Review Sheng Siong Supermarket, 506 Tampines Central 1, Singapore

Review Sheng Siong Supermarket - Singapore 506 Tampines Central 1

“their price is reasonable. And alot of groceries can be found here. Love to be here.” or “So far very good not so dirty cheap prices Also has toys for kids have frozen food and vegetables” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Sheng Siong Supermarket. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Sheng Siong Supermarket is quality.

Introduction about Sheng Siong Supermarket

Here are some fundamental details regarding Sheng Siong Supermarket. In terms of Supermarket, it is generally believed that Sheng Siong Supermarketis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 506 Tampines Central 1, #01/02-361, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Supermarket, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 66361713 (+65 66361713)
  • Website:
  • Address: 506 Tampines Central 1, #01/02-361, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Open 24 hours.


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How to contact Sheng Siong Supermarket?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Sheng Siong Supermarket via:

Phone number

You can reach Sheng Siong Supermarket at 66361713(+65 66361713). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Sheng Siong Supermarket via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 506 Tampines Central 1, #01/02-361, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Sheng Siong Supermarket reviews

Sheng Siong Supermarket is among the best destinations of Supermarket in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Sheng Siong Supermarket good?

To determine whether Sheng Siong Supermarket is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“their price is reasonable. And alot of groceries can be found here. Love to be here.”

“great heartland big supermarket and a good place to escape the heat! hardworking and courteous staffs. toilet is accessible and generally clean too. awesome”

“So far very good not so dirty cheap prices Also has toys for kids have frozen food and vegetables”

“its a bit pricey compare to NUTC but you may get a Breakfast ala² kampung in it , got so many kueh and nasi lemak fish in it ”

“I love to have the vacuum packed chicken here! Great value for money”

“First time visiting Sheng Siong Supermarket Tampines Central, morning was always busy. The cashier counter is doing very well and crowd under control. What you need is all here very convenient.”

“Great place to do grocery. Very friendly and helpful staffs”

“Good place to buy daily groceries. Meat is very cheap. Has a good variety of fruits and vegetables. A great choice for daily needs if you do cooking at home”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 305 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 90% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Sheng Siong Supermarket, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Sheng Siong Supermarket, 506 Tampines Central 1, Singapore

There is a total 305 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Joanna Ong

    Many products that are different from ntuc or cold storage supermarket. Fast cashiering check out system.

  2. Avatar photo
    Ong Xiang王翔

    Very big Sheng Siong with 2 floors

  3. Avatar photo
    Valli Vamz

    Such a huge and well kept outlet! Parking was hassle free reach to the outlet too! I liked shopping in Sheng siong!!

  4. Avatar photo
    Caney Low

    Staff is very friendly cos im not familiar with the items located one of the staff show me all the way there even is just behind

  5. Avatar photo
    veronica chan

    Sheng Siong supermarket is a place good to shop where you can find your things in one go

  6. Avatar photo
    Vinson Han

    Offers affordable groceries and lots of variety for daily needs

  7. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Tai Kim Meng

    You name it, Sheng Suong will have 98% of item on store for you. …

  8. Avatar photo
    Veg Yuan

    It is become bigger and bigger! Finally there is a supermarket that gonna stay here for long!
    1st supermarket till now..
    1. Prime Market
    2. Shop n save
    3. Giant


    Their services and items are much better than the 1st 3 supermarket too!

  9. Avatar photo
    My Message

    Better than ntuc. But the have a fake lucky Dray contest, they don’t publish who the winner is ,if any at all. People put effort submitting the entries, but not sure if it’s manged in a right way.

  10. Avatar photo
    Nanda Kumar

    One stop shopping to buy all groceries and they are available round the clock..

  11. Avatar photo
    Gina Chiang

    A two-storey supermarket that has everything – live seafood, fruits & vegetables, meat, drinks, tidbits, etc. Price wise… it is cheaper as compared to other supermarkets. It is quite crowded during CNY period.

    Oh! Do note that halal and non-halal meat are placed at different areas (we asked 1 of the staff but she herself didn’t

  12. Avatar photo
    Brian Quek

    You are able to get fruits and vegetables, snacks, drinks and many more. It’s just like any supermarket, you should be able to find what you need. There are discounts on some items too!

  13. Avatar photo
    Eugene Yap

    A much needed improvement from the old Sheng Siong. Bright and spacious supermarket. Only downside is that they still using that weird checkout process .

  14. Avatar photo
    Angeline Chong

    2 levels, wet stuff at the lower floor, dry stuff on top. It’s got most of what I want.

  15. Avatar photo
    syabil Faiq

    So far very good not so dirty cheap prices
    Also has toys for kids have frozen food and vegetables

  16. Avatar photo
    Ghopi Siva

    24 hours neighborhood’s supermarket
    Very good customer service… Helpful staffs …

  17. Avatar photo
    Quek Cheow Long

    Can shop after lunch gets what for home

  18. Avatar photo
    Zac Yan

    24 hours shop. Stock Is always full. I able to buy things other places don sell. One place for everything you need at home. Even electronic is there

  19. Avatar photo
    Ivan Lau

    My wife and I buy fresh pork here because it is fresh and value for money.

  20. Avatar photo
    Trinath Vajinepalli

    Reasonable prices and wide varities… liked it

  21. Avatar photo
    Una Cooks

    My go-to shop! Because it’s open for 24 hrs! One star lesser, because they don’t really sell everything. They do have something that they don’t sell. Maybe they should consider bringing in rempah2 like the housebrand. …

  22. Avatar photo
    Lucy Quek

    Lots of fresh veg n fish

  23. Avatar photo
    Hui Leng choo

    good variety of groceries, it has more unusual groceries as compared to other supermarkets. it is quite worth a visit to check out different brands of products, especially sauces, dried goods, etc

  24. Avatar photo
    wei lun

    Sheng Siong have everything. I buy some stuff before going to safra tampines to play lan games

  25. Avatar photo
    Turmodi Sarkan

    A variety of goods to choose and at a reasonable price

  26. Avatar photo
    Md Madini

    Counter always make mistake.I hope next time take care.

  27. Avatar photo
    Tracy Kwang

    Good place, reasonable price, staff r friendly

  28. Avatar photo
    Shaik Noh Alkhatib

    Now available everywhere in Singapore. Price is good and almost everything you can get there. On top of its very charitable to people and the wealth is shared by having lucky draw every year.

  29. Avatar photo
    Sherry Chua

    A very big store with many selection. 2nd storey and price are reasonable.

  30. Avatar photo
    manan hassan

    A bit crowded in the afternoon, well laid products and not much problem to choose, it’s been an enjoyable experience, would return again

  31. Avatar photo
    Yazid SB

    Good to shop & what ever i want all have

  32. Avatar photo
    Zaiton Md. Zain

    the groceries here are fresh and convenient to shop

  33. Avatar photo
    Pancy Siam

    Nice place for Dim Sum.. the dishes are delicious and service is good.

  34. Avatar photo
    Oppo A37

    Very helpful cashiers. Well done Sheng Siong Tampines. Thumbs-Up.

  35. Avatar photo
    Xavier Chua

    Very wide shopping alley, items neatly organised

  36. Avatar photo
    Cheryl T

    Seem like it is the largest sheng shiong I’ve seen. It is rather wheelchair friendly, but need to use the cargo lift to reach level 2.

  37. Avatar photo
    Terry Choo

    One of the better shengsiong supermarket with level 2 that cater to all your consumer needs

  38. Avatar photo
    Poon YY

    Not as comprehensive compared to FairPrice but still can find most of the essential.

  39. Avatar photo
    Quek Lucas

    Good place to shop. Price is reasonable

  40. Avatar photo
    kywe thong

    Good selection of goods

  41. Avatar photo
    PeeKay leon

    Well stock goods. You can get almost everything a home will need.

  42. Avatar photo
    Vani Chauhan

    It’s too good. All things are available at reasonable price.

  43. Avatar photo
    Imran Hamid

    24hrs supermart.Good,convinience and up to date cashier counter service.

  44. Avatar photo

    The price more expensive than ntuc.

  45. Avatar photo
    Cindy Lek Thermomix Advisor

    many items fresh produce, veggie, fruits, Pre-packed food. Get most items here. Price reasonable

  46. Avatar photo
    Loi Foo Chin

    Clean grocery store with lot of varieties. Opposite Tampines polyclinic.

  47. Avatar photo
    Dilip H

    Good place for grocery.
    Little crowded on weekend like other in tampines.

  48. Avatar photo
    Don De Lucas

    Great variety of items & speedy service at point of sales!

  49. Avatar photo
    Wendy Soh

    Staff are friendly, prices are good, aircon is on full blast! With 2 floors, the variety is also great. Everything to love in a supermarket.

  50. Avatar photo
    Yang Isabel

    Good varieties of merchandise and groceries. Spacious and neat.

  51. Avatar photo
    Maslinah Rahman

    You can find everything at this supermarker. Reasonable price and fast in clearing the long queue for payment.

  52. Avatar photo
    Kiane Loh

    2 storey supermarket. Level 1 frozen foods, dairy products and …

  53. Avatar photo
    Bella T.

    Lots of privacy, cool… but nobody helps u at the payment machine. I had to figure it out from plus card payment all the way down to cash payment…all DIY. All the helper does was to yell “auntie” for fun…and that’s it. Gave me a shock! I mean if u want to degrade me, at least help the poor lady out duh. If not shut up n mind yr own biz…I wonder how they treat a really illiterate elderly struggling with the machine. First experience with Sheng Xiong after so many years…not so nice.

  54. Avatar photo
    Cornelius Chan

    This supermarket is clean, well organised and wholesome and you can find almost anything in the store

  55. Avatar photo
    Jumat Osman

    Super big supermarket near library location. 24hrs supermarket.

  56. Avatar photo
    William Lim

    Alot of stuff to buy, but cannot carry home

  57. Avatar photo
    Nur Adilah Mohamed Ibrahim

    Always have wide variety of ice cream. If u want to find rare things that u don’t get in other supermarkets. They do have.
    Wide variety of soap, detergent and body wash.

  58. Avatar photo
    Sam B

    Sheng Siong at Tampines Block 503 is reasonably large and most of your requirements should get fulfilled. It has a plethora of items.

    Fresh greens, veggies, fish, chicken, pork, bread, rice, pulses, spices, condiments, soft and hard drinks, juices, cosmetics, shampoos, dental care products and many other items.

  59. Avatar photo
    Kt Chuan ktchuan

    Lots of variety of product to choose from. …

  60. Avatar photo
    June Wong

    excellent stuff service, fresh vegi even on monday!!

  61. Avatar photo
    Kara Png

    More spacious after reno. Love to shop at this place.

  62. Avatar photo
    Da Zhu

    We’ll stock supermarket

  63. Avatar photo
    Jeanie Ng

    So convenience, the carpark just outside the door. Is a very big supermarket. The prices quite reasonable. Good!

  64. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Choo

    Wide variety of items. Staff are well-trained and provide good service. Items are reasonably-priced as well!

  65. Avatar photo
    Dinesh Siva

    Great range for getting daily needs

  66. Avatar photo
    Sr Neo

    One of my favourite supermarkets. 2 floors with a wide variety of products. 24 hours so you can go whenever you want! Fresh seafood.

  67. Avatar photo
    angie toh

    Great variety of household products n groceries for every one.

    In fact i love the reasonable price offered by shengsiong such as a loaf of red bean bread(6pcs) can b as cheap as 95c only as compare to more than $2 in a confectionery shop.

  68. Avatar photo
    Yanping Kee

    great heartland big supermarket and a good place to escape the heat! hardworking and courteous staffs. toilet is accessible and generally clean too. awesome

  69. Avatar photo
    Seng Lip Boon

    Open 24 hrs daily very big every Tuesday 3% discount for Medeka generation & every Wednesday 3% for senior citizens

  70. Avatar photo
    Ricardo Ricafort Jr II

    Wow great place to buy all you want is there for the house and others try it you will like it the price very good.. …

  71. Avatar photo
    Asok De

    Serious household goods available in reasonable prices.

  72. Avatar photo
    Ruzana Rahim

    Newly renovated Sheng Siong Supermarket with machine payment that makes queuing relatively fast. Has everything you’d want within the heartlands and there’s even a wet market right across it.

  73. Avatar photo
    shanti ramadas

    Very convenient and easy to get things from them, staff guide with smile and respond very fast if we ask anything

  74. Avatar photo
    mabe lo

    Staff are always helpful and proactive….1st class service

  75. Avatar photo
    Peter1234peter1234 1234


  76. Avatar photo
    Adm Hayden

    Friendly and helpful staffs. And easy to find things around.

  77. Avatar photo
    Rachel Han

    Best prices, amazing layout and variety, staff are friendly and helpful. Plus it’s open 24/7, perfect for midnight gaigai

  78. Avatar photo

    Uncle like this place. Beside the hot aunties at the cashier, Sheng Shiong also provides products at affordable prices. The store is 24 hrs and conveniently located in Tampines. Uncle plan to work there upon retirement knowing they are giving away 16 mths bonus. Shiok

  79. Avatar photo
    Tan Hua Tong

    Friendly staff, cooling environment multiple choices.

  80. Avatar photo
    Tan David

    Good location many stuff selling

  81. Avatar photo
    T Mou

    I like this sheng siong supermarket because more variety to choose. And everytime I will spend more than 1 hour inside

  82. Avatar photo
    Tan Kun Jie

    usually pretty cheap prices due to massive discounts but sometimes other shops (fairprice, cold storage) may have some items priced lower but overall great prices and very convenient (24/7, usually shorter and faster queues too)

  83. Avatar photo
    toh ping Tiang

    Fresh crab escaped his tank and waved his claws at me…

  84. Avatar photo
    Andrew Boon

    Same location but newly renovated and spacious between the shelves

  85. Avatar photo
    Thamaraikanny S Retnam

    Very well organized and full of different products. Very impressive

  86. Avatar photo
    Rex Lee

    Neighbourhood Supermarket. Grocery and household items price are very reasonable. The market filled with friendly staff, self payment counters.
    Spacious walkway and clean environment.

  87. Avatar photo
    Vincent Tan

    Good place for purchasing small items.

  88. Avatar photo
    Just Lim

    Compared to your Bedok Central Branch which has almost everything, the situation in Sheng Siong Tampines Central Branch is really pathetic , most of the fruit n veg not fresh . Even if you want to buy raw peanut in 500g packing also don,t have. The layout for some frozen items also very messy , meat ball and fish ball at one side , fish cake at another side of another corner. Really don,t know what the branch manager is doing ! Since your supermarket is using block chain & AI for logistics inventory , I see no reason why your Head Office is unaware of stock level low for certain items at some of your branches.

  89. Avatar photo
    David Teo

    A lot of thing are much cheaper n prices are more stable comparable to some shop nearby

  90. Avatar photo
    Twinkle Beatrixe

    I will give 5 stars if there’s a taxi stand. The nearest bus stop is bit far.

  91. Avatar photo
    Patrick Chua

    Great i like this huge supermarket

  92. Avatar photo
    John Wong

    Not really much of high products range items display for consumers, too much China produce.

  93. Avatar photo

  94. Avatar photo
    Ma-ku Gan

    Strategically located near wet market. Don’t take for granted that prices here are cheaper. So it’s good to compare prices with Giant and NTUC Supermarket. No self checkout kiosk.

  95. Avatar photo

    Has a fair variety of Horti products and seeds. Still almost as messy as a market. Price are cheaper or comparable to other more spacious joints

  96. Avatar photo
    Joseph Ong

    All price are reasonable

    Offer things are at lower price

  97. Avatar photo
    ian Ho

    Good varieties of daly essential and wide selection of fresh seafood.

  98. Avatar photo

    Surprised to find a side door that goes from level 2 of the supermarket straight into the carpark. Convenient.

  99. Avatar photo
    Mariana Binte Hamid

    First time visiting Sheng Siong Supermarket Tampines Central, morning was always busy. The cashier counter is doing very well and crowd under control. What you need is all here very convenient.

  100. Avatar photo
    Moo Teng

    Very big with essentials needed.. also now it is very convenient as its located at lvl 1, almost every entrance/exit have cashier. …

  101. Avatar photo
    John Tan

    Many variety of food n daily necessities at reasonable prices n its 2storey supermarket meeting the needs of the residents in Tampines. …

  102. Avatar photo

    2 storey. Huge. But quite messy. I dont like how things here are organized. The small Sheng Siong at BLK 602A is alot more organized and clean. But more things are sold here. For example, I thought the B1F1 promotion for free rage egg was over as I couldnt find it at the small ShengSiong. But I eventually found it here.

    One thing I like about Sheng Siong is that they have alot of Chinese food/condiments.

  103. Avatar photo
    Rashidah Jamil

    They have most of the things that I need but some of the items now the price has really gone up.

  104. Avatar photo
    Richard Tan

    Good most of the items u want that’s have.

  105. Avatar photo
    SN P

    One stop shopping. Two storeys. Level 1 fresh vegetables, rice, fruits, canned food, drinks, condiments. Level 2 household items, milk powder, electrical appliances, utensils, baby items etc. Easily accessible location. Within walking distance from Tampines MRT & bus terminal. Price moderate. Self payment counter after cashier packs your items.

  106. Avatar photo
    Sally Toh

    Likes the cashier payment system. Very easy to use.

  107. Avatar photo
    Brian D (Keizer McAsian)

    its a nice super market… but the option for beef is very limited.. and has anyone noticed that the product SPAM is always not available here?. not really sure if other stores doesnt have this too but it seems in this store SPAM products seems to be hard to find… usually in the pork area corner but now it seems its not there anymore… oh well… its a nice place to buy groceries…

  108. Avatar photo
    nasf arahim

    Places are clean and temperature taken goods around if those want economical shopping for beverages

  109. Avatar photo
    Jumaidi Jaafar

    Limited loading bays. MSCP not suitable for vans and lorries

  110. Avatar photo
    Uniq Me

    Enjoyed my aft midnite grocery shopping here. Better selection of halal frozen stuff though could improve. My paywave payment strangely stalled earlier. Hope there’s no double deduction aft paying by nets. Cashier helpful and friendly. Keep up the good work!

  111. Avatar photo
    Justin Yeo

    Wide selection of products and live seafood for selection make this a wonderful place to shop.

  112. Avatar photo
    Yansen Yansen

    New two storeys Sheng Siong, convenient, like it! If you drive, park at level 2, trolley can only reach car park at this level.

  113. Avatar photo
    Philip Mok

    Love Shopping for Groceries & Other Food Stuff here. It is Fresh & have a Wide Variety of everything. The Staff here can cut your meat to meet your standards NOT like NTUC which DOESN’T help you at all. Moreover on WEDNESDAY they give you SENIOR CITIZENS DISCOUNT. They are So Much BETTER than NTUC. NTUC have to CHANGE their ATTITUDES & take a Closer look at how Sheng Siong conducted their Business.

  114. Avatar photo
    eric tham

    Excellent 24/7 neighbourhood supermarket. Served the heartlanders needs, however if you are looking for western/caucasian food need, you may just not find what you need. For local needs, the store is very well stocked and the staff are very customers oriented and highly motivated. In term of pricing, it’s probably the best deals compared to Giant, Hou or NTUC. Sheng Siong management take care of their staff welfare very well and served the Charities too. Always looking forward to SSSE Sheng Siong Shopping Experience. Still my favourite supermarket of all time. Staff are just as motivated, love every moment inside SS. They have “live” hairy crabs

  115. Avatar photo
    Manic Irony

    Has almost anything you can think of. Very well stocked and clean. Check outs at both exits.

  116. Avatar photo
    Rama Krishna Chivukula

    Good Super Market with excellent vegetables,fruits,groceries,bakery products, appliances for home cosmetics, good staffing and comparable prices one stop away from tampines MRT. Good for all ASIANS( mostly middle,southeast and east asians)

  117. Avatar photo
    Isabel Goh

    Not enough ppl work..they look very tired..mood not gd..need to hire ppl..long queue always..crowded everyday

  118. Avatar photo
    David Chong

    This supermarket is well located near the carpark. I can find almost everythings here

  119. Avatar photo
    Mac Ng

    Not a very big super market, but is 24hrs and payment is easy.

  120. Avatar photo
    angella feyne

    nice facilities, good products, relatively clean

  121. Avatar photo
    Carol Tay

    I like to go Sheng siong tampines branch, because there was big, and there was 2 story super market. The staff was very friendly too. Can get every things that I want. …

  122. Avatar photo
    Jim Hua Seah

    Clean nice layout. Great shopping experience.

  123. Avatar photo
    Yee Seng Chai

    Great Variety of products

  124. Avatar photo
    Alan Tan

    Cashier on the 2nd floor was chatting away with customer for abt 5 mins unaware that Im waiting for my turn to check out. Very bad experience on my first visit to this branch.

  125. Avatar photo

    Running 24/7. Reasonable price too

  126. Avatar photo
    little dot

    Big variety of everything u need to buy plus fresh produces. My fav place to go. 24 hours shopping.

  127. Avatar photo
    sook fong foo

    V courteous n helpful cashier and sales girls. When I asked a staff member where and who to approach to answer my queries, she led me to the cashier who attended to me so politely and respectfully. When I next asked one of them where to find caster sugar, she stopped whatever she was doing n led me all the way to the shelves where all types of sugar were found. The staff have flown the sheng siong flag high and it makes want to shop at sheng siong every week to meet my grocery needs.

  128. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Lai

    Great value groceries

  129. Avatar photo
    Su Adi

    Have everything u need

  130. Avatar photo
    Joseph Wan

    Large variety, cheap. Meats and vegetables are fresher than many other supermarkets.

  131. Avatar photo
    Jeremine Poh

    I love to have the vacuum packed chicken here! Great value for money

  132. Avatar photo
    lim beng kiang Cecilia

    Great place to do grocery. Very friendly and helpful staffs

  133. Avatar photo
    noraini Md Din

    its good i can get the location very fast thanks a lots.coz i new in to drive my guest from airport to lots hotel in singapore.thanjs again.

  134. Avatar photo
    Tan “Ah Mac” Chai

    Continue to keep things fresh. Like this place, things are arrange nicely.

  135. Avatar photo
    Jen T

    Sheng Siong always has the best variety and reasonable prices. Lots of products are from Malaysia.

  136. Avatar photo
    hozefa shaikhadam zumkhawala

    sheng siong always has new variety of fruits just today they brot in muscat grapes big size n vert sweet nice texture seedless

  137. Avatar photo

    its a bit pricey compare to NUTC but you may get a Breakfast ala² kampung in it , got so many kueh and nasi lemak fish in it ️️

  138. Avatar photo
    Ye Qi Lai

    It has expanded to a two floor supermarket and you can find whatever you need.

  139. Avatar photo
    TD 24x7

    Good place to buy daily groceries. Meat is very cheap. Has a good variety of fruits and vegetables. A great choice for daily needs if you do cooking at home

  140. Avatar photo
    Anthony Ang

    Big n many various varieties

  141. Avatar photo
    ganesh kotpalliwar

    It has almost all general purpose household itema

  142. Avatar photo
    Yolo Swaggins

    good range of wet & dry food and non food items

  143. Avatar photo
    Azlin Sani

    Just like those big Sheng Siong Supermarket, u can find almost everything u need plus the staff r always helpful n friendly.

  144. Avatar photo
    Krithik Kumar

    Better than fair price
    No offense

  145. Avatar photo
    Angela Ng

    24hours, staff are helpful and the groceries are always well stocked!

  146. Avatar photo
    Shaary Rajab

    Lots of offer n promotion. Variety of fruits to offer. Luv d prices . Affordable n attractive compared to NTUC. SS TAMPINEZ is d best !!! 24 hrs open.

  147. Avatar photo
    Foo Hee Guan Amy Jasman

    Can get to buy groceries at a reasonable prices competitively
    with other supermarkets.

  148. Avatar photo
    Chandru R.

    Nice supermart outlet with wet market options – fresh seafood and greens!!

  149. Avatar photo
    Shridhar Vaishampayan

    A good experience.felt good too.

  150. Avatar photo
    Faustin Benedict

    Very reasonable pricing compare to other Super markets, can get domestic item. Which other Super markets don’t have.

  151. Avatar photo
    Raman Venkat

    Billing staffs are working fast and friendly. No more long queue.

  152. Avatar photo
    Luc Charpentier

    Extensive fish and sea food area! Nice choice of veggies but mostly from China and WAY too much plastic!!

  153. Avatar photo
    Leon Ong

    Always stocking up and constantly having promotions for products, one of my most frequent supermarket

  154. Avatar photo
    Kian Theng Ong

    Everyday card gets 5% rebate. Like the Softess tissues and toilet paper quality and often on offer.

  155. Avatar photo
    Gerard wee

    The staff is not as helpful as SSS at Loyang Point…it is not user friendly as the products are not listed is not clear .

  156. Avatar photo
    Shiva Penumatsa

    Convenient place for groceries and all general products. Open 24*7

  157. Avatar photo
    Sham Abdullah

    Nice n comfortable place to get your groceries.. Very wide varieties

  158. Avatar photo
    R W

    After renovation, the layout is frustrating. Can’t find refrigerated drinks readily. Limited products and prices have been risen drastically.

  159. Avatar photo
    Viviane Gallindo

    An amazing variety for very affordable prices! I’m particularly pleased by their variety of fruits.

  160. Avatar photo
    ng kim chye ronnie

    Wide range of items for your daily needs.

  161. Avatar photo
    Darin Cheong

    V affordable, large varieties, v fresh, well packed. Staffs v knowledgeable, helpful especially the service staff at fish stall v helpful to cut/chop up to yr desire. …

  162. Avatar photo
    sayq kuah

    Friendly responsible staffs, including managers who are very helpful and approachable.

  163. Avatar photo
    haja abdul jameel

    Get halal kampong chicken at good price.

  164. Avatar photo

    Small supermarket yet got most of the things we need

  165. Avatar photo
    Illa J

    The place is big and spacious. Level 1 you can find fruits, frozen foods, canned food, ice cream, fresh seafood, chicken and meat and level 2 accommodate the toiletries, detergent, snacks, alcohol, kitchen utensils, essential babies item and the entrance for level 2 is link to MSCP.

    Need to improve on the Q system. It cause massive jam on weekend or peak period. Staff is friendly and nice.

    For the halal poultry i would like to proposed if you could consider to take in or add in the parts of the rib of the lamb or cow.

    Definitely I will come back for more.

    Thank you.

  166. Avatar photo
    Amenda Teo

    Like sheng Siong the veggies there are fresh and nice unlike NTUC !

  167. Avatar photo
    Naseem Ahmed

    It’s a big grocery shop, can buy live fish, clamps, chicken, beef, wide range of home appliances.

  168. Avatar photo
    Pat Sio Poh

    Service and displays has some what took a down turn. Should have better managed the carpark door access with better aircurtain. Browsing thru the display in a hot environment.

  169. Avatar photo
    Vasanthakumarie Raju

    Can buy salmon fish rate less compare to other supermarkets. We can find everything here.

  170. Avatar photo
    Stanley Yong

    Great place for grocery, have item that ntuc does not stock up

  171. Avatar photo
    Swee Teo

    Mommy buy supermarket

  172. Avatar photo

    All what you want they have and very specious…. Easy to shop…

  173. Avatar photo
    Norazlina Arwenlynn

    Good and bad. Staffs are always courteous and helpful

  174. Avatar photo
    William Ng

    Good shopping for fresh and dried products as well as other household products. Has bought baking and dairy products, fruits, fish meat as well as vegetables. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

  175. Avatar photo
    Fong Kwan Hong

    Place very convenient and prices for goods very competitive. Staffs very polite when asked for certain type of goods

  176. Avatar photo
    Muzmil Asmui

    Sheng Siong at Tampines blk 503…all the Staff very Friendly… Always SMILE….

    WELL DONE…Sheng Siong Staff… GOOD JOB…..

    Thank you for being so NICE and POLITE
    To All t to the Shoppers…..

    Including me

    Thank you Sheng Siong Supervisor.. Good Job for training the Staff.

  177. Avatar photo
    hock boon Ang

    Very big sheng siong with 2 levels. Love the cashier system, whereby cashier only do scanning and give you a ticket to go to the designated cash machine for payment, it makes the queue alot faster. Good system. Sometimes they have hard to find seafood, like 罗氏虾, which personally I find it is very delicious whereby it got many “膏” like the 大闸蟹. And meat taste abit like lobster, but I just managed to see them for 1 month and never been available again. Maybe there is restrictions in importing. Oh, and the aircon is extremely cooling, feel good when you walk in from the hot weather. Dislike: many discounted items need to buy 2 or more… Ok, understand it’s marketing strategy…

  178. Avatar photo
    yeo soon

    Sheng song supermarket variety of good no problem close 12pm everyday ,80 percent of daily necessities can get there a multi storey carpark near MRT providing service to tampine resident it also near to central come and you will know.

  179. Avatar photo
    Guragas The

    Fruit choices are far better than ntuc.

  180. Avatar photo
    Marcel Cybon

    After 3 months of travelling we always love to come to ‘our’ neighbourhood branch in Central Tampines. Super friendly staff and best selection of fresh seafood and fish.. Still the best super market around for our major and daily shopping.

  181. Avatar photo
    Mandy Lim

    It’s open 24 hours here thus very convenient for people like me whom prefer to shop in the quiet night. Able to get almost anything you need there, even some electrical appliances, in any cases it breaks down in the middle of the night. Staffs are very friendly, went an extra mile to help me find stuffs I need without any complaints. service!

  182. Avatar photo
    Sen Seng

    Whatever sauces, condiments, not available elsewhere maybe found here

  183. Avatar photo
    ValerieGan XueYing

    One of the better supermarkets in Tampines. Has fresh goods and dairy products available here. Always fully stocked.

  184. Avatar photo
    Gururaj Tiwari

    Great shopping experience for tampines residents as you get all home essentials under one roof at great price

  185. Avatar photo
    Benjamin yee

    Selling a great variety of product with reasonable price.

  186. Avatar photo
    James Choy

    That is my favourite supermarket the staff is well trained and polite.Alway helpful .keep it up Sir.

  187. Avatar photo
    Joseph Lim

    Good range of groceries can be found there

  188. Avatar photo
    Wong Edwardtuck hoe

    Having been to second level yet so far.

  189. Avatar photo
    Raja Y Raja H

    Sheng Siong have the reputation of selling products at reasonable prices since it started. the reason why it’s very popular with the local communities. furthermore year round lucky draw for shoppers to win monies for what they have spent. All ranges of products U can get at Sheng Siong Supermarket. l enjoy shopping here at Sheng Siong

  190. Avatar photo
    Souhayla Ariff

    Very well organised. But the payment method is double-edged sword;can be good and can also be a hassle. Depending on how and when you use it.

  191. Avatar photo
    Vijay Sachdev

    It is good and nice place to purchase the groceries thanks sheng siong keep gtowwing

  192. Avatar photo

    Lots of Cheap and fresh vegetables, fruit and dry goods. Plenty of choice over two floors

  193. Avatar photo

    I am pork eater, I find their pork the freshest and cheapest, even the Frozen are

  194. Avatar photo
    Roy S

    I will like to thank both store managers Ah Jun and Bryan for their patience and assistance to me and my wife. We appreciate it. We will definitely continue to patronize Sheng Siong Supermarket for groceries in future.

  195. Avatar photo
    Sham Abdullah

    Wide varieties of groceries n seafood are available here

  196. Avatar photo
    Lau LokXiang

    The price is sometimes cheaper than fairprice , but once in a while the quality of the fruits will be bad

  197. Avatar photo
    Rozi Rahim

    From across the road, it appears very small and quiet but when u go into it, u will see a variety of merchandise and fresh seafood and vege and many residents shopping for their daily needs. If u do not live nearby, u will come out of the multistorey carpark disoriented. Thanks to a kind resident who pointed me to the shortest route to the sheng siong. I was able to do my grocery shopping while waiting for parents to finish their monthly medical appointment at a nearby clinic

  198. Avatar photo
    Mohd Shafii

    I like to shop at sheng siong and very easy to find thing that i want.

  199. Avatar photo
    Barbette Strauss

    Love love love this store where there’s a complete variety of fresh food, condiments, toiletries, detergents, kitchen appliances and many other stuff worth looking at. We would enjoy combing through the double storey building when we visit this branch. Staff are very helpful and friendly. Finallu found my cha soba and stuff to go with it! Yummy… Highly recommended!

  200. Avatar photo
    Juejue Swemc

    Big and nice to buy. Fish cut and clean guy is very very bad customer. He doesn’t want to do and if he want to do that why he working there????? Today very disappointed with him .

  201. Avatar photo
    Merican Melic

    All the goodies at good prices. If only they could match fairprice…

  202. Avatar photo
    Raymond Ng

    Very disappointed. Was charged S6. 45 more for 2packs of persimmon(per pack at S2. 22). Fortunately we will still there otherwise my wife and myself both senior citizens will have one meal less. No apology even from a staff(wearing red polo t-shirt).I believe the cashier is a trainee. Instead we said thank you to her for the refund. To all shoppers please check your receipt before you leave the supermarket. ***

  203. Avatar photo
    J Khiro

    Like the variety of things available. Reasonable price.

  204. Avatar photo
    suyash nene

    It is a very good grocery store with lot of variety of food

  205. Avatar photo
    Sharon Tang

    Today I was served by a smiley helpful cashier

  206. Avatar photo
    Vijay Borkar

    All-In-One market to get most of your stuff. Good quality products. For quick advice do visit this place in midnight or early morning, It will be less crowded and you get enough time to quickly get the stuff you want to stack.

  207. Avatar photo
    MHong Cheung

    Includes some selection of fresh seafood and ingredient choices definitely suffice for basic home-cook needs

  208. Avatar photo
    eric tham

    Excellent 24/7 neighbourhood supermarket. Served the heartlanders needs, however if you are looking for western/caucasian food need, you may just not find what you need. For local needs, the store is very well stocked and the staff are very customers oriented and highly motivated. In term of pricing, it’s probably the best deals compared to Giant, Hou or NTUC. Sheng Siong management take care of their staff welfare very well and served the Charities too. Always looking forward to SSSE Sheng Siong Shopping Experience. Still my favourite supermarket of all time. Staff are just as motivated, love every moment inside SS. They have “live” hairy crabs

  209. Avatar photo
    Kumar Suresh

    Reasonable prices compared to NTUC with respect to certain items. NTUC no longer cheap

  210. Avatar photo
    sarah beatum

    Many variety of snacks and household items. Fresh meat and fish were limited

  211. Avatar photo
    Jian Xin Sito

    Newly renovated. 2 levels. Alot of choices for your daily groceries. Attractively priced.

  212. Avatar photo
    Just Lim

    Compared to your Bedok Central Branch which has almost everything, the situation in Sheng Siong Tampines Central Branch is really pathetic , most of the fruit n veg not fresh . Even if you want to buy raw peanut in 500g packing also don,t have. The layout for some frozen items also very messy , meat ball and fish ball at one side , fish cake at another side of another corner. Really don,t know what the branch manager is doing ! Since your supermarket is using block chain & AI for logistics inventory , I see no reason why your Head Office is unaware of stock level low for certain items at some of your branches.

  213. Avatar photo
    Zee SHAN

    Value deals

  214. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Ng

    Good deals often hidden but not always the cheapest. Need to visit SS, NTUC & Giant to compare prices.

  215. Avatar photo
    Barani Kannan Subramanian

    Very nice place for shopping

  216. Avatar photo
    Queen ykz

    Great place for Groceries and household stuff

  217. Avatar photo
    Karuna Marsh

    This sheng siong supermarket is quite big, with 2 storeys to it, connected by a travellator up and down. There are lots of things ranging from household necessities to food, snacks and grocery. It is also 24hrs and it uses automated cash system to collect payment.

  218. Avatar photo
    Rashid Aljunied

    Best place besides Mustapha For all ur grocery shopping

  219. Avatar photo

    Friendly neighbourhood supermarket, with prices mostly lower than fairprice. Frequented by lots of people living nearby.
    Produce also very fresh, only comment is that the auto payment system should be revamped to be totally self payment like fairprice, to increase efficiency

  220. Avatar photo
    Tan Benjamin

    Definitely a place to call supermarket.

  221. Avatar photo
    specky cool

    lots of variety to choose at Sheng Siong Supermarket at Tampines.
    pleasant staff n nice embience..

  222. Avatar photo
    Chia Keesom

    Alot of varieties to scan around price wise normal

  223. Avatar photo
    Syed FadIzil Syed Ibrahim

    Lots of stuff. Foods beverages, households items etc. Check it out!!

  224. Avatar photo
    Randall Lim

    Super big. Cold aircon. Spacious. Huge variety

  225. Avatar photo

    its a huge supermarket. 2 level. you will be spoilt for choices.

  226. Avatar photo
    Soul Kain

    Typical sheng shiong store. 2 storeys connected to carpark. Convenient for car owners.

  227. Avatar photo

    Good buys, fresh produce with good deals from time to time, especially seafood!

  228. Avatar photo
    Safaruan Bin Jamari

    I visited this supermarket yesterday at Tampines Central, looking for grapes. They have two Cashier at the 2 exit. How easy.

  229. Avatar photo
    Brenda Chin

    Nice to shop here

  230. Avatar photo
    m m

    Good deals at the Right time

  231. Avatar photo
    suetchin Juliana tan

    Wonderful environment chose whatever we need seems available to our needs fruits veggies any

  232. Avatar photo

    Has a wide range of things – From Grocery to Processed food to Ice Cream to Household stuff, Laundry etc. It’s situated close to heartlands and it’s 24 hours!

  233. Avatar photo

    It just near by mrt station n regional library. Easy place to reach .

  234. Avatar photo

    Good selection and cheap too. Located conveniently near HDBs. Easily accessible to their carpark too. Friendly staff and fast checkout.

  235. Avatar photo
    Tucunaré pavón

    Not bad . Auto machines with cashier lady scan your pickings

  236. Avatar photo
    Toh KokSin

    The food court serve good food at affordable price.

  237. Avatar photo
    Reetesh Vadodaria

    A supermarket with a wide variety of household necessities, such as groceries, vegetables, dairy, personal care, etc. Interestingly, there is a semi-automatic checkout where you get the counter staff to scan the items and then, pay the bill at the machine! Also, there is a heavy focus on paying by cash or NETS (debit) card.

  238. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey de Souza

    Good variety. Some staff very helful. Others need to learn from them

  239. Avatar photo
    Sean Han

    Great groceries shopping after a major revamp.

  240. Avatar photo

    Well stocked supermarket. Some things are cheap.

  241. Avatar photo
    Swarnendu Das

    Bright side is that it remains open 24 hours. Overall stocks are also good. …

  242. Avatar photo
    Kalaiyarasan G

    Chicken cleaning and cutting was really very bad and they will never listen what customer is asking. Overall customer service is very poor.

  243. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Ong

    sheng siong is our regular visit supermarket and their stores are fresh and reasonable price.

  244. Avatar photo
    Phil Koo

    Nice place for marketing and getting groceries.

  245. Avatar photo

    One of the double storey supermarkets in Singapore. It has almost everything that households need..

  246. Avatar photo
    Shih Kiat Chia

    Fish and prawns are more expensive than wet markets. This the same with Ntuc Fair price. Buy only the daily necessities and use POSB credit card to get 5% rebate. Always compare prices before making purchase.
    Staff are generally happy to serve customers and helpful. Tuesdays and Wednesday seniors get 3% rebate. More crowded on senior days.
    Last month Feb 2022 PFP fish/cuttle with 5 tastes was raised from $4.15 to $5.15 and to $6.30 in less a month. I was able to buy the same product at wet market for $3.80 and it is still sold at $3.80 as at 6th March.
    Can understand why it is so expensive at Sheng Siong.

  247. Avatar photo
    Kuppusamy Balasubramanian

    Reasonable price cheap and best in singapore number one market.. …

  248. Avatar photo
    Eugene Chia

    24 hours open. Many of Food, Fruits, vegetables, groceries etc! Prices are cheap! Also counters always long Q on day times! Payment have to self make after cashier scan all goods and give us a payment machines number with total amount we need to pay!!

  249. Avatar photo
    Peter Eng

    This store carries a different selection from NTUC. I need to shop there from time to time. Staff speak poor English. The store caters to Tampines heartlanders.
    The store has expanded by a lot. It is now the biggest supermarket in the Tampines area. The layout is good. But I’m not s fan of their two step check out system. You get all your items scanned at one place and pay at another. The interesting thing is that the payment kiosks apart from accepting cards, also accepting cash, including coins.

  250. Avatar photo
    Rachel Hui

    Park at level 2B at the adjoining HDB carpark to gain direct access to Sheng Siong.
    Love that the staff are all very friendly n helpful!

  251. Avatar photo
    Adibah Daud

    Sheng Siong has pretty much everything. But if you’re looking for a particular brand, then they might not carry it. Have a look around and familiarise yourself to their layout.

  252. Avatar photo
    Dorothy Wong

    Large variety of stuff at affordable prices. Staff friendly and conveniently located.

  253. Avatar photo
    Feezah Magad

    their price is reasonable. And alot of groceries can be found here. Love to be here.

  254. Avatar photo
    Hafiz Sallim

    Still under renovation, but once it’s done it’s gonna be a good stop for local groceries.

  255. Avatar photo
    Aman Aljunied

    As good as any other super market wit reasonable comparative price

  256. Avatar photo
    Jarrod Lim

    This is one of the biggest Sheng shiong I know of. You can find things that are unlikely found in other supermarkets. Definitely a gem in the neighborhood.

  257. Avatar photo
    fresh air mist

    This sheng song is different from others. It is spacious n pleasant to shop.

  258. Avatar photo
    Myo Min Swe

    My favourite supermarket for shopping grocery and household accessories. Nice setup and display, cheaper than other supermarkets. Various products range from vegetable and meat, dry and wet, for all sort of shoppers. Easily accessible by many bus services and train to Tampines Station

  259. Avatar photo
    Saurabh Gangarde

    Always have fresh stuff and good snacks for me.. and very low price as compared to others..

  260. Avatar photo
    Wei Jie Cheong

    Two levels, lower level with fresh food and frozen items, second floor with other items

  261. Avatar photo
    Xx Andrew

    Not bad

  262. Avatar photo
    Susiwati Ta

    It’s two levels of day to day groceries, household supplies and some electronics. Great prices and serves the surrounding neighbourhood well. If I’m not mistaken, it’s 24hrs as well! Great for late night shopping trips if you’re looking to beat the crowd. The payment system uses cashiers who direct you to a specific payment terminal. Takes a bit to get used to, but it’s fine. Most payment methods – nets, credit card, mobile payments, cash are accepted. Amex not supported. Btw, I found the fattest banana I’ve ever seen, it’s super cute.

  263. Avatar photo
    Terry Toh

    Well stocked, fast checkout and it is 24 hours.

  264. Avatar photo
    Islam Rafiqul

    This shop is great..
    You can buy from hear everything you need spasally household..! …

  265. Avatar photo
    Joe Chooi

    Nice and neat… Items arranged orderly in this spacious area. Wide range of things available.

  266. Avatar photo
    srinivasa reddy

    Almost all the household items including groceries,frozen poultry, fruits, spices, provisional items, kitchen utensils, kitchenware etc are sold here for cheap price.

  267. Avatar photo
    Babu Selvaraj

    Great place to shop, excellent service staffs, hats off to them

  268. Avatar photo
    William Pang

    Service staff highly motivated

  269. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim Noor

    Another well organised SS in heartland areas …

  270. Avatar photo
    Ellis Lim

    Most items are priced lower than other supermarkets. This is one of the bigger grocery place they operate thus better range of items.

  271. Avatar photo
    Paul Shim

    Quite sizeable supermarket with most of the stuff there.

  272. Avatar photo
    Irwan Setiawan

    Much better alternative than NTUC FairPrice! Cheaper for most items too!

  273. Avatar photo
    Cadell Teng

    A double storey super market with wide selection of items at a very reasonable price. They are not the cheapest, but it’s definitely reasonable.

    Air-conditioner at certain area of the market is pretty cold.

  274. Avatar photo
    A. Sha

    Got good variety. Not cheap these days. Many things still selling like COVID days. Malaysia has opened up, alot of shopping will be leaving across the causeway. Need to have real competition with NTUC etc, rather both their prices are identical – it’s like ‘kelong’ business. Halal area and non-halal area are not marked specifically. Need to have proper markers, especially at the frozen Chicken area.

  275. Avatar photo
    Jessie Leong

    The sales staff are helpful n kind especially to me on wheelchair

  276. Avatar photo
    Khairudin Ali

    Renovated .. large place.. can find almost anything.. from wet to dry items.. 24hrs !!

  277. Avatar photo
    LEE Thomas

    The staff and cashiers are attentive and friendly. Warm environment, it is a pleasure to shop at Sheng Siong…

  278. Avatar photo
    Ravedid gaming

    I drop my $1 and I can’t take out at all

  279. Avatar photo
    M K lee (E.L)

    Is a nice supermarket.However,I think is about time to change the safe entry device as I believed that it is faulty.I had seen few cases that customers’ tokens were blinking with green light,meaning they were all working,but did not work on the device.Of course ended up argument at the entrance..

  280. Avatar photo
    FAY yah

    Fast service counters. Excellent service. 2 storeys with most of the daily groceries u needed r avaible here. Thumbs up

  281. Avatar photo
    Jaime Toh

    Good location, lots of varieties n cheap. U almost can find everything there

  282. Avatar photo
    Ricky Watson


  283. Avatar photo
    kevin nguyen

    After renovation, sheng siong supermarket at tampines is nicer and more convenient for customer. The price is also reasonable compared to fairprice

  284. Avatar photo
    Winny Ismianti

    I like to shopping at shengsiong
    The item so variety. The price also reasonable. Love it.

  285. Avatar photo
    Im Ran

    Had everything i need and it’s affordable

  286. Avatar photo
    Chay Jian Lim

    The staff are polite n helpful. Seng Siong Supermarket are improving, carry many products that makes shopping very convenience. Hopefully Seng Siong could stay competitive.

  287. Avatar photo
    Manisah Mohd Tahir

    Service very good. Helpful staff. Always I shop there. Convienience to shop near my home… …

  288. Avatar photo
    Edric Lee

    Now newly renovated with 2 floors, and it’s 24 hours

  289. Avatar photo
    Salleh Mohamed

    Always a great place to shop for groceries. But not all brands are available. They prioritise more on their own house brand.

  290. Avatar photo
    Marvin Woo

    I like this 24hr supermarket! It has a wide variety of daily necessities, food, drinks. It’s air-conditioned, near my house plus it’s open 24×7.

  291. Avatar photo
    Thomas Lew

    It’s quite a big place occupying two levels. It has quite a wide range of products and groceries. Can almost get all the things you need. The interesting thing is the packing counter and the payment is separated. Still one of the favourite for neighbourhood shopping. And done of the products are cheaper here.

  292. Avatar photo
    Larissa Tan

    The staff here are so friendly and helpful! Always enjoy shopping at this sheng siong. Kudos to the team at this outlet!

  293. Avatar photo
    Fuyuan Tok

    Occupies 2 levels. Good place to shop.

  294. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Liew

    Didn’t know there is a supermarket at the car park. Excellent….

  295. Avatar photo
    Papa Lim

    24 hr
    Most groceries needs are here

  296. Avatar photo
    HM Choo

    2 storeys of goods. Fresh food is plenty. The usual vegetables, fruits, bread, juices are at the ground level. Has an escalator to go up. There’s also cashier counter on the 2nd floor.

  297. Avatar photo
    Phillips Au

    The new sheng siong supermarket at tampines is clean and a very good place to shop.

  298. Avatar photo
    weuzr goh

    Spacious alley and all you can find in this supermarket!

  299. Avatar photo
    Elok Robert Tee

    Always a good choice supermarket.

  300. Avatar photo
    Aw Clement

    This sheng siong supermarket is quite nice in design and services and there is a new method of paying your item is that you have to go to the counter and the staff will scanned you item then they will give so called a number reciept of the machine number to pay so if the number is 2 you should go to machine 2 to pay and it has two level the 2nd level can be access by a staircase outside or a escalater inside it you are inside the supermarket.

  301. Avatar photo
    Jn Leow

    Regular supermarket to go to for groceries n household

  302. Avatar photo
    Simon Lim

    Some items can be found cheaper at cold storage abd ntuc supermarts

  303. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Salleh Hussain

    I find this supermarket conveniently located at Tampines Central. No doubt that there is a vegetable market nearby, but this supermarket has some other supplies of the vegetables that may not be sold at the vegetable market.
    You definitely can find a variety of the daily necessities at this supermarket – dairy products, tidbits, instant drinks and many more home necessities.

  304. Avatar photo
    Chye Eng Ng

    This supermarket branch is operating 24hours and it is selling groceries, household items as well as stationery.

    However, most of the cashiers and/or staffs are rude and unapproachable. I had bad experiences with the cashier personally.

    Some foods and vegetables are not fresh especially those reduced to clear. For examples, potatoes with buds growing on them are still up for sales.

    Their customer service ought to be improved significantly and stop taking customers for granted. Poor staffs training is what causing the customers to feel patronised by poorly trained staffs.

  305. Avatar photo
    Leong Kenny

    New cashiering system where cashier dont collect payment. Customer will be given a slip to pay at an automated cash or cashless payment counter

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