Review School Of Language International, 10 Anson Rd, Singapore

Review School of Language International - Singapore 10 Anson Rd

“Friendly teachers and staff. It’s very close to MRT station. I gained confidence while learning English here ” or “Teachers here are very excellent. I like this school.Especiouslly ,One class time is three hours and the school fee is fair.I like it the best.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about School Of Language International. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if School Of Language International is quality.

Introduction about School Of Language International

Here are some fundamental details regarding School Of Language International. In terms of Language school, it is generally believed that School Of Language Internationalis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 10 Anson Rd, #20-07 International Plaza, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Language school, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62255988 (+65 62255988)
  • Website:
  • Address: 10 Anson Rd, #20-07 International Plaza, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9 AM to 9 PM.

Saturday: 9 AM to 4 PM.

Sunday: Closed.


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How to contact School Of Language International?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact School Of Language International via:

Phone number

You can reach School Of Language International at 62255988(+65 62255988). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact School Of Language International via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 10 Anson Rd, #20-07 International Plaza, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

School Of Language International reviews

School Of Language International is among the best destinations of Language school in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is School Of Language International good?

To determine whether School Of Language International is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“I've attended an English language course here in Singapore for 1 month. The teacher is professional, friendly and helped me a lot to improve my English. It was a good journey with my classmates!”

“School teachers are very receptive. I’ve learnt very well and improved my English dramatically. Service from school staff are also very good. Highly recommended school if you’re looking for one.”

“I am very satisfying with the English course here, the teacher are carrying and patient, the teaching programme is excellent, the consultants are friendly. Good job, wish all the best!”

“I got the class for 1 month. Very good place to go because near by MRT. Very clean environment and kind staff and teacher. I recommend this SLI to someone who are looking for English class.”

“Friendly teachers and staff. It's very close to MRT station. I gained confidence while learning English here ”

“Teachers here are very excellent. I like this school.Especiouslly ,One class time is three hours and the school fee is fair.I like it the best.”

“When I first came to Singapore, I was lonely because I have no friends But I start going to this school,every day has become better I’m glad to meet good teacher and friends”

“The teacher here is very interesting,is very friendly,My English has improved a lot。”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 206 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about School Of Language International, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review School Of Language International, 10 Anson Rd, Singapore

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  1. Avatar photo
    A K

    The teacher taught me very carefully,
    It’s a fun place to learn.

  2. Avatar photo
    Luca Manenti

    I attended a Chinese Language Course at School of Language International and had a great experience. I have found the classes engaging and the teacher was always available even for an absolute beginner like myself. I have improved in my conversation skills and feel a lot more confident casually conversing in Mandarin. I look forward to moving to the next level! Thank you for teaching me laoshi.

  3. Avatar photo

    I have been taking Chinese group lessons for about 10 months. The teacher is very kind and the other students are also friendly, so I continue to have fun. It was helpful because he explained me carefully in Japanese when I joined.

  4. Avatar photo
    Yurie K

    The teacher is very good!!

  5. Avatar photo
    Andrea Ebeling

    The English classes I did are very good and fun. I learned a lot!!! I have learnt new adjectives, new grammar and I have also built up my confidence in speaking.
    My teacher (Cruiz) was very serious and responsible and give the impression of being very well prepared.

  6. Avatar photo
    Laurent M

    I decided to join the school after several trials with other schools and this one. I am happy with my final choice because the office team is very responsive and friendly. The teachers are professional, sharing their knowledge mixing serious and fun topics. The student community is diverse, easygoing and helping each other when necessary. Finally you can be sure that you will be put in the right class for your level and your expectations.

  7. Avatar photo
    Jin Lee

    Good for learning Chinese and English

  8. Avatar photo
    Ira Nikel

    I visited the school for 3 months. Before it I never learned English.
    In the group I met some friends. Until now we have communicated with them on Instagram. After these courses I even started to tell jokes in English.
    My teacher Sam prepared for each lesson: we played games in English, discussed different cultures, imagined histories.
    It was so comfortable and warm to learn English together, help each other like a family.
    The administrative staff is very polite and amiable, and they help you with everything you need. It was a wonderful experience.
    For all reasons, I think this school is the best in Singapore.
    I will miss the School of Language International!

  9. Avatar photo
    Kim Lea Nellen

    I spent 8 weeks doing the Intensive Conversational English course and it really helped me to improve my English and talk more confidently with others. The teachers are very friendly and happy to help with correcting pronunciation and phrase. The classes are small, so there is a lot of changes to speak and the learning atmosphere is pleasant. The staff is also very kind and helpful.
    I would definitely recommend this school.

  10. Avatar photo
    Qingyu Wu

    I’m so grateful to every staff & classmates in my school. They made my learning experience so memorable & beautiful. The class size & location is just perfect for me. Great job!

  11. Avatar photo
    Krystal King

    The Chinese class is practical and fun. The teacher is very good at adapting the course material to each student’s level. The location of the school is very convenient.

  12. Avatar photo
    Phakawee Phatiwet

    I have just finished a Mandarin class for beginner here. I had very good experience even though there were mostly online classes due to the COVID-19 situation. Gina, the teacher, managed to teach each class very well with excellent level of understanding on what students need. I have also registered for the next course and looking forward to it! Would definitely recommend anyone interested to learn Chinese here.

  13. Avatar photo
    Yan Xue

    I’ve studied English in this school for three months. The conversation teacher Sam is nice and professional. There are many different topics and a lot of communication exercise at his class.I knew a lot of friends from different countries. We often hang out together to practice our English. The staff is very nice. I’m very happy to study here.

  14. Avatar photo
    rr dd

    This is the best school I have ever met. I am more willing to communicate with you here. The students here come from different countries, and everyone works hard to learn the language knowledge. I can persist because of the atmosphere here and the funny and professional teachers. , my oral English is improving very fast, if possible, I will continue to learn

  15. Avatar photo
    Hien Lu

    I have studied English in School of Language International for more than a year. The teachers are friendly and knowledgeable. My english has been improved significantly. I not only study English but also learn a lot of interesting things about people and cultures from all over the world because my classmates are from many different countries (Korea, Japan, Thailand, Chile, Germany, etc.). I totally enjoy every lessons.

  16. Avatar photo

    Japanese staff are stationed and there are many Japanese students, so it is recommended for those who have just arrived. Students in the class are not only from China, Korea, and other Asian countries, but also from Europe, so you can learn English in a global environment. The teachers are also enthusiastic and give each individual a lot of opportunities to speak up in group lessons. He is a very reassuring presence because he gives advice on pronunciation, TOEIC, and IELTS concerns. The location is also in Tanjong Pagar, so I think anyone can come relatively easily.

  17. Avatar photo
    Hayato Kizuka

    The teachers and staff are very kind and friendly. Passionately explaining the key points of conversation in Chinese and giving us the opportunity to put it into practice. The location is also close to the MRT station and easy to access.

  18. Avatar photo

    It is quite needed to know basic mandarin to stay in Singapore. I have learned mandarin language for half year. It is very interesting and informative. I couldn’t speak mandarin before but I am slowly improving it. Teachers and staffs are very kind and meet student’s demands well. I am satisfied with my mandarin class so far. Thanks.

  19. Avatar photo
    Oh Haeun

    Recommend for those who want to learn Chinese and other languages! Professional in teaching and really friendly staffs. The location is really convenient too

  20. Avatar photo
    Yu Young Park

    I have been attending basic Chinese class for almost 5 months. I am very satisfied with the class. We only have small group of people so that teacher can focus on each individual. Teacher Rae is very friendly and her explanation is super easy to understand …

  21. Avatar photo

    The teacher is professional and the center located where is near MRT.

  22. Avatar photo
    Ami Goto

    The school staff are very kind.
    The teacher is very friendly and takes time to explain things you don’t understand.
    The receptionist will also be polite to you.
    At first, I didn’t talk at all and my goal was to go to school, but now I’m looking forward to going to school (^^)
    Classes are divided into detailed levels, and you can listen to your wishes, so you can learn English that suits your situation.

  23. Avatar photo

    Teacher AMY is cute
    Good Eng. class.
    Good place

  24. Avatar photo
    _Project J

    SLI was the best choice ive made at singapore. I joined mandarin class here and got so much improvement. Teachers are the best and so do people in the reception part. Try here and you would never regret. I bet

  25. Avatar photo

    My teacher is very kind, professional, enthusiastic. He gives us a fun learning program every time.
    The English I learned here is practical and useful in daily life. I am very grateful for that.
    And I’m also happy to meet friends from various countries who are motivated to study.
    I was lucky to be able to attend this school as soon as I came to Singapore

  26. Avatar photo

    From the first time I came, there was a Korean staff, so he gave me good counseling, and the class times were varied, so it was good to choose a class. There are students of various nationalities in the class, and I was satisfied with the quality of the class because I was with a native teacher. The subway station is right next to it, so transportation is very convenient. I am still taking classes well. I recommend it

  27. Avatar photo
    ina kim

    The teachers are good and the price is reasonable.

  28. Avatar photo
    Minehira Yoshia

    convenient location located just above the mrt station, with good teachers, and excellent advice and support given by the school. highly recommended

  29. Avatar photo
    Ira Nikel

    I visited the school for 3 months. Before it I never learned English.
    In the group I met some friends. Until now we have communicated with them on Instagram. After these courses I even started to tell jokes in English. …

  30. Avatar photo

    First of all, the important point is why I chose this school in Singapore: the teaching quality of online reviews is good, and the teaching fees are relatively reasonable (the most reasonable). Then after I entered the school, I felt it personally. The location of the school is good (just at the subway exit building, so don’t worry about getting lost), the transportation is convenient, and the environment is very good; the teaching consultants (teacher) gave me very little feeling in a foreign land. Warmth and enthusiasm, every get out of class is always filled with smiles to welcome and farewell, and help actively communicate and solve problems encountered in study and life; in teaching, the teachers are very professional, rich in teaching experience, each with teaching characteristics, knowledge The profoundness made me realize the necessity of lifelong continuous learning, and I taught students in accordance with their aptitude, so that students from different countries can show their own characteristics as much as possible and maximize their learning.
    Here, you can not only gain professional knowledge, but more importantly, get to know good friends such as teachers and classmates, and learn about a variety of wonderful lives.
    School Of Language International, the wisest choice, the new year, lead us to move forward with passion!

  31. Avatar photo
    Daisy Dai

    The English teachers here are professional and helpful. The learning environment here is pretty good & very clean.

  32. Avatar photo

    Speaking as a student learning chinese, this is an excellent school for serious students and yet not too overwhelming. The mix is just right.

    I am particularly impressed with my teacher, Ms. Xue Yen, which does take her position seriously and really cares of her students’ progression in the language. She creates motivation and challenges to keep improving.

    I highly recommend starting a language journey in this school.

    P.S. The front desk employees are very friendly and really make you feel welcome.

  33. Avatar photo
    Kazuko S

    The class size is limited to around 8 students and because of the small size, students feel comfortable. The teachers are kind and professional. I really enjoyed studying at SLI.

  34. Avatar photo
    Kana Kumada

    I am learning at this school almost 1 year. Great teacher and staff is very helpful. Also the fee is very reasonable. I highly recommend to take a trial lesson.

  35. Avatar photo
    Ekasit Kan

    Great and fun Chinese class. Teaching pace is just right, not too fast and not too slow. Class changed to online after circuit breaker which I prefer. Tutoring fee is value for money.

  36. Avatar photo
    yuguchi masako

    The school is located in near Tanjong Pagar, and is very convenient. Time schedule is also suitable after working. Teachers are friendly and professional. The staffs are helpful. The class is well taught, so we can learn Mandarin from basic and beginner level, you can choose suitable level classes. The classmates with same objective to learn are nice!

  37. Avatar photo
    Linah Lee

    Our company had engaged the school to provide corporate training to our senior management executives so that they are conversant in Business Mandarin and can speak professionally with their Chinese counterpart. Due to Covid-19, the classes were conducted online. Our executives were pleased with the online lessons because they could conveniently attend the lessons from home. Moreover, the teacher was able to keep the executives actively engaged with interesting and useful real-life examples. Thank you for a job well done!

  38. Avatar photo
    Юлия Чернявская

    When I was choosing this school, I took into consideration location and price.
    A placement test and a trial lesson were very helpful in order to determine my initial language level.
    I have started my classes on General and Conversational English in February.
    I’m very happy with my choice!
    Both the teacher and staff are very friendly and helpful. If there’s any question, I can solve it by calling or dropping an email.
    My teacher is a native English speaker. So, she able to explain the smallest nuances of English grammar. (My mother tongue is Russian, which is very different in many
    My group is small, so everyone has plenty of attention and opportunities to speak up.
    I work really hard doing my homework.
    And I’m very happy with my progress!

  39. Avatar photo
    J L

    The information desk is Korean, so communication is easy.
    Chinese teacher please teach me comfortably
    It was burdensome to learn another country’s language in English, but I’m always looking forward to coming to class because you explained so well.
    It’s so good that you can adjust the schedule if you make a group class with a small number of people ~~~!!!

  40. Avatar photo
    Eric Ausente

    I am currently enrolled to SLI’s basic Mandarin Class. I must say that I am very satisfied with the service and I never thought learning a new language can be this enjoyable. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the courses offered are excellent and interactive. The teachers too are very qualified and passionate; this creates a stress-free environment with plenty of activities and practice. I would gladly recommend this language school. Thumbs up!

  41. Avatar photo
    Lee Kiankhong

    My name is EE, time is fast, I have studied in this school for two years, and I can speak fluent English even though I only know ABC. The teachers here are very professional. They are good at teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing, and grammar. They will continue to study here, come on.

  42. Avatar photo
    dyn nie

    Great teacher. Class size is relatively small so you get to interact more too.

  43. Avatar photo
    Gary Chong

    The teacher is very patient and responsible. He has a good interaction with the students in class. The students are very friendly and will continue to study.,,,,

  44. Avatar photo
    wenxi dong

    Not only a good English course, but also an interest creator. Like the courses full of happiness.

  45. Avatar photo
    Rio Low

    I wanted to improve my English, but I didn’t want to study all the time, so I chose this school for three courses a week.
    My class has a lot of Japanese people and a lot of students, but it’s not a problem because Teacher Rabab encourages everyone to participate. Especially when I don’t understand something, she explains things in a very easy-to-understand way, so I can deepen my understanding and enjoy studying English.
    It is very helpful to be flexible with course selection etc.

  46. Avatar photo
    Yuki Nishihara

    Small group class with good location. I Can learn both English and Chinese here from professionals teachers.

  47. Avatar photo
    Naoko Kinoshita

    I have been learning here for 8 months.
    Before coming here, I didn’t have confidence to speak English.
    My English skills are getting better thanks to a professional teacher!
    I also appreciate that I was able to meet wonderful friends at school!

  48. Avatar photo
    AY Tr

    I didn’t understand Chinese at all, but since I started attending, I’ve gradually become able to understand the Chinese spoken at the hawker center and in the office.
    The class makes me feel at home and I look forward to this time each week.

  49. Avatar photo

    Nice place to start learning language!
    Friendly Teachers
    I’ve decided to learn Chinese language and choosing this academy was great choice!
    Even if I was beginner the lessons helped me a lot to enhance my Chinese language skills

  50. Avatar photo
    Dan Thomas

    I chose to learn Mandarin at Language International, International Plaza, Singapore firstly because the teachers are highly qualified native Chinese and secondly the location is excellent. There is plenty of opportunity to practice your listening and speaking in nearby areas including China- town and more! The classes are very well structured and textbooks are nicley laid- out. Reception staff are super friendly and helfpul as well as the teachers. Good place to come study to improve your Mandarin skills for travel in China or for work.

  51. Avatar photo
    JH yeom

    I am taking a Chinese class, and the location of the academy is close to the subway station and the facilities are neat. The teachers are good and there are Koreans among the counselors, so it is easy to consult before class! Online video classes are also available, so it would be convenient for office workers

  52. Avatar photo
    Woon Li

    The receptionist in this school is very good, explained the course details very well. After 3months learning , now I could more confidence speak/communicate with everyone. It was very interesting business english courses! Highly recommend for everyone would like to improve their english communication skill.

  53. Avatar photo
    Rosi Onn

    I’m always looking forward for my Chinese class every week and Zhu Lin my teacher makes the class more interesting and she is very patience and clear in her teaching.
    I enjoy the class and highly recommend to
    Anyone who is interested to pick up Chinese.

  54. Avatar photo

    I got the class for 1 month. Very good place to go because near by MRT. Very clean environment and kind staff and teacher. I recommend this SLI to someone who are looking for English class.

  55. Avatar photo
    S S

    All teachers and staff are kind and supportive.
    There are multiple levels of classes, so you can take classes in a class that suits you.

    The location is also very convenient.

  56. Avatar photo

    The teacher is professional and patient. Lots of tricks for me to memorize grammar quickly. It made me realize the improvement and progress of my English. The staff at the front desk with Chinese explanations are very suitable for beginners to better consult and communicate. Recommend everyone

  57. Avatar photo
    Taeko Oyamada

    The teachers will teach you carefully, and you can follow up on what you want to improve and what you want to learn. I definitely feel that my language skills have improved, and I am very satisfied.

  58. Avatar photo
    Masa T

    At the time when I did not use English at the peak of about 900 points in TOEIC and was declining, I began to use it at work and started attending this school. The teacher I met was very professional and I enjoyed going. The administrative support is also quite flexible and there is a solid support system.

  59. Avatar photo
    Minaz Siddiqui

    I want to appreciate everyone working at School of Language International. I had joined their class to learn Mandarin and it has been an amazing journey. Our teacher Ms.Serena Wang was wonderful throughout and was extremely patient with us. She made sure that all our doubts were cleared in class and she made learning mandarin a fun loving experience. Everyone at the school is very sweet and hard working. I have completed Elementary II with them and I am already able to have a basic conversation. I would definitely be continuing ahead with my journey learning Mandarin with them. Glad I found the best

  60. Avatar photo
    Aiko Shimazu

    Impressions after entering school

    ・First of all, it is very reassuring to have a Japanese staff member. It is helpful to be able to understand expenses and long vacations in your native language.

    ・Lots of levels
    →We also have classes from 1st grade English level

    ・It is very easy to understand because the teacher speaks with content, words, and speed that match your level.
    →Even if you think it’s impossible to learn English in English, I think you’ll be fine.

    ・Classmates are warm in every class
    →We are made up of people of various nationalities, but everyone knows how difficult it is to learn English, so the atmosphere is very warm. It’s okay if you get stuck in words or get the wrong answer.

    ・You can go to school without getting wet even if it rains near the station

    If you are not confident in learning English in English, I definitely recommend this school!

    Impressions after enrollment

    ・First of all, it is very reassuring to have a Japanese person on staff.

    ・There are many classes.
    →There are classes for students from the junior high school English level.

    ・The teacher speaks at a speed, vocabulary, and content appropriate to your level, so it’s very easy to understand.
    →The teachers speak in a way that is very easy to understand because the content, vocabulary, and speed are tailored to the level of the student.

    ・All the classes are warm and friendly.
    →The classmates are from various nationalities, but they all know how difficult it is to learn English, so the atmosphere is very warm.

    ・The school is near the station, so even if it rains, you can go to school without getting wet.

    I would highly recommend this school to anyone who isn’t sure about learning English in English!

  61. Avatar photo
    Mery Qin

    The teaching level of the international language school is particularly first-class! The price is reasonable!
    The teachers of the International Language School are very experienced and full-time teachers!
    The environment of the international language school is very good, and the class system is small
    The teachers of the International Language School are very attentive and patient!
    The language environment of the international language school is particularly good. All of them are international students. They can improve their English practical ability very quickly!
    Sign up now! Each class has a maximum of 8 students, and places are limited!

  62. Avatar photo
    Trang Geske

    I have enjoyed so much with my english class( conversation and general english) . I wish i had more time to cover two subject!

  63. Avatar photo
    Trancy Lee

    This is a good school , I can improve english communication skills

  64. Avatar photo
    mika obara kuwabara

    It’s a great and comfortable place for studying. My school gives us good price, even though there are professional teachers. I was lucky to met this school soon after I moved to Singapore. My teacher’s explanation enhanced my understanding. I appreciate. Totally, highly recommend

  65. Avatar photo
    Arianna Mauri

    I attended the General English course, which I found very complete and well structured. Native teachers prepared and available.
    Informal and pleasant atmosphere.

  66. Avatar photo
    Hitomi K

    I like my class, my teacher, and stuffs.They are very kind.

    My class is English group course. It has 12 lessons and I can be absent from the class 2 times. The last day of the class will be extended for the second time.

    My English skill has been improved little by little. It is very useful because I can learn proper usage of English grammar.

  67. Avatar photo

    Take classes for 3 months and re-register. The class hours are varied, and the start date is free, so you can open and study comfortably. If you meet a teacher who is right for you, it will be a fun English class.

  68. Avatar photo
    Chaeri Shin

    I have tried few other Chinese beginner classes and Teacher Rae is best teacher!

  69. Avatar photo
    Joel Guarnier

    Nice Teachers and good environment

  70. Avatar photo
    cherry marcella

    the tutoring place is cool, it’s fun to meet many friends from various countries. At first, I wanted to take lessons with my cousin, but he couldn’t come because I had business, so I went alone to take lessons to another country, at first I was afraid that I didn’t have friends and was afraid that the tutoring place was cool BUT on the first day I was already in welcome to your tutors, ms rahab, mr sam, mr shamus and the teacher at the administration desk, they are all nice and fun always guiding us and improving our grammar and speaking, because i’m the only one who comes from indonesia i was told to start explaining How about culture in Indonesia, we discuss about the good and the bad in each country” until you don’t realize that the time for tutoring is over, every time you finish studying, it’s normal for fellow students who are studying to invite each other to eat and explore the places that are there and have lunch together while talking “everyone’s life” the point is fun!!! I recommend it for you Indonesians who are confused or want to improve your English, try the lessons here, I take 3 weeks and it doesn’t work it’s really because it’s fun and cool! the place is also close to a lot of legendary and cool food “so what are you waiting for!! let’s try it, if anyone is reading this, please send greetings to mr sam!

  71. Avatar photo

    I am studying English here for about 3 months. I feel very happy, my English has improved a lot. The teachers are very friendly.

  72. Avatar photo
    Laura Is

    Love taking their Mandarin classes!
    Zhu Lin is a very enthusiastic teacher, she is patient and always available to answer all of her students questions. In addition to the textbook, she prepares brief summaries for each class/chapter which are super useful to review. She is funny and tells us interesting facts about China and its culture. I definitely recommand School of Language International ! It is always a pleasure to join the class and meet the friendly + welcoming staff there

  73. Avatar photo
    Li Xiaoting

    I took English courses from LI, the teachers are really professional and responsible. They made the learning process rewarding and effective. I enjoyed the English courses. Hope get more chances to attend in future.

  74. Avatar photo
    Kim D

    Nice language learning school. Enjoyable lessons and comfortable environment. Classrooms are a little bit small, but so are the groups of students as well, but I find it easier to focus that way.

  75. Avatar photo

    I took the general class and it was very helpful to improve my English grammar and vocabulary in addition to English conversation skills.
    I think I was able to get a very useful environment for improving my English ability by working in groups with highly motivated friends.

  76. Avatar photo

    My class been transferred to online during Covid period, and I was worried a bit At the first time. However I found it very helpful with a lot of guidance and care from teachers. Their teaching skill is fantastic making me feel my english improving.

  77. Avatar photo
    Dinh Van

    I feel happy when i study at school. I had some good friends. I hope, i can speak English well and confident …

  78. Avatar photo
    Яна Бельская

    This school has very friendly staff, wonderful teachers. Sharon explains complex material in a very easy and understandable way. Thanks to the whole team for a great job!

  79. Avatar photo
    Amber Lim

    School teachers are very receptive. I’ve learnt very well and improved my English dramatically. Service from school staff are also very good. Highly recommended school if you’re looking for one.

  80. Avatar photo
    Jia Han

    It is 3 minutes away from Tanjongpaga Station, so transportation is very convenient. I took Business English classes and 1:1 lessons, which were really helpful.

  81. Avatar photo
    Tomo I

    Took beginners Chinese class at other schools too but never progressed to the next level. Thanks to the helpful teacher and fellow classmates I am progressing to intermediate level next month. Class is well structured, well paced and a lot of homework but by the time you complete Beginner 1 book you start to understand daily conversations.

    Mar 8 2022
    Still continuing Chinese class here and progressed to HSK3. The staff here are always very helpful and flexible to arrange hybrid class ( face to face/zoom) if any of our classmates cannot make it to class.

  82. Avatar photo

    I participated in a group lesson for a 3-month course. The reason I chose the school was that it was close to my house and it was cheaper than other schools.
    ①The teacher is a native speaker
    ② There are many students who are quite good at English and it is stimulating
    Therefore, satisfaction is high.
    It’s almost 3 months, but it’s going to be extended.
    It may be a coincidence, but there were a lot of Japanese people, but everyone was highly motivated and studied, so overall it was good.

  83. Avatar photo

    I’ve been taking classes for a year. I didn’t know English well when I first received counseling, but there was no difficulty in registering for the course because there was a Korean counselor. I learned how to use English a little while listening to the class, and I think it is good to meet friends from different countries. The teachers are also kind of course. Singapore is hot all year long, but the academy is right in front of MRT, so it is very convenient.

  84. Avatar photo
    Tina Muniching


  85. Avatar photo
    Takako Tominaga

    I like the classes that are made up of multinational members. Also, there are many students who have a sense of purpose, so it is stimulating.

  86. Avatar photo
    Dung Tran

    Very pleased with the teacher and friends in HSK class. Teacher teaches many applicable expanded knowledge, and we are having so much fun learning! The pricing is also among the lowest that i could find

  87. Avatar photo
    Mari K

    The class is not so big, so I could speak in my class without any nervousness.
    And my teacher is very very kind. I really enjoyed studying at this school!

  88. Avatar photo
    MII k

    I took a level test, and he was kind. There was a Korean, so it was nice to be able to speak comfortably. The building is clean and located in the city, so it’s easy to find and nice.

  89. Avatar photo
    Choon wei

    I found School of Language International through google. I was looking for part-time English course to improved. After doing a few research and comparisons to other schools. I find that it has many positive reviews on google. I decided to embark on my English language learning with SLI.

    I’m writing this review based on my 3 months with the school. The teachers here are responsible and the teaching style is helpful and easy for me to absorb the knowledge. I’ve enjoyed my English learning at SLI.
    I would highly recommend School of Language International be the first choice for language learning.

  90. Avatar photo
    Yasuko Sato

    I was not good at English and it was my first time to attend a school, but the teachers are very friendly, and they are immediately remembering their names, and I feel like I’m going to go tomorrow as well. There are places where there are many Japanese at English conversation schools where Japanese attends, but since here there are students from all over the world, that point is also an interesting study.

  91. Avatar photo

    The teachers at this school are very friendly and teach well.
    Classes are divided from beginner to advanced, so I think it’s easy to open up to your classmates.
    In a fun atmosphere, the 2-3 hours lesson feels like it’s going to be a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of.
    There is also a Japanese receptionist, so if you are interested, I recommend you to visit once.

  92. Avatar photo

    The receptionist was very nice, so I decided on the same day. You can rest assured that you can receive explanations and consultations in Japanese.
    The whole school has a good atmosphere, so it’s fun to go to school.

  93. Avatar photo

    Not only the contents of the textbook but also daily conversations are taught, so I can learn a lot.
    All the staff are very kind.
    Directly connected to the station and very easy to get to.

  94. Avatar photo

    I went there for about 3 months, and all the teachers are friendly and teach me politely. There is also an environment where it is easy to make friends, such as having a party while eating and drinking at events such as Christmas. My impression is that many of the students are Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

  95. Avatar photo
    Mariko Hashimoto

    I had a great time in the Chinese class! Hope I can speak conversational Chinese soon!

  96. Avatar photo
    marie kanai

    I’m a beginner of Chinese learning. This book is easy to start and understand with a simple conversation and illustration. looking forward to learn 2nd revision book.

  97. Avatar photo
    Jimin Han

    I learned Chinese for 6 months. The teachers are very kind and teach easily. Most of all, he created an atmosphere where we could have a comfortable conversation, so even if we made a mistake, we stuttered. This was a bigger help than I thought! In the future, I will continue to study with a feeling of laughter and chatter.

  98. Avatar photo
    Justin Yeo

    My children attended English and Chinese classes for kids and they absolutely enjoyed their teachers’ fun and interesting lessons. Online learning was a breeze during Circuit Breaker and they are looking forward to seeing their teachers again when physical classes resume.

  99. Avatar photo
    Ngọc Lan Vũ

    It’s a great school actually. There are various classes depending on your needs. From my own experience, the teachers were so friendly and really knew how to lead the class with a bunch of amazing stories relating to the topics. It is recommended to take Communication class, it really worths joining. My teachers, Mr.Sam and Mr.Scott, are enthusiastic and tolerant Btw, u can also make friends or find ur hotpot partners if u dont want to go alone in these classes

  100. Avatar photo

    I highly recommend starting learning Chinese!
    Learning Mandarin was my goal for 2021 New Year.
    Choosing this school was the best choice !

  101. Avatar photo
    Rizki Ramadhani

    Took my wife for a placement test at school of language int. The service was very good. They gave us an excellent information for us so we dont need to think twice before enrolling to one of the courses. Saw the running courses, there were only a few students per class. This would give a great benefit for each student to learn and get more attention from the teacher. Highly recommended!!

  102. Avatar photo
    Jenny Nguyen le

    I like my teacher and classmates. Class size it’s good and i have improved a lot.

  103. Avatar photo

    I have been going there for a month. It’s close to the station, so it’s easy to balance work.
    Teachers and students are friendly and make learning fun.

  104. Avatar photo
    Nataliia K

    I was learning English in my home country for a while but without success. After moving to Singapore, I decided to continue learning at a local language school. I’m thrilled that I found the Language School International… After 16 weeks course, I became more confident and stopped to avoid communicating with other people. My husband also noticed my progress and insisted I continue studying here.

  105. Avatar photo
    Richard Valeroso

    i had fun learning mandarin…all the staff and my teacher were very very nice! highly recommend

  106. Avatar photo
    Vlastimil Pupík

    I have been studing the General English course for three months and I have to say that my English really improved. The price is competitive and the location very atractive. The classes are well taught and learning with other international students is very interesting.

    Highly recommended!

  107. Avatar photo
    Bin Chen

    the teacher is kind

  108. Avatar photo
    pelly ryu

    Good class and great teachers

  109. Avatar photo
    Nataliia K

    I was learning English in my home country for a while but without success. After moving to Singapore, I decided to continue learning at a local language school. I’m thrilled that I found the Language School International… After 16 weeks course, I became more confident and stopped to avoid communicating with other people. My husband also noticed my progress and insisted I continue studying here.

  110. Avatar photo
    sora owa

    There are people from different countries in this school. I can know culture and situation in other countries. All classmates and teachers are very kind!!! I am glad to meet.

  111. Avatar photo
    Kok Ping Yeo

    The school is at a very convenient location and my teacher is patient and knowledgeable. I always look forward to attending my English classes as I find that I can learn many interesting things during lessons.

  112. Avatar photo
    Peter Hoong

    Took biz Chinese course and learned alot. The teachers are very professional and patience.

  113. Avatar photo
    Blue Star Line Advertising Agency

    Plzzz provide WhatsApp number. I am from India.

  114. Avatar photo
    Helen Ma

    I’ve attended an English language course here in Singapore for 1 month. The teacher is professional, friendly and helped me a lot to improve my English. It was a good journey with my classmates!

  115. Avatar photo
    Naoko Kinoshita

    I have been learning here for 8 months.
    Before coming here, I didn’t have confidence to speak English.
    My English skills are getting better thanks to a professional teacher!
    I also appreciate that I was able to meet wonderful friends at school!

  116. Avatar photo
    Stanislav Borisov

    Just completed the first Mandarine course with the book “New Concept 1”. Gina is a very nice and patient teacher – the whole studying process was smooth and efficient even when classes had to move online. Now taking the second course.

  117. Avatar photo
    Mai Tran

    I have been studying English for 4 months now. I am so happy that I have joined in English class here.The teacher is so helpful ,professional at teaching and friendly. I learned a lot in class every time. My English now is a lot better than before .The price is reasonable, the staffs are helpful as well. …

  118. Avatar photo
    Madoka Nakahashi

    It’s a very good location near the station where you can commute without getting wet in the rain, and the quality of the teachers is outstanding. It was the best compared to several schools.

  119. Avatar photo
    김은채Kim Eun Chai

    Teacher Yuntao teaches very well!!!

  120. Avatar photo
    M K

    Teachers and receptionists are all friendly schools. The location is also very convenient. The class has a good atmosphere and is recommended for those who want to learn English or Chinese.

  121. Avatar photo
    Weng Tan

    Great school and fantastic classes for mandarin.

  122. Avatar photo
    Serendipity Lim

    The teacher is good. The group classes are small. Hence, learning is easier and teacher can focus individually on students.

  123. Avatar photo
    Joey Wu

    Cruiz is very professional, patient and efficient in his teaching. My understanding and usage of the English language have improved a lot from his guidance. The school’s pricing of lessons is very reasonable and quick and answer any queries I had.

  124. Avatar photo
    Hyeeun Nam

    I liked that the staff and teachers were so kind, and it is a great advantage that I can study with people of various races. The location of the academy is also very convenient as it is close to the station.

  125. Avatar photo
    Fernanda Jean

    I have been studying the General English course and my English really improved. The teachers and staff are very friendly and helpful. The classroom has a great atmosphere and also the school is at a convenient location. I recommend!

  126. Avatar photo

    I am currently taking the Intensive Everyday English Course at this school and I am very satisfied.

    In the General English course on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, there are students from various countries such as Russia, Germany, Malaysia, China, South Korea, and Japan. It makes me happy and motivates me to study English, so I really enjoy taking classes.

    In the conversational speaking course on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there are many Japanese in my class, but the teachers are good at teaching, and even if I get stuck, they will kindly teach me the correct way to say it.

    Also, if there is a vacant classroom after class, you can study on your own. You can also use WiFi, so you don’t have to go to a cafe to buy coffee and study, so it’s very convenient!

    I think the cost is relatively low. I did a lot of research before joining, but I feel that the price is reasonable and the cost performance is very good considering that it is an English school where you can study English every day.

    Last but not least, I was able to make friends from other countries through this school. They are very conscious of studying English, and we are able to stimulate each other and study together. I wonder if this is an experience that can’t be done with online English conversation.
    If there are people who are lost in various ways, I think it would be nice to go here once.

  127. Avatar photo
    Dawn Chia

    I had enrolled in English Business Class for 3 months. I had learnt lots of fantastic phases and it also help me to improve my communication skills. The teacher here is awesome and willing to correct our mistake. I really enjoy it.

  128. Avatar photo
    Ancy Kuo

    I have studied English for many years, but I always make mistakes every time I speak. My friend introduced me to come here to take classes. The course is accompanied by step-by-step teaching materials. Under the guidance of professional and kind teachers, I feel that I have made progress. I recommend it to everyone to improve my English ability together.

  129. Avatar photo
    Sam Morris

    Professional trainers, friendly staff, lots of chances to improve in a safe environment. Great location, too! Cool view from the classrooms!

  130. Avatar photo

    I attended a short-term intensive English course for 4 months.
    At first, I could only answer “Yes / No” to the question, and I was reluctant to speak in English.
    However, thanks to the teachers who taught me in an easy-to-understand manner in my daily lessons, I am no longer conscious of my weakness in English.
    I am very satisfied with the improvement in my language skills.

  131. Avatar photo

    The teachers here are professional and dedicated, and the atmosphere in the classroom is good. After taking the comprehensive English course, I also took the oral English class. I learned from the teacher, and I can improve my English. It feels good to be able to chat happily with classmates in class. In short, I can feel the joy of learning in this school. The surrounding transportation is convenient, and the front desk staff are very helpful.

  132. Avatar photo

    I like my English class! It’s a great place to learn English.

  133. Avatar photo

    I am very satisfied because the instructors give good guidance according to the level and organize necessary things such as conversation and grammar. Most of all, there is a Korean staff member, so I can freely and kindly receive advice at any time, such as changing course registration or consulting about progress, which is very helpful.

  134. Avatar photo

    I have been studying in the English school here for 8 months. Our teachers and staff are very friendly and responsible. Next, I will continue to study oral English, and I will use it after learning.

  135. Avatar photo
    sae N

    This is a review of the General English (advanceII) class. Both lessons and classmates are very high level. Instead of studying only the textbook, Teacher Sam will flexibly change the lesson content every time. To be honest, I have a lot of homework. It is recommended for those who want to learn English seriously, rather than those who want to learn English in a fun way.

  136. Avatar photo
    Rae Huang

    After looking at several schools, I finally decided to learn English here. What I like the most is the learning atmosphere here, which is very fun and the teachers teach well. The students come from all over the world and have made good friends here.

  137. Avatar photo
    Maria Dewi

    I’ve been looking for a good quality of Mandarin Course in Singapore. After long research and an online trial in other school I decided to join the class here. What made me decide to choose this school was due to they prefer to have a classroom rather than online.
    The location is good. Just above Tanjong Pagar MRT.
    The staffs are professional and always helpful. Class size also ok, currently there are 6 of us. I hope it will stay on this number. Smaller class size is more effective.

  138. Avatar photo
    Alex Charles

    Great school to learn Chinese with qualified teachers

  139. Avatar photo
    Cindy Yeo

    The teachers are really professional and responsible. They made the learning process rewarding and effective. Kudos to the staff & management!!

  140. Avatar photo
    Filiz Cakmak

    Education is complementary, teachers and staff are very supportive and helpfull.
    Deffinetly recommended!

  141. Avatar photo

    I really love this school! Their staff are very kind and helpful.

  142. Avatar photo

    Friendly teachers and staff. It’s very close to MRT station.
    I gained confidence while learning English here

  143. Avatar photo
    Pop Pop

    When I first came to Singapore, I was lonely because I have no friends
    But I start going to this school,every day has become better
    I’m glad to meet good teacher and friends

  144. Avatar photo
    K K

    The staff and teachers are all friendly and helpful. And I enjoy every lesson with my multinational classmates. I am glad that I came here.

  145. Avatar photo
    sandy Jiang

    I spend 4mths there and I have a happy time. The teacher and the classmates are nice. The price is reasonable.It really helps me improve my English.

  146. Avatar photo

    When I first met by Jennifer from School of Language International, I decided to choose here for my English learning. Jennifer told me how to teach ,how to learn, how to help each student get most.

    I have learned in School of Language International from Sep 2022, I could talk with our classmates also write simple text for something that big achievement for me from not speaking English background.

    School of Language International is not only a teaching unit, kind and good management system , good teachers team, Standard and diversity teaching methods and high passions for the teaching.

    I will continue my English lesson in School of Language International in 2023, I hope to get more progress , I think I would .Because there are many excellent strong background teachers would help me in the school.

    When Jennifer received me for the first time at School of Language International, I decided to study English here in the future. Because she told me what philosophy this school has, how to teach, and how to give the greatest help to all kinds of students who want to learn.

    I started to study at School of Language International in September 2022. I gradually learned to discuss topics with my classmates and write some simple texts. It’s a big improvement for me who doesn’t use English background.

    School of Language International is not a simple organization for teaching languages. The school has systematic management, a good teaching team, various teaching methods, and a group of teachers who love teaching.

    I will continue to study here and hope to make greater progress in 2023. I think I will, because there are a lot of very good teachers with senior backgrounds here who will help me

  147. Avatar photo
    Ben Wilton

    Have completed 2 x Conversational Chinese courses (Elementary I & II) which were run once a week over 12 week periods. Lin Zhu is an amazing teacher and is incredibly engaging and professional. About to start the next course in 2 weeks! Brilliant!

  148. Avatar photo
    Yerin Jeon

    I am currently taking a Chinese class and I love it!
    The teachers are kind and the classes are so fun and easy to understand.
    At first, I took the class without knowing Chinese at all, but now I am able to have basic conversations to some extent.
    I highly recommend this very fun class!

  149. Avatar photo
    Siyao Mi

    Mr Cruiz is a patient and kind teacher. The class atmosphere is fun and relaxing. The conventional English class helped me overcome my fear of speaking English. I highly recommend it.

  150. Avatar photo
    Ning Liu

    Teachers here are very excellent. I like this school.Especiouslly ,One class time is three hours and the school fee is fair.I like it the best.

  151. Avatar photo
    Miki Pan

    This is the best Singapore English School I have gone to study English. I’ve improved my English communication skills and my confidence. Thanks to all my English Teachers at SLI! Highly recommended!

  152. Avatar photo
    Sunwoo Park

    I am a student who has been studying in the School of Language International for the past three months. I remember the time when I was using awkward English words when I first started. First of all, teachers are good. Jennifer speaks kindly to you, Amy takes care of you, Keith uses lots of easy and funny examples and Jonathan helps you to say the exact sentence!
    Now I have less stress of speaking in English after attending 3 months of the course. I also had the opportunity to participate in the cultural experience and to understand Singapore, a multicultural country. After I master English, I will attempt to learn Mandarin. If you are worried about English, go to School of Language International in Tanjong pagar.

    This is a student who has been listening for 3 months. It reminds me of the time when I had a consultation with awkward English words. Above all, the teachers are good. Jennifer who consults slowly and kindly, Amy who takes care of meticulously, Keith who writes a lot of easy and fun example sentences, and Jonathan who helps me speak the correct sentences!
    My ears are more open than 3 months ago, and the stress of speaking seems to have decreased. There was also an opportunity to understand Singapore, a multicultural country, by participating in a cultural experience. When I finish English, people around me pressure me to speak Chinese. Anyway, if you are thinking about English, go to the School of Language International in Tanjong pagar.

  153. Avatar photo
    Judy Tng

    The teacher is very professional, learn alot from her. She is very patience.

  154. Avatar photo

    Very friendly and nice teachers and staffs.
    I have joined this school since last year and learning Mandarin for 1 year. Recommend to join️

  155. Avatar photo
    Sang Hyun Kim

    I started learning Chinese with Instructor Rae for the past 3 months and she’s been very diligent in helping her students understand the various sentence structures. Also, the class size is small enough for the instructor to pay close attention to each student.

  156. Avatar photo

    I wanted to learn English for a long time, and I finally decided on this school. Every time I have a three-hour course, I feel that there is not enough time every time. The teacher didn’t waste a minute, and the lectures are very detailed. It motivates me to learn English well. This is my first time. I’ve been to the class six times and look forward to it each time. Thank you, Mr. Heather.

  157. Avatar photo

    Thanks to them, I really enjoy the lessons and am motivated to keep studying.

    The teachers try hard to give me the best answers in flexible ways when I have questions. They also interest me in English by showing how English speakers think in addition to teaching English expressions.

    The support staff always greet me very warmly and help me a lot especially in arranging lesson schedule every month.

    Both the teachers and the support staff are very kind and helpful. I really appreciate their assistance in my studying English.

  158. Avatar photo
    Mk Mickie

    There is very good school you can improve your english

  159. Avatar photo
    xty oh

    I tried 12 weeks program for Chinese class. It was very fun and the teacher was very enthusiastic and helpful. I just registered again for another 12 weeks program! I’m very excited to see improvement on my Chinese speaking.

  160. Avatar photo
    A Ra Cho

    Very good transfer because near by MRT.
    And teacher very kind, good teaching.
    The class room also very comfortable and clean everytime. High recommend!!

  161. Avatar photo
    Sirilada Punsiri

    Nice and fun learning environment. Cruiz is a very professional English teacher, always well prepared for the class. Perfect place to learn language. …

  162. Avatar photo

    The English teacher has a high level of teaching and a good service attitude at the front desk. I have been teaching in this English school for 2 years and I am very satisfied.

  163. Avatar photo

    All the teachers here are very friendly,kind and passionate about teaching.It’s always fun to talk with them and we can learn lots of things. Great school with great people!

  164. Avatar photo
    K S

    In the General English class, I had enough time to do pair work and group work, and I was glad that I had the opportunity to not only input but also output.
    Also, the class was small and it was easy to ask questions.

    In addition, the location and access are good, and the location is directly connected to the station, so I can go to school without getting wet even on rainy days.

  165. Avatar photo
    yukiko ando

    I am learning English and Chinese at this school. In both cases, the lecturer teaches me brightly and politely, so I’m less worried about language.
    Because the class size is small, there are many opportunities for you to speak up, so you don’t have to worry about finishing the class without being able to speak much.
    I would like to continue to do so.

  166. Avatar photo
    Yang Jie

    The teachers are very kind. The spoken language keeps improving. The price is not expensive. The environment is elegant. I highly recommend

  167. Avatar photo
    Michael Mejilla

    The Chinese teachers here are very patient and skillful.

  168. Avatar photo
    Sung Kyoung Jee

    The class quality is good and each teacher has a different style, but they all teach well. It also good to meet friends from different countries

  169. Avatar photo
    Chengxiu Wan

    I am very satisfying with the English course here, the teacher are carrying and patient, the teaching programme is excellent, the consultants are friendly. Good job, wish all the best!

  170. Avatar photo
    Hiroki Okuno

    I participated in group lessons for about 3 months, but it was a very good class because it was an environment where I could communicate with multinational people, and above all, there were many opportunities to express myself. It’s just

  171. Avatar photo
    Honey Manuel

    They were very flexible in changing the lessons from face to face then online due as a precaution due to Covid 19 which I really appreciate. The trainors are good and are very accommodating of our questions. They also follow up to ensure that we don’t have any issues on the lessons. I will keep learning Mandarin until I become fluent from School of Language International!

  172. Avatar photo
    Vance Lee

    Having Chinese class since start of 2020. I think it’s only good thing happened to me in 2020. Teacher that we met is very kind, professional, enthusiastic. Facilities are very clean and nicely maintained. I recommend to start right now, you won’t regret.

  173. Avatar photo
    Jirayu Chamamahattana

    I recommend this school, it helps me improve a lot of English conversation.

  174. Avatar photo
    Taeha Yu

    Been a few months to start learning Chinese here. Overall, I like this place and decided to take another package. Very convenient location, right connected to the Tanjong pagar MRT and teachers are native Chinese professionals. I already recommended this place to my friends who are keen to learn Chinese!

  175. Avatar photo

    All of the teachers are professionals, and I would especially recommend it to those who are serious about learning English. I am grateful that the price is quite affordable compared to others and it is easy to continue.

  176. Avatar photo

    I love this school, and I love teacher, she teach very good

  177. Avatar photo
    Ping Liu

    The service attitude of the school is good, and the teachers are professional.

  178. Avatar photo
    charlotte liang

    Lecturer very nice

  179. Avatar photo
    Mickey Michelle

    I go to General class and Conversation class.
    I have some homework to do, and I think I’ll get the results I’ve done.
    Also, if necessary, you can change classes and learn business English, so
    It is recommended for those who want to learn languages ​​​​in parallel with work.
    Depending on the class, there are people from various countries, so I think you will have a wide range of friendships.

  180. Avatar photo
    Edward Baxter

    I am taking the new Survival Chinese course at the school and so far it’s proving really useful! After only a couple of lessons I can already greet and count in Chinese; the classes are well taught and learning in the company of other international students with the same objectives is very rewarding too.

    Highly recommended!

  181. Avatar photo
    Hui Li

    The school and Teachers are friendly.Teacher Sam has excellent skills for encouraging and improving student’s English skill.I attended the course about 3 months.During these days I learned a lot.Good location close to MRT. I recommend it to everybody.

  182. Avatar photo
    Hyunjoon Park

    I have taken Chinese class for over 3months now. The class is with nice teacher and passionate classmate. We all have enjoyed it. Highly recommend. Teacher Rae is super nice

  183. Avatar photo
    Noemi Jud

    It was a great time. The teacher at this school are great. They are patient, they have humor and we learned a lot. Many thanks, especially to our teacher Sam.

  184. Avatar photo
    Melody Meng

    I like the English courses here very much. I have lost my English for many years and regained my confidence here. The customer service at the front desk is very friendly and the learning environment is very good. The most important thing is that the teachers are really professional and they can drive me forward in learning English. I am happy to continue studying here! grateful!

  185. Avatar photo

    I’ve been learning English here for 10 months. My English teacher is kind and one person makes an opportunity to talk. As a teammate here, you can meet many different people. And it is convenient to consult because there is a consultant who can speak Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

  186. Avatar photo
    Howie Chen

    I have been learning English for nearly 2 years in this school, from zero base to advance level.These are so many professional and interesting teachers . They teach me English from different countries and individual teaching style. I appreciate them. Thank you !

  187. Avatar photo
    mai s

    Thanks to the great teachers and classmates, my English has been improving.

  188. Avatar photo
    Mizuki Yang

    This school is very good!
    The teachers and staffs are very kindly and friendly!

  189. Avatar photo
    Camila González

    The best school of lenguage international …

  190. Avatar photo
    Jasmin Brand

    I’ve been at the school for over a year now and I still love going to the English classes! I have already worked with 4 teachers and have always been extremely satisfied.


    Teacher: You are not only competent but also show a lot of humor and patience. The teaching units are structured and built on top of each other and the teachers pass by well. They try to involve all students in the lesson and also adapt to the somewhat weaker students.

    Administration: A very friendly and competent team that always takes the time and answers questions as quickly as possible. Very accommodating and understanding and, above all, always tried very hard.

    In short, I really have nothing to complain about because I love going to school and I always have fun
    My husband took Mandarin lessons on my recommendation and was also very satisfied.

    If you are looking for a language school where you can not only learn successfully but also have fun, then definitely go to this school!

    Thank you dear team
    Kind regards, Jasmine Brand

  191. Avatar photo

    Very friendly staff and teacher. This school is highly recommended who are looking for Mandarin lesson!

  192. Avatar photo
    Shoko F

    I think it’s a very easy language school to attend. Through the lessons, I was able to get along with my classmates quickly, so I was able to make friends! Even my poor English can be understood by the teacher, so I started to enjoy conversations.

  193. Avatar photo
    Hiroyasu Kiji

    I go to mandarin class once a week and It’s been six months. Class is professional and good quality. That has made me where I can expect to pass the HSK3 level. I have experienced two teachers, and both teachers are very good at teaching. Directly connected to the MRT station, it is easy to get to. I definitely recommend it.

  194. Avatar photo
    Pol Llobet Nogués

    A very professional place where you not only learn a lot but you have fun doing it. The staff and teachers are incredible: nice, cheerful and really helpful. They make you enjoy and appreciate the Chinese language and culture.

    Regarding the class size, very small groups which give you the opportunity to express yourself and get very personalised assistance making you improve really quickly. The quality-price ratio is definitely the best you can find in Singapore.

    Highly recommended!!

  195. Avatar photo
    C K

    I went to this school for 3 months and now I’m satisfied with what I learned. Usually class was small enough for every student to have a lot of opportunity to speak. The teachers as well as the staff members are very friendly and passionate about teaching. The environment was quite conducive to improving my English.

  196. Avatar photo
    Benedict Gehe

    Visited the school for two weeks and had a really pleasant stay. The teachers and staff are all really friendly and encouraging to speak English with everyday topics in class and good relations between students and teacher.
    Would definitely recommend the school even for a short-term stay in Singapore.
    Thank you

  197. Avatar photo
    Jiyun Lee

    I have joined an English clase after having been relocated to Singapore for training program of my company. I have taken Sam’s class and really enjoyed it. Because he teaches us real English in life and encourages us to have much more conversation with him and classmates.
    Also, there are a lot of foreigners from various countries, therfore It is much easier to have friends having different backgrounds.
    It is one of the most memorable experiences in singapore for me to take class here.

  198. Avatar photo

    The students are also multinational, and you can study by listening to various English.
    It is a school that the staff is kind and can recommend.

  199. Avatar photo
    Zi Qii

    I’m studying English course in School Of Language International and my English was really improved.The teachers here was very nice and the receptionist in this school was helpful,they explained the course very detailed.

  200. Avatar photo
    Peach 's diary

    My name is Kanyarath. traveled from Thailand have come to learn English for communication A short course of 2 weeks. The feeling after learning the language here is I have more courage to communicate in English. Teachers are very easy to understand. The language accent is easy to listen to. If there is any point that you don’t understand Teachers and classmates will help each other to explain. which I feel warm and really impressed

  201. Avatar photo
    MT Doan (DMT)

    The structure of the classes and size is suitable for learning. I booked an intensive everyday course for 4 weeks, 3 days of grammar and 2 days of conversation training per week. Our grammar teacher Chantal used games to practice grammar. For me, it was very good to remember the grammar rules. The conversation teacher Sam describes the topics in different points of views of culture and he prepares well for the lesson. He encourages us to talk with different classmates. For me it is very good to hear and to learn to understand different accents. I liked the class so much that I booked for the next 6 months.

  202. Avatar photo

    I like it because the transportation is convenient. It was convenient because it was close to the subway station, so I didn’t have to walk a lot. I am taking a Chinese Saturday class, and the teacher is good at correcting my pronunciation and teaching me kindly, so I am enjoying the class. (o^^o)

  203. Avatar photo
    n saki

    I have been going there for about 2 months.
    The receptionist is kind and the classes are easy to understand. At first, there were no Japanese in my class, but I was able to communicate with them regardless of nationality. As for the class, I was worried that it was only in English, but I was able to keep up with the class.

  204. Avatar photo

    This school is very accessible. In a conversation class, teacher encourage students to speak a little more. They have an open mind and passionate attitude. In addition, classes can be extended some days if i’m not attend because of special plans. Staffs are also happy to greet us!

  205. Avatar photo
    UNI KO

    I really like the teacher at the academyThanks to you, I’m getting to know English. …

  206. Avatar photo
    jianying zhu (judy朱朱)

    The teacher here is very interesting,is very friendly,My English has improved a lot。

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