Review Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem, 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, Singapore

Review Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem - Singapore 50 Jurong Gateway Rd

“Great soup, had the quality and comfort food that helps the body feels better. Love it! Price is very reasonable.” or “Consistent Food Quality and fast service. One of best Back Kit Teh in Singapore !” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem is quality.

Introduction about Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem

Here are some fundamental details regarding Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem. In terms of Singaporean restaurant, it is generally believed that Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jemis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #B1-09, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Singaporean restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #B1-09, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11 AM to 9 PM.

Friday, Saturday: 11 AM to 9:30 PM.

Sunday: 10:30 AM to 9 PM.


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How to contact Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem via:


You can contact Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #B1-09, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem reviews

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem is among the best destinations of Singaporean restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem good?

To determine whether Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Authentic Bak Kut Teh , boiled till Meats were tender. Non stops refillable soup. Foods taste great. Thanks to their great service officers. Smile with politeness Great overall experienced”

“Always love going to Song Fa. The lunch deal for 2 is absolutely worth it. Priced at 23.90, it comes with a drink, peanuts, yu tiao and of course a bowl of ribs & rice.”

“Consistent Food Quality and fast service. One of best Back Kit Teh in Singapore !”

“Even though I prefer Malaysian style bak kut teh, Somg fa served good, decent bak kut teh with rich and authentic Singaporean taste of it. Loved it. Recommended.”

“Amazing good taste ! I recommend to try at least one time.”

“Have a quick bite before PCR test. Ordered pork rib lunch set.”

“Definitely one of my favorite dishes, Song Fa does Bak kut teh right. Though there are a number branches all over Singapore, this place is one that is always clean and not so crowded.”

“This is the only songfa branch in the west part of Singapore. Consistent quality, broth taste as good as the other branches. I always come here for my crave”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 211 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 91% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jem, 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, Singapore

There is a total 211 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    A new branch in the west. It is one of the best bak kut teh soup (pork rib soup) in Singapore. The taste is made up of white pepper and garlic. It is not too salty and strong meat smell. Excellent choice for cold weather.

  2. Avatar photo
    J Lee (Jelly)

    I would say the service isn’t bad! Aunties are very friendly and helpful. Explained about the membership to us clearly so we’ll earn cashback and voucher. Food at Songfa is always at a standard and that’s a good standard.

    Peppery soup with numerous topups. Taupok that soaked up so much juice it’s bursting with every bite. Braised intestines that are so large and does not have the nasty smell that comes with some intestines. Belly is so soft and tender. Makes me want to come back to try their pork leg! Service is very speedy as well. You won’t complain of slow food serving for sure.

  3. Avatar photo
    Chang Tuck Min

    Very good service and good place to have some bak kut teh

  4. Avatar photo

    It tastes just like Korean galbi-tang. It’s pork, but it’s so delicious. It smells like meat, but it’s okay if you eat it.

    한국 갈비탕 이랑 맛이 같아요 돼지고기인데 너무 맛있어요 살짝 고기냄새가 나긴 하는데 먹다보면 괜찮아요^^

  5. Avatar photo
    Maxanne Ong

    Staff was friendly and attentive

  6. Avatar photo
    Siew Hing Lam

    Traditional Singapore Bak Kut Teh. Quite a number of side dishes. New dishes like spicy pork belly is good. …

  7. Avatar photo
    Nina I.W.

    My go-to if I want a bowl of Bakkut Teh without the Q

  8. Avatar photo
    Viola Ow

    Awesome BKT

  9. Avatar photo
    Jay Lee이주혁

    Even though I prefer Malaysian style bak kut teh, Somg fa served good, decent bak kut teh with rich and authentic Singaporean taste of it. Loved it. Recommended.

  10. Avatar photo

    Long Q as usual for weeday or weekend. But is good. Superb.

  11. Avatar photo
    Angel Tan

    Yum yum yum! Love the peppery soup base …

  12. Avatar photo
    Fransisca Andriani

    Good food.

  13. Avatar photo
    cindy choo

    Service is very good !!
    And also the bak kut teh soup !!
    Don’t forget , the soup is free flow !!

  14. Avatar photo

    The soup taste nice. It might be too strong for some people as they put lots of black pepper. The pork tenderloin also has strong black pepper taste, so the default pork ribs might be more acceptable.
    Also refillable soup as usual!

  15. Avatar photo

    Excellent teochew style Bak Kut Teh

  16. Avatar photo
    YJ YOO

    My favourite place. Super delicious. Number 1. Place for Bak Kut Teh and soup!!

  17. Avatar photo
    Dennis Tan

    Good service and good food!! Peppery soup and delicious pork ribs. Definitely one of the best bak ku the. Service is fast and friendly too. You can add more soup if it’s not enough!

  18. Avatar photo
    W H

    A restaurant that chooses to maximise their own profits over the basic comfort of their customers. Got forced to share a table with another group of strangers during lunch today.

    Come here if you want to be charged restaurant prices for a hawker centre experience.

    Their food is tasty, and their staff are polite.

  19. Avatar photo
    Thomas Cheah

    Lunch set good worth, comes with choice of soup, you tiao, peanuts or veg, rice and drink. Generous with the fish slices. Top up soup very frequently without need to ask.

  20. Avatar photo
    Kheng Hui Song

    The service level is not on par, and staffs are not very friendly. Only one thing is good is that they are attentive to our selection of food as we are not familiar with their apps

  21. Avatar photo
    Ang Xian Ying

    Nice BKT. This is a peppery version of BKT so if you like peppery kind then this will be it! Quite nice and their ribs are quite meaty.

  22. Avatar photo
    Edmund Seah

    The lunch set was affordable. Ordered 2 sets plus a few other dishes with additional rice and shared with 4.
    Soup is served hot and tasty!

    Getting hungry just writing
    the comments.

  23. Avatar photo
    Ivan Chionh

    Visited this particular Song Fa on a Sunday (1st July 2018 around 8pm.) I’m extremely impressed by the service rendered. All staff were very polite and proactive. My soup was topped up multiple times, but what’s impressive is not how much I drank but how observant the staff were. Food was great and serving was worthy of the price paid. It’s not my 1st time in Song Fa but I can see Song Fa stepping up it’s game, trying to set itself apart from it’s competitiors.

  24. Avatar photo
    Tang Ji Li


  25. Avatar photo
    Hon Kee

    Good place for BKT fix

  26. Avatar photo

    Consistent Food Quality and fast service.
    One of best Back Kit Teh in Singapore !

  27. Avatar photo
    sanzo 71

    Perfect meal on a cold rainy day!

  28. Avatar photo
    Edmund Lee

    Food was reasonably good and priced fairly. The essence of Bak Kut Teh is in the soup but it lacks the kick that I was expecting. Meat was also lacking in quantity and quality. Interesting dish was sliced fish in Bak Kut Teh soup.

  29. Avatar photo
    TP Le

    Food tastes nice. The spicy pork belly is recommended. Bak kut teh soup would taste much nicer if they cleaned the pork ribs more carefully, since we still found a strong pork smell despite all the garlic and pepper added.
    Price is around $15/pax.

  30. Avatar photo
    Takk Vist

    A visit to taste Singapore’s specialty bak ktei.
    It seems that there are two types of soup, blackish and whitish, and this is the whitish type. Soup can be refilled infinitely.
    The soup is protein and the pepper works great.
    When I ate in Malaysia before, it felt like Chinese medicine was in the soup, but it’s a completely different feeling.


  31. Avatar photo
    Eric Poh

    Good service at shop. Take away is just 15 minutes despite doing it at peak hours

  32. Avatar photo
    Eddie Chan

    Must Eat Bak Kut Teh


  33. Avatar photo
    Darren Loh

    Can see why this is one of Singapore’s top swing bah Kut teh brand. Meat was tender and soup was tasty. You tiao was crispy and perfect when dipped in the soup. Price was really affordable too.

  34. Avatar photo
    Desmond Lim

    Standard seems to have dropped. Soup taste is not as strong as before. But overall still tasty.

  35. Avatar photo
    Ah Guek khoo


  36. Avatar photo
    Rickey L

    Delicious ! Went to the branch at JEM. Good tasty peppery pork rib soup. The claypot spicy braised pork is really nice. Even though it’s still crowded, the best thing is you don’t have to wait in long queue like at Chinatown. Service is quick too.

  37. Avatar photo
    Kay Marn

    Very yummy ribs with great soup. The fried dough also very crispy outside and soft inside.

  38. Avatar photo
    Ben P

    It doesn’t look anything special as it’s just pork ribs with soup and rice, but the taste is fantastic.

    Tender pork that falls off the bone served in a well seasoned peppery broth that comes with free refills. The pork intestines were soft, appropriately cleaned, and had a perfect balance of flavours.

    This meal was a fine example of comfort food.

  39. Avatar photo
    Geoff Holmes

    Good food, and friendly, quick service when I was there.

    Comparison with Old Street BKT as baseline –
    Tenderloin seems about half as thick as SF.
    Rice has two size option, large seems similar to one size at SF.
    Dough fritters (You Tiao) is in three sizes, medium size seems about same as SF single size.

  40. Avatar photo
    Yee PK

    Fair price , queues move fast.

  41. Avatar photo
    Simon Y

    Good food, attentive service with auto-refilling of soups. My only qualm is that they serve all food with the same soup base and I do think the peppery soup base doesn’t really goes well with their fish soup dish.

  42. Avatar photo
    Cyk Chan

    If you like bak kut teh, try it here


  43. Avatar photo
    Eddie Tan

    Free flow bak kut teh soup!!!

  44. Avatar photo

    Song Fa Bak Kut Teh 松發肉骨茶
    Double thumbs up. Must try.

    Last update Apr2017.

  45. Avatar photo

    Good taste as always but this branch is bad services as no staff to refill soup (need to request and wait every time)

  46. Avatar photo
    Teng Fook Ying

    I prefer pork bones in pepper soup, this one is better


  47. Avatar photo
    Ramalingam Mohan

    Excellent food and service.

  48. Avatar photo
    Albert Yap

    Great services and ambience for sure. The staffs are very attentive with good manners tonality and et, I really enjoy eating here. As for the peppery soup , it’s pretty OK, I would prefer it to be slightly spicier but, I think it will be enough for most. Will I go back? Yes.

  49. Avatar photo
    Ange Ou Demon

    Still prefer bkt with herbal. Overall the food average, serving was fast. Reasonable price.

  50. Avatar photo
    Felis D

    Great food and service. It can be quite crowded during meal times. Better come slightly before or after the meal times.

  51. Avatar photo
    Ng TY

    One of my first choice for comfort food, specially during rainy season. Food quality is well maintain and consistent on my every visit. Love their prompt service.

  52. Avatar photo
    V Jeyakanthan

    Always love going to Song Fa. The lunch deal for 2 is absolutely worth it. Priced at 23.90, it comes with a drink, peanuts, yu tiao and of course a bowl of ribs & rice.

  53. Avatar photo
    Karen Ho

    Best bak kut teh among all the other bak kut teh chains. Even their dough fritters are the best! However, be prepared to queue.

  54. Avatar photo
    T On Things

    One of them best bak kut teh place. The peppery broth type! I love!

    I also liked the spinach soup with century and salted egfs

  55. Avatar photo
    Binh Tran

    Very nice Bak Kut Teh, not as crowded as the other branches but still have to wait a bit at lunch and dinner time.

  56. Avatar photo
    Stephen Lim

    Authentic Bak Kut Teh , boiled till Meats were tender. Non stops refillable soup. Foods taste great. Thanks to their great service officers. Smile with politeness
    Great overall experienced

  57. Avatar photo
    Stephen Sim

    Soup very good and pork ribs tender. Service staff efficient who keep on pouring soup for customers.

  58. Avatar photo
    April Lee

    Our regular place that my dad likes to eat. Free refills of the peppery bak kut teh soup. Their tie guan yin chinese tea is also quite good and they can help you brew the first round (can ask them to top up the hot water for you). Do order their deep fried you tiao which goes great with the bak kut teh soup. Their salted vegetables, peanuts and beancurd is good too. Their wet tissues is provided free of charge! Do note that the queue can get pretty long on weekends.

  59. Avatar photo
    Hendy Susanto


  60. Avatar photo
    khonthai yai


  61. Avatar photo
    chew shan an

    This is the only songfa branch in the west part of Singapore.

    Consistent quality, broth taste as good as the other branches. I always come here for my crave

  62. Avatar photo
    Chen Carina

    Peppery and sweet bak kut teh broth for BKT lovers! The pork ribs were tender yet does not lose the bite. Highly recommend to match the soup with the Youtiao (leave it in the soul to soak up the goodness) and the Braised large intestine. The new dish- Char Siew was slightly too charred for me and the part chosen is half meat half fat separated in the middle which i don’t like but the taste was good. Affordable and good food!

  63. Avatar photo

    Review got removed. Place is fully airconditioned, sits approximately 50 pax. Food quality is good and service crews were polite. There are newer varieties versus the old days but my personal recommendation would be jumbo ribs.

  64. Avatar photo
    ASMR Infinite Sounds

    Good food and service as always!

  65. Avatar photo
    red king2022


  66. Avatar photo
    Arm Tawatchai

    Bak Kut Teh Singapore is not very flavorful. Different from Thailand’s concentration of Chinese medicine. But it is considered delicious in the middle. (There’s also Padong Ko for you to eat as well :] )

    บะกุ๊ดเต๋สิงคโปร์รสไม่จัดเท่าไหร่ แตกต่างจากของประเทศไทยที่เข้มข้นของยาจีน แต่ก็ถือว่าอร่อยในระดับกลางๆ (มีปาท่องโก๋ให้กินคู่ด้วยครับ :] )

  67. Avatar photo
    Kimmy Kwok

    Tasty and generous portions. Value for money. Good service.

  68. Avatar photo
    Daeun Lee

    The food here never misses! My favorite menu from Bak Kut Teh will always be the Pig’s trotter, ground peanuts, Beancurd skin, and the classic Pork ribs. The service here is good – the staff always make sure you have enough soup & asks to refill frequently. Usually there are queues, so expect to wait 15 min + during meal times.

  69. Avatar photo
    Lee MC

    I find the cooking deteriorating each time I patronise the place. The premium loin ribs used to be tender, sweet and succulent. When dipped in the cut chilli coated with black sauce, it’s an unforgettable taste. But alas it’s not to be anymore. The meat on the loin ribs were hard and tasteless. It seem like it’s been over boiled for a while, draining the essence of the meat like you would do for making soup. The rou gu was a huge disappointment!

    The rest of the side dishes are fine including the ever ready service of topping up your bowls. What a shame..!

  70. Avatar photo
    Vincent Tay

    Have a quick bite before PCR test. Ordered pork rib lunch set.

  71. Avatar photo
    kozmik lim

    Easy to order.
    Fast to serve

  72. Avatar photo
    Khai Lun

    Bakkutteh broth is nice and strong flavour!
    Front of House with good hospitality keep checking with your bowl for refill. …

  73. Avatar photo
    Darren Koh

    It wasn’t full-on peppery like many Singaporean chains. The soup was flavorful, the youtiau fresh and the sales vegetable fragrant. The nice touch was their own blended tea… Floral and fragrant! Overall good!

  74. Avatar photo
    Jesse Ley

    Good ‘bak kut teh’ at reasonable prices. Comfortable seating with helpful and friendly staff.

  75. Avatar photo

    Soup is delicious. It’s peppery and spicy. Just be careful that there is no alcohol.


  76. Avatar photo
    Chen Bing Chen

    The staff is nice and the Bak Kut Teh tastes good


  77. Avatar photo
    Wong Julih

    Fave outlet in the west!

  78. Avatar photo
    Ryutaro Kondo

    Great authentic tasting Bak Kut Teh

  79. Avatar photo
    CK Tan

    Soup is good

  80. Avatar photo
    Ron Mañalac

    All-time fave Bak Kut Teh!

  81. Avatar photo
    Zhang LongQi

    It’s very good. Must try.

  82. Avatar photo
    Soon Xie

    Obvious that the staff works as a team. Very well mannered and polite.

  83. Avatar photo
    CHONG Chee Seng 张智诚

    To me, it’s the best bak kut teh in Singapore, at least among the “branded” ones. Consistent taste across their different franchises. Service is top notch too.

  84. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Cheng

    Cheerful attentive service with a smile 🙂

    Highly recommend the set lunch for two. We ordered the tenderloin. Comes with two side dishes. We chose the salty vegetable which was nicely done. The boiled peanuts is also good. The set includes two bowls of rice and iced tea. Staff were very attentive and made effort to refill the delicious soup. When I accidentally dropped a chopstick, a staff member quickly noticed and offered to replace it. A thorougly enjoyable meal. Will be back. Keep up the good work.

  85. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lim

    Good food reasonable price. Best is fast

  86. Avatar photo
    Bear Koala

    Nice location, although there are many people, but the food is served very quickly.


  87. Avatar photo

    fatty pork ribs in just the right mix of pepper in the soup. just don’t consume a lot of the soup if you don’t want to have msg symptom complex.

  88. Avatar photo
    Say Huat LIM

    Nice & Excellent

  89. Avatar photo
    no cash.

    Nice place

  90. Avatar photo
    Wong Weng Kwong

    Good pork ribs soup.

  91. Avatar photo
    Lily Ang

    Would be a good choice for family gathering etc. Also a good variety of dishes and beverages to choose from. Sometimes at crowded locations the standard of the food may drop slightly, but overall still a good experience! The soup will also be topped up at intervals, sometimes you do not have to ask them they will just top it up for you! Will definitely visit again

  92. Avatar photo
    Gohht 13

    Nice Bak Kut Teh with strong peppery taste. The meat stick firmly to the ribs, yet soft. You tiao is very crispy and goes well with the soup (free flow).

    Great service, the topping up of soup is very frequent.

    IG: sgfood13
    Tiktok: gohht13

  93. Avatar photo
    Justin Wong

    First time trying this stall despite passing by numerous times.
    Can fully understand the hype of Song Fa amongst my overseas working partners who would frequent this BKT restaurant whenever they are in Spore.
    BKT rating…
    Soup was full flavoured without excessive pepperish taste. Ordered their large pork rib bowl and meat was soft and succulent.
    Braised Pork Leg rating…
    Was surprised to be given a plate of peeled meat instead of the full leg as shown in their menu…is ir for the benefits of the customer not having to peel it themselves OR lesser meat is given as compared to the full leg? Only restaurant knows better..
    Side condiments rating…this is the dish that made me take away 1 star.
    Salted vegetable was soft and not overly saltish.
    Cut fried dough sticks was toasted so that it is crispy but cannot match dough sticks that are freshly prepared which are crispy on the external with soft internals.
    Mee sua was a tad bit overcooked…but still tasty nevertheless.
    Need to mention they provide cut large red chilli rather than chilli padi slice like most other place, which goes well with pork ribs.
    Char Siew was done using slighlty fatty choice of meat… yums.
    Can be considered a tad expensive but hawker fare in a comfortable air con ambience ….cannot complain

  94. Avatar photo

    a bit crowded during lunch timing, you might sit next to strangers as there is not enough space. I personally feel that the pork meat is a bit tough to chew, youtiao is very crispy and staff will help you to refill your soup without you calling them. overall 8/10.

  95. Avatar photo
    Roni Wiguna

    This is another Song Fa in the western part of Singapore. As another option to go besides Song Fa’s restaurant in Clarke Quay (see my other review), I have another option to go. The menu choices are the same. It’s located in basement at the back. The decoration comes with half-cut old-style Mini Cooper, perhaps to bring the classic feel to old Singapore stall

  96. Avatar photo
    Sam Soo

    This is a family oriented restaurant with very affordable price. The soup is unlimited when you order a simple bowl of pork ribs. That is very good when you feel very dehydrated. The side dishes are also very simple and traditional. All items come in small bowls and yet you still can have a fulfilling eating experience when you are at Song Fa. The only limitation is the backless stools that can be back-cracking for elderly.

  97. Avatar photo
    Glenn Kua

    a common name amongst the bak kut teh market, but their standard has always been consistent. generous with their food portion as well. definitely the better option if you prefer peppery bak kut teh. their you tiao was great, very delicious. personal opinion: stick to song fa for your bak kut teh cravings over old street bak kut teh

  98. Avatar photo
    Alan Au

    Occasionally eating here is alright.

  99. Avatar photo
    Cassidy Chew

    When I think of pork meat soup and I am near the vicinity, this is where I go.

  100. Avatar photo
    Zoe Goh

    nice and delicious

  101. Avatar photo
    Yeo Tah Keow

    The foods are really nice and you can practically pick anyone and find it delicious. I personally like their pork liver soup which is fresh and taste awesome. The staff will just keep on going around to top up the soup for you without you asking them to do so. Wonderful service that makes you feel good and would like to go back for next round.

  102. Avatar photo
    Shada Hsu

    It ’s delicious. I added three bowls of soup.

    好吃 我續了三碗湯

  103. Avatar photo

    Soup was delicious

  104. Avatar photo
    Vinny Wu

    The waiter is very active in adding soup for free. The pork knuckle is delicious and the soup is also very flavorful.


  105. Avatar photo
    Robin Lee

    Good Bak Kut Teh with reasonable portion. Soup refills are also consistent in taste unlike other bak kuh teh shops.

  106. Avatar photo

    Best BKT in Singapore IMO. Food is good, service is good and ambience is good too! The service staff were mostly local aunties and uncles, very friendly. Service is fantastic, non stop soup filling and condiments are fresh. Parking conveniently located at the mall itself in the basement level.

  107. Avatar photo
    W C

    Great soup, had the quality and comfort food that helps the body feels better. Love it! Price is very reasonable.

  108. Avatar photo
    Jas Ng

    Delicious soup but portion is small

  109. Avatar photo
    LN Koh

    In Songfa on the ground floor of JEM, there are traditional delicacies: Bak Kut Teh, stewed tofu, stewed tofu, stewed pork knuckle, wind claw yuba, pickles, and other ingredients. It has an ancient taste. Another pot of tea would be nice too.


  110. Avatar photo
    JK Ong

    Walked into a familiar Song Fa outlet in the basement of JEM mall, discovered another goto place at Jurong east for Bak Kut Teh with unlimited soup filling Frankly it would have been 4 stars but the service staff are as usual top notch here at Song Fa which fully justifies the 5th star! Kudos to the friendly and attentive team …

  111. Avatar photo
    Trung Nguyen Thanh

    Amazing good taste ! I recommend to try at least one time.

  112. Avatar photo
    Poh EC

    Affordable and delicious bakuteh, with other side dishes.
    While the queue was long, the waiting time for a table was reasonable.
    Staffs were very service orientated.

  113. Avatar photo

    Good service and yummy bah kit teh. Meat is tender. …

  114. Avatar photo
    Danial Tan Xuan Lun

    good food. setup for hit is weird

  115. Avatar photo
    Yong Keong Tan

    Lunch set there was super worth the price and was very delicious, though limited time only. Location is fairly accessible if you’re driving/ taking public transport.

  116. Avatar photo
    Chi Hong Hwang

    Great food. Generous with the bak kit teh soup. The service staff top up the soup regularly without being called. It felt a bit rushed at the entrance with the temperature screening, safety check in and menu scanning. Perhaps menus scanning can happen at the tables.

  117. Avatar photo

    Delicious And Very Classy Asian Style

  118. Avatar photo
    Josh Ng

    Very value for money and delicious pork rib soup with such consistent food quality that’s as good as the main store.

  119. Avatar photo
    Hieng Pk

    Tasty pepper soup! Yummy

  120. Avatar photo
    Justin Cai

    Great food and friendly service, good place to enjoy meal with friends or family I love bak kut teh there

  121. Avatar photo

    2018 update: still good, still the best BKT in my list A few new items on the menu – the braised tofu and peanuts were tasty. The braised pig’s intestines were soft and fatty, you either love or hate it (I ). Over many visits, I’d started to order their mee suah – the rice flour strands just soak up the soup broth (yummy!!!), and Chinese “kungfu” tea. The tea somehow enhances the taste of the BKT.

    (2017) Song Fa Bak Kut Teh is by far the nicest bak kut teh I’ve had. Its peppery goodness kicks in slowly but surely. The stew pork is good!! I suggest u order the big bowl of rice, coz the food will make u eat more. The soup is refilled at no cost.

  122. Avatar photo
    Teng Ang

    Thumbs up for the services & foods thr, it’s the best among all the bak kut teh restaurants …

  123. Avatar photo
    Agent77 Vii

    Bak kut teh was decent and it’s not what I have expected.

  124. Avatar photo
    Nikola Ger

    great bkt standard throughout all their stores cheers

  125. Avatar photo
    Z D Y

    Good service and decent food.

  126. Avatar photo

    Food is okay but service can be improved.
    I requested for a bowl of braised sauce, the sauce only came when I finished 80% of my rice.

  127. Avatar photo
    Dr Francesco Perono Cacciafoco

    A very good restaurant. Very good bak kut teh. Outstanding you tiao. A large choice of dishes. Suitable place to have a quick and tasty dinner.

  128. Avatar photo
    Aloysius Ong

    Love their soup. Food is nicer than founder.

  129. Avatar photo
    Bruce Wayne

    Great place to have your bkt fix. They serve here the peppery version and I must say it’s pretty good.

    Pork ribs are juicy and tender. They have a variety depending on your choice.

    Staff are good and they do their walk arounds in the right frequency to top up our soup.

  130. Avatar photo
    James Lim (JamesLim)

    Great food, soup is able to refill and good service from staff.

  131. Avatar photo
    BB L

    Good service, friendly stuff.

  132. Avatar photo
    JieYing Lim

    I only go during lunch time and order their $10.99 lunch set. The service is fast, the staff attentive and polite. The place is also relatively clean. The food is very filling because the soup is refillable, although the soup base is slightly on the peppery side.

  133. Avatar photo
    hehe haha

    Ordering via the QR code was quite bad. My app kept hanging and I couldn’t see if my order had went through. Ask the staff if it went through and she said she didn’t saw any orders go through and ask me to reorder. After reordering, I asked her to check in case it was double ordered. And for some reason she was quite upset. After checking, she said i had two orders of the same items, so I asked her to cancel one of the orders, and she got even more upset. She tried pressuring my family members to order the same items as me because according to her, I double ordered, and made it seem like the whole problem started because of me. Kinda lost my appetite at this point.

    The other waitress also had to be prompted twice before she would refill. Previously when I went, the staff would auto refill without being asked.

    I remembered coming to this outlet before and it wasn’t such an unpleasant experience. Not sure what happened. Also, the jewel branch’s ba ku teh taste better than the jem branch.

  134. Avatar photo
    Stephen Lim

    Authentic Bak Kut Teh , boiled till Meats were tender. Non stops refillable soup. Foods taste great. Thanks to their great service officers. Smile with politeness
    Great overall experienced

  135. Avatar photo
    P S

    Very average taste, the meat is too hard to bite, and the side dishes are not good either. The same chain, far worse than the Laojie Bak Kut Teh next door


  136. Avatar photo
    bryan tan

    Ordered the premium loin soup, kidney & pork slices soup, salted veg and char side. Very prompt service, the food was served within 10 mins while we were seated and arrived hot. Very clean environment too.

  137. Avatar photo

    The food is delicious, the bak kut teh soup can be added


  138. Avatar photo
    Stefanus Sugiarto

    Definitely one of my favorite dishes, Song Fa does Bak kut teh right. Though there are a number branches all over Singapore, this place is one that is always clean and not so crowded.

  139. Avatar photo
    Samuel Moh

    A bit crowded at times

  140. Avatar photo
    Hwee Ming Yeow

    Pork ribs good. Done right. Soups good can top up.

  141. Avatar photo
    To Luen


  142. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Pong Kiat LAU

    Great food, reasonably priced. Love their bak kut teh and braised pork knuckles…

  143. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Song Ta Tay

    Good fast and delicious – typical Singapore style

  144. Avatar photo
    Daniel Wong

    Great place to have Teochew style BKT: air-conditioned, no queues, fast service, reasonable prices and most importantly lovely peppery soup. The staff will go round regularly to top up the soup

  145. Avatar photo
    regina teo

    good service , food nice also

  146. Avatar photo
    Matthew Wong

    Just renovated. Can’t go wrong with their soup!

  147. Avatar photo
    lynette c

    love the tenderloins and soup. pairs well with the youtiao. long queues on weekends but fast service and generally high customer turnover. service and staff is good

  148. Avatar photo
    zai wei Phua

    Food taste good

    Clean tables

    Fast service

  149. Avatar photo
    sﹰdupLohupid Sin Hoe


  150. Avatar photo
    Bhoong Goh (GBH)

    Nothing new taste

  151. Avatar photo
    Allan Tan

    Good taste

  152. Avatar photo
    Cosmo Kramer

    Staff are very friendly and helpful. Free top up of the amazing soup. Even though there was a big group of 30 people before us, they still managed to serve our food within reasonable time. Kudos.

  153. Avatar photo
    Thunder Kitt

    We always visit this restaurant due to its consistent quality of food and service.
    The staff is patient and friendly.
    Pork rib soup is a must. Not forget the other side dishes that is worth to try too.

    Song Fa Bak Kut Teh is one of the signature of White pepper style BKT in Singapore. Yummy

  154. Avatar photo
    lion doge

    Regular customer of this place and it never disappoints (i travel all the way from the East for this). Their ordering system is so on point that u get ur food a few mins after u’re seated and the service staff have always been so nice. Tried quite a few of their dishes besides the bkt and they were all on point. They also have one of the best homemade lemon teas lol.

  155. Avatar photo
    S Y

    We often take away. But the meat today was really smaller than what it used to be, almost the half portion. I assume that they are encountering tough situation by Covid. But I would expect them to increase the price instead of reducing the quantity, which is in some way, deceiving customers. Disappointed.

  156. Avatar photo
    Soudalath Khongsavanh

    Love it

  157. Avatar photo


  158. Avatar photo
    Yap Huimei

    Amount of the meat on the ribs are inconsistent per visit. There are meats at times but most of the time is only bone with bits of meat.
    I did voiced out my concern to your staff and he offered to replaced it for me. But this is not the 1st time I was served this. So I told your staff I just want to feedback on the inconsistencies and rejected the replacement. As I think this QC problem not the customer responsibility to point out to your staff. Maybe your cook doesn’t care whatever food they are serving, purposely serve it with the ribs facing down in the soup so no one will notice it. Customers are not stupid fyi
    Wu Xiang is good , ( ordered two times and quality is same).
    Perhaps they cannot do a simple quality control for their main dish “Bak tuk teh”, that’s really weird.

  159. Avatar photo
    Mindia Haryono

    Great food for reasonable price. The pork ribs was surprisingly refreshing & the chili sauce dip was awesome.

  160. Avatar photo
    zi yan lim

    Expensive but consistent flavour

  161. Avatar photo
    zy lin

    There are different BKT style and this one is my favourite. Dip you tiao in the soup (free flow soup). Best to eat during cold days to warm up the stomach.

  162. Avatar photo
    Razon Rechilda Gavino

    I love the back out teh the soup is nice drink and the meat also nice to eat.

  163. Avatar photo
    Nelson Lim

    Nice. The food is nice and affordable.

  164. Avatar photo
    Htar Htar

    Nice food , nice soup with reasonable price.

  165. Avatar photo
    Zhiyang Huang

    Yummy food price a bit pricy only worth it

  166. Avatar photo
    Yap Zhe Wei

    Nice tea

  167. Avatar photo
    GengBai Lim

    The Jem branch for Song Fa has time and time again rejuvenated my love for Ba Ku Teh. The soup, with it’s spices and aroma is simply irresistible. The meat is ever so tender and easy to eat off the bone. And the service from the staff, as always, is impeccable. This branch is my go to when I need some good food.

  168. Avatar photo
    Siew Keng Lim

    Dine in service is good, free refills of soup. Soup is those peppery kind and decor is nice. For takeaways, there is no free refills if soup, but I managed to ask for 1pkt when I ordered two dishes for takeaway.

  169. Avatar photo

    I visited a store in Clarke Quay for breakfast. It opens at 9am, but we arrived at 8:55. Several groups of customers were already waiting for the store to open in front of the store. You can wait in a chair outside. At 9 o’clock, the shutter is fully opened and business starts. All the waiting customers were seated on the first turn. Looking at the menu of the store, it seems that there are several variations of bak kut teh. We ordered 2 standard small bak kut teh, 2 rice, stir fried greens and oolong tea. The small Bakuteh comes with 4 spare ribs in the soup.
    Soup is free to refill. The spicy soup was so addictive that I drank 3 bowls of it. The first bowl is just as it is, the second bowl is over rice, and the third bowl is just as it is. Some of the customers who came with two people ordered one large and shared it instead of two small. You can have as many soups as you want, and the price is cheaper. I will do that next time as well.
    Stir-fried green vegetables had a lighter taste than Bakute, and it felt like a rest after eating Bakute rather than a side dish of rice.
    Oolong tea is then great to neutralize the oiliness of bak kut teh. Japanese people think that “tea is free”, so the price of oolong tea is a bit expensive compared to other dishes. However, it is recommended because the taste of Bakutee is even more attractive. If you order one, it comes with 6 tea bowls like sake cups, so you can share it with multiple people.
    Payment is a cash-on-delivery method, and payment is made when all the ordered items are served. The price is not as expensive as listed here, so don’t worry about unnecessary things and eat to your heart’s content.
    By the time we left, a line had formed outside the store, so it might be a good idea to go early.


  170. Avatar photo
    Bambang L

    Tasty and juicy pork ribs. The soup is very peppery and the best are the freshly fried you tiao which for me is a must when eating bak kut teh.
    The place is quite cozy and spacey unlike some other bak kut teh chain.

  171. Avatar photo
    Chew LH

    Good as always.

  172. Avatar photo
    Dan Morogh

    Delicious teow chew style like kut teh.

    Delicious teow chew style bak kut teh.

  173. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Ong

    Manager and Waiters are very attentive. They pay extra attention to every table especially those table with kids. They will constantly remind the kids of the hot pot will refill the soups. They will also advise the have the kids seated in the inner of the table to avoid accident. Good control point. I am very delightful with the service they provided, even during peak hours.

  174. Avatar photo
    chin wah john Tan

    Service was fast and the food was decent too. Personally, the soup was a little too peppery for my preference.

  175. Avatar photo
    U Qi Tian

    Still one of the best BKT in town, easily close eyes, hands down, win old town BKT and a couple of others.

  176. Avatar photo
    Clarisse Mak

    Really good! Tasty and the service of the staff is well as well. They kept refilling the soup out of their good will. This is what is lacking in most restaurants but Song Fa JEM did it! Kudos!!

  177. Avatar photo
    Jason Lee

    5* Service everytime we visited this outlet, super consistent. Friendly and warm service makes the food taste even better.

  178. Avatar photo

    The best Bak Kut Teh franchise ever!

    I only started frequenting this franchise when they opened this outlet is Jem (which was years ago) and I haven’t stopped since.

    Brought my Japanese colleague here for lunch the day before he flew off and he exclaimed that it was the best food he ever had in Singapore! (He drank 6-7 bowls of the soup)

    And yes, the soup was the highlight of the show here. With free flow refill just like any stores now, it was ever so flavourful, no dilution at all throughout the meal. And granted that they use the same soup for every dish there is, it makes sense that they were all made with the same stock.

    Crazy tender meat, coupled with awesome side dishes like the pork legs and ngoh hiam, this makes for the perfect place for any occasion! To top it off, it is very affordable too!

    Definitely the go to place for BKT in Singapore

    Update: The claypot lean pork was so good! Fragrant, yet not overly oily. Definitely a must order in future

  179. Avatar photo
    Weng You

    The braised pork taste good.

  180. Avatar photo
    eric yeo

    Good food. Usually very crowded.

  181. Avatar photo
    Steinfeld Nielsen

    Efficient and consistently good

  182. Avatar photo
    D S

    Soup refills and good service

  183. Avatar photo

    The meal is great, the service staff is friendly, soup is added for free, and the dining environment is good


  184. Avatar photo
    Mayang Florita

    Good place to eat bah kut teh.. This branch has less queue which is great…

  185. Avatar photo
    Vincent sg

    Peppery white Bak Kut Teh. Free soup refill. Try the braised pork belly.

  186. Avatar photo
    Che-yin Suen

    Delicious. Good service.

  187. Avatar photo
    Bang Bang

    One of my to go for bak ku teh. They serve the pepper type and not the black tea type. Super yummy with pig intestine, Yu tiao and preserved vegetables. Yummy food and per pax about 15 – 25 sgd nett depending what you order, my order was 20 per pax nett

  188. Avatar photo
    Ruben James

    Very Consistent taste and managed large crowds with Ease…

  189. Avatar photo
    Roland Tan

    Reasonably priced. Soup could have been more peppery. Otherwise, everything is nice.

  190. Avatar photo
    Desmond Yen

    Expensive but service is ok

  191. Avatar photo
    P F

    Quite alright but thought to pay $8 for 3 pieces of ribs sounds a bit expensive. You need to eat as a group so that you can order more dishes to shall so that it is more worth it. The peppered soup is quite rich in taste and they will ask if you want to top up regularly.

  192. Avatar photo
    Brenda S

    Nice soup & rib

  193. Avatar photo
    U Soe Thein

    Very good Bah kut tae and stew pork delicious!

  194. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Yong

    A group of friendly and hardworking staff

  195. Avatar photo
    Pei Shi

    Soup is very good

  196. Avatar photo
    justin ang

    The ingredients are good and the service is good. The pork belly sold in many bak kut teh shops is undercooked and hard to bite, especially the teeth of the elderly are not as strong as the young people. Only at Songfa can you taste such a good pork bone Tea, can be recommended to foreign friends, so it is not leaking! ! !


  197. Avatar photo

    Best bah kut teh at jem

  198. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lim

    They serve up the non herbal peppery style of BKT with lots of old garlic in the soup stock. Its my favourite style of BKT. I always go for the tenderloin sliced meat soup.

    I also love the braised pig trotters together with the accompanying items like hard boiled eggs and tau kwa/tau pok. The pickled mustard green (cai buay) is also nicely done.

    The service here is good and the crew is attentive, always obliging with lean pig trotters and appearing to top up the soup without asking.

    Highly recommended!

  199. Avatar photo
    Sam Soo

    This is a family oriented restaurant with very affordable price. The soup is unlimited when you order a simple bowl of pork ribs. That is very good when you feel very dehydrated. The side dishes are also very simple and traditional. All items come in small bowls and yet you still can have a fulfilling eating experience when you are at Song Fa. The only limitation is the backless stools that can be back-cracking for elderly.

  200. Avatar photo
    Joanne Chan

    Pork and Soup (refillable) are good for the price. Wish there is set menu price for peak period, though. A competitor I patronised served better tasting and value for money vegetables. Tea is good. Happy to find red cut chilli. Service can be improved during peak hours. Round table was too small for group of 6.

  201. Avatar photo
    Andrew Chou

    Ok good

  202. Avatar photo
    KokChuan Tay

    Very efficient and fast. Food is served very quickly.

  203. Avatar photo
    JiSheng Js

    No frills air conditioned bak kut teh franchise, portion here is abit smaller than the Chinatown branch but still delicious.

  204. Avatar photo

    The soup taste nice. It might be too strong for some people as they put lots of black pepper. The pork tenderloin also has strong black pepper taste, so the default pork ribs might be more acceptable.
    Also refillable soup as usual!

  205. Avatar photo

    value for money

  206. Avatar photo
    Joyce Loke

    Reasonable price and good quality.
    Soup is peppery
    Service is good and attentive.

  207. Avatar photo
    T Jin

    Good for gathering with few buddies

  208. Avatar photo
    Grace Ho

    It is so good to have a well decently bowl of hot peppery Bak Kut Teh in raining day. You can order one small bowl of BKT and enjoy a bottomless soup. The broth is so tasty and rich with white pepper and lots of garlics. I truly love this version of BKT! The staff starts taking order while you are queuing, so basically you get served faster. There are many side dishes as well, one my favorite is braised chicken feet with beancurb skin. I’m so happy to finally get to know the real authentic Singapore BKT.

  209. Avatar photo

    It is a must eat food when you go to Singapore.

    싱가포르에 가면 꼭 먹어야하는 음식이어유

  210. Avatar photo
    J C (VIP Dog)

    The taste is similar to our store, but I think our store seems to be a bit spicier. The advantage is that the dining environment and the attitude of the waiters are much better than ours, and I would rather come here to eat. The disadvantage is that the price is slightly expensive.


  211. Avatar photo

    First time trying Bak Kut The after being in sg for about a year, it was guud, worth all the wait (maybe not, it’s a lie (I mean the wait)).

    Bak Kut Teh must order, which comes with UNLIMITED refill of soup (taste good, promise).

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