Review Simpang Bedok, 288A Bedok Rd, Singapore

Review Simpang Bedok in Singapore

“Pricey food for a hawker centre but they have variety and better quality food” or “Hamidah’s Kitchen…had the lamb shank bryani with dalcha & fruit acar. Delicious Must go there again” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Simpang Bedok. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Simpang Bedok is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Simpang Bedok. In terms of Hawker centre, it is generally believed that Simpang Bedokis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 288A Bedok Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Hawker centre, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 288A Bedok Rd, Singapore
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You can directly come to 288A Bedok Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Simpang Bedok reviews

Simpang Bedok is among the best destinations of Hawker centre in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Simpang Bedok is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Lao Li Chinese restaurant. New find at Simpang Bedok. Stumbled on this new restaurant while looking to satisfy my craving for Seafood Bee Hoon. One of the best I’ve tried in a long time. ”

“The best joint in the east... varieties of food joint, from different culture...price easy on pockets with beautiful ambience in the evening. Sit for hours and the fun never dies!”

“A nice place to chill. Food is nice. The sour dough bread from Mr kneady is nice. So tempted to try their sour dough pizza but too full. Parking can be a problem not enough parking lot.”

“Come here for mee pok. Last count, I tried at least three different shops. All good, but different of course. Love to bring my friend here and just try all three at one go.”

“Hamidah's Kitchen...had the lamb shank bryani with dalcha & fruit acar. Delicious Must go there again”

“What's not to love about this place? Shwarmas, Hummus and Fool dips, Maggi Goreng, Satay, Steaks, Pasta. Lots of variety. Usually packed at dinner time.”

“Good foods,cleaned environment n friendly patience customer service …”

“Nice sourdough pizza from The bedok market place. Easy to access from Tanah Merah MRT by bus 2 and 9”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 236 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 87% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Simpang Bedok, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Simpang Bedok, 288A Bedok Rd, Singapore

There is a total 236 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    soh edward

    Business is as usual here…just avoid the peak hours as the 2 pax seating rules makes it hard to get a place to sit down for dinner

  2. Avatar photo
    Anthony Dao

    My local for food and adult beverages. Just a cool and relaxing place to hang out. If you are travelling by car for an evening meal and looking for parking it is best to get there before 6:30pm as during the rush hour it is difficult to get parking.

  3. Avatar photo
    Bernard Cheong

    Old fashioned eating place and old style shop houses. Some little gems. Not too busy

  4. Avatar photo
    Anthony Dao

    My local for food and adult beverages. Just a cool and relaxing place to hang out. If you are travelling by car for an evening meal and looking for parking it is best to get there before 6:30pm as during the rush hour it is difficult to get parking.

  5. Avatar photo
    mohamad azman saleh

    Many food outlets to choose from a must try

  6. Avatar photo
    Odine Odine

    Variety of restaurant and food. Good for families and friends

  7. Avatar photo
    Dzulhairi Suhod

    A great place to visit for delicious food, great shopping and a vibrant atmosphere. The hawker center offers a wide variety of local foods and the shopping area has a variety of shops. It has a lively atmosphere and convenient location with easy access to public transportation. Highly recommended!

  8. Avatar photo

    Malay Chicken rice taste good with the osyter omelet, why they don’t ask claypot at here like Bedok 85?

  9. Avatar photo
    Kishore Rochey

    It has a good local atmosphere. Good local eateries with a variety of Indian, Malay, Thai and Chinese food. There is also a 24 hour GIANT supermarket. Have added a picture of one of the restaurants I had a meal at.

  10. Avatar photo
    Bee Panda

    Having late supper here. Definitely not.all presence in the menu. But the food are not really bad at all… ‍‍ …

  11. Avatar photo
    Eva Asfalia Z

    Superb, delish foodies!

  12. Avatar photo
    Rosie ross

    Spize has never failed me especially the satay range of meat. Rojak quality n quantity can be improved.

  13. Avatar photo
    Joanna Jaganathan

    I feel there r a lot of things to see & eat there.I especially love Syed cafe ghee egg thosai.It was Superb.

  14. Avatar photo
    Siti M A Hamid

    Durian shop near the gantry is superb! We took 3 for $20 and the taste was fantastic. It’s D13 and the guy chose for us. He was friendly, and would say skill full-to be able to choose those for us. I saw others bought from him and most of them satisfied.

  15. Avatar photo
    Claudia Koh

    A place where good food gather!

  16. Avatar photo
    Chy.wasik billah

    A great place to have Asian fusion foods….not so expensive…so many people come here in groups… little bit crowded but variety of foods…you can find all asian cuisines like Indian,malay, Indonesian, Chinese also so many fusion items…and yes.. several types of local food as well…

  17. Avatar photo

    Was trying out the lao li zi char kl cuisine a must try

  18. Avatar photo
    Rajaram Sahu

    I recently ordered from The Burning Oak and was thoroughly impressed with the service. The staff were incredibly polite and patient, making for a delightful dining experience. The upper level has undergone a stunning transformation and is now a wonderful place to eat and drink. I’m looking forward to my next visit and trying some of the other food outlets.

  19. Avatar photo

    Had grill oak little expensive but really good

  20. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Tay

    Love this place! Staff are friendly!

  21. Avatar photo
    Imon T.C

    Had a food quick bite late afternoon. I think most shop were closed then.

  22. Avatar photo
    Alfred Law

    Good blend of asian foods and amenities, both during day and night. Limited private parking though.

  23. Avatar photo
    jyotin singh

    Surprisingly good ambience upstairs, plethora of gustatory options to choose from and of course, cheap beer

  24. Avatar photo
    Poh Too Ding

    A good gather for dinner/supper

  25. Avatar photo
    Muhammadhaziq Ahmadkamal

    The whole meal was awesome..service was ok

  26. Avatar photo
    zac yesthatsme

    Nice place with a good atmosphere and night life. There’s quite a lot of diners in the eateries for a Friday night and the carpark was full. Food choices are plenty and prices are a little high but I can still stomach it. Some parts of the place can be a little dirty because thrash is strewn around. I saw a cockroach on the way out.

  27. Avatar photo
    Haris Manaf

    Great eating destination where you will be spoilt for choice.

  28. Avatar photo

    Hamidah’s Kitchen…had the lamb shank bryani with dalcha & fruit acar. Delicious
    Must go there again

  29. Avatar photo
    Airon Bee

    Was at Spize. Great food!

  30. Avatar photo
    Catherine Ho

    Love it here, the mee pok and prata was good. Food choices and options are great as well.

  31. Avatar photo
    Will Ho

    Great venue for lunch/dinner. Variety of local, international kitchen from Japanese bento to frog legs porridge to laksa crab.

  32. Avatar photo
    Emory How

    Mixture of local and fusion Western food. Food taste is everage. Drinking and football screen is available

  33. Avatar photo

    Out of the way, Simpang Bedok always brings one into the midst of the Upper Changi area, surrounded by alcoves and aisles of houses littering along the road from Bedok. It’s slightly out of the way, but there’s never nothing to eat. You can always find a bit of something to dine at Simpang Bedok, that you have yet to try.

  34. Avatar photo
    Wendy Hoe

    We ordered from The Burning Oak, the service was exemplary.. super polite & patient!
    The whole upper level has totally transformed into a beautiful place to dine & drink!
    Can’t wait to go back & try the other food outlets.

  35. Avatar photo
    Normanton 23113 Ang

    They have a High class hawker center that appeals to foreigners and hipsters

  36. Avatar photo

    Nice sourdough pizza from The bedok market place.

    Easy to access from Tanah Merah MRT by bus 2 and 9

  37. Avatar photo
    Louise Tan

    Good place for late night dinner or supper and in relative cheap price. Of course this is simple coffee shop style with open air seatings

  38. Avatar photo
    laylian yak

    Good varieties of pizzas (The Naughty Chef) ; Oji egg fried rice ; Khao Thai Food

  39. Avatar photo
    La Madame NomNom

    Pretty limited stalls opened during lunchtime.
    Dont expect hawker centre price here. Quite 0ricey yet small portion. Not limited to 1 stall, the comment applies to all the stalls..

  40. Avatar photo
    Wendy Hoe

    We ordered from The Burning Oak, the service was exemplary.. super polite & patient!
    The whole upper level has totally transformed into a beautiful place to dine & drink!
    Can’t wait to go back & try the other food outlets.

  41. Avatar photo
    Masita Zainal

    Great eating place,good service too..itz really crowdy over the weekend and Friday night

  42. Avatar photo
    Daphne Ng

    There’s a new outfit called Social Outcast that recently moved from Tampines and they sell halal smoked meats that’s worth a try. The molasses beef ribs are their star dish though it was only on my second try that it tasted moist and savoury. The burgers are also great though the burger is slightly smaller now.

  43. Avatar photo
    Khadijah Abdul Wahid (Kat Wahid)

    Love the variety of food that’s readily available BUT the only thing I hate most is the parking space that’s very limited

  44. Avatar photo
    Calvin Foo

    Looks like small Malaysia….haha. a lot of good food heavy. local food hunt. Many people nearby. Parking is $1.2 per hour or can park at outside (5 mins walk)not at East Village. Has Giant… With small entrance. Quiet crowded inside. But the staff are helpful. Only 1 floor and 3 to 4 check out counters. Fresh foods. Came here for mineral waters. Got discount of $.75 for 2 bottles of Ice Mountain. Or local house brand of $0.25 each.

  45. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    Great supper place, with ease of parking and more parking lots coming up around the area. Only thing though, is that it can be tricky to get to on public transport. Do have the prata and the indian rojak if you’re around the area!

  46. Avatar photo
    gabby tan

    A nice place to chill. Food is nice. The sour dough bread from Mr kneady is nice. So tempted to try their sour dough pizza but too full. Parking can be a problem not enough parking lot.

  47. Avatar photo
    Isa Roh

    Good food. Good mix of food types. Very affordable. Outdoor seating. Happening place

  48. Avatar photo
    Shashi Kumar

    all should try the makan here not forgetting the ktv cash studio simpang bedok updated english songs and chinese and malay. good to eat and drink bring family love ones

  49. Avatar photo
    sha ibrahim

    Nice ambience and food simply delicious with wide range of selection and choice….Local Asian, Mediterranean & Western.

  50. Avatar photo
    Gaming Wrath

    Nice food. Always dabao supper from here for night shift …

  51. Avatar photo
    Dave Singh

    Tbh, the best prate is Saaed prata. Don’t waste ur time at those commercialised joints. Go for originality and flavor. Worth ur calories

  52. Avatar photo
    stormy stormy

    Went to halal enak enak Cafe. Ordered grilled chicken with pita. Waiting very long for the food to arrived. And the taste of food is so so only. No pita but normal bread was served instead

  53. Avatar photo
    Jessie Ching

    A cosy neighbourhood with many varieties of food from Muslim to Chinese, Japanese to Thai to Western for the community who comes from near and far. Ample parking space in the vicinity too. Love the food stalls upstairs the old market where many innovative & entrepreneurial stall holders try their best to keep up at whetting everyone’s appetite. Get some sun, fresh air and music when seated on the bistro side; almost alfresco – great place to unwind at affordable prices.

  54. Avatar photo
    Mark N

    10/10 supper place great environment but pretty pricey food. Prata place next to she shell station is the bomb. super crispy

  55. Avatar photo
    gerald ang

    Indian food and chinese noodles food available at where i ate, though parkin may b alil tricky. Unless u wanna pay for it

  56. Avatar photo
    Josephine Ong

    It’s a very interesting place that surprisingly draws quite a crowd of Muslim community. The shop Spize is a big hit with this community. Other tim sum outlets are halal which our Muslim friends can have a taste of Chinese foods. There’s a famous soybean outlet selling creative combo of varieties of bean curd toppings. Worth trying.

    There’s a food centre above that has been transferred into a non-aircon upmarket food court which sells beef steak at a fraction of a restaurant dish. There are Japanese foods, one has hand-made ramen and of course no food court is complete without the traditional Chinese foods like chicken rice, wanton noodle, etc.

    There are a couple of few bakeries which sell items not found in the local bakery. You can enjoy beer and Hagan Das ice cream, homemade Italian desserts, etc. all the rich, high caloric sinful stuff you can indulge in once in a while.

    One very big drawback about Simpang Bedok is, regardless of the fantastic food eateries mix, the place doesn’t give a clean feel. The floors at the eating area below, the corridors outside the eateries opposite also need a thorough scrub. That’s why I couldn’t give a 4-star rating to this place.

  57. Avatar photo
    Soni Wilson

    A very nice place to eat. Good selection of food stalls. I like to eat here for dinner. Local food to Western cuisine available. Can be a bit pricey. Food is okay.

  58. Avatar photo
    Edward Chow

    Suitable place to dine in and shopping area… …

  59. Avatar photo
    Leon Kwang

    Nice cosy place to chill out.. inexpensive too!

  60. Avatar photo
    louis chow

    Lots of interesting food. Be prepared to wait long king

  61. Avatar photo
    Cindy Wong

    Simpang Bedok has so much good food. Try the hawker Centre for some atas hawker fair.

    Start at the side closest to the Giant supermarket and walk around.

  62. Avatar photo
    K.L. Tan

    Always crowded at night. Possibly one of the best fish curries for prata in my opinion served by Spize restaurant.

  63. Avatar photo

    Average food taste and service is poor.
    Food service is good. Price is above norms and no value for money

  64. Avatar photo
    Keith Tan

    Good food here. Many stalls to choose from.

  65. Avatar photo
    Ayush Basu

    Good spot, decent seating, variety of food, not inexpensive though in my opinion

  66. Avatar photo
    Raja Y Raja H

    Simpang bedok Syed cafe got one of the best curries in Singapore. Full of flavours full of spices with added yogurt. Their roti prata are the best with dalca and pieces of kambing added. Simply marvellous. Price reasonable. Try their murtabak and beriani you gonna love it. good place for family bonding with wonderful food. Try it Bros and Sistas you gonna love it

  67. Avatar photo
    Zantyn Teo

    Open aired, loud and crowded, these are commonplace in Simpang Bedok. For good reason.

    Food here is affordable and really good. Many stores are open late into the night so you would still have many choices on what to eat.

    For prata I would recommend Mahamoodiya, the restaurant next to the gas station. Prata is much more crispier than other pratas of other stores.

    Spize serves good food of large variety, though prices are a tad bit higher.

    Syed restaurant is normally the most popular prata joint here, and they do serve decent prata.

    There’s also a 24 hour supermarket, which makes late night grocery shopping much more convenient.

    There are other
    stores available but I have yet to try their food.

  68. Avatar photo
    Alwin Khalim

    Gud place for hanging out and dinner, alot of restaurant there. We usually eat in the thai chinese food restaurant, cheap and gud.

  69. Avatar photo
    Ivan Tan

    Many variety of foods including western, prata, goreng and oriental food. The best part is. It’s halal!!!!

  70. Avatar photo
    Marliah Mohamed

    Went to giant supermarket there. Social distancing very good, except the cashier is only one section and the rest are for self check out counters. I think the supermarket was revamped, looked neat and tidy but a bit congested due the spacing. Goods are fresh. Otherwise, the simpang bedok “food courts” are rather empty bec of not lunchtime yet

  71. Avatar photo
    Adrian Lee

    Just cosy, laid back and has more character than any of the carbon copy malls in Singapore.

  72. Avatar photo
    Suresh S

    Good location for mamak (indian mulsim/malay) food and fusion Western food with an asian twist. Great environment. Good crowd

  73. Avatar photo
    Sophia Khee

    Many food outlets to choose from. Lots of variety & quite good, affordable local food. There’s even a small Giant supermarket for grocery shopping.

  74. Avatar photo
    Thomas Chang

    I love the place here. There are so many good food here, but the one that I frequent the most is not spize but the smaller syed restaurant. I always order the teh chino ice, which is a really big cup of tea with milk and sugar, simply great in this kind of crazy hot weather! Then I’ll order prata kosong and prata egg, and I’ll make my day. If I’m having lunch, the bryani set is also very good. Thereafter, will tabao bean curd from selegie store there.

  75. Avatar photo

    Favourite plc & one of the best fish & chips @ spize, sorry had a bite b4 taking pics …

  76. Avatar photo
    Lim KL

    Cosy environment in a private estate. Hawker centre above Giant supermarket. Lots of shops/restaurants serving halal food.

  77. Avatar photo
    Tony X

    relaxing place, hidden food stalls on the second floor worth checking out. Wanton mee not bad

  78. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Ng

    Recommend Nasi Lemak, Thai food here, wanton noodle near to Ah Lim Jalan Tua Kong mee pok, here also have Selegie soya bean

  79. Avatar photo
    Nu Hkm

    My favourite has to be ENAK ENAK. It really is enak. Prices have been climbing recently, but I’ve always enjoyed their food. Western cuisines are nice here too. Affordable steak and delicious too (although you can’t compare it to the likes of Astons). My personal favourite is the Maggie goreng pattaya with mutton for 7 bucks. Delicious!

  80. Avatar photo
    scj jo

    My local area in Singapore. Everyone is friendly, the mamak is really good. Be sure to try the teh cino. There’s also a Giant supermarket which makes things very convenient.

  81. Avatar photo
    Willy Willy

    YouTube:Dailyvlog@Simpang Bedok
    Here really looks like at Taman Sentosa J.B.
    Shop houses+landed terrace houses.
    Selling Noodles + Bak kuk teh.

  82. Avatar photo
    Wan Lee

    Simpang Bedok for me is only Enak Enak my best choice cos is halal n they serve Chinese cuisine, Western n local delight

  83. Avatar photo
    Shanying Wang

    Good place for supper

  84. Avatar photo
    Kian Ngiap Tan

    Not too bad, many stalls to choose from. Food wise is quite good value for money.

  85. Avatar photo

    Amazingly there re afew bakuteh shop there which we can brew tea and slowly enjoy our bakuteh there

  86. Avatar photo
    suki gemok

    Time for Thai restaurant at 282 bedok road is the best hiding Gems having dinner with family last weekend service staff was polite and food comes on the table fast taste was delicious will come back again keep it up.

  87. Avatar photo
    Adrianus Prima

    Great food, great bear and liquor option. Must try the foie gras at Burning Oak

  88. Avatar photo
    Eryani Adilah

    Plenty of good and not so expensive food to eat. Nice place to chill and hang out.

  89. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Chew

    Pretty much the go-to place for a variety of food choices, mostly for dinner or supper. Cheaper Indian food at Mahamoodiya, more expensive variants at Spize, and hipster hawker dining on the second floor – there’s a place for everyone at every budget level.

    The food isn’t the cheapest at most of these places however, but that’s a premium you’d pay at a supper hub like this.

  90. Avatar photo
    MatadorToro Smith

    The 2nd level food court is getting better the last time I visited. Used to be quite quiet but business seems to have improved a lot with more new stalls.

  91. Avatar photo
    hell boy

    very nice food and friendly service, there a place to chill with friends n family

  92. Avatar photo
    Joseph Wong

    Love this place. Always have a old school feel about this place

  93. Avatar photo

    A must come place when you are in Bedok. Lots of great food here! Recommended for supper

  94. Avatar photo
    Jacky Thum

    Slight bangkok vibe, alot of food stall and cafe to choose from.

  95. Avatar photo
    Peggy Tan

    Great place, with lots of food choices …

  96. Avatar photo
    KeLvIn LoY

    Nice n many selection of food. Great place to hangout wif fren for a drink.

  97. Avatar photo
    Saddam Khan

    The name simpang bedok is amazing.The place is very beautiful.I have been living there for a long time.I fell very good.The environment is very good.

  98. Avatar photo
    joshua hwang

    Great food at affordable prices. Ambience is wonderful, might be suitable as a hipster location. Great variety as well, ranging from oriental to western cuisines. Finding seats may be an issue, hence, advice would be to go early.

  99. Avatar photo
    Pahrulanam Mohd Awi

    Simpang Bedok @ Spize. Very nice variety food there. all halal

  100. Avatar photo
    FADLI 80s kid

    Loved the ambience and of coz the foods alot of variety can choose from

  101. Avatar photo
    Gwendolyn T

    Prata in simpang is the chewy doughy kind. Just get a seat/ grab your own menus for faster service. The jln tk Mee pok is also Fab. If you want crispy prata cross the road, next to the petrol station.

  102. Avatar photo
    Nick Doggett

    If you drive parking can be a problem. But a wide range of food is available plus it is a good watering hole.

  103. Avatar photo
    Nikil joseph

    Great place to visit for delicious food, great shopping and a vibrant atmosphere. The hawker center offers a wide variety of local foods and the shopping area has a variety of shops. It has a lively atmosphere and convenient location with easy access to public transportation. Highly recommended!

  104. Avatar photo
    KC Lim

    Lots of variety, this place makes u feel like in Malaysia food streets

  105. Avatar photo

    Good local coffee to wake you up and have nice Malay and Chinese restaurants too

  106. Avatar photo
    Thomas Lew

    There are numerous shops selling a variety of food. There is also a did court and a supermarket. Can be a food village. However parking can be a challenge.

  107. Avatar photo
    farizan hamid

    Spize my favourite place now. All the food are delicious.

  108. Avatar photo
    Chris T

    Lao Li Chinese restaurant. New find at Simpang Bedok. Stumbled on this new restaurant while looking to satisfy my craving for Seafood Bee Hoon. One of the best I’ve tried in a long time.

  109. Avatar photo
    Shay Bamadhaj

    food is so good and affordable. service may be a little meh but doesnt matter. my family loves to come here for the food. and it’s 24 hours too awesome …

  110. Avatar photo
    Chenyze LoveFood

    Great mix of stalls, a couple of them run by young entrepreneurs. Burning Oak has super affordable wagyu beef dons!

  111. Avatar photo
    Daniel Khoo

    Great selection of food. Some stalls definitely not as good but overall a nice place

  112. Avatar photo
    Aloysius Wee

    Restaurants on the second levels offer a wide spread of variety. Burning oak is an example of good quality food at reasonable prices.

  113. Avatar photo
    Sim Raymond

    Good place to chill after 0000hours. N there alot types of food to b eaten there. From Chinese style, malay styles, Indian styles to westen styles.

  114. Avatar photo
    Wing Chan

    Many eatery and plenty of parking space. The ramen store upstairs is good.

  115. Avatar photo
    Edwin Wong

    Not hawker centre but shops.. got good food..

  116. Avatar photo
    Matthew Phang

    Nicely nested along Bedok Road, this place has all the makan. Day & Night 24/7. During the day, it is well known for the Mee Pok be it from any 1 of the 3 shops selling. There are many varieties of food available in this area as well including some hawker stalls on the top of “Giant”. In the evening, this place comes to live with “Spize” dishing out a wide variety of food on their menu from local favourites to western cuisines. There are 2 Durian shops in this area for durian lovers to indulge after dinner as well. The “Giant” supermarket is 24 hours. Parking lots are available but can full during lunch and dinner timings.

  117. Avatar photo
    Zakirudin Mahmud

    Syed Cafe… Try the Curry Fish Head… Thick gravy with full of spices…

  118. Avatar photo
    Ardi Rashid

    Very crowded during the nite,food was great,good service

  119. Avatar photo
    Kian Theng Ong

    Lots of nice food. I prefer the bak chor mee at the coffee shop near carpark barrier.

  120. Avatar photo
    Ebenezer Thomas

    Excellent food area! East is always the best for food!!!

  121. Avatar photo
    Wife Bunny

    Went for the Thai food. Weird that they do not have Tom yum that day but tried their steam fish with lime and garlic, green curry, pineapple rice and kai lan and was really good. The fish needs to wait for like 20mins. Ordered the small portion for the rest and it is really for one pax portion.

  122. Avatar photo
    Marcus Low

    Used to be super awesome 5 stars until V Seafood moved in. Terrible food while forcing unknowing customers to sit on “their” tables. They also started selling everything on the other stalls’ menus, so spoiling first-time customers’ palate and experience.

    All the food is good except V Seafood’s. Jack of all trades but a master of none.

  123. Avatar photo
    Chua Kim Teck

    Good variety of food . 3 fish ball Mee stall war zone. Fusion and public style food court on the upper level

  124. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Ihsan K

    This area has multiple eating shops . The food ranges from Prata to steak and many many many others . Most of the eating areas around here are halal. Names of stores are Spize, Tang Tea House , Mahmudiyah , Syed , Badoq . Im not really sure of the chinese stores.

    If you are the kind that would like to take a late night meal , places like Spize , Mahmudiyah , Syed , Tang Tea House …….etc , they either dont close at all like the prata stores or their latest orders are at about 3.30am .

  125. Avatar photo
    Xavier Faurens

    Nice food court on the upper floor. Large choice of different cuisines from asian to western. There is even a cool bar. Good prices.

  126. Avatar photo
    Renton Ho

    Average food. The touting from the restaurants is a bit off putting. Try the food upstairs, it’s better.

  127. Avatar photo
    Jacelyn Chee Shuang

    Nice eating place with a variety of Halal Chinese and Muslim menu. Open till quote late around 3am.

  128. Avatar photo
    Bok Liong Ong

    Most of the stalls served really good quality good. My personal favourites are The Burning Oak (must try the combo and beef short ribs), The Naughty Chef (pork belly pizza), Khao Thai (prawn tang hoon). Don’t forget to have a nice cold beer at Bistro Ave… You’ll not be disappointed!

  129. Avatar photo
    Sarveish Waran

    Best hawker centre in bedok

  130. Avatar photo
    BrYan LeE

    Seem like simpang bedok no longer “known” just for Spize, the market place is upgraded to a astas eating place with lot of fusion foods to choose from… N no longer just a hawker centre with local foods… Good place to hangout also… Recommended to try it thou… Toilet look “vantage”, like a “Chinese makeup room” to be… Next to it there a east village with various restaurants/ cafes of choices too, Nice…

  131. Avatar photo
    dorothy chang

    This place sound so much like in Malaysia. Great place for a meal or take away. Plenty of choice. Parking a little challenging some time.

  132. Avatar photo
    Junaidy Jumadi

    Nice place to take a break during the weekend with family and friends. But just practice safe distance and max 8 people per group. Stay safe guys

  133. Avatar photo
    Zamri Rasheed

    Great place for family meals

  134. Avatar photo
    Evans Bong

    Great variety of food from $4 noodles to $30 steak all set in an open area. Don’t miss out the second level where many of my favourite hawkers are. Wash down all your food with beer and live soccer. Minus one star for limited parking especially on weekends you have to go to neighbouring location to park to walk over.

  135. Avatar photo
    Desmond Hong

    Nice environment for night out

  136. Avatar photo
    YW L

    Many late night dinning option.

  137. Avatar photo
    francis khoo

    Interesting theme. Cluster of food varieties. A good mix of Halal food

  138. Avatar photo
    نور عيني

    Foooood was exceptional goood and delicious. Highly recommend the salad though!

  139. Avatar photo
    Ethan Chan

    Very nice food. Nice aunty

  140. Avatar photo
    Kalwant Sandhu

    Always a great place to dine at. A great variety of restaurants and a great pub upstairs. Great place for families.

  141. Avatar photo
    Cheah Tsuen Huei

    Good environment for lepak

  142. Avatar photo
    Jovin TSD

    Ministry of Rojak… 1 of Many Food Available

  143. Avatar photo
    Ian Bligh

    Good food, great variety at reasonable prices.

  144. Avatar photo
    Amrita Feistyang

    The foodcourt sells food that are not the usual and standard hawker fare. Prices are not exactly cheap but decent enough for the quality and type of food that are available. The plus is the cleaner and more spacious environment than your typical hawker centre. Favourites include The Burning Oak – Japanese chargrilled meat on rice, and Kokoro, the local handmade Japanese Ramen. Some stalls have closed but new ones have also opened. This place is also surrounded by popular Halal eateries and prata shops.

  145. Avatar photo
    Fred Then

    Great mix of Malay and local Chinese food. Not a place if you are on a diet
    Above the supermarket is the high end Western and Asian makan! …

  146. Avatar photo
    EeraShorty Ahcir

    Alot of choices of food. Daun opeh, rojak and western food is most favourite! Been going here almost each month with family. Good for midnight supper too as they open till late night.

  147. Avatar photo
    Sarah Chan

    Always reliable for a comforting bowl of food, and you can get plenty of alternatives there should you find no seats for the Bak Chor Mee. You can pop over to Giant for groceries right after, or some fruit shopping as well.

    One star down cause, Nhor Hiang is no longer there, plus birds still a common sighting.
    Hoping for the day they will have more seats for us, but still gonna be a long wait for the food. >.<

  148. Avatar photo
    Johnathan Cheah

    Super Supper hangout place, the downstairs are filled with Mamak like stores, BKT, Noodles stores and the upstairs is beginning to really look/feel like a really nice place, drinking inclusive.

  149. Avatar photo
    Haziq Mahmud

    I went to supper deck and it was chill. The food is superb and a nice place to hang.

  150. Avatar photo
    Christina Ling

    love this place! just that the upper level and everything not as chillax as before.

  151. Avatar photo
    frfr ong

    Good supper place. Good atmosphere

  152. Avatar photo
    R M

    The food here used to be good. Used to be a nice place to hang out. But that was 15 years ago. This place had died

  153. Avatar photo
    Dierick Xypho

    Amazing stretch of food if you can find a place to park a ride – shouldn’t be much of a problem at night but great!

  154. Avatar photo
    Syafiee Rooslan

    Great place to lepak, but they lack number of waitress

  155. Avatar photo

    Some good food around. Should try the meepok store at the corner near to the big car park.

  156. Avatar photo
    Joshua Tham

    Wonton noodle house – the wonton noodles are good. $5 for small with a drink and $6 for additional noodles. Side dishes can try the braised chicken feet.

  157. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Farid Zulkifli

    A wide variety of food is served here. From western to indian cuisine. From Naans to tom yum. They have it all. Pleanty if seats available and kids friendly too. Most importantly, they have a clean toilet.

  158. Avatar photo
    Tuck Wai Lam

    Has one of the best Bak Chor Mee. Lorong Tua Kong Lau Lim used to be at Lorong Tua Kong but has moved there for many years already. The Village nasi lemak has moved out.

  159. Avatar photo
    Shrestha Saha

    the food court remains open 24 hours. food are moderately priced

  160. Avatar photo
    Clarence Ng

    Still the best place for supper

  161. Avatar photo
    Kane Han

    Best supper spot ever. Even during covid they still serve all the foods available

  162. Avatar photo

    Simpang Bedok is a great place with good vibes but 0/5 stars for ISHIRO. click for ISHIRO review:
    dined in on 6 September and ordered mentaiko salmon don and mentaiko chicken kutsu don.

    We were shocked that the mentaiko layer was SO THIN AND SO LITTLE (not even 1mm). We went back to feedback that the mentaiko sauce amount was too little and asked if they could provide a bit more. Without a word, the cashier proceeded to bring our bowls into the kitchen and keyed something into the ordering system. Turns out he was keying in an extra portion of mentaiko sauce and was going to charge us $2.90. It was extremely rude that he didn’t acknowledge my feedback and straightaway wanted to charge us?! We clarified how much extra mentaiko we would be given for the price and he had the audacity to say it’ll just be another layer?! didn’t pay for it and asked for my bowls back.

    btw when we started to eat, the mentaiko disappeared away into the kutsu. where’s my mentaiko…..? the chicken kutsu tasted like cheap chicken cutlet from those nasi lemak stores. the MSG was so strong, overpowered the mentaiko.

    TLDR, give this store a miss and fill your belly with much better food at simpang (eg the naughty chef, burning oak) unless you’re asking for poor service and poor quality of food.

  163. Avatar photo
    Low Joe

    Depend on where you go.
    Food above cold storage is highly priced
    Check out some of the halal establishment. More reasonable price.

    If you are looking for 24 hours food place. This is a good place to find food.

  164. Avatar photo
    One Pindi Boy

    You can have all type of food in under one shelter.

  165. Avatar photo
    A Loek

    Nice noodles stalls, coffee stalls during the day and the 24hrs Giant hypermart is so convenient

  166. Avatar photo
    Kwan tan

    a ton of variety! there is cheap and mid ranged food to choose from. a place to go if you have not. locals and tourist alike!

  167. Avatar photo
    John Hong

    Come here for mee pok. Last count, I tried at least three different shops. All good, but different of course.

    Love to bring my friend here and just try all three at one go.

  168. Avatar photo
    Kir Kar

    Pretty good place if you’re craving for wanton noodles or some Malay style food but unless you stay near here won’t make sense to come there to eat. The bean curd place is also good for a dessert

  169. Avatar photo
    Seng Leong Por

    Very authentic and flavorful Indian cuisine, they serve one of the best roti prata in Singapore! Give their garlic naan a try, it’s definitely a must have! In Malaysia, roti prata is also known as roti kosong or roti canai. Ask the servant to give you fish curry to go along with it, it’s really amazing!

    Place is usually full on weekends and dinner time. The table can be oily, but then again, we’re there because the food is really good!

    When placing order, you can check with their servants the special of the day. Sometimes they don’t offer the special menu unless you’re a regular.

    The lassi is really good, one of the best I ever had! Thick, creamy and fresh, it’s pack full of healthy bacteria for the stomach. It can be slightly sweet, but that’s what makes it so good!

  170. Avatar photo
    Iman Iskandar

    Its all about FOOOOOODDD! Various cuisines can be found…Chinese, Indian, Western, Thai, Malay, Fusion, etc…

    For those with sweet tooth, head down to East Village. Plenty of dessert, snacks and drink stores in the mall.

  171. Avatar photo
    Alex Puah

    Lots of food choices but parking is a bit more expensive and can get crowded at night and weekend.

  172. Avatar photo
    Thaddaeus Kwok

    Wonderful. Lots of food options here. Great place for supper too.

  173. Avatar photo
    Philip Goh

    Great foodie place but the new concept hawked place on the second level is not fully opened in the day

  174. Avatar photo
    Imran Z

    Service is good n prompt. Large variety of food. Taste is acceptable. Big serving. Like their mutton satay, fried rice, oats prawns and seafood salted vege soup.

  175. Avatar photo
    Vaishnavi K S

    This place is very lively, very beautiful, very colorful with full of trees and flowers and greenery around.

  176. Avatar photo
    Hazmi Hasan

    Best place for supper with halal option at the east side. Good variety of restaurant options like Spize, EnakEnak, Tang Tea House, Badoque and several Indian Muslim restaurants that whips crispy flluffy pratas.

  177. Avatar photo
    Joel Tng

    Great place for supper with friends!

  178. Avatar photo
    Hamran Mohamed

    Lots of food shops with good quality food. There is also giant supermarket.

  179. Avatar photo
    Lena Ong

    A new stall selling Japanese Rice bowl serves better rice than burning oak. Also saw a new Mookata stall preparing its opening…

  180. Avatar photo
    John Yin

    Quiet and laid back. Nice food and relaxed atmosphere

  181. Avatar photo
    Elaine Ong

    Good food dwells here. Though not so cheap, but you pay for the quality of good here. Spoilt for choice.

  182. Avatar photo
    Sienny Chandra

    The musang king durian very nice and reasonable price too.

  183. Avatar photo
    sulaiman mohd yusof

    Good location with lots of parking space but on weekends it’s very busy.

  184. Avatar photo
    Al'Amin Ahmad

    Ate at Spize with awesome variety food n excellent customer service friendly staff

  185. Avatar photo
    Wei Kong Leong

    Best place for late night supper. However, prices have gone off the charts and I would rather have prata at cheaper places

  186. Avatar photo
    Nadyne Wee

    Fusion hawker food at this hawker centre. Ordered tender pork chops from Chop Chop which was flavourful and tender!

  187. Avatar photo
    Sophie L

    Delicious food at the Marketplace and great variety. Great place to chill with friends.

  188. Avatar photo
    frederick siang

    The food is nice.. Cheap

  189. Avatar photo

    This place is a nice place to go with your friends and have a sit down.

    Although it’s very noisy as they’re are many people. It’s really not a bad place to eat many varieties of food.

    The pricing of the food can get a little expensive but I can say some of the food there are not that bad.

    There’s also a durian store at the entrance of the place however it may be a little over priced.

  190. Avatar photo
    Harry Chan

    Expensive eating place.
    Nothing special
    Food quality standard drop and yet prices increased .

    Crazy sitting place.
    You must patronise the different food stall if you want to sit down.

    When you order…you cannot sit at roti plata table n chair n order chinese noodles.

    Weired sitting policy.

  191. Avatar photo
    Ali Chua

    Simpang Bedok makes for good prata and midnight hangout spots here in Singapore, especially if you’re in the East. Parking is convenient, options are wide, and you get good spots to sit for long. Do try to get the Milo tower (large amounts of chocolate drink), or Teh Tarik (Indian milk tea), and for food, get the egg prata or the egg-onion prata.

  192. Avatar photo

    Although it is rustic and charming, there are a lot of dangers there due to pavements and kerbs everywhere. You can easily fall if not looking. And bedok marketplace food centre has no lift access and is located on the second floor. Not accessible for elderly and disabled

  193. Avatar photo
    Chee Siong Cheng (CS)

    Eaten a few times here. Well we all know why we are there to eat. Just another spot for locals.

  194. Avatar photo
    Roger Ong

    Nice food but no cheap hor

  195. Avatar photo
    Yuvanesh TS

    It used to be my favourite hangout spot but prices there have gone up and better alternatives have been found. Generally above average and worth going too if want a change from your usual places.

  196. Avatar photo
    Sharanya Chandran

    Great place to eat your dinner with friends and family

  197. Avatar photo
    Muhammad saleh Abd razak

    Spize,Tang Tea,Syed restaurant and many good food here

  198. Avatar photo
    Swift Six

    The best joint in the east… varieties of food joint, from different culture…price easy on pockets with beautiful ambience in the evening. Sit for hours and the fun never dies!

  199. Avatar photo
    Zul Ibrahim

    Better eat there than a takeaway..

  200. Avatar photo
    Ed An

    Wah Lau, 11am shops no opene. Can’t have early lunch and avoid the crowd

  201. Avatar photo
    ng chee meng

    Should try the restaurant over there.

  202. Avatar photo
    Tee Rexx

    Reasonably priced seafood. Saw quite a few locals, especially loved the oat prawn at the seafood restaurant there.

  203. Avatar photo
    KulKidzKlan 9

    Absolute wasteland(due to covid) and every restruaunt there costs an arm and a leg. Cool place tho and the foods good, definitely worth the aformentioned costs B)

  204. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Nizam

    Good food!

  205. Avatar photo
    Tuck Wai Lam

    Wide range of food fares are available. Lots of halal food. It is great to have halal and non halal restaurants in close proximity to have everyone regardless of faith to gather in one place. Food is not bad, lots of variety. No need to know what is good, my advice is just explore. After a hearty meals check out some of the desserts stall or shop. Just walk around.

  206. Avatar photo
    Zar Karimi

    What’s not to love about this place? Shwarmas, Hummus and Fool dips, Maggi Goreng, Satay, Steaks, Pasta. Lots of variety. Usually packed at dinner time.

  207. Avatar photo
    Cherie Neo

    this place is honestly one of the only few places in singapore you could go to for late night food! with many many choices for you to choose from! from chinese to indian to malay to western. you will be spoiled with so much choices!

  208. Avatar photo
    Ab Ab

    Spize was a little pricey, but there are a bunch of halal food outlets here to chill with friends or family . Easy parking spaces too.

  209. Avatar photo
    Nguyen Tung Lam

    Great food at slightly higher price range, but ambience is nice.

  210. Avatar photo
    Micheal Chang

    Good place to eat if you can park. Also, pet store nearby, groceries and a petrol station. Otherwise, traffic detracts one from going during peak periods.

  211. Avatar photo
    Wolfgang Post

    First level has the usual local dishes, second level has been upgraded to cater for other taste buds and bigger budgets.

  212. Avatar photo
    Lin Zheng Wei

    Revitalised eating area, whereby eastern and western meals co-exist. Nice old fashioned 70’s decoration which brought back the old days.

    Nice ambience. Less crowd. Modern cooking at affordable prices. Simple meal of main course and drink about SGD $7.

    Enjoyed. Tasty meals. Visited twice in April 2016. There’s also a good choice of Halal food at a row off coffeeshops below this venue.

    For those drivers, theres limited parking space. Parking will be a problem on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays.

  213. Avatar photo
    Magdalene Bernadette Tan

    All the food are superb. I wouldn’t eat the Chai Chee noodles again as the food handler used ungloved hands to receive money and prepare the noodles with the same hands.
    If you can get past that thought , then yeah, the noodles are good.

  214. Avatar photo
    Kishore Rochey

    It has a good local atmosphere. Good local eateries with a variety of Indian, Malay, Thai and Chinese food. There is also a 24 hour GIANT supermarket. Have added a picture of one of the restaurants I had a meal at.

  215. Avatar photo
    Abdul Jabbar Kachi

    For Night Birds especially and when you are hunting for satisfaction dinner, just browse the place, you will forget about the journey or distance but will be engrossed on what to eat. The Spize for quality and standard of food. The dessert from Spize, the banana split, if you never try…….what a waste.

  216. Avatar photo
    Faith Lim

    Pricey food for a hawker centre but they have variety and better quality food

  217. Avatar photo
    Jason Tan

    Many food outlets that operates 24 hours . Good place to look for halal food. Not much to shop except there is a giant supermarket

  218. Avatar photo
    Ebenezer Halm

    beautiful place to dine & drink

  219. Avatar photo
    F DCruz

    A wide range of food from authentic Indian Muslim stalls to Chinese seafood and contemporary Spize.

  220. Avatar photo
    A.J. Faizal

    Nice food but looonnng wait.

  221. Avatar photo
    Hakim Moharudin

    A wide array of cuisines to choose from, especially great when visited in the evening.

  222. Avatar photo
    Teck Leng Lim

    Nothing much to eat in the hawker centre. The nearby coffeeshops have better food. There is a giant supermarket on the 1st floor.

  223. Avatar photo
    David Boo Koh

    The prata is heavenly and the tau huey is old school and the dim sum is solid what else do you need in life?

  224. Avatar photo
    Tsin W61

    Relative small hawker center located at second floor, no lift access but many parking lot aound it.

  225. Avatar photo
    Ong Lisa

    Always packed on weekends n public holidays – hard to find parking. Food is good, however will think twice to visit on weekends.

  226. Avatar photo
    Junjie JJ

    Didn’t exactly know the east well enough when we were thinking of a chill out place. Went to level 2 to see what’s up and ended up at Bristro Ave. They mainly only serve Sapporo. Other beers are in bottles. There’s also wine. Last order is 11.30pm and lights out around 12 midnight. The last order for food at the stall beside is 10.30pm with only fried food. A non-aircon place.

  227. Avatar photo
    Lanz Leong (Devilanz)

    Alot of nice foods here.. love the stingray from Rong Guang most!

  228. Avatar photo
    Johari Bin Bandan

    Good foods,cleaned environment n friendly patience customer service …

  229. Avatar photo
    Wee Keng Seng Sunny

    Simpang Bedok has a kampong spirit environment which is rather authentic in nature. A place not to be missed if u are looking for quaint shops and makan2. …

  230. Avatar photo
    Marily Ng

    Nice place nice food at marketplace

  231. Avatar photo

    number of new stalls on level 2.
    nice japanese food and pizzas. 发起人bak kut teh stall opening soon. nice windy place. this period only 1 entrance open (same side as giant entrance) instead of 4 corners.

  232. Avatar photo
    Bayshore The

    Lots of great food. Bedok V wanton noodles, Bedok Makan place with Fried Rice..Lots of choices.

  233. Avatar photo
    Desmond Ho

    Lots of hidden eateries away from the typical housing board flats. Rustic feel

  234. Avatar photo
    Abigale Kheng

    We can keep going for the mee pok there at the coffeeshop. Highly recommended. Parking again, can vary in frustration.

  235. Avatar photo
    Julie Juliana

    Nice food! Big portions. Super cooler (drink) is a must!

  236. Avatar photo
    Steven Chan

    Many nice food around here.

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