Review Safra Yishun, 60 Yishun Ave 4, Singapore

Review SAFRA Yishun - Singapore 60 Yishun Ave 4

“Great weather to chill out at Safra Yishun. Kids had fun” or “Went there for Dinoland Singapore. It is an indoor forest trail with dinosaurs along the trek. Great experience!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Safra Yishun. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Safra Yishun is quality.

Introduction about Safra Yishun

Here are some fundamental details regarding Safra Yishun. In terms of Recreation center, it is generally believed that Safra Yishunis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 60 Yishun Ave 4, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Recreation center, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 68528200 (+65 68528200)
  • Website:
  • Address: 60 Yishun Ave 4, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 06:00 to 17:00.

Saturday, Sunday: Close.


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You can reach Safra Yishun at 68528200(+65 68528200). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to 60 Yishun Ave 4, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Safra Yishun reviews

Safra Yishun is among the best destinations of Recreation center in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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“Nice club house with big swimming pool. Great for family with kids. Only swim wear no t-shirt. After swimming can head over for MACDONALD for food!!!”

“Great weather to chill out at Safra Yishun. Kids had fun”

“Went there for Dinoland Singapore. It is an indoor forest trail with dinosaurs along the trek. Great experience!”

“We had a good time there with my Face Volunteers team SG”

“The kids love the swimming pool and there is no time limit or limit to the usage of the pool. Have not tried other facilities yet.”

“Went there for Dinoland tour which lasted about 1.5hrs. There is a swimming pool for adults and water play for children and McDonald's”

“The pools here are great. Good for families with kids of different ages. The lifeguards here are really friendly. Had nice chat with them.”

“New facility at SYCC, dinoland for all families. Staff is courteous and it feels very homely. Great place and as usual, loving the mac!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 224 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 85% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Safra Yishun, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Safra Yishun, 60 Yishun Ave 4, Singapore

There is a total 224 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Janis Ng

    Clean equipment and quite updated. Mostly males though but not intimating for the ladies. Friendly gym goers and personal trainers

  2. Avatar photo
    Yen disney

    Great place for water play. But always very crowded recently.

  3. Avatar photo
    Alex Chia

    A nice place that has swimming pool and gym. Went for their Ktv party world. Its cheaper if you open bottle to share with friends.

    Overall good experiencd

  4. Avatar photo
    felix lee

    Nicely equipped rock climbing wall. The kids loved it, and the view from the top needle rappelling down, is worth the legwork. Rock on!

  5. Avatar photo
    yptay mad

    At Eatzi Gourmet Bistro – SAFRA Yishun.
    A 1-1 birthday dinner with husband, nice food, but the restaurant is too cold. Notice many young new staff, couldn’t answer our queries, such as if the drink included in the set, the desert that included for 1-1, only served 1, we thought supposedly to share, until we got them to check.

  6. Avatar photo
    Normal Tan

    Good gym and nice to workout

  7. Avatar photo
    Calvin OnEarth

    Revisited SAFRA Yishun after their renovation. The drop off point is upgraded, no more worries of getting wet. The lobby is uplifted as well, with a big TV (nearby residents can look forward to upgraded football experience in future).

  8. Avatar photo

    If your a bowling lover do come here to bowl

  9. Avatar photo
    Fred Sy

    There was a wide selection of books to choose from. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing all the different genres. Would recommend all to come here …

  10. Avatar photo
    Ye Htet

    Very affordable gym with a wide range of facilities. Got one of the best views from the treadmill in town. Crowded during peak hours but you can’t complain when it’s relatively cheap.

  11. Avatar photo
    Nissiel Yu

    Yishun Safra is a great spot for family and the staff so accommodating

    Always have fond breakfast memories here
    And after workouts, late night munchies!

  12. Avatar photo
    Chew Raymond

    Currently under renovation. Eatzi, PinSi is open but dining can be noisy with renowork going on but swimming pool is open. McDonalds is not affected.

  13. Avatar photo
    hey there Jose here

    If your into adventures or just want to get out of your house and make your life a bit more interesting then this is the place for you! Swimming, shooting range, gym, bowling, rock climbing, and more entertaining activities are here or you just want a place to hold an event like weddings, primary school camps and competitions then you can do it.

  14. Avatar photo
    Chin Yong

    Has a few activities for you to enjoy. From swimming, snookers, pool, rock climbing to bowling. Always enjoyed myself there with my friends! Be sure to try out the dry duck noodles at the pool/snooker area.

  15. Avatar photo
    Buang Amat

    Good food, good service, reasonably priced & cozy.

  16. Avatar photo
    Fred Tan

    It is nice family like club. However, the games room equipments far less of maintenance, requiring facilities management to fix the problems.

  17. Avatar photo
    Victor Hank

    For army ppl go one. Lol. The MacDonald is very convenient.

  18. Avatar photo
    Shuren Lin

    Some random food places here and there. If you are member, you get some discount at the place and entry to swimming pool but apart from those, nothing much to do here

  19. Avatar photo
    Norintan Jamari

    Had great time of team building with colleagues playing bowling.

  20. Avatar photo
    C A

    The bowling alleys are nice and provided some respite for some entertainment for the Yishun residents in the early 1990s. Still new and well managed.

  21. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Tan

    Houses probably one of the best neighborhood swimming pools in Singapore & probably the tallest rock climbing wall locally as well!

    Many facilities such as karaoke, McDonald’s with drive in option, bowling, billiard/pool, rock climbing, air rifle range, gym, slot machines!

  22. Avatar photo
    Jonlyn Tan

    It is a great place, with a bowling alley, golf ranch, swimming pool and some restraunts. But there are very little parking lots and if you want to drop-off someone, they have put plants to block of the sheltered part and so cars cannot enter. The restraunts are quite expensive but there are very efficient. Recommended place for a stop-by. Takes about 1-2 if you use the facilities.

  23. Avatar photo
    Soon Soon Tan

    A good place for a swim …

  24. Avatar photo

    Amazing place for family & friends to come together to spend time doing sports or recreactional activities. There’s swimming tennis rock climbing gym and many more facilities in SAFRA YISHUN.

  25. Avatar photo
    LL Capture

    With ton of facility(Gym, swimming with jacuzzi and air rifle etc…) in SAFRA Yishun. At night, there will usually be wedding go.

    Nice quiet place with a nearby Mac to chill. But the place is also quite far from Yishun MRT and would require a feeder service to access the place.

  26. Avatar photo
    Lim Soon Heng

    Very well renovated club. Good offers fkr the public and members! Enjoyed a good lunch and some work done with a colleague at Pin Si Rest.

  27. Avatar photo
    Douglas Yeo

    Family & Friendship is all matters here in the club. I really proud to be a member in all Safra club.

  28. Avatar photo

    EnergyOne Yishun Safra has just been recently renovated in Dec 2020 and has some new snazzy machines and set ups, like the Naomi Cube System, a new open space arena for Kick boxing and MMA training, and some rope and curved threadmill that are newly added. However, some loss of traditional training area like no more deadlifts area and stretching static area is a bummer. Toilet areas area also not renovated but still clean and functional as before.

    Machines and equipment are definitely new and clean and flow of people a lot less than before. But if you like a lesser crowd and newer machines, and maybe just there for the treadmill and some static machines, this gym is still a great option and costs much less than other commercial gyms.

  29. Avatar photo
    Hope Ang

    Quick lunch at the Chinese restaurant whilst at work. Peking duck and cod fish, together with a good selection of dim sum. Parking is readily available. Promotion for Peking duck in July 2017, $10++ only as part of anniversary celebrations.

  30. Avatar photo
    Michael Chia

    Went to bday celebration on Sunday. Place not crowded with many children around. Most people masked.

  31. Avatar photo
    Neeyan. n

    Good place to go for swimming. But you got to be a member. The casino staff are snobbish. They mentioned that my membership(ns50) was a free one year membership in a disgraceful way infront of other players there.But my membership was still valid.

  32. Avatar photo
    Tammie Seah

    Great place with lots of amenities.
    Staffs & security super friendly & always ready to lend a helping hand. Very clean place

  33. Avatar photo
    Jason Kwek

    Ageing country club-styled resort with a members only gym, lap pool, jack pot and snooker/games room. Limited dinning options.

  34. Avatar photo
    Cedric Soh

    Newly renovated, very nice place and lots of good facilities. Swimming pool, rock climbing facilities. Lots of casual restaurant and more classy dining options available as well. Party world KTV is available with some pool tables too.
    Great club.

  35. Avatar photo
    Baked Away55

    Went last Friday 28.08.2015. The counter staff, a lady was very friendly.. Directed and inform us all the facilities. The gym quite small. Looking forward to they other facilities like the swimming pool, Jacuzzi and steam room.

  36. Avatar photo
    minghui koh

    Nice club house with big swimming pool. Great for family with kids. Only swim wear no t-shirt.

    After swimming can head over for MACDONALD for food!!!

  37. Avatar photo
    Soundrya Kirthana

    Okay there are like sooooo many things to do at safra like bowling, swimming and rock climbing. But the thing is most of the things have like a waiting limit or like restrictions. For example, I went bowling today and there was no booking so we were told to walk in and get a spot. However, it was full?? Like, so we had to come back in an hour where they would like “call” us to come back. I guess it wasn’t that bad but we had fun anyways. It’s really cool too. I think the COVID 19 situation really slowed things down a lot. So I recommend that during your planning you should leave some excess time so as to not cut things short. Otherwise it was really fun!!!! 😀

  38. Avatar photo
    C 12

    Bowling, gym, pool swim dinning & entertainments at an affordable rate. Friendly cosy comfy ambience for romantic intimates & families.

  39. Avatar photo
    Jay Khoo

    Very beautiful place. The club has various facilities like swimming pool, restaurant and bars. Car park is available. Inside there is a nice restaurant where you can even play darts

  40. Avatar photo
    General Twilight

    Very fun. The service crews are friendly. Currently it is under going upgrading works so the services available are limited. It has an indoor air rifle range and a swimming pool. Nearby there is a MacDonald outlet. Currently, MacDonald is the only f&b outlet available due to upgrading works. You could use your safra membership to get your MacDonald deals there.
    It is located about a 15 minutes walk from yishun mrt station which makes it convenient. Further more, if you do not feel like walking, you could take bus 802 to arrive near the place.
    The indoor air weapons range offers members (after going through a safety course) the chance to practice shooting pellets in different ranges. It has 3 ranges, small range A, small range B and the Main range. It cost about $6 for an 2 hour session in the range.
    The swimming pool is quite average. But still very fun!
    Overall a great place for family recreation, which will have more services when it’s upgrading works are completed.

  41. Avatar photo

    I have never tried any shooting activity before. Yesterday (13/1/2023) was my first time visiting this place for my company gathering/outing. I am dedicating my gratitude to Mr Raj from Air Weapon course for his patience and he was everywhere making sure everyone was accommodated. He had so much passion for his job that he taught me the correct technique of handling and shared his experience as an athlete/outdoor person. Will definitely visit again!

  42. Avatar photo
    Derek Foo

    Many facilities squeezed into a humble land area. Fantastic pool with elaborate child play wading area, bowling, billards, indoor air weapon range, KTV, rock climbing, spa, e-mart booth etc. Close proximity to Yishun Park also great for outdoor activities. F&B offerings a bit more muted but the McDonald’s here is relatively spacious while Eatzi has quality steak

  43. Avatar photo
    Charlene Tan

    Afew cafe there such as EATZI, Prata Shop, etc. Open to public for eating. Nothing much.

  44. Avatar photo
    Hadi Anwar

    Its got all the things you would expect to get from a SAFRA club house. Its got a pool with a play area for kids, a massage centre, KTV, bowling alley, billiards hall, tennis courts, indoor shooting range, a gym that’s not half bad and an outdoor adventure area that blends into the adjacent park. Food options could be better tho. So far they’ve got a halal steakhouse, a bar, and more notably, a McD with drive thru.

  45. Avatar photo
    H 2

    Recreation Club for Singapore Army personnel and families conveniently located at neighbourhood heartland of Yishun Pond Yishun Park McDonald’s and walking distance to Yishun Town Garden with breezy greenery away from busy cityscapes Yishun MRT bus interchange Yishun Town Square Northpoint City with plenty of dinning shopping banking supermarkets library cinemas entertainments groceries sundries Electric Electronic telecommunication postage services community centre and amenities nearby. Varieties of fasciitis including Orchid Bowl Tennis Courts NurtureStars Pin Si Restaurant and the famous McDonald’s with drive through. Freshly prepared food with healthy ingredients tender loving skillful cooking and warm services. Walking distance to NTUC Foodfair and Mr Bean at Khoo Teck Puah Hospital. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students expats locals visitors and families.

  46. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Ang

    Visited swimming pool. Clean toilets with hot shower, hair dryer and many hooks for clothes. Can get 5 stars if more tables and chairs were available at the swimming pool and water slides were working. Take note that swimming lessons will close off one of the kid pools. Then jacuzzi pool doesn’t allow floats nor float vests.

  47. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Lim

    Slightly old space. Needs to be improvement.

  48. Avatar photo
    Leong Wee Tiong

    One of the place where you can enjoy bowling (open to public) at northern part of Singapore. Beside the swimming pool which open to member (this is a arm forces club),there are other facilities which public can come over to play snooker, have fast food (Mac Donald). There is also a jackpot room but it is also mend for members. Feel free to visit this place as they are having a major Reno.

  49. Avatar photo
    Yining Tay

    Counter staff always polite and provides assistance promptly. Swimming pool also considerably clean. Took a star away as the washrooms still has some room for improvement, especially their flushing system.

  50. Avatar photo
    Zen Tan

    A great place just to lay back and chill for the day and forget about reality. Notable facilities are of the swimming pool, bowling alley and the billiard room. A gym and air pistol ranges are also available. Wish it was as well maintained as the other safras though.

  51. Avatar photo
    Ng Lee Kian

    Always love to have training here

  52. Avatar photo
    Alvin Seah

    Checked out the Indoor Air Weapons Range which was the venue for the recent ASEAN Para Games 2015 indoor shooting events. Nice place, barrier free access. Good amenities and facilities.

  53. Avatar photo

    Mainly went for some swimming. It’s great. There’s also a cafe beside the pool. It also has many other activities like karaoke, sports etc. There is a mcdonalds beside the parking lot with a McCafe. Really great place!

  54. Avatar photo
    Alex Puah

    Big safra with lots of facilities such as swimming pool, rock climbing, adventure course, air rifle range. There’s also a McDonald’s.

  55. Avatar photo
    Probably Satan

    Been here since childhood

  56. Avatar photo
    Jei Sim

    Love the swimming pool which always feels very clean. Jacuzzi and slides for kids too.

    Small and cozy bar.

    Some food options, billards, air rifle range, and arcade. Bowling has cosmic mode at night.

  57. Avatar photo
    Hajeeali Abdul Kadar

    It was a wonderful experience. So much different from other gyms out there. Very clean and new.

  58. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    An unique place with quite a fair bit of amenities and facilities. Do plan in advance on the activities you want and book as well. It is quite near MRT station and take about 10minutes to walk.

  59. Avatar photo
    Aldrin Tee

    Has huge swimming pools, outdoor activity center, billiards, bowling and many other activities! Not that crowded even on Sundays.

  60. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Helmi Kamaruzaman

    Gym. Spa. Swimming pool. Bowling. Pool. Darts. Karaoke. You can spend the whole day here tbh. Like going on resort / chalet vacation.

  61. Avatar photo
    Stanley Ang

    Has an absolutely beautiful swimming pool, a great country club complete with a host of facilities: rock climbing, bowling, tennis, pool etc. Very affordable.

  62. Avatar photo
    R C

    Good coffee and food from Jo cafe bar. Have also tried the sandwiches and noodles on site. Also always friendly service from the staff. Good to have independent local businesses in a local club.

  63. Avatar photo

    Very Clean country club. Tennis court is well maintained. Will be good if management can add a water cooler at the area as the toilet is far away.

    Came here for obstacles course couple of years back, the experience was unforgettable too.

  64. Avatar photo
    Patrick Lee

    Most resort feel SAFRA. Friendly staff. Hope that swimming pool has kids toilets and more massage facilities

  65. Avatar photo
    Alice Lim Bee Koon

    Went to the nearby MacDonald restaurant very late still open

  66. Avatar photo

    After revamp, refreshing with a dim sum restaurant a favorite with the morning crowd for a quick get-together with friends over freshly brewed tea and dim sum.

  67. Avatar photo

    It is known even to the SAFRA staffs there that SAFRA cards keep having issues at the pool side gantries for years but yet no one did anything about this issue.

  68. Avatar photo
    Isaac Chan

    Small gym as compared to SAFRA toa payoh but far less crowds too, never had to wait even with covid restrictions. new equipment w all you could require and big changing area. Staff friendly and helpful. Far better than activeSG gyms and not much more expensive if you are a SAFRA member ($500 a yr vs $300).

  69. Avatar photo
    Tengku Abdullah

    Good place for catching up with friends. There is a Jack place halal restaurant facing the swimming pool. Macdonald is located in the carpark area too. Outdoor activity for those thrill seekers.

  70. Avatar photo
    Pearline Foo

    Our favorite swimming pool at Safra. We used to also love the Karaoke. Sad to find out today that it is cloaing end of week.

  71. Avatar photo
    Sudharsan Hub

    We had a good time there with my Face Volunteers team SG

  72. Avatar photo
    Samsunnisha8981 Samsunnisha8981

    Very nice place to enjoy…

  73. Avatar photo
    Sean C

    Undergoing major construction as such only some shops are open they include the casino/games room, the gym located 2 floor and the bowling alley. Renovations should be completed by middle of next year.

  74. Avatar photo
    Lam Leong Sing

    Large compound for wading, water slide & jet for children. Adult jacuzzi & lap pool. Ideal for family & individual. Facilities include bowling, Party world karaoke, games corner, ‘rock climbing’, air pistol, cafe, restaurant & function room to unwind your weekend.

  75. Avatar photo
    Raudhah R.

    A great swimming pool for toddlers . can enter only with safra member card – weekend adult $3.30

  76. Avatar photo
    Ben Yeo (Team Orca)

    Beautiful after the reno. Its can be quite crowded on weekends. Fun fact. They have an air rifle/pistol range. You can sign up for a basic course to have a feel. Isn’t that cool…

  77. Avatar photo
    ling wei fong

    Pin Sin Restaurant having 1 for 1 Dim Sum from 11 am to 2.15pm on weekdays for month of November 2010. Quite good deal. The food yummy too

  78. Avatar photo
    Don Lim

    Always been my go to places for gym because of the big spaces plus swimming pool just beside the gym! Reasonable pricing so far for long term members like me. So far still quite ok in terms of the functionality of the gym equipments but not sure if it’d be this way for some members been handling it with much “damage”! I have to even highlight to the instructors for some members who did those “damaging” acts!

  79. Avatar photo
    Sche Santiago

    The club has a bunch of activities specially on celebrated days like Father’s day. Playing the arcade was fun.

  80. Avatar photo
    Charles Ling

    Safra Yishun is located in the tranquil of Yishun area. It has renovated the Club house recently you should pay them a visit to see what they have.

  81. Avatar photo
    Terence Yap

    There is a brand new CLIQUE GAMING Cyber Cafe on the 2nd floor – OCTOBER 2022. Very good computers with over 200 Triple A games.

  82. Avatar photo
    BK Neo

    Can’t wait for the pool to be open. Great place to be at, with amenities suitable for family.

  83. Avatar photo
    Lina Chui

    Happy place with good parking. I will come here after my daughter goes for her tuition a block away and so far, I am still enjoying the place. McDonalds next to door is very nice to sit around too.

  84. Avatar photo
    Jo Shua

    Im woking

  85. Avatar photo
    Khatijah Ibrahim

    Love the McD drive through cos as Safra members we get free Hot fudge Sundae or apple pie when we buy any meal, in addition we get free hash brown during breakfast when we hv the de cal shown on the windscreen (above $10)

  86. Avatar photo
    Kek Boon Lim

    Love the swimming pool and there was an upgrade recently with lots of new restaurants

  87. Avatar photo
    Wong C.L.

    Located diagonally opposite Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, can take shuttle bus 812 to reach there. Remember to alight at the second bus stop. Think will take about 10 to 15 mins for walking. Swimming is free for members, however, guests still required to pay.
    Went there to renew membership, short queue but very .
    Yet to discover more benefits for joining as membership……free WiFi very problematic. Can’t seem to sign in during my second visit.

  88. Avatar photo
    Luke Cheang

    Friendly staff, good service . …

  89. Avatar photo
    Joseph Quek

    Beautifully upgraded n spacious. New food outlets

  90. Avatar photo
    minghui koh

    Nice club house with big swimming pool. Great for family with kids. Only swim wear no t-shirt.

    After swimming can head over for MACDONALD for food!!!

  91. Avatar photo
    Green Leaf

    50 year old uncle staff likes to abuse power and harass members. Always disturb members during exercise and keeps staring.

    Gym and its’ other staff members are pleasant though.

  92. Avatar photo
    Andrew Chwee

    Loved the pool where it’s open enough for many group of people to enjoy. Only drawback is the practice pool is too small. The air weapon club is quite fun, if you have a chance do go in and watch shooters – bring your jacket as it can be cold. Should you happen to learn, the coaches are available but first, you need to register for a compulsory safety course. There is also adventure club pass the bridge which I think will give you a complete workout. Catch you there.

  93. Avatar photo
    Lee kok hong

    Loving the revamped looks and new modern equipment. There is a partnership with Onyx MMA that seems to be interesting.


  94. Avatar photo
    Lionel Wong

    Came here mainly to drop off equipment and uniform. The SAF Collection Bin is located at the far end of the parking lot. Seems like a nice place to hangout, near a large park.

  95. Avatar photo
    You Bin Lin

    With a swimming pool and changing room facilities like this, I wonder if this will put the nearby Yishun public pool out of business. My family members have a SAFRA membership (because it’s really affordable) each, so we frequent this place. During regular football season, it will also be showing key Premier League matches on big screen for free. Bring your SAFRA card along if you are visiting the MacDonald’s as it entitles you for a free dessert.

  96. Avatar photo
    Leonard Ong

    Went there for Dinoland tour which lasted about 1.5hrs. There is a swimming pool for adults and water play for children and McDonald’s

  97. Avatar photo
    iamRachel smith

    I like this place. Perfect for bonding weather family,friendz and couple. A place where you can do alot of things and when you are tired indoor you ca try walking out door and enjoy the a forest in the middle of the city. Cozy place to visit.

  98. Avatar photo
    Tyson Wang

    Has every type of sports/facilities to keep fit. Also has many good food. I like Pin Xi restaurant. 20% off for SAFRA members some more.

  99. Avatar photo
    Simon Soh

    One of my personal favorite SAFRA clubs to date.
    Highlights for the club includes, full olympic-size swimming pool, a bowling alley, an airsoft gun range and billard/pool hall.
    Recently renovated with new facade and interiors make-over.
    Springleaf Prata is now available here.

  100. Avatar photo
    Kokthye Lim

    A great place for rock climbing and indoor shooting range. Plus, swimming pool and karaoke facilities , f&b are availabld

  101. Avatar photo
    Eugene Ng

    A quiet place to hang out or chill… A place where i will go for dinner in the evening if all places are crowded. The jack place in yishun safra is usually quite empty. Especially during holiday! A place where you can have decent meal in a clubhouse ??? …

  102. Avatar photo
    Shahirah Fazil

    Currently renovating, however swimming pool is still open. There are McDonalds with drive thru and McCafe for a good cuppa of coffee with varities of sandwich and cakes to satisfy the sweet cravings.

  103. Avatar photo
    Benjy Tan

    They have nice swimming pools for children and adults. Their changing rooms has been upgraded with hot waters, hair dryers ..etc that you would expect in a good well manage complex.

  104. Avatar photo
    sonder island

    Went for rock climbing. Outdoors crack and chimmy with mostly lead. Indoor airconditioned boulder. It was sweaty and hot climbing outdoors and freezing indoors. Some holds were loose.

  105. Avatar photo
    Esmond Lee

    Nice environment for both indoor and outdoor activities.

  106. Avatar photo
    Guo Rui Lee

    Used the swimming pool a few times. The facilities (e.g. jacuzzi and shower area) are good, but it’s usually quite crowded during weekends.

  107. Avatar photo
    Fadhli Syihan Jaslim

    Sadly woodlands dont have mcdonald drive thru.

    if you spend more than $10 and you have mcdonald drive thru vip sticker you will get either ice cream sundae,apple pie or french fries for free(1 only).

  108. Avatar photo
    Clive Teo

    COSY and family oriented place. Nice ambience and a great place to enjoy.

  109. Avatar photo
    Jailani Mahmood

    A membership club house that opens the door too to non-members. However, as a member, you will definitely enjoy all the facilities provided. McDonald Restaurant with drive-in option also situated within the premises.

  110. Avatar photo
    Andy Wong

    Place is quite confortable and quiet. Downside are, limited weight machine and many lack gym etiquette. Sitting on equipment or machine and watch videos on phone for prolong period. Gym staff should educate members.

  111. Avatar photo
    larry ong

    has great swimming pool for kids

  112. Avatar photo
    clarissa low

    I love the bowling that I play very fun …

  113. Avatar photo
    Joseph Koo

    Staff are friendly & The old man Lionel very on the ball to safe guard for our safety and make sure all gym member don their mask at all times. Keep it up!!

  114. Avatar photo
    Lam Wei Cong Che Mei

    Nice swimming pool nice bowling alley. A military club that serve member only but do serve non member also on certain request required

  115. Avatar photo
    Michael Soe

    Nice place for family time.

  116. Avatar photo
    Nash Tan

    If you are a SAFRA member,purchase MacDonald meal.You entitled for a free sundae.Can make use of the facilities.Check in the SAFRA website.Register your vehicle for member parking concession

  117. Avatar photo
    Al Aigoo

    Various facilities available such as rock climbing, swimming, etc

  118. Avatar photo
    P Z O U T

    Kids will love to ‘hop’ around the slide pool, small pool and wet playground. Can get too crowded on weekends…

  119. Avatar photo
    Suri Yani

    24hr weekend Drive thru @McDonalds..peaceful, no queue at 2am hahaha.. got our orders quick & went on our way. Very popular & long queue during normal hours tho.. no comments on SAFRA other than their $3/entry parking as we did not visit SAFRA.

  120. Avatar photo
    Awoo Rifle

    the Place was great! With tons of activites and the best spots to chill with tons of interesting stuff to do there!

  121. Avatar photo
    Suvega S

    Nice place for family with kids, friends and office gettogether outings. Has a indoor shooting range for air pistol experience. Has restaurants, gym and pool. Good parking area and has McDonalds at the premises.

  122. Avatar photo
    Martin Lee

    Quite a nice place to hang out just renew membership so worth it a place u can sit around and relax

  123. Avatar photo
    Arvind Ravindran

    Enjoyed 2 hours at pool/snooker. Great place friendly environment! They provide food and drinks. But it’s cash payment. So bring cash. No outside food or drinks allowed. It’s affordable and bring friends to enjoy

  124. Avatar photo
    Pascal Disomma

    Food and service very nice..provided by very friendly staff…

  125. Avatar photo
    Asri Yasin

    Went there for Dinoland Singapore. It is an indoor forest trail with dinosaurs along the trek. Great experience!

  126. Avatar photo
    H2 O

    SAFRA for Singapore Armed Forces NS men and family with views of Yishun Pond and breezy greenery of Yishun Park and Dipterocarp Arboretum away from busy cityscapes. Varieties of fasciitis including Orchid Bowl Tennis Courts NurtureStars Pin Si Restaurant and the famous McDonald’s with drive through. Freshly prepared food with healthy ingredients tender loving skillful cooking and warm services. Walking distance to NTUC Foodfair and Mr Bean at Khoo Teck Puah Hospital. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students expats locals visitors and families.

  127. Avatar photo

    Nice place for family dining. The swimming pools are always packed on weekends.

  128. Avatar photo
    Michelle Nash

    Must be a Safra member to enjoy the facilities Swimming rock climbing need to attend course prior to use.Billard,bowling

  129. Avatar photo
    Cindy Sim

    Avoid this pool at the moment as it is now buzier with more swimmers. Lanes have been roped leaving it with narrow space which may likely cause accidental kicking between two swimmers in breaststroke style or one joker swimming in centre of the already – narrow lane. Good luck !

  130. Avatar photo
    James Lien

    Nice chill place to hang out. Lots of amenities, and soccer/tennis courts.

  131. Avatar photo
    Soon Weihao,Kevin

    The facelifted interior design is stylish and refreshing! Nice ambience.

  132. Avatar photo
    Mark Chan

    Newly renovated but I think can improve better by adding seminar rooms F&B outlets to cater to the masses.

  133. Avatar photo
    Sam Lim

    Nice place to relax and go for a swim

  134. Avatar photo

    Nice place to chill and work out. Has bowling alley and swimming pool. Springleaf restaurant to get your indian cuisine fix.

  135. Avatar photo
    Candice Neo

    Great weather to chill out at Safra Yishun. Kids had fun

  136. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Tajuddin Azmi

    Got drive thru good enough. Flash your safra and mcapp for that double rewards yo.

  137. Avatar photo
    Junhong (Skullsociety)

    Looks big but actually small. Many many facilities compared to many other Safra complexes. Unique design architecture. Bowling, chalet, swimming, fast food, laser tag etc. Many activities.

  138. Avatar photo
    Bahrom Ahmad

    One of the most beautiful Safra with many facilities and activities!

  139. Avatar photo

    only issue with this place is no more emart pls open one again i dw go until jurong or punggol just to buy stuff for outfield

  140. Avatar photo
    JL Lim

    Good for morning and evening walk / run. Lots of yishun residents exercise in the morning…this park is nature and however, the fruits trees have reduced a lot.

  141. Avatar photo
    Hao Feng Tan

    Family orientated club for the public to enjoy. Highly recommended to visit during weekdays to escape the weekend crowd!

  142. Avatar photo
    Pei Lun

    Looks refresh with the recent renovation at Yishun Safra. Many different types of activities within Yishun Safra. Examples are bowling, board games, darts, pool and billard, swimming, karaoke and many more. It is a good place to hang out with family and friends.

  143. Avatar photo
    Joey Sin

    Rock climb at safra yishun. But bouldering bit rusty. Outdoor great

  144. Avatar photo
    Rena Yeo

    Went for the swimming facilities there. Love the layout of the toilet, super comfy and high class looking. If you are safra member, the swimming facilities would be FOC for your usage. If not, it would cost around $3 per trip.

  145. Avatar photo
    Jiawei Tan

    A good hangout place for friends and family

  146. Avatar photo
    Colin Hong (googlercolin)

    Had a 3 days 2 nights camp with my school. Attitude of most Trainers were bad, some were exceptionally rude. Some Trainers called campers to ‘scram’, some threatened us that we will not shower for a night when we were a little noisy. One even shouted ‘It’s f***ing 12am in the morning!’ when they were reprimanding us for being ‘noisy’ again while we were queuing to have a bath. Instead, they were talking loudly and joking when we were queuing up to shower. Food-wise, it was meagre. Activities such as the High-Elements and Water Rafting on the second day were fun, but with the negative attitude from the previous day, it spoiled the main purpose of having fun and bonding with others as it made students fearful. On the last day, we had a tele-match in the morning. Of which, one component needed students to put their head into a container of flour to use their mouth to find a rubber band each. It was very irritating when the participants and the spectators were ‘floured’ all over – from face to inside the underwear of students, as some do not enjoy it. I feel giving two stars for this is already good enough, despite much more annoyance.

  147. Avatar photo
    Darryl Wong

    A place to enjoy during the weekend or after work with friends or family.there are bowling lanes,swimming pool,pool tables,gym tables and even a rock clinbing tower.Decent place to spend over the weekends.

  148. Avatar photo

    A nice club with fully equipped gym and swimming pool. Also available is an extensive selection of F&B options such as Springleaf Prata and Jack’s Place. The massage place offers spa therapeutic packages at reasonable prices as well.

    Currently, owing to the safety management measures, the jacuzzi is closed to the public but the swimming pool is still open and has a capped capacity of 50 occupants at any one time.

    Update: Steam room in the gym is now open. And there is an ongoing promotion for gym membership with EnergyOne using NS credits.

  149. Avatar photo
    SK Lim

    Nice resort atmosphere building and pool. Love the MacDonalds restaurant with open parking lots…. that reminds me of the ones in Australia and US.

  150. Avatar photo

    Clean, modern equipment. Lacks a dedicated cable row machine and has no classes, but crowd is good. No frills, get your workout done here if you already know what to do. Swimming pool access is included in the fees, by the way.

  151. Avatar photo

    There are some facilities here, particularly sports facilities. There is a large swimming pool as well as rooms for pool, etc. New dinosaur-themed area for children with registration online. There is a lack of food options but I do think that the prata place here tastes good.

  152. Avatar photo
    KP Teo

    Relaxing Place for Swim, Drinks n KTV. There’s also a rock climbing wall n some high obstacles for the more advantageous.

  153. Avatar photo
    Dennis Xie

    Slightly off Yishun central, the location isn’t the best. However, it does boast a large array of activity space, which includes a KTV, bowling alley, swimming pool, event halls, amongst others.

  154. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lo Zhi Sheng

    Extremely well maintained but doesn’t have 1.25kg plates for some reason

  155. Avatar photo
    Edward Shee

    Great swimming pool with different facilities from young to old, good food with drive in mac available, bowling alley for everyone, jackpot room and entertainment facilities for patrons and a venue for all to come visit

  156. Avatar photo
    Marc Ho

    The kids love the swimming pool and there is no time limit or limit to the usage of the pool.

    Have not tried other facilities yet.

  157. Avatar photo
    G S

    Your waiter, Kenwan and waitress, Stephy, were fantastic. Ambiance was good. And the food helping was more than enough. Not forgetting tasty and hot when served. The pleasant disposition of your staff made our day. Thank you the “ground” staff.

  158. Avatar photo

    A nice place to chill out. For those who are able to Work-from-Anywhere with laptop, this is a place to go. You could have your meals here at a few eateries choices here, go for a swim during lunch or evening. One of my favorite is Cafe Eatzi overlooking the pool. The photo will tell a thousand words.

  159. Avatar photo
    P H

    Newly upgraded, enjoy the facilities provided by Safra. Good F&B outlet like Pin Si Restaurant, Eazi Gourmet, Macdonald etc.

  160. Avatar photo
    yu qi yuan

    Excellent place for a variety of activities. But do note that front counter service can occasionally be sluggish during the holidays (they usually only have one active staff member)

  161. Avatar photo
    Danial Hakkim

    Nice Pool, Great Facilities. Well Kept and Maintained! Feels Honoured to be an NSMEN and a Part of SAFRA.

  162. Avatar photo
    Erina Lau

    One of the largest and highest outdoor rock climbing facility. 25m wall is not as well maintained as the rest, there are a few loose boulders which can be dangerous while climbing.

  163. Avatar photo
    WHB T

    Enjoy The Amenities Of A Country Club Lifestyle. Fun Activities For The Family. The Go-To Destination For All Social, Recreational, Sports & Educational Facilities. Food & Entertainment. Fitness & Adventure.

  164. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Sim

    Nice and New after reno. Spring leaf Prata is a good addition. Mcdonald is always long queue for drive thru.

  165. Avatar photo
    Mus L

    A very nice place for members of the public and fellow NSFs/NSMens if only it wasn’t marred by discriminative policy by one of its tenant.

    Specifically Sonic Bowl and its food policy. Was notified by the staff that no outside food and drinks were allowed as it has its in-house cafe.

    Highlighted to the staff that since the cafe is non-Halal certified, an exception could be considered for those with such requirements. This was just met with a shrug of the shoulder and insistence that we are not supposed to be allowed in with outside food and drinks.

    It would be understandable if the bringing or consumption of outside food and drinks were not allowed only within the cafe area. But it’s not even allowed within the whole bowling establishment.

    Apparently, the cafe would also like to be supported by bowlers and therefore outside food and drinks are not allowed within the bowling establishment.

    Pretty sure this would be understandable if the cafe was halal-certified.

    Otherwise, it’s extremely saddening and unethical that a place built and catered for NSFs/NSMen family’s activity, regardless of race or religion could be so divisive in this age and era.

    Hope SAFRA could look into this matter.

  166. Avatar photo

    Safra Yishun, like many other SAFRA’s are not particularly near any MRT stations, although Safra Yishun is nearby to Yishun mrt, about a 15 minute walk. Can take bus here as well. Come here for swimming, pool and snooker, bowling and more. Not many dining options here, there is a restaurant here and a MacDonald’s too. Great place to visit.

  167. Avatar photo
    Irene Yang

    Very good place to sit down with the kids at edukate tuition nearby. Clean facilities and lots of friendly staff. Good parking when not peak period. Also McDonalds are good with a drive through.

  168. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Lau

    Safra clubs have always been awesome on providing amenities, facilities, joy and excitement. This club is no different. In fact beings one of the earlier clubs, the sprawling estate size boasts of many facilities from bowling to rock wall climbing all within. Classes for enrichment or fun are also organised here. What’s more there’s a 24hr macdonalds with Drive thru. Excellent place to bring family or just chill.

  169. Avatar photo
    Calvin Loh

    The place for a laid back weekend getaway after a stressful week, with a resort-like atmosphere designed for fitness enthusiasts and family-friendly!

  170. Avatar photo
    Raymond Tan

    The building was refurnished and look grand. All the facilities had fully opened, and we enjoyed all what they can offered.

  171. Avatar photo
    Yusof D

    Still in renovation…yet to see what new changes. One remark is to manage the traffic in the carpark with some driver not considerate for pedestrian and driving at fast speed in the carpark

  172. Avatar photo

    Wow. The place had undergone a major transformation – physically and operationally.

    Revisiting after moving out of Yishun a few years ago. Used to ge staffed by stuffy and gruffy personnel who behave like the RPs of yesteryear SAF. Sandals? No. Ask questions? Blank, look, or shoved you a form.

    Today, the enthusiastic lady at the security counter would put most CC, even airline counter staff, to shame. She likes her job and it shows. She treated these two elderlies with dignity. So, too, are the man manning the membership counter.

    Not only does the building underwent a transformation, the F&B outlets had new outlets. The Springleaf Prata was a pleasant surprise. Vehicular traffic is now smoother.

    Yeah. SAFRA – that’s the way

  173. Avatar photo
    Bluesky Cheng

    The food of SAFRA Yishun Springleaf Prata & Mcdonald are nice

  174. Avatar photo
    Sgcokesg Cokesg

    Been here only for the quarter pounder

  175. Avatar photo
    Rudra Pughal

    SAFRA Yishun is one happening place with lots of activities. There’s a lap pool, slide pool, jacuzzi, children’s pool and training pool beside other activities and restaurants. Pool entry is free for members and guests of members need to pay a small fee.

  176. Avatar photo
    Siti Hazura

    The parking fee here quite expensive if u are not a safra member… Overall the facilities are ok,not that new. Famous for the Mc Donald’s drive in/24hours…

  177. Avatar photo
    De Day

    Serves the community extremely well.

  178. Avatar photo
    Sherman Seow

    A good club activities for the family. Lots of things to do. Nice big pool, bowling, rock climbing, jackpot, billard, Bbq and nive restaurants!

  179. Avatar photo
    Ajit Vasudevan

    Went there for a b/day party.
    Very nice ambiance.
    Enjoyed it.

  180. Avatar photo
    Candice Neo

    Great weather to chill out at Safra Yishun. Kids had fun

  181. Avatar photo
    Kuan Ds

    A supported Singapore armed forces recreational facilities that is also open to public. Members get to have discount and also benefits of one free access daily for the pool. Facilities include swimming pool for kids and adults. Bowling alley with pool tables. A cafe for quick meals. Karaoke party world. A pub in the night. Slots machines. A gym. And event halls.

  182. Avatar photo
    Mary Wu

    Good place to park, then spend an hour or so having lunch. Also, my children comes here for McDonald’s after tuition at Edukate nearby. Very good for me and my husband to have some time off. Also, there is a park that you can walk. The facilities are clean and if you are a member, enjoy some of the discounts. So it is very convenient.

  183. Avatar photo
    G K

    Went to dinoland at Yishun SAFRA, it was an ok expirence.

  184. Avatar photo
    Lester Tang

    Swimming pools are well maintained with many other facilities available here. Access to the park is possible too with the link bridge. Security working here is rude thou.

  185. Avatar photo
    Jethro Eng

    I think the Jacuzzi both from the gym as well as the pool is the best Jacuzzi. The gym Jacuzzi temperature is just nice. The other Safra is too hot to soak in

  186. Avatar photo
    Jason Chew

    Great place for family & friends!

  187. Avatar photo
    Hazel su

    Swimming pool, Rock climbing, shooting range

  188. Avatar photo
    du decah

    very relaxing place has a lot of chiobu

  189. Avatar photo
    Ng Idah

    There is a Halah Restaurant and the price is so affordable. Love their steak.

  190. Avatar photo
    Adrian Cher

    Not bad place and quite recently renovated. Got prata. The pool could use some fresh looks though

  191. Avatar photo
    Ginny Ee

    I eat at Safra Yishun with my son who is a member.l eat chicken chope nice .we went swimming.

  192. Avatar photo
    Dinie Jamz

    Renovated toilets,lockers which is great!
    Equipment is good and as usual it is one of the places that has a crowd. Come on a weekday between 12-2pm. Definitely not a crowd.

  193. Avatar photo

    quite impressive, they have definitely up the standard, and have many unique facilities (indoors and outdoors). really nice place to chill. the swimming pool is gorgeous. The eatery is quite alright.

  194. Avatar photo

    Wonderful bowling experience…

  195. Avatar photo
    Qingxiang Li

    Time to upgrade it’s facilities and offerings. The new ktv looks good but the others are dates

  196. Avatar photo
    קרולין ג'ודית

    I like the pool here. The life guards are friendly and they are always on the look out for distress. The McDonalds here is good too.

  197. Avatar photo
    yew hwa lee

    One of the best Safra swim pool. Children loves it.

  198. Avatar photo

    Good rock climbing wall. Great place to just hangout

  199. Avatar photo
    sheik saleem

    Everything is good in this community.I want to join in air gun shooting.So I went to this place for joining,but unfortunately they said that, it is only for Singaporean and PR.I am not both,so I didn’t join in this.I was so worried about that.But I really love Singapore rules and regulations.Surely I will obey their rules.They did lots of benefits for me.I love this county more than my Mother country.
    If you are a foreigner don’t go to this because you can’t.
    Otherwise it is too good for entertainment..

  200. Avatar photo
    Josephine Ong

    A holiday resort style club for National Service men and reservists. With part of it still under upgrading, those exclusive to club members are swimming pool and gym.

    For the public, there are shooting ranges for those who are keen to join as members. SAFRA members will enjoy great discount from members of the public.

    There is a billiard room opening soon.

    There’s a 12-lane bowling alley with iDart (darting for newbies) at a corner.

    There’s a drive-in Macdonald’s, halal- certified Eatzi Gourmet Steakhouse & Bistro that caters western food. This is the sibling restaurant of Jack’s Place.

    There are others such as games room, children learning centre, etc.

  201. Avatar photo
    Amy Sim

    Want to go swimming but this place only entertain members. So in the end we went to Yishun Swimming Complex. Nice surrondings but I think the parking is charge per entry, as we can’t enter the swimming pool, we are charge $2.10 for less then 15 mins parking.

  202. Avatar photo
    Alexius Pereira

    Pool is great fun for little kids. Can get v crowded.

  203. Avatar photo
    Matthew Brydson

    SAFRAs are premiere facilities with amazing pools, climbing walls , massage and many more amenities. Always clean, super friendly staff and always fun to visit.

  204. Avatar photo
    Engkiang Lee

    The food is reasonably priced. It is my favourite Indian food restraunt

  205. Avatar photo
    Saam H

    Had a nice meal at Eatzi. Very nice place although it has been around for some time

  206. Avatar photo
    Gene Lim

    The swimming pool is very nice. There is radio in the water. Cool… The shower is very nice. It have the rain shower head and body wash.

  207. Avatar photo
    Vita Woo

    The pools here are great. Good for families with kids of different ages. The lifeguards here are really friendly. Had nice chat with them.

  208. Avatar photo
    Damon Wong

    Best Safra club in Singapore. Swimming pool has underwater speakers so if you glide underwater you can hear the same song that’s playing on the surface. Jacuzzi is easily stronger than the best masseuse you can hire. McDonald’s just outside the premise, the occasional atrium sale. Plenty of family activities to take part in. Emart has also opened here so it’s not just Mt Faber anymore that you can spend your credits. Members that drive – remember to claim discount parking at the security counter.

  209. Avatar photo
    CW T

    The children’s play pool is pretty awesome. But it gets crowded during peak times and it can be difficult to get some swimming done.

  210. Avatar photo

    New facility at SYCC, dinoland for all families. Staff is courteous and it feels very homely. Great place and as usual, loving the mac!

  211. Avatar photo
    Keval Panchal

    Range of activities. From bowling to 8ball pool and billboard. There’s even an arcade. Multiple options for those who enjoy doing multiple activities without going to many areas

  212. Avatar photo
    Si Zheng Kwong

    Under reno now, most shops are temporarily closed. Food-wise only Eatzi and Macs are still open.
    Pool is still top notch.

  213. Avatar photo

    Good place for activities

  214. Avatar photo
    K WX (SaltyBrownie)

    Safes yishun feels posh and elegant for a relaxed and western afternoon. enough said…

  215. Avatar photo
    Ivy Ong

    Long time have not been to Safra already. Seeing the crowd is not much compared to last time..

  216. Avatar photo
    K Lee

    You have sports facilities (gym, tennis, swimming pool), recreational (bowling, snooker), F&B (Nice prata, McDonald’s) A great place to spend with the family! Air rifle range too!

  217. Avatar photo
    Kia Shing Yow

    Chinese restaurant just closed in Apr 2022.
    However, there is prata restaurant and mc donalds. Swimming pool is 1.8 metre depth at centre area.
    Overall a good place to chillax

  218. Avatar photo
    Xllvr [ジルバー]

    EnergyOne gyms are great in general (way better than ActiveSG). There are sufficient plates for heavy lifts all around and the dumbbells go quite heavy as well (50kg).

    You’re not paying for additional classes or anything, just straight up weights and machines. If that’s your gig, it’s very affordable.

    With the recent renovations and all they’ve had some quality of life improvements especially with regards to padding for deadlifts and such. 10/10 recommend especially if you are just ORDing or are a SAFRA member.

  219. Avatar photo
    Jane Ella

    Close to my place. Always go there for a swim.

  220. Avatar photo
    C L Chun

    Neighbourhood with fitness, park, a McDonalds and SAFRA facilities. Very big carpark too. Well maintained and clean with friendly staff.

  221. Avatar photo
    Glenn Yeo

    There’s multiple swimming pools here as well as an indoor shooting range for air rifles and air pistols (membership required) that is very fun. The place is also very clean.

  222. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    An unique place with quite a fair bit of amenities and facilities. Do plan in advance on the activities you want and book as well. It is quite near MRT station and take about 10minutes to walk.

  223. Avatar photo
    Sim Hoe Kiat

    24/7. Get too busy during weekends and especially during festive.

  224. Avatar photo
    Salmah Siwi

    Family entertainment for safra members. Bowling open to public, halal steakhouse. Swimming pool for members only. Have mcdonald outside the main building.

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