Review Sleek Services Enterprises, Blk 214 #01-185 Bedok central. S 460214. (NEAR TO the old, Singapore

Review Sleek Services Enterprises - Singapore Blk 214 #01-185 Bedok central. S 460214. (NEAR TO the old

“Friendly and helpful owners. Lot of services available. Please support this dying trade. Cheers.” or “Did my luggage wheel replacement here. Very good service! Highly recommended. Will come back for bag or shoe cleaning as well.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Sleek Services Enterprises. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Sleek Services Enterprises is quality.

Introduction about Sleek Services Enterprises

Here are some fundamental details regarding Sleek Services Enterprises. In terms of Key duplication service, it is generally believed that Sleek Services Enterprisesis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at Blk 214 #01-185 Bedok central. S 460214. (NEAR TO the old, Bedok Central, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Key duplication service, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 96332819 (+65 96332819)
  • Website:
  • Address: Blk 214 #01-185 Bedok central. S 460214. (NEAR TO the old, Bedok Central, Singapore
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How to contact Sleek Services Enterprises?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Sleek Services Enterprises via:

Phone number

You can reach Sleek Services Enterprises at 96332819(+65 96332819). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Sleek Services Enterprises via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to Blk 214 #01-185 Bedok central. S 460214. (NEAR TO the old, Bedok Central, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Sleek Services Enterprises reviews

Sleek Services Enterprises is among the best destinations of Key duplication service in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Sleek Services Enterprises good?

To determine whether Sleek Services Enterprises is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Got my letterbox keys duplicated at sleek service, just a short walk from bedok mrt. Friendly owners and they are 40 years in this business. Key tested and works on first try. Highly recommended.”

“I have never written a review but the team here definitely deserve one. They are extremely friendly, helpful and informative. They fixed my bag strap whilst I had lunch. Thank you very much for the quick fix.”

“Very nice and friendly owners. Send a bag for restitched which all shops i went to rejected it. Price is affordable too! Thank you and will definitely come again!”

“Excellent service. Had to fix the handle for my suitcase. Delivered earlier than committed date. The cost turned out to be more than the quoted one and they absorbed the excess. Highly recommended.”

“Amazing workmanship, stitch quality and finish like original LV. Wanted to shorten the length of my LV bag shoulder strap. Executed with perfection as per my instruction.”

“Friendly and helpful owners. Lot of services available. Please support this dying trade. Cheers.”

“The owner of the shop is great and very helpful dude due to the last minute I need to do my duplicate key They are awesome and great to help you up... I will drop by soon in the future... thank you”

“Did my luggage wheel replacement here. Very good service! Highly recommended. Will come back for bag or shoe cleaning as well.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 221 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 97% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Sleek Services Enterprises, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Sleek Services Enterprises, Blk 214 #01-185 Bedok central. S 460214. (NEAR TO the old, Singapore

There is a total 221 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Dan Chow

    Awesome couple take pride in their work to make a decent living… Came across this shop after hunting around east side
    Richard & Joanne impressed me with their hardship & passion for service my leather boots
    If you think $ is everything can be done, I’m sorry that you need to learn humanity
    Good PR skills & old school chat was really made my day & special rate was given without even prompting!
    I will be Back!
    Thanks Richard & Joanne
    Keep up with your good work

  2. Avatar photo
    Syai Mohd

    Shop handled and stitched my Ballistic Backpack with hidden zip beautifully. It was professionally done and Service was 10/10. Appreciate the work. Thanks so much ! Will drop by again in near future! Thanks a million & Cheers !

  3. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Syaaban

    This shop has it own magical ways to satisfy their customer needs. Has been my third time to this shop and they never fail to impress me but also made my time & money worth the visit. They do every repair and modification works from shoes to keys. Kudos to the uncle and auntie for their greatly hardwork for putting out the customer needs before theirs. Thank you!

  4. Avatar photo
    Fadz Lee

    I went to Sleek which is located at bedok Central to replace my Chevrolet Cruze Car key. Both shop owner are very friendly and good service rendered to me..i highly recommend you guys to engage their key duplication or key replacement service..Highly recommended..

  5. Avatar photo
    Li San Vanessa

    I came across this shop a few years ago to duplicate my house keys. Recently, came to this shop again for shoes repairs etc, as I gathered a few pairs of shoes that needed repair or expansion. Richard did very good job for changing the heels of one of my shoes. Before changing another pair of heels for my boots, they (Richard and Joann) actually asked me how much did I pay for my boots. I told them I bought it as a sale at least 8 years ago. The reason they asked was that they felt that the soles have already dried up and it cost quite expensive to replace them. Thus, we decided not to repair them. It was a great advice from them, else the repairs would have cost more than my old boots. Good workmanship , very friendly service and also provide advice. Keep it up 😀

  6. Avatar photo
    Wei Yen Chee

    Richard and Joann were both very helpful in helping me to remove an ink stain from my bag. They recommended a gel and even helped me test it out on the spot and it did make the stain fade away a little. Thank you both …

  7. Avatar photo
    Hadi Kamal

    Very nice and friendly owners. Send a bag for restitched which all shops i went to rejected it. Price is affordable too! Thank you and will definitely come again!

  8. Avatar photo
    Michael Chang

    This is the first time I went to this shop to get my shoe repaired and met Richard and Joann, nice people and very professional & knowledgeable in their product. They provide very skillful workmanship which is quite impressive. Price to me I think it reasonable and I will definately come back again to this shop.

    If you have any leather products like shoes, bags or luggages require repairs, stitching, patching, mending or any other request, probably you could get S.L.E.E.K. to advise and quote to see if works for you. Best contact them for appointment before you dropby.

  9. Avatar photo
    Matthew Ho

    Very Knowledgeable & Friendly , Provide Good & Fast Services with Skillful Workmanship in Repairing my Leather Bag !

  10. Avatar photo
    Crystal Chan

    I brought my handbag to Sleek Services after reading about them in Her World. Their touch-ups restored my bag to almost brand-new condition! However, if you are in a hurry to get your bags restored, you should make it clear to the owners, as they have quite a lot of handbags to restore.

  11. Avatar photo
    Mieoak V

    Actually went there a week ago but forgot to review. Anyway the service was good and the key duplicated works perfectly well as well. The lady and man there were very friendly too, had a nice chat with them while waiting, which is rare to find nowadays.

  12. Avatar photo
    Jon Te

    Expensive! Sent my BN black leather shoes for gluing of the soles. Was told to do stitching as well. The cost was $79.90. Told me its promo price. 2 shops in Tampines told me its ard $40 for the same job.

  13. Avatar photo
    T A

    Satisfied with the quality of service! Went there to get 3 handbag straps punched for a reasonable price. The friendly store owners even managed to help punch holes for my Melissa jelly bag (PVC strap) which the original Melissa store refused to do for me. I would visit them again for future bag-related repairs or services

  14. Avatar photo
    Benny Ho

    I went to sleek shop , she is responsible for keys or shoes from customers. I already explained it to her about my old key for replace one key . She found out the key is rare, it’s hard to find any shop in Singapore from Shukey & mister master keys . She told me that make a modify key for my old key from original key . He is so professional how to make a modify key . His skills is so good and amazing! I can communicate to text her in our cellphone .

  15. Avatar photo
    Faye Ong

    Keys work well! Staff was friendly too! Highly recommend!

  16. Avatar photo
    Luqman Hakeem

    Am a regular customer, did my Honda Fit key duplication and remote replacement previously. Really love the service and the staff was really helpful in explaining the cost breakdown, and staff was very nice. Would recommend for those looking for key services.

  17. Avatar photo
    Eric Christopher Foo

    Workmanship is incredulous! He is able to restore any shoes into its former glory. I was so impressed I had to a layout.

  18. Avatar photo
    Joan L

    Good quality and fast service with a smile! I had a leather bag with the patch pocket stitching unraveling and falling off. Sleek services re-stiched it up as good as new for a very reasonable fee.

  19. Avatar photo
    Joelle Lai

    Have been sourcing a shop to shorten my backpack straps and found Sleek so decided to give it a try.
    Joann and Richard are nice and friendly couple. They expedite my request for me and I get my backpack within a hour. Was impressed with thier service and workmanship. Highly recommended

  20. Avatar photo
    Wilson Tang

    Friendly and helpful owners. Lot of services available. Please support this dying trade. Cheers.

  21. Avatar photo
    PH yy

    An Amazing Find! A store that could repair my trusty luggage’s damaged wheels. Rather than buy a new flimsy luggage, Richard and Joann advised keeping my hardy case & recommended an overhaul with (ball-bearing internal) wheels that will last way longer, and carry heavier weights (than the airline’s max of 25kg haha).

    They did it within 2 days, ready for my trip and that’s so appreciated.
    They clearly explained the different types of wheels on luggage and brands, even giving me a tip to use voucher
    There were other customers, asking for belt, bag and shoe repairs, and they’re equally friendly and helpful to everyone.
    That they’ve been doing this for 40years makes their skill and professionalism clear. Great service, thanks again!

  22. Avatar photo

    Done my duplicate key for ssayongg truck with sleek services. Been going around bedok to duplicate my key but only sleek has it. So recommend anyone to come and use their services and they are very friendly to talk to …

  23. Avatar photo
    Tony Deng

    Polishing a pair of brown shoes is not an easy task. But Sleek did a good job for me. Happy to go for my event on the next day.

  24. Avatar photo
    Endang Aqilah

    My dad sent a luggage over less than a week ago. It’s Samsonite’s old model luggage. With that said, its parts are hard to find. Staffs at Sleek went the extra mile to find those parts and got the luggage fixed in about 6 days! Just in time for my flight in 2 days! The service was really good too!! Staffs are very very friendly and interact well with customers. I felt welcomed in their humble shop. Thank you so much for your services guys!

  25. Avatar photo
    Nurulhuda Hanafi

    They were almost closed for the day when I asked if they could duplicate 1 key. Guess what, they duplicated they key with such delight! Neither did they grumble/nag nor give the “I close already leh” kind of face. Their customer service are top notch and professional. I wish them all the best in their business. If you guys are looking for good service to repair your shoes, leather bags or just duplicating a key like me, look no further. This is the place to go and they will assure you that your stuffs are in good hands. Keep it up, guys!

  26. Avatar photo
    Alrazvee Maricar

    Fantastic service rendered! Felt more like I was at an old friends place than at a business. Got my car keys duplicated in less than 10 mins and everything worked perfectly. Thanks for the great service!

  27. Avatar photo
    Nur Syahirah

    My husband was looking for a shop that could duplicate his bike key which was slightly bent. We went to two shops around the area but were turned away because they were afraid that they might break the bent key. But third time’s the charm when we chanced upon Sleek. They were actually closed at that time when we came in, but the owners are so gracious to help us. The owners are also very friendly and nice despite us coming after their closing time. Not only their service is good, they are also very professional. The key was actually successfully duplicated! Thank you for the great service! Highly recommended.

  28. Avatar photo

    engaged their service with the replacement of the luggage wheels. Will need to bring your bag down to have it assessed for quotation. Best to provide a budget, consult with them and they will try to meet it. Joann is very forthcoming and will set your expectation right.

  29. Avatar photo
    Nadya Rzeya Kasmani

    Had my tory burch strap clasp replaced with the exact same clasp design. Plus with the leather lotion that Joanne recommended the bag’s shine was restored like as if brand new. Would definitely go to them again if i need leather repair. …

  30. Avatar photo
    I Y

    Richard and Joanne do not refuse jobs like other shops and fully understand the attachment of each owner. The soles of my favorite boots and wedge pumps are total worn out and they did a wonderful job to stitch new soles to the boots and glue the wedge to my pumps, giving the shoes new lease of life. They are such friendly people and I would recommend their services.

  31. Avatar photo
    William Ngoh

    Brought my bowling ball bag which had a faulty zipper to repair. Job was completed within 2 days. Looks and works good so far. Friendly shop owners as well.

  32. Avatar photo
    Kiat Ng

    High quality key duplication. Never have to worry that the duplicate won’t work

  33. Avatar photo
    Ru Zhen Lim

    Brought my handbag over for cleaning as mould grew on it. Sadly, the mould has already steeped into the leather so its stains could not be removed.

    On Sleek Services’ suggestion, the handbag was re-dyed and now it looks good as new!

    Detailed work, and friendly staff.

  34. Avatar photo
    QZ .C

    Really friendly owners Richard and Joann. I brought my shoes to get the soles replaced. They did me a favor and did the repair within a day. The new soles looks really good. I really appreciate the really kind gesture.

  35. Avatar photo
    C L

    Friendly and helpful couple, Richard and Joann. Super knowledgeable and helpful. Won’t go wrong if you need relates repair services. 5 stars!

  36. Avatar photo
    Terry Fong

    Sent a pair of Red Wings Suede mid cut for soles replacement on 03 April and collected it on 10 April.
    It cost me about 150 for the new pair of sole. Minor touch up was provided as they value add their business.

    Strongly recommend for their service. Do call before heading down to find out whether they are open or not.

  37. Avatar photo
    Adrian Teo

    Their service is good and efficient,friendly too.
    The key and materials they purchase are value for money so is the services they provided.bag,shoes,and car remote

  38. Avatar photo
    Narelle Whinfield

    I have never written a review but the team here definitely deserve one. They are extremely friendly, helpful and informative. They fixed my bag strap whilst I had lunch. Thank you very much for the quick fix.

  39. Avatar photo
    Tos O

    My wife’s portable folding chair’s fabric thread was unravel. Ask the nice couple if they can stitch it back. They are so kind and manage to stitch it back on the spot and now it’s better than the original stitches. My wife is so happy as she depends on the chair to sit and rest. Professional service and very friendly. Highly recommended.

  40. Avatar photo
    Ashley Ow

    I brought in 2 vintage Prada backpacks that have been with me for 20years because the leather at the bottom of the shoulder straps, where the buckles are, were peeling apart badly. Like most people, I googled a few places and eventually chose Sleek because I stay in East. The owners are so friendly and helpful the moment I stepped into the shop. I was planning to just glue the leather back but they suggested adding stitches, on top of glue, will be much better because eventually, the glue will give way again. I agreed to their professional suggestion and it’s the best decision made! The straps look just like new and the stitches are perfectly lined! It took them less than 3 weeks to have both bags done. I highly recommend Sleek if you need help to save your precious bags! Their price may seem a little on the high side but you are really paying for the workmanship! Best part, they accept CDC vouchers as payment too!

  41. Avatar photo
    Kwok Cheung Law

    Sent my leather shoes to Joann and Richard to get the heels done up. Other cobblers around the area said they couldn’t fix it.
    Workmanship was excellent, and pretty fast too. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs their shoes or bags touched up. Definitely a satisfied customer here!

  42. Avatar photo
    Kayden Tan

    Reasonable price to repair my luggage handler.
    Boss and lady boss is friendly and kind.
    Other than repairing, I ask them help to check if they know how to change my luggage digital lock password and they immediately help to to check on it without additional charges.

  43. Avatar photo
    Suzanne Koh

    My go to place for shoes and handbag repairs. Richard and Joanne are always helpful and accommodating to find solutions to fix my problems. Very happy with their service and professionalism. Had been their customer for more than 15 years!

  44. Avatar photo
    BaHCoRMeE Raihan

    Came to duplicate my car key and was the same one I went 10 years ago! They still recognised their work from the previous key! Hahaha! Awesome they are! Glad they are still around in the heartland of Bedok! 🫰🫶 …

  45. Avatar photo
    Noirs Attic

    Sent a pair of Ferragamo flats and YSL pumps to Sleek Services for them to install protective soles as they were brand new. Professionally done! Will be sending my subsequent pairs to them in future.

  46. Avatar photo
    Chloe Lin

    My two pair of boots base are wearing out and to my surprise, they quickly fixer my boots within 30 mins with great craftsmanship. While waiting, I chatted with the lady boss who is super nice and friendly. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to fix your shoes with top notched quality!

  47. Avatar photo
    Krison Tan

    Product knowledge – They definitely know their stuff! Two days ago, I brought my old and damaged Mazda 3 remote key control there to have it replaced. It is more than 10 years old. After looking at my “half-dead” remote key control, they knew that they needed to indent the blank replacement as they knew their inventory. And also, an approximate pricing was given to me.

    Service – By the second day, I was informed to return to them to have my replacement done. It took less than 30 minutes. It was handed over to me on the spot. Also, the operators were very approachable and warm. Kind reminder to get a spare set was given about the possibility of losing the only remote key control.

    Pricing – It is reasonable. The replacement was about $150 for my car model and make.

    Carpark – There are ample open air car parking space around the shop. So, worry about not having a spot to park your car.

    In short, I would return to have my shoes mended and for the other services and products they offer.

    Always support small businesses when possible. They are the backbone of our society.

  48. Avatar photo
    Cheng Guan Lim

    Great service and very helpful. My luggage wheel replacement was done with 1 hr.

  49. Avatar photo
    liz ng

    Had my fitflop fix at Sleek when other cobblers around the area said they couldn’t do it. Workmanship was good. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs their shoes fix. They also repair bags. Am happy with the service. Thank you.

  50. Avatar photo
    Rommel Carlo Monfero

    I brought my child’s school bag for repair and it was done fairly quickly. Lady at the store was also very friendly. Too bad I forgot to ask for her name. Maraming salamat!

  51. Avatar photo
    natalie yap

    Went to repair the soles of a pair of knee-high leather boots and Richard and Joann were very very nice and prompt! The service was great, they went above and beyond to ensure the boots would be in prime condition for the occasion I was preparing it for 🙂 It was also really nice to hear about how they have been doing this for about 40 years but still enjoy what they are doing & are also doing their part to serve a possibly marginalised community! It is nice seeing them at work so thank you both again and I’ll be back!!

  52. Avatar photo

    Duplicated my letterbox and main door keys and all worked well! Was very quick too. Previously tried another place for the letterbox key which didn’t work, so thanks Joann and Richard! Recommended to make appt before going down.

  53. Avatar photo

    This is the first time I went to this shop to get repaired to my boss LV shoe. And they did a beautiful job. Excellent workmanship and friendly service. Price may be on high side but quality service is provided. Thanks Joann I would sincerely recommend to anyone to visit them.

  54. Avatar photo
    Nur Farahin Salleh

    the left shoulder strap of my favourite backpack was torn after daily usage. decided to fix it rather than buy a new one because the other parts of the bag are still functional. found their shop via google and when my mum came down the owner was kind and explained what they can help do to fix it and they managed to fix it for next day collection! now it looks brand new, thank you!

  55. Avatar photo
    Hui Liang Yong

    Stitched up an open sole for myTimberland boat shoes with great workmanship. Friendly staff who gave recommendation and shoe care tips. Will definitely go back for any shoe services again.

  56. Avatar photo
    Julia Lim

    Sleek helps to duplicate a Lucky Gate Key ( one that you could imagine it as prop used in Harry Potter movie ), and no other usual shops could do.
    It’s a magical surprise to be able to unlock the gate on the first try ! So need not to go back to e shop for any adjustment …

  57. Avatar photo
    nabilul fikri

    The owner of the shop is great and very helpful dude due to the last minute I need to do my duplicate key They are awesome and great to help you up… I will drop by soon in the future… thank you

  58. Avatar photo
    sam lokee

    Staff were friendly and helpful. The keys they helped to duplicate worked wonderfully. Price is reasonable. Would recommend to go there if you need any key duplication services

  59. Avatar photo
    Kimi Ong

    Received my bag in a few days and Its been nicely fixed thank you so much really save my money

  60. Avatar photo
    LiLi Kuek

    I am so pleased and thankful to find Sleek and met Richard and Joann for their excellent services and patience. The shoes mended is as new and in tip top conditions . Bless their hearts ! May God continue to bless them. …

  61. Avatar photo
    Adrian Lye

    Excellent sewing work on my haversack strap. Save $$$ to buy a new bag!

  62. Avatar photo
    sh4hn1z4m !

    Superb services. Sent 2 pairs of shoes (dressing boots and football boots) and both were done pretty well. The football boots had to be stitched thus was not ready upon collection and the best part was, it was hand delivered to my place once ready! Recommended and two-thumbs up!!!
    – Shah –

  63. Avatar photo
    Ashwhinie Siva

    Joann and Richard were very friendly and professional Found their shop online while looking for a place to duplicate my keys. Joann shared some information about the keys that I had and answered my queries too. Glad I found their shop. Thanks for the great service guys!

  64. Avatar photo
    Nicole Low

    Had a good experience, key duplicated fits nicely and the owners were very friendly.

  65. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Afa Nazrul Shah

    I came with own new set of key to duplicate my bike original key. Managed to duplicate key in less than 15mins… Friendly and responsive on their customer service Will recommend you guys to go here! …

  66. Avatar photo

    Replaced the sole and heel for my oxfords, spent SGD170 and quite impressed with the workmanship. Went back again to replace the light coloured heel of my brogues, shop didn’t have the sample to show me. Didn’t text me to show me the colour as well-in fact I had to visit the shop personally after some time to know that they have actually completed the replacement. Color is quite off imo and spent SGD140. After wearing it out once decided to go to another cobbler to have the whole sole and heel replaced.

  67. Avatar photo
    Rafie Suib

    serviced my belt and it was done to be a perfect fit! Shop owners are very friendly and even gave me a discount! 11/10 reccomended and would most likely come there again! thank you

  68. Avatar photo
    Suresh Balakrishnan

    I changed my luggage wheels. The service was good and prompt. When the ball bearings in the wheels became rusty, they remedied it without charge.

  69. Avatar photo
    Tabitha Cheong

    Duplicated a key for my grandma and the quality is good as I tried opening the door with it and it works! Friendly store lady as well, would come back if I have anyhing to repair

  70. Avatar photo
    babu antony

    Mine is the unique key which is used for antique cubboard .. I asked several key makers they said NO after looking at the key model , Finally Sleek services were ready to do it perfectly . Uncle Richard and auntie Joanne were so friendly and professional , would definitely recommend them and their service.

  71. Avatar photo
    M Chen

    My favourite go-to repair shop for my shoes, bags and any leather items: Joan and Richard never fail to welcome you with a smile. Best to book an appointment as this popular couple sometimes head out to repair locks

  72. Avatar photo

    Thanks to Richard and Joann my Prada gift (25 year old) from my dad has been restored! Super reasonable prices and efficient service. Was a waste of time checking out other vendors. I am so satisfied with the outcome of the bag after years of carrying a bag with shredded straps. Now like brand new. Well worth the trip from west coast to east coast!

  73. Avatar photo
    Paul T

    I have been looking around the east for a repair service who can fix my broken spare remote car key but to no avail. They checked my key and frequency sync and told me my original key cannot be fixed and I have to purchase a new key set which I kindly declined.

    But a few days ago, my current car key cracked and I knew I had to find a shop to purchase a new key set to replace my spare set (in case my current one totally gives way too).

    I chanced upon this store and saw that it was closed. I dropped a message to Richard and he replied rather quickly and we managed fix up an appointment to meet at our convenient timing on the same day. Joann was there and chatted with me that they have been doing this for 30+ years and explained more about what other services they offer, while I was waiting in the shop.

    In the meantime, Richard managed to find the issue and fix up my remote car key and I did not have to buy a brand new key and discard my original key. Very grateful for their service rendered and they’re truly masters at their crafts!

  74. Avatar photo
    Niel Wong

    1. YOU MUST CALL – they open/go into the shop at anytime (don’t follow Google timing)
    2. UPSELL – they will try and upsell products to you at higher price as mentioned by others. But nothing wrong with that! It’s just business.
    3. FOLLOW UP – if your item cannot be resolved on the spot, be prepared to follow up a few times. I think they are very busy and hence didn’t even give me a proper deadline/timeline. I had to call 4 times.
    4. RESULT – despite all that, the work is ABOVE expectations. The boss’s handiwork is REALLY impeccable. Hence the cost. It’s not dirt cheap just because it’s in Bedok. But it’s cheaper than the trendy bag spa type in CBD. I have done cost comparison.

  75. Avatar photo
    Katie Lim

    Excellent Service by Joann – able to provide good advice and find missing parts for my luggage handle. Definitely your go to place for luggage/bag repair.

  76. Avatar photo

    Fix my dance heels here. Quick and good service provided. Easy access from Bedok MRT. Only 5 mins away (walking distance).

  77. Avatar photo
    Wendy Ong

    Sent my Ferragamo wallet in for repair as the buttons for the coin compartment and the main compartment were loose. In fact they were loose since purchase as I did not check the item when I purchased from the factory outlet.

    They explained to me that it would be difficult to obtain the original parts and asked if I was ok if it’s not original – which I did not mind. They also explained to me that it would not be exactly the same and the interior part would look different after repair.

    Job was completed after a week. Must say the workmanship is very good and the repair is very neat. They even cleaned and polished the wallet giving it a new lease of life .

  78. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Taufik Abdul Rahman

    Really nice, approachable couple that runs this old-school, dying trade. They not only do key duplications… They also specialised in locksmith and repairs of shoes, bags and luggages.
    They did a wonderful job of duplication of my multiple keys. Something i cant say for those run-of-the-mill mall stores…
    4 thumbs up, if i have extra pairs of

  79. Avatar photo
    Subash Pugal

    I went there ,they have sofas to sit down and wait.They took very less time for 3 keys to duplicate.Trustworthy and professional.They were so friendly and gave me a discount also.I always come here to duplicate keys..

  80. Avatar photo
    William Ye

    Very good place and Super friendly staff. Very quick to replicate keys. Will recommend this place to anyone

  81. Avatar photo
    Ganesh Krishnan

    Amazing workmanship, stitch quality and finish like original LV. Wanted to shorten the length of my LV bag shoulder strap. Executed with perfection as per my instruction.

  82. Avatar photo
    Jenny Lee

    This locksmith not only changes locks, but also changes car key batteries and repairs gate remotes. Recently they repaired the wheel of my suitcase within three days, whereas if I brought it to the original distributor it would take three weeks.

  83. Avatar photo
    Vivian Noviana

    went and duplicate my door key, lady boss said that “confirm can open”, indeed they did not fail me. tried duplicating at a neighbourhood store, but the duplicated key did not work. price is slightly higher, but nice experience, saved me the hassle of having to go back again.

  84. Avatar photo
    Dorothy Lee

    Called upon Sleek Services when I was locked out. He came and helped me open the main gate. The HDB installed side panel bolt broke and Sleek Services had to source for a new bolt for me. When the bolt arrived, it had to be filed down to fit into the gate. Everything was done quickly and professionally. Great service with peacd of mind.

  85. Avatar photo
    Kok Raymond

    Due to wear and tear my favourite bag was in a very bad condition. Someone recommend Sleek to me. Wow. I was very impressed with their workmanship. Even my wife claimed that it looks like original.

  86. Avatar photo
    Margan Kanyaka

    Friendly service! I had a rushed shoe repair since I was going overseas the next day and they managed to accomodate me the same day. Joan advised me on the sole and saved me from prematurely replacing my heel, and it wasn’t a hard sell. It is a bit on the pricey side, but I’m happy to support my local businesses.

  87. Avatar photo
    Aldrin Ho

    Made additional Toyota Altis car remote control here. Very satisfied. Very good service. Highly recommended.

  88. Avatar photo
    Farezal Fadli

    Helped me repair the zipper on my boots and did a wonderful job! Also sold me some polish to revitalize the leather, very friendly and great people to work with, excellent!

  89. Avatar photo
    Ying Ah

    they manage to redo the sole of my shoes into lighter one after the whole base crack . really like it ..

  90. Avatar photo
    Believe Chua

    Service were awesome.
    Came to duplicate office key for my co. The lady suggest to use colored key for easy tracking. They have very wide range of services and products. The lady will explain very detail for u on each product. They can even dye your old shoes/bags for a new looks!
    Too many to mention, i highly recommend Sleek Services for their product and service!
    They open on weekends their customers.
    Thanks for your outstanding service here!

  91. Avatar photo
    Ruoying Neo

    Very friendly & chatty owners. My key was stuck in the keyhole and Richard helped me to resolve it + made a new pair of key in 15 mins! While waiting, we talked about so many things like long time friends!

  92. Avatar photo
    Sam Lee

    Excellent work on my leather shoe. Had stitching done, am very happy with repair work. Gave great advise on how to maintain shoe quality. Highly recommended…. …

  93. Avatar photo

    Friendly & accommodating to request.
    Sent son’s soccer boots for stitching on Tues & was able to collect the next day as son needed it for CCA on Thurs.
    Thank you both for your excellent workmanship & services.
    Much appreciated.

  94. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Azhar Bin Amrin

    Superb services! Recommended to those who really in need to duplicate your keys and extend your shoes! Thank you, Sleek Services Enterprises!

  95. Avatar photo
    Winnie Ong

    Very friendly n helpful. Travel luggage wheels changed with efficiency n on the spot.
    Changed our car remote which had problem n they made sure tt it worked by testing it with our car parked at e car park before they charged us.
    Pricing reasonable overall!
    Highly recommended.
    Thank you very much Richard n Joann for ur friendliness n honest advice!
    God bless

  96. Avatar photo
    irfan nordin

    Went to change my car key batteries and the lady over at the shop was friendly. She even gave me tips on to maintain my car key. Would highly recommend !

  97. Avatar photo
    Joshua Lim

    I was 5 minutes to their closing time when I arrived. The lady at the front desk was not only willing to make me the keys, but also was very kind and understanding of my situation.

    The keys were high quality, solid, and they worked perfectly on my lock. Will definitely frequent this store in the future!

  98. Avatar photo
    natalie yap

    Went to repair the soles of a pair of knee-high leather boots and Richard and Joann were very very nice and prompt! The service was great, they went above and beyond to ensure the boots would be in prime condition for the occasion I was preparing it for 🙂 It was also really nice to hear about how they have been doing this for about 40 years but still enjoy what they are doing & are also doing their part to serve a possibly marginalised community! It is nice seeing them at work so thank you both again and I’ll be back!!

  99. Avatar photo
    Guru Rama

    Excellent service. Had to fix the handle for my suitcase. Delivered earlier than committed date. The cost turned out to be more than the quoted one and they absorbed the excess. Highly recommended.

  100. Avatar photo
    Ismawati Hamid

    I send my leather shoe to repair the whole sole . Its a 5 yr old shoe. Now it looks brand new. Great service & workmanship.

  101. Avatar photo
    Eldred Wee

    My right sole of the Nike Airmax 270 Fly Knit came off slightly at the back, with a heat gun and gel glue, they managed to glue it back for me. If not the Pricey Shoe would have gone to waste. Excellent service and friendly staff, would recommend anyone with Broken Airmaxes to head there, do not waste your shoes.

  102. Avatar photo
    Ct Lim

    Great skill from Richard and Joann in fixing my leather wallet. 100% original. And within the requested timeline. Highly recommeneded

  103. Avatar photo
    P Viv

    I was there just to repair my shoes but the lady boss kept asking are u a Christian? Does it matter to my shoes repair?

  104. Avatar photo
    Jacob Tan

    As good as new after the repair done. Highly recommended. Will come again.

  105. Avatar photo
    gina poa

    Made access card, was almost instant and excellent service

  106. Avatar photo
    Ashley Lim

    Went there to duplicate my key. Professional and prompt service. Richard and Joann were very friendly and nice. Convenient car park behind Blk 214. Would definitely go back again to duplicate my keys and even for shoe repair.

  107. Avatar photo
    Chee-Hoew Cheng

    Great workmanship stitching up my gym bag and two sword bags.

  108. Avatar photo
    Suhail Abdul Hamid

    I agreed with some of the review this place is fast and good quality but you have to pay for that service. The duplicate keys work great but sometimes you can get much cheaper but not really smooth kind of key duplication but it still still can be used. In the end its your own choice. If I’m not in a hurry I would have opted for the lower price shop. I would not complaint saying they charge a premium price because they can decide their expertise level and how much they want to charge.

  109. Avatar photo
    Wilson Yee Yu Xian

    I tried duplicating my motorcycle box key at a few locksmith shops but none were able nor willing to do so, that is until i found Sleek locksmith at Bedok. The locksmith spent a lot of time and effort to duplicate my key and for that I was impressed by his dedication. No wonder no one else would duplicate my key given the skill and trouble required! Thanks Sleek, I will continue to patronise your services if I come to require them.

  110. Avatar photo
    Teresa Tong

    I genuinely don’t understand the high ratings.

    First, the quote was unreasonably pricey compared to the rest of the group. Secondly, he didn’t try to troubleshoot, straight away told me the lock needed to be replaced while there were ample of service who tried to troubleshoot first.
    Lastly, When I mentioned I have got a handyman friend to look into a it, Richard became very defensive and said “Normally we do not undertake a job left behind by others!”
    Very well, I wish him the best of luck.

  111. Avatar photo
    azli j s

    Decided to head down to Sleek to have both pairs of my shoes repaired as too lazy to travel further out to have it fixed. Both Joann and Richard are friendly bunch of people. Pleasant experience so far.
    Price point a bit on the higher side but they won’t compromise quality and workmanship is pretty good. Happy with the outcome. Will come back again if require their services.

  112. Avatar photo
    SL Yeong

    I have size 3 shoes and not easy to find good shoes. As such I like to repair/ replace soles and heels of my favourite pairs. I am very happy with their service; they used good quality material and excellent workmanship.

  113. Avatar photo
    Sandra W

    Bought a Rebecca Minkoff bag online however the chain straps were too long. I went to search a nearby place to shorten it and came across Sleek as recommended by Her World. Price is a little steep but the service and workmanship were beyond expectation! I reached at 7.30pm and got it fixed by 8.30pm. Staffs were experienced, friendly and accommodating. Highly recommended to those who want a fast service and high quality result!

  114. Avatar photo
    Ngian See Heng

    Excellent workmanship on my newly make key for my Samsonite luggage that was lost. The new keys are good and so well make. Thanks SLEEK for your good customer service and quality service too.

  115. Avatar photo
    tzewai yong

    My Honda jazz car remote lost, duplicate at sleek . Service was very good and fast.

  116. Avatar photo
    Chen Nam Chong

    Duplicated a Autogate remote control 5 months ago here. Today, remote can’t work so brought back today to check. Richard, the shop owner, did a quick fix and it is working again , in less than a minute. No charges….. Good Service. Highly recommended.

  117. Avatar photo

    Great job done by Joann in adjusting my bag strap. She was honest in suggesting how best to do the adjustment. Price was reasonable and service was excellent.

  118. Avatar photo
    Ashley Ow

    I brought in 2 vintage Prada backpacks that have been with me for 20years because the leather at the bottom of the shoulder straps, where the buckles are, were peeling apart badly. Like most people, I googled a few places and eventually chose Sleek because I stay in East. The owners are so friendly and helpful the moment I stepped into the shop. I was planning to just glue the leather back but they suggested adding stitches, on top of glue, will be much better because eventually, the glue will give way again. I agreed to their professional suggestion and it’s the best decision made! The straps look just like new and the stitches are perfectly lined! It took them less than 3 weeks to have both bags done. I highly recommend Sleek if you need help to save your precious bags! Their price may seem a little on the high side but you are really paying for the workmanship! Best part, they accept CDC vouchers as payment too!

  119. Avatar photo
    David Tai Wai Leong

    I’d found Sleek online when the 2-way zip of my bag failed me. The bag was a gift and had accompanied me through some memorable times. As the original mechanism looked quite finely constructed, I was a little concerned repairs were not possible. While Sleek managed my expectations at the time of receiving my bag, I was pleasantly surprised when I was informed quite quickly I could collect my repaired bag. Both Richard and Joann were affable and efficient in their services and the price was reasonable to boot. Now I have a lead on who I can approach for such repairs in the heartlands.

  120. Avatar photo
    juu tan

    My family has used SLEEK’s shoe repair services over the years and are happy with the service. The repair works are very professional, excellent and very lasting. You can trust your items with them. The quality of work is very good. Not easy to find such quality workmanship in the heartlands. The lady boss has no airs, welcoming, and likes to connect with her customers.
    I just repaired my son’s business shoes yesterday and it was very professionally done. Money well spent.

  121. Avatar photo
    Sam Tang

    This is the 2nd time I went back to this shop for car alarm duplication. The first time I went there was almost 8 years and back then the remote alarm for my previous car key was done very well and the material was solid. This round though despite being more complicated as it is a built-in old fashioned car alarm key, the owners went their way to help me duplicate it. It took 2 trips for me but still I appreciate their efforts. Still I will recommend them for people looking to duplicate their car alarms.

  122. Avatar photo
    Cedric Quey

    Overall an excellent experience with them, they are ever ready to answer questions you might have with the repair of the shoe.

    Though price is on a slightly high side, but the quality of service is impeccable

    They also accept grab pay for those who dont have cash on them.

  123. Avatar photo
    JAN NY

    Friendly but charges not reasonable. I only need to repair one side of shoe, which they say require special gel to glue back. I know i may need to pay premium for this gel and it cost me nearly $50 to stick the sole together. Its only one shoe, i think i paid for their whole tube which they should have given me.

  124. Avatar photo
    Hee whaha

    Came to change my car remote key battery and they are very friendly and advice me accordingly . Came to know that they do shoes repiars. Will definitely come back again for the sports shoes repairs

  125. Avatar photo
    J W

    Reliable duo that repaired my Tod’s loafers just when I was in a rush because I had an upcoming overseas trip. Highly recommend !

  126. Avatar photo
    Mike kerk

    My backpack need a repair for the zipper. The Backpack is waterproof so was important that it stayed that after the repair. And they did! Quick and professional fix, really happy with the service and to give my bay a second life. if you wanna get your bag fixed this is the place. Thank you again for the service …

  127. Avatar photo
    Daryl Soh

    Joann and Richard are very prompt to attend to my enquiry. My client has a rare key that many shops were unable to duplicate. By looking at the WhatsApp photo, Richard assured me it can be done through a modified key. I am so glad I found them and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

  128. Avatar photo

    Got my letterbox keys duplicated at sleek service, just a short walk from bedok mrt. Friendly owners and they are 40 years in this business. Key tested and works on first try. Highly recommended.

  129. Avatar photo
    Fast fizzy

    Are you looking for a football boot repairs? I’ll recommend you this place. Friendly service, Good quality and got warranty. Price are reasonable. I just send my boots for a repair and is was great. If you guys just got a new boots and you wanted to sew it, they can do it too.

  130. Avatar photo
    Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman

    Sleek Services Enterprises is really professional in their work. I went around many different places across Singapore to find a keysmith who could duplicate my office key without any success until I was recommended by a friend to seek Sleek Services Enterprises’s assistance. They went all out to help me get a duplicate key. I am very impressed by their work quality and sense of professional pride. Kudos to Sleek Services Enterprises for their dedicated 5-star services to all their customers.

  131. Avatar photo
    Zufiqkhar Azman

    Sleek-iest shop. Did my favourite shoe good !

  132. Avatar photo
    Sakinah Jabbir

    Went to change my aldo heels strap to a hook type to make it easier for hari raya house visting

    Although the price was a little high, the workmanship is really good. I am happy with the result and will definitely come back again

  133. Avatar photo
    Chi Yiu Chan

    Met Joann and Richard today, they were extremely friendly and helpful! Brought my leather shoe for maintain, their store were constantly filled with customers coming back for their impeccable service.

    They were very quick in their service and I enjoy lovely conversations with them. Glad that I came down today!

  134. Avatar photo
    R L

    Wow 40 years of business + service to the community. Did my keys there and the service was top notch. Highly recommended

  135. Avatar photo
    ZiLing Yong

    The lady boss was very friendly and she tried to help on duplicating my keys that is quite rare and expensive. Most importantly the keys also work very well.

    They accept CDC voucher too, and was very nice about it when I paid cash and later asked to use CDC voucher instead.

    Overall very good service and reasonable price. Will definitely recommend them to anyone who’s looking to duplicate keys, locksmith service, repaid shoes and luggages.

  136. Avatar photo
    Marcus Chan

    Brought my Hugo Boss leather shoes to get fixed as the sole was broken. Came to collect the shoes and they look almost brand new, with a new sole stitched in nicely. Great job!

  137. Avatar photo
    haidah SH

    They were professional, laying out the possible options for me to choose from and explained the pros and cons to me clearly. They were also friendly the whole time, sharing with us their personal experiences while awaiting for my car key to be completed. Although their shop closes at 8pm, they stayed behind till 11pm to fix some issues with my car key. Will recommend anyone to try head over to their shop if you need to fix your stuff!! but do call them first!!

  138. Avatar photo
    Irene Heng

    I found Sleek thru Google as I needed to have my beaded shoe heels replaced. I was told to wait for a short while whilst Richard changed the heels on the spot! I’m very happy with his service. I left another 2 pairs of shoes & sandals for repair. Even an old padlock which had only 1 key will have a copy done!! Even Joanne is very kind & friendly.

  139. Avatar photo
    Foo Ling Lim

    Great service to repair my Kate spade bag.. excellent workmanship, thanks. =)

  140. Avatar photo
    Amira Abdul Rahim

    Had my luggage bag wheels replaced here. They fixed it in one day although I informed them that I didn’t need to use the bag urgently. Joanne was very friendly and took the time to ask the type of luggage wheels I preferred. They can be contacted via whatsapp too and promptly addressed my queries. Will consider them for luggage, bags and shoe repairs in the future.

  141. Avatar photo
    Kalson Chua

    The lady boss was super friendly and was able to help remove the smell of my old leather watch! Price is also reasonable

  142. Avatar photo

    Stitching track & field spike shoes – Sleek gives good advice and is very efficient in delivering their services.
    My favorite spikes are back in action!

  143. Avatar photo
    zac zac

    Good and fast key duplication.
    Was served by Miss Joann. Very nice and accommodating.
    Good service overall. …

  144. Avatar photo
    Alex Lim

    wonderful people who help and give their best honest opinion.
    had a problem with a very special key and helped me make a duplicate. but then had a problem with the lock (which was ‘re-assembled’ by me after removing the broken key) where they key couldn’t operate the lock. they helped to dis-assemble the lock and re-assemble the lock correctly.
    they helped made my day.

  145. Avatar photo
    barry teo

    Sunday, Luggage wheel damaged, Tuesday need for travel! Msg Joan n Richard if they could help? They told me to send over on Monday and amazingly it was done on Tuesday afternoon! The service is just fantastic! As reliable as ever from the couple! Thank you!

  146. Avatar photo
    Moiz Khambhaty

    Richard and Joann were very helpful in helping me fixing the car key issue. Other wise it would be difficult to drive back to Malaysia. The service and the workmanship was very good. Furthermore, had a nice chat with them while waiting which is rare to find nowdays …

  147. Avatar photo

    Owners are very friendly and outgoing right off the bat!Other than their quality customer service, they also provide high quality products.Furthermore, they explain their products clearly to customers and never fail to greet customers with a smile.They will even joke around with customers to instill a cheerful environment.Would highly reccomend!

  148. Avatar photo
    maran g

    Hospitable staffs. Excellent service & utmost professionalism. Timely delivery of shoe repair (stitched). Good promo offers. Highly recommended.

  149. Avatar photo

    I had a problem of a detached sleeve pocket on a limited edition Jujube x tokidoki second-hand backpack I bought. And Joann did such a great job remedying the problem by stitching it up nicely with the same colour thread.
    The pricing was reasonable for the workmanship at $48 in total, 30 as down payment and 18 for top up.

  150. Avatar photo
    Veronica Tan

    Sleek helped to replace the lock on my foldable luggage bag which i have been using for 30years and now can continue to use for many more years.

  151. Avatar photo
    G Lee

    Great service! The straps of my fitflop shoes were nicely fixed. I didn’t want to get a new one, came across this shop and was glad that they were able to fix my shoes. Highly recommended …

  152. Avatar photo
    Shev Shah

    Customer service was great. Had a great conversation with mdm of the shop while waiting for my 11 keys to be completed. Will be be back definitely. Haven’t tested keys though. Hope they work.

  153. Avatar photo
    Audio_RBLX :D

    Nice and friendly . Do a good job on my OnitsukaTiger shoes lip . Will recommend this place …

  154. Avatar photo
    ed win

    I brought my laptop bag pack to replace the zips as it was broken. The friendly boss Joanne told me the replacement would take some time as the zips have to be ordered and have to be compatible with the number lock on the bag. During the 2 weeks , despite me asking about the repair progress a few times through calling n sms, Joanne was still cheerful in replying to my questions. On the bag collection day, I was surprised to see the new zips of a much better quality then the broken zip when I sent to the shop. The repair cost was kept low for me despite the labour cost and the new zips used were from the original brand. Thank you Joanne and the other male boss.

  155. Avatar photo
    Ting Yi

    Fast responsive from Sleek service. Even with some requests and they fulfil it. Would definitely come again. Not just locksmith service, they do have shoes repair service as well. And their rate is reasonably cheap. Well recommended place.

  156. Avatar photo
    Felix Ang

    Friendly service. The shop is easily accessible. I was having problem with my car key, Richard managed to fix it within half an hour. The price is reasonable as I have compared with another shop nearby. Just take note the shop has been around for past 30 years for good reasons.

  157. Avatar photo
    Roger Tan

    Great services. Went to replace my Peugoet remote. Bought a replacement remote case from Shopee but cannot be use. They are the only one who manage to solve the problem for me. Friendly couple with excellent service.

  158. Avatar photo
    Damien Tay

    Came across this shop, great customer service and super friendly. Needed help to repair my boat shoes because they had a squawking sound coming from the soles and Richard manged to fix it. Super happy with it and will definitely recommend them to my friends or if i have any other shoe issues!

  159. Avatar photo
    Jessica Lim

    Sleek managed to fix back my original LV bag screw. Friendly and helpful . Charges reasonable . Fast and efficiently done well.

  160. Avatar photo
    Loh JiaQi

    Restored my worned heels. They went beyond to do a simple polish without prompting. Excellent service.

  161. Avatar photo
    Amaury Borges Miranda

    I received a high quality service. Thanks for the care. I recommend this place.

  162. Avatar photo
    Rahat Khan

    Fix on the spot excellent service friendly staff and affordable price , highly recommended . I will come again and recommend families and friends

  163. Avatar photo
    Bertus Goestiandi

    they are able to patch the crack in my hardcase lojel luggage and the result looks good. I think because the shop has limited space you do need to collect it soon as the repair is done. best to confirm timing before you go down also because the opening hours may not be per advertised in google

  164. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Hong

    My only bike key broke, went down to get a replacement. Service was fast, professional and friendly. The wait wasn’t long and it didn’t feel long as both Richard and Joanne were a joy to talk to. Awesome service, would definitely patronise them again if any key issues arise

  165. Avatar photo

    Friendly, fast and efficient service. Went to two locksmiths looking to duplicate my motorcycle key but unfortunately they were unable to do it. Found Sleek Services and they were able to duplicate my motorcycle key in one try.

  166. Avatar photo
    Danica Pablo

    Went to get our broken key duplicated. The service is exceptional and they are very friendly Found out that they also offer alot more services such as leather restoration etc. Would totally recommend this place!

  167. Avatar photo
    Bryant Poh

    As the name suggest, they provide sleek and professional services. I just went there to settle some key services and was greeted with smiles despite this late hour. Very happy and the key that was made works perfectly!! …

  168. Avatar photo

    Decided to repair my door knob.
    Richard and his partner came by on the same day after a call, not only repaired the door knob but also the mount as well so my door could close properly.

    The couple were polite, responsive, punctual and informative about their products and services. Glad to have engaged them for my door repairs.

    Will definitely go to them again in future. Thank you both for being so professional and timely.

  169. Avatar photo

    Brought my LV bag and a normal leather bag to repair the zips and were ready within 1+ week. Really love the way Joann and Richard served their customers. They don’t try to upsell and overcharge you. Repaired both bags for lesser than other shops out there. Will definitely go to them again to repair shoes/bags ️

  170. Avatar photo
    Latifah hamzah

    Gd & friendly service. Highly recommended. Repaired our Hyundai car remote control & able to duplicate an extra set. Veryhappy happy!

  171. Avatar photo
    Sharon Chng

    Got the handles of my luggage replaced here. Super quick turnaround time and great communication. Shop owners were very friendly too. Hope the handles last.

  172. Avatar photo
    Nizze S

    Went to duplicate my padlock keys. I am very pleased with their service and the finished product! Richard is very skillful, I got my 2 duplicated keys within 5 mins (super fast and reasonable pricing too!); it fitted my lock smoothly! Joanne is very friendly and shared tips on using coloured keys easy identification and tracking (especially for elderlys).

    It is my first visit here but I would definitely come back again for key duplication or try their other services. Highly recommended!

  173. Avatar photo
    Ridwan Don

    As my cabin trolley bag were broken .I brought my bag to few shops to try to get it change. All of them refuses as they were no spare parts. Luckily theres SLEEK , which managed to get it done for me professionally. They also do shoe repairs and etc. The place to be if you need your bags to be repaired. Their staff are very friendly as well.

  174. Avatar photo
    Christine Lee

    Was searching on Google on professional repair service for handbags zip that was spoilt and found Sleek. Bought it down and Joanne was patiently explaining and understand the urgency for my bag to be restored asap. Sent in the late afternoon and surprised to receive a call in 30mins that I could collect that very evening. Speedy repair and it’s new as original although price is on the high side for a zip repair as it adds on to my bags cost. Nevertheless nice couple. Thanks

  175. Avatar photo
    Darrell Loo

    Went down to fix an old keyring made of foam material. Tried many other solutions in the past but to no avail, and was pleasantly surprised they could pull this fix off! They seem to be able to fix a wide variety of items as well. Price was very reasonable for the quality and speed of the job, would definitely recommend!

  176. Avatar photo
    Poh Seng Ong

    I have an old lock and one original key. I wanted to make a spare key. The first two locksmiths told me outright they were unable to do. The 3rd locksmith tried and gave up after 3 blanks were used. The 4th locksmith gave me a key that opens but with difficulty. Then I chanced upon Sleek Services Enterprises, and I thought I gave it a try since its signboard says they are true professional. Well, they really surprised me with a perfect spare. Thank you, Richard for the surprise. And well, do keep that confidence.

    Ong Poh Seng

  177. Avatar photo
    Anmol Rastogi

    Went down to duplicate my keys and got a chance to meet the nicest of people here. They did fix my issue in no time within economical budget. Wouldn’t miss another chance to visit them if nearby, hopefully this time I wouldn’t have to lose my keys. Richard and Joanne are doing a really amazing job here, would definitely recommend them for any kind of work with keys and shoes.

  178. Avatar photo
    Catherine Michelet

    I brought my husband’s business bag for repair and I was amazed by the perfect job they did. Handle and bolts changed. New for 10 more years to go! Thank you for the perfect job. Richard is really skilled and Joann is great with advice and customer service.

  179. Avatar photo
    Serwei Tang

    I had a problem whereby my feet differed by half a size from each other. This had often result in one shoe being tighter that the other, and it is especially painful when I am wearing heels. Thus, I decided to send my newly bought heels to Sleek Services Enterprises for shoe expansion/stretching.

    To my delight, they were really effective. My heels fit nicely now, and the heels still look very intact despite the expansion. Richard was really skilled and meticulous when I showed him my problem while Joanne was friendly and helpful!

    Don’t be deceived by their small shop, they do provide a wide range of service such as shoe , bags, remote repairs. So, don’t throw away your item too fast, let Sleek Services have a check, your beloved items may be salvageable!

    The store is located just 5 minutes walk from Bedok MRT. Very convenient! It is also very affordable, much more affordable than the shoe repairs shop in shopping malls.

    Thumbs up for their services!

  180. Avatar photo
    Jackwin Lee

    My Nike backpack water resistant zipper was fix nicely here. Recommended.

  181. Avatar photo
    Yan C

    Strap got tore off (from within) a Melissa brand sandals, visited the friendly peeps at sleek services for the first time to get this repair. they went beyond not just by gluing but also by taking the initiation to nail and secure the strap, the nails weren’t that visible too. very professionally done! highly recommended thank you ️

  182. Avatar photo
    Gloria Fung

    Went to duplicate a complicated key
    Very good service and knowledgeable
    Joanne is very friendly making the time flies when staying in store …

  183. Avatar photo
    June Chua

    Went to the branded shop to try seek help to fix a brand new bag that due to careless storage had a scratched mark in front of the bag. The ship said cannot be done , so I went to this ship and approached Craftsman Richard for help . He inspected & commented that due to grain of the leather, it cannot be “ restored” . Instead he & the friendly & chatty Joanne recommended another option ie to get a black cream to cover it if I find the mark an eye sore. Both of them are friendly and professional , good to have skilful craftsman that caa as k restore our stuff so that we can cut down on wastage , recycle & do our part to save the planet.

  184. Avatar photo
    Muhamad Halifi

    Send northface backpack for zipper repair.
    Satisfied with the excellent service.
    Will come back again

  185. Avatar photo
    Yusri Mohamed

    a very job well done by Sleek Shop. as i am a right handed, they manage to adust/reverse my sling bag strap from left to right. highly recommended for those having trouble with their bag that need to be adjust/alter with reasonable price they provide …

  186. Avatar photo
    Aslam Jaffar

    Did my luggage wheel set. Nice and Very Helpfull. Fast and efficient. …

  187. Avatar photo
    Andrés Murillo

    Friendly and willing to repair or get almost anything fixed.

    I went there a few weeks ago to install a new ribbon in my Aikido belt after being turn down by multiple shops, but they accepted the job and did it great! Very friendly!

  188. Avatar photo
    V L

    Had a very nice experience with the business. I brought my bag (Burberrys) for repair as my sling attachment broke.
    They managed to repair it the next day and their service was fast, professional and friendly. Recommended!

  189. Avatar photo
    Chee Siong Ang

    Send my two check-in lugguages to Sleek yesterday, told Joann no need to rush but was surprised to receive call from her that my lugguages were ready for collection! Collected today and is happy with the workmanship, although the price is on the high side but I think its worth it. Will definitely visit again and recommend to my friends!

  190. Avatar photo
    Siti Jamaliah Masiob

    Joann was very helpful and friendly. Great service!!

  191. Avatar photo
    Calvin AJ

    First time going to the store to get my girlfriend’s handbag fixed. Shop keepers are friendly and nice. Quite professional price point is ok. The strap for the bag broke but they dont keep material. Only for shoes and stuff have. So we had to get leather belt to use as stap. They won’t be in stall all the time as they do house calls.

  192. Avatar photo
    Nury Aziz

    I was desperately hunting for a cobbler service to mend my squash shoes. I didn’t want to throw them away as the soles were still in good condition. Truly hoping that they would somehow be able to fix them.
    I finally found them at the corner of Bedok Town centre along NTUC. What I liked was that they told me exactly what is needed and how they might fix the shoes. Stitching and glue. They also told me the cost and if I was okay with it.
    They are very friendly and the lady boss messaged to tell me that the shoes were ready couple of days later.
    I was pretty impressed at the workmanship. Very carefully done. Will definitely come back for some of my other shoes .
    Thank you!

  193. Avatar photo
    nurul mohdnoh

    Duplicate main door key and access card. Make sure u tell the locksmith what is the access card for, door/lift. Hassle free transaction. Can repair luggage/bag too. More syiok they close at 9pm!

  194. Avatar photo
    Tanty Wahyuni Binte Idrus

    They make a duplication for my car key and home keys. They also repair the remote on the car key with ease. Good service and reasonably priced. Friendly service too.

  195. Avatar photo
    Adrian Low

    Sent in a Prada Saffiano tote to have the side button replaced. Workmanship was up to mark and no visible signs of re-stitching.

    Reasonable pricing considering the complexity of accessing the button for replacement. Prompt and friendly service, recommended.

  196. Avatar photo
    Season Wang

    we bought the autogate key last time. the boss is nice and the price still can discuss when doing the reprogram of autogate key. its worth.

  197. Avatar photo
    Ong Elvina

    I like both of your great services joanna n Richard. Feel like home here…. and also make you feel welcome. Will come again if need their services. Good job.. Keep up. Also keep serving with a great pleasent smile.

  198. Avatar photo
    Limin Koh

    Joann did a wonderful job restoring my bag and getting rid of the mould! Recommend!

  199. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Chang

    Fast and sleek services indeed, managed to open my luggage lock in no time when I had misplaced the key. Duplicated another key as well on the spot.

  200. Avatar photo
    Jessica See

    We called and went a few key duplicator shop but couldn’t get/find what we are looking for.

    Who knows a shop like Sleek Services Enterprises could really solve our problems. I have to say that Joann and Richard are really very helpful. We went at around 8.45pm (close to their closing time), they are very patient and helpful in helping us to find/solve what we need. Even though our request might be a little complicated…

    I have to say they really will go all out for you if you were to go there. I will definitely recommend and will find them again when I need help. 😀 Thank you so much for both of your help!

  201. Avatar photo
    MrMover MrStorage

    Duplicated some simple HDB keys today. Was charged $74 for 8 keys. My mistake in not asking price first, assuming it was $1 to $3 per key. Really didn’t expect $9.25 per key for a normal HDB letterbox key at a shop located at a HDB block.

    There are other cheaper options at hardware shops nearby.

    So do ask how much first, and do look for other options if $9/key seems steep to you. It did, for me.

    But key does work, so I guess I cannot give one star. Then again, my $1 key also worked…

  202. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Sim

    Had an extremely great bag repair experience with Sleek Services ! My Lacoste bag torn inner lining damage was rejected by a lot of bag repair shops as they claimed they could not fix it & suggested me to dispose it away . I encountered Sleek Services by chance & they mentioned they could fix it but might take a while due to other repairs ahead of me . Despite the wait , when I collected it , the bag was repaired as if it never torn & the sewing was indeed meticulous & treated with great care . Pricing was also reasonable & customer service by Joan was more than wonderful . Highly recommend & well done !

  203. Avatar photo

    Outstanding service with reasonable prices. I had gotten my office shoes resoled at Sleek Services Enterprise, after one of the soles had split open due to wear. I was happy that they could help me fix my shoes because I love wearing them. I was overjoyed when I came to collect my shoes and found that they had not only done an outstanding job but also took the extra effort to polish my shoes. Now my shoes looks like brand new and I totally love the feeling of wearing them more than ever. Thanks and keep it up!!! 😀

  204. Avatar photo

    I had a problem of a detached sleeve pocket on a limited edition Jujube x tokidoki second-hand backpack I bought. And Joann did such a great job remedying the problem by stitching it up nicely with the same colour thread.
    The pricing was reasonable for the workmanship at $48 in total, 30 as down payment and 18 for top up.

  205. Avatar photo
    Just Jennz

    This place so amazing, they repair your spoiled bag like do magic. I just went there to fix my gucci bag which the handle is broken. Before I found this shop, I search through instagram and chat with few repair bag shop. They gave me high price 250-400SGD and take 1-2months to fix the handle by replace with new handle (not original gucci handle lah). I need urgent so I search via google then I found this shop and I visit this shop. Small shop at typical neighbourhood shops but amazingly look pro (interm of craftsmenship). Run by friendly couple and they are expert in this field. I get my bag fixed in 2days, quality of repair is good, decent price, value (almost more than half price from others), good services.. My advice, bring your spoiled bag for them to analyze and they will come with solution and exact price. Also please call them before come down to their shop.

  206. Avatar photo
    Rashmi Rai

    An extremely excellent service. Had visited the Store located at Bedok 214 with a damaged bag and its amazing how it was all ready and fixed within 4 days! Thank you sleek! I can finally use my bag again!

  207. Avatar photo
    oK01 Ei Bros

    Friendly seller! Offered knowledgeable tips on car key batteries.

  208. Avatar photo
    Herdiana Ishak

    Shopowners were very friendly and welcoming. Good advice given for our proton saga car remote, changed a solid remote housing at a reasonable price. Other services not relating to keys are also available.

  209. Avatar photo
    Azfar Zailani

    Boots were badly scarfed. This shop manage to get it repaired. Truly recommended. Service is tip top very friendly

  210. Avatar photo
    Abu Bakar Hj Ali

    It was amazing experience when I visited Sleek Services at Bedok. I went there to duplicate my vehicle keys and remote. Cosy and friendly welcome by the staffs. They gave fruitful suggestions. Impressed with the service provided. I would sincerely recommend to anyone to visit them for duplucating keys, remote, luggage bags repair, shoes. Youve no regret to visit them. Prices are negotiable.

  211. Avatar photo
    Nur Nashirah

    Had my car keys fixed. The owners were very friendly and accommodating. Would definitely come back again.

  212. Avatar photo
    Dzulhelmy Idrus

    Nice and friendly owners who would go the extra mile to remind on use of the items repaired and offered other services to refer to such as car insurance. …

  213. Avatar photo
    Ghee Ann Lim

    We were very impressed with the excellent services provided for us to replaced wheels on our two luggages within a very short time. They were very helpful to give us best options. Joanne was very helpful.

  214. Avatar photo
    Mustafa Zainol

    This my first at the shop to sewing my shoe. I pay the full amt. But I never take membership for the shoe.. But my shoe torn again. Went go for second time I pay nothing. Both of they really friendly Willing to help me for free. Thk a lot for both of u. I will come again if I hav torn shoe. Thk cheers …

  215. Avatar photo
    Sheikh Zafran

    Initially I was having trouble finding this place, but after 20mins of walking around, I found this place on google. Amazing work on repaired products. In this instance, my shoe, and top it off with an amazing couple name Joann and Richard that would make you feel very welcomed to the shop, even though its your first time there. If you’re in the east area, do not waste your time going anywhere else! Just go to Sleek Services to get your stuff fixed!
    Thanks Joann and Richard, enjoying my new shoe!


  216. Avatar photo
    Stella Seow

    Did my luggage wheel replacement here. Very good service! Highly recommended. Will come back for bag or shoe cleaning as well.

  217. Avatar photo
    Elsie Lee

    My first visit to this shop was to mend my Prada crest which was coming off anytime from the shoe. Did a good job.
    Went back the second time to fix my Kar Lagerfeld Jaspal slipper. The left slipper was slip on and the flap came off. Most cobblers will not be keen to fix it but this shop would do it. Good job !

  218. Avatar photo
    Hsiao Yu Chen

    I went to Sleek Services for 3 things in the past few weeks. The owner Richard and Joann are knowledgeable, professional and friendly.
    The first item is 2 pairs of shoe that I needed insole removed. Richard did it on the spot and charged very reasonable for the service. They also recommended a comfortable insole for my shoes.
    The second item is a broken zipper on my luggage. Once they found out I am traveling in 2 days, they moved the item to a higher priority and fixed it within a few hours.
    The last item is a car remote key that has stopped working for a few years. They changed the battery but couldn’t fix it as the memory in the remote is corrupted after not having a battery for years. They didn’t charge me for this as they cannot fix it. However, Richard told me he will do some research and will inform me once he has found a solution.
    All the charges are very reasonable, the fixes expertly done (even better than new) and their services prompt and friendly.
    Repairing items instead of throwing them away helps save money as well as reduces trash. I will go back to them for all repair services from now on.

  219. Avatar photo
    Wei Lun Edwin Khoo

    Needed new wheels for my samsonite luggage. Looked everywhere and got turned down. We were initially skeptical when Sleek said they could do it when everyone else said they couldn’t. But we were proven wrong. We paid a premium price, but the wheels were of extremely solid quality. Also, the repair was done very quickly. Surely would look for them to fix my luggages in the future.

  220. Avatar photo
    Shafika Vaswani

    I went there to dye my oil stain leather bag. And they did a beautiful job. It even looks better than original condition. And the best part they are reasonably priced. Will most use their services again.

  221. Avatar photo
    Adan Legolas

    Apologies if the review came a wee too late. However, sometime last month in June, I sent my Superdry tarpaulin harversack for repair. The main zipper was tattered from it’s original stitching due to wear and tear. The bag is a few years old but I love the bag too much. I was very pleased that it was fixed. The before and after sales by ms joann was simply sincere and amazing. Prompt and up to the mark. Thanks so much!!!


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