Review Specialist Orthopaedic Centre Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumal, 38 Irrawaddy Rd, Singapore

Review Specialist Orthopaedic Centre  Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumal - Singapore 38 Irrawaddy Rd

“Dr Kannan is a wonderful doctor. He listens, makes you feel really comfortable and gives you very clear advice. Very genuine and patient.” or “Dr Kannan is a very experienced Doctor. He will try his best to make sure my leg is heal. The staffs r very helpful too.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Specialist Orthopaedic Centre Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumal. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Specialist Orthopaedic Centre Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumal is quality.

Introduction about Specialist Orthopaedic Centre Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumal

Here are some fundamental details regarding Specialist Orthopaedic Centre Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumal. In terms of Orthopedic surgeon, it is generally believed that Specialist Orthopaedic Centre Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumalis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 38 Irrawaddy Rd, #09-33 Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Orthopedic surgeon, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 62720933 (+65 62720933)
  • Website:
  • Address: 38 Irrawaddy Rd, #09-33 Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, Singapore
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You can reach Specialist Orthopaedic Centre Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumal at 62720933(+65 62720933). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Specialist Orthopaedic Centre Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumal via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 38 Irrawaddy Rd, #09-33 Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Specialist Orthopaedic Centre Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumal reviews

Specialist Orthopaedic Centre Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumal is among the best destinations of Orthopedic surgeon in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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“Dr Kannan treated me for a torn ankle ligament. He was knowledgable, attentive and thorough. He took time to explain what procedures are available so I could make an informed decision for my recovery.”

“Dr Kannan is a wonderful doctor. He listens, makes you feel really comfortable and gives you very clear advice. Very genuine and patient.”

“Very professional Doctor. He helped my wife recover from a bad injury and a Fracture at her right foot. We cannot thank Dr Kannan enough for the concern he showed. Also, we thank the courteous support staff.”

“Dr Kannan is a very experienced Doctor. He will try his best to make sure my leg is heal. The staffs r very helpful too.”

“Dr Kannan and his nursing staff were great at helping in the pre/ post op and rehabilitation process. You will be in safe hands. Big props to the team!”

“I visited Dr.Kannan for my kid. He clearly explained the condition and did step by step diagnosis. We are very happy to known him. Thank you !”

“Dr Kannan has done a very clear explanation about my condition. His insights and recommendation on what to do next has given me a better understanding on it and how I should go on about next. Thank you”

“Dr Kannan is very patient in explaining his diagnosis and the various options available. I felt much more comfortable and more aware of the issues after my consultation with him.”

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Review Review Specialist Orthopaedic Centre Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumal, 38 Irrawaddy Rd, Singapore

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  1. Avatar photo
    Vortex Now

    Staff are friendly and helpful. Dr. Kannan is assuring and professional when giving treatment.

  2. Avatar photo
    Sok Cheng

    Dr Kannan was very friendly,his clinic staff are very helpful.

  3. Avatar photo

    Dr Kannan has saved my leg from amputation. When I get a re-infection from a nearly 85% recovering leg wound, it is very defeating and devastating. However Dr Kannan refused to give up and keep motivating me to persevere, keeping a close watch on my case. He is an expert in his field as I can see on his skill performed on numerous wound debridements, planning ahead of the each process, promoting wound healing. His clinical nurse Kristine Mak is extremely empathetic and caring, always go extra mile to ensure that our concern is being addressed when Dr Kannan is busy.
    I will recommend to anyone whom is looking for an earnest and skillful Orthopaedic Surgeon.

  4. Avatar photo
    byran phua

    Not fully recovered yet but recovering is a good pace under dr kanan’s care and concern though busy but he is always cheerful and positive always explaining in details about my injury and recovery stage. Highly recommended if you have any sports or orthopaedic injury.

  5. Avatar photo
    Ang Nicholas

    Dr Kannan and his staffs are truly professional, friendly, and helpful.
    Dr Kannan is knowledgeable, and address all of my concerns. I have great confidence in his recommendations and procedure.

  6. Avatar photo

    Dr Kannan and his team have been extremely professional in treating me to reconstruct my feet. I had a speedy recovery. Thank you very much for your care, Dr Kannan!

  7. Avatar photo
    Koh Shi Hao

    I was referred by the Panel doctor and managed to get an appointment within 2 weeks. Got referred to MRI scan the same day and the next appointment I receive the results. Dr Kannan and his team are very professional and friendly, highly recommended!

  8. Avatar photo
    Durga Devif6w6g Govilay

    I had a bad experience of a failed surgery and was told to go for a 2nd surgery. Was hesitant to trust the dr on it and found out abt Dr Kannan. Went to him n he clearly explained the fault n treated well. Coping well now. Most likely i could get better without an surgery even. He acts fast and is always welcoming n accommodative. Went wit an infected toe and procedure was immediately arranged even. Nice Dr and friendly staffs. Worth the trust and the wait to consult him.

  9. Avatar photo
    Selina Pung

    Saw Dr Kannan for my fractured toe, he explained everything to me in a clear manner and did a follow-up to aid in my recovery. His team was also as great, helpful and efficient throughout all arrangements from x-ray to appts, start to end. HIGHLY recommend.

  10. Avatar photo
    Samir Patel

    I was referred to Dr. Kanaan by my GP and Podiatrist for a growth on my right foot near my little finger in November 2020. What I assumed was a bunion was diagnosed as a Cyst. Dr. Kanaan performed a physical evaluation, followed by X-rays and MRI for a more holistic confirmation of his diagnosis. Upon confirmation of the diagnosis, he clearly outlined the plan for surgery and within five days after the confirmation of the diagnosis, I was booked in for outpatient surgery early December 2020.

    Pre-surgery, he once again explained the process and procedure and reassured my wife that I was in good hands. As I was being prepared for sedation, he sensed that I was tense and came over to me, put his hand on my shoulder and assured me that I had nothing to worry about. This made a world of difference to me.

    Post-surgery care and follow-up was excellent. I developed an infection about 2-weeks after surgery and he followed up with medication and advice on appropriate footwear.

    I am now fully recovered and resumed walking on average 3-4 k a day. Post -surgery scarring is minimal compared to previous procedures that I had in USA.

    I would like to thank Dr. Kanaan and his team for excellent care and service, and fully recommend him for any Orthopaedic needs.

  11. Avatar photo
    JS W

    Dr. Kannan and his team are who you should consult and put your trust into if you are in need of an orthopedic surgeon. Highly skilled, easy to talk to and always taking his time to explain he’s been the one who fixed my feet and made it possible to finally walk pain free.

  12. Avatar photo
    Ajay Ghariwala

    Dr Kannan is an extremely clear and thoughtful specialist who laid out a clear path for my recovery from my shoulder injury. He laid out all my options and has provided sound advise from the onset. Highly recommended!

  13. Avatar photo
    Joanne Quek

    My son had a very bad ingrown on both big toes so when to see Dr Kannan as it is not easy to find orthopaedic who can see kids. Mostly must be 18 yrs old and above.
    My son have total faith with Dr Kannan. He is so patient with him and treated him like his own kid.
    That makes my son felt save with him.

  14. Avatar photo
    Karen Melski

    Dr. Kannan and his team are knowledgeable, kind and professional. The office communicated with me on a regular basis and answered every question I had. Dr. Kannan goes above and beyond to ensure the patient understands what has happened and how to heal. Dr. Kannan was recommended to me by a friend and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs orthopaedic care. He is enthusiastic about his work and really cares about his patients.

  15. Avatar photo
    Johann Mosbit

    Suffering from chronic rolling ankle, I had difficulties walking especially on sandy beach or uneven grounds. It was excruciating to walk or go down the steps.

    By chance or Google, I came across this clinic. I had opportunity to consult with Dr Kannan for a second opinion on my right ankle condition. Throughout my consultation with Dr Kannan, he showed emphathy and listen to my needs and issues. He was kind and helpful when he suggested the most suitable treatment for me. I feel safe because he is knowledgeable. He is not pushy nor was he hard selling his treatment. That made me feel that he is sincere. He handled the treatment from the beginning of my journey till the end.

    The surgery was a success. He also ensured that I experienced a holistic recovery by recommending physiotherapy for me. He is very detailed in his work. He even make sure that I had a good pair of shoes so that I could care for my ankle. I followed his instructions, I am now able to walk and start driving within 2 months.

    Thank you Dr Kannan and his wonderful staffs!

  16. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Lim

    Dr Kannan has been really patient, addressing all my concerns and very detailed in his his explanations. He takes extra care to explain in layman terms that I can understand. I truly appreciate that he explained the different treatment options in detail. It has definitely been a very pleasant experience with Dr Kannan.

  17. Avatar photo
    Ashley Ng

    I brought my grandmother to see Dr Kannan (recommended by my GP) for her wound infection in her toe. Dr Kannan and his team were so professional, supporting us in every step of the way. His diagnosis and explanation were accurate and performed necessary procedures in helping to clean her toe. His team would check up on us often even after our visits to make sure she is healing well and gave great advice and support. I highly recommend coming to see them. Thank you to the team for the assurance and proper advice.

  18. Avatar photo
    Madeline Teo

    Dr Kannan Is detailed and patient is his explanation. Informed me of the options that I can consider . Must importantly assuring .

  19. Avatar photo
    Lisa Lim

    Dr. Kannan and his team have the utmost professional attitude toward their patient. I have brought my dad for a consultation on his knee joint where he is suffering a lot of pain from wear and tear. Being a stroke and elderly patient, my dad has lost a lot of confidence in his mobility. Dr. Kannan has been very thorough in his assessment and took time to explain to my dad about the approach that my dad can look forward to. While it is not a immediate cure, my dad was extremely encouraged by Dr Kannan’s explanation. I have not seen my dad being so positive after a consultation since the last few years. The nurses have been very helpful in each step of the way during the consultation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving the confidence back to a elderly stroke patient. At times, the vote of confidence is what they need.

  20. Avatar photo
    Subramanian Iyer

    I had a great experience seeing Dr. Kannan and the diagnosis that was arrived to. I was struggling with swollen tendons on my left Ankle due to overuse and was in tremondous pain and trauma.

    Dr. Kannan diagnosis was spot on and the post diagnosis advise and treatment helped me to get back to active sports again.

  21. Avatar photo
    Mildred Chai

    Dr Kannan provides his professional recommendations for my both ankles conditions post the MRI. I feel very comfortable with his professionalism. Hight recommend Dr Kannan for orthopedic related matters . Thank you Dr Kannan and the staff nurses (very polite) …

  22. Avatar photo
    Matt Westheimer

    Dr. Kannan is a brilliant and dedicated doctor. It is rare to find doctors today who are experts in their craft and truly and deeply care for the people they have the opportunity to serve. Dr. Kannan exemplifies both of those to the highest degree. I highly recommend him!

  23. Avatar photo
    Poldi L

    Found Dr Kannan on google and was able to make an appointment quickly considering my acute knee pain with previous injuries in my joint.

    Very friendly and helpful nurses, the doctor gave an accurate assessment to fix my knee pain and consulted me on excercises i need to do to strengthen my knee joints/quad muscles to relieve pressure on my knees

  24. Avatar photo
    Amelia Beatrice

    I met Dr. Kannan in December 2016. I was in a difficult moment (read: confusion, worry, desperate) on that time, when I got ‘little accident’ pasca-giving birth: ankle fracture and dislocation as well.. it seemed no hope at all. Yet, God is good. Dr. Kannan has been sent by GOD to be the answer. Me n my family got convinced that I could walk as normal and take care my little baby, even of course it ended in surgery. Everything has done appropriately and his kindly treatment will always stay in our heart. Giving hope to the patient! A very recommend orthopaedic doctor in SG!

  25. Avatar photo
    Sangeetha Balakrishnan

    I injured my knee real bad to the point I couldn’t walk or move without feeling pain. I Googled for an orthopaedic and came across Dr. Kannan and his amazing reviews. After consulting Dr. Kannan, he recommended me to undergo physio. It’s a joy to move again, taking it slow and easy. Mr. Kannan is such a cool doctor who listens with great care, pays attentions to specifics and addresses my issue effectively. Stay cool! Thank you so much, Dr. Kannan!

  26. Avatar photo
    Tracy -

    I’m so touched by Dr Kannan’s genuine spirit and sincerity. Dr Kannan clearly puts the concerns of his patient at the heart of all he does. He listens and goes beyond his call of duty to help them. I’m so grateful to have experience this kindness and care from him.

    He is knowledgeable and took the time to clearly explain the complexities of my injury to me and how to proceed with a good recovery plan. He is also responsive and puts my mind at ease by addressing the concerns I had. He is also patient and encouraging.

    As of now, I am well on the road to recovery. I’ll always be glad for him and I strongly recommend Dr Kannan to anyone who needs him. Thank you also to the staff at Specialist Orthopaedic Centre, for being kind, funny and very helpful towards me.


  27. Avatar photo
    Siva Yunjia

    I had a great experience with Dr Kannan and his staff. I had a knee meniscus surgery done in June. Dr Kannan did an excellent job. His clinic staff are very friendly and efficient. Overall a great experience!

  28. Avatar photo
    Bo Chao Koh

    Dr Kannan and his front office staff was very patient with me during my time with them. He is friendly and knowledgeable and always ready to help his patients in the best ways possible. Overall a great experience with him.

  29. Avatar photo
    Savithri M.B

    We were recommended by our son’s pediac to Dr Kannan back in 2019. Following we had a few visits to him. Everytime he clearly examines and then explain to us the issue(s) and the treatment which he is going to do as well. He is experienced, very friendly and makes us comfortable with the situation and guide us to recover fast. The staff here are also friendly and very supportive. Whenever there is something related to ortho, we always run to him. Thank you very much for your help and support, Dr Kannan!

  30. Avatar photo
    Vaibhavi H Desai

    Had a great experience visiting Dr Kanan. He patiently listened to my problems and suggested to get in touch with a physio for further treatment.

  31. Avatar photo
    Manav Kontu

    Dr Kannan is very friendly and takes the time to explain his diagnosis fully and in a manner that is simple for his patients to understand. Very professional and would highly recommend to anyone.

  32. Avatar photo
    Mitsuko Cabillada

    I truly appreciate the smooth process in the clinic, the accommodating staff, and Dr Kannan, who answered my queries clearly and helped me understand the current condition of my wrist.

  33. Avatar photo
    Heidi Mak

    Thanks Dr Kannan and his team the swift response to my sprain ankle. Dr Kannan is professional and patiently explained to me about the consequences and best treatment approach. You will never feel stress for this Foot and ankle surgeon! Thumb up

  34. Avatar photo
    Eric Wong

    Thanks Dr. Kannan for helping with my dad’s back problem. My dad’s been suffering from a slipped disc and was in a lot of pain. Given his age, he was also very worried about his condition. Managed to get an appointment to see Dr. Kannan and it was an amazing experience for my dad. Dr. Kannan was able to recommend the best course of treatment and addressed my dad’s fears and concerns! Really appreciate Dr. Kannan’s help. He’s really helped us a lot!

  35. Avatar photo
    Saravanan Mohan

    I visited Dr.Kannan for my kid. He clearly explained the condition and did step by step diagnosis. We are very happy to known him. Thank you !

  36. Avatar photo

    Dr Kannan is a competent orthopaedic, and at the same time friendly and approachable. Explains the problem clearly and put you at ease.

    Highly recommended !

  37. Avatar photo
    Jeannie Tan

    A very caring n detail doctor. Explain in simple terms for patients to understand easier.

  38. Avatar photo
    Viknesvaran Veeramuthu

    Dr Kannan and his team are meticulous and professional. He is warm and takes his time to understand the patient’s needs. My mum suffered a fracture in her foot and Dr Kannan took his time to explain to her the exact nature of the injury and how he was going to go about healing her fracture. My mum was very reassured and felt comfortable with the treatment plan. He expertly manipulated her foot and immediately relieved her pain. From then on, mum has been healing rapidly. His admin support team are proactive and engaging. Kris at the front desk emailed me the medical memo within the same day, which allowed the insurance claim process to kickstart without delay. In all, this is one of the best orthopedic specialist clinics in Singapore. Keep up the great work.

  39. Avatar photo
    Alice Kwek

    Am so glad that I heeded my bestie’s recommendation to consult Dr. Kannan, he was the 2nd surgeon I saw. Had a fall and didn’t realise the severity until I had an xray to discover a fracture on my 4th metatarsal. And according to Dr. Kannan’s plan that was outlined to me during the 1st consultation, I was able to walk barefoot on my 4th week, and by the 6th, I could get into my sports shoes and get around my daily routine.

    Kudos to a great, awesome and charming surgeon and his wonderful and very helpful team. You can count on his excellent expertise. You won’t see a “caterpillar” as a souvenirthe stitching is so good!

  40. Avatar photo
    Joe Gan

    Dr Kannan is very detailed and professional. Gave good explanation and accurate diagnosis. For someone with foot injury, he’s definitely the right person to go to.

  41. Avatar photo
    quek mk

    Excellent orthopaedist who has a heart for his patients. Dr Kannan is very patient, relates well with his patients and is a dedicated doctor who prioritises his patients’ interests. I feel very reassured with him. His team of nurses are very friendly and knowledgeable about the various insurance policies and processes which facilitates a seamless and stress-free experiences.

  42. Avatar photo
    Gene Foo

    Visited Dr Kannan after injuring my ankle during a tennis game. Appreciated his direct approach and solutions. He was friendly and made me comfortable to ask any questions. Ended up going for surgery and have since recovered! Thanks for your help Dr Kannan!

  43. Avatar photo
    Yulita Jocom

    I just had an awesome experience of ankle arthroscopic surgery with Dr Kannan. He was very thorough in explaining the procedures. Stitches were neat and clean. Really appreciate his kind-heart and warmth. Clinic staffs were very helpful and responsive. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone with orthopaedical issue to see Dr Kannan.

  44. Avatar photo
    Lynn G.

    thank you to Dr Kannan and his Team for the stress free and pleasant experience during my visits to check on my chronic neck pain.

  45. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Sim

    Had like small cut on my feet, went rxxxxx GP,
    Had X-ray and shown a very tiny fragments inside my feet, GP fixed an appt for orthopedic 2weeks later! N commented maybe 2-3days the foreign object will disintegrate inside my body!

    My frd was worried for me and recommended me Doc Kannan .. He was superb! He just touched and told me he needs to get it off me.. 30mins procedure, he took out a complete piece of glass and 3-4 fragments out! I was blown away when I saw it! Highly recommend!

  46. Avatar photo
    David Yohan Tantra

    Dr KANNAN is Indeed really care for you since the day you do consultation, through the prochedure/surgery you might need, up until following up post surgery by phone (I was unable to visit during pandemic); but Dr Kannan, through his Assistance will keep sending you WhatsApp and care so much for the progress of the wound healing process and etc. Dr Kannan is not just a doctor, He is your Best Friend.

    Recently i had a chance to visit him again after 2 years, and as expected, the procedure/surgery turn out to be very good and as predicted. No movement for the designed screw placing, very professionally done.

    Simply The best orthopedic Doctor I ever had. Thank you Doctor for your kind help and surgery, your best ART remain inside my foot.

    God bless..

  47. Avatar photo
    Tristan Lim

    Dr Kannan and his nursing staff were great at helping in the pre/ post op and rehabilitation process. You will be in safe hands. Big props to the team!

  48. Avatar photo
    Shaharin Abas Koh

    I was referred to Dr. Kannan for my right ankle injury, where I tore my ligaments. Dr. Kannan’s vast experience in Orthopaedic Surgery advised against surgery and to have it in an air cast for 2 months instead and physiotherapy soon after. His professional advise and explanations were clear and practical. The Clinic Nurses/Staff was friendly and helpful through out the process. I highly recommend Specialist Orthopaedic Centre.

  49. Avatar photo
    Roman Reihl

    Great Doctor who really takes time for his patients. Dr. Kannan is very detailed in explaining the procedures which I appreciated a lot. My surgery and recovery after having a ligament rupture in my ankle went very well thanks to Dr Kannan. The Nurses are very friendly and helpful too. I had to get documents for my insurance and got it within 5’ after I called in. Booking appointments was also always easy. I do recommend Dr Kannan to treat you.

  50. Avatar photo
    jay lim

    Doctor Kannan is very friendly and knowledgeable. He gave very informative insights to the condition. Would recommend him to anyone with orthopaedic issues for consultation.

  51. Avatar photo
    Rachel C

    Dr Kannan is a great doctor and I thoroughly recommend him. I had a Bunion surgery with him. My foot looks and feels great and I had a painless recovery.
    He has a great manner and is at the top of his field.
    I recommend him to all my friends.

  52. Avatar photo
    Paula Lin

    Dr Kannan is very knowledgeable and experienced. I had an Achilles’ tendon reconstruction done and able to walk within 2 months time. Wound and scar are healing well almost unnoticeable. The staff service is friendly too.

  53. Avatar photo
    Marcus CWJ

    Dr Kannan and his team have always gone all out to provide the best care for their patient. I met Dr Kannan in Mount Elizabeth A&E when I suffered a slipped disc. Dr Kannan is surely very knowledgeable and professional. His diagnosis was always clear and concise. Before any treatment, he ensures that he explains to me what has actually happen and what are the steps/approaches to treat the issue. His team has always been easily reached via Whatsapp and urgent request/queries could be resolved quickly when needed.

    I would strongly recommend Dr Kannan to anyone whom need to seek professional opinion. Thank you Dr Kannan and the team for all the support, encouragement and assistance throughout my recovery process.

  54. Avatar photo
    Jamie TOO

    I’ve seen a few Orthopaedic doctors since my 20s as I’m very active and sometimes get injuries. Dr Kannan is by far the most competent one. Not only is he attentive and has good experience, he is also very thorough in his assessment and sharp in his diagnosis. He would suggests treatments & therapies that help in the long run and not just provide symptomatic treatments. I am fortunate to have been referred to him by a podiatrist and he is now the only Orthopedic doctor that I seek consultations with. Thanks Dr Kannan!

  55. Avatar photo
    Uma Tan

    Very friendly doctor. Incredibly clear in communicating and he put my son at ease- we were seeing him for my son’s toe injury. He patiently clearly and quickly assessed the toe and explained what was wrong and suggested his plan of action. Daniel, my son who was initially nervous was at ease and comfortable – which isn’t usually the case. So thanks dr Kannan! Highly recommend

  56. Avatar photo
    megan gin

    Solo practise, long waiting time but doc is experience, attentive and listen.

  57. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Ling

    Dr Kannan was very professional and knowledgeable. He was very patient and explained the conditions very well. A pleasant experience with him.

  58. Avatar photo
    Yunita Jocom

    Dr. Kannan helped me to do ankle ligaments surgery 2 years ago. He is very detailed and passionate to his patients. Now I can get back to sports thanks to him. Kudos!

  59. Avatar photo
    Rakesh Dharmala

    We went for my Mom’s fractured fingers after she fell down. Appointment booking was very smooth and front desk staff at the clinic were quick to settle us down. Dr. Kannan has got a very pleasing personality and all of us including my Mom were made comfortable with clear explanation of the issue, next steps and time frames. He recommended splints and front desk staff was prompt to book the appointments. Subsequently we visited twice for check up and my Mom’s fingers healed very well in about 4 weeks as estimated by Dr. Kannan. Overall, the experience has been very good.

  60. Avatar photo
    Amelyn Beverly

    Dr Kannan and his staff are absolutely wonderful, attentive and very polite. Thank you so much for all the care and attention!

  61. Avatar photo
    Kenny Seet

    Thank you Dr. Kannan and your team for treating my mother’s foot condition. You and your team have been very professional, friendly and patient in treating my mother’s foot conditions and ensuring that she has a smooth recovery from the surgeries.

    I would definitely recommend anyone to visit his clinic, if you need a foot orthopaedic specialist!

  62. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lian

    Dr Kannan and his team have been very helpful over the course of my recovery, coming close to a year, constantly monitoring on my condition after the surgery, remaining contactable whenever there was an issue and to schedule appointments accordingly.

    Dr Kannan is empathetic, experienced and understanding towards me, diagnosed my conditions in simple terms and made me aware of the options that were available in dealing with cartilage injury in the ankle.

    Sincere and professional, I highly recommend Dr Kannan to anyone who is considering a surgery as my recovery with him was a smooth sailing one.

  63. Avatar photo
    Stephane Sene

    The PRP injection really fixed the issue i had on my achiles tendon. I dont have pain and can go back to walk and excercise.
    Dr kannan and his team are very friendly and accomodating to set appointement.
    Dr kannan is very competent and good at explaining the diagnostic and treatement.
    I am very glad to have met him as he was able to cure that issue i had for more than 1 year and that other doctor misdiagnosed

  64. Avatar photo
    Daphne Lim

    Was referred to Dr Kannan by a friend when I got into an accident in Bangkok. He called me personally to let me know what to do when I arrive in Singapore etc. He was really reassuring & friendly when I went for my appt. He has great bedside manners and is always encouraging and able to answer all queries. Nurses are all very friendly & helpful too! Thanks everyone for making my recovery process easier

  65. Avatar photo

    My first time being referred to this clinic and had a very pleasant experience. The front desk staffs are outgoing and very polite towards every patient. Dr. Kannan had display professionalism and dedication to his work. He is thoughtful and detailed enough to explain the diagnosis to the patient. Thankful to the team!

  66. Avatar photo
    Jaspal Singh

    Had an extremely positive experience with Dr Kannan’s clinic. From Day 1 when I was seeking a second opinion from him till today, 3 months post surgery, I have always felt confident and reassured by Dr Kannan and his professional team. They ensured I had a comfortable and safe procedure, linked me up with capable physios who worked closely with Dr Kannan to ensure my recovery went according to plan. More than anything, I am very thankful to Dr Kannan for his positivity and reassurance which has given me a lot more confidence in my own recovery. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who is in need of orthopedic advice.

  67. Avatar photo
    Adrian Bradshaw

    Amazing service, warm friendly staff. A very welcoming environment. The medical procedure was very well done and I was kept informed at all times. A heartfelt thank you to everyone.

  68. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Mathew

    Dr Kannan is a fantastic specialist who told us everything we needed to know about surgery and was very honest about the exact treatment I needed, meticulously designing a treatment plan. His team was also very patient and efficient. Thank you!!

  69. Avatar photo
    Ravi Chandran

    Dr. Kannan is a highly skilled orthopaedic surgeon with and possesses tremendous bedside manner. His front desk staff are efficient and extremely cordial. I recommend SOC highly

  70. Avatar photo
    Viviane Wang

    Everything went smoothly here, even with my very complicated insurance. Surgery went well, finally got the plate and screw removed and recovered well.

  71. Avatar photo
    Chan K C

    On 30 Jun 2019, i fell from a 5 step ladder. My ankle bones not only fractured but the bones were smashed. I was referred to Dr Kannan by Parkway Eastshore Hospital.
    Dr Kannan was fantastic. Not only he did a good job, i was able to walk without support after 8 months.
    Now my foot was healed. I’m able to run and jump again.
    Thank you very much, Dr Kannan.

    From: MS Dorothy Hew

    My wife is now fully recover and i am glad to have Dr. Kannan operate on her.
    Thank you Dr. Kannan

    Minor spelling mistake by google

  72. Avatar photo
    Naufal Rohmat

    My ankle was injured for almost a year and went from one specialist to another specialist, finally met dr Kannan and his diagnosis was spot on and now my ankle is better after just three months from the surgery with dr Kannan

  73. Avatar photo
    Zi Qin Wong

    Dr Kannan is a very competent and dedicated orthopaedic. He explains the problem, process and solutions offered clearly and in a way that is easily understandable by patients. You will feel that you are in good hands! No pain post ops and stitches are healing quickly.

    The team of nurses also deserves a call out for their superb assistance, very prompt in follow ups, patient in walking through ops administration processes, thoughtful and understanding.

    Will definitely recommend my friends and family here

  74. Avatar photo
    Suriana Mahadi

    Referred by my chiropractor Dr Audrey. He took my case despite his busy schedule. Took time to explain in details of my condition and advised the necessary.

  75. Avatar photo
    evonne tan

    Highly recommend Dr Kannan. My boy recovered well and did not go through much difficulty. Thank you Dr Kannan and team. Always so kind and thoughtful.

  76. Avatar photo
    Elisa Kang

    I felt very taken care of by Dr Kannan and his very friendly nursing team. They were responsive and understanding of the urgency of my injury, and Dr Kannan was so reassuring with his assessment of my issue and how he had supported other similar patients to heal. This is a very well run clinic, a welcoming atmosphere, and caring medical professionals. I highly recommend Dr Kannan, especially for foot-related ortho issues, as he has specialist experience in this sub-specialty!

  77. Avatar photo
    imran talib

    Very professional and excellent bedside manners. Dr kannan is someone who is not just patient but straightforward and legit. I have 3 kids and they all see him for their ortho needs.

  78. Avatar photo
    Leon Lee

    I visited Specialist Orthopaedic Centre after breaking my ankle in June. The experience that I had with Dr Kannan and his team was a positive one every step of the way.

    Dr Kannan is an incredibly dedicated professional who walked me through the entire process from surgery to recovery. His knowledge and reassurance inspires a lot of confidence and I felt very well taken care of throughout the whole experience.

    His supporting team of nurses are also very professional and prompt in their communication.

    Overall I would highly recommend Dr Kannan to anyone who needs a surgeon for injuries.

  79. Avatar photo
    Dewi Chendrawaty

    I had my EOTTS surgery last month to correct my flat feet with Dr Kannan. Dr Kannan was a wonderful surgeon and the staffs were always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery and follow up. I would like to thank Dr Kannan and team. HIGHLY recommend.

  80. Avatar photo
    CY C

    Was referred to Dr Kannan to remove a benign cyst. Diagnosis was clearly explained, as well as options (I eventually chose to go for a minor surgery). Surgery was arranged promptly, procedures and risks explained clearly, surgery itself was uneventful. Nurses were efficient and competent throughout the follow-up visits (e.g. changing of dressing). Communication with clinic via WhatsApp efficiently attended to as well. Dr Kannan was efficient due to his busy and packed schedule but always cheerful, friendly, thoughtful and positive (encouraging), and explained everything clearly so that there was not much worry involved.

  81. Avatar photo
    Jodi Eng

    Clinic staff was patient with my many questions, truly appreciate the swift replies. As for Dr Kannan, he radiated warmth and could feel that he’s really passionate about his work. I won’t hesitate to recommend this clinic to friends and family in need. GREAT experience!

  82. Avatar photo
    Marcus Björkqvist

    My experience was both pleasant and reassuring. The receptionists are friendly and very helpful, and Dr Kannan is superb at explaining procedures, possible diagnoses and test results in a clear and efficient manner. As a patient, I feel listened to and cared for, and I gladly recommend SOC to anyone in need of an orthopedic specialist.

  83. Avatar photo
    Winnie Ang

    Dr Kannan is a wonderful doctor. He listens, makes you feel really comfortable and gives you very clear advice. Very genuine and patient.

  84. Avatar photo
    Annie Tan

    I am happy with the clinic services and doctor is very friendly. Happy with the treatment

  85. Avatar photo
    Leni Ingking

    Dr Kannan was very thorough in explaining my condition, very patient in answering all my questions and very reassuring as a doctor. My operation went very well and I have recuperated well under his care. The clinic staff were all amazing, top notch customer service and the follow-up calls were also reassuring. Will recommend Dr Kannan and his clinic anytime. Very grateful for my brand new feet!

  86. Avatar photo
    Wing Yee

    Had a very good experience with Dr Kannan and his team throughout my bunion surgery and recovery. He’s not only very skilful but has very good bedside manners!

  87. Avatar photo
    Kim Keong Seow

    Dr. Kannan and his caring team have certainly taken good care of my son. They have demonstrated professionalism, competence and dedication by delivering a high-quality service during treatments and follow-up reviews.

  88. Avatar photo
    Shawn Ang

    Gentle and warm dr to approach to deal with condition. Good advise in achieving recovering.

  89. Avatar photo
    Tan Andrea

    We brought my MIL to the clinic as the staff is Mandarin-speaking. Dr Kannan and his staff really put us (esp my MIL) at ease. He listened to us relating the problem patiently and listed the possible options from medication to injection to pinhole surgery and knee replacement surgery. He tried to use layman terms to help my mother-in-law understand more. Eventually, we decided to do the injection.
    The nurse was very kind and friendly. Everything was explained to us clearly to allay my MIL’s fears. The injection was over in a flash.
    I’ve been to a few specialist clinics and this is one in which i don’t feel intimidated (by the lack of knowledge of the condition) or hurried.
    I would definitely recommend this clinic to all in need.

  90. Avatar photo
    Chng Siwei

    I had no idea I needed medical care even when I was suffering from sciatic discomfort whenever I sat down. I thought this weird feeling of discomfort was something that went away by itself and went to TCM for temporary relief. The pain intensified between 2017 – 2018. It got so bad that I suffered palpitations whenever I had to travel in a car so I had to take public transport and I felt most comfortable standing up in a bus or on the mrt. Little did I realize this was all caused by a slipped disc. I had no knowledge of this until I visited Dr Kannan. He did an MRI scan and showed me my prolapsed disc. I’ve never had surgery done before but something about the way Dr Kannan explained my condition to me just made me feel reassured that this was the best solution. I was a bit nervous about the surgery but once that was over with the pain was gone just like he said! I was amazed and beyond grateful! If you have any concerns about your aches and pains that isn’t going away despite months of conservative treatment or if you are worried about whether you should go for surgery Dr Kannan is definitely one of the expert doctors you should book a consultation with. His medical opinion will help you come to an educated decision especially if you are still on the fence on what your treatment options are and he is a great great guy to boot. Highly recommended!

  91. Avatar photo
    Anchal Nagar

    Dr Kannan is excellent. My knee pain got so much manageable under his treatment. He is kind and friendly and answers all the queries. He explained clearly all the possible solutions to my medical problems. Thankful for his help

  92. Avatar photo
    Julio Vasquez

    Dr Kannan saved me from an unnecessary surgery.
    I went to A&E first due to an infection in my leg and the GP recommended surgery right away. I requested a second opinion and Dr Kannan recommended intravenous antibiotics instead of surgery.
    At the end, no surgery was needed so I’m thankful.

  93. Avatar photo
    Rensing Lim

    I have been a patient of Dr Kannan for 5 years, receiving two surgeries and other procedures from
    him. Dr Kannan is a caring, professional and an excellent surgeon. He has given back functionality to my legs which allowed me to continue in the activities that I enjoy. The Staff team is warm, patient and highly efficient. I highly recommend Specialist Orthopedic Centre.

  94. Avatar photo
    Shahira Lulkan

    A doctor with a kind and passionate heart towards his patients. I was afraid of the operation and the whole process but he reassured me that the procedure would be safe and that he would closely monitor my pain and recovery. He was very patient with subsequent follow ups with his detailed explanations. I have recommended him to family and friends and they gave excellent reviews too.

  95. Avatar photo
    Siti Faizah

    Thank you Dr Kannan for putting a closure to my left foot injury. I wished I could have seen you earlier for treatment but after going through several doctors then I manage to see and finally got the closure.

  96. Avatar photo
    Tiffany Wang

    We had a really great experience with Dr. Kannan. He is really good with kids. He made my 6 year-old daughter feel not scared with her broken arm. The whole experience was pleasant and she even giggled when Dr. Kannan was taking off her cast. Definitely highly recommend him to everyone.

  97. Avatar photo
    Edwin Tan

    Doctor kannan is very experienced and through his confidence analysis you can feel that you are in good hands and your problem will be resolved thoroughly. He is also very down to earth and you will feel at ease when going through consultation with him. I had severe gout attack on my knee and he is decisive in his deduction and performed aspiration of the joint which helped ease my pain that has been bugging me for weeks. The previous specialist refused to performed the same and insisted that I go for mri scan even though I gave him all information with my current attack. I strongly recommend that you seek Dr kannan’s help if you are having joint issues.

  98. Avatar photo
    Willie Celeste

    Wonderful experience with Specialist Orthopaedic Centre. Dr. Kanna was a wonderful surgeon, he is very patience and detailed in explaining my diagnosis. The staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. I am so glad I chose Specialist Orthopaedic Centre, and would highly recommend to anyone.

  99. Avatar photo
    Hadee Becks

    Amazing clinic. All staff and especially dr kannan is amazing always listen to patient’s need. Highly recommended!

  100. Avatar photo
    laxhman singh

    Firstly, despite a very busy schedule, Dr Kannan really made time to see us at a short notice. We really appreciate the effort and time he invested in seeing my wife. His concern and genuine desire to help us in managing the injury was tremendously helpful. His personal attention to explain all the details hold positive vibes that are more powerful than the prescribed medicines. Words can’t express how thankful we are for his concern.
    We dare say he is a truly professional, talented and caring doctor and is beyond doubt a credit to the medical profession.
    Sending you and your friendly staff members our heartfelt thanks for your caring and comforting.

  101. Avatar photo
    Htun Myat Moe

    My family have seen Dr Kannan since 2018. First we see him for my son broken arm. Both Implant operation & removal of implant are peacefully success.
    Currently I have been seeing Dr Kannan for neck & shoulder pain.
    Within a month my condition improve a lot.
    Dr & clinic staffs are very helpful.

  102. Avatar photo
    Kimmy Tan

    Dr Kannan and his staff have done a great job especially during last yr December when hospital beds were limited n they did a lot of arrangement to get me one. Kudos to them.

  103. Avatar photo
    Jon G

    Dr Kannan and his team has been a tremendous help and transformed my heavily injured right ankle into an ankle strong/stable enough to run with! Prior to meeting Dr Kannan, I’ve sought medical advice but was not able to find a good solution for 2 months … therefore I could not have been more thankful for the entire patient management journey and the eventual recovery process. Dr Kannan took the time to explain the issues, short/long term fixes (what’s preventable and what’s inevitable) and was able to perform major surgical procedures (including cartilage resurfacing) arthroscopically which expedited my recovery. A huge thank you to Dr Kannan and his team for helping me get back to sporting activities in no time!

  104. Avatar photo
    Jonathan G. Wang

    Saw Dr Kannan for a foot injury, was great at explaining what happened and a very efficient process.

  105. Avatar photo
    cherry prasetiyo

    Have nothing but good words for Dr.Kannan and his team! I had to get a surgery done for a distal fibula fracture that was left untreated for 3 weeks.

    Because of the travel restrictions due to COVID, I thought setting up a schedule might be a little tricky but Dr.Kannan and his team really help made it possible for me to receive the treatment within such short notice & time period.

    From the consultation to the recovery period, it was very clear to me that Dr.Kannan really values his patients. He displays warmth, care, professionalism and was extremely thorough and patient when explaining & answering my questions. Because of this, I left the consultation feeling really well-informed and at ease with the procedure. And I went into surgery feeling really confident, safe and positive about my recovery. This is also highly reflective on his team, who was also very professional and understanding. They remain in contact with me post-surgery, and is actively involved throughout my recovery even though I am no longer in Singapore.

    1 month + in and my ankle is healing really well & nearly back to normal! This is possibly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a doctor. I would reccomend Dr.Kannan & team anytime. Thank you so much to dr.Kannan & team once again!

  106. Avatar photo
    Sanjay Prabhakaran

    I was referred to Dr Kannan for a Gastroc tear while playing tennis on a weekend by a friend who himself was treated previously by Dr Kannan. The clinic was very responsive over the weekend to schedule my appointment and on Mon morn I was seen by Dr Kannan and followed by surgery soon after. He evokes great confidence in his patients and is very open and straight in his communication which is very much appreciated.

    I have recovered fully and am back to my routine as guided by Dr Kanan and he will be my go to Ortho in the years ahead as I pick up sports injuries or part of my healthy ageing.

    I highly recommend Dr Kannan

  107. Avatar photo
    charles v

    Dr Kannan was clear and so careful in taking the time to explain our condition. The staff also were so helpful and cheerful in attending to me and my boy.

  108. Avatar photo
    Venki Subramaniam

    Very professional Doctor. He helped my wife recover from a bad injury and a Fracture at her right foot. We cannot thank Dr Kannan enough for the concern he showed. Also, we thank the courteous support staff.

  109. Avatar photo
    Moses Go

    Dr. Kannan definitely is an expert on ortho issues. i was well taken cared of these past months and very much confident going back to my normal training sessions.

  110. Avatar photo
    b dhanesh

    Doctor Kannan was very friendly and even explained to me in detail of the deformity i had in my foot. He also advised me the options I had to correct my deformity and what other measures I could take to minimise the pain I was experiencing. Overall, the visit to Doctor Kannan was a good experience and it has also helped me understand more about my foot deformity.

  111. Avatar photo
    Asit Parida

    In the process of this traumatic incident of breaking 2 major bones on his leg and the prolonged recovery – we realised that our 6year old looked forward to his doc visits. We heard from him that “Dr Kannan is my friend” and how he “loves Dr Kannan” amidst the pain of setting bones, the discomfort of a full leg cast, the activity restrictions for a small kid, ……. This is a testament of how good the doc is with kids. Very rare indeed.

  112. Avatar photo
    Yeesan wong

    Dr kannan is an experienced specialist, clear with potential treatment during his consultation. The nurses are caring too

  113. Avatar photo
    Vivi Hottama

    I am grateful that I decided to have Dr. Kanan to do bunion surgery. The result is much better than I expected, and the pain is almost none.
    He is very professional and knowledgeable. As a person he is very patient and considerate, which helped me a lot to fear running the operation.
    With this testimony, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Kannan and his team for their patient, care and professionalism.

  114. Avatar photo
    Pauline Lim

    The go to foot doc. I had plantar plate injury and stress fracture on both my feet. Consultation with Dr Kannan was detailed, professional, easy to understand.

  115. Avatar photo
    Gwen Lim

    Dr Kannan is my go-to orthopaedic for my meniscus issue. He understands my condition very well and his consultation is clear and easy to understand. The clinic staff are friendly and efficient. I did not have to wait very long for the invoice/mc/medication. Highly recommended!

  116. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Tan

    Firstly, despite if his busy schedule, Dr Kannan really made time to see me at a very short notice. I really appreciate the effort and time he invested in seeing me. His concern to help me in managing my injury was genuine and tremendously helpful. His personal attention to explain all the details, pros and cons for taking or not taking the jab, the meds is clear.

    He is a truly professional, talented, caring, and down to earth Doctor as well as his staff.

    Sending you and your friendly staff my heartfell thanks for your caring and comforting.

  117. Avatar photo
    Deshi Gill

    Dr Kannan saw me when I first entered Mount E, he spoke to me after reviewing my MRI and explained the process of recovery.
    I tore 2 ligaments and and had a very swollen ankle. After my discharge, at my follow up consultation Dr Kannan shared all options available to me. I opted for surgery which happened a month after my injury.
    The surgery came with scars from the incisions which have heal very nicely. 3 months post my injury, I now have a very strong ankle.

  118. Avatar photo
    Joey Chao

    Dr. Kannan was an excellent surgeon in helping me to remove a big cyst that had grown on my foot. It’s been over a year and this has led to no more pain while running and the cyst hasn’t returned. He and his team provided good pre-consulting and post-operative checkup to ensure I was informed of the risks and could recover quickly. I felt well taken care of by them throughout the whole process.

  119. Avatar photo
    Rajdeep Bhattacharyya

    Dr Kannan was very helpful and clear in understanding my problem and giving me the solution. He explained things patiently and pur me at ease. The staff is super helpful and efficient as well.

  120. Avatar photo
    Thellak Mithiran Vikraman

    Dr. Kannan is fantastic. Friendly, empathetic and definitely knowledgeable. Takes the time to explain patiently and answers questions patiently as well. The front desk staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Just a fantastic establishment with great people and service everywhere!

  121. Avatar photo
    Bavani Sam

    Dr Kannan has been very professional, polite, quite detailed and took all necessary steps to check on my foot fracture from the day I had sorted treatment from him/his clinic. His expertise with my foot fracture was a breeze in terms of treatment plans, recovery etc., and his clinic staffs are mentionable too with their service and assistance. I’d highly recommend Dr Kannan and SOC.

  122. Avatar photo

    I had a severe meniscus tear on my left knee which was operated by Dr. Kannan. Pre-surgery, surgery and post-surgery, I found Dr. Kannan very helpful and supportive. He is knowledgeable, spot-on on his prognosis and very professional. Thank you very much Doctor for all your great support and helping me to stand and walk on my feet again. Best Regards / Kailash C Joshi

  123. Avatar photo
    Pearl Lee

    Dr. Kannan did corrective bunion surgery for me in September 2020. I would highly recommend him . He was totally professional and very empathetic. Although I had a bad skin reaction to the bandages he made sure he addressed that immediately. The operation was skilfully done and now my feet are completely healed. Dr. Kannan is a first class surgeon.

  124. Avatar photo

    Dr. Kannan consulted very kindly and precisely. He explained about my case in detail with pictures. His explanation about the test result and prescription was clear. Thank you!

  125. Avatar photo
    Faith Ho

    Dr Kannan took the time to explain to me about my injury and treatment options in detail. My foot recovered very quickly under his care. The clinic staff were also polite and helpful. I am very pleased with the entire treatment.

  126. Avatar photo
    Apurve Gupta

    Great experience at the clinic with Dr.Kannan. he has such a nice demeanour and calmly looks to resolve the health issues you might be facing. Highly recommended!

  127. Avatar photo
    Zi Qin Wong

    Dr Kannan is a very competent and dedicated orthopaedic. He explains the problem, process and solutions offered clearly and in a way that is easily understandable by patients. You will feel that you are in good hands! No pain post ops and stitches are healing quickly.

    The team of nurses also deserves a call out for their superb assistance, very prompt in follow ups, patient in walking through ops administration processes, thoughtful and understanding.

    Will definitely recommend my friends and family here

  128. Avatar photo

    Dr Kannan and his staff have been extremely helpful and polite in guiding me through my injury. Would definitely recommend SOC.

  129. Avatar photo
    Karine Caro

    Dr Kannan took time to explain to me my injuries and how I could recover. I appreciate the close collaboration with the physiotherapist, not pushing for surgery but instead helping to recover and finding the root causes of the injury also. Thanks for all of that ! I feel in good hands ! …

  130. Avatar photo
    Lili Goh

    Dr Kannan and team provide a really supportive environment and exude an air of care and competence in their service. I really appreciate Dr Kannan’s thorough and forthright discussion on my treatment options, guiding me to make my decision and co-manage my health issues. It’s great to find a doctor who can journey with you in managing life’s chronic health problems. Clinic staff are very responsive, checked in on me post-procedure and can be contacted for queries via WhatsApp, which is very helpful indeed. Thank you Dr Kannan and team!

  131. Avatar photo
    Su Jen Khoo

    Dr Kannan and his staff are amazing. They are professional, helpful, empathetic and prompt to attend to the patient’s need and concern. I sprained my ankle ; causing a ligament torn. Dr Kannan patiently consulted on the issue, ensure that I was well informed of the root cause with suggestions on treatment. I was assured to make an informed decision as a patient and throughout the multiple encounters with the team, I felt fully supported.

  132. Avatar photo
    Chun Hoe Teo

    I am an avid basketball player dealing with knee cartilage wear and tear. Having been to a few knee specialists over the course of my bball years, i knew I have to see another specialist for my knees post covid to check on how my knee cartilage is doing. After doing my mri, Dr Kannan explained to me my symptoms and shared the latest treatment and medicinal options and discussed the pros and cons with me. He didt push for any surgery or injections (which he could) as I am still relatively young and symptoms were not as bad though it gives me pain and weakness during basketball. Instead, he prescribed physio to manage my symptoms which was what I suspect I need but wanted to be sure. Overall, I enjoyed my time with him and highly recommend him to others that are dealing with knee issues.

  133. Avatar photo
    Farida Wahab-tan

    Dr Kannan is simply the best! World-class! Highly recommend to everyone! He is such a compassionate, friendly, humble specialist doctor. I just had my bunion surgery done and it is looking good! Thank you loads Dr Kannan for making me so positive during my surgery and Thank you as well to everyone in his team and staff at Parkway East Hospital! They are so attentive and help me sincerely throughout my journey. Feeling blessed

  134. Avatar photo
    shailesh iyer

    He is an amazing doctor. I have visited a few doctors for an issue on my finger, no one could diagnose the issue. When I saw him, he diagnosed it immediately! Highly recommend Dr Kannan. One of the best!

  135. Avatar photo
    Ella Ang

    Me and my girl had a traumatising experience at one of the supermarket back in 2020, end Dec. I hurt my ankle badly. We came across Dr Kanan’s contact through internet while looking for a good Orthopaedic. We didn’t regret stepping into his clinic since then. He is such a nice person, good listener and well experience in this field. He diagnosed me well. He was calm and clear.
    I have been under his care for more than 3 months and he has been clear on how I can better take care of my injury. I am thankful for all the advices and consultations under his care and I cannot guarantee if the outcome would be any better if I had gone to another doctor.

    Thanks Dr Kanan and his team.
    Truly appreciate it.


  136. Avatar photo
    Liz Patiag

    Staff are very accomodating and professional. Dr Kannan explains the results and treatment required properly.

  137. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Seet

    Was referred to doctor Kannan last year after I got into a motor accident.

    He was almost clairvoyant in all the injuries I had, numbness in my fingertips, whiplash severity, neck injuries etc.

    After his diagnosis he was able to refer me to a chiro which helped to sort out a lot of the the misalignment of my spine. Something not many orthos would do. He was open minded enough to ascertain if chiro was an effective treatment, and actually looks at the benefits objectively, rather than dismissively.

    Highly recommend him to all.

  138. Avatar photo
    Family Ng

    Been seeing Dr. Kannan for at least 5 years now. He follows my case very closely and was able to provide excellent care and advice in accordance to my needs.

  139. Avatar photo
    deepali ramesh

    This was my 2nd visit to Dr. Kannan’s clinic. Dr Kannan is very patient and gave me good advice. His diagnosis is good and he has the ability to make his patients feel at ease. The staff at the Clinic too is very polite. Will definitely recommend his Specialist Orthopedic Centre.

  140. Avatar photo
    Rahat Bano

    I need to 1st give a huge thank you to Dr Kannan for seeing me on such short notice. All my worries disappeared after his professional advice & consultation. I felt reassured. To help me on my road to recovery, Dr Kannan wrote a memo to advise my physiotherapist what she should focus on. Happy holidays to Dr Kannan and his warm & friendly team.

  141. Avatar photo
    Padma Bhavaraju

    Kannan is an excellent Doctor. He is very sharp, knowledgeable and does perfect diagnosis. He spends time with patients, understands their problems and comes up with holistic solutions. He brings lot of positivity and very cheerful personality. He goes the extra mile to help his patients. Kudos to him for all the great work he does.

  142. Avatar photo
    tristan rai

    The best doctor I have had the pleasure of knowing. I had been struggling with instability and weakness in my left ankle after a fibula fracture 4 years ago. I was unable to walk long distances.

    Dr Kannan instantly detected which specific points were causing said difficulty without me even having to instruct him. This is something my doctors at NUH could never do.

    Apart from his wealth of experience, he has amazing people skills and was able to provide me with the confidence that my leg was going to get better. His team of nurses were also extremely knowledgeable and efficient, and dealt with my late whatsapp messages during my recovery from surgery while still remaining gracious.

    I think Dr Kannan is the perfect embodiment of why private doctors and clinics can charge a premium. It’s impossible to put a price on skill set and peace of mind, especially when it’s to do with your body.

  143. Avatar photo
    Chandru Vishindas

    Prof Kannan has been extremely professional and knowledgeable in this trade pertaining to orthopedic science. Not only that he is very centred to his patients needs, he is also very accommodating to my parents when they asked him many questions about my injury.
    He is one of the best Prof with the great heart that heals and to recover. Adding to that, his after service and referral contacts are remarkable.
    He has my 5 starts. Thanks Prof once again.

  144. Avatar photo
    Juat Kin Lim

    Dr Kanan is a very experienced and dedicated professional in his field. He is quick to identify the cause of complications to my leg injury and provide timely and appropriate solutions. Kudos to Dr Kanan and his team, I am now able to achieve daily walks of 6km. Highly recommend his services.

  145. Avatar photo
    Denise Tan

    I first consulted Dr Kannan about my bunion surgery, and he explained the possible treatment options thoroughly. When I decided to go ahead with the surgery, I had a lot of questions (eg. whether I required other procedures as seen in patients with similar conditions), and he went through them one by one. I was very impressed with his expertise, professionalism and most importantly, patience, as I have met other doctors who do not delve into such detailed explanation.

    Dr Kannan was also very upfront about how my feet would look post-surgery, so I had a very realistic expectation of my feet during recovery. He did an amazing job for the surgery, and dropped by a few times to check on me after his clinic sessions (usually in the evening). He also referred me to an amazing physiotherapist, which helped greatly post-surgery. Dr Kannan also made an effort to check-in with my PT on my progress, which is something I have not experienced with other doctors. Felt so touched when my PT told me that Dr Kannan actually reviews the videos taken during my PT session, and give further advice on whether I’m ready for more strenuous exercises.

    I was very nervous and probably had anxiety during the whole surgery, but Dr Kannan’s professionalism and caring acts gave me the assurance that I was doing fine.

    I’d also like to extend my gratitude to Kris from SOC, for helping me with all my inquiries, insurance application, pre and post-surgery advice, and also checking on me at times! She has been such a great help and so patient with me. Many thanks to Dr Kannan, Kris and the rest of the team for your help so far! Much appreciated

  146. Avatar photo
    Rajiv Nawal

    Dr. Kannan was very polite and thorough in explaining my condition. He made sure I knew what my options were going forward after fully knowing my diagnosis. After deciding on moving forward with the surgery he made me feel comfortable about the procedure and then I knew I was in safe hands. Dr. Kannan and his team are very compassionate towards their patients and made sure I had a speedy recovery after the surgery. If need be, I would definitely fly in from another continent just to get any future issue checked out by him (touch wood there isn’t any future issue haha).

  147. Avatar photo
    Soh Madeline

    Dr Kannan is a very patient doctor who listens attentively to your needs. He’s also reassuring and explains your condition clearly. Highly recommended!

  148. Avatar photo
    Sayli Patil

    It was great visiting the doctor. He explained everything to me properly. No rushing at all. The people at the reception were also helpful.

  149. Avatar photo
    Katie Law

    Dr K is friendly, very experienced and happy to address any questions you have. He is backed by a team of great professional staff. Very much recommended for orthopedic issues.

  150. Avatar photo
    Chih Ming Hwang

    Very professional and efficient! Feeling a lot better consultation. Dr Kannan and his team really puts you at ease.

  151. Avatar photo
    Khairiyana Munawar

    Received the best care from Dr Kannan and his team. He was really helpful in all his advices regarding my bunion and all the steps I should be taking.

  152. Avatar photo
    Sean Ng Jun Xuan

    Doctor Kannan was professional and detailed with his explanation on my condition and what could be done to improve it while keeping things relatable.

    The nurses were polite , friendly and efficient.

    Surgery was done nicely.

    All in all, awesome service and post recovery period with the team.

  153. Avatar photo
    Ferros Rozz

    Dr. kannan was one of the panel doctors listed and came across the amazing review on Google. My experience with Dr. Kannan and his team have been nothing but a pleasant one. The entire team is very meticulous and professional.

  154. Avatar photo
    Alex Mui

    Dr Kannan has done a very clear explanation about my condition. His insights and recommendation on what to do next has given me a better understanding on it and how I should go on about next. Thank you

  155. Avatar photo
    Hanan Alhusaini

    Dr Kannan is a superbly sincere doctor that wants to help his patients to his fullest. I was asked to hastily do a surgery on my second toe (by another doctor) but I decided to go to him for a second opinion and I never regretted. He has assisted me and prescribed other options that can help me without having to go for surgery.

    Furthermore he is a very nice person who only has your best interests at heart.

  156. Avatar photo
    Vivian Wee

    Dr Kannan has always been my only choice whenever I need to see an Orthopedic surgeon. He is so professional, kind, engaging and most importantly his skills are impeccable and on the 2 occasions I saw him for my heel spur and frozen shoulder, he took time to explain in details my conditions, treated my condition so well that I recovered even without requiring surgery. I highly recommend Dr Kannan to anyone who is looking for a professional doctor who treats all his patients with their interest at heart and giving them the best possible and least invasive treatment.

  157. Avatar photo
    Azrul Yusoff

    Dr Kanan is very detail. Explain my injury in very simple terms that I can understand. He also takes extra care in giving advises during my injury. His team of nurses/admins are also very efficient in handling queries & attending to my follow up checks & appointments. Highly recommended specialist for sports injury. A very professional medical team.

  158. Avatar photo
    Zoe Y

    Dr Kannan explained my condition and outlined the treatment plan in great detail.
    Friendly and helpful clinic nurses too. Thank you team for your care!

  159. Avatar photo
    Carol Gockel

    Dr Kannan treated me for a torn ankle ligament. He was knowledgable, attentive and thorough. He took time to explain what procedures are available so I could make an informed decision for my recovery.

  160. Avatar photo
    Karthigan Gopal

    I would 100% recommend the clinic to any of my family and friends. Very friendly staff and great results. I would also like to give a massive thank you to Dr Kannan for my leg surgery. Pre and post operation care was seamless.
    I can’t praise him enough for his superb care and personal service with high level of professionalism.

  161. Avatar photo
    SG Tay

    Dr Kannan has been very patient and professional in his approach since the day I met him. From our conversations, I can tell and feel that he acts in the best interests of his patients at all times. His staffs are extremely approachable and helpful as well.

  162. Avatar photo
    Grace Troeman

    Founded Dr Kannan online by chance. Would like to thank him and his team for treating my dad’s infection. They are professional and friendly team. Very Knowledgeable and patience too. Thank you Dr Kannan and your team!

  163. Avatar photo
    Johanna G Tan

    It was easy to make the appointment. Reception staff are helpful. Dr Kannan take time to explain and I feel very well taken care of.

  164. Avatar photo
    Chia Han Tan

    Dr Kannan is highly professional. I saw him for a series of issues with my joints and lower back pain. He was very clear and patient in explaining my condition after receiving the scans.
    The staff at the clinic are also very helpful in scheduling all the consultations and referrals for scans.

  165. Avatar photo
    Shivani S

    Whether its bunions, flat foot, meniscus tear or the most recent surgery that I went through- Annular tear, Dr. Kannan has always done his magic. I truly believe in his flawless diagnosis, surgery & post op procedures. He has altogether been a saviour for me as well as my family since past few years. I have always recommended my friends and colleagues to visit him for any orthopaedic issues and go no where else.

  166. Avatar photo
    Angie Featherstone

    Dr Kannan and his team made the recovery of my broken foot easy peasy. Staff are warm, helpful and accommodating. While Dr Kannan is very human and down to earth, explaining concepts and treatments clearly with a good dose of humour – just what you need when you’ve broken a foot! Highly recommended.

  167. Avatar photo
    Eric Tan

    Dr Kannan is a very experienced Doctor. He will try his best to make sure my leg is heal. The staffs r very helpful too.

  168. Avatar photo
    Christine Lo

    If anyone is looking for a doctor to help with their orthopaedic issues, without a doubt, I’d say go to
    Dr Kannan!
    I was initially apprehensive, not knowing what to expect from seeking treatment for my badly injured ankle.
    After a consultation with Dr Kannan however, I was very clear about my condition and what needed to be done to treat it. This enabled me to confidently decide to go ahead with regards to treatment. No doubt Dr Kannan is brilliant, very professional and highly skilled in his craft but what sets him apart and most importantly (for me at least) is that he has empathy, the human touch and a heart of gold for his patients. His cheerful disposition and unassuming way goes a long way in keeping his patients comfortable too. I was completely at ease knowing that I have come to the right doctor. I had my surgery 3 months ago. All went well. So far, my post surgery treatment, care and ongoing recovery has been on track and seamless. The whole experience has also been an amazing one thanks to the team at the clinic. Can’t begin to tell you how happy I am.
    Thank you all very much!
    – Ai Lin (patient)

  169. Avatar photo
    Nikhil kumar

    Dr Kannan is the best! So experienced and really educates the patient throughout the whole process from the surgery to the recovery process. Definitely recommend!!

  170. Avatar photo
    Phaik Sim

    A big shout out to Dr Kannan for his professional service & his humility in treating my injured hand. Also like to express my gratitude to his team & the BMJ therapist, Winnie, for the speedy recovery of hand. Highly recommended. 0

  171. Avatar photo
    Suman Banik

    Dr Kanan is one of the renowned orthopaedic Surgeon for foot and ankle. He is a very good listener with great patience. He explains patients in detailed level regarding the problem with transparency. I have never seen a doctor like him who always encourage patient and give confidence regarding his/her medical problems. He is very knowledgeable and successful orthopaedic Surgeon. I have visited him for my wife Ankle implantation removal and arthroscopic treatment. He did excellent job for the same and we were so much happy for the result’s.
    She got fully cured within the time Dr. Kanan mentioned and post Surgery there was no complications. It was completed with 100% accuracy. I don’t have any words to convey our gratitude to him for his excellent job on this. I would strongly recommend whoever will read my review to visit doctor Kanan for any ankle, foot and arthroscopic treatment and surgery without any 2nd thought. His dedications, Practical experience in the department of Orthopaedic is significant. I would request all netizens to consider my candid feedback for him. Dr. Kanan and his team at Mount Elizabeth Novena Orthopaedic Specialist centre are truly amazing. I will never forgot their cooperations for patients. All the best to Dr. Kanan and his team for the wonderful service for the society. You are true asset in the Medical community and contributions towards community is fabulous. Keep up the good work and I wish your good health and prosperity. Your are truly amazing!!!! We will keep connected. I would recommend Dr Kanan for foot and ankle related issues not only for the Residents of Singapore but from across the globe anybody can visit him and he will do his level best to solve your medical complications.


  172. Avatar photo
    naresh kumar

    Doctor kannan has been great from start. Very professional he knows his stuff. Thank you for the great service from the staff too!

  173. Avatar photo
    Tasha Ong

    I injured my thumb a few months ago on holiday and went to visit Dr Kannan. He was kind and patient in explaining to me about my injury. After a few physio sessions, I was back to normal. Will recommend this place.

  174. Avatar photo
    Leon Lee

    I visited Specialist Orthopaedic Centre after breaking my ankle in June. The experience that I had with Dr Kannan and his team was a positive one every step of the way.

    Dr Kannan is an incredibly dedicated professional who walked me through the entire process from surgery to recovery. His knowledge and reassurance inspires a lot of confidence and I felt very well taken care of throughout the whole experience.

    His supporting team of nurses are also very professional and prompt in their communication.

    Overall I would highly recommend Dr Kannan to anyone who needs a surgeon for injuries.

  175. Avatar photo
    Nadine Goh

    The moment I found out I tore two ankle ligaments due to sports, I was in desperate need to find an orthopaedic specialist. Dr Kannan and his team graciously slot me in on the day I called for appointment despite their busy schedule after seeing how bruised and swollen my ankle was.

    Dr Kannan’s vast experience, skills, professionalism and his confidence gave me assurance that I am in good hands.

    My wholehearted thanks to him and his team. If anyone is needing ankle surgery he will definitely be the perfect choice and you would be in loving, capable hands!

  176. Avatar photo
    sheryl lim

    Came to see Dr Kannan for bunion surgery. Very thankful for his detailed explanation every consultation so that I can understand the surgical procedures and recovery processes clearly. Thank you to the nurses who have also helped me a lot in my recovery

  177. Avatar photo
    I Wong

    Dr Kannan is an expertise in his field. He’s a breath of fresh air amongst the doctors we’ve seen. Very passionate and uber detailed in his approach and analysis, he wears his dedication on his sleeve!

    First saw Dr Kannan for a foot reconstruction surgery back in 2015, then subsequently hubby saw him for his bursitis. Has followed him since his days at TTSH till now.. Thank you Dr Kannan for everything!

  178. Avatar photo
    Sarojini R Venkatasamy

    The entire team from Dr Kannan to all staff have been very patient and clear in letting me know the entire process from my first registration till recovery this week. I am grateful for the professional advice from Dr Kannan and his planned follow up decision that helped me heal my foot issue expediently. I would readily and confidently recommend Dr Kannan and his SOC team to any patient. Thanks.

  179. Avatar photo
    Vincent Chua

    i was recommended by a family friend to seek Dr Kannan for my knee pain. After diagnosis he explained to me in details the treatment process. I find Dr Kannan a very dedicated professional and very friendly. I feel more of a friend rather than a patient during my visits. Good bunch of staff he had also. Wonderful ladies, always ready to help. I would not hesitate to recommend anybody to Dr Kannan because they are confirmed in good hands. I will be seeing him again for my total knee replacement in near future as I trusted his skills and commitment to help me recover in no time. Thank you so much Dr Kannan!

  180. Avatar photo
    Grace Ho

    Dr Kanna is very patient in explaining to us step by step and answering our questions. He is very thorough and meticulous in ensuring our 6yo boy doesn’t have any other issues. The staff is also wonderful and caring towards to my boy. Thank you Dr Kanna and team!

  181. Avatar photo
    Nur Ain

    Excellent experience from Dr Kannan, Specialist Orthopaedic Center @ Parkway East Hospital! I was reassured and received a full professional explanation throughout my consultation. Clinic staff are friendly & attentive to patients’ needs too! I would highly recommend Dr Kannan …

  182. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Yap

    Thanks Dr Kannan for your kind and thoughtful in regards my iliobitial band fraction. Your team provide very efficient arrangements for the mri and X-ray which others hospital could not make it, my great choice indeed!

  183. Avatar photo
    Judy Low

    Was recommended to visit Dr Kannan’s clinic a few days after injuring my leg (torn tendon) from a hike as the swell and pain didn’t improve. Despite his busy schedule, he agreed to see me on an emergency appt. During the consultation, he was very patient explaining the extent of the injury to me. He also explained in details the options that I could go for.
    Over the course of 3 months consultation with him, I progressively felt the improvement on my injury and the ability to regain the mobility of my leg. Felt confident with his reassuring words and skills.
    Not forgetting the front desk staffs, Kristine and Huda. They had been very helpful and patient with my appointments and consultancy with Dr Kannan. Very friendly people

  184. Avatar photo
    Lieu Howes

    I highly recommend Dr. Kannan K, he is super friendly and explains the diagnosis professionally and clearly. The staff are so friendly, always with a smile on their faces. We can’t thank Dr. Kannan he is brilliant!

  185. Avatar photo

    Great Doc. Friendly and will make sure to answer all your questions and doubts. Good bedside manners. Very able and friendly clinic staff who helps to answer all your questions

  186. Avatar photo
    Mandar Dongare

    Dr. Kannan is very experienced specialist with very pleasant personality and positive attitude. He always puts patients concerns and priorities above all when recommending treatment and medication, avoiding any unnecessary medication or procedures. He has been a trusted advisor for the family for all orthopaedic issues. The support staff and front desk staff are very cordial and helpful, making every visit a very positive experience.

  187. Avatar photo
    Jevon Tay

    Dr. Kannan is one of the kindest doctor I have ever met. Always there and always available for his patients. He has treated me non-surgically for lower back issues as well as performed a very successful slip disc surgery for my close friend and colleague, it got him well and good as new again. Biggest thanks again to Dr. K for his care!

  188. Avatar photo
    Karen Melski

    Dr. Kannan and his team are knowledgeable, kind and professional. The office communicated with me on a regular basis and answered every question I had. Dr. Kannan goes above and beyond to ensure the patient understands what has happened and how to heal. Dr. Kannan was recommended to me by a friend and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs orthopaedic care. He is enthusiastic about his work and really cares about his patients.

  189. Avatar photo
    xue wei pang

    Dr Kannan was very knowledgeable and was quick to identify my shoulder injury at a glance. The staff was very accommodating and helps in every way during the course of my recovery. Thanks!!!

  190. Avatar photo
    zafer amir

    My experience with Dr Kannan and the team at Specialist Orthopaedic Centre has been absolutely amazing and I highly recommend him for his knowledge, expertise and more importantly, exceptional patient care.

    I had visited a few other orthopaedics prior to seeing Dr Kannan and none of them gave me more assurance and confidence as Dr Kannan, given the extent of my ankle injury. He had a plan for my ankle reconstruction from the start and executed it to perfection, being in control of the situation at all times.

    Kudos to Dr Kannan and the team at SOC!

  191. Avatar photo
    Darryl Tan

    Dr Kannan is very patient in explaining his diagnosis and the various options available. I felt much more comfortable and more aware of the issues after my consultation with him.

  192. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Lam

    Dr Kannan is a world class surgeon. Had both ankle reconstruction surgeries handled by him. One of them was a repair for a poorly done previous surgery . His skills and knowledge is fantastic and it feels like I have brand new ankles and a new life. Stitching is excellent and scars are kept to a minimal, more importantly the new mobility after surgery and the reduced down time. It really makes a huge difference who you choose as your surgeon for something so important as the ankle.

    His service team of nurses and receptionists are also excellent and will go out of their way to make you comfortable. The genuine care and concern as I was recovering was amazing. I cannot say enough about Dr Kannan and his team. They are highly recommended.

  193. Avatar photo
    Muthusamy Rajamurugan

    Dr. Kannan listened to my issues carefully and diagnosed my condition quickly. He is very professional and polite. Kudos to Dr. Kannan and His Team.

  194. Avatar photo
    Bhavik Doshi

    Dr Kanan and his team are focused on the full patient experience. The focus on injuries across a full range of sports helps to tailor the recovery specific to the goals of the patient. thanks for the care!

  195. Avatar photo
    Ali Azarian

    I first met Dr Kannan after I obliterated my knee playing football. Dr Kannan was expert in his approach whilst always dumbing down the medical jargon so I could understand. He provided all of the scenarios and options available with an impeccable bedside manner. Dr Kannan also provided the surgery and the after care consultations. Unfortunately I have had a number of set backs in my recovery and 18 months on Dr Kannan is helping me every step of the way.

  196. Avatar photo

    Dr Kannan was the chosen doctor for my ATFL reconstruction surgery. Was not just impressed by his professional skills but his down to earth humble character that makes me feel at ease. I strongly recommend anyone to him.

  197. Avatar photo
    Adeline Mak

    Dr Kannan treated my teenage son for his fractured toe and has made a full recovery. Dr Kannan was meticulous and careful in his diagnosis. Thank you to Dr Kannan and your team!

  198. Avatar photo
    J Ooi

    Dr Kannan has excellent bedside manners and took very good care of me during my treatment under him. Would highly recommend him to anyone needing orthopaedic medical attention!

  199. Avatar photo
    Lynn chan

    I had a very good experience with Dr Kannan and his team. I had bunion lesion for many years. Had a surgery to removed it and it looked so much better now and I can walk, run again without discomfort or pain wearing shoes. Thank you once again.

  200. Avatar photo
    Jarrett Lee

    Notwithstanding the endless list of accolades under his name, Dr Kannan has always been exceptionally accommodating towards his patients’ requests, and never fails to put their needs above all else. As with his impressive resume, Dr Kannan is remarkably versed in medical knowledge pertaining to orthopaedic science. I am an ardent tennis enthusiast and used to hit the courts 2 to 3 times a week for practise. However, when I was hospitalised in 2019 for a lumbar inflammation in my L4/5 and L5/S1 spinal discs, I became extremely worried that I would no longer be able to engage in sports like I had used to. However, not only was Dr Kannan astute in his treatment, he displayed empathy and understanding (as a fellow athlete and football fan) as well, which provided me, a distraught patient, with a strong sense of comfort and reassurance. Once again, Thank You Dr Kannan, for your patience and kindness!!

  201. Avatar photo
    Shirley Tong

    Was attended by Dr Kannan. Super nice and always with a smile doctor. Took his advice without operation and my foot healed perfectly. They have very nice and friendly staffs there assisting me as well. All the best.

  202. Avatar photo
    Cecilia Yeo

    Dr Kanna is very experience, professional & detailed. He is very patience in explaining my condition and the remedies.
    Nurses are very polite and helpful too.

  203. Avatar photo
    Ashwin Jha

    Had a positive experience at the clinic. Dr. Kannan and his team are extremely professional. I went there to get a second opinion on my Hip Arthritis. Dr. Kannan patiently answered all my queries, explained what was going on and the way forward. Keep up the good work!

  204. Avatar photo
    Kinser Leng

    My mom was diagnosed with triggered fingers due to occupational demands and had underwent a steriod injection. Cheerful and professional clinic staffs. She felt safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. Dr Kannan’s professionalism and friendliness provided great assurance. Will recommend specialist orthopaedic centre. Thank you.

  205. Avatar photo
    Tina Teh

    Everyone is professional and friendly. Dr K was easy to talk to and very assuring.

  206. Avatar photo
    Abe Vergis

    Dr Kannan Kaliyaperumal of Specialist Orthopaedic Center is a gifted healer who is passionate about his calling and compassionate for those under his care. He has a brilliant mind, skilled hands and a true heart for his patients. He is a rare mix of long experience and high energy.

  207. Avatar photo
    Soh Ee-Kjan

    I had a TFCC tear injury from badminton. Dr Kannan was patient, knowledgeable and recommended a logical, methodical course of recovery.

    He gave me much confidence throughout my recovery journey and I’m very happy to say I’m recovered and back to racket sports

    Thank you Dr Kannan!!

  208. Avatar photo

    Was operated by Dr.Kannan for an ankle trauma injury and currently consulting him as I recover. From day one Dr.Kannan was very clear in diagnosis and kept me well informed to make decision on getting a surgical procedure done. His diagnosis was to the point- detailing the injury impact, op and post op requirements and results. Was able to make an informed decision and successfully complete the procedure. Highly recommended to use his service especially for ortho/ankle/leg related injuries which is his area of expertise.

    He has recently opened up a centre of his own at Mt.Elizabeth and at Parkway East which emit good ambience and a patient friendly environment.

  209. Avatar photo
    Alwyn Ng

    Sought treatment for torn ACL & meniscus. Professional and clear with his treatment plan and instructions. He made sure there’s minimal scarring. Highly recommended!

  210. Avatar photo
    karu l

    Dr Kannan, was able to explain the condition clearly and provide a clear plan on diagnosis and outcomes. His ability to communicate in tamil was an added advantage for my aged mother.

  211. Avatar photo
    Too Chin

    Dr Kannan K very friendly toward patients.
    Give detail explanation.
    Didn’t force to do additional.

  212. Avatar photo
    Jasper Lee

    My mum, mdm seow suffered a backbone crushed fracture and a wrist fracture. Dr Kannan, an amazing doctor, was treating her problems. He has a great personality to begin with, tactful, understanding, well connected despite with any type of patients, polite and courteous doctor. We are happy to have come to the right clinic, to sought his expertise and he gave us an in-depth knowledge of my mum’s condition, pros and cons, short term and long term treatment. Dr Kannan did a surgery for my mum, where our family wants to have it asap, before the fusing of the damaged bone could post more complications with time. I’m impressed with the superior metal implant, that he offered to be inserted in my mum wrist, as I studied in material science. He also gave a more comfortable armsling, for my mum that is waterproof and light. His genuine warm care of patients, is definitely a plus. Dr Kannan is a role model for many doctors out there, the one that leads by example. A+ grade for health analysis, post medical treatment and review. Highly recommended!!!

    A note to those seeking treatment, don’t wait and waste further time. Take an appointment with his clinic, and get it treated asap.

  213. Avatar photo
    Mega Tjakrakusuma

    Highly recommended , very caring, super detail and just ask you when you really need to do it . My husband is his regular patient …

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