Review Sim Lim Tower, 10 Jln Besar, Singapore

Review Sim Lim Tower - Singapore 10 Jln Besar

“The building looks quite old with small escalators. However, it’s a great place for shopping electronics. …” or “Great place for gadgets and electronics in one roof.. don’t just end up in one shop… Take a stroll and have a deep look and buy….” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Sim Lim Tower. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Sim Lim Tower is quality.

Introduction about Sim Lim Tower

Here are some fundamental details regarding Sim Lim Tower. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Sim Lim Toweris one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 10 Jln Besar, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Address: 10 Jln Besar, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 9 PM.


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5.91 km6 minute7 minute5 minute

How to contact Sim Lim Tower?

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You can directly come to 10 Jln Besar, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Sim Lim Tower reviews

Sim Lim Tower is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Sim Lim Tower good?

To determine whether Sim Lim Tower is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Great place for gadgets and electronics in one roof.. don't just end up in one shop... Take a stroll and have a deep look and buy....”

“Great place to shop electronic items, many shops selling similar stuff with competitive pricing.”

“You can get any electronic items from here.. just have patience to search through the mall..”

“Good for electrical spares and BSL office located this building”

“A great place to find any electronic component and etc”

“Still the go to place for components. Tube amps here also. Ham radio and marine electronics here too.”

“Good place to look for electronic components and LED lights. Low prices at good quality”

“All Electrical Things are available so Important place in tekka”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 247 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 80% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Sim Lim Tower, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Sim Lim Tower, 10 Jln Besar, Singapore

There is a total 247 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    shamu orca

    If you are looking electronic and parts, here is the place to find. Some items are cheaper than outside market but beware of the quality and authentic as per individual preference. There are food court on the basement. Car park price is slightly higher of 60 cents per half an hour than road side parking (may hard to find parking slot)

  2. Avatar photo
    David Chong

    The go to place for electronics parts.

  3. Avatar photo
    Eaglenestsg SG

    I don’t hate this place. It’s a very nostalgic place. Electronic and electrical wares are available here. If you are a handyman at home it’s a great place to visit. All sorts of spares that can be used for the home.

  4. Avatar photo
    CoolSky Sky

    Ok They have all the things that I needed for the electrical tools for cable and plugs. There is also a few cheap Thumb drive at 5th floor. There is also food stores at I think the 4th floor. There is also Retro games and consoles available in this store. …

  5. Avatar photo
    subra K

    Place where you can look for all your electronic items. Including lightings and sound system.

  6. Avatar photo
    Hj Suhaili Kurus

    Buy spare part electronic

  7. Avatar photo
    Gangisetty Rajesh

    U can get good products here

  8. Avatar photo
    Venugopal Edakkal

    If you want to buy electronic gadgets, this is the best place. A lot of stores. Just be careful to buy authentic items.

  9. Avatar photo
    Kaiyan Leong

    There are still a couple of old school repair shops for your old school equipment. But if you are looking for parts to DIY, you’ll be better off searching online

  10. Avatar photo
    Nicholas chua

    Good place to get ur electronics, a wonderland for electronics hobbies. The tower looks run down and air-con has a distinct smell probably due to the huge amount of electronics.

  11. Avatar photo
    Julie Ang

    A very old building. Good to look around for led electrical products. Price wise not really cheap as compared to those old days. Do check up the prices and understand the product before your visit to Sim Lim Tower. Food outlets not available inside the tower.

  12. Avatar photo
    Ravi Sharma

    Best Place to buy electronics items. There are many floors and you can get any electronic items, audio, video, laptop, desktop, mobile phones. You can repair your laptop, desktop, audio items, mobile phone etc. Some shops are cheating customers as per news in different media, so be careful and visit recommended shops only. Information counter can help to share list of verified shops. I regularly visit to buy different electronics items and camera items.

  13. Avatar photo
    Karthi Karthi

    All Electrical Things are available so Important place in tekka

  14. Avatar photo
    ridhuan amran

    Where you can find most of your electronic items. You name it, they have it. Awesome mall to shop for electronics.

  15. Avatar photo

    The well known, electronics shopping mall in singapore. No matter what kind of electronics that you might want, it will be found here. The smallest sized resistors, a switch to toggle different vga channels, etc.

  16. Avatar photo
    Karuna Marsh

    Was here to make my Indian visa. The place is very near the mrt station and the visa centre is very efficient and friendly as well. Just a 3mins walk away from the mrt station, but please note this is simlim tower and not sim lim square. Both of them may be easily confused from each other!

  17. Avatar photo
    Ross Gillies

    I love this place. Geeks paradise. Every type of electronic device can be found here. However, I would not buy a big ticket item here, heard too many ripoff stories.

  18. Avatar photo
    Jerry QUEK Cheng Pang

    Sells almost anything to do with electrical products.Lots of shops to choose from,but must be careful enough not to be cheated.Don’t buy at once ,compare a few shops before deciding on a purchase.May be should start from few higher levels then work your way downwards, it may be safer.
    Dated : 28/07/2017 (Thursday).

  19. Avatar photo
    M M

    A great place to find any electronic component and etc

  20. Avatar photo
    Review King PhD

    It’s a collection of crowded used item marketplace. Beware of scams.

  21. Avatar photo

    The place to go if you are into electronics and diy electrical projects. From soldering irons to vacuum tubes, you can find it here

  22. Avatar photo

    Good old place for electronics and parts..wonder how many years more before it gets demolished…

  23. Avatar photo
    Kevin Boban

    Good Electronics stores at good price

  24. Avatar photo
    Fayaj Ahamed

    Nice place to buy electronic items spares..

  25. Avatar photo
    hariom upadhyay

    One place to buy all electronics item and gadgets.
    Lot of bargain can be done but many items to buy

  26. Avatar photo
    Tim Posney

    If you want almost anything for hobby electronics this is a great place to go. Small overflowing stores with a wide assortment of stuff. Not usually frequented by the tourists and not selling PC’s and phones it is a terrific spot to get anything for self build projects, components switches, relays cases, test equipment, meters. We got specially wound Transformers high power MOSFETs, Arduino, raspberry pi all sorts of stuff. Don’t know anywhere else in Singapore you can get this.

  27. Avatar photo
    Anusha Balakrishnan

    Good place to buy electric and electronic for good prices if you know you way about. You need to be well versed what you want and know how to speak the local lingo. Best to go with a local!

  28. Avatar photo
    Han Raj

    A number of items like, cctv, name cards, posters, led lighting etc can be bought here. Price looks reasonable.

  29. Avatar photo
    Kenneth SYQ

    If you need any electronic chips, leds or any other engineering stuff in Singapore, this is the place to go. Lots of choices here so look through and evaluate the prices before going ahead and buy.

  30. Avatar photo
    Victor Lee

    Went to Sim Lim Tower to get a replacement charger and replacement Lead-acid batteries for my boy’s toy car. Lucky to find Davjones Technology.. Charger, and 2 batteries for just $30. The toy shop in BL said battery replacement would cost over $100.. It’s only $24 in Sim Lim Tower. Definitely a place you want to shop for your electrical and electronic needs.. Best if you know what you need as there are many similar shops there. I didn’t know at first so I brought the entire battery pack and faulty charger down, and randomly ask for help in replacement. This is 2nd shop I tried asking.. First shop didn’t have my items. Great thanks to the uncle from Davjones who helped me yesterday. Very knowledgeable and patient. I am extremely impressed.

  31. Avatar photo
    Wen Hao Chen

    Pretty rundown place
    Mostly audio media shops and lighting fixture shops

  32. Avatar photo
    Chris Anthony

    Everything u need in electronic is here. Loudspeaker, repair & retail, spare parts..etc

  33. Avatar photo
    Gary Choo

    Probably the ONLY place you need to go for your electronic, electrical and LED parts.
    Price is decent.

  34. Avatar photo
    Rajesh Suguru

    One of the well known places in Singapore on the way to Mustafa. You can get many electronics goods for better price , beware of some of the shops might sell low quality products for low prices..Some of the shops are really great and provide beat services for better price..Laptops and mobile phones are most selling products here..Laptop repair ships also located here and fixes the issues on the spot.

  35. Avatar photo
    Dennis Choy

    go n see mr. Francis he’s very patience n good temper. best if u r buying n don’t know much. He will help u. Best Wishes 2021..

  36. Avatar photo
    Fernando Mortara

    The place to go for electric and electronic components and tools.
    Plenty of offers on pro audio equipment too.

  37. Avatar photo
    Veron Ho

    The Bank RHB provided good services

  38. Avatar photo
    Sachith Sooriarachchi

    Best place for all electronic parts in Singapore …

  39. Avatar photo
    Sean Michael Yip

    A One-Stop location for your Electronics and Electrical goods like Relays, Contactors, Printed Circuit Boards, Terminal Blocks, Microprocessors and other miscellaneous electronic components like LEDs, switches wires.

    You’ll be able to find most tools electronic and electrical related here as well.

    If you don’t find what you’re looking for, then chances are you either didn’t try hard enough or it can’t be found locally.

    Parking isn’t too difficult but the some of the lots can be small and the height clearance is limited.

  40. Avatar photo
    Lim Puay Sia

    One of the oldest shopping centre for electricity and electronics items, audio/visual, lighting etc. The operators here are very helpful and friendly. Almost have what you wanted to buy for electricity and electronics parts and items.

  41. Avatar photo
    Cheiko's Channel

    This place main use is for office rental, sale and other commercial purpose. One fact that get people going here because they are known for their big electronic mall, especially electronic spare parts.

  42. Avatar photo
    Deepak Choudry

    You can buy electronic equipments for cheap rates here. But I wonder how can these items be this much cheaper. Service is very good. The guy named Saravan treated me very well …

  43. Avatar photo
    Sherab Tenzin

    The building looks quite old with small escalators. However, it’s a great place for shopping electronics. …

  44. Avatar photo
    SB Sarkar

    The electronics component market in Singapore. From Tana Mera, u have to take a train to Bugis and walk a bit to this place. Things are costly and almost 90% products are of chinese origin. For hobbyists, it would take almost a day to explore the entire market.

  45. Avatar photo
    Michael Schnyder (emtwo)

    My number one place for electronics. Quite pricy compared to AliExpress but it’s in stock and people can offer their help. Very much valued.

  46. Avatar photo

    Alot of variety of stuff to be bought here for any small to medium projects and experiments. Prices are quite reasonable too. Do compare with at least 3-5 shops before buying the cheapest.

  47. Avatar photo
    Dinushka Fernando

    Good place for electronics and spare parts. Some shops have cheaper prices while others are very expensive. There are so many shops you can choose to buy parts for arduino projects, hobby projects, electrical items repair, LED light systems, CCTV systema, Networking, etc.. Considerable amount of shops to buy professional audio sound systems and all the replacement and repair parts for sound systems. Washrooms are not quite comfortable though.

  48. Avatar photo
    Wan C.

    Smells of stale cigarette smoke and old air conditioning. All sorts of electric and electronics bits and bobs to be found here for very reasonable prices. If you like rummaging through cramped hardware shops run by slightly grumpy old men, this is your heaven. There’s even a whole shop selling nothing but cable ties.

  49. Avatar photo
    Javier Tan

    Lift spoil… but its a good place for useful stuff like overseas sim card!

  50. Avatar photo

    Much Expensive compared to online electronics items

  51. Avatar photo
    Brian Hardy

    A lot of electronic shops. Mostly selling parts and tools. Good place to buy parts of DIY project. Most of shops closed by 5 pm and earlier on a Saturday.

  52. Avatar photo
    Paul Pistore

    Sim Lim tower is Singapore’s mainstay for electronic components, LEDs, professional and hobbyist tech.
    The layout can be daunting for first-time visitors, but it’s worth wandering around, because there’s always something new and interesting to see here. One star off for the haphazard layout, but it’s also part of the fun.

  53. Avatar photo
    Ashley Joseph

    Best place to drop in for all your electronic items. The staff are very knowledgeable and can assist you in choosing the right product. You need to have time and patience to shop !!

  54. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    I come here to buy Summit products. The sliming gridder is good for health. There are shops selling electric products and snack shops.

  55. Avatar photo
    Ricky Zulfandi

    Bought some accessories here

  56. Avatar photo

    Great electronic shops and all kinds of electronic items for example mobile phones, television, seekers, radio, amplifier, home theater, projector, electrical cables, led lights, all model TV remotes, dvd remotes, projector screen, ac adapter, transformers, AC to DC drivers, all types of cables like HDMI cables , data cables, mobile chargers, electronic spare parts, like resistance, capacitor, transmission, IC is all so available and big electrical and electronic shopping mall in Singapore. Home appliances and home appliances spare parts and accessories available.

  57. Avatar photo
    Keone Kelobonye

    This place has many big brands of electronics (televisions, computers, cameras, smart phones, sound systems etc). Lots of third party retailers and repair services are also available here. I wish we had places like this in other parts of the world for the great convenience it offers with lots of options for customers.

  58. Avatar photo

    Good place to pick up electronic spare part

  59. Avatar photo
    Chun Song Lee

    A good old place for all your electronics parts either for school project or building your prototype.

  60. Avatar photo
    Prakasam ajith

    Have lift and steps more than shops have electrical and electronics embassy atm computer centre and much more shops have in sim lim tower near rochar MRT Station Car parking available everything good. Have 14+ floors. Small shops have been showing lit place. Every time crowd have in the building people’s are happily enjoying our services. Very Near little india.

  61. Avatar photo
    Ayanga Kalupahana

    Basically you can find electronic components and accessories : electronic circuit modules, batteries, wires, audio equipments here compared to SIM Lim Square where you can find IT equipments like laptops, phones and etc.

  62. Avatar photo
    Aman Basanti

    Less expensive than Sim Lim Square, but a lot of the shops won’t do things they advertise for or even stock stuff they are supposed to. Example: soldering shop wouldn’t solder something for me because I they don’t touch “consumer products”. Whatever that means.

  63. Avatar photo
    Mukund Jere

    One of the best places to get all your electronic and electrical gadgets. You name it and you’ll get. Small shops, but they have everything. Electrical and electrical components and also gadgets, mixers and mikes and speakers for music. Some camera outlets are also there.

  64. Avatar photo
    Hanafi Hameed

    Very old school..but got the stuff u want and the stuff you never know you need as well …

  65. Avatar photo

    A good place to get almost any electrical or electronic parts & components, DIY stuff, mini project kits, etc.
    Some shops can help to place order for items not found within.
    There’s even some shops to assist in soldering for your needs.
    Building is old but suit the needs…

  66. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Hoeden (BENJI)

    Its a one stop shoping all your hifi needs its there from screws cables , spot , running , disco lights speakers, Cctv ect …if the price is $10 at one shop its $10 in all the shops …the difference is the brand they carry some are agents for particular Brand …

  67. Avatar photo
    jimmy teoh

    Electrical spare parts such as lights, security cameras, karaoke mostly for electrical. Not computer, I T staff .

  68. Avatar photo
    Melvin Huang

    The place is full of electric and electronic stuff. Managed to save $300 just by changing the led driver instead of changing the whole light .

  69. Avatar photo
    phang c fong

    A lot of electronic and electric items to choose from. H/phone, computer, cable. TV , charger , so so many to shop..

  70. Avatar photo

    Here we can find only electrical gadgets like bulb ,leds ,any thing related to electrical equipment is mostly available here …one of the best shops we can buy best at comparatively low price

  71. Avatar photo
    Muso Lee

    It was notoriously known for a mall full of rippers who cheat their customers and offer poor after sales service. I believe they have changed the image for the better. The types of businesses remain largely unchanged. However there have added many great restaurants and food eateries for the shoppers to choose from.

  72. Avatar photo

    BLS international office located at 14th floor. Before went to renewal our Indian passport , we need to do online application fill with bls international website.

    ◇Only cash pay…. No NETS payment

    ◇If you need to take photocopy or printout, please bring coins.

    ◇51*51 white background photo need

    ◇During online application make sure your details are 100% prefect. We can’t edit our application. If we did mistake need to do fill up the application again.


  73. Avatar photo
    Sathya baman

    Good place to find cheap electronics

  74. Avatar photo
    Michael Xu

    Best place if you are looking for electronic parts for anything that you need you can find it here. Small item from a chip board resister to a speaker and even karaoke set. You can get your spoilt electronic product fix here if your are looking to safe cost.

  75. Avatar photo
    Redha Mohamad

    Building is old. Alot of shops for electronic parts and such. Shoutout to Davjones Technology, the only shop i go to there to get all things fiber or network related.

  76. Avatar photo
    RSampath 640

    Sim Lim Tower can buy Electrical n electronic equipment. It’s look like old building but all Electrical tools and equipment is brand new . All shop owner n staffs Friendly talk to customer.

  77. Avatar photo
    David Lum

    You can find EVERYTHING here electrical (not for finished computer gadgets), including hard to find items. You need to hunt around store-to-store to find what you’re looking for, but it’s possible.

  78. Avatar photo
    Anders Åström

    Sim Lim Squares forgotten sibling. While Sim Lim Square is all about gadgets and consumer electronics, Sim Lim Towers is all about electrical engineering. Great for makers, tinkerers and DIYers. Here you can find lights, cables, tools, measuring instruments, and hobby and semi-pro electronics.

  79. Avatar photo
    senthilvel vedachalam

    It’s a good place to find electric and electronic spare parts, you can get the spares for old gadgets also.

  80. Avatar photo
    Lian Jye Su

    Best place to shop in Singapore for home entertainment and electronics buyers. Old and a bit rundown, but still houses experienced electronics vendors. Other people may be better off buying from Challengers, or from online.

  81. Avatar photo
    Duane Thia

    The same Sim Lim Tower from eons ago….still, many electrical and electronic stores there….Some have been there for many many years too.

  82. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    Old building, great to find peripherals and audio miscellania, a few phone shops are there too, however they can be dodgy at most times. Beware of scammer around this building and SimLim Square as well.

  83. Avatar photo
    Ameen nihar

    Indian high commission of india 14 floor before go must book appointment , reception staff very helpful . appreciate.

  84. Avatar photo
    Samantha Chan

    Great place to find most of the electronics, components and equipment you need for DIY, school projects etc. Would recommend checking out ASK Electronics on first floor (helpful staff) and Sunlight Electronics on third floor. Also, shops here close quite early, should come over before 5pm. As prices vary from shop to shop, I suggest looking around for better deals before committing to buy.

  85. Avatar photo
    Malvyn Teo

    Place to go to shop for parts like aircon (inverter type) remote controller, power supply units, … etc etc

  86. Avatar photo
    Parag Bhatnagar

    Great place for all things electronic – and I mean proper electronics, not consumer electronics. If you’re interested in buying a phone or laptop, head over to Sim Lim Square. However, if you need to buy transistors, LEDs, breadboards, switches, sockets, etc. this is the place you want to be in.

  87. Avatar photo

    All electrical and electronics items available at here

  88. Avatar photo
    kristopher yang

    If you know the place you will know you can get most of the pcb part for onboard replacement and stuff. For more rare and exortic stuff will be abit hard but still can try

  89. Avatar photo
    Anuradha Fernando

    Good place for electronic hobbyists and engineers who are searching for electronic and electrical components and other services. However in the first few floors, the prices are very high and some times rude staff too. But upper 2 floors are relatively good with helpful staff and relatively low prices.

  90. Avatar photo
    kokliang lee

    The best place to buy cameras, cctvs, binoculars, computers and peripherals, monitors, tablets, electronic devices and accessories at competitive prices.

    Also a stop for seeking repair services for computers, notebooks, tablets and hand phones.

  91. Avatar photo
    Ryl Sean

    Cool place for electronics

  92. Avatar photo
    Kenn Tan

    Not only is this building good for electronics parts and measurement meters, there is a cheap, good, fast optical shop selling genuine Ray Bans and other sunglasses. Check out Soon Lee Optical Co at #01-08.

  93. Avatar photo
    Suvega S

    Nice place to shop for electronics gadgets and spares. There are some everyday cables and AV cable/spare shops at level1. Few good electronics DIY kit shops in basement, branded kits in level4. Public address system and car electronics shop can be brought here. Few service shops offer repairs of your old loved speakers, I got my Bose 2.1 speaker cone/paper changed here – (skilled elderly/aunty fixed it for me). Some phone cases/cover shops available here. There is an authorised India visa/passport service office on this building, but separate lift lobby (one connected to car park). A coffee shop with a small sitting area available in the building. Nowadays, it is easy & cheper to buy electronics online. So, check online before you shop any spares. I bought a spare here which was only half the price in elements!4. There are good side to shop physically here, you check item first hand.

  94. Avatar photo
    Abdul Hakim

    You can find Aby electrical, video, any ectrical and mechanical items Just say it you will got it immediately.

  95. Avatar photo
    Wei Cong

    Easily accessible next to Jalan Besar MRT Exit.

  96. Avatar photo
    The Wong Family

    Anything you need to find related to electronics stuff from wire, to speakers, Amplifiers, DJ console, stage up, microphones and many more. A one stop electronics accessories place

  97. Avatar photo
    Andrew Khng

    The place to shop for electrical fittings, gadgets, batteries and computer accessories.

  98. Avatar photo

    Great place to get your d.i.y parts. For Arduino or Raspberry pi. Tons of stuff can be pre-order for your projects. Just about anything I.t.

  99. Avatar photo
    Stephen Vickers

    Was OK for a look around a few floors of tech. Know your prices to get a deal. Could spend a few hours looking. Lots of security cameras for sale.

  100. Avatar photo
    king sufi

    I like how old schl it look but at the same time so run down…..that part is no good. Should try and rent out cafe that serve good cheap food too or freshen up the many free space you have………..

  101. Avatar photo
    Joycelyn Ng

    A lot of shops closed down due to COVID19. Great place to get your electronics parts

  102. Avatar photo
    John Ang

    Sim Lim Tower is Sim Lim Square’s less well known sibling. While Sim Lim Square has made a name for itself selling computer parts, Sim Lim Tower specializes more in audio equipment and hardware items of all stripes. Need wires? A switch? LED lights? A Motor? Extra laptop charger? Sim Lim Tower is the place to go. Start at the basement and work your way up.

  103. Avatar photo
    Swati Suren Prabhu

    Clean maintained complex with major shop related to mobile n iPad.. there are few companies who deal with passport n other document related agents.

  104. Avatar photo
    Kai weng Wong

    Retailers for computer related electrical components, laptops,lcd screen for microbits,batteries, and repair /servicing services. One important advice is that the customers should frequent more shops selling the same items to negotiate/ compare the prices and authenities before purchases. However, the traffic here is very convenient and bugis mrt is nearby.

  105. Avatar photo
    Prasshannt K

    There is an Indian Embassy outsourced agency here called, BLS International, their service is not so great. Crowded usually. Overall the complex is quite old and has lot of electronics shops, sound and music shops etc. At first sight prices appear on higher side and not sure if bargaining works or not.

  106. Avatar photo
    T L

    Great place to explore for electrical & electronic components & products. Friendly shop owners are helpful with advice. Prices are also moderate with wide range for electronic enthusiasts.

  107. Avatar photo
    Stephan Kovalkov

    If you need any components for your project this place has it all. However They do lack places that sell battery equipment. But generally all circuitry equipment can be bought from here

  108. Avatar photo
    Terrence Lee

    U might want to look for accessories , international SIM cards , various night camera devices. And etc some things will catch u unaware that u might need it.

  109. Avatar photo
    Saad Fazal

    My dream home. Beware tech freaks. If you walk in make sure you have a time piece coz you would not know how long you’ve been there. One of the best ever tech building I’ve ever visited. You got shops to buy from just a data cable to a large TV all with different brands and different varieties. A few underdogs who try to rip you off. Don’t rush into anything. Compare is the best. You will have much more options and make sure you right the price down on there card for what you want, go to the underground food court. Have a meal or a drink. Compare prices and then buy what you want. Make sure to get a genuine bill for warranty and GST or go under the table for a better price with no bill or GST

  110. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    A great place to find LED lights for Christmas which can also be customised to the length you require.

    Shop was very friendly and offered advise.

  111. Avatar photo
    SHILPA w

    Can purchase electronic n elecrical goods in Singapore.
    You must bargain. You should carefully check the genuineness of stuff before purchasing.

  112. Avatar photo
    M Ramawan A Samad

    Not many shops open. Probably due to Chinese New Year hangover

  113. Avatar photo
    Ian Huang

    This is the place to go to if you need electrical supplies. Not really for the regular consumer but if you know your way around electronics, this is the place to come to get the tools and supplies you need for your project.

  114. Avatar photo

    My go to place to buy anything electrical. Connectors, wires, led lights, Drivers, resistors, speakers, a/v equipment, circuit boards and plenty of other stuff. However the prices are high so don’t expect a bargain. If you can spare the time of 2-4 weeks, order from AliExpress or online and save yourself a bundle. Good place to buy from if you’re tight on time. Don’t bother to have lunch here, the food isn’t very good.

  115. Avatar photo
    Ragawan Nair

    Nice place to visit if you are an advanced tech geek trying to build your own gadgets and stuff. Other than all the electronic parts, only a handful of actually sell useful do-it-yourself stuff for robotics and the likes. Namely only 3 shops haha. Try google Arduino amd Raspberry

  116. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Rashid milon

    Very near to sim lim square, can buy most electronic accessories and have a lot of repair shop here

  117. Avatar photo
    Niladri Paul

    You can get any electronic items from here.. just have patience to search through the mall..

  118. Avatar photo
    Yoris Yunanda

    Everything you need from electrical accessories, LED lights and devices at an affordable price. You can even negotiate for lower prices at most shops.

  119. Avatar photo
    Karna moorthy

    Nice place to get spares for TV, video, fan, fridge, and for electrical and electronic staffs and hifi sound system equipment, lightings and many more, thanks

  120. Avatar photo
    Myo Min Swe

    Shopping mall for electronic, near bugis and rochor Station

  121. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Hussain Syed

    Electronics cheap but check market rate before go down purchase

  122. Avatar photo

    You can get all sort of electronic original spare parts for bulk ordering and single piece buying in this tower. Actually an entire tower is dedicated for this purpose, for all interested electronics people this place is heaven, normal person can also go for the simple gadget purchase. Quality is mostly reliable. Help desk is available for any enquires. And BLS for Indian immigration is also located on the 13th floor for any Indian Visa or Passport related services. Pp size photos will be taken within the BLS at a cheap rates compared to outsiders.

  123. Avatar photo
    Ben ~

    Bought a DC cable splitter at a first floor shop. I thought shops at basement would sell cheaper due to lower rent, but I was wrong. Do some price comparison before buying stuff here to get a good deal.

  124. Avatar photo
    ravindra kumar

    The place place for electronic servives. I get my laptop repaired. You get variety of options. I would say go atleast 3-4 places for the satisfactory price and service. Get get fed up with some shopowner dont care attitude.

  125. Avatar photo
    Ryan Choo

    It is no longer in its former glory. Perhaps we could now purchase off online so unless you are one of those who are seeking out electronics and electrical components to build or repair your appliance, this is almost a forgotten place today.

  126. Avatar photo
    Kuldeep Sonar

    All in one shop for all electronic items, it’s easy to find here most of products which is not easily available in outside local market.

  127. Avatar photo

    Good area to purchase electronic components. Unlike buying via online, The components are quite pricey but u can get the item instantly so its depends on your priorities

  128. Avatar photo

    The one-stop place for all your electronic component needs. Visit the basement, first floor and topmost floor. The place is open 7 days a week, but don’t come on Sundays as most shops (the well stocked ones) will be closed.

  129. Avatar photo
    Robert Santosa

    Many useful small stores. Esp at level 2 to buy international SIM cards at great prices. could buy online or on the spot.

  130. Avatar photo
    soren enemark

    I just love that place although I go there too seldom. I went to the basement the other day looking for Arduino and Microbit kits – found a great place in Continental. Super cool!

  131. Avatar photo
    Google Map

    Very old building, since young time, had been coming

  132. Avatar photo
    Daniel Wee

    Expensive parking and quite a walk from the MRT. If you don’t know your prices, you’re liable to end up paying higher than you have to. On the plus side, an assortment of interesting electronics supplies found nowhere else in Singapore.

  133. Avatar photo
    khalid hamid

    More for audiophiles and karoake freeks …

  134. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Ho

    Building is about 60 years, except for usual shops, escalators and lifts, no new features like ramps for wheel chairs are found.
    Can still enjoy shopping for electrical goods.

  135. Avatar photo
    Phillip Brown

    Loads of electronic items and components. Worth a look if you’re into the hobby. Not necessarily the cheapest place to buy though, now that online ordering from China is easy.

  136. Avatar photo
    kuti ishootstyle

    I visited this place because i need to find some of my tools in this place. If you are working at audio video you should go to this place. Because you can find everything. Cable, connector, tools, and the audio equipment as well.

  137. Avatar photo

    Is good for buying battery and other products can find is shopping centre is a best place like LED light and many products Electronic item.

  138. Avatar photo
    Robin “Slinger” Tan

    Where else to find hard to get replacement electronic parts than Sim Lim Tower? Can’t go wrong if that’s what you are looking for. And prices are reasonable, no need to bargain. Not crowded too.

  139. Avatar photo
    Amar Phatak

    Been their to buy some TV hang my TVs on the wall.good stuff.nice quality even done this bargain n got discount too.
    Normally on public holidays the shops are close which is today else there is lots of people.simlim sells cheap n fake product that notion is not fully correct.all one nedd to do see the product check it carefully bargain get discount n take it.which normally I do it.
    For me I recommend it for bargain hunters n those people who loves to walk n see many shops check the quality n then buy it.

  140. Avatar photo
    Paul Shim

    I discover the better shops are at the basement area. Higher levels especially level 3 -33 must avoid at all times. Sold faulty products and refuses to replace at all…instead asked for additional payment. In the end settle for additional payment of 50% on top of previously paid 100%. They took back the faulty product as they can repair it to resell it to someone again…lol

  141. Avatar photo
    Vijay Warrier

    Sim Lim Tower is the one stop place to buy electrical and some electronic stuff. Shop for items that are not available at your hardware store. There are many individual shops spread out 5 levels of floor selling a variety of stuff. The other part of the building has some offices. BLS Indian visa facilitation is also located here. Parking is pathetic and the charges.
    Do not confuse this to Sim Lim Square which is a mall for computers, mobiles, cameras and other computer related gadgtery.

  142. Avatar photo
    Boy Dhillon

    Good place to repair hifi rison electric

  143. Avatar photo
    kok liang lee

    A great place to shop for computer, notebooks , IT gadgets, networking peripherals as well as cameras. Definitely, a good location to go for computer repairs and services.

  144. Avatar photo
    Lydia Ee

    Mostly selling electronic and electrical stuff and related goods. A shop selling beautiful door knobs and handles. Not selling computers or televisions here. One cafe, one jewellery shop, a printing shop and a new music arrangement shop. Above 4th floor are offices, Spatec an academy for spa servises and you can apply visas to India.

  145. Avatar photo
    Nisala Amarasekara

    Best place for your electronic gadgets.

  146. Avatar photo
    Peter Chong

    Good place to get electrical components and equipment, provided you’re technically inclined and know what you want exactly.

    Most businesses here are honest, but some exist that are there to maximize their profits at your extent. Other shops are fine, but are just targeted at the more knowledgeable buyer.

    Highly recommend LHS Electronics, they make professional grade custom cables- Pro Audio, Visual, and Networking. They bring in brands like Neutrik, Amphenol, Canare, Belden, Klotz and AMP. Very high quality handiwork in cable making. Very reasonable prices.

  147. Avatar photo
    Frans Ijoel

    Fine place to find electronic equipments and components. Looks complete too. May find the cheaper stores somewhere else, but close to city

  148. Avatar photo
    Sherab Tenzin

    The building looks quite old with small escalators. However, it’s a great place for shopping electronics.

    There are great choices of components of sound system, audio/visual system, lighting, CCTVs, relays, switch boards, mobiles, computers etc.

    If we don’t electronics we need, Sim Lim Square is just nearby – another good place for tech-freaks and ICT-lovers.

    There are also few ticketing agents that help you apply visa of countries like India, Malaysia, China etc.

  149. Avatar photo
    Aldrin Tee

    A rustic mall that sells mainly electronics parts and accessories. If you need any electrical or electronic products or equipment in Singapore , chances are you will be able to find it here.

  150. Avatar photo
    george lancelot

    was at sim lim tower #03-40 purchase LED lights had the best service ladies was very polite and helpful would recommend.

  151. Avatar photo
    Vijay Gole

    Can get all electrical/electronics here

  152. Avatar photo
    The Maiz

    Not to be confused with Sim Lim Square: this is the Tower and is on the north side of the same intersection. Sim Lim Tower is where you go to buy electronic components and… well… STUFF, in the same way that you might go to Akihabara if you’re in Tokyo. It’s a mix of medium and small-to-smaller shops. If you know what you need, but can’t find it, ask one of the shopkeepers where they’d go to get the same thing – a good strategy. And shop around. The traders are helpful, knowledgeable, and will spend time with you if you’re a serious shopper. There’s a food shop on the upper level. If you’re an electronics enthusiast looking for a bit of excitement while on holiday, then you could walk all the levels of Sim Lim Tower in about 90 minutes (and then head to Mustafa Centre). But if you want computer bits, then walk back across the intersection to Sim Lim Square. That’s exciting shopping too.

  153. Avatar photo

    Lot of electronic spare parts shops

  154. Avatar photo
    Leong Kenny

    Great place to source for electronic components but do walk around first before buying anything. Can easily find spare parts if you can repair or replace by yourself.

  155. Avatar photo
    SG family Fun time

    Good place for electronic devices. The price is reasonable.

  156. Avatar photo
    Wei Ming Chen

    Quite old with very small escalators. Place to find many electronic components. For computer, smartphone, and their accessories, better go to Sim Lim Square nearby.

  157. Avatar photo
    Essper Tan

    One Stop Shopping place for any electronics components needed.
    Tips: Visit all the different stalls at the building as different outlet might sell the same product but at a different prices.

  158. Avatar photo

    In this building,l did go two times for embesscy letter for license conversion.this building located in little india.this building construct with above 17th floors and have so many was nice experienced. …

  159. Avatar photo

    Very old building with no upgrading whatsoever although the lifts seemed to be new.
    Electronics and electrical accessories are sold in most shops.
    Aisle are very narrow including escalators (single person is still narrow). Guess it’s because previously building guidelines does not specify minimum width of corridors or walkways.
    There is no separate lift lobby to office tower is at level 1. It’s hidden behind some shops.
    Will still patronise if items not found in Sim Lim Square.
    Jln Besar MRT Station is just at the door step.

  160. Avatar photo
    Francis Valle

    Place of IT one-stop shop

  161. Avatar photo
    Eamon Chen

    Still the same since my last visit over 10 years ago. Amazing …

  162. Avatar photo
    Sushil Kanojiya

    This the place where you get every electronic product… Small battery to bigger television here you will get every thing in reasonable price… It was nice to be here

  163. Avatar photo
    Jesse James Dominguez

    Good place to look for electronic components and LED lights. Low prices at good quality

  164. Avatar photo
    Kishor Pahalwani

    Sim Lim tower is really good.
    Can find all the electronics items.

  165. Avatar photo
    John Seah (sgboys)

    Best place to get hard to find electronics parts such as cables, connectors, resistors, capacitors, ic, instruments, electronics kits, led etc..

  166. Avatar photo
    Mohd Ali

    If you look for electronic or electrical parts this is a right place

  167. Avatar photo

    Had a good experience at Sim Lim Tower. I had my cellphone repaired same day in just a few hours. Then bought a new phone at a great price. Lots of shops with accessories.

  168. Avatar photo
    Randall Lim

    Went for electronic modules for diy project. B1 and 3rd floor – sun light electronics has the majority of goods. Helpful staff. Prices marked up compared to online. But go there if you have no idea what you want. They can roughly suggest and recommend.

  169. Avatar photo
    Thiruvengadam Ponnurangam

    One stop shopping for all electronic (home and small office) some time you will get very specific electric board or any necessary items there..

  170. Avatar photo
    Guan Hou Heng

    You can get your India visa done here. I think it is at 14th floor

  171. Avatar photo

    Long time didn’t visit this bldg.. less people here unless you need to source for electronic stuffs

  172. Avatar photo
    Stefanus Du Toit

    If you are into DIY electronics or electronics repair, this is an awesome place to get components, tools, etc. Can be a little intimidating at first due to the number of stores and expectation that you know what you’re doing. There are stores for every level of experience though, from hobbyist places selling Arduinos, to small shops selling random assortments of components, to “professional” offices selling expensive test equipment.

    Definitely worth a visit if you’re an electronics nerd!

    Note: a lot of reviews for this place actually seem to be for Sim Lim Square, which is kitty corner to it and sells consumer oriented electronics (with a reputation for ripoffs).

  173. Avatar photo
    VR 2k20

    It’s near to the jln basar MRT station.. and its located in left of exit point . You want electronics accessories this is the best place to own your needs. And more service provider here. Last time I visited to BLS INTERNATIONAL ( HIGH COMMISSION OF INDIA) . Their Treast people’s more humble and respectful.. and continuously helps to complete customer needs

  174. Avatar photo
    Suresh Selvanathan

    The best place in Singapore for all your electronic requirements. Safe. People are very helpful. And, you can easily not buy from a shop and step out.

  175. Avatar photo
    kenny koh

    Little brother of Sim Lim Square. A less crowded place than. Sim Lim Square. This place feels like a throwback to the 80s/90s.

    This building sells small electronics parts and sound/av parts.

  176. Avatar photo
    Stanley Tan

    Car park is expensive and buikding is a little old. But eefinitely tge pkace to go if youre looking to get electrical components

  177. Avatar photo
    Zulkifli BMO

    Good place for getting electrical and electronics parts.

  178. Avatar photo
    C “SeaRunner40”

    Still the go to place for components. Tube amps here also. Ham radio and marine electronics here too.

  179. Avatar photo
    Baru View

    Normal building.Visit for renewal passports @IVC SERVICES at3flr

  180. Avatar photo
    Ma-ku Gan

    It’s an electronic wholesale center. However it also cater for retail to hobbyists. Be it electronics components or electrical items, 99% you can find what you want there.

  181. Avatar photo
    Alvin Yeo

    Still a good place to purchase battery, electronics components, tools, measuring equipments…..
    Like going back to poly project days.
    Thanks to the rain yesterday which made me to go in and look around.

  182. Avatar photo

    The place needs upgrading. Carpark is limited and there is no grace period. However, its a haven for electrical components and gadgets.

  183. Avatar photo
    Brandon Yeo

    Best place to get electronic tools and supplies!

  184. Avatar photo
    Tock Hwee Khoo

    It is a heaven for sourcing electronic n electrical components n peripherals. School and commercial projects and related needs are easily available.
    Basement Shop #B1-25 is like an electronic supermarket with thousands of items at your disposal.

  185. Avatar photo
    renga s

    You can find almsot every electronic spare parts here. It’s not cheap if you don’t buy in bulk

  186. Avatar photo
    Gregor H

    A bit dated tower with a maze of small shops selling new and old electronic parts from TTL chips and components to LED lighting and wiring. Best if you know what you are looking for or if you like to browse through odd parts.
    Many shops are not open on the weekends, so it’s best to come during the week.

  187. Avatar photo
    Jun Jie KOH

    Nice place to visit if you are an advanced tech geek trying to build your own gadgets and stuff. Other than all the electronic parts, only a handful of actually sell useful do-it-yourself stuff for robotics and the likes. Namely only 3 shops haha. Try google Arduino amd Raspberry Pi lol.

  188. Avatar photo
    P P

    Went to BLS international for passport renewal. No proper direction to the office, it was a struggle.

  189. Avatar photo
    Ezhilarasan Selvaraj

    All new, second hand electronic items sales and repair shops available

  190. Avatar photo
    Kumar rajaram

    Key location…Good collection of audio items, LED signage boards, AV accessories, other electronic items..

  191. Avatar photo
    Prashanta Sutradhar

    A good business center.

  192. Avatar photo
    Divya Agarwal

    This is a place for all your hardware, electronics, mechanics needs and many more. The place has anything and everything you need from house hold electronics to robotics equipment’s to high measuring devices and not to forget all the electronics that one can ask for .

  193. Avatar photo

    One unique place in singapore for engineers..
    You can get lots of electronic components here.. Tools equipments AV system and more..

    You can also look for special batteries at lower price at a store located in basement.
    Unrefillable lead acid battery 12v 7Ah starts from $20.

  194. Avatar photo
    Yongzhen Mi

    Very good place to buy electronics. Easy transportation as it is close to MRT station.

  195. Avatar photo
    Samuel Edyson

    Located in 10 Jalan Besar, Sim Lim Tower is truly known as the electronics tower. You will find mostly electronics shop here. Has small entrance with weird but functional walkways. May not be wheelchair-friendly. Building is one of thw oldest in this area, so lacking of maintenance in certain area is expected.

  196. Avatar photo

    Alot of variety of stuff to be bought here for any small to medium projects and experiments. Prices are quite reasonable too. Do compare with at least 3-5 shops before buying the cheapest.

  197. Avatar photo
    Rajini Jesuraj

    Sim Lim Tower is a commercial place and it is a tech and IT-lover’s shopping paradise.
    The 17 floors of the mall are occupied by tenants specialising in just about everything electronic, IT, and tech. and its main use is for Office rental, sale, and other commercial purposes. The 15-floor shopping complex is about 51.04m height. It opened for business in 1980.

  198. Avatar photo
    Vincent (Vince)

    Nostalgic place for electronics parts if u can DIY, very good place for all electronics treasures

  199. Avatar photo
    Yusri Samsudin

    Great place to find electrical/electronic needs

  200. Avatar photo
    AGALIVIR Asotnes

    Used to search for Electronic components here

  201. Avatar photo
    Genevieve Tang

    The stores generally close pretty early at about 6pm everyday, and they open a bit later on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays I’m not completely sure about the exact time though). The Google opening hours aren’t accurate, have requested for a change in hours already. The stores nor the tower have any sign indicating opening hours, but I got that info from asking 1 of the storeholders. Would be best to go within working hours, and ask your frequented store for their opening hours. Or call them to ask.

    Went there for Raspberry Pi stuff, there are a few stores which carry them. Stores generally have many specialised electronic items and accessories (e.g. for Raspberry Pis, Arduino) not found at neighbourhood hardware/electronic stores or even Sim Lim Square. Heard from a friend that the same items are generally sold for cheaper at lower floors compared to higher ones. Can concur with that given the few stores I went to.

  202. Avatar photo
    Waikong Chia

    It was a place to buy electronics in its heydays. The shops have adapted and now sell a mix of electronic components and sound systems, LED lighting and robotic kits if (you’re into Arduino, Raspberry Pi and the like).

  203. Avatar photo
    Megalord Ng

    Computer parts heaven. While theres amazon and other popular online shops, seeing the real physical thing can talking to the shop people is yet another experience

  204. Avatar photo
    Sankar Chinnakkaruppan

    Good for electrical spares and BSL office located this building

  205. Avatar photo
    Josiah Lim

    Awesome place to get electronic parts and components but note that most af the shops are not open on Sunday.

  206. Avatar photo
    Azim Arafat

    Some times I go this market for buy electrical equipment .this market can get electrical and electronic item

  207. Avatar photo
    Chong Sherman

    We grew up with Sim Lim with electronics components. One-stop everything electronid.

  208. Avatar photo
    Clive Heightman

    About the same as it’s always been, the galactic electronic supermarket, more for professionals than domestic buyers.

  209. Avatar photo
    Jeff K

    Electric and electronic spare parts can be purchased here at a lower cost than retail DIY shops in town, though you may need to know exactly what you want or need.

  210. Avatar photo

    Located near little India,Rocher station exactly.
    Can get pendrives to laptops,printer inks,money changer ,from chargers to cameras.
    All sorts of electronic goods

  211. Avatar photo
    Mix Match

    A heaven for electronics and electrical components, IT accessories, accessories. A wide range of varieties for the DIY enthusiasts and IT aficionados, prices varies among different levels for the same product so make sure you know what you are looking for and always compare between the different levels. The place is not big anyway.

  212. Avatar photo
    Ashraf Abu Samah

    Best place to get electronic parts.

  213. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Cheng

    This is the goto for electronic components. Take time to checkout the shops in the basement for connectors, cable, switches etc

  214. Avatar photo
    Tim Scrimshaw

    Great place for radio hams, makers and general electronics tinkerers. There are stores selling an amazing range of discrete components, cables, connectors – and plus phones, tablets, TVs, radios and more. There are also at least two shops selling amateur radio equipment for export – Icom, Kenwood, MFJ and so on. Prices seem a bit below what you’d pay in the US. You reclaim the sales tax when you leave the country.

  215. Avatar photo
    ProActive 888

    Cheap and good LED lighting

  216. Avatar photo
    Prateek Shrivastava

    Mostly for Computer parts at 3rd floor and above.
    Ground floor shop has accessories for iPhone and popular phones only.

  217. Avatar photo
    Nikhil Verma (NV7)

    The location is pretty alright. The location is great for many electronics related goods. CCTV servailance cameras, second hand cellular devices and numerous other gadgets are found here. You can also find small shops that help with the issuance of visas and other documents. Many shops containing similar services. But certain shop owners are slightly shrude and tend to disrispect the customer if they are not interested in buying anything. The shops are more suitable for locals.

  218. Avatar photo
    Ming Ern Teo

    Mainly a dingy office tower with a fair number of electronic parts shops on the first floor and basement. Good for looking for electronic odds and ends and cheaply. A few professional shops selling bespoke audio cables. Oldies running the shops, usually knowledgeable and honest although quite grumpy. Can also get replacement parts for laptops, especially power supplies and batteries. In need of urgent refurbishment.

  219. Avatar photo

    The Only Place where you want to get your DIY Tech components in Singapore. The Only Place in Singapore I go to buy my expensive IT toys.
    Most Highly rated shops are:
    >Video-Pro (My Top Pick)
    >Infinity Computer
    >Best Bargain
    >Laser Distributor

    Go google hardware zone SG and check the one of the tabs for price lists to compare prices and checking which shop is the first to get the latest tech.

  220. Avatar photo
    Ramesh Ramakrishnan Iyer

    A good place for electronic communications and components. Neon and lighting too. Clunky old building. Needless to say that it needs upgrading. Indian visa services location.

  221. Avatar photo
    Paul Tan

    Great place to buy electrical items.

  222. Avatar photo
    Lilo Stitch

    Too many electrical shops make it look so messy and crampy thus quite difficult for you to get what you want or to allocate the right shop. Moreover, most of the salesman are so cold and unapproachable when you try to ask for assistance make you feel so awkward.

  223. Avatar photo
    Kshitiz Goel

    All kind of Electrical and Electronics components available here.

  224. Avatar photo

    best second hand think shop

  225. Avatar photo
    Jojo N.

    For car audio, home audio, solar, discrete electronics and other DIY stuff this is a great place to get your stuff.
    need to know the prices so the uncles can’t tell you some fancy stories.
    recently I bought outdoor speakers … 3rd floor had a special offer for me for 180$ … I got on 2nd floor for 140$ just regular price. I did not negotiate.

  226. Avatar photo
    Walter Wu

    You can get some electronic parts here IF you know what you’re looking for. I get my audio cables from Del Rey Audio on level 2.

  227. Avatar photo
    Trenz Infotech

    Good shopping mall. Especially for repair hand phone in cheap price. They will fix ur hp very fast.

  228. Avatar photo
    gokul ve

    Nice place to get all your computer goods repaired . Try not to get conned .

    If you know your stuff then, it’s a good place to go .

    Else go to a showroom or online store .

  229. Avatar photo
    Faris 360-Maps

    That’s building is very famous place of the wholesales of all the electronics parts in Singapore .

    anything you are looking for in the IT or in the electronics you will find there.

    Most of the shops are belong to Chinese companies.

    CCTV camera available too .

    You need to visit this place if you visit Singapore.

  230. Avatar photo
    Antoni Qiu

    It has lots of stuff for you to learn n choose. If you are a hands-on engineers or students who are doing project, you definetely want to know this place because it could have most of the component / parts that you need for your project. If you are new in singapore or student, i am highly recommend you to find a time to visit this place.

  231. Avatar photo
    Mr L

    Great place to shop electronic items, many shops selling similar stuff with competitive pricing.

  232. Avatar photo
    Eugene Lim

    Dad wanted to look for his solar cable, but we could not find it. A store that selks such products wd b a boon, considering Singapore is going big on this type of renewable energy 2day.

  233. Avatar photo
    Dina Hamma

    Great place.
    Many people around the world knows sim lim tower n sim lim square. Well known for their electronics, wires n etc
    If im not wrong, these places have been arnd for more den 15-20yrs…
    N its still in operation.

  234. Avatar photo
    Wu Guier

    Went to shop for a aircon remote control. Easy find & way cheaper compared to purchase made at Daikin service centre.

  235. Avatar photo
    Philip Lee

    I give it a high rating because I enjoy walking past shops selling all kinds of electronic and electrical parts. Options for LED lighting are very common now. I don’t recall the shop name or number, but on the 2nd storey, there is a shop run by an elderly man who is very helpful with advice and recommendations. The other persons in the shop (a lady and a young man) were also very friendly and I had a very good feeling about visiting and buying from them. I wish I had the unit # to share here in this post.

  236. Avatar photo
    Subramonian Pillai

    Nice to see all electronic

  237. Avatar photo
    Sc Low

    Satisfy all yours electronics parts need for projects, hobbies….etc.

  238. Avatar photo
    Gerald Ng

    Not too far into the future, this place will be lost to the development. It has been the place to go to for electronic parts.. Many just don’t repair their gadget anymore.

  239. Avatar photo
    Subramanian Rajendran

    Great place for gadgets and electronics in one roof.. don’t just end up in one shop… Take a stroll and have a deep look and buy….

  240. Avatar photo
    Sam Yap

    One-stop building where you can find most of electrical and electronics components. If you are looking for IT gadgets, just cross over to Sim Lim Square diagonally across the building.

  241. Avatar photo
    Eashwar Alagappan

    You can get good deals on laptops and technology items. Search carefully to ensure you’re not getting scammed. There are a few bad eggs there

  242. Avatar photo
    khan saab

    Here we can get all electronic old n new things like mobile ph, leptop, etc at very reasonable rates

  243. Avatar photo
    Sudhakar Sundaram

    Perfect place for hardware electronics.. school children can get anything for their electronic projects.

  244. Avatar photo

    A nice and convene t electronic bazzar. You can find everything you need for developing electronics. Also if you are in the look out for some audio electronics like speakers lights or DJ equipment this is the place to go.

  245. Avatar photo
    Hans Doddema

    Great place for geeks and tech junkies. They have several floors, I could wander around here for a few hours. Plenty of shops specialized in all kinds of electronics and parts; Audio, phones, TVs, computers, etc. Sim Lim is similar to Funan.

  246. Avatar photo
    eeongyy Gmail

    I notised that the number of customers here decreased compare to the last time when I was here. Probably some people buy online nowadays. Nevertheless, this place is definitely a good place to get your computer, laptop, electronic gadgets!

  247. Avatar photo
    Gopalakrishnan Rajendran

    Except the lift service, this building is good enough. We can buy any kind of electronics here.indian passport and Visa services are also In this building.

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