Review Supulae Korean Bbq, 80 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore

Review Supulae Korean BBQ - Singapore 80 Tg Pagar Rd

“They have a $63 American wagyu set which includes quite a bit of food, great value. Highly recommend!” or “Food was very average, and on the pricey side. Would give it 3 stars but the staff and service were very good.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Supulae Korean Bbq. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Supulae Korean Bbq is quality.

Introduction about Supulae Korean Bbq

Here are some fundamental details regarding Supulae Korean Bbq. In terms of Korean barbecue restaurant, it is generally believed that Supulae Korean Bbqis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 80 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Korean barbecue restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62252248 (+65 62252248)
  • Website:
  • Address: 80 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 5 PM to 1 AM.

Friday, Saturday: 5 PM to 3 AM.


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How to contact Supulae Korean Bbq?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Supulae Korean Bbq via:

Phone number

You can reach Supulae Korean Bbq at 62252248(+65 62252248). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Supulae Korean Bbq via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 80 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Supulae Korean Bbq reviews

Supulae Korean Bbq is among the best destinations of Korean barbecue restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Supulae Korean Bbq good?

To determine whether Supulae Korean Bbq is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“One of my favourite kBBQ restaurants. The cuts are great and nice. Portion looks small but more than enough for small eaters. …”

“i visited this place on a business trip to singapore. i have good memories of korean food. thank you so much for the delicious food!”

“One of the best Korean bbq I had! Service and food are all good. Though price was a little on the high side, but it's all worth it. Will definitely come again!”

“Great Korean BBQ, we had pork belly, pork loin, chicken, beef tongue, Kim hi fried rice with cheese, and watermelon sochu! So yummy, had a great time here. Well recommended for a group meal.”

“Polite and attentive service! The food is great. Waiting time is not too long compared to other Korean BBQ restaurants”

“My 5th time coming here and still my fav place for kbbq along the Tanjong Pagar stretch. Very good service where the meat is cooked for you! Food is delicious as usual!”

“Great Korean restaurant ever tried in SG! Gonna be my go-to-place 🫶 …”

“Lovely evening with friends in a private room, with plenty of great barbecue dishes to share. Loved the ambience, staff and the quality of food. I’ll visit again!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 209 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 84% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Supulae Korean Bbq, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Supulae Korean Bbq, 80 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore

There is a total 209 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Park Tae Hwan

    The food is so delicious~ The owner is kind~
    I think it was the most memorable restaurant in Singapore.
    If you are traveling, be sure to visit!

  2. Avatar photo

    We like the staff and food.

  3. Avatar photo
    Justin Ma

    Great place ! Great food at a very reasonable price.
    I’d recommend the pork belly and the seafood pancake. The somak set is the cheapest set for Hite and Soju on the street.

  4. Avatar photo
    Kang Ling

    Great service and great food!!!

  5. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Tang

    Great bbq and korean good

  6. Avatar photo

    Used to come here a bit, but not been there in some time – the dunno-what pork belly is just amazing – something magical happens when you bbq fat; the something beef thing is also just super. Dont leave without eating the japchae.. Sometimes, I have one watermelon soju… sometimes, we have like 8 bottles of soju… Justin is just super fabulous!

  7. Avatar photo
    Nori Sora

    BBQ set meal portion was quite small for the price I think. Kimchi soup was good and also spicy cold noodle was delicious.

  8. Avatar photo
    Keefe Teo

    My 5th time coming here and still my fav place for kbbq along the Tanjong Pagar stretch. Very good service where the meat is cooked for you! Food is delicious as usual!

  9. Avatar photo
    Chee Seng Pang

    Korean BBQ~ Delicious Yo~

  10. Avatar photo
    Oohlala Yummy

    One of the nicest place to have authentic Korean bbq! Appreciate the staff cooking the meats for me and my partner. The meats were cooked perfectly and very juicy beef! We had a great meal and it really does feel like we’re in Seoul!

  11. Avatar photo
    Manu Andre

    Disappointing for the price. The beef especially expensive was of low quality, quite hard. I had better Korean BBQ meat in all you can eat buffet.

  12. Avatar photo
    Jan Lim

    Very authentic Korean bbq here!

  13. Avatar photo
    penny Sw journal

    Quality food abit low and i will not back anymore

  14. Avatar photo

    WOW!!! Best Belly Pork Korean BBQ in tanjong pagar

  15. Avatar photo
    Paweł Chabrzyk

    Opened till late night. Good price for value korean food. Don’t expect fireworks but decent stir fry pork and a bit artificial ramen. Still good yet

  16. Avatar photo
    Seungho Yoo

    Best of the best

  17. Avatar photo
    natalie chua

    Been to Supulae twice already and I enjoyed myself both times! The friends I went with all agreed that the food there is good (especially the seafood pancake which one of my friends says is the best she ever had in Singapore).

    Pricing of both food and drinks is reasonable. If you are a Kpop fan, the atmosphere is great for you as they play Kpop music videos continuously.

    One thing to note is that it does get crowded and so you should expect to queue (I waited around 45mins when I went at 7pm on a Friday). To me it was worth the wait (I had the videos to entertain me) but you can consider going later at around 8.30pm when the crowd decreases.

  18. Avatar photo

    Initial plans was to obba but q was too long. Tried this place and was amazed by their food! Although their ice cream policy of not hitting required spending was a put off but still great services and food!

  19. Avatar photo
    seungho shin

    Drunk with the atmosphere~ Drunk with the taste~
    The meat is also delicious and good.

    The food tastes so good. The atmosphere is casual, so it’s good to enjoy with friends.


  20. Avatar photo
    Clive Liew

    Awesome side dishes

  21. Avatar photo
    Rano Homan

    Its good food. But for me still overprice.

  22. Avatar photo
    Brandon Lim

    Went there with my friends, we ordered bbq set a and set b. It was delicious but a lil bit pricey in my opinion. But the food quality are top tier. The food are cooked by their staffs. Cook to perfection recommend for gathering with friends and family. Will come again if there’s any special occasion

  23. Avatar photo
    Linawaty Lim

    The food is OK lah. Compared to the price, i was expecting better quality cut. The meat QTY is portion by gram. Not very worth it if you eat a lot of meat. The dipping sauce is good, the salt is surprisingly very good. Lettuce is fresh.

  24. Avatar photo

    An absolute delight always to eat here. Friendly owners(?) and helpful staff.

  25. Avatar photo
    Kean Lim T.B.

    My favourite Korean BBQ and supper place to go to. Their pancakes are one of the best I have tasted in Singapore! Meats are needless to say, the chi-gaes and other items on the menus are generally good. Oh ya, Supalae gives free steamed eggs too!

  26. Avatar photo
    Benson Chiew

    A good place to enjoy good Korean food at a reasonable price. Will need to make reservations as the business here is good.

  27. Avatar photo

    Oden was comforting and delicious
    Steamed egg was so so
    Seafood pancake is crispier than kimchi pancake

  28. Avatar photo
    Jia Yi Ho

    So many side dishes. The pork jowl was quite good

  29. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn Yeo

    We ordered the BBQ set A and it did not disappoint. Pork meat cuts were very fresh and well BBQ-ed by the friendly staff. The soft tofu soup and egg that came along with the set were delicious and satisfying. Service was great and free complimentary ice cream (pear popsicle was so refreshing) was given out as part of the P2HA dining-in reopening. All in all, a very enjoyable experience – highly recommend to all!

  30. Avatar photo
    Ruth Yeo

    I am not sure what authentic Korean BBQ is but I’m sure this store has been our family favourite hang out. Food cost will definitely be more than the food court but it costs around the same for a BBQ buffet.

  31. Avatar photo
    Thai Thuan Nguyen

    Delicious food, cozy ambience. Had a fun time with my friends here. Top notch service and friendly owners!

  32. Avatar photo
    Oohlala Yummy

    One of the nicest place to have authentic Korean bbq! Appreciate the staff cooking the meats for me and my partner. The meats were cooked perfectly and very juicy beef! We had a great meal and it really does feel like we’re in Seoul!

  33. Avatar photo

    was more than satisfied
    I am willing to revisit

  34. Avatar photo

    It is a relatively exquisite store in this Korean street.
    good taste

  35. Avatar photo
    Ivan Lim

    Nice food. But you’ll come out smelling like the meats

  36. Avatar photo
    Michael GIAM

    Good food at reasonable pruce plus excellent service directly from the boss and his wife as wel as all the staff. A great dining experience !

  37. Avatar photo
    Iv Iv

    Nice food! Reasonable priced set menu. The staff will bbq ur food for u. Polite staffs and prompt service. Good! Will be back.

  38. Avatar photo
    claire kwan

    wanted late dinner at 10+pm and was so happy to find this place :”)) there are loads of korean restaurants along the same stretch and i haven’t tried most of them but i would definitely recommend supulae :> they came to cook the meat for us automatically and everything was cooked perfectly (this is v good because i suck at grilling my own meat and will probably just burn everything and waste my money lol). final bill after gst and wtv was $90+ for bbq set c (chicken and beef, i THINK there’s no pork in this set) which is meant for 2-3 pax plus 1 bowl of rice (iirc). there are cheaper sets avail also, or you can opt for ala carte! the only downside is that they forgot abt the rice and barley tea and we had to remind them. decided to cancel the barley tea since they had already given us a jug of cold water at that point. would be 5 stars if they served barley tea like other korean restaurants i’ve been to instead of water though. 😉 will probably be back sometime heh

  39. Avatar photo

    Food is not bad, but not basic

  40. Avatar photo
    do hee

    I visited Singapore because I wanted to eat Korean food during my trip. The food was fresh and delicious, and the staff was friendly, so it was a pleasant experience! It’s a taste that reminds me of Korea. good good

  41. Avatar photo
    KR Yeo

    Good service! The staff will help to cook the meat also. Price for set menu is worth it and portion is good for 2-3 pax. Will definitely come back again.

  42. Avatar photo

    i visited this place on a business trip to singapore. i have good memories of korean food. thank you so much for the delicious food!

  43. Avatar photo
    Joel Tng

    One of the best Korean bbq in singapore! Highly recommend for their great food and service!!

  44. Avatar photo
    Winnie Tan

    Reached at about 5+, no crowd yet but have to wait for full attendance then can go in, understandable.

    Staffs are friendly especially a lady who speak Chinese.

    Fish cracker is surprisingly nice. Pancakes abit saltier than other places. The meat portion is small and not fatty as compared to other kbbq. Though the meat are tender but thin.

    I’m surprised it’s iced water instead of roasted barley tea.

  45. Avatar photo
    April Kim

    I had one of the best Korean meals in Singapore! You Must try Spicy Chicken foot (dak-bal) & beef & pork belly combination. Speechless. To start, order the beef and pork set, oil your stomach, and get ready to devour your spicy chicken! Ensure to grill it again before you dig in, and ask for the mayonnaise to enhance the taste and soothe the fire in your mouth! Once you have it, you are never going back!

  46. Avatar photo
    Rarchelle SY

    Side dishes taste very good and soup is awesome
    Meat is tough and not as expected quality.
    No much long wait . Went on weekday weekend.

  47. Avatar photo
    tan sew eng

    A typical good Korean restaurant

  48. Avatar photo
    Joseph Chan

    Love the Korean BBQ here. good quality meat, and lovely side dishes (side dishes are refillable). Reasonable pricing in my opinion, it’s not cheap but i really like the food. The sets are pretty value for money, as it comes with a stew and steamed egg.

  49. Avatar photo
    Wynnie Le

    The kimchi is really good.

  50. Avatar photo
    Paul Tuddenham

    Good place for Korean BBQ and soju. Small private areas available.

  51. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Lim

    authentic Korean food

  52. Avatar photo
    Winnie Tan

    Reached at about 5+, no crowd yet but have to wait for full attendance then can go in, understandable.

    Staffs are friendly especially a lady who speak Chinese.

    Fish cracker is surprisingly nice. Pancakes abit saltier than other places. The meat portion is small and not fatty as compared to other kbbq. Though the meat are tender but thin.

    I’m surprised it’s iced water instead of roasted barley tea.

  53. Avatar photo
    Simren Panoo

    A hidden gem in Tanjong Pagar, with great food and even better service… Will visit again!

  54. Avatar photo

    service was superb, staff was really friendly ️ ordered the set for 2-3 pax which was value for money. waiting time on a saturday night was reasonable!

  55. Avatar photo
    Faye Chen

    A friend introduced this place to me! Enjoyed everything, the service and the food. We ordered their set meal, soju and added cheese corn. Food is delicious and the authenticity is there. We did not managed to finish our food and decided to packed it to bring home but unfortunately we are told that the veggie cant be packed hehe. Other than that, will visit this place again!

  56. Avatar photo
    Mark Nathan

    Good food!

  57. Avatar photo
    MoneyIs KING

    The services was pretty good but somehow food is surpar. Had ordered set A, not sure if is value worth?

  58. Avatar photo
    Carin Low Zhi Jun

    Very attentive staff and meat quality is good!

  59. Avatar photo
    Eugene Hong

    Service by staff was exceptionally good. Food was fantastic too. love the ambience.

  60. Avatar photo

    A fun place to dine with friends. Wine made with rice made in Korea is recommended. Please try it. The staff were friendly.

  61. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Ma

    Great place to eat and friendly service. Has great Korean beers as well . Surprising to hear an Aussie accent.

  62. Avatar photo

    Portion reduced, price did not match the menu outside. Inattentive staff, had to cook the meat myself, ridiculous

  63. Avatar photo
    Bread Ma

    Enjoyed a delicious meal here… great quality food (A++++ meats), welcoming and friendly service and a warm ambience. Highly recommend and will visit again!

  64. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Loo

    Great portions and love that their sides also include some protein. Will be back!

  65. Avatar photo
    Joyce Yo

    Too much smoke. Banchan is so small quantituly. I refilled more than 5 times for 2 pax! Meat is not bad

  66. Avatar photo
    Valerie Tan

    Good food, good dining experience with friendly staff~ I enjoyed the bbq set, and it comes with chicken, samgyeopsal, kimchi soup and it comes with rice and 7 banchan! I went there twice in a row and had tried their Naengmyeon, kimchi fried rice and bean paste soup, it was delicious~ the staff helped to cook as well
    Definitely will go back to dine again soon!

  67. Avatar photo
    bola l

    I would normally give 4-5stars in the past when I visited supulae approximately 5-6times. But yesterday when we visited we were deeply disappointed. Kimchi is not even marinated and tofu soup has no taste. we paid $70 for 2 pork 1 chicken that’s barely enough (we wanted $75 for 2 beef and 1 pork but he claimed it wasn’t available). It’s overpriced and not even worth.
    They started cooking our meat but we didn’t even have our utensils, side dishes, rice or water on the table. To ask for these we had to keep reminding and reminding. You’re really better off trying out other KBBQ places in the nearby vicinity

  68. Avatar photo

    delicious price is expensive
    There is no water in the cold noodles hahahaha

  69. Avatar photo
    Darren Tan Zi Hong

    Environment was bright and airy. The meat quality was superb..we ended up ordering triple portions of the pork belly…

    Had a great time..and most important thing.. the bill was really shockingly affordable..way below what we had predicted.

    Will go back again.

  70. Avatar photo
    Grace Koh

    Side dish and meat is good. Hot ramen is nice, cold noodle normal. Kimchi would be better.

  71. Avatar photo
    Chan Wei De, Victor

    Delicious Korean BBQ run by a humble korean family.
    The meat is very tender when cooked and well marinated.
    Their service is impeccable too!
    No idea why others are queuing for the stall opposite them when their food is a hidden gem!
    Will definitely bring friends to dine there to support them.

  72. Avatar photo
    Tarun Satish

    Nice Korean BBQ restaurant in a lively neighbourhood. The price is relatively cheap compared to other similar restaurants. There is no buffet offered but the sets offered are filling for 2 people.

  73. Avatar photo

    Set A for 2-3 pax. Good service seafood pancake …

  74. Avatar photo
    Anurag Srivastava

    The best part of this place is that it’s open till 12 while all the neighbors start shutting off.

    We ordered the 2-3 person.set meal between the 4 of us and some rice. They forgot to give us the rice. The meat cuts were quite fatty and average..but the guy gave good table side service and was attentive. The tastes were good.authentic Korean, so overall good post drinks dinner.

  75. Avatar photo
    Joan Toh

    Beef short ribs was super good in both texture and marination. Enjoyed the steamed eggs and spicy tofu soup that came with the BBQ set. Their smoking hite extra cold also brought the experience to the nxt lvl. Promptness of service can be improved tho.

  76. Avatar photo
    Elvin Tan

    Standard has gone down.
    Didn’t taste as good as it was a year back.
    Potato salad was so sweet it’s like a dessert.

    Meat was not very tasty either.

  77. Avatar photo
    paul leow

    Nice attentive staff. Good authentic Korean BBQ.

  78. Avatar photo
    Annie Chow

    Service staff are friendly n attentive though short of hands. Generous w refill of vegetables n Korean appetisers. Prize-quality-quantity gives good value for money. The closer in Singapore to KMyeongdong

  79. Avatar photo
    Jj W

    love the food the pork was good and they had good quality meat dont understand karens giving 2 stars

  80. Avatar photo
    sean harrison

    Loved the service, loved the food. Amazing place ️

  81. Avatar photo

    The food, location and atmosphere is pretty good for gatherings for friends. The food is good and tasty, customer service is also very good. They actually cook the BBQ for you so you can spend the time eating and chatting up with your friends. Price is about $327 for 6 packs, we order some sides, alcoholic drinks and premium meat that’s why the price. Recommend to try.

  82. Avatar photo

    boss is so good

  83. Avatar photo
    Julian Ong

    good food, good soju

  84. Avatar photo
    Rain8425293 Z


  85. Avatar photo
    Eugene See

    Food is overpriced. Very little side dishes.
    Hotpot have neligible meat

  86. Avatar photo
    Dol Chew

    Decent korean bbq. Thumbs up for the charcoal pit.

    However, there are barely enough space for comfortable seating around the restaurant. During our visit, we were seated near the kitchen area and having servers moving around us with the heated charcoals pit, which kept us feeling fearful and watching our back most of the time.

    Perhaps having customers seated with their back facing a busy kitchen area might not be that ideal. Floor can get oily and slippery during busy time.

    Food portion are good, average spending of $80 for 2paxs, with 2 dishes and non alcohol drinks.

    Staff are generally polite and attentive.

  87. Avatar photo
    Maureen C.Y

    Good food with good quality!

  88. Avatar photo
    lem chee keat

    I have been here four times, the service is good and the food is delicious

  89. Avatar photo
    SH moon

    The staff are friendly and the food is fine

  90. Avatar photo
    Iyner Nil

    Thoroughly enjoyable korea food that was satisfying.

  91. Avatar photo
    Isabelle Athena

    good food

  92. Avatar photo
    I M

    Nice food

  93. Avatar photo
    Mark Chong

    Loved it when they offer to bbq for u on non peak periods

  94. Avatar photo
    Tristan wong athena

    It was good it was tasty and yummy if I could go and eat every day I would be happy

  95. Avatar photo
    Ellie H

    Arrived at around 6pm on a saturday night, waited about 15 minutes. Pork belly and jjajangmyeon were delicious! Service from this man (in a cap) was excellent! Had a pleasant experience 🙂

  96. Avatar photo
    Helen Tan

    Nice place and nice food 😉
    Will come back again

  97. Avatar photo
    Adeline Koo

    Second visit to Supulae, staffs are very friendly and attentive to your table. Constantly helping to grill your meat so you don’t even need to touch it at all ! They have set packages that is very affordable for two pax. Fresh meat and also wide range of banchan available. I personally love their black sesame sauce salad. Not too crowded so you can walk in anytime.

  98. Avatar photo

    As a Korean, I can say they serve 100% athenctic Korean food. Even some of their menu was better than in Korea. Especially meat was so fresh and tender..Highly recommend this place. I forgot to take a picture the foods but their Chicken feet also was so nice. it goes well with Soju or Beer. I love their atmosphere too so will definitely visit soon again

  99. Avatar photo
    Dimitris Travel And Tips

    I used to live in Korea and ever since i left, i have searched far and wide for an authentic tasting restaurant that made me feel like i was back in my old countryside town in Gangwon-do….this place took me back there. Back to my nights of bbq, somaek and good times. I highly recommend this place

  100. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Luo

    Spent $116 for 3 pax ordering a set and a pancake. Meat was pathetic…. Any of us could have finished it on our own. We had to eat bingsu somewhere else cos we left hungry!

  101. Avatar photo
    Alain Johns

    On my first visit – Very Good food and service. Ordered the beef set and felt that it was value for money. The beef was of exceptionally high quality. My son (who is a beef lover) enjoyed himself.
    I have been back several times. The owner who’s a Korean Lady recognised me and offered me the seafood and kimchi pancake. It was good. The beef was good. Same consistency as my previous visits.
    Highly Recommended.

  102. Avatar photo
    Bob Noname

    This is one of my go to places for late night dining and taking friends! I like the casual atmosphere, while at the same time the food is very good and the service is fast and friendly. I find the price reasonable, and it’s a convenient location. Bossman is very nice.

  103. Avatar photo
    André Alho

    Good food and service

  104. Avatar photo
    Bay Yong Sheng

    Came For the Good review for a quick meal, and was surprised that they gave me free side dish even thought i only ordered a Salmon roe Bimbibap, even the side dish was good too. Lady Boss is very service orientated, used to pass by once to look look but she kindly offered cold Drinks because it was a hot day, and surprised me again with another free drink as she remember me. For those who like nice place to chill, now it is a good time to drop by cuz quite quiet, usually it is full house.

  105. Avatar photo
    Joel Kwok

    Stumbled upon this restaurant while looking for a place to grab dinner and was pleasantly surprised!

    The service was immaculate, but we did go at around 5:30pm when the restaurant was still empty.

    The food itself was amazing! The staff helps you to cook the meat so it is perfectly cooked each time and it it so tender and flavorful. The sauce that goes with the meat compliments it immensely and is delicious!

    Overall, I highly recommend this place. You won’t be disappointed.

  106. Avatar photo

    The atmosphere was nice and the food tasted very good!

  107. Avatar photo
    Veronica Lee

    Love the food here. Everything tastes so good and portion is good! Value for money

  108. Avatar photo
    yelin htet. (drake.)

    Good stuff. Staff are very helpful and will grill your choice of meat to your preferences. Side dishes are so underrated. Very good side dishes you will need a lot of em hehe

  109. Avatar photo
    Ryan Lim

    Affordable & delicious food along with great ambience & service. Will definitely return!

  110. Avatar photo

    Friendly and service is the best
    The food is delicious and the restaurant is clean.
    I will visit again

  111. Avatar photo
    gerald lim

    Not the best place to eat Korean food. Service is also not that great, below average.

  112. Avatar photo
    D W

    Affordable and worth for the food you get!

  113. Avatar photo
    Owen Lim

    Food was really delicious and felt like a taste of what an experience of eating bbq in korea might be like! Staff were super friendly and had superb service Would recommend the seafood pancake and the meat here mainly! Not a huge fan of the army stew though

  114. Avatar photo

    Su pu lae is one of the pioneers of Korean bbq in Singapore. The quality of the meat is top notch and they have all the necessary side dishes that contemplates well with the bbq. If you come here, dont forget to order their bbq set menus and the chicken feet. It has a nice kick, but the flavor and smokiness cannot compare with anywhere else.
    Great service and good food, will come again!

  115. Avatar photo
    Pari k

    Lovely meat n staff…everything was very fresh …very helpfull waitress n Maneger

  116. Avatar photo
    Kat T.

    Went to try out this resto after waiting for a loooooong time at another Korean BBQ resto. First time to dine here and we really liked the place. All the staff were really nice and friendly. They’d help you grill your meat. The Kimchi Jeon was really delicious! So was the samgyupsal. We’ll definitely be back to try out the other food on the menu!

  117. Avatar photo

    Gave 4 first because it was a just first time… I would say their service is much better than food, but that doesnt mean food was bad. They tried to change beer to colder ones which are more preferrable to most of beer drinkers… Food was not bad. My friends who are from other asian countries found the egg soup very good though it was rather normal to me, a Korean. Go try

  118. Avatar photo
    Isaac Zu

    Naengmyun – 2 stars
    Soup was bland, dish lacked culinary effort. Disappointing.

    Kimchi pancake – 2 stars
    After biting into the light crispy exterior, my mouth was assaulted by mushy pancake paste. Avoid.

  119. Avatar photo
    Juliana Ng

    Had a great time there, would give the chicken a miss the next time I go and order more of their pork for BBQ. Service was very attentive and bill came up to a reasonable price too.

  120. Avatar photo
    Julie H

    Enjoyed the meal, service ruined it
    Warning: make sure your whole group arrives before you can get seated here

    Brought my fam here on May 8.. we reached ~10 min before the store opened so started queuing outside. We were the 2nd party. Nature called, so my parents went away looking for a toilet and I was alone. When they opened, this one young male waiter simply REFUSED to let me in until everyone was present even though I said they were on their way back. I asked him if I could wait inside (you know, aircon lah) and he still said no, just simply showed me the door out. mind you this is 5pm, and the place was practically EMPTY except the other group who already went in front of us. NO ONE waiting behind us. Even at 530 long after we were seated there were only 3-4 tables. How hard would it have been to seat me really, rather than blindly following policy?? As an industry insider myself – why go to such lengths to create such an unhappy experience for your guests?

    Had one other female staff who didn’t really speak English so the boss had to step in twice for orders, but at least she was perfectly nice and genuinely trying her best.. kudos to her

    The food was actually delicious and would’ve been 5 stars – but the poor service at start of this meal ruined it

  121. Avatar photo
    Antony arun

    place For Nice Korean Drinks

  122. Avatar photo
    Joseph Pang

    Lost in its side dishes but the service is not bad. Meat quality is not bad. Very polite and nice boss

  123. Avatar photo
    Seth Chan

    Cooked it for us when we were inexperienced!

  124. Avatar photo
    Seetoh Wai Leong

    Service staff friendly and environment is great.

  125. Avatar photo
    Desmond Tan

    Very helpful and friendly service staff !

  126. Avatar photo
    suspicious fountain XP

    Omg so good never seen snitching more tasty good quality and yummy and better price than others

  127. Avatar photo

    Have tried 10+ Korean restaurants in this area and this is one of the restaurants I will definitely come back! Food is authentic and the service is super good! Their kimchi pancake is gold! Crispy and kimchi is actually sour with an outstanding taste! I also like how they didn’t mix any seafood in their kimchi pancake and keep it as what it is !

  128. Avatar photo
    Franck M.

    Great value for money. Can get noisy at times.

  129. Avatar photo
    Soo Yan Lin

    Still OK, not too bad

  130. Avatar photo
    Chan Lawrence

    Can have better Korean bbq elsewhere. Seasoning bit blend

  131. Avatar photo
    Zhenling Teo

    It was already crowded at 6pm on a Sunday evening. They don’t take in reservations so be prepared to wait. Food was good, and the staff helped to cook for us even though it’s full house. I like the seafood soup, kimchi pancakes and the marinated bbq items. Would return again!

  132. Avatar photo
    Mia Z

    Randomly walked into this restaurant late on a Friday evening and pleasantly surprised by the food! Banchan were all spectacular and the meat was really good as well, especially the marinated pork collar. The nice Korean staff did the grilling perfectly. Sets for 2-3 pax priced around 60-70ish if I remember correctly, which is just a tad more expensive than similar sets at some of the nearby places, but the quality of their food makes up for it. Ventilation is decent so didn’t leave the place smelling too much like smoke.

  133. Avatar photo
    Tian Lan

    Comparing to the other choices along the road, service and serving are definitely not the top of the choices… The original pork collar is must try among all

  134. Avatar photo
    Serene Tiong

    Friendly staff with tasty food. BBQ meat is well marinated. love the Korean steam eggs.

  135. Avatar photo
    hello hello

    Food not bad at all

  136. Avatar photo
    Maggie Tiong

    Delicious food and nice staff !! We had a good ladies talk with lots of drink ~

  137. Avatar photo
    Gertjan Verdickt

    Very nice place to eat Korean BBQ while in Singapore! Very cosy restaurant, amazing food and friendly people. Would recommend this place to others. Been to similar concepts in other places and here the smell is not even bad, given that everything is cooked at the table. A place to visit again!

  138. Avatar photo
    Jane Sun

    Sumptuous food with great ambience…. GREAT!

  139. Avatar photo
    Ada Y.

    They have a $63 American wagyu set which includes quite a bit of food, great value. Highly recommend!

  140. Avatar photo
    David Bay Yong Sheng

    Generous serving of their free flow side dishes. And one of the few more affordable ones at Tanjong Pagar. Value for money and very nice Lady Boss. 😀

  141. Avatar photo
    Minh Hoang

    Polite and attentive service! The food is great. Waiting time is not too long compared to other Korean BBQ restaurants

  142. Avatar photo
    Ming Cheng

    We ordered the kimchi and pork stew and the taste was fantastic. Note that it’s meant for 2-3 pax but we felt the portion could be a bit too small for 3pax. It also came with refillable side dishes. Service was great too. Would definitely return!

  143. Avatar photo
    Linjie Lee

    Good food decently priced good stuff

  144. Avatar photo
    rebekah lee

    Reasonably priced, though meat portions are exactly as described and photographed on the menu (not very much).

  145. Avatar photo
    Doro C

    Chanced upon this place while looking for a Korean food place that opens past 9pm and have been visiting frequently after. The service is good and the staff would barbecue the meats for you. I always order the rice ball ($10) during my visits. A great place to hang out with friends!

  146. Avatar photo
    The legend isaiah 27

    Superb Korean BBQ with quality meat!!
    One of the best authentic Korean BBQ in Singapore…

  147. Avatar photo
    YS Wong

    Nice food, reasonable price and great service.

  148. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Wei

    Really clean and good quality Korean BBQ with nice service. Would come back.

  149. Avatar photo

    Very well marinated and good quality beef. They also cook the meat on your behalf with a charcoal fire. They cook it in the best way to consume the meat, it was a great experience. Their banchan are also quite good and they do offer refill if requested.

    I think this place is as close to the real authentic KBBQ experience that you can find in Singapore.

  150. Avatar photo
    Yuan feng

    Great food, good service. But seem not enough manpower. Waiter BBQ skill not so good. Set meal for 2-3 is enough for 3ppl who eat less to get 50% full. Must try the fish crackers!!!

  151. Avatar photo


  152. Avatar photo
    Jinnie Lee

    Thanks for the warm service I rlly enjoyed my dinner here! Thumbs up!! …

  153. Avatar photo
    Kris Lee

    Good quality food with excellent service from the crew

  154. Avatar photo
    Methoros Exkiop

    Service wasn’t that good. Didn’t want to give side dishes even after ordering food and even after asking why a whole tray was sitting on the counter.

    Side dish only came 20mins later when the main dish came. And the Kimchi tasted bad, maybe even overly oxidized. Bottom ranking in Kimchi, what kind of Korean BBQ shop is this. Disappointed

    BBQ meat is slightly overpriced for the portion.

    Only the spicy chicken w cheese was nice.

  155. Avatar photo
    Erushii Won

    Nice food

  156. Avatar photo
    Zleipnir Goh

    The food is quite standard. Nice, not wow

  157. Avatar photo
    Zhi Huan Lim

    Very kind & attentive staff, nice ambience. Good quality, value for money. Bean paste soup that came with the set was strong and tasty, like in korea

  158. Avatar photo
    Doro C

    Chanced upon this place while looking for a Korean food place that opens past 9pm and have been visiting frequently after. The service is good and the staff would barbecue the meats for you. I always order the rice ball ($10) during my visits. A great place to hang out with friends!

  159. Avatar photo
    Dane K

    Best Korean restaurant in Singapore. Extremely consistent, and always provide great service with high quality food. The short rib / galbi sal is fantastic, excellent seafood pancake, and their house made kimchi alone makes it worthwhile

  160. Avatar photo
    Nanxi Su

    Very nice Korean restaurant and very handsome boss!!

  161. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Chen

    The meat was really so good and they cooked the meat so well for you ~

  162. Avatar photo

    Great Korean restaurant ever tried in SG! Gonna be my go-to-place 🫶 …

  163. Avatar photo
    Wen Kang Tang

    Visited Supulae on a Thursday night. Suggest to visit earlier to avoid the dinner crowd. Overall, was quite a good experience. They offer various bbq set ranging from $40+ to $80+, depending on the meat type. However, note that they do not take in quandoo reservation and hence, I met with difficulty in claiming my cashback.

  164. Avatar photo
    Lololol Hehe

    omg best BEEF I’ve aver ate try it plus the customer service was very good best place I’ve been to

  165. Avatar photo
    Anya C

    Prices comparable to the other restaurants in this stretch but impressed by service and quality of food. Had the beef and chicken BBQ set and a half-half pancake. Food was tasty and staff were diligent and generous about topping up the side dishes. Especially enjoyed the pancake, which was soft in the middle and chewy around the sides. Generous amount of seafood/kimchi filling too! Service was excellent. Staff were friendly, especially the Chinese lady who attended to my table. She helped us cook our meats and they were cooked perfectly!

  166. Avatar photo
    Alpha Hoong

    fell good overall

  167. Avatar photo
    Joeson Tan

    The food is ok ok…but the rice cake is too spicy….maybe very authentic korean but i dontlike

  168. Avatar photo
    Anne Lee

    A meat restaurant where Tanjongpagar is hidden restaurant “Supulae” I felt it every time I go~ the quality of the pork, from the color.. I can’t see at Tanjong Pagar, it doesn’t smell, it’s soft, and it’s so delicious. In addition, perfectly juicy, high-quality wagyu Ribeye and short ribs.. The side dishes are similar to other Korean meat restaurants… but the meat is the best!! In addition, the korean style pickled sesame leaves prepared by the owner themself. It’s sweet and sour..some kind of meat Edo fantastic combination!!!
    I’m sure there will be a ton of more loyal customers in the future.
    Thank you boss for preparing meat and cooking for customers.~

  169. Avatar photo
    Fiona Lim

    Amazing service by all the service crew there! Food quality was very goood. I love all their side dishes and they helps to top up and grill our meat too! Was given a bowl of steam egg on the house too hehe! Everything was perfect and we paid around $96 (Edit; Tried their halfhalf pancake, the kimchi pancake was quite salty but the seafood pancake is v nice recommend you to purchase the seafood pancake alone!)

  170. Avatar photo
    Kris Lau

    Lovely evening with friends in a private room, with plenty of great barbecue dishes to share. Loved the ambience, staff and the quality of food. I’ll visit again!

  171. Avatar photo
    Give Away

    It was great it deserves a 5 stars the service was good and the boss was nice to me

  172. Avatar photo
    Stella Ong

    Best Korean bbq and friendly staff.
    Definitely will come again!

  173. Avatar photo
    Freddy Lim

    Another great place for Korean food. I came here twice already and the food is good. Just bit pricey.

  174. Avatar photo
    Goh Ek Jun

    The 5 of us ordered Set E + extra meat, pancake and some beer. We were served 7 banchan to share, with really small portion. None of them tasted good except for kimchi. We requested for more kimchi but were told that we could only ask one at a time. And on our 3rd refill, we were informed that it was the last. Seriously? We had 5 people, and your serving was small to begin with. We also did not request for refills for any other sides. The meats were ok, nothing to shout about, but the stingy service really left a bad taste in the mouth.

  175. Avatar photo
    Peggy G

    Absolutely delicious!

  176. Avatar photo
    Bobby Ong

    We order for 3 pax bb set. The beefs are passable. Not impressive with the side dishes. Its just passable quality. The bean pastes is not nice. So are the pancakes too. Will try other resturants.

  177. Avatar photo
    Debbie EE

    Personalised Customer-centric Excellent, Prompt Service ! Excellent Food ! Reasonable Price.! …

  178. Avatar photo
    shirni ong

    Had better.

    Don’t know why the food that we ordered taste sweeter than other Korean BBQ place. Even the chili sauce taste sweet. So, half way I lost my appetite.

    But love the feel of the place. Was attracted to the ambience when we walk pass. Was suppose to eat at an izakaya but the place was closed.

    Here thy use Charcoal instead of gas/electric. Awesome!

    Alot drinks promo going on, huge young crowd.

  179. Avatar photo
    Koay Yunnie

    I have been here countless times and it is still so delicious It can be said that it is the best Korean food in Singapore !

  180. Avatar photo
    Life's for living

    Great Korean BBQ, we had pork belly, pork loin, chicken, beef tongue, Kim hi fried rice with cheese, and watermelon sochu! So yummy, had a great time here. Well recommended for a group meal.

  181. Avatar photo
    Zeng Hui

    Food was not too bad! The staff helped to cook the meat so that it won’t get burnt. Ironically at the end he forgot about us and our meat got burnt. Had to request for 5 times before we got some water. Overall still not too bad!

  182. Avatar photo
    May Voon

    Extremely cozy ambience, very nice environment, music was great and not loud that you can’t talk and hear like other korean restaurants. Food wise, it was absolute amazing, devoured it all before any chance to take pics. Been to a lot of korean bbq and this become one my top one, banchan are great selection and homemade kimchi!! The meat are really fresh, juicy and not from frozen! We ordered the recommended Pork belly, oh no regrets on that, converted us from the thinly sliced pork to the pork belly. The beef is cook to perfect medium rare as requested and really good quality. Bonus bit, the owner is very pretty and friendly!!!

  183. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Kuek

    Decent place, small gripes like staff did not change bbq cover that has been charred. Overall had a good meal.

  184. Avatar photo
    JingWen Ong

    One of the best Korean bbq I had! Service and food are all good. Though price was a little on the high side, but it’s all worth it. Will definitely come again!

  185. Avatar photo
    Karan Malhotra

    Fantastic food. We tried the chicken, the pancakes, the ramen, watermelon soju, kimchi fried rice. Every dish was absolutely fantastic, definitely going back soon

  186. Avatar photo
    louis lim

    Awesome service, good food, good vibes

  187. Avatar photo
    Audrey Z

    Wasn’t many people on the Saturday near dinner time. Love the intestine and seafood pancake!

  188. Avatar photo
    G ZJ

    Good service, price is acceptable

  189. Avatar photo
    Vincent Choi

    Great Korean BBQ. Really fresh pork belly and seafood pancake. The beef was fantastic as well. Would definitely come back.

  190. Avatar photo
    Cedric Cha

    Food was very average, and on the pricey side. Would give it 3 stars but the staff and service were very good.

  191. Avatar photo
    Fight the hall Lol

    The best place I gone to I’m like in heaven the BEEF is the best I suggest this place because I’ve been to many places and this is the one because the boss lady and the staff were the best they make sure everyone has their beef or pork cooked properly

  192. Avatar photo
    Arun Kumar

    Good enough food. Same as most other korean food places around. The prices are slightly too high for the level of service and food quality.

  193. Avatar photo

    portion is small but pricy for set meal, staff not being attentive and therefore having burned meat for dinner, meat are also tough to bite

  194. Avatar photo
    Swee Sian Soh

    Very friendly Sa Jang Nin, good sparkling rice wine premium makgeoli 1932 collection with BBQ.

  195. Avatar photo
    GD skyblue

    Bbq nice

  196. Avatar photo

    Very friendly staff & boss. The meats were on the pricey side but the server cooked and cut for us, and it was perfect and soft.

    Boneless chicken feet was disappointing, there were still bones and the feet were kind of dry and too chewy? I feel like kkokkonara does a better version of this where the feet are super soft and theres alot of sauce. Taste was ok, just not great execution.

    The jajjangmyeon was soso, noodles in black sauce with no accompanying ingredients other than an egg which i wish was sunny side up inside of fully cooked and hard..

    I gave four stars because the banchan and meats and service was good. Alot of room for improvement esp for the price. Quite competitive in Tanjong Pagar

  197. Avatar photo
    khairul nizar

    Nice dining places.. Food was great!

  198. Avatar photo
    Fred (TwoSpuds)

    Always a good place. Get the marinated beef, usually the best for grilling.

  199. Avatar photo
    Jolene Koh

    No frills and yummy place! Indeed a go-to place whenever you feel like having kbbq.

  200. Avatar photo
    shangming chen

    The taste is very good, frequented. Very authentic Korean BBQ

  201. Avatar photo
    Arvind Lalwani

    Good service, good food. They dont take reservations but we didnt need to wait to get a table, on a Friday night! And they were still packed! Awesome service staff made the experience wonderful. This is going to be my Korean food spot from now on!

  202. Avatar photo
    Travis Tan

    Very slow service. Meat portion was small. Meat was served but no service staff came to barbecue. Soft tofu soup tasted like it was made from instant noodle seasoning sachet and added tofu. Kimchi as a side dish was really bad. Water needs to be reminded a few times before it was served. Felt that money not well spent. Other restaurants opposite are better.

  203. Avatar photo

    Awesome KBBQ and seafood pancake!

  204. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Wong

    Mediocre kbbq and buddaejiggae. Staff who assisted in cooking the meats was not experienced

  205. Avatar photo
    Doidoi Kong

    Stumbled upon this hidden gem when travelling with hungry friends. Excellent food and atmosphere. Customer service is great and we all left happy and satisfied.

  206. Avatar photo
    Jungwuk Kim


  207. Avatar photo
    Cheng Kaiyi

    Affordable bbq with attentive service! Shorter waiting time if you come before 6pm.

  208. Avatar photo
    Jason Hugh

    Crowded place, food is ok but meat quality could be better. Service is good

  209. Avatar photo
    Jane Wong

    One of my favourite kBBQ restaurants. The cuts are great and nice. Portion looks small but more than enough for small eaters. …

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