Review Senjacashew Community Club, 101 Bukit Panjang Rd, Singapore

Review SenjaCashew Community Club - Singapore 101 Bukit Panjang Rd

“The staffs were extremely helpful to help us to activate the app setup for entries to the swimming pool. Kids had a wonderful time there. Thank you.” or “Nice Christmas deco. Is a good place for family bonding” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Senjacashew Community Club. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Senjacashew Community Club is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Senjacashew Community Club. In terms of Community center, it is generally believed that Senjacashew Community Clubis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 101 Bukit Panjang Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Community center, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 62194561 (+65 62194561)
  • Website:
  • Address: 101 Bukit Panjang Rd, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM.


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You can reach Senjacashew Community Club at 62194561(+65 62194561). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Senjacashew Community Club via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 101 Bukit Panjang Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Senjacashew Community Club reviews

Senjacashew Community Club is among the best destinations of Community center in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Senjacashew Community Club is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“The staffs were extremely helpful to help us to activate the app setup for entries to the swimming pool. Kids had a wonderful time there. Thank you.”

“Nice Christmas deco. Is a good place for family bonding”

“Its so beautiful! The water is filled with so many turtles and fishes…the walkway is good too!!”

“Place is clean and well ventilated with a nice view too. People are helpful in there guiding me on where to go and what to do. Thanks much.”

“Friendly and helpful night duty staff. Appreciate the prompt before turning off tennis courts lights. Good court with good rollers that dry easily. Photo is before I rolled.”

“Great view. Everyone I interacted with was courteous and friendly. Impressed to see so many volunteers at the vaccination center.”

“Like a little public sport complex.. Containing swimming pool, badminton court, activity rooms, music rooms, and a track for leisure and cycling tracks above the bio conservation pond nearby.”

“Very nice and clean swimming complex surrounded by nice scenery.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 272 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 91% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Senjacashew Community Club, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Senjacashew Community Club, 101 Bukit Panjang Rd, Singapore

There is a total 272 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Maz Ali

    Neighbourhood little pond with awesome view.

  2. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Ng

    My kids like to swim here

  3. Avatar photo
    yang Goh

    There is a bubble tea store (each a cup). I am a teen so I love it alot. The swimming pool is less visited because of the COVID-19. But after a swim before COVID-19, the bubble tea sure cheers you up. There is a mini cafe there but some parts are under construction

  4. Avatar photo
    Shao Ming Ng

    Nice briyani but limited seating. Easier to just pack and go

  5. Avatar photo
    Shark Sharkey

    Courteous staff and life guards. Opens early too for somedays.

  6. Avatar photo
    Ravikant Sharma

    Beautiful, relaxing, calm, scenery view. Must visit place.

  7. Avatar photo
    Linawaty Lim

    It’s surprisingly very nice place. Esp for swim coaching. I think more than half of swimming pools are used for coaching on weekends. The nearby lake is nice to take a walk while waiting. Unfortunately, the kids pool are often closed for unknown reason.

  8. Avatar photo
    Chong Tee Lim

    beautiful and large multipurpose hall

  9. Avatar photo
    charlie zuo

    swimming pool is great ! Badminton court nice ! Good place to exercise

  10. Avatar photo
    AGALIVIR Asotnes

    SSC monthly entry pass not valid for pool entry

  11. Avatar photo
    Sabrina Tosi

    Went for my 2 kids vaccine shots. Really well organised and efficient. Nice setting too with a nice walk around the pub basin

  12. Avatar photo
    C 12

    Exciting community club! Varieties of activities. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience for families.

  13. Avatar photo
    Darwin Binazmi

    Peaceful and calming place to have a breather

  14. Avatar photo
    Joshua Kow

    Spectacular view of Pang Sua Pond from the CC

  15. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Ng

    Newly opened Yogo Mymmar Food

  16. Avatar photo
    Kalimuthu Veerapan

    Ok and nice place

  17. Avatar photo
    Eric Ng

    It’s one of the designated vaccine Centre… Well managed… I m so blessed as a sporean…. Just got my booster jab…. Thanks guys… Good job!

  18. Avatar photo
    Ivan Chua

    Nice scenery with a nostalgic cup of each a cup bubble tea!

  19. Avatar photo
    Johnathan Yew

    There is a pool a mini food centre gym. Cool place.

  20. Avatar photo
    Lim Kelvin

    Spacious and has a “lake” nearby with nice lightings at night and during festivals.

  21. Avatar photo
    Sanjeev Gupta

    Ample parking across the road

  22. Avatar photo
    Jenny Tan

    Great view over the pond

  23. Avatar photo

    Nice place to stay connected with community, they got good indoor badminton courts, easy to book 4 courts are booked online(one pa) and 2 from counter

  24. Avatar photo
    Iv c

    Many food here, Drink stall having toast set, been hoon, assorted local kueh, halal pau, cakes and bread.

    There is also Fish soup, laska, lor mee.

    Indian muslim the roti prata, indian rojak, briyani rice are delicious.

    Zi char curry fish head.

    There is also Mala and Malay food.

  25. Avatar photo
    Joe Tan

    Yup, here for vaccination, there’s a swimming pool, food court gym and some other facilities here, quite lively due to people coming here for vaccination though

  26. Avatar photo
    F J

    It oversees a beautiful lake which the town council will update the decorations. Last Dec it was Xmas deco..
    Then we had CNY deco.. next they’ll don the Hari Raya Deco!
    This place is always well kept and spruced!

  27. Avatar photo
    Ashok Kumar

    Well designed water catchment area around the community centre makes is picturesque and unique.

  28. Avatar photo
    Ghaanavi Dakshinamurthi

    Swimming pool is not properly built especially bathrooms

  29. Avatar photo
    lai jason

    Like a little public sport complex.. Containing swimming pool, badminton court, activity rooms, music rooms, and a track for leisure and cycling tracks above the bio conservation pond nearby.

  30. Avatar photo
    Albert Choo

    Cheap and good nasi branyiat the cafe

  31. Avatar photo
    Chee Siong Cheng (CS)

    One of the more unique cc in singapore with a reservoir which have a mini floating stage and linkway to view the scenary. Best served for locals.

  32. Avatar photo
    Ben Tan

    Brought my kid here for her Pfizer vaccination jab. Whole process was smooth and all staff were helpful and friendly.

  33. Avatar photo
    Jing Wen Wong

    Really affordable activesg gym that charges per visit and can use activesg credit.

    It’s rather small though.

    Wished there was an expansion of the place.

  34. Avatar photo
    Terence TT

    May I suggest the swimming to open earlier?
    Notice that other pools open at 8am.

  35. Avatar photo
    Kar Soon Soh

    Very quiet

  36. Avatar photo
    Lucas Fantastic

    the gym is cozy, and the toilets look extremely clean and aesthetically soothing on the eyes.

  37. Avatar photo
    Zahari Nawi

    One stop sports and programme hub.

  38. Avatar photo
    Alan KKeong Low

    The recent mass vaccination was well organised n proper protocol for Covid Control & Segregation were professionally organised. All go online appointment & obtained according to auto queue up.
    Best to stick to appointment time slot as given. Fast n easy.

  39. Avatar photo
    Eric Poh

    Nothing special. A regular community center with a big pond in front

  40. Avatar photo
    Darren Ang

    Good place for exercise and good cafe for dinner

  41. Avatar photo
    chinpei Lee

    Every seasonal festivals always well decorated good atmosphere …

  42. Avatar photo
    Simon Cho

    Their guys are very friendly,
    But just the timing is not clear,
    Even is written open, But no slot or weekends is for school or coach or something, need to book in advance.

  43. Avatar photo
    Henry Chua

    Nice and reasonable laksa but without hum due to restrictions imposed by coffee shop. Sit in air-conditioning and enjoy it. Senior citizens gets a price for $4.50.

  44. Avatar photo
    Faisal Ishak

    A huge complex for the community

  45. Avatar photo
    Radiance Ng

    Love the beautiful board walk at night

  46. Avatar photo
    Mia Jing Goh

    Plenty of space to host indoor events including an uncommon sports hall with 8 badminton courts complete with retractable spectator seats system. An unique building built across a canal.

  47. Avatar photo
    Ice D

    Nice and chill place to be in the evenings after dinner.

  48. Avatar photo
    Signs Matter

    Went there to take gojek after my vaccination because there is $15 discount (:

  49. Avatar photo
    Avery Seet

    Spacious place for covid19 vaccination. Fast process. Free gifts upon vaccination.

  50. Avatar photo

    It’s a nice place for a morning or evening walk. Also a great place to enjoy a quiet moment.

  51. Avatar photo
    Jefferson Z

    there are good vaccines

  52. Avatar photo
    xavier luah

    Love the sun set scenary

  53. Avatar photo
    roy yeo

    Good Experience with front counter ! …

  54. Avatar photo
    Edmund Poon

    Picture tells a thousand words.. need me to say more …

  55. Avatar photo
    Galatta family

    It’s a awesome place to play badminton, swim, dance and sing!!
    Cuz senja cc has a badminton court, basketball court, dance studio, karaoke box, swimming pool and many more!! Although the dance studio is a bit expensive, it’s worth it!!!

  56. Avatar photo
    Matin Faruq

    Got many activities for the neighbourhood.

  57. Avatar photo
    Soh Ch

    I actually went there to have my covid jab

  58. Avatar photo
    ong zhangyong

    Never fail me when i need to go toilet

  59. Avatar photo
    Indera Dali

    Great for family & good swimming pool!

  60. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Yeo

    A beautifully built center with indoor swimming pool by a pond with a well lighted bridge that created a very soothing view in the late evening and night scenery and a gym that can look out and into the pool scene.

  61. Avatar photo
    Madiha Fatima

    I have done swimming there.. Pools are good.. But lockers were not working fine.

  62. Avatar photo
    Fengming Huang

    Good place for community gathering and activities, with swimming pool, badminton courts and other places.

  63. Avatar photo
    Anggun Lin

    Nice place,clean and great view.

  64. Avatar photo
    Ray Sim

    Went for vaccination, pretty chill place but nth too exciting, the pond behind it is an awesome walk for the lights especially durong the evening

  65. Avatar photo
    Farzana Hossain

    Really.. this place is very nice

  66. Avatar photo
    SL M

    Perfect location for hangout

  67. Avatar photo

    Breezy place, great for brisk walking in the morning.

  68. Avatar photo
    Linawaty Lim

    It’s surprisingly very nice place. Esp for swim coaching. I think more than half of swimming pools are used for coaching on weekends. The nearby lake is nice to take a walk while waiting. Unfortunately, the kids pool are often closed for unknown reason.

  69. Avatar photo

    Beautiful landscape.

  70. Avatar photo
    Rozaiman Roslan

    Nothing much to say for the community club but the lake beside it is nice.

  71. Avatar photo
    Terrence Yoong

    A community club that has quite a big sports hall, outdoor facilities as well as swimming pool. Is located next to the Pang Sua Pond. Currently is lighted with the Hair Raya decoration lighting.

  72. Avatar photo
    Andry A

    Relatively well maintained and friendly staff

  73. Avatar photo
    Bernard Choo

    Well done it great too .

  74. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Heng

    The food sold in the cafe is very delicious and affordable, the pool is very fun for my kids and I love the scenery at the pool side.

  75. Avatar photo
    Pankaj Shah

    Nice place for a quick swim

  76. Avatar photo
    SKR “velan”

    I’m living nearer to this community club and I love this neighbourhood very much.

    Amenities in and around,
    1) Swimming Pool
    2) Gym (Anytime Fitness 24/7)
    3) Badminton court (nearly 10 courts)
    4) Pang Sua Pond (a two years old, newly renovated attraction) – a second-largest man-made floating wetland in Singapore
    5) 5 to 8 mins walk to Bukit Panjang Downtown line MRT and Interchange.

  77. Avatar photo
    Mihwa Lee

    New community centre, complete with a swimming pool and 24hr gym. Love the big lake outside.

  78. Avatar photo
    Valli S

    Very well ventilated badminton courts …

  79. Avatar photo
    SoonHow Tan

    Quite a good CC

  80. Avatar photo
    Lily Pang

    It’s a nice place security guards are patience n courteous with the public but the cleanliness is not there unlike the bt panjang cc

  81. Avatar photo
    Andy LIEW

    Have a nice stroll with family

  82. Avatar photo
    Alice Chan

    Nice Christmas deco. Is a good place for family bonding

  83. Avatar photo
    Bill Ho

    Nice view

  84. Avatar photo
    Tery Lius

    A good place to leasure walk or snacking
    At the sitting area

  85. Avatar photo
    Billy Aswin Billy Aswin

    Love the swimming pool there

  86. Avatar photo

    It’s a pretty and charming place.

  87. Avatar photo
    Low KY

    Swimming pool charge higher than public pool.

  88. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Teoh

    Nice pool

  89. Avatar photo
    Ruben Ho

    Friendly and helpful night duty staff. Appreciate the prompt before turning off tennis courts lights. Good court with good rollers that dry easily. Photo is before I rolled.

  90. Avatar photo
    Mukesh Dubey

    Kids Swimming pool is awesome

  91. Avatar photo
    pcps0240 chua

    Covid 19 vaccination, good and fast services.

  92. Avatar photo
    Sukanya Joshi

    Its so beautiful! The water is filled with so many turtles and fishes…the walkway is good too!!

  93. Avatar photo
    Sashi Kiran

    Nice place. Great amenities

  94. Avatar photo
    D R

    The nature scenery really a beauty

  95. Avatar photo

    I just loved this place and the activities of singapore government that helps to improve singapore peoples

  96. Avatar photo
    Nike Clooner

    Good place to held wedding

  97. Avatar photo
    Noemi B. Quillope

    Quite and scenery.

  98. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Kwa

    Nice place to chill and relax. Many activities to do as well

  99. Avatar photo
    Hamidah Aidillah

    The Swmming pool and the surrounding Greenery is what makes this CC.

  100. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Tan

    Went for my covid jabs – this CC administering Pfizer-B jabs only. Big air conditioned hall with orderly queue. Got to book online when it’s your turn. Stay safe!

  101. Avatar photo

    A well equipped cc with decent swimming pools for kids and adults, there is a food court as well to recharge after a good session.

  102. Avatar photo
    Joseph Kunjiraman

    Facilties are not up to par.Insuffient sitting areas with insufficient fans

  103. Avatar photo
    Rose Philippines

    Nice place

  104. Avatar photo
    Ru Chern Chong

    Great location of a community club in the heartlands. Packed with a badminton court, swimming pool, some open tennis court and a government gym facility.

  105. Avatar photo
    Vishal Pendharkar

    Good facility but not easy to book badminton courts..swimming pool is awesome

  106. Avatar photo
    Ken Lee

    Pretty much what you will expect in a cc. Oh. There’s a swimming pool and anytime fitness

  107. Avatar photo
    Preetha Bavan

    This place is good. Bountiful with nature. Clean and good. Calm and relaxing.

  108. Avatar photo
    Clarice Tan

    One of its first for a community club! Plus it is super well connected to the neighborhood and even Bukit Panjang Plaza mall

  109. Avatar photo
    CK Lam

    Great badminton courts, no wind, not slippery but also means a little stuffy.

  110. Avatar photo
    H2 O

    Conveniently located in the neighbourhood heartland of Senja overlooking the Bukit Panjang Neighbourhood 5 Park with lake views of Pang Sua Pond children’s playground jogging tracks sports facilities shade Pavilion strolling trails amphitheatres and breezy greenery away from busy cityscapes and the popular ActiveSG Gyms at Senja-Cashew next to Bukit Panjang DT1 MRT station and bus interchange Bukit Panjang Public library Bukit Panjang Plaza and Hillion Mall. Plenty of dinning shopping banking library postage community centre cinemas entertainment groceries sundries Electric Electronic telecommunication services household products and amenities nearby. Walking distance to Junction Ten. Love the varieties of dinning with local and international delights along Bukit Panjang Road. Freshly prepared healthy ingridients with tender loving caring skillful cooking and professional warm services. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students tourists expats locals visitors and families.

  111. Avatar photo
    SK Goh

    Good food, clean environment, no mad rush even during peak hours, love this place!

  112. Avatar photo
    Kamis Buang

    So helpful..thank you soo much …

  113. Avatar photo
    Suhéb Khawaja

    Very well equipped community centre; 24hr gym, swimming pool, dance studios, marital arts classes and a beautiful lake… (Not an exhaustive list of all the facilities)

  114. Avatar photo
    Sridhar Sri

    Nice place for evening walking

  115. Avatar photo
    HP SW

    Good place for swimming

  116. Avatar photo
    Hafiz Azhari

    Went to the swimming complex. Quite accessible by bus and mrt. User friendly amenities.

  117. Avatar photo
    Severina Custodio

    Wether it’s sports or an affordable foods to eat for..this community suits you and your family ️️

  118. Avatar photo
    hernamarwati ngademan

    I just went there for my vaccine & didn’t walk or watch around in the area much & had to go home fast as it was going to rain. …

  119. Avatar photo
    aydil mohamed

    Was there for the swimming pool. No parking available. Nearest parking will be across the road at 177A, via the link bridge. Swimming pool is clean. Toilets are generally clean as well.

  120. Avatar photo
    Johannes Widodo

    Pang Shua eco-pond next to it is beautiful, the small foodcourt and the swimming pool are nice too

  121. Avatar photo
    Steven Wong

    There has many events. Swimming pool, keraoke many many. N also l have my vaccination here so convenied.

  122. Avatar photo
    Romy's Cookbook and Lifestyle

    Beautiful view, nice place

  123. Avatar photo
    Sabrina Shen

    Nice good. Value for money!

  124. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Tan

    Zizhar stall is expensive, lousy meat, no prawn n vegetables, the sliced fish is not fresh too.

  125. Avatar photo
    Rosalind Chen

    Very very very cheap tze char here. The mala xiang guo is also reasonably priced

  126. Avatar photo
    Lim Kian Ming

    People in BP get your vaccination done here. Large hall and conducted by Thomson Medical. If you are not vaccinated yet, please get it and don’t be the one to jeopardize our community.

  127. Avatar photo
    N.20 Zee

    A little stall that serves the best prata is located inside this community centre.

  128. Avatar photo
    Jordan Tan

    Good facilities but kinda old

  129. Avatar photo
    Say Huat LIM

    Serve very nice ZI-CHAR.

  130. Avatar photo
    Jen Lee荃迪(金荃迪)

    Many greens ! Feeling very relax and reliefed coming here after a work day …

  131. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chen

    swimming pool, gym, Badminton courts, tennis courts, and more. its has abit of everything for everyone. plus it just opposite 2 shopping centers, and next to a scenic little reservoir/park.

  132. Avatar photo
    Wen Wen

    Nice by the pond unique community club and SportSG complex

  133. Avatar photo
    sangkaran 23 sangkaran 23

    Simple and easy way to reach destinations

  134. Avatar photo
    Sharon Tan

    Good can relax N hv our afternoon tea with friends and chit chat …

  135. Avatar photo
    Haji Abdul Shukor Mohamad

    The best exercises area.

  136. Avatar photo
    Ricky EE

    Yummy …

  137. Avatar photo
    Ng Joke Keong

    Senja-Cashew CC is a very good place for “Families” outing as this well as Community
    Events hosting centre just next to the BPP and very convenient.

  138. Avatar photo
    Bryan Low

    The staff were friendly when we tried to ask for directions out. The sports hall we used was quite old but relatively clean and well maintained.

  139. Avatar photo
    Samuel Jerome

    I hope that they put up baking workshops but overall …

  140. Avatar photo
    KAN Z

    Kid’s pool is too small.

  141. Avatar photo
    Elvis Poh

    Best for morning jogs the air is fresh and if wan to go swimming just go in

  142. Avatar photo

    Very good

  143. Avatar photo
    Ronnie Teh

    A places to enrol n learn course, a nice coffee shop, with good chicken rice stall and a bakery.

  144. Avatar photo
    Ng KL

    Easy to book courts online.

  145. Avatar photo

    The pond is Looking cleaner then two months ago…Good job NEA.Nothing to complain about the community center…Happy we have one com centre great staffs

  146. Avatar photo
    Rosni Rahmin

    Fast service

  147. Avatar photo
    June Wang

    Great facilities serving the needs of residents, surrounded with greenery and nature

  148. Avatar photo

    The hall is spacious and huge. It can easily accommodate more than 500 seating capacity.

  149. Avatar photo
    Gamer's Loft Singapore

    There are many elderlys unable to use the vending machine for constant token exchange, and the room is not open daily to assist them. Why??

  150. Avatar photo

    Convenient sports complex linked to the Bukit Panjang Plaza.

  151. Avatar photo
    Kirk Hur

    Visited multiple time for vaccination and other stuffs. Very clean and people are kind.

  152. Avatar photo
    Zachary Chua

    Many free activities to do in the evening in the community center as well as the 3G Wellness Center that’s right across the bridge from this CC itself. Examples of things to do inckude: International Chess Club, Karaoke, Exercise etc.

  153. Avatar photo
    Jean Tan

    Nice cafe w muslim, indian n chinese food mix available. Lots of festive activities organised regularly. Badminton & tennis courts n swimming pool facilities for all.

  154. Avatar photo
    Ben K.

    well maintained and has many function rooms and sports facilities

  155. Avatar photo
    anantha krishnan krishnamoorthy

    I stayed nearby to this pond. We visit it every evening and spend quality time. It’s right on a buzzing main road but that doesn’t deter us from enjoying the serene beauty

  156. Avatar photo
    John Koh

    Nice environment

  157. Avatar photo
    riyas smart

    It’s my best place to play badminton

  158. Avatar photo
    fongling choong

    It might look impressive but again, the toilets are dirty and smelly. At the rate they are running this place, it will look bad if the operations team don’t scrutinize closely the upkeep of this expensive looking CC. The safety check in is lax!

  159. Avatar photo
    YEO CH

    The cafeteria serves value for money meals with a good mix of Indian, Malay & Chinese flavours.

  160. Avatar photo
    Stanley Teo

    Tennis court, swimming pool, gym, vending machines for masks and tokens, barber, cafeteria, lots of services

    Park at mscp next to Bt Panjang Plaza

  161. Avatar photo
    Treasure Pot

    Like to bring the kids here to see the tortoise, fishes and monitor lizard.found nice Muslim food at lvl 1 Cahaya Muslim stall and Indian Muslim food.nasi lemak with sotong sambal $4.50.The Indian Muslim stall has nice
    Tosai $1.80 and vade 70cts.

  162. Avatar photo
    Ruminah Abu Bakar

    Clean and beautiful with nature surrounds.

  163. Avatar photo
    rajasegar rajoo

    Nice place

  164. Avatar photo

    The Community Club has lots of facilities such as a swimming pool, food court, indoor sports hall, and many functions room. The place is overall quite clean and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Would recommend it but improvements could be made!

  165. Avatar photo
    Jaxxon Yim

    Nice place to chill n relax, combine with a swimming pool surrounded with large catchment area.

  166. Avatar photo
    Joel Devanand

    So much to do around here, be it badminton or table tennis or swimming or cooking class.. there’s a cozy small food court as well

  167. Avatar photo
    B. S. Kappen

    Excellent place for a meal at the cafe or for a walk around the pond

  168. Avatar photo
    ah hock goh

    Not very friendly place. Imagine all the toilets were shutdown for repair work during peak hours (on a Saturday) where COV vaccination was going on. Poor elderlies, senior citizens, disabled and wheelchairs have to cross the overhead bridge to go to the mall for toilets. It was a very difficult experience. We’ve to go do the level to check in before going to the toilets which are also faraway.
    They shouldn’t be so high handed. Alternate arrangement should have considered.
    No compassion for residents.

  169. Avatar photo
    Geoff Holmes

    Good gym. Clean. New equipment. Lots of space between machines. Two new shower rooms with hot water / also used for changing. 1 toilet also used for changing.
    Need to book 3 days in advance.

    Tip #1: book early it is popular.
    Tip #2: thete are only 2 mats for stretchs and they get poached for barbell, so grab early or stretch / do body weight exercises in advance.

  170. Avatar photo
    Stephenie Ng

    Was there for covid19 vaccination. Very efficient n professional by Thomson Medical.

  171. Avatar photo
    Ian Wui

    Friendly CC staff!

  172. Avatar photo
    Simon Toh

    This is one-off community club in Singapore, one standing majestically on a lake. Unfortunately, the building maintenance is evidently not up to standard particularly its canteen where the air conditioning system has broken down for quite a long time already.

  173. Avatar photo
    Shun Insulation

    Favourite badminton coaching place

  174. Avatar photo
    Ernest Wang

    Have shelter to bukit panjang Plaza, have food, swimming pool and each a cup.

  175. Avatar photo
    Tiffany Tsao

    The staffs were extremely helpful to help us to activate the app setup for entries to the swimming pool. Kids had a wonderful time there. Thank you.

  176. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Paramsivan

    It’s a cozy place and with nice South Indian food available.

  177. Avatar photo
    Sriram Ved

    Great view. Everyone I interacted with was courteous and friendly. Impressed to see so many volunteers at the vaccination center.

  178. Avatar photo
    Ym Wong

    Thomson medical is the one responsible for pfizer shots at this cc, they accept walk in mon to thur 10am to 7pm

  179. Avatar photo
    Rayner Chua

    The place is easy to get to, being near Bukit Panjang MRT/LRT. There are also 2 shopping malls nearby. The facilities also includes a ActiveSG gym and a swimming pool.

  180. Avatar photo
    Belle Gan

    Great place for workout and family bonding. Especially nice after the renovation.

  181. Avatar photo
    Adam Yeo

    The community centre was really clean and air-conditioned.

  182. Avatar photo
    wong mark

    Beast place to gather at Cuppa tiam after morning exercise, aroma and delicious breakfast

  183. Avatar photo
    Dzulkeflee Othman

    Great community center with many facilities. Only issue i had was cleanliness.

  184. Avatar photo
    Pang Khai Muay

    Nice place to walk in the evening

  185. Avatar photo
    nitecm waruni

    Use the swimming pool and eat at the canteen. The canteen has a good laksa stall

  186. Avatar photo
    Ray Fang

    My second time here and was pleasantly surprised by the light up for National Day.

  187. Avatar photo
    Angela Lansbury

    Huge modern complex with meeting rooms for craft classes and children’s or family activities, adjoining swimming pool and eating places. Allow time to find your way from Bukit Panjang MRT station because it may be further than you think and it’s hard to find the right exit on the right level.

  188. Avatar photo
    YJY 114

    Went there to eat at the coffee shop as it was recommended by iur relative and the food there was not that bad and not expensive too.

  189. Avatar photo
    Marcus Au

    great facilities and staff, tennis court is well maintained

  190. Avatar photo
    Wacsleftyy So

    I enjoy the lontong at the Malay stall in the coffee shop. Ice Milo abit expensive, if not I will give 5*

  191. Avatar photo
    Dillion S Soon

    Great scenary with nature pond right beside. Small but adequate with plenty of nearby amenities, located across the road of bukit panjang plaza.

  192. Avatar photo
    Steven Teo

    just a community club with loads of activities!

  193. Avatar photo
    Wei Ong

    Very hot, no shelter, toilet mouldy, very few pools.

  194. Avatar photo
    Brian Loh

    Still renovation. Nice swimming pool and lot of kids lesson class especially weekend.
    Nearby nice lake jogging area.
    Having nice children pool with slide

  195. Avatar photo
    Vitoon Angsukuntorn

    Best neighborhood nature park. Lovely pond for leisure walk.

  196. Avatar photo
    Danis Luke

    Clean and pleasant staffs

  197. Avatar photo
    Robert Tan

    Was there for the swimming pool. Consist of :
    Adult big pool
    Kids pool (0.3m) and another side with Jacuzzi

    Payment made via ezlink card on the gantry, will be helpful for those to know as I thought need to use coins (old days)

    No parking available in the CC, but nearest is the carpark at Blk 541A, only 4mins walk.

  198. Avatar photo
    Francis Kuan

    Good. Pls change one of the table tennis tables. Unstable and off balanced. Name the table tennis courts to prevent any dispute. Tks.

  199. Avatar photo
    Henry Chen

    Got a anytime fitness gym, a kid water playground and link bridge to bukit panjang mall.

  200. Avatar photo
    asdf qwerty

    got coffeeshop got badminton court can play can have fun

  201. Avatar photo
    Nunuk Jumaidah

    But to far from bus stops

  202. Avatar photo
    Ashton Ng

    Very nice cc!

  203. Avatar photo
    kuki six

    Accessible location. The food at the food court is also not bad.

  204. Avatar photo
    Zainal Pari

    A Serene place to exercise and experience! Well kept and clean! Though it’s man-made, the feel of nature is evident.

  205. Avatar photo

    so beautiful

  206. Avatar photo
    OY JC

    Is easy to get there by LRT

  207. Avatar photo
    Andy Chue

    Your typical CC except without any fast food and with a swimming pool!
    I love the atmosphere there totally.

  208. Avatar photo
    Shreyas Bhatt

    Nice facility with even a covid vaccination centre. Alot of the stuff like the gym is closed so beware. Next to the pond and the bridge with a nice scenic view. Staff are also very friendly here.

  209. Avatar photo
    WK Chin

    There are many facilities available here, including swimming pools, dance studio, courts and gym.

  210. Avatar photo
    Andrew Goh

    It was a total dissapointment of how Senja – Cashew CC have managed their course arrangement. How to give confident and assurance to the public when we take up courses? They cancelled the course without giving valid reason. All this past 8 years, i have been attending a very welcoming and popular course in this CC. Somewhat this few month, they decided to cancel the course for no whatever reason but just mentioning course rearrangement. It seems like not the case or just something else. We don’t see that happen in other CC which the same course have conducted. Why is only affecting the course i am taking? Why is not other course since this course is so overwhelming and over popular. Is it fair and transparent at all?

  211. Avatar photo
    Muthu Latchemy

    I went there to collect my CDC vocher within ten minutes I collect so fast their service

  212. Avatar photo
    Anil Tirunagari

    Great for evening walks around the pond

  213. Avatar photo
    George Gregory Thia

    Spacious and tranquil ambience.

  214. Avatar photo
    Govindarajan P.

    We played Badminton. Neat and clean.

  215. Avatar photo
    Daniel M

    Nice and clean. Parking is available at the opposite MSCP and is linked by an overhead bridge.

  216. Avatar photo
    Nandun Kahandawa

    Nice community gathering area for locals around bukit panjang area.. It got a nice cafetaria with variety of foods, gymnasium, and a swimming pool… It conduct variety of courses such as stiching , dancing and Hugh variety of courses for different age groups… Nearest train station is bukit panjang station….

  217. Avatar photo
    Gunalan Kaniasan

    Nice facilities and nice environment

  218. Avatar photo
    Anri Uozumi

    Walkway surrounding pound is nice place to do walking.

  219. Avatar photo
    Eugene Teo

    Today’s my second jab of Pfizer.

    Was expecting a huge crowd like my last jab but never expected that it would be so empty like a ghost town.

    After the first round of “interrogation”, without any downtime in waiting, i was lead straight to the jabbing area.

    The nurse was however as friendly as ever.
    I told her that I wanted a painless jab and she laughed, ha ha ha. The procedure was very fast and efficient.

    As ever, am grateful that we are able to get the vaccine so conveniently unlike many other countries, facing the lack of vaccines due to poor country management by the “politicians”.

  220. Avatar photo
    Jaclyn Ngo (Luxe Women)

    A perfect place to enjoy sports! There’s a swimming pool, gym and other cc lessons to choose from.
    Keeps your little ones occupied too.

  221. Avatar photo
    ng chee meng

    A nice place to have a dip in the swimming pool.

  222. Avatar photo
    Ziliang Koh

    Beautiful decoration for CNY!!!

  223. Avatar photo
    Mukesh Kumar

    All facilities helps public nearby to access

  224. Avatar photo
    DTru Chimpong

    This CC is the only place for Choa Chu Kang residents, that provides children vaccination. The place is spacious and bridge link access available from the CC to Bukit Panjang Mall. Suitable for those who drives and wheelchair accessibility provided.

  225. Avatar photo
    Peter Chen

    Staff are very friendly and helpful.

  226. Avatar photo
    Rachel Y.

    Not so new but many facilities to enjoy!!!

  227. Avatar photo
    Daisycoot Vlogs

    Love that place to have my rest time, lay down in the park and walking around the bridge.

  228. Avatar photo
    My SECRET Corner

    Place is clean and well ventilated with a nice view too. People are helpful in there guiding me on where to go and what to do. Thanks much.

  229. Avatar photo
    Susie Goh

    One of its kind in SG with an ideallic setting planted at the edge of a man-made pond. Imagine a gym overlooking the pond… This place is an outdoor haven and pride of residents in this part of the island.

  230. Avatar photo
    Vijay Bathe

    All sports amenities are at the same place badminton, swimming pool, 24 hrs gym

  231. Avatar photo
    Philip Chua

    Vacinnation center big and not crowded. Environment clean and neatly.

  232. Avatar photo
    Zhen'An Lee

    Probably the only CC has swimming pool in it.

  233. Avatar photo
    Ravi Ram

    Good Always I playing there

  234. Avatar photo
    Tom Goh

    I just felt very comfortable to be there. Most common neeeds are met. I felt free & easy.

  235. Avatar photo
    Leonard Thangavelu, PBM

    One of the most comprehensively facilitated community club in Singapore with an integrated swimming complex.

    It’s a buzz of activity with many events organized for the residents by the Senja-Cashew Community Club.

    Also very conveniently located within an arm’s length from bus stops, MRT/LRT and two malls

  236. Avatar photo
    chua teck seng

    Swim practically everyday. Friendly staff, usually ready to help especially folks that are not quite Apps savvy. Also feature a fairly good cooked food cafe with Muslim, Indian, Chinese mala, zi char and a newly added wanton noodles (pretty good albeit a little pricey). Go check them out. Of course, the usual hot & cold drinks stall with tidbits, pao and bread etc.

  237. Avatar photo
    Owshika Pradeep

    It’s very big and well kept with security..

  238. Avatar photo
    Chan Jing Hui Benedict

    Went there to attend friends’ wedding.

    Bunch of freeloaders going there to eat.

  239. Avatar photo
    Gary Lim

    Crowded at 2pm. Good to know that the gym is well used!

  240. Avatar photo
    Ean Khim Huang

    nice community club with various activities – gym, swimming pool, etc etc

  241. Avatar photo
    Ng Cat

    It have a cafe that sell vegetarian foods, and there is a bubble tea stall too

  242. Avatar photo
    Wj Yp

    Very nice and clean swimming complex surrounded by nice scenery.

  243. Avatar photo
    Aris Ferry

    Tranquil, peaceful, great place to take your morning jog and stroll in the evenings…

  244. Avatar photo
    Marina Marina

    Very well maintained and the cleaning staff receive all the praise. As this is a vaccination centre too, the cleanliness is really topnotch!

    The cc also organises lots of classes for a diverse age range.

  245. Avatar photo
    Eugene Teo

    Today’s my second jab of Pfizer.

    Was expecting a huge crowd like my last jab but never expected that it would be so empty like a ghost town.

    After the first round of “interrogation”, without any downtime in waiting, i was lead straight to the jabbing area.

    The nurse was however as friendly as ever.
    I told her that I wanted a painless jab and she laughed, ha ha ha. The procedure was very fast and efficient.

    As ever, am grateful that we are able to get the vaccine so conveniently unlike many other countries, facing the lack of vaccines due to poor country management by the “politicians”.

  246. Avatar photo
    Bituin Garcia

    Very organized and clean

  247. Avatar photo
    Bob Jaynal

    Went there for my covid 19 booster shot. If not for covid, it would have been a nice place to hang around with a beautiful landscape. I think part of the building is built above the zhenghua pond.
    There are also food outlets. At the Indian food stall I ask the owner if they can whip up Onion Masala Tosei as it was not on the menu and they readily agreed. That was super delicious. You should try it. Also try the “kopi c”, it’s fabulous. Don’t forget to clear your table after your meal. Cheers.

  248. Avatar photo
    Simon Tan

    Love it ! Great adult pool, warmer water most of the time. Has a kids pool and a wading pool, but it can get a little cold. Will definitely come back regularly.

  249. Avatar photo
    Annaemmy Annaemmy

    Friendly services rendered to customers

  250. Avatar photo
    Charan Raj

    Center very good but instructor not friendly sour face.but it’s ok for me.thk you

  251. Avatar photo
    Margaret L

    Accessible to the public and to Bukit Panjang Plaza. Place is not in great nick.
    Swimming pools and weekend Gym.

  252. Avatar photo
    Lilian Tan

    I swim regularly at senja-cashew pool. All the life guards here are very friendly, understanding n warm n courteous. There are times we swim 2 more laps to maximise the 50 min swim time but all the life guards are understanding n accomodative n very courteous. Of course, the life guards in senja also do enforce that swimmers cant overstay in the swim complex.At bukit batok pool, i got a very stern treatment. Though i had 8 min left, someone came into the toilet n urgently shouting away for me to get out of the swim complex. By the way, i was rushing too, didnt take my time. All the active sg staff in senja cashew are very very friendly too. Lifeguards good too! i wan to say thank you to the lifeguards n active sg staff in senja cashew!

  253. Avatar photo

    A great place to hangout with friends. Tennis court, Badminton court swimming pool everything is available and well managed.

  254. Avatar photo
    Syukril zzz

    It has alot of facilities and it is good to keep fit here. It has gym, swimming pool, dance studio and etc.

  255. Avatar photo
    Wannie Michelmann

    Spacious, new and airy with friendly staff

  256. Avatar photo

    Club has swimming pool and gym. There’s food and drinks shops

  257. Avatar photo
    shantanu upadhyay

    Nice club With lots of public amenities

  258. Avatar photo
    Jessica Sim

    Was here to take my booster jab.

    I am glad that when this CC was built with swimming pool and catered for other facilities too. It brings so much convenient to bukit panjang residents

  259. Avatar photo
    J. G

    Nice cafe food court nice to eat

  260. Avatar photo
    Enrique Montes

    Nice place, nice view! …

  261. Avatar photo
    gaNesh Nesh

    Very nice scenery

  262. Avatar photo
    Choong Thoong Chua

    Lively place with frequent festive light up

  263. Avatar photo
    Salim TZ

    Nice place ..every clean

  264. Avatar photo
    Cheng Peng Ong

    Nice quite place with a pond next to it. Many activities for children including a swimming pool. A coffee shop on the ground floor.

  265. Avatar photo
    Gunjan Kanojia

    Very well-maintained swimming pools, tennis and badminton courts, decent food court, lot of extra curriculum activities for kids and senior citizen care activities. The canal is nice n clean with fish n turtles to keep young ones busy n happy.

  266. Avatar photo
    Henry Hunter

    Amazingly there is a swimming pool here

  267. Avatar photo
    Johnathan Lam

    Public swimming pool; indoor and outdoor sports facilities; recreation & a few descent food stores.

  268. Avatar photo

    Got swimming pool, got clean toilets, got chair and fan, got each a cup, got a cute and small coffee shop. Very homely and a place with good view and windy. What more can you ask for?

  269. Avatar photo
    LadyMacbeth Malik Murad

    Beautiful scenery , great place to be ️

  270. Avatar photo
    Animal Whisperer

    tidy n clean

  271. Avatar photo
    GK Soh

    Can organise more activities which are limited compared to other CCs

  272. Avatar photo
    Mark Symons

    Very efficient and clean.

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