Review Sunshine Place, 475 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3, Singapore

Review Sunshine Place in Singapore

“Has a supermarket, a small Guardian, stationery shop and bakery. Multiple atms. Hairdressers at level 2, laundromat at level 1. 3 clinics at level 2.” or “One of the HDB’s many mini shopping malls located conveniently at the Heartlands.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Sunshine Place. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Sunshine Place is quality.

Introduction about Sunshine Place

Here are some fundamental details regarding Sunshine Place. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Sunshine Placeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 475 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 66765123 (+65 66765123)
  • Website:
  • Address: 475 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 9 PM.


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Phone number

You can reach Sunshine Place at 66765123(+65 66765123). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Sunshine Place via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 475 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Sunshine Place reviews

Sunshine Place is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Sunshine Place good?

To determine whether Sunshine Place is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“First level - food stalls, bubble tea, pet shop, giant supermarket, mobile store, optical shop and 2 tcm clinics. 2nd level - 3 clinics and 3 hair salons. …”

“Though it is going through renovation, you can still find some gems inside here especially the halal Abang stall with the best teh tarik drink around this region”

“Well I just visit the convenience store that's all. But you can get a lot of stuff from there that's for sure”

“With Giant Supermarket, Kopitam, ,doctor clinics, cake shops, 7-11, Subway and other shops, it is a vwry good and convenient place for shopping and eating and leisure walking.”

“Two plus Two ice cream and waffle cafe is new in sunshine place. It is a small cafe with different flavoured ice creams. There are cakes, waffles, coffee and lattes too. It's open everyday 10am to 10pm.”

“Great food at kopitiam, delicious bakery shops, bubble tea, have Giant supermarket, 7-11, Subway, pet shops and much more. Very convenient”

“Went to get some groceries from Giant. Being a Sunday, there were more customers. Queues were long, but the check out counters were smooth.”

“Been upgrading the stalls to better food stalls over time.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 250 feedbacks with an overall score of 3.8 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 58% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Sunshine Place, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Sunshine Place, 475 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3, Singapore

There is a total 250 reviews

3.8 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    this place is a very nice place if you walk pass it you should check it out

  2. Avatar photo

    Giant, guardian, bicycle shop, diy shop, 24hr laundry, vet 7-11 subway, kopitiam, posb atm, axs machine and many more

  3. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Ho

    Giant, Zi cha and food court is good

  4. Avatar photo

    The only notable place is giant Mart

  5. Avatar photo
    Singularity Convergence

    Giant supermarket with a variety of shops to provide for necessities.

  6. Avatar photo
    Francis Twang

    Not many shop mix.
    While many items out of stock frequently at Giant. So prefer to order from Sheng Siong online and home delivery; very satisfied with Sheng Siong service and products’ quality!

  7. Avatar photo
    Faisal Ishak

    Neighbourhood convenience. And a reliable and friendly bicycle shop on the first floor

  8. Avatar photo
    Shiro Tan

    Good place for surrounding residents. There is a Giant supermarket and various eateries, LiHo Bubble tea shop, cafes and vet. There’s a store selling wanton noodles for $3.80 a plate. Delicious as the noodles are QQ.

  9. Avatar photo
    Zhi Xiang

    Nice convinent local community shopping wouldn’t call it a mall but does sell everyday essentials and has coffee shops

  10. Avatar photo
    Alan Ng

    The Gao Ji Yong Tau Hu at the Food court is quite nice, worth a try.

  11. Avatar photo
    rosli bin

    Giant supermarket is Hugh, only one halal foodstall, very disappointing. Not a place to hv halal dinner. The toilet is very clean, surprising.

  12. Avatar photo
    jijo varghese


  13. Avatar photo
    Ken Wong

    The food court no aircon at all very hot.

  14. Avatar photo
    Mervyn Loh

    Lots of outdoor sitting. The fried carrot cake is very good.

  15. Avatar photo
    Nur Shahida Edrus

    Not many halal food option,especially kopitiam.Nothing much here,the place looks very quiet though, especially weekdays.

  16. Avatar photo
    Vishnu Chakri

    Giant is best place to buy things around cck ave 3,4,5

  17. Avatar photo
    thiensen low

    The Indian rojak and roti prata at the kopitiam is very nice.

  18. Avatar photo
    Success Candy Milo

    Very convenient 24 hour GIANT supermarket. Have kopitiam there and NS department sell all household needs.

  19. Avatar photo
    Khadijah Abdul Wahid (Kat Wahid)

    Not much going on, mostly under renovation. The few shops there are good

  20. Avatar photo
    Clement Lam

    Small mall but is clean and quiet to shop around.

  21. Avatar photo
    Tay Hee Cheow

    Need to do slots of improvement:-more shops with update layout, improve better food store. Improve on surrounding lighting couple with new repaint on the building. Plus extra,extra to draw the crowd and have more activities.Looking forward to see it happen.

  22. Avatar photo

    Typical heartland mall with a bicycle shop and Giant Supermarket

  23. Avatar photo
    Diana Mariane

    Some parts of the mall is undergoing renovation. So its quite messy. There are not much shops

  24. Avatar photo
    Mak Kam

    Seen early years these place still the same , there are shops , Giant Supermarket saloon n babber also clinic

  25. Avatar photo
    Anwari Henry

    Place will change in near future and new things could be seen …

  26. Avatar photo
    Dereth Tang

    Very small neighbourhood mall. There’s a foodcourt, supermarket, auto laundromat and about 10 different shops. A few clinics. Yeah that’s about it.

  27. Avatar photo
    Sledge Hammer

    There is a big giant which has alot of groceries and bakery and food court.

  28. Avatar photo
    Manjeev Srivastava

    House hold shops, convenience store and a supermarket are the highlights. Food court is OK.

  29. Avatar photo
    Pin Lay Chi

    Stumbled upon this corner shop while cycling in Choa Chu Kang. The Mee Siam was really nice and though the centre was under renovations it was still clean and airy. Love exploring quaint corners in SG and discovering nice cosy places for makan. Do pop by if you are in the hood!

  30. Avatar photo
    Arati Menon-Tan

    Place has more shops now. Spacious as some of the upgrading works have ended. But still not totally over yet

  31. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chen

    Neighborhood humble tiny mall with groceries, food court, clinic, saloon and almost everything you need for daily essentials. nothing on entertainment or fun though.

  32. Avatar photo

    Under renovation … quite messy

  33. Avatar photo
    Hi Mobil

    Not many muslim food kfc,pizza hut..

  34. Avatar photo
    Nur Nadia

    Usually I went here for groceries cause there’s Giant Supermarket. The foodcourt is under renovation for now.

  35. Avatar photo
    Nur Muhd Razali

    Heartland malls.

    July 21 – food place under upgrade.

  36. Avatar photo
    bart de roeck

    Still no hawker after waiting more than a year already….

  37. Avatar photo
    Kelly Tan

    Freshly baked breads daily. Nothing to complain about.

  38. Avatar photo
    Malcolm Tan

    Somehow the place feels very cold with the dark slate flooring. It wasn’t an inviting place.

  39. Avatar photo
    Duncan Tjon

    Good place to visit if you want some good Japanese or Thai vegetarian food.

  40. Avatar photo
    James Yeo

    Tried the chicken rice stall in Kopitiam. Food so-so nothing special. Service okay no complain.

  41. Avatar photo
    Mas Andi

    A small shopping building but still under going renovation when we visited in July 2022.

  42. Avatar photo
    Crescens Tan

    Old but still operates fine. Has a hardware shop, Kopitiam and very nice crabs to eat, Subway 7eleven, bakery etc.

  43. Avatar photo

    The friendly neighborhood shopping centre. The presence of Giant supermarket is very convenient for the residents around here due to its location and it’s long operating hours. Pretty chill during wee hours but be nice to the staff, or I’ll come looking for you!

    There’s a bicycle shop, many stationery shops and a big miscellaneous shop that sells many important items like table covers, house tools, plumbing equipments and many more, I can’t list them out. Yes, they sell laundry baskets and long clothes poles too!

    Looking for food? There’s a foodcourt there and you can use your kopitiam card! The food is lovely, I frequent the Indian and the Malay hawker shop there. And there’s subway too, if you’re looking for something less traditional!

    Frequent this place guys! This place needs to live! For the sake of the residents! ️

  44. Avatar photo

    Still under renovation, certain shops is still open..

  45. Avatar photo
    richard teo

    too small and not enough variety, but just sufficient to get your daily necessities.

  46. Avatar photo
    Syed Abdul Razaak

    Neighbourhood mall with local shops, Giant supermarket is located in this, also has DBS/Deposit machines and other banks ATM as well

  47. Avatar photo
    liqi ren

    Love the dessert stall. The ice kachang and wen tou xue

  48. Avatar photo
    Sailor Wong

    Went to get some groceries from Giant. Being a Sunday, there were more customers. Queues were long, but the check out counters were smooth.

  49. Avatar photo
    Remy Sulaiman

    Gaint and alot shop.

  50. Avatar photo
    John Brian Lim

    Though it is going through renovation, you can still find some gems inside here especially the halal Abang stall with the best teh tarik drink around this region

  51. Avatar photo
    Muso Lee

    This place could have been designed better to serve the neighborhood. The entire building is way too small and there are not enough variety of eateries to offer. Thanks to Giant there that offers 24 hours grocery shopping. Glad that it is undergoing an upgrading change now. Looking forward to see a brand new place enriched with more vibrant energy.

  52. Avatar photo
    Johnny Chee

    Today kopitiam open 5.55am,there r mostly pioneer drinking coffee,the staff today is hardworking & polite.
    I’ll give a 5 star
    Johnny Chee

  53. Avatar photo
    Srinivasan Lakshminarayanan

    Complex has Giant Supermarket, The Guardian, Cycle repair shop, hardware shop, 7/11, food court and newly opened subway. Accessible by bus routes 172, 300, 301, 975

  54. Avatar photo
    Wayne Tay

    Basic mall with services like food stores, supermarket, hardware, TCM and clinics.

  55. Avatar photo
    E-commerce Meme

    Due to the current closure and renovations nothing much to see and do. However Clinics and Early childhood education and co -curricular education centres appear to be rather fine

  56. Avatar photo
    Kenny Tong

    Nothing much in this small mall other than Giant, Kopitiam, ATM machines and AXS.

  57. Avatar photo
    Nallathambi Ganesan


  58. Avatar photo
    HALAN Ong

    The crab master food is not bad but no smoking area till late

  59. Avatar photo
    Just to share WHATSNEW

    24 hrs 7 eleven, Giant , toilets, nice chilling place overnight

  60. Avatar photo
    Leah Pinky

    Neaby my place.. a compact place wherein everything is within your reach, but can add some stalls so we can hang out to eat and enjoy a little chit chat.

  61. Avatar photo
    Muhd Mursyid

    Great shopping centre for those living in the flats nearby. There’s a 24 hour Giant Supermarket, Guardian Pharmacy and Kopitiam Food court. Food is alright for its price.

  62. Avatar photo
    Raja Mohan

    We are waiting for the restaurant to open

  63. Avatar photo
    Joel Seong Koon Whye Kooi

    A very nice place to visit, for hairs, there’s somthing for everyone!

  64. Avatar photo
    Antonio Thambi

    Too early for other stores to open, Giant is 24 hours

  65. Avatar photo
    Lim Sunny

    Small convenient stall with a Kopitiam. For simple breakfast and a very good stir fried outlet especially their crabs.

  66. Avatar photo
    Simon Tan

    Small area. Has some shops, bakery, foodcourt, grocery store, hardware, chinese physician, clinic and places to cut hair.

  67. Avatar photo
    Victor Tan

    Collection of shops near living estates proving the convenience to residents

  68. Avatar photo
    K G Oon

    Convenience except not much F&B

  69. Avatar photo
    Yeoman Eng Liang

    A Giant supermart, Kopitiam food court and one bicycle repair shop can be found here.

  70. Avatar photo
    Bryan Chai Ming Shi

    Can be a little crowded but is a true gem in a small neighbourhood with a great variety of food.
    The popular stalls in the Kopitiam are easily recognised via the long queues at peak hours. The kimchi fried rice served at the korean stall is one of my favorites till date, keeping me going back for more at every opportunity.

    Another noteworthy option would be the chicken rice!

  71. Avatar photo
    Eukay Bee Ash

    Nice place to chill out after hours especially 24/7 giant is around and 7 eleven and during hours, there is wide spread of option stalls in a small place.

  72. Avatar photo
    Terence Tan

    Nice area for some supermarket shopping and food. There is a nice durian shop within the building too with very nice ambient.

  73. Avatar photo
    Surin Sng

    Kopitiam @ #1: So far tried the minced meat noodle & ban mian. Very delicious & cheap $3.50 only.

  74. Avatar photo
    Nikola Ger

    under renovation but the bingsu there is nice from oh my mango cheers

  75. Avatar photo
    Clinton Yew

    Just a neighborhood mall. The toilets are outstanding for this level of mall and I appreciate the bicycle shop here

  76. Avatar photo
    Wei Leong Chong

    Good neighbourhood mall. Hope it redevelop into bigger mall to rival Lot 1. There is a lot residents nearby and with new MRT coming soon, I think it will be a good shopping and dining spot if the government invest to it.

  77. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chiu

    Good place if you are looking for groceries and household necessities due to Giant 24 he supermart

  78. Avatar photo
    Yinjie Wang

    With Giant, guardian, GP and guardian.

  79. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Ng

    Not only the ship, the plans there is well maintainers, so beautiful u may stay stares and walk around the environment, is so clean and need, s supermarket Giant and other small shop that u may fine it interesting and there’s a bicycle shop with a long history

  80. Avatar photo
    Le Anh Dao

    The builiding is too old, not so clean. Only few shops there.

  81. Avatar photo
    Kamaruzzaman Mahmood

    Part of the building is STILL under renovation

  82. Avatar photo
    Paul G

    Had a problem wit card n the joint Manager Wilson handled it like a breeze!!!

  83. Avatar photo
    Jonas Hii

    Basic shops like supermarket, kopitiam, 7 eleven and bakery etc.

  84. Avatar photo
    lee yongqing

    Has a supermarket, a small Guardian, stationery shop and bakery. Multiple atms. Hairdressers at level 2, laundromat at level 1. 3 clinics at level 2.

  85. Avatar photo
    Lily Pang

    No food court quite quiet though got giant supermarket

  86. Avatar photo
    Hanafi Sadik

    Giant Supermarket, Kopi Tiam Foodcourt and several other shops available.

  87. Avatar photo
    Hossain Mohammad Ibrahim


  88. Avatar photo
    Ryan Chew

    Not exactly a shopping mall, it’s just a place with a food court, a supermarket, and some shops.

  89. Avatar photo
    Hungry Traveller

    This place does not have a hawker centre. there are few places to buy food and you can locate saloons and medical centers in 2nd floor.

  90. Avatar photo
    Harini maharaja

    Not a lot of shops there.

  91. Avatar photo
    Sean Eng

    Free parking 12-2pm mon-sat only

  92. Avatar photo
    Hans kurnia widjaja

    Quaint little shopping area. Not alot of choices but has the basic essentials.

  93. Avatar photo
    Chan Jack

    With Giant supermarket it is convenience for residents, however it will be much better if KFC or MacDonald fast food restaurant is available. Other available shops are 711, Kopitium including a seafood stall “master crab”, Subway, wanton noodle shop, bakery shop, Guardian, clinics, a mini chinese medical shop, salon, mobile shop, Vet clinic, stationery shop, hardware shop & a bicycle shop.

  94. Avatar photo
    Ian Foo

    honestly not much to do here. would be great as a neighborhood stop for groceries and food but thanks to the construction hell it’s constantly in, you’re better off going to Lot 1.

  95. Avatar photo
    Kae Hwan Sim

    A multi-functional neighborhood drop-by place which is under renovation recently. Looking forward to seeing how it will be after few months.

  96. Avatar photo
    william lim

    Vegetables ; fruits and meats can meet my needs ,🈵🈵 …

  97. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Choy

    Don’t need to say, hoarding under renovation, nothing to say.

  98. Avatar photo
    Zachary Chua

    A small shopping centre of sorts, Sunshine Place has some interesting noteworthy places (such as the bakery, foodcourt, stationery shop which provides printing services and supermarket) but you’re much better off going to the nearby lot one if you’re looking to do some shopping. It’s a useful place to have if you live nearby as there’s many convenient shops but I wouldn’t make the trip here specially just for shopping etc..

  99. Avatar photo

    Food court here is under renovation for long time. No other food courts nearby. So sad.

  100. Avatar photo
    Doris Ang

    Nice seafood.. Giant, guardian, bicycle shop, syatinery etc

  101. Avatar photo
    Lena Koo

    Under reno still not completed. The tenant mix is so so .

  102. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lai

    i shop at the giant there .

  103. Avatar photo
    Mike Tan

    The Kopitiam is no longer around. Not much left except Giant, breadshop,LiHo tea, stationary shop

  104. Avatar photo
    Or chee koon

    One of the funny layout mall, unit numbers is jumping all over the place, better be patient.

  105. Avatar photo
    Thong Ching

    Limited food variety, not value for monet unless use kopitiam card

  106. Avatar photo

    Variety of choices from Subway and local food

  107. Avatar photo
    chien yee kwan

    Ample parking space, 24hr Giant supermarket.

  108. Avatar photo
    Khan Az Jewel


  109. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Jabeer

    Small local shopping center with all the basic items

  110. Avatar photo
    David Fhu

    Sunshine Place is a decent place that have most of the basic facility, like clinic, supermarket, hair salon, bike shop, furniture shop, laundromat, bread store, 7-eleven, vet, TCM and coffee shop. Due to it is individual business, everyone want to save cost and spend barely min to upkeep the place.

  111. Avatar photo
    Leslie Lye

    Nothing bad, but the mall is a bit…sad

  112. Avatar photo
    Rain Santana

    The food junction has only 1 halal stall. There is a 24 hour Giant supermarket which is conveniently reached. And good range of halal breads at the bread shop.

  113. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Paramsivan

    One of the HDB’s many mini shopping malls located conveniently at the Heartlands.

  114. Avatar photo
    Balamurugan Thangasamy

    Good place for choa Chu Kang avenue 3 residents. Giant shopping centre open for 24 hrs is plus but fish at giant is not fresh.

  115. Avatar photo
    Stanley Loh

    Decent as a neighborhood shopping place as most domestic needs can b available. There’s ATM, AXS & SAM. Toilet is quite nice & clean. Set back : quite old.

  116. Avatar photo
    Lily S.ali


  117. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Teo

    They have what the local needs. A Kopitiam, cake shop, Ice cream shop, Subway, Hardware shop, Shoes shop, Pet Vetinary shop, music school, Ladies shop, self help laundery, barber, stationery shop and 7 eleven.
    Ample car park with lift access.

  118. Avatar photo
    David Kwong

    Liked the spread and prices are affordable.

  119. Avatar photo

    Small little shopping area that serves the surrounding blocks. Quite convenient but dont expect too many shops or fast food restaurants. Has a clinic, barber, and kopitiam

  120. Avatar photo
    sujoy basak

    Well I just visit the convenience store that’s all. But you can get a lot of stuff from there that’s for sure

  121. Avatar photo
    Lester Chan

    Hoping to see the expansion soon as the food choices are still limited.

  122. Avatar photo
    Jamberi Kamis

    U can drop by Giant for buying grocery as certain parts is doing renovation

  123. Avatar photo
    Drako Chia

    It has all you need for a neighbourhood to get your necessity. Hope the food court will be up and running soon.

  124. Avatar photo

    Here’s a list of all the things they have
    – Parking
    – 7/11 (24hrs)
    – Giant (24hrs)
    – Vet
    – Kopitiam
    – Glasses shop
    – Tuition
    – Salon for hair
    – Stationary shop
    – Hardware shop
    – Small bakery
    – Subway
    – Small shoe shop
    – Small accessory shop
    – Cycle repair
    – Guardian

    Most of the shop closes from 2100-2200.

  125. Avatar photo
    HC Lum

    Functional neighborhood centre with a food court, shops and Giant 24hr supermarket.

  126. Avatar photo
    Shiro Tan

    Good place for surrounding residents. There is a Giant supermarket and various eateries, LiHo Bubble tea shop, cafes and vet. There’s a store selling wanton noodles for $3.80 a plate. Delicious as the noodles are QQ.

  127. Avatar photo
    PLI Chua

    Daily necessities and food can be bought here. very convenient.

  128. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tan

    Some area under upgrading or what,many common area blocked.

  129. Avatar photo
    Joseph Lee

    Renovation going on. Not much food choices.

  130. Avatar photo
    henry foo

    Very good

  131. Avatar photo
    Bhavani S

    An ntuc supermarket and prime supermarket here would be useful. There is no vegetarian food stall here. It would be good if a vegetarian/vegan stall is started here.

  132. Avatar photo
    Chee Johnny

    Customer never distancing,staff never advice,at the fish & pork counter blocking,have to bypass to buy pork or fish

  133. Avatar photo
    Cute Thulir

    I don’t know much about this place. just going for food court.

  134. Avatar photo
    surayah rozali

    My own experience , Sunshine must have Mcdonal and some Malay food..that it my experence.

  135. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Asyraf

    Got giant, kopitiam(2 halal stalls),vet,self service laundry wash,liho,ns department store,subway,7eleven

  136. Avatar photo
    mikk s

    Old and dusty. Only one giant supermarket….

  137. Avatar photo
    lim siewyi

    Giant groceries are fairly fresh. There are ice cream store with good gelato. Chicken rice in kopitiam have very nice fried chicken wings

  138. Avatar photo
    Angie Wheatley

    It is small compared to other places but it has the necessities like kopitiam, supermarket, clinics, vet, hair dressers, TCM and other shops. It is now undergoing a bit of a face-lift (renovation)

  139. Avatar photo
    Boon Ong

    Should try the wanton mee (Xing Fu Li) facing the road. Very nice but half day only.

  140. Avatar photo
    Zhen Yang Lee

    Has many facilities and services like clinic and supermarket. Food court is air-conditioned but food are just okay.

  141. Avatar photo

    A lot of printing and photocopy shops so you’ll definitely find one that suits your needs.

  142. Avatar photo

    Under renovation kopitiam not open so not much food

  143. Avatar photo
    Yasim Abidin

    Under some renovation now. Some services and shop still operating.

  144. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Yuen

    Lots of construction going on at the traffic intersection outside Sunshine Place for the future MRT station.

  145. Avatar photo
    Schnabel Yip

    They have nice dessert and food for everyone. Like the ice cream stall and bakery stall.

  146. Avatar photo
    Vee Jay

    Good for food varieties, but mall they have to improve all facilities and services.

  147. Avatar photo

    very nice and comfortable and try two + 2 its a ice cream store with awesome food your kids will love it!

  148. Avatar photo
    Virgilio Solomon

    very convenient since it is close to my location

  149. Avatar photo
    Nurul Lim

    Nothing much as it is a small shopping mall. Indian stall rojak expensive and not flavourful

  150. Avatar photo
    Alvin Weet

    Old shopping place. More parking lots than shops.

  151. Avatar photo
    Clive Heightman

    Nice compact mall without the usual upmarket branded stuff, good honest value stores

  152. Avatar photo
    Tghf Fhuu

    small cosy town. 359 handphone shop the two sales man were very friendly. I went to cut my sim I was expecting they will charge me. but to my surprise they told me it’s free.

  153. Avatar photo
    Sai Satini

    Sunshine place is a good place of you want to visit a doctor. There are about 3or 4 hospitals. Besides that there Are good hair salons which get your hair cut, crafted very nicely. It has a big supermarket with reasonable prices.

  154. Avatar photo
    June Tai

    Currently gg through minor a&a. Hope got more exciting shops coming up.

  155. Avatar photo
    Lim Hock Chuan

    Quite place not much shop open

  156. Avatar photo
    Johnathan Swee Kok Lee

    A small mall for the HDB residents.

  157. Avatar photo
    Bryan Chua

    An under-appreciated, functional neighborhood centre.

    Childcare, clinics, a vet, a pet groomer, an optician, a Giant supermarket, a 7/11, ATMs, SAM machine, a bakery, a creamery, a kopitiam with passable food, a seamstress/curtain shop and the only Subway in Singapore where you can’t get a meatball marinara sub (it’s halal).

    Your necessities and basic amenities are covered.

  158. Avatar photo
    Juliet Joe

    Kopitiam has the best Chilli Crab seafood stall and very reasonable price!

  159. Avatar photo
    Fanzi Suradi

    Easy to excess, everything have all under 1roof n toilet also clean

  160. Avatar photo
    et et

    Has a kopitiam, pet grooming store, vet, piano store, lan shop, bread shop etc.

  161. Avatar photo
    Nana Hong

    The place is still under renovation

  162. Avatar photo
    Akash Kumar

    One stop place for daily need, Grocery store, Cycle repair centre, Healthcare clinic, Kindergarten, So many things

  163. Avatar photo
    Ice D

    Love this place….would be better with McDonalds tho…hahaha

  164. Avatar photo
    Nike Clooner

    While waiting for your laundry you can groceries shopping at GIANT Supermarket then have your meal at food stall or grab a bite at either 7eleven or the bakery shop.

  165. Avatar photo
    Jing Wen

    Basic needs

    I hope Sunshine Place can sell more effective product like.. eg. Family package absorbent sanitary outer and inner pants from Uniqlo but at a lower & sustainable price. Otherwise am afraid the normal pants from the market may dirty the benches at MRT seat.

  166. Avatar photo
    Vincent Ong

    Under upgrading not many stall open.

  167. Avatar photo
    Farhan Hamid

    A neighbourhood mall to get your daily groceries at Giants. Avoid the peak hours at 6-8 pm onwards. Nothing much except a few provision shops, hawker fare food. There’s a Subway sandwich outlet near the kopitiam outlet.

  168. Avatar photo
    Dheva Vino lakshith

    Very nice and hygiene

  169. Avatar photo
    Jason Majie

    convenient place, carpark at level 2, and Giant Super market at level 1.

  170. Avatar photo
    BadAss Spider

    A simple building mainly we with normal basic shop like Giant,7 11,,Liho & bicycle shop.Since they tear down the Kopitiam,i nvr went there again unless needed to top up my cash crd at 7 11 just to get a receipt.

  171. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Helmi Kamaruzaman

    Just get the things you need here and get it over done with. Nothing spectacular.

  172. Avatar photo

    @CoffeeChirashi, the waffle with Chocolate and Hojicha ice cream at $12.00. The waffle taste not bad, but the Hojicha ice cream taste was as good as the one at Beauty World shopping centre. Perhaps next time I will try their coffee and pastries.

  173. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ng

    Open concept mall. Everything is outdoor. There is a 24 hour food court but not all stalls will open.

  174. Avatar photo
    Edmund Soh

    You probably won’t find brands like heartland mall brands over here, but this place is really family-friendly.

    1) Hor fun stall that only opens till 12 noon. Its that good.

    2) 3 childcare centers -Learning Vision & Kinderland. If you dont mind walking abit beside sunshine place there is victory centre. A childcare center is inside there.

    3) There is a freaking bar here. Can you believe it? Super cheap somemore

    4) Giant – one of the biggest in Singapore

    5) PCN is nearby you can start working those muscles

    6) They have like 3 hair salons and 2 clinics and 1 dental.

    7) There is a bicycle shop here.

    Bus services available – 975, 300 and the rest you go find out yourself.

    It earns 4 stars because it has everything, but no aircon. It caters to the people living around there but are lazy to go to lot 1 shoppers mall.

  175. Avatar photo
    Abdul Jabbar Kachi

    Very quiet, solemn and dull from the outside an early morning, all due to the construction going on. However, credit to be given to those shops that are open and serving customers with long queues. One by one the shop start to open and most of what you need in this hour, is quite satisfying.

  176. Avatar photo
    Muhd Sya'fiq Sa'aban


  177. Avatar photo
    Tina Goh

    Bicycle repair services at Poh Cycle Shop (at ground level Sunshine Place ) is cheap and good. Very skillful and experienced… Like a rare gem, hard to find these days.

  178. Avatar photo
    Don Chan

    I had the fried kuay tiao at the Kopitiam, good, but only weekdays.

  179. Avatar photo

    More hipster cafe or crew please this place was officialy a dead town.. luckily the Giant supermarket save it.

  180. Avatar photo
    chua bee lin

    Nice and friendly neighbourhood and giant open 24 hours

  181. Avatar photo
    Zhen Wei Ang

    Expensive Kopitiam. Medium sized supermarket. Stationary shop. Household wares, etc. Bare necessities for a neighbourhood.

  182. Avatar photo
    Janet wu

    A place to get basic necessities. F&B retail mix, food court quality is below average.

  183. Avatar photo
    Jack Sg

    it is a small local shopping centre with some local essential shop example Kopitiam, phone shop, cake shop, 7 eleven, Giant supermart, clinics, stationary, Hardware, laundry self help type, music, tuition for kids, subway etc. Posb atm available too.

  184. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Mubarak Samsuddin

    Decent neighborhood shop centre. Comes with good shop and very good. Keep it up.

  185. Avatar photo
    Michael Cheng

    This is an open mall, meaning there’s no air conditioning. The last time I went there, there was a very foul smell all over the place and it almost made me puke. There’s a 24-hour air conditioned food court with alfresco seating to make up for its drawbacks. The zi char stall, carrot cake stall and steamed food stall are pretty good but beware of the drinks stall. One of the female staff with short hair (female version of Kim Jong Un) has a very nasty disposition. This mall also has a small car park which is ironically easy to find lots. That pretty much tells you only the neighbourhood people would want to come here.

  186. Avatar photo
    Ismail Adan

    Food Court is under renovation. There is a Giant Supermarket

  187. Avatar photo
    Chin Leong

    Been upgrading the stalls to better food stalls over time.

  188. Avatar photo
    Baha BAHA

    for a neighbourhood shopping place
    we can the basic stuff here
    hopefully the renovation/upgrading works brings back the coffeeshop

  189. Avatar photo
    Diana Han

    This place needs to be improved to attract more shoppers. A bit boring with not much food varieties and nothing to shop.

  190. Avatar photo
    Kee Choon Wee

    Great neighbourhood shopping centre with giants, kopitiam, pet grooming, vet, stationery shop, bikeshop etc

  191. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Saiful

    Average neighborhood shopping place. Giant 24 hours is the only extra point.

  192. Avatar photo
    The Linear

    Nothing much there. Only Giant supermatket and few shops

  193. Avatar photo
    Jackie Bao

    Decent as a neighborhood shopping place, lack of polular fast restaurants, eg -KFC /MacDonald

  194. Avatar photo
    Kimberly Foo

    The usual place for any meals.decent kopitiam located at level 1. Wide range of food. from halal to chinese. Has a giant supermarket too. Pretty self sufficient for a neighborhood mall. Subway and 7 11 visible by the roadside. Breadshop always have promotion at 8pm. So worth it to go after 8pm.

  195. Avatar photo
    Jackie Lee

    The things sold at Giant is cheap if there is promotion.

  196. Avatar photo
    Tommy Yeo

    This place is quite deserted during weekdays. Unless you are looking for something in particular like an animal clinic or a child care center or a bicycle shop, you would not want to visit this place to spend your weekend. Quite out of the way too. Not well located.

  197. Avatar photo
    Salbiah Sar

    This mall’s is so convenient for me to shops or windows shopping at all times.

  198. Avatar photo
    wannhoi fong

    A mall with Giant supermarket, Kopitiam foodcourt, restaurant famous with salted eggs crab and other relevant shops.

  199. Avatar photo
    SY Liow

    Giant supermarket, Subway and Kopitiam are the keys here, with a few other household stores and a stationary store. Clinic at Level 2 and a vet at the corner of the “shopping Centre”. Also a 711 convenience store for the sake of convenience and laundry shop too.

  200. Avatar photo
    FishHead Curry

    Decent place with the new 24hrs Giant

  201. Avatar photo
    Salleh Aswadi

    Not much to do or buy kopitiam just Indian halal food for decade, Giant supermarket always out of stock u can find low quality fruits.

  202. Avatar photo
    Peterchong Choy Hing

    There are No Free Parking on Sunday and Public Holidays. And No Food Court for Shoppers

  203. Avatar photo
    brendon tan

    Dying place. Really nothing much except clinic and supermart if you are a nearby resident intending to do groceries at Giant. 24hours supermart is probably a plus point only but that’s about it. Food there I would say is below average. Even the 7-11 and subway I would say is better.

  204. Avatar photo
    SH TAN

    Food court close for renovation. Left with a noodle shop, Subway and a bakery.

  205. Avatar photo
    A. L.

    A laidback mini town centre with Giant supermarket and foodcourt. Foodcourt has a good selection of food options.

  206. Avatar photo
    Ken wong

    2 things: 1) it’s good if you are living nearby 2) unless you purposely coming for the famous crab at here ^^

  207. Avatar photo
    Shuganthi Ponnudurai

    Vegetables needed topping up. New Zealand apples were nice & crunchy. Cashier was fast and pleasant.

  208. Avatar photo
    Tuck Fang Lim

    U can find a few clinics here incl GPs, TCM and pet clinic. But whole place looks quite old now….

  209. Avatar photo
    Andy Lim

    Simple neighbourhood mall with a supermarket, Kopitiam, confectionary and 7-eleven

  210. Avatar photo
    JZ Zhang

    With Giant Supermarket, Kopitam, ,doctor clinics, cake shops, 7-11, Subway and other shops, it is a vwry good and convenient place for shopping and eating and leisure walking.

  211. Avatar photo
    Sahrin Safuan

    A quaint little corner of Choa Chu Kang. Has a village feel to it. From food to DIY stuff, this place is worth a visit especially once the exterior works are finished

  212. Avatar photo
    pandian Maverick

    Has good eateries. Good varieties of shops. Not crowded.

  213. Avatar photo

    The only stall worth the visit is the Indian prata…. Yummy, yummy

  214. Avatar photo
    Laven Loo PropNex

    幸福利 Wanton Mee the best wanton mee I has ever had!

    Almost my weekly breakfast ️
    What key differentiate from the other wanton mee is the ginger taste. Remember to ask for normal spicy so the ginger taste would not be covered! Not forgetting the laksa and Lor mee, both are not available daily! Best come early as possible, cos it subjects to availability!!!

  215. Avatar photo
    Casey Choo

    The only place worth visiting is the Giant Supermarket.
    Other than Giant, there are a few Clinics and Hair Dressing Salons.

  216. Avatar photo
    Derek Tan

    Only the vet and liho can visit

  217. Avatar photo
    Nur Shahida

    The place is currently going through some major renovations.

  218. Avatar photo

    Great Bakery (Bake Inc) and 24hrs Giant for weekly marketing.

  219. Avatar photo
    Wong YY

    Has the required shops to get the daily necessities

  220. Avatar photo
    Janet Wong

    Have been to the kopitiam many times which has a good variety of food and mostly tasty. Today, for the first time, I tried the Malay stall and ordered Mee Bandung for $5. The wait for food took 10 mins in the end and it’s quite obvious that they forgot my order cos they only started to take the raw noodles after I went back to check on it. I merely asked how much longer do I have to wait and the guy rudely said “if cannot wait, next time don’t order”. The worse part is how the fish cake slices tasted sourish and soapy. The prawns are soggy and unfresh. Will definitely never order from them again.

  221. Avatar photo
    Liow Nighthawk

    The place is too cramp and situated in the small neighbourhood area. It is overcrowded in space vs human traffic!

  222. Avatar photo
    Lowe KL光亮

    Not much choice, beware of that mobile shop #01-20 next to 7-11, very low quality

  223. Avatar photo
    Mohd Nasir Umari

    Shops hv start operating as usual. Due to covid, Giant supermarket adopted scan entry. Items in the supermarket decreasing about 70% available.

  224. Avatar photo
    Asrul Amir

    Great food at kopitiam, delicious bakery shops, bubble tea, have Giant supermarket, 7-11, Subway, pet shops and much more. Very convenient

  225. Avatar photo
    Sam Ng

    Has a food court and some small shops. The bicycle shop owner is skilled and knowledgeable in repairing.

  226. Avatar photo
    Elvin Ong

    Quite place. Good seafood store at the coffee shop.

  227. Avatar photo
    regina setar

    Two plus Two ice cream and waffle cafe is new in sunshine place. It is a small cafe with different flavoured ice creams. There are cakes, waffles, coffee and lattes too. It’s open everyday 10am to 10pm.

  228. Avatar photo
    ZA Hassan

    Renovations never ends so the place is always messy and dusty.

  229. Avatar photo
    Pin Lay Chi

    Stumbled upon this corner shop while cycling in Choa Chu Kang. The Mee Siam was really nice and though the centre was under renovations it was still clean and airy. Love exploring quaint corners in SG and discovering nice cosy places for makan. Do pop by if you are in the hood!

  230. Avatar photo
    khan hong chiew

    This place is under renovation, my daughter went there busking, thank you for the generous donations of people in cck.

  231. Avatar photo
    Tay Tony

    A Small Neighbourhood Shopping Mall housing a few retail shops, Gaint Supermarket and a Food Court

  232. Avatar photo

    People there are very friendly it’s just that sometimes the gaint have lots of people and need to queue for a very long time but overall it’s a nice place to visit

  233. Avatar photo
    Irene Teh

    The wantan filing is chewy.

  234. Avatar photo
    Lilian Pang

    Probably need to have more choices of food. Previous Kway Chap store use to be highlight of this boring place but they are now gone.
    Too many empty shop and feels like HDB is not trying at all to revamp the place.

  235. Avatar photo
    DragoonsaN Lee

    It’s a simple neighbourhood shopping area.

  236. Avatar photo
    Jenson Seah

    Need more food options, here for the affordable hair salons and supermarket

  237. Avatar photo

    It was nice and was kept surprisingly clean.there were good places to eat such as oh my mango and subway. It had drinks shops such as liho.etc
    And had supermarket Giant and also a convenience store 7-11 and a bakery
    It even had clinics and hair salons and even a childcare center and a music school and a preschool and for a family dinner/lunch, A kopitiam. The only problem was that the toilets were not very well maintained and had a pungent smell. I forgot to mention they even have chinese relegious product store, a stationary store and a bike repair shop to top it all off, a medical store, Guardian

  238. Avatar photo
    Khidir Sani

    Looking a bit run down but still have the essentials

  239. Avatar photo
    Rajeshwari Satini

    Good place for getting groceries and also getting hardware items. There also good gift shops with good prices and there is also a bicycle store with good bikes. Also a good place for getting good offers at giant supermarket. There are also good clinics.

  240. Avatar photo
    Winnie Loh

    Limited food choices, there’s a TCM, doctors, hair salon, vet and pet salon though

  241. Avatar photo

    Has good potential for a nice shopping mall but sadly nothing is happening with it. Nice neighborhood

  242. Avatar photo
    Md Zulfaiz

    okay, there’s plenty of essential shops here. Department store, bakery, bbt shop (LiHo), subway, kopitiam, Giant supermarket, guardian and a stationery shop

  243. Avatar photo
    Francis Wong

    Not bad. Has Subway, Guardian shop, a phone repair , 2 doctor clinics and a food court plus Giant Supermarket.

  244. Avatar photo
    rexy Tan

    another alternative to keat hong shopping center… newer n cleaner, but shops variety not as much…

  245. Avatar photo
    Calvin Chong

    Hard to find available table. And mostly foods so so only.

  246. Avatar photo
    David Leung

    This place is quite good! But needs change in everything inc imbience aircon stopped food , however , is ok ! Is undergoing maj renov programme ! And managet change! 100p/c inc in annyal fee is disapoting for ntuc members!

  247. Avatar photo
    Chaz Ali DaFamSG

    Just another neighbourhood mall where necessities such as a supermarket, a Guardian, a 7Eleven, a bike repair shop and household store exist. Theres even a kopitiam, a bakery and a bubble tea store. Perfect for those weekends where u lazy to go somewhere far.

  248. Avatar photo
    mz meer

    Giant has become bigger, spacious and lot things.

  249. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Lee

    First level – food stalls, bubble tea, pet shop, giant supermarket, mobile store, optical shop and 2 tcm clinics.
    2nd level – 3 clinics and 3 hair salons. …

  250. Avatar photo
    habeeb rahman

    24 hours giant super market here. Also have 24 hours 7 eleven. Convinient shops for choa chu kang residence

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