Review Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Rd, Singapore

Review Style Na Korean Hair Salon  Parkway Parade - Singapore 80 Marine Parade Rd

“I’ve been coming here for years because Lala always does such a good job of my haircut! The service is great and I love coming here” or “Really happy with Jina from Style Na. The highlights and colour turned out even better than I expected. Super happy with the results …” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade is quality.

Introduction about Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade

Here are some fundamental details regarding Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade. In terms of Hairdresser, it is generally believed that Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Paradeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 80 Marine Parade Rd, #02-67 Parkway Parade, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Hairdresser, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 63488035 (+65 63488035)
  • Website:
  • Address: 80 Marine Parade Rd, #02-67 Parkway Parade, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10 AM to 9 PM.

Sunday: 10 AM to 8 PM.


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How to contact Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade via:

Phone number

You can reach Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade at 63488035(+65 63488035). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 80 Marine Parade Rd, #02-67 Parkway Parade, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade reviews

Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade is among the best destinations of Hairdresser in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade good?

To determine whether Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“I had the best experience with Jina! She is very friendly and was attentive to my requests. I am very happy with my haircut -- not everyone can cut 허쉬컷 style perfectly!”

“Bella is professional & friendly. She has good cutting skills that handles my extra-hard hair well. I’m also grateful that she provide tips on how to set my hair myself. She’s fantastic!”

“I've been coming here for years because Lala always does such a good job of my haircut! The service is great and I love coming here”

“I always do my hair only to Bella!! I'm so satisfied and I like it She makes the best quality without damaging hair ! I recommend a Style Na Korean Hair salon where everyone is kind and professional ”

“Really happy with Jina from Style Na. The highlights and colour turned out even better than I expected. Super happy with the results …”

“Being able to get the exact same haircut all the time is extremely satisfying. Stylist Lala has always been my go-to for a fix. She is also extremely friendly which makes the time spent there not too boring.”

“Bella is very friendly and attentive to my requests and she's very efficient. It was my first visit but I'm sure Style Na will be my go-to place for any hair treatment sessions going forward.”

“Caleb from Style Na was an excellent hair stylist who never failed my expectations! Really loved the haircut done by him would totally recommend this place for people who want to have a haircut!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 191 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 95% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Style Na Korean Hair Salon Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Rd, Singapore

There is a total 191 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Seah PC

    My first visit at style Na Korean hair salon. Very nice hair cut by Caleb. He is professional and friendly.

  2. Avatar photo
    K Kim

    Highly recommended!
    Perfect Service and professional Stylists.
    Especially Bella. Bella understood condition of my hairs well. I‘m completely satisfied with her performance

  3. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Lai

    Bella was very skilful and friendly.

  4. Avatar photo
    Phillina Fan

    Bella is a responsible stylist who gives her honest opinion on the suitability of colour / treatment / perm and length of hair.. great work!

  5. Avatar photo
    dana and her lighthouse

    The customer service was really good and the ambience in the salon was really nice! My stylist was Lala and she was very helpful and attentive, and the service in general was great! Will be back again ⭐

  6. Avatar photo
    Marcia Koh

    I usually leave the decision to Bella, be it what color, how to cut, perm or straighten, she always styles it the best, to my liking. Even my kids love the way she styles their hair!

  7. Avatar photo
    Flora Oh

    My go-to hair salon and I’ve been going to Bella for years. Bella is very professional and knows how to manage my unmanageable hair. I go for my haircuts, treatments and curls. Highly recommended!

  8. Avatar photo
    HN S

    DAN skill is good
    I showed he the hairstyle picture I wanted.
    He really did it perfectly.
    I recommend DAN.

  9. Avatar photo
    Gary Wong

    The hair stylists are all Koreans. Polite. Have a pleasant experience.

  10. Avatar photo

    They did a great job, will be back for sure!

  11. Avatar photo
    Joe Choo

    My hairstylist is Bella, she have been managing my hair for years, I like my hair style that she advise me. She is the best!

  12. Avatar photo
    Hallie C.

    I’ve been going to Bella here for the past few years. She always does an incredible job. No matter where I move, I still go to her. The salon is friendly and cozy, and the service is impeccable.

  13. Avatar photo
    XY X

    I had a good experience here with Bella, she did a wonderful job cutting my hair.
    However, the hairstylist who cut my mother’s hair finished the job very fast (15 minutes!?) and the bob she cut was very uneven.
    I noticed it on the day of our visit but thought maybe it would be OK if she washed her hair.
    Nope it’s lopsided on the right side of the head, and there’s a random long piece of hair sticking out…and the ends are all very messily chopped off.
    If you go to this salon, it’s better to research and name the Stylist you want

  14. Avatar photo
    Jasica Thong

    Really happy with Jina from Style Na. The highlights and colour turned out even better than I expected. Super happy with the results …

  15. Avatar photo
    Trinda Ting

    I’ve been coming here for years because Lala always does such a good job of my haircut! The service is great and I love coming here

  16. Avatar photo
    Hsiu-Ling Kuo

    Received warm welcome and very professional and considerate stylist!Super recommend Jina she is so nice and experienced. I’m really satisfied with my new hair style …

  17. Avatar photo

    jina did a fantastic job cutting my hair and it was styled perfectly to my preference! would def recommend coming here! 감사합니다 지나~!

  18. Avatar photo
    S J

    I really love the way cut my hair.
    Stylist paul is so professional with wavy hair
    Handle so perfectly I would love to come again

  19. Avatar photo
    Qi zhong Ng

    Bella is a very professional hairstylist and always deliver great results. She also recommends the hairstyles that suit me the best. I have been going back there for more than 2 years because of her! Lastly, She is very easy to get along with! Thanks for being such a great hairstylist …

  20. Avatar photo
    Aaoyh Ong

    Had my haircut with Bella at Parkway Parade outlet and I love it! She’s a Korean but there’s no trouble in communicating what I want to her and she seems really experienced. I really love the end result Will go back to her for future hair cut recommend! …

  21. Avatar photo
    Yi Ming Wee

    First time trying out a Korean hair salon and was a little disappointed when the stylist simply sheared away the side hair for a undercut look using a shaver and that’s about it. No trimming of the hair edges or anything that involves the scissors. The entire hair cutting process was about 5 minutes. Even the hair washing after which seemed longer.

    Honestly, I kinda expected the stylist to use the scissors to layer it as that’s pretty much what other stylists did when I do my hair elsewhere to give the sides a softer, more natural look as I have really thick and stubborn hair.

    But then again, perhaps it’s just the Korean way of cutting hair (all about speed?) and I’m just not used to it.

    I’ve gotten a new nickname given by my colleagues now – Mr Mushroom Head

    However, with all that being said, the stylist is really sweet and polite, and also very earnest in her recommendations of their services as well. Just hope that she had given slightly more attention to the cutting.

  22. Avatar photo
    Madhuri Rao

    I got an amazing new hairstyle….love it, love it, love it !!!
    Thanks Dan !

  23. Avatar photo
    Danica Ng

    I have been going to Bella for many years now and have never once had a bad experience Bella is great at handling my naturally frizzy hair, plus she is always more than happy to provide recommendations on new hairstyles/colors to try. Strongly recommend Bella!!

  24. Avatar photo

    i got haircut service with ViKi
    she exactly knew what i wanted to be
    made me so satisfied with new hair
    seems very nice person , thanks

  25. Avatar photo
    XY X

    I had a good experience here with Bella, she did a wonderful job cutting my hair.
    However, the hairstylist who cut my mother’s hair finished the job very fast (15 minutes!?) and the bob she cut was very uneven.
    I noticed it on the day of our visit but thought maybe it would be OK if she washed her hair.
    Nope it’s lopsided on the right side of the head, and there’s a random long piece of hair sticking out…and the ends are all very messily chopped off.
    If you go to this salon, it’s better to research and name the Stylist you want

  26. Avatar photo
    Jospeh K

    Good service from all staffs especially Hair dresser Bella!
    kindly ask me how you want to cut and suggest me what Kind of style is good for me. I think this shop is the one of best korean hair salon in singapore.

  27. Avatar photo

    My first time here and will definitely visit again. Jina styled my hair and gave really good advice on how to style my hair on my own. She even went the extra mile to get my number so she could recommend a flat iron to me after I asked for one. Love the service!

  28. Avatar photo

    Paul was very kind and help in giving hair tips. He did a great men hair perm, very happy with the result!

  29. Avatar photo
    N Kim

    Very good experience there. Warmly served. Hairstylist “Viki” is skillful, I like it.

  30. Avatar photo

    came last week with high hopes for a fringe cut ($15). the whole process was very quick and rushed and i was out in less than 10 minutes. the bangs came out uneven in the end and i wasn’t even able to see it properly at the salon due to my previous hairstyle and parting. when i got home and washed my hair one side of the bangs looks better than the other ‍️ i also had to trim one part myself as it kept poking me in the eye. 2 stars as the stylist was nice but you’re probably better off elsewhere if you’re looking to just cut your fringe.

  31. Avatar photo

    Style Na @ Parkway is the only hair salon I’ve been visiting for the past 2 years, and will be for my future haircuts!! ‍️

    Lala has always been so delicate and thoughtful whenever I visit Style Na. She always accommodate to my schedule and try to squeeze me in when I want to do a last minute haircut (even though it’s very busy at the outlet).

    I trust Lala with my hair as she gives really good recommendations and advices with styling and how I should take care of my hair on a daily basis! She also offered to style my hair after my haircut whenever I tell her that I’m going out for an important appointment

    If you’re looking for a good Korean hair salon, you should give Style Na a try!!

  32. Avatar photo

    Thanks to Lala for great job my new hair style
    It was amazing!! She’s alway friendly and professional

  33. Avatar photo
    Cris Taguines

    I must say this is the most legit Korean Salon I’ve been to!My stylist was Dan. He was very friendly and gave helpful suggestions. I really really love my new hairstyle! Will definitely come back!!

  34. Avatar photo
    Lucy Lee

    I visited for a perm looking for Bella
    But my hair condition was the worst and I wanted to do anything to refresh myself. She recommended me a color and picked a color that suits my skin. Bella has more than 10 years of experience and professional cutting skills, as well as her attitude and kindness toward customers.

  35. Avatar photo
    Kyoung Hwan Baek

    It was my first trial at a Korean hair salon. Hair stylist ‘Bella’ figured out my intention very well. I liked the service and how she cut my hair in a trendy style. I’ll definitely go back to this hair salon next time. Appreciate a lot for the good service again.

  36. Avatar photo
    Sonye Min

    Jina Ssam! She deserves 5 stars – the hair perm and the cut results, honest consulting on my hair condition which led me to choose the right options for styling. I feel all these come from her experience as a stylist, she is a very knowledgeable and decent stylist. I am very satisfied with the digital perm result and it made my day! Thanks to her and the shop. I’ll see you guys again!

    Teacher Gina! Thank you for making it so pretty with perms and cuts. I don’t do my hair styling often, so I thought I should just get a perm, but thanks for suggesting and explaining what would be better, it’s been a while since I’ve had a hair style that I really like! Professional and simple hair consulting! Thank you ️ See you again!

  37. Avatar photo
    S Lim

    Went back for a trim after 4 months of initial perm. As I requested for a shorter length due to hot weather and after snipping off an inch from the ends, the curls are still as good, bouncy and light. As always, thank you and excellent job⭐️, Joel! …

  38. Avatar photo
    Sulyana Aziz

    Caleb understood exactly what I wanted and he more than delivered. He knew the cut that suited my face shape and took the time to blow it to my liking

  39. Avatar photo
    Angela You

    I look for SryleNa to get my hair cut, perm, and dyeing from hair designer Lala. Lala always wants to know what kind of hairstyle I want. Of course, her skill is perfect. She is always kind even though she is tired. Her service was so good so that I introduced her to my friends who looking for hair designer. Thank you Lala all the time!

  40. Avatar photo
    Summer Lee

    For anyone with annoyingly frizzy hair. Dan is a perfectionist with his kerastraight treatment. It’s transformed my hair and the time saved is remarkable.

  41. Avatar photo
    Reico Ng

    I’ve been visiting this salon for the past year, and I’ve got to say… they always get it right

    Stylist Jina has been very attentive to my haircut requests, and constantly give appropriate advice on how to achieve it.

    As a guy, it may not be the cheapest place around to get a haircut, but it’s always worth it.

  42. Avatar photo
    Ann A

    I had the best experience with Jina! She is very friendly and was attentive to my requests. I am very happy with my haircut — not everyone can cut 허쉬컷 style perfectly!

  43. Avatar photo

    it’s my first time visiting style na parkway outlet and my experience was amazing.
    a big thanks to korean stylist Lala for perming my hair, she was extremely friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. besides being professional, she knows what’s best for my hair and gave some advices on what kind of perm I should get. my hair was straight and flat, she has truly transformed my hair into the healthy-looking style that I’m looking for. I love the outcome of my hair and I definitely trust her to manage my hair, I would love to go back and look for her in the future. I’ve read many good reviews about her and I can truly say that she deserves those compliments. really grateful that I chose her as my stylist. highly recommended!

  44. Avatar photo
    Jung Ro

    I just moved to Singapore and My friend recommended here for hair cut.
    I been here last weekend and bella? She did amazing hair cut and kind.
    I’m so satisfied. Thank you

  45. Avatar photo
    D T

    Bella is truly a professional hair stylist, who offers practical advice

  46. Avatar photo

    I like this hair salon! all the staffs are very very kind and perfect!
    especially desiner LaLa is very Awesome & professional. I’m very happy after meet her

  47. Avatar photo
    Anne Tang

    Bella is always professional and giving me advice. Thanks Bella for making my hair beautiful for 4 years…. I am happy with Bella service and will continue there …

  48. Avatar photo
    Ann A

    I had the best experience with Jina! She is very friendly and was attentive to my requests. I am very happy with my haircut — not everyone can cut 허쉬컷 style perfectly!

  49. Avatar photo
    D T

    Did a perm on 19/12/19. Senior stylist Paul never disappoint me as usual. He is able to achieve the natural korean looking perm with volume which I like. Have been with him for few yrs. Paul is a very experienced and detailed stylist I would highly recommend.

  50. Avatar photo
    Ee Jayne

    Jina stylist Good craftsmanship and kindness

  51. Avatar photo
    Dekai Wang

    First time trying out Korean hair styling in Singapore. My stylist was Jina. Highly recommended!!

    I was going to start on a new job so I decided to try out their services. Initially I went in with a very vague idea of the style I wanted. Jina was quick to suggest the type of perm and hair cut for me just by looking at my face shape. The end result was superb and I like it very much. She definitely understand the needs of customer well. Will definitely select her as my stylist for my next visit.

  52. Avatar photo

    I visited the stylena hair salon in Parkway today. I got a perm from my manager Bella and I was very satisfied. My hair is very thin and thin. Thank you for keeping she make volume very well. I will visit again.

  53. Avatar photo

    First time there and the experience was good. Like the recommendation for hair colour and treatment. Jina was really professional and the service was good .

  54. Avatar photo

    I went to this hair shop for my hair perm and dye..
    Ms.Viki Caught What I Want directly.
    The styling & grooming my hair was very easy and she is very professional.. Ash brown was recommended for dyeing and I really love it.
    I’ll visit this ship again pick Vicky up again. ^^
    Go this ship and get your style~~~~!!

  55. Avatar photo
    Harwi Singh

    The food was good. Staff were nice.

  56. Avatar photo
    Agenn Lim

    Viki is very professional and friendly. Love the way she style my hair! Have been coming regularly for the past few months. Thanks viki …

  57. Avatar photo
    Muzzammil M. Ayob

    Perfect cut by your experienced stylist Ms. Lara! Sincere and humble services, will definitely come again …

  58. Avatar photo
    Melissa Tiro Park

    I’m a regular at StyleNa. Amazing hairstylists (ask for Bella!), no upselling and great recommendations. I always leave satisfied!

  59. Avatar photo
    Jenny Lee

    A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER here! Went this salon like a week ago after reading some positive reviews for my change over sesh and it has turned out to be like “errr…what did you do to your hair after paying that much?”?

    Did C curls straight (they call) and color as recommended by a one of designers for my long length hair earlier (around bra back strap) and price was given as 330 for perm and 180 for colour but total price will be 20% off as first time visit making up 408 bucks total.

    After she trimmed my hair though, it became BARELY below shoulder length and she still charged me full price of 408 bucks. I was not happy with price already after seeing my new hair length done by her.

    Calling them up a few days later to clarify the price I paid, they said even slightly over shoulder lengh is also considered as long length even though the length you did to me is TOTALLY MID LENGTH WT*??????!

    More disappointment came later of course. After my first shampoo at home (recommended not to wash hair for 2 days) the curls have totally gone already and the length of each side was not even balanced at all! What a waste of my time and money omg not so happy at all!

    For the level of skills and service you expect from that fancy “KOREAN” salon, this place price is just ridiculously expensive and their service was not up for the standard I reckon (they didn’t even do final check ups after finishing their work and didn’t even dust off those little hairs on my face and neck here and there).

    I do not recommend this salon at all if you expect the usual “KOREAN QUALITY” skills and service. Better to go somewhere else offering reasonable price for OK perm and colour in your neighbourhood.

    It would have been a total killing if they hadn’t given me that generous 20% off discount!

  60. Avatar photo

    I only come here after I know Viki.
    I’m so happy that you found a style that fits my face shape and thought about it with me.
    Most of all, thank you for making me pretty.

  61. Avatar photo
    Heng Ai Tze

    Made an appointment with Jina for a hair cut. Great experience!

  62. Avatar photo
    J Y L

    Thank you to StyleNA at PP for taking up my last minute booking on a busy Saturday Night. It was my first visit and it was late but Caleb from Korea patiently helped to style me with loose waves that I requested to make my face look smaller. It was so well done and I still cannot bear to wash out my hair 1 day later. He made sure the waved were curled tighter so that they would be natural looking the next day for my event. Super impressed with the attention to detail and I would definitely recommend Caleb for his great styling talent

  63. Avatar photo
    Shiqing Ong

    Been w Lala for quite some time already and she has been amazing! I always leave my hair colours for her to decide whenever I return StyleNa to dye and she never disappoints!

  64. Avatar photo
    Alexa Choy

    Went to Style Na to revive my dry and discoloured hair and wasn’t disappointed! Received a discount from beautyundercover which was nice. Had Dan as my stylist and my hair colour and texture turned out really nice. Safe to say I’ll be going back.

  65. Avatar photo
    Joan Davidson

    I highly recommend Dan, my stylist. He was professional and kind. Dan asked questions to ascertain my requirements and gave good suggestions. He is highly skilled. My previously messy short hair looked neat and feminine once he was through. Dan put me at ease with his friendly demeanour. I liked the punctuality, cleanliness and warmth of the entire experience.

  66. Avatar photo
    J J

    I did color with Bella and I am satisfied
    I will visit again
    But they looked busy because no one else was looking at the counter
    Even when she apply color my hair she went to answer the phone
    And come again and went to answer the phone again looks very hard working
    Anyway i like this place

  67. Avatar photo

    I always find jina for hair done. She’s so friendly whenever i visit. She always listens to me on what kind of hairdo i want. If the hair is not as i desired, she always helps me to readjust till im happy.
    Recommended by Gina!! You are so kind! Even if the result is not the hair you want, touch it again to your liking!

  68. Avatar photo
    Eunice Tan

    First time to StyleNa. LaLa is very friendly and gave some good advice on the haircut. Very speedy and fantastic cut. Hope to return again.

  69. Avatar photo
    Fabian Tan

    First time visiting style na and got my hair cut by jina! very friendly and delivered the cut I wanted. definitely worth patronising

  70. Avatar photo

    I got my hair cut and down perm today, and I think you did a great job!!

  71. Avatar photo
    Rag and Bone

    Brought our kids here during the circuit breaker for a hair cut. The korean staff were professional and very patience throughout the hair cut even though our baby was crying . Highly recommend!

  72. Avatar photo
    Julia Park

    Viki is amazing! very professional and very good sense for haircut! she knows so well what hairstyle goes well for me. would love to visit again for her!
    I highly recommend for Viki!

  73. Avatar photo
    Sandra Tan

    Service by Lala was awesome. Will definitely come back

  74. Avatar photo
    Minjee Kim

    It’s my first time to bleach my hair. I’m really satisfied and will definitely visit again! Jina was very professional!!!! I’m taking care of my bleaching hair following her good advice. I’m very happy with my new hair. Thank you so much …

  75. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Teo

    This hair salon offers very prompt and professional service and the stylist who serviced me, Bella gave very impartial and useful advice with my interest at heart. She is unlike other hair stylists that I have experienced where they will try to sell me additional hair products unnecessarily. With make this my regular hair salon henceforth.

  76. Avatar photo
    Tjer Chae

    Jina is an excellent hair stylist. She helped me to perm and cut my hair very well. She’s very professional and can help me to get the hairstyle that I want. Would highly recommend her.

  77. Avatar photo
    Xiaowei Poh

    Bella has been my hair stylist for the past 5 years or so, I always entrust my hair to her leaving to her creativity and will never go wrong!

  78. Avatar photo
    Marianne Koh

    Bella’s prompt service and professionalism is wonderful. She understands the state of my hair & lifestyle. I can always trust her to look after me. Really a rare gem! Their team is also prompt in their service and giving good service consistently during each of my visit over the last 6 years plus

  79. Avatar photo
    Narr Kim

    I got a haircut from Viki. She is quite professional and knows how to handle a guy’s super straight hair. Very satisfied with the haircut! wanna visit again 100%!

  80. Avatar photo
    Wen Ting Chng

    I’ve been a loyal customer for more than a year, and always come back to my stylist Lala She designs haircuts that suit my face shape, no matter shoulder length hair or long hair, I’m super happy with her skills. Try engaging Lala the next time you come to Style NA, you won’t regret it 😀

  81. Avatar photo
    Pamelia Soh

    service staff all good!

    always a good haircut by the stylists there too. tried Bella and another Korean young guy (who saved my hair from a terrible perm elsewhere) thanks for the great service always!

    never go wrong with Korean salons!

  82. Avatar photo
    J T

    I was glad to have found Bella. I have been going to her for a few years now for haircuts, colouring and curls and I have been very satisfied so far. She has good style and always provides good recommendation. Thanks Bella.

  83. Avatar photo
    Hennry _Da

    Currently, effecting of COVID-19, I had kept my hair length being vague. Thanks to @Mr.Dan for presenting me a tidy and trendy korean hair-style like “Park Seroi” in Itaewon class. Super recommended! …

  84. Avatar photo
    Serene C

    Love stylist Bella! She knows my style and delivers everytime and the staff are friendly. …

  85. Avatar photo
    Christina Yap

    Bella is professional. Love how she cut and colour my hair. She has exceptional skills . Have been using her service for the last 3 years. Love the service provided by her and her supporting team of stylist that make every trip to the salon enjoyable.

  86. Avatar photo
    Hannah lim

    I’m Highly recommend this hair salon!
    Especially Lala was so professional and she knows what I want. I will definitely come and find her again

  87. Avatar photo
    Jeenee Yoo

    It was my first time to visit Style Na for cutting and dying my hair, and the result was super satisfied!! Especially, the designer Lala’s meticulous design and kindness were the most impressive. Thank you so much for the wonderful hair!!


  88. Avatar photo
    Jenny Lee

    Bella was super professional and warm. She advised on the best hair color tht suits me and also did an amazing job on the cut.

  89. Avatar photo
    Jhogs Guide

    Excellent Service and outcome. Thanks to Ms Bela for my new hair style. …

  90. Avatar photo
    Celia Ng

    Jina from Style Na is a very professional, good stylist. She was able to color n cut my hair to my liking. Extremely patient and skilled! My second visit after 1 month and will come back soon.

  91. Avatar photo
    Eric Shin

    I have been with Jina ssam for the past 2 years and it’s been always great pleasure and satisfaction for me.
    She is very much attentive, kind and, of course, professional.
    Great skill for men hair cut with welcoming personality, no reason not to try with her!
    Highly recommended!

  92. Avatar photo

    When I always want to do my hair, I go to Mr. Bella here. I am always very satisfied with the perm Bella does because she makes exactly the type of perm I have always wanted to do! If you want to do a perm that has the same feeling as the perm you do in Korea, I recommend Mr. Bella here!

  93. Avatar photo
    Chris Neo

    I read reviews of Bella from StyleNa and decided to give it a try 2 weeks ago. I am very happy with my short haircut done by Bella! Makes me feel younger and hair is easy to manage.
    Certainly impressed with her skills and professionalism. I will return for sure 😉

  94. Avatar photo
    Jun Ng

    Lovely atmosfer and nice hair stylists. Recommend Dan!!!

  95. Avatar photo
    Anindita Dutta

    My experience at Style na was just incredible! Bella was my stylist and she exactly knew what she wanted. All along the way she gave me great suggestions and service is impeccable. I would recommend Style Na to everyone who needs a makeover worth compliments

  96. Avatar photo
    Sera Ng

    Dan has cut my hair perfectly that is just what I wanted, like it. I’ve found him as my new best hairdresser

  97. Avatar photo

    It was so amazing experience for me
    I got hair loss and my hair is too thin
    So long time never did perm.but Bella hair designer suggested korean style perm . I’m still very satisfied and make me more look younger. So I’ll visit again . Thank you Bella !

  98. Avatar photo
    Christina Wong

    I’m a regular customer of Bella. She’s very friendly & professional. Really enjoy the service by Bella & will recommend looking for her if you are going to the outlet in Parkway. …

  99. Avatar photo
    Felix Khor

    Caleb from Style Na was an excellent hair stylist who never failed my expectations! Really loved the haircut done by him would totally recommend this place for people who want to have a haircut!

  100. Avatar photo
    Pauline Chau

    I had a good haircut experience with Celab. He is skillful and experience. …

  101. Avatar photo
    Percia Ong

    My hairstylist is Gina. She’s professional and offers good advice. She also doesn’t add on services unnecessarily. Overall, I’m happy with the service provided by Style Na at Parkway.

  102. Avatar photo
    Kuah Lily

    Paul, Thank you. Good!

  103. Avatar photo
    J.Y lee

    It was the first place I went to since I came to Singapore. It’s neat and looks good on you.
    Please dye your hair and perm it next time.^^
    Thank you, viki Sam.

  104. Avatar photo
    Wong Praesepe

    Good hair cut skill for manager, the price is expensive.

  105. Avatar photo
    Eugene Tan

    Visited Style Na at parkway parade. Attended to by Caleb who suggested a perm and cut. A very stylish haircut!

  106. Avatar photo
    Shane Tay

    Went for a men’s haircut and Jina assisted me well, gave me great advice on what needed to be done to style my hair and hair length needed. Love the haircut, will definitely visit again

    For future customers, would advise to research the hair style you want, to help them understand what you want, I showed a picture in my case for better reference.

  107. Avatar photo
    Stanley Cool

    Jina is excellent. Patient and has an amazing attitude. Regular.

  108. Avatar photo
    bumelodyk k

    Did rebonding and cutting of hair was done by hairstylist Viki! Very satisfied with the friendly service and in trend hairstyle, thank you so much will definitely come back here again ^^

  109. Avatar photo
    Master An

    It was my first time to visit this place and I’d like to share my experience with you guys. All the staffs were professional also very kind especially Designer LaLa. She made me look more handsome!! Thank you so much Ms LaLa

  110. Avatar photo
    Case Woo

    23 June: Nice and friendly Korean stylist Lala gave me one of my favorite cold perm and cut in recent years for male shoulder length hair. After a brief consultation, I got exactly what I wanted. The interior decor may be simple, no frills, but the end result is more important. Overall good experience. Thank you very much.

    10 Aug: This is the first time that my perm has started to straighten after only less than 2 months. Whereas my perm from other salons lasted 5 months. I’m sorry but I have to downgrade my review because of this, and will also never return again. Sad that this is experience is so short lived. All the best to them.

  111. Avatar photo
    Chloe Heart

    Came here for a fringe cut ($15) because of the good reviews. Showed stylist what I wanted, she barely glanced at the photo for 2 seconds before proceeding to cut. Cut was very rushed and completed within 2 to 3 minutes. I was not satisfied with the outcome and went back to recut, however it does not match what I wanted at all and the cut was uneven, too short at some areas, too long at others. I had to cut it myself at home after to try and improve it. I would not recommend this place.

  112. Avatar photo
    D C

    3 generations in the family go to Jina for our hair cuts! Two thumbs up!

  113. Avatar photo
    Jul. Ong

    Highly recommended. If you like easy to maintain and natural perms, look for Joel! He was attentive and ensured that the perms turned out well. He even shared some tips on how to manage the curls. Received compliments from friends for the hairdo that Joel did for me.

  114. Avatar photo
    A C

    I have been visiting Bella for a few years now. She has a great personality and her service is superb. Always sharp on details and gives good advices. I know my hair is in good hands with Bella. Highly recommended. …

  115. Avatar photo
    Sharon Koh

    Lala at the Parkway branch is fantastic! She is not only super patient, she is willing to listen to views and share her creative ideas without being pushy. Because she is so good at what she does, I have entrusted my entire family’s hair care to her! Also recommended several friends who were equally happy with Lala’s work. Thank you Lala for taking such good care of our manes!

  116. Avatar photo
    Olivia Lim

    I have been coming to Bella at Style Na for many years now (lost count!) and I’m always satisfied with her service. She offers practical advice, giving me honest answers when I ask about hair colour trends, doesn’t push me to do additional treatments, and even tries to reduce cost for me by recommending that I only cut on my next visit, for example. Where do you find a hair stylist like this?! I have recommended a few friends to her and will continue to do so

  117. Avatar photo
    Cho Kyi Hsu Han

    I had a very good experience with style Na korean hair salon. I will sure visit in next time. My hair is naturally very thick. But I really like the outcome of the layer-haircut. Big thanks to the creative director-LaLa …

  118. Avatar photo
    Haejin Kwon

    My hair looks so pretty.
    Hairdresser Very kind
    Bella made it in the style I wanted …

  119. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Loo

    A friend recommended me to Bella a few years ago and I never changed my stylist since! I love and trust Bella’s opinions and skills. In fact, I will leave decisions to her after telling her roughly what I needed most of the time! My husband and I also styled our hair for our maternity shot at Stylena recently and we were very happy with the photoshoot. Love Bella!

  120. Avatar photo
    Joann Ng

    Bella is very professional and checks back to what I want every now and then, just to make sure I am satisfied.

  121. Avatar photo
    Susan Yap

    Jina is my hairstylist. She is professional, friendly and cheerful. I always happy with my haircut and colouring after she has done. It is neat and easy to maintain.

    Thank you, Jina.

  122. Avatar photo
    Lin Na

    Fuss free and great cut.

  123. Avatar photo
    Hyejin Woo

    It was my first time to visit here, and I was very satisfied with their service. They were very kind. recommended bella , thx!!

  124. Avatar photo
    Faith Tan

    First time trying this salon, got a hair cut.

    The final look was acceptable (nothing to rave over), but the service left much to be desired. I asked if the stylist had any recommendations on what style I could go for, and she just said layered. Didn’t say much else or offer any suggestions on my fringe. The entire process was very hurried. I have long hair, and I was in and out of the salon within 15 mins (‘consultation’, cut, wash, dry, 2nd cut). I got the impression that she was just trying to get the job done as quickly as possible.

    The hair wash and massage was so hurried and fast paced. She also managed to get water on my face from the hurried movements. Didn’t take any time to adjust the water temperature before starting the hair wash, and I ended up with full cold water on my head, very hot water, and then finally, water at a reasonable temperature. I don’t understand the hurry as it was a weekday afternoon and the salon was empty with only 1 other customer.

    Overall, it was a disappointing experience.

  125. Avatar photo
    Jeannie Lim

    Jina is very professional and love her style and service.

  126. Avatar photo
    Diana Loh

    Decided to make an appointment with Bella after seeing the good reviews here and was not disappointed! Bella is really friendly and professional. Communication with her is not a problem as she speaks English. She snapped a picture of my hair explained to me carefully the steps and what she was going to do to my hair as i was unsure. She made sure that i was okay with it first. She then proceeded to check my scalp and recommended me to do treatment . She told me the procedure and the price beforehand which is nice. Throughout the entire process, she was also very attentive and checked on me regularly. The other staff I met that day was also friendly. Will definitely be back to perm my hair.

  127. Avatar photo

    Strongly recommend LALA hair designer, I get my hair cut last Friday by this designer. She was so kind and always try to understand me and give good suggestion for my hair style. It was fantastic service I have never tried before~ thank you so much and all the best to you, and happy new year to you.

  128. Avatar photo
    dorothee leong

    Have been with Bella for more than 5 years! All I have to do is sit there and she will decide what to do for me! No fuss no arguments! Thank Bella for your professionalism!

  129. Avatar photo
    Sonali Dhembre

    I had a complete hair transformation here… my hair were curly and frizzy . I went here for rebonding.Dan was my stylist. He is very professional and skilled. It was very difficult to work with my frizzy and curly hair,but he was very patient.I am very happy with my hair. I highly recommend this place.

  130. Avatar photo
    Carol Tan

    Bella is a fantastic stylist! She knows just what I want and gives me a style that is easy to manage and looks great!

  131. Avatar photo
    Xiaoying Poh

    Me and my sister has been going back to Bella for a few years now for our hair. She’s very friendly and professional, always giving us recommendations and tips whenever we show her some new hairstyle we’ll like to have. Would definitely recommend her services!

  132. Avatar photo
    Darren Loo

    I’ve been going here for over a year, and love the consistency in the quality of haircuts they give. I usually cut with Stylist Jina, she is fast and precise. I get a great haircut (trim) in less than 15 minutes so the price for a stylist is totally worth it.

    Even when Jina is not around the other stylists are just as fast and professional. Everyone is kind and caring, and they always put in the effort to strike a nice conversation with you.

    Definitely recommend if you want to spend a little more for a great haircut or if you are looking for a new long term stylist.

  133. Avatar photo
    Hugh D Kim

    I have been visiting this hair salon since last year. For all my visits, I was totally satisfied with the great haircut and service. Bella is one of the best hair stylist ever I met in Singapore. She knows how to deal with different types of hair styles and seems very professional. I would recommend her and thanks to her.

  134. Avatar photo
    Shann Tan

    Good service by Jina

  135. Avatar photo
    in in

    Good experience with Bella
    Layered hair cut and mocha brown color
    she was promoted to director
    It was a valuable haircut $60

  136. Avatar photo
    Amonlapha Meksiarun

    Lala is professional and give a sincerely opinions on hairstyles and hair care. Been with her for almost a year, really satisfied with the services. Highly recommended!!!

  137. Avatar photo
    Marven Ker

    Being able to get the exact same haircut all the time is extremely satisfying. Stylist Lala has always been my go-to for a fix. She is also extremely friendly which makes the time spent there not too boring.

  138. Avatar photo

    Thank you Viki for your kind explanation and neat haircut.

  139. Avatar photo

    Bella was lovely to talk to, and skilled at cutting hair very fast yet accurately. I left the store with exactly the style i wanted! She asked questions proactively and let me check my hair at every stage of the cut. Great experience, and i will come back again!

  140. Avatar photo
    Eddie Huang Qian Hao

    Bella is very meticulous in what she does. Satisfied customer. Will highly recommend her for hair cut …

  141. Avatar photo
    Agustina Taufiq

    I was visiting Singapore and my friend recommended Joel Park to do my trim and Korean Perm. I showed him a sample of the model that I would like and told him that I really like it to be very low maintenance (I do not have time and I am not good a doing blow dry). I love the natural result and that it did not make my hair dry or damaged. It has been 2 weeks since it was done and I am loving it more and more. I do not have to do anything every day to make it look great. I also like the detailed attention and care that was given by Joel during the process, unlike other places where they will just do it and no checking in the middle to make sure it is perfect before finishing up. Highly recommended. I will definitely come again the next time I visit Singapore. Thanks Joel!

  142. Avatar photo
    Yq Liu

    I left very dissatisfied with my mens haircut. The stylist did not display any pride in cutting my hair. I told her I need my hair well groomed as I’m having my wedding shoot the next day. Even showed her video of what was expected.

    Effectively only cutting the sides and back of my head. did not even style my hair properly and asked if it was was acceptable. been to other korean stylist and had much better results and even better service for the same price. Would have received the same result at a 15bucks salon and effectively got a wash for 30 bucks at this place.

    Perhaps the reason why they were empty on a Sunday afternoon. Would not recommend the stylist that served me.

  143. Avatar photo
    Jessie Jingwen Zhang

    Go for Bella!! The best stylist I’ve met so far! She is so experienced and really an expert!! She understands what i want very well, and she knows what is the best for me. I just hope she stays in Singapore forever and don’t leave!! Haha

  144. Avatar photo
    P M

    Always have good result with Bella ,cut hair for curly type and colouring.

  145. Avatar photo

    Loving Style Na so much! I’ve been coming for quite some time already and have had such a lovely experience with Jina, she and her team really knows how to make your luscious locks into something really fabulous! Loving my red hair and glam wave~

  146. Avatar photo

    I always do my hair only to Bella!! I’m so satisfied and I like it She makes the best quality without damaging hair !

    I recommend a Style Na Korean Hair salon where everyone is kind and professional

  147. Avatar photo

    all korean hairstylist with good skill

  148. Avatar photo

    I had perm by stylist Dan and it was great he is so friendly and got skills . it’s bit hard to find hair desiner in singapore which good at ‘korean style’
    If you looking for korean style just try and looking for Mr. Dan

  149. Avatar photo
    HweeHar Tan

    Haircut with Jina. Prompt and good service. Thanks.

  150. Avatar photo

    A great experience with Caleb, an excellent hair master!

  151. Avatar photo
    W C

    Had Bella cut my hair. She’s really good. Usually other places try to upsell by telling me all sort of problems I never knew I had, but Bella didn’t, and was very kind. She cut my hair according to the style I chose, and I felt fantastic after it! Will definitely be my new hair stylist of choice from now.

  152. Avatar photo
    Dindson Phua

    Bella is very friendly and attentive to my requests and she’s very efficient. It was my first visit but I’m sure Style Na will be my go-to place for any hair treatment sessions going forward.

  153. Avatar photo

    Good service and all the staff was very kind

    One more things is Bella very good hair cut …

  154. Avatar photo
    Hoaly Thavisay

    I went to this salon for the past 2 years and was served by 3 different female stylists from the Parkway outlet. Their service was consistently great and I can tell the stylists are really passionate about their work and the customer’s hair 😀 100% would recommend !!!

  155. Avatar photo

    Caleb was fantastic with his skills. Great haircut gotten from him. Highly recommend.

  156. Avatar photo
    Daniel Seah

    Have my regular perms and haircuts with Gina. She is experienced and will provide advices based on your head shape and facial features to give a suitable haircut. For those who do not know what haircuts are suitable for you, I believe she would provide a good recommendation. I also don’t have to worry if there’s some parts that I would like to trim after the session as the salon provides re-service for the next few days. For those who are considering to get a haircut at StyleNa, you can approach GIna who is my regular hairstylist or Lala who is equally professional and good.

  157. Avatar photo
    Wendy Goh

    Jina is very professional and patient. She does the hair of my teenager kids and myself and we are always very pleased after every haircut/perm/colour. She is very meticulous and provides very good recommendations and we are always looking forward to having our hair styled by her.

  158. Avatar photo
    Andy Lee

    I have been visiting Style NA for at least 5 years. Bella is a skilled and reliable hair stylist. She is honest and gives practical advice. She’s very patient, and once agreed to wait when I was running late in the evening. I would recommend her if you want a reliable and stress free haircut.

  159. Avatar photo
    Kevin Ling

    Bella has a marvellous skills in cutting, fast, sharp and no mistakes about it.. she is really professional on her work which i will definitely be one of her loyal customer…

  160. Avatar photo
    Justin Ng

    Been coming here since years back. Sometimes with my kids too. Clean and professional service. Lala is really skilful and friendly. Korean stylists but can speak Singlish leh! Highly recommended.

  161. Avatar photo

    I’ve always had a fantastic experience with Bella at Style Na (Parkway Branch) Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it and doing it. That’s the kind of service I get when I go to Bella Her advice is always spot on and my hair is always in good hands.
    Thank you Bella as always!

  162. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Seet

    Amazing service. Lala listened to all my requirements, and was even able to show me samples of male perms to confirm what sort of hair perm I needed. Execution was near flawless, demonstrating her high proficiency with male cut and perm. Definitely will be back! Found a new regular place

  163. Avatar photo
    In Soo Chang

    It is not easy to find a hairstylist in singapore for me but finally I found my hairstylist (Bella). It is not easy to handle my hair but she knows how to handle it. She is very professional and provided great service!

  164. Avatar photo
    Chey Yew Hwei

    Excellent service, and the people here really know what they’re doing! I generally have no idea what to do with my hair, but Lala made really good recommendations on potential cuts, as well as colours. Moreover, she made sure that everything was done perfectly, from the cutting to the colouring to the blow-drying! Will definitely come again.

  165. Avatar photo
    Shirleen Tan

    Haircut by Caleb. Everything is great. He is very nice and I like my new hairstyle.

  166. Avatar photo
    Debbie Poh

    I’ve been coming here for the past year and every experience was great. Jina never fails to satisfy. She’s professional and friendly and gives great advice on hair care and hair styling. Highly recommended.

  167. Avatar photo
    cy Chia

    Awesome service by Caleb. Very happy with his professionalism!

  168. Avatar photo

    Quick and good haircut. Nice service. The shop tend to be pretty busy over weekend afternoons, so it’s recommended to avoid coming at those times.

  169. Avatar photo
    Davis C

    Very good nice hair cut

  170. Avatar photo

    Bella is so kind to my hait cut and ferm.
    It was so kind and didn’t get bored while I was doing my hair. I was very satisfied with both the hairstyle cut and the firm. I really recommend …

  171. Avatar photo
    Sharon Koh

    Lala at the Parkway branch is fantastic! She is not only super patient, she is willing to listen to views and share her creative ideas without being pushy. Because she is so good at what she does, I have entrusted my entire family’s hair care to her! Also recommended several friends who were equally happy with Lala’s work. Thank you Lala for taking such good care of our manes!

  172. Avatar photo

    Lala always does a good job of my hair
    I’m here for a year and experience was always great. She is professional and friendly
    Highly recommended.

  173. Avatar photo
    Fiona Cheng

    Always love this place. Very friendly atmosphere. All hairstylists are very professional and they speak english well. Been with Lala from the branch at parkway parade for years and she never failed to give us what we want; a perfect haircut. Every experience there always make us wow and exceed our expectations.

  174. Avatar photo
    Hyeok Ethan Kwon

    Actually, this was first time to visit to Style Na.
    So I was a little worried about my hair perm, but Bella’s service and styling were perfect more than satisfactory and expectation. And she gave me the awesome experience to me.
    Next time, I will visit here again.
    See you bella !!

  175. Avatar photo
    Victor Ho

    My go-to place to get my haircut since it’s in the neighborhood

  176. Avatar photo
    Eun Young Lee

    Bella is my stylist for past few years. She knows what her customer wants and recommended necessary treatments. I have been satisfied her service throughout many years.

  177. Avatar photo
    Rachael Cheah

    got my hair dyed over at style na by stylist jina! service is great and the end product was really to my liking as well. will definitely visit her next round

  178. Avatar photo
    조아라 (EL)

    Perfect color
    It’s not all in the picture, but it’s so pretty
    There’s a distance, but I’ll go again
    Teacher Caleb ️ …

  179. Avatar photo

    Great haircut with Jina

  180. Avatar photo
    Adrian Bicol

    It was my first time here and I’m so happy in my down perm & haircut done by my pretty & very talented creative hairstylist Ms. Lala, I recommend to anyone who wants to have satisfied looks just visit this salon. Thank you very much again Ms. Lala & Style Na Korean Hair Salon…see you on my next visit ️

  181. Avatar photo
    Nazmi Yusof

    Dan helped alot for my first experience at Style Na. I wasn’t too sure what to do with my hair but he is very kind and can communicate well to get the perfect hair for myself! 10/10

  182. Avatar photo

    Lala is very professional stylist! She always know what I want
    And she is very friendly and good skill
    She’s assistant shampoo very comfortable

  183. Avatar photo
    Patricia Huang

    Bella has been my hairstylist for 4 years now. She caters to the individual needs of her customers and gives practical tips to manage my hair. Highly experienced and great at her craft, she is definitely someone you can entrust your hair with!

  184. Avatar photo
    Pauline Peijun

    Bella’s my trusty hair stylist! Have been with her ever since my first haircut with her 3 years back. Love how friendly and hospitable she is to her customers and her professional suggestions on the styles suitability. 5 Stars …

  185. Avatar photo
    vivien Lim

    Bella is the most professional hair stylist I have ever met. Every time I visit the shop ( parkway) and she always give me the color and style that I will absolutely love when she is finished. She also takes care to listen to my wishes and is always kind and warm . Thank you for being the best hairdresser in my life !

  186. Avatar photo
    Kenny Ang

    decent reply on reservation. hair stylist is able to do a decent hair wash. probably more suited for female customers as the hair stylist was unable to “style”? was only able to ask how much hair i want off and cut accordingly. even after showing reference photos, she was unable to deliver and insisted that it is the same. will be visiting some other place to fix my hair.

  187. Avatar photo
    Adam Cheok

    Just had a hair cut and perm by stylist La La from Parkway branch and it’s awesome! Really love her work and best part is don’t have to say much one look and she know what to do . Not easy to find competent stylist like her! Do check out her work guys …

  188. Avatar photo
    Clarence Lui

    Bella is professional & friendly. She has good cutting skills that handles my extra-hard hair well. I’m also grateful that she provide tips on how to set my hair myself. She’s fantastic!

  189. Avatar photo
    Jenny A

    Lala was amazing!!
    I did S curl perm
    She completely changed my hair style it’s like magic
    so lovely and easy to styling
    Thanks Lala

  190. Avatar photo
    Sharon Chia

    Love the stylish which is very attentive to your request. No pushy on package and price is reasonable.

  191. Avatar photo
    Ramya SNair

    Great with haircut,made it quick and easy..

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