Review Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited, 8 Chencharu Link, Singapore

Review Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited 8 Chencharu Link

“This is the new location of the shop which was in Sengkang. Many choices of fishes and river plants.” or “Hi Guys, Just dropped by and it’s official. Seaview Aquarium is now closed in Seletar Farmway. Has moved to 8, Chencharu Link.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited is quality.

Introduction about Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited

Here are some fundamental details regarding Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited. In terms of Aquarium shop, it is generally believed that Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limitedis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 8 Chencharu Link, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Aquarium shop, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 64841365 (+65 64841365)
  • Website:
  • Address: 8 Chencharu Link, Singapore
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Detailed information of Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 9 AM to 8 PM.


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How to contact Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited via:

Phone number

You can reach Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited at 64841365(+65 64841365). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 8 Chencharu Link, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited reviews

Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited is among the best destinations of Aquarium shop in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited good?

To determine whether Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Wide products and fish varieties with reasonable price. Especially fish, the more you buy the cheaper for common fish. Got discount on accessories as well. Must visit for aquarium hobbyists. …”

“This is the new location of the shop which was in Sengkang. Many choices of fishes and river plants.”

“Hi Guys, Just dropped by and it's official. Seaview Aquarium is now closed in Seletar Farmway. Has moved to 8, Chencharu Link.”

“Biggest place to get your aquarium supplies in Yishun, also nice displays for kids.”

“Affordable prices! Variety of fishes. Great for kids!”

“Wide variety of tropical fishes, as well as food for fishes, plants, and aquarium accessories. They also offer discounts when one spends above a certain amount in total.”

“Spacious and organized place to shop for your aquarium need”

“Large variety of fishes, accessories, equipment and plants to select from. There are imports of different variety of fishes especially goldfishes time to time. Recommended!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 265 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 84% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

If you feel services provided by Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited are not good quality, what should you do?

If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited, you can leave a comment below and share your experience.

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Review Review Sea View Aquarium Singapore Private Limited, 8 Chencharu Link, Singapore

There is a total 265 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    ZarNi Htun

    Nothing much these days

  2. Avatar photo

    This is the LFS which I go to quite frequently.

  3. Avatar photo
    Clement Tan

    Wide range , good prices

  4. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Ng

    Wide variety of products n fish

  5. Avatar photo
    PC Lim

    If you are into fish keeping hobby, this is a one stop shop for all your aquarium needs.

  6. Avatar photo
    Eric Low

    The best selection of fresh water aquarium accessories and live stock.

  7. Avatar photo
    Subrata Swain

    Sea view Aquarium is an amazing place for your one stop pet fish need. Lots of varieties fish avail here with variety of other decorating fish tank items. I spent nearly 2 hrs inside but still not enough. Its a fun place for kids as well. Thanks to the store for maintaining such kind of huge store.

  8. Avatar photo
    Terence M

    Good selection of aquarium stuff

  9. Avatar photo
    Larry Lai

    plenty of stuffs but lack of service

  10. Avatar photo
    Robyn Müller

    Gr8 place the staffs remembers their customers especially this older man I don’t know his name.
    Price is always fair here. Wide variety of aquarium products, just need to add more variety and various size of the same fish. I was trying to look for a baby albino silver arowana but can’t find.

  11. Avatar photo
    Ivan Tay

    Good service especially the old uncle

  12. Avatar photo
    James Wan

    Large variety of fishes, accessories, equipment and plants to select from. There are imports of different variety of fishes especially goldfishes time to time. Recommended!

  13. Avatar photo
    Nurfiyanty Zainuddin

    One of my favorite aquarium to go to for my fishes and/or to get new fish. The prices are really affordable. Honestly, if we didn’t always come here at the last minute (a few minutes before closing @ 8pm), we would spend an hour or two just to really decide on what we really need. The staffs are really helpful and know their stuff.

  14. Avatar photo
    James Wong

    Pretty sure it’s one of the place that sells aquarium stuff at very reasonable prices. And the only aquarium I found that sells redclaw crayfish. Wide varieties of accessories and live stocks.

  15. Avatar photo
    Dawson Lim

    The best aquarium shop in Singapore

  16. Avatar photo
    Derrick Chua

    One can find all aquarium stuff under one roof

  17. Avatar photo
    kiki amano

    It’s one of the old aquarium shops in Singapore, carries a wide range of equipment and livestock. Huge shop space. Freshwater livestock only.

  18. Avatar photo
    Janson Pang

    Aquatic lovers hypermart

  19. Avatar photo
    Harry Tan

    Wide variety of tropical fishes, as well as food for fishes, plants, and aquarium accessories. They also offer discounts when one spends above a certain amount in total.

  20. Avatar photo
    Edmond Cheok

    Reasonable price with wide range of choices

  21. Avatar photo

    Nice place

  22. Avatar photo

    Aquarium enthusiast haven

  23. Avatar photo
    Bryan Ang

    Nice place for those aquarium lover.. Friendly seller!

  24. Avatar photo
    Raymond Yew

    The good thing is this place has almost everything related to fish aquariums. The bad thing is, the awkward location and the prices aren’t exactly cheapest. Instead the prices are more or less the same. Bought my 3 feet tank here.

  25. Avatar photo

    amazing range of lighting systems, soil, very good plants. i do not go for fish there, i go for plants there…

  26. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Lum

    Place to get ur aquarium needs!

  27. Avatar photo
    Izuwan Rahmat

    Affordable fishes. Friendly staff.

  28. Avatar photo
    Jerry QUEK Cheng Pang

    Many years ago it mainly deals in marine fishes & invertebrates.Now it deals in both Freshwater &Marine Fshes,fish feeds, fish medications & accessaries. It’s quite stuffy inside on hot days. There is no actual car park,have to park along the road outside.The service standard is not so up to par. If lucky will meet a better staff,on the other hand you may get a substandard one.

  29. Avatar photo
    Dennis Tan

    Good place to window shop as it is the most spacious shop after the fish farms. But the price is uncompetitive. Ghim Moh hawker centre, Kallang Bahru, Sims Drive, Clementi and Bedok LFS have better prices for many of the fishes.
    The bulk price for cardinal tetras is the best in SG. Not for neon yetras and Koi swordtails though.
    Plant prices are so so. The low end plants can go low. But the high end plants are more expensive than many LFS.
    The 2kg GEx soil that i use is cheaper here than elsewhere.
    Many fish tanks, but Clementi cheaper.
    Comfortable place to window shop. Will come here to look at the wide variety of fishes here.

  30. Avatar photo
    Perry Wang

    I missed it first time because its called sea view. but it actually sells freshwater. You can find everything you need here. And cheap. Best in the island

  31. Avatar photo
    Yong Fu

    Who want to buy the aquarium accessories the place i know it cheap and quality also good

  32. Avatar photo
    Chee Beng Low

    Complete product range. Reasonable priced

  33. Avatar photo
    John Brian Lim

    Low price and lots of variety

  34. Avatar photo
    Marcus Peh

    Awesome place that sells all the aquarium stuff you will need. Things are also reasonably priced and cheaper than other places

  35. Avatar photo
    Martin Hoe

    First time here,just looking out for some stuff and comparing their prices with other store, no livestock to be sold since lock down. Will try to come again to look at it again, overall it seems this store has everything from tank to stand,fish food, driftwood and many types of accessories with plenty or brands/choices. Not a bad place to visit

  36. Avatar photo
    Alan Lim

    Lots of variety to choose for your fish. They have everything. Price slightly cheaper than shop but still expensive than online.

  37. Avatar photo
    Will Will

    Gadgets, apparatus and staple foods for fresh water fishes aplenty… however… store doesn’t cater for marine aquatic… disappointed for such huge store….

  38. Avatar photo
    Mariam Md Noor


  39. Avatar photo
    Customwerkz Guitars (Mr Shahrull)

    nice variety..fishes and plants are cheaper if you buy more..certain items like accessories can be quite pricy.. alternatively can go polyart yishun if u find it pricey

  40. Avatar photo
    HOE Lye Heng


  41. Avatar photo
    Melissa Then

    Selling alot of small dishes eg tetra, gold fish, shrimp and snail at reasonable price

  42. Avatar photo
    E Sheng Toh

    Quite a range of fish selections with reasonable price.

  43. Avatar photo
    Vera Yeow

    Fish lover place. It’s simply 1 stop center from livestock, equipment to accessories.

  44. Avatar photo
    guppy doras

    The cashier uncle is always friendly but the folks at the fish packing dept could have avoided twirling the fish violently as i saw the fishes giddy

  45. Avatar photo
    Robusta Hayashi

    Have to say the best in Sg, value for money

  46. Avatar photo
    Naveen Mathews

    Lot of fishes and economical

  47. Avatar photo
    legend player

    This place is good for finding fishes

  48. Avatar photo
    jeff lim

    Aquatic supplies

  49. Avatar photo
    Tokyu Nihon

    Will be done with deep cleaning on the 29/9/21 and hopefully back to business soon, take note that its not published on their facebook page… better to give them a call before heading down

  50. Avatar photo
    Marisa Lim

    Great one stop shop for all your aquarium needs! Parking is a little dicey

  51. Avatar photo
    Nazeem M

    Huge range of equipment, supplies and life-stock for the aquascaping enthusiast.

  52. Avatar photo
    Raymond Tan

    Great place to buy all you need for your fishes and tanks.

  53. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lee

    Great variety of products and livestock. Prices are very competitive too.

  54. Avatar photo
    Lillian Yeo

    lot of fish item to buy and lot of fishes to see and buy

  55. Avatar photo
    Mork Heng

    Lots of fish varieties n accessories

  56. Avatar photo

    Best freshwater fish supplies and livestock

  57. Avatar photo
    Angie Chua

    Rare fishes. A great explosure

  58. Avatar photo
    Ethan Chua (Glowlighttetra)

    Good Service when off-peak and offers decent product exchange policies. However chemical prices still slightly higher than PetsMart. Livestock not as good as LFS but still worth a shot if you have method of transportation there!

  59. Avatar photo
    Chew Raymond

    A wide variety of tanks and accessories

  60. Avatar photo
    Anthony Tan

    Good selection of aquatic animals, plants & equipment!

  61. Avatar photo
    MohdSyah Awalluddin

    New place more room

  62. Avatar photo
    Derek Lim

    much more parking spaces in the new location, warehouse seems a little smaller compared to the old location. still one of the best place to get all the gears in one location

  63. Avatar photo
    Felix Tiong

    Spacious place to shop

  64. Avatar photo
    Chua Jim

    Huge variety of freshwater fish and plants reasonably priced.

  65. Avatar photo
    KJ B

    Possibly the largest fish retail outlet in Singapore. Most aquarium products can be found here. Prices are slightly cheaper for most items. The store is very humid as it is not air-conditioned. Shop staffs attitude left much to be desired.

  66. Avatar photo
    Lindy Koh

    Good,a lot of choices and staff are knowledgeable.

  67. Avatar photo
    Bubbly Fishball

    Huge place packed with variance fish supply from live stock to airpump to food and medication.
    Recently did a price comparison, some items were cheaper but some item were slightly expensive.

    Please was very will organized, we can easily spot what you are looking for.
    Stuff were very friendly, never fail to answer all my noobie question.

    Little advise, don’t go during the weekends.
    Too crowded.

  68. Avatar photo
    Willem Toren

    Great assortment, plenty of choice of fish. Place is kept very clean, fish look healthy.

  69. Avatar photo
    Eunice Goh

    Very convenient to buy fishes n stocks of fish food n equipment

  70. Avatar photo
    zhifa zhao

    Almost as good as before when they were at seletar.. havent got used to their new arrangements.. location a little worst than before..

  71. Avatar photo

    Great selection of products and great price

  72. Avatar photo
    Kaihui Chia

    Items sold similar to the old location.

  73. Avatar photo
    Numbed debmuN

    Prices are generally quite ok but boss yayapapaya! was seeking his help to setup a fresh water aquarium but he like dun gaf… luckily the uncle at cashier quite nice together with another prc guy gave some advises n tips… its almost a 1k deal to setup my tank, I would had bought it on d spot if not because of the boss attitude!

    Now I’m considering other options/ other fish shops, if price is not much different I won’t even consider to buy at seaview

    Update: I’m thankful I didn’t choose to upgrade my fish tank here, I had found far better shop elsewhere with friendly, helpful, n knowledgeable staffs to assist me! N the cost was much cheaper considering the far much better quality items!

  74. Avatar photo
    M Nazrie

    Some items can be a bit on the pricey side

  75. Avatar photo
    Nero Insahn

    Plenty of items and common freshwater livestocks

  76. Avatar photo
    Ferrois (FeRrOis)

    Buy pet related items, in terms of condition of the area it is quite clean compared to other aquariums.

  77. Avatar photo
    Alex Song

    Really have a lot of stocks on both equipments and fishes. The price is okay and you have to do your homework before buying. Some products have very competitive prices some are a bit of pricy. Overall a good one stop for everything place and it is not super crowded compared against LFS. BTW: buying fish in bulk gives you the best price. But do quarantine live stock before put them into main tank.

  78. Avatar photo
    kk T

    Poor customer service. Most of them black face. Don’t bother coming here it you are a newbie as they won’t be helpful. Only come here if you have things to buy. Went down two times and both times I left with a negative mood. Their things are not say very cheap either. I can find cheaper accessories outside.

  79. Avatar photo
    N T

    Best fish store in Singapore – VERY well equipped with knowledgeable owner. Many others working there are not knowledgeable and will tell you to speak with the owner (who is at the front). Go during the day on weekdays – can be very busy on weekends.

  80. Avatar photo
    Yeo Qiangkai

    wide range of aquarium products

  81. Avatar photo
    Dong Yan

    This is the same shop as Nanyang’s.

  82. Avatar photo
    ho fook keong

    Interesting and nice

  83. Avatar photo
    Silver Elite

    Alot of fish variety and products too. Access to this place is hard if you are driving.

  84. Avatar photo
    Chuan Sim

    Your average fish place to go to but must admit rather well stocked

  85. Avatar photo
    PL Tan

    A supermarket for aquarium fishes and equipments

  86. Avatar photo
    Raymond Ching

    They have everything for you to build your aquarium and the staff is very helpful. …

  87. Avatar photo
    Vincent Ong

    Im a newbie who want to buy fighting fish for fengshui reason.
    The range of fish are big.
    But the service is a no no.
    Not helpful for recommendation.
    Not likely for second visit.

  88. Avatar photo
    Jamie “Jamo” Whitehouse

    Good prices, very busy so service is limited but great range too. This is the aquarium I always go back to, as the local fishfarms all start closing down to be replaced by HDBs. Definitively a one stop shop. If there was one criticism, it’d be the aquarium stem plants being meager top trimmings, and the sale of non aquatic plants that will quickly rot when submerged. This is, however, universal across all aquarium shops in Singapore.

  89. Avatar photo
    Julie Pillay

    Bought this water plant for my goldfish tank cuz it’s plain & boring af. But now they love it although it’s quite costly.

  90. Avatar photo
    Boy Jack

    Alot of fish & tank cheap & nice to view..

  91. Avatar photo

    Big place to shop for fish necessities but dont expect any kinds of service

  92. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Yip

    Under the sea…. Many many fishes.

  93. Avatar photo
    Dragon Fly


  94. Avatar photo
    shaofeng plays

    Big n good range of variety

  95. Avatar photo
    Francis Ng

    Pricing of fishes are not cheap
    I have better prices at shops in and around HDB areas.

  96. Avatar photo
    Julyan Lee

    It’s decent place to get tanks, fishes and food here at a steal but don’t expect much in terms of after service. Generally the staff is pretty informative and helpful but as always there are good days and bad. Definitely worth it to check out and get stuff for the cost savings!

  97. Avatar photo
    K K

    Loads of fish

  98. Avatar photo
    Jason Koh

    My wife love to go and buy her shrimps, crabs etc

  99. Avatar photo
    Izel Faizal

    One of the biggest and oldest aquarium shops in SG. Lotsa aquarium hardwares, freshwater livestocks, water treatment products. A real good place to shop for any aquarium needs.
    Not really via public transports, unless via own transport or taxis. Lotsa taxi driver visit this place too.

  100. Avatar photo
    EJ Ong

    No credit card payment facility.
    Good healthy livestock.

  101. Avatar photo
    Vikneswaran Balasubramaniam

    Awesome for fish hobbyist

  102. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Lu

    Many n wide range accessories n fishes. Best shop in Singapore.

  103. Avatar photo
    K H Teo

    One of the best aquarium shop in sgp. Livestock & accessories are packed to the roof! Prices are also very reasonable.

  104. Avatar photo
    Jim Tay

    Super shiok place to go! Seaview Aquarium is like a megamart of aquariums, very well stocked with accessories and live fishes. Inside is spacious and organized. Price is good too. Awesome place!

  105. Avatar photo
    DR. speed

    over charge but still its a one stop shop…

  106. Avatar photo
    likkhian yeo

    Buy fishes for cheap here. Good selection and decent price.

  107. Avatar photo
    lee yp

    good range of fish tanks , accessories, fish food and fish to choose price reasonable
    Almost one stop shop for fish lovers

  108. Avatar photo
    daniel chiang

    Very informative. Children love it.

  109. Avatar photo
    Chong Chong

    The two stars are for the product. The product is very complete, and you can buy everything you need. But there is no customer service, everyone is impatient and the experience is terrible

  110. Avatar photo


  111. Avatar photo
    Jaslyn Chio

    Unfortunately permanently closed.

  112. Avatar photo
    Chester Chen

    Huge selection of live fishes and accessories.
    Ample parking.
    Very decent prices.

    Crowded on weekends.

  113. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Zaidi

    No service

  114. Avatar photo
    Brian TAN

    Best place to get anything for aquarium at the lowest price

  115. Avatar photo
    Neo Er Jyn

    Huge selection of aquarium related products and livestock. Equipment, fishes, feeds, aquascaping rocks and driftwood. Prices are slightly above average but the one-stop location helps to overlook it. Free parking too!

  116. Avatar photo
    Azlan Ismail

    Lots of fish tank accessories

  117. Avatar photo
    Low Cindy

    The environment was so hot and humid

  118. Avatar photo
    Bhuvana Nathan

    Best place to buy all aquarium related accessories

  119. Avatar photo
    Martin Hoe

    First time here,just looking out for some stuff and comparing their prices with other store, no livestock to be sold since lock down. Will try to come again to look at it again, overall it seems this store has everything from tank to …

  120. Avatar photo
    Desmond Kok

    Heard they are moving out in a few months time from March 2018.

  121. Avatar photo
    Mark B

    Wide range of products and lifestock with almost everything one might need for aquarium hobby. Reasonable price. Plants are limited though. Spacious to walk around. Location is quite inconvenient unless driving.

  122. Avatar photo
    Randall Lim

    Huge huge place. Like a giant warehouse that sells all fish and aquatic stuff. Staff not as good as c328 but stocks and variety wise is endless. Buy more get more discount. Quite inaccessible unless you drive. Not many busses reach the stop outside.

  123. Avatar photo
    poh chengji

    There have relocated

  124. Avatar photo
    Danial Chew

    All your aquarium needs under one roof. Friendly and helpful staff

  125. Avatar photo
    Joel Teng

    This place is good for accessories but the fish selection is quite small in comparison to their old site. The staff are ok but they seem to just want to clear the crowd. Lots of people.

  126. Avatar photo
    SC Oei

    Neat and refreshed display of products.

  127. Avatar photo
    Felix Foo

    They carry a lot of aquarium stuff and brands product.

  128. Avatar photo
    Andy Teo

    They probably carry the widest range of aquarium related brands and merchandise. Only downside is accessibility if you are not driving…

  129. Avatar photo
    DingHan Lim

    good place for fish merc

  130. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Ignatius

    In mu experience staff are helpful, prices are much much cheap than outside aquarium shops, many more different species of fish and lots of different accessories.

  131. Avatar photo
    MSA LV

    Fishes here are meh. I guess people only come here for the cheaper accessories. Not worth the trip in my opinion.

  132. Avatar photo
    James Chua

    Wide variety of fishes, plants and equipment at good prices, spacious layout

  133. Avatar photo
    Ian Ang

    wide range of fishes available for home aquarium. they’ve got everything from pumps, food, water treatment etc. Its a go-to for all things aquarium.

  134. Avatar photo
    SCREW Loose

    New address but smaller in choice now

  135. Avatar photo
    melwin john christopher

    Some of the prices are bit higher.

  136. Avatar photo
    Devon Bailey

    Large and good selection of hobbyist items

  137. Avatar photo
    AIDIL Johari

    For those cant travels far to qian fu. Sea view aquarium offer mostly similar stuff. Head down to see if your needs is available there.

  138. Avatar photo
    Charles Wong

    Hi Guys,
    Just dropped by and it’s official. Seaview Aquarium is now closed in Seletar Farmway. Has moved to 8, Chencharu Link.

  139. Avatar photo
    Daren Lee

    Great place if you are looking for marine fishes for your marine tank

  140. Avatar photo
    jacky goh

    Alot fish to choose

  141. Avatar photo
    Torence Hoh

    Place is spacious easy to browse around

  142. Avatar photo
    Ck Ng

    Great variety

  143. Avatar photo
    mY PeTs Cats and Fishes

    Place not very big but sufficient for most hobbyists. Plenty of varieties products to choose. Some rare fishes too. What they have, others might not and vice versa. Short-handed, recommend hobbyists to research your items to avoid disappointment with service.

  144. Avatar photo
    Bernard Tan

    Price very reasonable but not yet have live stock

  145. Avatar photo
    just .: : :::

    Now operating at No. 8 Chencharu Singapore 768045 on 2 April 2018. Offers a wide range of fishstocks and aquarium accessories at affordable prices.

  146. Avatar photo
    Ron Tan

    Reasonable pricing for fishes and aquarium products. Wide variety of selection too.

  147. Avatar photo
    Local Guide

    Correction: This address is owned by Nanyang Trading Aquarium. Review below is meant for Nanyang Trading Aquarium.


    Place is big with a great variety of live stocks, tank setup decorations, tank equipment and feeds. Price is reasonable and even value for money for some of the fishes. There are also certain discuounts available for hitting certain spending, e.g. tropical fish >$10 = 10% off, etc.

    Most of the fishes are of smaller sizes. This place would be best for starter to find something interesting to rear.

    However, if you are here to find addition for your community tank, note that you will likely not find tank mates of suitable size for your already rear fish unless your community tank is relvative new/ filled with small fishes.

  148. Avatar photo
    Chris Chia

    Large and spacious aquarium shop with a wide range of products.

  149. Avatar photo
    Azlan Rani

    The best

  150. Avatar photo
    Darren Koh

    Best live fish shop: lots of accessories to buy too!

  151. Avatar photo
    Mervin Chua

    Have mostly all the fish products .

  152. Avatar photo
    Benson Lin

    Great for one stop shopping, most items are great price, but do not expect quality service. Do research online as most of the staff do not have good knowledge on the livestock and hardware they are selling.

    Do not go too close to their closing hours as they can closer earlier than listed.

  153. Avatar photo
    Vince Ng

    If want warehouse price aquarium products, only place in Singapore i go. But must have own transport, place hard to reach by public transport.

  154. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Farid Zulkifli

    A good place to get your first fresh water aquarium. They only sell fresh water fishes.

  155. Avatar photo
    Ray Tio

    Largest aquarium singapore

  156. Avatar photo
    Edwin 2014

    Good variety in old rustic setting but not as cheap as expected.

  157. Avatar photo
    Cao Nguyen

    This is the new location of the shop which was in Sengkang. Many choices of fishes and river plants.

  158. Avatar photo
    Jiew Boon Liew

    Just need to be aware that only 2 pax from a car are allowed to enter the premises, they will you from entering even if you request to walk in pair (2 pax)

  159. Avatar photo
    allen lim

    for fish hobbist

  160. Avatar photo
    BTWJ Gamer

    I just bought a fish tank n guppies from there the service is good n the price is cheap

  161. Avatar photo
    Anthony Koh

    All your aquariums needs are found here

  162. Avatar photo
    Wenjie Chen

    Great place for aquarium hobbyist.

  163. Avatar photo
    Chuan Yong Ho

    one stop aquarium supplies

  164. Avatar photo
    Rossland A Rahman

    Great place and cheap

  165. Avatar photo
    Hain Yao Peh

    Place to buy cheap aquarium items.

  166. Avatar photo
    jing teo

    Reasonable prices aquarium selling all types of fishes and aquarium products.

  167. Avatar photo
    Gladys Yuen

    Love to visit this place. Adults and children, all enjoy!

  168. Avatar photo
    Jay Ashwad

    One stop Shop/Farm for all fish keeping kaki. Reasonable pricing and friendly staff.

  169. Avatar photo
    Perry Tan

    Quite big aquarium with wide varieties of tropical fishes & aquarium accessories to chose from. Suitable for kids to see the fishes & catch them themselves close up front. Price is quite reasonable with discount if purchase over certain amount. More of DIY, don’t expect much help from the staffs as some have bad attitude & customer service. Also have limited knowledge of their products.

  170. Avatar photo
    Linh Cam Lai

    Wide products and fish varieties with reasonable price. Especially fish, the more you buy the cheaper for common fish. Got discount on accessories as well. Must visit for aquarium hobbyists. …

  171. Avatar photo
    Sam Tan

    A lot choices

  172. Avatar photo
    Li Junbin

    One stop location for all your aquarium needs and able to purchase items in bulk.

  173. Avatar photo
    Tan Lee Chiang (Kelvin)

    Great place with lots of fishes, accessories and stuffs.

  174. Avatar photo
    Cin 2

    Many choices for aquarium fishes

  175. Avatar photo
    Bing Liang

    aquarium staff wholesale

  176. Avatar photo
    Raihana Rahim

    Affordable prices! Variety of fishes. Great for kids!

  177. Avatar photo
    Ngee Chuan Tok

    There are many fishes to choose but the worker there especially the guy working behind to pack the fish has an attitude as if the customer own him a million dollars. I am no idea why, i think most probably he had to work on christmas eve that is why he show face to his customer.

  178. Avatar photo
    Matthew George Morris

    For fish lovers you can all the thing you need for your fish tank at a good price

  179. Avatar photo
    mohamed al-ameen

    They should tell customers where the que is for payment.

  180. Avatar photo

    Good service, many things

  181. Avatar photo
    Russell Lim

    Pity families can’t go in during weekends due to SMM

  182. Avatar photo
    Daniel Cheoh

    Great selection

  183. Avatar photo
    Segaran Ramalingam

    Went and bought a 3 gallon tank. I went around looking for a fish tank and air pump and other stuff to setup my tank, approached 1 guy, asked him he told me to wait. Then i asked him again asked me to wait, then he walked past me and didnt even acknowledege me. Eventually i had bought the tank. When he saw me, i did exactly the same thing to him.

  184. Avatar photo
    Loke Jeffrey

    Various types of tropical fishes and aquarium accessory and fish Tanks.

  185. Avatar photo
    Mahalakshmi Santosh

    Good place though so far. Good number of fishes varieties and their stuffs.

  186. Avatar photo
    TianRong Ong

    Great variety of items if you know what you are looking for.

  187. Avatar photo
    Teo Vincent valentinoz

    Located at jalan kayu. This establishment have been around for years.things to expect .discount a great variety of item,fish and
    Accessory to choose from.though not the cheapest but they are the 1 which have wide range of variety .i am fish keeper .thus i personally give them thumbs up;)

  188. Avatar photo
    Fadzil Faqeh

    Always have the better price for aquarium accessories and fishes.
    Quality is good too,with a good service.

  189. Avatar photo
    Junping Wu

    You can get everything you need from here. One stop shop

  190. Avatar photo
    Siew Chin Chia

    Many variety of fish and free parking

  191. Avatar photo
    Bjorn Yeo

    Great variety of fishes and aquarium accessories. Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Good prices.

  192. Avatar photo
    Philip Ong一龍王者 东海霸主

    A fun day for family with kids

  193. Avatar photo
    Jun De Li

    Start up tank is 1 of the best place to start. Forget about saving afew dollars getting from small shop. Varieties is the main point to start.

  194. Avatar photo
    Samuel Chia

    Good varieties of fishes and supplies with very cheap prices

  195. Avatar photo
    sky kaiwen

    My friend buy a jin long fish there very good

  196. Avatar photo
    Hong Weijian

    Lots of SKUs for fish fanatics for those in the north. Inconvenient if you don’t drive though

  197. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Tan

    Spacious and organized place to shop for your aquarium need

  198. Avatar photo
    Nahar Ren J

    Best place to get variety good quality fishes and to the variety of all other aquarium needs. Bulk purchase is even cheaper and price are more reasonble than outside shop

  199. Avatar photo
    Junior wonders Tuition centre

    They have almost everything. Livestock, fish food, tanks etc. Anything one needs to get started or for a seasoned hobbyist to get his supplies.

  200. Avatar photo
    Michael Ang

    Good range of aquarium stuff but very out of the way if no private transport

  201. Avatar photo
    Kabir Hanifa

    My best place for aquarium supplies. One stop shop that’s got everything. Reasonable prices but not necessarily the cheapest around.

  202. Avatar photo
    Wellbase Builder Pte Ltd

    Alot of products found there

  203. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Lim

    Great place for new and seasoned hobbyist..

  204. Avatar photo
    Vader Droid

    Lots of aquatic equipment and stocks for aquarium fanatics

  205. Avatar photo
    Keon Tang Zhi Yong

    Good selection of fish and supplies

  206. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Razali Mohamed Isa

    Bigest in the world

  207. Avatar photo
    James Ang

    Good place to shop for equipment but not replacement parts

  208. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim

    Very friendly staff, accesspries price are reasonable. Alot of veriaty fresh water fish.

  209. Avatar photo

    One stop shop for any fish hobbyist!

  210. Avatar photo
    poh hee Low

    A great place to shop for aquarium fishes, just that the aquatic plant and CRS variety is limited.

  211. Avatar photo
    dRX AfI

    Great place. My all time favourite stop for my fishkeeping needs.

  212. Avatar photo
    KK Lum

    Lots of fish

  213. Avatar photo
    Ozeki App

    Excellent store for aquarium supplies. Wide ranging tanks, equipments, lightings, livestocks, chemicals

  214. Avatar photo
    R T

    Great prices awesome selection of products

  215. Avatar photo
    MatadorToro Smith

    Everything you need for an aquarium is there…onestop shop. A bit far though for people from the east.

  216. Avatar photo
    Xun Xu

    Really big aquarium shop. You can find almost anything you need to setup a tank and daily maintainace. The price is reasonable while not everything is the cheapest compared to clementi. Given its location I recommend those who know what you need to pay a visit.

  217. Avatar photo
    Zak Rafik

    This is the super market equivalent for a fish shop. It’s huge but don’t expect air-condition inside. Can get very stuffy during hot weather. Huge variety with very reasonably priced products needed for fish hobby. BUT don’t expect any tips or advice here.
    Before you visit this shop: 1. Do your research online, 2.Gather the necessary information, & visit this shop. 3.Buy the things you need and exit.
    Customer service is almost nill. Most of the time, wrong information is given.
    Live stock (fish) tend to be very young. Many fish sold here can grow out to be big fish, so do your research first before buying. Both aquatic plants and non-aquatic plants are mixed, so be warned but prices are very reasonable. Car park space is very limited at the shop but plenty near the surrounding area.

  218. Avatar photo
    Tri Noviardi Thamrin

    a bit far, but price is good when compared to shops in the city. the range of stuffs they carry is amazing. and you can definitely find a lot of fish here.

  219. Avatar photo
    Edy Tan

    Huge selection of both fishes and accessories. Staff is helpful and variety of things available is one of the reason why I travel a distance to visit them.

  220. Avatar photo
    Wang Glenn

    Excellent! They have lots of fishes there a wide variety! U definitely can get some good stuff there!

  221. Avatar photo
    David Kwek

    If you like to keep fishes… You sure will know this place… Used to be at jalan kayu relocated to present place…. It’s cleaner compare to the last. Overall good experience shopping…

  222. Avatar photo
    Young Choo

    Fish lovers place.

  223. Avatar photo
    Joshua Tang

    Same Place as Nanyang TA

  224. Avatar photo
    Noor M Said

    Appreciate the spacious layout for fish (aquariums) and hobby accessories, ample parking and easy access for those taking public transport (back entrance).

  225. Avatar photo
    danzenjr YT

    For aquarium products and variety of tropical fish. Cheap and easy to deal with.

  226. Avatar photo
    Sham Kuram

    Bought platies and mollies. Got 5% discount.

  227. Avatar photo
    David Ho

    Been to many other aquariums but this one is huge and you can find whatever you need here. If you are starting up, this is the one-stop where you can get everything here. Ample free parking available. …

  228. Avatar photo
    Deadom Tong

    The place to visit for all things you’ll ever need for your aquarium. Fish of all kind, plants, eels, and even crustaceans and molluscs are available. Service crew seems less enthusiastic about offering help. The vast space will definitely awe you if you are searching for a particular item. Parking is a challenge and limited, unless illegal roadside ones. Nearest public transport is about 10 mins walk. Prices here is adequate, and has packages for beginner to start basic aquariums, to some higher end filtration systems.

  229. Avatar photo
    Travel Writer

    A good place to go to for a reasonable range of fish and products. Relatively Clean and big. Prices are fairly reasonable. Noticed that they sell yellow parrot fishes (as of Aug 2019). Aquarium plants available.

  230. Avatar photo

    Interesting place

  231. Avatar photo
    Vincent Tan

    Nice place to get your aquarium stuff

  232. Avatar photo
    Spencer Taw

    Great Selection of Aquarium Fishes for aquarium lovers

  233. Avatar photo
    Vee Jay

    Variety of fish and aquarium material options.

  234. Avatar photo
    John Martin

    99.9% of all your aquarium needs can be found here. A one stop shop sort of aqua depot with generous varieties of types, brands and model. Parking is on roadside, no nearby bus stop, have to walk a bit.

  235. Avatar photo
    Linh Cam Lai

    Wide products and fish varieties with reasonable price. Especially fish, the more you buy the cheaper for common fish. Got discount on accessories as well. Must visit for aquarium hobbyists. …

  236. Avatar photo

    Aquarium with loads of aquatic life for sale here.

  237. Avatar photo
    Rtexal Tan

    Biggest place to get your aquarium supplies in Yishun, also nice displays for kids.

  238. Avatar photo
    ধান সিড়ি


  239. Avatar photo
    John Lin Zhenji

    Heaven for Aquarium hobbyists

  240. Avatar photo
    The Legend Gaming

    the products are expensive at first but after the discounts it is really affordable
    Love the products
    Staff are really friendlly and polite too

  241. Avatar photo
    Yanni Koh

    Lot of fishes, fish tanks and all aquarium stuffs. Reasonable and cheap.

  242. Avatar photo
    RiZaL BaDoKsOn 00 BoDoKsOn 00

    Some fish I buy was not a good breed, fish died easily.

  243. Avatar photo
    Leonard Lim

    Great variety of aquarium fish and accessories. One stop shop.

  244. Avatar photo
    Ken Tan

    One stop shopping

  245. Avatar photo
    unreal - aqua


  246. Avatar photo
    Koh Patrick

    Very delicious noodle, chilli, pork lard, chicken feet, stew beef, all are very good. Should try the chicken curry very tasty.

  247. Avatar photo
    Johnny T

    Nice large warehouse style place. Got lots of good selection of goods and fishes. All fresh water types I believe. Price is quite reasonable. Definitely a good place to get all your needs in one place.

  248. Avatar photo
    Hasegaf Ekaputera

    Livestock is only freshwater. For marine stuff, it’s a huge

  249. Avatar photo
    hans chia


  250. Avatar photo
    Derrick Chew

    Staffs not as friendly as before. Price also not as cheap, almost same like this neighborhood shop.

  251. Avatar photo
    Roy yuan

    Best place for all in one Aquarium. By far the only and biggest one I found in Singapore

  252. Avatar photo
    wenjie cai

    everything you need on fishes, staff are also very friendly

  253. Avatar photo
    David Chee Soon Kiat

    Its a huge aquarium shop where I go to to exchange my empty co2 tank for a refilled one. They do have everything you need for your aquarium set up. Their display and labelling however is quite messy and service is really slow.

  254. Avatar photo
    Joker Wee

    Nice place

  255. Avatar photo
    John Honor

    Overall 4 star due to the range and price. As an English speaker I’ve had pretty poor service but perhaps because they aren’t confident with English.

  256. Avatar photo
    Benjie Cheong

    You can get almost everything here!

  257. Avatar photo
    Drisst Cheong

    lots of selection for aquarium accessories, plants, fishes, shrimps! must visit

  258. Avatar photo
    Quetzalcoatlus northropi (azhdankid)

    Wide selection of livestock and aquarium supplies. Not to mention friendly and responsive staff. One of those good places to visit for the aquarium hobbyist in the Eastern region of Singapore.

  259. Avatar photo
    Chee Kin Fong

    Sellung a lots of variety of aquarium equipments, fish foods and aquarium fishes. Price reasonable. Good place to visit if you are unsure what you exactly need.

  260. Avatar photo
    Tan Han Siong (thsiong3)

    Wide and alot of fish

  261. Avatar photo
    Morrison Ling

    Good price, good service!

  262. Avatar photo
    Imran Mohamad

    All aquarium stuff related

  263. Avatar photo
    Isaac Chua

    Almost a one stop shop for your aquarium needs. Reasonable price too

  264. Avatar photo
    CC Hng

    Plenty choice of fish ! Highly recommend

  265. Avatar photo
    Ronnie Teh

    Many varieties of fishes and equipment. A one stop but price wise is not the cheapest… The boss seems a bit fierce but maybe he is used to that can’t blame him.

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