Review South Beach Avenue, 26 Beach Rd, Singapore

Review South Beach Avenue - Singapore 26 Beach Rd

“One of the few exclusive place in town area that welcomes pets as much as hooman. Glad to see they open doors to furkids in such a large scale …” or “Love visiting this place as it has an airy, beach-like ambience.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about South Beach Avenue. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if South Beach Avenue is quality.

Introduction about South Beach Avenue

Here are some fundamental details regarding South Beach Avenue. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that South Beach Avenueis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 26 Beach Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 66725722 (+65 66725722)
  • Website:
  • Address: 26 Beach Rd, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11 AM to 9:30 PM.


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6.26 km6 minute8 minute5 minute

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Phone number

You can reach South Beach Avenue at 66725722(+65 66725722). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact South Beach Avenue via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 26 Beach Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

South Beach Avenue reviews

South Beach Avenue is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is South Beach Avenue good?

To determine whether South Beach Avenue is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“One of the few exclusive place in town area that welcomes pets as much as hooman. Glad to see they open doors to furkids in such a large scale …”

“Love visiting this place as it has an airy, beach-like ambience.”

“Updating accessibility information: area is accessible with lift and open entrances with accessible washroom. Spacious and can be wheelchair friendly”

“So good to walk or explore everywhere nearsuntec esplanade to merlion hotels can walk rounding all areas from here to marina bay sands all area like one big circle.”

“Great atmosphere together with several dining options”

“Amazing place with beautiful architecture , especially now Christmas season fully decorated so beautiful , night visit is a must …”

“A lot of good food and bars for working adults who like to go there and have a drink after work. Boisterous at night with chatter and restaurants such as Akiraback which serve delicious food”

“Christmas deco @ South Beach Avenue …”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 255 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 90% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about South Beach Avenue, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review South Beach Avenue, 26 Beach Rd, Singapore

There is a total 255 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Spencer Hsu

    Great buffet with wide and interesting spread!

  2. Avatar photo
    Julia Belle

    Very good for business travelers, because the location are close to Suntec City Convention Centre and Marina Bay Business district.

    Also good for family traveler, ladies traveler and foody traveler because surrounding with Shopping centre and attractions;
    (Merlion Park, Singapore flyer, Garden by the bay, and Esplanade) or can visit sales points at Esplanade Xchange (MRT) to get more details about city tours packages

    In addition there is New JW Marriot just opposite from Suntec city. Suitable for who like to stay at luxury hotel with good price. Your guys can search to get good deal promotion price.

    Wanna get unique pictures so can try JW Marriot Singapore South Beach. They have Infinity Pool with a fancy looking bench on the pool.
    Hurry book..

  3. Avatar photo

    Nice shops but limited amount of seats around the area and hard to find trash can

  4. Avatar photo
    Andrew Butcher

    Went to Mdm Fangs for brunch and it was awesome!

  5. Avatar photo
    Jeverio Yeo

    Fantastic place to hang out but need to go with friends.

  6. Avatar photo
    Tadonaliz Ambrose

    nice location to meet up place

  7. Avatar photo

    Classy. Few atas eateries – Akira Back. Starbucks here closes @6 p.m. Right next to Esplanade Station.

  8. Avatar photo
    J Thalapathy Sriram

    The view after a solid run at the 24 hour gym is great

  9. Avatar photo

    A lot of good food and bars for working adults who like to go there and have a drink after work. Boisterous at night with chatter and restaurants such as Akiraback which serve delicious food

  10. Avatar photo
    Nikita Sinhal

    Great calm ambience and very classy. With a price tag to match.

  11. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Adams

    Really love the expanse of space and weaving in and out the new and the old

  12. Avatar photo
    Giuseppe Tesauro

    Nice walking there with good connection of mrt green with circle line

  13. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Tan

    Wanton noodles is dam alsome

  14. Avatar photo
    Farida Qazi

    nice place to hang out.

  15. Avatar photo
    Jude De Cruz

    Its quieter now than before Covid-19 but a cool place to eat and drink

  16. Avatar photo
    Sudip Sinha

    excellent connectivity, poor food option within the complex but several around it

  17. Avatar photo
    nick chew

    Had dinner at South Beach kitchen. Good

  18. Avatar photo
    Recession Proof Holdings LLC (RPH)

    Modern living and retail amenities near the bay

  19. Avatar photo
    Kevin L

    Bit of a mix. Hot and humid. Food ok

  20. Avatar photo
    ef 2 point eight

    High end dining
    Recommended if you seek gourmet fare

  21. Avatar photo
    Kynx Loh

    Posh place, small lift to grand ballroom at a corner

  22. Avatar photo
    Global Consultants

    It’s a good place to hang out given the fact there is less haze and weather should be pleasant. Otherwise you’re going to sweat like a pig.

  23. Avatar photo
    Saed Saydul

    South Beach is a commercial and residential complex located on Beach Road in the Downtown Core of Singapore. It is composed of a hotel, multiple offices, shops and residences. The project includes the restoration of four conservation buildings – the former Non-Commissioned Officers’ Club building and part of the former Beach Road Camp. The complex was completed in 2016.

    The four conservation buildings comprises three 1930s army blocks (Blocks 1, 9 and 14) and the former NCO Club built in 1952. The old concrete buildings were given conservation status in 2002 due to their rich historical and architectural significance. The Beach Road camp was the venue for the first National Service enlistment in 1967. The former NCO Club was originally designed as the headquarters of the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes in Singapore, and had a swimming pool. The army blocks are in Art Deco style known for elegant, functional features, while the club is a hybrid of that and what came in the 1950s, called Modern architecture.

  24. Avatar photo
    Kok Seng Ng (Paschen)

    Great Ambience..

  25. Avatar photo
    Atien Chew

    Quiet and serene! Nice place to chill

  26. Avatar photo
    L A

    Hard to find such spacious and eye-pleasing places in Singapore! The architecture is fantastic (especially when viewed at night) and I also love the use of greenery and art installations here and there. The retail side comprises of mainly gourmet restaurants and bars, which makes the place a great place to chill and hang out with companions for a few hours. Can feel hot in the open areas if the weather is particularly humid. Make sure to check out the (also) fantastically designed JW Marriott Hotel here.

  27. Avatar photo
    Patrick Tan


  28. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Zamry

    Beautiful place in the city

  29. Avatar photo
    Tenzin Quek

    Makes me feel like I’m visiting USA again..

  30. Avatar photo
    illiyaqulyaqin illiyaqulyaqun

    Lots of glorious food and nice restaurants.

  31. Avatar photo

    Ate at Beach Road Kitchen with my office colleagues.Menu choice ranged from Chinese to Indian to Italian and Japanese.Manager M.Ali was on hand to offer suggestions and ensured great service to our 5 tables.Ate till we joked about having wheelchair service to move us from our chairs…full stomachs!!

  32. Avatar photo
    Irshad Abdul Shakor

    The architecture is amazing & beautiful. I believed to represent JW Marriot Hotel. Many high end cafe & restaurants. Very easy to access & move around using the MRT lines & under pass. Directly link to Esplanade under pass link.

  33. Avatar photo
    Aaron Koh

    Good service, excellent view on the 18th floor.

  34. Avatar photo
    CH Low

    Modern place

  35. Avatar photo
    Sanjeev Kumar

    Food, drinks and cafés

  36. Avatar photo
    Chan Lawrence

    Fantastic place to chill

  37. Avatar photo
    Vijay M Perumal

    Nice place

  38. Avatar photo
    Actor Kris Mavericko

    Helps in visualizing your aspirational lifestyle, for when you become wealthier than you are now.

  39. Avatar photo
    Chew Family

    Good place to cool and chill

  40. Avatar photo
    Vincent Khoo

    Saw this Youth Olymoic mural outside Eaplanade Station.

  41. Avatar photo

    Convenient and centrally located with direct access to the Metro. Ideal for a quick informal business lunch. The places has interesting good and beverage outlets. I’ll definitely recomend Real Food for the fans of healthy and vegetarian food.

  42. Avatar photo
    Nickel Less

    Really stunning place, brilliant architecture and lots of bars and restaurants.

  43. Avatar photo
    HX Su

    Awesome and luxurious place.

  44. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Quek

    Great location to be in, hotel is pretty new around this area. Standard room size 4/5, bed comfort 4/5, bathroom 5/5. Superb view of the city from pool level. Accessibility from airport by taxi below 15 mins, hotel close to airport highway.

  45. Avatar photo
    Koh NK

    This place is best visited at night. The plaza area is vast and magical!

  46. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chang (ASIA AestheticDermatology)

    nice classy enclave for cafe and beer

  47. Avatar photo
    ณัฐวิเดช เกตุอินทร์

    Thai food can be find here

  48. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Quek

    Great location to be in, hotel is pretty new around this area. Standard room size 4/5, bed comfort 4/5, bathroom 5/5. Superb view of the city from pool level. Accessibility from airport by taxi below 15 mins, hotel close to airport highway.

  49. Avatar photo
    LEACH LiChingHeng

    Spanking new with beautiful architecture. Lots of eateries and places to chill.

  50. Avatar photo
    Daniel Cheong

    Didnt really explore but could say that it’s pretty nice mall

  51. Avatar photo
    adu Bedekar

    Great experience

  52. Avatar photo
    Thomas Seitger

    Some Shops/Restaurants closed on Sunday

  53. Avatar photo
    Shrinivas Palakodety

    Had lunch @ Real Food. Good food.

  54. Avatar photo
    Bryan Loh

    Classy place with good hotels and Singapore’s monuments

  55. Avatar photo
    Yong Meng Tan

    Historical integrated with modern…

  56. Avatar photo
    sha ibrahim

    Modern and trendy bars & cafes…More upskale part of the central area of Singapore…nice scenery of monument and club house…Good taste in palate for well known restaurant Akira Back

  57. Avatar photo
    Afandi Paiman

    Very good parking

  58. Avatar photo
    Benjie omlang

    Its a very beautiful and cozy place to stay

  59. Avatar photo
    Neil Angle

    Went to Harry’s Bar, good beer and good food.

  60. Avatar photo
    BHKoh GD

    Nice residency

  61. Avatar photo
    Hit U

    Part of JW Mariott Hotel. Sometime there are seasonal event display.

  62. Avatar photo
    Alexander Maechler


  63. Avatar photo
    H D

    South Beach is very new, and it is just above Esplanade MRT Station. The architecture is well put together and grand, or collosal, even, at least by Singapore standards. Soaring wavelike roof that frames and highlights the austere War Memorial.

    Although it is very accessible and has excellent links to the crowds at very busy places like Raffles City and Suntec City, it seems to be relatively unknown and unvisited, for now (March 2018). It may be a good time to pay a visit and have a look around, if you’d like to.

  64. Avatar photo
    Ben Lee

    NCO club reliving memories

  65. Avatar photo
    Cecilia Lim

    Nice place to chill….

  66. Avatar photo
    Yixian Low

    Very classy place

  67. Avatar photo
    Lynne Mico

    Yummy food and very peaceful.and beautiful place

  68. Avatar photo
    Thiam Meng Tan

    Beautiful and spacious. Beach Road Kitchen food variety was good and service was attentive. Good meal with friends!

  69. Avatar photo


  70. Avatar photo
    bumbu masakan

    Nice…. very big places

  71. Avatar photo
    kevin lees

    Impressive building, choice of F&B outlets

  72. Avatar photo
    Brian Wong

    Love the ambience and vibe. Armoury has fantastic burgers and IPAs

  73. Avatar photo
    Dilnawaaz Maredia

    Lovely place

  74. Avatar photo

    Located quite conveniently the space feels like open air while protecting you from the sun and rain!

  75. Avatar photo
    Babu Hillary

    Whether you buy or window-shop this place will pump joy into anyone’s heart.

  76. Avatar photo
    Ivan Ong

    Plenty interesting food offerings

  77. Avatar photo
    Leander Yohanes

    Can do with more entertainment option here.

  78. Avatar photo
    Santan Maddi

    A place with a stunning view of Marina Bay

  79. Avatar photo
    Muso Lee

    It would have been a nice place to hang out if the roof was properly sealed to prevent rain water from falling through. The roof is not leaking but the design is flawed – I believe.

  80. Avatar photo
    Johnny Johnny

    Nice and quiet during weekend

  81. Avatar photo
    Jes Choo

    Attended wedding dnr in JW Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom n the ambience was very nice. Service was excellent n food was very good too.

  82. Avatar photo
    dan wee

    Love visiting this place as it has an airy, beach-like ambience.

  83. Avatar photo
    Ariief Interisti


  84. Avatar photo
    And Izyan

    Breezy and overall nice place in the city to relax.

  85. Avatar photo
    T. Yiren

    Boring. Nothing of interest to me here. It gets 2 stars only for its beautiful architecture.

  86. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Gow

    Something different if you have have shopping in the neighborhood malls.

  87. Avatar photo
    Guyver Francis

    It has shops

  88. Avatar photo
    Eric Oh

    an undiscovered gem in this area..

  89. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chew

    Chill Place

  90. Avatar photo

    Went on National Day. Not much to see, only some expensive places like Starbucks and Harry’s

  91. Avatar photo
    Roland Tai

    Good buffet at Beach Road Kitchen.

  92. Avatar photo
    D Dollrn

    Lovely place

  93. Avatar photo
    Sandaruwan Adhikari

    Good place

  94. Avatar photo
    J Kris

    I was staying here during my 14 day quarantine. The view is spectacular. Its quiet,well lighted although I encountered a few hiccups in the room, it wasn’t rectified immediately. The staff are pleasant.

  95. Avatar photo
    anthony garrett

    A gem hidden in front of ur eyes….

  96. Avatar photo
    Khalid Qirem

    What can I say. If you are looking for luxury and comfort. Then this is your place

  97. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Lim

    Not exactly a shopping mall as described. I’d term it more as a food and beverage mall. Many options to look at for dinner (and lunch as I’d imagine). A quiet alternative to the busier night spots around town. However, expect higher prices with the relative value. I visited this place and had a weekday dinner with friends at one of the gastro pubs there (Alchemist beer lab) which deserves a separate review as it served really good tapas and drinks.

  98. Avatar photo
    william phan


  99. Avatar photo
    Olivia Ng (OliOli)

    Very pretty place. Easily accessible and loads of parking space.

  100. Avatar photo
    Hemant Lunia

    Every things owosome. Stay, food, shopping and location.

  101. Avatar photo
    Zhong Heng

    quiet, quaint place to find bars and restaurants.

    Tip: It’s one of the exit of Esplanade CCL circle line.

  102. Avatar photo
    MC Liu

    Up and coming place, centrally located and good accessibility.

  103. Avatar photo
    Millicent Bawany

    A little pricey but nice ambience and attentive staff. The cold crabs were a little salty, oysters and scallops were fresh and delicious.

  104. Avatar photo
    Chee Hwa L.

    Nice shopping mall in town area.

  105. Avatar photo
    Ganesan Sudha

    Calm & serene

  106. Avatar photo
    Gary Chow

    Great experience n environment to visit

  107. Avatar photo
    BrYan LeE

    Nice little long walkway… Consist of two levels, with lot of eatery… There a JW Marriott hotel which look very “elegant and chips”, with arts installation too… Nice

  108. Avatar photo
    English Go Go

    It is very accessible since they have MRT

  109. Avatar photo
    Wang Jun Seng

    Christmas deco @ South Beach Avenue
    ️️ …

  110. Avatar photo
    Davidson Prata

    A nice building and well organised mall. Not much…

  111. Avatar photo
    Eric Ho

    Nice design but do not patronise the Harry’s because the drinks are substandard.

  112. Avatar photo
    K S Tan

    One of the few exclusive place in town area that welcomes pets as much as hooman. Glad to see they open doors to furkids in such a large scale …

  113. Avatar photo
    tony koh

    A very nice and quiet place

  114. Avatar photo
    Linda Wong

    Good quality clothing, branded shops. Has a variety of food outlets as well as high end restaurants. Excellent baby room and well kept in good order, same for public rest rooms.

  115. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Kwong

    New. Architecture is amazing

  116. Avatar photo
    Fiona Leow

    Less crowded place. You can have a nice, quiet lunch here. Good variety of food on their menu. A must try.

  117. Avatar photo

    Peaceful and quite a wide selection of bars and pub for some food and drinks

  118. Avatar photo
    Jay Joe

    Awesome viewing

  119. Avatar photo
    Jenny Lim

    New addition to the Suntec area. Didn’t know it’s just beside the former NCO Club along beach road

  120. Avatar photo
    RJ Recio

    Very nice space

  121. Avatar photo
    Ashwin Asokan

    Stayed at his place for my SHN.. Was very neat and luxurious. Staffs were very friendly as well

  122. Avatar photo
    wee song lee

    Nice classy place

  123. Avatar photo
    Allan Ow

    Excellent place for stayaction

  124. Avatar photo
    John Chen

    The JW Marriott ballroom, with a large floor to ceiling LED screen, located within the refurbished NCO building

  125. Avatar photo

    I just came to this place in a hurry for official matter.

    All I know this place was built on an old British Settlement Army camp. Main buildings of the camp are retained and two high rise commercial blocks are built on the compound. One houses a hotel (nearest to Suntec City) and the other houses office units (nearer to Shaw Tower).

    You can find many upscale cafes and restaurants in this location.

    Nearest subway train station is Esplanade.

    The whole place is wheelchair friendly.

  126. Avatar photo
    Jehan Sappideen

    Very relaxed place

  127. Avatar photo
    Ian Mc

    Excellent airey, calm, breezy, part of Marriott JW area with restaurants, cafes, bars, easy connection to many transport options and very centrally located.

  128. Avatar photo
    Thomas & Karan WANG

    Great venues but difficult to find the various venues. Needs more and clearer signage and/or locale map

  129. Avatar photo
    Arnold Kervon

    Clean, amazing and well maintained.

  130. Avatar photo
    Stteven Siow

    It is a 5 star complex with a hotel and many food and drinking entertainment establishments. Recommended.

  131. Avatar photo
    Vik Pillai

    Chillout at decent prices

  132. Avatar photo
    Zaher Zee

    Great place to have a quiet lunch, away from the crowd. Highly recommend the Harry’s Bar

  133. Avatar photo
    Lim Hock Chuan

    Just another shopping mall

  134. Avatar photo
    babul Aktar


  135. Avatar photo
    Quinn Nguyen

    Very beautiful scenery

  136. Avatar photo
    ajith rav

    Amazing place with beautiful architecture , especially now Christmas season fully decorated so beautiful , night visit is a must …

  137. Avatar photo
    WK WLK

    There got a few Japanese restaurant you can try it. …

  138. Avatar photo
    Vrinda Khanna

    Updating accessibility information: area is accessible with lift and open entrances with accessible washroom. Spacious and can be wheelchair friendly

  139. Avatar photo
    Catcat chow

    JW Marriott hotel is nearby, and there are bar and restaurant, opposite suntec centre

  140. Avatar photo

    Great Town Area View

  141. Avatar photo
    Mani Muthusamy

    Love it

  142. Avatar photo
    Mathilda Chua

    More to explore…

  143. Avatar photo
    Joanna Sim

    Wonderful place to chill n work

  144. Avatar photo
    Maszlan Joha

    Alot of eateries and shops to buy things…;) …

  145. Avatar photo
    Elise fong

    Beautiful place

  146. Avatar photo
    Keith Zhang

    Lots of shops here!! Nice place to chill

  147. Avatar photo
    Trond Hon

    Great place to hang out with lots of eateries with alfresco dining. Parking is sheltered. Hidden gem located at esplanade mrt.

  148. Avatar photo
    Smart Traveller

    One of my favorite design

  149. Avatar photo
    Nina I.W.

    Great ambiance, alternative place to hangout. Love the bowling hall and the artsy merchandise shop.

  150. Avatar photo
    Marc Chin

    Many look nice restaurant..

  151. Avatar photo
    Koko Teo

    Many teenagers hanging around.

  152. Avatar photo
    Keith Jeremiah

    Great atmosphere together with several dining options

  153. Avatar photo
    Andrew Aw (beltolowda)

    The soup noodle is great

  154. Avatar photo
    Veera Manoharan

    Wonderful design and easy access

  155. Avatar photo
    ChalapathiRao M

    It’s nice

  156. Avatar photo
    Roger Herod

    D. O. C Italian Bistro very good relaxed dining

  157. Avatar photo
    Joshua Chow

    Convenient and a good range of food options

  158. Avatar photo
    Dayu Dara Permata

    Nice high end resto

  159. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    It’s really a transformation from the 0ld NCO
    Club to a hot spot for drink and dine.
    Fine eateries to savour and good place to gather for a good chat and “katchUp”.
    We had our afternoon tea break of Lady M
    Delicious Superb cakes the tinches with chocolate or lemon.touch.
    We are just left behind unto the developments of beach rd area.

  160. Avatar photo
    Xavier sorribas

    Good place for a rainy day and good food

  161. Avatar photo
    Chris Hall

    Lovely shops etc

  162. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    An open area with a few bars along the sides. Good place to be at if you are looking for bars to chill and catch up with friends.

  163. Avatar photo
    Thera Ng

    Good Atmosphere.

  164. Avatar photo
    Joshua Rothman

    Great Shopping Area

  165. Avatar photo
    Foodie World

    Well planned n easy access

  166. Avatar photo
    Clarence Benjamin Lim

    Today’s duck is very tough, by the charsiew is very good.

  167. Avatar photo
    Cherish iCafe

    Excellent dining

  168. Avatar photo
    Robert Li

    At Esplanade MRT station

  169. Avatar photo
    Jenn Ang

    Had breakfast at South Beach Kitchen. Spread was very good, many choices. Will definitely go back again.

  170. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chua


  171. Avatar photo
    Micheal Ruth

    A unique environment. One built nicely.

  172. Avatar photo
    Piyush Mehta

    Good place to find all kinds of restaurants bars and food places …japanese, Korean, Italian etc..

  173. Avatar photo
    Ivan Popovskihh

    Many places for eating

  174. Avatar photo
    Rajat Chauhan

    such a nice place

  175. Avatar photo
    Namdev Sachathep

    Very walkable breezy open concept area with good option for food and a nice hotel.

  176. Avatar photo
    Dyahni Ardrawersthi

    Clean n beautiful

  177. Avatar photo
    Clement Neo

    Nice chill space in the basement with some restaurants

  178. Avatar photo
    Mt Lee

    Nice ambience!

  179. Avatar photo

    Nice place to chill out.

  180. Avatar photo
    Alex Triska

    Upmarket shops. Higher prices. Very tidy.

  181. Avatar photo
    Chung Hoo Tham

    Average Joe

  182. Avatar photo
    Ali Akbar Pammu Abdul Kadir

    Really satisfied lived here for 14 days. Really want to come back next time after the pandemic with family

  183. Avatar photo
    Expat Limousine And Security Transport Services

    Quiet place for meet ups

  184. Avatar photo
    Jane Bing

    Great place for shopping necessities. One of the store provide stufd with great price.
    A quite old building but still one of a kind place.

  185. Avatar photo
    Chris Chris

    Lovely quiet place with many restaurants. Love the architecture!

  186. Avatar photo
    creaphicworks creaphicworks

    I like this place… Quiet

  187. Avatar photo
    meshary aldawees


  188. Avatar photo
    Ernest Tzeng

    Have goood food and small bar

  189. Avatar photo
    Ruth LX

    South Beach feels so pretentious but its magnificently breathtaking spaces and high ceilings are…I grudgingly admit…really nice to stroll through (or under).

  190. Avatar photo
    George E. Williams

    Fun spot

  191. Avatar photo
    Shinta Ramadhani

    Super duper awesome, l love it …

  192. Avatar photo
    Nima B

    A more relaxed atmosphere compared to other similar areas of Singapore and not as crowded. A good and efficient use of space. Well designed and aesthetically pleasing. Could do with more places there being open for business later than just 9pm.

  193. Avatar photo
    SH Wong

    Not really a shopping area.
    But a nice place with a selection of restaurants, pubs and cafes.

  194. Avatar photo
    Ctan Mi

    Nice place to walk around, breezy if weather is good. Have a few dining establishments and a hotel within the vicinity.

  195. Avatar photo
    Vince Knight

    Great for F&B. Chill place and feels like you left SG.

  196. Avatar photo
    The Linear

    JW Marriott is a nice hotel. Good service

  197. Avatar photo
    gerlie baguinang

    Luxurious place and I love to go

  198. Avatar photo
    Strong 67

    Architecture is very nice

  199. Avatar photo
    Mel CC

    Good selection of dining and drinking places to hangout.
    A “MUST VISIT” !!!

  200. Avatar photo
    QQ TravelColor

    Nice place for bar and pub

  201. Avatar photo
    Johnson Z

    Nice view

  202. Avatar photo
    Mine Only


  203. Avatar photo
    Matthew Lam

    Nice place…

  204. Avatar photo
    Jaxxon Yim

    Nice wonderful place with lots of nice food.

  205. Avatar photo
    Joanna O

    Nice place, has a good selection of restaurants

  206. Avatar photo
    Wendy Marston

    Great selection of shops

  207. Avatar photo
    Poh Matthew

    JW marriott excellent
    Good food good choices

  208. Avatar photo
    Đăng Khôi Vũ

    Nice place

  209. Avatar photo
    W Y

    A really good place away from the weekend crowd to spend a lazy afternoon at, or just to have a simple meal / drink with family and friends. Personally, I’d say that the place has really nice ambience and offers various affordable restaurants to dine at, varying from Japanese to Korean and Italian.

  210. Avatar photo
    Noor Imelda Elle

    Very sophisticated.

  211. Avatar photo
    elaine chng

    Went to JW Marriott Hotel for lunch buffet talk. Good food, pleasant service but desserts disappointing.. Lots of eateries in South Beach, nice ambience too

  212. Avatar photo
    Manish Rajguru

    Very modern and sleek with various dining options. Well connected to the MRT. Is not crowded, looked due to the higher end pricing

  213. Avatar photo
    Soki London

    Great go see how the building is constructed inside

  214. Avatar photo
    Rainbow Ciel

    So good to walk or explore everywhere nearsuntec esplanade to merlion hotels can walk rounding all areas from here to marina bay sands all area like one big circle.

  215. Avatar photo
    Peter Molnar

    Singapore is beautiful, wherever you go…..

  216. Avatar photo
    My SECRET Corner

    Great place with a nice view all around. Good ambience relaxing ambience for meeting friends and bringing family members for chillin out. Spacious place with rows of shops , bars & restaurants located along the main road. Easy access to JW Marroot Hotel, Raffles Hotel and several malls like Suntec City right across the road and Raffles city which is just 2-5 mins walk right behind . Easy access to bus , mrt and taxi.

  217. Avatar photo
    K S Tan

    One of the few exclusive place in town area that welcomes pets as much as hooman. Glad to see they open doors to furkids in such a large scale …

  218. Avatar photo
    Brian Wong

    Nice views

  219. Avatar photo
    Andy Huang

    Well built and organized shopping mall with lots of offices, restauratns, and hotels around. Easy to get to and easy to walk around. Definitely recommend here to walk around and enjoy. Right in the center of everything. Convenient. Spent quite a lot of time here as a tourist. Cool architecture. Well ventilated. Cool spot for people to hang out after work and grab a beer or have a nice meal.

  220. Avatar photo
    J Kris

    I was staying here during my 14 day quarantine. The view is spectacular. Its quiet,well lighted although I encountered a few hiccups in the room, it wasn’t rectified immediately. The staff are pleasant.

  221. Avatar photo
    Cecilia Ho

    Best place for wedding banquet

  222. Avatar photo
    Kaum (Kaum)

    Good place for shopping

  223. Avatar photo
    Joy Ycay

    Nice quiet place to chill with friends who don’t like crowds

  224. Avatar photo
    Willie Au

    Cool and beautiful environment.

  225. Avatar photo
    Angga Apriyanto

    nice office

  226. Avatar photo
    Victor HGNG

    Went to South Beach kitchen for a farewell dinner. Nice place for small group gathering, big spread buffet from simple fishball noodles to sashimi to handmade butter.

  227. Avatar photo
    Casey T.

    Went to The Armoury and Alchemist. Loved the Armoury’s pasta and beers. I recommend the roasted pork for Alchemist; it really melts in your mouth.

  228. Avatar photo
    Ayaz Lavingia

    Upscale with a lot of choices.

  229. Avatar photo
    John Wong (Joe)

    Suntec is a huge mall

  230. Avatar photo
    wilson yau

    Great place for gathering…

  231. Avatar photo

    Loved it. Great atmosphere, food and wine

  232. Avatar photo
    Vivien Lee

    Floor wet very dangerous when doing work-out maybe can improve without the fountain on during 7-8pm tks

  233. Avatar photo
    Riyaz John

    Place deserted at 8pm

  234. Avatar photo
    Ignatius Png


  235. Avatar photo
    Atharva Dhatingan

    Amazing city view

  236. Avatar photo
    Mohd Kassim

    Good place for Retreat

  237. Avatar photo
    si chiang Han

    Spacious location for work with many eateries

  238. Avatar photo
    Cze Low

    Nice, modern.

  239. Avatar photo
    Angeline Ong

    Good and very convenient

  240. Avatar photo

    5 and half stars hotel

  241. Avatar photo
    Jhulie Teh

    Many Small eatery

  242. Avatar photo
    Febriana Joesman

    Great trip

  243. Avatar photo
    Adam Faidzal

    It’s situated just beside JW Marriott Singapore South Beach Hotel. 95% are eateries. Harry’s Bar and Starbucks are one of their tenants. And a nice cozy pub with all kinds of whiskey called Quaich Bar or Whiskey Bar. Some of which are exotics whiskey which has snakes in it. There’s another one which is always mostly full house on Wednesday and Friday with a two piece band. It’s called if I’m not mistaken The Alchemist Bar. None of the shops sell other than food food food. So, it’s a nice place to go for a bite and relaxation.

  244. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chin

    Old buildings and new designs combined at this place.

  245. Avatar photo

    Nice surroundings looks beautiful in the night.

  246. Avatar photo
    Emma Patience

    Lovely ambience and easy accessible from the MRT.

  247. Avatar photo
    Chindy Natalia

    Great architecture! It has lots of beautiful spots. I really enjoyed it.

  248. Avatar photo
    Weimin Lim


  249. Avatar photo
    Jo Teh

    I had vegetarian breakfast yesterday at Real Food at South Beach. We had a very good n satisfying meal. South Beach is an ideal venue for meeting friends. The swings added extra fun to our visit.

  250. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Chua


  251. Avatar photo


  252. Avatar photo
    Sumit Arora

    Awesome place , it’s in the middle of the city

  253. Avatar photo
    Tom LeFever

    Boeing is cool!

  254. Avatar photo
    S D


  255. Avatar photo
    Macchua Chua

    This place has been previously the NCO Club and now occupied by JW Marriott Hotel

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