Review Sengkang Sculpture Park, Compassvale St, Singapore

Review Sengkang Sculpture Park - Singapore Compassvale St

“The place for relaxing in the evening with created of art” or “It’s nice place to relax. Photogenic location. Good place to spend some time in the cool breezy evening.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Sengkang Sculpture Park. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Sengkang Sculpture Park is quality.

Introduction about Sengkang Sculpture Park

Here are some fundamental details regarding Sengkang Sculpture Park. In terms of Park, it is generally believed that Sengkang Sculpture Parkis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at Compassvale St, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Park, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 90128246 (+65 90128246)
  • Website:
  • Address: Compassvale St, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Open 24 hours.


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You can directly come to Compassvale St, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Sengkang Sculpture Park reviews

Sengkang Sculpture Park is among the best destinations of Park in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Sengkang Sculpture Park good?

To determine whether Sengkang Sculpture Park is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Awesome feels very serene tucked into neighbourhood vicinity. Offers variety of sculptures (as the name goes) ..One can go the food court nearby for refreshments after exercise.”

“It's nice place to relax. Photogenic location. Good place to spend some time in the cool breezy evening.”

“Nice park with a playground, fitness corner and sculptures. Good place to relax and chill.”

“Good place to relax and playing areas for children. Nice infrastructure for workouts for all ages people.”

“Mix of activity Area for children as well as adults”

“A tiny bloom captivate the morning sunlight at outside the nursery.”

“Love this place and usually crowded after school hours. Great place for kids to run around.”

“Great for family. The place has playground, fitness corner, food court, and a spacious park”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 198 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 79% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Sengkang Sculpture Park, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Sengkang Sculpture Park, Compassvale St, Singapore

There is a total 198 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Arunachalam Thannirmalai

    Nice place to play and exercise in

  2. Avatar photo
    harsha lalwani

    Its beautiful and adventurous for children …

  3. Avatar photo
    Aicy Yu

    Visited Thia place after having lunch with kiddos. Nice for a short play with kids and in a not hot weather. Kids enjoyed the playground and would love to come back again…

  4. Avatar photo
    wee liat low

    Nice Park to have morning exercises.

  5. Avatar photo

    Neighbourhood small park, nothing good.


  6. Avatar photo
    Veena D

    Nice place for a walk with walking and cycling paths. There is a kids playground, as well as an exercise area for adults. There is also a Koufu food court next to it.

  7. Avatar photo
    Vidhya Iyer

    Superb park …

  8. Avatar photo
    Xiang Ting

    Normal mid size park. No water feature, just some sculptures

  9. Avatar photo
    Eileen Choo

    Nice park to visit and take a walk.

  10. Avatar photo
    EJ Cheong

    Many pokemon players

  11. Avatar photo
    Sheryl Chua

    Nice Park to walk around

  12. Avatar photo
    Chandu Naresh Chilukuri

    Everyday I pass by this beautiful park and it is new each and every day

  13. Avatar photo
    Ashok Kizhepat

    A tiny bloom captivate the morning sunlight at outside the nursery.

  14. Avatar photo
    Robbi 123

  15. Avatar photo
    Kai En Chua

    Good place for childrens to hang out

  16. Avatar photo

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  17. Avatar photo
    chan keefe

    I climbed the structure oopsksksk

  18. Avatar photo
    Wong Woon Hung

    Ok lah.Amenities quite …

  19. Avatar photo
    Cipherous Sae

    Pretty fine especially with nearby Koufu

  20. Avatar photo
    Ric Lee

    childhood place to play

  21. Avatar photo
    7朵莲花 feng

    Sengkang Sculpture park is a small park for anyone to walk or jog there. The residents nearby the park usually use the park for exercises.

  22. Avatar photo
    Vincent Gabriel


  23. Avatar photo
    Atikah Wahyuni

    This area is very accessible for wheelchair users

  24. Avatar photo
    Lim Poh Teng

    Nice and Relaxing.

  25. Avatar photo
    chan weng fei

    Good play ground for children.. well designed but not very practical.

  26. Avatar photo
    jaypee salazar


  27. Avatar photo
    Sh L

    Stripe of land below the train track. Bunch of kids running and chasing each other. Nothing to shout about.

  28. Avatar photo

    The park is very long and below the LRT track, even if it rains lightly, you can take your kids here. There is also a food court next to it, which is very convenient


  29. Avatar photo
    Joe Hioa


  30. Avatar photo
    Young Choo

    Nice and beautiful park. Currently partially closed for upgrading.

  31. Avatar photo
    Praveen Ganapathy

    Beautiful park at the heart of Sengkang

  32. Avatar photo
    John Ting

    Spacious with three playground nearby.

  33. Avatar photo
    renga s

    Most spacious park in sengkang. My son loves this place

  34. Avatar photo
    Jason Seng

    Children enjoyed the playground that could be found in the park.

  35. Avatar photo
    Chan Weng Fei

    Excellent park for a quiet evening walk after dinner

  36. Avatar photo
    Shrutkirti Nailwal

    it was amazing

  37. Avatar photo
    Sumon Khandaker

    Really love this place

  38. Avatar photo
    Cao Nguyen

    Although it is just a local/neighbor mini park, it is so beautiful, our children love to play here

  39. Avatar photo
    June See

    Good size park. However, more maintenance is required

  40. Avatar photo
    Siong Wee Quek

    Small little park with a few coffeeshops. Many food choices. Good for gatherings.

  41. Avatar photo
    Sanjay Sharma

    Very nice and clean park for all age people.

  42. Avatar photo

    Playground next to coffee shop. Play and relax

  43. Avatar photo
    Michael Chua

    Good place to engage Pokemon

  44. Avatar photo
    Dolly Wong

    The Kopitiam at the park served really good vegetarian food

  45. Avatar photo
    Neha Upadhyay

    Very good

  46. Avatar photo
    Atanne Leon

    Best place for Pokemon Raids

  47. Avatar photo
    Tapan Modi

    Great Place for Kids to Play

  48. Avatar photo
    ayu candisari

    The place for relaxing in the evening with created of art

  49. Avatar photo
    Vincent Goh

    Relax place

  50. Avatar photo

    Nice Park for Children as well as Senior Citizens..!! Evening weather will be pleasant..!!!

  51. Avatar photo
    Joreen Ng

    Nice park but a bit too dark especially when night falls haha.

  52. Avatar photo
    Vincent Lai (WintChip)

    The fountain isn’t on though. At least, I never see them turn it on. It’s dry.

  53. Avatar photo
    Peter Tang

    A good place to exercise in a beautiful environment


  54. Avatar photo
    Eddie ong

    Nice ambience

  55. Avatar photo
    Noratan Mal Rampuria

    Good place for evening And morning walk.
    Has elderly zim too with lots of kids activities

  56. Avatar photo
    Ramakrishna G

    Nice place for ur kids to play in the evening. Elders can jog and exercise.

  57. Avatar photo
    Jonatan The Critizicer

    Really old and dilapidated.

  58. Avatar photo
    Boby Ertanto

    Great for family. The place has playground, fitness corner, food court, and a spacious park

  59. Avatar photo
    Nicola Faulkner

    Great park with 2 playgrounds for children

  60. Avatar photo
    Abul Kassim

    Small park with food court, recommended for small gatherings. Nearby Sengkang hospital

  61. Avatar photo
    Yeong Lok

    Wonderful park for family to have a good walk. Eateries are nearby too.

  62. Avatar photo
    Xinran Tian

    There is not much to this park, and there aren’t alot of sculptures, but there is a playground for kids to play in

  63. Avatar photo
    Ben Stellarmoto

    Basic facilities.

  64. Avatar photo
    Wong Keen Keong

    Good place for exercise.

  65. Avatar photo
    Aakash A

    Good for kids

  66. Avatar photo
    Kimfatt Mooi

    Exercise, runOK There is a deli nearby

    運动,跑步OK附近有熟食堂 …

  67. Avatar photo
    Kuladeep Sadu

    goos place for all to walk and nice kids play area

  68. Avatar photo
    Shiela Aane Mae Gonzales

    It is so quiet and spacious.Hoping for a jog there.

  69. Avatar photo
    Syarif Hidayatullah

    Very cool

    Keren sekali

  70. Avatar photo
    Paul Martin

    Relaxing. Inspirations come from the sculpture.

  71. Avatar photo

    Good place.

  72. Avatar photo
    timothy sim


  73. Avatar photo
    B,L&D B,L&D

    One of the top places for pokemon go …

  74. Avatar photo

    Nice parkour area for jumps but has leftover wax from people burning candles that made it slippery

  75. Avatar photo
    Clement Foong

    Good for stroll. With 5 ex raid gyms, got to be the spot to visit for PoGo players.

  76. Avatar photo

    I like to take a light walk after eating.

    식사 후 가볍게 산책하기 좋아요~

  77. Avatar photo
    Gladdys Chan

    Nice park. Usually not too crowded. Cool sculptures.

  78. Avatar photo
    Teng Jeremy

    Normal facilities for daily exercises available.

  79. Avatar photo
    Hu Chuanlei

    Nice and big place for children to play

  80. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Ho

    A Pokémon Go gym is in the vicinity

  81. Avatar photo
    Sharon Music


  82. Avatar photo
    James Brown

    The parks are ok, but the network is very poor, always no network.

  83. Avatar photo
    Vidya Praveen

    Very spacious. Can do excersise and play in the park.

  84. Avatar photo
    YN Lee

    Good playgrounds and exercise stations. There’s foodcourt, supermarket and shops too so it’s convenient. Hope that there can be more bigger trees. And more shelters with seats. Add some swings, flying fox, and sand play area will be good.

  85. Avatar photo
    Jibu Jacob

    Good place for morning walk / jog

  86. Avatar photo
    May Lim

    Just a nice neighbourhood park. Can be really crowded at times

  87. Avatar photo
    diana adams

    Coffeeshop, shops and prime mart nearby

  88. Avatar photo
    Ant Tan (Ant)

    Awesome feels very serene tucked into neighbourhood vicinity. Offers variety of sculptures (as the name goes) ..One can go the food court nearby for refreshments after exercise.

  89. Avatar photo
    ji xiong L

    Nice sculptures, 3 Pokemon gyms

  90. Avatar photo
    Lua Zhi Zhan

    A place to relax and light walking

  91. Avatar photo
    Yeo Barry

    Neighbourhood area.

  92. Avatar photo
    Sallie Oh

    Nice ambience

  93. Avatar photo
    TurboTacho (Ickart)

    Filled with artistic sculptures and playground. Good spot to work out!

  94. Avatar photo
    YSliew Liew

  95. Avatar photo
    Paulus Gunadi

    Nice place to relax and enjoy the cool breeze.

  96. Avatar photo
    Arunbalaji Angamuthu


  97. Avatar photo
    priyanka jadhav


  98. Avatar photo
    S P

    nothing much here, frankly

  99. Avatar photo
    Ant Tan (Ant)

    Awesome feels very serene tucked into neighbourhood vicinity. Offers variety of sculptures (as the name goes) ..One can go the food court nearby for refreshments after exercise.

  100. Avatar photo

    The environment here is good, you can exercise, a group of ladies do fitness dancing, and there are equipment for the elderly to exercise. Children are also very happy to play here


  101. Avatar photo
    ELS-01 DUKE


  102. Avatar photo
    Suresh Rajagopal

    Kids play area

  103. Avatar photo
    Chaavaan V

    Good Place for all ages.. u get all varieties of food and beer till 10.30 PM..

  104. Avatar photo
    Bhavalan Balu

    Nice park to sit here….

  105. Avatar photo
    sanjay G

    Very nice park with lots of artistic sculpture and greenery …near Sengkang MRT. Beautiful place for relaxation for all age groups.

  106. Avatar photo
    N Rampuria

    Good nabourhood place of walking and children enjoyment

  107. Avatar photo
    rudy goei

    Neighborhood park for jogging.

  108. Avatar photo

    Getting old. Need a face-lift

  109. Avatar photo
    Chiu Hee Tan

    Selection of food stalls is good. Can find many things I like to eat e.g. Crave nasi lemak, Pontian wanton noodles, etc.

  110. Avatar photo
    Gowrishankar G.V

    Good place to walk if raining covered path way, chill around and exercise

  111. Avatar photo
    Alma Kamille Palomares

    So relaxing to stay here!

  112. Avatar photo
    Colin Quek

    Good place to visit if you are big on Pokemon Go

  113. Avatar photo
    Liow Nighthawk

    Its just a common work station and a little space that attracted some senior citizens to do gathering and dancing. Weekends seems to be a common playground for children. Probably because there is a Koufu nearby.

  114. Avatar photo
    Vincent Lim

    Not sure why call it sculpture park. Never seen any sculptors here for past 18 years and counting.

  115. Avatar photo
    ベン・Benseun's vlog

    Charmander nest + 7-8 poke stops and a gym.

    Great park with exercise area for all ages. Has a big playground and footpaths to jog

  116. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Chua


  117. Avatar photo
    Chun Wei Peh

    Normal neigbourhood park.

  118. Avatar photo
    Robert The Guy

    Good park. There is a Koufu cafe nearby and a Prime supermarket. Playground is also quite good, only just a few rusty edges. However, the sculptures are dirty and rough. Walkways are also a bit old-looking. Other than this, it’s a good park.

  119. Avatar photo
    Melvin Quek

    Interesting place

  120. Avatar photo
    Hope Podador

    Good place and safer that i spected …

  121. Avatar photo
    Nengneng Da

    Convenient for transportation..wide park and recreation activities

  122. Avatar photo
    Jackson Purwati

    Always vibrant and full of activities all day and night long for old and young people.

  123. Avatar photo
    milind saxena

    Great place for walk

  124. Avatar photo
    amit vijay

    Good park

  125. Avatar photo
    krishnan swaminathan

    Good place to relax and playing areas for children. Nice infrastructure for workouts for all ages people.

  126. Avatar photo
    Ravindra Rampuria

    Nice neighbourhood park with good green scapes, couple of good children playgrounds with good features. There is a Kofu and Prime Supermart in one part of the park which is closer to the Sengkang MRT. In weekends many people can be seen doing yoga, Tai Chi and dance practice. Lots of people in weekend because of close by good food, MRT station and overall open and well spirited layout. Some time entry points are blocked by people playing Pokémon..young or old alike.

  127. Avatar photo
    srujan sai

    Park with some sculptures good for children

  128. Avatar photo
    kim lim

    Green and airy open park

  129. Avatar photo
    Xujun Gan

    The sculpture park in the north does not have any sculptures, which is very strange!


  130. Avatar photo
    Renny Low

    Simple nice park, lots of people crossing from MRT Station to homes.

  131. Avatar photo
    Wai Pung Chan


  132. Avatar photo
    Preeti Sharma

    Good place for young kids

  133. Avatar photo
    Ravindra Bajpai

    Because I live here

  134. Avatar photo
    KingKong 99

    Well, a place to relax and exercise.

  135. Avatar photo
    A C

    Good park for a jog or walk. But right under the lrt line to sengkang mrt. Always have people and noisy with a food court and supermarket nearby and this being access way. The same park on the opp. side of compassvale St is quieter and nicer.

  136. Avatar photo
    len. allv

  137. Avatar photo
    ZhengNing Kong

    It’s an open park with eatery just beside, convenient for family recreation activities. You can view the beautiful open sky here accompanied by swirling MRT lines that add to the aesthetic.

  138. Avatar photo
    kailash chandra

    Nice place and we go for bootcamp there. You can join groups there for the bootcamps

  139. Avatar photo
    Duke Jibe

    Good place to move your body.

  140. Avatar photo s


  141. Avatar photo
    jeanne ng

    Small park within a nice playground for children. Beside koufu, just a place to chill and see the greenery.

  142. Avatar photo
    chalizta Dhea anggraeni


  143. Avatar photo
    tAn kENg tIOnG

    It’s good

  144. Avatar photo
    richard lim

    good place for the kids n elderly to relax n have fun

  145. Avatar photo
    Jitendra Dua

    Nice place for kids to old aged persons …one may enjoy jogging, gym,play place for kids etc

  146. Avatar photo
    kowshik surya creations

    Creative nature

  147. Avatar photo

    It was a fun park to take pictures.


  148. Avatar photo
    Duncan Yeong

    Nothing really interesting. Just a couple of eateries, a sprinkling of shops and a small supermarket.

  149. Avatar photo
    S.M. Kumaran


  150. Avatar photo


  151. Avatar photo

    Another great Ingress spot. Well and also exercise…

  152. Avatar photo
    Kimchoo Tan

    very good


  153. Avatar photo
    hariom upadhyay

    Nice place

  154. Avatar photo
    Tom Lee

    Nice park with a playground, fitness corner and sculptures.
    Good place to relax and chill.

  155. Avatar photo
    Kenji Leow

    Nice place with good fish head curry!

  156. Avatar photo
    Meena Reddy

    fun time for kids

  157. Avatar photo
    Stanley B

    My children favorite playground !! Good place for your children socializing with your neighbor

  158. Avatar photo
    Sean Lim

    Small park with a playground and fitness corner popular with residents. There is a food court in the vicinity as well.

  159. Avatar photo
    Minu Mohan

    It’s more of an hdb play area. Gets crowded in the evenings. Got a supermarket and kopitiam nearby.

  160. Avatar photo
    ayy lmao

    brings back memories

  161. Avatar photo
    Ice Qu

    Perfect place for families to gather and enjoy a morning…or really anytime. The palms and other trees are lush and beautiful. Plenty of sun or shade plus benches to relax. Near some food/beverage spots. In between housing blocks. Easily …

  162. Avatar photo
    Laven Chan

    Love this place and usually crowded after school hours. Great place for kids to run around.

  163. Avatar photo

    Very nice giant sculpture

  164. Avatar photo
    MS Liew

    Huge park

  165. Avatar photo
    Jerry QUEK Cheng Pang

    It is a neighbourhood park with a differrance. It is decorated with sculptures, not the western classical types but more to the imaginative types.It has also a childrens playground, fitness corner and other amenities like Koufu Foodcourt, Prime Supermart, clinic and some other shops.It not only caters for the residents here, it is also a good park for anyone who likes to have a stroll and relax, bring their kids to have fun at the playground or to do some physical training there. Also the Sengkang Lrt tracks of differrent routes inter crosss above the park, giving it a special view.
    There is also a covered walkeay leading to the nearby Compass One shopping centre where the mrt station and lrt station are located.

    Dated : 04/05/2018 ( Friday ).
    Updated : 02/10/2018 ( Tuesday ).
    Added 2 new photos.

  166. Avatar photo
    Haribabu Krishnan (Hari)

    This is a normal park like all other HDB parks. Has a couple of slides for kids. There is nothing special for people to travel and see this park

  167. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Abudzar


  168. Avatar photo

    Many children are playing here. Nice place.


  169. Avatar photo
    alan wang

    Nice park with foods court and convenient store

  170. Avatar photo
    shrihari mahale

    Good park setup with few simple but we’ll spread sculptures for kids to play around with. Decent amenities and open space for kids

  171. Avatar photo
    Nick Stephen Lim

    Park has been improved from the previous original design. There’s more direct cement pavement access, sheltered walkway. I like that the dangerous wooden decking removed.

    It’s safer and easier to use the space.

  172. Avatar photo
    Ryu Ang

    No shelter, very hot during afternoon

  173. Avatar photo
    Suraj Taneja

    Well maintained park for kids n elderly to play n relax

  174. Avatar photo
    Sopi Ana


  175. Avatar photo


  176. Avatar photo
    Aicy Yu

    Visited Thia place after having lunch with kiddos. Nice for a short play with kids and in a not hot weather. Kids enjoyed the playground and would love to come back again…

  177. Avatar photo
    Qijian Chan

    The LRT tracks really affect my perception of this area being a park. There are benches and a playground present, however, I do not feel like the park is big enough for long runs.
    There is a coffee shop nearby which is nice.
    Good thing for PokemonGo players, there are 5-6 gyms nearby with some being exraid.

  178. Avatar photo
    Kevin Boo

    Neighborhood children’s park with playground with a coffeeshop nearby. Good for kids and relaxation.

  179. Avatar photo
    vrajlal pitroda

    Best for children,

  180. Avatar photo
    Abhinav Sinha

    Nice park to spend some time with family,kids. Near prime supermarket and hawker center.

  181. Avatar photo
    ong yongle

    3 gyms together great community

  182. Avatar photo
    Sherin Nizar

    Nice to walk around and sit and chat with friends.

  183. Avatar photo
    Mirza Kamran Sarvar Baig

    Mix of activity Area for children as well as adults

  184. Avatar photo
    sijo pappachan

    Good open place for toddlers and young kids.

  185. Avatar photo
    Peter Ko

    Great place to do your workout and relax, There is a Kou Fu food court and a Prime supermarket there

  186. Avatar photo
    Naganathan Krish

    Quite place

  187. Avatar photo
    Alex Soh

    Quiet place, not crowded or too noisy. Only during weekends at certain timings, where you can see people playing PoGo everywhere

  188. Avatar photo
    Howard Lim

    Great place to relax and a small local eatary just beside it.

  189. Avatar photo

    Nice place to relax..and spend nice evening with your family..walkable distance to CompassOne mall..

  190. Avatar photo
    Miku Ramsay

    Good place to session a mountain bike.

  191. Avatar photo
    Edward Heng

    Unusual park. Being painted while I was there.

  192. Avatar photo

    Small park under LRT, with nice sculptures and a playground.

  193. Avatar photo
    Desmond Kok

    Although choices are limited. But aircon is good during hot days.

  194. Avatar photo
    Charles Lim Keat Beng

    Prata with egg and onion was cold and hard,but curry was ok

  195. Avatar photo
    Furqan Siddiqui

    Nice park with big sculptures creating a beautiful landscape. Great for playing, walking or just relaxing.

  196. Avatar photo
    ayu candisari

    The place for relaxing in the evening with created of art

  197. Avatar photo
    Nikita Kale

    It’s nice place to relax.
    Photogenic location.
    Good place to spend some time in the cool breezy evening.

  198. Avatar photo
    Toffin Austin

    Very Environment Friendly

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