Review Starbucks, 4 Tampines Central 5, Singapore

Review Starbucks - Singapore 4 Tampines Central 5

“Service was great , sometimes just want a cup of simple coffee and breakfast to have a good start of the day. ” or “Great service. Has a second floor and plenty of seats. You can’t go wrong with the desserts or quiche and the ice blended drinks.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Starbucks. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Starbucks is quality.

Introduction about Starbucks

Here are some fundamental details regarding Starbucks. In terms of Cafe, it is generally believed that Starbucksis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 4 Tampines Central 5, # 01 - 50 Tampines Mall, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Cafe, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 69575801 (+65 69575801)
  • Website:
  • Address: 4 Tampines Central 5, # 01 - 50 Tampines Mall, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 7:30 AM to 10 PM.

Friday, Saturday: 7:30 AM to 12:30 AM.


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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Starbucks via:

Phone number

You can reach Starbucks at 69575801(+65 69575801). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Starbucks via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 4 Tampines Central 5, # 01 - 50 Tampines Mall, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Starbucks reviews

Starbucks is among the best destinations of Cafe in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Starbucks good?

To determine whether Starbucks is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Tried the Xmas Toffee Nut Crunch Latte...LOVELY!! Bring your own mug and a 50 cents off the bill. Pretty busy when I was there. There are 2 levels. Feels cosy.”

“Great service. Has a second floor and plenty of seats. You can't go wrong with the desserts or quiche and the ice blended drinks.”

“peanut butter stack is awesome. queue is long. quite slow even thou there are 4 to 5 staff. only one is at cashier taking order.”

“Our frequent cafe for our fav Coffees and Cakes in Starbucks @AMK HUB, @NEX, @United Square, @Tampines Mall, @Bedok Mall”

“love the vibe and the atmosphere especially during night hangouts.”

“The new Christmas edition cake, palatable rose pistachios cheesecake was yummelicious.”

“Good service and attentive. My mango drink was perfect. Nice layout and the staffs were attentive and polite.”

“Excellent place to eat and drink my favourite coffee. Super excellent service!! Love this place. …”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 237 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 86% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Starbucks, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Starbucks, 4 Tampines Central 5, Singapore

There is a total 237 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Din Neo

    Excellent place to eat and drink my favourite coffee. Super excellent service!! Love this place. …

  2. Avatar photo

    24 hour cafe w wifi, indoor seats are limited, outdoor seats available.

  3. Avatar photo
    WanChui A.

    Good spot, quiet environment and “always got seat”.

  4. Avatar photo
    Sanath Roy

    Excellent place with it’s two floors it’s just wonderful to be here… Coffee work discussion gossip all creates a wonderful environment..
    Their brewed coffee is what I love. With a spot of hot coconut milk

  5. Avatar photo
    Sandra Lee

    Beautiful lighted n spacious.
    Excellent service by Hass.
    4 stars maybe room for improvement as it my 1st visit.
    Thank you.

  6. Avatar photo
    Aiden Wong

    Great place. Always got my coffee fix here while doing some work. I like it here when it’s quiet during the weekdays. Other than that, it’s all good. If you are ordering frappucino drinks will suggest not to change the milk to low fat or others. The taste does have a difference.

  7. Avatar photo

    Good service and attentive.
    My mango drink was perfect.
    Nice layout and the staffs were attentive and polite.

  8. Avatar photo
    Nhyatt H

    The new Christmas edition cake, palatable rose pistachios cheesecake was yummelicious.

  9. Avatar photo
    N Baalbaki

    Very pleasant staff

  10. Avatar photo
    Theodora Hui

    Located outside of Tampines Mall, had difficulty finding it at first.

    Has two storeys, quite cosy and spacious, but to find seats it would depend on luck, since the place is very conducive for studying and most are taken up by people working or studying.

    If you don’t mind climbing the stairs, the second storey is more comfortable in terms of seating.

    Orders are done on the first floor where their counter and spread of desserts are. For desserts I was recommended the cheese sponge cake which was really light and had the best of cheese and sponge cake.

    Drinks and food are quite pricey, so unless you can collect points as a Starbucks member it might not be worth it.

    Overall if you can find seats, it is a great place to chill with friends or study/do work there

  11. Avatar photo
    Hilmi sa'ari

    Delicious & nice place to chill out !

  12. Avatar photo
    Glenn Wong

    One of the nicer outlet with a level 2 seating area. Can be crowded on weekends with the heartlanders. Quality of drinks and food is consistent with general Starbucks quality. Staff can be quite indifferent when attending to customers at this outlet though.

  13. Avatar photo
    Fadillah Ghani

    Not that cosy because the barista would play their own rubbish songs,that is totally unpleasant to the ears.
    Management please do something about this

  14. Avatar photo
    darshil shah

    Friendly staff and plenty of seating. The upper floor provides a quieter seating

  15. Avatar photo
    Tng Olive

    Counter staff too slow in taking order.

  16. Avatar photo
    Zackery Zaihan

    Great ambience. Plenty seats. Fast service.

  17. Avatar photo
    Pavithren V S Pakianathan

    Hope the staff learn the difference between to go and having here. Otherwise it’s a place with pleasant ambience.

  18. Avatar photo
    Charles Poiron

    Attentive and Friendly staff, personalized service, great atmosphere, comfortable environment, reliable coffees and food

  19. Avatar photo
    Ashton Lin

    I was served by Nora at tampines starbucks, she was energetic, enthusiastic kind and patient despite the long queue and late hours, thanks for the great service nora!

  20. Avatar photo
    Lim Zi Fei

    I spilled my coffee in TP engine school hall

  21. Avatar photo
    Jesslyn Loi

    Good service but quite limited seats.

  22. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim Noor

    No comparison. All outlets are identical. Always maintain their consistency

  23. Avatar photo
    And Roid (TY)

    Most of the seats are not really taken by people. It’s by bags and other items that students use to reserve seats. The barristas can’t be bothered with how most patrons can’t get seats.

  24. Avatar photo
    Donny Poh Renjie

    I get my coffee n move on

  25. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Ai

    Good service nice staff

  26. Avatar photo

    This place is really good after the upgrade. 2 stores. I guess the person who really stood out was Aaron. A really nice guy who has a great charismatic attitude. Plus his drinks are really good. Usually he works at night because that’s when I’m usually there doing my work for my business.
    This man deserves a reward for his passion is work.

  27. Avatar photo
    Melissa Goh

    Good service and fragrant coffee ️ …

  28. Avatar photo
    Shepherdson Nicholas

    Two level, have more seats

  29. Avatar photo

    Starbucks matcha frappe is my fav drink! toffee nut latte is also very delicious! The toffee nut latte is good to give to others as gifts… my maternal cousin jiejie and me like toffee nut latte a lot so this year also buy as xmas gifts for extended family… starbucks drinks is always a good idea to treat your loved ones!

  30. Avatar photo
    Bipin Kotak

    Excellent as per their reputation…

  31. Avatar photo
    eunice seah

    Nice ambience for relaxing especially with the few F & B outlets that are open 24 hours on weekends, if at all, during this COVID-19 pandemic Spacious, 2 storey little cove!

    Some of the younger serving staff are a little impatient. When I asked if the 2 lattes on the counter are mine while I was looking at the merchandise and the drinks became ready for collectiob, the waitress answered with a sarcastic “Yes”.

    Also the clearing of used crockery seemed slow. The cups that were at our table were there since before we sat down till we left!

  32. Avatar photo
    Amelia Lee

    Good place to study but note that there aren’t that many plug points available (I counted only one, but may have missed some hidden ones!). Make sure to come with a fully charged laptop if you plan to camp here for a while!

  33. Avatar photo
    Muso Lee

    We are hoping that they quickly resume to normal business hours as we enter to the third phase of this pandemic season.

  34. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Handoyo

    Nice vibe upstairs

  35. Avatar photo
    Sean Chew

    Nice ambience, good place for a short coffee or tea break. We were told dining in duration was 1 hour, if there is no crowd can chill more than 1 hour.

  36. Avatar photo
    Charisse Sun Isip

    This outlet gives you a feeling of nostalgia.. the Starbucks of the early 2000s Y2K

  37. Avatar photo
    Faridah Ismail

    Excellent food and excellent service.

  38. Avatar photo
    Sweta Mondal

    Very good spacious ️ place.

  39. Avatar photo
    Dr.vindhya T

    It is good place to chit chat with ur friends.

  40. Avatar photo
    Ash Ley

    Awesome place to chill out..

  41. Avatar photo
    Alif Takumi

    All of them are service oriented. Kudos

  42. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chua

    Very good setup

  43. Avatar photo
    Shirley Goh

    Cosy comfy coffee place.

  44. Avatar photo
    Li Davis

    Place and ambience is good especially on second floor. As with all service standards in Singapore, it varies with the mood of the people serving you. If you are in touristy areas you will be fine but in the heartlands, don’t be surprised if people “just do their jobs” without affection.

  45. Avatar photo
    Jess Sapphizen

    When you need a quiet moment from the buzz of life

  46. Avatar photo
    Alex C

    I love the Cold Brew Coffee!

  47. Avatar photo
    Sen ___

    Easy and near a mall. Great place to study as well it has 2 levels and good food of course

  48. Avatar photo
    Haziq Suip

    Great place, cozy environment, limited seats but rude staff and some even look like they’re dead tired to entertain customers. Coming from F&B myself, i would say Starbucks could review the staffs here.

  49. Avatar photo
    Kai Xin

    Very aesthetic, many seats, double levels, service was good

  50. Avatar photo
    jonathan t

    I like this outlet because it is spacious and has nice sturdy tables that are conducive for work. The air con runs cold here but that’s my only gripe.

  51. Avatar photo
    Adrian Tan

    Great ambience great coffee

  52. Avatar photo
    Lionel Tan

    Nice place for breakfast. Quiet and plenty of seats. At first I thought it was a small outlet until I saw a sign indicating there were more seats on the 2nd storey!

  53. Avatar photo
    Charlie Nick

    ou can’t miss it – every time you walk past the shop, you’ll be taken away by the amazing scent of the pies and pastries.

  54. Avatar photo

    Nice spacious place, but we sat outside which was breezy.

  55. Avatar photo
    Phaul Jhay

    This place is so relaxing …

  56. Avatar photo
    E T

    Really nice atmosphere Starbucks with friendly attentive staff. They do not appear to have a time limit on how long you dine onsite.

  57. Avatar photo
    Low Feiyou

    Super helpful staffs that goes the extra mile

  58. Avatar photo
    Peter Yeo

    Coffee is up to the starbucks standard. Team is friendly there.

  59. Avatar photo
    Will Will

    Starbucks at Tampines Mall had fewer people this afternoon.. could be due to being a weekday. Place is small but still you can get seating easily with a little wait, if any. However, i fail to understand why they don’t provide stirrer for hot coffee? I have to improvise using a disposable drinking straw which softened and bent even in a luke warm coffee.

  60. Avatar photo
    Iris Tan

    Our frequent cafe for our fav Coffees and Cakes in Starbucks @AMK HUB, @NEX, @United Square, @Tampines Mall, @Bedok Mall

  61. Avatar photo
    Peter Coleman

    Good service great staff free wifi great coffee

  62. Avatar photo
    Gra Cious

    Waiting time is quite long during evening peak hours.

  63. Avatar photo

    Many nice drinks!
    Love matcha latte & choco chip

  64. Avatar photo
    Mamun Mishra

    Though people say Starbucks serve the best coffee in the world but nothing can beat homemade instant nescafe. But still when I go out I prefer to have latte or mocha in Starbucks and enjoy it …

  65. Avatar photo
    Germaine Tan

    One of the two floor regular starbucks that offers a nice ambience. Can get noisy during the day but overall very friendly staff and patient with indecisive customers.

  66. Avatar photo
    Jagdeep Singh

    Nice and cozy like all Starbucks outlets

  67. Avatar photo
    Kaiyan Leong

    Level 2 is a cosy place. The wrap made with impossible meat is cheap but can’t really taste the impossible meat.

  68. Avatar photo
    Karen Koh

    A very cozy nice environment. Though it’s 2 storeys the seats are still limited. Would be better if they can offer more seats as most of the time seats were occupied by students. Also, tried their Chocolate Black Tea. It was fantastic, not too sweet and a hint of chocolate and tea flavour that blend so well together! This is my Go-To drink in Starbucks from now on.

  69. Avatar photo
    Aud J.

    Enjoying breakfast at Starbucks century sq lv 2. Relaxing…

  70. Avatar photo
    Alexandra Long

    It has a lot of seating space

  71. Avatar photo
    maurizio italia

    The worst shop in town…. doppio espresso come as single shot. No matter how many time you explain them there make it wrong again. Coming here for the past 15 years and getting very sad about the performance of the staff

  72. Avatar photo

    quick & fast service

  73. Avatar photo
    Kai Ling Koh

    Basic starbucks. Ex but good place to chill

  74. Avatar photo
    Ed An

    Full of students who hog the seats

  75. Avatar photo
    Claudia und Thomas Voss

    Not so well managed this branch.

  76. Avatar photo
    Feezah Magad

    love the vibe and the atmosphere especially during night hangouts.

  77. Avatar photo
    Shanying Wang

    Good place for coffee

  78. Avatar photo
    Azman Ahmad

    Nice place for coffee break

  79. Avatar photo
    Ginger lol

    Great and friendly staff

  80. Avatar photo
    Fun Kwok

    Nice Starbucks with 2 floors in the suburbs!
    I always come to this Starbucks joint and the service is usually pretty alright. Not as friendly as the ones in Citylink Mall or PLQ mall, but expected as it’s a busy Starbucks joint. Staff won’t give a receipt as the receipt is ‘inside my Starbucks account’, which is ok in the spirit of reducing paper wastage and saving the earth. Let’s hope all Starbucks go paperless soon!

  81. Avatar photo
    福杯满溢 kw (kw)

    nice upstairs seating. open till late

  82. Avatar photo
    Ang Engchuan

    Good place for tea and cake

  83. Avatar photo
    Shah Ab

    Friendly staffs, and if you’re a regular, they’ll know what you want right off the bat…

  84. Avatar photo

    Beautifully built with glass walls. I like to purchase my drinks and sit there to look outside.

  85. Avatar photo
    thomas tan

    Nothing beats buying starbucks coffee and proceed to play games at safra tampines lan shop

  86. Avatar photo
    Surya Sadikin

    It’s a good place to hang out and have chit chat with friends

  87. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Lai

    Love their special drinks and merchandise.

  88. Avatar photo
    Klvin Walker丁奇

    Awesome place to have a rest after a long shopping. Rest your feet.

  89. Avatar photo
    Louis Poh

    Good for late night hang out. Wifi and air conditioned 24/7.

  90. Avatar photo
    Keigo Tan Jiong Hao

    24hrs but Crowded at times XD !!

  91. Avatar photo
    N K

    A cafe on the outside of Tampines Mall. Lots of smokers hang around the outside and even smoke at the outside tables even though they’re not supposed to. Staff do not stop them. Unpleasant for non-smokers.

    • about $5 to $8 for a drink.

    • tasty.

    Portion Size:
    • Decent portion sizes.

    • Below average service.

    • Mostly clean, tables are sometimes not cleared.

    • Air-conditioned, indoor and outdoor seating, halal, cafe.

    Would I recommend this place:
    • Yes, I would recommend this place.

  92. Avatar photo
    Neko Onna

    Very big Starbucks with lots of sofa seats. 2 storeys high and very spacious. It opens 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays too, a good place to chill out if you need somewhere to go in the middle of the night =D

  93. Avatar photo
    Mimazak Ali

    My favourite cafe to hv my coffee n snacks.

  94. Avatar photo
    weijie shen

    As usual, great coffee with great staff

  95. Avatar photo
    Manikanta Tankala

    This coffee place has everything but it gets overcrowded easily.

  96. Avatar photo
    Mingli Chen

    Pretty quiet on weekday mornings and afternoon, always a nice and comfortable place to have your coffee.

  97. Avatar photo
    Kor Heng Lim

    Cosy environment

  98. Avatar photo
    Shaun Liew

    Nice place to relax once a while

  99. Avatar photo
    Shan Leong

    Service was great , sometimes just want a cup of simple coffee and breakfast to have a good start of the day.

  100. Avatar photo
    Le 8

    Newly renovated. Nice ambient! Cold brew nitro is a must try! Not all outlet have.

  101. Avatar photo
    Oniler Lontok

    The place is way better now. Before the renovation the inside felt a bit crammed and dark. Now it has good spacing and better lighting.

  102. Avatar photo
    tan maureen

    Newly renovated 2 storey

  103. Avatar photo
    Allen Nguyen

    Ground floor is usually crowded, but overall it’s one of those cozy aesthetic outlet that Starbucks has. Personally like the ceiling-to-floor glass windows which make the whole place seem a little more spacious and less stuffy, whilst offering the view of the busy roads right beside the pavement.
    Can get a little warm around noon, probably due to the glasshouse design.

    Plus point for Grab users – it is also just a few minutes walk away from the Tampines Mall taxi stand.

  104. Avatar photo

    Got a lot of floor space especially on the 2nd floor but all are taken by students who are allegedly “studying”. Last time I checked, Starbucks is a coffee place and not a library. Baristas are multitasking…when it is our turn to place an order, we thought we are being asked our order, only to find out the guy at the cashier is talking and joking with his colleague that already clocked out from work but still hanging out by the counter doing chit chats…

  105. Avatar photo
    Woon Cs

    cheese sponge cake very nice

  106. Avatar photo
    Quek Pearlie

    Two storey high cafe, nice environment.. Just lower down the music volume would be perfect..

  107. Avatar photo
    Han A W

    Long queue and slow serving…

  108. Avatar photo
    Xoxo N

    Slow service.
    Ordered a sandwich takeaway.
    Malay counter staff kept talking nonsense in Malay , and just put the sandwhich in a paper bag whereas it should be packed nicely in a sandwhich box.

    Too crowded, disappointed with the service.

  109. Avatar photo
    sony shetty

    It’s a nice place to take a coffee break from shopping in the mall. Great staff️

  110. Avatar photo
    Jaafar Mohammad

    Good place for meeting friends n eat

  111. Avatar photo
    Elok Robert Tee

    Easy access. Plenty of seats. The usual fare.

  112. Avatar photo
    Jørgen van Elsäcker

    Good place for a quick break. Well managed and even enough seats during this Covid-19.

  113. Avatar photo

    Love the experience at Starbucks. Stay cheerful and churn good coffee always!

  114. Avatar photo
    Zhen Yong Ng

    It has 2 stories but it is usually full when I go there

  115. Avatar photo
    D Lim

    Quiet on Sunday mornings. Nice and breezy outdoor seatings. 24hrs.

    Brown sugar okinawa latte is too sweet.

    Scrambled egg, spinach, sausage, mushrom, and tomatoes stuffed into a sour dough bread bowl (pict). Pretty wholesome but bread is abit tough, cut it like eating steak. Generous fillings.

  116. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Ong

    Very cosy place, many seats outside.

  117. Avatar photo
    Nirzham Shah

    As always love all their christmas products

  118. Avatar photo
    Shyue Chou Chuang

    A nice but impossibly crowded Starbucks. Again, like most Starbucks, it is hard to get a decent seat.

    Beside families, it is also infested with kids pretending to study.

  119. Avatar photo
    dEtRoiX 86

    One of the unique, standalone cafes (especially in the heartlands) which serves Reserve, has seatings on 2 floors, is inspired by Scandinavian Reno styling and is surrounded by massive glass windows which makes it a joy to catch up with work or peers and look out at the surroundings for a break. This place is unbelievably cold so prep your sweaters. Also do check Google for crowd since this is tampines and if there is no queue during peak period you are probably lucky enough to buy 4D

  120. Avatar photo
    Shayn Low

    It is Starbucks after all super cosy and clean great service and coffee

  121. Avatar photo
    Alex Teo

    Popular and cosy place to visit with 2nd floor. Cool.

  122. Avatar photo
    Ian Long

    Nice place and super friendly staff…. not part of the mall where it is noisy

  123. Avatar photo

    Very nice place for the usual coffee fix!

  124. Avatar photo
    Travel Explorer

    Always a good morning to start with.

  125. Avatar photo
    Alice Li

    nice staffs, nice ambient, nice food, more variety of merchansise

  126. Avatar photo
    Daniel Long

    Nice and comfortable, but it’s taken over by studying students who go off for hours and occupy tables with belongings. It doesn’t make it unpleasant, but it does mean there’s less space for casual customers.

  127. Avatar photo
    Wayne Leong

    Cosy environment and not too noisy, making it quite ideal for meet ups, work and study. The second level seem more conducive but is often packed. It can get a little stuffy and hot from the greenhouse effect on the second level.

    Service is relatively quick and friendly. Quality is consistent

  128. Avatar photo
    iFfA Fraij

    It’s a place I use to go with friends. It has a warm atmosphere.

  129. Avatar photo
    Steven Hu

    If you need a cup of good quality coffee, go Starbucks.

  130. Avatar photo
    Sharmili Phulgirkar

    The best part about this Starbucks is the huge place it has (80 seats upstairs and some down).. The service is slow but the tastes are the same you expect from Starbucks anywhere. Try and get a place upstairs along the glass walls for good view.

  131. Avatar photo
    David Lim

    So crowded, always no place to sit

  132. Avatar photo
    Christopher Tan

    Was attended by a very attentive staff. After learning that the milk I ordered was for my boy, she prepared the drink again so that it won’t be too hot for him

  133. Avatar photo
    Yeo Heng Choon

    Great time over friend, with coffee

  134. Avatar photo
    Viswakiran Kannepalli విశ్వకిరణ్ కన్నేపల్లి

    Biggest issue here, people keep sitting for hours and the staff doesn’t even care whether you got a seat or not.

  135. Avatar photo
    Chiang Zitao

    Very nice place to chill

  136. Avatar photo
    Dora Chan

    Coffee is slightly overpriced for the quality but cakes are good and ambience is great for catch up with friends or chilling out. My fav cake is the signature chocolate cake

  137. Avatar photo
    William W

    Starbucks Tampines Mall
    Speedy services
    OPEN from 7.30am to 11pm from Sunday to Thursday and 24 hours on Friday and Saturday.
    RENOVATED new store at the heart of Tampines Central has transformed into a beautiful double-storied building with mix 40 comfortable cosy armchairs at the ground floor and 80 above upper floor.
    EXTERIOR looks like UFO with tall tinted glass panels surround the store, offering plenty of natural light into its spaces during the day.

  138. Avatar photo
    Jess Tee

    Outstanding customer service from Mok! I was in there to get one of the Christmas tumblers n upon knowing that it was meant to be a gift, Mok took a brand new one for me n even help to gift wrap it. Such dedicated n attention to details is what made a excellent customer service experience! Please keep up the good work Mok!

  139. Avatar photo
    Angeline Lee

    Great food nice place to meet up with friends or business discussions.

  140. Avatar photo
    Draco Gan

    It has finished renovations and changed to a 2-story outlet! Plenty of seats, lovely environment!

    Do note you have to be vaccinated before you can dine in! Show your vaccination status before entering the outlet!

    Great place to study or hangout with your friends, if you can manage to find a seat. And, it is 24hours! Staff are friendly as well, however just remember to bring a jacket there if you’re planning to stay there for awhile as the aircon inside is relatively cold.

  141. Avatar photo
    Chye Eng Ng

    Good place to have a nice beverage and chill out. However, it can get really crowded with students hogging the seats.

    Most tot the time, you might not be able to get any seats although there is outdoor seats available at this outlet.

    It is a 24H on Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays.

  142. Avatar photo
    Lee Moon Son

    Good customer service

  143. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Ann Kessler

    A great place for a quiet chat and great drinks. Go during off-peak timings in order to secure that seat.

  144. Avatar photo
    siti Faridah

    Really appreciate services from Starbuck’s staffs at Tampines Mall warm,friendly,caring n concerns for waiting customers.They did their best to make sure waiting customers did not have to wait long by rearranging no of customers in a group to a more accomodating table catered.Service oriented,satisfactory,efficient.Always with a smile.Thank You for the Best service rendered really enjoyed the time spent.Starbucks foods n drinks always the best .

  145. Avatar photo
    Thomas Lew

    Came here for breakfast, the place is not so crowded. Ordered the turkey ham pita and the egg mayo multi grains croissant. Both are well prepared and tasted great. It is a good place for quiet breakfast and bonding time of you’re with someone. The staff were very helpful and courteous when taking the order. Don’t forget to order their aromatic coffee to compliment the breakfast.

  146. Avatar photo

    Got 2 storey ,2nd floor too quiet.but depends.
    Abit noisy is ok but too quiet not suit me.


  147. Avatar photo
    Yahmannah Naldoza

    Big branch. Nice food.

  148. Avatar photo
    Win Myat Thu

    Great location.

  149. Avatar photo
    Melvin Koh

    Hard to find places to sit during peak hours and holidays..

  150. Avatar photo

    Overall, it is a quite nice experience as it is a 2 level building with nice modern interior setting however the place is quite filthy during the night. Not sure if it is too overcrowded and understaffed which resulted in the overflowing bin and litters on the ground.

  151. Avatar photo
    Fred Koh

    Friendly staff.

  152. Avatar photo

    Opens 24hours. Right Beside the road near the traffic light junction.

  153. Avatar photo
    Dharishini R

    Went to buy gifts at this outlet. Excellent service provided by staff Aaron Very friendly and gifts were wrapped perfectly! …

  154. Avatar photo
    Barbette Strauss

    Located right at the corner of the exterior of Tampines Mall, it has all the cosiness characteristic of Starbuck cafe. Love the Earl Grey tea & the service where the staff would serve with a smile on their face.

  155. Avatar photo
    Yitch (Yitch)

    I’m here early morning, very friendly staff

  156. Avatar photo
    James Lee

    Just like any other Starbucks outlet. Nothing unique or special.

  157. Avatar photo
    Ng Kok Boon

    Good place to catch up with friend and to get a quality beverage from Starbucks

  158. Avatar photo
    Cedric Clunies-Ross

    Good coffee and a great place to chill

  159. Avatar photo
    Dark Knight

    Recently renovated place and as usual the crowd flow is always there. Can be busy at times but service is always excellent. Great staff and service excellence! Highly recommended …

  160. Avatar photo
    Tania Hussaini

    Great service. Has a second floor and plenty of seats. You can’t go wrong with the desserts or quiche and the ice blended drinks.

  161. Avatar photo
    Thomas Lim

    Good place for a morning breakfast.

  162. Avatar photo
    Eng Ann Lee

    Always long queue due to slow service. Waited for more than 30 min to order with 5 to 6 person in front of me.

  163. Avatar photo
    Kenny Ng

    Nice and cosy area…

  164. Avatar photo
    Syazzy Slackster

    I always look forward to their 1-For-1 Venti-sized or 2X Stars promotions.

  165. Avatar photo
    k i (notakif)

    Bring a jacket because it gets too cold after some time

  166. Avatar photo

    over priced coffees that are too sweet and crowded with student copying an entire desk with their books and laptops.

  167. Avatar photo

    Nice place to chill especially at night

  168. Avatar photo
    Aiden Wong

    Great place. Always got my coffee fix here while doing some work. I like it here when it’s quiet during the weekdays. Other than that, it’s all good. If you are ordering frappucino drinks will suggest not to change the milk to low fat or others. The taste does have a difference.

  169. Avatar photo
    Ingersoll mohan

    Very expensive compare to US. Outside no fresh air due to smoking.

  170. Avatar photo
    vv ww

    Was looking for a particular limited edition merchandise but those items were in limited stocks. Many patrons have already bought the items. I called Starbucks Tampines Mall and the waitress told me she had the last piece, and asked if I’d like her to reserve the item. I told her I would be there the next day as the time was already 9pm or so, and I live quite far from Tampines Mall. She wrote my name on the box so her other colleagues would be aware of it and not sell it to other patrons. I went to the cafe the next day and got the item. The staff who spoke to me was not working that day. However, all the other staff were nice. Thank you for being considerate and going the extra mile, Starbucks Tampines Mall.

  171. Avatar photo
    Mac Cam

    Nice coffee and ambience.. Enjoyed coffee with boyfriend

  172. Avatar photo
    manjusha desale

    Nice food and coffee.
    With the hospitality

  173. Avatar photo

    The view was nice as i cant afford the drinks so i just stand outside n watch.

  174. Avatar photo
    Trevor Lim

    Great staff and service

  175. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Yeo (Pingerrain)

    love the double storey starbucks.

  176. Avatar photo
    Tyler Teo

    Love their 1-1 promo …

  177. Avatar photo
    Ara Liang

    I love the stuffed pitas and their cheesecakes. They have a great reward program as well, and you can easily see the points you’ve earned as well as the rewards you can redeem all on their app. You don’t even need a physical Starbucks card, just leave that at home once you’ve registered it. The staff are always polite and accommodating and I just adore this two-storey Starbucks because it’s roomy and gives off a calm vibe.

  178. Avatar photo
    Keith Jeremiah

    Cozy place for coffee and meet up

  179. Avatar photo
    hazlee suip

    Good size , two storeys and cool and friendly staff all around !

  180. Avatar photo
    Chinmayi Prasanna

    Went here on a weekday evening. The latte almost no coffee. It was more like drinking milk and it wasn’t hot although I asked for extra hot. Perhaps they don’t provide good quality coffee when it is crowded. Hopefully they do better next time (if I ever visit).

  181. Avatar photo
    Shi Hui Chua

    Newly renovated 2 storey building, conducive place for doing work or hanging out. Can get crowded at times. Great place to stay at during off-peak times.

  182. Avatar photo
    Tharakeshavan Parthasarathy

    Very nice coffee but very expressive

  183. Avatar photo
    Dosmukhamed Zhanibekov

    As always, favorite Starbucks, just awkward to see fans in middle of room

  184. Avatar photo
    Aaron Lin

    Great quiet place esp second floor.

  185. Avatar photo
    Esther Bebe

    Tried the Xmas Toffee Nut Crunch Latte…LOVELY!! Bring your own mug and a 50 cents off the bill. Pretty busy when I was there. There are 2 levels. Feels cosy.

  186. Avatar photo
    Knowledge Kingdom

    As always its good have a coffee

  187. Avatar photo

    Hot choco, must have XD

  188. Avatar photo
    Kathiravelu Srirangan

    Good place to spend time.

  189. Avatar photo
    Drifterdrift Aka Bryan leong

    Just a #simple story sharing session… Grew up in this area and the environment is good… Cold brew is a must to get

  190. Avatar photo
    nathan leo

    Really nice environment! It tends to get really nice and quiet from 6 to 8 pm, then suddenly the crowd swamps in after dinner.

    This boiled egg, chicken, kale and cheese wholemeal sandwich taste like what you would have in a diet meal. Perfect for anyone on a diet in Starbucks.

  191. Avatar photo

    Always good place to chill

  192. Avatar photo
    chin xin hui

    They should make it more comfy for students. So that when they enter it is more comfy rather than stuffy.

  193. Avatar photo
    Ken Ang

    Nice place to hang out and chill. Nice location.

  194. Avatar photo
    Chia Ong

    Quick post dinner drink and chat with friends️

  195. Avatar photo
    Jace Ng

    My fav breakfast during weekend which also fully occupied. Cozy atmospere and nice music and many people come for study

  196. Avatar photo
    Ebenezer Heng

    Enjoyed the space in the newly renovated Starbucks at Tampines Mall.

    A Very big place with quite a few new features, options to order French Press, Drip Brew etc.

    Quite a few stations for laptops to plug in too.

  197. Avatar photo
    Angela Chen

    peanut butter stack is awesome. queue is long. quite slow even thou there are 4 to 5 staff. only one is at cashier taking order.

  198. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Lee

    Starbucks is good at Tampines mall but if you are a real coffee lover. I suggest you head down to century square basement there is a Thai tea shop that sells very very good ice coffee for a lower price. You will change your perception of Starbucks after that but its still good if you are after the cream on top.

  199. Avatar photo
    Farid Cooper

    Crowdy during most times, the coffee house is often populated with large groups.

  200. Avatar photo
    Marcus Png

    Huge place with many seatings. Friendly staff. Great coffee place to chillout

  201. Avatar photo
    Alif Budiyan

    New style and theme. Very nice ambience

  202. Avatar photo
    Jason Lee

    Chill place to get some work done on your laptop

  203. Avatar photo
    Leanne Lee Shu Ying

    The service here is great! They have really good attitude & great spirit! Clean place. Food was nicely prepared as well! I like it!

  204. Avatar photo
    Yishuan Ang

    Starbucks Tampines Mall is NOT a reserve store, there are many reviews claiming it to be. It does not serve reserve drinks. As of Sept’22, there’s 5 reserve outlets in SG – check their website for details.
    It’s also not 24/7 as some reviews claim to be, the hours listed here are accurate.

  205. Avatar photo
    Jayanta K Das

    Good place wort visiting

  206. Avatar photo
    Adibah Daud

    One of my husband’s favourite site though we try to avoid weekends due to the crowd. On Saturdays between 11am-2pm is pretty ok if you want to stop for brunch cos the kids are still in class or between classes, so the crowd is moderate. Friendly staff and they make the effort to at least try and spell your name correctly.

  207. Avatar photo
    Jayson Pang

    Nice place to have a coffee and hang around with friends or your lover

  208. Avatar photo
    Francisco Furtado

    The seasonal drinks are always fabulous!

  209. Avatar photo
    Anders Slaga Larsen

    Nice open layout with plenty of seating, but loud in part due to the busy road outside but especially because of the ridiculously noisy air conditioner

  210. Avatar photo
    Luv Jes

    Due to covid upstairs is closed so very limited seats and long wait for dining in

  211. Avatar photo
    lye 2862

    2 floors of seating area with comfortable chairs/tables for different type of groups/gathering.

  212. Avatar photo
    Adam Scott

    Unreasonably overpriced coffee that’s 1.5x the price when compared to Starbucks in most other countries (UK, Australia, etc). $8 for a latte!?!

  213. Avatar photo
    Jolufu Sim

    The drink is a bit too much water, and milk foam is not warm enough. The reward gotten worst.

  214. Avatar photo

    Chic and stylish place here you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee on a hot day in peace. Currently the upper level is closed. Use the Starbucks card to earn stars to redeem drinks or food.

  215. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Tong

    Typical store, nothing to shout about.

  216. Avatar photo
    Glenn Wong

    One of the nicer outlet with a level 2 seating area. Can be crowded on weekends with the heartlanders. Quality of drinks and food is consistent with general Starbucks quality. Staff can be quite indifferent when attending to customers at this outlet though.

  217. Avatar photo
    Joey Tan

    Serve nitro cold brew! Very smooth taste!

  218. Avatar photo
    Nurul Huda

    Got brutally kicked out of Starbucks because I’m not allowed to do work here And have my laptop out. Got a refund for my drink instead. Threw a fit cuz I felt really embarassed and the indian manager threatened me by saying he will call security. Haha sad. But the Chinese guy was nice and I appreciate it even thought he can’t do anything. I was really upset because I wanted to enjoy the services of that Starbucks. That Indian guy even said to me to “go home” HAHAHA.

  219. Avatar photo
    Desmond Sie

    I dun think I need to introduce….. Coffee anyone?

  220. Avatar photo
    Nur Farhanah

    Quite packed and yet they do not want to open the second floor. A little disappointed but the service is great.

  221. Avatar photo
    Wee Wee

    Very crowded. Bad design

  222. Avatar photo
    Prabhu Sundaram

    Very good place. Renovated and refurbished recently. Looks cool. One downside was the place was super cold. They should consider controlling the temperature better.

  223. Avatar photo
    Bernard Loo

    Place is clean. Orders are served fast. Would be better if theres more indoor seats!

  224. Avatar photo
    Thomas Lew

    Came here for breakfast, the place is not so crowded. Ordered the turkey ham pita and the egg mayo multi grains croissant. Both are well prepared and tasted great. It is a good place for quiet breakfast and bonding time of you’re with someone. The staff were very helpful and courteous when taking the order. Don’t forget to order their aromatic coffee to compliment the breakfast.

  225. Avatar photo
    Arlina Ahmad Lim

    Coffee, tea and cakes… Things you expect from a Cafe. Ambience is nice and clean

  226. Avatar photo
    Victor Tay

    As expected of any Starbucks. Do watch for peak hours as the crowd swells.

  227. Avatar photo

    Clean and nice ambience. Friendly staff

  228. Avatar photo
    Eric Cantona

    Good location amd newly renovated thus challenging to get a table.

  229. Avatar photo

    This Starbucks is always packed. No available seats for me to study.

  230. Avatar photo
    David Goh

    Was slightly crowded not much available seats below

  231. Avatar photo
    Nurul Insyirah

    Me and my brother love to drink the moca flape with whipped cream!! Yummy …

  232. Avatar photo
    Harbans J

    Seating area at level 2 is an added welcome.

  233. Avatar photo
    Kai Boon Lau

    My favourite chilling place during the poly days. There are both indoor and outdoor seats and you can stay there all day.

  234. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Syahrul

    Nice ambience. Friendly staff

  235. Avatar photo
    Jameson CHIANG - Singapore

    Frappucino strawberry drink is …

  236. Avatar photo
    Garion Chan

    Love the place never know that their reno makes them a level 2 seating. Coffee and bakery here are nice.

  237. Avatar photo
    Edwin Wong

    Well arranged for the covid 19

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