaru cha soba. Relatively satisfying meal. However, note that the cha soba doesn’t come with a raw quail’s egg. Plus I had to ask for tempura sauce for the tempura and wasabi for the soba dip – shouldn’t these accompany the meal by default?

  81. Avatar photo
    Nazeem M

    Very fancy Japanese restaurant! Good value for the ambiance, service and food. Will definitely visit again when I need to treat myself.

  82. Avatar photo

    Food is great, always fresh and tasty.

    Service sucks. Rush you in, rush you on the checkout and with the payment.

    Friendliness, especially with regulars should be a priority but every week the same treatment.

    Make your customers feel welcomed and notice just a number.

  83. Avatar photo
    Ethan F.

    Casual restaurant to go for good quality and reasonably priced Japanese cuisine.

  84. Avatar photo
    Willy Wihardja

    Standard Japanese food, nothing to shout about

  85. Avatar photo
    govinda kuna

    Food wasn’t that great.. So so only found it abit too salty

  86. Avatar photo
    Kai Xun Ang

    Great food and service

  87. Avatar photo

    Sushi tei vely nicu but very expensive jovin yeo alot of money but the rest of us don have that kind of moola

  88. Avatar photo
    S Uperreeduc

    Classical chain restaurant, nice people

  89. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Poh

    Nice food

  90. Avatar photo
    Tan Catherine

    Great place

  91. Avatar photo
    Alex Chan

    Food is mediocre

  92. Avatar photo
    Andrea Ho

    The Chicken Katsu Donmono(Rice) was really nice! I recommend that others should try it out!

  93. Avatar photo
    shermaine anne

    food standard and service standard’s are on a steady decline… prices keep increasing but portions continue to get smaller. staff dont say a single word when serving dishes, just put them down and walk away. ambience is ruined by families with kids who constantly slam utensils and plates on the table. very disappointing

  94. Avatar photo
    Jason Ng

    Food at SushiTei has always been good.
    The food at this outlet tastes even better than other outlets.

  95. Avatar photo
    Joseph Tay

    Eating here privately. Simple Japanese craving satisfied

  96. Avatar photo
    Nicole Y

    Good quality

  97. Avatar photo
    ASD Specialist (Sin Yee)

    They opened earlier at 11am during no dine-in period

  98. Avatar photo
    Eva Jery


  99. Avatar photo
    Ng Zhi Xian

    Great food, slightly expensive but still worth it especially with the 20% birthday discount. Sign up as a member! Always crowded at peak hours.

  100. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Aminuddin Zulkifli

    Good to those who can afford.

  101. Avatar photo
    Ken Woodlands

    Gorgeous Japanese food here.

  102. Avatar photo

    Food is good though the price is definitely on the expensive side of a restaurant

  103. Avatar photo
    Clarence Chua

    Always Crowded eating place

  104. Avatar photo
    Perrine Cavat

    Very good food but terribly dated outlet, in dire need of a refurbishment – ceilings peeling off, screens full of dust, tired and stained seats… and totally closed off, zero natural light. Hope a renovation is on the cards soon!

  105. Avatar photo
    Jim Giam

    Great staffs

  106. Avatar photo
    Deo Amarawi

    Good consistent service and food

  107. Avatar photo
    Samriti Talwar Pitman

    Great Japanese food with loads of variety

  108. Avatar photo
    Mt Lee


  109. Avatar photo

    Always have a good experience here. Good customer service and fresh food.

  110. Avatar photo

    Quiet lunch on a Monday. Food standard has dropped. They now charge for tea. We need a movement to do away with service charge. What service did they provide to justify a 10% surcharge. This goes for all food establishments. Price it into your menu price and let the customer decide if it is value for money

  111. Avatar photo
    Thiew Reagan

    Came here for a quiet afternoon lunch at about 1pm alone and ordered the chirashi and unagi rice bowl/salmon skin…
    Very tasty and the salmon and the other sashimi in the chirashi Don wad in good mouthful slices and went well with the wasabi!
    The salmon skin was tasty as well and nicely marinated.
    Good place to have a quiet lunch and be alone with your thoughts

  112. Avatar photo
    Nishant Nair

    Lots of choices of sushi. Really good prawn & beef sushi and good don!

  113. Avatar photo
    Linda Yazid

    So So.

  114. Avatar photo
    Fluffy Pandy


  115. Avatar photo
    Kok Leong Yeo

    Quality fix to my sushi sashimi cravings at rather affordable prices. One of my favorite family restaurants.

  116. Avatar photo
    Albert Ng

    My fav.sushi place

  117. Avatar photo

    Excellent service, very efficient and food came almost instantly. Portion is reasonable and also priced reasonably.

  118. Avatar photo
    Jasper Lim

    Salmon Oyako Spicy Roll + Baked Salmon Maki + Salmon Sashimi = Salmon heaven

  119. Avatar photo
    Rashidul Hasan


  120. Avatar photo
    Michael Toh K S

    Wide variety of sushi n other delicacies. A must try.

  121. Avatar photo
    jimmy peng


  122. Avatar photo
    Anne Dcruz

    Went mid afternoon. Not crowded then.
    Amiable staff. Good food.

  123. Avatar photo
    daniel soh

    The food is very sub standard, service is even worse. We had a hot pot like dish that had barely any quality goods in it; and a beef Udon that came with a very distinctive foul smell like the meat was bad. We approached the waitress and she took it back to evaluate it. She came back and request we either choose a new dish or take out from our meal. She then said “next time, let us know earlier when you find something wrong”. The spoiled dish was barely half eaten and now us, the customers are to blame. Horrible. Never coming back again.

  124. Avatar photo
    Jeannie Wong

    So so, portion of tempura udon smaller than other restaurants

  125. Avatar photo
    Vivien Lor

    I’m happy with Sushi Teh at Serangoon Garden. Speaking with
    Catherine, she is EXCELLENT SERVICE, extremely satisfied with her customer service far exceeded my high expectation and request!!!
    Highly Recommended

  126. Avatar photo
    Sean C

    This sushi establishment is one of the best premier causal sushi joints in Singapore. It serves some of the best and fresh sashimi platters with impeccable cooked dishes as well. The sashimi salad is amazing fresh and scuulent sashimi cubes over a bed of fresh leafy salad. Do note they do have seasonal dishes every month or so ! Highly recommend and impressed with this sushi joint.

  127. Avatar photo
    Tim Loy

    Quality local Japanese food.

  128. Avatar photo
    Koeman Lee

    Great place for large groups if you wanna avoid crowds.

  129. Avatar photo
    Yanyi Kang

    Good and attentive service but food was average or less than average. Expensive considering the quality of food. Prices below before 10% service and 7% GST.

    Yasai salad with 8 pieces of avocado ($8.90): dressing was not particularly refreshing, tangy or tasty. Some lettuce, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

    Spicy aburi maguro and salmon roll ($14.50): not spicy. Aburi maguro and salmon were not fresh and overdone. 3 pieces of maguro and salmon each with what is essentially cucumber maki.

    Hotate mentaiko ($9.80): 2 scallops were dry and overdone. Sauce was average.

    Udon ($8.80): udon was overcooked / not fresh? It had a strange texture.

    Kagoshima pork shabu shabu ($16.80): pork was decently fresh. Soup is basic with some cabbage, spring onions, enoki mushroom, shimeji mushroom and carrots to flavour the soup. Dipping sauce had ginger juice which I personally do not like.

    Conveyor salmon maki ($4): dry.

    Garlic fried rice ($8.80): decent flavour though no visible pieces of garlic. Has chicken. Decent portion.

    I remembered that sushi tei used to be delicious and reasonably priced for its quality. But I left today feeling “meh” and probably won’t return given the number of good quality Japanese restaurants in Singapore nowadays.

  130. Avatar photo
    Dennis Tong

    Located in one of the popular estate which also happens to house the famous hawker Centre, Chomp Chomp. It has 2 floors and the top floor is a nice and cozy place to have a small gathering or chit chat session with friends. Seatings are based on a first come first serve basis. The only minus point is the limited carpark spaces available.

  131. Avatar photo
    Sinthu Ragupalan

    Had sashimi set here and it was extremely fresh … everything was perfect … just hope the service staff gave us time to make a decision before pushing us to order a drink even before we got to see the menu.

  132. Avatar photo
    Jacie Lim


  133. Avatar photo
    Edmund Wee

    Quality & tasty food

  134. Avatar photo
    Lucas Wee

    Overpriced for the portion and quality. Pictures don’t match the food served. Online system to order which makes it easier for the staff as they do not need to take your orders but they do not know who to serve the dishes to.

  135. Avatar photo
    BG It doesn't matter who you are

    Authentic Japanese food at reasonable prices

  136. Avatar photo
    Seng Long Seah

    Great food

  137. Avatar photo
    navin honavar

    Enjoyed the sushi and sashimi here. Couldn’t get better

  138. Avatar photo
    Henry Goh

    Standard had dropped over the years.

  139. Avatar photo
    Adrian Chia

    Sashimi is fresh and tempura is fantastic. Salmon head Shio is great too. Service crews are friendly and service oriented. Manager Channon is sociable and made us feel welcomed. Will definitely come back again. One of the best sushi tei outlet I visited. Thanks to the team.

  140. Avatar photo
    Lan Ham

    Grear japanese food

  141. Avatar photo

    Satisfactory service, quality of the food is there but maybe the portions could be work on, slightly inconsistent with the visits in my instances

  142. Avatar photo

    Standard and quality has dropped significantly compared to in the past.

  143. Avatar photo
    Volkan Caglayan

    One of the nice sushi teis in SG. Great/fast service and great food

  144. Avatar photo
    Tan Yong Chye

    Great good

  145. Avatar photo
    Dana Chong

    Nice food. Service by the staffs are friendly

  146. Avatar photo
    Shaun Ho

    Raw fish Paradise

  147. Avatar photo
    Tay Boon Hwa

    Reasonable priced and nice

  148. Avatar photo
    James Chen hs

    Good Japanese food

  149. Avatar photo
    Kai Lian Chong

    Quite a small place but good food compensate all. Staffs are attentive and the crowd just keep coming. Not a good place to sit down and chit chat.

  150. Avatar photo
    A. K.

    Good food for the prices.

  151. Avatar photo
    Janice Huang

    Food is good, like all Sushi Tei branches. This one is unique because it has authentic Japanese-style seating on the upper floor (where your legs go into a hole under the table).

  152. Avatar photo
    Tan One

    Beautiful food, but a bit expensive

  153. Avatar photo
    Pierre Chassaing

    Decent sushi and the usual sushi train. Except you rarely get actual sushis without ordering them a-la-carte (makis and other stuff sure… But actual raw fish rarely shows up on the plates). I actually love their big salad with their Sushi Tei sauce.

    Pretty crowded place and the air conditioning can be quite cold.

  154. Avatar photo
    Phoenix Lim

    Been coming here regularly for the past many years but Quality has dropped… so much Seaweed is not crispy but very hard to ‘ chew’?? Salmon mental sushi was sour, fish was not fresh- fishy smell. Price drastically up, food quality compromised. New owners ?Unlikely to return . Goodbye Sushi tei.

  155. Avatar photo

    Food is consistent and good.

  156. Avatar photo
    Frank Dave

    the desert is good. very comfortable place. upper storey quieter.

  157. Avatar photo

    Fresh ingredients, but go early if you want to get a table, no reservations allowed.

  158. Avatar photo
    M U. (Golfermai)

    It’s delicious, so I’m going to take out for my child’s lunch and snacks. I recommend the broiled salmon toro nigiri.

  159. Avatar photo

    Very good sashimi and Japanese food. Comparable to the outlet in Vivo City which serves the freshest sashimi. Will visit again! Must orders are the soft shell crab, unagi sushi, all kinds of sashimi.

  160. Avatar photo

    Good service and food!!

  161. Avatar photo
    Yitch (Yitch)

    Sushi teh quality. Decent

  162. Avatar photo
    lynn lim

    Food taste and quality used to be good but now seems to have dropped a lot

  163. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Kieran

    One of the only Jap restaurants at Serangoon Gardens. Can’t go wrong with Sushi Tei.

  164. Avatar photo
    Richard Loong

    Sushi Tei used to have good quality Japanese foods. Today, the katsudon chicken was too hard, over-cooked and difficult to chew.

  165. Avatar photo
    Chester Tan

    It’s quiet on a weekday lunch. Relaxed ambience. Food is fresh, and hot. Sashimi salad still tastes the same after 3 years. Good job.

  166. Avatar photo

    Gets crowded during meal times

  167. Avatar photo
    Mag Mag

    Good food

  168. Avatar photo

    Nothing to shout about. Standard has dropped. Not worth making a trip there.

  169. Avatar photo
    Stephen Yap

    Alright alright

  170. Avatar photo
    Maggie Yap

    Food is ok the place first time went alot of dust hang behind the seat

  171. Avatar photo
    Peter Lo

    Nice food

  172. Avatar photo
    Kai Feng

    Decent food and always crowded

  173. Avatar photo
    Joyce Lim

    Been here countless times. Service prompt, food is good. This is where I had first date with husband, still the same vibe years later.

  174. Avatar photo
    Elm Marc

    An affordable family japanese restaurant

  175. Avatar photo
    Meng. Chai

    Good value Japanese food; lunch bento was well preparedn worth-it.

  176. Avatar photo
    Olivia Xavier

    Minus the wait time due to the covid restrictions.. it was all good! Fast and efficient service (:

  177. Avatar photo
    Alvin Tang

    Love the table seating at 2nd level. Choose level 2 as it is cooler. If you come at dinner time with large group be prepared to wait. No reservations accepted, you have to come here to key in your details and a queue number will be sms to you.

  178. Avatar photo
    M Lim

    Usual japanese sushi ramen udon etc all in one location.

  179. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Eleanor

    One of my favourite outlets. Service is prompt, staff are top-notch friendly and knowledgeable. The atmosphere was great and the wait wasn’t too long (most important) for big groups. Parking is a little bit hard sometimes but other than that this is definitely one of the highly recommended outlets for SST experience.

  180. Avatar photo
    Shannon Tan

    After Heightened Alert relax to allow dine-in for 2, went with my mom for dinner. Waiting time was about 30 minutes. I asked staff if there’s a chair for mom to sit, without hesitation, they gave mom a stool to sit. They are so thoughtful and considerate that they found us seat at level 1 so that mom don’t have to climb the stairs. Kudos to them for great customer service. Mom had a fabulous dinner. Thank Sushi Tei @serangoon Gardens!

  181. Avatar photo
    Ruth LX

    It’s been here for decades, which attests to its ability to hold customer interest. Used to be pretty good but since Singapore has had a proliferation of Japanese eateries, Sushi Tei doesn’t measure up to the new standards and has stayed consistent with maintaining their old ones. The lunch specials are rather expensive, but service is decent.

  182. Avatar photo
    Andre Middleton

    I always chose sushitei over other brands of Japanese restaurant. Although the food they sells are little pricey but I think the food quality here is really good. If you ever go there please remember to order the dragon roll!!

  183. Avatar photo
    Sim Poh Guat


  184. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Lee

    Sashimi was fresh and food was tasty as usual!

  185. Avatar photo
    Aug Ong

    service just so so

  186. Avatar photo
    eric wee

    Good food n price reasonable but premises a bit small.parking no problem

  187. Avatar photo
    MM MM

    Food was good but the restaurant is kinda small. Customer behind me was talking very loudly throughout the meal and could hear him clearly. Spoils the whole ambience. Service was fast as I went at off peak hour. Parking can be a headache though. Limited car parks lots. Overall, above average.

  188. Avatar photo
    Carissa Leong

    Not bad it ok

  189. Avatar photo
    Gordon Toh

    Required to wait for a long time before a table is available

  190. Avatar photo
    Kah Lai Yow

    The ambience and service was good. The waygu beef was good but the salmon sashimi was not very fresh. We have tasted better salmon elsewhere.

  191. Avatar photo
    Steve Anglionin


  192. Avatar photo
    Regina Ng

    Super long Q and waiting timing

  193. Avatar photo
    Jay Fong

    It’s sushi tei what more can I say? Prices went up quite abit though

  194. Avatar photo

    There are 2 levels. This is one of the outlet that i always wanted to visit. Back in school, I was working nearby (no longer there). Wanting to visit but for poor student like me, nope. Grown up, working far from this place. Never get to visit but other outlets yes.

    I have to say it is cosy enough on the ground level. Regardless you are sitting at the sofa seat or the counter seat. Both are equally comfortable and relaxing.

    Have not been to Level 2 but it should be cool.

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