Review Stickies Keng Cheow, 11 Keng Cheow St, Singapore

Review Stickies  Keng Cheow - Singapore 11 Keng Cheow St

“Awesome music especially on Tuesdays! Service is awesome too! Really like the leprechaun tea and milo shots! 10/10 would recommend ” or “The ambience is pretty chill and relaxed. Drinks were pretty good I’d say albeit expensive. Toilets were a literal warzone though don’t go in …” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Stickies Keng Cheow. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Stickies Keng Cheow is quality.

Introduction about Stickies Keng Cheow

Here are some fundamental details regarding Stickies Keng Cheow. In terms of Bar, it is generally believed that Stickies Keng Cheowis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 11 Keng Cheow St, #01-09 - #01-10 Riverside Piazza, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Bar, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 69708414 (+65 69708414)
  • Website:
  • Address: 11 Keng Cheow St, #01-09 - #01-10 Riverside Piazza, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 5 PM to 12 AM.


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How to contact Stickies Keng Cheow?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Stickies Keng Cheow via:

Phone number

You can reach Stickies Keng Cheow at 69708414(+65 69708414). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Stickies Keng Cheow via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 11 Keng Cheow St, #01-09 - #01-10 Riverside Piazza, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Stickies Keng Cheow reviews

Stickies Keng Cheow is among the best destinations of Bar in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Stickies Keng Cheow good?

To determine whether Stickies Keng Cheow is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Great place with friendly staff. And drinks at affordable prices. Definitely recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a night out with some friends”

“Awesome music especially on Tuesdays! Service is awesome too! Really like the leprechaun tea and milo shots! 10/10 would recommend ”

“Great service from this Keng Cheow bar! We were here for tiger Tuesdays and to listen the emo punk rock songs! Enjoyed ourselves so much!”

“Music is great! At least for the night im here, they played alot of Emo night-ish songs the service staff are very friendly & accommodating …”

“Had a great time, Customer service was amazing. Drinks were at a reasonable price and would recommend everyone to come down to stickies …”

“It's was a great experience beer was so good and food was affordable definitely recommended if you are choosing a good night”

“Great service, awesome staff. Affordable pricing especially BOC. Have been a regular since they open one in Tagore Lane which was closed a long time ago.”

“Came here for the great atmosphere with friends and colleagues. The staff are friendly and fun. Will drop by again when near the area.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 248 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 96% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Stickies Keng Cheow, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Stickies Keng Cheow, 11 Keng Cheow St, Singapore

There is a total 248 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    Atmosphere is good , food is good and great service ! It’s my first time with my colleagues and everyone was happy! Thanks to Keryl who assisted us that day, will definitely come back …

  2. Avatar photo
    Andrea Westby

    It’s was a great experience beer was so good and food was affordable definitely recommended if you are choosing a good night

  3. Avatar photo
    Zulkifli Umar

    Great music, great atmosphere and i am tippppsyyyyyyy!
    There nowhere better to be!
    Come on over!!!

  4. Avatar photo
    Tristan Poh

    friendly staff and fairly priced drinks!! what’s not to love?

  5. Avatar photo
    fion mak

    friendly service and great music!

  6. Avatar photo
    Tennyson koh

    Very affordable bottles here !!

  7. Avatar photo
    Leo Bridgewater

    I love stickies, the atmosphere is incredible i love this bar its my go to here in Singapore. I love this place it will always have an amazing place in my heart

  8. Avatar photo
    Sean Han

    good vibes and service, reasonably priced as well

  9. Avatar photo

    amazing vibesssss ! best place ever

  10. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Wee

    Great food, great drinks

  11. Avatar photo
    Somabrata Pani

    Nice place for booze. Very reasonably priced. Beers comes by Beer-o-clock prices. Good food option to try along with drinks. Liked the chicken karage and popcorn chicken.

  12. Avatar photo
    yijun tiong

    Good place to chill drink or go crazy wif friends, friendly staff and good food 10/10 recommend

  13. Avatar photo
    thiyagu s

    Came here on a Wednesday night. Good service with recommendations given to us to enhance our dining experience. Will definitely return soon.

  14. Avatar photo

    Place is relatively clean and Yakult soju was nice, mentaiko fries are super bomb and generous as well! Doesn’t feel stuffy ) will come back here again as service is not bad

  15. Avatar photo
    J T

    Great bunch of people here. Good games and good drinks

  16. Avatar photo
    Dhairneesh neshy

    I love the manager ivy and other collegue cuz they were very friendly and asking about the song and the satisfaction about the drinks and food i was a regular customer will definitely come here back again here becuz of the friendly people and lovely people here would love to come here!

  17. Avatar photo

    I think this was the first outlet of its kind? A buddy and I started hanging here 4-5 years back and we just kept returning? Firstly it was because we were students on a budget but gradually it’s all about the vibes man. I will admit the service staffs are very easy on the eye but hey that’s not the real pull, the staffs can get rather unfriendly when it’s time to close! So finish your drinks and off you go!

    If you’re on a budget and you don’t mind the noise, hop into any stickies around the island and they won’t disappoint you. Beer O clock, Liquor bottles available below $100, and popcorn chicken will keep you full. Don’t think there are many mains, and surely wouldn’t recommend any.

    I must say if you’re there at peak hour? You’re probably not gonna get a seat unless you’re pals with the management there! People who sits down typically don’t leave until closing!

    Btw how do I become a VIP?

  18. Avatar photo
    Wang Jun Seng

    久违的Stickies Bar. Continuous kd oktoberfest. Used to be my fav chill chill place. Still amazed by the price they offer
    -50% discount for all food frm 12noon till 2pm
    -Beer O’clock beer still available after 2pm altho the beer offered not as JENG as previous offer
    BTW, they removed the pool table

  19. Avatar photo
    Yvette Lim

    great place and people, highly recommend!

  20. Avatar photo
    Chantel Wee

    friendly staff and great atmosphere

  21. Avatar photo
    Paulo Dragon

    Great service by the staff in recommending the bottles! Highly recommend to visit here.

  22. Avatar photo
    Praven kumar

    Excellent service by staff, particularly pretty khia. All items were delivered timely. Food was great, music was great and service by khia was great as well! Solo show by khia but that did not compromise the quality of service. Will definitely visit again.

  23. Avatar photo
    xavier oei

    nice place to chill, recently changed to new furniture

  24. Avatar photo
    Evan Ng

    amazing service i love bartenders here

  25. Avatar photo
    clarence tang

    Nice place, need to provide some acoustic treatment to the place cos at times quite noisy due to the patrons chatting.Beer was good.. stickies ale, IPA,lager.. ordered some finger food..was good.go check it out..

  26. Avatar photo
    Humaira Zakirom

    very friendly staff. was served by a server named Derrel who made us feel very welcome and helped recommend us food and drinks when we didnt know what to order. thank u!

  27. Avatar photo
    Beatrice Arlani

    Awesome music especially on Tuesdays! Service is awesome too! Really like the leprechaun tea and milo shots! 10/10 would recommend

  28. Avatar photo
    Joleen Loo

    Nice and chill vibes, great place to have a drink and catch up with some friends!

  29. Avatar photo
    Stella Lim

    visited the restaurant for a few times. The food is super yummy!! love their salted egg popcorn chicken with rice , thin crust pizza (yakitori bonito). and also reasonable price for alcohol. The staffs are also very friendly. Do visit for lunch 12 -2pm for 50% off on food menu promotion! it’s super worth it!

  30. Avatar photo
    Man Ting Chew

    super friendly staff and great food!! prices are not bad too! recommend

  31. Avatar photo

    Food and atmosphere is great but the cocktails and shots were lacking in alcohol which isn’t acceptable for the price of the drinks.

  32. Avatar photo
    Flap My Bird Bird

    The food super nice , it’s legit solid not just the drinks cheap the food 9/10

  33. Avatar photo
    Chang Tat Tan

    Great value and spot for catch up drinks and friendly staff!

  34. Avatar photo
    Cho Vin Thai

    Pr manager (Ivan) serve us very well. Will definitely come back again .

  35. Avatar photo
    Aidan Neo

    great staff, very warm atmosphere, would definitely come back to drink again!!

  36. Avatar photo
    Ni Eng Lim

    I don’t usually like the loud, noisy environment of bars where folks drinks a lot. I don’t drink. But I’ve been visiting this Stickies outlet regularly because my daughter attends dance classes nearby, and it’s surprisingly a very comfortable place to relax even if you don’t drink. The staff here are very friendly and has always made me feel welcome. The food here is also surprisingly good and substantial as far as bar food is concerned.

  37. Avatar photo
    Jing Ting

    Good service ! Keryl & other staff are all very friendly & provided quick service. Food & drinks are also well made.

  38. Avatar photo
    xuan wennn

    very awesome experience and wonderful atmosphere.

  39. Avatar photo
    D Lee

    its good but music is abit too loud

  40. Avatar photo
    Teruna Suffian

    Awesome vibes. Amazing music should try the ho jiak platter!!! Ivan is an amazing and attentive host …

  41. Avatar photo
    mark R

    Their clock drink system doesn’t seem to be when you order, but when you pay. Overcharged by $6. Still cheap though, woman behind the bar was lazy not helping the other staff member

  42. Avatar photo
    Fernando Zrzr

    Drinks are definitely cheap as compared to many other bars. Love their mentaiko fries! Definitely my go to drinking spot!

  43. Avatar photo
    GL Ching

    Good place to chill. Friendly PR manager – Ivan.

  44. Avatar photo
    joe liew

    Good vibes. The staff there is very friendly as well. Good place to chill with friends

  45. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Serajudeen

    I came to stickies after the longest time. And i really had a good time . JEANETTE the staff working here was so cool. Will definitely be back here soon

  46. Avatar photo
    Drew Goh

    Food here is average, more of a watering hole than a gastronomic mecca anyway. Service can be improved too, but I came after the COVID lockdowns so maybe they needed a refresher course.

  47. Avatar photo

    Yummy food will definitely come back

  48. Avatar photo
    Jun Kiat

    Great service alongside good food, can always look forward to an enjoyable time here!

  49. Avatar photo
    S Y

    the food is superb – huge portions and amazing quality
    the servers are really nice too

  50. Avatar photo
    Amos Skt

    Unbeatable prices and swift service. Ambience was alright with the decent playlist and background chatter. Great place for catch up in groups. Though those who are into day drinking do come down to spare the noose on your wallet.

  51. Avatar photo
    vernice ng

    had a great time with my friends last week. food was really good i enjoyed the quesadilla and mentaiko fries. alcohol was reasonably priced as well. one of the staff derrel was very helpful when we needed food recos and v engaging as well. would definitely come back!

  52. Avatar photo
    Evan Ng

    Good service very friendly, look for Ivan

  53. Avatar photo
    Jason Sammy

    Good service! And have a nice food here

  54. Avatar photo
    Figo Fuad

    Amazing place to drink. Good food awesome service.

    Prices are amazing !

  55. Avatar photo
    Clement Ang

    Great place with friendly staffs and affordable prices, had a pleasant time being served especially by the waitress named Jeanette.

  56. Avatar photo
    Alejandro Seif

    Great value, does the job. Good music and friendly staff

  57. Avatar photo

    Currently the best place for Beer O’clock serving nice Ale and IPA.

  58. Avatar photo
    emily ann pereira

    Darrel was very attentive! Great place I really enjoyed myself

  59. Avatar photo
    Valen Peh

    Love the ambience, affordable prices, friendly staff

  60. Avatar photo
    Jeremy K

    Big shoutout to derrel for serving us and being so friendly intiating talks, had a great time here tonight and will definitely be back soon.

  61. Avatar photo
    Junhao Wu

    Excellent service and good pricing. Like how drinks here are so affordable at whatever time i’m here. Awesome place for gathering with friends and a catch up session, will be back again!

  62. Avatar photo
    Arnold San Juan

    Came here for the great atmosphere with friends and colleagues.
    The staff are friendly and fun.
    Will drop by again when near the area.

  63. Avatar photo
    Walid Omar

    Fabulous night out affected affordablegreat beer nice vibe and beer ping pong and we is the invincible.

  64. Avatar photo
    Darren Foong

    Drinks are cheap. Food is decent. Recommended if you’d just like to chill on a regular weekday evening.

  65. Avatar photo
    Kiane Heng

    was served by Jeanette and she was very friendly and helpful with the orders! 10/10 would recommend to my friends to come!

  66. Avatar photo
    Edmund Wee

    Food is good and drinks are reasonably priced! Definitely recommended!

  67. Avatar photo
    amber ho

    cool lil drinking place w g vibes & g drinks wuhu

  68. Avatar photo
    Jun Jie

    Super friendly service that makes you feel at home. Service staff Jeanette’s kind. 10/10 for Stickies.

  69. Avatar photo

    Love this place. Not just becus of cheap beer. But atmosphere of hight energy of young and fun. Live to be back every time i visit this city state.

  70. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Afiq

    Best place to drink and chill with friends.

  71. Avatar photo

    Good food and good service especially from Ivan!

  72. Avatar photo
    Anna Fong

    great music, fantastic staff,, highly reccomend!!

  73. Avatar photo
    Shaam Elan

    Cheryl is the PR person. The next time I come back I want to see her here’s, cuz I want to see her serve me.

  74. Avatar photo
    K KK

    A place for price friendly booze and good music.

  75. Avatar photo
    Timurcan Ozcelik

    Very cheap drinks, friendly waitresses and loads of fun games! Everytime I come here I manage to get very drunk. I usually regret what I’ve done the following morning, but I still find myself coming back and repeating my silly antics within a week. Hopefully I’ll see you here at stickies bar, we make fun time. Sorry waitresses!

  76. Avatar photo
    Tan Mingyi

    Amazing place, good vibes ! Cheap liquor …

  77. Avatar photo
    Camelia Lim

    Very good service and vibes. Look for Ivan …

  78. Avatar photo
    Akshayy 777

    This place is the best!!!!! The PR manager IVAN made sure we had a good experience here and enjoyed ourselves

  79. Avatar photo
    Kee Joo Sim

    Good place to chill and the chairs are lovely

  80. Avatar photo
    Gadriel Koh

    Great place to chill. Very friendly staffs and the drinks are affordable. Location is also convinient which is just a few minutes walk from mrt statiin. Would definitely reccomend checking this place out if you’re looking for a place to chill after a long day.

  81. Avatar photo
    Sim Lay Ming

    Good service. Friendly staff! Had a fun night Khia and the team are friendly! …

  82. Avatar photo
    Evan Goh

    Looks can be deceiving.
    Placed in a dodgy area at the fringe of Clark Quay.

    Food is above average for bar food.
    Great chilly crab pasta and fried mantou.
    Huge variety of food choices.

    Beer prices during beer o clock is definitely a steal.
    One of the cheapest place to get a good pint of Guinness. Some say it taste as good as Ireland !

    5 star service!

  83. Avatar photo

    i loved the ambience and the music choice was amazing. the waitress Jeanette (i hope i got it right) was attentive and recommended me different combinations of drinks to try out!

  84. Avatar photo
    Terence V

    service is great, love the PR staff Jeanette’s service, will come back again

  85. Avatar photo

    chill place with friendly staff. good music too !

  86. Avatar photo
    Joelle Chionh

    Really good place to chill with price with affordable pricing

  87. Avatar photo
    Corlene Aw

    it’s more chill and super friendly staff 🫶 …

  88. Avatar photo
    Sheryl Tan

    the place is lively with great atmosphere! the drinks here are super tasty and the serving was generous!

  89. Avatar photo
    Wojtek de Vries

    What a amazing concept, the earlier you start, the cheaper your drinks are. Good music, lots of fun, games you can play, the staff is so friendly a must go for a few hours of fun …cheers …

  90. Avatar photo
    Zac “Kubanbob”

    Great place for a drink. Probably one of the best bars that I’ve found in Singapore. Drinks are reasonable but were much cheaper last time I was here, pre Covid. Good atmosphere.

  91. Avatar photo

    Great atmosphere. Really comfortable to chill here, and actually made me feel like eating more. Staff were really friendly as well!!

  92. Avatar photo

    I want to thank Ivan, ryan, kunal for a great service to me.

    Thankyou so much. An absolute great night.

  93. Avatar photo
    Miki Lim

    I rarely leave google review (bcs im lazy) but as it was our first time visiting stickies, Jeanette made our first visit to stickies a memorable one. She took good care of us, checking up on us (as most of us are light weight drinkers) and making us feel at home. Great service from Jeanette️! Will visit again thanks to her! Btw their truffle fries was so damm good, pizza was meh🫤 Music was good! To Jeanette: We love u!! wanted to tip u but we forgot

  94. Avatar photo

    Cool place to hang out with friends!

  95. Avatar photo
    Tasha Rahmat Shah

    Well done. Service was efficient and I ate a lot of truffle fries.

  96. Avatar photo

    Had a very good time here. Ivan was a very good host. 100% would come back just for the service

  97. Avatar photo
    Aaron Chan

    Chill cosy place, affordable beer.

    Shout-out to Alvin for keeping it chill for us! …

  98. Avatar photo

    Drinks for great prices with great service! Would definitely come back for more

  99. Avatar photo
    Dylan Alexander

    Visited during a cohesion event. The staff (Khia) were friendly and very welcoming – we had a great time! Drinks were cheap and we left feeling very satisfied.

  100. Avatar photo
    Min Shan Lim

    Good place, drink is affordable

  101. Avatar photo
    Xiang Ting Chooi

    Very vibey place I like their rum

  102. Avatar photo
    Keefe Wayne Teo

    Citrene is awesome she was patient despite our numerous orders and requests and we really appreciate it! Thanks!

  103. Avatar photo
    Ramyaa Gobi

    Cheryl is amazing!!! We will definitely come back just for her 😀

  104. Avatar photo

    good staff and affordable drinks !!

  105. Avatar photo
    Grace Murdoch

    Love the vibes. Delicious drinks and friendly staff. Would recommend!

  106. Avatar photo
    V L

    It’s a very cool place, the vibes are different compared to last time.
    On Tiger Tuesdays, they play emo songs so us Elder Emos – who can no longer go clubs cause of our physical health can go there and drink …

  107. Avatar photo
    Phil Way

    Best priced beers and cocktails you’ll find any where in Singapore. From a North American stand point the pizza was not great. They offer free Jenga game and pool table.

  108. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Lee

    Friendly staffs and always helpful! Great music especially on Tues (great punk rock playlist)

  109. Avatar photo
    Damien Tan

    One of the cheaper bars you can visit at CQ area. Service definitely better than the dhoby outlet.

  110. Avatar photo
    lynnette goh

    Fun place with good drinks promo

  111. Avatar photo
    Inzane Productions

    Music is great! At least for the night im here, they played alot of Emo night-ish songs the service staff are very friendly & accommodating …

  112. Avatar photo
    Natalie Tan

    Great atmosphere and service! Drinks were well priced and overall a pleasant experience

  113. Avatar photo
    Stacy Lim

    really great food and drinks at an affordable price, especially for their weekday prices! would definitely come back again!

  114. Avatar photo

    Awesome environment, awesome staffs (shannan) very attentive and welcoming! Awesome place!!!

  115. Avatar photo
    Ian Lee

    Friendly staff & amazing drinks

  116. Avatar photo


  117. Avatar photo
    Ínférnøx Gaming

    Drinks so affordable and effective, now I know secrets that I didn’t need to know.

  118. Avatar photo
    Lohes Wari

    The food was great as usual. The portions was HUGE. My friend and i could barely finish it. The vibes were great. Their staff derrel was very accommodating and friendly. It was crowded but he tried his best to give us the best seats. He’s literally amazing! Would definitely recommend 😀

  119. Avatar photo
    K Tharaniya

    it is a very fun and energetic place and the drinks are cheap too!!! always love coming here

  120. Avatar photo
    Hong Yang Tai

    Service was clunky at first (I had to go to the counter to order) until one of the ladies started her shift. Beer was very affordable. The pork rice is not too shabby. Good place that is not too noisy to chill and chit chat with friends.

  121. Avatar photo
    catherine ngiau

    the vibes are really chill and staff are friendly and engaging! would request for more speakers as the music is soft at the entrance area but overall would come back for the vibes 🙂

  122. Avatar photo

    Stickies Bar is a great place to enjoy a night out with friends. The staff and managers are incredibly friendly and helpful, always making sure that everyone is having a good time. The atmosphere is lively and the drinks are fantastic. Highly recommend checking out Stickies Bar for a great time!

  123. Avatar photo

    Good drinks and atmosphere, 10/10 would return

  124. Avatar photo
    Richie Ng-Maung

    Great place with good and decent priced drinks, food taste good as well!

  125. Avatar photo
    Seth Chan

    Good vibes and fun card games to play! 10/10 for pre drinks

  126. Avatar photo
    Ni Eng Lim

    I don’t usually like the loud, noisy environment of bars where folks drinks a lot. I don’t drink. But I’ve been visiting this Stickies outlet regularly because my daughter attends dance classes nearby, and it’s surprisingly a very …

  127. Avatar photo
    Glenn Lee

    Great drinks, Great strong choices, and a plus point to the PR manager Ivan for engaging us. Service A+

  128. Avatar photo
    Jerome Ng

    Good bar vibes! Managers and staff were very friendly!

  129. Avatar photo
    Kenji Foo

    Good vibes in the bar, staff were all very friendly as well. Would definitely recommend to come with friends

  130. Avatar photo

    Good place too chillax wif the homies …

  131. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Wong

    Awesome place with great food!! Service staffs are amazing, they are so helpful even help us took nice photos. Foods are excellent and reasonable price
    Highly recommended …

  132. Avatar photo
    janine koh

    really lovely and friendly staff and great atmosphere, had a great time here! music choice also amazing!

  133. Avatar photo
    Brian Peters

    Visited on 11 Aug. Beers were cheap (about $31 for a tower during happy hour) and the yakitori pizza was awesome. Definitely would go again.

  134. Avatar photo
    anthony lee

    Good vibes, friendly PR manager.
    Overall solid branch

  135. Avatar photo
    Ho Li Xuan

    Omg yall this place i would def come again. I love the staff here and the girl who attend to me her eyeliner is damn pretty great place to spend ur bday!!! …

  136. Avatar photo
    Parameswaran Rajendran

    Had a really good time here. Jeanette (staff) made our time more enjoyable here. She was very open and polite

  137. Avatar photo
    Cowbae San

    many attractive people, good liquor price

  138. Avatar photo
    Poh Weechong

    Rebecca is a good friend and does a good job in doing PR. The store couldn’t have survived without her.

  139. Avatar photo
    Ankith Kumar

    Really affordable prices. Great place has pool, PS4 and also beer pong. Really nice place to have a casual hangout with friends. And the food is also good.

  140. Avatar photo
    Phang Wanying

    good ambience, friendly staff, will return next time!0

  141. Avatar photo
    Christopher Tan

    Great service, awesome staff. Affordable pricing especially BOC. Have been a regular since they open one in Tagore Lane which was closed a long time ago.

  142. Avatar photo
    T SJ

    Nice place! Would be even better if they have more hype music

  143. Avatar photo
    Jervis Lu

    This is the only stickies I have
    Frequent in the last few years and it has been the only place that I have drank with the bros. The music is good and I have a good time everytime I come here no matter the time. Khia has been such a pleasure as our server!

  144. Avatar photo
    Kent Quek

    Definitely the cheapest beer you can find in Singapore. Friendly staff and great place to chill.

  145. Avatar photo
    Nicole Lye

    friendly staff and good vibes!

  146. Avatar photo
    SD Wong

    Shannan was very friendly and approachable. Gave us good f&b offer deals available. Great vibe and great drinks. Good place to hang out.

  147. Avatar photo
    Noor Raihan Baharom

    Yummiest truffle & mentaiko fries! …

  148. Avatar photo

    Drinks are cheap. Food is fine, nothing to shout about. Environment is super noisy but comfortable enough.

  149. Avatar photo
    Ricardo Seah

    Great place with friendly staff. And drinks at affordable prices. Definitely recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a night out with some friends

  150. Avatar photo
    Jai Dheep

    Great place and the staff very friendly. Hadi and Raj were great in their customer service. Hope to see them again and keep up the good work.

  151. Avatar photo
    Suriyaprasad Vijayakumar

    Really nice place to drink with friends! Would be back for more!

  152. Avatar photo

    Overall experience ok-ok. Pasta not bad. Music very very loud so maybe no talking just eat and drink. Cocktails average best to stick with beer on bottle safer
    but towards the end at 1030pm sharp all LIGHTS OFF – should give warning at least 10-15mins before not just off all the lights!!!Can’t even see if anything left at our table before we go off – so dark and think so much to improve for this place.

  153. Avatar photo
    Denise Goh

    Chill place to hang out, with good music choices …

  154. Avatar photo
    Edrico Tseng

    Great place to hang out with your friends and drink with! Staffs there are friendly and drinks and food are affordable! Recommended to visit with your friends!

  155. Avatar photo
    martin ng

    the sales manager ivan helped invigortate my experience here. this is the best bar ive ever been to cuz of ivan. drinks are good and reasonably priced. ivan …

  156. Avatar photo
    Amirul Akmal

    Citrene is friendly and attended to our orders promptly, with a cheery disposition. She made our night by engaging in great conversation with us. Thumbs up!

  157. Avatar photo

    Service crew Jeanette was cool and friendly. Always been the place to go chill alone or with friends.

  158. Avatar photo
    Toh Pei Qi

    pleasant and friendly staff, good vibes and a good time overall

  159. Avatar photo

    Atmosphere is really good for chilling & drinking with friends!

  160. Avatar photo

    This place is well known foe their no frills alcohol drinks. They don’t specialise in food.. But it’s still decent.. Go for their happy hrs from 6-8pm for a jolly good time

  161. Avatar photo
    Demi Bear

    My go-to drinking place 10/10! Great vibes and affordable alcohol. 🙂 always having a great time hehe

  162. Avatar photo
    Yeow Hiang Tay

    solid brother waiter, willing to play with us drinking games

  163. Avatar photo
    Wang Jun Seng

    久违的Stickies Bar. Continuous kd oktoberfest. Used to be my fav chill chill place. Still amazed by the price they offer
    -50% discount for all food frm 12noon till 2pm
    -Beer O’clock beer still available after 2pm altho the beer offered not as JENG as previous offer
    BTW, they removed the pool table

  164. Avatar photo

    Solid place for dranks ️ COME HERE PLS

  165. Avatar photo
    Logan Hynes

    Went here on my 18th birthday and had a great experience. Myself and two friends came here and enjoyed a few drinks. The food was amazing and the staff were super friendly. At one point my friends and I tried to order some Jack Daniels and coke and the waiter advised us that it would be cheaper to go for a similar alternative. Overall would 100% recommend!

  166. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ng

    Free shot when you leave a review, and really nice music

  167. Avatar photo

    Cool place to hang out, highly recommended!

  168. Avatar photo
    Alex Goh

    Great place for cheap drinks and chill vibes on a weekend night

  169. Avatar photo
    MD Nabeel

    They have good music choice and environment for drinking

  170. Avatar photo
    S Praethamesh

    Az was a superb staff! Very welcoming and friendly. we enjoyed our time so much

  171. Avatar photo
    Hayden Chen

    economically friendly booze with a crowd youd pay for

  172. Avatar photo
    kk 1000

    Amazing place to drink at – Cerise is an amazing server that takes great length to accommodate to her customers.

    10/10 swee chqi

  173. Avatar photo

    fantastic finger food and the service is impeccable. requested for a specific drink and the staff accommodated. 100% recommend especially the truffle fries yum yum

  174. Avatar photo

    Great service from this Keng Cheow bar! We were here for tiger Tuesdays and to listen the emo punk rock songs! Enjoyed ourselves so much!

  175. Avatar photo
    Kok Cheung

    Those who love afternoon drinks, this is the best place to be. Cheap promo and good food to go along with ️

  176. Avatar photo
    Tan Tsien-Ren

    Amazing place! Great service

  177. Avatar photo
    Jan M

    Have been frequenting the joint for quite a while now. The music are bopping, and is definitely the watering hole you can bring your posses with. Server and staff are very cordial. Definitely a go-to place for libations.

  178. Avatar photo
    Cher G

    Great place and atmosphere. Good drinks and food.

  179. Avatar photo

    Attentive service despite having full house crowd with people waiting for a table outside. Good job to the guy running the floor constantly making rounds, making sure that we didn’t have to wait long to get his attention for more drinks etc. Gotta try the sour plum shots and milo shots. Alcohol is inexpensive which is a huge plus. Mains and bites are also yummy. Overall a great time with colleagues after a long day of work.

  180. Avatar photo
    Jaydon Quek

    The ambience is pretty chill and relaxed. Drinks were pretty good I’d say albeit expensive. Toilets were a literal warzone though don’t go in …

  181. Avatar photo
    Lee Weng Wai

    Great place and atmosphere! The staff was really nice and friendly too! We ordered the mentaiko fries and it was crispy and tasted good, recommended! Had a great time with my friends today!!

  182. Avatar photo
    Sean Daniel Lee

    Incredible, Pulchritudinous, Gorgeous, Glorious, Delicious. Each word describes each tower I bought at Stickies.

    If you want to have fun with friends, have fun here. Also, they have great music. Props to the guy with that 2010s throwback spotify playlist.

  183. Avatar photo
    Ian Jerome Lim

    Cool place. Nice atmosphere. Friendly staff.

  184. Avatar photo
    Jouden Toh

    good service and atmosphere thanks darryl for serving !

  185. Avatar photo
    Jie Shi Lee

    Nice place to hangout with friends, food is good too

  186. Avatar photo

    For the cheap beer and great array of entertainments like pool, board games and PlayStation make this the perfect hangout spot for groups of friends. Friendly and helpful servers are always there to attend to your needs. Go on weekdays and Sundays if you want to avoid a big crowd.

  187. Avatar photo
    Avi Kumar

    Spent my birthday here, great staff and great ambiance and drinks are solid. Love the playlist they play. 100% coming back

  188. Avatar photo
    Ellie Cho

    Affordable beer price, good taste. A pint of beer is better than a jug. Jug beer was served with a plastic cup. Draft beer in a small plastic cup
    The weird thing is the payment system.
    When ordering, I had to keep my credit card to the staff, never seen before at the bar.

  189. Avatar photo
    Erwin Lum

    Good songs, good company, good PR manager

  190. Avatar photo

    Good vibes music and food!! will come again

  191. Avatar photo
    Shanna Kaur

    great experience! lovely staff and affordable drinks. definitely recommend 🙂

  192. Avatar photo
    Safiq Zaini

    Place has vibes PR manger was friendly as well will definitely come back again!

  193. Avatar photo
    Sammy Pinkie

    The staffs here are very sweet and pretty. Drinks are great and also very affordable! AIRCON THE BEST …

  194. Avatar photo
    Arielle Wong

    Stickies have very friendly staff who’s ever ready to serve. And also, their food is amazing! LOVE their banger and mash ️

  195. Avatar photo
    Kuan Khoon Tan

    Good place for a catch up and a drink. Food quality is good, service speed can be better.

  196. Avatar photo
    Keely Tan

    Customer services was superb! Special shout-out to Ivan for accommodating to our request!

  197. Avatar photo
    Hu Nina

    Mannnnn service was sooooo goooood vibes were sooooo good the food was amazing and the alcohol was so cheap. 10/10 for a broke student like me. Love stickies

  198. Avatar photo
    Samantha Lee KQ

    The waiter and waitresses are extremely nice and attentive Food and drinks are great! It used to be much crowded but the business is definitely still doing better than most of the bars out there. Location’s good as well! Highly recommend

  199. Avatar photo
    monisha sree

    Cheryl is the best PR person!! EVERYTIME i come i hope to see her!! her service is damn good !! will come here more often

  200. Avatar photo
    Marvin Chew

    Nice music and overall ambience! Not to mention the ever so friendly, Ivan, who makes sure everyone is okay and having a good time, chatting with us and introducing games to play along with drinks! Definitely recommend groups to come by here for drinks

  201. Avatar photo
    Kristin Hong

    Stickies stuff are friendly and helpful
    Ivan, the PR manager, is very sociable and have took great care of us! Will definitely come back here ️

  202. Avatar photo
    Priyanka R

    good music, friendly waitress and lively + clean atmosphere !

  203. Avatar photo
    Jelynn Lee

    The ambience is lively and the food is great. Drinks and food are reasonably priced as well and the staff are very friendly! Would come back here in future with more friends :>

  204. Avatar photo
    Tiger Suren

    Shannan was very enthusiatic. My group was well entertained. Appreciate the service!

  205. Avatar photo
    Bertrand Andrew Jonathan

    We’ve been to quite a few stickies outlet and we are always please with the service and reasonably priced drinks. We dined in a group of 5 pax yesterday. We ordered a few mains and quite a bit of drinks. The staff (girl with colourful airforce 1) was super friendly, attended to our needs and even informed us on the Jack Daniel’s promo where we could spin a wheel for free drinks.

    The food was pretty alright but would recommend the truffle mac & cheese for anyone wanting to grab a bite.

    However, we were really disappointed with the drinks served to us. Particularly on the Mi-licks shots and Yakult soju tower. We ordered 8 x QTY each of Milo, Horlicks and Mi-licks shots to share amongst us. There were no issues with the Milo and Horlicks one and it had a slight kick to it. However, two of my friend pointed out that there was no alcohol in the Mi-licks shots. We all tried it and confirm that no alcohol was added. I informed the staff and she took 1 shot back to the bar. According to the bar, they mentioned that “due to the combination of the milo and horlicks powder, it kinda covers the alcohol taste” and since we already drank 6 (we drank to confirm the taste) of the 8 shots they cant do anything about it. Btw the 1 shot was not returned to us.

    It was our first time ordering a yakult soju tower “(3L)” here, and please know that it can probably serve your 5-6 cups (beer plastic cups) max as the tower was filled entirely with ice. We thought the ice would have been separated from the drink itself like most of the bars. For $65 it is definitely not worth the price.

    If you are coming here, just stick to their beer towers, honey soju and horlick shots.

  206. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tan

    Stickies has always been there for me through tough times, be it with friends or by myself! Extremely friendly staff, good music, and an all-round crowd from all backgrounds!! 10/10 would always recommend, especially Keng Cheow’s outlet thanks to the convenience.

  207. Avatar photo
    V Hareharan

    Cheryl is the best. I totally love her service. I will come back just for her.

  208. Avatar photo
    Hasif Nazim

    Had a great time, Customer service was amazing. Drinks were at a reasonable price and would recommend everyone to come down to stickies …

  209. Avatar photo
    Barbatos 95

    Very good get drunk die hard yes. Shout out to Jeanette also. All the drinks on time on the hour at every second of the night

  210. Avatar photo
    Yasmin Yahya

    Great place to chill and vibe. 10/10

  211. Avatar photo
    Ricardo Seah

    Great place with friendly staff. And drinks at affordable prices. Definitely recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a night out with some friends

  212. Avatar photo
    friezy brian

    Great place to chill with friends and catch up with drinks.

  213. Avatar photo
    Meher Keswani

    Great place to chill over the weekend!

  214. Avatar photo
    justparris x

    Staff Ming Hui has been friendly and warmly welcomed us to stickies, great experience overall and will come back to support this outlet!

  215. Avatar photo
    Renee Soh

    i had a fun time here! ivan was really nice to sit and talk to us as well

  216. Avatar photo
    He Yifei

    Lovely place with good vibes. Good place to hangout with friends. Nice and friendly staff as well

  217. Avatar photo
    Jaeden Wee

    good music choices! fun environment …

  218. Avatar photo
    hongpia wangwang

    Great service, great food, fantastic atmosphere(: highly recommend for parties and gatherings. Will defo be back for sure

  219. Avatar photo
    Henny Ngim

    Keng cheow street stickies moved 10m, still a great hangout place. Value for money beer + $15 snack with cozy ambience.

  220. Avatar photo
    Soyasoz Lifeafter

    Great service and drinks. Had a blast with my group and the host!!!️

  221. Avatar photo
    Chao Rong Koh

    great atmosphere, good drinks!

  222. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn Sim

    Awesome place! Will be back ◡̈

  223. Avatar photo
    kuro tsubaki

    Been here for a few weeks and everyone here are really friendly and nice. Would definitely come back again.

  224. Avatar photo

    super worth it for your money. Ambience is good!! No time limit and super chill. Except for one staff who was super rude. Very condescending in telling us to put our mask even when it is on. BUT other then that its amazing

  225. Avatar photo

    Alcohol at a great price, and food was pretty good. A little inconvenient to get to, but otherwise no complaints.

  226. Avatar photo
    Marc Justine

    The place is very nice with good music. The manager name Hadi and the workers are super friendly and bery attentive

  227. Avatar photo
    Mannat Sodhi

    Great service and beautiful space! Love this place for a night out or just a few drinks. 10/10 Would definitely recommend

  228. Avatar photo
    Shafiq Apandi

    Fun place with amazing service. Ivan is an amazing host!

  229. Avatar photo

    The staff kept shouting for my card when i was drunk, the music was too loud and the first few time i can’t hear and she shout at my friend for the card which we finally got what she meant. Definitely a good place was expecting more entertainment though.
    – The 3 guys that ordered 3 beer towers

  230. Avatar photo
    Ang Wei Ming

    Compared to some of the other stickies branches I go to, this place is not as good.
    1) You need to pay for playing cards here, some stickies branches don’t need you to pay for it.
    2) It doesn’t have as many alcohol offers, e.g. bundle of 5 soju.
    3) It’s just a place for drinks without games like some other branches. Still a nice place to drink and chill tho

  231. Avatar photo
    Keerthi Kesaan

    Place was amazing and lit. Had a great time with friends. Hadi,raj,rachel,rica,keryl,jarren,cerise, jia xuan and khia were a few friends i made since i started coming back to stickies
    Please keep up the outstanding hospitality.
    Worth my money and time being in stickies

  232. Avatar photo
    Lim Jun Kit

    Good vibes and great music. Always a good times at stickies!

  233. Avatar photo
    Suvitar Durai Singham

    Amazing service, would definitely come back here again!!!! PLUS FREE SHOTS!

  234. Avatar photo
    Y Z

    Rebecca, very good service. I will come back again to find her

  235. Avatar photo
    Jay Chua

    great place to hang-out on your off-day, very friendly staff and affordable food and drinks. DEFINITELY will be back again here.

  236. Avatar photo
    Naomi Nasya

    Very good customer service, nice ambience.

  237. Avatar photo
    Joshua Lim

    Sales manager Ivan made my experience so fricking fun the vibes were so good i drank so much thanks for the good time ️

  238. Avatar photo
    Sumeeta Ravindharan

    Thank you taking care of us, Marcus is the best bro – Andre & sumeeta

  239. Avatar photo
    Firhan Nordin

    celeste, keryl , meishan is super attentive in terms of service keep on checking on our table fair enough it’s on a sunday crowd was on a low nevertheless thank you for the hospitality stickies team. Never fail to give a good service,price point wise is always been the same since i started to visit the company years back even before covid happen no steep change, improvement in terms of service keep it up.

  240. Avatar photo
    Jack Le

    Most chill place to hang out, friendly staffs and affordable food/drinks. 10/10 will come back

  241. Avatar photo
    Sam Weicheese

    Great place for a commune! Nice ambience that’s great for conversations and chats.

  242. Avatar photo
    K C

    Friend’s recommended this place. This place was really busy when we reached as they have some good beer specials. House beer range is basic and decent bite and main menu. Personally liked the BEER O’ CLOCK specials. Staff was really good and courteous. Try the joint if you around clarke quay area.

  243. Avatar photo

    great ambience and cheap drinks!!

  244. Avatar photo
    Stephanie M

    Amazing value for money for both food and drinks. I would recommend the Jalapeño poppers. Access to pool and board games also makes this a great place to hang out with friends.

  245. Avatar photo
    Dina Hamma

    Get any pint of beer, housepour shots or glass of housepour liquor priced by the time everyday of the week!!!
    Free beer at 12pm!!!
    Food and drinks available. Opened from 12pm to 12am, last order at 11.20pm and drink clearence at 11.50pm, strike of mid night joint closes!!!
    $50 payable if you ‘puke’ and they have to clean up!!!
    Situated at cumming st (such a name for a street)
    Very fine ambience, well groomed staff with a fantastic smile, good knowledge of the itemised menu, impressive. Most importantly, clean n dry toilets!!!
    Beer, whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, juices and many many more!!!
    Housepour beers incl carling, steinlagar pure etc etc

  246. Avatar photo
    Shaun Marcus Lee

    Fantastic service, manager (Khia) was amazing

  247. Avatar photo
    laritza podolski

    JEANETTE WAS AWESOME! We had an amazing time celebrating our friend birthday definitely will be here again! …

  248. Avatar photo
    Erika Calingasan

    nice vibes, the music is nice too and the cost is not bad

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