Review Skin Labo Orchard, 360 02 07 Orchard Rd, Singapore

Review Skin Labo Orchard - Singapore 360 02 07 Orchard Rd

“Always looking for Pei Wen at Orchard outlet for my regular facial! She’s always attentive and focuses on my needs every session.” or “Have been coming to the Citilink quite a few times, especially love my facial done by Bebe! Some of the other workers like Jessie also do a great job” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Skin Labo Orchard. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Skin Labo Orchard is quality.

Introduction about Skin Labo Orchard

Here are some fundamental details regarding Skin Labo Orchard. In terms of Beauty salon, it is generally believed that Skin Labo Orchardis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 360 02 07 Orchard Rd, International Building, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Beauty salon, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 66943678 (+65 66943678)
  • Address: 360 02 07 Orchard Rd, International Building, Singapore
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Detailed information of Skin Labo Orchard

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Here are the operating hours of Skin Labo Orchard.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 11 AM to 9 PM.

Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 7 PM.


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3.26 km3 minute4 minute3 minute

How to contact Skin Labo Orchard?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Skin Labo Orchard via:

Phone number

You can reach Skin Labo Orchard at 66943678(+65 66943678). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can directly come to 360 02 07 Orchard Rd, International Building, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Skin Labo Orchard reviews

Skin Labo Orchard is among the best destinations of Beauty salon in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Skin Labo Orchard good?

To determine whether Skin Labo Orchard is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Did intensive hair removal at citylink skinlabo ,the treatment result was good and I like their services so much, Samantha very friendly and professional,no hard selling and I'm happy buy package here”

“Great experience at Novena brunch. Beautician are friendly, Heebee are very professional and Xuan Xuan is very friendly and gentle when doing the treatment ! Reasonable price, highly recommend …”

“Thank you Skin Labo City Link for taking care of my skin! Happy and satisfied customer here! Evelyn always handle my treatment and she is very good! …”

“Really enjoyed Jessie service and technique. She gave me good advice on my skin condition. Will recommend her service! Bebe also served my husband well and gave us very good deal!”

“I was regular customer bb citylink, she was really professional and gentle handon skills, no hardsell and my skin now improved alot, will definitely support skinlabo forever …”

“Hui Hui from the Orchard outlet is great!! Love her skills and services, very friendly too!! Thorough extraction for facial, TCM knowledge for massage. One person can do all well. Very enjoyable experience!”

“Always looking for Pei Wen at Orchard outlet for my regular facial! She’s always attentive and focuses on my needs every session.”

“I did my intensive hair removal underarm at citylinkskinlabo, like the treatment and Everyln and Samantha very professional and detail , thumb up for their services and patient”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 243 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 99% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Skin Labo Orchard, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in Skin Labo Orchard, you can leave a comment below and share your experience.

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Review Review Skin Labo Orchard, 360 02 07 Orchard Rd, Singapore

There is a total 243 reviews

5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    kate Chai

    All girls come and look for this outlet to do service. I was very happy with their service and I am appreciate that Maggie services.

  2. Avatar photo

    Novena Branch
    All the staff at this branch are amazing – they are very attentive! The service is fantastic.
    Fenny, Lena, Sue and Heebee are my girls!!!

  3. Avatar photo
    Stella Cheong

    Had a facial done by thrapist Jessie Kim from city link outlet Face Eye Neck Detox Bojin Therapy and it was really good!My face was a lot clearer and less clogged after session…skin was also very brighter detoxing.the entire process was very comfortable.can find her

    city link

  4. Avatar photo
    yih thing tan

    I would like to compliment your staff for the service. I would like to say a big thank you to the entire CITILINK team for being so humble and providing an exceptional service.Especially BB who very warm hearted and her professionalism work was impressed. Thank you – Elaine

  5. Avatar photo
    Chai Fang Fang

    Nice services with Noel and Maggie. There are very friendly and good staff at Orchard outlets. Nice Brazilian SHR promotion with $68 deals.

  6. Avatar photo
    Gong Yi Khor

    Im regular customer of skinlabo citylink, lingling was so detail and professional,i really like her patient so much,thumb up for the treatmen

  7. Avatar photo
    Shiyun Ho

    Jessie from Citylink has been fantastic! She has been patient and good at extractions – it has been relatively painless compared to many others I’ve had before. She takes time to analyse my skin condition before suggesting appropriate treatment. Would definitely recommend her service from others!

    Samantha from City link is a skin specialist who also has been really experienced in her craft! She analyses skin really well and gives insightful advice on how to manage our skin condition. Would recommend her as well!

  8. Avatar photo
    Tu XiuXiu

    Jessie from citylink was professional and gentle, very detail and really good doing my treatment good services

  9. Avatar photo
    Lee Ching

    Had a really fun and friendly time here. Shout out to ling ling at city link outlet who did a great job for my body massage! And also Samantha who is really knowledgeable 100% recommend! …

  10. Avatar photo

    I had my session today in Novena Branch. Staff Sue always greets me with a happy face and very friendly. The staff as well are very accommodating and pleasant. Thank you!

  11. Avatar photo
    Chelsea Chua

    I bought an intensive hair removal package with citylink skinlabo after the trial, the result was so effective and I really like everyln services and she was so patient every time

  12. Avatar photo
    goh christina

    Bb citylink was so sweet and nice, did intensive hair removal i like it so much , services good and she is professional

  13. Avatar photo
    Tan Michelle

    Evelyn and Wang Rong at Citylink mall very friendly, very informative and professional. They provide the solution for my problem. Highly recommended …

  14. Avatar photo
    Jacqueline Lee

    Was served by Citylink Jessie. Her service was impeccable and massage was really relaxing as well. Excellent service. Will definitely be back again!

  15. Avatar photo
    Lee Wai shan

    I really enjoyed doung treatment at citylink skinlabo,all the,staff here are so patient and cheerful, i did eye bojin and machine treat here, good skills and professional

  16. Avatar photo
    Wan Xin

    Sue is from Novena branch, besides Goldhill Plaza. She is professional and skilful in her expertise of work. She made laser process a comfortable journey with her, thank you!

  17. Avatar photo
    Jodie L

    Did my bojin eye treatment at Skinlabo Citylink. Jesse did a great job of improving my dark eye circles, will definitely be back

  18. Avatar photo
    Yixin Lai

    Did intensive hair removal at citylink very effective , really like their services and very professional , love to come here

  19. Avatar photo
    Leeann Tiong

    Went to Novena branch. Xuen Xuen is friendly, detailed and exercise with courteous. Hebe is chatty, easy going and passionate. Yes, they did recommend for packages but just do your own maths and make your stands clear if you not comfortable to sign up. Atmosphere is friendly and vibes is good. I did not feel intimidating.

  20. Avatar photo
    Lee Moy Sim

    I like citylink skinlabo services, the staff here are so friendly and nice, my face now more radiant ,I m happy to be service by them

  21. Avatar photo
    Wong Amy

    did few sessions of intensive hair removal and whitening underarm treat with everlyn at City link skinlabo, result was so obvious and good, no hard selling, she is so nice and skillful , my friend also like it

  22. Avatar photo
    Yeong Fook Tai Jason

    Very attentive n patient consultant, Wang Rong..
    Doris n her answered my queries of bojin n I did see slight improvement in my dark circles️ Already booked my next appointment at this branch JE.. …

  23. Avatar photo
    Tan Siew keng

    I come did my eye bojin and signature repairing facial package with Evelyn from citylink skinlabo, I really satisfied after the treatment, my dark circle getting improved and my pigmentation getting lighten after few sessions, she is so patient & gentle every step and no hard selling, my friend recommended by me also like their treatment so much, samantha skin specialist very professional and thumb up with their services & result

  24. Avatar photo
    Karen Yong

    Maggie from Orchard outlet is a very nice & patient cutey girl When u feel nervous on doing the treatment, she had her gentle & funny way to make u become not nervous at all …

  25. Avatar photo
    Jashleyi Hui

    I have enjoyed the service at the Citylink skinlabo. Staff Mandy performed good service and the IHR is really can see the result fast, for now I did six time only.

  26. Avatar photo
    Felicity Versailles

    I have taken a hair removal package from the staff named Sue and I must say it really is effective and I’ve seen tremendous results. I like sue because she really make sure that you are taken care of and really does a great job, I don’t let other staff handle me anymore because I saw the difference of sue’s work and I feel more comfortable her doing my treatment. I trust that she will always give the utmost effort and quality service.

  27. Avatar photo
    Angela KWEK

    I really love lingling my body therapist massage skills from citylink, nice services she helped me with the alleviating the bloatedness from my stomach. Quite effective.

  28. Avatar photo
    Shia Kogami (古神紫亜)

    I have done my ihr service with Doris from Jurong East outlet. Really like how careful and relaxin the whole process is. Recommended to look for her! …

  29. Avatar photo
    Shangzhi Sng

    Had been visiting Skin Labo Novena for massage and IPL for a few years now. Fenny has been really great for all the times she has been serving me. Wonderful customer service and will recommend.

  30. Avatar photo
    Anielyn joy Cordova

    Mandy are v professional she know how to address the concern of my skin. The service is very good.

  31. Avatar photo
    Tina Ng

    Did my First trial eye and face bojin today at citylink skinlabo with senior beautician Jessie, her skill was very good and she explained very clearly, satisfied and I took a package after the trial, will recommend my friend here …

  32. Avatar photo
    Sherraine He

    Jessie from city link branch has been helpful and personal in her services. She was able to explain the hair follicles and why I needed to pace my visit more frequently to avoid new follicles from growing which may inhibit the pace of the hair removal process. The ladies there were generally nice and friendly.

  33. Avatar photo
    Verna Tay

    My first time here and I have very good experience. My beautician is Jessie, she is amazing n very experience. Do look for here for your treatment. …

  34. Avatar photo
    TheSilverLining SGP

    My first session of hair removal was done by Jessie from Citylink Mall. She is very meticulous and made me feel really comfortable throughout the session. I’m happy with the service and look forward to subsequent treatments by her.

  35. Avatar photo
    Ping Yin ;D

    Hui Hui from the Orchard outlet is great!! Love her skills and services, very friendly too!! Thorough extraction for facial, TCM knowledge for massage. One person can do all well. Very enjoyable experience!

  36. Avatar photo
    Carol Tan

    Jessie @ Citylink , she was friendly & kind to recommend the best for me . All the staff is friendly & knowledgeable. Happy to experience the eye & face bojin .

  37. Avatar photo
    Hanees Fathima

    I did massage from massage therapists sandy. She gave me a great service and I can feel that my pain is gone. Sam is a great person with energetic character.

  38. Avatar photo
    Chia Sing K

    Novena branch, Sue is my beautician and highly recommended to customers who wish to be pretty …

  39. Avatar photo
    Sharon Taguibao

    Im skinlabo regular customer about 6 month already, beautician jessie citylink was so patient and professional Doing my facial,my skin now looks so radiant and hydrated after few sessions, my mum also like their massage and facial too, highly recommended …

  40. Avatar photo
    sia suwen

    Service is excellent, have been coming for more than a year! Staff is professional and knowledgeable on different type of skin condition and product recommendations. Highly recommend!

  41. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Y W Lee

    Bb Citylink was gentle and friendly, I enjoy the treatment service by her

  42. Avatar photo
    susan kwan

    I was recommend by my friend to try bojin face and eye,my skin looks great and radiant after the treatment, result was so effective and beautician Jessie was so patient and professional ,Samantha so sweet, no hardselling and I will recommend my friend too

  43. Avatar photo
    Miao Tang

    Winnie at Novena outlet is quite experienced in extraction.. She’s nice and cheerful. I signed up a package here after trial.

  44. Avatar photo
    Swee Peng Tan

    Im regular of Citylink skinlabo for 1years, i did they facial bojin and skincell repairing, my skin now so smooth and radiant, my eye wrinkles eyebag improved a lot, the result is visible, all the staff here are so professional and no hard selling, will recommend my friend too️

  45. Avatar photo
    Sarah Swee

    go to the Citilink outlet (not Orchard). Ask for and look for BB, she’s the best. she can evaluate your skin very well and will recommend treatments accordingly. Usually not pushy with selling packages and if you decline, she will back off.

  46. Avatar photo
    Chingmin Lee

    I was regular customer of bb citylink skinlabo, I really love skinlabo dermalogica facial cuz really very relaxing and my skin now got so much improvement, no hard selling and I will continue support their others services too

  47. Avatar photo
    Anetta Afekt

    I am a regular client at the Skin Labo Orchard where I always have my facial done by Ms BeBe. I can highly recommend her as she is very professional and attentive to my needs. Coming to her for treatment is always very relaxing and I can also notice that the condition of my skin has improved a lot.

  48. Avatar photo
    Cimonette Aira Marcelo

    Had my IHR treatment at orchard branch. The staffs were friendly, procedures well explained to me; will definitely come back for more treatments. Shout out to Maggie, Noel and Tabbi thanks for assisting and making sure i will have the best experience every visit ️️️

  49. Avatar photo
    Tan JiaChan

    Visited Skinlabo Orchard outlet., a regular customer of 红姐The massage here is very nice and very shiok, highly recommend 红姐 Hongjie here, because of her attitude and her professional skill. …

  50. Avatar photo
    Gloria Poh

    Tried Skin Labo at the new JE outlet. Was served by Lily who has shown me professional and detailed service.

  51. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Tam

    I done my Intensive Hair Remover with Jessie from Citylink. The service is very professional & she’s very patience. Very recommended. Thank you for the service.

  52. Avatar photo
    Elva Lee

    Professional service with no hard selling. The service providers are incredibly patient, which was comforting to me since it was my first time ever doing hair removal.

  53. Avatar photo
    littleme fashion

    Did my facial treatment with senior beautician today at citylink outlet, Jessie very patient and my skin looks fresh and skinlabo treatment really very effective, no hard sales highly, will recommend to friend …

  54. Avatar photo
    Leow Hwee Fang

    Went to the branch at city link mall for the first time bust experience. Saw the advertisement on Facebook stating $128 10sessions. And when I am there, upon starting the treatment, the masseur and the sales rep has constantly pressured to ask to add on service for an amount. And after negotiating pay a slightly lesser cost that is within the budget. However, they did not make it clear that it is only for that one visit. Which if I had known, I will definitely not do it. After which the whole procedure is finished, they pushed sales for additional add on for the other services on top of the 10 sessions I had original paid for and is so eager to push it to me.

    Before all the procedure start, I made clear that I have to rush off and thus have checked with them on the procedure time. When I have repeatedly told them that I will consider the add on another time as I really have to rushing off to another point, the sales reps and masseur constantly pressured for the sales.

    To the customer, if you don’t like those that push sales and pressurize you for the sales, don’t try to go to this shop even though that the deals you seen online is too good to be true.

  55. Avatar photo
    gerry tan

    Evonne – her service and explaination is very good. Highly recommended for anyone to come to SkinLab at Citylink

  56. Avatar photo
    chong evelyn

    Thank you very much skinlabo, I am doing SHR hair remover and eye bojin. I tried it for the first time, and I quite liked it. My beautician is Evelyn with the same name as mine. He is very careful and skilled. He will let me understand the whole process and care in detail. People are also very humorous highly recommend skinlabo citylink, their service is also very good.

  57. Avatar photo
    turani farzana

    Did my meridian collagen facial today at citylink skin Labo with Jessie, my face looks radiant and firming after the treatment, I’m their regular customer here, recommend many friend to them and my friend also like their facial and services, patient and no hard selling, thumb up for the team

  58. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Wee

    Totally recommend Mandy from Citylink for her service.
    Massage is good, she is always with a heart for her customer , I’m always looking forward to the next session with her. But sadly she got too many customers that love her as well

    Thanks Samantha for sharing with her great deals at her outlet and also trying to think from her customer POV.

  59. Avatar photo
    Valarie Zhang

    Went to first trial promotion at Citylink, beautician jessie and sam was really good, my face looks radiant and smooth after the facial, they are really professional

  60. Avatar photo
    Angel Loi

    Good experience with their friendly and knowledgeable staff at Novena outlet. Providing a comfort environment to enjoy my full session with them. Definitely ONE of the place that you couldn’t miss it. Looking forward for my next facial session with 养生body massage. …

  61. Avatar photo
    Natalyn Gan

    Evelyn from city link was so patient and professional, I did intensive hair removal and the result was so good, no hard selling and was comfortable having treatment here …

  62. Avatar photo
    Ng Jia Jia

    Did my intensive hair removal treatment and whitening Brazilian with Jessie at City link Outlet, my Brazilian hair now is lesser and more whitening the result is really good and effective, she is very patient and explain very clear, highly recommend skinlabo

  63. Avatar photo
    charlotte chow

    Consultant – Mandy

    Professional and patient explain the process and also sharing her experience.

  64. Avatar photo
    Lim SY

    JE outlet
    Went to this outlet twice. Even they are newly open. But staff are very friendly and skilful. Especially Jacelyn, Wang Rong, Elva. Thanks for the good service!

    The product they use are abit pricey, so their pricing is slightly higher than the one I did before.

    But overall service are good.

  65. Avatar photo
    Joan Wong

    Skinlabo City Link Outlet
    Therapist: Jessie
    The facial bojin is really great and relaxing! Jessie is very friendly and very skilful Strongly recommended!! …

  66. Avatar photo
    sales 1

    I first try at Novena brand. I try massgae and bojin both. All staff is professional and friendly. Recommend Fenny Linda and Heebee to all of you

  67. Avatar photo
    tina chong

    juxt done me session with maggie and noel at orchard outlet.The service is good and no hard selling.they will always update on their promo juxt to inform you. The staffs all are very friendly.

  68. Avatar photo
    Xuan Lin Khor

    I am regular customer of Skin Labo Orchard. My usual therapist left and recently replaced by Pei Wen (Facial) and Yuki (Massage). Satisfied and enjoy the “me time” sessions.

  69. Avatar photo
    Cherlyn Tan

    Tracy and Bebe from Citylink outlet are sweet and friendly. I loved the hair removal session with them, the services are good and very professional!!‍️‍️ …

  70. Avatar photo
    Sharon Lim

    I was skinlabo regular customer, I did intensive hair removal IHR hair removal and whitening, the staff Citylink was so good and professional, I like their services so much …

  71. Avatar photo
    yogeswari subramaniam

    Novena branch, Xuan Xuan was my therapist. She did facial and massage for me. Very delicate in her service explained in detail the procedure. Very pleasant staff. Very happy

  72. Avatar photo
    Lim Cheah Lin

    Saw their SHR promotion on FB. Fenny is very friendly and never push me hard to upgrading package.
    Looking to meet her again on my next treatment session.

  73. Avatar photo
    Sui Ying

    Great experience at Novena brunch. Beautician are friendly, Heebee are very professional and Xuan Xuan is very friendly and gentle when doing the treatment ! Reasonable price, highly recommend …

  74. Avatar photo
    Nee Ping Chai

    Novena Branch
    Thank you for great eye bojin service by Winnie and also Xuan. The package is really worth. Definitely will come again. …

  75. Avatar photo
    Jarrod Koh

    Went for facial at Skin Labo Orchard and was assigned to Evon, who started by giving a very professional overview explanation of my skin issues and how to improve it.

    She is very knowledgeable and skillful with many years of experience in beauty line which not much consultants can match, attentive to details and very friendly which makes the whole facial session a very pleasant experience.

    Highly recommended!

  76. Avatar photo
    Jessha Bohlz

    My whole body massage by Yuki was great! Showed expertise and rapport. Very friendly and acommodating staff as well. Happy and satisfied client here.️️️

  77. Avatar photo
    Ziyi Pang

    I’m come first time to try intensive hair removal IHR today with bb citylink, I was recommended by my friend, the staff here are all so friendly and professional, they will explain every step very clear️

  78. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Lai

    Highly recommend the orchard outlet. The staffs are really nice and friendly with no hardselling which creates a comfortable environment to be in. Has been under the care of Noel, Peiwen, Maggie for awhile now and they’re really professional. Thumbs up for their great service!

  79. Avatar photo
    Jess T

    Was being serviced by Yvonne at the City Link outlet.

    She has been very nice and genuine and attending to my needs. She will also make it a point to detail out the steps and how it helps my skin.

    Would recommend Yvonne for facial services and she is not pushy ️

  80. Avatar photo
    Ming Xuan Hoe

    Facial (Novena outlet, Lingling)

    Lingling is very gentle with her service, very nice and relaxing monthly pampering session. Very professional and gentle, highly recommend!

  81. Avatar photo
    Chu Hui

    Done treatment in Novena branch! The service is good, especially Angeline, Winnie and most of the staff are friendly too!

  82. Avatar photo
    Sy Huey Oh

    Mandy in City Link. She is very nice and professional. I am very happy with her service.

  83. Avatar photo
    k abdul majid k ismail

    I visited their Citylink outlet. Vivian is the best therapist I’ve ever met. The facial massage was amazing. And her service superb! A must go for all ladies!

  84. Avatar photo
    Evon Tey

    I’ve been going to Skinlabo at orchard for a while now, and I must say their customer service are nothing short of excellent. The staffs at the counter always give a warm greeting when you enter. Then is my beautician pei wen, who has helped me in improving my skin condition tremendously. She is professional, friendly, and attentive to little things like asking if the aircon is too cool or if the pressure from the extraction during the treatment is too much.

    She is always very willing to give advice and doesn’t try to hard sell any products to you. I already signed my second package with her, and even my mom and sister are under her care. It has been a fruitful journey to date, and I have no plan to end it here. Great job, everyone!!!

  85. Avatar photo
    fang yin

    I’m regular customer of skinlabo citylink for one years, I did intensive hair removal and my hair now lesser, the treatment was so effective and Jessie bb was so professinal …

  86. Avatar photo
    Patricia Ng

    Highly recommended novena outlet. I have been with Ling Ling for the past few years. Her service and skill is superb! Hee Bee and Angeline provide their professionalism advised to me and always go for extra mile. Thank you for the great service.

  87. Avatar photo
    faustina tan

    I’ve been under the care of Lina from the Novena outlet for about 2 years and her service has always been very consistent and thorough. Lina goes the extra mile to ensure that my sensitive skin is well taken care of and her extractions are also so painless yet thorough. Her massages are great and I’ve not experienced any sales talk or hard selling all these while.

  88. Avatar photo
    Pei fang Tai

    Come here many times did IHR hair removal, results was so effective and I was really impress, Everlyn skinlabo Citylink was so nice and sweet, will recommend my friend here

  89. Avatar photo

    Regular at CityLink branch. I recommend you to find BeBe for your facial treatments!

    She is very professional and VERY attentive to my needs and face conditions. BeBe recommended me treatment & products that is suitable for me after accessing the condition. (She wasn’t pushy too. )

    I felt that my skin condition did improve after the treatment and/or products (after using it for 4 days) too.

    Not to mention, treatments with BeBe is always comfortable and relaxing!

  90. Avatar photo
    Tina Ali

    Ivy was my therapist. She did a great job and I felt good with the facial treatment she did. Great job and I will come back to find her again.

  91. Avatar photo
    Sebrina Abdul Malik

    I’ve been your loyal customer since 2015 in Novena Outlet but I love my memorable fun good experience with Xuan Xuan today and she very cute, friendly and professional with her work. Thank you Xuan Xuan. Stay cute cute.

  92. Avatar photo
    Lee WengYee

    I have a good experience in the orchard branch, thank you maggie for sharing her knowledge with me, I can see the results after completing a few IHR treatment, it is really great …

  93. Avatar photo
    Mita Rajput

    Jessie citylink was excellent her Handon skills, she was so professional and really care about my skin condition , I did face bojin and facial about 6months and my face now improved a lot, my uneven skintone now no more, I’m really satisfied to buy package here …

  94. Avatar photo
    Bhiriya Mariam

    i was recommended by my friend, this was my 3rd time having facial at skin labo , i was so impressed of the result, my skin now looks more radiant, hydrated less sensitive after every sessions, no hard sales and really thumb up for the team of skin labo️

  95. Avatar photo
    Tamara Simms

    Fabulous service by the wonderful, attentive ladies! Always a pleasure to have treatments there.

  96. Avatar photo
    Sara Say

    Good experience here at skin labo citylink outlet. Tracy and Mandy are both helpful and patient in explaining. Thumbs up for their service! …

  97. Avatar photo
    Cheeling Hon

    Mandy from citylink was really good and patient,i signed up package after the first trial, really effective their eye treatment

  98. Avatar photo

    Sue & Xuan provide 100% good and professional service. Definitely will continue support them in future. Recommended!!

  99. Avatar photo
    Ong Beeyen

    Did my bojin eye treatment at skin labo novena branch,all staff here so professional and friendly especially Angelina & Linda.

  100. Avatar photo
    G Sim

    Beautician at citylink Jessie was friendly and thorough in the facial process. Allowed me to try eye bojin last time. Was enjoyable.

  101. Avatar photo
    Kek Yan Lin

    Went for the Full Body Massage 1 hr by Angela, she was very skillful and engaging. Felt my upper back stiff neck became better after the massage. She used the right strength and kept checking with me whether I wanted her to use harder or go softer. She is a very nice person and did not push further when I declined taking package. It is reasonable and I will definitely come back again. Highly recommended for all ladies!

  102. Avatar photo
    Shirlyn Tan

    Had my facial and Brazilian treatment by Peiwen. She’s nice and friendly beautician in Skin Labo Orchard. Highly recommend her as her service is good

  103. Avatar photo

    xuanxuan from novena outlet is very professional,love her service and she is a very cute girl.I just sign a package of 20 sessions facial with her and I will recommend all my friends to visit Skinlabo …

  104. Avatar photo
    Angie Neo

    2nd time did face bojin facial and eye with Jessie citylink skinlabo,my face improved alot and more radiant, she is very patient and care about my skin, thanks Jessie and Samantha skin specialist, highly recommended …

  105. Avatar photo
    Ww Ww

    Went Novena branch. Had my massage and Hair removal done by LingLing. Nice massage.
    The service there was excellent and people and friendly and nice. Esp Lingling, Fenny and HeeBee! Great!
    Highly recommended! ️ ️

  106. Avatar photo
    Gavin Ong

    Overall experience was great. Visited all 3 outlets at Novena, Orchard, and Citylink which were clean and had very welcoming beauticians. Ling Ling from Novena outlet is my go-to for painless extractions and treatments. She is consistent and always gives me extra advice on how I should take care of my skin after treatment. She does not hard sell but makes sure that I am always aware of the benefits of different treatments before proceeding with it.

    Extra mention for Heebee and Angeline, the consultants, who always make me feel welcomed when I am there, as well as Sue who is also a beautician to find if you want a gentle extraction experience.

  107. Avatar photo
    Sheryn Yeong

    Did intensive hair removal at citylink skinlabo ,the treatment result was good and I like their services so much, Samantha very friendly and professional,no hard selling and I’m happy buy package here

  108. Avatar photo
    Lee Ying

    Good experience at orchard outlet! The explanation given by Noel was so detail and clear. The first experience of hair removal from Ruen was great.️

  109. Avatar photo

    I frequently visit the Novena branch for my facial treatments and the staffs there are very friendly and I felt welcomed. My facial consultant, Angeline, is skilful in what she does and recommended appropriate treatments that I required, which I have seen great improvements to my overall skin condition. Appointment slots are also easy to book!

  110. Avatar photo
    Joyce Toh

    I really live to come skinlabo for herbal body and hair removal treatment, my body now improved alot and fresh,all the staff citylink was so friendly and professional,no hard selling and enjoy having treatment here

  111. Avatar photo
    Belle Choo

    Evelyn from Citylink are so patient and gentle, i did intensive hair removal and the feeling is great and result was so good,i bought package after the treatment and i m happy to come here everytime , no hard selling and satisfied with what i bought

  112. Avatar photo
    Sally Chew

    Hee bee, Fenny, Winnie, Ling Ling – Novena Branch. These gals are really warm and friendly during my facial and massage visits. I like their skills and service and they are highly recommended.

  113. Avatar photo
    Tan Lin Wen

    visited @novena. excellent service by Heebeee and Lina. highly recommend Xuan Xuan as she is very professional and friendly.

  114. Avatar photo
    Jennifer yeo

    Pei Wen did two facials for me and I was very pleased! She is always gentle when extracting and goes out of her way to avoid affecting my eyelash extensions.

    Although it was only two sessions, I am enjoying it because I am able to relax and occasionally fall asleep during the process.

    If my friends and family ask where I get my facials, I will definitely recommend her!

  115. Avatar photo
    Wendy Aw

    I had my first ever Brazilian IPL at Skin Labo Novena. The experience was fantastic, the staff (Sue/ Shu) who was handling me was very tactful and make my experience comfortable.

    All the staff are friendly and always show their best smile (even with mask).

  116. Avatar photo
    Alivia low

    Novena outlet.
    Heebee and Ling Ling. Very good, highly recommended.

    Good massage skill . Friendly service. Good treatments, effective.

  117. Avatar photo
    peiyi tan

    First try their eye bojin is nice. My person handle is Lena. Her massage is good and not pain. …

  118. Avatar photo
    Joo Yian Tan

    Done by City Link Jessie Lim. She is very experience & professional. I enjoyed her treatment and will recommend her services to my friends.

  119. Avatar photo
    Chloé KHOUNACH

    I had a nice facial treatment with Landy and Yvone at CityLink, the team is great, will definitely come back !

  120. Avatar photo
    sherlene chua

    Visited and had my sessions done at City Link outlet. Super friendly, patience and accommodating team they have there. Appointment all starts on time and environment is really clean and cosy.

    IHR sessions are done by beautician Evelyn and she is really meticulous with her work. Goes out of her way to care for you when she spot problems. Samantha shares a lot of pointers on helping my problems. Professional and very knowledgeable with her line of work. Thank you ️

  121. Avatar photo
    Shallan Tan

    Very good service from Evelyn citylink, after the body massage feel relax, I love them so much …

  122. Avatar photo
    Corine-ah Gee

    Evelyn from citylink is super good and sweet. Always makes my stay feel warm and comfortable. I make sure I make my every appointment with her only. Thank you

  123. Avatar photo
    cranes for life

    first time visit to city link outlet skinlabo. Great facial and body massage! relaxing and good. BB and Lulu were very professional and gentle.

  124. Avatar photo
    Khim Ng

    I was regular customer bb citylink, she was really professional and gentle handon skills, no hardsell and my skin now improved alot, will definitely support skinlabo forever …

  125. Avatar photo
    Dawn Cheah

    Went to Skin Labo Orchard for facial and Peiwen was my therapist. She was knowledgeable about my skin condition and was very detailed during extraction, felt skin was very clean after the facial. Pleasant experience and would recommend.

  126. Avatar photo
    Grace Xiao Yi

    Skin Labo – Ling Ling from Citylink Outlet, she’s very experienced especially in massage. High recommend to make an appointment and try!

  127. Avatar photo
    Allina Lina

    Jessie Tracy
    Citylink outlet super friendly and professional, I recommend by friend and do intensive hair removal ,I was so impressed the results and Jessie was so detailed and patient, no hardselling at all and I will try their others services as well,super good

  128. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Chan

    I was regular customer of bb citylink , my skin after every sessions facial improved so much, her Handon skill was good and so professional, no hard selling and I’m happy every visit

  129. Avatar photo
    Phoebe Ng (Pianist Phoebe Ng)

    Excellent experience for hair removal. Thank you therapist Evelyn and sales Tracy. The treatment was fast and smooth, process and different options were explained clearly. Even I only purchased the trial package, there were no hard selling. Would come here again

  130. Avatar photo
    Yingying Qian

    Went to Novena branch, Heebee and Lina provide great service, very recommend. Will try face bojin next time.

  131. Avatar photo

    Come to orchard and Novena outlet for many years. Pearl and Winnie provide very good service. The product they use very useful for my skin

  132. Avatar photo
    Jespreet Sandhu

    Been a regular customer for over a year at the Skin Labo Novena outlet for ipl, facial and massage treatments. While some staff are pushy with the sale of products, I highly recommend Fanny who has been my regular therapist. She is extremely professional, kind and good at the services she does ensuring it’s thorough and executed properly. She is dedicated and clearly one who takes pride in her job, going out of her way to ensure her customers get the best service paid for and are cared for.

  133. Avatar photo
    Serena Lee

    I started this package at Citylink branch, and after being serviced by various beautician for some time, i met Winnie, I followed her to the Novena branch. She’s that good at what she does and the best so for this treatment.. she knows what shes doing!!

  134. Avatar photo
    Ho Inn Ee

    Evon is attentive and professional. She executes her service well and cares to explain further when asked. Experience the service from Evon!

    Samantha is also commendable.

    Both are stars for Skin Labo

  135. Avatar photo
    Lexi Monroe

    Im their regular customer at citylink skinlabo, Did eye treatment with Everyln beautician she very good handon skill and my dark circle and line was improved so much after few sessions, Samantha very professional and I really like to have my treatment here️

  136. Avatar photo
    Sam Choy

    me and my wife was Skinlabo regular customer,I really like their services and treatment, our skin improved alot after the treatment, no hardselling and all the staff here are so friendly and experience, thumb up for Skinlabo,highly recommend

  137. Avatar photo
    Mienxin Low

    I really like how she helps me with the facial and cater to what my skin type needs. The price is affordable as well.
    -Jessie at City Link

  138. Avatar photo
    May Ramos

    Thank you Skin Labo City Link for taking care of my skin! Happy and satisfied customer here! Evelyn always handle my treatment and she is very good! …

  139. Avatar photo
    Shen Shen

    Regularly doing facial here. Followed Pearl from the Novena branch to Orchard. Highly recommend Pearl. She is professional and kind.A doubt/concern can ask her and it will be addressed. I enjoy every session chatting with her. No hard selling also.

  140. Avatar photo
    Jessica Cheng

    did treatment at citylink skinlabo,mandy very professional and patient very good their services

  141. Avatar photo
    Jia T

    Would like to recommend Maggie from Orchard branch. She’s extremely friendly and attentive to my treatment’s needs. She made the whole experience less scary and make sure to remind me to take good care of the laser part to ensure it’s effective.

  142. Avatar photo
    Josie Ong

    Went to skin labo Novena branch do facial, I like Judy do My facial especially how
    She do massage on my face, very comfortable
    And relax for my face and my eyes,higher recommend Judy therapist

  143. Avatar photo
    Jing Xuan

    Jessie @ Raffles City Link did a great job in facial bojin. Young yet very experience in the field, highly recommend to anyone who are interested to visit this branch!

  144. Avatar photo
    Nana Lala

    Had a really good experience with Noel and Pei Wen @ Skin Labo(Orchard Branch)! They were very patient and friendly with me. Will definitely recommend friends and family to patronise!

  145. Avatar photo
    Linn Ng

    I had a good session with Ling Ling from Citylink. She has good skill on body massage …

  146. Avatar photo
    Thin Thant Thant Lwin

    I’ve been doing Facial and laser hair removal at their orchard outlet.
    Very good and friendly service no hard selling. Pei Wenn and Maggie very patient and good service too.

  147. Avatar photo
    Trangnha Duong

    Tried the facial treatment and hair removal here. Happy with Angeline and Xuan at Novena Outlet. Highly recommended.

  148. Avatar photo
    Shirlyn Tan

    My Facial and Brazilian treatment done by Peiwen. She’s nice and friendly beautician in Skin Labo Orchard. Highly recommend her if you’re looking for facial or Brazilian treatment.

  149. Avatar photo
    Rhea Jane Siruno

    Kudos to the masseuse Ling Ling and esthetician Evelyn from Skin Labo Citylink.. they are so excellent. Massage was superb , as well as the facial… recommended. …

  150. Avatar photo
    Jia Yi

    When to skin labo raffles city link outlet last week and was served by Jessie . Who was really sweet and caring and delivered a great service!will definitely visit again!

  151. Avatar photo
    yee weixin

    Always looking for Pei Wen at Orchard outlet for my regular facial! She’s always attentive and focuses on my needs every session.

  152. Avatar photo
    Jolie Gwee

    I really enjoy and happy having treatment at skinlabo, all the staff here are so professional and experience, no hard selling. Special thanks to tracy and evelyn, for their nice and patient service, thumb up for the team …

  153. Avatar photo
    Claudia Zhao

    Skinlabo citylink was so good and friendly all the staff here, my skin now improved a lot after repairing treatment and I really like the services here, no hard selling and i will try their others services as well

  154. Avatar photo
    Yun Ying Lee

    I had a great experience with Bebe in SkinLabo Citylink mall. She explained to be the procedure and product nicely. Who is not in hard selling. Keep it up. Will visit Bebe soon!!

  155. Avatar photo

    Went citylink skinlabo for my second sessions of face and eye treatment,Jessie was really experienced and super freindly, my skin now improved alot and more radiant just two sessions, i will recommend my friend here too,thumb up

  156. Avatar photo
    hui qi

    Had my good experience with the service and hair removal treatment at Novena outlet. Pleasant with their friendly staff esp Hee Bee, Xuan Xuan &

  157. Avatar photo
    Yinyin Ho

    I’m Regular customer of Citylink skinlabo outlet, I really impressed the result of meridian facial and Collagen eye treatment, my uneven skintone now look more radiant and firm after every facial, beautician mandy was very detail and treat my skin very gentle, the extraction was painless, Samantha skin specialist professional explain very experience and knowledgeable, no hardselling and I’m so excited for my next visit, well done skinlabo team

  158. Avatar photo
    Ina Lin

    Im new to skin lobo, only visit 3 times.
    But I like the team @ novena branch – Hebe, Fenny and 王榕, an environment which full with cheerful and big smile are always the key to attract customers, also with good services, of course!

  159. Avatar photo
    Yi Fang Lee

    I am a regular customer of Bb at Skin Labo Citylink. Since starting facial treatments here, my skin has improved a lot which increased my self-confidence. My sensitive and acne skin recovered very well after few sessions, so much so that my mom even commented on it and finally agreed to my decision of going for facial. Bb who is my regular beautician is friendly, patient and experienced, I highly recommend her as she is very good at picking my pimples with minimal harm to the skin All the other staff are nice and sweet too, and always try to accommodate to my changing of appointment timings. 🫣

  160. Avatar photo
    Ann Kee

    Everyln skinlabo City link was patient and nice, I enjoy the intensive hair removal IHR here, the result was so obvious and so good the result, no hard selling and like it so much

  161. Avatar photo
    Viinsley C

    Bebe from citylink was so patient and sweet, her explanation very good and knowledgeable, I did intensive hair removal and I really like the result, very obvious and good , I am so excited to come treatment ️

  162. Avatar photo
    June Tan

    Regular customer skinlabo Citylink , Excellent service and I didn’t expect the IHR treatment result was so good,no hard selling and Im so comfortable services by bb …

  163. Avatar photo
    Choo Bee kun

    My experience for here. The peoples here are quite friendly help out skin care and help me reduce my Panda eyes. Thanks skin labo and especially Mandy and Carol …

  164. Avatar photo
    Filzah Mohd

    I was jessie skinlabo regular customer for few years, i did face meridian bojin with her and my skin now looks radiant and great after the treatment, samantha skin specialise was so knowledge and professional highly recommend …

  165. Avatar photo
    vanessa chia

    I took fave voucher for first trial ,Jessie citylink handon was good and experience, my skin after the facial was so fresh and good condition, I took package after the sessions,no harselling and I will recommend my friend here too …

  166. Avatar photo
    Yun Qi

    Very good and friendly service by xuan xuan and heebee at novena branch. Explained by them very detailed before the service. The service recommended also suitable. Highly recommended!
    Followed service by Fenny was also great and very patient during treatment!

  167. Avatar photo
    Chai Fang Fang

    Noel and Pei Wen are the best at Orchard outlet. The service was super nice and friendly.

  168. Avatar photo
    Mandy wmy

    Great experience with skin labo orchard. Service by Maggie. She is skilful and professional. Counter staff – Noel. Service was great. Making sure customer is at comfortable level. Would definitely continue my treatment here.

  169. Avatar photo
    Zhu Sherry

    Tried eye 拔筋 at Citylink outlet. Jessie was friendly and caring.Her treatment helps me to relax and it was a pleasant experience for me. A bit of hard selling but I don’t mind trying their other treatments so I bought a trial session in the end. Hope it worth it.

  170. Avatar photo
    Wendy Oi

    I was regular customer of skinlabo, i really feel that my face improved alot and my eye dark circle now more lighten, all the staff are so professional and samantha skin specialise was so expert and detail, no hardselling and highly recommend, good job skinlabo team

  171. Avatar photo
    Evelyn lai

    I am a regular customer of skinlabo, and I will fix my skin problems every month. I have been to the doctor before, but it will not get better one after another, so I decided to come here to try it out. Also began to do other project nursing. The beautician here is very professional, my beautician is evleyn. You can come to citylink here

  172. Avatar photo
    Tay WoonYee

    Visited the Skin Labo @citylink mall. Excellent service provided by Mandy and Tracy. Went to try eye bojin plus consult for facial. Good service, recommend to come.

  173. Avatar photo

    Jessie from City Link outlet did eye bo jin for me today. Clear explanation with good service and friendly attitude. Worth giving a try.

  174. Avatar photo
    Ting Ng

    Did my treatment at citylink skinlabo with bb today,i comfortable take a package and bb was really good in the treatment, i see alot of improvement after few sessions, no hard selling and recommend my sister here also …

  175. Avatar photo
    Fang Fang Chai

    I am very happy and nice service with Pei Wen. She have a great service and I am very like her great service. Noel is a kind person and friendly with me. I am appreciate their services. Love your …

  176. Avatar photo
    Yuen Wah Wong

    Went to citylink outlet, super duper recommend beautician Bebe. Her skill was very good and details oriented and very friendly..Can see the result after the facial. Renewed 3 times packaged from her.

  177. Avatar photo
    Anetta Afekt

    I am a regular client at the Skin Labo Orchard where I always have my facial done by Ms BeBe. I can highly recommend her as she is very professional and attentive to my needs. Coming to her for treatment is always very relaxing and I can also notice that the condition of my skin has improved a lot.

  178. Avatar photo
    Joyce Qianwan

    Staff Ling ling is very nice and and friendly! She provided very well services and giving me a good suggestions to improve my own health. I’m appreciate her services. …

  179. Avatar photo
    Yuqi Cheng

    SHR hair removal service is excellent, no pain at all. Service is good and high level of cleanliness. Will recommend to friends

  180. Avatar photo
    gong jingwen

    Jessie city link was good and patient, I like the face and eye treatment so much , and I really see the result, no hard selling and I feel so relax everytime here …

  181. Avatar photo
    Bea V

    Skin Labo (Novena) was recommended by a friend and when I came there I was assisted immediately by Angeline. She was very informative on what services I should take. My treatment was done by Fenny who was meticulous in what she do. All the staff were welcoming as well. I took the 48 sessions so l’ll definitely be back. I also commend the video they sent me for the directions. It was helpful.

  182. Avatar photo
    Veronique Michelle

    The outlet I went to is the branch at Citylink. Evelyn is very friendly and I enjoyed her facial services as she is very thorough and also make me feel very relaxed every session. Cheers …

  183. Avatar photo
    Chloe Guo

    Pearl and Noel provides good customer services at Skin Labo Orchard. Very friendly and approachable.

  184. Avatar photo
    Qian Qian

    Great service at Orchard outlet provide professional services, first time served me was Pei Wen, she ws so friendly and professional, second time is Maggie.
    Consultation provided by Noel and Tabby is very informative as well.
    Worth trying.

  185. Avatar photo
    Marliany Mar

    Jessie (citylink branch) provides a very good & thorough service for my SHR treatment that I signed up for their IHR package assisted by their Skin Specialist, Samantha who took her time in explaining the details of the treatment prior. Thanks for the service and keep it up, both of you!

  186. Avatar photo
    brittany Lee

    Maggie and Peiwen from ion branch their service is very professional and very friendly . The treatment result was good . Recommend to find them …

  187. Avatar photo
    Xueqi Ho

    Massage by Xiao Hong was excellent, felt much better after the session and ended up purchasing a package. Also shout out to Maggie who was very helpful with teaching how to leverage a instalment payment app for more discounts!

  188. Avatar photo

    Walked-In at Citylink outlet, was served by Wang Rong, she was really patient when serving me and I felt really at ease. Jessie was the one who helped me with my facial and she was really gentle and I enjoyed this experience with them!

  189. Avatar photo
    Mikasa Ru

    Visited JE outlet today, very clean and professional. Wang Rong and Doris served me today, they are really cute and friendly. No hardselling, really feel happy comfortable visiting. They explained really well, looking for forward to see them next week. …

  190. Avatar photo

    I enjoyed my eye bojin and facial treatment at citylink skinlabo, the staff here all good services and professional, my skin now looks better and no hard selling , feel so nice here

  191. Avatar photo
    Jolene Noelle Ong

    Maggie, Noelle, Summer and the rest of the team are very professional, informative and gentle with my hair removal journey. They are extremely friendly with all of their customers too!

  192. Avatar photo

    Did facial at citylink with everyln, my skin now improved a lot and more hydrated, love their treatment …

  193. Avatar photo
    Lynn Law

    I was citylink regular customer, I really like Mandy and Samantha facial services, their handon skill was so good and experience, I bought many packages and my face looks so radiant after every treat

  194. Avatar photo

    I did my intensive hair removal underarm at citylinkskinlabo, like the treatment and Everyln and Samantha very professional and detail , thumb up for their services and patient

  195. Avatar photo
    Anna Ameng

    Was gifted a Fave voucher facial treatment. Had to say my whole experience was great. Special mention to Ivy who attended to me she was really experience, gentle and patient.

  196. Avatar photo
    Celest Yip

    Did IHR at the Orchard outlet and received excellent services provided by Ru En and Pearl. Definitely recommended!

  197. Avatar photo
    Anna liza Cruz

    its great experience for the skin labo in NOVENA. I’ll do a facial session here by Ms Angeline shes handle for all session of mind and its great coz her hand its very light and i like doing personalize..GREAT JOB AND GREAT TO RECOMMEND …

  198. Avatar photo
    Joyce Choo

    Citylink Tracy and everyln services excellent,did intensive hair removal ,like the treatment and I will recommend my friend too, they are so professional

  199. Avatar photo
    Natalie Yap

    Had a facial done by Angeline today and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The facial was done skilfully and extractions was done without much pain. Will recommend!

  200. Avatar photo
    Ching Yin

    Today did my therapeutic massage with Ling Ling at citylink , she is really experienced. All staff is nice and professional

  201. Avatar photo
    Sharmani Maniam

    Visited the Skin Labo @Orchard . Excellent service by Ivy. I got the fave voucher and didn’t expect the treatment to be so good. Was really impressed and Ivy was really patient and explained every detail to me. Her shoulder massage is out of the world and it helped to calm me down. She explained to me in details what are some of the measures i can take to better improve my skin and overall health. Will definitely come back for more. Thank you.

  202. Avatar photo
    Ash Goh Hua

    Got a lymphatic drainage massage by xiao hong jie and i was reborn most technical masseuse i’ve had, you can really feel her skill in her fingers and the amount of pressure she can apply from just her thumb! …

  203. Avatar photo
    Sharmani Maniam

    Visited the Skin Labo @Orchard . Excellent service by Ivy. I got the fave voucher and didn’t expect the treatment to be so good. Was really impressed and Ivy was really patient and explained every detail to me. Her shoulder massage is out of the world and it helped to calm me down. She explained to me in details what are some of the measures i can take to better improve my skin and overall health. Will definitely come back for more. Thank you.

  204. Avatar photo
    Flavia Gabizo

    Went to Novena brunch today and it was a great experience. Sue, the beautician who did my treatment was very nice and caring. Loved it!

  205. Avatar photo
    Ingtze Chua

    First time visit to citylink outlet skinlabo, tried their eye treatment +3D eye treatment, my skin look better and more radiant. The skin specialist Sam is very friendly and professional, no hardselling and I very comfortable to buy the package with her. Will recommend to my friends.

  206. Avatar photo
    Koh L H

    Xuan Xuan from Novena outlet did bojin on my eyes. She is very skillful and professional with good knowledge. She is friendly and able to explain well. No hard sell. Highly recommended.

  207. Avatar photo
    alpa jain

    I had a very good body massage at novena branch by lina, highly recommended the masage lady

  208. Avatar photo
    Diana H

    Lymphatic massage was incredible, so precise and knowledgeable about pressure points. Gave me advice about a point to press regularly for my knee problems too. I feel like a new person!

  209. Avatar photo
    Shermaine Kwah

    Did my IHR at orchard outlet and its the best experience provided by maggie. She is knowledgeable and cheerful which made my day everytime i go for my sessions️ She also make sure that i am comfortable during my sessions and constantly remind me of what i should avoid doing after the treatment. The team in Orchard is friendly and professional as well

  210. Avatar photo
    Clarie K

    Went to get SHR done but got hard sell to get IHR. Whatever each of the staff said to me doesn’t tally and I got really confused about the package and the treatment. When I decided to only get 12 sessions instead of the 48 sessions (which cost 4K plus close to 5k), they keep pushing me to get 24 sessions and said that I have a lot of hair. Through out they have been trying to make me feel bad about myself and I wasn’t able to reject when they push me to get 24 sessions. I had to borrow money from my friend because I didn’t have enough. I’m still a student and 24 sessions already cost 2k plus which is way over my budget. The SHR was $68 for 12 sessions as stated on their website and when we WhatsApped them. So from $68 to 2k was a big different.
    They were also not professional at all during the treatments. Just hope to faster finish all my sessions and not return to this place again.

  211. Avatar photo
    kelly cheah

    skinlabo citylink mandy was so patient and gentle every session did my treatment, intensive hair removal was so effective and i enjoz the treatment

  212. Avatar photo
    Sammi Yap

    1st time visit to city link SKIN Labo outlet ~the Assistant name call BB service is really amazing ,friendly and the smile is really make my day’s,when come to the introduction,she presents very well in her knowledge ..look forward to coming back again for her service …

  213. Avatar photo
    ong shiqian

    Did hair removal treatment here, really like skinlabo citylink services, very professional and so sweet their staff …

  214. Avatar photo
    Ahheng Wang

    Tried their promo for eye massage for my dry eyes problem at Novena outlet. Ms winnie did a fantastic job feel great. Also tried the facial bojin, amazing result .Very satisfied. Ms Angeline gave good advice for facial caring process, Good job girls! Lastly kudos to Ms Angeline for creating a video to guide new customers the route fm Novena MRT to their Novena shop. Is quite a walk but with the guide, no problem at all. Really a good and clear guide for 1st timers going there, such caring svc fm a staff, the boss must be proud of her

  215. Avatar photo
    Eugenia .L

    Have been coming to the Citilink quite a few times, especially love my facial done by Bebe! Some of the other workers like Jessie also do a great job

  216. Avatar photo
    Grace Lim

    I’m their regular customer about 6 months at citilink skinlabo, Bebe my beautician was so professional my skin looks so radiant and improved after the treatment, all the staff here are so nice, no hard selling and highly recommended , …

  217. Avatar photo
    Jessie Yab

    Very friendly and very gentle when service me. Like her very i decided to sign up 12 times package. Will following with the shop. Shout out to fenny and angeline from novena outlet. Really nice.

  218. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Goh

    Did hair removal here, Sue explained my condition professionally and suggest the best treatment based on my condition and preference, very recommended!

  219. Avatar photo

    I went to the Novena branch and felt really welcomed by the staffs over there. I had done 4 of my facial treatments with my consultant named Angeline and there was an obvious improvement in my overall skin condition. I was impressed with her skill in extraction purely using dermalogica product, and she never fails to deliver detailed description of my skin. Truly recommend to go over there and especially look for Angeline.

  220. Avatar photo
    Rosie Lee

    Great service. I like the environment there. Staff is very friendly. During SHR hair removal, I felt no pain at all. Highly recommended.️

  221. Avatar photo
    winnie koo

    Today I had my treatment facial under Sue. It was such an enjoyable facial session for me. She’s very gentle in doing extraction. My face improved a lot in just 2 sessions. Highly recommended to my friend to go Skin Labo.

    All the staff at novena outlet is very friendly and with their manageable slot for me when required. Thumbs up!

  222. Avatar photo

    Just done my service treatment at novena outlet.Staff is professional in explaining details of my skin condition and given the right treatment. Amazed with their professionalism and extra mile service. I would highly recommend my friends to come over to try their facial, hair removal and body massage service. I was attended by Sue and assist by Hee Bee. Great service!

  223. Avatar photo
    KaiQi Teh

    Jessie @ city link outlet, she’s friendly and professional. Very good service with patient, she is nice!

  224. Avatar photo
    Phinx Lim

    Thanks Jessie helped me with my IHR hair removal treatment. She was a super friendly person. Hope after the whole package can say goodbye to my annoying hair!

  225. Avatar photo
    Shu Min

    Jessie citylink good services and friendly, I did intensive hair removal and result was so good and effective, Samantha skin specialist was professional and sweet, highly recommend …

  226. Avatar photo
    Debbie Chua

    Bb and carol from city link very detail and sweet, her facial skill is very professional. After treatment, my face looks very radiant, hydrated and firm.
    Love bb so much …

  227. Avatar photo
    suetli chew

    I like Maggie’s service. She is gentle in handling and honest in her recommendation. And I am never pressurized by any hard selling. Liked …

  228. Avatar photo
    E R

    The environment here is comfortable, and the service attitude of the staff is also very good. I did hair removal in other beauty salons before, but it didn’t work. After skinlabo hair removal, the hair has obviously decreased a lot. I am very happy to come to skinlabo for hair removal …

  229. Avatar photo
    Tracy Liu

    It’s the first time I went to the Citylink to experience the service. Very friendly staff and good service. I am very satisfied after the experience. They have professional beauty knowledge, so I feel at ease and signed a one-year package directly! Very recommend …

  230. Avatar photo
    Pei Yee

    Very patient and professional Mandy city link , came here do IHR hair removal and I really enjoy the treatment,she very gentle and the result was good

  231. Avatar photo
    Grace Lim

    Just done my eyes bojin at novena outlet , very nice n comfortable. Thanks Winnes the Pool. All the staff there very friendly. Hope next appointment I still can enjoy their wonderful service. Thanks ya! ️

  232. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Tan

    Excellent service by Evelyn at City link outlet! Very patient and good service, did few session of treatment and skin has improved. Highly recommend!

  233. Avatar photo

    Must try breast massage, you will love it! This is the first time I try breast massage and very comfortable! That’s locker can lock your bag, feel more safety

  234. Avatar photo
    Teri Tham

    Really enjoyed Jessie service and technique. She gave me good advice on my skin condition. Will recommend her service!

    Bebe also served my husband well and gave us very good deal!

  235. Avatar photo
    Christine Wee

    I went to this salon and had my facial done by Winnie and massage by Fenny. Both of them are very patient and gd. excellent service

  236. Avatar photo
    Jiawen Chong

    First time trial IHR hair removal with Citylink bb, And also Tracy so niceI bought a package after the trial because skinlabo was so professional and explain very clear every step, no hard selling and highly recommend …

  237. Avatar photo
    Helen Sim

    My massage therapist was Ling Ling . She was quite genuine and experience. I felt better after the session and tensions on my body were relieved. I would recommend her.

  238. Avatar photo
    zixin tang

    Orchard outlet staff are very friendly and experience. They know what customers needs and wants. Special thanks to my cutest Maggie for the service …

  239. Avatar photo
    Xin Yi Teo

    Thank you Pei Wern and staff for their friendly services! Hoping to see great results after the treatment package 😀

  240. Avatar photo
    Jennifer yeo

    Pei Wen did two facials for me and I was very pleased! She is always gentle when extracting and goes out of her way to avoid affecting my eyelash extensions.

    Although it was only two sessions, I am enjoying it because I am able to relax and occasionally fall asleep during the process.

    If my friends and family ask where I get my facials, I will definitely recommend her!

  241. Avatar photo
    Joan Chin

    Had facial and eye bojin in novena outlet. Awesome service for Angeline & Linda.

  242. Avatar photo

    Jessie from citylink skinlabo very patient and experience, my face and eye looks better now after the treatment, bought package after the treatment, no hard sales at all

  243. Avatar photo
    Dior Tan

    Thank you BeBe at City Link branch for her great service! Her hands on skill and knowledge is fabulous! Will surely recommend Skin Labo

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